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    Akuma by DTrueman

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 12/03/96 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

      I've added some more things to my Akuma FAQ.  Please feel free
    to email me with your comments, flames, and pictures of Akuma,
    Ryu, Ken, and Daisy Fuentes.  I hereby dedicate this FAQ to all
    those people that I've laughed at after nailing them with the
    raging demon.  ;)
    --Shun-goku-satsu doogie--
            Akuma FAQ v2.0 (Xmen vs Street Fighter)
            By Doug "Raging Doogie" Trueman (doogiet@telusplanet.net)
            >>>Things added in this version<<<
            1.  CORRECT motion for the raging demon.  (jab, jab, forward (on 
    joystick), SHORT, fierce.  God knows how that mistake got in there so 
    many times before.  :(
            2.  New interpretation of the raging demon by Candace Ross.  
    You'll love this.  Be sure to read it.  ;)
            3.  COMBOS!  Yay!  ;)
            4.  The correct mythology behind Akuma.
            5.  What Akuma says before a super and what it means.
            6.  What that damn symbol means.  This is really interesting.  ;)
            7.  My opinion on the Ryu/Ken/Akuma debate. (Like you care)
            Seeing how my Rogue FAQ went over pretty well, I've decided to
    make a second FAQ for my best character, Akuma.  This time I'll stick to
    the more traditional way of writing move lists, and add commentary to the
    effectiveness of the moves later.
            After I posted the first version of this FAQ, a bit of a brawl 
    erupted.  Someone emailed me and said that "If I converted one non-R/K/A 
    player into an Akuma user, then I was as evil as Akuma."  I really don't 
    care what player my opponent uses.  If you face 50 Ryus in a row, then 
    kill 50 Ryus.  If you can't, learn how to.  Period.
            Furthermore, I don't understand why people whine when they 
    someone else chooses Akuma.  This means that all their attacks do MORE than
    normal damage.  (!)  Why be upset when you have such a great advantage?  
    We Akuma players are always fighting an uphill battle.  If we win the 
    victory is a testament to our skill, not necessarily to our character.
            If you still disagree, why don't you bend over and I'll shove him 
    right up your ass?  ;)
            Who is Akuma?  Well, he's connected to the Shotoboys, Ryu and Ken. 
    Says Scott Thompson:
            "Goutetsu was the last master of Shotokan Karate (or at least this
    particular brand of it), and took on two pupils, as was customary for this
    particular school.  These two pupils were the brothers Gouken ("strong fist")
    and Gouki ("strong ogre/demon," A.K.A. Akuma in  the US).  Goutetsu made them
    both masters of Shotokan, and taught them the style's three killing moves.
            Goutetsu opted not to teach them the Shotokan form's ultimate
    technique, the Raging Demon, however.
            Gouken went on to take on two students of his own, our beloved (?)
    Ryu and Ken, and later, Dan Hibiki for a very brief time.  Gouken removed
    the "intent to kill" from the master techniques he taught his students,
    making his style aimed more at battle, not death.
            Gouki became obsessed with the Raging Demon, and despite all warnings
    somehow went over his master and brother's heads and did unlock the secret
    of the maneuver.  And used it to kill both his brother and his master. 
            Gouki--Akuma--now travels the earth searching for new challenges.
    This is really more of a sadistic pleasure taken in inflicting harm on
    others than it is a mission of personal spiritual betterment, as Ryu's
    travels are."
            >>>Move List<<<
            (Legend: qcf/b - quarter circle forward/back)
            Fireball: qcf and any punch
            Dragon Punch: f, d, d/f and any punch
            Hurricane kick: qcb and any kick (can be done in air)
            Air Fireball: qcf and any punch
            Diving kick: qcf and any kick (done in air)
            Teleport: dragon punch or reverse dragon punch and all kicks or
            punches (which determine distance)
            Overhead chop: forward and stong punch
            Throw: forward and strong or fierce (can be done in air)
            Taunt: Start (Flexes and goes black)
            Launcher move: down and fierce punch
            >>>Super Moves<<<
            Ken's shoryureppa: qcf and all punches
            Ryu's shinkuu fireball: qcb and all punches
            Super air fireball: qcf and all punches
            Raging demon (shun-goku-satsu) jab, jab, foward (on joystick),
            short, fierce
            >>>Selecting Akuma<<<
            To select Akuma move the cursor to the top of the character select
    screen and press up twice.  Awe your friends with your accuracy in
    inputing this code.  :D
            >>>Miscellaneous Akuma Stuff<<<
            Punch colour: usual Akuma outfit (flaming red hair)
            Kick colour: darker outfit, brown hair
            Entering/Exiting quotes: "Shoushi"  He occasionally says this
    after killing someone.  It's pronouced, "shosh" (long o sound, and I'm
    told it means "worthless."  Gotta love Akuma.  What an ego.  :D
            "Messatsu!" is what he says when he goes into a super
    move.  It means to kill with fire, or fire genocide.
            Victory quotes:
            "Just another example of pathetic, carbon-waste garbage."
            "Instant hell murder.  I think I've heard of that."
            "This realm is a joke."
            "This grows boring."  (I know I'm missing a few.  Anyone?)
            Akuma's ending: He smashes Apocalypse (yeah, sure), then takes a
    trip to China where he runs into Wolverine.  Wolverine asks him if he
    knows anything about his past.  Akuma basically tells Wolvie that he'll
    have to beat it out of him, and "a mighty battle ensues which both will
    enjoy..."  That's it.  Pretty weak, actually.  :(
            >>>What that damn symbol means<<<
            I've gotten about a billion responses concerning Akuma's symbol.  
    What I originally said, and what most people confirmed, was this:
    "Sky", "Heaven" and my favorite, "Invincibility."
            HOWEVER, Paul J. Casiero wrote me a lengthy explanation, which to 
    my mind, is the best interpretation by far, and it has academic backing.  
    Kudos to Paul:  
            "It can be interpreted to mean "10"  My source of this information is 
    "The Grandmasters book of Ninja training" by Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi. Page 
    47: 'Now in Japanese Buddhism, the figure 9 was the highest of all, in
    gambling too, the strongest.  The combinations kuppin (9 and 1) and
    shippin (4 and 1) however, were stronger.  If 9 and 1 are added, you
    get 10 of course, and this sum was considered the highest number of
    all.  There was also a saying related to this, "Even after a 9, never
    a 10," which had several interpretations, including ideas like,
    "Don't go to far,"  "Do not teach the most extreme methods," and
    "Even in victory, do not kill or maim an opponent.'
            This sounds like the perfect insperation for the symbol to be put on
    Akuma's back by Capcom."
            I heartily agree.  Yay, Paul!  ;)
            >>>Using Akuma<<<
            The first thing anyone who wants to use Akuma should know is that
    Akuma takes MORE damage from attacks than any other character in the game. 
    Capcom probably put this in to compensate for the fact that he has four
    super moves, and, if played properly, ca n be one hell of an S.O.B.  :D
            Akuma is an enhanced version of the Shotokan club.  By having four
    super moves many options are open to Akuma while playing.  Akuma can not
    trade hits with the Ken or Ryu, so you must play carefully and not get in
    the habit of taking senseless hits.  Ak uma can play the range/keepaway
    game as well as Ken and Ryu, but keep in mind the fact that for the first
    time in Capcom history, dragon punches can are COMPLETELY blockable.  This
    is different from SFA2 where they could be blocked in the later stages of
    the move, but couldn't be blocked at their inception.  So be wary of
    pulling too many dragon punches.  A skilled opponent will block them and
    retaliate.  This, however, could also be you.  Jump in without attacking,
    block the uppercut, then do the shinkuu fireball.  Bye-bye... 
            As for playing Akuma, just play him as you would with Ken or Ryu,
    but keep in mind it's his super moves that make him so powerful.  So on
    with the supers...
            >>>Using the Supers<<<
            Ken's Shoryureppa is a very devastating move IF USED CORRECTLY. 
    Many Ken/Akuma players throw out this move seemingly at random, as if
    desperately hoping that their opponent will fall for it.  You should only
    use this move in a few situations (if there a re more, someone let me
    know, okay?): 
            1.  If your opponent misses a move that leaves them wildly open,
    like a missed super, a jumped fireball, or a missed sweep.  The problem
    with this move is that ALL three dragon punches must connect for your
    opponent to be knocked to the ground.  If only the first one does, or the
    first two, or just the last one, (etc.) your opponent will land on their
    feet and can counter attack with a super as you come back down to earth. 
    This is not good.  :(
            2.  To 'grind' your opponent.  If he/she has very little health
    left you can use this move to repeatedly hit your opponent so they're
    forced to take damage as they block.  But it's probably safer to pull one
    of the fireball supers.
            Ryu's shinkuu fireball is also a great move to use if you know
    what you're doing.  There are several situations for which this move is
    best suited:
            1.  Your opponent stupidly switched characters while you were
    standing on the ground.  This means that you can pull a super while the
    new character is helplessly introducing himself to his adoring fans. 
    (There's nothing like blasting Ken during his "yat adde" hair pose.) :D
            2.  Your opponent missed a move/super that leaves them very open.
            3.  Your opponent is on his/her death throes, and needs a little
    more encouragement. :D
            4.  You're locked in a fireball war with another fireball throwing
    character.  If you think your opponent is going to throw another fireball
    to cancel the one he thinks you're going to throw, pull the super instead. 
    Watch your opponent's face disintegra te as your shinkuu fireball blasts
    through his petty technique and lights him up like a Christmas tree.  :D
    But be warned: DON'T pull this technique against characters whose super
    moves instantly traverse the screen.  (ie. Sabertooth, Gambit) A skilled
    opponent who blocks your super can nail you while you're still in
    recovery.  Don't try the fireball into super trap against Charlie, either. 
    His recovery is way too fast; you'll just waste your energy. 
            Akuma's air super isn't as useful as you may think, due to it's
    insanely long initiation time.  :( But, it still has a few good points:
            1.  Any Xmen vs. Street Fighter player worth his salt will never
    intentionally switch characters while their opponent has a super charged
    up, and is standing on the ground.  Why?  Because they'll unleash it and
    your new character will take major damage b efore they've even thrown a
    punch.  Consequently, many of them will wait until your character is in
    the air before they switch.  But guess what?  Akuma has an air super. 
    This puts your opponent under massive pressure.  If their current
    character is getti ng low on life, stay on the ground and wait for them. 
    If they switch, nail them with a super.  But, if they won't, jump into the
    air in such a way that you're in an ideal position that you can nail them
    with a billion fireballs.  Once you're in the air, keep an eye on your
    opponents lifebars.  The moment your opponent switches characters, their
    meters will change their highlighting.  Instantly do the super, and
    they're toast.  While this move has a massive initation time, the time it
    takes for them to co me out of their vulnerable introductory pose is
    longer.  :D But you still must be fast.
            2.  This super takes off more energy when blocked than any other
    super of his.  Do a normal jump towards your opponent and perform this
    move if they're moribund.  (What a great word.) :D
            >>>The Raging Demon<<<
      Before I get into the raging demon, I must add this quote from a female 
    friend of mine in a fellow English class.  She wanted to know what 
    shun-goku-satsu meant, seeing as how it's my sig file.  I told her, and 
    this is her response:  
    > "Please don't think I am strange but I can't help but drop into the gutter
    > after reading this.  There is a whole likely unexplored sexual tone to
    > the concept of the "raging demon"(controlled eruption, etc.)  Granted, my
    > mindset at the moment is gutter-oriented because I just finished a paper
    > on Victorian Sexuality.  Those Victorians...shameful bunch actually. 
        Thought you'd all like a new take on the raging demon.  ;)
            Like in my Rogue FAQ, I'm going to devote a whole section of this
    FAQ to the raging demon.  But I'm going to go into more detail because
    Akuma gets to use it at will, while Rogue's use of it is somewhat limited. 
            The raging demon is not that hard to do; just press jab, jab,
    forward (on the joystick then let it recenter), short, and then fierce. 
            Things to know about the raging demon: 
            1.  It CANNOT be blocked.  Your opponent must either hit/throw you
    out of it, or get out of the way.  (I still don't understand how they can
    throw you out if it.) :(
            2.  The distance it covers in Xmen vs. Street Fighter is much less
    than it did in SFA2.  :( In SFA2, your opponent could jump backwards,
    land, and then STILL get hit by it.  Now, if they jump at all, you'll
    miss.  :(
            3.  You are MASSIVELY vulnerable during it.  If you do it from too
    far away, you're DEAD!  So be careful.  Don't do anything I wouldn't do. 
            4.  After you do the raging demon your opponent is flat on their
    back.  Do a crouching roundhouse or forward into a hurricane kick for a
    few extra hits.  (Make this a habit.  No point in not eating a free lunch. 
    Unless you're not hungry, of course.)
            There are MANY ways of employing the raging demon against your
    opponent, but they break down into three main categories: Being cheap,
    using it as a counter, and my personal favorite, 'raging psychology'. 
    This last section is the best, in my humble opini on.  :D
            1.  Because it cannot be blocked, the raging demon is the best
    move ever for being cheap.  There are several ways of using it to be
    cheap, all of which involve *forcing* your opponent to block, then
    demonizing them.  :D
                    A.  Jump in with a move like a roundhouse kick, and perform 
    the raging demon BEFORE you land.  Your opponent will block the kick and then
    eat the raging demon while they're in block stun.  :D If they get hit by
    the kick they'll eat the demon while they 're in hit stun.  :D If they
    block they die.  If they don't block they die.  It doesn't get much better
    than this.  :D
                    B.  Stand over your opponent as they're getting up from the
    ground, and perform successive crouching short kicks.  After they block
    one or two of them, do the raging demon.  The chances of escaping it or
    hitting you out of it in this situation are almos t nil.
                    C.  Walk up to them and do a standing jab that they're
    forced to block, then do the raging demon.  Like the crouching shorts, 
    this is very hard to escape.  Very cheap, too.  :D
                    D.  The ULTIMATE in cheap tactics when you have three supers
    charged:  Get your opponent in the corner.  Demonize them.  Do a crouching
    forward, then instantly peform the motion again.  They'll be forced into
    the corner and land just as Akuma reaches th em again.  After the
    resulting sixteen hits, they're again flat on their back.  Do another
    crouching forward into a third and final raging demon.  If this doesn't
    kill them outright, your opponent will probably kill you for being so
    cheap.  But it's great fun.  Especially on the CPU, or opponents that you
    can beat up if they get cocky. 
            2.  Using the demon as a counter.  There are TONS of situations
    where the demon is the best possible counter attack for Akuma.  Why dragon
    punch when you only get four hits?  This way you get four times as many. 
                    A.  Your opponent missed a super or special move.  Bye-bye. 
    This works great if you block Sabertooth's berzerker claw, or his berzerker
    barrage specials.  Same with Wolverine.  Basically, if your opponent is
    stupid enough to do something like this they deserve to die.  :D
                    B.  Your opponent switches characters.  You can stand right 
    next to them and do it, or do it from about three Akuma widths away.  In
    either case they're toast.
                    C.  Your opponent is going to land right next to you from a
    jump, or a super jump.  Do the raging demon.  
            3.  "Raging demon psychology" is a way of using the move and
    avoiding being called cheap.  If you FORCE the opponent to block and then
    do it, you're probably cheap.  If you get them to THINK they should block
    and then you nail them, you're not only playi ng fair, your using your
    head.  :D This way you can correctly defend your Akuma playing, saying
    that you're not cheap.  Cases in point:
                    A.  Stand right over them as they get up and nail them. 
    Notice that they can throw or hit you out of it.  But in most cases, your
    opponent will be expecting a different super, and will instinctively
    block.  That isn't your fault now, is it?  :D
                    B.  Knock them into the air with a launcher move.  (like his
    crouching fierce) The screen will follow them, not you.  As they're coming
    back down, position yourself to be by them when they land.  Do the move
    just before you're visible on the screen.  Y our opponent will probably
    think you're going to do a different super move and block...
                    C.  Do a fireball right next to them, then do the raging
    demon. They'll most likely be expecting the usual follow up fireball or 
    dragon punch.
                    D.  Jump in with an attack, pause, then do the demon.  
    Notice that your opponent can escape if they're fast enough.  Usually 
    they're not, but you gave them the chance.  If you don't want to give 
    them the chance, see Section 1.  :D
                    E.  Get close then do the shinkuu fireball.  After they 
    block, do the raging demon and watch as they die expecting to block 
    another shinkuu fireball. 
                    F.  This is a somewhat risky technique, but reward is
    worth it. If you and your opponent are falling backwards through the air 
    (towards your half of the screen) after you've either of you have taken a 
    hit, or blocked one, do the raging demon so it comes out as soon as you 
    land.  Chances are your opponent will land, block, then launch an 
    attack.  But as he's blocking...
            (One of my favorite videogame moments happened in DarkStalkers when
    I was playing Morrigan against some guy.  Morrigan's doppleganger (mirror
    image) move is done the same was as the raging demon, and is essentially
    its precursor.  So this guy has me down to no life at all.  If I block 
    anything I die.  He's got about a two centimeters.  So he jumps in as I'm 
    jumping backwards and I block his attack.  I do the doppleganger move as 
    I land, and nail him out of his high kick.  Presto! Another Morrigan 
    appeared and the two went to work.  The move *just* killed him.  He was 
    so mad he went away swearing.  That's what you get for being greedy.) :D
                    G.  The majority of Xmen vs. SF2 matches I've seen have
    been won on time; that is, having more energy left than your opponent 
    when the meter expires.  Because of this trend, when the clock begins 
    counting down the last few seconds chances are your oppon ent (if he's 
    winning) will go to a corner and become a turtle.  If you really want to 
    win you can do what I've done; just walk up to him and throw him until he 
    dies.  :D  But this is risky; guys don't like to lose by consecutive 
    throws, let along a single throw.  Use this at your own risk.  However, 
    you can use the raging demon when your opponent is doing his 
    impersonation of a reptile.  It will do major damage and give you a 
    better chance of winning.  Just walk up to the turtle and pull the 
    demon.  He'll probably block, thinking you're trying the shinkuu fireball... 
            >>>Akuma Combos<<<
      This entire section is dedicated to that annoying bird from the Final 
    Fantasy series, Chocobo.  (Considering the fact that he wrote it) ;)
      "Basically, just the old Alpha 1 combos. His hurricane kick works nice in
    combos. But the SC dragon punch is the best ground combo weapon for him.
    Simple ones include the ever popular low short low forward low
    roundhouse, or a nice simple low short low forward SC dragon punch for
    big damage. Jumpkick, low strong, roundhouse hurricane kick does a lot
    of damage, but leaves you wide open if you don't connect. His air combos
    are pretty weak, he can connect jab-short-strong-roundhouse or
    jab-short-forward-fierce, both with an air FB or air HK possible at the
    end, but they're not worth the bother. A nice somewhat simple combo I
    like to use is jump forward, air fierce, low fierce (launcher), jump
    short, air forward, air hurricane kick."
            Me!  Doug Trueman, Akuma master and all around nice guy.  :D
            Tyler Lawson: Tyler, get your head out of your ass and play Xmen
    SF!  Enough of VF2 already; it's dead.
            Henry Kong: Where are you?  Email me already...
            Jamison Chan-Clarke: The nefarious Vancouverite who decked me for
    a raging demon.  I now consider myself lucky, having learned that he once
    headbutted a guy three times for almost hitting his car.  :D
            Jesse Read: Gotta love this guy.  Always in a good mood.  Always
    laughing.  Loves the raging demon.  Gets credit just for being himself. 
            Capcom: Makers of the Xmen SF, and the best 2-D fighters around. 
    But they still can't count to three.  :(
            "Kelly": The cute blonde girl who works at the Cove and has changed
    countless bills into coins to feed my various addictions.  :D
            The various guys who were discussing the translations of Akuma's
            Scott Thompson. <sdt0001@jove.acs.unt.edu>:  Correct 
    version of Akuma's mythology.
            Chocobo <chocobo@concentric.net>: Yay! Combos!  ;)
            Seymont@telerama.lm.com for the translation of "Shoushi."
            Paul J. Casiero <YMJF44A@prodigy.com>: Symbol explanation.
            And last, but not least, to George Kokoris for his awesome Akuma
    shrine, and who's background picture now darkens my basement.  ;)
            No thanks to:
            All you bastards who have tons of Akuma combos but haven't learned
    to share.  :D
            The U of C arcade staff.  'Nuff said.
            Bill Gates: Could be making ASSKICKING PC games, but instead is
    making crappy flight simulators.  :(

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