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    Akuma by PFunnell

    Version: 1.02 | Updated: 03/17/97 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Date: Mon, 17 Mar 1997 16:55:00 -0600
    From: Pete Funnell <raze@mindless.com>
    X-Men vs. Street Fighter
    Akuma FAQ
    Version 1.02
    Table of Contents
    I.     Version History
    II.    Intro
    III.   Background
    IV.    Description
    V.     Normal Moves
    VI.    Throws
    VII.   Special Moves
    VIII.  Super Moves
    IX.    General Combo Information
    X.     Beginner Combos
    XI.    Intermediate Combos
    XII.   Expert Combos
    XIII.  Infinite Combos
    XIV.   Credits
    XV.    Outro
    I. Version History
    Version 1.0  -- Basic info.
    Version 1.01 -- Added some left out credits.
    Version 1.02 -- Made a table of contents, corrected some moves, added new
                    infinite combo, fixed the credits section, added several
                    new sections, added some info on his throws and U + FK.
    II. Intro
    Akuma is similar to Ken and Ryu in many of his special moves, combos, and overall
    fighting style, but has several extra moves and Supers that give him an edge,
    allowing him to become a "deeper", more strategic fighter than Ken and Ryu. His
    varied collection of special moves is rivaled in number only by M.Bison, and
    his powerful Super moves can quickly destroy your opponent's life bar if used
    III. Background
    Akuma, also known as Gouki, is a master of Shotokan-Karate, the martial art
    originally used by Japanese assassins. This art allows one to concentrate his chi
    and channel it into a single murderous blow, but Akuma's master Goutetsu removed
    the killing power from the art and taught Akuma and his brother Gouken a less
    deadly version which is practiced by Ken Masters and Hoshi Ryu. Akuma
    rediscovered the dark side of Shotokan-Karate, and killed his master and his
    brother to assure that the knowledge was his alone. Soon he became entirely evil
    and was possesed by a powerful demon from another realm, and now only seeks
    worthy opponents to destroy with his newly increased powers.
    IV. Description
    Akuma wears a torn up uniform similar to Ryu and Ken's with a Japanese Kanji
    character on the back meaning "heaven", "sky", "destiny", and "fate". In Akuma's
    context, it means "rest in peace." He also wears a huge necklace made up of huge
    bronze beads with the front bead also having the "heaven" character on it. He
    wears his hair in a ponytail that sticks straight up, like the Japanese warriors
    of old, and his entire body has the ability to emanate flames as in his Raging
    Horse stance at the beginning of a match.
    V. Normal Moves
    Quick Punch  [QP]          Minimal range, good speed.
    Medium Punch [MP]          The overhead [F + MP] can be effective if used mixed
                               up with low attacks.
    Fierce Punch [FP]          Good speed and recovery with his launcher [D + FP].
    Quick Kick   [QP]          Very fast; crouching QK can be used to hit your
                               opponent off the ground after a combo. [OTG]
    Medium Kick  [MK]          The overhead [F + MK] hits crouching opponents, and
                               goes over most low attacks like sweeps. Crouching MK
                               also hits your opponent off the ground. [OTG]
    Fierce Kick  [FK]          Can hit your opponents off the ground, but cannot be
                               used to continue the combo. U + FK in the air can
                               be done more than once in an air combo, and hits your
                               opponent higher in the air. [see section XIII.]
    VI. Throws
    His FP, FK, and MK all are throws, just hold fowards or backwards and tap the
    button. Performing a throw in the air or in an air combo requires you to tap
    down and the button instead. His FP throw the enemy far away, the FK throw kicks
    the opponent across the screen, and the MK throw is similar to Ken's in that he
    rolls with the enemy and then releases them... very impressive if done from the
    air! Also, if you throw an enemy into the corner, you can hit him off the ground
    and continue with a combo if you are close enough.
    VII. Special Moves
    Gouhaduken [Fireball]                            D, DF, F + any P [air or ground]
              Do not ignore this move or overuse it; while it is the most generic of
              all Street Fighter moves, using it every once in a while will catch
              most opponents off guard. Air version angles down, very useful for
              going over an opponent's fireball and catching them still stuck in the
              fireball animation; also doesn't leave you as open as a ground
              Also used as an ender for air or ground combos.
    Goushouryuken [Dragon Punch]                                     F, D, DF + any P
              This move has lost almost all of its usefullness since the introduction
              of air-blocking. Most of the times this will be blocked and leave you
              wide open, but it can still be used to knock vulnerable oponents out of
              the air, and the QP dragon punch used at close range can knock
              opponents out of most attacks without leaving you open. In the FP
              dragon punch the first hit of the animation [the low crouching hit]
              takes off more power than the other two hits combined.
    Goutatsumakisenpuukyaku [Hurricane Kick]         D, DB, B + any K [air or ground]
              This is one of Akuma's most useful moves, not only is it extremely easy
              to chain into any combo, it lets you hit the opponent off the ground
              after it connects for an easy air combo. This is covered more in depth
              in the air combo section, and also talks about how you can use it to
              set up the Raging Demon. Tap K repeatedly to add hits if it conects,
              and if blocked you can follow it up with a throw by tapping F + FP.
    Diving Kick                                           D, DF, F + any K [air only]
              This move is not limited to a certain amount of hits; as long as there
              is something for it to connect to, it will keep on hitting. This makes
              it very useful against the larger characters such as Juggernaut and
              Bison. If blocked, he recovers faster than it looks so don't hesitate
              attack as you are getting up with a hurricane kick or sweep; most
              opponents will be caught dead in the middle of a move.
    Ashura Warp                                       B, D, DB or F, D, DF + 3P or 3K
              The backwards dragon punch motion teleports you away from your
              opponent, and the forwards motion teleports you towards them. Using 3K
              teleports you a short distance, and the 3K teleports you a long
              distance. Akuma is COMPLETELY invulnerable while he is teleporting,
              ALL projectiles, punches, kicks, and Supers [!] pass right through him.
              The drawback is that he is defenseless immediately before and after he
              teleports, so you have to time this carefully. A good use for this,
              other than simply dodging through moves, is using it to get close to
              your opponent when he is keeping you at bay with a lot of projectiles,
              etc. If you are close enough and use the 3P warp, you can actually go
              right through him and attack him in the back. Be warned that your
              opponent can attack you before you recover if you do this incorrectly.
    VIII. Super Moves
    Mesatsu Gouhaduken [Super Fireball]                                 D, DB, B + 2P
              This moves is identical to Ryu's super fireball, with the exception
              that it cannot be done in the air. It has and fairly fast startup and
              almost instant recovery, and is best used when your opponent is
              recovering from their own super or when your opponent is in the middle
              of a move. This is Akuma's team up super, and if he is your inactive
              fighter when you do the team super motion, he will wait until the other
              character finishes their attack and THEN do his super fireball. Lots of
              times your opponent will block the first fighter's super and walk right
    Mesatsu Gouhaduken Rain [Super Air Fireballs]            D, DF, F + 2P [air only]
              This move shoots a volley of fireballs at a downward angle, and can hit
              your opponent even if you are way up and they aren't even on the
              screen. This does not leave you vulnerable but is often blocked because
              the startup speed is not too great. Use the same strategy as the ground
              super fireball and try to catch your opponent in the middle of an
              attack. It can also be connected in the middle of an air combo.
    Mesatsu Goushouryuken [Super Rising Dragon Punch]                    D, DF, F +
              This series of rising uppercuts is best when connected to a ground
              combo. Otherwise the first couple of hits will connect, but the rest
              will be blocked. Instantaneous startup, but if blocked will leave you
              wide open.
    Raging Demon                                              QP, QP, Towards, QK, FP
              This move is Akuma's most powerful and versatile super, and since it is
              UNBLOCKABLE, if you set it up correctly it is almost guaranteed to
              connect The easiest way to get the Raging Demon to connect is to do
              it while you are on the ground and you opponent is in the air in front
              of you coming down from a super jump, uppercut, or your air combo like
              some of the ones I've listed below. You can also do a jump-in hurricane
              kick that your opponent will usually block and perform the Raging Demon
              motion in the air while you are still in the Hurricane Kick motion and
              it will come out as soon as you hit the ground if you time it
              Also simply dashing in with a QP and doing the rest of the motion
              quickly can catch your opponent off guard. These methods still give
              opponent a very small window where they can hit you out of the move,
              if you use these tactics correctly they will usually get grabbed before
              they have time to react. Don't forget that after every Raging Demon you
              can hit your opponent off the ground for an easy super or air combo.
              Examples of this in the combo list below.
    IX. General Combo Information
    Like Ken and Ryu, his timing on the air combos is slow and unsteady, and takes
    some practice so you get all the hits to connect. Both his air combos and ground
    combos follow the Qx, Qx, Mx, Mx, Fx, Fx pattern [x = P or K] so as long as you
    follow this you can do pretty much whatever you want. You can skip foward in the
    pattern but not backward. Also, you can only hit your opponent off the ground
    once per combo. [Catching someone out of the air with the Raging Demon after you
    air combo them does not "legally" continue the combo, so you can still hit them
    off the ground after the Raging Demon even if you hit them off the ground for the
    air combo in the first place.] Dashing in for a close combo not only catches your
    opponent off guard but allows you to connect more hits than you usually would.
    You can cancel out of all puches and kicks into special moves or supers -- this
    makes sure the moves connect.
    X. Beginner Combos
              Jumping FK [land], FP, cancel into FP Fireball
              Dash-in QP, MP, FP Dragon Punch
              D + QK, D + MK, D + MP, cancel into FP Fireball
              Jumping FK, [land] D + MK, cancel into FK Hurricane Kick, D + FK.
    XI. Intermediate Combos
              Jumping FK, D + QK, D + FP, [launch] QP, MK, MP, cancel into Super Air
              Jumping MP, jumping FP, [land] D + QK, D + MK, cancel into Super Rising
              Dragon Punch.
              Jumping MK, jumping FK, [land] D + QK, D + FP [launch], QP, QK, MP, MK,
              cancel into air Fireball.
              Raging Demon, D + QK [OTG], D + FP [launch], QP, MK, MP, cancel into
              Super Fireballs.
    XII. Expert Combos
              Jumping MK, jumping FK, [land] D + MK, cancel into FK Hurricane Kick,
              D + QK [OTG], D + FP [launch], F + Air Hurricane Kick, [land]
              Raging Demon [catches opponent falling out of air], D + QK [OTG],
              D + FP [launch], QP, MP, MK, cancel into Super Air Fireballs.
    XIII. Infinite Combos
              DF + MP, F + MK, DF + MP, F + MK, DF + MP, F + MK, again and again ...
              D + FP [launch], QP, QK, MP, MK, U + FK, U + FK again [knocks opponent
              higher into the air], superjump, QP, QK, MP, MK, U + FK, U + FK again,
              superjump, again and again... [infinite]
    XIV. Credits
    Adam Tennant
              Juggernaut FAQ that convinced me I could write my own...
    Don Carter's All Star Lanes
              Best arcade in the Crescent City...
              Major source of tokens, unbelievable stories [27 wins?], and lots of
              tactics and info.
    The Mighty Rose and Honorary Members
              For the occasional DC tournament and general beatdowns...
    James Chen
              Excellent XSF FAQ, source of good combos.
    Michael Chen
              Primary source of moves + pics.
    Warrior's Dreams
              Source of background info.
              Gave the incredible air infinite...
    XV. Outro
    Please feel free to send any comments, critisism, combos, info or anything at all
    to me at dfunnell@neosoft.com -- email me to get the latest version or to be
    added to my mailing list.
    -- Pete.

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