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    Cyclops by CBayquen

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    The Cyclops "Gene Hack" guide
    For "X-men versus Street Fighter" by Capcom
    ( rev 1.0 )
    Author: Christopher Robin Bayquen
    COPYRIGHT 1999 by Author
    Email: user01(at)email.com - replace (at) with @
    rev 1.0 ( 09/23/98 )
       - Date I originally finished this.
       - Date I posted it on gamefaqs.com ( 07/09/99 )
    *Where to get the latest rev:*
       - http://www.gamefaqs.com ( Saturn-Arcade/Fighting/XvsSF-MSHvsSF )
    Copyright Notice :
    The "Cyclops Gene Hack Guide" FAQ is Copyright (C) 1999 by Author
    Christopher Robin Bayquen. You may freely give this FAQ away to anyone you
    see fit. As long as the original content stays intact. This guide may not
    be used commercially, including but not limited to: published magazines,
    guide books, magazine incorporation ( guide included as additional content )
    etc, without consent of author. You may post this FAQ on a website as a link
    freely. If you wish to actually showcase it, please email me to let me know.
    X-men Vs Street Fighter, Street Fighter 2, is owned by CAPCOM (C). X-Men,
    Wolverine and all other comic book characters are owned by Marvel (C). All
    other copyrights and trademarks not mentioned here are ackonowledged and
    Sorry 'bout that. Now on to the FAQ.
    Hi ! Welcome to my 2nd FAQ/Guide to the game X-men vs. Street Fighter.
    I know the game is old and I should be covering some new stuff. But I liked
    this game alot, even more than the 2nd and 3rd installments in the "vs"
    series. This time Cyclops is the main guy. I'm sure that with a little
    practice, some luck, and this guide (!), you'll be a Cyclops vet in no time.
    This guide will be broken up into sections as follows:
    I.    Cyclops : Who is he, what he does, whats up with those eyes?
    II.   Regular Moves & Throws 
    III.  Special Moves with descriptions
    IV.   Super Moves
    V.    Team Assist Moves
    VI.   Combo Basics
    VII.  Combos
    VIII.   Acknowledgements
    **as you can see, I pretty much ripped-off my Charlie FAQ.
    I. Background and History
    The Marvel universe. Weird villains, even weirder heros, and tales of courage
    and honor. Cyclops, real name Scott Summers, was a founding member of the
    ever popular "X-men" comic series. He was its leader not because of power or
    abilities, but for his leadership skills and high sense of ethics.
    He is a mutant, or "homo-superior". And mutants are greatly feared by normal
    human beings because of their powers. Cyclops has the ability to project
    intense beams of energy from his eyes. So strong that it could decapitate a
    mountain. But this great power comes with a curse, Cyclops must wear a
    special type of lens all the time to contain the massive energies. Where does
    Cyclops get all that energy? Solar power of course!
    X-men vs Street Fighter seems to be a merge of Marvel Super Heroes and Street
    Fighter Alpha. Both great fighting games, but the latter having more strategy
    and finess, while MSH being more on speed and combo knowledge.
    II. Regular Moves & Throws
    £ In this guide, the assigned number will designate punch/kick
    £ Joystick motions assume player is facing right.
    JP - Jab Punch  (1)  SP - Strong Punch (2)    FP - Fierce Punch    (3)
    SK - Short Kick (4)  FK - Forward Kick (5)    RK - Roundhouse Kick (6)
    Character Switch / Tag
    - Tap ( 3 ) and ( 6 ) together while on the ground
    - Your current character poses ( current character becomes invulnerable
      at this point ) and your 2nd character flies in with a kick. Your 2nd
      character, upon landing, will perform his/her taunt, leaving you
      vulnerable for a complete 1 1/2 seconds.
    - As you take damage, your health gauge will leave a red "shadow" just
      behind the green bar. This is the amount your character can regenerate
      if he/she is resting out of the fight.
    Super jump
    - Tap D-pad ( Down ) ( Up ) or press 3 kicks together
    - When launching your opponent ( C - < 3 > ), pressing ( Up ) will
      automatically cancel the fierce punch animation into a super jump.
    - tap D-pad ( Forward ) twice, or press 3 punch together
    Advance guard
    - While Blocking, ram 3 punches repeatedly
    - Using the advance guard excessively on a multi hit super move ( i.e.
      pushing Gambit's Royal Flush too much ) will break your guard and
      cause you to get hit
    Tech. Hit
    - While being thrown, hit ( Toward ) + ( 2 ) or ( 3 )
    - In other words, throw your enemy the moment he throws you, also keep
      trying to tech hit as you fly across the screen when thrown for a
      "safe fall".
    - Counter a block, either you set yourself free before your opponent
      throws you ( no damage )
    - Or you perform a "safe land", where your character is thrown, but
      before you hit the ground your character lands normally, able to block
      and avoid OTG combos.(   damage is lessened )
    - Tech. Hitting is nice for interrupting those cheap-as-hell Sabretooth
      launch into SJ combo xx Air throw into Berzerker Claw X, which takes
      approximately 1/3 or more of your health bar.
    Ground Roll
    - After a sweep or knock down move, motion ( Down ) and either
      ( Back or Forward ) + any punch.
    - I cant stress on how important rolling is, many people that I have
      gone up against use some kind of OTG into Super Move combo. One reason is
      because its easy for some nice free hits. But I cant count the
      times I've beaten a better player because I was able to roll behind
      them while they were still stuck in the Super move animation ( time
      for a hurtin' team up super ). Also many corner traps are set up with
      OTG combo's, so being alert and rolling out of these situations will
      save you the humiliation of watching those nice 15+ hit combos done on
    Variation moves
    · Cyclops only has variations moves in the air.
      - Holding down and hitting either (5) , (3) , (6) while in the air
        will perform variations of normal attacks.
    - Down ( 5 ) - Hook kick               - Chainable in air magic series
    - Down ( 3 ) - Clenched Fists          - Air Combo Finisher
    - Down ( 6 ) - Both legs diagonal down - Air Combo Finisher, excellent
                                             for jump-in attack.
    *Ground Throws:
    - Perform a Throw by being next to your opponent, then pressing:
      ( Toward ) + Appropriate Attack
    ( 5 ) Forward Kick  - "Scissor Leg Throw"
          - Cyclops grabs and throws opponent with his legs
    ( 2 ) Medium Punch  - "Beam Throw"
          - Cyclops grabs and pushes opponent with his eye's beam
    ( 3 ) Fierce Punch  - "Ground Bash" (I made up these names:)
          - Cyclops grabs and bashes opponent on the floor
     · These throws can be performed in the air as well.
     · There is one throw I can't quite figure out w/c button is for. Input?
    III. Special Moves
    Optic Blast
    - Motion ( Down ) - ( Forward ) + any punch
    - Strength determines damage/delay time ( hard/slow recover+more damage )
    - This is the best projectile in the game. It cancels other fireballs and big
      chip damage potential. Use this to put the pressure on your opponent. 
    Optic Sweep
    - Motion ( Forward )  - ( Down ) + any punch
    - Can be chained at the end of a ground chain combo.
    - Cyclops gets down on all fours and reflects an optic blast on the ground
      upwards. Use it to trip opponent or for surprise. Bad recovery delay.
    Cyclone Kick
    - Motion ( Down ) - ( Away ) + any kick
    - Kick strength determines range.
    - Cyclops does a little dash hop and kicks his feet at opponent. Er, well you
      have to see it to know what I mean, its hard to describe. This is good for
      corner pressure and OTG's. Also useful at the end of a combo.
    Gene Splice
    - Motion ( Forward ) - ( Down ) - ( Forward ) + any punch 
    - Punch Strength determines range.
    - Ram the punch buttons after a hit to tack on additional hits.
    - Cyclops does an uppercut thingy. This move can be chained in a ground combo
      and is useful as a counter against aerial jump-ins. It's also possible to
      hit opponents who super jump with this move, because at the end of the Gene
      Splice Cyclops fires an optic "burst" upwards.
     - Tap ( Forward ) + ( 1 + 4 ) ... continue tapping ( 1+4 )
     - This move has Cyclops do an auto-combo on the ground. Nice for grinding
       opponents in the corner. Although has small recovery delay at the end.
    IV. Super Moves
    i. Mega Optic Blast
    - Motion ( Down ) - to - ( Forward ) + any 2 punch 
    - Level 1 Hyper Combo, Ground only.
    - Ram punch buttons for extra hits.
    - Cyclops lets loose a thick screen wide beam. Chip damage is good when you
      ram the buttons. This is a deadly Super since it can be chained in all
      sorts of ways. 
    ii. Guided Optic Beam
    - Motion ( Down ) - to - ( Back ) + any 2 punch
    - Level 1 Super Move, Air and Ground.
    - Cyclops fires a beam which you can guide with the joystick.
    - Moderate damage. Most useful at the end of a super jumping combo. Also nice
      for frequent fliers like Storm or Magneto.
    V. Team Assist Moves
    Variable Counter
    - While blocking, motion ( Away ) - to - ( Down ) + ( 3 + 6 )
    - Level 1 Super Meter required
    - Partner must still be active ( meaning, hasn't been defeated yet )
    - When performed, current character pauses before 2nd character jumps in and
      performs a designated special move. 
    - Very useful for character switch outs without the threat of opponents
      hitting you while you taunt. If your character needs to get out of the
      fight ( low health ), don't risk it by switching out in front of them.
      Instead, wait for them to attack close enough, or within range of your
      partners counter move so that they get hit, and you switch characters
    · Cyclops does a jab (1) Optic Blast as his counter. Which makes it possible
      for you to cancel Ryu or another Cyclops' beam super while you're blocking.
    Variable/Team Assist
    - Motion ( Down ) - to - ( Forward ) + ( 3 + 6 ) while on the ground
    - Level 2 Super Meter required
    - Partner must still be active ( meaning, hasn't been defeated )
    - Much like the Variable Counter, only this time your current character
      fires his/her designated Hyper move, then about 1 1/2 seconds later your
      partner jumps in and performs their own assigned Hyper move.
    - This is like having 2 Super moves done together, only the 2nd is delayed a
      little in initiation time. Different partners yield different combinations,
      only by experimenting will you find the best most damaging combo.
    - This is also useful for safely switching characters out, but beware that if
      your opponent manages to hit the character who is coming in, that one will
      jump out leaving whoever wasn't hit still fighting, even if that was the
      same character who initiated the Team Assist.
    · Cyclops does his Mega Optic Blas in a Team Assist 
    VI. Combo Basics
    Legend:         S - standing    DS - dash standing      J - jumping
                    C - crouching   DC - dash crouching     SJ - super jumping	
                    xx - cancel into
    Magic Series and combos
    · Magic Series
    [ Zig Zag ]
    - Weaker punch/kick can cancel into any stronger punch/kick
    - Same strength punch can cancel into same strength kick
    - You may skip a button in the series, as long as you still follow the
      ascending order:
      - ( 1 )( 2 )( 5 )( 6 ) - Skipped ( 4 ) and ( 3 )
    - Examples of Zigzag in general:
      - ( 1 ) ( 4 ) ( 2 ) ( 5 ) ( 3 ) ( 6 ) - Full Zigzag Magic series.
      - ( 1 ) ( 2 ) ( 3 )                   - Punch only Zigzag
      - DC ( 1 ) ( 5 ) S ( 2 )              - Jab kick and light kick chain into
    - Cyclops uses [zigzag] rule both on ground and in air.
    · "Air Combo Finishers" are both the strongest punch & kick attacks, that
      initiate the flying screen when done. Simply put, when you do an air combo
      and end it with a  roundhouse kick( 6 ) or fierce punch ( 3 ), the opponent
      is knocked away ( either across the screen or directly to the floor ) fast
      with the screen following their flying body.
    · Remember than any button in the magic series can cancel into a special
      move. So it is possible to cancel Cyclops from a standing roundhouse ( 3 )
      into another roundhouse (cyclops is the only character able of chaining two
      roundhouse kicks') and then into a Mega Optic Blast.
    · If in doubt, I strongly recommend referring to "The Complete X-men vs. Street Fighter combo
      FAQ" by James Chen http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Arcade/6645. He explains in great
      detail all aspects of the combo system. Most importantly the Magic Series ( chain combo )
    VII. Combos
    · I will only list a few practical combos that one needs to know and use
    · Since the combo system in Xmen vs SF is very adaptable, you can create your
      own combinations, below are just some possibilities and tips of how to
      concoct your own wild and long combos.
    i. Character switch combos
    - Any ground combo ending with a sweep can combo into a character switch.
    - S ( 1 ) - S ( 4 ) - S ( 5 ) - C ( 6 ) xx ( 3 + 6 )
      C ( 4 ) - C ( 5 ) - C ( 6 ) xx ( 3 + 6 )
    ii. Launch set-ups
    - A launch can cancel into a Super jump by simply tapping up after the launch
      connects. Cyclops' launchers are standing medium punch (2) and crouching
      forward kick (5). 
    - S ( 1 ) - S ( 4 ) - S ( 2 ) xx SJ Combo ...
      DC( 4 ) - C ( 5 ) xx SJ Combo
    iii. Combos into Super Team assist ( Level 2 super meter required )
    - Jump in deep with Down ( 6 ) - DS ( 5 ) - S ( 6 ) -  S ( 6 ) xx Team Assist
    iv. Jump-ins
    - Jump-in with  ( 6 ) -=land=- DS ( 1 ) - S ( 4 ) - S ( 2 ) xx SJ ( 1 )( 4 )
      ( 2 ) ( 5 ) ( 3 ) ( 6 )
    - Jump-in with ( 3 ) -=land=- S ( 4 ) - S ( 5 ) - S ( 6 ) - S ( 6 ) xx
      xx Cyclone Kick
    v. Combos into super moves
    - C ( 3 ) xx Mega Optic Blast
      - Since Cyclops' fierce is an optic bullet, simply do a Super as it hits
        your opponent.
    - S ( 6 ) - S ( 6 ) xx Mega Optic Blast
      - You can tack on more hits before the standing roundhouse, but anything
        leading up to a standing roundhouse can be buffered into a Super.
    - S ( 2 ) [launch] xx ( 1 ) ( 4 ) ( 2 ) ( 5 ) xx Guidable Optic Beam Super
      - as you fire off the Super, aim it diagonal forward-down. Then slowly
        guide it upwards to follow your opponent. Very impressive combo.
    vi. Infinite Combos
    - I detest infinites and as a result have not learned any. If you have a
      infinite, you can send it in via email and I'll give you credit.
    VIII. Acknowledgements
    Thanks goes out to the following for their contributions
    · Capcom
    - For making it possible to legally kick some ass in public without physical
      harm. And for constantly breaking the rules and developing wild combo
    · James Chen
    - For making an awesome FAQ for XvsSF. Your guide helped me get to my current
      level of fighting. Also, I would like to thank him for letting me use
      terminologies from his FAQ, such as magic series and OTG combos.
    · Gamefaqs.com
    - Most complete and up to date FAQ database on the Net
    · Thanks to you, especially for taking the time to read this guide. If you
      have any insight, comments, suggestions, complaints or if you think I have
      not given credit to where it is due. Please feel free to email me and I
      will do anything in my power to accommodate you.
    -= Y E S ! =-
            - Cyclops ( XvsSF - Sega Saturn )

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