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General FAQs

FAQ/Walkthrough 02/02/03 DConnoy 1.2 214K
FAQ/Walkthrough 05/25/00 Markweb 1.2 302K
FAQ/Strategy Guide 05/27/00 Haunter12O 0.8 53K
FAQ/Walkthrough 04/12/07 Yojimbo_setsuna 0.25 88K
FAQ 10/18/99 JLau 0.1 5K
FAQ 05/11/00 Luxion 32K
FAQ/Strategy Guide 04/24/03 WZR FREAK Mk113 0.4 55K
Hints and Tips 05/02/00 Kain 4K
Strategy Guide 05/26/00 Cancerst1ck 50K

Character FAQs

In-Depth FAQs

Battle Skill List 05/11/00 Luxion 15K
Battle Skill List (JP) 04/26/00 Happy Matt 0.3 46K
Battle Skills 04/17/00 EWillis 1.4 19K
Beginners Guide 05/07/00 Necro_ 1.1 19K
Detailed Skill List 10/30/03 Wazat 1.1 72K
Game Script - Alisa 12/02/07 Unos Hambalos Aliciana 436K
Game Script - Emma 12/02/07 Unos Hambalos Emir 558K
Network FAQ 05/11/00 Luxion 16K
Network FAQ (JIS) 09/25/99 Bandit_ 1.3 14K
Network Transcript 12/26/07 Unos Hambalos Dagat Ahas 261K
Network/Wanzer FAQ 08/13/01 EWillis / JackSpade 1.2 36K
Platinum Medal Guide 08/24/13 LegaiaRules Final 253K
Technical Data Guide 05/11/00 Luxion 30K
Vehicle Data Guide 05/11/00 Luxion 9K

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