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    Zangief by ATennant

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    Xmen vs Street Fighter
    Zangief Information
    Ver 1.4
    Version History
    Ver 1.0 Basic Information
    Ver 1.1 A few little extras and clean up
    Ver 1.2 A new combo plus SPD advice
    Ver 1.3 Lots of clean up and additions/corrections
    Ver 1.4 Zangief's EVIL combo added ( finally )
    Normal Moves
    Jab(1)                 Good speed and range still.
    Strong(2)              Hold forwards ( or down in air ) to use Elbow Drop move.
                            Useful for fast air-to-ground attack. Hits opponents on
                            the ground but has bad recovery.
    Fierce(3)                       Splash ( hold down ) has good priority and 
                                    stays out for a long time. Standing punch has 
                                    great range.
    Short(4)                        Good for SPD/FAB ticks.
    Forward(5)                      Not as necessary as SF, because ground game 
                                    isn't as tight. Jumping knees ( hold down ) 
                                    still has great priority.
                                    Great range still.
    Roundhouse(6)                   Still great range. Standing RH is a 2-hit small
    Special Moves
    Spinning Lariat                 3P (Air)
            Still great air defence. Beware people who air block, then dash back in
     or super and remember that they can roll back into you even after it connects.
    Short Spinning Lariat           3K (Air)
            Only hits opponents straight up, and they will sometimes come down and
    throw you. Not much use unless you know they'll block.
    Spinning Piledriver (SPD)       360 + P (Air)
            Range is a little better than SFZ2. Practising air-SPDs is well worth 
            it. Does GOOD damage. I have found that doing the SPD motion with a 
            3/4 circle from back to up works really well sometimes, especially in 
            air combos.
    Siberian Suplex (SS)            HCF + K (Close)
            Good vs cornered opponent. Do a jump in, then SS.
    Run and Grab                    HCF + K (Far)
            Very useful. Speed is a little better than SF, now goes through 
            non-sweep/launcher hits. Only use as a surprise move or against 
    Banishing Punch                 DP + P (Cancels Fireballs but not other 
            projectiles) Not too useful, but can SPD or FAB after it connects for 
    difficult to a void tick.
    Air Throw                       HCB + K
            Really sucks hard. One use is when you do a strong throw in the corner,
     use it to grab them out of the air.
    Grab Dash                               F, F then 2, 5, 3 or 6
            When Zangief dashes, if he connects with the opposition ( doesn't seem
            to work well against cornered opponents ) he grabs them. Push a button
            for which throw you want to do. I haven't been able to SPD or FAB 
            after the grab.
    Hyper X: Final Atomic Buster (FAB)      360 + PP
            The most damaging super in the game! See tactics section for ways to 
            actually get people with it! Goes through hits like Run and Grab.
    Zangief plays much the same as in SF, but doesnt have to work so hard on the 
    ground because of Xmen vs Sfs big air game. One big problem with Zangief is 
    getting close to people which can be hard if they dont want you to. Super 
    jumping is one of the few ways around this, but if the opponent is awake, 
    you can spend your whole time chasing him. So when you do get them, make sure 
    it hurts!
    Getting in. The age old Zangief problem. He still has his SF move priority, so
    jumping in with the splash(down+3) or the knees(down+5) are still great 
    options.  His tick is much the same as SF - if you clean hit with a crouching 
    short(4), they are SPDd. If not, they may be.
    The Run and Grab is better against turtles than SF because its a little faster
    and goes through non-sweep hits! And it looks cool!
    As with SFZ etc, you should centre your attack around the FAB. It does EVIL 
    amounts of damage and looks REALLY cool. It has the disadvantage that its 
    slow. This can be offset in several different ways:
    #1:Jumping splash(3) ( ending up close to opponent ), crouching short(4), FAB 
    is VERY hard to escape because the FAB starts so close to the opponent, 
    especially if you hit very deep with the splash and short.
    #2: Jumping splash ( connects ), standing roundhouse(6) ( small launcher, 2 
    hits must connect), interrupt into FAB ( grabs them as they come down ) is 
    #3: Strong(2) throw ( throws them upwards ), FAB ( as they come down ) is hard
    to get out of unless the target character has an air move involving movement, 
    like Dhalsims t eleport etc, or they hit you with a Fierce(3) or Roundhouse(6)
    as they come down, but it sur prises most people, so this shouldn't be a 
    #4: After a SPD, if they roll towards you, do a FAB which will grab them out of
     their roll. MUCH COOLNESS and VERY effective!
    #5: After killing their first character or if they swap characters, if you are
    on their side of the screen, do a FAB as their second character jumps in, they 
    automatically land right in front of you.
    #6: After any move the opponent does which has a long delay, or puts them in
    the air to fall back down ( e.g. DPs ) if you are close.
    #7: If you manage to get someone with the Dash Grab, wait until the instant 
    Zangief lets go of them, then FAB. Not a reliable technique.
    Basically, just be a Zangief as per SF, but use super jumps to get close when 
    Don't use Zangief as the second half of a team counter unless youre 
    REALLY close because he does the Run and Grab, and wont hit unless theyre in 
    the corner.  The up side of this Run and Grab is that it's invulnerable ( as 
    far as I know ) .
    When used as part of a team super, he does a Lariat.
    You mean Zangief has combos? Yes, this is an alien thing to Zangief players, 
    but he only has a few.
    Jumping knees(D+5), splash(D+3), standing 6, lariat
    Jumping knees(D+5), splash(D+3), crouching 5 cancel into Banishing Punch 
    (DP+P), SPD or FAB ( note that the SPD or FAB on the end doesn't ACTUALLY 
    combo, it's just REALLY hard to avoid ) He has a ground comb which the 
    computer does which I have yet to figure out. It 's something like
     standing jab,short,fierce,lariat. Any info appreciated.
    Air combos:
    crouching strong(2)(launch), 4,5,lariat
    crouching strong(2)(launch), 4,5,6 or 3
    crouching strong(2)(launch), 4,5,lariat,6(corner)
    crouching strong(2)(launch), 4,5,6,6(corner)
    crouching strong(2)(launch), 4,5,SPD(tricky) - the HCF continuing to U SPD
    method works well
    crouching strong(2)(launch), 4,5,air throw, ( if they don't roll.. ) <land>, 
    crouching short,SPD
    crouching strong(2)(launch), 4,5,lariat(w K), <land>, standing 6, Run+Grab/FAB
    Some VS Character info
    Sabretooth:     Watch the speed on his jump. You cant try to hit him as he 
                    jumps in, so the best bet is to lariat, but be careful of him 
                    jumping in blocking. Punish his "jump and grab" thing when he 
                    bounces off with a standing 3. Punish missed "weapon X" supers
                    with a SPD or FAB but be careful, because he often ends
                    up behind you and if you do it too fast, you'll be facing the 
                    wrong way.
                    If he air-combos you, make sure you're ready to tech-hit out of
                    an air throw or you'll eat a super.
    Ken\Ryu\Akuma   Just like the old days! Same tactics as SF, but less ground 
                    tactics required, because you can jump in with impunity while 
    Gambit          Watch for the startup delay on his cards and jump over them. If
                    he does the airborne card throw, block the first, then 
                    superjump and air-SPD him as he throws again ( he proabably 
                    will throw at least two ). If he does the bounce off the walls
                    and come down move, launch him with a crouching 2 as he drops.
    Wolverine       Getting close to Wolverine isnt a problem, because hes usually
                    in your face. When hes air-comboing you, hold down and hammer 
                    on the 2 button because you can air-throw him after the drill
                    claw in his air combo. Be aware that his throws have truly 
                    evil speed. Try to avoid lariat as air defence, because he can
                    dash back in really fast after bounching off.
    Cyclops         Another tricky one because of speed difference. Again be very 
                    careful. Punish any close range optic blasts. Watch out for 
                    the dash-throw especially in combos.
    Magneto         If he flys, super jump and air-SPD as he throws the downward 
                    blasts. Watch out for his slide cancelled into the hyper grabs
                    balls move.
    Storm           Hope that they dont use the "Milo Cooper" off the screen crap.
                    Block a lot and super jump a lot while blocking and look for 
                    chances to SPD while in the air. Get to know when you can 
                    stop blocking the typhoons - they stick around
                    for a while after they stop actually hitting.
    Zangief         As always, Zangief vs Zangief fights are short and violent.
    Cammy           Again a few problems from speed difference, but no projectile 
                    to contend with, except the cannon drill which you can FAB if
                    you block it.
    Dhalsim         Block push or lariat his yoga-spear attacks always.
    Juggernaut      Always an exciting fight. Be real careful. Look for moves with
                    bad recovery and SPD or FAB those long limbs. Try not to be 
                    the first to make a mistake, because itll probably be your 
                    last. Read my Juggernaut FAQ! :)
    Any comments/suggestions/requests, please mail me.
    Web Site: www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/4811
    Bolishoi Tavyeda! ( Big win! )

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