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    Pets Guide by DXie

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          OOO OOOOOO   OOOO  OOOOO OOO @OOO@@OOOOO@@@@@@@@@@@
        OOOOOOOOOooooo,          Ooo    @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
                 ""oooOOOOOoo..     o  @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
                          ""ooOOOOOO  @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@  "
                                @@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
       OOO   OOOOOO           @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
     O     O  O   O          @  @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@  @@@@  @   
    O       O OOOO            @@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@            
     O     O  O             @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ 
       OOO   OOO           @@  @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @       
                                 @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@  @
                         .ooOOOOOOO   OOOO@@@@@@@@O@@@88OOO@@OOO@    O
                          o     OOO   OOO    @@@@OoO888888OOO@@O     OoO
                               OOOOO OOOOO   888O88oO8888O8OO O    O  oO
                              OOO OOOOO OOO  88O""""oO888O8 OOO   O""""oO
           OO                OOO   OOO   OOO8OOO8888OOO8OOO  OOO OOO   OOO
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               ""OOOo   OOO     ...88888888888OOO8888OOO88888888888888;
              ,,,,,;888888888888800""    """             '"""          '
                        LEGEND OF MANA ENGLISH VERSION 
                                 PETS GUIDE 1.7
    Author           : Desmond Xie
    E-mail           : Gamesempire@hotmail.com
    Website          : http://www.geocities.com/Gamesempirextreme
    Version          : 1.7
    Pages            : 14
    Completion Status: 65%
    Last updated     : 6/26/2000
    Next Update      : Updated Daily
    Legal notes:
    This guide is meant to help those in need to create Pets to help them in 
    battle. Please do not reproduce them in any form. No text should be 
    published anywhere. However, feel free to distribute between 
    individuals. If anyone wants to post this guide on any website, you ARE 
    lucky, I am a Webmaster too and would really like to have my guide 
    posted somewhere else. Just e-mail me and I will most slightly approve 
    you. Keep in mind that if you post this guide onto any website, this 
    text must be in its usual form with my name and info on it, Please do 
    not change any information here. PLEASE E-MAIL me AS SOON AS POSSIBLE if 
    any mistakes are detected. Spelling errors and guide wrong information 
    etc... are welcome. I'm sure that there are quite a number of spelling 
    mistakes in this guide so please e-mail me as soon as you found one.
    C O N T E N T S :
    Version History
    Introduction to this guide
    My Experience
    Opening the Monster Corral Quest
    Section 1: Egg Location (Updated)
    Section 2: Produce List (Edited)
    Section 3: Pet raising Guide 
    Section 4: Egg encounter rate (Updated)
    Section 5: Synchros (Updated)
    Section 6: Full Pets list (Updated)
    Section 7: Tips and tricks (Updated)
    Section 8: Question and Answer (Updated)
    Section 9: GREAT SECRETS!!!(NEW!!!)
    A LOT more coming really soon.
    Version History:
    Version 1.7 (6/26/2000)
    -Added some GREAT Secrets
    -Added some information as usual.
    Version 1.6 (6/22/2000)
    -Another Major update
    -Added Section 6
    -Added a LOT more other things
    Version 1.5 (6/21/2000)
    -MAJOR Update
    -Ran a serious spelling check but I'm sure there are still errors.
    -Added a great deal of new information.
    Version 1.4 (6/20/2000)
    -Added how to open the monster Corral quest
    -Added some new locations
    -Added new possible pets that you are able to get from some area.
    Version 1.3 (6/19/2000)
    -Updated the Egg Location
    -Added section 4 and some new experiences too.
    Version 1.2 (6/19/2000)
    -Added various new information
    -Added new locations and pets.
    -Added a new way to gain a pet level.
    Version 1.1 (6/18/2000)
    -Added some eggs location
    -Added the Pet raising guide section.
    -Started to research on meat's effect.
    Version 1.0 (6/17/2000)
    - Posted this guide and is on the way to GameFAQs.
    Introduction to this guide:
    This guide is to help people with their "cute" Pets which they caught. 
    Even though Pets may be lousier than Golems, but they are cheap and 
    rather easy to manage compared to Golems. If you have seen my Golem 
    Guide, you will know that it actually takes a lot of time and $$$ to 
    build one. Even though i had a Golem, but i still bring my pets out to 
    battle. Some of their special moves are powerful and they move about in 
    the battle, unlike Golems which only stands there and perform their 
    This section basically to let people knows what extra information i 
    require. Please see what i require and you can also let me know about 
    something else associated with pets.
    -Information on the effects of feeding meat
     -Stats changes
     -Personalities changes
    -Eggs location
     -What egg you have gotten?
     -What kind of Egg it is?
     -The specific Area in that place
    My experience:
    Catching eggs is really fun. Although I prefer bringing golem out to 
    battle, but I still catch new eggs oftenly. 
    NOTE: Below are some of the pets that I caught, I even mention which pet 
    I sold and which pet I keep. The pets that lie under the trash category 
    are pets that were sold away immediately after they hatch. For the force 
    to be sold category, I was forced to sell them away under over-crowding 
    circumstances. Only five pets are allowed, so the lousier ones were sold 
    away...Oh...how sad... For the last category, they are those pets that 
    were kept in the Monster corral. Hopefully, these would help you in any 
    Pets I have so far:
    Eye Spy
    Curse Doll
    Polter Box
    Rattle Boa
    Pets forced to be sold:
    Chobin Hood
    Pets recieving my great care:
    Kid Dragon
    Land Dragon
    Sky Dragon
    Opening the "Monster Corral" Quest:
    First, complete "Niccolo's Business Unusual" Quest, then complete the 
    "Tiny Sorcerers" Quest.
    Then, return to the area that you fought with those two small wizards.
    The onion-kid will be there and a monster egg will be there. Follow the 
    instruction given by the onion-kid, then try to catch the egg. Just put 
    a fruit or meat in its path, when it gets near the food, it will eat and 
    MAY sleep after it has finished. This is the time to catch it. Go to it 
    and press "X" to catch it. Please keep in mind that the egg may not 
    sleep even if it has eaten some food. After you had caught it, the bird 
    will come and deliver it back to the monster corral beside your house. 
    After listening to the onion-kid, you will end the quest. From this 
    point onwards, you are free to catch any pet you like!!!
    Section 1
    Egg locations:
    Place           Area                          Egg Type     Possible Pet
    -----           ----                          --------     ------------
    Bone Fortress   Throne of Corpses             Undead Egg   Zombine
                                                               Ape Mummy
    Domina          Western End                   Beast Egg    Rabite
    Domina          Western End                   Aerial Egg   Chocobo*
    Duma Desert     West End                      Arthropod    Unknown
    Fieg Snowfields Queen Altena's hill           Dragon Egg   Land Dragon!
                                                               Kid Dragon!
                                                               Sky Dragon!
    Gato Grottoes   Meditation Room               Morph Egg    Unknown
    Junkyard        Heap of Junk (Vegetarian)     Poltergeist  Polter Box
                                                               Cursed Doll
    Jungle          Western Section               Chitto Egg   Chobin Hood
    Jungle          punkmaster(boss) Cavern       Demon Egg    Imp
                                                               Fierce Face
    Jungle          The Spring of Beasts          Plant Egg    Wooding    
    Lake Kilma      In the Woods                  Plant Egg    Mushboom
    Lake Kilma      Eastern Shore                 Beast Egg    Rabite
                                                               Gray ox
    Luon Highway    GigaRex(boss) Cavern          Reptile Egg  Lizardon, 
                                                               Rattle Boa,
    Luon Highway    Lorant Tableland              Aerial Egg   Cockatrice
    Madora Beach    Eastern Beach                 Aquatic Egg  Pincher Crab
    Madora Beach    Fullmetal Haggar(boss) Cavern Morph Egg    Silme, 
    Mindas Ruins    Boss Area                     Unknown Egg  ???
    Mekiv Caverns   Du'Inke Area                  Reptile Egg  Rattle Boa,
    Norn Peeks      ?????                         Aerial Egg   ???
    Norn Peeks      Windcaller Area               Arthropod    Gloomoth
    S.S. Buccaneer  Bottom                        Aquatic Egg  Seajack
    Tower of Lieres Room of Fate(Boss Area)       Poltergeist  Polter Box
                                                               Chess Knight
    Ulkan Mines     Labanne(boss) Cavern          Oddity Egg   Eye Spy,
    Demi Human:
    I know that certain mana level of certain area is required for you to 
    find Demi Humans. However, I cannot gather enough information to put it 
    up, but now Insanerest@aol.com has provided me with the information. 
    Therefore I have place it below. Meanwhile please use the information 
    below while I confirm the information. 
    Demi Humans  Place           Area  Necessary Mana Level
    -----------  -----           ----  ---------------------
    Chobin Hood  Jungle          West  Dryad Level 3 
    Goblin       Lumina          ???   Dryad Level 3 and Shade Level 3 
    Tomato Man   Ulkan Mines     ???   Salamander Level 3 
    Sahagin      Duma Desert     ???   Dryad Level 3 
    Succubus     Fieg Snowfield  ???   Shade Level 3 
    Narcissos    Junkyard        ???   Gnome Level 3 
    Mad Mallard  Lake Kilma      ???   Wisp Level 3
    You CAN get chocobo if you have a Final Fantasy VIII save file. Refer to 
    Great Secret section for more information.
    MORE coming soon...
    Section 2
    Produce list:
    NOTE: This list is solely done by me. All the information are based on  
          my game so the rarity may differ from yours. This is taken from    
          the produce encyclopedia in the game. I just copied what the 
          encyclopedia from the game. When i am feeding pets, i must 
          always cancel the menu and view the encyclopedia to choose the 
          right fruit. Now, with this guide, i have made my life easier and 
          hopefully will make your life easier. 
    C : Common
    R : Rare
    N : Not applicable (i haven't get one yet)
    Stats :
    PWR = POWER   Affects attacks  
    SKL = SKILLS  Affects more dexterous attacks such as slashing. 
    DEF = DEFENSE Affects physical attacks resistance
    MGC = MAGIC   Affects magical attacks resistance
    HP  = HP      Affects basic physical power, affects poison resistance 
    SPR = SPIRIT  Affects status magic resistance
    CHM = CHARM   Affects the success rate of pet's magical/special attacks 
    LCK = LUCK    Affects the appearance of chests in dungeons
    CLM = CALM 
    LAZ = LAZY 
    Fruit Name    Color   Plus                            Minus      Rarity
    ----------    -----   ----                            -----      ------   
    Applesocks    Red     SKL CHM CLM IND                 None            R
    Apricat       Red     DEF CLM                         None            C
    Bellgrapes    Purple  MGC SPR SCH FRD                 None            N
    Boarmelon     Green   PWR SKL SPR LON                 CHM             R
    Bumpkink      Orange  PWR SPR AGR ARR SCH LAZ         None            R
    Cabbadillo    Green   DEF SPR FRD LON                 CHM             C
    Cherry Bombs  Purple  HP  FRD                         None            C
    Citrisquid    Yellow  MGC SCH                         None            C
    Conchurnip    White   PWR DEF AGR ARR                 MGC             N
    Cornflower    Yellow  MGC CHM AGR                     CLM             C
    Dialaurel     Green   PWR LCK AGR                     CLM             N  
    Diceberry     Red     PWR AGR                         None            C
    Fishy Fruit   Yellow  SKL MGC CHM                     HP SCH          R
    Garlicrown    White   CHM ARR                         None            R
    Gold Clover   Blue    SKL LCK FRD                     SCH             N
    Heart Mint    Blue    CHM LAZ                         None            C
    Honey Onion   Orange  SKL HP  SPR IND                 PWR             C
    Lilipods      Purple  SKL HP  CLM IND FRD LON         MGC             C
    Loquat-Shoes  Orange  SKL CHM SCH LAZ                 HP              C
    Mangolephant  White   PWR HP  AGR ARR                 None            N
    Masked Potato White   DEF HP  SPR                     LCK FRD         N
    Mush-In-A-Box Black   LCK                             None            N
    Needlettuce   Green   DEF CHM CLM                     AGR             R
    Orange'Opus   Orange  DEF HP  SCH LAZ                 None            N
    Orcaplant     Purple  DEF MCG SCH                     FRD             R
    Peach Puppy   Red     PWR SKL FRD                     SCH             C
    Pear O' Heels White   PWR DEF CHM ARR                 SPR             N
    Rhinoloupe    Blue    PWR HP  SPR                     MGC CLM         R
    Rocket Papaya Orange  MGC CHM CLM                     AGR             R
    Spade Basil   Blue    SPR                             LON             C
    Spiny Carrot  Orange  MGC SPR CLM IND                 SKL             C
    Springanana   Yellow  HP                              IND             C
    Squalphin     Green   MGC LCK FRD LON                 PWR             C
    Sweet Moai    Purple  DEF MCG LCK LAZ                 SKL             R
    Toadstoolshed Black   PWR SKL DEF MGC HP SPR CHM LCK  None            N
    Whalamato     Red     MCG HP  CHM                     DEF AGR         R
    Section 3
    Pet Raising Guide:
    Leveling up:
    To level up your pet, you have to bring them to battle, hoping that they 
    will step on crystals or you can leave them to graze to gain new level. 
    Leaving them to graze is a better idea if you ask me. When pets gain new 
    level, they gain new technique and abilities too, so it is best that you 
    leave them alone to graze and bring them out occasionally to let them 
    'see' the world. Pets have low HP and only leveling them up can raise 
    their HP. You may think that pets are lousy after you caught one. 
    Actually you are partially correct. The pets that you caught early in 
    the game is rather weak but the eggs that you will catch when you are 
    further into the game has higher HP and stats. They are cheap and easy 
    to manage compared to Golems. There is another way to let those cute 
    little things gain new level. The method is that you will equip the 
    forbidden ring from Daena in the early part of the game and bring your 
    pet out to battle. Your pet would gain the crystal level as your main 
    character gets them. For those who have just started to play Legend of 
    Mana, please do not lose your forbidden ring!!! Do not ever use it to 
    make logic blocks (like what I did) or sell it. Oh...God...There is also 
    no gameshark code to get that item back... Anyone knows a way to get 
    another forbidden ring without replaying the game? I would be really 
    Giving them the right fruit:
    Feeding them can raise their stats and change their personalities. 
    Please take note that pets will only eat after they gain new levels. For 
    what each fruit will raise, please refer to the section on Produce. You 
    may also give them meat to eat which I THINK will raise some of their 
    stats. I am still researching on it, anyone who knows something about 
    the effects of meats, please e-mail me at Gamesempire@hotmail.com
    Section 4
    Egg encounter rate:
    To encounter, it depends a lot on your luck, the higher the luck, the 
    more easily you will meet eggs in areas that they can appear. Most of 
    the eggs are found in Boss Cavern. There are many different kinds of egg 
    that you may encounter in different places. Some hatch into really lousy 
    pets while some hatch into strong pets. Lousy pets should be sold and 
    strong pets should be kept. Note that there IS unlimited egg in every 
    area. If you return to the area that you had just caught a egg sometime 
    later, there will be another egg for you! One of the best place I like 
    is the fieg Snowfields, it has DRAGON Egg! You will be able to get a 
    land dragon from there. NOTE that the western end of domina is a special 
    case. You will not encounter any more egg after you have caught the 
    first one. Bring a Polter Box with you will also increase your chance to 
    encounter Eggs. Find one at the junkyard. Those Eggs with 68 HP must be 
    Polter Boxes.
    Section 5 
    This section will show all the Synchros effect of the pets. Hope it will 
    be useful to everyone.
    EFCT PLS: Petrification (Petrification is added to attacks)
    DFNS PLS: Staring (defense against Staring increases)
    EFCT DFNS: Confusion (protects against Confusion) 
    Chimera Beast: 
    ATTK PLS: Oddities (more damage to Oddity monsters) 
    Chobin Hood: 
    ATTK PLC: Indirect Attacks (more Indirect Attacks damage)
    Status Recovery (status effects are removed)
    Cursed Doll: 
    DFNS PLS: Poltergeists (less damage from Poltergeist monsters
    DFNS PLS: Staring (defense against Staring increases) 
    Dark Stalker: 
    EFCT PLS: Darkness (Darkness is added to attacks) 
    Eye Spy: 
    EFCT DFNS: Confusion (protects against Confusion) 
    Fierce Face: 
    EFCT DFNS: Flame Burst (protects against Flame Burst) 
    ATTK PLS: Aquatics (more damage to Aquatic monsters)
    EFCT PLS: Confusion (Confusion is added to attacks) 
    Hoppin' Tick: 
    Luck Plus (Luck level increases)
    Skill Plus (Skill level increases)
    Bonus EXP (gain more EXP crystals)
    Kid Dragon: 
    DFNS PLS: Breath (Defense against Breath Attack increases)
    Land Dragon: 
    ATTK PLS: Demonics (more damage to Demonic monsters)
    Pak'n Choco (drops Pak'n Chocolate) 
    DFNS PLS: Plants (less damage from Plant monsters)
    EFCT DFNS: Darkness (protects against Darkness)
    EFCT PLS: Sleep (Sleep is added to attacks)
    DFNS PLS: Aerials (less damage from Aerial monsters)
    Polter Box: 
    Rare Item (rare items appear more frequently) 
    ATTK PLS: Dragons (more damage to Dragon monsters) 
    DFNS PLS: Demonics (less damage from Demonic monsters)
    HP Recovery (HP recovery rate increases) 
    Rattler Boa: 
    EFCT PLS: Posion (Poison is added to attacks)
    EFCT PLS: Freeze (Freeze is added to attacks) 
    DFNS PLS: Arthropods (less damage from Arthropod monsters)
    Shadow Zero: 
    EFCT DFNS: Darkness (protects against Darkness)
    DFNS PLS: Sound Waves (defense against Sound Waves increases) 
    Regeneration (quick recovery from KO status)
    Sky Dragon: 
    DFNS PLS: Dragons (Less damage from Dragon monsters)
    EFCT DFNS: Freeze (protects against Freeze)
    Spiny Cone: 
    DFNS PLS: Oddities (less damage from Oddity monsters)
    Invincible (enemy attacks will not damage you)!!!!!
    EFCT PLS: Paralysis (Paralysis is added to attacks)
    Tomato Man: 
    EFCT PLS: Flame Burst (Fireburst is added to attacks) 
    DFNS PLS: Reptiles (less damage from Reptile monsters) 
    More Coming soon...
    Section 6
    Pets list:
    Note: What you see below is NOT a monster list, it is only showing 
          those monsters that you can get as pets. Unfortunately, there are 
          some missing ones. Guess what? I replay the game when i was half 
          way through so i have some missing information below. The reasons 
          for me to replay is that i have lost the forbidden ring and    
          replaying can let me start researching on pets.
    No Name          Type       Strength             Weakness
    -- ----          ----       --------             --------
    1  Rabite        Beast       Wisp, Dryad         Shade, Aura
    2  Molebear      Beast       Aura, Gnome         Dryad, Salamander
    3  Teedie        Beast       Jinn, Undine        Gnome
    4  Howler        Beast       Jinn                Gnome
    5  Gray Ox       Beast       Aura, Undine        Dryad, Jinn
    6  Lullabud      Plant       Wisp, Dryad         Shade, Aura
    7  Mushboom      Plant       Shade, Dryad        Wisp, Aura
    8  Shrieknip     Plant       Dryad, Gnome        Aura, Salamander
    9  Marlboro      Plant       Aura, Gnome         Dryad
    10 Wooding       Plant       Wisp, Dryad         Shade, Aura
    11 Stinger Bug   Arthropod   Wisp, Dryad, Jinn   Shade, Aura, Gnome
    12 Hoppin' Tick  Arthropod   Aura, Salamander    Dryad, Undine
    13 Silkspitter   Arthropod  
    14 Sand Scorpion Arthropod 
    15 Gloomoth      Arthropod   Salamander, Jinn    Gnome, Undine
    16 Tonpole       Reptile     Wisp, Undine        Shade, Jinn
    17 Lizardon      Reptile     Undine              Jinn
    18 Rattler Boa   Reptile     Dryad               Aura
    19 Basilisk      Reptile     Jinn, Undine        Gnome
    20 Tyrranos      Reptile     Gnome               Salamander
    21 Iffish        Aquatic     Undine              Jinn
    22 Pincher Crab  Aquatic     Undine              Jinn
    23 Seajack       Aquatic     Undine              Jinn
    24 Seadragon     Aquatic     Undine              Jinn
    25 Big Baby      Aquatic     Undine              Jinn
    26 Needlebeak    Aerial      Wisp, Jinn          Shade, Gnome
    27 Bloodsucker   Aerial      Shade, Jinn         Wisp, Gnome
    28 Cockatrice    Aerial      Dryad, Gnome        Aura, Salamander
    29 Chocobo       Aerial      Wisp, Jinn          Shade, Gnome
    30 Garuda        Aerial     
    31 Shadow Zero   Morph       Shade               Wisp
    32 Slime         Morph       Gnome               Salamander
    33 Tezla         Morph       Wisp                Shade
    34 Denden        Morph       Dryad               Aura
    35 Moldy Goo     Morph       Aura, Undine        Dryad, Jinn
    36 Skull Beast   Undead     
    37 Zombine       Undead      Gnome, Undine       Salamander, Jinn
    38 Specter       Undead      Gnome, Undine       Salamander, Jinn
    39 Skeleton      Undead      Shade, Dryad, Gnome Wisp, Aura, Salamander     
    40 Ape Mummy     Undead      Shade, Gnome        Wisp, Salamander
    41 Imp           Demonic     Shade, Jinn         Wisp, Gnome
    42 Fierce Face   Demonic    
    43 Punkster      Demonic     Shade, Jinn         Wisp, Gnome
    44 Dark Stalker  Demonic     Shade               Wisp
    45 Chimera Beast Demonic    
    46 Kid Dragon    Dragon      Salamander, Jinn    Gnome, Undine
    47 Sky Dragon    Dragon      Jinn                Gnome
    48 Land Dragon   Dragon     
    49 Eye Spy       Oddity      Wisp, Gnome         Shade, Salamander
    50 Spiny Cone    Oddity      Dryad, Jinn         Aura, Gnome
    51 Poto          Oddity      Undine              Jinn
    52 Beholder      Oddity      Aura, Salamander    Dryad, Undine
    53 Springball    Oddity      Aura                Dryad 
    54 Cursed Doll   Poltergeist Shade               Wisp
    55 Polter Box    Poltergeist Aura, Gnome         Dryad, Salamander 
    56 Chess Knight  Poltergeist Shade, Gnome        Wisp, Salamander 
    57 Dainslaif     Poltergeist Shade, Aura         Wisp, Dryad 
    58 Machine Golem Poltergeist Aura                Dryad  
    59 Chobin Hood   Demi-human  Dryad               Aura
    60 Goblin        Demi-human  
    61 Tomato Man    Demi-human  Aura, Salamander    Dryad, Undine
    62 Sahagin       Demi-human  Undine              Jinn
    63 Succubus      Demi-human  Shade, Jinn         Wisp, Gnome
    64 Narcissos     Demi-human  Aura, Gnome         Dryad, Salamander 
    65 Mad Mallard   Demi-human  Wisp, Salamander    Shade, Undine
    Section 7
    Tips and tricks:
    #1:  Go in and out a area that a egg will appear to find more eggs.
    #2:  Equip a forbidden ring with you to share your gained experience 
         with your NPC and pet/Golem.
    #3:  Take advantage of the pet's Synchros and you will defeat the enemy 
         more easily.
    #4:  Purposely kill a enemy near your pet to "help" him gain new level.
    #5:  When confused, your direction will become opposite.
         Pressing... left will moves you right,
                     right will moves you left,
                     up will moves you down and
                     down will moves you up.
    #6:  Always graze your pet when you are not bringing them along.
    #7:  Always choose the right fruit to feed them.
    #8:  Always sell lousy pets away. 
    #9:  Get your luck as high as possible to meet egg more often!
    #10: Bring a Polterbox along to find Eggs more easily. You can find 
         them very easily in the Junkyard. Those eggs with 68 HP is most 
         probably the Polter Box.
    #11. Sell land dragons at 5000G to boast your money really fast. You 
         can get them easily in the Fieg Snowfield.
    #12. If you wants to see what pet hatch from the egg and it takes too 
         long, try going to Geo and stay at the inn, days will past, just 
         stay from few days and when you return, your egg is HATCH!
    More will be coming soon...
    Section 8
    NOTE: This section shows some of the Questions i recieved, i have 
          placed down the solution.
    Questions And Answers:
    QUES:How can i get the forbidden ring?
    ANS :1. Complete the Niccolo's Business Unusual Quest.
         2. Go to the Inn in Domina, enter the right room at the first    
            floor. You will see Daena, talk to her. When she ask about the 
            Mana tree, answer whatever you like but when she ask you what 
            you think will happen to souls when people die, answer "It 
            lives forever". She will agree with you and says that she wants 
            to meet Gaeus. Agrees and head off to Luon Highway and meet the 
            rock wisdom (Gaeus). After taking to Gaeus, head back a screen 
            and Daena will thank you and leave you. Before leaving, she 
            will give you a Forbidden ring. Equip this ring and you can 
            share experience points with your party members.
    QUES: Why I can't find any egg in those area that you mention?
    ANS : Ques:1. Is your luck high enough?
               2. Did you try exiting and entering that area?
               3. Did you went to the right place?
          ANS :1. Try to raise your luck by leveling up or bring a Polter 
                  Box along.
               2. Try to exit that area and enter that area a few times.
               3. After many tries, if you still cannot encounter any egg, 
                  check the location again. 
               4. You should be able to encounter Eggs!
    QUES: Do you prefer Golems or Pets as a party member?
    ANS : WOW! this is a sensitive question... Golem are stronger in 
          attacks if you place the logic blocks at the correct position.   
          Pets are more active since they move a lot. Golems are EXPENSIVE 
          while pets are cheap. Now, are you able to determine which type 
          is better? Well, for me, i bring a pet along if i am going to 
          search for egg which doesn't include boss fight and bring a Golem 
          along when i am doing a quest which might involve trashing a 
    QUES: Why is it that after many tries of exiting and entering the 
          western end of Domina, i cannot encounter any more egg beside the 
          first one i've caught?
    ANS : Well, for Domina, it is a special case, you WILL NOT encounter 
          any more egg. 
    QUES: Can i meet a egg if five pets are already in my Monster Corral?
    ANS : YES. You can, after you caught the sixth egg, you will get a 
          option of selling away the egg that you just caught or selling 
          away the pets in your corral.
    QUES: Why don't my pet eat the food that i have placed in the feedbox.
    ANS : A pet will only eat the food when it gain new level.
    Section 9
    Getting Chocobo!!!
    If you have a Final Fantasy VIII save file, you can get Chocobo as your 
    first pet. To get Chocobo, load a Legend of Mana's save data that is 
    before the Monster Corral Quest. Then, find a place where you can save, 
    next, select your Final Fantasy VIII save file and push X, then cancel 
    and close the menu screen. Then, go to the Monster corral Quest, and you 
    will find a Aerial Egg instead of a Beast Egg. Chocobo will hatch from 
    the Aerial Egg.
    Getting Another Forbidden ring:
    1.  Start a new game with different character name. 
    2.  Play the new game until you open up a blacksmith in your workshop  
        and golem workshop too. 
    3.  Get the forbidden ring from Daena. 
    4.  ALTER the forbidden ring in blacksmith workshop. but don't add so 
        many things to it. 
    5.  After you have gotten the workshops, go to find professor Bomb in 
        the Junkyard and he will do a business with you.
    6.  Have your altered forbidden ring PAWN! 
    7.  Save the game to the same memory card but do not overwrite to your 
        main game. 
    8.  load up your main game and go to professor Bomb's lab at the 
    9.  Choose buy and get the forbidden ring from the game you just save.
    10. You will get the forbidden ring.
    11. You could also get as many forbidden ring as you want.
    This is a great way to get back the forbidden ring that many people has 
    ***************************GREAT CONTRIBUTOR***************************
    *Insanerest                =================                          *
    *Insanerest@aol.com                                                   *
    *-Helped me a LOT                                                     *
    *-Gave me a GREAT deal of synchros                                    *
    *-Gave me some new egg location.                                      *
    *-Gave me the way to get Demi-humans!!!                               *
    -gave me the way to get back the forbidden ring.
    Bryant Saeteurn
    -Gave me the way to get a Chocobo
    -Added using forbidden ring to get the pet to gain new level.
    Kai Moonbourn
    -Gave me quite a number of new location to find eggs
    -He mentioned jungle, Tower of Leires, Fieg Snowfields and Norn Peeks.
    -Tells me that i have spelt encyclopedia wrongly.
    Joe Poisson
    -Told me that Chocobo can be hatched from the beast eggs found in the 
     western end of Domina
    -Confirm me that Oddity eggs can be found in mekiv caverns.
    -Tells me various monster locations.
    -Mention the location in Bone fortress.
    -Mention the Beast Egg in Northeastern section in Lake Kilma.
    -Gave me the tomato man's Synchros
    -pointed out the ape mummy and Gray ox locations.
    -pointed out the chess knight location.
                        Copyright 2000 by Desmond Xie

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