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    PS1/SAT Differences List by Mega Man 5

    Updated: 01/31/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    					Mega Man 8
    System: Sony PlayStation, Sega Saturn
    FAQ: PS1/Saturn differences
    FAQ by: Mega Man 5
    3.10th Anniversary goodies
    Hey, Mega Man 5 here. This FAQ covers every difference between the PS1 and
    Saturn versions of Mega Man 8 I could find. You can use this to figure out
    which version of the game you would like.
    Note: This FAQ doesn't cover the differences in the Anniversary Collection
    version of Mega Man 8.
    Here is a list of all the differences I've found:
    1.The FMV's (Full-Motion Video's) in are slightly more compressed in the
    Saturn version. By compressed I mean the picture quality is slightly more
    2.The loading times are about 1 second faster on the PS1.
    3.Press start on the title screen to access the main menu. The Saturn version
    has a fourth option called "Bonus Mode". More on this later.
    4.The Saturn version has 1 jump button. The PS1 version has 2.
    5.The Saturn version contains more enemies than the PS1 version (Mets, etc.)
    6.The PS1 version uses translucent effects for the water in the game. The
    Saturn version has rippled water.
    7.When you enter the are where the boss battle is in the intro stage (first
    boss battle) in the Saturn version, loads of birds will fly by (Just like in the
    beginning of the stage). In the PS1 version, only one bird is seen.
    8.In the Duo mini-stage, an alarm can be heard and a red alarm light is also
    included in the Saturn version. There isn't an alarm in the PS1 version.
    9.Near the beginning of the Duo mini-stage is a pink ladder. Use a Mega Ball
    to reach it and climb up. Turn left. In the Saturn version, there is another
    ladder you can climb to access a room where you can battle Cutman. In the
    PS1 version this ladder doesn't exist and you also can't fight Cutman.
    10.Woodman is a middle boss in Search Man's stage in the Saturn version. You
    can't battle Woodman in the PS1 version because going to that room just takes
    you to the stages' Continue Point.
    11.At the end of the credits in the Saturn version is a code. Use this to
    access another option in the Bonus Mode.
    12.Some of the music in the Saturn version has different sound quality.
    13.The Saturn version contains two exclusive music tracks: remixes of both
    Cutman's and Woodman's themes!
    14.Some of the voices in the Saturn version are lower quality, some with a
    slightly different pitch and some sounding scratchy.
    15.Tengu Man's stage music is completely different music in the Saturn
    version. I think it's better and more fitting than the music heard in the
    PS1 version.
    3.10th Anniversary goodies
    The two versions of Mega Man 8 include different 10th anniversary bonuses:
    The PlayStation version includes a mini booklet that includes descriptions
    and full color images of the robot masters from Mega Man 1-7.
    The Saturn version includes an extra main menu option called "Bonus
    Mode". Select this to access the Saturn versions 10th anniversary goodies.
    Included are:
    *Fan Artwork
    *Official Artwork
    *Music test
    *Voice test
    *This allows you to watch all of the FMV's in Mega Man 8. Also, you need to
    enter a button code to access this option.
    That's it. Of course I'll add an update section in this FAQ if I find anything
    -Mega Man 5
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    FAQ Copyright © 2006 Mega Man 5.

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