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    Beginners Guide by Necro_

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    					  FRONT MISSION 3 
    Author Note's
    Hey,the game is getting harder,damn I have alot of hard time going through the 
    mission!!I have just getting on the stage where our team of hero have gone back 
    to Japan.I hope you like this guide.What the hell with battle simulator 
    Fukushima ,they are damn HARD!!But I managed to win it in 15 rounds.For all the 
    hard work I do,all I got was 900 price money....Taal Base could give more than 
    that.Well,I've been slowing down on FM3 because I was
    managing my registration for a university.I'll be doing Creative Multimedia 
    course for obtaining degree.Last year I've been doing this stupid wasting 
    Information Technology course.I knew my heart was not with that.Well,that's 
    all.Enjoy the game!!
    P.s-Malaysian gamers out there,mail me.Come and support our own Malaysian PSX 
    Yours truly,
    			            NEWLY UPDATED AT 6 MAY 2000.
    1.1-Some spelling errors,added the FAQ column,Suggestion column,some part on 
    counter attack,add some stupid        lines to make it easier to read.Actually 
    this is no major update.Some info on battle simulator(Section         Number 5)
                                  ***THE BEGINNERS GUIDE TO FRONT MISSION 3***
    Number One-
    *Customizing Wanzers*
    Parts Selection
    Ok,you have lots of parts from the body to the backpack.But how much can you 
    combine to fulfilled your hunger for destruction?Always check the remaining 
    weight number because the more weight you have the better weapon you can put on.
    From my experienced less weight parts such as body have less HP than a heavier 
    one.Sometimes it's hard to fully customized your wanzer to it's maximum 
    potential.To make it clear,if you want to put three weapon on your wanzer,you 
    must have at least 200+ remaining weight.But the problem is the parts that is 
    lighter tend to be easier to be broken because of its average HP.
    So you must choose between firepower or HP or maybe an all rounder.Make sure 
    your wanzer have some remaining weight to make it easier for you to upgrade 
    their weapon .Better weapon takes more weight.
    I have tried a lot of combination to get a wanzer with four weapon attached to 
    it.Until now I haven't found any.Someone who have pleased mail me.I have been 
    playing the game a lot and one things that I discovered is it's better to catch 
    some wanzers,they give you better parts with less weight,high HP and most of 
    them have been upgraded.
    What I hate is,to have the best equipped wanzer,you have to sometimes sacrifice 
    the looks of the wanzer.I hate it when you have to use an ugly looking body with 
    a weird leg.They looked really ugly.Who wants ugly wanzer right?Everybody 
    wanting a cool looking wanzer who could burn down a town.One of the ugliest one 
    is the Mingtian
    body and leg.It's so ugly!But you always can get the best firepower if you use 
    it.So choose between look and HP.I would choose looks.It just give me the 
    Number Two
    *Weapon Selection*
    Now you have your own customized wanzer but if it have high HP and no weapon 
    loaded,it just felt not good.Choosing weapon is a matter of life and death.If 
    you take 2 full melee character and two others an all rounder,meaning have melee 
    in one hand and a distance weapon in the other,but you are fighting and all 
    team of wanzers with shotguns and machine guns those two melee figters are gonna 
    be toast.This is how it done.
    Melee Attack
    Shot Range punch attack.
    They are good against Missile Equipped wanzer.Missile needs some range to shot 
    so when they are near to an enemy,they will have to use the desperate attack The 
    Hardblow.Some of them do carry shotguns but if you are lucky,your punches will 
    land on the launcher equipped hand.If the level are high,most melee attack will 
    destroy a part of a wanzer.When a Missiler loses their missile launcher and they 
    didn't have a gun they are just like little ant under your footstomp.Beware with 
    them until you have destroyed both arms,damaged parts with below 80 HP can be 
    broken by a Hardblow attack.
    Melee attack also great against Grenade Launchers.Melee attack also have high 
    accuracy so that means it is great for a fast mission that that have time limit.
    One hit to the body is enough to kill a wanzer but you won't get the EXP for the 
    other parts.
    Range Attack
    Machine Gun,Shotgun
    There are good.The weapon choices is good but sometimes they are just not that 
    good with no great accuracy.Battle skills such as Zoom(1,2,3),ROF UP(1,2,3) and 
    the average Hit or Miss is a great addition to the power of the weapon.
    Because they are range weapon they are good against Melee Fighter.
    Some weapon such as Odin,Kodo,Chongdu damaged all parts of the enemy wanzer.
    Weapon such as Mingda and DGS 25 damaged random parts of the wanzer.Choose for 
    yourself which one do you like.
    Missile are great for a one hit to random parts.It range cover a lot of area and 
    that means you can hit enemies that you are away from.Remember that it only 
    attack one parts of a wanzer and sometimes attack the pilot with the PilotDMG 
    Skill.Enemies that are well hidden are sometimes hard to get even with 87% 
    accuracy.If you miss,lots of AP will be depleted and this means you cannot 
    counter back.Use it carefully.It takes one turn to reload the missile after full 
    usage and in Front Mission 3 a turn is important.One mistake,it's lethal.
    Grenades is an average type weapon.It gives the enemies less damage than a 
    machine gun but remember it's an area attack.Having a Grenade Launcher in your 
    team sometimes gives advantages but for me it's not that useful.Enemies don't 
    always grouped up together,they scrambled.Imagine having 4 enemies in one great
    place to put a grenade on but there was Ryogo besides one of them.You don't want 
    to hurt your your friends rights?Enemies are different.They don't have our 
    commitment for friendship.They will even bomb their friends when they want to 
    and they do it often.Grenade also have low accuracy level.
    Well,always have at least 2 missilers in your team.A grenade equipped could be 
    handy .Have everyone with at least a Melee Fist,range weapon and additional 
    Projectile weapon(missile) if you can put one.Try to get all 
    characters with three weapon with them.You will have an all rounder team with 
    good attacking power,strong defensive and great projectile attack.This is a good 
    lineup against any enemies team.
    Until you get at least Type 13 grenade launcher,grenade usage won't give you 
    many advantages if you compare it to missile.But in Stage 35+ grenade will 
    always come in handy when there are too many enemies.It damages all parts,giving 
    it major damage.This will give a big advantage for you when fighting a large 
    group of enemies.
    An Example
    The stage where Jose is on foot and you have to choose 3 more members to fight 2 
    Wulong members and some DHZ soldiers.I don't count the mission stage but this is 
    after the death of Ran Long father.Human soldiers can be wipeout with 2 shot of 
    grenade and you can concentrate attacking the Wulong members.But,Rebecca have 
    also a grenade launcher.Attacking with grenade will make her part HP weak and 
    aother character can finished her off.Then 3 more Wulong members come in after 
    killing at any one either Rudolph or Rebecca.I was stucked in this stage,but 
    after two retry I finally got the hang of it.Figuring out how to kill them fast 
    I put 2 wanzers with grenade and the other one with missile.They are easy 
    compared to my first and second try where I had only one grenade launcher and 
    two missilers. 
    Number Three
    *Tactics On Battle*
    You must know your opponent weapon.Check their status and know their weaknesses.
    You must know from where to attack them.When you are in a higher place than them 
    (on a crate etc.)you will have better accuracy.Attacking a melee wanzer without 
    range weapon (just MK10/MK12 fist),you would want to attack them from some 
    distances.This will make sure it won't counter attack.
    Battling in FM3 is more like Final Fantasy Tactics but there are some 
    differences.In FFT,when you attack from behind the enemy the damaged would 
    increased.But in FM3,it doesn't give any advantages.The enemies would still be 
    facing you when you are attacking.If Square put this strategy in the game I 
    think it would be harder and more tactics would be needed when 
    attacking.Attacking from long range with grenade and missile would give your 
    team more advantages.
    This is what I mean...
    When attacking-
    -Wanzer Type-                       -Strong Against-
    Melee Fighter	                    Missile Wanzer 
    Range attacking Wanzer              Melee wanzer
    Projectile attacking wanzer         Melee wanzer and range attacking wanzer
    Actually there are no specific strategy when defense.It is all about luck.But I 
    realized that a hiding wanzer (behind something such as crate or tower) is more 
    likely to miss a missile attack.Battle skill such as Iniative would be alot of 
    help when you counter attacking.
    Counter Attack
    Try to counter when you can.Counter attack would lead to a great win but it is 
    just a matter of luck on who's turn first when counter attacking.I don't know 
    how to make my wanzer counter attack first before being attack without using 
    Iniative.Mail me if you know how.
    But it is actually like this from what I have found out..
    CA=Counter Attack
    Shotgun,mechine gun and rifle attack will attack first whenever being attack by 
    melee weapon.Missile cannot be CA.Shotgun against shotgun,whose turn attacking 
    will go out first,this also apply to mechine gun,rifle and melee weapon..Look 
    out for balanced of AP left because CA will take a lot of AP .
    Number Four
    *Backpack Selection*
    Damn it why did Square made this game so hard to squeezed the full potential of 
    a wanzer.Don't laugh when you see the topic.This is very important.I'm not sure 
    how I can explained this but I'll try because choosing the right backpack is one 
    important step in customizing weapon,trust me.
    Initially there are 2 types of backpack,one that have slot to put Item in and 
    the other one is no item slot but you will gain more remaining weight and more 
    power.So you will think what's the matter,right?
    Think again,you have setup your wanzer with all parts without weapon.You have 
    190+ remaining weight(RW).So you try to put in a fist,shotgun and a Yunsheng 
    that you just bought.Now when you trying to put in the Yunsheng the RW is -
    3,what will you do.So, you check the parts again and you realized "Hey I can 
    gain more RW with this cool looking backpack.That's cool."Looking at the menu 
    you realized you "cannot" put in ANY item to restore parts HP Damn,you was just 
    jumping with joy until you realized it.But you will think,hey I could have more 
    Power in my wanzer,this is great!But without recovery item, after 4 or 5 turns 
    I'm sure at least only 2 wanzer can attack  ,one is gone and the other one is 
    just useless.Luckily the game is not that hard,only some battles are hard until 
    stage 35+ where easy is no more...I mean it ^_^ 
    Because of this try to balanced out the team such as two wanzers with recovery 
    item and two more with better firepower.The disadvantages is you will have to 
    waste some turns healing parts and these will sure give the edge to the 
    opponents.One more things is the risk is high if the enemies attacks the Item 
    Equipped wanzer.
    This part,I leave it up to you to decide.To play it safe or choosing a hard way.
    But I recommend to get a Wanzer with 3 weapon and a Item Enabled backpack,it's 
    hard to get but not impossible.
    In the next update I will show you some example on best equipped wanzer. 
    Number Five
    Training Your Wanzer and Pilot(and also collecting money)
    I can only post up this info..Wait for next update!
    -To earn more money,use the Taal Base Simulator.They give you 1050 or 1200 if 
    you win.
    -Gaining quick weapon level,use the Fukushima Simulator(You can have it after 
    about 40 mission,I think).The   enemies are tough,really tough I mean.But they 
    you a lot of EXP and gaining a level or two is quite fast   compared to the not 
    so hard battle (Taal Base,The Bridge).The trick is to quit after 2 or 3 
    rounds,if you    can't win it.The EXP you earn is a lot and you will keep all 
    the battle skills if you learn any.Make sure you  can survive until you can 
    quit.Just shoot them and you can level up your weapon in no time.
    -In battle simulator,kill all enemies.Don't leave them surrendered.This will 
    lower your income.In simulator you  cannot captured an enemies wanzer.
    -Always catch some wanzers for good stock and money.Selling wanzer is an 
    important way of having a good amount of cash.Great parts can also be gotten and 
    some of them are much better than your own parts.
    -Train hard using the simulator using battle mode.Don't use test mode because in 
    battle modes,you will gain experienced and keep all the battle skills that you 
    have learned.This is also a good way to earn cash if you desperate for 
    money.Killing enemies in here is much better because if you win the battle 
    because of the enemies surrendered,you will received less money than it should 
    -Timing your kill  is crucial if you want to level up your weapon and 
    character.Try to kill them with all their parts destroyed (not damaged).This 
    will greatly reward you with a lot of experience.Choose the weak weapon when 
    killing,this will improved it's strength and skill.
    -Check mail always.It contains passwords to authorized websites and other 
    stories related things.
    -Upgrade often and when you afford it.It will help you through the game 
    better,have better accuracy,better defence and higher evade rate.Evade rate 
    plays and important parts in this game.
    -Group atttack on one enemies is much better than one on one with them.Don't 
    feel ashamed to use this tactics.Don't feel to heroic to go into the enemies 
    territory alone and you will end up weaponless or worst
    dead.Having minus one enemies is better than having fully loaded enemies with 
    medium HP.
    -Try to give the enemies the no weapon and legs condition.Then gang up on other 
    wanzer that are not cripple.
    Save your turn and don't waste a turn to kill a wanzer with no weapon when there 
    are one more that have no 
    broken parts but with low HP.Kill them off first because they still can inflict 
    major damage even their hand HP is only 1.
    Battle Tactics
    I got an e mail from Justin.
    He tell about a great tactics that have it pro's and cons.
    Thanks Justin.Send me more on it so we could discussed it.
    His tactic...
    The fatal Four Way Attack.(I sort of thinking about the match in Wrestlemania)
        It is like this....
    		      P E P
    		P=Player Wanzer
    		E=Enemy Wanzer,Vehicle
    Attacking like this for me I think would give you some advantages but major 
    The Advantages
    You can finished up one enemy easily and fast.The enemy will have less men and 
    their fire power will be reduced.It will speed up the battle if you can make 
    that formation in every turn then attack.
    The Disadvantages
    You will be needing a lot of room and spaces to make that formation.Because of 
    that you will be easily opened to enemies attack because they will have clear 
    aim (high accuracy) of hitting you.
    Beware of grenades.Grouping up on one area will give a huge advantages to 
    enemies if they have grenade launcher.Grenade hit hard and give some major damn 
    great damage to you.From my experienced,I only used Fire-Defence Mode (The Red 
    F) ONCE when I lost because of two damn grenade launching vehicles.If you want 
    to try this tactics kill the grenade launcher first.
    Another problem is this will make your missile useless against the enemy you 
    F.A.Q Section
    Okay,this is a new column.Send in your letter to afterlife_org@hotmail.com.Send 
    any question,suggestion or critics.I would like to learn from others who are 
    experts in making a game guide.
    God     - for letting me breath again. 
    Justin  - for info on the 'fatal four way attack'(I give that name)
    Gamefaqs- they post my guide in my first try.Hey,thanks a lot!
    Copyright Info
    FM3 is a copyright of Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) and Square EA.
    This guide is made by me,for those who want to post it on their website,mail me 
    first.Keep it original ok?
    Print it if you want but don't sell it.I heard about many shoppers printing 
    guides from Gamefaqs.com then selling it to make easy money.That's cheating 
    ==========================================Wait for next 

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