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    Quote List by MrDurp

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    Game: X-Men vs Street Fighter
    Platform: PlayStation
    Author: Andrew Rae - aka Mr Durp
    Contact: sprinter_h at hotmail dot com
    This a list of all the win quotes from X-Men vs Street Fighter.
    You are free to take individual quotes for your site or your
    own use, but if you want to use this entire document, I'll
    ask that you let me know first.
    -By our combined strength, the result was certain.
    -Forget about a rematch.  Practice more instead.
    -I thought I would find a good challenge here...
    -So many I have fought...what was your name again?
    -The world is waiting.  I must leave you now.
    -Who was your instructor?  Next time listen to him.
    -You must defeat my Aerial Rave to stand a chance.
    -You need to learn the way of the World Warrior.
    -Get a life pin-head!
    -I know Shotokan like the back of my hand!
    -It's just soooo over for you.
    -Only one is as good as I am...no not even him!
    -Together, we can crush any opponent!
    -You need to learn more moves to stand a chance.
    -You're not bad, but you're not good either.
    -You're unconscious?  At least you're safe now.
    -I am the strongest woman in this or any world!
    -I expected better.  Why do I expect so much?
    -I want to be the girl with the most bracelets.
    -My victory was like lightning!
    -So weak, why do I care about the likes of you?
    -That was a poor display.
    -We can't be defeated.  Forget it!
    -You need more powerful abilities to win!
    -Don't call me cheap, call me champ!
    -I love pain.  But you love it even more!
    -I love to snap things.  You're next!
    -I'll make American hamburger outta yer face!
    -I've got nothing to say, except...you suck!
    -It's Bolschov Tavieda time!
    -Nobody can withstand my Final Atomic Buster!
    -Time to meet the pavement, idiot!
    -Bison and I will laugh about this tonight...
    -Don't mess with me, I have Shadaloo on my side!
    -I am the strongest bodyguard in the world!
    -I have my instructions.  Don't try to confuse me!
    -I'm young but you're pathetic!
    -I've learned a lot from this, what about you?
    -Now that we've won, you will bow to my master.
    -The plan will be executed soon...
    -I have studied Yoga; you have studied nothing.
    -It's time for you to learn a lesson in defeat.
    -Mother India has been kind to me.
    -Next time I will reach out and strangle you!
    -The pain must be endured.  Then you might be great.
    -With a sound mind comes a superior body.
    -Yoga teaches the combination of powers.
    -You didn't even break my concentration.
    -Didn't even scratch my lens.
    -How many more must lose to my strength?
    -I beat more people before 8 am...
    -I break the sound barrier on a daily basis.
    -I do it for my country.
    -I'm just following orders.
    -If Guile was by my side, we'd be unstoppable.
    -The Red Cross is on its way.
    -A shame, you could have been a competent soldier.
    -I am amused by your incompetence.
    -I barely needed help.  Now I am done with you.
    -I have the ultimate power.  You have nothing.
    -I will conquer the world, starting with you.
    -I will waste no more Psycho Power on you.
    -Soon, this world will be filled with my minions.
    -You have fulfilled your destiny: to lose.
    -Demons don't need partners.  An illusion...
    -Do something.  Do anything.  It won't work.
    -I am bored.  What else is new?
    -Instant Hell Murder.  I think I've heard of it...
    -The killer in me is unstoppable.
    -This realm is a joke.
    -Too bad, you could have been a challenge.
    -You mean nothing to me.
    -As a great man once said, "dreams don't die!"
    -I am an X-Men!  Don't even think about it!
    -I fight for the dream of unity!
    -My eye beams can destroy mountains.
    -Next time, I won't hold back!
    -Want to know why I won?  I kept an eye on you!
    -You shouldn't have tried to defeat an X-Men!
    -You're just a novice.  Go back to the Danger Room.
    -Bright lady, victory!
    -Never confront one who controls nature itself!
    -Now you know the fury of Storm!
    -Perhaps now you'll know not to fight the X-Men?
    -Why must we destroy in order to save?
    -You are not good enough to challenge my power!
    -You should not have tangled with nature.
    -You were too predictable.  Try again?
    -Don't mess with me, bub.
    -I didn't even use my healin' factor.
    -I'm the best there is at what I do.
    -Now let's get down to some slicin' and dicin'!
    -Now, my claws are gonna do the talkin'!
    -You shouldn't mess with the big boys!
    -You're outta your league, bub.
    -Care to dance again, mon ami?
    -Care to deal again?
    -Gambit says "you're not good enough!"
    -Je suis le meilleur!  [I am the best!]
    -La tournament est finite.  [The tournament is finished.]
    -No one is as good as the Cajun.
    -That was too easy, mon ami.  Try again?
    -You've just been dealt a killer hand!
    -Darlin', don't play games with me!
    -Darlin', you just don't know when to quit!
    -I am a winner again!  It's easy for me, sugah!
    -It wasn't very lady like, but I kicked your butt!
    -Never mess with a Southern Belle!
    -Now do I get a kiss, sugah?
    -When you're hot, you're hot.  And you're not!
    -You're not on my level darlin'!
    -Get ready for another whuppin, boy!
    -Next time, I won't go easy on you punk!
    -Next time, I'll tear your heart out!
    -Now watch the Birdie!  Ha Ha Ha...
    -Shut your trap, punk!
    -This ain't no street fight!  You lose..
    -You cannot stop the beast within me!
    -You couldn't have beat me.  Why'd ya even try?
    -Don't get in my way again!
    -I have the power of the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak.
    -I will crush anyone who takes what is mine!
    -I'm the unstoppable force.  Didn't you know?
    -Never get in my way!
    -Outta my way!  Ya runt!
    -You tried your best, you just don't get it!
    -You're outclassed!
    -Homo Superiors will rule this world!
    -I am the master of magnetism.
    -Nothing shall stop me from my dreams.
    -Now you are where you belong, at my feet!
    -The time for reckoning is at hand!
    -There was no need to fight, now look at you.
    -You have no chance against the master!
    -You should not have challenged me.  Fool!
    -An ocean of blood is what I shall deliver to earth.
    -Child of the atom, you aren't ready!
    -Do not even pretend to understand my genius.
    -Only the strong shall survive my wrath!
    -Survival of the fittest.  That is the eternal law!
    -The age of Apocalypse is at hand!
    -You are weak.  Your demise was inevitable.
    -You could not have defeated me, child.
    Street Fighter, X-Men vs Street Fighter and all therein is © Capcom.
    X-Men is © Marvel.
    This document is © Andrew Rae.

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