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Reviewed: 05/14/02 | Updated: 05/14/02

The game adds a new level to the Frogger series...

Frogger isn't my favorite video game character. In fact, I have only started playing this game in the past year. I really liked this game and thought that I should submit a review for the game.

Gameplay: 10/10

- How fun is it? 10/10

Frogger 2 is a super fun game. I got it because I wanted to play games other than the Action/Wrestling games. My decision of buying the game was very good. This game is fun for a few reasons. This game can be played without getting bored because you are repeating what you already have done a million times. There are many routes to take in the game. The game requires fast hopping skills which add a new level of fun to video gaming.

- How easy or hard is the game? 9/10

The game is pretty easy at first. This gives you time to practice your techniques for later on in the game, when the levels begin to get harder. Sometimes you will get frustrated over a part because it is too hard, but how ever hard it is you can always beat it.

- How are the controls? 10/10

The creators of the game are very smart, so luckily they added in a practice level as the first level. I got the hang of all of the moves in this level, which made everything easier in the later levels. I recommend that you play this level a couple times until you get the hang of it. Overall the controls are simple and easy.

Story 8/10

- What is the story? 8/10

The story isn't the greatest part of the game. The story is very repetitive. When you are watching the scenes in the game you want to see something new. The story however is not bad since the levels are actually based on the story unlike some games.

Audio/Video 9/10

- What is the audio like? 8.5/10

The audio is pretty good for the game type. The audio includes background sound, and some sound effects made by our froggy friends. It gets annoying sometimes when you are trying to beat a difficult part in the game and the game makes an obnoxious dying noise.

- What is the video like? 9.5/10

The video is almost perfect. Like I said in the game synopsis, ''The game adds a new level to the Frogger series...'' Playing the game in 3-D is amazing. The creators have also added a double jump function which really makes the graphics better. There are still a few annoyances with the video such as accidental see through walls. What I mean by that is if you are to close the wall the graphics will mess up and you will be able to see through the wall. Overall the video/graphics are awesome.

Replayability 10/10

- Would I want to play the game again after I beat it?

After you have beaten the game, you will most likely have forgotten most of the first levels. There are hard and fun tasks in some of the early levels, so it would be fun to play them again. Would I play it more than two times? Probably not.

To buy or to rent?

If the game is cheap in your area I would go ahead and buy the game. If it is more on the expensive side, you might want to reconsider and rent it first. I bought it without reading any reviews or renting it. I am very happy, so if you don't own the game right now, GO OUT AND BUY A COPY!!!!!!!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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