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Reviewed: 11/27/07

A Disney Kart racing game you say? Let's check it out!

Walt Disney Magical Racing Tour is a light hearted, fairly fun, kiddish cart racing game. The game is intended for probably ages 8-12, but older players can still get some fun out of the light hearted gameplay. The main selling point of the game is the “Disney” label, but that does not mean the game is too cookie cutter. Although the game is dwarfed by the likes of Crash Team Racing, and Mario Kart, it still manages to bring a few new things to the table, and a totally new racing cast. Read on please!


The graphics of this game surprisingly are not too bad. The cast of characters are a mix of familiar and new Disney characters, all with their own charm. The characters are fairly blocky, but remember Playstation was only a 32-bit system. The game is full of bright and vivid colors, which add to the art design and atmosphere of the game. Most tracks are quite nice graphically. The space mountain track has excellent lighting, and the Pirates course has good looking water and rock detail. Each course has a good amount of detail, and provides a wonderful new atmosphere to race in. A new vehicle is available for each course, but all of them handle the exact same way. The graphics overall are good, not quite great, but they get across the bright kiddie look the developer’s were obviously going for.

Graphics Score (8/10)


In case you haven’t figured this out yet, this is a Disney cart racing game. The game has 13 race courses ranging from Dinosaur, to Space Mountain, to a Haunted Mansion. There are also three courses where you have to collect 30 coins within a time limit. Within each course you get a different vehicle. Thunder Mountain gives you a train, jungle cruise a boat, etc. The carts all handle the same. The handling of the game isn’t too tight though, and often seems a bit floaty. It’s not too horrible since really it is a pretty easy kid’s game, but the cart control could have been tighter. The adventure mode has you winning races for the stupid fireworks machine story line. Each race has four objectives, so you’ll have to race each course at least four times. The objectives are win a race, win the race again, collect 8 fairies on the level, and collect 8 trophies. Not all the tracks are available from the start, so you’ll have to keep advancing to unlock more tracks.

The controls are very simple. You’ll only need to know how to accelerate, launch an item, and power slide. Power sliding is fairly useless in the game, as the turbo boost you get isn’t worth the slowdown. There are a few items as in each cart game that you can use to help get yourself in first place. Acorns to launch at opponents, invincibility, rockets, tea cups which spin your opponents in a tea cup, and frog, which turns the fellow racers into slow hopping frogs. You can also collect lucky fairies during races which supposedly increase your luck, but I never see the difference. Coins increase your top speed, but there is no noticeable difference in speed unless you have ten. Almost every track has blue rings which you can drive through to open up awesome innovative short cuts. There are also a few quicker alternative paths throughout each track, but none as fun to drive through as the ring short cuts. The gameplay overall is pretty good, but pretty easy. You can easily have 100% in the game in four hours, and there’s little replay value unless you have someone good to play against.

Gameplay Score (7/10)


The music in the game are Disney authentic tracks, but none of them are very good at all. There’s a very sloppy version of “A Pirate’s Life for me” song, some mellow electric guitar riffs, and some other music. The music in the Haunted Mansion and Splash Mountain were exceptionally bad. The only well done music seemed to be the main theme. A few of the songs were even mute worthy!

Sound on the other hand is pretty good. The sounds are all the typical cartoonish sounds you can imagine which are actually pretty fitting these days.

Sound Score (6/10)

All in all Magical Racing Tour is a fairly fun, light hearted cart racing game that does exactly what it should do. The gameplay is pretty good, even though the cart control is fairly floaty, and the game is quite short and easy. Without the excellent track design this game would be a lost cause but it’s not. Buy it for your 8 year old kids, or maybe for an amusing game for yourself. Either way you’ll have a pretty well spent six hours.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: Walt Disney World Quest: Magical Racing Tour (US, 03/23/00)

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