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    Characters Guide by AKishan

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    Xenogears Character Guide
    Version 2.0
    by Amar Kishan on 1/7/99
    This is a character guide for the Playstation Game Xenogears.  It covers 
    all the characters that have icons (basically the main characters).  
    However, this may spoil the game, especially for the main characters.  
    Thus, read at your own risk.  I am not responsible for any problems 
    caused by this guide.  I am responsible for problems and omissions from 
    the guide.  There are a few things you need to know before you read the 
    guide to fully understand it.  That will be explained in the 
    explanations section.  So if you have anything to add, just contact me 
    at: amar_kishan@hotmail.com.  I hope you enjoy the character guide.  If 
    you wish to use this guide on your website for any purposes, please 
    email me first.  This guide is not to be reproduced in anyway without my 
    permission first.  This guide is copyright 1998-1999 Amar Kishan.
    2.0:Very large update! Corrected Fei, Krelian, Elly, Grahf, Rene, and 
    the Contact descriptions.  Added credits and disclaimer.  Also added 
    Existence, Malakh, Deus, Path of Sephiroth, Merkavna, Persona, Zohar 
    Modifier, and Golgolada explanations.
    1.1:Added Chief Lee, added Version History
    1.0:First Version
    There are several terms I use in this guide that may need to be 
    clarified.  Skip this section if you don't need clarification.  
    Shevat: Shevat is a floating city.  It was made on top of Babel Tower, a 
    tower made by people who wanted to reach god.  In the Land-Solaris War, 
    it was forced to take off from the top of the tower.  It uses 4 gate 
    generators to protect itself from invasion.
    Solaris: Solaris is an empire that flies in the sky.  Its capital is 
    Entrank.  It used to own all the land dwellers, but in a war 500 years 
    ago, the land dwellers revolted and broke away.  The Gebler Special 
    Forces are the army of Solaris.
    Deus: Deus is the physical manifestation of god, for the dwellers of 
    this planet.  In reality, it was designed to be an interplanetary 
    invasion weapon, using the Zohar Modifier (an engine) from an alien 
    planet.  However, it went crazy, so the creators put it on a transport 
    ship, the Eldridge, to put somewhere else.  However, Deus activated 
    itself and took control of the ship.  This is when the captain of the 
    ship used the self destruct system.  The ship fell onto the primitive 
    planet, and the first humans were born from Persona, Deus's power plant.  
    The sole purpose of humans was to create parts to regenerate Deus.
    Persona: The power plant of Deus, Persona created the first humans in 
    hope that they would mutate into Wels, or Reapers, which could help 
    regenerate Deus.
    Merkavna: A high-tech arch built by Krelian to house Deus.
    Zohar Modifier: The engine of Deus.  It uses the latest technology to 
    tap into an energy filled dimension.  The Zohar Modifier controls all 
    the gears, as well.  The Existence is within it.
    Malakh: These are interplanetary class weapons such as Deus.
    Golgolada: The place where Fei and his friends were crucified by 
    Path of Sephiroth:  The path that the Existence took when he descended 
    from his dimension into the Zohar modifier. 
    Genesis: The creation myth.
    Contact: The person that is supposed to meet with the Existence again, 
    and kill Deus with the recieved power.
    Existence:  The Zohar Modifier gets its energy from a dimension filled 
    with energy.  The existence is a being of that dimension, and it is like 
    God.  It took the Path of Sephiroth to the Zohar Modifier.  Human souls 
    originated in that dimension as well.
    Ethos: Under the facade of an innocent religion, the Ethos is really an 
    organization founded by Solaris to gather various sorts of information.  
    In addition to that, the Ethos also gather people to send to Krelian's 
    laboratory (to make Wels).  Also, the Ethos look for omnigears and Anima 
    Relics.  The Ethos are trying to break away from Solaris, therefore 
    there are Solarian agents monitoring the Ethos.
    Anima Relics: Anima Relics are relics that were once part of Deus.  They 
    can bond with certain people to create terminal interface weapons, like 
    Gears: Gears are huge mechanical warriors that can be controlled by a 
    person.  They were found from the ruins of an ancient civilization.  
    Omnigears are extra powerful gears.
    Aveh: A kingdom that was founded by Roni Fatima.  It is at war with 
    Kislev, and is winning due to Gebler support.  Aveh was overthrown by 
    Shakhan, who kicked the Prince and his cousin out of the castle.  It's 
    capital is Bledavik, and a tournament is held there every so often.
    Kislev: Kislev is a kingdom that was founded by Roni Fatima.  It is at 
    war with Aveh, and is losing.  Gear Battling is held there every year.
    Zeboim: An old civilization that populated the planet 4,000 years ago.  
    It was a prosperous country until it became war-ridden.  Many of the 
    inhabitants could not reproduce due to genetic damage.
    Nisan: Nisan is a sect of people who believe in serenity and prayer 
    within.  The Grand Mother is currently Marguerite.  The founder was 
    Fei Fong Wong
    Besides being the main character in the game, Fei is also the most 
    interesting.  He is the son of Karen and Kahn Wong, a soldier of Shevat.  
    His father was always out on business, and his mother grew less and less 
    loving.  Soon, she began to take him to a room where he would be tested 
    on to search for the capability of him becoming a Contact.  This was 
    when the mother became Miang, and sided with Krelian.  Soon, to sink 
    away from the torments of the tests, Fei developed the second 
    personality within him, Id.  Later, Grahf came to attack the Wong home. 
    Karen was killed, and Fei kidnapped.  Grahf utilized Fei's Id power for 
    a long time, until Khan rescued him, then dropped him off at the village 
    of Lahan.  Suffering from amnesia, Fei developed the current personality 
    he has at the start of the game.  Fei has the ability to receive 
    memories from his ancestors, which trace back to the days of the 
    "Genesis."  These identities include Abel (survivor on the Eldridge?), 
    Kim, and Lacan.  His first incarnation was the first to contact the 
    Existence after the Zohar Modifier detached from Deus.  He obtained a 
    lot of power from it, and thus the Existence decided to use Fei to 
    destroy Deus.  He is always with a woman named Elhaym.  Fei pilots the 
    Weltall, Weltall-2, and Xenogears.
    Elhaym Van Houten
    Elhaym, or Elly, is the daughter of Lord Erich and Medena of Solaris.  
    She attended Jugend, and became a Gebler officer.  However, much of her 
    early life was inside her house shielded from the public.  This was so 
    because her biological mother was a land dwelling nanny, and Erich did 
    not want the public to know.  At Jugend, tests were done to attempt to 
    make her a better gear pilot, using ability enhancing drugs, specically 
    Drive.  These drugs brought out her innerself-a violent one.  Krelian 
    tested her to confirm she was an Antitype (the other half of Miang).  In 
    truth, Elly also has the same ability as Fei: she can receive memories 
    from past generations.  However, she always has the same name.  She 
    pilots the Vierge.
    Dr. Citan Uzuki
    Citan is the village doctor of Lahan.  He is respected, but also is an 
    outcast.  He likes to tinker with machines and collect junk.  In truth, 
    however, he is really Hyuga Ricdeau, the Guardian Angel of Solaris.  He 
    was sent out by Emperor Cain to locate the Contact and confirm its 
    threat.  Citan was also an Element from Jugend, like Sigurd and Ramsus.  
    Before he married Yui, he used to kill people with his sword.  After 
    their marriage, he vowed to neer use it again.  Citan pilots Heimdal and 
    Bartholomew Fatima
    Bartholomew, or Bart, is the Prince of the Fatima Dynasty.  However, 
    when Shakhan took over and killed Bart's father, Edbart IV, Bart was 
    kicked out of the palace and presumed dead.  In reality, his guardians, 
    Sigurd and Maison, succeeded in stealing a sand cruiser, the Yggdrasil, 
    and rescued the prince.  For years they roamed the desert as pirates.  
    Bart is very aggressive, but is also loyal to his friends and family.  
    He lost one eye in an engineering accident.  Bart pilots the Brigandier 
    and the Andvari.
    Billy Lee Black
    Billy is the son of Jessiah and is an Etone (purger of reapers, called 
    Wels).  Jessiah taught him how to use guns, but one day Jessiah just 
    left.  Not knowing why, Billy hated him.  Several years later, some Wels 
    attacked his mother and killed her.  Bishop Stone of the Ethos saved 
    Billy and his sister, Primera.  Thus, Billy decided to join the Ethos.  
    After joining, he became an important member of the sect.  However, he 
    was oblivious to the true meaning of the Ethos.  He pilots the Renmazuo 
    and the El Renmazuo.
    Ricardo Banderas
    Ricardo, or Rico, is a demi-human that lived in Nortune (Kislev Capital) 
    D-Block, or jail.  However, do to his phenomenal strength, he gained a 
    wide range of fame.  He became the three time champion of the Nortune 
    Battling due to his strength and connections.  He began to be used by 
    the Battling Association to assassinate Kaiser Sigmund.  Rico went along 
    because the Kaiser hated all demi-humans.  However, Rico was caught and 
    held for public execution, but Fei and company rescued him.  Rico is the 
    son of the Kaiser, but neither knew it until their reunion.  Rico pilots 
    the Stier and El Stier.
    Maria Balthasar
    Maria is the granddaughter of Balthasar, the sage of Shevat.  She used 
    to live in Solaris, but when the government captured her father, Dr. 
    Nikolai, she escaped and fled to Shevat with a gear named Seibzehn.  
    Seibzehn was a super-powerful gear designed by Nikolai to protect Maria.  
    Basically, before the arrival of Fei and company at Shevat, Maria was 
    its army.  She pilots Seibzehn, of course.
    Chu-Chu is a member of the Chu-Chu tribe.  This tribe currently lives in 
    Shevat.  One member of the tribe will have the power to transform into a 
    giant flying beast.  This member is Chu-Chu.  She has a crush on Fei, 
    and basically is the "cute" creature of this game.  She doesn't have a 
    gear, but can transform into the huge beast.
    Emeralda is a nanomachine colony created by the Zeboim scientist Kim.  
    She was to be the solution to the Zeboim sterile problem.  Kim and his 
    girlfriend Elly were killed by the city troops who wanted to capture 
    Emeralda.  4,000 years later, she was awakened by Fei and company, but 
    captured by Stein.  Later, after being tested by Krelian, she was sent 
    back to earth.  There she met Fei.  She pilots Crescens.
    The surrogate mother of Elhaym van Houten, and wife of Lord Erich.  She 
    will risk her life to save her daughter.  She does not know that her 
    daughter is not really her child, but the child of the house-wife.  Shot 
    and killed by Hammer.
    Lord Erich
    A 1st class citizen of Solaris.  He used to work with Krelian in 
    creating the Wels, but then resigned and joined the army.  He loves his 
    daughter, but is strict.  Killed by the Executioner.
    The supplier of the Nortune D-Block.  He also gathers information.  He 
    is a useful ally.  However, he is told by Krelian how he is not good 
    enough for Fei, and thus tries to kidnap Elly.  He ends up killing 
    Medena, Elly's mother.  Later, he becomes one with his gear and attacks 
    Fei once more.
    A Zeboim scientist who hates war and terrorism.  He created a nanotech 
    machine colony, named Emeralda, to help preserve life.  However, the 
    local police come to capture Emeralda, and Kim's girlfriend, Elly, is 
    killed.  Fei's ancestor from 4,000 years back.
    Taura Melchior
    Taura is one of the sages of Shevat.  He taught Krelian how to paint and 
    how to use nanotechnology.  He worked on the gear designed to hold the 
    slayer of god.  Now a recluse in a forest hut, he helps remake the 
    omnigears and makes System Id.
    Balthasar is one of the sages of Shevat.  He is also Maria Balthasar's 
    grandfather. He worked on the gear designed to hold the slayer of god.  
    He is now a recluse that collects fossils and services gears near an 
    Ethos excavation site.  His gear is Calamity.  He helps remake the 
    Gaspar is one of the sages of Shevat.  He taught Kahn Wong martial arts.  
    He returned to Shevat on Queen Zephyr's orders.
    Wiseman is the mysterious masked man who supposedly delivered Fei to 
    Lahan.  He is really one and the same as Kahn Wong, as revealed in 
    Wiseman's final testimony.  He tried to thwart Id and Grahf.
    Kahn Wong
    Kahn Wong was the father of Fei Fong Wong.  He was a soldier of Shevat.  
    He taught Fei all his martial art skills.  However, Fei was kidnapped 
    from him once by Grahf, so Kahn followed him and rescued him.  He 
    delivered Fei to Lahan.  He then visited Fei several times, before 
    revealing his identity.  He was mostly possessed by Grahf.
    Big Joe
    Big Joe's real name is Joey Balboa.  He was the WWW Heavyweight 
    Champion, 5 time hit movie star, NBA Player of the Match, Wimbledon 
    Grandslam, Baseball Triple Clown, and winner of the Pulitzer Prize.  
    While accepting a medal, he tripped, hit his head, and ran off thinking 
    he was Elvis (brain-damaged).  He appears in various places for no 
    reason.  He was once the champion of the Aveh Tournament.
    Sigurd is Bart's brother, and Edbart IV's illegitimate son.  He was born 
    to the king and another woman.  He was captured as a test subject for 
    Krelian and brainwashed.  As a soldier of the Jugend Element class, he 
    worked closely with Jessiah and Citan.  Later, he smuggled himself out 
    of the empire and came as a squire to Bledavik.  He is the pilot of the 
    Timothy is a dweller in Lahan, who was the childhood friend of Alice, 
    and friend of Fei.  He was engaged to be married to Alice, on the day 
    after the Kislev and Aveh troops attacked Lahan.  However, Timothy was 
    terminated in the crossfire.
    Alice is a dweller in Lahan, who was the childhood friend of Timothy, 
    and friend of Fei.  She was engaged to be married to Timothy, on the day 
    after the Kislev and Aveh troops attacked Lahan.  However, Alice was 
    terminated by Fei's gear....
    Dan is Alice's younger brother, and Fei's friend.  He hates Timothy, and 
    wants Fei to marry Alice instead.  However, after Fei's "accident" at 
    Lahan, Dan began to hate Fei.
    Maison was the knight of Prince Bartholomew when he was younger.  He was 
    close friends with Sigurd.  He is now the Gun Room maintainer on the 
    Yggdrasil.  Skilled with gears.
    Marguerite, or Margie, is the cousin of Bart and the current Grand 
    Mother of Nisan.  She is rowdy, but also caring.  She was kidnapped by 
    Shakhan in order to locate the Fatima Jasper.
    A dolphin that monitors the sound on the Yggdrasil.
    A dog of the sea (actually a walrus), the Captain commands the Thames.  
    He is a nice, but strict man, and the idol of many.  The opposite of his 
    First Mate, Hans.  Greedy for treasure.
    Queen Zephyr
    The Queen of Shevat, as well as one of the fighters from 500 years ago.  
    She was friends with Lacan, Krelian, Rene, Roni, and Sophia.  She 
    resents her mistake of allowing the Shevat Elders to betray the Nisan 
    Rebellion, thus causing the death of Sophia.
    Kaiser Sigmund
    The Kaiser of Kislev is the title given to Sigmund.  He was hated by 
    many people of his country, and many assassination attempts were made on 
    him.  His wife passed away recently, and he went into denial for a 
    while.  He hates demi humans like Rico.  However, Rico is his son....
    Jessiah Lee Black
    Jessiah is a Solarian who worked closely with Sigurd and Citan.  He is 
    Billy's father, but since he left his children at an early age, Billy 
    hates him.  Jessiah was wanted by several people, and that is why his 
    wife had to be killed.  Being a gun specialist, he was able to make a 
    Buntline Cannon that could pierce the thickest shielding.  His daughter, 
    Primera, calls him "Papa" (her first words in a long time).
    Primera is Billy's sister.  She was struck mute when she saw first hand 
    the murder of her mother.  Billy swore to protect her, but he soon left 
    to the Ethos Headquarters.  She calls Jessiah "Papa."
    Fei's ancestor from 500 years ago.  Lacan was childhood friends with a 
    girl named Elly, who later became Grand Mother Sophia of Nisan.  He was 
    also friends with Krelian, who helped him learn to paint.  Lacan, who 
    loved Sophia, was hired to paint her portrait for the Nisan Cathedral.  
    However, it was never finished.  He fought in the Land-Solaris war, and 
    witnessed first hand the death of Sophia.  Thus, he decreed that he 
    should search for the Legendary Power of Mahanon.  After meeting the 
    Existence at the Zohar Modifier, he became Grahf.
    Sophia was the Grand Mother of Nisan, and the founder of the Nisan Sect.  
    Her real name was Elly.  She was involved in the Land-Solaris war, and 
    had her picture painted by Lacan as a keepsake.  However, when Lacan, 
    Rene, Roni, Zephyr, and Krelian were surrounded, she crashed her ship 
    into the Solaris mothership and was killed in the explosion.
    Roni Fatima
    Roni was the founder of the Fatima dynasty, Aveh, and Kislev.  He was a 
    friend of Lacan and company 500 years ago.  His brother was Rene.  This 
    is suggested by dialogue and the memory of Sabin Roni Figaro and Edgar 
    Rene Figaro (brothers) from Final Fantasy 6.
    Rene was a member of the Land-Solaris war 500 years ago.  His brother 
    was Roni Fatima.
    Midori is the telepathic daughter of Citan Uzuki.
    Yui is the Shevite wife of Citan Uzuki.  She is a good cook.
    Chief Lee
    Chief Lee is the Chief of Lahan Village.  It is he who accepted Fei from 
    the masked man who delivered him to Lahan (Wiseman).
    Commander Kahran Ramsus
    Kahran Ramsus was a nanotech colony developed by Krelian in the same 
    fashion as Emperor Cain.  This was to satisfy the legend that only Cain 
    could kill Cain.  Also, Ramsus was to be a Contact to satisfy Krelian's 
    needs.  However, a child named Fei was found who had more suitability to 
    be a Contact, so Ramsus was ignored.  He made his way to Commander of 
    the Gebler Forces, but once reminded of Fei and Id, his wrath became 
    solely focused on their termination.  After killing Miang and wounding 
    Krelian, Ramsus was captured by the Yggdrasil, where he united with the 
    Elements and realized what he was looking for.  He pilots the Wyvern, 
    Vendetta, and the Amphysvena.
    Grahf was once Lacan.  When Sophia sacrificed herself 500 years ago, 
    Lacan left his comrades in search of the Legendary Power in Mahanon, the 
    resting place of god.  He slowly became the hatred and anger that made 
    Grahf.  He possessed Khan Wong and in several guises chased after Fei.  
    His goal was to mold Fei into becoming Id again, and thus having the 
    power.  Grahf is the pilot of Naphtali, the True Weltall, and the Alpha 
    The assassin Id was the second personality of Fei.  However, it somehow 
    began to dominate.  When Grahf kidnapped Fei, Id took total control.  
    Id's goal was to destroy the world.  He destroyed Elru, the home of 
    Dominia, single handedly.  Id was hard to control, and was awakened by 
    Fei's rage.  He fears the coward personality, Lacan.  Id pilots the 
    Weltall in a transformed state.
    Shahkan was a bishop of the Ethos.  He was acting as Gebler's puppet 
    king of Aveh, but really was controlling the Gate generators to Solaris.  
    He developed a way to bind to them.  He was the killer of Edbart IV, 
    Bart's dad.  His goal with the Gebler was to find the Fatima Jasper.
    Lord Krelian
    Krelian was once the head of the Nisan Militia sect (the rebellion).  He 
    loved Sophia, the founder of the Nisan sect.  Through her words, he 
    decided to learn to paint and read.  He learned painting and, later, 
    nanotechnology, from Melchior, a sage of Shevat.  However, when Sophia 
    sacrificed herself to help Roni, Lacan, Zephyr, and Krelian escape.  It 
    is then that Krelian said that if there is no god to answer Sophia's 
    prayers, then he'll "create god with [his] own hands!"  That was 500 
    years ago.  Now Krelian is the true ruler of Solaris, who works in his 
    labs creating the Wels and other defects.  He works closely with Miang's 
    reincarnations.  He constructed the Merkavna Ark as a housing/resting 
    place for Deus.  Krelian, after seeing what he had done wrong, decided 
    to go to the brithplace of the Existence, where msouls were created. 
    Miang is the genetic factor that is in all women.  When that genetic 
    factor comes out, they become Miang.  Miang was the also created along 
    with Cain and the Gazel.  Some people that have become Miang are: the 
    Zeboim Prime Minister's aid, Karen, the Element, and Elly.  The Element, 
    who is Ramsus' aid, was the Miang throughout most of the story.  She 
    worked with Krelian and Grahf.
    Emperor Cain
    The Emperor of Solaris, Cain, was one of the first humans, along with 
    the Gazel Ministry.  He was born 10,00 years ago from Persona, the power 
    plant of Deus.  He can only be killed by Cain.  All the people of the 
    current world are his descendants.  He retained his body for all that 
    time.  His mission was to revive god, and he sent Solaris Guardian Angel 
    Hyuga Ricdeau to locate the Contact.  Assassinated by Ramsus.
    Gazel Ministry
    The Gazel Ministry were one of the first humans, along with Cain, who 
    were born 10,000 years ago from Persona, the power plant of Deus.  They 
    were the Animus who scattered genes over the earth in order to find 
    their respective Anima.  In the Land-Solaris war 500 years ago, their 
    human bodies were destroyed and they were put in the SOL-9000 by 
    Krelian.  They want to revive god, but they were killed by Krelian.
    Dr. Nikolai
    The father of Maria Balthasar, Dr. Nikolai was kidnapped by the Solaris 
    Armed Forces to work on the human-gear meld.  He succeeded in making 
    Achtzehn, Seibzehn's sister gear.  After melding to Achtzehn, Nikolai 
    leaded the attack on Shevat.
    General Vanderkaum
    Vanderkaum was the Gebler Commander in charge of Bledavik until Ramsus 
    took over.  He attended Jugend.  He is more obsessed with his big 
    Kefienzel Gun than victory on the battlefield.  His gear, Dora, is 
    stored in his flag ship.
    Bishop Stone
    A Solaris Agent who works with the Ethos so he can stop their rebellion 
    against Solaris.  His real name is Stein, and he is an "acquaintance" of 
    Jessiah.  He arranged the murder of Billy's wife.  Stein pilots the gear 
    Alkanshel, and he lost his face when he picked up the gear from Krelian.
    A Gebler Special Forces soldier assigned to Elly's unit, who pilots the 
    Wand Knight.  He was once a 3rd Class Citizen.
    A Gebler Special Forces soldier assigned to Elly's unit, who pilots 
    another Wand Knight.  He was once a 3rd Class Citizen.
    A Gebler Special Forces soldier assigned to Elly's unit, who pilots the 
    Sword Knight.  He was once a 3rd Class Citizen.
    A Gebler Special Forces soldier assigned to Elly's unit, who pilots the 
    Claw Knight.  He was once  a 3rd Class Citizen.
    A Gebler Special Forces soldier assigned to Elly's unit, who pilots the 
    Aegis Knight.  He was once a 3rd Class Citizen.
    The Executioner is an agent of Grahf.  She is also called "the 
    mysterious masked woman."  Her true identity is...Miang.
    The "leader" of the new elements class, Dominia was once Elly's friend.  
    However, when Elly defected, she took it upon herself to kill her.  She 
    has a close relation to Ramsus.  Though she was from Elru, and is a land 
    dweller, she hates the surface dwellers.  She is the earth elemental, 
    and she pilots Bladegash.
    The water element from the new elements class.  She is more serene than 
    Dominia.  Pilot of Marinebasher.
    The sky element from the new elements class, and she is stern and mean 
    to her friend, Seraphita.  She pilots Skyghene.
    The fire element from the new elements class, and she is funny and dumb.  
    She pilots Grandgrowl.
    Karen was the mother of Fei.  When the genetic factor of Miang came out, 
    she became cruel. She took Fei to Solaris for testing on the 
    compatibility of being a Contact.  These tests created the hatred 
    personality, Id.  Karen continued to be cruel, but in the end, she 
    sacrificed herself to save Fei.
    Captmoh <CAPTMOH@aol.com>: Provided help on the Contact, Fei, Zohar 
    Modifier, and the Existence.
    Great Sephiroth <kaindadragoon@yahoo.com>: Provided corrections for 
    ReGodzill: Provided help on Malakh, Path of Sephiroth, and Golgolada.
    Sean Hughes <smhughes@InfoAve.Net>: Provided corrections for Fei, Elly, 
    Grahf, and the Contact.
    Squaresoft: Made this game (How could I forget them?!)
    This faq is copyright 1998-1999 Amar Kishan, and Xenogears is copyright 
    1998 Squaresoft.  This guide is not official.  Do not distribute or 
    upload at all without my permission.  This faq cannot be reproduced in 
    any way without my permission.
    Copyright 1998 Amar Kishan.

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