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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Split Infinity

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    Name of game:   Duke Nukem: Land of the Babes (for formats: PAL)
    Type of guide:  Walkthrough / FAQ
    Platform:       Playstation
    Version:        Jane, released on 16th February 2008
    Author:         Damir Kolar (Split Infinity) <lifearmor(at)gmail(dot)com>
    Copyrighted to: (c) Damir Kolar - All rights reserved
    Made in:        MS Word, Courier New, Font Size 10, Chrs/Line 79
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    01.)                       LEGAL INFORMATION - G0100
    This document is copyrighted to me, Damir Kolar. It is intended for *PRIVATE*
    use only. It cannot be used in ANY form of printed or electronic media
    involved in a commercial business, in part or in whole, in any way, shape, or
    form. It cannot be given away freely, as bonus or prize, it can't be given
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    purposes, regardless of the situation. Breaking any of these rules is in
    direct violation of copyright law.
    This document is protected by copyright law and international treaties.
    Unauthorized reproduction and distribution of this document, or any portion
    of it, may result in severe civil and criminal penalties, and will be
    prosecuted to the maximum extent possible under the law. Any characters,
    names, places, or miscellaneous objects are copyright of their respective
    If you are a webmaster of the site that wishes to post this document, you may
    do so under one condition - you must e-mail me first for permission. If
    permission is granted, you cannot change a single character of this document,
    and you must leave it in txt format. Permission will *not be granted* to fan
    based websites.
    *ONLY* following sites can host this guide:
    - http://www.gamefaqs.com
    - http://www.neoseeker.com
    - http://faqs.ign.com
    02.)                       TABLE OF CONTENTS - G0200
    If you need to find something quickly, press and hold CTRL (Control), then
    press F button. This will bring up 'Find and Replace' box. In it type the
    word you're looking for and you should be taken to it immediately. This is
    much faster than scrolling thru entire guide.
    For your convenience I've inserted special search codes near every section to
    help you easily hop on to that section by using search code provided. Each
    search code will appear only twice in whole guide - thus getting stray hits
    will be impossible.
    01.) Legal information    | G0100 | Copyright protection and legal info.
    02.) Table of Contents    | G0200 | Sections of this guide.
    03.) Latest Updates       | G0300 | Read what was added in last update.
    04.) Introduction         | G0400 | Just some small rambling from me...
    05.) Story                | G0500 | The story... or lack of it?
    06.) Title screen         | G0600 | Accustom yourself with title screen.
    07.) Controls             | G0700 | Explanation of many controls.
    08.) Weapons              | G0800 | Lowdown on various weaponry.
    09.) Items                | G0900 | Get briefed on all items.
    10.) Enemies              | G1000 | Decriptions of enemies to be killed.
    11.) General tips         | G1100 | Some good-to-know stuff.
    12.) Training             | G1200 | Complete the training level.
    13.) Walkthrough          | G1300 | Guide from start to finish.
         Mission 01           | M#001 | Welcome to the future
         Mission 02           | M#002 | The future isn't so bright
         Mission 03           | M#003 | Big guns
         Mission 04           | M#004 | Getting wet
         Mission 05           | M#005 | Trapped
         Mission 06           | M#006 | Underwater streets
         Mission 07           | M#007 | What's that smell
         Mission 08           | M#008 | Silverback's stronghold
         Mission 09           | M#009 | Babes in distress
         Mission 10           | M#010 | Hunter killer factory
         Mission 11           | M#011 | Space port
         Mission 12           | M#012 | Space bay
         Mission 13           | M#013 | Promenade
         Mission 14           | M#014 | Combat
    14.) FAQ                  | G1400 | Or Frequently Asked Questions.
    15.) Cheats               | G1500 | There are some cheats after all.
    16.) Past Revisions       | G1600 | History of this guide resides here...
    17.) Credits              | G1700 | All who contributed... Thank you.
    18.) Contact Info         | G1800 | Find out how to reach me.
    03.)                        LATEST UPDATES - G0300
    - Version Jane (16th February 2008)
    # Any user submitted contributions will no longer be added to this guide.
    04.)                         INTRODUCTION - G0400
    Hello! I am Damir Kolar and I welcome you to my DN: Land of the Babes guide.
    It was funny to see a DN game and no guide for it yet, so I decided to write
    one myself. After my first big project (Dragon Valor) it was quite easy to
    adapt for this one. And since I've changed my style over the three years I've
    been making guides, I'm giving all of my old guides a facelift, making them
    reflect my current writing style.
    05.)                             STORY - G0500
    DN:LOTB has a story? Well, it's nothing you haven't heard before... Sometime
    in the future our Earth is attacked by aliens (yet again). Aliens took over
    the planet, killed all male population and enslaved most of female population.
    Women successful in escaping formed a rebel group known as Unified Babe
    Resistance (UBR) and started giving headaches to alien invaders.
    As one could expect, aliens have soon discovered UBR HQ and launched an attack
    against them. Defenders didn't stand a chance, but they still had an ace up
    their sleeve. Somehow UBR's scientists were able to construct a time machine
    and they used it to track down somebody from the past, somebody who could help
    them in the struggle against alien scum. Yep, it was Duke Nukem, who was just
    having a good time, when suddenly he had to deal with a woman that came out of
    nowhere and five pig-aliens. Having learned of the situation on future Earth,
    Duke departs for that destination and the game begins...
    06.)                          TITLE SCREEN - G0600
    When Title Screen comes up, press Start and some more possible choices will
    appear. These are:
    1. New Game
    2. Training
    3. Dukematch
    4. Load Game
    5. Options
    Now let's take a closer look at those options...
    1. New Game starts a new game. Press X and you can choose from 'Come get some'
    or 'Death wish'... difficulty settings??? I really don't know.
    2. Select Training and you will land in a training level, where you can test
    your skills in four different training areas: Obstacle course (get used to
    controls), Target range (shoot a bunch of targets), Rumpus room (It's
    showtime!), Pool area (here you have a swimming lesson).
    3. Dukematch is multiplayer option for 2 players. From scratch you can choose
    between 6 possible levels. You can also set time limit (5, 10, 15 minutes or
    unlimited time), kills limit (5, 10, 15 or ulimited), how you want your screen
    split (horizontal, vertical, diagonal), and camera perspective (first person,
    third person). Press X when you're done and you now choose between 5 different
    outfits: Duke Nukem, Commando Duke, Scuba Duke, Wetsuit Duke, Space Duke.
    Press X again and you're set.
    Note: You cannot play Dukematch alone. Well, actually you can, but you need 2
    4. Load Game lets you load previously saved game (you can save only between
    missions). One save requires 1 memory card slot.
    5. Selecting options opens up whole new set of choices, first being...
    a) Sound: here you can set sound effects volume, music/movies volume and
    speech volume. You can also set monaural or stereo mode.
    b) Controls lets you reconfigure the buttons to your likings. Controls are
    discussed in heading 6. Once you're satisfied with how you set the controls,
    press Start to continue, then press X to save new configuration, or press
    Triangle, which won't save your new configuration. Pressing Square will reset
    the controls to its last saved configuration, whereas pressing Circle defaults
    the controls.
    c) Game settings allow you to set auto aim (on/off), amount of gore (none,
    some or lots), status indicators (on/off), game speed and vibration function
    (on/off; this will be only available if you have DualShock controller).
    d) Cheats let you activate cheats you have obtained so far. Cheats can be
    obtained by punching in correct button codes or by meeting special
    That about covers title screen and stuff you can do from there.
    07.)                            CONTROLS - G0700
    There's a lotta different controls you'll have to get used to. Let's just
    with the lecture...
    Square button                       - Jump / Swim / Jetpack
    Circle button                       - Draw weapon / Put away weapon
    X button                            - Fire / Action
    Triangle button                     - Quick turn
    L1 button                           - Autotarget (Duke automatically
                                          targets nearest enemy)
    R1 button                           - Look (first person perspective, use
                                          it for examining your surroundings
                                          or manually targeting enemies)
    L2 button                           - Strafe left
    R2 button                           - Strafe right
    Square + Up directional button      - Jump forward
    Square + Down directional button    - Jump backward
    Square + Right directional button   - Jump to the right
    Square + Left directional button    - Jump to the left
    R1 + X buttons                      - Shoot with equipped weapon while in
                                          first person perspective (you can't
                                          move during this time)
    L1 + X buttons                      - Shoot targeted enemy with equipped
    L1 + R1 buttons                     - Press L1 to autotarget nearest
                                          enemy, pressing R1 will acquire
                                          next target
    R1 + L2 buttons                     - Duke will lean a bit to the left
                                          (useful for peeking round the
                                          corner and hit&run tactics)
    R1 + R2 buttons                     - Duke will lean a bit to the right
    Right directional button            - Duke will shimmy to the right
    Left directional button             - Duke will shimmy to the left
    Up directional button               - Duke will climb the ledge (if
                                          there's enough space to stand up)
    Down directional button             - Duke will let go of ledge and drop
                                          down to the floor
    HINT: It is possible to use Handgun when hanging from a ledge, tho' it's kinda
    pointless in this situation.
    Up directional button               - Climb up the ladders and such
    Down directional button             - Climb down the ladders and such
    Right directional button            - Climb the fence to the right (not
                                          possible on ladders)
    Left directional button             - Climb the fence to the left (not
                                          possible on ladders)
    Square button                       - Backflip from climbable surfaces
    HINT: It is possible to use Handgun when on climbable surfaces.
    Square button                       - Grab onto the railing
    Up directional button               - Move forward
    Down directional button             - Move backward
    Right directional button            - Turn right
    Left directional button             - Turn left
    Square button (press while hanging) - Drop down from railing
    L2 button                           - Move left
    R2 button                           - Move right
    Note: It is possible to use Handgun when hanging from a ledge.
    Square button                       - Swim
    Triangle button                     - Quick turn
    X button                            - Fire / Action
    Circle button                       - Draw weapon / Put away weapon
    Directional buttons                 - Control swimming direction
    L1 button                           - Autotarget
    R1 button                           - Look
    L2 button                           - Strafe left
    R2 button                           - Strafe right
    R2 + L2 buttons                     - Swim backwards
    Directional buttons                 - Swim forward, backward, left, right
    Square button                       - Dive underwater
    Triangle button                     - Quick turn
    X + Up directional buttons          - Climb outta water (when near ledge)
    X button                            - Fire / Action
    Circle button                       - Draw weapon / Put away weapon
    L1 button                           - Autotarget
    R1 button                           - Look
    L2 button                           - Strafe left
    R2 button                           - Strafe right
    R1 button                           - Enter sniper mode
    Directional buttons                 - Move scope in desired direction
    X button                            - Fire Sniper rifle
    Circle button (hold)                - Access Quick menu for weapons and
    Directional buttons                 - Select weapon / item of your choice
    X button (stand close to an object  - Grab the object
    you wish to move and hold X)
    Up directional button               - Push grabbed object
    Down directional button             - Pull grabbed object
    Square button                       - Give Jetpack a boost
    Directional buttons                 - Move Duke while flying
    L1 button                           - Press once and Duke will hover in
                                          one spot (you can now move around
                                          without having Square pressed;
                                          cancel by pressing Square again)
    08.)                            WEAPONS - G0800
    This game features 17 weapons. Some of them you will recognize straight away,
    whilst some are new to DN series...
    a) Throwing knife*
    Max ammo       - infinite amount (will be counted as 1)
    Description: I guess this replaced Duke's kick we 'admired' in DN3D. Use this
    weapon only if you run out of every other weapon's ammo, which is hard to
    b) Hand gun
    Max ammo       - 200 bullets
    Ammo pick-up   - 20x Hand gun ammo
    Description: Starting gun with close-to-great accuracy. But don't depend on it
    too much, since most enemies require about 10 shots from Hand gun to go down
    for good.
    c) Combat shotgun (can be upgraded to Super shotgun)
    Max ammo       - 75 shells
    Weapon pick-up - 24x Combat shotgun ammo
    Ammo pick-up   - 10x Combat shotgun ammo
    Description: Powerful with big splash damage at close range, but sucks at long
    range. Now if only it would have bigger magazine... It's big brother Super
    shotgun can fire up to three times (hold X pressed).
    d) Laser blaster
    Max ammo       - 150 laser shots
    Weapon pick-up - 150x Laser blaster ammo
    Ammo pick-up   - 150x Laser blaster ammo
    Description: The slowest shooting laser weapon. It shoots green lasers and is
    the least powerful.
    e) Torpedo Launcher**
    Max ammo       - 30 torpedoes
    Weapon pick-up - 20x Torpedo launcher ammo
    Ammo pick-up   - 30x Torpedo launcher ammo
    Description: Underwater version of fearsome RPG. Launch one of these babies
    onto unuspecting enemies and blow them to kingdom come. Just don't be too
    close to place of explosion...
    f) Grenade launcher*
    Max ammo       - 20 grenades
    Weapon pick-up - 20x Grenade launcher ammo
    Ammo pick-up   - 10x Grenade launcher ammo
    Description: This weapon shoots grenades, which will bounce off walls or
    ground end then explode. Never use this weapon in small rooms or crowded
    hallways. Oh, and don't be too close to place of explosion.
    g) Laser gatling
    Max ammo       - 150 laser shots
    Weapon pick-up - 150x Laser gatling ammo
    Ammo pick-up   - 100x Laser gatling ammo
    Description: Cool machine gun spewing red lasers with medium attacking power
    in laser class weaponry. I expected having bigger magazine than poor 150
    h) Flamethrower*
    Max ammo       - 200 flame rounds
    Weapon pick-up - 60x Flamethrower ammo
    Ammo pick-up   - 200x Flamethrower ammo
    Description: This weapon will set enemies on fire. When used, it burns
    available ammo faster than a speeding bullet. Not exactly a weapon I'd use
    often, there are others who do the job better.
    i) RPG - Rocket Propelled Grenade*
    Max ammo       - 8 grenades
    Weapon pick-up - 4x RPG ammo
    Ammo pick-up   - 5x RPG ammo
    Description: Now this is THE mother of explosive weaponry. Huge attacking
    power and huge blast radius guarantee that no alien will survive, but... you
    only have 8 shots in total, so use them wisely (for bosses).
    j) Energy weapon*
    Max ammo       - 200 energy rounds
    Weapon pick-up - 50x Energy weapon ammo
    Ammo pick-up   - 200x Energy weapon ammo
    Description: This weapon is strange, but useful nonetheless. When used on
    enemies, it will stun them and then either set them on fire, disassemble them
    or both. On bad side, its attacking range is not so great.
    k) Mini laser gatling*
    Max ammo       - 100 laser shots
    Weapon pick-up - 75x Mini laser gatling ammo
    Ammo pick-up   - 5x Mini laser gatling ammo
    Description: Smaller version of Laser gatling weapon. However, its attacking
    power is much greater when compared to big bro. Use it sparingly, as ammo for
    this baby is hard to find.
    l) Freezer*
    Max ammo       - 50 freeze rounds
    Weapon pick-up - 50x Freezer ammo
    Ammo pick-up   - 50x Freezer ammo
    Description: When used, freeze round will bounce off walls a couple of times,
    until they disappear or they hit an enemy or Duke. If it hits enemies, one
    freeze round is enough to freeze them, in which case it's up to Duke to run up
    to them and he will spin kick them to a bunch of shards. Be careful of bounced
    freeze rounds coming back at you, cos you can freeze yourself!
    m) Dynamite*
    Max ammo       - 20 dynamite bundles
    Weapon pick-up - 10x Dynamite
    Description: Another explosive weapon. Activate Dynamite by pressing Circle.
    Throw it with X (hold X to throw it further). Unlike Pipe bombs, you don't
    have much time to think how to use Dynamite once you've pressed Circle. You
    have about 7 seconds to toss away that Dynamite before it explodes. Of course,
    you shouldn't be near the explosion range.
    n) Pipe bomb
    Max ammo       - 15 bombs
    Weapon pick-up - 5x Pipe bomb
    Description: Last of explosive weapons. Throw the mine somewhere with X (the
    longer you hold X, the farther you'll throw a bomb), get away and detonate it
    with pressing X again. You can throw as many of them as you want before
    detonating them by doing this: while you're holding the detonator to blow up
    already placed Pipe bomb, press Circle and Duke will take out another one. You
    can also collect already placed Pipe bombs if you think you can throw them in
    better position.
    o) Sniper rifle
    Max ammo       - 50 bullets
    Weapon pick-up - 24x Sniper rifle ammo
    Description: Shoot your enemies from afar with great accuracy. Aim for the
    head, since it will cause instant death. Even if you engage in close combat
    with Sniper rifle equipped, you may hit an enemy with a headshot.
    p) Shrinker*
    Max ammo       - 30 shrink rounds
    Weapon pick-up - 30x Shrinker ammo
    Ammo pick-up   - 20x Shrinker ammo
    Description: Shrink 'em, squish 'em. That's all you need to know.
    q) Stealth generator*
    Max ammo       - 150 stealth rounds
    Weapon pick-up - 100x Stealth generator ammo
    Ammo pick-up   - 20x Stealth generator ammo
    Description: Rather useless weapon. Use it in some missions to cloak UBR
    members to help them escape. You can also render your enemies invisible if you
    want a challenge.
    *   ---> This weapon cannot be used underwater.
    **  ---> This weapon can only be used underwater.
    09.)                             ITEMS - G0900
    There's also a few items scattered about, and you need these if you want to
    complete your missions successfully.
    Duke's biography - This item has 100 health points. If you find Duke's health
                       running low, use this item to restore his health back to
                       100. For example, Duke has 25 HP left. Use Duke's biography
                       item and Duke's health will be restored back to 100, but
                       Duke's biography item will be left with 25 health points
                       you can choose to use later. Once all 100 health points of
                       Duke's biography item are used up, this item is lost.
    Ego boost - Restores Duke's health by 30 HP.
    Large Ego boost - Restores Duke's health by 50 HP.
    Armor - Adds 100 defense points. Further damage to Duke is distributed between
            HP gauge and Armor's defense points gauge until all 100 defense points
            are used up.
    Quest item - This is a well hidden special item you can find. There's one of
                 'em in every mission except last.
    Detonator - Needed in some missions to activate the bomb.
    Key cube - Found in Mission 3. Needed to gain access to turret. Also found in
               mission 12. Needed to rescue Houston.
    Axe - Found in Mission 4. Needed to rescue an UBR babe.
    Goggles - This item allows Duke to have 'night vision'. In other words, use it
              in really dark areas and your surroundings will become green,
              enabling you to navigate dark areas easily.
    Jetpack - Allows Duke to go on long airborn trips.
    Airtank - Restores Duke's O2 gauge to maximum.
    Evidence room key - Found in Mission 6. Needed to enter evidence room.
    Biomask - Found in Mission 7. Allows Duke to breathe in toxic areas.
    Blue key cube - Use it in conjunction with Red key cube item to open one of
                    the doors in Mission 8.
    Red key cube - Use it in conjunction with Blue key cube item to open one of
                   the doors in Mission 8.
    Ignition wire - Found in Mission 9. Needed to create a bomb.
    Explosives - Found in Mission 9. Needed to create a bomb.
    Space suit - Found in Mission 11. Needed in conjunction with Flight key item
                 to enter the space shuttle.
    Flight key - Found in Mission 11. Needed in conjunction with Space suit item
                 to enter the space shuttle.
    Mr. Occulore's head - Found in mission 13. Needed to gain access to Spanky
                          Monkey lounge.
    Champagne room key - Found in mission 13. Needed to enter Champagne room.
    10.)                            ENEMIES - G1000
    Here's where you'll find some general info about your opposition.
    1. RoachCorps
    Weapon?                    - Nope
    HP restored when killed?   - 2 HP
    Items dropped?             - None
    Description: Small roach-like robot whose only attack is getting close to you
    and stinging you. One shot from any weapon will take care of it.
    2. RatCorps
    Weapon?                    - Handgun
    HP restored when killed?   - 5 HP
    Items dropped?             - None
    Description: Big brown rat armed with Handgun. He's the basic grunt of alien
    invasion, not very dangerous on his own. He is killed easily.
    3. PigCorps
    Weapon?                    - Shotgun
    HP restored when killed?   - 6 HP
    Items dropped?             - Armor, Combat shotgun ammo
    Description: Fat piggie wearing blue. Feel the blues, huh? Don't get too close
    to him or he'll take off big chunks of HP with shotgun of his. Take him out
    from a distance.
    4. GorillaCorps
    Weapon?                    - Laser blaster
    HP restored when killed?   - 7 HP
    Items dropped?             - Laser blaster ammo, Ego boost item
    Description: Big brown ape armed with Laser blaster. Less dangerous than
    PigCorps, but if in company, can become serious threat.
    5. MiniMonkeyCorps
    Weapon?                    - None, but it throws stones at you
    HP restored when killed?   - 3 HP
    Items dropped?             - None
    Description: Small monkey found in Mission 2 (three in total). Not a serious
    threat. One shot from any weapon will kill it.
    6. BaboonCorps
    Weapon?                    - Grenade launcher
    HP restored when killed?   - 8 HP
    Items dropped?             - Grenade launcher, Grenade launcher ammo, Energy
    weapon ammo, Large ego boost item, Ego boost item, Armor item
    Description: This is one dangerous enemy. Wielding Grenade launcher he's
    capable of seriously damaging you, so in case you run into BaboonCorps along
    with some other enemies, kill him first.
    7. SharkCorps
    Weapon?                    - None, bites you instead
    HP restored when killed?   - 6 HP
    Items dropped?             - None
    Description: You'll run into this enemy in underwater missions. While easy to
    kill when alone, it's dangerous to meet two or three of these. If one of them
    bites you, then it's hard to get away in proper fashion, as risk of SharkCorps
    biting you again runs high.
    8. SkullCorps
    Weapon?                    - None, shoots mindshocks instead
    HP restored when killed?   - 10 HP
    Items dropped?             - None
    Description: Also found in underwater missions. Its appearance is that of a
    brain with a big red eye in the middle. He'll try to hit you with a mindshock
    (red glowing ball) and it hurts if it hits. Can also float.
    9. AlbinoPigCorps
    Weapon?                    - Wouldn't know
    HP restored when killed?   - 9 HP
    Items dropped?             - Ego boost item, Armor item, Pipe bomb, Handgun
    ammo, Laser blaster ammo
    Description: This piggie is white in color and rather tough to destroy. He
    also comes equipped with a strange laser weapon and if in groups...
    10. FlyCorps
    Weapon?                    - None, spits green slime instead
    HP restored when killed?   - 8 HP
    Items dropped?             - None
    Description: Green annoying fly. Can either shoot you from afar with slime, or
    get close and swipe at you.
    11. AfricanCorps
    Weapon?                    - Blowpipe
    HP restored when killed?   - 9 HP
    Items dropped?             - Dynamite, Pipe bomb, Ego boost item, Laser
    ammo, Handgun ammo
    Description: Big brown hairy pig. Extremely tough. Requires a lot of firepower
    to go down.
    12. BabeCorps
    Weapon?                    - Laser blaster shooting white lasers
    HP restored when killed?   - 10 HP
    Items dropped?             - Ego boost item, Armor item
    Description: Enemy remarkably similar to human woman, but heavily armed. You
    will meet two versions: one already complete and one without 'make-up' on it.
    13. BigApeCorps
    Weapon?                    - Mini laser gatling
    HP restored when killed?   - 10 HP
    Items dropped?             - Ego boost item, Laser gatling ammo
    Description: Last monkey enemy version... and the toughest. Plus it's armed
    with a strong weapon. Alone is easy to defeat, but if you've caught a company
    of these...
    14. AlienCorps
    Weapon?                    - Freezer
    HP restored when killed?   - 9 HP
    Items dropped?             - Freezer ammo, Ego boost item
    Description: Most dangerous enemy, since it can freeze you. Most appropriate
    weapon to use on these scum would be Freezer and Shrinker.
    15. SaucerCorps
    Weapon?                    - None
    HP restored when killed?   - 3 HP
    Items dropped?             - None
    Description: Not-dangerous-enemy. I wonder why programmers even bothered
    creating it. You meet only three of them.
    11.)                            GENERAL TIPS - G1100
    1. You are allowed to die max of 5 times per mission. After you use all 4
    possible continues, it's Game Over.
    2. When roaming about, destroy anything that looks even remotely like it could
    be destroyed. Many objects hold secret power-ups.
    3. Do not fall too far down, as Duke will take damage from the fall.
    4. Touching hazards (like electricity) is bad for Duke's health.
    5. Duke's health can be restored in following manners:
    - killing an enemy (depends on enemy)
    - rescuing a Babe and then talking to her (+5)
    - discovering a secret (+20)
    - completing mission objective (+15)
    - picking up / using items (depends on item)
    - picking up the phone (+5)
    - finding Quest item (+10)
    - using the toilette (+5)
    - admiring yourself in the mirror (+10)
    - rescuing UBR babes with Stealth generator (+10)
    6. If Duke's health goes over 100 HP, it'll slowly decrease by one until it
    reaches 100 again. Max health Duke can have is 200 HP.
    7. Don't kill any Babes. Doing so will cost you 70 HP!
    8. When underwater, Duke can hold his breath for 99 seconds. Time remaining
    will be shown in lower left corner of the screen as a decreasing O2 gauge. If
    it reaches 0 and Duke is still underwater, he will drown. Scubagear allows for
    longer trips underwater.
    12.)                            TRAINING - G1200
    Test your skills in four different training areas.
    1. Complete the Target range
    2. Complete the Obstacle course
    3. Complete the Pool area
    4. Complete the Rumpus room
    Possible secrets: 1
    Cheat unlocked: Start with full armor (find the secret)
    Selecting Training from Title screen will take you to a level, designed to get
    you comfortable with controls and give you the basic taste of battle.
    Once the level loads, press Select to receive a message from Jane, a member of
    HINT: Every time 'Incoming S.O.S. message' line appears on your gaming screen,
    press Select to receive a message from Jane.
    You start this level with 200 Handgun bullets, 20 Combat shotgun shells, 5
    Pipe bombs and 1 Throwing knife (infinite amount of 'em).
    Now that we're set, go left, drop down the ledge and enter left tunnel. You're
    now in...
    Completing O1
    Enter Target range. Find the target switch and press X to activate it (weapon
    must be put away). Now a bunch of targets will appear and you have to destroy
    10 of the 'bad guys' (Pigs, Lizards and Octabrains - memento from Duke Nukem
    3D). Also a bunch of women targets will appear. There's little harm to your
    health (minus 1 HP) if you accidentally shoot and destroy those. This
    challenge is really a piece of cake. Use Handgun for this challenge. O1
    Completing O2
    Now enter Obstacle course, located just to the right from Target range. This
    training will show you how to use the controls (they are pretty much similar
    Tomb Raider's).
    Run up the first ledge and jump at the end. Climb/jump few more ledges and
    stop. Jump over to next ledge. Turn around. See that small niche in the wall.
    Press Up to run, then Square to jump and finally X while jumping to grab
    wall's niche. Now shimmy to the left until you can do so no more. Press Down
    to drop down. Continue thru the tunnel. Run up the ledge, jump at the end and
    Duke will grab the fence automatically. Climb up the fence. Turn right and
    jump forward.
    Hold Up so that Duke will grab the ledge. Climb up. See that ladder? Climb the
    ledge to which ladder leads and look at the ceiling. There's a grabable
    'fence'. Stand below it and jump. Hold Square so that Duke will grab onto the
    'fence'. Press Up to move forward. Continue to the end of 'fence' and there
    press Square to drop down. Enter the teleporter. O2 complete!
    Completing O3
    Exit Target Range, climb the ladder and go to the other side of the big room.
    Drop down, collect Combat shotgun ammo and drop down again. Enter Pool area
    and fiddle around with controlling Duke on or under water. When finished,
    climb out of the pool. O3 complete!.
    SECRET OA: See that grating at the pool bottom? Blow it away with Pipe Bomb
    (don't be too close, tho'). Dive thru now open tunnel and collect the first
    and only secret: Combat shotgun ammo.
    Completing O4
    Exit Pool area and enter Rumpus room which is right around the corner. Enter
    the first room and kill 1x PigCorps. Destroy the crates for 10x shotgun ammo.
    Enter next hallway and collect Laser gatling. There's 1x PigCorps in next
    Collect Large ego boost item in next hallway. Kill 2x PigCorps in next room.
    One of the crates in same room contains another Laser gatling. Enter the
    teleporter. O4 complete!
    You will appear at the start of this level, but will soon be taken to title
    screen, where you can now start a new game.
    13.)                          WALKTHROUGH - G1300
    The Unified Babe Resistance has brought Duke into the future to help them take
    back control of the planet.
    1. Clear the way to the generator
    2. Restore power to the base
    3. Make your way to the surface
    Possible secrets: 3
    Cheat/s unlocked: Big head Duke (find all secrets); Play outtake cinematics
    (find Quest item)
    Completing O1
    Watch the cutscene or press X to get rid of it. Jane, huh? Me Tarzan, you
    Jane, hur hur! When you finally gain control of Duke, go forward and kill 1x
    RatCorps. Destroy 5 crates in first hallway for Handgun ammo, Laser blaster
    and Pipe bomb.
    Continue on to the right and destroy rest of the crates and fire barrels
    (don't stand too close to barrels when these explode). You'll find Combat
    shotgun ammo. Door marked 'High voltage testing' is currently locked.
    You may have to get rid of 1x RoachCorps when approaching that door. Then head
    for the only open elevator to the left of big EDF sign. Grab onto ladder or
    onto elevator rope. Climb all the way down. Go thru another open elevator door
    and kill 1x RatCorps. You'll hear cry for help. Quickly continue down the
    corridor to the pool room. Collect Sniper rifle, retreat a few steps
    (otherwise an enemy on lower level will keep shooting you), equip Sniper rifle
    and quickly shoot 1x GorillaCorps to the right of your position (aim for
    GorillaCorps' head, but don't shoot the Babe!). Then snipe 1x RatCorps
    remaining in this room. Grab onto the railing and work your way to where
    GorillaCorps was. Press the switch and O1 is complete! You can drop down on
    lower floor and collect Duke's Biography item hidden behind a strange vehicle
    found in this room.
    SECRET 1A: Near the ceiling you will see a portion of wall with a crack. Shoot
    it out. Monkeyclimb over to the new hole. Secret area contains RPG.
    Completing O2
    Grab onto railing again and work your way to other side of the room. Drop down
    (Re-entry point!) and kill 1x RatCorps in the corridor. Jump down in the water
    pool and collect Combat shotgun ammo. Climb back up using the nearby ladder.
    Continue further. When you come to generator room, 2x RatCorps will appear
    from your right. Kill them. There's Ego boost item where those two rats
    appeared. Destroy small crate for Combat shotgun ammo. Push the power switch.
    O2 complete! You now have access to 'High voltage testing' area.
    Completing O3
    Notice the blood on the fence. That's a clue. Climb the fence past a dead
    Babe. Jump into another elevator shaft and drop down. Destroy the crate down
    SECRET 1B: Past destroyed crate is a secret room containing Quest item.
    Jump on the only ladder you can reach and climb up. Cutscene. You'll appear
    near the beginning of this mission. Kill 1x RatCorps. Go forward and right.
    Kill 1x PigCorps and 1x GorillaCorps in electricity room. PigCorps drops Armor
    item, and GorillaCorps drops Laser blaster ammo. Watch for electricity shots.
    In the hole in middle of this room you will find Mini laser gatling ammo and
    spankin' new Laser blaster.
    SECRET 1C: Destroy the grating in this room on one of the walls and enter
    secret room containing Duke's biography item.
    Get to other side of the room and bust open the door. Kill remaining
    RoachCorps you will come across in this room (there's 3 of them in total; you
    may have already killed one before, which means two remain to be dealth with).
    Collect Combat shotgun ammo to your right. Bust open another door and kill 1x
    RatCorps and 1x PigCorps in 'Laser testing' room. There's a huge laser here.
    Press the switch (to the right is Combat shotgun ammo) behind it to activate
    it, but nothing will happen... yet. It seems we have to move something. Go to
    where a large metal panel is (kill 1x PigCorps who has appeared back in
    electricity room). Stand next to the cart holding metal plate and push/pull it
    once. Now activate the laser again. Another door destroyed... and 1x PigCorps
    killed. Enter next room. Push/pull small cart next to entrance once, climb
    onto it and destroy grating above you. Jump onto the ladder. O3 complete!
    At the end of the mission some statistics will appear, among with info on any
    unlocked cheats.
    Press X to continue or Square to save your current progress.
    Duke continues to explore the old Earth Defence Force research base for a way
    to the surface.
    1. Open the dive tank
    2. Access the top floor
    3. Blow the way out
    Possible secrets: 3
    Cheat/s unlocked: Tiny head Duke (find all secrets)
    Completing O1
    Head down the corridor and nab Combat shotgun. Bust open the door next to
    'Dive tank' sign. In next room you will see a big fishbowl (read: dive tank)
    as well as 1x PigCorps and 1x MiniMonkeyCorps. Head right and open another
    door for Combat shotgun ammo. Go back to fishbowl room and open the last door.
    This next area is pretty big and it has following enemies: 2x GorillaCorps, 4x
    PigCorps (2 of which are hidden behind a breakable wall and they will try to
    ambush you when you pass by). Some parts of this area have been blown away and
    small fires are burning in such places. Be careful not to dawdle in fire for
    too long. One of PigCorps in this area will drop Armor item. You can also
    collect Dynamite and Handgun ammo in this area. Now head past the two elevator
    doors. There are two doors in the small corridor you're in right now. Bust
    open the right door and press 'Elevator override' switch.
    SECRET 2A: Go back to elevator doors. Left elevator is now open. Drop inside
    to collect Duke's biography item.
    Go back in the corridor and go further. You will arrive into the room with
    pool on the left and big fan on the right. Kill 1x RoachCorps and 1x
    GorillaCorps in this room. Go to where GorillaCorps was and press red button
    which will cause the fan to start moving.
    SECRET 2B: Press red button. This will stop the fan, but its position will be
    different now. Go behind the fan, destroy the grating and enter secret room
    containing Quest item. Go back to fan switch and press it yet again.
    With fan moving you can now jump over the pool. Should you fall into the
    water, you can get out by climbing a small ledge found on fan's side of the
    When over the pool, enter the door on left. In this room press 'Dive tank
    override' switch. O1 complete!
    Completing O2
    Open another room in this room. Now take right turns all the time until you
    land in 'Zero-G Test area' room. Kill 2x PigCorps and 1x MiniMonkeyCorps found
    inside. Press red button two times so that strange device changes sides (third
    yellow box should be blinking). Collect Handgun ammo left from red button. Now
    when device stops, climb onto it. Climb onto the vents until you reach
    'Opening dive tank doors'. Destroy the grating, but don't jump in the pool
    yet. Across the room you will see another weapon. With few jumps you will nab
    Energy weapon. Climb back up to 'Opening dive tank doors' sign and jump into
    the fishbowl. Destroy the grating on the bottom and swim thru it. Bubbles you
    see here help restore your O2 gauge. Kill 1x RoachCorps. Follow your nose (get
    Duke's biography item on the way) and you will get out in restroom. Re-entry
    point and O2 complete!
    Completing O3
    Third restroom door has 1x PigCorps inside. When killed, he'll drop Combat
    shotgun ammo. Exit the restroom. Now you're in rather big set of hallways. For
    starters I suggest killing everything that isn't behind any doors and that is:
    1x MiniMonkeyCorps, 2x PigCorps (one will drop Combat shotgun ammo), 3x
    GorillaCorps. At the end of hallway there are 2 elevators. To the left is a
    door. Open it, kill 1x GorillaCorps and collect Detonator item it drops. Now
    backtrack, but be careful. As soon as you enter hallway, wall on your right
    will crumble. Opening contains 1x PigCorps and 1x GorillaCorps. Another 1x
    PigCorps will come running down the hallway. Kill 'em all. Now it's a good
    time to check the rest of the doors. Opposite to crumbled wall is a door
    leading to Handgun ammo. Next door you come across contains 1x GorillaCorps.
    Exit and open next door. Inside collect Handgun ammo. Destroy fire barrels in
    the corner and collect Flamethrower. There's a showing room ahead with Laser
    blaster lying on the table.
    SECRET 2C: Shoot the barrels to reveal secret area with Combat shotgun ammo.
    The other two doors found in this two connected rooms lead back outside to big
    hallway. Two doors in the big hallway remain. One leads to a machinery room of
    sorts with nothing inside. The last door leads to another restroom with 1x
    GorillaCorps and 1x PigCorps inside (will drop Armor item when killed). Now go
    to where a dead Babe is (blue light shining from the ceiling). Use Detonator
    item on the bomb. O3 complete!
    MISSION 3: BIG GUNS - M#003
    Duke has made his way outside... now it's time to take care of business the
    old fashion way. With big guns...
    1. Bring down the tower
    2. Find Jane
    3. Use the turret to down Silverback's ship
    Possible secrets: 5
    Cheat/s unlocked: Big head enemies (find all secrets)
    Completing O1
    Note: During most of this level Silverback's ship will try to shoot you with
    red laser. If it succeeds, try to get away ASAP. Also, most of the enemies in
    this level will warp in when you approach certain area. Be wary of warp
    HINT: In following missions enemies will teleport in the areas you've already
    visited. This will be triggered either by Duke crossing certain 'checkpoint'
    in the level or if you pick up (or do) something important.
    As the level starts, retreat to receive Grenade Launcher. Then roam around a
    bit, disposing of enemies. Until I decided to finally complete O1, I killed
    12x PigCorps, 2x GorillaCorps and 2x BaboonCorps. Your first goal is to find a
    wooden house. Inside collect Detonator item, Pipe bomb and destroy the crates
    for Grenade launcher ammo. There's also Large ego boost item somewhere in the
    SECRET 3A: In one corner of the exterior compound there are four brown silver
    tiles in the floor that can be destroyed (look near one of destroyed houses).
    Drop down. Secret area contains Combat shotgun ammo and Laser gatling.
    SECRET 3B: Destroy the gratings near the tower and drop down to secret area
    containing Sniper rifle and Laser blaster ammo.
    When ready, head to tower's bomb, use Detonator item and get the heck outta
    there! In 10 seconds tower falls. O1 complete!
    Completing O2
    Go to where tower's on fire and drop down to a long hallway. Kill 1x PigCorps
    round the corner and continue. At the end of hallway 2x PigCorps will ambush
    you behind crumbled wall. Destroy another grating and drop even further down.
    Go down the hallway, climb the ladder. When up, destroy the crates for Combat
    shotgun. Climb big stack of boxes in the corner. Meet Jane up there (stand
    next to her and press X). O2 complete!
    Completing O3
    Jane will give you Key cube item. Search the same level Jane's on for Duke's
    biography item and Grenade launcher ammo.
    SECRET 3C: From up here you can see big white boulder. Bomb it away and drop
    down to hidden area containing Shrinker.
    SECRET 3D: In 'Secret 3C' room blow away white tile and drop down to next
    hidden area. Blow down the door and jump over the gap. Further on Duke's
    biography item can be collected. Shoot down brown tile found in the wall.
    *Don't shoot* the floor, otherwise you'll fall into lava. Climb thru small
    hole, drop down, jump over the pit and collect Quest item. Then drop down in
    the pit.
    SECRET 3E: When you arrive on the bottom, look up. You'll see an opening. Jump
    up to it. In this secret area you will find RPG ammo. Now with combo of
    climbing ladders and jumping get back to where you found Quest item and back
    on the surface.
    Now head for sentry tower with laser turret on it (there may still be some
    enemies lurking around; I occassionaly run into 1x PigCorps). Use Key cube
    item on control panel and you can now climb the ladder. Go near the cannon and
    Duke will use it automatically.
    Boss Battle!!!
    BOSS: Gunship
    Strategy: Gunship will be shooting you with that annoying laser from before.
    But this time we can finally shoot it back. Move the cursor using Directional
    buttons. Shoot with X. Exit from this screen by Triangle.
    Gauge on left side of the screen is yours, gauge on right in Gunship's. Your
    goal is to deplete Gunship's gauge before the same happens to you.
    Three times during your 'target practice' Gunship will drop off
    at 75% HP remaining 1x GorillaCorps, at 50% 1x GorillaCorps and at 25% 1x
    PigCorps. Kill these guys fast or they will deplete your gauge really fast.
    Once Gunship's gauge reaches 0%, you win! O3 complete!
    Duke is in search of Silverback's downed ship.
    1. Find a tool to rescue the UBR Babe
    2. Locate the downed ship
    3. Pry out the trapped UBR Babe
    4. Pursue Silverback
    Possible secrets: 3
    Cheat/s unlocked: Tiny head enemies (find all secrets)
    Completing O1
    Kill 1x SharkCorps, shoot the crate and collect Torpedo Launcher. Then swim
    thru an opening behind you. Swim thru a bunch of straightforward rooms (OK,
    there are three dead ends) destroying and killing everything. Until you reach
    the boss of this mission, you can find... Ego boost item, 3x Combat shotgun
    ammo, 6x Handgun ammo, Laser gatling... and kill... 9x SharkCorps, 2x
    SkullCorps... Re-entry point! Shoot drawers to your left for Combat shotgun
    ammo and Handgun ammo. Drawer in room ahead contains Laser gatling ammo. Swim
    in the room with planks in the floor. Kill 1x SharkCorps here. Ahead is
    another big room with...
    Boss Battle!!!
    BOSS: Gunsub
    Strategy: Most time try to get behind his back or else Gunsub's machine gun
    will rip you away. Or try to hide somewhere and lean out of corner to see if
    Gunsub is having its back turned against you.
    Now swim in the left tunnel (ignore white colored tiles for now) and get out
    of water in rather dark room. Re-entry point! Climb the two ledges.
    SECRET 4A: Place an explosive where you climb the second ledge and blow it
    away - a secret passage opens. Go thru it, kill 1x SkullCorps and collect 2x
    Combat shotgun ammo, Grenade launcher ammo, 2x Handgun ammo, RPG ammo, Armor,
    Energy weapon ammo, Mini laser gatling.
    Drop down in water and use the tunnel to return to Boss room. Again go thru
    the known tunnel and get out of water in known dark room.
    SECRET 4B: Again stand on upper ledge, but this time go to other end and blow
    out a hole in red wall. Secret area contains 2x Handgun ammo, 2x Combat
    shotgun ammo, RPG, Torpedo launcher ammo, Goggles item, Ego boost item, Energy
    weapon ammo. Exit this area.
    Finally climb the big hole accessible from upper ledge. Before doing that kill
    1x SkullCorps. When in next area, climb the silver fence and drop down to the
    right. On the ledge is RPG ammo. Kill 3x SharkCorps before going into water.
    Work your way over destroyed tower into fire department. Shoot the axe on the
    wall to receive Axe item. O1 complete!
    Completing O2
    There's more to be found here. Explore the rest of the station for Large ego
    boost item, Goggles item, Jetpack item, Freezer, Energy weapon ammo - you
    should also kill 2x SharkCorps before going in lower level. Return to broken
    tower area. Kill 1x SkullCorps. With help from Jetpack now return to boss
    Kill 1x SharkCorps in this area and go down. Downed Gunsub opened a hole in
    the wall down here. Go thru it. O2 complete!
    Completing O3
    In ship area kill 2x SharkCorps and 1x SkullCorps. You can find 2x Combat
    shotgun ammo here as well. Now approach the ship where there is no debris
    blocking your way and press X. O3 complete!
    Completing O4
    Once cutscene is over, head left and again go thru set of straightforward
    rooms (well not exactly, but you can't really get lost). On your way you can
    find... 2x Combat shotgun ammo, Laser gatling ammo... and kill... 3x
    SharkCorps, 2x SkullCorps.
    SECRET 4C: Close before the exit you will see 3 white planks. A bit before
    them is a room containing Duke's biography item and Goggles item. Shoot out
    white panel you'll see here. Equip Goggles and work your way thru this maze to
    exit in secret area containing Combat shotgun ammo, Quest item and Mini laser
    gatling. Kill 1x SkullCorps.
    Return the way you came and head for the exit. O4 complete!
    MISSION 5: TRAPPED - M#005
    A small tremor has damaged Duke's air tank and he finds himself trapped.
    1. Shutdown ventilation system
    2. Activate the pump system
    3. Blow the boiler
    4. Escape from the basement
    Possible secrets: 4
    Cheat/s unlocked: Start with full ego (find all secrets)
    Completing O1
    Dang. You have to bring down that water fast, or we're shark food... I also
    suggest to ignore all pick-ups for now. Kill 1x SharkCorps (there's Torpedo
    launcher ammo near) and swim ahead. To your right is a boiler - exit, but we
    have to blow it up first. Kill 1x SharkCorps. Current from ventilation system
    denies you access for now, so head right. Kill 2x SharkCorps and 1x
    Just go with the flow now. Re-entry point! Room to your right has another
    current, so go left. In this room kill 1x SkullCorps. Press ventilation system
    switch. O1 complete!
    Completing O2
    Now quickly return to where second current was and go left. Kill 2x SharkCorps
    and you're now near pump system switch, but don't press it yet.
    SECRET 5A: A bit further down swim thru the hole in the ceiling. Secret area
    contains Laser gatling ammo and Torpedo launcher ammo. When done, return thru
    same hole.
    You may now kill 2x SharkCorps ahead, or return to pump system switch and
    press it. O2 complete!
    Completing O3
    OK, we can at least breathe now. Now it would be a good time to destroy all
    those crates and collect goodies, eh? Head left from your position and clean
    rooms sistematically, but don't turn any valves yet! You can find... Large ego
    boost item, Combat shotgun ammo, Laser gatling ammo, Laser gatling, 2x Pipe
    bomb... and kill... 2x AlbinoPigCorps, 2x RatCorps... until you get to a pit.
    Take a look in the pit (down there is Duke's biography item; you can get on
    without it) and you'll see a small ledge. Jump there. Kill 3x RatCorps. Turn
    the first out of three valves.
    SECRET 5B: Opposite to the valve you'll see a stockpile of crates. Pull it
    away. Drop down, turn right and follow your nose. Kill 1x RatCorps and 1x
    AlbinoPigCorps. Secret area contains Quest item. Before you pick it up...
    SECRET 5C: Pull away the stone slab above which Quest item hovers. A hole will
    be revealed. Now collect Quest item and drop down. Ceiling trap from above is
    of no worries down here. Hmmm, what's this? 'The sentient man shall pass; Then
    name of Duke; Leap of faith'? Indiana Jones, anyone? 'The sentient man shall
    pass'... OK, you see a hallway? Don't run down it straight away, otherwise
    you'll be shred to pieces by two saws. Instead drop down to one of lower
    ledges on the sides. Walk down the hallway now and then get up on higher
    ledge. No saws. Next... 'Name of Duke'... that would be N-U-K-E-M (elevations
    on which you can jump are brightly lighter, the rest of the floor is fake).
    Ok, we're over this trap as well. 'Leap of faith'.... Stand near the pit, back
    away a bit and then do running jump. Duke will grab an invisible ledge. Climb
    up and nab Super Shotgun! This baby shoots three shells simultaneously. When
    you pick up Super Shotgun, you will be teleported to where you dropped down
    for Secret 5B. Climb up and go left.
    When near the pit, go left. Get Ego boost item. Climb up and get RPG. Climb up
    some more. Get Duke's biography item. Shoot out brown grating. Get down and
    kill 1x RatCorps. Now backtrack to room with ventilation switch. Turn the
    second valve. One more to go.
    SECRET 5D: Behind ventilation switch is a room, where one of those currents
    was. Go there. Near the ceiling is a brown panel. Shoot it out. Secret area
    contains Laser blaster and Large ego boost item.
    Now return to pump switch, and go even further ahead. Turn the final valve. To
    the left is Combat shotgun ammo. O3 complete!
    Completing O4
    Now that water is back, return to where the boiler was ASAP. Swim up and thru
    the shaft. O4 complete!
    Duke continues his search for Silverback's hideout.
    1. Find the library terminal
    2. Access the evidence room
    3. Blow the hidden exit
    Possible secrets: 3
    Cheat/s unlocked: First person camera (find all secrets)
    Completing O1
    In this mission do not destroy fire hydrants, as they can restore your O2
    gauge, but do destroy mailboxes, as they contain power-ups. First I suggest
    cleaining out the exterior of all buildings and to get you familiar with
    mission layout. You can find... 2x Combat shotgun ammo, Laser gatling ammo,
    Airtank item, Armor item... and kill... 8x SharkCorps and 1x SkullCorps. Once
    you're done with exterior, let's check the interior. There are two houses that
    can be enterEd thru windows. In one you will find Laser gatling ammo, Handgun
    ammo.  The other contains Laser gatling ammo, Torpedo launcher ammo.
    SECRET 6A: Go to the fountain and look in the direction of police station. Now
    look left and you'll see an alley. Swim there. When in the middle, look up.
    You'll see a hole. Secret area contains Duke's biography item, Airtank item
    and Laser gatling ammo.
    Now that we're really done, find 'Public library' sign. Above it is a grating
    to be shot out. Enter the tunnel and shoot another grating. Enter a huge room.
    Kill 2x SharkCorps and 1x SkullCorps. Collect Goggles item. Proceed to next
    room. Kill 2x SharkCorps and 1x SkullCorps. Collect Energy weapon and Airtank
    item. Enter next room. O1 complete!
    Completing O2
    Before getting out of library you may kill 4x SharkCorps. Hmm, streets are
    again infested. Kill 2x SharkCorps. Now head for 'Porky's donuts' shop. Inside
    collect Airtank item and Evidence room key item. Head for police station. Kill
    2x SharkCorps in front of it. Enter. Past second double doors kill 1x
    SharkCorps and go right. When you arrive in jail, kill 1x SharkCorps. Middle
    right jail has Airtank item.
    SECRET 6B: Enter far left jail. Collect Duke's biography item and enter secret
    area containing Torpedo launcher ammo.
    Backtrack to double doors, but this time go left. Enter the offices and nab
    Sniper rifle, 2x Handgun ammo, Airtank item, Goggles item. Now unlock the
    'Evidence room' lock. O2 complete!
    Completing O3
    In evidence room collect Detonator item, Airtank item and Combat shotgun ammo.
    Exit the police station (kill 1x SharkCorps near second double doors). Head for
    the fountain. Place yourself near the base of the fountain and press X. O3
    SECRET 6C: Once the fountain is gone, swim thru the opening. On the bottom
    there is hard-to-see grating. Destroy it. Secret area contains Quest item.
    Exit secret area and swim forward. Finally no more water...
    Silverback's hideout is close, now all Duke has to do is find a way in.
    1. Align the sewage ventilation system
    2. Gain access to Silverback's hideout
    Possible secrets: 2
    Cheat/s unlocked: Wacky cinematics (find all secrets)
    Completing O1
    Words of advice... don't swim underwater, as water is toxic. It is advised
    that you swim *on* water surface. Biomask will be your lifesaver in toxic
    areas. Enough babble, let's start kicking ass.
    From your starting position go left, kill 1x BaboonCorps and nab Laser gatling
    (take care of wooden bridges as they fall down after being stepped on).
    SECRET 7A: Below there is a grating to be shot out. Then drop in the water and
    swim thru the hole. Secret area has Mini laser gatling. You get out of water
    by climbing the ladder found to the right of starting position.
    Go to the other side now. Kill 1x BaboonCorps. Between soda machines is Large
    ego boost item. Kick open first door. Inside is Flamethrower, Large ego boost
    item and Laser gatling ammo. Enter next door and kill 1x AlbinoPigCorps
    Destroy the cabinets for Flamethrower ammo and press 'Septic release' switch.
    In room across from this one you'll find Biomask item and 1x AlbinoPigCorps.
    Return to where you started. Proceed into toxic area.
    HINT: If you accidentally fall in water in toxic room, there's an exit
    underwater to the left in this room.
    Kill 1x AlbinoPigCorps (drops Ego boost item) and 2x FlyCorps. Your goal for
    now is first door on the left. Open it and kill 1x AlbinoPigCorps (drops Ego
    boost item). Collect Biomask item. Next door on left holds Energy weapon. Door
    on right has RPG and Shrinker ammo. Open the door in this room leading back to
    toxic room. To your left is a ledge with RPG ammo. Only door on right side of
    toxic room leads to an area with Jetpack item, 2x Dynamite and Duke's
    biography item.
    SECRET 7B: Blow up the wall opposite to where you found Jetpack item to reveal
    hidden area containing Freezer and Quest item. Go back to toxic room.
    To your right is a ledge with Grenade launcher. Further right is a ledge with
    Biomask item on it. From here get on upper ledge with Jetpack's help.
    Climb left ladder. Re-entry point! Get Duke's biography item.
    HINT: You can also climb right ladder. Re-entry point!
    Now make a trip around this room (on upper level). 3x FlyCorps are to be
    killed. Head left into the first tunnel with 'No.1 vent system'. Turn the
    valve. Go on, until you can go left again. Collect Shrinker. Turn around and
    left again. With Jetpack's help nab RPG. Turn around and left again into a
    tunnel with 'No.2 vent system'. Kill 1x AlbinoPigCorps. Turn the valve. Drop
    to lower level now.
    Head into exterior circle hallway until you find 'No.3 vent system'. Here you
    can also find... 2x Combat shotgun ammo, Flamethrower ammo, Energy weapon
    ammo... and kill... 8x AlbinoPigCorps (I ran around here for some time, so
    there may be less enemies). Turn the valve when you think you're done. O1
    Completing O2
    Go to the center of that room you've been circling now. Now that the
    ventilation system is aligned, you can get out of here. But first collect
    Jetpack item in the vicinity. Then walk over the fan blowing the air up and
    we're finished. O2 complete!
    Duke has penetrated Silverback's lair. It's time for some payback.
    1. Recover the stealth generator weapon
    2. Gain access to Silverback's lair
    3. Eliminate Silverback
    Possible secrets: 3
    Cheat/s unlocked: Temporary invulnerability (find all secrets)
    Completing O1
    Go forward, then right. You'll find a strange machine. Quickly destroy it, as
    it provides cloaking for enemies. Once machine is destroyed, doors to left
    will unlock. Kill 2x AlbinoPigCorps and 1x BaboonCorps. Go thru door and nab
    Stealth generator. O1 complete!
    Completing O2
    Kill 2x BaboonCorps down there (one drops Grenade launcher ammo). Drop down.
    Use the console to disable lasers. Crates ahead contain Laser blaster ammo.
    Climb the ladder. Kill 2x AlbinoPigCorps (one drops Armor item). Climb next
    ladder. Kill 1x AlbinoPigCorps. Grab onto the ledge and pull yourself up into
    dark hallway. Kill 2x AlbinoPigCorps (one drops Armor item). Destroy two
    panels in the floor. Drop down. In the wall ahead shoot out those panels. Jump
    into the leftmost opening big enough for Duke. Climb the lader and proceed
    down the long hallway. Destroy the gratings at the end and drop down. Collect
    Mini laser gatling ammo and Flamethrower and drop further down. Crates have
    Handgun ammo.
    Also nab Goggles item. From here kill 1x AlbinoPigCorps (drops Armor item).
    Drop to the bottom. Quickly operate the console to disable lasers and kill 4x
    AlbinoPigCorps down the hallway (one drops Armor item). Now return to the room
    behind you and collect Quest item, 2x Handgun ammo and Laser gatling ammo.
    When done, go thru the hallway. Re-entry point!
    Kill 1x BaboonCorps (drops Energy weapon ammo). Operate both consoles to
    disable two lasers. Go to the first left hallway. Operate the console to
    disable lasers. Room ahead has 2x BaboonCorps. One of them drops Blue key cube
    item. On a high ledge a crate holds Mini laser gatling ammo. Destroy the rest
    of the crates for 2x Ego boost item, Grenade launcher ammo, Laser blaster.
    SECRET 8A: Destroy that two strange devices that hang straight from the
    ceiling. Part that sticks to the floor mustn't be destroyed. Then look up and
    you'll see a ladder (lasers protecting this ladder are disabled by operating
    one of the consoles in previous big room, I think). Jump and climb the part
    sticking to the floor and then jump on the ladder. Secret area contains RPG,
    RPG ammo and Ego boost item. Down the hallway opposite to this stuff you can
    nab Freezer ammo. Drop back down.
    Backtrack into previous room. Next hallway leads to lava room we've been to
    before. Crate to the right has Dynamite. Third hallway requires Blue key card
    item, so use it on blue console. Huh? Guess we need a red one as well. Face
    remaining hallway. Operate the console to disable lasers. Kill 1x BaboonCorps
    ahead (drops Grenade launcher) and 2x AlbinoPigCorps (one drops Pipe bomb, the
    other Red key cube item). Destroy crates for Ego boost item and Laser blaster
    ammo. There's another Ego boost item behind spinning devices. Press all three
    consoles and then use Stealth generator on three babes to rescue them.
    Return to previous room and use Red key cube item on red console. Kill 2x
    AlbinoPigCorps and 1x BaboonCorps ahead. Now carefully drop down from ledge to
    ledge until you can see two gratings. Shoot them. Jump in the hallway that was
    blocked. Climb the ladder, being careful not to be crossed by lasers. Nab
    Flamethrower ammo and Laser blaster ammo. Backtrack and jump over lava to next
    hallway. Re-entry point!
    Kill 1x BaboonCorps. Climb the ladder. Kill 2x AlbinoPigCorps (one drops Armor
    item). Climb another ladder. Kill 1x AlbinoPigCorps. There's Pipe bomb to be
    found on this ledge. In the hallway ahead 1x AlbinoPigCorps lurks. Collect
    Freezer ammo and Grenade launcher ammo in next room. Kill 1x BaboonCorps.
    SECRET 8B: On the ledge with Grenade launcher ammo blow away the boulder.
    Proceed down the hallway and nab Duke's biography item. Secret area contains
    Jetpack item. Turn back and exit secret area.
    Once back down, head right and we're at the beginning. Now you can go left
    (you couldn't at start cos of lasers). Destroy the panels in the floor, drop
    down. We're close to Silverback now... Re-entry point.
    In this big area you can find... RPG (behind some gratings), Armor item and 2x
    RPG ammo... and kill... 3x BaboonCorps (one drops Large ego boost item, one
    drops Ego boost item, one drops Armor item), 9x AlbinoPigCorps (four drop
    Handgun ammo, two drop Laser blaster ammo).
    SECRET 8C: As soon as you enter big room, look up. Shoot out grating in the
    ceiling. Secret area contains Mini laser gatling.
    After you're done with killing, look for a square stone with a babe shaped in
    it. On a ledge near this stone you'll see a console. Operate it to bust open a
    huge door. O2 complete!
    Completing O3
    Boss battle!!!
    BOSS: Battlesuit
    Strategy: Yikes! Silverback is armed with Laser blaster, Grenade launcher and
    has a megaton punch of sorts. Also be careful that he doesn't step on you. To
    top it off, he's pretty fast. To kill it cheatfully, run to where last re-
    entry point was. Hide in two niches to the side and send occassional RPG-
    greetings in Silverback's way. His grenades can't reach you, he's too big to
    come after you... meaning all you have to watch for is his Laser blaster. If
    he runs away, run after him to lure him back. After he's killed... O3
    Duke follows the babe trail to a mining facility.
    1. Create a bomb
    2. Blow open the landslide
    3. Destroy the flux grid
    Possible secrets: 2
    Cheat/s unlocked: Unlimited ammo (find all secrets)
    Completing O1
    Behind the teleporter there is Flamethrower and Flamethrower ammo. First area
    contains Goggles item, Dynamite and Laser gatling ammo. Go down the tunnel.
    Kill 1x BaboonCorps (drops Armor item) and 1x AfricanCorps. Nab Combat shotgun
    ammo in the crate. Kill 1x AfricanCorps (drops Dynamite). Collect Large ego
    boost item. Kill 1x AfricanCorps (drops Pipe bomb). In this room you can find
    Freezer ammo in the crate. Head right and kill 2x AfricanCorps. Go thru the
    tunnel, getting Duke's biography item on the way. Before the elevator kill 3x
    AfricanCorps and 2x BaboonCorps (one drops Grenade launcher ammo). Crate holds
    Dynamite. Backtrack to an intersection and go right. Kill 4x AfricanCorps (one
    drops Ego boost item, one drops Laser blaster ammo). There's Combat shotgun
    and Ego boost item to be found in this room as well. Turn the valve to let the
    water flow. Get in the water and swim thru one of two tunnels to the other
    side. Before getting out of water kill 2x AfricanCorps on the shore ahead.
    There's a ledge behind you. Climb on it. Collect Shrinker and Ego boost item
    on it.
    SECRET 9A: Drop in the water where Shrinker is. Near here there is a hard to
    see crack in the wall. Shoot it out. Secret area contains Mini laser gatling,
    Duke's biography item, Energy weapon ammo and... Lara Croft? Return to
    previous room...
    Now use frozen babes as supports to jump to the other side (whoever thought of
    this...). When there, go left and nab Mini laser gatling. Then go right and up
    red hallway. Re-entry point!
    Kill 1x BaboonCorps (drops Grenade launcher ammo). Also get Shrinker ammo,
    Laser gatling ammo, Handgun ammo and Combat shotgun ammo. Press the switch to
    activate the elevator. Now backtrack. In valve room kill 3x AfricanCorps. Two
    rooms ahead kill 3x AfricanCorps (if you wish, that is). When you get to the
    elevator, use it. You will land on conveyor belt. Ahead kill 1x BaboonCorps.
    In the room with big crane kill 2x BaboonCorps, then drop down. Collect Laser
    blaster ammo, Freezer ammo, Armor item, Laser gatling ammo. Get out of water
    near the crane and get around the platform until you can jump into the water
    again. You'll find a hole containing Laser blaster and Detonator item. When
    collected, get out.
    SECRET 9B: Check the base of that giant building. A portion of wall in lower
    right corner has crack on it (in the water). Shoot it out. Secret area
    contains Quest item.
    Get back on conveyor belt. Kill 2x BaboonCorps. There's a tunnel leading left.
    Re-entry point! Kill 3x AfricanCorps (one drops Handgun ammo). Collect Handgun
    ammo. Get further down to an intersection room. Kill 2x BaboonCorps and 1x
    AfricanCorps (drops Pipe bomb) in landslide room to your left. Crates contain
    Laser gatling ammo. Go back to intersection room. Crates contain Handgun ammo.
    Take the only exit remaining. Kill 2x AfricanCorps (one drops Ego boost item,
    one drops Handgun ammo) and collect Handgun ammo, Energy weapon and Ignition
    wire item. Go back into landslide room (kill 1x BaboonCorps on the way) and
    take a left. In this next area kill 1x BaboonCorps (drops Armor item) and 1x
    AfricanCorps. In the small room to the right you can find Dynamite, Pipe bomb,
    Grenade launcher ammo and Explosives item. O1 complete!
    Completing O2
    Get out of this room and take next room on right. Inside kill 1x BaboonCorps
    (drops Ego boost item). Nab Energy weapon ammo, Combat shotgun ammo and Large
    ego boost item. That big bookcase can be destroyed. It leads to a secret 9B
    you've already been to. Return to landslide room. Kill 2x BaboonCorps. When
    near landslide... O2 complete!
    Completing O3
    Ahead kill 1x AfricanCorps (drops Ego boost item). Another stupid jump puzzle.
    Work your way over lava by jumping down on the left side of broken bridge.
    Next jump ahead (bit to the left). Then simply run and Duke will grab next
    ledge automatically. Then cautiously position yourself under the bridge and
    jump. Then climb on the bridge. OK, you're over it. Ahead collect Combat
    shotgun ammo. Then kill 1x AfricanCorps in next room. What's this...? Strange
    device and a big gun. Brings back memories... Anyway, you can find Dynamite
    and Ego boost item near one of fire barrels. Then climb the ledge with big gun
    and it's ass kicking time!
    Boss battle!!!
    BOSS: Flux grid
    Strategy: Very similar to first boss battle. Left gauge is yours, right is
    Flux grid's. Reinforcements will be arriving: you can get up to three
    (sometimes even four) enemies teleported in consisting of either BaboonCorps
    or AfricanCorps. It's in your best interest to destroy Flux grid ASAP. If
    boss' gauge is blue, you can't damage the boss. You have to kill whatever
    enemy is in the room. After Flux grid is destroyed... O3 complete!
    Then just drop down and go thru where Flux grid was...
    Duke has stumbled onto a new item in the alien's arsenal: a lifelike Babe
    1. Disable the assembly line
    2. Teleport out
    Possible secrets: 3
    Cheat/s unlocked: Double damage (find all secrets)
    Completing O1
    HINT: Shoot the metal boxes you'll find on the walls. Many contain ammo.
    Go ahead and follow the catwalk (first wallbox above catwalk has Energy weapon
    ammo), killing 5x BabeCorps (last drops Ego boost item). Push the switch. To
    the right is Freezer. Rigthmost wallbox has Handgun ammo. Return to previous
    room and drop down. Behind huge pipes is Laser blaster.
    SECRET 10A: Above these pipes is a shootable grating. To my knowledge the only
    way to get up here is with help of Jetpack item. Secret area contains
    Shrinker. Turn around and drop down.
    Near the pipe that blew up kill 2x GorillaCorps (one drops Laser blaster
    ammo). Enter the pipe and climb the ladder at end. When out, turn around and
    shoot two wallboxes behind you. One has Combat shotgun ammo, the other Handgun
    ammo. Then drop to the floor in next room and kill 4x GorillaCorps (one drops
    Ego boost item).
    SECRET 10B: Look for a nearby crack in the wall and destroy it. Secret area
    has Goggles item. Turn around and return to where you climbed last ladder.
    On top of fenced off area is Duke's biography item. Climb next ladder you see
    (kill 2x GorillaCorps behind you) to get on the catwalk and follow your nose.
    First wallbox up here has Combat shotgun ammo. Kill 1x BabeCorps (drops Ego
    boost item) at the end of catwalk. Re-entry point!
    Before jumping down, kill 2x GorillaCorps. In next area go right, kill 1x
    GorillaCorps and push the switch. O1 complete!
    Completing O2
    Climb the fence. To your right is Laser blaster ammo and Combat shotgun ammo.
    Shoot wallboxes up high on the wall ahead. Middle one has Energy weapon ammo.
    Jump down on the other side. Now enter the conveyor belt, being careful not to
    be squished. In next room kill 1x GorillaCorps (drops Laser blaster ammo). Nab
    Freezer ammo and Ego boost item. Step on conveyor belt again. Ahead evade two
    electricity trap (behind first one is Flamethrower ammo and Laser gatling
    ammo, behind second is Mini laser gatling ammo and RPG ammo). Kill 1x
    BabeCorps, then enter brown hallway. You'll come across two rooms. Enter first
    one. Kill 1x BabeCorps. Nab Large ego boost item, Combat shotgun ammo,
    Flamethrower ammo.
    Enter second one. Kill 2x BabeCorps. Nab 2x Goggles item, Armor item and Mini
    laser gatling. Then just follow the hallway to the end, killing 1x BabeCorps.
    Re-entry point!
    Now it's a big showdown between Duke and 13x BabeCorps. Enter the teleport.
    Shoot wallboxes for 2x Combat shotgun ammo, Handgun ammo and Freezer ammo.
    Kill 2x BabeCorps in room ahead. Drop down and climb into next hallway. It's
    rather dark here, so use Goggles item to help you. This hallways contain 14x
    RoachCorps. First tunnel right leads to Duke's biography item. Don't drop
    down, but you may kill 2x GorillaCorps if you wish. Now go right, right,
    SECRET 10C: Shoot the gratings. Then shoot another gratings. Drop in the
    water. Secret area contains Goggles item. Get out of the water.
    Go up only. Nab Quest item. Invisible 2x RoachCorps will appear. I don't know
    why, but you can't kill one of them. Anyway, from your position, go right,
    right, right. Drop down in next room. Kill 1x BabeCorps. Enter hallway to the
    right (wallboxes here have Freezer ammo and Laser blaster ammo). Inside next
    room kill 2x BabeCorps (if you happen to come in this room from a hallway
    above, additional 1x GorillaCorps will be in here). Tunnel ahead leads to
    Laser gatling ammo. Remaining tunnel leads to another teleport. Kill 1x
    BabeCorps and 2x GorillaCorps (one drops Laser blaster ammo). Two wallboxes
    contain Energy weapon ammo and Combat shotgun ammo. Hop into the teleporter.
    O2 complete!
    MISSION 11: SPACE PORT - M#011
    The aliens are getting ready to pull out. It's time for Duke to show them a
    proper goodbye.
    1. Shut down the security system
    2. Defeat Hunter killer brain
    3. Obtain space suit and flight key
    4. Catch a ride on the next flight out
    Possible secrets: 2
    Cheat/s unlocked: Invisibility (find all secrets)
    Completing O1
    On this side of junkyard first kill 1x BigApeCorps. Then collect Goggles item,
    Pipe bomb, Combat shotgun ammo. Under 'Dog Salvage' sign is a hole. Get in it.
    On one end you'll find Sniper rifle and Goggles item. Go to the other side now
    where lava pit is. Jump over it and grab onto small line opening on next wall.
    Shimmy to the right. Drop down, follow the tunnel and then climb out of this
    hole. Kill 3x BigApeCorps (one of them is on high ledge). On vehicle closest
    to the hole is Duke's biography item. Then climb a vehicle closest to
    Flamethrower ammo. Continue climbing on the wall of junk. Don't drop down on
    other side, otherwise you'll have to backtrack. On top of junk wall is Combat
    shotgun ammo.
    Once done, drop down and enter the hallway leading out of this part of
    junkyard. Kill 1x BigApeCorps. Near first car in the hallway is Grenade
    launcher. In next junkyard kill 3x BigApeCorps (two of them are on high
    Then nab RPG ammo, Shrinker ammo and Combat shotgun ammo. Electricity door you
    see on the left can't be disabled yet. Then enter hall filled with... woofers?
    Re-entry point! Kill 2x BabeCorps inside. Destroy small green cubes to get
    hold of power-ups. Then collect Energy weapon ammo, Laser gatling ammo,
    Shrinker ammo, Handgun ammo and Ego boost item. Enter blue hallway and kill 2x
    BabeCorps. Hmmm, electric barrier. Enter hallway to the right of this barrier.
    In next room kill 2x BabeCorps. Climb the ladder. In pool room look down and
    you'll see an end of a pipe. Shoot it and water level will rise.
    SECRET 11A: Dive and swim thru the pipe. Shoot away another grating. Secret
    area contains Armor item and Quest item.
    Get out of water near the switch and push it. Hmmm, guess there's one more.
    Enter the hallway to the left of barrier. In next room kill 2x BabeCorps.
    Climb the ladder. In pool room look down to your left. Shoot the pipe's cover
    to raise water level. Get in the water, but don't dive yet. Swim across *on*
    water surface and press the switch. O1 complete!
    Completing O2
    Under the ledge you're standing on is RPG. In the pipe is Duke's biography
    item. Then climb out of water and return to the now disabled barrier. Go thru
    it and prepare... Re-entry point!
    Boss battle!!!
    BOSS: Motherbrain
    Strategy: Before you enter the boss room, kill 2x BabeCorps. Now let's take
    care of big babe. Every so often her breasts will power up and she will try to
    shoot you 10 times (she's equipped with twin Laser blaster). When she's not
    firing, aim for one of her breasts. Once it's destroyed, 1x BabeCorps will
    appear. Kill her. Now boss will try to shoot you with a homing laser coming
    out of remaining breast. Once you destroy the other breast, 2x BabeCorps will
    appear. Kill them. Now Motherbrain will be shooting you with electricity
    (always be on the move!). Shoot the boss (you can now aim anywhere) when she's
    not shooting you.
    O2 complete!
    Completing O3
    Return thru woofer area. Remember the first electric door? It's disabled now,
    so enter it. Kill 1x BigApeCorps (drops Ego boost item). There's another Ego
    boost item here. Operate the vehicle closest to the door. Enter the hallway
    behind now destroyed door. Remember to shoot green crates! Kill 2x
    Nab Energy weapon ammo. Re-entry point! Nab Handgun ammo. Jump over the fan
    and wind currents will blow you up on higher level. In next hallway kill 4x
    BigApeCorps (one drops Laser gatling ammo). Crates hold Ego boost item, Pipe
    bomb. At intersection go right. Kill 2x BigApeCorps. In ending room look for 2
    strange panels. Get near and they will open. Collect Space suit item. Nab
    Combat shotgun ammo.
    SECRET 11B: Destroy the crates in this room. Secret area contains Armor item.
    Return to the intersection and go up this time. At the end of that hallway is
    a teleporter. But before using it you should kill 4x BigApeCorps. Collect
    Flight key item. O3 complete!
    Completing O4
    As you get near the teleporter, 2x BigApeCorps will appear behind you. Kill
    'em, then finally teleport. As you enter the hangar with (now yours) ship, 4x
    BigApeCorps will be shooting you from high ledges. Kill 'em or quickly get to
    rear end of the ship and press X. O4 complete!
    MISSION 12: SPACE BAY - M#012
    Duke finds himself far above his beloved Earth.
    1. Gain access to the slave quarters
    2. Rescue all the babes with the Stealth generator
    3. Rescue Houston
    Possible secrets: 2
    Cheat/s unlocked: Level select enabled (find all secrets)
    Completing O1
    Take note of gravity here. You can jump higher and farther than before.
    Boss battle!!!
    BOSS: Mechape
    Strategy: Easy. Use the ship you arrived in as your cover and take cheap shots
    at the boss. One toasted monkey... coming right up!
    Once the boss is history, look for a turret on a crate. Push/pull it three
    times so that it will aim at the door. Passage on the other side leads to
    Large ego boost item, Energy weapon ammo and Combat shotgun ammo. In boss area
    there's 2x Combat shotgun ammo and Laser blaster to be found. Once you're
    done, jump and climb the ledge above you. You'll be on a conveyor belt. It
    doesn't matter which way you choose. Let's take right first. Kill 1x
    AlienCorps. Don't use the conveyor belt all the way to the end, otherwise
    it'll be instant death for you. Instead get off and enter space bay command
    center. Kill 2x AlienCorps. Take either of small passages. When you get thru,
    quickly destroy stealth generator (leaves Stealth generator ammo) to make 2x
    AlienCorps visible. Kill 'em. Further ahead there's 3x AlienCorps. Collect Ego
    boost item, Stealth generator, Freezer and Freezer ammo. Next operate two
    consoles on the left of command center. Left console will show you a password
    for later. Right console will fire the turret from before and destroy the
    door. Two consoles on right side of command center open the cell doors. We're
    finished here. When you try to exit command center, kill 2x AlienCorps. Now
    use left conveyor belt, if you wish (or take the right one). When you step on
    left conveyor belt, kill 2x AlienCorps that'll appear behind you. Also kill 1x
    SaucerCorps coming from a small hallway (which leads nowhere, except to grant
    you a free look at slave quarters; this 1x SaucerCorps may attack you
    somewhere around here, not necessarily from where I encountered it for this
    walkthru). Go back on the conveyor belt. When past a certain point on left
    conveyor belt, 1x AlienCorps appears behind you. Kill him.
    Back into boss area enter now destroyed door. Nab Energy weapon, RPG ammo and
    Pipe bomb. Shoot the gratings and kill 1x AlienCorps down there. Equip
    Once you drop down, your movement will be limited cos of water. Notice the
    three red circles above you? Shoot them with Handgun until they match the
    password you saw on the monitor. If you don't hurry, you'll get squished. Once
    the match is found, doors will open. O1 complete!
    Completing O2
    Collect Flamethrower ammo and Shrinker. Then ascend the stairs. Shoot the
    crate for Energy weapon ammo.
    SECRET 12A: From where the crate was, look at the walls. Shoot out brown
    grating. Secret area contains Quest item.
    Drop down and ascend the stairs further. Kill 1x AlienCorps.
    SECRET 12B: Again look up and you'll see brown grating. Shoot it out. Secret
    area contains Duke's biography item. Then drop back down.
    Re-entry point! You'll come across shower room with four babes inside. Use
    Stealth generator on them. Further down is prison area you saw on two
    Kill 2x AlienCorps. Only crate in this room has Freezer ammo. Use Stealth
    generator on two babes on lower level and on one babe on higher level. Last
    babe rescued will give you Key cube item. O2 complete!
    Completing O3
    Leftmost cell on higher level has Duke's biography item. *Don't* use the
    teleporter in the corner or you'll be returned almost to the start of this
    mission. Enter hallway to the left of teleporter and kill 2x AlienCorps. In
    area ahead kill 2x AlienCorps on the bottom. With combination of
    monkeyclimbin' and jumpin' get to the other side. Re-entry point! Kill 4x
    AlienCorps in next room. Approach the gratings and... O3 complete!
    Houston is free and Duke's on a mission to free the babes.
    1. Obtain Occulore's head
    2. Gain access to Spanky Monkey lounge
    3. Rescue all the babes with the Stealth generator
    Possible secrets: 5
    Cheat/s unlocked: All weapons (find all secrets)
    Completing O1
    SECRET 13A: As soon as you turn the corner, blow away blue cube. Secret area
    contains RPG. Then exit the room and drop back down.
    In this mission there's quite a lot to be shot (blue cubes, cubes with a
    target-like mark on them, slot machines). Turn left. There's teleporter ahead.
    Kill 3x AlienCorps near. Shoot target cube to nab Energy weapon.
    SECRET 13B: Directly above the teleporter is a blue cube that can be shot
    away. To my knowledge the only way up there is with a Jetpack. Once the cube
    is gone, enter secret area containing RPG ammo and Grenade launcher ammo. Exit
    and drop down.
    Go forward and kill 1x AlienCorps. Quickly run to 'Airlock controls' sign and
    push the button. 3x BigApeCorps and 1x BabeCorps killed. Turn back and take a
    left again. Kill 3x AlienCorps (one drops Ego boost item) and 1x SaucerCorps.
    Go past the other airlock (target cube here has Pipe bomb) and turn right.
    Kill 1x AlienCorps (drops Freezer ammo). Turn the corner and kill 2x
    AlienCorps ahead. Here's Spanky Monkey... but we don't have access yet.
    Continue on. When near teleporter, kill 1x AlienCorps. Enter the teleporter.
    Kill 5x BabeCorps up there (one drops Armor item). One end leads to a closed
    door. Little bit further ahead you'll find 'Maintenance entrance' sign. Jump
    on ledge that sign is hanged on and turn left. Kill 1x AlienCorps inside the
    room. nab Mr. Occulore's head item. O1 complete!
    Completing O2
    Exit thru now open door on the left. Take a right and go past the teleporter
    all way to the end. Shoot the blue cube and jump there.
    SECRET 13C: Past now destroyed cube is a secret area containing Duke's
    biography item and Armor item. Climb out of secret area and drop down.
    Head for Spanky Monkey. Stand in front of 'Retinal scan' sign and press X. O2
    Completing O3
    Enter the lounge and kill 5x BigApeCorps. Nab Combat shotgun ammo and Handgun
    ammo. Then use the teleporter. First room right has 1x AlienCorps. First room
    left has a babe. Second room right has 1x AlienCorps and Ego boost item.
    Second room left has 1x AlienCorps. Third room right has a babe. Third room
    left has a babe. When finished, use the teleporter on other side of the
    Geez, another hallway... First room right has a babe. First room left has 1x
    AlienCorps. Second room right has 1x AlienCorps. Second room left has a babe.
    Third room right has 1x AlienCorps. Third room left has a babe and Laser
    gatling ammo. When finished, use the teleporter on other side of the hallway.
    We're back in the lounge... guess there's more babes. Head for the 'Airlock
    control' sign and enter the airlock. In the middle theer's a passage leading
    right. Kill 1x AlienCorps. Ahead kill 3x BigApeCorps. Turn left and kill 1x
    AlienCorps. Go on ahead. Near the teleporter kill 1x AlienCorps and nab Mini
    laser gatling. Hop into teleporter. On this ledge kill 2x BabeCorps. When you
    get to the end, drop down and kill 1x BigApeCorps, 5x AlienCorps (two drop
    Freezer ammo). Nab 2x Combat shotgun ammo in this area. Then exit thru a black
    hallway, which will lead you near the teleporter you used earlier.
    SECRET 13D: Before you jump down from black hallway, shoot out blue cube above
    right. Then jump to hard to see ledge, but from the side, otherwise Duke won't
    grab onto it. Climb up, turn left and climb up again. Drop in secret area
    containing Quest item. Operate the console to open nearby doors. Return to the
    teleporter in the vicinity.
    Use it again, but this time when you get to the end of the ledge, jump on a
    ledge ahead.
    SECRET 13E: Shoot a blue cube to the right. Secret area contains Energy weapon
    Return to the teleporter you used twice now. Near the teleporter is a door.
    Operate the console to open the doors. Enter and kill 1x AlienCorps (drops
    Freezer ammo). Use next teleporter. Kill 2x AlienCorps in this room. Find and
    operate the console to open another door leading to next teleporter. There's
    Combat shotgun ammo near the console. Use Stealth generator on three babes in
    this room. Then go past the door and hop into next teleporter. Kill 2x
    AlienCorps in next room. Nab Large ego boost item, then use Stealth generator
    on three babes in this room. Last babe will give you Champagne room key item.
    O3 complete!
    Now operate the console under 'Champagne room' sign. Enter the door...
    MISSION 14: COMBAT - M#014
    The leader of this alien scum has challenged Duke's ego. Time for Duke to show
    it who's the man.
    1. Kick some serious ass
    Possible secrets: 3
    Cheat/s unlocked: Invulnerability (find all secrets); Ending movie (finish the
    Completing O1
    Nab Combat shotgun ammo, Handgun ammo, Pipe bomb and Energy weapon ammo ahead.
    Then enter the room on the right. Doors behind you will close. Kill 3x
    PigCorps. Once killed, doors unlock.
    HINT: This pattern will repeat... Enter the room, doors close, kill some
    enemies, doors unlock.
    Go on the ramp.
    SECRET 14A: From the ramp jump thru fake wall to land in a secret area with
    Next room has 3x GorillaCorps to be killed. Go on the ramp.
    In next room kill 3x PigCorps. Nab Grenade launcher. Go on the ramp.
    SECRET 14B: This one's tricky. Before you enter next room, turn around and
    look down. A ledge is directly below. So how do you get there? Either with
    Jetpack or... Stand so that you will drop down, but be able to grab on the
    ledge below. So stand with your back against the upper ledge, take a step back
    so Duke falls down, but then immediately press up so Duke grabs onto the
    ledge. Good. Now press back again and Duke will let go of ledge. Press up
    again and Duke will grab onto the ledge below. Climb up. Secret area contains
    RPG ammo and Jetpack item. With help of Jetpack item get back up there.
    In next room kill 1x BaboonCorps. Jump (or monkey climb) over poison pool and
    kill 2x BaboonCorps on the other side. Nab Laser gatling. Go on the ramp.
    In next room kill 3x BigApeCorps.
    SECRET 14C: There's a cracked ceiling in this room. Secret area contains Large
    ego boost item and Mini laser gatling.
    Go on the ramp. Kill 1x SaucerCorps. In next room kill 3x AlienCorps. Go thru
    the exit and watch the cutscene. Then go right...
    Boss battle!!!
    BOSS: Alien slave boss
    Strategy: Boss is armed with twin Laser blaster, Flamethrower and RPG. Whoa!
    In corners of this room are 4x Ego boost item. Also be careful not do drop
    down to your death. Always be on the move cos of his RPG pot shots. He doesn't
    use it that often, though. Shoot him with your RPG when he's not shooting
    (there *is* a slight pause in his shootings). Once he's down to about 25% of
    health remaining, his RPG and Laser blaster are destroyed, but he has
    Flamethrower left. Don't let him get close and you'll be fine. Once he's
    gone... O1 complete!
    ------------------------------ CONGRATULATIONS!!! ---------------------------
    ----------------- YOU HAVE COMPLETED THE GAME SUCCESSFULLY!!! ---------------
    View the sappy ending...
    14.)                              FAQ - G1400
    1. QUESTION: Once I finish the last level finding every secret, I am not able
    to save. I can only press X to continue. When credits are over and I check
    Cheats option, I can see that 'Invulnerability' and 'Ending movie' cheats are
    unlocked. However, *because I couldn't save them* once Mission 14 was over,
    meaning this...
    Whenever I power up my PSX with DN:LOTB game inside and wait for the game to
    check savegame files, my 'Invulnerability' and 'Ending movie' cheats are gone.
    I have to beat Mission 14 the hard way again to have them unlocked once again.
    True, I can unlock them with push-button-codes, but I'd like to start playing
    the game right away instead of remembering what the code for specific cheat
    Can you help me?
    ANSWER: I encountered the same problem. I couldn't keep 'Invulnerability'
    and 'Ending movie' cheats when I turned on PSX with DN:LOTB inside. But I've
    found the cure!
    Step A: Cheat 'Level select enabled' must be unlocked.
    Step B: Beat Mission 14 the hard way. You have to find all three secrets. At
    the 'Mission evaluation' screen (where total time taken, enemies killed etc.
    are shown) you have to get 'Cheat unlocked: Invulnerability'.
    Step C: Watch the ending movie, if you wish, or press X to skip it (and the
    credits as well). We're back at title screen.
    Step D: Enter 'Cheats' section and toggle 'Level select enabled' *on*. Press
    Triangle twice. Now below 'Options' a sixth line will appear. When you press
    left/right, you can choose which mission to play.
    Step E: Choose *any mission except last*.
    Step F: If during the mission you press Start (pausing the game) and go into
    'Cheats', you'll see that you have 'Invulnerability' unlocked, but 'Ending
    movie' is greyed out. Don't fret, everything is fine so far.
    Step G: Finish the mission either the hard or easy way, it doesn't matter.
    Once the mission is complete, *save*. I suggest saving into another slot, just
    to be sure.
    Step H: OK, we have 'Invulnerability' cheat saved!!! But what about 'Ending
    movie'? Simply reset your PSX. Once title screen appears and game checks
    savefiles, go into 'Cheats'. Now both 'Invulnerability' and 'Ending movie'
    cheats are unlocked.
    I guess now you don't need to beat last mission again, eh?
    15.)                            SECRETS - G1500
    There is 17 cheats total in this game. They can be unlocked in two ways:
    either by punching in specific push-button-codes or by meeting special
    requirements. List of all cheats and what to do to get them is below.
    1. Big head Duke
    PBC - Square, Square, X, Circle, Circle, X, Square
    SR - find all secrets in Mission 1
    2. Tiny head Duke
    PBC - Square, X, Circle, Circle, X, Square, Square
    SR - find all secrets in Mission 2
    3. Big head enemies
    PBC - X, X, R1, X, L1, X
    SR - find all secrets in Mission 3
    4. Tiny head enemies
    PBC - X, L1, X, R1, X, X
    SR - find all secrets in Mission 4
    5. Start with full ego
    PBC - R1, R1, Circle, Circle, L1, L1, R2
    SR - find all secrets in Mission 5
    6. First person camera
    PBC - L2, R1, L1, R2, Circle, X, Square
    SR - find all secrets in Mission 6
    7. Wacky cinematics
    SR - find all secrets in Mission 7
    8. Temporary invulnerability
    SR - find all secrets in Mission 8
    9. Unlimited ammo
    PBC - L2, Circle, R2, Square, Circle, L2, R1
    SR - find all secrets in Mission 9
    10. Double damage
    PBC - Square, Square, Square, Circle, Circle, Circle, X
    SR - find all secrets in Mission 10
    11. Invisibility
    SR - find all secrets in Mission 11
    12. Level select enabled
    PBC - Circle, X, Square, Square, X, Square, Circle
    SR - find all secrets in Mission 12
    13. All weapons
    PBC - R2, X, L1, Square, R1, Circle, L2
    SR - find all secrets in Mission 13
    14. Invulnerability
    PBC - L1, Square, Circle, Circle, Square, L1, L2
    SR - find all secrets in Mission 14
    15. Play outtake cinematics
    PBC - L1, L2, R1, R2, Square, Square, Circle, Circle
    SR - find Quest item in Mission 1
    16. Ending movie
    PBC - Circle, R2, L1, Square, L2, X, R2
    SR - finish the game
    17. Start with full armor
    PBC - L1, L1, R1, R1, X, X, Circle, Circle
    SR - find the secret in Training
    NOTE: There is a master PBC to unlock all the cheats. Here it is...
    L1, L2, R2, R1, L1, L2, R2, R1, L1, L2, R2, R1, L1, L2, R2, R1, Circle, Circle,
    Circle, Circle, X, X, X, X, Square, Square, Square, Square, Select, Select,
    Select, Select
    16.)                        PAST REVISIONS - G1600
    - Version 1.0 (August 30th, 2002)
    # Just an addendum of two more sites that host this guide.
    - Version 1.0 (June 10th, 2001)
    # Initial release.
    17.)                            CREDITS - G1700
    1. Companies
    - 3DRealms, N Space, Infogrames: they created this game
    - Sony: for making PSX
    2. Internet sites
    - GameFAQs [www.gamefaqs.com]: for hosting my FAQ
    - IGN [http://www.ign.com]: for hosting my FAQ
    - Neoseeker [www.neoseeker.com]: for hosting my FAQ
    3. People
    - mike91486, Mike Truitt, Dwhite: for some of the cheats I found on this URL:
    18.)                         CONTACT INFO - G1800
    Send your comments, ideas for improvements, additional info, correction of
    mistakes I may have made, and anything else via e-mail at:
    lifearmor (at) gmail (dot) com
    I need to put down a few guidelines.
    - as a subject of e-mail please include DN: Land of the Babes
    - please make your e-mail be readable, ie do not send me e-mails that are
      written badly or in some strange gibberish
    - don't ask me to send you updated versions of my guide, because I won't
    - *make sure* to check if your question is already answered within these
      pages; I may reply to one of your questions, but if you'll persevere in
      asking more questions which are answered in my guide, I'll simply direct you
      to my guide
    - I accept e-mails in English, German, Croatian and Slovenian language
    - I will answer the e-mails in English, Croatian or Slovenian language; I can
      read and understand German well, but my writing skills of German have
      rusted, therefore I will answer such e-mails in English
    - when crediting contributors, I won't disclose their e-mails
    - finally, treat me as you'd like me to treat you
    2. Damir Kolar's Contributor page
    3. Damir Kolar's homepage
    Yours truly,
    Damir Kolar
    End of Document

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