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    Juggernaut by JCulbert

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    JUGGERNAUT Guide version 1.1
    By John "CUL" Culbert (tigeraid@geocities.com)
    IMO Capcom's coolest game, XMENVsSF combines favs from the X-Men universe 
    with with everyone's favorite Street Fighters (except Sagat :( ). This 
    awesome game combines the combo system of Marvel Super Heroes and the speed
    (and feel, really) of Street Fighter Alpha 2. In addition to the various new
    aspects of gameplay is playing in a tag-team fashion; you choose 2 players
    and can switch between them during battle, and even gang up on opponents! 
    Now, if only our arcade would bring the price down from 3 tokens... :(
    Why play Juggernaut? 'Cause he's hilarious! His damage potential is extremely
    high and his ability to absorb attacks makes him a nightmare for FBers and
    the overly-offensive. And of course, his moves are humiliating and insulting! 
    If you can master his speed and timing, he's a very worthwhile character.
    -just fixed the description/name of Juggernaut's Strong Throw
    LEGEND:          BUTTONS
       JOYSTICK     | .-----------Strong
                    | | .---------Fierce
       U/B U U/F    | | |
          \|/       | | |
        B--o--F     | | |
          /|\       O O O
       D/B D D/F    O O O
                    | | |
                    | | |
                    | | |
                    | | ----------Roundhouse
                    | ------------Forward
    QCT  = Quarter Circle Toward (roll the joystick from D to F)
    QCB  = Quarter Circle Back (roll the joystick from D to B)
    HCT  = Half Circle Toward (roll the joystick from B to D to F)
    HCB  = Half Circle Back (roll the joystick from F to D to B)
     +   = enter commands simultainiously
    (A)  = indicates it can be done in air
    (AIR)= MUST be done in air
     OS  = Overhead Strike--CANNOT be blocked low
    MS   = Magic Series
    MSH  = Marvel Super Heroes
    SBB  = Super Berserker Barrage (Wolverine's move)
    BB   = Berserker Barrage (Wolverine's move)
    OTG  = Off the Ground 
    FS   = Flying Screen
    J.   = Jumping
    CU.  = Cross-up (jump behind opponent and hit back of neck with attack)
    SJ.  = Super Jumping
    S.   = Standing
    C.   = Crouching
    FL.  = Flying
    AD.  = Air Dashing
    XX   = Buffer/Cancel into following move
    ->   = indicates Magic Series cancelling
    SFA2 = Street Fighter Alpha II
    DP   = Dragon Punch or similiar joystick motion (F, D, D/F)
    HK   = Hurricane Kick or similiar joystick motion (QCB)
    FB   = Fireball
    SC   = Super Combo
    FK   = Flash Kick or similiar joystick motion (charge D, U)
    SB   = Sonic Boom or similiar joystick motion (charge B, F)
    YF   = Yoga Flame or similiar joystick motion (HCT)
    SBK  = Spinning Bird Kick
    SPD  = Spinning Pileriver or similiar motion (roll 360 degrees)
    This is a Meter located at the bottom of the screen; and as you perform 
    moves or hit opponents (performing Special Moves fills it the fastest), it 
    will fill up. Once it is full, a one will appear beside it. This means you 
    have one Super Level, allowing Juggernaut to perform a Super Combo. It can 
    continue to be filled to at least L3 (not sure if it goes higher).
    This is a devastating move that can only be performed when at least one level
    of Juggernaut's Super Meter is full. Once activated, the screen will grow 
    dark for a moment as Juggernaut gathers his/her energy; they will then 
    perform the move. Note that all animation, except Juggernaut's 
    "gathering" of energy, is halted during the dark screen, so your opponent 
    cannot move, i.e. if the enemy is standing right in front of you and you pull 
    off the SC, they cannot avoid it.
    This is a totally devastating team-up move done with a QCT+Fierce+Roundhouse.
    When activated, your current character will begin their Super, then the other
    partner will jump in and begin theirs! The first character will jump out when
    done and the character that was out at first will now be playing. A Variable 
    Super can only be done with a Level 2 or higher Super Meter.
    To switch to your partner, tap Fierce+Roundhouse. Your current character will
    go into a stance and say some sort of taunt or whatever--DURING THIS TIME
    YOUR CURRENT CHARACTER IS INVULNERABLE. Just as that fighter jumps off the
    screen, your partner will come on with a jumping attack that will knock the 
    opponent away; they will then perform an opening taunt--DURING THIS TIME
    THE TAUNTING CHARACTER IS _NOT_ INVULNERABLE. This is very important, as you
    want to make absolutely sure that jumping attack will not be blocked or 
    avoided, otherwise your left wide open during the opening taunt. Therefore, 
    it is ideal to switch characters only when the enemy gives you the 
    opportunity to hit them with the jumping attack (eg. after blocking a slow
    recovering move, or they miss a slow move). BTW, when your partner is "idle",
    they slowly regain health.
    Thanks to our constant whining and bitching, Capcom finally got rid of them
    stupid Alpha Counters, and now we have Push Aways; when you block an enemy's
    attack, quickly tap all three punches (before your fighter finished their 
    blocking animation) and Juggernaut will shove his foe away from him. This 
    takes NO energy from the Super Meter, nor does it do any damage. It does 
    however help put some distance away from overly offensive opponents. 
    After blocking an attack, perform a roll from B to D and hit 
    Fierce+Roundhouse during your characters blocking animation--your partner 
    will jump in and attack the enemy with one of their moves; they will also
    remain to continue the fight. See the Moves Analysis for more info on 
    Juggernaut's VC. The Variable Counter uses 1 level of the Super Meter.
    Super Jumps cause Juggernaut to jump very high into the air; to perform a 
    Super Jump, quickly tap D before jumping, or hit all three kicks.
    To perform a Throw, hold towards or away from the opponent and hit Fierce or
    Strong up close. To perform Juggernaut's Air Throw, hold F or B and hit 
    Fierce or Strong up close IN MID-AIR.
    Tech hits allow Juggernaut to recover from Throws done to him. To tech hit a 
    Throw, perform the motion for one of your own Throws just as they Throw; this 
    will lessen the damage to you.
    To perform a dash forward, tap forward twice. To perform a retreating dash,
    tap back twice. Dashing is an important part of a lot of combos (see combo
    Alternately, you can also perform a dash by hitting all three punches 
    simultainously. To dash back, hold B while hitting the punches. All 
    characters can interrupt their forward dash with any move, including a 
    backward dash.
    To taunt or tease your opponent, press Start. Note that taunts cannot be 
    stopped, and Juggernaut will be totally vulnerable, so choose where to do it 
    After being knocked down, it is possible to roll in recovery to standing.
    This does not lessen the damage of the knockdown, but it allows you to avoid
    an opponent's attempted ground attack or possible OTG combo, and you can also 
    roll behind them and perhaps surprise them. To get a Safety Roll, perform a 
    complete motion from B to D and hit any punch. Note that if the move you're  
    hit with executes the Flying Screen phenomenon, you cannot Safety Roll.
    When a fighter is hit many times in a row with powerful moves in a short
    time (it doesn't have to be a combo) they will eventually dizzy; after a 
    certain point the character will bounce up then stand to be dizzy. At this 
    point is the opponent's chance to do an attack or combo that the dizzy 
    character will have no defense against. When Juggernaut is dizzy, shake the 
    Joystick repeatedly and hit the buttons rapidly to regain control faster.
    NOTE: in some cases, Juggernaut's specific combo system is explained in 
          further detail in the combo section later on.
    This is the name given to Capcom's version of a chain combo system. 
    X-MEN: CotA, MSH and now XMENVsSF have adapted Street Fighter's original 
    combo system so that there is a way to cancel normal attacks into other 
    normal attacks as well as normal--> Special Attacks. Each fighter has his or 
    her own Magic Series that follows a distinct pattern. Note that you can skip 
    any of the steps in the series, but you cannot go backwards. 
          COMBO SYSTEMS.
    The rules for the Ground Magic Series are that they can input crouching or
    standing attacks following the series (for example, Charlie can cancel a 
    S.Jab into a S.Roundhouse, or C.Roundhouse). Note that you cannot go 
    backwards in a Magic Series (eg. Jab -> Short -> Forward -> Short). Also note
    that they can cancel into any of their various directional moves 
    (eg. Wolverine's D/F+Fierce).
    You can perform a Magic Series while jumping as well. This is great for 
    starting jump-in combos, allowing you to get in more hits as you jump in at 
    the enemy before continuing a combo on the ground--again, Juggernaut HAS NO
    As well, MS combos can be done during a SUPER jump, and in Juggernaut's case,
    follow the "Zig-Zag" Magic Series: 
    Jab -> Short -> Strong -> Forward -> Fierce or Roundhouse
    Like the other two version of the Magic Series, it allows you to do any 
    version of one button. See Air Combos for more info. Remember, this is the
    only MS Juggernaut possesses.
    These, put in loose terms, are juggles. But, the exception laid down is that 
    they must be done as you jump in the air. So, to do an air combo by 
    definition, you must knock the enemy up into the air with a launcher (eg. 
    Juggernaut's C.Fierce) then follow them up and perform an air combo before 
    either of you land. NOTE: there are other ways to connect with a SJ. Air
    Combo, but they really aren't that important to Juggernaut. 
    BOTH fighters must be in the air for an Air Combo to register (for example, 
    launching the opponent with Juggernaut's C.Fierce then juggling quickly with 
    a Juggernaut Splash will not count as an Air Combo, even if the Splash 
    connected against an airborn enemy). 
    Launchers are by far the most effective way for Juggernaut of setting the 
    opponent up for an air combo, as they throw the enemy straight up in the air. 
    Note that the enemy recovers on their way DOWN and can then air block 
    everything (except if launched by a Throw, like Juggernaut's Fierce Throw), 
    so you must follow your opponent UP after a Launcher and hit them before they 
    reach the apex of their flight. 
    Now, in order to successfully follow up a Launcher, you must cancel the
    Launcher with a Super Jump, i.e. hit the enemy with the Launcher, then
    before its animation is complete, simply tap U and the Super Jump comes out
    Super Jumping Air Combos:
    The only MS that Juggernaut can perform is during a Super Jump.
    Something unique to this game exists only in Super Jumping Air Combos; the
    ability to bring out a "combo finisher" similiar in fashion to Killer
    Instinct. In X-Men Vs. Street Fighter, the combo system of Super Jumping is 
    highly customized because for every character the combo finishers are simply 
    done by chaining in a Fierce or Roundhouse at the end of that series. Note 
    that you can only perform this Finisher if you do not start the air combo 
    with the Fierce or Roundhouse (otherwise that will finish the combo right 
    there) The finishers are pretty cool and allow you to knock the enemy away 
    and the camera will follow them to the ground. After they land, you'll jump 
    back into the screen from the side (some finishers will also knock the enemy 
    straight down towards the ground, but the same properties apply). This is 
    known as the "Flying Screen" phenomenon, which I will explain later.
    Normal Move/Special Move Cancellation Combos:
    Ah, the classics. Remember the good ol' Fierce Punch cancelled into a
    Dragon Punch with Ken and Ryu? Well, Capcom's given us much more
    possibilities, because ANY normal move can now be cancelled into a Special
    Move. This allows A LOT of freedom for combos, and these combos are usually
    very easy pull off. Also note that "any" normal move also includes mid-air
    moves cancelled into Air Special Moves (eg. Juggernaut Splash), which is what 
    allows Air Magic Series combos to cancel into Special Moves.
    Dashing Combos:
    Dashing combos don't apply to Juggernaut that much because he can only do one
    regular hit on the ground. The thing to note is that dashing allows your 
    opponent to get more hits on you. So, it is sometimes important to try and 
    keep your enemy from dashing in. 
    One place where this is important to Juggernaut is after a jump-in. After 
    connecting with your jump-in attack, you may find yourself missing attacks
    when you land. To remedy this, tap F, F for a dash, timing it so that the 
    last forward comes out as Juggernaut plants his feet on the ground. Then,
    return the stick to neutral and perform the hit.
    Off the Ground (OTG) Combos:
    An Off the Ground (OTG) attack is an attack that hits a downed opponent,     
    and if doing an OTG combo, allows the attacker to continue into more hit.
    Technically, an OTG combo is NOT a true combo. The definition of a combo from
    way back in the SF2 days is-- 
    "a series of attacks that, once the first hit has connected, the rest cannot
     be defended against."
    But, if the opponent is wary, he can perform a Safety Roll, which will avoid
    OTG attacks. But if he doesn't, the combo number will continue to rise.
    (NOTE: There is an exception to this rolling escape--see Flying Screen 
    So, an OTG combo is a combo where you knock the enemy down, then combo them     
    OFF the floor as they land. To do this, you must hit the fallen enemy with a 
    low enough attack (eg. a sweep or perhaps slide). Now, no matter what move 
    you used, when an opponent is hit while on the ground, they are "bounced" a 
    VERY small ways into the air, then they fall again. During the time before 
    they land, they cannot block anything, so you can hit them with any attack 
    that will reach. If you want an easy example, perform a C.Forward with 
    Juggernaut and cancel into a Earthquake Punch; the sweep will knock them 
    down, and the Earthquake will hit the opponent just as they land. 
    BTW, to be fair, you cannot do two OTG combos in one combination. For 
    example, with Wolverine you cannot do a- 
    S.Jab -> S.Short -> S.Strong -> C.Forward, C.Short -> C.Forward, C.Short ->
    C.Forward etc...
    As this would effectively create two OTG combos in one. This of course would 
    make for infinite combos, because you could continuously OTG the opponent 
    after every time you do the C.Forward.
    Flying Screen (FS) Combos:
    I will use James Chen's definition of the Flying Screen (FS):
     "The Flying Screen is the phenomena that causes the screen to scroll VERY 
      quickly after certain moves hit the enemy.  The view of the game follows 
      the enemy and the person doing the hit disappears from the screen. Once the 
      screen stops moving, the person who was hit will just lie there and the 
      other player will hop into the screen from the side."  
    (My Note: BTW, some FS attacks will knock the enemy straight into the ground 
     as opposed to off screen, like finishing a Super Jumping Air Combo with 
     Magneto's SJ.Fierce--it will send the enemy into the ground on the SAME
     screen. Note that the same FS restrictions explained below still apply)
    The FS happens after the following conditions:
    -after performing a Super Jumping Air Combo "finisher" or Special Move 
    -after performing the following moves: (this may be updated)
    -Juggernaut's Juggernaut Punch
    -Wolverine's Berserker Barrage (if all hits connect; same with the Super 
     Berserker Barrage SC)
    -Magneto's Shockwave SC
    -Ken's Shinryuken SC
    Now, here's the catch--if your opponent is close or in the corner, there is
    no way for the screen to scroll, because the border is there. So, when you
    perform a move executing the FS phenomenon that knocks the enemy into a close
    corner, they will hover against the corner for a moment, then fall to the
    ground. As they land, you can easily perform an OTG combo (provided the move
    recovers fast enough).
    One good limitation is that the FS forbids the opponent from Safety Rolling
    PERIOD, so OTG combos WILL become true combos in this case.
    One thing against the comboer is that once you perform an OTG combo after the
    FS, the game will not let you perform ANY Air Combos or Special Moves; for
    example, with Wolverine if you perform a Berserker Barrage in the corner with
    all hits, the enemy will hover briefly, then when they fall, you can hit them
    OTG with a C.Short into S.Roundhouse. But, you CANNOT cancel the Roundhouse
    with a Tornado Claw, nor can you follow them up with a Super Jump and Air
    In X-Men: CotA, there were three character sizes, with Sentinel, Colossus and
    Juggernaut being large, Silver Samurai and Omega Red being mid, and everyone
    else light. In MSH and now XMENVsSF, it is even more detailed, going by 
    height, width and weight. Height will determine how many hits you can get on 
    a jump-in combo (eg. you can easily get all 4 hits of Wolverine's Jumping 
    Magic Series on Juggernaut, but you can only get one or two on a little guy 
    like Wolverine). Width determines how many hits are possible in a dashing 
    combo (eg. on Juggernaut, Wolverine can get 5 hits in a dashing combo, 
    finishing with either Roundhouse or Fierce, but on a scrawny girl like Cammy 
    you would not get as much, maybe 3 hits). Weight determines wether or not a 
    few combos will work, usually because you cannot launch a fat dude like 
    Juggernaut as high as you can launch someone like Cammy. Here is a rough list
    of character's dimensions, BUT NOT EXACT:
    Chun Li
    Chun Li
    Chun Li
    Combo Damage:
    You may have noticed when performed some big huge, mutlihit combo that the
    damage isn't so hot, even with an SC in there. This is because the game has 
    this weird damage system where the more hits you use, the weaker each hit 
    gets progressively, also applying to what type of hits. For example, you'll 
    notice with say, Charlie, if you do a J.Fierce, S.Roundhouse XX Sonic Blade, 
    the damage is REALLY good. But, if you do:
    J.Short -> J.Strong -> J.Roundhouse, D.S.Jab -> S.Short -> S.Forward ->
    S.Roundhouse XX Sonic Blade (in the corner on large opponents)
    You'll get a large amount of hits (and lots of points), but you may notice 
    that it does around the same, or slightly less damage! So, you basically have 
    a choice--more damage or bigger, more spectacular combos for good points.
    Starting Pose: bends a metal beam in half in throws it away
    1st Color: red outfit
    2nd Color: black outfit
    Taunt: clasps his hands together and exclaims "I'm the Juggernaut!"
    Variable Attack Entrance: raises his arms and roars
    Variable Attack Exit: clasps his hands together
    Variable Super Move: Juggernaut Head Crush
    Winning Pose 1- picks the opponent up and laughs in their face
    Winning Pose 2- walks over and stomps on the fallen enemy
    Winning Pose 3- clasps his hands together and exclaims "I'm unstoppable!"
    Moves List:
    -Juggernaut Punch: HCT+any punch
    -Cytorrak Power-up: F, D, D/F+all three punches
    -Earthquake Punch: F, D/F, D+any punch
    -Juggernaut Splash: HCT+any kick (A)
    -Nail Slam: HCB+any kick (close)
    -Double-Fisted Thrust: F+Fierce
    -Headbutts `n' Uppercut: F or B+Fierce (close)
    -Slam: F or B+Strong (close)
    -Air Drop: F or B+Strong or Fierce (close) (AIR)
    -SC; Juggernaut Head Crush: QCT+all three punches
    -Launchers: C.Fierce, Double-Fisted Thrust
    -Knockdowns: C.Forward
    Jab- This used to be one of his most important moves, because you could
         absorb attacks with it and counter quickly (it also comes out quickly),
         then chain into a combo. Since Juggernaut can no longer use a MS on the
         ground, you can't really do anything after this except a VERY QUICK 
         Juggernaut Headcrush or perhaps an Earthquake Punch. Still, it is a
         valuable asset because of its range and GREAT speed. Use it to stop
         offensive opponents in their tracks or to peck away at them. 
         The C.Jab is basically the same, only crouching. The J.Jab is no big
    Strong- S.Strong gives a single overhead hammer, and C.Strong does a 
            double-fisted hammer, which looks like his Earthquake Punch without
            the tremor. Both punches absorb attack nicely, and if they connect,
            cancel with an Earthquake Punch, or of course a Headcrush. They take
            great priority over sweeps and slides if you anticipate them as well,
            though a Juggernaut Punch is the better choice here. J.Strong is no
            big deal.
    Fierce- S.Fierce is one of Juggernaut's most important attacks; it is the 
            only true "AIR LAUNCHER" left in the game (back in MSH, there were
            different types of launchers, and an air launcher would launch the
            enemy ONLY if they were already air born, i.e. jumping in), so it is
            a great air counter if you can get it to connect, as you can follow
            with an air combo. Use it only if the enemy is jumping in high. That 
            isn't its main asset, however--it is Juggernaut's most easily comboed
            attack, and fortunately, the most powerful as well. Whenever you
            connect with a S.Fierce on the ground, cancel QUICKLY with a 
            Juggernaut Punch or DEFINETELY the Headcrush for BIG damage.
            The C.Fierce is also an important tool; it is Juggernaut's only 
            regular launcher, and thankfully launches them straight up for an
            easy air combo. Also a decent air counter.
            J.Fierce is Jug's best jumping attack, both for air-to-air and as a
    Short- S.Short's great for taking out pesky low attacks, and has surprising
           ranging. C.Short is a great pecking attack and will hit opponents OTG. 
           J.Short, since he can no longer perform a regular J.MS, is relatively 
    Forward- S.Forward is a stomp which has ZERO range, but does good damage and
             looks hilarious if it connects. Just for the fun of it, follow a 
             Throw with this OTG if you don't have a Headcrush charged. The 
             C.Forward is also important, 'cause it's his only knockdown attack. 
             Great unstoppability, so try and connect with this a lot up close, 
             so you can follow with a Headcrush or Earthquake Punch OTG. The 
             J.Forward is an upward kick, so don't use it unless the enemy is 
             near you and you're both airborne, better if they're above you.
    Roundhouse- S.Roundhouse is a great air counter, especially to deep jumping
                opponents. Its recovery is bad, however, so refrain from using it
                too often on grounded opponents. C.Roundhouse is also an upward
                kick, but a lower angle than S.Roundhouse, so don't use it too
                often. Likewise, the J.Roundhouse is also an upward kick, but has
                big priority in the air, so use it in this fashion.
    -Juggernaut Punch-
    (Juggernaut exclaims "Juggernaut Punch!" and rushes the opponent, driving 
     them into the ground with a brutal downward punch; they then bounce off the
     ground and across the screen)
    Does HEFTY damage (though less than in MSH) and executes the FS (you can OTG
    after it, but since he has no ground MS _and_ you can't perform Special Moves
    after the FS, you can only do a C.Short or C.Forward afterwards in the 
    corner). The recovery is HORRID, giving the opponent around a full SECOND to 
    counter. The idea is to make ABSOLUTELY sure that this connects, and when it 
    does it is definetely worth the caution! In addition, Juggernaut will absorb 
    all hits during the rush, so if the opponent begins to throw ANY projectile 
    or long range attack (see tactics section), quickly perform a Fierce 
    Juggernaut Punch to barrel through it and smack 'em down. Remember to make 
    sure you're ahead in health of course because the attacks will still do 
    damage to you. Also not a bad combo finisher. Jab goes a few steps, Strong 
    half the screen and Fierce travels full screen.
    BTW, I listed the motion for this move as a HCT, although it is supposed to
    be a QCT. I always use HCT anyway just to be safe, because if you screw up
    the motion Juggernaut'll perform a punch, and this is bad news if this punch
    comes out and doesn't hit anything.
    -Cytorrak Power-up-
    (Juggernaut raises his fists to the air and exclaims "Power-Up!"; he then
     begins to glow red)
    Once activated Juggernaut's attacks will do MUCH more damage. This also lasts 
    a lot longer than in MSH. Try to do this WHENEVER you have the chance, and 
    you should basically be treating it like a Taunt, as it takes him around a
    full second to power up. And don't think you should do it on rare occasions;
    I mean USE IT; when the enemy misses a DP move that leaves them way up in the
    air (i.e. Ken's Shinryuken, Chun Li's Tensho-Kyaku), QUICKLY whip this off
    and be ready to attack when they land. A C.Fierce+air combo does monster
    damage with this, as does a F+Fierce XX Roundhouse Juggernaut Splash.
    -Earthquake Punch-
    (Juggernaut exclaims "Earthquake!" and slams his fists into the ground like
     his C.Strong, producing ripples of shockwaves across the ground)
    One of his primary moves. This absorbs hits quite well, and hits the enemy
    OTG for good damage. However, if you're fast you can Headcrush or Juggernaut
    Punch in these cases. The Earthquake's greatest asset is that when blocked it
    pushes the enemy quite a distance away--the key to winning with Juggernaut is
    to cancel EVERY standing attack with an Earthquake IF it is blocked. This 
    will push them away significantly and make up for the bad recovery on his 
    moves. The Earthquake Punch also does GREAT block damage. Note that if jumped
    Juggernaut can be hit, so try not to do it too often if the enemy has the
    opportunity to jump.
    -Juggernaut Splash-
    (Juggernaut flies into the air with a growl and lands in a full body splash
     on top of the opponent)
    MAJOR damage when it connects, and is great for avoiding some ground-based
    projectiles if you are FAST. If the opponent sees it coming they can quickly 
    perform a DP move, or even worse they can block and then have a full SECOND 
    or so to counter as Juggernaut gets up off his ass! Again, be VERY careful 
    using this and in the air it's great for going over missed attacks, 
    especially projectiles. For example, because of the Roundhouse version's 
    range, you can Super Jump over Ryu's Shinkuu Hadouken and come crashing down 
    on him with it! This is alsog good in the odd combo, and with a LOT of 
    timing, the Short version will take priority over low attacks VERY easily up
    close (eg. Dhalsim's Slide).
    -Nail Slam-
    (Juggernaut grabs the opponent by the back of their neck, cackles sickeningly 
     in their face, then drives them feet first into the ground; he then proceeds 
     to bash them into the ground like a Tent Peg with his head! He then 
     uppercuts them away)
    His New move, the Nail Slam, is a Special Throw that brings tears to my eyes 
    every time I see it! Hefty damage, but it has NO range. You may think you're
    going to catch them, but Juggernaut's hand passes right through the enemy,
    leaving you open to a counter. This will absorb attacks, but because of its
    range, it will work rarely here as well (try to absorb ticks and you may get
    somewhere...) One thing to note is that you can absorb a jumping attack and
    always grab them if they jumped close enough; see tactics for more info.
    BTW, you can always follow this Throw with a Headcrush OTG or Juggernaut 
    Punch OTG.
    -Double Fist Thrust-
    (With a growl Juggernaut thrusts both of his fists straight in front of him)
    Although it is considered a launcher, it launches the enemy at a VERY shallow
    angle, so that the only thing that connects is a Roundhouse Juggernaut 
    Splash. It does monster damage and has amazing range, about half the screen!
    Best used in combos or to counter an attack from a distance, this is IMO 
    quite good at absorbing hits with close projectiles and even dashing combos!
    This has the worst recovery of all his attacks, so be VERY careful that it
    hits. It can also be ducked by most, BTW.
    -Headbutts `n' Uppercut-
    (Juggernaut grabs his opponent, headbutts them twice then uppercuts them 
    In the corner this can be EASILY followed with an OTG combo, or if you're
    even fairly close to the corner, you can Headcrush with ease. By itself it 
    looks hilarious and does good damage. Get it in whenever up close and you 
    can't connect with a combo, or against an opponent who doesn't tech hit or
    Safety Roll often.
    (Juggernaut grabs the enemy and slams them into the ground, bouncing them WAY
     up into the air)
    Sometimes easier to follow up than the Fierce Throw, this gives you plenty of 
    time to set up a juggle.
    -Air Drop-
    (Juggernaut grabs the opponent and whips them to the ground)
    Decent damage, do it if you want. It MAY be possible to OTG them, I'm not yet
    -Infinity Combo; Juggernaut Headcrush-
    (Juggernaut exclaims "Headcrush!" and rushes the opponent with his head
     stuck out; once he's done the headbutt the enemy flies over behind his head)
    This move is probably the main reason to play Juggernaut; sadly, it does less
    damage than it did in MSH, but it still retains its awesome properties. It is 
    unstoppable to the fullest, taking out EVERYTHING except other SCs (some 
    exceptions :). It also can be put quite easily into combos and, despite what 
    some others think, can be followed with an OTG combo; the way to do this is 
    to initiate either a Fierce Juggernaut Punch or another Headcrush as the 
    enemy flies away in the other direction; see combos for more info. And 
    remember, because of its awesome speed, it is an ideal reactionary move.
          (BTW, when you OTG, all 8 hits of the Headcrush rarely connect).
    Super Jumping: Juggernaut's air combo is actually quite smooth for such a big
                   guy. Avoid putting the SJ.Forward in however, as it usually
    Air Combo Finish: Both Juggernaut's SJ.Fierce and SJ.Roundhouse are 
                      finishers. Because of the angle of the SJ.Fierce, you 
                      cannot chain into a SJ.Roundhouse and catch them during the 
    Throw Combos: Juggernaut has the ability to perform devastating follow-up
                  combos after Throws, and you should do so at every opportunity,
                  unless you're sure they'll tech hit.
    1. J.Fierce, C.Forward XX Fierce Earthquake Punch (OTG)
    Comments: easy combo to perform, and if blocked will push the enemy back
    2. J.Fierce, C.Forward XX Jab Juggernaut Punch (OTG)
    Comments: cancel the C.Forward fast, and for some you may have to substitute
              the last hit with a Strong JP. 3 hits.
    3. J.Fierce, D.C.Fierce -> SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short -> SJ.Strong -> SJ.Fierce (FS)
    Comments: easy and basic air combo, quite worth it if you're powered up. 6
    4. (corner), D.C.Fierce -> SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short XX Short Juggernaut Splash
    Comments: good damage but the Splash will only connect in the corner fast
              enough. 4 hits.
    5. Double Fisted Thrust XX Roundhouse Juggernaut Splash
    Comments: ALWAYS cancel a F+Fierce with a Roundhouse Juggernaut Splash for a
              quick and painful 2 hit combo.
    6. J.Strong, S.Strong XX Fierce Earthquake Punch
    Comments: also pushes the enemy quite far away if blocked.
    7. (corner) J.Fierce, C.Forward XX Jab Earthquake Punch, D.C.Fierce XX 
       Roundhouse Juggernaut Splash
    Comments: The Earthquake will actually keep the enemy frozen in the corner, 
              and you can also do an air combo instead of the Splash.
    8. J.Fierce, S.Fierce XX Headcrush, Headcrush (OTG)
              at least 50% of the enemy's meter, and is REALLY easy to do. The 
              thing to note is that the camera follows the enemy who has bounced
              off the corner from the Headcrush back to the other side of the
              screen--at this time, perform another Headcrush and you will hit
              them as they land for all hits! 10 hits.
    9. J.Fierce, C.Forward XX Headcrush (OTG)
    Comments: you can only perform one Headcrush in this combo because it already
              hits the enemy OTG after the C.Forward (you cannot OTG more than
              once in a combo, remember.) Still, great damage and it is 
              definetely the best follow-up to a C.Forward. 6 hits.
    10. (corner) J.Fierce, S.Fierce XX Jab Juggernaut Punch (FS), C.Short (OTG) 
        XX Headcrush
    Comments: in the corner you can always follow up a Jab JP with a C.Short;
              cancel with the Headcrush for major damage. 8-9 hits.
    11. (start with partner, in this case Wolverine!) 
    J.Jab -> J.Short -> J.Strong -> J.Fierce, D.S.Jab -> S.Short -> S.Strong XX
    Variable SC, Headcrush (OTG)
    Comments: WHEE! In some cases Juggernaut will finish his part of a Variable
              SC at the right time so that he can follow it up as he would his
              usual Headcrush SC! This combo shows how (and also allows me to 
              show a cool Wolverine combo!), and you need a L3 to do this. 
              Experiment to find more Variable SC combos!
    12. (corner) J.Fierce, D.C.Fierce -> SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short -> SJ.Strong ->
        SJ.Fierce (FS), C.Strong (OTG)
    Comments: hit the enemy OTG VERY quickly as you land from the SJ.Fierce. 
              Alternately, you can perform a S.Forward to OTG, which looks a lot
              more humiliating. :)
    13. (corner) D.S.Fierce XX Jab Earthquake Punch, Headcrush, Headcrush
    Comments: a DEVASTATING combo, you must do the first SC VERY quickly.
    (I've put these in a separate section just to tidy things up)
    1. Fierce Throw, Headcrush
    Comments: pretty straight forward; hit 'em as they get to the ground after 
              the Throw. Timing takes some practice (wait a little longer to do
              the SC if you're fighting a light character) but the damage is 
              worth it.
    2. Nail Slam, Headcrush
    Comments: the Nail Slam also finishes with an uppercut like the Fierce Throw,
              so juggle in the same fasion. Great if the enemy jumps near the 
              corner, hoping for a jump-in MS (see tactics!)
    3. (corner) Nail Slam or Fierce Throw, Roundhouse Juggernaut Splash
    Comments: the Splash will only connect in the corner, and is a good alternate
              if you don't have a Headcrush charged.
    4. Strong Throw, Roundhouse Juggernaut Splash
    Comments: if you Throw them into the corner this is easy, otherwise you 
              should dash closer and do the Splash just as they near the ground.
    5. Strong Throw, D.C.Fierce -> SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short -> SJ.Strong -> SJ.Fierce 
    Comments: again, dash under them and nail 'em with the launcher. Easier in
              the corner.
    6. (corner) Strong Throw, Power Up, C.Fierce -> SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short -> 
       SJ.Strong -> SJ.Fierce (FS)
    Comments: you have time to Power Up before they land because you don't have 
              to dash to get in the C.Fierce in the corner. GREAT damage.
    In order to be at all effective with Juggernaut you MUST take advantage of
    his "Unstoppability". What this means is that Juggernaut has the ability to
    absorb attacks and continue his own. For example, Juggernaut has no FB and
    has a short jump, so dealing with projectiles can be a problem right? WRONG.
    Just perform a Juggernaut Punch through them! Note that Juggernaut will not
    PASS through the projectile; it will in fact hit him, but it will not phase
    him and he will continue to barrel through and plow the enemy into the 
    Juggernaut CANNOT absorb the following attacks:
    1. Swift, powerful knock-downs.
    -any sweep that knocks down, like Ryu's
    -a Dragon Punch
    2. chained combos
    -if you absorb Cyclops' S.Jab, but he chains into a S.Roundhouse
    -Cammy jumps in with a J.Short and chains into a J.Roundhouse
    3. Super Combos.
    -attempt to absorb Akuma's Super FB
    -Ken's Shoryureppa
    4. Fierce or Roundhouse Jumping Attacks
    -you attempt to stop a J.Roundhouse with the Nail Slam; this will NOT work.
    NOTE: for #2, IF the attack you are performing when they hit you (with their 
          first attack) comes out before their next hit, it will be successful.  
          In the Cammy example, if you start a Nail Slam and she hits you just as
          Juggy brings his arm up, the Roundhouse usually doesn't come out fast
          enough to cancel out the Nail Slam, and he'll pound her into the 
    The following is a list of ways to use Juggernaut Unstoppability with each
    S.Jab, C.Forward- Both great unstoppable attacks with good speed, ideal for
                      working up close. Because of its great speed, the S.Jab is
                      perfect against pesky little guys like Wolverine who like
                      to dash in with Jabs and such--this will usually come out
                      fast enough to negate his attack, and you can quickly 
                      cancel into an Earthquake Punch to push them back. The 
                      C.Forward is also good in this respect, although if they 
                      are even remotely fast and chain into another attack from
                      the one you're absorbing, this sweep will not come out fast
                      enough to connect with. This is great against an opponent
                      who uses a lot of unchainable attacks up close, or lots of
                      FBs from this range.
    C.Fierce, F+Fierce- use BOTH with caution. The C.Fierce does big damage, and
                        if you are DASHING when it absorbs an attack, you will
                        usually launch the enemy for an air combo. If the enemy 
                        is quick with their MS you will frequently get 
                        interrupted with this attack, and weary opponents will
                        simply sweep you. Same with the F+Fierce, except the good
                        thing about this is that a Roundhouse Splash will ALWAYS
                        connect after this if you cancel fast enough. It can be
                        seen coming though, so try to absorb attacks with it 
                        from mid-range, especially FBs and dashing regular 
    S.Roundhouse, S.Fierce- again, both are slow and if anticipated can be swept
                            or comboed. Use these as air counters to those who
                            like jumping in with attacks other than Fierce or
                            Roundhouse, but time them extra early so they will
                            have difficulty chaining into a MS. Some characters 
                            that like to jump with attacks besides Fierce and 
                            Roundhouse are Wolverine, Cammy (lotsa Jabs `n' 
                            Shorts for jump-in combos), Ryu/Ken/Akuma (like to
                            have fun with that J.Forward!)
    Juggernaut Punch- overused in other places, the JP's greatest asset is its
                      tremendous speed once he starts moving, and its absorbing
                      ability. From anywhere on the screen except from FULL 
                      screen, if you see the enemy start a FB, IMMEDIATELY whip 
                      off a Juggernaut Punch (Fierce from CLOSE to full screen, 
                      Strong from mid-screen, etc...). Just beware not to do this 
                      as often against those with a FB SC (eg. Ryu/Akuma, 
                      Cyclops). The JP is also fairly useful with absorbing 
                      regular attacks, but I find its recovery is far too long to 
                      do this often--in this case, stick with F+Fierce from 
                      mid-range and Jabs and C.Forwards up close.
    Earthquake Punch- absorbs attacks QUITE well, but the only reason I see to 
                      use it here is against dashing attacks, as it will push 
                      them away considerably.
    Nail Slam- again, overused (at least around here). Do this move VERY rarely,
               and it seems to miss on the ground all too often. However, a key
               place to use it is to absorb the enemy's jumping attack (if it 
               isn't a Fierce or Roundhouse, of course). This is especially 
               effective on Cammys and Wolverines who like to do lotsa little
               jump-in combos. Another AWESOME thing to note is that you can 
               grab opponents out of their Variable Attack! ALWAYS be sure to try
               and follow the Nail Slam with a combo or especially Headcrush SC.
    Headcrush- a VERY important unstoppable attack, this move is LITTERALLY
               unstoppable. With the exception of SCs, this CANNOT be stopped by
               ANYTHING, including chains, sweeps and J.Roundhouse and Fierce.
               This is because of its tremendous speed; ANYTIME you see the enemy
               do ANYTHING (really, anything), whip this off to take it out; 
               unless it's an SC or the enemy is above you, I GUARENTEE this will
               take it out! One thing to note however is not to do it against 
               full screen projectiles, as the Headcrush's range prevents it from
               hitting that far; you'll absorb the projectile, but the Headcrush
               will not reach them.
    Juggernaut in the air:
    You should not jump with Juggernaut unless the opportunity presents itself
    for a jump-in combo IMO, as Juggernaut's air arsenal is limited. His J.Jab
    has decent range and is good if they pester you in the air, but you shouldn't
    really be up there anyways.
    The only good move he has in the air is J.Fierce for priority up close, but
    most opponents can snag him with a jumping kick before he reaches them. The
    Juggernaut Splash doesn't help you much either, because if you miss you're
    toast. Juggernaut's game is generally defensive, so stay grounded.
    Variable Countering:
    When performing a Variable Counter with Juggernaut as your partner (idle), he 
    will jump onto the screen and counter a blocked attack with ???
    Juggernaut In a Team:
    Juggernaut is a great team partner simply because of how he can balance out a
    fight quickly. Playing as any character and running a little low on health?
    Try your best to find a place to switch to Juggy, and if he has a full meter,
    he'll be ready to absorb a few attacks and even the score!
    As well, if you finish a Variable SC with Juggernaut, not only will you 
    USUALLY get all 8 hits in, but you can also tack on an OTG move to nail 'em 
    for MORE damage in some cases (SEE COMBOS!).
    For his Variable Attack, the easiest way to change characters, Juggy will 
    come diving in with a Splash. Note that wether this connects or not, he'll go 
    into a taunt afterwards, so you MUST make sure this connects or you will be 
    hit. Ideal situations are pretty much anytime the opponent misses a slow 
    attack, or if the opponent is jumping back, or if they're at the peak of a 
    Super Jump. Another nice place to use it is with a setup attack for combos, 
    like after a launcher, or in some other cases, like with Magneto's Hyper 
    Grav. The one thing to remember is to ask yourself wether or not you want 
    to waste and opportunity to hit the opponent with a big combo--for example, 
    if I am Magneto and fighting Ryu, and he misses a DP, I can either call in my 
    partner, or I can go for a BIG combo. The immediate choice should depend on 
    wether or not you have enough life; if Magnus is down to a sliver of health, 
    I would definetely switch, because even though I hit him with a big combo, he 
    might just do a comeback afterward and kill me; you also have to take into 
    account wether or not they have a lot, or a little, amount of life.
    Favorite Teams:
    Here are (IMO) good teammates for Juggernaut:
    1. Charlie (great defensive team, good Variable SC with Juggy starting)
    2. Zangief (slow but powerful)
    3. Cyclops
    4. Sabretooth (RAW POWER!)
    First and foremost, a HUGE thanks to James Chen for the third installment in 
    his AWESOME combo FAQ series. Also thanks to everyone who submitted info on 
    this game to the newsgroups. Thanks to Capcom for a great game, and no thanks 
    to Happy Man arcade for making it cost 3 tokens! :(
    You can access this FAQ and many others at my homepage:
    You can also e-mail me at:
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