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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by Haunter12O

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    Haunter120 Presents…
    				    FRONT MISSION 3
    -----------------------------TACTICS GUIDE-----------------------------
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    This game rules. I really
    Just needed to write a
    FAQ because of this real
    Awesome game by RPG creators
    Squaresoft, which in my opinion
    Are the best RPG creators in
    The world.
    I.	Introduction, Storyline, and Characters
    II.	Wanzers and Battles
    III.	The Walkthrough
    IV.	Enemies’ Tactics
    V.	Q & A
    VI.	Other
    VII.	Credits
    No doubt about it, this game is better that Final Fantasy Tactics! 
    Squaresoft wins again. In this game, you control “Wanzers”, or gigantic 
    robot gears as in Xenogears, to fight Tactics style. It’s much different, 
    for one fact, you fight in the real world about 120 years from now. Another 
    fact is that there are two storylines based on the two of the games ladies: 
    Emma and Alisa. It’s pretty tricky to know how to get that one or that one, 
    so I’ll tell you.
    Emma’s Story is the longer of the two. Emma is the one who created a bomb 
    named MIDAS, this bomb can blow up the whole Japan! She didn’t know that it 
    would be this bad. The only problem is that she doesn’t have it. Someone 
    else is planning to use it… and destroy something. After getting caught by 
    JDF when trying to spy on what happened to a ruined copy of MIDAS (which can 
    only blow up a small portion), something gets wrong. The JDF are really mad 
    at you and are trying to catch and kill you. Emma is with the USN.
    In this storyline, there is also an explosion at Yokosuka Base, but it 
    happens at a different time. You get caught by JDF soldiers, but token out 
    just when USN spies come out of the building. Thinking that you’re up to 
    something, the JDF try to get you. But you’re saved by a mysterious spy 
    named Liu, of the DHZ(China). He tells you about the MIDAS, the bomb that 
    can blow up Japan whole(it doesn’t though), and that’s when the whole 
    storyline starts. I haven’t beat this one yet, but people say it’s sad at 
    the end.
    Difficulty-Hard(But gets easier)
    To access Emma’s story, go with Ryogo to the Residential Area of Okinawa at 
    the beginning, if you don’t, then you’ll go with Alisa’s Storyline.
    Kazuki Takemura
    Main Character
    Japanese, Ally Character
    Story: Both
    Age: 19
    The main character of FM3. A test Wanzer pilot in Kirishima Industries in 
    Ryogo Kusama
    Second Main Character
    Japanese, Ally Character
    Story: Both
    Age: 19
    Kazuki’s Best friend and also a test pilot in Kirishima Industries.
    Emma Klamsky
    Storyline Character, Ally Character
    Story: Both
    Age: 22
    A USN spy. Creator of MIDAS.
    Alisa Takemura
    Storyline Character, Ally Character
    Japanese (won’t spoil)
    Story: Both
    Age: 19
    Kazuki’s Adoptive sister. Gets involved in the Yokosuka Base explosion.
    Dennis Vicarth
    USN Ally, Ally Character
    Story: Emma
    Age: 35
    For the USN. Works with Emma. Also has a friend named Sybil on a case in the 
    USN on a man named Norman Bates, who seems to know something about the DHZ.
    Yun Lai Fa “Moneymaker”
    Spender, Ally Character
    Storyline: Emma
    Age: 17
    A hacker. On the internet a lot of people mention her name cause she is so 
    good at hacking into sites.
    Lukav Minaev
    USN Purple Haze Leader
    Storyline: Both
    Age: 28
    Leader of the Purple Haze and an officer of the USN. However…
    Hei Fong Liu
    DHZ Lieutenant, Ally Character(Alisa’s Story)
    Storyline: Both
    Age: 32
    A calm and composed spy.
    Isao Takemura
    JDF Leader(?)
    JDF, Yokosuka
    Storyline: Both
    Age: 42
    Father of Kazuki and adoptive father of Alisa. His wife is dead.
    Marcus Armstrong
    USN Commander, Ally Character
    Storyline: Emma
    Age: 43
    Commander of the USN. Sneaked out of his house to go for this mission and 
    has his own missions.
    Jose Astrada
    OCU Philippines Captain, Ally Character
    Storyline: Both
    Age: 35
    A sad soldier. He was ordered to kill a bunch of people, and one of them was 
    his wife. He accidentally killed her.
    Xiang Mei Li
    Rebel, Ally Character
    Storyline: Emma
    Age: 43
    A rebel on his own. Used to be in a military, but he quit.
    Pham Luis
    Guerilla, Ally Character
    Storyline: Alisa
    Age: 17
    A mean, snotty girl that’s from the rich Luis family. Pierre, the butler of 
    her family, always goes with her to protect her.
    Miho Shinjo
    Police Officer, Ally Character
    Storyline: Alisa
    Age: 22
    A police officer that seems to know something about the Yokosuka Base 
    explosion. Someone is after her.
    Lan – Ally character in Alisa’s Story. Rapid Reaction Force Soldier.
    Alisa’s Story: Good
    Emma’s Story: Bad
    Mayer Edward – Ally Character in Alisa’s Story. CIU agent.
    Alisa’s Story: Good
    Emma’s Story: N/A
    Huang – Leader of the Hua Lian Rebels.
    Alisa: Bad
    Emma: Good
    Chang – Follower of the Hua Lian. Captain of them.
    Alisa: Bad
    Emma: Bad
    Luo – Commander of the Hua Lian.
    Alisa: N/A
    Emma: Good
    Yue – Old Hua Lian ally. Guilin Leader.
    Alisa: Bad?
    Emma: Good
    Zhuwen – Hua Lian Carrier. Guilin Captain.
    Alisa: Bad
    Emma: Good
    Liang Hua – DHZ traitor that joins the Hua Lian Rebels.
    Alisa: Bad
    Emma: Good
    Xu – Superior officer of Liang Hua.
    Alisa: N/A
    Emma: Good
    Ling – Hua Lian Rebel in Guangzhou.
    Alisa: N/A
    Emma: Good
    Wuo Ben – Ling’s Brother
    Alisa: Bad
    Emma: N/A
    Ran Fong – Daughter of Lei, Li’s friend, who got killed by the Military.
    Alisa: N/A
    Emma: Good
    Kwang – An injured kid who joins the Hua Lian. Son of the Vice-chairman.
    Alisa: Good
    Emma: Good
    Lixian – Kwang’s Sister.
    Alisa: N/A
    Emma: Good
    Zhun – A scientist who knows about Tianlei, a Shanghai Fortress. Joins the 
    Hua Lian.
    Alisa: N/A
    Emma: Good
    Joe – Purple Haze USN Army.
    Emma: Good
    Alisa: Bad
    Cindy – Purple Haze USN Army.
    Emma: Good
    Alisa: Bad
    Gastor – Purple Haze USN Army.
    Emma: Good
    Alisa: Bad
    Koike – Kirishima Industries worker. Friendly with Ryogo and Kazuki.
    Emma: Good
    Alisa: Good
    Yang – An old fighter that protects… ships.
    Emma: Good
    Alisa: N/A
    Hatta – A Singapore Rebel. Knows a lot about Moneymaker.
    Alisa: Bad
    Emma: Good
    Linny Barilar – Ally member. Part of the crazy Barilar Family, who came up 
    with Methane Wanzers, which are made out of trucks and Wanzer feet.
    Alisa: N/A
    Emma: Good
    Pierre Wells – Butler of the Luis Family and Pham Luis’ companion.
    Alisa: Good
    Emma: N/A
    Serov Warren – An Imaginary Number Failure.
    Emma: Bad
    Alisa: Bad
    Ivan – A “good” Imaginary Number.
    Alisa: Bad
    Emma: Good
    Bal Gorbovsky – Creator of the Imaginary Numbers.
    Alisa: Bad
    Emma: Bad
    Rosavia Gray – An accepted Imaginary Number.
    Alisa: Bad
    Emma: Bad
    Jared Bogdanof – An accepted Imaginary Number.
    Alisa: Bad
    Emma: Bad
    Chairman Jie – Bad guy. Assassinator of the previous chairman.
    Alisa: Good
    Emma: Bad
    Takiguchi – Isao’s JDF Captain.
    Alisa: Good
    Emma: Good
    Taniyama – JDF Commander of Kumamoto.
    Alisa: Good
    Emma: Good
    Kawada – Another JDF Captain. Has a few secrets.
    Alisa: Good
    Emma: Good
    Sasaki – JDF Member. This guy’s plain bad.
    Alisa: Bad
    Emma: Bad
    Yuji Kuroi – A JDF Assault Member who just won’t give up.
    Emma: Bad
    Alisa: Bad
    Han – OCU Taiwan Member who also won’t give up.
    Emma: Bad
    Alisa: Good
    Kiryu – A reporter.
    Emma: Good
    Alisa: Good
    Barden Barilar – Father “Master” of the Barilar Family.
    Emma: ???
    Alisa: N/A
    Erme – Mother of the Barilar Family.
    Emma: ???
    Alisa: N/A
    Kate – Daughter of the Barilar Family.
    Emma: ???
    Alisa: N/A
    Tania – Another Daughter of the Barilar Family.
    Emma: ???
    Alisa: N/A
    Skylar – Yet another Barilar Daughter.
    Emma: ???
    Alisa: N/A
    Semaun – Taal Base Commander.
    Emma: Bad
    Alisa: Bad
    Rudolf – Leader of WULONG.
    Emma: Bad
    Alisa: Good
    Rebecca – Second Leader of WULONG.
    Emma: Bad
    Alisa: Good
    Greg – WULONG Minion.
    Emma: Bad
    Alisa: Good
    Hatari – WULONG Minion.
    Emma: Bad
    Alisa: Good
    Emilio – WULONG Minion.
    Emma: Bad
    Alisa: Good
    Bamarm – Philippines Rebel Leader.
    Emma: N/A
    Alisa: Good
    Manaro Filipe – Captain of Negros Fortress.
    Emma: N/A
    Alisa: Bad
    Jinguji – An engineer in Kirishima Test Industry who constantly e-mails 
    Emma: Good
    Alisa: Good
    Kou – Wan’an Supplier.
    Emma: N/A
    Alisa: Good
    Kenai – Koriyama unit. CWDS user.
    Emma: N/A
    Alisa: Bad
    Commander Liang – Fuzhou Captain.
    Emma: N/A
    Alisa: Good
    Mori – Kaita Base Squad Leader, JDF Lieutenant. Miho’s Boyfriend.
    Emma: N/A
    Alisa: Good
    Wei Cheeng Yee – Dennis’ old friend. Journalist.
    Emma: Good
    Alisa: Good
    Wei Wen – Shanghai Base Captain.
    Emma: Bad
    Alisa: Good
    Griffith – Some guy with a weird face. He’s an Imaginary Number.
    Emma: Bad
    Alisa: Bad
    Well, it’s up to you. I’ll put down the missions of the storylines below.
    Kirishima Test Site
    Yokosuka Outside
    Yokosuka Building
    Yokosuka Undg. Building
    Yokosuka Gate
    Kamariya(sp?) Checkpoint
    Kamariya JC Bridge
    Kamariya Freeway Tollbooth
    Yokohama Streets
    Honmokufuto Bridge
    Wilson Cliffs
    Sumatra Crash Site
    Choa Chun Khang Prison
    Barilar Farm
    Weapon Factory
    Taal Base Front Gate
    Taal Base FG#1
    Taal Base FG#2
    Taal Base Lake
    Taal Base Alpine #1
    Taal Base Alpine #2
    Taal Base Alpine #3
    Taal Base Exit
    Bai Kui Dam
    Taipei Suburb
    Taipei Farms
    Rural Village
    DHZ Weapon Factory
    DHZ Weapon Factory Undg.
    USN Embassy
    Futai Tunnel Entrance
    Futai Tunnel
    Futai Tunnel Exit
    Oil Field
    Train Station
    Guilin Fort
    Canyon Bridge
    Tianlei Cover
    Tianlei Top Floor
    Tianlei Middle Floor
    Tianlei Middle Floor #2
    Wuhan Bridge
    Wuhan Fort
    Lake Poyang
    Huangshan Cliffs
    Nanjing Bridge
    Huangshan Foothills
    Huangshan Foothills Ruins
    Shanghai Airport
    Shanghai Streets
    Ravnui Embassy
    Yancheng Inside
    Yancheng Inside Part 2
    LST Port
    Offshore Japan
    Weather Station
    Mt. Shutendoji
    Nagiyama(sp?) Port
    Mt. Aso
    Omuta Harbor
    Misumi Harbor
    Okinawa Bridge
    Ocean City Residential Area
    Ocean City Undg. Facility
    Ocean City Power Room
    Ocean City Harbor
    Ocean City MIDAS Room
    Convention Center
    Kirishima Industries
    Yokosuka Building
    Yokosuka Building Elevator
    Yokosuka Port
    Power Plant
    East Power Plant
    Comm Base
    Route 209 Checkpoint
    South Port
    Panay Missile Base
    Negros Shores
    Negros Jungle
    Negros Fortress
    Dagat Ahas Hangar
    Dagat Ahas Pathway
    Dagat Ahas Top
    Dagat Ahas Engine Room
    Taal Base Back Gate
    Taal Base
    Taal Base Heliport
    Taal Base Exit
    Taipei Station
    Taipei Suburb
    Futai Tunnel Entrance
    Futai Tunnel Exit
    Small Town
    Tianlei Outside
    Tianlei Auto-Wanzer Room
    Tianlei Auto-Wanzer Room 2
    Rebel Base Lake
    Henkai Airport, Wuhan
    Ravnui Embassy
    Shanghai Zoo
    Hiroshima Central Park
    Kaita Base
    Nagoya Sewer
    Nagoya Sewer 2
    Nagoya Chemical Plant
    Sendai Interstate
    Abukuma River
    Koriyama Factory
    Koriyama Factory Inside
    Koriyama IC
    Mt. Aso Testing Facility
    Mt. Aso
    Misumi Harbor
    Okinawa Bridge
    Okinawa Ocean City
    Ocean City Residential Area
    Ocean City Facility 1
    Ocean City Facility 2
    * NOTE *
    Some battle maps are the same in both scenarios. But you might start in 
    different locations and there are different enemies. Here are some that are 
    the same in both scenarios.
    -Taal Base Heliport
    -Taal Base Airport
    -Taipei Suburb
    -Futai Tunnel 1
    -Futai Tunnel 3
    -Tianlei Fortress
    -Tianlei Room 1
    -Ravnui Embassy
    -Okinawa Bridge
    -Ocean City Residential Area
    -Ocean City Facilities 1 and 2
    -Ocean City Work Area
    Wanzers are a gear used to fight battles in the game. All of the battles in 
    the game will have Wanzers except for one-Lake Poyang. But that’s a lame 
    one, since there are completely no Wanzers.
                              Can get ejected.
                              Has only 20HP and
                              if killed, can’t
                              use Wanzer.
    Left Hand-                                          Right Hand-
    Used to attack                                      Used to attack
    With left hand                                      with left hand
    Or left shoulder                                    or left shoulder
    Weapon.                   Body-                     weapon.
                              If this dies, then
                              Your Wanzer goes
                              KAPAAM! And dies.
                             Used to move the
                             Wanzer. If they
                             Die, you can only
                             Move one space.
    All parts are useful. But some are more useful than others. The body makes 
    the most useful part, because if it dies, then the whole Wanzer breaks down. 
    This goes with pilot, too. However, you never hurt the pilot unless you have 
    PILOTDMGI or II Battle Skills or you eject the pilot out of the Wanzers, 
    making him/her vulnerable for his/her enemies to attack him/her with 
    weapons. The arms are the second most useful parts. If they both die, the 
    Wanzer is basically useless (unless it can use items). The arms provide the 
    Wanzer with weapons. If the arm dies, the weapon goes with it. Legs aren’t 
    very important unless you’re a Melee user. They will only let you move 1 
    square in any direction that’s available.
    Below is a list for what type of attacks there are and what Wanzers are 
    Melee - This attack can hurt a unit only one square away, fortunately, it 
    does A LOT of damage.
    Shotgun – This is the most average attack. It attacks all parts except pilot 
    but not too much damage.
    Machine Gun – This one is a lot like the shotgun, but does damage to random 
    parts. The more parts are gone, the more damage it does.
    Missiles – These are real awesome. They attack in many places in the map for 
    about 2/3 the damage the Melee attack does. Very good and rangeable. The 
    problem is that you only have 6, and you need to reload after you run out, 
    the Missile Item will do that for you.
    Grenades – These SUCK. When an enemy uses them, it does a lot of damage, but 
    when you use them, it doesn’t do much. They attack a whole area, but not for 
    much damage. They cost too much AP and Weight. Stay away from these.
    Shields – Equip these on your second arm. These are very useful and do more 
    than just halve damage.
    Rifle – Ugh. These are ranged ones that do a fair amount of damage. But 
    their accuracy SUCKS SO MUCH. Don’t buy these, cause you’ll be struggling 
    with 65% chance Miss and 35% Hit.
    Flamer – Well, these are average. They fire a series of shots, but don’t do 
    as much as the missiles and sometimes even miss. They cost less AP than the 
    missiles, but stick to the missiles still.
    Heavy Particle Gun – This is a gun you get off of the internet late in the 
    game. Everyone says it’s good, except me. I don’t think it was good, I 
    thought it was average. It does as much as a Melee weapon would do but about 
    70HP less. It misses a little less than the rifles, and the worst part is it 
    costs TOO MUCH AP! Another bad thing is it takes up a lot of weight. I’d go 
    with this one, but because what I said earlier, you should try something 
    else instead.
    A handy list of Battle Skills is below:
    Aim-Concentrates on one part
    Aim Arm-Concentrates all on one arm
    Aim Body-Concentrate all on the body
    Aim Leg-Concentrate all on leg
    AP 0-AP cost is 0. Good for use with the Heavy P. Gun and Missiles.
    AP 30%-AP costs decreases 30%
    AP 60%-AP cost decreases 60%
    Arm Smash-Kills one enemy’s arm
    Auto 1-Counters when stunned
    Auto 2-Counters when stunned with anything
    Auto Counter-Counters even when a part is blown up
    Avoid 20-Reduces damage under 20 to 0
    Avoid 40-Reduces damage under 40 to 0
    Avoid 80-Reduces damage under 80 to 0
    Backup Fire-Firing help from an ally
    Blackout-Disables enemy’s B.Skills
    Body Smash-REAL GOOD. Destroy’s enemy’s body completely
    Brace 1-Enemy attacks first, but the damage done is cut by 50%
    Brace 2-Same thing as Brace 1 except damage is cut by 80%
    Chaff-No damage from attacking missiles
    Double Assault-Right and Left hand combo with Melee Weapon and Range Weapon
    Double Punch 1-Same as Double Assault except both hands need to be Melee, it 
    counters with 2 Melees the same type
    Double Punch 2-Same as Double Punch 1 except with 2 different Melees
    Double Shot 1-Same as Double Punch 1 except with ranged weapons
    Double Shot 2-Same as Double Punch 2 except with ranged weapons
    Def C1-Def C upgraded 1 level
    Def C2-Def C upgraded 2 levels
    Def C3-Def C upgraded 3 levels
    Don’t you hate it when the enemy Wanzer’s body has 2HP left, and when you 
    keep attacking it you do damage to the other parts, and that Wanzer starts 
    kicking your ass? Well, I’ve got the solution to that. Below are the 4 
    Wanzers you should have and what they should be equipped with.
    WANZER #1-
    Body: Grapple or Hoshun
    Arm: Hoshun
    Arm: Vinedrai, Laiying or Hoshun
    Legs: Grapple or Hoshun
    Weapon: Melee
    Weapon: Shield
    Backpack: Power
    Shoulder Weapon: None
    WANZER #2-
    Body: Laiying
    Arm: Laiying
    Arm: Zeros
    Legs: Kasel M2 or Zenislev
    Weapon: Heavy P. Gun
    Weapon: Shotgun
    Backpack: Item
    	-Repair Max’s or Recovers
    Shoulder Weapon: None
    WANZER #3-
    Body: Zeros
    Arm: Foura
    Arm: Genie
    Legs: Genie
    Weapon: Machine Gun
    Weapon: Melee
    Backpack: Power
    Shoulder Weapon: None
    WANZER #4-
    Body: Drake M2C
    Arm: Whisk or Getty
    Arm: Zeros
    Legs: Zeros
    Weapon: Hardblow
    Weapon: Shield
    Backpack: Item
    	-Repair Max’s and Missiles
    Shoulder Weapon: Missiles
    I recommend you change your Wanzer’s color so you can find out who’s who. 
    They start out different colors, but if you change them into a certain 
    color, you’ll find out who is that guy and who’s that. I had my main 
    character red so I knew it was him.
    After every battle (except for the split in Yancheng Inside) you’ll have an 
    intermission. In these, you’re able to save a file, load a file, log on to 
    the internet, or setup your Wanzers. Remember, Wanzers are healed fully 
    after each battle, even your broken parts. If you are out of items, you 
    should log on to the network and buy them.
    Grenade Trucks
    Big Choppers
    Ultimate Wanzers
    Those Spider Wanzers
    Special Wanzers
    4-Block Tanks
    Methane Wanzers
    NOTE-Ejecting lets you board ANYTHING that no pilot is in. Even the ones 
    above. It’s a really awesome feature.
    You can eject whenever you want to, or when you’re in Force Ejection. This 
    feature is both good and bad. Good, because you can board other Wanzers such 
    as Surrendered ones or no pilot ones, or even Non availability Wanzers like 
    above. Bad, because if you don’t board another Wanzer when you eject, the 
    enemy may strike full force on you and kill your pilot. The best way to do 
    this is to go near a non-operative Wanzer, and if your Wanzer is low on 
    health, eject-board into the non-operative Wanzer.
    Only enemies can do this. If the enemy loses it’s best arm, both arms, 
    forced to, or is completely surrounded by your guys, will surrender. It will 
    eventually go back to fighting, but can still surrender. If you attack it 
    one more time, and it doesn’t die, it will completely surrender, losing it’s 
    pilot, and free to board and eject. If this Wanzer stays alive through the 
    whole battle, you will earn it and keep it. If your Wanzer stock is full, 
    you can just sell it and the end of the battle for extra cash. So don’t 
    attack completely surrendered Wanzers!
    When you upgrade your DEF-C, you’re able to insert your guard in your 
    Wanzers. Here is the example of those “guards.”
    Anti P - Protect against Shotguns, Machine Guns, Rifles, and the Heavy 
    Particle Gun.
    Anti I – Protect against Melee: Fists, Axes, Spikes, and Batons.
    Anti F – Protect against Flamers, Missiles, and Grenades.
    The definite most important is Anti Penetration. More of the enemy units 
    have this, and it can do quite the damage. Put 2 of your units on Anti-P, 
    one on Anti-I, and one on Anti-F. In some battles, all units are equal, in 
    other words, they all have the same weapon. For example, if they all have 
    Machine Guns, put your guys on Anti-P.
    That’s about all I can tell you in the Wanzers and Battles section. On to 
    the walkthrough!
    NOTE-I’ll only put Emma’s walkthrough for now. I’ll put Alisa’s if I feel 
    like it.
    Kirishima Industries: Battle, Koike, Ryogo
    Ocean City Resident Area: JDF Guard, Ryogo
    Kirishima Industries: Koike
    Yokosuka: Battle, JDF Soldiers
    Kirishima: Mail, Ryogo
    Yokosuka: JDF Guard
    Yokosuka Bar: Emma
    Yokosuka: JDF Guard, Battle
    Yokosuka: Battle, Battle
    Kirishima: Ryogo, Emma
    Kamariya: Police, Battle
    Kamariya JC: Battle, Battle, Truck steal
    Yokohama: Ryogo, Shopkeeper
    Yokohama Streets: Battle
    Honmokofuto: Battle, Dennis, Battle
    USN Carrier: Captain, Dennis, Lukav, Joe, Cindy, Gastor
    USN Carrier Room: Emma
    Stanley Mtns: Emma
    Wilson Cliffs: TURNING POINT 1 Battle, Scientist, Serov Warren
    Sumatra: Battle
    Singapore: Hatta, Moneymaker, Hatta, Ryogo, Dennis, Emma, Emma, Hatta
    Choa Chun Khang: Battle, Lukav
    Singapore: Yun
    USN Sub(?): Lukav
    Taal Base: Battle
    Taal Base: Battle, Alisa, Escape
    Taal Lake: Lukav, Battle
    Taal Exit: Jose, Battle
    USN Carrier: Captain, Emma, Operator
    Xingzhu: TURNING POINT, Battle
    Taipei Suburb: Battle
    Taipei: Ambassador Clay
    Weapon Factory: Battle
    Weapon Factory: Han, Battle
    Taipei: USN Commander
    USN Embassy: Marcus, Battle, Marcus
    Taipei: Battle
    Futai Tunnel: Battle
    Futai Tunnel: Battle
    Futai Tunnel: Imaginary Number, Battle
    Fort: Chang
    Guangzhou Hua Lian HQ: Huang, Chang
    Dormitory: Emma
    Sanya Base: Commander
    Oil Field: Battle
    Sanya Base: Commander
    HL HQ: Chang, Huang
    Guangzhou Downtown: Bandits, Ling
    HL HQ: Huang, Luo, Ling
    Train Station: Ling, Battle
    HL HQ: Huang
    Guangzhou Downtown: Yun
    Wuzhou: Woo, Battle, Yun
    HL HQ: Huang, Luo
    Dormitory: Yun
    Guangzhou: Zhuwen
    HL HQ: Huang, Zhuwen
    Guilin: Zhuwen, Yue
    Longsheng: Li, Rosavia, Battle, Li
    Guilin: Serov, Battle, Serov, Jared
    Guilin: Yue, Zhuwen
    HL HQ: Huang, Dennis
    Town: Wei Cheng Yee, Agent
    HL HQ: Luo
    Xiamen: Luo, Captain, Ivan
    Outside: Ivan, Battle
    HL HQ: Huang
    Yuping: Rudolf, Rebecca, Battle, Liu
    Town: Lixian, Lixian, Emma, Bar people, Li, Lixian, Kwang, Lixian
    HL HQ: Huang, Kwang
    Foshan: Lei, Ran Fong, Battle, Li, Ran Fong
    HL HQ: Huang, Ran Fong, Ling, Huang
    Town: Bartender, Zhun
    Mountain Pass: Linny, Battle, Grandpa and Grandma Barilar, Linny
    Town: Mei Lin, Zhun
    HL HQ: Huang, Kwang, Luo
    Dormitory: Your people
    HL HQ: Huang
    Tianlei: Battle, Battle, Battle, Lan
    Tianlei: Set Bomb, Zhun, Battle
    Wuhan Bridge: Battle, Zhuwen
    Wuhan: Battle, Huang, Liang Hua
    Wuhan Bar: Liang Hua
    Lake Poyang: Huang, Zhuwen, Battle, Zhuwen, Huang
    Huangshan Cliffs: Battle
    Nanjing Bridge: Battle
    Huangshan Foothills: Battle
    Nanjing: Huang, Liang Hua, Battle
    Huangshan Foothills: Battle
    Nanjing: Ling Hua
    Shanghai Airport: Battle, Dennis
    Shanghai Ravnui Embassy Entrance: Battle
    Ravnui Embassy: Emma, Alisa, Bal, Lukav, Battle
    Buxi: Li, Dennis
    Yancheng: Bal, Liu, Jie, Lukav
    Yancheng Inside: Battle, Lukav, Liu, Battle #2
    Buxi: Emma, Alisa, Dennis
    Port: Old Soldier, Battle
    LST Hangar: Yang
    Offshore Japan: Battle, Takiguchi
    Base: Isao, Alisa, Takiguchi
    Observatory: Takiguchi, Battle
    Mt. Shutendoji: Takemura, Takiguchi, Battle
    Kumamoto: Takemura, Alisa
    Nagaama Harbor: Battle
    Kumamoto: Takemura, Takiguchi
    Mt. Aso: Battle
    Omuta: Battle
    Kumamoto: Takemura, Takiguchi, Kawada, Isao
    Misumi Harbor: Isao, Battle
    Base: Isao, Takemura
    Okinawa Bridge: Battle, Isao
    Ocean City: Battle, Battle, Ryogo, Jared, Battle, Battle, Isao, Alisa
    Ocean City: Lukav, !BATTLE!, Lukav
    Ocean City: Emma, Alisa
    Convention Center: Battle, USN President
    Enemies: Non Active Wanzer, Active Wanzer.
    Difficulty: 1/5
    This just tells you the basics of battling. Use the shotgun for more damage, 
    but Koike will get pissed if you don’t use your other weapon for 2 or more 
    turns. Both are easy.
    After beating the test, Ryogo will come in and tell you to come with him to 
    the Okinawa Place.
    Come with Ryogo ------>Emma’s Scenario
    Don’t Come ----------->Alisa’s Scenario
    Since this is Emma’s Walkthrough, I’ll go with Ryogo. After you come back, 
    Koike will take you to Yokosuka Base to deliver some Wanzers. Go to northern 
    Japan and you’ll be in Yokosuka. Upon arriving, you see an explosion in the 
    base! Something happened. You try to see what happened but a JDF soldier 
    stops you. The turret cannons shoot down a JDF helicopter and you need to 
    kill them.
    Enemies: Turret x4
    Just use your machine guns or whatever. They have only 2 parts, so it’ll be 
    easy. Ryogo is weaker, so don’t let him die.
    After beating them, JDF soldiers will tell you to scram. Ryogo and Koike 
    agree as you leave back to Okinawa. Once there, Kazuki gets mail from Alisa 
    and that she’s been transferred to Yokosuka Base that fateful morning! 
    Kazuki and Ryogo go to Yokosuka, but a JDF soldier won’t let them in no 
    matter what. So you go back to Okinawa Ocean City and hang out, go to the 
    bar and talk to everyone, try to leave and Emir Klamsky will stop you. She 
    tells you that she is in Japan to investigate the Yokosuka incident. She 
    tells you to call her Emma, and has a plan to sneak in. Back in Yokosuka, 
    you go by and tell the guard that “you have Wanzers to deliver.” The guard 
    lets you in as you sneak inside.
    Inside, you head down and see a big hole. Doesn’t look like there’s a 
    bottom. It’s that bomb that exploded… as you’re trying to leave, special 
    force JDF soldiers catch you a fight.
    Enemies: Wanzer x4
    Difficulty: 3/5
    I hate this! The melee Wanzers are so damn good. Kill them quickly and then 
    go after the ones in the back. Emma’s missiles work great. Overall, it’s 
    After this, Emma will tell you that there is an escape route through and 
    underground passage. You’ll re-supply automatically and head through. As 
    you’re going, 3 JDF soldiers get to you.
    Enemies: Wanzer x3 Reinforcement Wanzers x2
    Difficulty: 3/5
    A toughie, because I thought you have to do both objectives! I got a 
    platinum though ;). Quickly move Kazuki to the left door and open it, then 
    move Emma and Ryogo there and pass through up to the elevator. Emma’s 
    movement isn’t good, and the enemy in the back can kill your legs, so be 
    careful. Keep moving and try to get enemies out of the way if possible. At 
    turn 6, 2 more Wanzers will come from the left side, be careful!
    Now, that you’re outside, there’s a blockade! They won’t let you outside 
    Enemies: Wanzer x1, Tank x2 Reinforcements: Wanzer x2
    Difficulty: 1/5
    Simple. Kill the Wanzer near you easily, then go for the wimp tanks in front 
    of the gate. I heard there are reinforcements here, but I beat the battle so 
    fast that I didn’t see them. You also got support fire here.
    You head back to a hangar in Okinawa. Emma teaches you how to setup Wanzers 
    and gives you the Setup Option. You should have mail from Kinkakuji about 
    the ARMOREDKIN website. Emma tells you that you should head to Homonokufuto 
    where Emma’s force, the USN, is hiding a getaway plane. Ryogo knows someone 
    who can help in Yokohama City, north of the highway knows as Kamariya JC. As 
    you head there, you’ll come by a police checkpoint in your truck. The JDF 
    spots you and attacks you.
    Enemies: Wanzer x2, Chopper x3
    Difficulty: 2/5
    Pretty tough because of the choppers firing missiles. Kazuki and Ryogo 
    should take care of the Wanzers, while Emma should fire missiles at the 
    annoying helicopters. It’s really hard to kill the choppers without 
    missiles, and don’t try to use rifles on them. It’s not too hard, but can be 
    a little challenge if you don’t have the right equipment.
    The JDF blew up your truck! Looks like you’ll need to walk alone in your 
    Wanzers. Why can’t they just get out of them and take a different route for 
    enemy Wanzers hard to see? Anyway, you’ll keep going and you’ll be ambushed 
    by the Japanese Defense Force’s super special forces, and their commander, 
    Enemies: Wanzer x3, Truck x1
    Boss: Kuroi
    Difficulty: 2/5
    You should have your FM3 Battle Knowledge good by now. This battle is much 
    like the other battles. The boss, Kuroi, is one of the 3 Wanzers but acts 
    the same as them. Kill off the nearest Wanzers or hope for surrenders.
    After beating Kuroi, he retreats. You’ll resume walking towards Yokohama and 
    get ambushed by more JDF Wanzers blocking your way in the Kamariya Tollbooth 
    Checkpoint. You plan to steal an abandoned truck.
    Enemies: Wanzer x4
    Difficulty: 3/5
    The enemies have a high Force Ejection ON YOU rate, so be careful not to get 
    sniped. To get rid of the guy behind the tollbooths you’ll need to shoot the 
    tollbooths down, or use missiles on that guy. The Melee man will hurt you 
    here, kill him quickly!
    You take the abandoned truck and go to Yokohama Shop, where the shopkeeper 
    is Ryogo’s friend. He tells Kazuki and Ryogo that they are wanted and on the 
    T.V and all, but why was that explosion so important? Or is it that the JDF 
    had too much coffee? JK. The shopkeeper tells you about shops and upgrades. 
    Upgrade now for best results(You can only upgrade HP). After doing this, 
    leave and Emma will tell you to go to Homonokufuto. You start going there. 
    While on the streets in your truck, a bunch of trucks with cat designs stop 
    in your way and… what’s this? The JDF or what? These guys look a lot like a 
    bunch of gangsters.
    Enemies: Wanzer x4, Truck x2
    Difficulty: 2/5
    You do not need to kill the trucks, they’ll try to escape and can’t attack. 
    If you’re lucky enough, you might be able to kill a Wanzer’s part on your 
    first try. Happened to me ;). Same strategy as before: Kill the 4 Wanzers!
    After defeating the enemies, Emma says that they aren’t JDF nor JDF Wanzers. 
    You’ll continue to Homonokufuto. When arriving, the same guys come to attack 
    you, but your secret transport comes out and shoots one guy down. It’s 
    Dennis Vicarth, USN General.
    Enemies: Wanzer x4
    Difficulty: 2/5
    ARGH! Not again! Four Wanzers again? Same strategy applies here, except some 
    buildings may block your way. The best way is to trap a Wanzer in one of the 
    alleys with your Wanzer and he won’t be able to escape. The airplane doesn’t 
    do anything, it’s just there.
    After beating them, Dennis tells you that you need to find a runway to get 
    off Japan. He tells you where, and also tells you who these mysterious shade 
    guys are, they’re part of the DHZ, and are Liu’s force. Now you move to the 
    Homonokufuto Runway!
    Enemies: Wanzer x4(Last time, really)
    Boss: Liu
    Difficulty: 3/5
    Liu will be here to fight. Try attacking him with missiles, since he’s at 
    the very top, and another Wanzer is. That’s why I gave this battle a 3/5 
    instead of a 2/5. Liu will retreat once you killed his Wanzer. 
    Congratulations! You’ve made it out of Japan!
    The airplane will go and fly to a USN Carrier in the middle of the Pacific 
    Ocean. You’ll talk to the USN captain, and go into the hallway to meet with 
    the Purple Haze team: Lukav, Joe, Cindy, and Gastor. You will go to your 
    room, and Emma will explain what happened, she says that she was the one who 
    created that bomb long ago, and that it’s not used right. The Yokosuka Base 
    explosion was a poor copy of this bomb, called MIDAS. The real MIDAS is 
    still somewhere. And that Emma didn’t know this was going to happen. Now you 
    head to Australia to a Weapon Factory to get more clues to where the MIDAS 
    bomb is right now. Upon arriving in the Stanley Mountains, they’ll tell you 
    your mission, and you’ll go south through Wilson Cliffs. However, while 
    going through them, you spot a transport “CADENZA” moving. Emma says there 
    might be MIDAS inside, so you’re going to have to see for yourself.
    Enemies: Wanzer x4, Transport x1
    Boss: CADENZA(Transport)
    Difficulty: 4/5
    There is a turning point here. Whether or not you kill CADENZA is up to you. 
    If you destroy it, you’ll go to Sumatra and Singapore, if you don’t, you’ll 
    go to Barilar Farm and the Weapon Factory. I’ll go through the part when 
    it’s destroyed. Have all your people take out the Wanzers while one should 
    fire missiles at CADENZA. If CADENZA escapes, you’re gonna go through the 
    second turning point, which I won’t feature in this walkthrough.
    After destroying the enemies, you’ll look inside the transport. No MIDAS, 
    just people! You ask the people some questions. One man, named Serov, seems 
    to know something. He tells you about Sumatra, and you’ll give him a walkie 
    talkie so you can talk through him and you. He tells you about a plane crash 
    location in Sumatra, and you think MIDAS is in there. Time to find out.
    Enemies: Wanzer x6
    Difficulty: 4/5
    The battle is tough. Even though you have Good NPCs to help you here, only 
    one will be really good. The others will probably die. The 3 Wanzers near 
    you should be kicked before they even get a chance to hurt you. That’s 
    right-Missiles. It’s pretty easy to kill them, once you do, go to the NPC 
    area and help them out by destroying the remaining three Wanzers (Unless the 
    NPCs already killed some).
    You’ll meet Hatta, one of the three NPCs. He tells you that he knows someone 
    who can hack and get info on where the MIDAS is. He’ll take you to 
    Singapore. Here, talk to the Spender, “Moneymaker”, and she’ll tell you that 
    she’ll hack only if you pay her. Ryogo will tell Dennis to pay. Go outside 
    and shop for new upgrades and weapons. After that, Kazuki and Emma will go 
    out. Go to ‘Sentosa’ and she’ll tell you how her parents died(She’s 
    Russian). They were killed by a man who hated them, but Emma escaped and was 
    saved by a USN Wanzer, who shot down that chopper. The screen switches to 
    Moneymaker hacking, she hacks in and gets the info, but after she gets off 
    the internet, a single phone call gets her caught. When you gather up, Hatta 
    will come and tell you that Moneymaker was caught. You’ll need to sneak in 
    the prison, Choa Chun Khang, at night, to get her back… but it won’t be so 
    easy. Get ready and go to the prison. Time to fight!
    Enemies: Tank x3, Wanzer x3, Pilot x2
    Difficulty: 3/5
    The first battle with enemy pilots alone. The only way to kill them easily 
    is to use machine guns or shotguns. Don’t use rifles, missiles, or Melee, 
    because it will most likely miss. Split up your groups: 2 for the left side 
    and 2 for the right. Take care of the pilots last, they won’t hurt you a lot 
    (up to 80HP). Also, avoid the searchlights, if you’re in them, the enemy’s 
    accuracy increases.
    After the battle, you save Moneymaker, but more guards come. Luckily, Lukav 
    and the Purple Haze team come and take care of the rest. Back in Sentosa, 
    Moneymaker tells you her real name, Yun Lai Fa, and that she wants to go 
    with you. You tell her that you’ll let her go with you only if you don’t 
    need to pay. There will be some more dialogue and Yun will join your party. 
    You head to the USN Fleet, since you know where MIDAS is: Taal Naval Base of 
    the Philippines. Lukav will now tell you what to do. He’ll tell you all the 
    basic obstacles of Taal Base and how to get through them. If you’re ready, 
    get set for Taal Base. There will be two places to go through. I chose the 
    Front Gate, and I’ll guide you only through that.
    Enemies: Wanzer x3, Tank x2, Pilot x3, Big Tank x1
    Difficulty: 3/5
    Another battle with enemy pilots. Take care of the Wanzers and the Big Tank 
    quickly, then go for the regular tanks. Since the Big Tank is far away, it 
    won’t be easy. Plus, it won’t move too much at the beginning, but can cause 
    quite some damage. The tanks will fire at you like the machine guns, so it 
    wouldn’t do much. Get some Restores for this battle if you can.
    Once arriving in the Taal Base interior, you’ll find more enemies.
    Enemies: Wanzer x4, Tank x2, Big Tank x1
    Difficulty: 2/5
    Easier than before since the enemy units are lacking. Same strategy applies 
    Further in Taal Base, you get ambushed once again.
    Enemies: Wanzer x4, Grenade Launcher x2, Tank x1, Shooter x2
    Difficulty: 2/5
    Easier than it looks. The Grenade Launcher won’t play a big part in this 
    battle, since they’re in the back. Use Penetration and Missiles to kill the 
    Shooters above.
    Eventually you’ll find the JDF Scientists and Alisa. You’ll tell Alisa and 
    Lukav to come with you. You’ll exit in Taal Lake waiting for the submarine. 
    Unfortunately, Philippines Wanzers arrive.
    Enemies: Wanzer x4, Tank x3, Outpost x3
    Difficulty: 3/5
    You don’t need to kill the outposts, but kill the one right near you because 
    it’ll shoot the JDF pilots. If Lukav or Alisa die, it’s game over. The rest 
    is basic, so there’s no need to worry.
    MIDAS has been taken away by an aircraft, Jose and Semaun will be waiting 
    for you in the Taal Base Main Gate.
    Enemies: Wanzer x3, Big Wanzer x2, Tank x2
    Difficulty: 4/5
    Boss: Semaun, Jose
    A little harder. The tanks will shoot you, but if you’re careful enough, 
    you’ll be able to take them out in no time. Anyways, try to beat this battle 
    and get a Platinum Medal. Remember, the Big Wanzer can hurt you a lot, so 
    it’s best to take them out. Accuracy on them is very high.
    Something’s wrong… you escape Taal Base, but… Alisa and Lukav are gone. The 
    DHZ Rebels are moving in to Taal Base, but the aircraft drops MIDAS down, 
    and it explodes through Taal Base and Batangas…
    Back in the USN Carrier, the operator tells you that Lukav was a spy for the 
    DHZ. He has Alisa with him and is somewhere in Taiwan. Time to go to there! 
    Stock up and go to the dormitory. Emma will tell you the truth: Alisa is her 
    real sister, named Aliciana Klamsky, but was adopted by Isao 
    Takemura(Kazuki’s Dad). She apologizes for using Kazuki but Kazuki doesn’t 
    care because Emma has been with him for a long time. Now, Kazuki departs for 
    Taipei, where Dennis knows an Ambassador who can help them. When the party 
    arrives to Taiwan, the OCU Squad is tight on the dam Kazuki needs to pass.
    Enemies: Wanzer x6, Pilot x1, Tank x1
    Difficulty: 5/5
    This battle is very hard. There is a turning point here: Open the dam or 
    defeat everyone. I chose to defeat everyone and that was hard. So I’m going 
    to lead you through that point. The three Wanzers on the bottom should be 
    your primary target. After that, go to the northwestern corner right away 
    and break the gates before any other missiles break through you. Once on the 
    top, stay calm and take out the enemies one by one. Don’t worry, there are 
    no reinforcements here, even though one of the enemies call someone to come.
    After beating this battle (Killing all enemies is my point, so I’ll lead you 
    only through that), Kazuki will have two choices to go to: Yingko or Xinzhu. 
    Xinzhu is way easier so go there. That is what I’ll lead you through.
    Enemies: Wanzer x2, Helicopter x2 Reinforcement Wanzers x2
    Boss: Han(Reinforcement)
    Difficulty: 1/5
    This is friggin’ easy. Your Missile Launcher should take out the helicopters 
    in one or two hits, and leave the 2 Wanzers for your other units. It IS 
    possible to beat this battle before reinforcements come, but ya gotta be 
    fast. They come on Turn 3. Both Han and the OCU Soldier are easy, so go 
    slash ‘em!
    Now you’re gonna have to go through Taipei Suburb!
    Enemies: Wanzer x5, Tank x2, Helicopter x2
    Boss: Han
    Difficulty: 2/5
    This is pretty easy. It’s the same basic strategy as the other battles, so 
    beat it.
    After beating that one easy battle, Kazuki arrives in Taipei. Dennis tells 
    Kazuki to go to the bar, go there and meet up with Ambassador Clay. He tells 
    you that Lukav is in the DHZ Weapon Factory. Sneak in there at night and 
    find yourself being ambushed by units.
    Enemies: Wanzer x3, Tank x4, Pilot x2
    Difficulty: 5/5
    I HATE THIS! It’s hard because the Wanzers are in the very back, and they 
    will fire missiles one by one at you. And the !@#$^%& pilots are that damn 
    annoying. The fence in the middle is also a pain, since it’s tempting not to 
    waste a turn on destroying it. I forgot about this one but I remember it was 
    tough. Sorry I can’t help you out, but you can figure it out on your own.
    Going underground, you see Han ready to kill you…
    Enemies: Wanzer x7, Grenade Tank x1
    Boss: Han
    Difficulty: 6/5--Yep..
    This battle is like Velius from FFT, but in this one, everyone poses a 
    threat. The Napalm Tanks will explode after each turn, causing damage to the 
    units near it. No big deal. Immediately destroy the 3 Wanzers near you, and 
    make sure not to go to the back Wanzers’ missile range. DO NOT GO NORTH IN 
    HAN’S AREA. LET THE WANZERS THERE COME TO YOU. Han won’t move for a while, 
    but once you kill 4 Wanzers, he’ll get ready. After Han starts making your 
    way to you, he’ll hit hard with his grenades, which do more than 190 damage 
    to all parts if you’re not on Anti-Flame. Set your units 3 to Anti-Flame and 
    one to any. Be patient on this one, and don’t reset.
    After killing Han completely, you find that Lukav isn’t in the factory and 
    you’ve been tricked by Ambassador Clay. Looks like he is on the side of the 
    OCU. Kazuki heads to Taipei, and there the USN Commander tells them that 
    Ambassador Clay is in the USN Embassy. Get ready and go there. Outside, 
    enemy Wanzers trap you, but the USN Commander wasn’t lying. He picks up a 
    OCU tank to help you out.
    Enemies: Wanzer x4, Helicopter x2, Tank x3, Pilot x2
    Difficulty: 2/5
    Don’t care about the Tank NPC on your side, as he’ll get himself into 
    trouble easily by attacking the helicopter, but being countered by heavy 
    Machine Gun shots. Move your Melee character to the Wanzer nearest and kill 
    him. Once that’s done, use your Missile Shooter to kill the helicopters, and 
    use your shotguns to kill the pilots. Then take care of the rest, if the USN 
    Commander survived, you’re in luck to get 2% extra points. Fat chance 
    The USN Embassy will blow up with Ambassador Clay. The USN Commander tells 
    Kazuki’s Party that he got information where Lukav is headed: The People’s 
    Republic of DHZ, A.K.A China. The USN Commander, Marcus, decides to join to 
    your party. It won’t be easy to go to the DHZ, you will need to go through 
    Futai Tunnel to get to the DHZ, but looks like something is going in Taipei.
    Enemies: Spider Wanzer x3, Wanzer x2, Tank x2
    Difficulty: 3/5
    Annoying battle. The Spider Wanzers can pose a threat, but are so easy to 
    target. Just kill them with your best attacks. Melee weapons work fine and 
    all they have is legs and Body. Tanks and Wanzers should be dealt with last.
    In Futai Tunnel, the security is tight, and they won’t let you enter.
    Enemies: Wanzer x7
    Difficulty: 3/5
    It’s best to take out the two Wanzers on the sides, since they’ll be firing 
    missiles. Then the Wanzers in the back should be taken care of. If you have 
    the best Booster upgrade, you’ll be able to boost all the way to the back 
    and defeat the Wanzers with your Melee character. Don’t die!
    Further in Futai Tunnel, more Changli Wanzers approach you.
    Enemies: Wanzer x4, Tank x3, Train x1
    Difficulty: 3/5
    Same strategy as the battle before, except defeat the train last.
    At the exit of Futai Tunnel, Yun sees observation windows and looks at them. 
    However, out of nowhere, fired torpedo Wanzers bust in. But these guys are 
    not any you’ve fought! They’re Imaginary Numbers!
    Enemies: Wanzer x4
    Boss: Griffith
    Difficulty: 5/5
    The battle may seem easy because there’s only 4 enemy Wanzers, but they are 
    tough! All have Shotguns, which do up to 160 Damage to ALL PARTS on one 
    person! At first, two of them will destroy the obstacles, then comes the 
    tough parts. Make sure to have all the best current weapons!
    Finally! Out of Futai Tunnel! You come across Fuzhou, a small Hua Lian Rebel 
    Base. Chang, one of the Hua Lian Rebs, offers to take you to the HQ, 
    In Guangzhou, you meet the commander, Huang, and your briefer for a long 
    time. You will get to explore Guangzhou a little. Then, Huang will tell you 
    that there are problems in Sanya Base. Chang will take you there.
    In Sanya Base, the colonel will tell you that they are hiding a secret in 
    the Southern Oil Field. However, the Military is about to inspect it, and if 
    they find out, the Sanya Base soldiers will die!
    You arrive at the Oil Field a little too late. The inspectors have made it 
    there already. You know what to do – Kill ‘em!
    Enemies: Wanzer x4, Tank x2
    Difficulty: 2/5
    The two good NPCs won’t attack a lot, but they can provide a good shield. 
    Firstly kill the bottom soldiers, then activate the elevator to go up. The 
    tanks can kill the NPCs, so be sure to destroy them.
    Back in Sanya Base, the colonel thanks you and Chang takes you back to 
    Guangzhou. Huang will tell you about the military, and it’s time for a break 
    at the restaurant in this city.
    At the restaurant, you’ll meet a girl bugged by thugs. Your party drives 
    them away, and the girl tells you that she is a Hua Lian Rebel named Ling. 
    After eating (Well, after Yun eats) your party goes back to the Hua Lian 
    Rebels HQ. You meet Ling, and she tells you that there is a battle in 
    Sinchuan, a nearby railroad field, and that her brother, Wuo Ben, is 
    participating in that battle. She’ll take you to Sinchuan.
    In Sinchuan, Ling finds her brother’s Wanzer destroyed. And even worse, the 
    Changli army has been hiding around. Ling will go hide, while you fight.
    Enemies: Tank x3, Grenade Tank x2, Pilot x4. Reinforcement Wanzers x2
    Boss: Lan(Reinforcement)
    Difficulty: 3/5
    The enemies in FM3 don’t have very good AI. I mean, let’s say you’re playing 
    Emma’s Scenario, and you’re in the MIDAS explosion battle, and here is 
    Ryogo’s Wanzer:
                             Pilot: 20HP
                             Body: 100HP
        Arm: 100HP                                  Arm: 100HP
                             Legs: 70HP
    That’s just and example. And let’s say there is Melee Enemy that can hit 
    Ryogo easily. The AI probably won’t do that. They probably will attack 
    someone else or just end their turn.
    One thing I hate about AI is that they’re greatly equipped with shields 
    sometimes. Take the Riot Cops in the Kamiyara JC battle. They have Riot 
    Shields, and most blows will do all damage to the arm the shield is 
    equipped, worst of all it’ll do half the damage or even less.
    The worst AI I’ve seen is Wanzers that stay in one place all the time and 
    don’t move. This one Wanzer in the Dagat Ahas Pathway was a Melee user but 
    stayed in one place, easily vulnerable to shotgun. He didn’t move at all, he 
    had Legs better than the 1-2 Movement Range. Mostly bosses have this type of 
    In most battles, you will have to usually stay in your starting place and 
    killing enemies coming to you. Cause they come to you! Make a defense group 
    and wait for the enemies to come to you so you can take them out with your 
    four Wanzers. Don’t come to the enemy, as they will usually take you out 
    unless you’re greatly equipped and you have a good shield.
    This is how Square placed the enemies:
    Long Range Wanzer                      Long Range Wanzer
             Tank                              Tank
                          Melee Wanzer
    Shotgun Wanzer                            Shotgun Wanzer
                          Your Party
    That’s one of the maps in the game. They usually place the Long Range 
    Wanzers in the back so they get a good strike with their missiles and are 
    hard to get to, the tanks have Machine Guns that can go 4 squares from them, 
    and shotgun Wanzers can pose a threat too. The Melee Wanzer will probably 
    take 2 turn to get to you, but it’s worth the wait since he can be equipped 
    with heavy hits.
    Which type of machines you should kill first.
    Grenade Shooters: Pose a big threat by firing grenades at a lot of your 
    Great Battle Skill Wanzers: Especially ones that have Smashes.
    Long Range Shooters: Missiles DO hurt.
    Assault/Melee: Only if they are near you and are posing threats to your 
    Shotgunners: Total Bad Asses.
    Machine Gunners: Do a little less damage to you than the shotgunners but 
    still are annoying.
    Rifle/Flamer holders: They won’t do much, so they take them out last unless 
    you get tired of one.
    Pilots: Annoying and hard to target, so save them for last.
    -Missiles should come in handy for taking out the Long Range Wanzers.
    -It’s best to take out the Long Range Wanzers first, since they can do more 
    damage than you thought they’d do.
    The network is the other half of the fun in the game. It IS the internet. 
    Talk to people on your journey for web sites, access them, get secret info, 
    hack into files, and more! There’s also a mailing system, which you can send 
    and receive mail. You can also download text files, pictures, and even fight 
    for experience! The Shop will let you buy any item or weapon that you have 
    seen in different shops. Good for resupplying.
    This is gonna be the first section of the Network Guide in this FAQ. First, 
    I’ll tell you the characters who e-mail you.
    NCS: The guys that provided you the mail services. Both Scenarios. They 
    e-mail to the Share.
    Message Title: Welcome!
    In Message: E-mail explanation
    Storyline: Alisa
    Send To: Liu
    Message Title: Welcome!
    In Message: She wants to help you hack.
    Attachments: Hack Picture
    Storyline: Alisa
    Send To: Share
    Message Title: Okay!
    In Message: She’ll help you hack into Teihoku.
    Storyline: Alisa
    Send To: Miho
    Message Title: Reply To Me
    In Message: He wants to know if Miho is okay.
    Storyline: Emma
    Send To: Marcus
    Message Title: Chang
    In Message: The current status of the Hua Lian.
    Storyline: Emma/Alisa
    Send To: Kazuki
    Message Title: Sorry
    In Message: He knows you are criminals and wants to know if you’re safe.
    Storyline: Alisa
    Send To: Kazuki
    Message Title: Okay
    In Message: About the JDF’s suspicion.
    Storyline: Emma/Alisa
    Send To: Kazuki
    Message Title: Hi
    In Message: About the Yokosuka Base transfer.
    Storyline: Emma
    Send To: Kazuki
    Message Title: Wulong
    In Message: He’ll tell you about their new Centipede site.
    Storyline: Alisa
    Send To: Miho
    Message Title: Sorry
    In Message: He tells you that the Wulong went back to DHZ.
    Storyline: Emma/Alisa
    Send To: Ryogo
    Message Title: Terrible
    In Message: Wants to know if Ryogo is safe.
    Storyline: Emma
    Send To: Ryogo
    Message Title: USN
    In Message: About the USN and JDF.
    Storyline: Alisa
    Send To: Ryogo
    Message Title: DHZ
    In Message: About the DHZ and JDF.
    Storyline: Emma/Alisa
    Send To: Ryogo
    Message Title: Be Safe
    In Message: Safety.
    YAWN. All sections not finished. I’m working on it!
    More coming soon.
    -GameFAQs: Check it out!
    -CJayC: Posting my FAQs up.
    -Wiseone444: Some Information he got off the Internet about FM3 even though 
    he hasn’t played the game.
    Next Update: Probably a few days from now. I’ll try to update ASAP. Thanks 
    for reading this FAQ!

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