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Reviewed: 11/09/00 | Updated: 11/09/00

One of the Classic Crossovers

-Visuals 8/10-

Capcom has always been the King of 2 dimensional fighting, and X-Men vs. Street Fighter is no exception to the rule of not only detail, but smooth frame rates, and very little in terms of break-up, or slow down. Giving you control of a number of Street Fighter characters, it also gives you control of the most famous of comic characters which are well drawn sprites that rival only the comic books in the recent years.

Special effects run rampart, in terms of fireballs, optical blasts, the shadowing of Wolverine's Berserker attacks, to the backgrounds which teem with life that doesn't quite interact, but does do a spectacular job of rounding out what you have to look at. It almost rivals it's Arcade brother in every sense.

-Audio 8/10-

The port over of Arcade music puts you right at home while you play. Every stage has it's own little music to it that keeps your interest long enough to play through. Sound Effects have also been ported over perfectly, but they can and do get repetative after a while of having to listen to it. You'll probably find yourself popping something intot he CD player to listen to after a while.

-Control 8/10-

All you need is an arcade stick, and you're set. The PSX Controller tries to do a good job, but falls short of actually getting the job done with higher hitting combinations when your button configuration is set all over the controller itself. Pulling off the special moves, and even the Super Moves is easy enough to do after a few times of playing through Practice mode. So there is nothing to worry about.

-Gameplay 8/10-

The gameplay is just like that of the Arcade. Beat your opponents up, move onto the next stage. There is just one problem that Capcom just doesn't seem to care about, and the PSX is limited to...and that is the Switch feature. With every crossover game, save for Marvel vs. Capcom {and even that Switch feature is limited} there is no way to switch between the members of your team, so once you have selected your fighters, you're stuck with the first one you be prepared.

Game Modes include Arcade, Versus, Survival, and Practice, all of which are fun to play the first few times, and then you'll get rather boared of it in favor of one of the Tekken games. With each mode, the purpose is still the same: Beat up whoever is in front of you, the best two out of three, and proceed...lose, and you have to fight until you do win.

-Overall 8/10-

X-Men vs. Street Fighter is one of those Crossover games that has been highly overlooked in favor of other games that have more substance to them. With the passing of this game, you move into Marvel vs. Capcom, which gives you a wider variety of characters to play with...this isn't a bad thing if you're a fighting game fan, but can be rather repetative if you're a hardcore fighting game player. Either way, this game is a definate rental, and maybe even a purchase if you're interested, with either choice, you'll find that your money is well spent.

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Rating:   4.0 - Great

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