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    Juggernaut by ATennant

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    Xmen vs Street Fighter
    Juggernaut Information
    Ver 1.4
    Version History
    Ver 1.0 Basic Information
    Ver 1.1 Increased Juggernaut air combo info and version history added.  
            Tactics section expanded. General clean up.
    Ver 1.2 More vs Info added ( Dhalsim, Cyclops, Cammy and Akuma )
    Ver 1.3 Minor changes/additions
    Ver 1.4 HEADCRUSH! additional information
    Firstly, Juggernaut’s moves haven’t changed much since Marvel Super Heroes, 
    so you should check out both the MSH FAQ and the MSH COMBO FAQ, the latter 
    probably being more useful. Both are available from ftp.netcom.com in the 
    pub/vi/vidgames/faqs section.
    Normal Moves
    Jab(1)			Great range. Good for poking at those pesky little 
    Strong(2)	        Good "unstoppability" and the throw with strong is  
                            VERY useful.
    Fierce(2)		Couching and standing Fierce are launchers. Really bad 
                      recovery, but great range on the standing fierce. Should 
                      be cancelled with another move nearly every time. MUCH  
                      less damage then MSH.
    Short(4)		Good range, crouching one hits prone opponents off the 
    Forward(5)		Good "unstoppability", sweeps opponent.
    Roundhouse(6)		Launcher with good range and better recovery than  
                            fierce. Good air defense move.
    Special Moves
    Citorak Power Up ( CPU )			DP + PP
    	Much improved from MSH. Lasts a long time now, but still has bad 
            recovery. Use carefully.
    Earthquake Punch ( EQP )			QCB + P
    	Same as MSH. Will stop/reduce the effects of non-projectile super  
            moves. Good block damage and super charging move.
    Juggernaut Punch	 ( JP )			QCF + P
    	Much less damage than MSH, same BAD recovery. Only goes through FB 
            type projectiles. Still does good damage, especially if powered up.
    Juggernaut Body Press ( JBP )			HCF + K (In the Air)
    	Same. Still only a "use for fun, in combos or against scrubs" move.
    Nail Slam ( NS )				HCB + K (Near)
    	REALLY bad range, but does good damage and bounces them high like the 
          Strong throw. Can grab opponent from air!
    Object Toss					D, D + 3P (Over an object)
    	Haven’t done this yet. Not sure that it's even still in the game.
    Hyper X: Juggernaut Head Crush ( JHC )		QCF + PP
          One of the best super combos in the game ( still ). Poor recovery but 
          instantaneous startup and somewhat "unstoppable". Goes through FB 
          projectiles fairly well.
          Normally 4 Hits, but while you are mashing into them, if you flail on 
          all the buttons AND rotate the joystick ( this is important ) then you 
          can get 8 Hits fairly regularly! 
          (Thanks to Pete Funnell for the info )
    Firstly, to counteract the bad recovery times on a lot of Jug's moves, you 
    should usually cancel them into an EQP, although this move has a long 
    duration, so jumpers will get you.  Basically, be careful and don’t just 
    throw moves around randomly.
    Against FB throwers, you can anticipate FBs and JP through them, or if not a 
    full screen away, JHC through them. If they insist on doing the SF jumping 
    6, crouching 5, FB then do a standing 3 over the FB or a jab JP.
    For air defence, the standing 6 is great. It has excellent range. You can 
    also use the couching 3, but be aware of it’s recovery time and be ready to 
    cancel it into an EQP, especially against the fast characters.
    After every throw, if you have a level of super, do a JHC. The 2 throw will 
    bounce them high into the air and this gives you time ( especially if 
    they’re in the corner ) to either quickly Power Up and do a crouching 3 to 
    launch them and follow with an air combo, or JHC them as they come down.
    After every crouching 5 ( sweep ) either do an EQP or a JHC if you have the 
    level. If in the corner, you can often get a standing 3 off after the EQP, 
    then follow with an air combo.
    Juggernaut’s 1,3,4 and 5 all have EXCELLENT range in the air, and you can 
    usually hit your opponent first if you’re both airborne.
    The JHC is so fast to come out, you can hit characters normal moves before 
    they finish if they are close. Learn what supers can and can’t be JHC’d 
    after they finish, because if they block, you’ll eat a throw or super or 
    If you knock them down in the corner, do an EQP every time for GREAT block 
    damage and super level charging. If you have a level of super then crouching 
    short ( hits them off the ground ), JHC is another good option.
    Lastly, a nasty thing a friend told me. As the opponent swaps characters 
    after having their first killed, as they jump in, do a NS and grab them out 
    of the air! Then combo or JHC! 
    For this, you have to be close to the corner after you kill them.
    ( Thanks Jay )
    When your opponent swaps characters, JHC them or standing 3 or JP.
    Use the 3P "block push" to either keep people away or push them into the 
    If you know that your opponent doesn't roll, after a JHC do a JP with 3 to 
    hit them while they're on the ground.
    Juggernaut's safe air combo is 1,4,2,3. This will usually guarantee you that 
    all the hits will connect. However, it is now possible to zig-zag in his air 
    combo, but unless the opponent is in the corner, some of the hits won't 
    connect. So Juggernaut now has the potential in ideal situations of a 
    1,4,2,5,3 or 6 combo.
    My favourite: ( Thanks Warren! )
    jumping 3, crouching 3 ( launch ), 1,4,2,3 ( land ) jumping 1,3
    A flashy one for when the opponent is in the corner:
    jumping 3, crouching 5 ( sweep ), EQP w 3, standing 3 ,cancel into JBP w 6
    A good one if they jump into you while you’re in the corner:
    Throw with 2 as they land ( hold joystick back )( puts them in corner ), 
    quickly do CPU, crouching 3 ( launch ), etc... or JP to hit them on the 
    ground if they don't roll.
    Some VS Character info ( Human Opponents )
    Sabretooth:	Watch the speed on his jump. You can’t try to hit him as he 
    jumps in, so the best bet is to jump back and 5 or 3. Punish his "jump and 
    grab" thing when he bounces off with either a standing 3 or a JP or JHC. 
    Punish missed "weapon X" supers with a crouching 3 into air combo, or a JHC. 
    Punish "birdie" moves by doing a JHC as soon as you hear him say "BIRDIE!"
    Ken\Ryu\Akuma	Anticipate Fbs and JP or JHC through them. Against air 
    Fbs, JHC them if they throw the FB while at the same level as the top of 
    Jug’s head or lower. 
    		Against a team of these guys, you get the opportunity for the 
    beast thing in the game! Killing them both at once! If they do a "team 
    super" move while close to you, immediately do a JHC afterwards and watch it 
    pulp both of them! Watch out for Akuma’s dive kick. If Akuma does a Raging 
    Demon, immediately do a "block push" ( 3P ). It treats his Raging Demon as 
    an attack and he will be pushed away!
    Gambit		If you’re about half screen or less away and you see him 
    pull out his cards to throw, JHC him ( takes good reactions ). If he does 
    airborne card throws, block the first one and anticipate the next ( it’s 
    probably coming! ), superjump and 3. If he’s in the corner, you might get a 
    crouching/standing 3 off as he falls ( you’ll land first ). His Hyper X move 
    has a long recovery.
    JHC it at will. A crouching 5 will hit after you block his triple ninja 
    Wolverine	Always tricky. You have to be REALLY careful and not get loose. 
    Use standing 6 as air defence, or crouching 3 and be prepared to cancel into 
    an EQP. When he’s air-comboing you, hold down and hammer on the 2 button 
    because you can air-throw him after the drill claw in his air combo. Be 
    aware that his throws have truly evil speed.
    Cyclops		Another tricky one because of speed difference. Again be  
    very careful. Punish any close range optic blasts. Watch out for the 
    dash-throw. You can JHC his super optic blast if you’re VERYclose afterwards. 
    If he gets you with an air combo, always block in case he tries the air Hyper 
    X and is slightly too slow. Watch for the air Hyper X in general.
    Magneto		His beam attack has really bad recovery, so you can maim 
    him afterwards. If he flies, jump up then do a JBP in the air to get him.
    Storm		Hope that they don’t use the "Milo Cooper" off the screen crap. 
    Block a lot and super jump a lot while blocking and look for chances to 3 or 
    5 while in the air. Super jump and then JBP is worthwhile too. Use 3K to 
    superjump to cut down on your non-blocking time.
    Zangief		If he lariats while you jump in and you block, JHC or JP 
    him. Watch the "run and grab" when in the corner. Be careful to try and 
    avoid him getting clean jump-ins on you because he can either splash ( 3)( 
    not blocked ), standing 6, FAB or splash (3)(blocked), crouching 4, FAB both 
    of which are real bad. The first FAB is inescapable and the second is almost 
    the same. Use 1,4 and 5 a lot to keep him away. His jumping moves have good 
    priority, so try to keep him back.
    Cammy		Watch for her downward dive move like Akuma's one. Punish if 
    blocked. JHC any blocked "lock on" Hyper X moves, or a JP or standing 3 if 
    no super.
    Dhalsim		His flame attack stays quite some time after it stops 
    hitting, so dash up and attack, or JHC.
    Juggernaut	Always an exciting fight. Be real careful. JHC blocked JHC and 
    JP. Try not to be the first to make a mistake, because it’ll probably be 
    your last.
    Any comments/suggestions/requests, please mail me.
    Web Site: www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/4811
    Keep on CRUSHING!

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