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    Taneo Walkthrough by Joe the Destroyer

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    For play on Sony PlayStation
    Presented by Joseph Shaffer (Joe the Destroyer)
    Version: 1.11
    Last Updated: 11/12/10
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    1/8/02- Finally got around to creating the FAQ and even have a VCR to record
    some of the necessary information.
    1/13/02- Section 1 complete. Added questions to FAQ.  Legal Bit is up.
    Walkthrough covers Taneo's section of  the game.
    1/14/02- Added some ambulance questions thanks to Sailor Bacon.  This FAQ is
    declared "technically complete."   Time to move on to Etsuko's Walkthrough.
    1/20/01- Changed the ASCII art.
    11/12/02- FAQ-wide update...
    8/27/03- Yet another FAQ-wide update.  See above for details.
    -12:05 AM Update
    Fixed some spelling and grammatical errors, but didn't do a huge overhaul to
    the FAQ.
    Reference Credit goes to:
    Instruction book for some of Taneo's descriptions
    Sailor Bacon/SB Allen for the ambulance list
    Contents According to Joe
    Section 1: Profile: Taneo Tanamatsuri
    Section 2: Walkthrough
    2A: Chapter 1: Goodbye Imperial Development Company
    2B: Chatper 2: Taneo- 5 Seconds Before Explosion
    2C: Chapter 3: Up in Smoke in Tokyo Bay
    Section 3: FAQ
    Section 4: Legal Bit
    Section 5: Thank You and Goodbye
    Character Name: Taneo Tanamatsuri
    Age: 47
    Blood Type: O
    Occupation: Works for Imperial Development Company
    Background: Taneo is a rather unlucky and somewhat introverted person.  He's
    easily excited and doesn't like to  be.  He'd rather just sit at his desk and
    work while also peforming other not-so-exciting tasks with ease and  without so
    much stress.  He works at Imperial Development Company, where he has the hots
    for a new woman  working there (party to his borderline-infidelous acts at the
    end of chapter 2).
    Chapter 1-
    Dance Fever Taneo
    Bowling Inferno
    Elevator of Doom!
    Nerd on a Wire
    Chapter 2-
    Paramedics: The A Team
    Let's Go by Stretcher!
    Love, Fireworks, and Ferris Wheel
    Chapter 3-
    Independence Bay
    Titanic Away
    Sitting at a desk in one of Imperial Development Company's tall buildings is
    Taneo, a particularly unlucky  individual who seems a bit reluctant to work
    today.  In this chapter, we guide him safely through this  building-o-doom and
    try to maintain his stress level such that he does not snap.  You start the
    game out with  four continues.  Let's hope you don't have to use them too
    This chapter is comprised of four mini-games.  Most of them involve patience.
    This is also the longest chapter  in the game, being that it is the only one
    that actually has four mini-games (the rest have two to three).
    Description: It's time for Taneo's workspace to exhibit their physical activity
    and health code.  To do so,  they have set up a portion of time in the day to
    dance.  Taneo does not want to look like an idiot at this  showing because the
    cute, new girl at Imperial is the dance instructor and Taneo hopes to impress
    her (even  though he's married, tee hee!).
    Objective: If you've ever played games like Um-Jammer Lammy, you should be
    quite familiar with this mini-game.   There is a bar at the top of the screen
    and different buttons running from right to left across the bar.  As  they come
    to the bar, you must push the button presented. If you miss one, Taneo will
    make a strange noise and  stumble, thereby increasing his stress.  If his
    stress increases to full, he will snap and you will have to use  a continue or
    A sample of what this screen would look like would be something like this...
    (except replace the words with  their rightful icons)
    Later on, the order becomes even closer together, thus making the game a lot
    faster (this is where patience  really plays a roll).
    Tips and Notes
    -The buttons are randomized.  In other words, you don't have to push the same
    buttons in one game as you would  another.
    -Do not use one of your continues on this mini-game if you get a game over.  It
    may take longer, but quit if  you do.  Either way, you will have to start over
    on the same game, but if you quit and start over, you won't  lose any
    -Timing and attentiveness play important roles in this game.  Do not pay
    attention to what Taneo or anyone else  in the game is doing.  Pay attention to
    the order of buttons as they scroll across the screen instead.  Right  as they
    about to come to the middle, push the button.  I've noticed that if I wait
    until it hits the middle  exactly, the icon would have already passed and I
    would miss.  Also be aware of whether or not you're using a  standard
    definition or high definition television, as the timing on either one could be
    a tad different.
    -If you're not used to playing games like this, keep practicing.
    -Twice at the very end, the game will ask you to quickly and continually push X
    to fill in the silhouette of  the dancer.  If done right, this can greatly
    decrease stress.
    -As you get more and more of the buttons right in a row, Taneo's stress will
    begin to deplete.  Yes, this is a  good thing.
    Description: Back to work for Taneo.  They are now putting the finishing
    touches on the statue at the top of  the tower.  All seems well until the huge
    stone globe being added to the top of the tower falls off and crashes  through
    the window into Taneo's work space.  It seems as though the globe has a mind of
    its own and now Taneo  must escape the crazed mass.
    Obeject:  You must escape the globe as it's rolling at you.  Taneo will run on
    his own, but he will accelerate  positively as you push the X button.  At the
    bottom of the screen are power drinks.  Each time you push X, a  drink is used
    that increases Taneo's speed temporarily.  There are also obstacles that appear
    as you run along  the hall.  To avoid these, push up or down (depending on what
    they are). If the globe gets too close to Taneo,  it will crush him and you
    will have to use a continue.  This is divided into three short segments.
    Tips and Notes
    -Do not frantically push X.  This will cause your supply of drinks to run out
    too quickly.  If Taneo's drinks  run out, you have to wait for them to
    replenish.  In that time, the globe could gain on you and you'd have to
    frantically use them again.  Your chances of completing this are very slim if
    you just keep mashing the X  button repeatedly.
    -At the bottom of the screen is a meter with the relative position of the
    globe, Taneo, and the goal of the  segment.  In between the globe and Taneo is
    a colored patch.  When you are at a safe distance, the patch will  be blue.
    However, at a dangerous distance, it will become red.  This is when you want to
    start pushing X to  get away from the globe.  Try pushing X just before or
    right as it goes red, but don't push it too frantically.  What I find helps is
    to push until I've used about three of the five drinks, then let the drinks
    replenish a  bit (this does not mean full).  If you have to go beyond three,
    even to all five, do so, but be very careful.
    -Again, I emphasize this: when the globe is close to you (red patch) and it
    comes time to push X to use drinks,  do not frantically do it here. Nurse your
    drinks and use them wisely.  It shouldn't take too long for them to  replenish.
    -Towards the end of the second segment are two ladders.  This means push down.
    As they are coming at you, do  so and hope that Taneo doesn't run into them. If
    he does, he will fall back a little bit, giving the globe a  slight edge on
    -The third segment has three obstacles at relatively equadistant locations.
    The first is the small barricade  at the very beginning (push up), the second
    is a ladder in the middle (push down), and the last is another  barricade at
    the end (push up).  Remember while dodging to push X at appropriate times to
    avoid the globe.   Once you pass the third barricade, you've completed the
    Description: Taneo seems to have alluded the globe and made it to the elevator.
    As he is on his way down, he  feels a powerful force strike the elevator.
    D'oh!  The globe seems to have busted a hole in the top of the  elevator and
    caused it to shoot downward from the impact of the crash.  Taneo now must pound
    on the brake to  get the eleveator to stop.
    Objective: You must continually press the X button, which will cause Taneo to
    push the break.  Each time you  push X, a meter on the left will fill up, but
    recede.  There will also be different objects falling from the  hole in the
    ceiling of the elevator.  As they come down, they will hit Taneo in the head
    unless you push one of  the left or right on the D-pad to dodge them.  If they
    do hit him, he will be temporarily stopped and the meter  to the left will be
    allowed to empty yet again.  If you let the elevator reach the bottom, you
    Tips and Notes
    -I suppose it would be a good idea to mention you have to actually stop the
    elevator twice because it will  start back up again after you stop it the first
    -Speed counts here.  So does paying attention.  Do not concern yourself too
    much with the brake meter or the  timer.  Be more concerned with the objects
    coming through the ceiling.
    -Do not jump over the instant you see an object appear.  Objects mainly hit the
    ceiling first, bounce up, then  fall through the hole.  This serves as a
    warning indicator so you are ready to dodge. Just keep pushing X until  you
    finally see the object fall through the hole.  That is your cue to push over
    and dodge the object.  Do not  jump the gun, as that can cost you some valuable
    meter filling.
    -This game is pausable.  If you find that your thumb is getting all too tired,
    pause the game and let it rest a  bit.
    Description: Taneo has escaped the globe yet again, but the blast has thrown
    him into a compromised position on  a pole on the outside of Imperial's
    Object: You must try to get Taneo off the pole before it falls.  To do this,
    you must hold X and watch the  meter fill up.  When you release X, the meter
    will stop.  You want it to stop on the green area.  If it stops  on the green,
    Taneo will move forward carefully.  However, if it stops on the blue, he will
    jump forward and  stumble and need to rebalance his weight so that he stays on
    the pole.  Do so by using the left and right D-pad  buttons.  Hitting red will
    cause him to almost fall and make no progress.
    Tips and Notes
    -Do not hold the button for too long.  If you do, you will overshoot the green
    part of the line.  If you do not  release the button at all, it will
    automatically act as you landed on a red.
    -Timing is yet another key here, and timing in this game mainly comes through
    playing it a few times.  I've  also noticed it helps to get acquainted with the
    rhythm of the sounds in the game.  In other words, pay  attention to what
    sounds play around the time you release.  This may not help for all people, but
    for anyone  auditorially oriented, this can be a key.  It's like there's a
    rhythm to this game.
    -Keep an eye on the meter when balancing Taneo.  You want the luminating strip
    that keeps running back and  forth to stop in the middle of the screen.  To do
    so, push a direction to get it close to the center.  As the  strip is coming to
    the center, try to slow it down by pushing the other direction, but not too
    hard or too  long.  Make sure you do this before you hit the center, as that
    can help at times.
    With that said, this chapter is complete.
    In this chapter, we follow Taneo as he tries to escape danger and possibly make
    his way home.  He will start  out in an ambulance which picked him up after
    taking a nasty bump on the head in the previous chapter.
    Description: Taneo is in an ambulance.  To see whether or not Taneo truly needs
    their help, some paramedics  will ask him various questions to see if he is
    still in the proper frame of mind.  If he is, then they will  release him.
    Object: You must answer ten questions correctly of the ones they give you.
    They are all yes or no questions.   Press X to indicate yes and Circle to
    inidicate no.  If you miss 2 questions in a row, you will be shocked.   The
    shock will increase your stress level.  If your stress fully builds up before
    you can answer ten questions  correctly, you will lose.
    Tips and Notes
    There aren't too many I can give you.  Hopefully, you saved after completing
    the last chapter as doing so can  allow you to start over here.  That way, if
    you lose, you won't have to waste a continue, but rather reload  your game from
    the memory card.  Also, don't jump the gun.  Give the qustion a little thought
    (if need be)  before deciding (be sure to pause before thinking; you've only
    got a few seconds before they zap you and  pausing will keep that from
    happening).  Having a calculator can be helpful here, too.
    There is a question that asks if California is the western-most state of the
    US.  Bear in mind, they mean all  of the US, not just the 48 contiguous states.
    If you don't know (it's understandable on a few questions), then guess.
    Questions and Their Answers
    Remember, it's X for yes and Circle for no.  I may not have all the questions
    right away, but I'm going to try  to add as many as I can over time.
    Q: Is 47326 an even number?
    A: Yes
    Q: Did Nightengale take an active role during the Crimean War?
    A: Yes
    Q: Is 1+1/1=2?
    A: Yes
    Q: Is 45683 an odd number?
    A: Yes
    Q: Is soccer played by 15 people per team?
    A: No
    Q: Is basketball, a sport (duh), played by 5 people per team?
    A: Yes
    Q: Is California the western-most state in the United States?
    A: No
    Q: Is soccer played by 11 people per team?
    A: Yes
    Q: Is 1+1=1?
    A: No
    Q: Is the currency of Japan Lila?
    A: No
    Q: Is 534x10=5340?
    A: Yes
    Q: Is 21131x9458=199856998?
    A: Yes
    Q: Is 447784 an odd number?
    A: No
    Q: Taro is heavier than Hanako; Pierre is heavier than Taro.  Hanako is the
    oldest and Pierre was born before  Taro.  Is Pierre the heaviest?
    A: Yes
    Q:  Taro is heavier than Hanako; Pierre is heavier than Taro.  Hanako is the
    oldest and Pierre was born before  Taro. Is Taro heavier than Pierre?
    A: No
    Q: Is the currency of Japan Yen?
    A: Yes
    Q: Is the French flag the oldest national flag in the world?
    A: No
    -This section is courtesy of Sailor Bacon.  Thank you very much!-
    Is Maine the northernmost state in the US? NO
    Is basketball, a sport, played by 6 people per team? NO
    Is the Danish flag the oldest national flag in the world? YES
    Is 1 kilogram equal to 1000000 milligrams? YES
    Is 1 kilometer equal to 1000000 millimeters? YES
    Is 1 kilogram equal to 1000 grams? YES
    Is 1 kilometer equal to 100000 liters? NO
    Is 1 centimeter equal to 10 milliliters? NO
    Is the height of Tokyo Tower 353 centimeters? NO
    Is 100 minutes past 11:15 12:55? YES
    Is 100 minutes past 11:15 12:45? NO
    Is 1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+2+3 = 12? NO
    Possibly more questions to come.  I think any more would be somewhat redudant,
    but if I see any worth noting,  you will see them here.
    Description: Taneo has been approved by the paramedics that he is okay and is
    now released!  Of course, they  also didn't bother to stop the ambulance before
    letting him out.  So now, Taneo is fastened to the stretcher  with nowhere to
    Objective: Survive the level, basically.  Avoid obstacles that come at you.
    Hitting barricades causes Taneo to  go out of control and hitting vehciles will
    cause him to fly in the air. If Taneo's stress builds up too high,  it's game
    over and you'll be forced to use a continue.
    Tips and Notes
    -At times it can be helpful to just switch between two different lanes.
    -There are five "lanes" that you can choose from while moving.  The center lane
    is the one you start on.
    -Pay close attention to what's coming at you and what could be beyond that.  If
    there's an easier way to avoid  a couple of different hazards, take that path.
    -Keep an eye on cars.  No matter where you are, they will swerve.  If a car is
    right in front of you when it  first appears, then stay still because cars
    usually tend to swerve out of the lane they started in and never  return to it.
    -Unlike cars, trucks and motorcycles do not swerve.
    Description: Taneo has successfully gotten off the stretcher and has bumped
    into the new girl from work.  She  leads him to a ferris wheel, where Taneo
    will give her a back massage.  Yet another chance for Taneo to try to  impress
    the newbie.
    Objective: The woman will tell you where the spot she wants massaged is
    located.  You must push the directional  button and get it onto the spot, then
    massage it by rapidly pushing X.  Doing so will fill up a meter, then she  will
    switch to a new spot that needs massaging.  If you fill the meter full, the
    game will be completed.  Bear  in mind that the meter will slowly decrease when
    you're not massaging her.
    Tips and Notes
    -First off, push X to find out which direction she wants to go.  Pay attention
    to the descriptions...
    All the way [insert direction]- Very far off
    Further [insert direction]- Far
    A little [insert direction]- Fairly close
    A little bit [insert direction]- Close
    A tiny bit [insert direction]- Very close
    -Push X every now and then to see how close you are.  Keep in mind that she may
    ask you to move several  different directions in each spot.
    -If you go too far a certain way, she'll say, "You dirty old man!"  That will
    also cause you to start from the  initial location you started from.
    -When you hear her moan, keep pushing X as fast as you can.  After a while, it
    will switch to a new spot.
    Thus concludes chapter 2.
    Taneo has unfortunately landed in Tokyo Bay.  From here, the only objective is
    to head home, but...
    This is a fairly short chapter.  Only two mini-games long.  In fact, all
    chapters from here on will not exceed  2 mini-games.
    Description: ...Ririka has warned her father not to let the fighter jets and
    ships harm the giant UFO in the  sky.  Luckily, Taneo has landed near a cannon.
    So, he plans to use that to destroy the missiles that they  fire.
    Objective: You must keep the fighter planes and ships from attacking the UFO by
    aiming and firing at the  missiles they shoot (they have little, red boxes
    around them).  You've also got to destroy any incoming  missiles.  If you're
    stress level builds up too high, as usual, it's game over.
    Tips and Notes
    -Continually pushing X can help here as it has no repercussions.  By doing so,
    you are more likely to hit a  missile than by just pushing it once.  So, when
    aiming for a missile, fire a bunch of times and make sure you  hit it.  When it
    explodes, be sure to take out any others you see.  There's no need to
    frantically push, just  push at a moderate pace.
    -Keep the camera just such that you can see if the ships are shooting any
    missiles at you and the UFO at the  same time.
    -Oncoming missiles should be a higher priority than those heading toward the
    UFO.  Blast those first.
    Description: Taneo needs to get back to the shore.  He is currently on a small
    boat with a rather...  interesting captain.  Taneo decides it's a good idea to
    get curious and pulls a huge cork out of the floor of  the boat, letting the
    water leak through the hole it was plugging.
    Objective: You must get the boat to shore without sinking.  To do this, you
    must fill a bucket full of water by  pushing X really fast, then casting it
    over the edge by pushing Triangle.  This does not mean the boat has to  be
    totally empty of water, but you do want it relatively close at most times.
    Items will at times fall out of  the screen, so you must push the left or right
    directional buttons to open an umbrella and keep them from  hitting Taneo's
    head.  If they do, he'll be thrown off and the water will refill while he's not
    working.  Keep  in mind that the boat is constantly filling up.
    Tips and Notes
    -Every now and then, the other guy in the boat will be shot into the air.  Try
    to have an empty pail before he  hits you.  There is no way to avoid him.
    -Judge carefully on the items that pop out of the hole.  Ones that jump out
    low, immediately use the umbrella.   Ones that pop out high (as in out of the
    screen), dump out the water you have and then use the umbrella.
    -Notice that the water seems to appear in layers on the pail.  The pails gets
    no fuller than five layers.
    -I've noticed that it helps if you empty right after the fourth layer instead
    of going all the way for the  fifth.  The reason being is that you can start
    dumping more water out quicker if you empty it this early.   Getting a fifth
    layer seems to take a bit too much time and the fourth layer doesn't take much
    time at all.
    /  SECTION 3: FAQ   \
    Q: How do I unlock the different mini-games to play outside of the actual game?
    A: You must complete a chapter in each scenario.
    Q: Are there any hidden mini-games?
    A: None that I know of, but I'll keep you posted.
    Q: How come some mini-games do not allow me to pause?
    A: Because some of them would be made easier if you just kept pausing.  That
    way, you would be able to  anticipate something as it happens.  Some games draw
    their difficulty from being fast.
    Q: Do you know any cheat codes for this game?
    A: I know none.  Why not go to GameSages or Game Winners and look them up
    Q: Are there any hidden characters in this game?
    A: Nope, just the four family members presented.
    Q: Can I send questions for the ambulance mini-game?
    A: Only if they don't already appear on this FAQ.
    /  SECTION 4: LEGAL BIT  \
    This FAQ is copyright 2002-2010 to Joseph Shaffer, aka Joe the Destroyer or
    JoeTheDestroyer.  Any use of this FAQ for commercial purposes in any way,
    shape, or form without confirmed consent of the author is strictly prohibited.
    This can be used for personal use and freely distributed, as long as there is
    no profit being made off the FAQ without my approval before hand (this includes
    magazines).  This also cannot be posted on any websites without my solid
    approval.  Any failure to comply with said premises can, and probably will,
    result in legal actions.
    Thank you to...
    NeoSeeker and their staff
    HonestGamers (www.honestgamers.com)
    Everyone at PlayStation Cheat.net
    Titus for brining Incredible Crisis to The States.  If there's a sequel ever, I
    hope to see that as well...
    Sailor Bacon for the ambulance list
    (c) Joseph Shaffer 2002-2010

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