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    Sabretooth by JCulbert

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    SABRETOOTH Guide version 2.0
    By John "CUL" Culbert (tigeraid@geocities.com) 
    IMO Capcom's coolest game, XMENVsSF combines favs from the X-Men universe 
    with with everyone's favorite Street Fighters (except Sagat :( ). This 
    awesome game combines the combo system of Marvel Super Heroes and the speed
    (and feel, really) of Street Fighter Alpha 2. In addition to the various new
    aspects of gameplay is playing in a tag-team fashion; you choose 2 players
    and can switch between them during battle, and even gang up on opponents! 
    Now, if only our arcade would bring the price down from 3 tokens... :(
    Anywho, I like Sabretooth because of his awesome combo-ability (especially
    air combos), and GREAT range of attacks. He must be played carefully, because 
    all of his moves have weaknesses, especially if blocked. And hey, he calls on 
    his chick to gun his enemy down!
    NOTE: I refer quite frequently to other character's moves and combos 
          (especially when explaining the combo system), so it may be wise to
          read another general moves FAQ so you know what I'm talking about. 
          Also, for an even MORE in-depth explanation of the combo system in 
          X-Men Vs. Street Fighter, I HIGHLY recommend reading James Chen's Combo 
          FAQ, currently available on the newsgroup alt.games.sf2, 
          ftp://brawl.mindlink.net and www.gamefaqs.com.
    -Vs. Section added
    -general typos corrected (gotta proof read more often!)
    -knock-down moves added
    LEGEND:          BUTTONS
       JOYSTICK     | .-----------Strong
                    | | .---------Fierce
       U/B U U/F    | | |
          \|/       | | |
        B--o--F     | | |
          /|\       O O O
       D/B D D/F    O O O
                    | | |
                    | | |
                    | | |
                    | | ----------Roundhouse
                    | ------------Forward
    QCT  = Quarter Circle Toward (roll the joystick from D to F)
    QCB  = Quarter Circle Back (roll the joystick from D to B)
    HCT  = Half Circle Toward (roll the joystick from B to D to F)
    HCB  = Half Circle Back (roll the joystick from F to D to B)
     +   = enter commands simultainiously
    (A)  = indicates it can be done in air
    (AIR)= MUST be done in air
     OS  = Overhead Strike--CANNOT be blocked low
    MS   = Magic Series
    MSH  = Marvel Super Heroes
    BB   = Berserker Barrage (Wolverine's move)
    SBB  = Super Berserker Barrage (Wolverine's move)
    OTG  = Off the Ground 
    FS   = Flying Screen
    J.   = Jumping
    CU.  = Cross-up (jump behind opponent and hit back of neck with attack)
    SJ.  = Super Jumping
    S.   = Standing
    C.   = Crouching
    FL.  = Flying
    AD.  = Air Dashing
    XX   = Buffer/Cancel into following move
    ->   = indicates Magic Series cancelling
    SFA2 = Street Fighter Alpha II
    VC   = Variable Counter
    DP   = Dragon Punch or similiar joystick motion (F, D, D/F)
    HK   = Hurricane Kick or similiar joystick motion (QCB)
    FB   = Fireball
    SC   = Super Combo
    FK   = Flash Kick or similiar joystick motion (charge D, U)
    SB   = Sonic Boom or similiar joystick motion (charge B, F)
    YF   = Yoga Flame or similiar joystick motion (HCT)
    SBK  = Spinning Bird Kick
    SPD  = Spinning Pileriver or similiar motion (roll 360 degrees)
    This is a Meter located at the bottom of the screen; and as you perform 
    moves or hit opponents (performing Special Moves fills it the fastest), it 
    will fill up. Once it is full, a one will appear beside it. This means you 
    have one Super Level, allowing Sabretooth to perform a Super Combo. It can 
    continue to be filled to at least L3 (not sure if it goes higher).
    This is a devastating move that can only be performed when at least one level
    of Sabretooth's Super Meter is full. Once activated, the screen will grow 
    dark for a moment as Sabretooth gathers his/her energy; they will then 
    perform the move. Note that all animation, except the Sabretooth's 
    "gathering" of energy, is halted during the dark screen, so your opponent 
    cannot move, i.e. if the enemy is standing right in front of you and you pull 
    off the SC, they cannot avoid it (unless it is slow of course).
    This is a totally devastating team-up move done with a QCT+Fierce+Roundhouse.
    When activated, your current character will begin their Super, then the other
    partner will jump in and begin theirs! The first character will jump out when
    done and the character that was out at first will now be playing. A Variable 
    Super can only be done with a Level 2 or higher Super Meter.
    To switch to your partner, tap Fierce+Roundhouse. Your current character will
    go into a stance and say some sort of taunt or whatever--DURING THIS TIME
    YOUR CURRENT CHARACTER IS INVULNERABLE. Just as that fighter jumps off the
    screen, your partner will come on with a jumping attack that will knock the 
    opponent away; they will then perform an opening taunt--DURING THIS TIME
    THE TAUNTING CHARACTER IS _NOT_ INVULNERABLE. This is very important, as you
    want to make absolutely sure that jumping attack will not be blocked or 
    avoided, otherwise your left wide open during the opening taunt. Therefore, 
    it is ideal to switch characters only when the enemy gives you the 
    opportunity to hit them with the jumping attack (eg. after blocking a slow
    recovering move, or they miss a slow move). BTW, when your partner is "idle",
    they slowly regain health.
    Thanks to our constant whining and bitching, Capcom finally got rid of them
    stupid Alpha Counters, and now we have Push Aways; when you block an enemy's
    attack, quickly tap all three punches (before your fighter finished their 
    blocking animation) and Sabretooth will shove his foe away from him. This 
    takes NO energy from the Super Meter, nor does it do any damage. It does 
    however help put some distance away from overly offensive opponents. 
    After blocking an attack, perform a roll from B to D and hit 
    Fierce+Roundhouse during your characters blocking animation--your partner 
    will jump in and attack the enemy with one of their moves; they will also
    remain to continue the fight. See the Moves Analysis for more info on 
    Sabretooth's VC. The Variable Counter takes 1 level of the Super Meter.
    Super Jumps cause Sabretooth to jump very high into the air; to perform a 
    Super Jump, quickly tap D before jumping, or hit all three kicks.
    To perform a Throw, hold towards or away from the opponent and hit Fierce or
    Strong up close. To perform Sabretooth's Air Throw, hold F or B and hit 
    Fierce or Strong up close IN MID-AIR.
    Tech hits allow Sabretooth to recoverfrom Throws done to him. To tech hit a 
    Throw, perform the motion for one of your own Throws just as they Throw; this 
    will lessen the damage to you.
    To perform a dash forward, tap forward twice. To perform a retreating dash,
    tap back twice. Dashing is an important part of a lot of combos (see combo
    Alternately, you can also perform a dash by hitting all three punches 
    simultainously. To dash back, hold B while hitting the punches. All 
    characters can interrupt their forward dash with any move, including a 
    backward dash.
    To taunt or tease your opponent, press Start. Note that taunts cannot be 
    stopped, and Sabretooth will be totally vulnerable, so choose where to do it 
    After being knocked down, it is possible to roll in recovery to standing.
    This does not lessen the damage of the knockdown, but it allows you to avoid
    an opponent's attempted ground attack or possible OTG combo, and you can also 
    roll behind them and perhaps surprise them. To get a Safety Roll, perform a 
    complete motion from B to D and hit any punch. Note that if the move you're  
    hit with executes the Flying Screen phenomenon, you cannot Safety Roll.
    When a fighter is hit many times in a row with powerful moves in a short
    time (it doesn't have to be a combo) they will eventually dizzy; after a 
    certain point the character will bounce up then stand to be dizzy. At this 
    point is the opponent's chance to do an attack or combo that the dizzy 
    character will have no defense against. When Sabretooth is dizzy, shake the 
    Joystick repeatedly and hit the buttons rapidly to regain control faster.
    NOTE: in some cases, Sabretooth's specific combo system is explained in his
          combo section later on.
    This is the name given to Capcom's version of a chain combo system. 
    X-MEN: CotA, MSH and now XMENVsSF have adapted Street Fighter's original 
    combo system so that there is a way to cancel normal attacks into other 
    normal attacks as well as normal--> Special Attacks. Each fighter has his or 
    her own Magic Series that follows a distinct pattern. Note that you can skip 
    any of the steps in the series, but you cannot go backwards. Sabretooth's
    MS is the "Weak Start", meaning he can chain any Jab or Short into any of
    the other four attacks. However, he cannot cancel Strong, Forward, Fierce or
    Roundhouse into any other normal move.
    The rules for the Ground Magic Series are that you can input crouching or
    standing attacks following the series (for example, Sabretooth can cancel a
    S.Short into a S.Roundhouse, or C.Roundhouse). 
    You can perform a Magic Series while jumping as well. This is great for 
    starting jump-in combos, allowing you to get in more hits as you jump in at 
    the enemy before continuing a combo on the ground--Sabretooth's Jumping MS is
    "Zig-Zag", done like so:
    Jab -> Short -> Strong -> Forward -> Fierce -> Roundhouse. 
    As well, MS combos can be done during a SUPER jump, again following the
    Zig-Zag Magic Series described above.
    Like the other two version of the Magic Series, it allows you to do any 
    version of one button. See Air Combos for more info. 
    These, put in loose terms, are juggles. But, the exception laid down is that 
    they must be done as you jump in the air. So, to do an air combo by 
    definition, you must knock the enemy up into the air with a launcher (eg. 
    Sabretooth's C.Fierce), or use the other two setups (see below), then follow 
    them up and perform an air combo before either of you land. BOTH fighters 
    must be in the air for an Air Combo to register (for example, launching the 
    opponent with Cyclops' S.Strong then juggling quickly with a Gene Splice will 
    not count as an Air Combo, even if the Splice connected against an airborn 
    There are three different ways for Sabretooth to setup an enemy to perform a 
    true Air Combo:
    -After knocking the enemy up with a launcher
    -Super Jumping up and connecting the combo against a Super Jumping enemy
    -Jumping up and connecting a combo against a jumping enemy or an enemy on
     their way down from a Super Jump, or perhaps DP move...
    As well, there are two different types of Air Combos: regular Jumping Air
    Combos and Super Jumping Air Combos. Read on...
    1. Launchers:
    Launchers are by far the most effective way of setting the opponent up for an
    air combo, as they throw the enemy straight up in the air. Note that the 
    enemy recovers on their way DOWN and can then air block everything (except if 
    launched by a Throw, like Cyclops' Fierce Throw), so you must follow your 
    opponent UP after a Launcher and hit them before they reach the apex of their
    Now, in order to successfully follow up a Launcher, you must cancel the
    Launcher with a Super Jump, i.e. hit the enemy with the Launcher, then
    before its animation is complete, simply tap U and the Super Jump comes out
    2. Super Jumping:
    You can Air Combo any Super Jumping enemy simply by following them up with
    your own Super Jump and nailing them as you go. This is not as precise as a
    Launcher because you must be a close distance to the enemy with your Super
    Jump, so some hits that connect after Launchers may not do so during a
    Super Jump.
    3. Regular Jumping:
    Use this when the enemy does a regular jump towards you; jump up to meet
    them and try and get in your hits first. Also an ideal counter if the enemy
    misses a DP move (eg. Wolverine's Tornado Claw).
    Super Jumping Air Combos:
    Something unique to this game exists only in Super Jumping Air Combos; the
    ability to bring out a "combo finisher" similiar in fashion to Killer
    Instinct. In X-Men Vs. Street Fighter, the combo system of Super Jumping is 
    highly customized because for every fighter the combo finishers are simply 
    done by chaining in a Fierce or Roundhouse at the end of that series (for
    Sabretooth it is just Roundhouse). Note that you can only perform this 
    Finisher if you do not start the air combo with the Roundhouse (otherwise 
    that will finish the combo right there). The finishers are pretty cool and 
    allow you to knock the enemy away and the camera will follow them to the 
    ground. After they land, you'll jump back into the screen from the side (some 
    finishers will also knock the enemy straight down towards the ground, but the 
    same properties apply). This is known as the "Flying Screen" phenomenon, 
    which I will explain later.
    Regular Jumping Air Combos:
    The only difference between these and Super Jumping Air Combos is that there
    is no special finisher. This will allow you to use the entire combo series
    if you wish. You can still cancel into a Special Move. So, if you and your
    opponent are both in regular jumps at each other, it is possible in theory
    to hit them with an entire 6 hit Zig-Zag series with any character that has 
    the full Zig-Zag Regular Jumping MS (eg. Magneto), and then even cancel with 
    a Special Move! Note, however, that Sabretooth has no air Special Moves to 
    speak of :(.
    Normal Move/Special Move Cancellation Combos:
    Ah, the classics. Remember the good ol' Fierce Punch cancelled into a
    Dragon Punch with Ken and Ryu? Well, Capcom's given us much more
    possibilities, because ANY normal move can now be cancelled into a Special
    Move. This allows A LOT of freedom for combos, and these combos are usually
    very easy pull off. Also note that "any" normal move also includes mid-air
    moves cancelled into Air Special Moves (again, Sabretooth has none), which is 
    what allows Air Magic Series combos to cancel into Special Moves.
    Dashing Combos:
    Dashing before entering a combination allows for more hits. This is because 
    it gives more momentum after your first hit, so it won't push you as far away 
    from the enemy, allowing you to get in more hits. For example, Wolverine can 
    perform a S.Jab -> S.Short -> S.Strong -> S.Forward series on Juggernaut, and 
    perhaps even finish with a Berserker Barrage. But, if he performs the series 
    while dashing into Juggernaut, he can go into a S.Fierce to finish off the 
    series, or a S.Roundhouse followed by an air combo, whereas without the dash, 
    the series would have pushed the opponent too far away for the Fierce to 
    connect. This skill should be mastered, because it is best utilized after the 
    enemy misses a DP move like Ken's. As well, it is difficult but possible to 
    initiate a Dash Combo after a jump-in hit or even series. The key is to tap 
    F, F after you tap the button for your last hit plus the button you're going 
    to start the Dash Combo with. This must be timed correctly so that the last F 
    of the dash motion is tapped AS you plant your feet on the ground. For 
    example, with Magneto, to perform a J.Strong -> J.Forward -> J.Fierce, 
    D.S.Short -> S.Roundhouse XX Jab EM Disruptor, do all three hits of the Air 
    Combo, but AS you are tapping Fierce you should also do the first F of the 
    dash command; time it so that the first F comes out JUST as he finishes the 
    J.Fierce, then the second F should be done simultainiously with the S.Short 
    AS Magneto's feet hit the ground.
    Off the Ground (OTG) Combos:
    An Off the Ground (OTG) attack is an attack that hits a downed opponent,     
    and if doing an OTG combo, allows the attacker to continue into more hit.
    Technically, an OTG combo is NOT a true combo. The definition of a combo from
    way back in the SF2 days is-- 
    "a series of attacks that, once the first hit has connected, the rest cannot
     be defended against."
    But, if the opponent is wary, he can perform a Safety Roll, which will avoid
    OTG attacks. But if he doesn't, the combo number will continue to rise.
    (NOTE: There is an exception to this rolling escape--see Flying Screen 
    So, an OTG combo is a combo where you knock the enemy down, then combo them     
    OFF the floor as they land. To do this, you must hit the fallen enemy with a 
    low enough attack (eg. a sweep or perhaps slide). Now, no matter what move 
    you used, when an opponent is hit while on the ground, they are "bounced" a 
    VERY small ways into the air, then they fall again. During the time before 
    they land, they cannot block anything, so you can hit them with any attack 
    that will reach. If you want an easy example, perform a C.Forward with 
    Wolverine and cancel into a Berserker Barrage; the sweep will knock them 
    down, and the BB will hit the opponent just as they land. 
    One thing to remember is that rarely in this game to people stay on the 
    ground for very long, even if they aren't rolling. You MUST hit an opponent 
    OTG with a move that has significantly good recovery time; for example again
    with Wolverine, the C.Forward is fast enough in recovery that Wolverine can
    actually do this combo:
    S.Jab -> S.Short -> S.Strong -> C.Forward, C.Short (OTG) -> S.Forward XX BB 
    The C.Forward recovers fast enough for Wolverine to continue into the C.Short
    (provided they don't Safety Roll) and the rest of the combo.
    On the other hand, a knockdown attack like Magneto's C.Roundhouse is far too 
    slow in recovery for him to hit the enemy OTG afterwards effectively.
    BTW, to be fair, you cannot do two OTG combos in one combination. For 
    example, with Wolverine you cannot do a- 
    S.Jab -> S.Short -> S.Strong -> C.Forward, C.Short -> C.Forward, C.Short ->
    C.Forward etc...
    As this would effectively create two OTG combos in one. This of course would 
    make for infinite combos, because you could continuously OTG the opponent 
    after every time you do the C.Forward
    Flying Screen (FS) Combos:
    I will use James Chen's definition of the Flying Screen (FS):
     "The Flying Screen is the phenomena that causes the screen to scroll VERY 
      quickly after certain moves hit the enemy.  The view of the game follows 
      the enemy and the person doing the hit disappears from the screen. Once the 
      screen stops moving, the person who was hit will just lie there and the 
      other player will hop into the screen from the side."  
    (My Note: BTW, some FS attacks will knock the enemy straight into the ground 
     as opposed to off screen, like finishing a Super Jumping Air Combo with 
     Magneto's SJ.Fierce--it will send the enemy into the ground on the SAME
     screen. Note that the same FS restrictions explained below still apply)
    The FS happens after the following conditions:
    -after performing a Super Jumping Air Combo "finisher" or Special Move 
    -after performing the following moves: (this may be updated)
    -Juggernaut's Juggernaut Punch
    -Wolverine's Berserker Barrage (if all hits connect; same with the Super 
     Berserker Barrage SC)
    -Magneto's Shockwave SC
    -Ken's Shinryuken SC
    Now, here's the catch--if your opponent is close or in the corner, there is
    no way for the screen to scroll, because the border is there. So, when you
    perform a move executing the FS phenomenon that knocks the enemy into a close
    corner, they will hover against the corner for a moment, then fall to the
    ground. As they land, you can easily perform an OTG combo (provided the move
    recovers fast enough). As far as I know, the only one that benefits from this
    so far is Wolverine with his BB and SBB.
    One good limitation is that the FS forbids the opponent from Safety Rolling
    PERIOD, so OTG combos WILL become true combos in this case.
    One thing against the comboer is that once you perform an OTG combo after the
    FS, the game will not let you perform ANY Air Combos or Special Moves; for
    example, with Wolverine if you perform a Berserker Barrage in the corner with
    all hits, the enemy will hover briefly, then when they fall, you can hit them
    OTG with a C.Short into S.Roundhouse. But, you CANNOT cancel the Roundhouse
    with a Tornado Claw, nor can you follow them up with a Super Jump and Air
    In X-Men: CotA, there were three character sizes, with Sentinel, Colossus and
    Juggernaut being large, Silver Samurai and Omega Red being mid, and everyone
    else light. In MSH and now XMENVsSF, it is even more detailed, going by 
    height, width and weight. Height will determine how many hits you can get on 
    a jump-in combo (eg. you can easily get all 4 hits of Wolverine's Jumping 
    Magic Series on Juggernaut, but you can only get one or two on a little guy 
    like Wolverine). Width determines how many hits are possible in a dashing 
    combo (eg. on Juggernaut, Wolverine can get 5 hits in a dashing combo, 
    finishing with either Roundhouse or Fierce, but on a scrawny girl like Cammy 
    you would not get as much, maybe 3 hits). Weight determines wether or not a 
    few combos will work, usually because you cannot launch a fat dude like 
    Juggernaut as high as you can launch someone like Cammy. Here is a rough list
    of character's dimensions, BUT NOT EXACT:
    Chun Li
    Chun Li
    Chun Li
    Combo Damage:
    You may have noticed when performed some big huge, mutlihit combo that the
    damage isn't so hot, even with an SC in there. This is because the game has 
    this weird damage system where the more hits you use, the weaker each hit 
    gets progressively, also applying to what type of hits. For example, you'll 
    notice with Sabretooth if you do a J.Fierce, S.Fierce (1st hit) XX Berserker
    Claw X, the damage is REALLY good. But, if you do:
    J.Short -> J.Forward -> J.Roundhouse, D.S.Short -> S.Fierce (1st hit) XX
    Berserker Claw X,
    You'll get a large amount of hits (and lots of points), but you may notice 
    that it does around the same, or slightly less damage! So, you basically have 
    a choice--more damage or bigger, more spectacular combos for good points.
    Starting Pose: hands Birdie his coat and says "Take this."
                   OR, Sabretooth jumps onto the screen, rears back with a yell
                   and shreds his coat off
    1st Color: Brown w/yellow highlights
    2nd Color: greyish white w/pink highlights (looks like a sasquatch!)
    Taunt: snaps his fingers and grins
    Variable Attack Entrance: snaps his fingers and grins
    Variable Attack Exit: snaps his fingers and grins
    Variable Super Move: Berserker Claw X
    Winning Pose 1- Birdie brings him his coat and he says "thanks Birdie."
    Winning Pose 2- Birdie shows up in an old car and he says "Let's get out of 
    -Berserker Claw: QCT+any punch
    -Wild Fang: QCB+any punch
    -Birdie Call (Downward): QCB+Short
    -Birdie Call (Straight): QCB+Forward
    -Birdie Call (Upward): QCB+Roundhouse
    -Triangle Jump: press in opposite direction when at screen-side
    -Repeated Face Slam: F or B+Strong or Fierce (close)
    -Head Drive: F or B+Strong or Fierce (close) (AIR)
    -SC 1; Berserker Claw X: QCT+all three punches
    -SC 2; Birdie Gatler: QCB+all three kicks
    -SC 3; Weapon X Dive: F, D, D/F+all three punches
    -Launchers: C.Fierce, 2nd hit of S.Fierce
    -Knockdowns: C.Roundhouse, S.Strong, S.Forward
    -VARIABLE COUNTER: Berserker Claw
    Jab- Nothing much to note here, except that both crouching and standing start
         most of his MS combos on the ground. When jumping it also is no big 
         deal, except if you're starting a combo with Sabretooth's Jumping MS.
         BTW, although the Jab appears to be 2 hits, I have yet to see both hits
         connect. (In other words, no easy 4 hit S.Jab -> S.Fierce)
    Strong- C.Strong's not too big a deal, however S.Strong is an instant 
            knockdown, so if you wanna finish a combo quickly, finish it with 
            this. It also comes out and recovers quite well, but can be ducked
            by most opponents. Again, nothing special about the jumping version 
            except in a Jumping MS.
    Fierce- S.Fierce produces a double-hit claw slash, once down, and once up.
            The 2nd hit of the S.Fierce is a launcher, however I recommend not
            using it for air combos unless in the corner, as it launches them at 
            a very akward diagonal slope. The big thing about the S.Fierce is 
            that you can cancel it with a Special Move after the 1st hit, and I
            recommend doing so anytime you're sticking with a ground combo, as
            it'll do the most damage (it's also easier to cancel than the 
            S.Roundhouse, I find). The C.Fierce is a double-clawed uppercut and
            the 2nd of Sabretooth's launchers--it is far better because it sends 
            them straight up, making it very easy to follow with an air combo.
            The recovery is not so hot if missed, and a quick opponent will 
            punish you up close, so stick with it in combos and make sure it hits
            (dashing helps). Jumping Fierce is a great single jump-in attack, but
            its range is limited to you have to get fairly close overhead for it
            to hit.
    Short- Both standing and crouching produce fast kicks aimed low, decent for 
           starting combos and difficult to counter. The S.Short is an excellent 
           tick up close. Jumping Short is no big deal except in a Jumping MS.
    Forward- S.Forward is a "cute" little kick that really looks pitiful. 
             However, it knocks down and takes decent priority over crouching
             attacks if you can't get the S.Roundhouse out in time. C.Forward is
             Sabretooth's only "Strike", an upward kick that also looks really
             "cute--a Strike is an attack which knocks the opponent across the 
             screen. a Simple combo finisher to get the opponent away from you, 
             otherwise no big deal. The J.Forward is a decent single jump-in, 
             also good in a Jumping MS.
    Roundhouse- S.Roundhouse is a GREAT attack. It is pretty slow in recovery, so
                it's best to make sure this connects. But, it has AMAZING range,
                and takes great priority over low attacks. Whenever the opponent
                tries to pester you with low attacks from a short distance (eg.
                Dhalsim's Slide), this will deal with it nicely (unless of course
                you can pull out a Berserker Claw X) ;) . C.Roundhouse is his
                longest-range knock down, and comes out fairly quickly. However,
                if anticipated it can be snuffed by various high-priority moves,
                so don't go nuts with it. Jumping Roundhouse is your best single 
                jump-in, a drop kick ala Spider-Man's J.Roundhouse from MSH, 
                which leaves you right beside the opponent when it connects.
    -Berserker Claw-
    (Sabretooth dashes across the screen exclaiming "Berserker Claw!" and slashes
     the opponent to the ground)
    A cool-looking attack that comes out FAST. Sabretooth will slash THROUGH his 
    opponent, so he's behind them when it's done. Good damage and will take 
    awesome priority over pretty much ANY standing or crouching attack. So, if 
    anticipated you can snuff ANY normal attack on the ground--if blocked, 
    Sabretooth will continue to barrel through, and the opponent will recover 
    first, behind him--big trouble if you get an SC in the back... One advantage 
    to this is that if your back's in the corner with them next to you, you can 
    perform a Fierce Berserker Claw and if they block you will fly to the other 
    side of the screen, too far for them to hit you! BTW, the recovery from the
    Jab Berserker Claw is so good that you can OTG after it! Note however that it
    only goes one or two steps, so stick with it in combos (a lot like Hulk's
    Gamma Charge in MSH...)
    -Wild Fang-
    (Sabretooth leaps forward a determined distance and grabs the opponent, 
     flipping and slamming them to the ground)
    Jab hops a few steps, Strong about 1/2 screen and Fierce almost full screen.
    The Wild Fang is similiar to Cammy's Furiga Combine, as he leaps forward and
    if overhead in time, will throw the opponent. Great for going over FBs, but 
    if blocked he will bounce off, vulnerable to any quick long range move 
    (especially SCs!). This move is IMO Sabretooth's most effective move, but
    use it in moderation, or else you'll be punished. It can be taken out with a
    well-placed DP move, but each version has its advantages--Jab only goes a
    short distance so it isn't a very good FB counter. However, you can hop over
    low attacks fairly easily with it, so use it if the opponent is pestering you
    with a lot of low attacks (eg. CPU Cyclops!!!). The Strong and Fierce are
    best for going over projectiles, NOT SC projectiles, but make sure you do it
    as early as possible, or they may recover in time to block. 
    The Wild Fang does AWESOME damage by itself, but its greatest strength is 
    that you can follow it with an OTG combo in the corner. It can of course be'
    tech hitted. :(
    -Birdie Call-
    (Sabretooth snaps his fingers and calls Birdie, who walks out and shoots 3
     little fireballs from her gun in the desired direction)
    Short=down, Forward=Straight, Roundhouse=upward. Very little use for these
    that I can see; if the opponent blocks it you're usually safe from a counter
    unless right up close, but the Short and Forward version can be jumped if
    anticipated. One good thing to note is that Sabretooth recovers pretty 
    quickly from this, so quick in fact that he can hit the enemy while they're
    still stunned from the projectiles! The best follow-up is a Fierce Berserker
    Claw (on the ground--if you hit them out of the air it may still work, but so
    might a Wild Fang or Weapon X SC) or Berserker Claw X (among other things...
    see combos).
    -Repeated Face Slam-
    (Birdie grabs the enemy by the back of the headand slams their face 
     repeatedly into the ground, then tosses them away)
    A VERY humiliating and powerful Throw, its greatest asset is that if you 
    toss them into the corner, you can follow with a great OTG combo. This is
    Sabretooth's only ground regular Throw.
    -Head Drive-
    (Birdie grabs a mid-air opponent's head and drops to the ground, driving 
     their head in face-first)
    Another humiliating and powerful Throw, its biggest advantage is that it 
    bounces the enemy off the ground when they are driven into it, and you can
    actually juggle! In addition, it can finish off an air combo! (See combos for
    more info).
    -Berserker Claw X-
    (Sabretooth rears back, then dashes across the screen quickly and slashes the
     opponent--he then whips around and slashes through them again, repeats again
     and comes back around to slash the fourth time)
    Wastes the clock nicely, that's for sure. This is weaker than the Weapon X,
    but is THE reason to build up Sabretooth's Super Meter. This attack, like
    Wolverine's Weapon X SC, (the quick dash into a multi-hit combo) comes out
    VERY, VERY fast and will take priority over EVERYTHING short of another SC
    (sometimes even that!). Also, if you're too far away to connect with the
    Weapon X SC, then do this SC JUST as you see them rear back for a projectile.
    If blocked, it will basically do the same thing as the regular Berserker Claw
    and Sabretooth will dash through them, open to an attack from behind.
    -Weapon X-
    (Sabretooth rears back, then leaps forward and grabs the opponent, followed
     by a HUGE multi-hit combo)
    Sabertooth's most damaging attack and possibly one of the most powerful SCs
    in the game! Use only in certain circumstances, because like the Wild Fang
    you're spam if blocked. You can follow this with an OTG combo in the corner!
    (see combos for more info). BTW, this tracks the opponent somewhat, meaning
    if they're about 1/2 screen away it'll go about 1/2 screen, and if they're
    full screen it'll go around full screen.
    -Birdie Gatler-
    (Sabretooth calls Birdie, and she appears and sprays almost the whole screen 
     with projectiles)
    Although it starts out quite slow, it does decent damage. The best thing 
    about the Gatler is that like the Birdie Call, Sabretooth recovers fast 
    enough to follow up with another attack (see combos). Try your best to make
    sure it connects, even blocked, because if jumped over Sabretooth can be hit
    by a cross-up attack.
    -Variable Counter-
    Sabretooth performs a Jab Berserker Claw. See tactics for more info.
    Super Jumping: Sabretooth's SJ.MS must be done REALLY fast, but I rarely have
                   any attacks miss in the combo. The SJ.Fierce knocks them 
                   downward slightly, so the SJ.Roundhouse connects, which then
                   executes the FS.
    Jab Berserker Claw: The Jab Berserker Claw recovers fast enough to OTG after 
                        it. Start holding down before it finishes, and 
                        immediately throw out the C.Short and do the rest of the 
                        combo. Don't be too worried if they Safety Roll here, 
                        because the C.Short recovers quite fast.
    Birdie Call: Though you should still use it rarely, it will allow you to get
                 in a VERY fast follow-up. I would assume that a dash-in combo
                 would will work, but I haven't tried yet--stick with a Berserker 
                 Claw or its SC version.
    Corner OTG: You can follow up a Weapon X, Wild Fang or Repeated Face Slam 
                Throw in the corner with an OTG combo. Like the others, simply
                hold down and IMMEDIATELY hit C.Short. You usually don't have to
                worry if they Roll, as the C.Short usually recovers fast enough
                to avoid getting hit.
    Birdie Gatler: It is possible because of Sabretooth's excellent recovery, to
                   hit the enemy as they recover from the Birdie Gatler. This is
                   particularily effective in the corner, and can rack up a lot 
                   of hits. However, unless the opponent is dizzy or REALLY
                   stupid, you'll never hit them with this in the corner. So your
                   most-used follow-up would be a Berserker Claw or Berserker 
                   Claw X.
    1. J.Fierce, D.S.Jab -> S.Fierce (1st hit) XX Fierce Berserker Claw
    Comments: One of the easiest and best all-around combos to utilize, and does
              decent damage. Cancel the S.Fierce as fast as possible.
    2. J.Roundhouse, D.S.Jab -> S.Strong
    Comments: simple, easy 3 hit combo that knocks the enemy away. Little damage
    3. D.C.Short -> C.Roundhouse
    Comments: quick, easy 2 hit knockdown.
    4. J.Fierce, D.C.Jab -> C.Fierce -> SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short -> SJ.Strong -> 
       SJ.Forward -> SJ.Fierce -> SJ.Roundhouse (FS)
    Comments: easy Air Combo, and remember to do it FAST. 9 hits.
    5. D.C.Short -> S.Fierce (1st hit) XX Berserker Claw X
    Comments: probably the easiest way to put a Super Combo in a combo. 6 hits
              and GREAT damage.
    6. (corner) Fierce Throw, C.Short (OTG) -> C.Fierce -> SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short ->
       SJ.Strong -> SJ.Forward -> SJ.Fierce -> SJ.Roundhouse (FS)
    Comments: This is where Sabretooth can really do some damage. Remember that
              the opponent can Safety Roll, but you should recover from the 
              C.Short in no time. 9 hits.
    7. (corner) Wild Fang, C.Roundhouse XX Berserker Claw X
    Comments: a VERY damaging and relatively easy combo. NOTE: If the opponent 
              Safety Rolls, don't worry because the SC only comes out if the 
              C.Roundhouse connects. 6 hits.
    8. (corner) Wild Fang, C.Short (OTG) -> C.Fierce -> SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short -> 
       SJ.Strong -> SJ.Forward -> SJ.Roundhouse (FS)
    Comments: remember that the Wild Fang can work in OTG combos as well as the
              Fierce Throw. Quite damaging, 9 hits.
    9. J.Fierce -> J.Roundhouse, C.Short -> C.Fierce -> SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short -> 
       SJ.Strong -> SJ.Forward -> SJ.Fierce -> SJ.Roundhouse (FS)   
    Comments: you can ONLY do this combo on the Juggernaut or another Sabretooth,
              because if Sabretooth's J.Fierce hits even a LITTLE too late, the
              J.Roundhouse will not have any time to come out. I have only gotten
              it on those two characters, but James Chen's FAQ says you can do it
              to anyone if you hit them on the way UP with the Fierce. Hmm... 10
    10. D.S.Jab -> S.Fierce (1st hit) XX Jab Berserker Claw, C.Short (OTG) ->
        S.Fierce (1st hit) XX Fierce Berserker Claw
    Comments: VERY stylish OTG combo with two Berserker Claws and plenty o'
              damage. Make the OTG VERY fast and they can still Safety Roll (but,
              most opponents won't be expecting this combo!) 6 hits.
    11. Variable Counter, C.Short (OTG) -> S.Fierce (1st hit) XX Berserker Claw X
    Comments: Sabretooth must be doing the Variable Counter, so he must start off
              the screen. This does a LOT of damage for some reason, and I would
              have thought the SC would have been weakened at least... 7 hits.
    12. Birdie Gatler, Berserker Claw X
    Comments: you may think this combo is worth it, but it isn't. The Berserker
              Claw X does literally NO damage in this combo. Quite stylish,
              however, if you feel like wasting an SC. See below for a better
    13. Birdie Call, Fierce Berserker Claw
    Comments: quick and easy 2-hit, but you must do the Claw JUST as the bullets
              hit them. Not really worth it IMO.
    14. (corner) Birdie Gatler, Weapon X, C.Short (OTG) -> C.Fierce -> SJ.Jab ->
        SJ.Short -> SJ.Strong -> SJ.Forward -> SJ.Fierce -> SJ.Roundhouse (FS)
    Comments: unlike #12, the Weapon X AND the air combo will both do some
              damage. Again, for some reason if you put a Berserker Claw X into
              the combo (i.e. cancelled out of a S.Fierce after the C.Short), it
              will do no damage.
    15. J.Roundhouse, C.Short -> C.Fierce -> SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short -> SJ.Strong,
        Strong Air Throw, Fierce Berserker Claw
    Comments: big combo that looks quite stylish. The Strong Throw sometimes 
              counts on the combo meter, sometimes not. Either way, you have to
              time the Berserker Claw differently for different characters--on
              heavy fighters (eg. Zangief) do it immediately as you land from the
              Air Throw, and for for light characters, wait a short moment since
              they fly higher.
    16. J.Short -> J.Strong -> J.Forward -> J.Roundhouse, D.S.Jab -> S.Fierce 
       (1st hit) XX Jab Berserker Claw, C.Short (OTG) -> C.Fierce -> SJ.Jab ->
       SJ.Short -> SJ.Strong, Strong Air Throw, Berserker Claw X
    Comments: a HUGE combo I made up myself, this will AWE everybody who's
              watching. This is best done on big characters so that it moves
              quickly and smoothly. Do the jump-in air combo, follow with the MS
              cancelled into the Claw, OTG with the C.Short into C.Fierce, SJ and
              air combo, finishing with SJ.Strong and an Air Throw, then juggle
              with the Berserker Claw X. 17 hits!
    17. (corner) J.Fierce -> J.Roundhouse, C.Short -> C.Fierce -> SJ.Jab -> 
        SJ.Short -> SJ.Strong, Strong Air Throw, Weapon X
    Comments: a combo from James Chen that REALLY hurts! You must do the Weapon
              X the INSTANT you land to catch them out of the air, and you cannot
              do this on heavier opponents, or Sabretooth'll leap over them. 22
    18. (corner) J.Fierce, S.Fierce XX Weapon X, C.Short (OTG) -> C.Fierce ->
        SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short -> SJ.Strong -> SJ.Forward -> SJ.Fierce -> 
        SJ.Roundhouse (FS)
    Comments: the Weapon X SC _will_ connect out of a S.Fierce IF you perform it
              on tall characters (Sabretooth, Magneto, Juggernaut). Big damage if
              this connects. 24 hits.
    19. (near corner) J.Roundhouse, C.Short -> C.Fierce -> SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short ->
        SJ.Strong, Strong Air Throw, Weapon X, Weapon X, Weapon X, C.Fierce ->
        SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short -> SJ.Strong -> SJ.Forward -> SJ.Fierce -> 
        SJ.Roundhouse (FS)
    Comments: this unbelievable combo was listed in James Chen's Combo FAQ; I 
              have never been able to pull it off, and neither has he, but we 
              both believe it can be done, as we can both do 2 Weapon Xs in a 
              row, and you can OTG after a Weapon X. The big problem is that the
              enemy is usually dead afyter two Weapon Xs (I managed to keep them
              alive after two, but I screwed up the timing of the third :( ). 
              42 HITS!!!!
    Sabretooth in the air:
    Sabretooth is extremely deadly in the air and has VERY fast attacks (do his 
    SJ.MS and you'll see) that will almost always take priority over another
    jumping attack, even from Chun Li or Cammy. Sabretooth lacks a really good
    air counter (eg.DP), so a lot of times when the opponent jumps in and you 
    have the time, jump back and whack 'em outta the air with a J.Forward or 
    Strong. Or, if you're ever higher than them in the air, the J.Roundhouse or 
    Fierce is also quite good. If you're up close, you'd be surprised at how 
    often you'll over-prioritize them with your Air Throw, which you can promptly 
    juggle after for some sound damage. :)
    Variable Countering:
    When performing a Variable Counter with Sabretooth as your partner (idle),
    he will jump onto the screen and counter a blocked attack with a Jab 
    Berserker Claw. Like most other Variable Counters, this does quite a bit of
    damage, and unlike ACs from the SF Alpha series, these are actually worth 
    doing; not only because they do moredamage than usual, but because they allow
    you to switch to your other partner as well as countering an attack.
    As I said, Sabretooth will perform a Jab Berserker Claw as his Variable 
    Counter. This has an added advantage over most Variable Counters because
    Sabretooth can actually OTG after it like a normal Jab Berserker Claw. This
    makes it REALLY worth doing, and you should use it whenever you need to 
    switch to Sabretooth and can't find an easy opening.
    Sabretooth's In a Team:
    Sabretooth goes good with pretty much any other fighter in this game--my
    personal favorite team is Sabretooth and Cyclops, and I rarely lose with this
    combination. :) 
    One of the main reasons Sabretooth makes a good teammate is because he is 
    VERY effective with Variable SCs--if you perform a Variable SC with 
    Sabretooth, he will begin his Berserker Claw SC, and then his partner will
    jump in and begin theirs. What's so good about this is that Sabretooths's
    Berserker Claw X keeps the opponent frozen in place he slashes away, which 
    also means that his teammate's SC will connect for all of its hits! For
    example, if you were to do a Variable SC with Cammy/Ryu, Cammy would begin 
    her Spin Dive Smasher, but when Ryu pulls out his Shinkuu-Hadouken, it'll
    only hit a few times as Cammy carries the opponent into the air with the
    rising part of her SC! On the other hand, a Variable Super with Sabretooth 
    and Cyclops (what I call the "Instant Death" team ^_^ ) will work for ALL 
    hits because the enemy will be suspended while Sabretooth slashes, then Cyke
    comes in and pounds them with the Mega Optic Blast for MEGA damage!
    For his Variable Attack, the easiest way to change characters, he'll come
    diving in with a jumping kick. Note that wether this kick connects or not,
    he'll go into a taunt afterwards, so you MUST make sure this connects or you
    will be hit. Ideal situations are pretty much anytime the opponent misses a
    slow attack, or if the opponent is jumping back, or if they're at the peak of
    a Super Jump. Another nice place to use it is with a setup attack for combos,
    like after a launcher, or in some other cases, like with Magneto's Hyper 
    Grav. The one thing to remember is to ask yourself wether or not you want to
    waste and opportunity to hit the opponent with a big combo--for example, if
    I am Cyclops and fighting Wolverine, and Wolverine misses a Tornado Claw, I
    can either call in my partner, or I can go for a big combo. The immediate
    choice should depend on wether or not you have enough life; if Cyclops is
    down to a sliver of health, I would definetely switch, because even though I
    hit him with a big combo, he might just do a comeback afterward and kill me;
    you also have to take into account wether or not they have a lot or a little
    amount of life.
    Favorite Teams:
    Here are (IMO) good teammates for Sabretooth:
    1. Cyclops (my personal best)
    2. Charlie (my second best)
    3. Magneto (great for setting the enemy up for a Sabretooth combo in special
    4. Juggernaut (lotsa power)
    5. Wolverine (crazy berserk and cool berserk mix)
    6. Chun Li (can you say air superiority?)
    7. Rogue (especially Vs. Magneto--steal the Hyper Grav!)
    Vs. Cyclops:
    Cyclops will pester you from afar with Optic Blasts, and there isn't anything
    you can do about it except to time your jumps over them. Once you get close,
    he's dead, 'cause you can either jump in for a combo, and air block his 
    attempted air counter if neccessary; on the ground, you can take out his
    regualr attack with good timing with your Berserker Claw (or Berserker Claw 
    X). Up close or as far as 1/2 screen you can take out his pesky low moves
    with the Wild Fang. If he has a level charged, he can take out most of your 
    regular attacks with his Mega Optic Blast, so be careful at this time.
    Vs. Wolverine:
    The spazzo, if being played by a scrub, WILL be a spazzo. In this case, it's
    all a matter of blocking and countering with a Berserker Claw or dashing 
    combo. If they play Logan well, he can be a problem. He'll peck away at you
    with his quick attacks up close, and it's difficult to time a Berserker Claw
    in this case. Basically you just have to wait for him to make a mistake, 
    usually from Drill Clawing all over the place. Once he has a level charged, 
    be VERY careful of the Weapon X, which'll take priority over EVERYTHING.
    Vs. Sabretooth:
    Playing the mirror match is like playing a slower, more powerful Wolverine 
    (only better, of course :). Basically, this is a nerve-wracking game of
    priorities, and who can bring their attack out faster. Hopefully, you'll be
    fighting an ametuer who thinks the Birdie Call is a reliable move :). 
    Vs. Storm:
    If she plays her damned-stupid off the screen keep-away, you punch out the 
    guy you're playing if you've got a bad temper like me ;), or just walk away
    from the machine if the arcade attentant is around, 'cause you'll lose from
    time out or block damage (which is normally not so bad, except in this case.)
    If they play a good Storm, its a fun battle. Her Typhoon is fairly fast and 
    can be directed for keep-away, but if you anticipate it from fairly close, 
    you can knock her down with a FAST Berserker Claw. Once you get up close you 
    shouldn't have much trouble. Take out her standing attacks with Jabs, and her
    crouching attacks with S.Roundhouse, Wild Fang, and either Weapon X or 
    Berserker Claw X. If you block her Lightning Attack, wail on any of your 
    regular attacks and you will usually counter. Once she has a level charged, 
    don't throw out jump-in attacks too often early, 'cause she'll take them out 
    with a Lightning.
    Vs. Rogue: 
    When she steals your Berserker Claw, it can turn into a battle of priority,
    so in that case don't throw things out randomly. Either way, try very hard 
    not to get caught by her Absorbing Kiss, which is unblockable. For this 
    reason she'll tick you with Jabs and Shorts then catch you with it, so try 
    and keep your distance. If you block her Southern Belle Combo (my fancy name 
    for her rushing punches), punish her with a combo. You can usually take out 
    her SC with your own, or block and counter.
    Vs. Gambit:
    The damn frenchman will be bouncing all over in the air with his charge D, U
    moves, so stay defensive and build your meter and hope you can catch him on
    the ground. If his mid-air movements develop a pattern, try for an Air Throw,
    or POSSIBLY a Weapon X if he gets close to the ground. On the ground he will 
    take priority over your low moves with a Strong Cajun Slash, so stay standing for the most part, 
    and once up close, try your hardest for a Throw. You can take out his attacks
    on the ground with  the Berserker Claw, thankfully. Try your best to take out
    his low kicks with the Wild Fang, S.Roundhouse or Weapon X, as he can set you
    up easily for an OTG combo, one of his most damaging forms of attack. Once he 
    has a level on the Super Meter, try not to be predictable with your attacks,
    as he can go immediately into a Royal Flush and nail you IF HE IS FAST 
    Vs. Juggernaut:
    If you are careful, he shouldn't be a problem as long as you ONLY jump in 
    with Fierce or Roundhouse (he cannot absorb these), and always chain your 
    Jabs and Shorts into full combos (cannot absorb multiple hits either). It is 
    especially dangerous if he blocks your Wild Fang, as he can counter with a
    Juggernaut Punch, F+Fierce XX Juggernaut Splash, or Headcrush, all doing 
    major damage! When you block ANYTHING from him, combo to your fullest! 
    Remember, Juggernaut can also be stopped on the ground with a C.Roundhouse.
    Vs. Magneto:
    His Hyper Grav seems to have been slowed a little since MSH, but you should
    still be careful and not get caught in it. He can play good keep-away with
    his EM Disruptor and Magnetic Waves (those duel pink projectiles from the air
    we all loved from X-Men: CotA!); from fairly close you can Wild Fang over
    them, but jumping is better. Up close his slide has surprising priority and 
    he can cancel it into a Shockwave OTG, so try to stay on the defensive up 
    close. Jumping in is fairly safe, but remain in the defensive position here 
    so he can't Hyper Grav you. REMINDER: when he is flying, Mags CANNOT AIR 
    BLOCK!!!! :)
    Vs. Ryu:
    Good ol' keep-away is not so effective anymore, so don't be afraid to jump 
    his FBs a lot, but again stay in the defensive position while doing so in 
    case he can DP. Like most other projectiles, you can take out his Hadouken
    fairly easily with a Wild Fang from close, otherwise just jump. Up close you 
    can deal with him nicely with quick attacks, but stay standing to defend 
    against his quick OS and Hop Kick. Remember, his Vacuum Hurricane when he has 
    it charged will take out any of your moves, even a Berserker Claw!!!!
    Vs. Ken:
    Without his QCB+punch Roll, Ken is weakened considerably. Jumping his FBs is
    no problem, and jumping in is fairly safe with air blocking present. Up close
    you can take him out with quick attacks. Easy fight until he has a level 
    charged, at which point be VERY careful with your attacks, as his Shoryureppa 
    takes out pretty much everything.
    Vs. Chun Li:
    Don't try and take her on in the air, with her high-priority moves and better
    Air Throw (yes, both even better than Sabretooth's!). On the ground, try 
    and stay standing to avoid getting hit by the Split Kick. Her FB should be no 
    trouble jumping over and you can also take it out with a Wild Fang from 
    fairly close. Once she has a level charged, she's becomes a woman for all 
    occasions--she can take out pretty much any standing attack with her Thousand 
    Burst Kick, and she can take out airborne opponents with the Super Spinning 
    Bird Kick or the majorly-beefed up Kikosho. If you block or she misses any of 
    these SCs, counter as best you can.
    Vs. Cammy:
    Fast little bitch, but she has horrible recovery on all of her moves. If you
    block the Cannon Drill, Cannon Spike, Air Thrust Kick or Spin Drive Smasher,
    she's open to easy counters. Her Assault Knuckle knocks you back a ways if
    you block it, but you can counter quickly with a Berserker Claw or Berserker 
    Claw X to knock her back as well. Her only other important attack is her 
    Furiga Combine (the Air Roll+Throw), which although unblockable, is easy to 
    counter with a C.Fierce. For all of these reasons, stay defensive in this 
    fight and you're sure too win.
    For god's sake, don't get close! Jumping in is alright, but always do it with
    Fierce or Roundhouse (which he cannot abosrb) or else he'll SPD or Atomic 
    Drop you as you land. Likewise, only use C.Roundhouse to stop him if he's
    getting in close. Once he has a level charged, try VERY hard to stay away, or
    he'll tick you for the FAB.
    The Yoga master is a GREAT character, and the only way to beat him is up 
    close. From a distance he'll keep you back with the Yoga Flame and Fire, and
    the almighty S.Roundhouse. You can take out his Yoga Fire with a Wild Gang if
    close, however. Edge your way in from the ground, as his air countering 
    is a nightmare and he will frequently nail you out of one of your jumping 
    attacks. Once you get up close you will have no trouble out-prioritizing him 
    with Jabs, crouching kicks and Berserker Claw--try ticking for Throws. He 
    will try up close to use his C.Roundhouse slide, so use the Wild Fang and 
    S.Roundhouse here or there. In the air he can take priority over you with his 
    Yoga Mummy and Drills, so stay grounded, and if he goes offensive he'll use 
    repeated Drills; block them all and counter FAST with a Throw. The big thing 
    to worry about in this fight is the almighty Yoga Inferno, definetely one of 
    the best Supers in the game! The damage is VERY HEAVY, and he can take you 
    out of most of your attacks if you're less than 2/3 of the screen away. The 
    Yoga Inferno can also be directed upward to catch you out of a jump-in 
    attack, so refrain from jumping with attacks often. If blocked, the Yoga 
    Inferno will leave Dhalsim open VERY briefly, and if you're right up close 
    you can counter. From afar you can counter with Berserker Claw or Berserker
    Claw X.
    Bison is still as lame as ever--so lame in fact that I have no strategy 
    section against him, 'cause no one uses him! IMO he shouldn't have been in
    the game in the first place.
    You can always take out his SBs with a Wild Fang from fairly close, even
    with Charlie's great recovery. He can air counter fairly well, so try and 
    stay grounded unless he throws a Sonic Boom and you're safe to jump. Once you
    have a level charged you can take out most of his moves with the Berserker
    Claw X. Up close, be wary of his high-priority C.Forward, which with 
    anticipation can be taken out with a Wild Fang or S.Roundhouse.
    Akuma players tend to FB WAY too much, as much as even Ryu! Jump over his FBs
    (or take 'em out with the Wild Fang) and stay with the Air Block in case of 
    DPs. He shouldn't be too much trouble until he gets a level on the Super 
    meter. Once this happens, he becomes a nightmare. Don't throw anything out 
    from a distance or he'll use his Super FB to take it out. Up close, don't 
    throw any regular move out randomly, as he can take it out with his Violent 
    Dragon SC. And of course, if the enemy is any good with Akuma, he can set you 
    up for the dreaded Raging Demon, best after knocking you down! LEARN TO
    SAFETY ROLL!!!!!!!! This may prevent you from getting "Demoned". 
    If the Safety Roll fails, hold D and start wailing on Short kick and you 
    may take him out of the Demon. Alternately, if you've got the timing down 
    pat, you can usually throw him out of it if he was a LITTLE BIT late with 
    Demon as you get up.
    First and foremost, a HUGE thanks to James Chen for the third installment in 
    his AWESOME combo FAQ series. Also thanks to everyone who submitted info on 
    this game to the newsgroups. Thanks to Capcom for a great game, and no thanks 
    to Happy Man arcade for making it cost 3 tokens! :(
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