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    FAQ by JLau

    Version: 0.1 | Updated: 10/18/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Front Mission 3
    By J.Lau <duplicator@email.com>
    Game By Squaresoft (c)
    Version 0.1, 18/10/99
    You may post it on your site, but this FAQ must not be used for money making
    purposes, period.
    Table of Content
    1. Controls
    2. Playing System
    3. Tips on the first couple of levels
    1. Controls
    O:        Anywhere: Used for accepting a command, (accept).
    X:        Anywhere: Used for cancelling, (cancel).
    Triangle: Battle: Used for accept as well (I think, forgot).
    Square:   Battle: Change your current weapon.
    Start:    Battle: To bring out the main menu, (explain in section 2)
              Talking, Scenes: Skips the dialogue or scene.
    L1/R1:    Battle: Switch between characters during battle.
              Menu/Store: To go to another character's inventory.
    L2/R2:    To rotate the screen in Battle fields.
    2. Playing system
    The main menu I referr to in Battle Systems: To see Battle objective,
                                                 To save current battle,
                                                 To Reset the Game, etc.
    The battle menus:
    Onces your cursor is pointing at a mech, it will show the space which
    you could move in, and after you press O on your mech once, a menu pops up,
    I referr it to the battle menu.  Anyways:
    1. Attack
    2. Get out of mech (not necessary, you'll be screwed)
    3. Stats
    4. Items
    5. End
    The Stats: When you are at battle there are 5 bars, which will affect your 
               mech.  You will probably all notice what they are, anyway:
    1. Body: your main life, if this runs out, your mech is destroyed.
    2. Left Arm/Right Arm: The Body Part that holds the weapon, if one of them
                           is destroyed, the weapon that hand is holding is
                           unuseable.  If both are destroyed, that means you
                           are in a state that is unable to battle (unless you 
                           have a revive body parts.)
    3. Legs: You legs, you depend on them to move, however, if it is destroyed,
             you can only move one space every turn (maybe even more, don't know)
             so you are pretty screwed if you are facing enemies who are all
             equipped with homing missiles, or playing in a terrin that is hilly.
    4. Pilot: The pilots life, if the pilot dies, the mech is shut down, and the
              pilot is deceased.  But the mech and be returned on and useable.
              This can be done by getting off your mech and going into the others.
              Your pilot will almost never be hit, unless some critical attack 
              occurs, or a mech uses "Human DMG 1/2/3"
    There are different types of stuff that you could buy in a store, but watch
    out for the weights a mech can carry, it quite frustrating.  Sometime you
    can't equip a item because the weight of the mech can't support it, since 
    you've got so much things equip already!  Choose what body parts to equip 
    wisely, as it will affect your weight.  Choose a body part that will support 
    more weight and you can equip as many of weapons as you want, but it's life 
    and defense must be pretty crappy, and vice-versa.  You also have to equip 
    COM's if you want to equip skills, and equip mech-pockets (I call it that way) 
    if you want to bring items.
    Close up Weapons: only do 1 massive hit closeup to one body part.
    Steel Knuckles: These do the most powerful close up damage, but only do damage
                    to one bdy part.
    Claws: They act similar to the Steel Knuckles, except they are lighter
           and has a more higher hit ratio.
    Rod: It is used like the Steel Knuckles, except they are heavier than the    
         claws and has a lower hit ratio, but powerful than the claws.
    Mid Ranged Weapons: do mid ranged damage to parts of body parts.  Like the bow 
                        and arrow. And also weights heavier than Close Ranged 
    Machine Gun: Fires 10X and hit different body parts.  Low hit ratio but high 
    Shotgun: Hit onces, but all body parts.
    Flamethrower: Testing.
    Long Ranged weapons: Fires a LOOOOOOOONG distance away, you'll know what I 
    mean.  Very Heavy. You can only support like just this weapon if you decided 
    to equip it. You also have to buy missiles for these weapons.
    The Bazooka: Fires long ranged and does moderate to heavy damage.
    The "Death from above" missile: Fires missiles at the sky and falls down at 
    3x3 square spaces.
    Also to note: The Final Boss Weapon: Body Lazers: Fires at long range and does 
    heavy damage, can use as many times as he wants.
    3. Walkthrough
    No need for any walkthrough heres a breakdown of what to do:
    1. Destroy people with missiles first, they are a pain in the ass, or stay out
       of their way!
    2. Destroy Tanks with machine guns or shotguns, they are weak to that.
    3. Destroy Mech with Fist first, they cause the most damage.
    4. Destroy Guns and any other people later.
    5. Try to save at every round, it might be annoying to save, but it serves
       as insurance later on, and don't argue with me on insurance crap, my
       old man is a insurance agent.
    Tips on stage 2: The one where you have to press the button to go to other
                     rooms to get to the elevator.
    Don't go to elevator, instead, fight them, you'll find it much more easier,
    plus, extra experiences.  Try to Use mech with bazookas first, and gun or fist
    Well, That's All I'm gonna do for my whole life (probably), but feel free to
    email me concerning Front Mission 3.
    PS: For people who wrote to me about Wild Arms 2nd, I am sorry that I didn't
    provide any help or emailed you back, but I sold  WA2 to my friend who offered
    me a bargrin I couldn't refuse.  So don't ask me about WA2 anymore, I know as
    much as you do!!!

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