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Everyone's favorite green amphibian is back for more action. With all new abilities, a fun multiplayer mode, and a story packed with danger, what more could you ask for? That's right, nothing.

The story begins... with Swampy, a sinister old crocodile, who hates the fame Frogger gets. Frogger and his girlfriend, Lillie, were not aware of this guy. So he sneaked in the pond! He grabbed all of Lillie's brothers and sisters! Then he left! Oh, the horror! Now Frogger and Co. must follow mean old Swampy and rescue the baby frogs. So off they go, to travel the world, and hop in the face of danger. Lawnmowers, kangaroos, wart hogs, swarms of bees, ant colonies, and all sorts of dangerous things are waiting for them. So they will have to use all of their super frog powers to help them survive.

Now on to Frogger's abilities, and Lillie as well. To hop around, move the analog stick. How about the Super Hop? And the Double Hop? Press the X button once for a Super Hop, and press it twice for the Double Hop. Now you can reach higher platforms. If you are performing a Double Hop and hold the X button, you will float until you land on the ground. How this frog floats is beyond me. Press the square button for the Power Croak. This makes Frogger or Lillie call out to the baby frogs, and if you are close enough, they will croak back. Now they will be found much easier. See any butterflies? Fish? Press the circle button to use the Bug-Seeking Tongue ability, and the frog you're using will slurp 'em up. Eat any butterflies you find for Power-ups. Eat the fish for fun. Now the butterflies will have many different designs on them, and each design means something. For instance, there is the Extra Life butterfly, Quick Hop butterfly, Auto Hop butterfly, and Slow Hop butterfly. You'll also find many coins in the levels, and you want them. Find as many as you can, trust me.

This game has it all, including Multiplayer! Play against other people, there are plenty of levels. Unlock the bonus levels for more fun. The three types of Multiplayer games are as follows: Capture the frog, Race, and Snake. Capture the frog is just hoping across a street, avoiding cars, trucks, and motorcycles, to get to the baby frogs. Race is you trying to beat your opponents to the finish line of an obstacle. Snake is, in my opinion, the most fun. The characters are continuously hopping, and each time they move the square they were on, it rises. You have to avoid this wall that comes up behind you, because if you smash into this, pow! Unlock secret characters to play as well as the levels.

Now on to Arcade Mode. With this you can replay levels, and any ''Super Retro'' levels you have unlocked. Beat your time, collect more coins, and most importantly, have fun. After you complete a level in Arcade, it'll show you how you did.

Here are the characters in this game. Frogger, the main character, and all around the most acrobatic frog you'll ever meet. Lillie Frog is Frogger's girlfriend. Just as fast and agile as Frogger. Swampy the Crocodile, the evil reptile that hates... well, everything. But frogs above all else. Watch out for this guy. Frog babies, the young frogs looking for adventure. But let's not forget the unlockable characters, whom I cannot name, because they are all secret. I'll just say this, they are amazing.

So, what'll it be? Rent or buy? Buy it! This game is much too exciting to pass up. You wont regret it. Save those froggies.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/18/03, Updated 06/18/03

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