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    FAQ by Luxion

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    Front Mission 3
    FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) - My Take on them
    by Anthony Nguyen, aka Luxion
    last updated: May 11th, 2000
    Where I am in the game (Emma's Storyline):
    Mission 67 (now I'm counting my medals to determine that).
    This is one of five Front Mission 3 informative collections by me.  I have a habit
    of collecting technical information from strategy/tactical console games.  I do
    it for myself, but all that work deserves some attention, so whether you appreciate
    it or not, here it is.
    This FAQ is never near complete as long as questions are always asked.
    This FAQ is meant for those who have played the game, yet I hope new players will
    be able to understand it.
    Credit goes to Square for releasing yet another great game, and finally bringing
    over to the US a piece of the Front Mission universe.  Most all numbers, stats, 
    technical descriptions, and names belong to Front Mission 3.
    Disclaimer :
    This FAQ Copyright 2000 Anthony Nguyen.  I went through a lot of trouble to collect 
    this information myself.  If any information is used from this guide for 
    reproduction or mass distribution, please mention my name as well as e-mail me at:
    ICQ# 4462286
    If there any comments, corrections, and/or suggestions, please send them to me!
    Thank you for your support.
    Frequently Asked Questions: (and maybe some not-so-frequently asked)
    Q: What should I do with the Norman Bates case Sybil keeps asking Dennis about?
    A: I don't know.  I've shown interest in it as well and now Sybil keeps asking
       for advice.  You'll be given 3 choices for advice to Sybil when replying.
       The correct reply is in regards to "DNA".  Now I've been presented with 3
       new choices to advance the investigation.  Selecting the one regarding
       Ravnui's involvement brings up results - primarily a site address.
    Q: What's the point of the network?
    A: Primarily background information.  If you like to learn more about the game's
       story or its history, the network is where you go.  There's also fun stuff to
       do like mess around with downloaded graphics or try to hack into other sites
       yourself.  If you're only interested in playing the game efficiently to win,
       the 'I want to just to fight!  Who cares about everything else!?' attitude,
       then the Network provides you with, of course, Simulations, Shopping, and
    If you dive deeper into the network, you can make a few extra hundred credits
    through e-mail, primarily hacking jobs Yun gets or reporting criminals seen on
    JPO's wanted list on their site.  This is more for fun because the pay is very
    You make more money through simulators, described below.
    You get the better Simulators on the net.  Actually, I've only run across "Real
    Battle" on the net, but it is worth it.  If you like to battle, simulators are
    like random battles.  Just load a map and fight like you would any normal 
    mission.  Test, Training, and Real Battle are the varying levels of difficulty.
    You cannot obtain Wanzers, but you do keep whatever skills you unlock.
    Also, items you run across are also kept.
    Additional simulation maps are obtained through the story and on the net.
    A "cheat" is to grab a map, like Fukushima, on the net with the PW, even
    though you do not get the PW till late in the game.  You will most likely die
    fast, but it helps unlock skills that saves from death like Prvnt Loss and 
    Escape.  Not only that, you get loads of EXP if you attack, even if you miss.
    Just do not abuse the simulator to the point of point deductions in-game.
    The Secret Wanzer: Hoshun Mk112
    For you who only like to fight, this is basically the only reason to go on the
    net.  Not only do you get perhaps the best Wanzer parts in the game, but you
    also get the only Beam weapon available to your characters, the Heavy P-Gun.
    It is also the strongest weapon in the game available to you.  Read the next
    Q&A on how to obtain it.
    Q: Uh...why not talk about Simulations and Items found on the field?
    A: Okay.
    At first I thought you could not keep items found in simulation maps, but after
    doing a test, I found that if you have space in your backpack, the item gets
    placed in it, and it will be available after the simulation.
    During this test, a few more questions arised.  This test was 5 runs of the
    Taal Base map.  The first 4 times, my wanzers were not equipped with Item-
    holding backpacks.  They never ran across any items.  The 5th time, 3 pilots had
    Item-holding packs, and 2 of them found items.
    Are those equipped with Item-holding packs the only ones capable of finding
    items?  I had never kept track in the storyline.
    Finally, it's not really worth the time and effort to find these items.  They
    tend to be cheap items.  The moentary rewards from playing the map should be
    able to pay for items.
    Credit goes to [check my ICQ list for name] for bringing this to my attention.
    Q: How do I get this secret Wanzer I hear about?
    A: Through the net.  You can also capture one you run across, which also comes
       complete with a Heavy P-Gun, but the one on network will not be available
       until you lose the captured one and its beam weapon.
    I will only list the steps on how to get it.  Note, this is only for Emma's
    storyline.  I believe it will also be available to Alisa late in the story.
    This is available after the Observatory Mission, when you just arrived in
    Japan (late mission 50s).
    - Check the Armored Kin's BBS Message #3 (ARMOREDKIN/OTHER/JAPAN)
    - Go to Auspend Hacker Site's Garbage Pit (AUSPEND/OTHER/AUSTRALIA)
      A Inferno Phone Dialer should be available
    - Use it and enter: 555XKR224
    - You will then talk to someone who will then transfer the goods to your stock
      Note: He will warn you if you do not have enough space in your stock.  If he
      does, clear some space and call him back.
    Q: How good is this Heavy P-Gun?
    A: It's a good weapon with its pros and cons.
    Its drawbacks are its weight and AP consumption, but those only offset its
    already insane damage capability and range.  The Heavy P-Gun is as heavy as a
    decent shoulder weapon, but the AP cost of 15 is a slight nuisance, seeing that
    pilots only regenerate 12 AP/turn.
    What's great about the Beam is that you can link skills to it and the damage is
    the highest in the game - 250 as compared to the next highest of a Melee's 156.
    Flamers can potentially knock off over 600HP worth of damage, but the Heavy
    P-Gun's range of 9 with no Acc loss over distance can only be matched by 
    At Beam level C, my pilots can do 500+ damage.
    Recommended skills to link: AP-30% or AP-60% so that you can fire the weapon
    again the next round.  Why waste slots with Smash skills when you can 
    potentially sever arms in 1 or 2 shots, without the fear of retaliation if 
    fired from distance.
    If you do decide to use this in battle, I would recommend firing it every other
    round to take out small targets like tanks and stuff.  That way, you do not
    destroy whole wanzers "accidentally" and you do not suffer "Average Damage"
    deductions if you're going for the Platinum medal.
    Q: How can I capture wanzers?
    A: Capturing Wanzers is quite easy in my opinion.  What's difficult, maybe even
       impossible from what I've found, is capturing the wanzers of special enemy
    Three Ways to capture wanzers:
    1) Kill the pilot while they are still inside the wanzer.  Sometimes, rarely 
    though, a shot will damage the pilot.  Other than that, you want to use the 
    PilotDMG skills.  I have not found PilotDMGII to be useful.  Too many slots 
    and the amount of damage is not that much greater than I.  I have not gotten III 
    yet, but I know it is going to take 3 slots, and I bet 3 I's will do more than 
    1 III.
    This is how I do it.  My Dennis happens to know 5 PilotDMGIs.  Emma knows 4.  I 
    stick all of that into a computer with Combo[UP].  It never fails that Dennis 
    will link 3 or more PilotDMGIs, doing 7 damage to the pilot with his M.Gun.  
    Rifles do 7 damage.  3 hits of PilotDMGI will kill a pilot.  Just hope you do 
    not destroy the wanzer's body while doing it.  That is also why I choose burst
    over 1-hit weapons.  Heck, while the Mingda 2 M.Gun is available to me, Dennis
    uses the old KodoSN990.  His purpose is primarily "hunting" pilots.  Also, I
    choose M.Gun over Rifle because I can hit at least once which is enough to
    inflict maximum damage to the pilot.  Shotguns, even with a good chance of 
    scoring a hit, only inflict 5 damage to the pilot, which means comboing 4 skills
    instead of 3.
    2) Kill the pilot after he/she ejects.  This one is harder.  Two ways to eject 
    a pilot from their wanzer: luck and skill.  If you are lucky, you will eject 
    them with a random hit.  This is rare.  The other way is to use the skill 
    Again, equip as many EjectPunch as you can on a melee fighter (only my main 
    character has 2, everyone else has 1 or none).  Equip it onto a computer with 
    Activation[UP] and just hope it activates.  Do this first!  That way, your other
    characters who are equipped with burst weapons can kill the pilot.  Burst 
    because you have a better chance of hitting the pilot.  If you EjectPunch after
    all your other characters took their turn, the pilot will simply get back into 
    their wanzer during their turn.
    3) Make the wanzer surrender.  This is very easy and very frustrating. To make 
    a wanzer surrender, you have to cripple it to the point of near-death or no 
    weapons.  I like to blow off arms so they lose all their weapons.  That way, 
    they sit around until they fail their morale check.  Other than that, they tend 
    to surrender when they have a few HP left.  The frustrating part is trying NOT 
    to hit the body and destroying them.  Destroying bodies are for getting through 
    stages quickly or when you don't need the wanzers or money.
    When they are "surrendering", (waving the white flag, but still active), you 
    want to hit them one more time to insure that they surrender (their HP turns 
    white/gray).  If they are near death, you want to step outside of your wanzer 
    and shoot them with your pistol.  Using anything else risks destroying the 
    wanzer's body.  It's a waste of valuable time and personnel to step out, but 
    it's worth the wanzer.
    Another way is to surround a wanzer.  The more heavily damaged they are, the
    more units you have adjacent to them, the sooner they decide to give in.
    When they check morale, sometimes they become active again and start attacking.
    Sometimes they surrender completely.  Normally, they comtemplate surrendering.
    As for special enemy characters, I do not know if it is possible to capture 
    their wanzers.  I'm still trying to figure out if I am able to get my own EC 
    wanzers elsewhere or from the Wulong.  They never surrender and my PilotDMG 
    skills never seem to activate when attacking them.  The possibility of special 
    enemy characters giving up their wanzers lingers because I got one of my 
    Qibing 0s from Griffith, who surrendered.  I have spent 10+ turns having 2 or 3 
    of my pilots pecking away at armless wanzers, hoping that they would surrender.
    I restarted battles when I brought the cool white Shangdi 1 (Emma mission with 
    Wulong's first appearance) or Kodomari down to less than 10 HP with pistols!
    (their bodies of course).  I restarted because I did not want Bronze medals for
    wasting 20+ turns trying to force the enemy to surrender.
    A: I recently got into a short discussion with someone in regards to this topic.
    ROFUPIII takes up 3 slots, which could also be filled by 3 ROFUPIs.  If all 3
    ROFUPIs combo, which is most likely to happen with a Combo%[Up]high computer,
    the total number of shots fired is 360% normal, compared to ROFUPIII's 200%.
    So, 2 ROFUPI's not only saves a slot, but still puts out more bullets (240%).
    Of course, this is totally dependent on what kind of computer you are using.
    If you would like to work some enemy over thoroughly, stick with a 
    Combo%[Up]med-high computer and link 6 ROFUPIs for 720% total bullets (if 
    lucky).  3 or 4 PilotDMGIs is just as effective for taking enemies out of
    action, but link ROFUPIs when you know you're going up against special enemy 
    characters or like to see wanzers get chewed up in one go.
    ROFUPIII is more reliable with an Activate%[Up]med-high computer, so hopefully
    you will be wearing the enemy down with 200% bullets instead of waiting for that
    one great combo.
    Q: Dbl PunchI and Dbl ShotI
    A: The skill can be unlocked and used when your pilot is using the same TYPE of
    weapons in each arm.  They do not have to be the same model.  For example, a
    Laohu 3 and a Laoxing 6 in each arm will work because they are both Rifles.
    Q: What skills do you recommend when setting up?
    A: Skills can be set up to anyone's liking.  You can set up skills to reflect
    the story and show the character's class.  When characters first join the party,
    their wanzer and armament should tell you what they are suited for.  For Emma's
    storyline, the main character and Ryogo both start with burst weapons.  Emma has
    a Gunner-type wanzer (missiles and all).  Dennis appears to be a sniper with 
    his wanzer's ZoomII ability and rifle.
    Of course, most of us play for maximum efficiency.  I try to equalize everyone
    and make them decent with every weapon type (at least C class).  When I go into
    battles without the "worry about money" mentality, I gear my wanzers up for
    serious fighting, equipping skills to fit their weapons.  Rndm Smash, AP-30%
    for those with Rifles.  Sometimes I equip them with 2 Rifles and Dbl ShotI, 
    assuming that they will be hanging in the back and avoiding direct battle.
    Melee units run in with 1 EjectPunch (simply for the purpose of stalling the
    enemy), ShieldAtks, maybe even InitiativeII or III.
    Of course, there will be units stacked for super damage (see Q&A: ROFUPI v III).
    Generally everyone will reserve one slot for Chaff.  That skill is a life-safer
    sometimes, sparing shields' durability and arms' HP for for the 400+ melee 
    Q: How should I equip my wanzers?
    A: Fit them to your your taste and your character's strengths.  If they have a
    lot of skills relating to burst weapons, give them burst weapons.  If their
    excellent with Missiles, equip them with missiles.  With missiles, I recommend 
    an arm weapon of some type for closer encounters.  It is also easier to link
    skills with arm weapons then it is for shoulder weapons.
    If you do equip weapons your pilots are skilled with, but do not have 
    complenting skills for, then use defensive skills.
    A major recommendation are shields.  At the start, damage is so minimal that
    shields only direct damage to an arm.  Later in the game, when damage 
    proportions exceed HP upgrades, shields not only direct damage to the arms, but
    reduces it by a bunch.
    I'm currently sorting out a "Best Wanzer Part" section.  Look at the bottom of
    this FAQ to see what I have found.
    For now, just keep Lenghe 1 Legs, Qibing 0 Bodies, Mingtian 1 Bodies, and 
    Shunwang 1 Arms.  Maybe the Shunyo Mk111 Legs as well.
    Q: I didn't ask about Rifles.  Why are you talking about them?
    A: I just want to give my thoughts on Rifles.  Rifles are great in early game,
    when a shot depletes wanzers of plenty of HP.  Late in the game, even when used
    by a skilled pilot, Rifles do little damage compared to every other weapon.
    They also hit less often unless you upgrade arms' Accuracy to match your 
    enemies' Evade upgrades.
    I find that they are only useful if linked with skills, of course, that will
    make rifles extremely deadly.  Linked with Smash skills, for only 4 AP to fire,
    6 range, and unlimited ammo, Rifles fare much better than the other 1-hit 
    weapons (Melee and Missiles).  The one-shot kill Body Smash uses 5 computer
    slots though.
    What do I mean?  You have to get up close and personal with Melee weapons, which
    also has lower priority when attacking.  Rifles offer 6 range, and only other
    Rifles can counterattack.  Missiles have 9 range and cannot be counterattacked,
    but they have limited ammo and require 10 AP instead of a Rifle's 4.  Lastly,
    Rifles can counterattack at close range and long range.  During all that time a
    Smash skill should activate.
    Q: What are the best parts? (I asked myself that)
    A: I evaluated all the parts and have concluded the best individual parts
       for specific tasks.  These are my OPINIONs based on numbers.  At the end of
       the game, when you're no longer worried about unlocking skills, you want a
       durable wanzer.  Hopefully this list will help you build that wanzer.  I will
       also explain my choices.  At the end of this FAQ are my notes.
       Hopefully this list will help you decide what wanzers to try and capture as
       well as what parts to sell off.
    E.P = Effective Power for Bodies (Power minus the weight)
    Bodies:		HP:   Power:	E.P:	Def-C:	Notes:
    Hoshun Mk112	1661	350	313	60%	*Cannot buy.
    Mingtian 1	1036	344	284	40%	*Cannot buy.
    Whisk		1036	344	284	40%
    Lanze		1647	206	167	60%
    Qibing 0	1423	231	189	60%	*Cannot buy. Substitute
    Vinedrai	1207	254	212	40%
    Hoshun Mk112	- Freak of nature, also one of a kind
    Mingtian 1	- Best body for heavy equipping. Obtained by capture
    Whisk		- Best body for heavy equipping that can be purchased
    Lanze		- Highest HP besides the Hoshun Mk112, primarily for melee
    Qibing 0	- Substitute for Lanze if you need the extra 22 power
    		  Note the Lanze can be bought while Qibing 0 has to be captured
    Vinedrai	- Most well-rounded Body, with decent HP, Def-C, and Power
    Arms:		HP:	Wt:	+Acc:	Notes:
    Hoshun Mk112	1065	25	126%	*Cannot buy.
    Shangdi 1	610	51	147%
    Shunwang 1	752	36	105%	*Cannot buy.
    Tiandong 3	1036	15	37%
    Prov PAW2	718	33	94%	Substitute
    Hoshun Mk112	- Best overall arm, highest HP, one of a kind
    Shangdi 1	- Best Accuracy bonus, offset by its heavy weight. Drake M2C is
    		  a substitute for high Acc (126%), but too low HP (480)
    		  That's why I recommend as a substitute...
    Shunwang 1	- Best "average" arm.  Above average Acc, decent HP, low weight
    		  Obtained by capture.
    Prov PAW2	- Substitute for the Shunwang 1. A bit weaker, but weighs 3 less
    Tiandong 3	- Best Shield Arm money can buy.
    Legs:		HP:	Wt:   Move:    Dash:   Evade:	Notes:
    Hoshun Mk112	1420	35	5	7/5	59%	*Cannot buy.
    Genie		852	18	2	7/4	47%
    Shunyo Mk111	718	38	3	7/4	47%	*Cannot buy.
    Kyojun Mk107	730	43	3	7/4	47%	Substitute
    Pare PAW1	718	38	3	7/3	35%	Substitute
    Lenghe 1	1363	59	6	7/4	47%	*Cannot buy.
    Zenislev	1171	55	5	7/4	47%	Substitute
    Kasel M2	1002	59	6	7/4	47%	Substitute
    Lanze		1363	59	6	6/5	24%	Substitute
    Hoshun Mk112	- Best move for its weight, highest HP and evade, one of a kind
    Genie		- Best for its weight class
    Shunyo Mk111	- Best average move (all the 4 moves suck), low weight and high 
    		  evade.  Can only be captured.
    Kyojun Mk107	- Better substitute for Shunyo Mk111. Weighs 5 more, but 
    		  practically identical.
    Pare PAW1	- If 5 more power is a problem, go with this substitute.
    Lenghe 1	- Best HP and Move, though its weight reflects this. Obtained by 		  capture.
    Zenislev	- In my opinion, better substitute for the Lenghe 1.
    Kasel M2	- Substitute for Lenghe 1. Same Evade but a lot less HP.
    Lanze		- Substitute for Lenghe 1. Same HP but much lower Evade.
    My personal stories:
    I ejected a pilot from their wanzer.  I then moved another character equipped
    with a shotgun next to this pilot to hurt, if not kill, them.  The pilot has
    priority and attacks first.  Avoid80 activated, my wanzer took 0 damage, but
    that lucky, non-damaging shot ejected my pilot.  During the enemies' turn, that
    stupid little pilot crawls back into their own damaged wanzer, leaving the my
    wanzer for my pilot.
    Moral: Expect the least expected.  0 damage can also stun, confuse, and eject.
    Enemy pilots never board your wanzers unless they can eject directly into it.
    My pilot, outside of his wanzer, pecks a near-dead enemy wanzer waving a white
    flag, forcing them to surrender.  During their turn, a stupid Taita 4 lobs a 
    grenade over my other 3 wanzers' heads into our direction, damaging my pilot, 
    his wanzer, and destroying the recently acquired wanzer.
    Moral: Just plan better.  I'm not sure how the AI targets, but they tend to pick
    on naked pilots, avoiding even the best targets for grenade damage.
    First time I met the Wulong (only Rudolf and Rebecca), I had disabled them by
    the second turn.  Two of my characters had grenade launchers equipped.  By turn
    two, the third grenade took out their arms.  This is the same mission where the
    white, super upgraded Shangdi 1 makes an appearance.  I was ill-prepared for
    "hunting" these cool wanzers so I went old school - disable and force surrender.
    Unfortunately, these are special characters and I was only successful in 
    capturing 2 Tiandong 3s.  Oh a couple grenades and a M.Gun rush disabled the
    Shangdi 1 from doing anything as well.
    Moral: Grenades, when in the hands of the skilled, rock.  That is probably why
    they weigh so much and why you cannot link any skills/combos with them.
    Another Grenade story.  I equipped 3 of my characters with grenades because I
    knew I would run into groups of enemy wanzers who started in close proximity 
    (actually, I played before and restarted because I wanted to capture many).
    This was Mission 59(60?), the harbor mission.  I got a group of 3 wanzers to
    surrender before they even started their turn.
    After the mission, I made a lot of money, but suffered the maximum deductions
    for "Average Damage", -15%.
    Moral: Grenades, when in the hands of the skilled, rock.  That's why they have
    medals, so that you do not abuse certain things in the game.  Grenades hit every
    part of a wanzer, so damage is essentially multiplied by 4 in one shot, which
    can send your "Average Damage" through the ceiling.
    My rare Silver medals are from wasting turns running around the whole stage
    deforesting or destroying objects looking for secrets.  All I have found are
    Repair-related items.  I have stopped searching after the Shin-Ohgishima bridge
    mission (early missions).
    Moral: Waste your time capturing wanzers.  Pay-off is better.
    Note: If you have found weapons, wanzer parts, or secrets from destroyable
          objects in the game (besides the destroyable dam), tell me so.
    Battle Tactics:
    Learn the terminology:
    FR			Flame Launcher (not Flamer)
    GR			Grenade Launcher
    MG or M.Gun		Machine Gun
    Mel			Melee
    Msl			Missile
    Wpn(s)			Weapon(s)
    Rng			Range
    Dmg			Damage
    [P]			Pierce
    [I]			Impact
    [F]			Fire/Flame
    [N]			Neutron (Neutral?)
    AP			Action Points
    Major Factions:
    OCU			Oceana Co?
    USN			? - can't be as simple as the United States Navy in this
    			time period where the US we know is merged with Canada
    			and Mexico (and all of S. America as well?)
    EC			Europe?
    DHZ			Da Han Zhong
    JDF			Japanese Defense Force
    HLR			Hua Ling Rebels
    Wanzer classifications:
    Fighter			Close combat.  Tends to have high move to close the
    			distance fast.  Also tends to have high HP to withstand
    			attacks before attacking.
    Attacker		Mid-ranged all-around combat unit.  Decent power supply
    			for eqiupping various weapons.  Decent movement and HP
    			as well.
    Gunner			Long ranged unit.  Tends to stay in the back and shoot
    			ranged weapons, which explains its low HP and large 
    			power supply to hold those heavy shoulder weapons.
    			Minimal movement legs and high accuracy arms better
    			situate it for long range combat.
    Pilot Status:
    Surrendered		Inactive.  Pilots can board.
    Surrender		Waving a white flag.  Active, but non-participating.
    			Morale check every turn.
    Stunned			Inability to do anything for a short period.
    Confused		AP cost increased by 3 (except for No Action)
    Weapons in general:
    					# of			 Acc. Loss
    Weapon		Type:	Acc:	Range:	Attks:	AP:	Ammo:	Rng/Height:
    ----------	----	----	-----	-----	--	----	----------
    M.Gun		  P	 80%	 1-4	 10	 5	 --	-10%/-5%
    Shotugn		  I	 75%	 1-3	 12	 3	 --	- 2%/-5%
    Rifle		  P	 75%	 1-6	  1	 4	 --	- 2%/-5%
    Flame Launcher	  F	 60%	 1-2	4/7/11 4/7/11	 --	- 2%/-5%
    Melee (Fist)	  I	100%	  1	  1	 1	 --	- 0%/-0%
    Melee (Baton)	  I	120%	  1	  1	 1	 --	- 0%/-0%
    Melee (Spike)	  P	110%	  1	  1	 1	 --	- 0%/-0%
    Missile		  F	 80%	 3-9	  1	10	 --	- 0%/-0%
    Grenade		  F	 60%	 3-6	 ---	12	 --	- 0%/-0%
    Beam		  N	 90%	 1-9	  1	15	 --	- 0%/-5%
    Machine Guns, Shotguns, and Flame Launchers are "burst" weapons.  Each attack
    hits a random location.  Shotguns distribute their attacks to every part.
    Flame Launcher's AP consumption is equivalent to the number of attacks, which
    is variable and decided by the shooter.  Default is 4 when fired with skills
    such as the "other" weapon in DblShot, or FiringSquad.
    Fists tend to be heavier, less accurate, but more damaging compared to the other
    Melee weapons.  Batons/Rods are more accurate, lighter, but least damaging.
    Spikes offer a balance of the two, in addition to being [P]ierce instead of
    Missiles/Grenades cannot be counterattacked, nor can they be used to 
    counterattack.  Missiles offer the option of defending with Shields while
    Grenades do not.
    Grenades affect a 2 range radius from the target point, damaging all parts if
    targets are hit.
    Counterattacking requires an additional 3 AP.
    All pilots "regenerate" 12 AP at the start of their turns.
    Learn priorities if you haven't already.  The following is ranked from highest
    priority (first to attack) to lowest (last to attack) in a round of combat.
    Attacking Pilot/Soldier
    Defending Pilor/Soldier
    Attacking Range (Non-Beam)
    Defending Range (Non-Beam)
    Attacking Beam
    Defending Beam
    Attacking Melee
    Defending Melee
    Note: Skills can alter the order (primarily Brace and Initiative).
    Use Shotguns or Machine Guns, maybe even Flamers, to destroy low HP parts.  It's
    even more vital when that damaged part can counterattack.
    Enemies with shields can be annoying because they will take a while to destroy/
    disable.  You can either waste time and deplete their shield's durability (or
    drain them of AP), or rush a fighter (melee-equipped wanzer) to attack.  They
    should have the HP to withstand any assault because the computer will choose to
    counterattack (if AP is available) instead of defend, even if they only have
    Hardblow.  Hopefully a lucky hit to the shield arm weakens it enough for someone
    else to destroy it.
    It appears that the AI will always opt for a counterattack of sorts instead of
    defending itself with a Shield, if possible.
    Kyokei Mk108 (Iguchi)
    12mm MG (Iguchi, emplacement)
    Mk09 AFV (Iguchi, vehicle)
    MK8 Support (Iguchi, quad-wheeled)
    Shunyo Mk111 (Kirishima)
    Mk12 AFV (Kirishima, 3-wheeled vehicle)
    MMG3 Ship (Kirishima, ship)
    Meldyne M1 (Leonora)
    Shangdi 1  (Tiewudi)
    Mk54 MBT (Tiewudi, tank)
    Mk59 APC (Tiewudi, APC)
    Dual Cannon (Tiewudi, emplacement)
    Mk42 Quad (Tiewudi, emplacement)
    Bihu 1 (Tiewudi, 4-legged)
    Taita 4 (Tiewudi, 4-legged tank)
    Heidong 3 (Tiewudi, big wanzer)
    Streich/Mk5 AFV (Schnecker, 4-legged tank)
    Tora/Haolong 4 (Sender, Tall 4-legged)
    Mk20 AFV (Shanghai Steel, vehicle)
    Chixuan 6 (Shanghai Steel, helicopter)
    Shangfeng 5 (Shanghai Steel, big helicopter)
    Mk39 PT Boat (Shanghai Steel, boat)
    Qinghuayu 1 (Shanghai Steel, 4-legged amphibious-boat?)
    Xiangyu 2 (Shanghai Steel, 6-legged bug-tank?)
    Wulong Members
    Rudolf Kaiser (Grezex)
    Rebecca Sydney (Whisk)
    Hatari Khartoum (Vinedrai)
    Greg Herigle (Lanze)
    Emilio Gusly (Whisk)
    Lukav Minaev
    Jared Bogdanof
    Best Parts (still analyzing):
    The Hoshun Mk112 is by far the best for any give purpose, unless you really do
    need the extra 20% Acc, 1 extra move, 10 fewer weight, etc.  It is also, so far,
    a one-of-a-kind Wanzer, as well as a secret one too.
    How this is organized:
    I first organize by weight/power.  Then I take the highest HP part, then the 
    best part function (ie, Body = Def-C, Arms = +Acc%, Legs = Evade, Move).
    Boost and Dash are not really a major concern of mine.  There sometimes exists
    a balanced part which I will also list.
    Some of these parts can only be captured (denoted by *), so I listed substitute
    parts that can be purchased.
    Body:		HP:	Wt:	Power:	DCM:
    Hoshun Mk112	1661	37	350	60%	*	Best Overall
    Drake M2C	762	60	344	60%		Best high power DCM
    Whisk		1036	60	344	40%		Sub for Mingtian
    Mingtian 1	1036	60	344	40%	*	Preferred, decent DCM
    Rekson M4F	720	38	269	60%		too low on HP
    Grezex		979	38	269	40%		Um...maybe
    Vinedrai	1207	42	254	40%		Better than Yongsai 3
    Prov PAW2	950	44	253	60%		If you really want the DCM...
    Yongsai 3	1292	44	253	40%		Decent
    Zenislev	1604	42	231	20%		Good HP, but low DCM
    Qibing 0	1423	42	231	60%	*	Good HP and DCM
    Kyokei Mk108	887	40	220	40%		Um...no
    Lanze		1647	39	206	60%		Best HP, but low power Body
    Arm:		HP:	Wt:	Acc:
    Shangdi 1	610	51	147%		Best Accuracy, heavy weight
    Drake M2C	480	45	126%		Too low on HP, but high Acc
    Kyojun Mk107	667	36	105%		Sub for Shunwang 1
    Shunwang 1	752	36	105%	*	Best overall "medium" arm
    Prov PAW2	718	33	94%		A little bit more HP than Kyojun Mk107
    Yongsai 3	809	33	66%		Really need HP over Acc? Go with Tiandong 3
    Kyokei Mk108	667	25	73%		Don't bother
    Hoshun Mk112	1065	25	126%	*	Best overall arm
    Zenislev	894	20	25%		Don't bother
    Qibing 0	894	20	37%	*	Don't bother
    Kasel M2	762	15	52%		Don't bother
    Tiandong 3	1036	15	37%		Best Shield Arm money can buy
    Legs:		HP:	Wt:	Move:	B/D:	Evade:
    Genie		852	18	2	7/4	47%		Best low-weight
    Pare PAW1	718	38	3	7/3	35%		go with the other subs
    Shunyo Mk111	718	38	3	7/4	47%	*	Best 3 Move: weight, evade
    Vinedrai	994	43	3	6/5	24%		better HP sub for Shunyo
    Kyojun Mk107	730	43	3	7/4	47%		better sub for Shunyo Mk111
    Prov PAW2	783	48	3	-/-	47%		Hover...bleh...
    Kyokei Mk108	730	45	4	7/3	35%		why bother with these?
    Yongsai 3	1065	48	4	6/5	24%		why bother with these?
    Hoshun Mk112	1420	35	5	7/5	59%	*	Best Evade
    Zenislev	1171	55	5	7/4	47%		IMO, better sub for Lenghe 1
    Kasel M2	1002	59	6	7/4	47%		sub for Lenghe 1, evade***
    Lanze		1363	59	6	6/5	24%		sub for Lenghe 1, HP*
    Lenghe 1	1363	59	6	7/4	47%	*	Best HP and move

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