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"some retro gaming fun with a new twist"


Breakout, by Hasbro interactive, is a remake of the old atari classic, where you have to bounce a ball off a paddle and break all the bricks to get a high score. Well Hasbro has done a great job of giving a new look to an old favorite, and gave it a new spin also.

You play as bouncer, (a pong like paddle with sunglasses)
and your mission is to rescue your girlfriend Daisy, and all your pong paddle friends from the clutches of the evil Batnik. The game plays as an adventure game, and is divided up in to diffrent chapters where there are diffrent scenarios, involving the classic game. For example, one mission has you busting bales of hay from underneath a herd of chickens, then having to play a space invaders, type game when the chickens come charging after you. along the way you are aided by your Paddle friends, and the helpful coach Steel. Overall story:8

Game Play:

The control is kinda loose, like one little nudge of the button and the paddle goes flying, thus preventing accurate aiming ability, and when you have to use the D pad and shoulder buttons at the same time, it gets a bit clumsy.

So as fun as the whole game may sound, you'l end up throwing your controller at the screen when you cant get proper aim. Overall gameplay:4


Hasbro has done a really good job taking an otherwise inanimate pong paddle and giving it life and a funny personality to boot. The graphics are nice and the lighting is done well, cahracter models, are detailed, and about as good as a puzzle game could have.

Overall graphics: 9


The music used in this game is really cute and fits the diffrent areas. It's catchy and has that classic arcadey type quality. I found myself humming along during some levels.

Overall sound: 8


Ok, the difficulty level can be adjusted to fit your skills, but I didn't see much of a curve from the easy to the moderately hard, and then up to the super star level, which is the highest. But there are about 9 levels of skill, so take your pick. And the difficulty level increases after evry completed level.

Overall difficulty:7

Overall: Break out is a game that anyone can pick up and plpay with out too much trouble, there is a sort of tutorial mode, for the one player, and a challenge mode to play with friends. It is a bit on the short side being it takes the average gamer about 2 to 3 hours to complete, leaving something to be desired in the replayability. But for the 19.96$ price tag ya can't go wrong, It's a good diversion on a rainy day or for when ya have over some friends, and want to realx with a fun little game.
So rent or buy the option is yours. It is definitley worth the 5 dollar rental fee, or really a good bargain at 19 dollars

Overall score 8

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/03/00, Updated 11/03/00

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