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    FAQ/Walkthrough by SBAllen

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    Incredible Crisis FAQ / Walkthrough
    v.1.0 by Sailor Bacon <sailor_bacon@ANTISPAMhotmail.com>
    26 November 2000
    Warning: Please do not post this FAQ without my permission. Please do not email me asking
    me to send you updates because I've got better things to do with my life. Do NOT use this
    FAQ for any profit making use at all, this is MY work, not yours. If you post this FAQ it
    cannot be altered in any way and cannot be displayed alongside any types of advertisements.
    Incredible Crisis is copyright Titus. This FAQ is copyright 2000 Allen "Sailor Bacon" Tyner.
    The newest version of this FAQ can always be found at: 
    Revision History
    v.1.0  Um... everything.
    Table of Contents
    What's this nonsense all about??
    Meet the Tanamatsuri Family
    Extra Help:
      -Paramedics, The A team
      -Pound for Pound
      -The Goods must be Crazy
      -Ignorant Encounters
    What's this nonsense all about??
    Incredible Crisis is the story of one not-so-normal family and the interesting day that 
    they have. You'll follow each of four family members as they battle giant teddy bears, save
    UFOs, and even snowboard away from assassins. All this is going on while grandmother sits
    alone at home on her birthday. Is it making sense yet?
    I hope you have limbs of titanium, cause you're gonna need 'em. If you could hold your own
    after a day of playing Mario Party, you should be okay. If you are inexperienced in insane
    button mashing (no, not like Tekken button mashing) you may want to do some warmup exercises
    before playing this game. Don't say I didn't warn you...
    Meet the Tanamatsuri Family
    Taneo: The breadwinner of the family, he spends every day going to work and apparently doing
    dance while he's there. Perhaps his homelife isn't the greatest cause he seems quick to put
    the moves on the ladies.
    Etsuko: An intelligent housewife, she seems to be good at getting herself into some rather
    precarious situations.
    Tsuyoshi: A plump little boy that finds a secret side of nature that few know about....
    Ririka: The rambunctous daughter of the family. She loves skipping class, bargain shopping,
    and saving aliens from certain death.
    Hatsu: The grandma of the family. It's her birthday on the day all this takes place. She's...
    uh... old.
    Pesu: The family pet. He rules. He also helps you on the main menu.
    You see a UFO approaching earth.
    Hatsu's birthday is today. Of course, no one remembers. Hatsuko says she'll prepare a 
    special dinner, much to the chagrin of Ririka. Pesu the Dog seems indifferent to the whole
    ordeal. Hatsu wants everyone home early tonight to celebrate.
    The Story of Taneo Chapter 1: Goodbye Imperial Development Company
    Taneo is at work where we can see a crane outside the window ready to demolish the
    building. Taneo is nodding off until a lady declares it's exercise time.
    Taneo Dance Fever:
    Let's Dance! Press buttons and directional buttons as
    shown, make a mistake, your skill level goes down.
    Perfect dance, your skill level goes up. This game
    cannot be paused.
    Hint: This game plays a lot like Parappa the Rapper.
    Listen to the music and look at the pattern and you
    can easily tell when you should push the button in
    time with the beat.
    Hint: After 6 dancing sequences, you'll have to mash
    the X button like a banshee to make yourself twirl
    around. You have to press it harder the second time
    than the first.
    The demolition ball is being lowered but is accidently dropped. Everyone runs in terror
    except Taneo, who stands around until the ball starts rolling right at him.
    Bowling Inferno:
    Avoid the iron ball! If the distance meter turns red,
    run with X button! Make sure you have enough energy
    drink when running. Use Up & Down directional buttons
    to avoid obstacles. This game cannot be paused.
    Hint: For this race, you don't have to pound on the X
    button the whole time. If you do you'll run out of
    energy drink (which restores pretty quickly when you
    stop pressing the button and also after each screen).
    Hint: The timing is kinda tricky when you have to
    duck obstacles. Wait till the last second to push
    down. The pattern for the obstacles is as follows: On
    the second screen, duck both ladders and on the third
    screen, jump, duck, then jump.
    You make it to the elevator. Of course, you aren't safe there either as the ball hits the
    top of the elevator and causes it to tumble towards the ground.
    Elevator of DOOM!:
    Stop the elevator! Break it with X button. Stop it
    before the counter hits zero! Use directional buttons
    to avoid falling objects. Blue meter indicates
    breaking power.
    Hint: I hope you did those warmup exercises... You
    have to pound the crap out of the X button while at 
    the same time being prepared to press a direction to
    dodge falling debris.
    Hint: After stopping the elevator, a fridge falls on
    your head and the elevator starts to drop again. Yup,
    you've gotta stop it twice. Have fun.
    After stopping the elevator, the iron ball lands on top of it and forces you out the
    window to tumble to the ground below. Luckily a pole stops your descent.
    Nerd on a Wire:
    Press & hold X button to move towards the green zone.
    If you lose balance, recover with directional
    buttons. Pole will snap when the time is up.
    Hint: The bar moves pretty fast so you won't be
    holding the button down for long.
    Hint: If you release X in the blue area, you'll have
    to combat the wind to get your balance back. Hold the
    opposite direction of the wind and let go as close to
    the green area as to can to get your balance back.
    You do hop forward a bit when this happens so it
    isn't the end of the world.
    Hint: If you release X in the red area, you'll fall
    down and grab onto the pole from below. Just press up
    to get back on the pole. You don't move forward when
    this happens.
    You tumble to the ground anyways, but the awnings break your fall and you dismount quite
    beautifully to the ground. The iron ball rolls out of the building and misses you, but an
    arm from the statue bonks you on the head, leaving you in an ambulance on your way to the
    hospital. That's what you get for dramatic posing.
    The Story of Taneo Chapter 2: Taneo 5 seconds before explosion
    You wake up and see the scary doctors looking down at you. There's no escape so you'll 
    have to endure whatever they feel like doing to you...
    Paramedics, The A team:
    Answer the questions! Press X for Yes or O for No. 10
    correct answers are needed to clear this stage. 2
    wrong answers in a row will trigger an electric
    Hint: You just gotta keep playing this one and have
    some common knowledge to beat it with a high grade.
    You can only miss one if you want an A ranking.
    Hint: For math questions, try to compute the last
    digit. If the last digit of the answer is correct,
    the answer is almost always correct.
    Hint: I've written down some of the questions and
    answers at the end of this FAQ.
    The doctors cheer that you're okay and push you out of the ambulance to make room for more
    sick patients. Unfortunately, that leaves you rolling down the street like a madman in your
    Let's go by Stretcher!:
    Use left & right directional buttons to steer. Avoid
    cars & motor bikes! If you hit construction signs,
    you'll lose control for a while. You're done when the
    distance meter reaches zero.
    Hint: This is a pretty annoying stage. It's easy to
    run into the sides which also messes you up. Just try
    to be careful. Also, if you press a direction more
    than once you'll jerk a lot.
    Hint: Yellow cars swerve left, red cars swerve right,
    and blue cars go straight forward.
    You get up and ride the stretch like a surfboard. Unfortunately you crash into your
    favorite iron ball. You're saved by the woman from the first event. Taneo, always the
    ladies man, leads her into a ferris wheel OF LOVE!
    Love, fireworks and Ferris Wheel:
    Find the pressure points! The lady needs a back
    massage. She will guide you. Find the points with X
    button & directional buttons. Press X button
    repeatedly to fill up the pleasure meter on the left.
    Hint: Depending on what she says depends on how many
    times to press the button. If she says "All the way"
    then you should push the direction a good 30 times
    or so to get closer. "A little bit" constitutes a
    good 5 times or so. You'll get the hang of it. And
    you've really gotta pound on the button. Don't get
    After laying the mack down, the woman jumps out of the ferris wheel and into a helicopter,
    leaving a bomb behind for your troubles. The explosion throws you in front of the chopper.
    The Story of Taneo Chapter 3: Up in smoke at Tokyo Bay
    The lady and the driver parachute out of the chopper, so you jump off and grab onto the
    lady. She shakes you off and you land in the water. When you surface, you're right next
    to a big gun. You get a call from Ririka telling you to protect the UFO in the air at all
    costs. Um.... okay.
    Independence Bay:
    Protect the UFO! Shoot down the missiles attacking
    the UFO. Use directional buttons to aim, X button to
    Hint: You can't hit the UFO so feel free to pound
    away on the X button.
    Hint: Around 550 seconds remaining, the enemies will
    target you along with the UFO. Their shots don't
    mess up your score, but they do slow down your guns
    and make it easier to miss shots at the UFO. Try to
    shoot these shots as well.
    A missile hits you and blows up your turrent. You land in a boat with a goofy guy hitting
    his head with a brush. You see a plug in the bottom of the boat and for reasons that make
    no logical sense, you pull the plug out of the bottom of the boat. Of course, the boat
    starts flooding.
    Titanic Away:
    Bail water out of the boat! Press X button repeatedly
    to scoop up water with bucket. Press /\ button to
    empty it. Avoid falling objects with an umbrella,
    using directional buttons. Reach the goal before it
    Hint: You're really going to hate this event... you
    can't do anything about the guy falling on top of you
    so just take the hit and keep scooping out water.
    Hint: Pressing down holds the umbrella up while you
    duck, other directions hold it up while standing.
    Hint: Different items go different heights before
    falling on you. The shoes don't go very high at all
    and the fish go pretty high, roughly 2 seconds or so.
    After making it to shore, you catch a subway ride, but your favorite lady cut the brakes
    on the ride. The subway train ends up surfacing from the ground right in front of your
    house. Isn't that convenient? You say hello to grandma.
    The Story of Etsuko Chapter 1: Etsuko's errands
    Etsuko is shopping and goes to a bank only to find it being robbed by men with wolf heads.
    How odd is that?
    Afternoon of the wolves:
    Get to the exit! Press X button repeatedly to move
    forward. If the robbers are around, step back with /\
    button. Use the security cameras to detect their
    location. Be alert when the robber indicator turns
    Hint: Don't even bother trying to start till the
    guard turns around at least once. Watch how far he
    goes and if he doesn't walk very far away from you,
    press /\ and try the next time.
    Hint: The second one is simple. The third is pretty
    easy, but you have to be patient. The only hard one
    is the first one.
    You almost escape, only to be caught at the door by wolves. You get taken to the back and
    the wolf guys make you try to take the shiny piggy bank. Spikes come plummeting down when
    you pick it up. Lovely. The wolf guys use their guns to convince you to keep trying.
    Pound for Pound:
    Balance the weights! Move items from shopping basket
    into plastic bag so weight of bag & pig becomes 
    equal. Use L1 and R1 buttons to switch between basket
    and bag. Use the X button to select items and the
    [] button to compare weights. You can select up to 6
    Hint: The best way to do this is to just throw the
    5000 gram item into your bag then press [] to see how
    off from the total you are. Pay special notice to the
    last number and get that number into your bag first.
    Then try to get the remaining amount.
    Hint: For your convenience, I've typed up all the
    items and their weight at the end of this FAQ.
    After getting the shiny piggy bank for the wolves, you'll hand it over and they'll put
    a gun in your face for all your troubles.
    The Story of Etsuko Chapter 2: Etsuko SOS
    You're staring at a pillar with the piggy bank on it when you're surrounded by the wolves.
    One of them takes off a mask to reveal that she is your favorite woman from Taneo's events.
    Now you've gotta get the piggy bank open.
    Etsuko and the Golden Pig:
    Play a tune! Repeat the robbers' tune by pressing O,
    [], & directional buttons to decode the golden pig's
    secret message. Play 8 times to clear the stage. This
    game cannot be paused.
    Hint: This starts easily enough, but pay attention to
    horizontal lines that start to appear and lead the
    wolf head thingies along a different path.
    Hint: If you look carefully, you'll see it play the
    sequence on the little buttons before you have to do
    it. It's hard to follow though.
    The piggy bank "opens" to become the ultimate weapon... "BENJAMIN"! It attacks the wolves
    and Etsuko beats it up with a vegetable. It then explodes and sends you into a snowboard
    chase scene.
    Snowboarding with wolves:
    Snowboard escape! Avoid attacks with left & right
    directional buttons. You're safe when the distance
    meter becomes zero.
    Hint: When you press a direction, you keep going in
    that direction until you press the other direction.
    Short, rapid movements between directions is the key.
    Hint: The lady never shoots at you but she will on
    occasion throw grenades at you. The wolves can only
    shoot directly in front of them. Likewise, her
    grenades are thrown directly in front of her.
    You snowboard off of a cliff...
    The Story of Etsuko Chapter 3: The enemy from without
    When you come to, you're in front of fighter airplanes preparing for a battle. You need
    to get home soon so you borrow one to get you home.
    Looks like top gun:
    Fly the fighter! Avoid obstacles with directional
    buttons. Fly the fighter safely to the exit.
    Hint: Ever played Zaxxon? If you have, you know what
    to do... otherwise, just try to pay attention to
    exactly where the gates open.
    Hint: The planes never swerve down so try to stay
    low when you see a plane.
    You leave the hangar and see a huge teddy bear monster with Ririka's picture on it. Let's
    blow this thing to smithereens!
    Bear wars:
    Stop the ferocious bear! Fighter is on auto-flight
    mode. Use directional buttons to aim, X to launch
    missiles. Hit the switch on the back of the bear 8
    times to clear the stage.
    Hint: There isn't much I can help you with here. You
    either have good aim or you don't. The target is big
    and your aiming radius is big.
    Hint: The only kinda tricky one to hit is the 5th
    swoop. Just keep your cursor in the bottom left
    corner and nail it. It goes by quickly. Even if you
    miss it you'll still get an A.
    Time to head home and cook dinner (Sukiyaki, yummy!). Again grandma's mind is boggled
    by the return of another family member.
    The Story of Tsuyoshi Chapter 1: The Incredible shrinking Tsuyoshi
    Tsuyoshi is reading Godzilla manga when he gets zapped by a ray during the fight of Etsuko
    and the giant teddy bear. When he comes to he sees an enormous can next to him and after
    sliding down a hill to see a giant ant and ant lion, he realizes that he has shrunk.
    King of the Hill:
    Escape from the ant lion! Climb up with X button
    while the meter is changing color. Avoid mudslides
    with left & right directional buttons. Use
    directional buttons if you get caught in a slide. The
    game is over if you slide all the way down.
    Hint: This is probably the most annoying event there
    is. Once you get the timing down on walking it isn't
    too hard, but the mudslides make you slide forever
    down even if you barely get caught in them. Plus,
    you walk really slow, esp. right before the slides.
    After making it out, you climb up a string only to find that it's part of a spider web...
    Kiss of the spider man:
    Escape from the spider's web! To move forward, press
    and hold the X button until the meter reaches the
    green zone. Be aware of the meter disappearing at a
    set point. If you lose balance, recover with 
    directional buttons. The game is over if the spider
    gets you.
    Hint: The meter disappears at the red area. The best
    method I found for this event is to count the number
    of seconds it takes to get to the red area and then
    use that info to guestimate how many seconds it
    should take to get to the green area.
    Hint: If you mess up, you'll have to deal with the
    wind ala the Nerd on a Pole stage. Hopefully you 
    got good at it there cause it's harder this time and
    the spider will eat you after a certain amount of
    The Story of Tsuyoshi Chapter 2: Return from the backyard
    You tumble from the web and land in a familiar boat... and like father like son you'll
    pull the plug and start sinking the boat. Don't even ask how the boat got small...
    Titanic Away, again?!?:
    Bail water out of the boat! Press X button repeatedly
    to scoop up water with bucket. Press /\ button to
    empty it. Avoid falling objects with an umbrella,
    using directional buttons. Reach the goal before it
    Hint: Yup, it's this crap again.... You know the
    Hint: The bones are in the air for about a second
    while the iron looking things are in the air for
    just over 3 seconds. The fish are still about 2.
    After getting out of the boat, you encounter an evil praying mantis! Run like hell!
    Mantis Park:
    Get away from the mantis! If the meter turns red, run
    with X button! Make sure you have enough milk when
    running. Use Up & Down directional buttons to avoid
    obstacles. This game cannot be paused.
    Hint: You've done this before, only the milk drains
    faster than the power drink.
    Hint: The sequence is as follows: On the second
    screen press up, up, up, down. On the third screen
    press up, up, up. The frogs are really hard to jump.
    You kinda have to jump earlier than it looks.
    The ant from earlier helps you escape and you crawl through tunnels with him to get back
    to your house. Grandma is looking through a magnifying lens to read the paper and freaks
    you when she sees you drive up in a toy car.
    The Story of Ririka Chapter 1: Ririka's Day Off
    Ririka sits in class 2-B and looks at sales papers with a friend. The evil teacher throws
    chalk and hits the other student. You really wanna get out of there and go shopping.
    The Tense Teacher:
    Sneak out of the classroom! Move the kids around to
    reach the goal. Choose a kid w/ directional buttons
    & press X to decide. Don't get hit by the flying
    chalk. Game over if Ririka gets hit. Wake up dozing
    kids with X.
    Hint: First off, ignore that last sentence. Kids
    wake up whenever they feel like it.
    Hint: Try to do as many moves as you can while the
    teacher is writing. This game plays like those old
    sliding block puzzles of the past so I hope you're
    good at them.
    Hint: If another kid gets hit by chalk, they get
    dizzied for a while and you can't move them.
    Hint: The teacher likes to act like he's about to
    write something then turn around. Be careful.
    You leave class and hop on the subway to get to the store. A woman walks by and drops
    something. Who would've guessed it'd be the evil woman dropping a wolf mask? You arrive in
    Shibuya and get ready to do some hardcore shopping.
    The Goods must be Crazy:
    Get the sale items! Select an item w/ directional
    buttons & press X to decide. If you forget what you
    have, use L1 and R1 buttons to toggle. You need 4
    items to clear.
    Hint: You can look at the item you're looking for
    again using L1.
    Hint: You won't need it, but I went ahead and made
    item lists for both sides of the store for FAQ
    Satisfied, you leave the shop smiling.
    The Story of Ririka Chapter 2: Shibuya crazy panic
    You walk past a "take a picture with a teddy bear" store and get one taken. A mini-UFO
    messes up the picture and makes it evil looking. You hypotize it and it starts shooting
    lightning everywhere, which also hits your teddy bear and makes it huge. You run into a
    building where a girl wants you to sing with her. You decline and keep chasing the mini-UFO
    until you see a monitor showing a huge UFO. The mini-UFO says that's her mom and you notice
    Taneo in a screenshot. You call him up and warn him to protect the "mother"ship. Is
    everything starting to make sense now?
    Ignorant Encounters:
    Follow the lights! The colors of the UFO's lights
    correspond to the respective colors of OX/\[] 
    buttons. Press them in the order shown. Follow 6
    patterns correctly.
    Hint: It's simon!
    Hint: It's hard to tell pink from red, so try to look
    and see how the other colors are arranged.
    Hint: If you don't feel like thinking, I made a list
    of possible combinations again for completeness.
    You vow to take the mini-UFO to it's mom and hail a taxi.
    (Did you notice all the stories on the monitor about your other family members?)
    The Story of Ririka Chapter 3: There's no place home
    The cab drops you off at a seaport where you hitch a ride with a VERY familiar man. Like
    the rest of her family, she thinks pulling plugs out of holes is amusing and starts to
    flood the boat.
    Titanic Away, One more time... Honest:
    Bail water out of the boat! Press X button repeatedly
    to scoop up water with bucket. Press /\ button to
    empty it. Avoid falling objects with an umbrella,
    using directional buttons. Reach the goal before it
    Hint: Yup..... I know.....
    Hint: The kettle thingies are about 1 second, the pot
    thingies last just under 4 seconds. The rest is the
    same as always.
    Your mini-UFO accidently shrinks the boat so you can't ride it anymore. You hop onto a
    bicycle and the evil lady and her wolf friends hijack a crane to squash you.
    De Crane!! De Crane!!:
    Escape the killer crane! Press X and /\ alternatively
    to go forward, directional buttons to go sideways.
    Game over if you get run over by the crane.
    Hint: Hope your arms and fingers aren't quite dead
    yet... this event is a long endurance battle.
    Hint: Pay close attention to which cannon shoots out
    the bomb and move to a safe row. Try to keep your
    speed up so you don't even have to worry about the
    smashing ball on the crane. Good luck!
    After winning, the mini-UFO lets you fly and the crane sinks into the ocean. You fly by
    the moon ala E.T. and the mother UFO drops you off at your house. Poor grandma is again
    baffled by the goings-ons.
    In the end, Taneo records the birthday party. There are gifts and karaoke and all kinds
    of exciting things. The evil woman is in the ambulance with your friends that kicked
    you out, the teddy bear is normal, the boat gets zapped back to normal size, and all is
    apparently well... after the credits, you'll see the huge iron ball plummet to earth and
    aim right at the Tanamatsuri house... to be continued.
    Extra Help
    Paramedics, The A team Questions:
    Is California the westernmost state in the US? NO
    Is Maine the northernmost state in the US? NO
    Is soccer played by 11 people per team? YES
    Is soccer played by 15 people per team? NO
    Is basketball, a sport, played by 5 people per team? YES
    Is basketball, a sport, played by 6 people per team? NO
    Is the Danish flag the oldest national flag in the world? YES
    Is the French flag the oldest national flag in the world? NO
    Did Nightingale take an active role during the Crimean War? YES
    Did Nightingale take an active role during WWII? NO
    Is the currency of Japan Yen? YES
    Is the currency of Japan Lila? NO
    Is 1 kilogram equal to 1000000 milligrams? YES
    Is 1 kilometer equal to 1000000 millimeters? YES
    Is 1 kilogram equal to 1000 grams? YES
    Is 1 kilometer equal to 100000 liters? NO
    Is 1 centimeter equal to 10 milliliters? NO
    Is the height of Tokyo Tower 333 centimeters? NO
    Is the height of Tokyo Tower 353 centimeters? NO
    Is 100 minutes past 11:15 12:55? YES
    Is 100 minutes past 11:15 12:45? NO
    Are all of the reindeer pulling Santa's sleigh all female? NO
    Are all of the reindeer pulling Santa's sleigh all male? NO
    Is (whatever number) an even number? [Duh!]
    Is (whatever number) an odd number? [Duh!]
    Is (number)+(number) = (number) [Check last digit to choose]
    Is (number)X(number) = (number) [Check last digit to choose]
    Is (number)/(number) = (number) [Check last digit to choose]
    Is 1+1/1 = 2? YES
    Is 1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+2+3 = 12? NO
    Taro is heavier than Hanako: Pierre is heavier than Taro. 
    Hanako is the oldest & Pierre was born before Taro.
      Heaviest to lightest: Pierre, Taro, Hanako.
      Oldest to youngest: Hanako, Pierre, Taro.
      Is (whomever) heavier than (whomever)? [see above]
      Is (whomever) lighter than (whomever)? [see above]
      Is (whomever) the heaviest? [see above]
      Is (whomever) the lightest? [see above]
      Is (whomever) the oldest? [see above]
      Is (whomever) the youngest? [see above]
    Point A is 300m north of tower & Point B 1km east of tower.
    C is 500m west of B & D is 200m south of tower.
      Is point (whatever) (distance & direction) of point (whatever)? [see above]
      Is point (whatever) (some direction) of the tower? [see above]
    Pound for Pound Item List:
    Bear's Paw         5000g
    Buffalo's Horn     4000g
    Beast Meat         3000g
    Snapper            2000g
    Chinese Cabbage    1500g
    Radish              650g
    Pistol Magazine     450g
    Canned Mackerel     380g
    Curry Mix           340g
    Green Onion         320g
    Tomato              230g
    Potato              220g
    Dried Fish          170g
    Onion               160g
    Carrot              140g
    World Tree Leaf      59g
    Tangerine            50g
    Tissue               44g
    Medicinal Herb       33g
    Perilla              11g
    The Goods must be Crazy Shopping Lists:
    List 1:
    Lip Gloss: Apple
    Lip Gloss: Berry
    Lip Gloss: Cherry
    Lip Gloss: Grape
    Lip Gloss: Pineapple
    Lip Gloss: Vanilla
    Star Lips: Orange
    Star Lips: Pink
    Star Lips: Purple
    Star Lips: Yellow
    Summer Lips: Berry
    Summer Lips: Cherry
    Summer Lips: Coffee
    Summer Lips: Coral 
    Summer Lips: Mauve
    Summer Lips: Red
    Summer Lips: Peach
    Summer Lips: Pink
    List 2:
    Body Wash: Apple
    Body Wash: Floral
    Body Wash: Pear
    Body Wash: Rose
    Body Wash: Strawberry
    Body Wash: Vanilla
    Lotion: Dry Skin
    Lotion: Normal Skin
    Lotion: Oily Skin
    Lotion: X-Dry Skin
    Rinse: Curly Hair
    Rinse: Dry Hair
    Rinse: Fine Hair
    Rinse: Oily Hair
    Shampoo: Curly Hair
    Shampoo: Dry Hair
    Shampoo: Fine Hair
    Shampoo: Oily Hair
    Ignorant Encounters Combinations:
    Red, Pink, Pink
    Blue, Blue, Blue
    Green, Pink, Green
    Pink, Red, Green
    Red, Blue, Green, Blue, Red
    Blue, Green, Green, Pink, Red
    Green, Blue, Red, Green, Pink
    Pink, Red, Pink, Red, Red
    Red, Blue, Blue, Green, Blue, Red, Pink
    Blue, Pink, Green, Red, Pink, Red, Green
    Green, Blue, Pink, Blue, Pink, Red, Blue
    Pink, Blue, Green, Pink, Red, Green, Blue
    Final Words
    I'd like to thank the following:
    -CJayC: Hosting the best website for game information and for hosting all
     of my FAQs.
    -Titus: For bringing this awesome game out to the states.
    -Bishounen no Miko: For laughing at me while I played the game and for helping me out when
     I actually typed this FAQ up.
    -Myself: Typing up this FAQ and dancing WAY too much.

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