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    FAQ/Walkthrough (JP) by Bandit_

    Version: 1.70 | Updated: 08/14/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    SEIKEN DENSETSU : LEGEND OF MANA FAQ/WALKTHROUGH                                  Version 1.70
    This FAQ is actually a chart as well as a brief walkthrough of all the chapters available in 
    Seiken Densetsu : Legend Of Mana. It is more of a guide for you to check which chapter you 
    have completed and which you have not. To be honest, this chart was not drawn out by me, 
    rather by a Japanese friend of mine, and yes, you'll need a Shift-JIS decoder to view this 
    document (You can find one at http://www.njstar.com. Another alternative way is to download 
    the Japanese plugin for IE4.0 or IE5.0. ). The walkthrough is actually a compiled 
    walkthough from Japanese sites I've found. Please note that most of these walkthrough 
    descriptions are written mainly by memeory. So in some cases I might be inaccurate, please 
    forgive me. By the way, I've only completed 64 chapters as of 3rd of August. If you have any 
    questions you would like to ask regarding the game, mail me at <Shinjitsu@gamespotmail.com>, 
    I'll try to help you in any way I can. Better still, post your questions in www.gamefaqs.com's
    upcoming message board. I also would appreciate people to tell me the quests/events which I
    have not yet completed or quests/events that I have not explained accurately.
    General note : . I expect most of the guys out there playing this game to have at least
                     a basic knowledge of understanding Hiragana and Katagana.
                   . In most cases I might not be able to provide what specific options to 
                     choose in events, so I leave it to you guys to try your luck (those
                     who do not really understand Japanese that is). BTW, I'm also still
                     trying to improve my Japanese ......
                   . Please refrain from asking me questions about the decoder, it can be
                     either be best obtained as an NJSTAR program or as an MSIE plugin. Other
                     than that I will try my best to answer any questions about the game.
    4th August 1999
    CHANGES SINCE ..........
    2nd of August 1999 and before :  - Don't think you guys want to know about this.....
    3rd of August 1999            :  - Added the walkthrough for Event 42
                                     - Briefly wrote the walkthrough for Events 65 and 66 
                                     - Added the walkthrough for Event 67 
    				 - Made the walkthrough for Event 63 more specific
                                     - Added an extra event  
    4th of August 1999            :  - Made the walkthrough for Event 48 clearer       
    7th of August 1999 	      :  - Made Event 19's walkthrough clearer    
    12th of August 1999           :  - Event 30 made clearer thanks to Lee, Chieh-Li 
    14th of August 1999           :  - Added the abilities listings
    Credits goes to these sites/persons for providing me with the info : -
    . <http://www.alles.or.jp/~apririhe/seiken/>
    . <http://www.jade.dti.ne.jp/~hst4413/gousu/oe.html>
    . <http://www05.u-page.so-net.ne.jp/gc4/i-sugata/DATEBASE/ibennto.html>
    . <http://sp.fuji.to/seiken/db/db.cgi?room=event>
    . Lee, Chieh-Li for his help
    . Feena for help
    Ability Name :             Abilitiy Description :            Abilities Required :
    ダッシュ                   Dashing                           <initial ability>
    ジャンプ                   Jumping                           <initial ability>
    ガード                     Guarding                          <initial ability>
    バックダッシュ             Back-Dashing                      <initial ability>
    しゃがむ                   Faster recovery rate              <initial ability>
    プッシュ                   Pushing                           <initial ability>
    アピール                   Declares your special waza        <initial ability>
    回転                       Revolves, <TRI> activates an      
                               attack                            <initial ability>
    前転                       Revolves from the front           ジャンプ, ダッシュ
    グラップル                 Grabs and throws the enemy        ガード, プッシュ
    バク転                     Backward revolving                バックダッシュ , ジャンプ 
    バク宙                     Turns a loop backwards            バク転 , ハイジャンプ 
    タックル                   Tackling                          プッシュ , ダッシュ 
    ムーンサルト               Drops in on the enemy from the    
                               back                              ハイジャンプ , 前転 
    カウンター                 Countering                        ガード
    挑発                       Provoking                         バックダッシュ , アピール 
    イリュージョン             Illusion                          バックダッシュ , ダッシュ 
    スライディング             Sliding                           ダッシュ , しゃがむ
    ジョルト                   jolting                           カウンター 
    二段ジャンプ               Double leveled jump               ジャンプ , ハイジャンプ
    背面取り                   Brings the enemy to the back      グラップル , 回転 
    サマーソルト               Somersaulting                     バク転 , バク宙 
    うかし                     Throws the enemy into the air     
                               defenceless                       しゃがむ , ハンマースルー
    ガードダッシュ             Guard dashing                     ダッシュ , ガード 
    ハンマースルー             Throwing waza                     背面取り , プッシュ 
    ハイジャンプ               High jumping                      しゃがむ , ジャンプ
    . = AF name       
    * = What the AF gives you
    - = Where to get the AF
    . ポスト
      * マイホーム (My Home)
        - You'll get this in the very start of the game  
    . 積み木の町  
      * ドミナの町 (Domina)
        - You'll get this at Home
    . 車輪
      * リュオン街道 (Ryuon)
        - Talk to Nikita in Domina, answer him accordingly and go talk to 
    . ヒスイの卵
      * メキブの洞窟 (Mekib)
        - Get Ruri to join you in the bar and talk to Rachael
    . 炎
      * 断崖の町ガト (Gato)
        - Finish Event 1
    . 獣王のメダル
      * ジャングル (Jungle)
        - Finish Event 1
    . 石のメダマ
      * キルマ湖 (Kiruma)
        - Finish Event 5
    . 蛍袋のランプ
      * 月夜の町ロア (Roar)
        - Finish Event 5
    . 数秘術の石版
      * ミンダス遺跡 (Mindas)
        - Finish Event 23
    . こわれた人形
      * ごみ山 (Gomi Mountain)
        - Finish Event 45
    . 砂バラ
      * デュマ砂漠 (Duma Desert)
        - Finish Event 8
    . 瓶詰の精霊
      * ウルカン鉱山 (Warukan Mines)
        - Finish Event 12
    . 震える銀さじ
      * 奈落 (Graveyard)
        - Finish Event 30
    . 魔導書
      * 魔法都市ジオ (Geo)
        - Finish Event 19
    . サンゴの燭台
      * マドラ海岸 (Madora Beach)
        - Finish Event 36
    . さびたイカリ
      * 港町ポルポタ (Port Polporta)
        - Finish Event 27
    . 海賊のカギ爪
      * 海賊船 (Pirate Ship)
        - Finish Event 28
    . 骨のカンテラ
      * ノルン山脈 (Norun Mountains)
        - Go to the Graveyard (alone)
    . 月読の鏡
      * レイリスの塔 (Lilith's Tower)
        - Finish Event 14
    . とけない心
      * フィーグ雪原 (Snowy Fiig)
        - Finish Event 25
    . 愛のブローチ
      * ルシェイメア (Lusheimea)
        - Get it from the temple in Gato
    . 竜骨
      * 骨の城 (City Of Bones)
        - Finish the events in Norun mountains
    . 滴る緑の杖
      * 白の森 (White Forest)
        - Finish the events in City of Bones
    . 王石
      * 煌きの都市 (Jewel City)
        - You'll get this while doing Event 33
    . マナの剣
      * マナの聖域 (Sacred City of Mana)
        - Finish event 44
    1.  ニキータ商い道中         [ ]
        . Meet Nikita in the bazar
        . Answer his questions correctly. He'll join you.
        . Go to Mark's room and a scene should happen.
        . You'll get the Wheel A.F. (Ryuon)
        . Go to Ryuon and defeat the boss.
    2.  小さな魔法使い           [ ]
        . Before you can do this event, you'll have to complete Event 1 and Event 5        
        . From Home, head to Domina and talk to the Pelican postman.
        . Head to the extreme left of the town and you'll meet krona and
        . Fight them and they'll be your understudys.
    3.  ガイアの知恵             [ ]
        . Go to Ryuon and talk to Danae
        . Go back to Domina and find her in the first floor of the inn
          Make sure she joins you. If not load again.
        . Go back to Ryuon and talk to Gaia
    4.  プッツィを探せ           [ ]
        . Go to the Anaguma's Den (doggies) in Warukan Mines
        . Go to the bottom of the pirate's ship and explore
        . Go to Polpota, you'll find your person there
    5.  迷子のプリンセス         [ ]
        . Talk to Rachael in the Bar
        . At the town map, Ruri should talk to you and joins your party
        . Talk to Rachael again
        . Get the A.F
        . Use it, enter it and kill the boss in it.
    6.  ディドルの手紙           [ ]
        . Finish Event 1 and Event 2
        . From home, go to Domina and head for the fountain area
        . Talk to Didol
        . Go to the houses on the left
        . Go back to the fountain
        . Talk to Kapela
        . Go to the Merchant Street
        . Talk to the Grassman there
        . Talk to Yuka in the inn
        . Talk to the Pelican postman and Kapela until something happens
        . Head for Ryuon and you should be able to find Didol's letter.
          Read it and head downwards towards the Boron cave
        . Fight the boss in the cave
    7.  二つの炎                 [ ]
        . Finish Event 8 and Event 9
        . Go to Gato
        . Go to the temple and enter the room you couldn't enter at first
        . Next, head for the dungeon and look for the kidnapper
        . Progress accordingly and kill the boss
    8.  獣王                     [ ]
        . This event is activated in the Jungle and should be easy to
    9.  うごめく森               [ ]
        . Go back to the Jungle
        . You'll find one of the sages here
        . Talk to the penguins
        . head towards the sprite forest, you'll be teleported back to the starting
        . Go back and talk to the penguins
        . Head back to the Sprite Forest
        . Go deep into the Sprite Forest and kill the boss at the end of it
    10. 石の魚                   [ ]
        . Go to Kiruma River
        . Follow the penguins and kill the boss
    11. 流れ行くものたち         [ ]
        . Finish Event 7 and Event 10
        . Go to the temple and talk to Mathilda
        . Make sure you choose these options : 引き受ける , 心にとめておく
        . Go to Kiruma River
        . Go to the area where you fought the boss in Event 10
        . Talk to the person there and head for the exit
        . On your way, you should meet Danae
        . Follow her and fight a boss
    12. 危険なアフタヌーンティー [ ]
        . This will be your first event to do in Mindas
        . Solve the puzzles in this area, just remember that some of the 
          plant people are actually keys to unlock a path
        . Talk to a plantman with the strong 'willpower'
        . Then talk to a plantwoman who will then unlock a path for you to
          go underground
        . Go to the deepest end of this area to complete this chapter, of
          couse there will be a boss for you to deal with
    13. 彷徨の回廊               [ ]
        . Finish Event 15 first
        . Go to Gato
        . Notice Danae going into the temple
        . Look for Mathilda
        . You'll end up in Mindans 
        . You should be able to find Nikita somewhere inside, he'll
          teleport you to where Mathilda is
        . Select the character you wish to join you for the rest of this
          major chapter
    14. 鍛冶屋ただいま閉店中     [ ]
        . Go to the Warukan mines
        . Go to Watts shop
        . Go past the save point statue towards the left, follow the path and
          you should meet up with a boss
    15. ポキール・夢への誘い     [ ]
        . Head to Warukan mines
        . You should meet Pokiil, he'll tell you the a story from the past.
          Something about Escade's past.
        . Once teleported to the past, explore the cave and you'll eventually
          end this chapter
    16. ティドルさらわる         [ ]
        . Finish Event 64 first
        . Go to the church in Domina and talk to the people inside
        . Go to the fountain area in Domina
        . Head for the White Forest
        . Notice that you can knock out the Anaguma dog, let's say that
          you did not knock him out. He'll carry you away to some place,
          not somewhere far, so don't worry. The reason that the dog fella 
          carries you to some place is because he does not want you to go
          to the area you had actually wanted to go to. So just give him a 
          knock and he's out cold      
    17. 上天の光                 [ ]
        . Finish Event 13 first
        . Go visit Mathilda again
        . She'll give you an A.F
        . Go to the location the A.F created
        . Kill the boss at the end of this dungeon
        . This concludes Escade's story in the game
    18. お父さんのほうき         [ ]
        . First, finish the events in Gomi Mountain
        . Talk to Korona
        . Later, you'll notice your cute plant friend coming back home
        . Go upstairs and talk
        . Bring Bado along with you to Gomi Mountain
        . Go to the end of this dungeon and fight a boss
    19. 災いを呼ぶ人形           [ ]
        . Head for Gomi Mountain
        . Talk to all the dolls in the area
        . Head towards the deep areas of this map and you'll be able to fight 
          a group of 4 'mini-bosses'
        Note : Most people who emailed me have problems with this chapter. The thing about 
               this event is that the area near the doll who transports you back to the 
               entrance will change. It changed for me in my game when I went one round 
               around the area and back. It should change for you after awhile. Just remember,
               the mini bosses are towards the right
        extra : Here's an extract of the email from Feena, it should help you : "
                The first time you go to the Trash mountain, you can relatively 
                easily find your way to Bon Voyage, knowing that the level will alter 
                itself when you have explored it... But after that, the way to the 
                boss seems impossible to find.
                The trick is, the robot near the save point gives you the key that 
                makes the way to the boss open : which paths to take in which 
                The robot tells you : from galacta no oka (the crossroads just 
                before the save point), go past the Teddy bear, then past the doll, 
                then past the Jack-in-abox, then at last past the wooden horse, 
                and the way to the boss is there... just to the right....
                The same trick works also when you have to go back to Gomi 
    	    yama to rescue Corona's... broom.... ^^;
    20. ディドルいやになる       [ ]
        . Go to Roar
        . Notice Didol exiting the map
        . Head towards the Graveyard and head back to the world map
        . Notice something's happening in Roar
        . In time, you'll notice 4 ghostly figures taking Didol away
        . Now, head to the graveyard
        . Kill the boss
    21. ホワイトパール           [ ]
        . Go to the Lilith tower
        . Get the princess
        . Bring her up to the top most floor
          note : that crystal thingie is an elevator
        . Kill the boss and bring her back down again
    22. 月読の塔の誘惑者         [ ]
        . Finish Even 24 first
        . Go alone into the 2nd floor of your house and talk to Ruri
        . Go to Litlith's Tower alone
        . Help Ruri find Princess Pearl
        . Go to the top most floor
    23. 岩壁に刻む炎の道         [ ]
        . Talk to the Grasswoman as soon as you enter Gato
        . On your way to the temple in Gato, you'll meet a man
        . Talk to him
        . Head for the Terrace
        . Go back to the temple
        . Talk to everyone and head back to the terrace
        . Back to the temple again
        . Back to the terrace again (duh....)
        . Once the scene there has ended, head to the temple and talk
          to everyone.
        . You should be allowed to enter the dungeon in Gato by now
    24. コスモ                   [ ]
        . An easy chapter, first go back home after Event 31
        . Exit your house and Ruri will come and ask if you've seen
          Princess Pearl. He tells you that he recieved a letter, say
          you'll help him find her and the Event starts
        . In thw world map, the letter pin-points to where to go
        . Go there and kill the boss to end this interesting event.
    25. こおれる過去             [ ]
        . Head for Snowy Fiig
        . Easy chapter, again no explaination is required, just explore.
    26. たゆたう歌声             [ ]
        . Go to Roar (I did this event after clearing at least 50)
        . Go to the left side of the map where you learnt the Guma language
        . Take the path to the right just beside the entrance of the shop
        . Talk to everyone. (if you see people here (soldiers), then the event
          will be initiated, if not, come back later)
        . Go to the lamp shop, talk
        . Go to Polporta
        . Talk to the plant fella selling flowers
        . Exit this area to the left
        . Goto the bar in the Seaside hotel and talk
        . Go downstairs from the hotel to the habour
        . Go to the beach and talk to the soldiers on the right
        . Go to Madora beach
        . Keep on going to the left
        . Notice a large nest of something with Sirens
        . At this point of time, the Sieren guarding the front door would not let
          you in. Do not exit this area, but rather hide in one coner in the extreme
          top right
        . The Sieren guarding the door should vanish
        . Take the oppitunity and barge thru the front gate
        . Fight the boss and the Event ends
    27. 砂浜のメモリー           [ ]
        . Go to Madora beach
        . Proceed accordingly and this chapter will be easily completed
    28. 波間に眠る追憶           [ ]
        . Go to Polporta (bring Ruri along)
        . Go to the hotel and talk to the guy on the right, he'll tell you 
          about some ghost haunting the hotel
        . Go to the extreme left of Polporta and talk to a man
        . Go back to the hotel, you should meet some fish guy
        . There's some stairway in the hotel lobby to the right, go down there
        . Talk to the detective Boid, leave the area and talk to him many times
          until he runs of to look for someone
        . Go down the area to the left
        . After the scene, leave the hotel
        . Go back to the hotel again
        . Go to the bar on the left
        . Talk to everyone and the chapter's done
    29. フローライト             [ ]
        . Finish Event 32
        . Go to the jewel shop in Geo
        . You will be transported into a dream in Duma desert
        . Explore around
    30. 精霊の光                 [ ]
        . Go to Roar
        . Talk to the woman in the Lamp Shop
        . Next you'll have to learn the Guma language
        . Go learn from the guy on the second floor in the area on the left
        . Use what he teaches you and go communicate with the dogs
        . Make sure they like you
        . Once they like you, you will be able to sell the stuff to them
        . Sell three and you are done
        extra : Tip from Lee, Chieh-Li :- 
                When you try to sell the lamps, you can sell all of them to the same doggie.
    	    Talk to the person who teaches you the language, then talk to the doggie
    	    closest to him.  Answer the second answer first then the first answer twice
    	    then the third.  Exit Roar to the main map then back again.  Talk to the
    	    person who teaches you the language then talk to the doggie closest to him
    	    again...repeat this process until you sell all 3.
    31. 幸せの四つ葉             [ ]
        . This is a pretty interesting event.... it looks like jewel hunting to me
        . Make sure you finish Event 48 or most of the events first
        . Ok, first things first, go get Ruri to join your party (Domina)
        . When you are on the way out of the bar in Domina, you'll bump into 
          Princess Pearl. 
        . Now head for Geo
        . There'll be a map scene here about Emerood (the green haired lady)and 
          her sensei
        . Talk to during classes (any day except Undine and Dryad)
        . Look for her during her holidays (Undine and Dryad)
        . Talk to her on normal days again
        . Then, talk to her during the hols. Emerood should join
        . Go to the jewel shop and it should be best that you find our everything
          from the jewel seller and I mean everything... just in case
        . Now head to the warehouse below the main room in the palace, talk...
        . Go to the principal's office during Dryad days
        . Now, go to the inn and talk to the guy behind the counter. Note, not
          in front but behind
        . Take a day's rest
        . Go to the jewel shop and talk to Ruri
        . Head to the main school compound
        . Head back to the jewel shop and get Ruri to join you
        . Now finally go to the warehouse and talk until you get teleported to fight a 
        . Kill it and the chapter ends
    32. アレクサンドル           [ ]
        . Finish Event 22 first
        . Go to the bar in Domina
        . Go to the warehouse in the palace
        . Now, you are supposed to find 3 keys
          1. Go to the principal's office during Dryad days
          2. Go to the item shop in Geo
          3. Go to the entrance to Geo (where the save point is)
        . Go to the arena
    33. ティアストーン           [ ]
        . This has to be the most touching event in the whole game, anyways
          first go to the church in Domina and offer you help to the
        . You will be transported into Geo, infront of the jewel shop
        . Once you are in the shop, try to exit
        . Search the treasure chest
        . You'll get an AF as well as Princess Pearl
        . Now, use the AF and go into the City of Jewels (that's what i call it ^_^)
        . In this area you are supposed to collect jewels to open a door, but
          before you can do that you are to fight a boss
        . To open a door place a jewel on the stands and hit a button facing the door.
          For example, the first floor has 2 stands. If you got one of the colours
          correct, you'll hear one ring. Of course 2 rings will open the door. Once a door
          opens, the jewels will re-populate, so go back and collect them again and then 
          move up to the next floor. The second floor has 3 jewel stands and the third has 
          4. Shouldn't be too difficult, the answers to open the door might be random, so
          that's the reason why I did not offer the solution to it. Feels like playing a
          game of MasterMind
        . Enter the door in the last floor and fight the bosses
        . The next scenes in this event will be pretty touching, no wonder this chapter is
          called tearstone 
    34. 静かなる海域             [ ]
        . Finish Event 35 first
        . Go to the pirate ship
        . Go to the navigator and give the following directions to him : 
          South, East, East
        . You should see a little ghost like figure floating around
        . Go and talk to every posible soul on board the ship
        . At the end of everything you should be able to fight a boss and
          finish the chapter
    35. 宝の地図                 [ ]
        . Go to the pirate ship
        . Go talk to the penguin who always ask you for directions
        . Give him the following directions : North, North, East
        . You will end up in Mekib Cave
        . In this chapter, you are supposed to look for a treasure map, 
          later some "guma" dogies will come and tear the map into parts.
          Find them (about 7 in all)
    36. 星に願いを               [ ]
        . Go to Duma Desert
        . Explore around and this chapter can be easily completed
    37. 白妙の竜姫               [ ]
        . Follow Rarulk's instructions and navigate the forest
        . Eventually you'll meet one white dragon as well as Rarulk's sis
        . Defeat them and the chapter ends
    38. 群青の守護神             [ ]
        . Get Rarulk to join your party and head to the Mountain Range
        . Fight and kill 3 mini - bosses in the area
        . kill the big boss at the end of the area
    39. 紫紺の怨霊               [ ]
        . Go to the City Of bones
        . Make sure you come here with 3 persons
        . There'll be this guy you'll have to fight in front of the dragon 
        . Kill him and you should be able to get into the dragon
        . Later on, something happens and you end up alone
        . Find the rest of your party and proceed to the third floor
        . Kill the bone dragon here and the chapter ends
    40. 真紅なる竜帝             [ ]
        . Return to the Graveyard
        . Go to the deepest part of the Graveyard
        . Find and fight a HUGE Rarulk
        . You'll notice that the graveyard has become some cool fire castle
        . Solve the puzzles in this castle and fight the boss at the end of it
        . Congratulations, you've finished the "Dragon Quest"
    41. 紅き堕帝                 [ ]
        . Go to the Graveyard alone
        . Get Rarulk
        . Fight the boss at in the cave
    42. シュタインベルガー       [ ]
        . Talk to the bar tender in Geo
        . Go to the dungeons in Gato and look for the cave with a lot of barrels
          (oasis water). It's towards the east of the whole dungeon area
        . Talk to the people inside and you should initiate the event
        . Defeat Nikita
        . Go back to Geo and talk to the bar tender again
        . Go to Roar and talk to the Master (above the Anagumas, the one who taught  
          you the language) and answer yes twice
        . Finally, go to Duma desert and look for the oasis. The oasis is in a rather hidden
          exit towards the west, so look out
    43. もう一人の自分           [ ]
        . Go to Domina
        . Believe it or not, you'll see another replica of yourself
        . Follow the guy around
        . At the end of everything, fight him and the chapter ends
    44. 夢の檻の中へ             [ ]
        . In time, the entrance to your home gets filled with many Grassmen
        . Talk to them
        . Head for the manufacturing room
        . Talk to the people inside and leave the room
        . You'll realize Polkiil outside, talk to him and re-enter
        . He'll then bring you to a dream
        . Go to end of this dungeon and you'll get the 'Mana Sword A.F'
    45. 続・ニキータ商い道中     [ ]
        . Find Nikita in the shop in Gato
        . Head for the waterfall
        . Walk around and wait for a little sprite/fairy to appear.
        . Talk to that little thing
    46. 続々・ニキータ商い道中   [ ]
        . Find Nikita in Roar
        . Bring him to Mindans
        . Find the plant guy with special powers deep in the area
        . Once you find him, Nikita wants to bail
        . So lead him out
    47. 続々々・ニキータ商い道中 [ ]
        . Find Nikita next in Geo
        . Head for the Warukan mines
        . Continuously go into Watt's shop until the chapter is complete
    48. ニキータ・最後の商い?   [ ]
        . Initiate the event by going to Geo and go to the palace
        . You can find Nikita this time in Polporta in the area to
          the extreme left. There's this little path towards the 
          right that didn't really catch my attention. So use that
          path and you can get Nikita to join you. 
        . Go back to the palace in Geo
        . Go to the waterfall in Gato
        . Go back to Geo
        . Go back to the waterfall in Gato
        . Go to Polporta where you found Nikita
        . Go back to the palace in Geo again. There
    49. サボテン                 [ ]
        . Finish any of Gilbert's event
        . Bado will then fall sick when you go home
        . Great, now even your plant friend is gone
        . Read the message in the pot
        . Go find Gaia, dun forget Korona
        . Find Silkie in the jungle (Baldur's Gate??)
        . go look for the student guarding the door to the classroom
          in Geo
        . Go to the pirate ship and talk to the penguin in the lower 
          deck of the ship
        . Talk to the pelican postman in Domina
        . At the end of everything, head home and your green friend is stuck in
          today's mail  (doh.....)
    50. レイチェル               [ ]
        . Talk to Rachael's family in Gado (not too sure about this though),
          once so, Rachael will leave her home in Domina
        . Talk to her Father in Domina
        . Talk to Diipo
        . Talk to her Mother who's near the fortune teller. (go find her in
          Domina on different days)
        . Head for Geo
        . Go to the library (I think you should go during the Salamander day)
        . Go back to Domina and 'fake' Rachael should be home already
        note : for my case, Rachael did not come back immediately after I've 
               done the above mentioned. It took some time, so it might also
               take some time for yours. This is one event that I cannot 
               explain properly, sorryz...maybe someone can help me clarify
    51. 雪原の妖精               [ ]
        . Finish Event 34 and 35 first
        . Go to the Pirate's ship and look for the navigator
        . Tell him these directions : West -> West -> South -> South -> East
          If he ever asks that whether you are tired and wish to stop, say 'not yet'
          and continue pumping him with your coords
        . You'll end up in snowy Figg, you are supposed to gain 'vision levels' from
          the sprites, ranging from a min of 1 to a max of 7. Levels 1 to 6 is not much
          of a problem to find, but when you are at level 6 and if you found the wrong
          level 7 sprite, your level will go down by one
        . Here's a hint, the last level sprite is the one at the right side of the save 
          point. She's the sprite that is not moving. Have fun with this event!
    52. 南海の砂浜               [ ]
        . Go to Madora beach and step on 20 or more crabs
        . Go to the pirate ship
        . Give the following coords to the navigator : West -> North -> West
        . Once you are in Madora beach again, the captain will give you 15
          gold coins
        . The trick of this event is to bribe the Anagumas in clearing a way for
          you to get the treasure at the end of this area
        . First, head right
        . Give the first gold coin to the middle anaguma
        . Continue all the way to the right until you meet another batch of anagumas
        . Give 3 gold coins to the middle anaguma, you should get another item in 
          exchange. 3 in all
        . Give this new item (small bottle) to the anaguma blocking your next exit, 
          he'll scram
        . Continue all the way again and give this new item to any anaguma walking 
          around in the middle. You'll get another item in exchange this time. Do the
          same for another anaguma walking around in the middle, he'll give you another
          of the same item
        . Now give this new item to the anaguma blocking your exit again
        . Once you cleared the way, continue forward again and you'll come to the last
          batch of anagumas. This time, just give the item you exchanged to the anaguma
          blocking your way again, he'll scram and you'll end up in the area where the 
          treasure chests are
        . In the end, just bribe them with your gold coins
        . There, fin.... note that this event might be irritating at first, but it is
          actually quite easy. 2 or 3 tries should allow you to pass this event with ease
    53. 武器防具作成             [ ]
        . Finish Event 61
        . Visit the Manufacturing room
    54. 楽器作成                 [ ]
        . Finish Event 36
        . Go back to the Manufacturing room back home
        . Watch and learn
    55. ゴーレム作成             [ ]
        . Go to the Manufacturing room
    56. 果樹園                   [ ]
        . Talk to Gaia in Ryuon.
        . Go back to the garden back Home.
        . Kill the monsters 
        . Give the Trent some seeds
        . Come back after awhile
    57. ペット牧場	           [ ]
        . Finish Event 1 and Event 5
        . Go to the extreme left of Domina
        . See and learn
    58. ギルバート・愛の出席簿   [ ]
        . Go to the Magic City Of Geo
        . Talk to Gilbert
        . Persuade all the school boys to go to school. (great, now I'm a mum ^_^)
        . Go to the shop and talk to the school boy standing on the left
    59. ギルバート・愛の履歴書   [ ]
        . After doing most of the Events especially after Gilbert is stoned
          and is missing from the entrance to Geo
        . Go to the warehouse in Geo (palace)
        . Talk to the stoned Gilbert
        . Go to Warukan mines and go to the Amaguma den, read the diary there
          and talk to Gongo
        . Go back to the den again and talk to Gongo again
        . Remember to look for Gilbert's stone statue in the Warukan mines
        . Go to the lamp shop in Roar 
        . Go to the Sirens' lair in Madora beach
        . Remember these lines from the mermaid :
          - 創世の記憶は風となり
          - 織りなす時は螺旋の相を巡り
          - 失われし輝石も求めれば
          - 力の塔となれ
          - 唯一なる真相を知れ
        . Go back to the area where you found Gilbert in the Warukan mines
        . Help her by telling her the 'spell'
        . Go back to the area where Gilbert is again
    60. ボンボヤジの研究室       [ ]
        . Talk to Waap in Gomi Mountain
        . Have your fortune told in Domina  
        . Go to Kiruma River
    61. ワッツのハンマー         [ ]
        . Go to Warukan Mines
        . Talk to Watt's to initiate this chapter
        . Go find his hammer at the 'Doggie's' den
    62. 賢人を探せ	           [ ]
        . Finish Event 2 first.
        . Either talk to bado after awhile or until the "Ryuon" area appears. 
          He say that he wants to look for the 6 sages.
        . First, go to Ryuon and meet Gaia
        . You can find the rest of the sages in the areas as follows
              1. Jungle
              2. 奈落 (some sort of graveyard place)
              3. Kiruma River
              4. Night City Of Roar, another alternative place is in Warukan Mines
              5. City of Gato
        . Go back Home.    
    63. 課外活動                 [ ]
        . Head for the city of bones
        . One of the students there wants 3 items to make some potion of something
        . Go to the area on the right and get the correct ingredients for him
        . Go have your fortune told back at Domnia to have an idea of what to get
        . I remember it's : 妖精のりんぷん, まだら銀色キノコ and 星のオクタリ
    64. 豆一族を探せ             [ ]
        . Go to the White Forest
        . In this event, you are supposed to look for the 豆一族 thingies (the egg guys
          with a little nest on the top of their heads).
        . Scoop the whole area and make sure you spoil Haason's and Haison's day by
          letting that egg fella escape
        . Go to the area where the save point is, you should be able to get through now
        . Now, wait until the guy from Domina walks towards the elder.....
          Who's the elder? Well, it's the guy with the bird on top of his head....
          talk about bird brain......
        . After a conversation, you'll be led to fight a boss
        . Kill him and the chapter ends
    65. ギルバート・愛の航海     [ ]
        . Go get Ele to join you. She's in the bird cage in the Madora Beach
        . Look for Gilbert in the seaside restaurant in Polporta. [MIGHT NEED INFO ON THIS]
    66. 震える砂                 [ ]
        . Here's a start, come here when the Dryad level is at level 3. Remember not to
          take your pet along. This most probably will have something to do with how
          you place your AFs. [NEED INFO ON THIS]
    67. Pちゃん                  [ ]
        . Visit Yuka-Chan when the Wisp level is at Level 3. This also might have something
          to do with how you place your AFs into the Mana World. [NEED INFO ON THIS]
    ex. *ハッソン伝説           [ ]
        . This event is actually initiated by Haason while you are doing Event 64,
          nothing to worry about actually
    ex. *ヘイソン伝説           [ ]
        . Like the one above, this is initiated by Haison
    ex. *ポルポタ最速伝説
        . Fastest legend of Polporta eh? Sounds like Racing Lagoon to me. Yeah, this is
          extra, nothing to worry about
    end.*マナ                   [ ]
        . Just go into the Final area and kill everything in sight
        . Yeap, this is the end of the game
    									thanks for reading....
    									Copyright Bandit 1999

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