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    Wolverine by DTrueman

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            X-Men vs. Street Fighter Wolverine FAQ v1.0
            by Shinkuu Doogie (doogiet@telusplanet.net)
            This is my latest contribution to the internet videogaming world. I
    started to write it a long time ago, but then lost interest.  Well, I've
    decided to finish it.  So enjoy...  I'm writing this FAQ at a time when my
    best female friend suddenly decided never to speak to me again.  (What did
    I do?)  So if it has misogynist undertones, you'll know why.
            This FAQ will probably undergo several revisions before I release
    it to the net.  It's to help people learn that Wolverine can be played
    stylishly; he's not just the button-pounding newbie magnet that many
    people think of.  Wolvie can be used with skill, finesse, and panache.
    This FAQ is dedicated to getting players away from Ken and Ryu (but not
    Akuma), and into the X-Men.  And if you're going to use an X-Men, who
    better to start with?  If you're interested in either Rogue or Akuma for
    X-Men vs. Street Fighter, check out the FAQs I wrote for them:
    www.ucalgary.ca/~dmtruema.  But enough about me.  Let's talk about you.
    What do you think of me?  ;)  Bah, on to our topic.
    "I'm afraid Robert Goulet hasn't arrived yet, sir."
    "Very well.  Begin the thawing of Jim Neighbours."
    Codename: Wolverine
    Real name: Logan (he doesn't seem to have a last name)
    Also known as: Patch
    Age: Unknown (but he's apparently over 100 years old)
    Height: 5'3"
    Weight: 195 lb.
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Black
    First appearance: Incredible Hulk, issue #180, 1974
            "Who is Wolverine?" I'm sure you're all wondering.  Go ahead.
    Admit it.  You're wondering who he is.  Well, that's what this section is
    for.  In the Marvel Universe, Wolverine (his real name is Logan) was a
    member of CSIS (Canadian Secret Intelligence Service) before he
    "volunteered" for the Weapon X project, in which the Canadian Government
    fused the miraculous metal called Adamantium to his skeleton.  Adamantium
    is indestructible once it has been set; accordingly, Wolverine's bones
    cannot be broken.  Wolverine was chosen because his mutant ability is a
    healing factor which allows him to recover from wounds at exponential
    rates; he was the only person the Canadian Government thought would be
    able to withstand the trauma of having Adamantium fused within his body.
    (But we Canadians all know that this story is bull.  *We* would never do
    that.  But the *American* government does this type of thing in its
            The most noticeable feature of Wolverine (other than the fact that
    he'll laugh at you if run him over with a truck) is that three razor-sharp
    Adamantium claws can be extended from each forearm by him at will.
    Because Adamantium is indestructible, Wolverine can use these claws for a
    variety of purposes: he can use them to climb stone walls, pick his teeth,
    peel an orange, or disembowel anyone he doesn't like (this is generally
    what the readers like to see).
            The origin of his claws are a source of much debate.  For years,
    Marvel insinuated that he obtained his claws when he was infused with
    Adamantium.  However, after Magneto viciously ripped the Adamantium out of
    his body in the Fatal Attractions series, Wolvie discovered that his
    claws were actually bone to begin with; he only discovered them after he
    was fused with the Adamantium, and consequently thought that they were
    metal.  Many readers hate this idea.  Regardless of where they came from,
    though, Wolverine currently only has bone claws left.  This sucks.  Like
    they'd be an effective weapon.  They'd chip, splinter, crack, etc.  What
    was Marvel thinking?  But, due to the loss of his Adamantium, he's
    becoming more feral then ever before.  Wolverine can no longer control his
    berserker rages to the degree that the once could, and because his healing
    factor no longer has to compensate for the foreign Adamantium in his
    system, he now heals insanely fast.  If you were run him over with a
    truck, he'd be good as new by the time the rear tires left his body.
            Aside from his claws and his healing factor, Wolvie has mutant
    enhanced physical attributes and senses.  He can track people endlessly
    through smell, hear the slightest noise, and perform all sorts of
    gymnastic maneuvers to better bear his claws on his opponents.  What a
    guy.  ;)
            Wolverine Miscellany:
            He hates Sabertooth, loves Jean Grey, smokes cigars, and lost a
    hand in the Age of Apocalypse storyline.  Oh!  You want miscellany from
    the game!  I was just getting to that.  (Sheepish grin)
    To select Wolverine, simply place the character select icon over Wolverine
    and press an attack button.  If you've chosen correctly you'll be rewarded
    with a voice that says, "Wolverine."  Isn't Capcom clever?  ;)
            1p colour: Blue and Yellow.  (press punch)
            2p colour (press kick) Brown and Yellow.  (both colours feature
    the same colour claws, though.  Unlike Sabertooth, who sports an
    effeminate set of pink talons as his 2p colour.  And he calls on a chick
    with a gun for a super.  What a wimp.  "Laaaa!")
            Entry pose: He releases his claws and says, "Let's go, bub."
            Exit pose: He says, "Rookie", and then sprints away.
            Victory pose #1: Takes off his hood and says, "Rookie." (My
            Victory pose #2: He hits his claws against each other and smiles
    as he listens to the lovely metal-on-metal sound.
            Victory pose #3 (perfect): He runs his claws down a blackboard
    that materializes behind him.  (Just kidding)  ;)
            Victory pose by time: Unleashes his claws like #2. (Snikt!)
            Taunt: Same as pose #2.
            Victory quote #1: "Now my claws are gonna do the talking."  (lame)
            Victory quote #2: "Now let's get down to some slicin' and dicin'."
    (better, but still lame)
            Victory quote #3: "Don't mess with the big boys, bub."  (not bad)
            Victory quote #4: "The sum of the square roots of any two sides of
    an isosceles triangle is equal to the square root of the remaining side."
    (He's really talking about a right triangle, but that's okay.) ;)
            Victory quote #5: The one word that just says it all: "Rookie!" (I
    was never good in math.)
            Victory quote #6: "I didn't even use my healing factor."  This I
    find to be an odd thing to say, and attribute it to Capcom's ignorance of
    Wolverine's mutant power.  It's involuntary.  He can't turn it off or on
    at will.
            Victory quote #7: "You're outta your league, bub."  (No problems here)
            Wolverine's ending: Jubilee runs up to him as he's shaking hands
    with Ryu and says, "Hey, Wolvie!  You kicked some serious butt back there.
    What's up with that Ryu guy?  Is he hard-core or what?"  Then Wolverine
    says, "It don't matter about his fame or attitude, kid.  Ryu is (wait for
    it) an 'honourable fighter with great honour'.  And I respect him for it."
    Then Wolvie and Jubilee walk off into the sunset, necking. ;)  What's up
    with Capcom?  Don't they know English?  Even if the game was made by
    Capcom of Japan, doesn't their translating team know how to *translate*?
    That's what they're there for, right? Wolverine *himself* speaks better
    English.  But enough bitching.  Capcom's given us all years of
    quarter-crunching entertainment.  Yay, Capcom.
            Wolverine's Moves
    I'm not going to lay out the usual "1=jab, 2=strong" scheme that so many
    FAQ writers do.  If you don't know what which buttons do what, go talk to
    someone in your arcade.  This is basic, *basic* 1990's popular culture.
    This is "The earth is round" stuff.
            I'm still waiting for Capcom to get its own category on Jeopardy.
    I can see the questions now: "$200: The two most popular fighting game
    characters in Capcom history.  $1000: The motion for Akuma's Raging Demon
    move.  Daily Double: The number of games Capcom made between Street
    Fighter 2 and Street Fighter 3 that have the words "Street Fighter" in
    their title."  (Check the end of the FAQ for the answers.)
            Special Moves
            Berserker Barrage: Fireball motion and punch (keep tapping punch
    for more hits, maximum of eight)
            Tornado Claw: Dragon punch motion and punch (keep tapping punch
    for more hits, maximum of six)
            Drill Claw: Any direction and Strong Punch and Weak Kick.  This
    move can be done in the air. However, if Wolverine is on the ground he
    cannot Drill Claw away from his opponent.  It's not like he ever would,
    either.  Wolverine running away from a fight?  Never.
            Diving kick:  When he's in the air, press down and forward kick.
    Wolverine will defy the laws of physics, and suddenly drop straight down
    with a leg extended, no matter what he was doing previously.
            Sliding claw: While on the ground, press down/forward and fierce
    punch. Wolverine will slide along the ground with his claws extended.
    This can be used to go under most projectile weapons and beams, Ryu's
    fireball excluded.  (of course)
            Air control:  Like Chun Li and Vega, Capcom's original flying
    fighters, Wolverine can jump off the arena walls and the sides of the
    screen.  Just hold away from the wall when you approach it.
            Air Launcher:  Roundhouse kick (no controller direction.)
    Wolverine will plant his claws into the ground and to a double kick to the
    sky, launching whoever doesn't happen to be blocking.
            Mini Air Launcher: Down and strong punch.  He claws upwards in a
    circular motion, launching his opponent just above the ground.  More on
    this later.
            Dash: Tap twice in the direction you want to dash.  See Wolvie
    run.  Run, Wolvie, run.
            Throw #1: "Trip 'n' Slash"  Press forward or away and fierce and
    watch as Wolvie slashes the guy's feet out from under them, assumes a
    mounted position (like Royce Gracie) and cuisinarts their face.
            Throw #2: "Flip 'n' Slash"  Press forward or away and strong and
    watch as Wolvie assumes a reverse guard position on the guy's back (like
    Royce Gracie) and turns the back of the guy's neck into a scratching post.
    He then flips them over his head.  (Technically that should make it
    "Slash 'n' Flip", but then it wouldn't rhyme with the first throw.  And as
    we all know, if something rhymes it must be true.)  ;)
            Air Throw: "Defy gravity 'n' slash"  Press forward and strong
    while next to your opponent in the air.  Wolvie and his victim will pull a
    David Copperfield, with Wolvie examining the guy's teeth with his claws.
    (Brush after every meal)
            Super Moves:
            Berserker Barrage Super: Fireball motion and two punches.
            Weapon X Super: Dragon Punch motion and two punches.
            Using Wolverine's Special Moves
            Berserker Barrage:  This move is best employed in combos, or in
    literally scraping away the last few ounces of your opponent's life.  It
    has horrendous recovery time.  Basically, if your opponent blocks this
    move, he can leave the arcade, go to a comic book store, read the entire
    Wolverine series, return, and still have time to retaliate.  Generally, if
    you use this move and it's blocked, you'll be thrown.  You might eat a
    super as well, but I find that throws work well on opposing Wolvies when
    this is blocked.  If you have a clean shot at your opponent and you don't
    have a super charged, this is a safe bet.  It comes out moderately fast,
    and if you get all eight hits to connect, you initiate the "flying
    screen."  When this happens, the opponent will fly rapidly away from you,
    and Wolverine will come sprinting up shortly thereafter.  This is very
    useful in the corner for adding additional hits, because your opponent
    cannot fly away, and will instead end up bouncing off the wall.  When this
    happens your opponent cannot block until they land on the ground for a
    brief period of time.  So, if you can hit him or her off the ground right
    after they land, you can add more hits.  More on this in the combo
    section. The berserker Barrage, in my humble opinion, is best employed if
    you use Wolvie's sliding claw (down/forward and fierce) to go under a
    fireball, or to hit an enemy that's blocking high.  One the sliding claw
    hits, cancel it with the Berserker Barrage and keep tapping fierce.  Be
    sure to let the joystick recenter, or you'll do a Tornado Claw instead.
    Not that that's such a bad thing, but if the guy blocks you're in
    trouble...  Of course, the whole idea of blocking Wolvie's Berserker
    Barrage is garbage.  That also goes for any of his claw attacks.  Like
    covering your face with your arms while some crazed guy slashes at you
    with razors is going to be effective.  ;)
            Tornado Claw: This is a good staple move in combos, and as an
    anti-air defense.  Of course if the incoming guy is blocking, you'll just
    push them away from you.  If you Tornado Claw someone on the ground and
    they block, Wolverine will fall from the sky with one of his arms hanging
    lazily above his head.  This is generally not an effective way to win, as
    your opponent will probably nail you with a super.  So don't use this move
    unless you're moderately sure it will connect.  However, it can be
    effectively employed in the traditional Shotokan jumping fierce, fierce,
    dragon punch combos.  Do this and watch as your opponent gets some serious
    shaving nicks.  ;)
            Drill Claw: This move has a few uses that might not immediately
    come to mind.  Firstly, you can use it to hit opponents.  (Well, this one
    is kind of obvious.)  Secondly, because it can be done in the air, you can
    use it to change Wolverine's direction in mid-flight and dodge supers,
    fireballs, and dragon punches.  Furthermore, this move has very short
    recovery time, so you can use it with near impunity.  If you Drill Claw
    someone on the ground and they block, keep tapping fierce as you land. The
    sight of a ball of hair with six claws spinning wildly should convince
    your opponent not to attack.  Thirdly, you can use this to psyche your
    opponent from the air.  You can jump fireballs and Drill Claw diagonally
    downward to hit them where you might normally miss.  You can also do this
    in the air in general, to nail unsuspecting opponents from awkward angles.
    (Damn that word, 'awkward.' I had the most romantic experience in my life
    with a girl who later labeled the whole thing as 'awkward.')  :( Finally,
    you can (and *should*) use the Drill Claw in air combos.  It if hits in an
    air combo it does decent damage and initiates the flying screen.  Don't
    forget to end all air combos with a Drill Claw.
            Diving kick: Wolverine's diving kick is another good psyche move.
    It can be used to throw off your opponent's expectation of how you move in
    the air.  If it hits a guy on the ground, immediately go into a combo.  If
    it's blocked, Wolverine will bounce backwards off the guy's head, but he
    bounces blocking.  So use it to play with your opponent's mind.  It's also
    good to escape from blocking damage from air fireballs, and other awkward
    situations.  (Damn!  There it is again.)
            Sliding Claw: As previously mentioned, it can go under projectile
    and beam attacks (except for supers, and Ryu's fireball).  Cancel this
    move with a Berserker Barrage, or a Berserker Barrage super for solid
    damage.  Because it hits low, anyone blocking high will (obviously) be
    hit.  But like they'd ever walk again.  Man, Wolverine should win this
    whole game just by showing up.  Well, then again, Magneto could throw him
    around like a rag doll.  And he couldn't hurt Rogue, anyway.  Hmm...  In
    somewhat related tactics, Wolverine's small size allows him to crouch
    under Cyclops's, Magneto's and Charlie's (Guile's) projectiles.  So don't
    bother blocking them.  Just crouch and laugh at your opponent as their
    attack flies harmlessly overhead.  But don't try to do this to a super, or
    your opponent will laugh as Wolvie gets bounced by multiple hits.  Sniff.
            Air Control: You can use Wolverine's bounce off the wall move to
    escape from awkward situations.  Fuck.  That's it.  I'm getting my
    thesaurus...  Let's see here [flip, flip]: "Synonyms of "awkward": Clumsy,
    ungraceful, uncoordinated, bumbling, bungling, gauche, inept, maladroit,
    unpolished.  Fine.  Let's try this again.
            Air Control: You can use Wolverine's bounce off the wall move to
    escape from gauche situations.  However, if you are continually holding
    back in the air to block (which is always a good idea) you may find
    yourself losing control of Wolvie and rob yourself of an ideal attack
    situation.  So keep this in mind when blocking and approaching a wall.
            Air Launcher: This is the keystone of pissing off your opponents with
    endless claws strikes in air combos.  Just press roundhouse when you're
    near your opponent and he's not blocking.  However, if you're facing
    Juggernaut, you have to hit him with another move before the launcher.
    Anything will do, but jabs are the way to go.  I'm going to include a huge
    combo section further on.  You can scroll down to it, or you can [click
    here] to access it now.  No, wait.  This isn't an HTML file.  Damn.
            Mini-Air Launcher: This is best preceded by a low jab (so that
    you're already holding down when you press strong) and followed by a
    standing roundhouse.  Not too much more on this.  But check the combo
    section later.
            Dash: This has no tactical use in and of itself, but it's great
    for moving Wolvie on the screen.  And if you dash and then attack, your
    momentum will carry you further over your opponent's sprite, so more hits
    will connect.
            Throw #1: "Trip 'n' Slash"  This is a great move to use to piss
    off your opponent.  It comes out instantly, and is *very* difficult to
    tech hit out of.  This is a far cry from Rogue's throw, where she can have
    already carried you halfway up the screen by the time you notice, and then
    escape.  Because this move comes out so quickly, you can use it to cheap
    your opponent.  Walk up to them and tick them with a jab, then throw.  Or
    jump in without attacking, and then throw.  But employ these tactics with
    discretion.  I've been punched for doing too many Raging Demons...
            Throw #2: "Flip 'n' Slash"  This move is best employed when your
    Wolverine is in the corner.  If you throw the guy with this move, you'll
    slash him, and then flip *him* into the corner.  As soon as you've done
    this, do a Berserker Barrage, or a Berserker Barrage super.  However, if
    the opponent rolls when they land, or tech hits the throw, you'll go
    charging blindly into the corner with your opponent behind you.  This is a
    very ungraceful situation to find yourself in.  So be careful.
            Using Wolverine's Supers
            Berserker Barrage Super:  This is, in my opinion, one of the best
    supers in the game.  It comes out instantaneously, sprints across the
    floor, does massive damage, and initiates the flying screen afterwards.
    The *moment* you complete the fireball motion and press two punches, the
    screen goes dark, and Wolvie begins diving towards the opponent.  This is
    very different from many of the other supers in the game, where there's a
    long initiation time.  For example, Cammy's Lock On super has a start time
    that's so pathetic it can't be used as a counter.  It's great for
    anticipatory attacks, but not for countering.  The Berserker Barrage
    Super, on the other hand, is tied with Juggernaut's HeadCrush for the best
    counter move in the game.  The best way to use this super is to harass the
    hell out of your opponent on the ground, once you have a super charged. If
    your opponent jumps, he's a coward.  (I'm quoting Donovan Bailey here.)
    Basically you want to tick at your opponent until he attacks you with
    either a fierce or roundhouse type move that either whiffs or is blocked.
    Generally, regardless of whether or not it's blocked or it his, once the
    move is recovering, he's dead.  Examples:  If Ryu throws a fireball at
    close range and you block it, do the super.  If he does a roundhouse
    sweep, block it and do the super.  This is true of almost any character's
    low roundhouse.  Wolvie's Berserker Barrage Super comes out so fast that
    he can block the attack and counter with a super before the opponent can
    even blink an eye.  In these types of situations, you *don't* want to push
    the opponent back.  Just block the hit and super.  Block, super.  Uma,
    Oprah.  Furthermore, if you have good reflexes and can recognize most of
    the character's attack animations, it's possible to use this super to
    interrupt your opponents attack.  This will result in a major counter and
    will float your opponent.  Follow up with a senbon punch and a dragon
    lance combo.  No, wait...  The Berserker Barrage Super can be employed in
    much the same manner aggressively as it can be defensively.  If you're
    close to the guy, keep ticking at him.  If you see him flinch, do the
    super.  But this isn't always the best tactic to use if you've got slow
    reflexes.  You may end up eating a lot of unnecessary hits if this is the
    case.  In this instance, use it to counter a blocked attack.  Finally, a
    few caveats on this move. The Berserker Barrage Super has a *very* limited
    range.  Sure, it comes out fast and travels fast, but the distance it
    covers is moderate.  Keep this in mind.  Don't use this move if your
    opponent is more than a few character lengths away.  It recovers faster
    than the normal Berserker Barrage, so you won't be *that* dead if you
    miss.  Just keep all these things in mind.
            The Weapon X Super (It slices!  It dices!  It's the X-o-matic!)
            Despite the fact that this super isn't as useful as The Berserker
    Barrage Super, I find it to be more aesthetically pleasing: Wolvie almost
    teleports across the screen in one hell of a rush, knocks the poor victim
    up into the air and begins clawing the !@#$ out of them.  After eleven
    hits that do moderate damage, he does a forward flip and viciously double
    claws the opponent's entire body; Wolvie's entire physique shakes from the
    sheer power he exerts.  The twelfth hit finishes the combo, and does
    *massive* damage.  And, if you kill someone with it, you get to see Wolvie
    gut his victim as the huge X flashes on the screen.  ;)  This super, Ken's
    Shinryuken, Rogue's Goodnight Sugah, and Akuma's Raging Demon (of course)
    are my favorite super moves in the game.  While we're at it, I like Omega
    Red's Tentacle Frenzy in X-Men: Children of the Atom, as well.  Despite
    the fact that if this super should instantly kill any opponent, its uses
    are somewhat limited.  :( But there are a few places where it becomes
    practical.  For one thing, this move has one of the highest priorities in
    the game.  As far as I know, it's second only to the dragon punch.  It
    will cut through *any* other attack, including fireballs, sonic booms,
    beam attacks, sweeps, etc.  In the most extreme example, I was once
    playing this guy's Magneto.  I was on the leftmost side of the screen, and
    he was a little over 2/3rds to the right.  So he decides to do Magneto's
    Magnetic Tempest. (Which is generally a foolish thing to do at the best of
    times; what was he thinking?)  So he starts the Tempest, and I start the
    Weapon X Super.  Wolvie extended his claws, made the usual, "Let's go,
    bub" retort, and then proceeded to run through the entire screen while it
    was full of Magneto's attack.  I don't know exactly what Magnus shoots,
    but they were everywhere.  Unheeded, Wolverine ran through them as if
    nothing was there, and proceeded to whale on the poor guy.  Eric Magnus
    Lensherr died a tragic death, and then my Wolvie destroyed the subsequent
    Ryu.  So let this be a lesson to you: this move rocks!  The Weapon X Super
    is not without its problems, however.  The biggest one is the tremendous
    lag time between when you've keyed in the command, and when Wolvie
    actually starts to run.  Of course, if there were no lag time at all the
    move would be far too powerful: you could basically kill someone if they
    made the slightest mistake.  As far as using it goes, I've only found
    there to be two main uses.  The first is when you opponent does something
    that leaves them really open (like missing a Shinryuken, or blocking a
    Royal Flush), or using it as an anti-air counter.  When you first start
    using this move, you'll be appalled at how long it takes to start.  For
    example, if you want to use it to punish a blocked Shinryuken, you have to
    enter the command before Ken is even on the screen when he's landing. (!)
    Any later and he'll have time to block.  Because of the Weapon X Super's
    priority, it will cut through any jumping-in attacks and suck the guy into
    its whirling cuts.  However, you have to really anticipate.  I mean,
    *really* anticipate when the guy's going to jump in.  And furthermore,
    don't use it like you would a dragon punch.  If you stand where your
    opponent's going to land and enter the motion, 9.9 times out of ten you'll
    be hit before it starts.  So stand just out of range and enter the
    command. Wolvie's extreme speed will more than get him there on time.  One
    final note about this move: it's recovery time is pretty much
    instantaneous.  If you miss with this move, or it's blocked, you're not as
    dead as you might think.  Just in case, be sure to hold away when Wolvie's
    running.  And if you think you're going to be thrown, try to tech hit your
    way out of it.
            One other thing to note: for some odd reason, it won't go through
    Chun Li's Fireball Super.  But her recovery on that move is so long that
    you can block it, push her back, and still counter with the Weapon X
            Wolverine Combos
            "I'm the best at what I do"
            Wolverine's repeated claim to fame is that no one else can run
    into a room full of thugs, kick everybody's ass, and come out unscathed.
    With the possible exception of Sabertooth, this is probably true.  So, if
    you want to play Wolvie the way that he would want to be played, you have
    to attack relentlessly.  ;)  No retreating or regrouping.  The only time
    you should not be attacking is when you're off the screen healing.  This
    works well for harassing your opponents.  Kick hacking at them with those
    claws until they do something stupid, and then throw, nail them with a
    super, or a devastating combo.  The other way to play Wolvie is to play a
    very laid back, mostly-blocking game where you take little shots at your
    opponent.  I've played a few games like this with Alan Tran's Wolvie, and
    they're very intense.  In these types of games one mistake can often
    change the course of the game because you can usually land a huge combo.
    So, to help you better slash your opponent to pieces, this section is
    dedicated to the art of combos.  I have to admit that I'm not the best at
    figuring out which move can combo into another move, but fortunately,
    James Chen figured them all out for me.  ;)  He wrote a *terrific* combo
    guide.  His email address is jchensor@ucla.edu, so if you have any
    questions concerning combos, he's the guy to ask.  Rather than paraphrase
    everything he wrote about combos, I'm just going to include his Wolverine
    section here:
            [Enter James Chen] Wolverine's Air Combo is one of the smoothest,
    quickest ones there is.  His Launcher launches the enemy at a very
    convenient height, and the timing of his Super Jumping Magic Series is
    very simple and consistent. Wolverine can actually use the Strong attack
    in the air more than once in a row.  By pressing it many times, he will
    chain one slash into a second slash that will combo, and that second slash
    will chain back into the first slash.  Any of these slashes can still be
    chained into a Forward, Fierce, or Roundhouse.  So as a result, he can add
    more hits in the air with the Strong button.  His air combo finishers are
    fierce, roundhouse, and the Drill Claw.
            Miscellaneous Information
            Wolverine's Standing Strong also can chain into itself, just like
    the Jumping Strong.  It can repeatedly chain into itself and can also
    chain into any moves further in the chain.  His Standing Forward can also
    be made to hit twice if you press the button twice.
            His Crouching Strong will knock the enemy off the floor and
    actually drag them closer towards him, making it easier for him to chain
    into his Launcher, even against smaller enemies.  [Exit James Chen.  Thank
    you, James.  How's the wife and kids?]
            The combos themselves:
    This section is also from James's FAQ, complete with a legend so you can
    understand what he's talking about.  Ready?  Here we go:
    -> means chain into
    J means jumping
    S is standing
    SJ is super jump
    \/ means you've landed
    /\ means you're jumping after the guy
    C means crouching
    FS means flying screen
    OTG means you can hit the guy off the ground
    X means Super Move
    XX means Cancel into
            Basic Combos
    1)  D.S.Jab -> S.Short -> S.Forward (2 hits) -> S.Fierce
    2)  Jumping Fierce \/ S.Strong XX Berserker Barrage X (FS)
    3)  J.Roundhouse \/ C.Short -> C.Forward XX Berserker Barrage (OTG) (FS)
    Intermediate Combos
    1)  J.Fierce -> J.Roundhouse \/ C.Strong -> S.Roundhouse /\ SJ.Jab
    -> SJ.Short -> SJ.Strong -> SJ.Forward -> SJ.Fierce (FS)
    2)  J.Fierce \/ D.S.Short -> S.Roundhouse /\ SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short ->
    SJ.Strong -> SJ.Strong -> SJ.Strong -> SJ.Forward XX Drill Claw (aimed
    Diagonally Upwards) (FS)
    3) Have enemy in corner.  J.Jab -> J.Short -> J.Strong \/ D.S.Jab ->
    S.Short -> S.Strong -> S.Strong -> C.Roundhouse XX Tornado Claw 4) J.Jab
    -> J.Short -> J.Strong \/ D.S.Jab -> S.Short -> C.Fierce XX Drill Claw
    Difficult combos that will freak out your opponent and please the crowd:  ;)
    1)  Have enemy near corner.  J.Jab -> J.Short -> J.Strong \/ D.S.Jab ->
    S.Short -> C.Strong -> S.Roundhouse /\ SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short -> SJ.Strong ->
    SJ.Strong -> SJ.Strong -> SJ.Forward XX Drill Claw (aimed Diagonally
    Upwards) (FS), SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short -> SJ.Roundhouse \/ C.Short (OTG) ->
    C.Strong -> S.Roundhouse
       **Note: After the Drill Claw, the enemy will fall past you in the air.
    Do the SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short -> SJ.Roundhouse there. Against smaller enemies,
    skip the SJ.Short in between the Jab and the Roundhouse.
    2) Have enemy near corner.  J.Jab -> J.Short -> J.Strong \/ D.S.Jab ->
    S.Short -> S.Strong -> S.Forward XX Berserker Barrage X (FS), J.Jab ->
    J.Short -> J.Strong -> J.Roundhouse \/ C.Short (OTG) -> C.Strong ->
    **Note: Just hold up/forward on the controller after the Berserker Barrage
    X and nail the falling body before it lands.
            Wolverine's Nasty Mid-Air Combo:
            I'm actually somewhat surprised that James didn't put this mid-air
    combo in his FAQ.  It's straightforward, simple to pull off, and rather
    deadly. You jump at the guy with a jab (which stays extended for a rather
    long period of time, and has extremely high priority), then chain it into
    three or four strongs, then end with a drill claw.  And, of course, if
    you're next to the wall, follow up with additional hits after the flying
    screen. The reason that this combo is so effective is because it does
    admirable damage, and the jumping jab has nearly total priority over all
    other air moves.  (If two Wolvie's do this, they both get hit by the
    respective jabs, and fall away.)  If you get tired of blocking jumping
    attacks, or tired of your opponent in general, nail him out of the air
    with this a few times.  ;)
            Finally, Wolvie's jumping jab can even be used to knock a Shotokaner
    out of his spin kick and let you air combo them.  Isn't that great?  ;)
            Regardless of whether your opponent is caught in a mid-air combo,
    or an air combo that started from the ground, it's possible to abort the
    usual hits and go for an air throw.  This does moderate damage, is very
    hard to escape, but is somewhat hard to do.
            Wolverine's Infinite Combo
            What would a FAQ on Wolverine be without his infinite combo?
    Although I never use it (basically, because I didn't know it existed),
    it's here now for your goring pleasure.  Get the guy in the corner, and
    nail him with the Berserker Barrage Super.  After the twelfth hit, he'll
    be launched upwards.  Follow him up with a regular jump, and do the full
    jab to roundhouse chain.  You must do this on the way up, finishing just
    beyond the peak of your jump.  If you time this right, the fierce air
    combo finisher will be interrupted by the roundhouse combo finisher, which
    will launch your opponent horizontally, so he bounces his head off the
    screen.  Wolvie will land first, at which point he can again jump up and
    perform the same combo.  Repeat this until your opp onent is dead, or
    until he beats you up for being cheap.
            It should be noted that the timing of the jump is somewhat
    crucial, so don't feel bad if you can't get it easily.  Secondly, this is
    somewhat of a hard combo to practice because you must start it with the
    Berserker Barrage Super, which (around here) does massive damage.  You'll
    find you're already at Apocalypse and you still need practice.  :( But
    that's life.
    Me!  Doug Trueman, Wolverine lover and all around great guy.  I'm
    generally goring the local competition with Wolvie, but that doesn't say
    much.  And if you though the X-men vs. Street Fighter competition sucks,
    you should see the VF competition.  :( But I've won the whole game with
    Wolvie without switching to my backup character once.  ;)  You can email
    me at dmtruema@acs.ucalgary.ca.
    Tyler Lawson: Should have proofread this by now, but hasn't.  Bastard.
    But he has a gorgeous sister who models.  Email me if you want a picture
    of her.  ;)  (Tyler's not gonna like this, but hey, he had his chance.)
    Holly Lawson: Tyler's gorgeous younger sister, who answered my repeated
    late night phone calls to see if Tyler had bothered to read my FAQ.  (He
    Onaje Everett: Provided me with info on the Infinite Combo.  He's quite a
    smart guy, too.  ;)  You can email him questions on it at
    Alan Tran:  A great guy, and great competition.  Alan, if you read this,
    email me.  I lost your address.  :(
    James Chen: Writer of the X-men vs. Street Fighter combo FAQ.  If you have
    a question about this game, he's the guy to ask: jchensor@ucla.edu.
    Alan Quan: Keeper of the R.E.A.L.M. Wolverine web page, *the* place to go
    to if you want Wolverine info:
    No thanks to:
    Kathryn Batycki, for repeatedly standing me up.  :(
    Dylan Haveron, for repeatedly calling anything game related a 'nerd
    The U of C arcade staff, for charging $1.00 a game, and having the damage
    settings outrageously high.
    (Answers to Jeapordy! questions)
    1.  Ken and Ryu.
    2.  Jab, jab, forward, short, fierce.
    3.  Street Fighter 2 CE
        Street Fighter 2 CE Turbo
        Super Street Fighter 2
        Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo
        Street Fighter Alpha
        Street Fighter Alpha 2
        Street Fighter vs. X-men
      So, the answer would be, "What is 7?"
    --Shun-goku-satsu doogie--
    Check out my home page: http://www.ucalgary.ca/~dmtruema/

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