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    FAQ/Walkthrough by SeanKelson

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                           SeanKelson's Legend of Mana Walkthrough
    Table Of Contents
    1---Quests Organized by Li'l Cactuses Diary
        A. Characters
        B. Artifacts and Lands
        C. Items and Equipment
        D. Monsters
        E. Produce
        F. World History
        G. Basic Golemology
        H. Techniques
        I. The Forbidden Tome....
    3---Guide to Blacksmithing
        A. Forging Weapons
        B. Tempering & Altering
        C. Forging Armor
    4---Monster Corral
        A. Finding Monsters
        B. Raising Monsters
    5---Instrument Making
        A. Getting Elemental Coins
        B. Elemental Tips
        C. Instrument Power Chart
        D. Magical Powers
        A. General Creation
        B. Painting
        C. Logic Blocks
    7---Tips 'n' Tricks
        A. General
        B. Fun Stuff
        C. Boss & Enemy Tips
        D. Gaining Lucre
        E. Gaining Levels
        F. Leveling Up Guide (How to max out your stats!)
        G. Catching Monster Eggs
        H. Dudbear Language
        I. GameShark Codes
    8---Item List
        A. Item List
        B. Monsters
        C. Shopping List
    9---Other Information
        A. Contact Information
    	B. Licensing
    	C. Credits
    ------1: Quests:
    Note: Some quests become impossible to complete when you lay an
    artifact, or complete a quest.  If this happens to you, you can
    always beat the game and start it over with everything except
    lands and artifacts (You will have the entries, but not the actual lands or
    Requirements for quest are like this:
    Required: Artifact (Place it creates) and/or Quest (Number in diary)
    These quests are in the order they appear in Li'l Cactus's diary.
                         1: Nicolo's Business Unusual
    Required: Colorblocks (Domina)
    In the marketplace of Domina, there is a rabbit named Nicolo.  Talk to him.
    Say "no" to his first question, and "yes" to his next.  Nicolo has now
    joined you. Now, go visit Teapo, the teapot in the house next to the item
    shop.  After a bit of chatting, you'll get the wheel.  Use the wheel to create
    the highway.  At the highway, go straight until you get to the fork.  Talk to
    the person there, then go on the upper path.  Go straight as far as you can go.
    At the end will be a boss.  Defeat him to win the quest.
    Boss Tip: Mantis Ant
    It's best to use a bow during this battle.  Let Nicolo fight the Mantis Ant up
    front, while you shoot at it from afar.
                           2: The Little Sorcerers
    Required: Nicolo's Business Unusual (#1) or The Lost Princess (#5)
    Go into your house then come back out.  A pelican will tell you that pumpkins
    and sorcerers are in western Domina.  Go to the path behind the outskirts of
    Domina to fight Bud and Lisa.  Once you beat them, take them in as your
                            3: Gaeus's Wisdom
    Required: Nicolo's Business Unusual(#1) and Heaven's Gate (#17) must NOT be
    In the inn at Domina there are three guest rooms.  In one of them is Daena, who
    you met on the highway.  Tell her yes, then the soul lives forever and that you
    will meet Gaeus with her.  Now go to the highway and use Boink to get to the
    fork.  Head right.  At the end of the canyon side, there is a large rock
    creature.  This is Gaeus.  Speak to him and it's over.  He will also tell you
    about an ancient tree around your house...
                             4: Where's Putty?
    Required: Mine Your Own Business (#14) and Pirate's Hook (SS Buccaneer),
    Catchin' Lilipeas (#64) must NOT be complete
    Enter the mines.  You should see a sign in the first room.  Walk up to it and
    read it.  It says "Dudbear Express."  A dudbear will then transport you to its
    hideout.  There you will find out their dog, Putty, was kidnapped by pirates.
    Now go to the SS Buccaneer.  Go down stairs until you're at the 2nd to last
    room.  Talk to the barrel.  Now, just go to the Polpota Harbor Shore (by the
    cliff) to find Putty.
    **By Polpota Harbor Shore, I mean to go to the cliff.  At the start of the
    go right to get to a small beach.  This is Polpota Harbor Shore.**
                            5. The Lost Princess
    Required: Colorblocks (Domina)
    Note: If Elazul leaves, he will join you again when you re-enter Domina.
    Go into the bar and talk to Elazul (The guy with a purple cape).  Take
    any options you want.  If you choose the bottom three, Elazul will
    instantly join you.  Otherwise, go to the marketplace and leave.  Elazul
    should  walk up to you on the map.  Now go to the bar again and talk to
    Rachel.  She will give you the Jade Egg.  Create the Caverns with the Jade
    Egg.  Go inside.  Take the lower path at the fork.  Once in the room, climb down
    the stair-like rocks.  There should be two sets of stairs.  Go down both of them
    (In the room right after the first room).  In the third room, just go straight.
    In the fourth room, go down and to the left.  Go down the stairs.  Go through
    this room.  In the room at the bottom of the stairs, you might see a lady,
    Sandra.  If Sandra is there, talk to her.  Otherwise, just go on.  Fight the
    Boss Tip: Du'Inke
    Most of Du'Inke's attacks affect the area in front of him.  Get behind him
    whenever you see him start an attack.  But watch out for his kick attack, which
    will harm you even if you're behind him.
                            6: Diddle's Letter
    Required: Nicolo's Business Unusual (#1), The Little Sorcerers (#2)
    Talk to Diddle (the music player) in the park of Domina.  He will walk away.
    Then talk to the juggler.  Go to the outskirts, look around, then go back to
    the park.  The juggler will talk to you, then leave.  Go to the center of town
    and talk to the sproutling.  He will tell you about a bird.  Go into the inn.
    Listen to the speech, then go to the outskirts and talk to Capella.  The pelican
    will take him somewhere.  Then leave the outskirts and reenter.  Talk to the
    pelican.  Now go to the highway and talk to Boink.  Then talk to the juggler.
    He will read Diddle's Letter.  Go on the path at the bottom of the screen.  You
    will meet Diddle.  Upon finding out Capella (the juggler) read his letter, he
    will go in the cave.  Enter the caves and take the stairs down.  Go to the far
    left of the room you wind up in and take the stairs down.  Go up the stairs and
    into the next room to meet a boss.  Defeat him to win.
    Boss Tip: Giga Rex
    If you keep your distance, you'll avoid most of Giga Rex's attacks.  If you have
    a partner, this battle will end very quickly.
                             7: Two Torches
    Required: Murmuring Forest (#9)
    Go to Gato.  You will see Escad enter the Temple of Healing.  Go up to the
    back room (Go to the left or right in the first room, then go up).  Matilda
    will wish to see you.  After talking to her, leave the room.  A nun will walk
    in.  Just go back into the room.  The nun will take Matilda.  Now you must go
    find Matilda.  Go outside the temple and listen to the chat.  Go to the dungeon.
    Daena will take you to the Meditation Room if you took her as your partner,
    otherwise you must find the Meditation Room (To get there: far left cave, right
    path, down stairs, right path, [you should now be outside], up the path, left
    cave, right path, [you should now be outside], up the path, right cave, down
    stairs, left path, left path, [you should now be outside], down the path, left
    cave, across bridge, up stairs, right path, go through the path on the upper
    side of the screen that appears before the treasure chest, up stairs) where a
    boss awaits!
    Boss Tip: Spriggan
    Avoid its attack by stepping off the red carpet to the top of the screen when
    this boss charges up.  It will use weaker enemies to attack, but let your
    pet/golem and NPC handle that.
                            8: Huntin' Du'Cate
    Required: Medallion (Jungle)
    Enter the jungle and listen to the three people talking (Sotherbee, Skippie, and
    Hamson).  Then talk to the blue-clothed owl, Sotherbee.  From the start, go
    straight.  Take the far right path.  Go left.  Take the path heading down.  Then
    go down on the far left path going down. A person runs out from the bushes.
    Walk through the bushes and defeat the monsters.  A pirate penguin will come up.
    Talk to him and he'll cast a spell on you. The spell will make it so you don't
    get lost.  Go back to the entrance of the forest.  This time, take the lower
    path at the 3-way fork.  Take the upper path (on the right), then go left in the
    next area.  Go on the path on the right, then the upper path on the right.
    You'll meet up with Skippie again.  Talk to him, then go beyond the path he was
    standing in front of.  You'll meet Rosiotti (A Wisdom).  Talk to him.  Now go
    find & talk to Skippie and Hamson.  Say that you'll help them, but don't hint
    that the other person is helping.  Follow Skippie into Du'Cate's Territory, then
    go through Du'Cate's Territory.  At the end, you will fight Du'Cate.
    Note: Your reply to Sotherbee when he gives you 500 Lucre determines the quality
    of the item you receive.
    Boss Tip: Du'Cate
    This guy isn't that hard to kill.  Avoid the melons being tossed down on you,
    dodge the berries he uses like a machine-gun, and watch out when he falls from
    the trees to the ground.
                           9: Murmuring Forest
    Required: Huntin' Du'Cate (#8)
    Go to the Forested Ruins (use the flowerling's teleportation service).  Then go
    to the place where Rosiotti is.  A Pirate Penguin will be there.  Talk to him.
    Now go to the Courtyard of Rain.  Fight the monsters there.  Talk to the Pirate
    Penguin that runs out.  Go back to Rosiotti's place.  Another penguin will be
    there (Selkie).  Talk to her.  Say that you'll help.  Now go through the lower-
    left section of the forested ruins.  Go through the forest there and fight the
    Boss Tip: Punkmaster
    Stop his attacks by using your own attacks.  If he does get an attack off, dodge
    it.  This battle shouldn't be a problem if you brought an NPC.
                         10: The Gorgon's Eye
    Required: Stone Eye (Lake Kilma)
    Enter the lake, then follow the pirates (Take the bottom path, go straight, take
    the upper path, straight, lower path, straight, upper path, straight, far right
    path, upper path).  Along the way you'll come across Tote.  At the cliff where
    the pirates wind up at, jump off after talking to Tote (the turtle).  At the
    bottom, you'll fight a boss.
    Boss Tip: Gorgon's Eye
    This boss has several nasty attacks, but if you bring Bud or Lisa they can help
    out a lot.  Be cautious of the beam attack that will temporary petrify you.
                        11: In Search of Faeries
    Required: The Gorgon's Eye (#10) and Two Torches (#7)
    Go to Gato and talk to Matilda.  Go to Lake Kilma and talk to Tote (at the
    see #10 on how to get there).  Go back down the hill.  Chase Daena down the
    lower path.  Go down that path until the boss.
    Boss Tip: Boreal Hound
    Whatever you do, DON'T USE GLOVES AGAINST THIS BOSS!  When electricity flies
    around the Hound, go to the top of the screen to avoid its attack.
                         12: Teatime of Danger
    Required: Ancient Tablet (Ruins)
    Enter the ancient ruins.  Mark will tell you that Teapo got lost.  Go up, then
    to the left when you meet the person who tells you about the flowerlings.
    Set the flowerings up in the following order
    to open the western gate:
    Upper Flowerling: Left
    Lower Flowerling: Right
    Go through the western gate and find the flowerling who will activate
    psykokineses.  Ignore the other blue flowerlings.  They have no purpose in this
    quest.  Go back and switch the lower red flowerling over to the left side.  Now
    go through the gate.  Talk to the red flowerling, and she will open the floor
    on the temple.  Now go in.  You will be in a tunnel.  At the end of the
    tunnel, there will be a room will Teapo and a vampire in it.  Kill the
    Boss Tip: Count Dovula
    Use your special techniques wisely and the Count will be no more.
                            13: Star-Crossed Lovers
    Required: In Search of Faeries (#11) and Teatime of Danger (#12), Pokeihl: Story
    Teller (#15) (If you fail Pokeihl: Story Teller, you can still complete this
    Go to the Gato Grottos and visit Matilda.  You will wind up in the ruins.  Find
    Nicolo at the ruins and have him take you to the Tower of Winds (he's near the
    lower path on the western gate).  Now just climb the tower.
    Boss Tip: Escad or Daena
    It doesn't matter who you fight, but close in with the NPC and attack from both
                            14: Mine Your Own Business
    Required: Bottled Spirit (Ulkan Mines)
    Go into the mines.  In the 2nd room from the entrance you should find Watt's
    shop.  Talk to Pokeihl.  He will tell you Watts is in the mine.  Now just go
    into the mine and find him!
    Boss Tip: Labanne
    Move around the screen to avoid its magical attacks.  Focus on one of the two
    creatures with your partner.
                            15: Pokeihl: Dream Teller
    Required: Mine Your Own Business (#14) and In Search of Faeries (#11)
           --------DO NOT LEAVE THE MINES DURING THIS QUEST--------
    Enter the mines and you should see Pokeihl.  Talk to him.  Proceed into the
    mines.  When you see Pokeihl again, tell him you're in a hurry.  From the place
    he teleports you, go down one more floor...  If you can't decide who to side
    with or choose Daena, you'll fight Escad.
    Boss Tip: Escad
    Close in from both sides with an NPC or pet/golem.
                             16: Diddle Kidnapped!?
    Required: Diddle Had It! (#20) and Catchin' Lilipeas (#64)
    Go into the church.  All the diggers should be there.  Talk to Roger.
    Now go into the park.  The dudbears will take Diddle.  Now go to the White
    Forest.  Head to the left, then straight until you get to the dudbears.  Talk
    to all four of them.  Make sure they have all fallen down.  Now, take the upper
    left path and fight the boss.
    Boss Tip: Chimera Lord
    If you coward in the corner, you should be missed by most of his attacks.  Make
    sure the beast is vulnerable, then unleash a technique.
                             17: Heaven's Gate
    Required: Star-Crossed Lovers (#13)
    Go talk to Matilda.  You'll get AF Brooch of Love.  Use it to create Lucemia.
    Take Bud as your NPC and go to Lucemia.  Go through Lucemia, saying "Of Course!"
    every time the Wisdom Selva asks you a question.  You can get some good items
    from chests here, so just explore Lucemia, because after this event you can't go
    back!  At the end, just kill Irwin.
    Boss Tip: Irwin
    When Irwin starts blinking, move to the side of the screen to dodge his magical
                             18: Daddy's Broom
    Required: Little Sorcerers (#2) and The Infernal Doll (#19), You must also have
    completed around 18 events.
    Go upstairs in your house.  Talk to Li'l Cactus, then leave to the world map.
    Then go back.  Li'l Cactus is gone.  Go downstairs.   Talk to Bud and Lisa.
    Then go upstairs and talk to Li'l Cactus.  Take Bud with you to the Junkyard.
    Once at the junkyard, follow this path from the Acropolis of Trash:
    Teddy Bear, Soldier, Jack-In-The-Box, Rocking Horse
    Fight the boss.
    Boss Tip: Gremlin
    With Bud, the Gremlin is easy.  Just avoid its shrink attack.
                              19: The Infernal Doll
    Required: Broken Doll (Junkyard)
    Go into the junkyard.  Go through the junkyard the following way:
    Jack-In-The-Box, Teddy Bear, Soldier (Doll), Jack-In-The-Box, Rocking Horse.
    Alternate Method: Keep going to the Acropolis of trash, talking to Louie, and
    having the jack-in-the-box at the Acropolis of Trash teleport you back.  Talk to
    the jack-in-the-box at the beginning.  Eventually, you'll be summoned to Louie's
    room.  Follow the path he tells you:
    Teddy Bear, Soldier Doll, Jack-In-The-Box, Rocking Horse.
                            20: Diddle Had It!
    Required: Diddle's Letter (#6) and Trembling Spoon (Underworld)
    Go to Lumina.  Talk to Capella and Diddle.  Leave Lumina and go back to
    the tavern.  Diddle will walk away.  Talk to Capella.  Exit Lumina and enter
    your house, then leave.  Some Shadoles will approach Lumina.  Go talk to
    Then go to the underworld and find Diddle by dodging the Shadoles.
    Or you could keep running into the Shadoles in the first room.  Each time you do
    this, it removes 1 Shadole from each room!
    Boss Tip: Ape Mummy
    The ape mummy is easily stunned by power attacks (square button), so use those
    in combination with other attacks to eliminate this boss.
                            21: The Looking-Glass Tower
    Required: Moon's Mirror (Tower of Leires)
    Go to the Tower of Leires.  Talk to Pearl.  You can either take her along or
    If you don't take her along, Elazul will be waiting in front of the Room of Fate
    on the 11th floor.  Then go to the 11th floor of the tower.
    To climb the tower: go straight up stairs, don't worry about anything (don't
    switch to another side of the tower, except at floor 1) until floor 5.  Switch
    to the other side.  Go up to floor 8.  Switch to the other side.  Teleport to
    floor 10 and go up the stairs you find.  Enter the Room of Fate.....
    Boss Tip: Iron Centaur
    Use a bow or spear.  Dodge the Centaur's magical attacks by going to the edge of
    the screen.
    Now you must take Pearl out of the tower.  Jump off the 11th floor and climb
    down from there.  (Leave the tower at the exit by going to the sides of what
    looks like the exit, not straight through)  Fight the boss.
    Boss Tip: Jewel Beast
    It's good to use the bow or spear against the Jewel Beast.  Dodge his attacks;
    They're quite powerful.
                         22: Two Pearls
    Required: Cosmo (#24)
    Go into your house and talk to Elazul on the bed.  Keep going upstairs,
    talking to him, and going back downstairs until Elazul disappears.  Then
    find him at the Tower of Leires.  Go to the 11th floor with him and into
    the room of fate..... (See #21 on how to climb the tower)
    Boss Tip: Lady Blackpearl
    Equip a bow or spear, and let Elazul attack up close.
                         23: Flame of Hope
    Required: Torch (Gato Grottos)
    Enter the Gato Grottos and go into the town.  There will be a sproutling there.
    Now go up to the pathways.  Talk to Mr. Rubens and head to the left.  Talk to
    the sproutling, then go to the temple.  Then to the left, then to the temple,
    then to the left.  Talk to the sproutling each time.  Then Inspector Boyd will
    talk to you.  He will tell you to go to the dungeon (if you cooperate).  Go
    through the dungeon following the sproutling leaves.  Then go through the
    waterfall to the bird's nest.  You'll see a scene, then it's over.
                           24: Cosmo
    Required: The Lucky Clover (#31)
    Talk to Elazul outside your house.  Tell him you haven't seen Pearl.  Then
    go to the caverns with him and search for Pearl.
    Boss Tip: Jewel Beast
    With Lady Blackpearl on your team, this boss will be dead before he knows it.
                           25: Can't Look Back
    Required: Frozen Heart (Fieg Snowfields)
    Go to the snowfields.  Go down the path, then at the field of innocence head
    on the upper right path.  Go to the camp at the end of the path, talk to
    everyone, then go back to the field of innocence.  Now head down the lower
    left path (don't take the left path after that!), and beat the boss at the end.
    Boss Tip: Du'Mere
    Let your NPC or pet/golem hammer the beast up front while you safely fire arrows
    into the melee.  Keep the arrows coming and the beast stands no chance.
                           26: A Siren's Song
    Required:  Drowned Dreams (#28), Faeries' Light (#30), Summer Lovin' (#27)
    Go to Polpota Harbor.  Find the knight on the cliff and talk to
    him.  Now go to Lumina.  There, go to Crescent Moon Alley (over bridge at tavern
    and to the upper-right).  You will see some soldiers.  Talk to them all, then
    talk to the soldier in the candle shop.  Now go to the harbor at Polpota Harbor
    and talk to Monique.  Then go to the small beach by the cliff.  Talk to everyone
    there.  Now go to Madora Beach.  Go left as far as you can.  You will be at the
    lighthouse.  Talk with Rameshe (mermaid), then go as far right as you can
    without going out of the lighthouse place (hide).  When the bubble at the door
    pops (you'll see what I mean), run inside and fight the boss.
    Boss Tip: Tropicallo
    You won't be harmed in the lower-left corner.
    **Note: Go to the cliff at Polpota Harbor.  At the bottom of the cliff, go to
    the right.  This is the Polpota Harbor beach.**
                           27: Summer Lovin'
    Required: Torch of Coral (Madora Beach)
    Go to Madora Beach.  There will be two penguins there.  Now go explore
    to the right and fight the boss....  To get to the boss, go into the cave.  Take
    the stairs going down.  Head straight, straight, then take the upper-left path.
    Go into the next cave, head to the path on the right, then the path on the lower
    Boss Tip: Fullmetal Hagger
    Hack at Hagger, avoiding him when he steps forward to attack.  Prepare yourself
    when your attacks start to be blocked.  When this happens, Fullmetal Hagger is
    using a powerful attack.
                            28: Drowned Dreams
    Required: Rusty Anchor (Polpota Harbor)
    Go to Polpota Harbor and talk to the innkeepers.  Say you'll help out.  Go
    talk to the soldier on the cliff about the ghost.  Now go back to the hotel
    and meet Basket Fish.  At the harbor, find Inspector Boyd.  Keep talking to
    him until he leaves.  Now go to the cafe and see the soldier.  Now go to the
    hotel entrance, then talk to the soldier in the lounge and you're done!
                            29: Fluorite
    Required: Alexandrite (#32)
    Go into the jewelry shop in Geo.  Now, explore Florina's dreams (just
    give Nicolo money).  When you see Elazul the 2nd time, go through the
    waterfall of sand that disappeared.
    Boss Tip: Jewel Beast
    Just beat it how you've been beating all the other Jewel Beasts.
                            30: Faeries' Light
    Required: Firefly Lamp (Lumina)
    Go to Lumina.  Talk to Gilbert in Morning Moon Alley, then go in the
    candle shop a bit below him.  Now talk to Monique.  Then go outside and
    tell Gilbert you'll help sell lamps.  Go to the tavern and ask the bartender
    to teach you dudbear language.  Now sell lamps to the dudbears. The dudbears
    switch around each game, so I can't help much.  However, wait until the dudbear
    you're selling a lamp to agrees to be friends before saying Dada Dadda.  Don't
    spend the money you get from the lamps!  Go talk to Gilbert after selling all
    three lamps.  Then talk to Monique, then Gilbert and Monique once they go
    outside.  After Gilbert leaves, talk to Monique.
                            31: Lucky Clover
    Required: The Looking-Glass Tower (#21), Tome of Magic (Geo)
    Important & Helpful Note: You can stay the night in Geo at the cafe.
    Go to Geo and talk to Esmerelda at the academy of magic.  Then go get
    Elazul to join you at the Domina pub.  Go to Geo and talk to Esmerelda
    on days when she's in the classroom.  Then talk to her when she's in the
    library, then classroom, then library again.  She will join you.  Go to the
    Palace of Arts and talk to Kristie.  Then go downstairs and talk to Diana.
    Then go to the principal's office on Dryad Day.  Then go in the cafe and
    talk to the Teapo behind the counter (go behind the counter to talk to her).
    Then go back to the Geo map, then to the cafe.  Find Elazul and say "A note
    came."  You'll meet the inspector at the school, then go to the Palace of Arts.
    Talk to Kristie, then go talk to Diana.
    Boss Tip: Jewel Beast
    It has slow moves, so you can easily avoid it.  Use quick attacks (X button) and
    techniques to defeat the Beast.
                            32: Alexandrite
    Required: Two Pearls (#22)
    Go to the Domina pub and find Elazul.  Accept his request.  Go see Diana
    in Geo now.  Then go talk to Kristie.  She will tell you to find three
    keys.  One is in the principal's office, one at the city gate, and the
    last in the instrument shop.  Then go talk to Kristie.  Go down to the
    battle arena.
                             33: Teardrop Crystal
    Required: Fluorite (#29)
    Find Boyd in front of the church in Domina.  Follow him to Geo.  In the
    jewelry shop, try to leave and Pearl and Elazul will come in.  Now,
    search the treasure chest.  Florina will give you AF Jumi's
    Staff.  Now, choose your NPC (if you choose Pearl then talk to Elazul you get an
    IshePlatinum weapon: SwordOfFate) and go to the Bejeweled City using the Jumi's
    Staff.  Get the 4 gems you can get, then examine the door.  Fight the monster.
    Put the green one and red one on the stands in front of the door. Go back to
    the rooms where you found the green jewel and red jewel to get them again.
    Go through the door, and get the turquoise and purple gem.  Examine the door.
    Now, place the gems on the 3 stands in a guess and check method (different
    per game, or I'd give the combinations away).  When you get three gems on
    the stands, walk up to the door and hit X (or whatever you've set the main
    button to).  The number of bell rings is how many gems you got right
    (like Mastermind).  Go get the gems you used from their rooms.  Get the
    diamond, then use the method above to solve the final 4 stand door.
    Inside, fight the two bosses.
    Boss Tip: Jewel Beast
    With your NPC along, the Beast should be a piece of cake.  Otherwise, try
    defeating them like you have all the other Jewel Beasts.
    Boss Tip: Machine Golem
    A golem guards the diamond.  Avoid its laser beam attack at all costs.  Your
    best option is to kill it from a distance with a bow or spear.
    Boss Tip: Lord of Jewels 999
    This boss isn't buff, but its got brains.  Fighting the Lord of Jewels up close
    is not an option.  Instead, fire arrows at it and use instruments.
    Boss Tip: Lord of Jewels 1000
    This battle is similar against the Lord of Jewels 999.  Just dodge the magic
    attacks, which will severely hurt you.
                            34: The Quiet Sea
    Required: Pirate's Hook (SS Buccaneer on map)
    Note: Sometimes you can't find the spot you must sail to to activate this event.
    If you can't, check the sea chart at http://www.gamefaqs.com.
    Go to the SS Buccaneer and go in the wheelhouse (across the hall from the
    captain's cabin).  Meet Ramtieger.  Go south, east, east.  Go up to the
    quarter deck and talk to the penguin there fishing.  Now leave, and go
    back to the quarter deck.  Talk to the fishing penguin.  Now go and talk
    to the captain.  Go to the lower deck.  Talk to the barrel and say "Pretty
    girl's here!"  Now go up back to the deck.  Fight the boss.
    Boss Tip: Gova
    Use a combination of all your attacks to finish off Gova.
                            35: Treasure Map
    Required:  Pirate's Hook (SS Buccaneer) & The Lost Princess (#5)
    Note: Sometimes you can't find the spot you must sail to to activate this event.
    If you can't, check the sea chart at http://www.gamefaqs.com.
    Go to the SS Buccaneer and talk to Ramtieger.  Choose north, north, east.
    Look around in the caverns.  Once you find the map, find the 8 dudbears and
    get the map pieces from them immediately!
    Where to move to:
    From entrance, take the upper Boink, which will warp you to the room where
    Roger sends off the dudbears, then take upper right path to room with the
    map.  Nail the dudbear, then take the lower right path to get to next
    dudbears, then follow the penguins to find the rest of them.
    More importantly, dodging Roger.  As near as I can tell, Roger will catch
    you if you spend too much time in one of the dudbear rooms.  Found out when
    I wasted all sorts of time fighting monsters, getting coins, etc. with no
    sign of Roger.  Also, this means that if you're having trouble catching a
    dudbear, LEAVE the room, resets Roger counter - of particular use in the
    room with 3 dudbears - failed the quest 3 times consecutively trying to get
    the last dudbear, even though I was standing toe-to-toe with it for about 5
                            36: Reach for the Stars
    Required: Sand Rose (Duma Desert)
    Go to the Duma Desert.  Talk to Kathinjina a few times and offer help.  Then,
    go through the desert (Green students lie!).  Once the students at the first
    fork start fighting, take the lower path.  Head on the far right path.  Go
    through the path the green students guard.  Go left, then go on the upper path
    on the left side of this area.  Go through the path the green students guard,
    then go straight to encounter Mephianse.  Fight the boss.
    Boss Tip: Axebeaks
    Just dodge the axebeaks' attacks, and bring a partner since the axebeaks work as
    a team.
                            37: The Dragon Princess
    Required: Green Cane (White Forest)
                      ---Bring a pet or golem, it makes it a lot easier.---
    Go to the White Forest with Larc.  Follow Larc's senses to Vadise.  Larc will
    get the Mana Crystal, then leave.  That leaves you to fight Vadise.  This is
    the toughest boss, in my opinion.
    Boss Tip: Vadise
    Attack Sierra, and use a special on Vadise each time your meter
    fills up.  If Vadise or Sierra is dead for long enough, and the other is still
    alive, one or the other will revive, so balance your attacks.
                            38: The Guardian of Winds
    Required: Skull Lantern (Norn Peaks)
    Go to the Norn Peaks with Larc.  Climb up the mountain.  Kill the three elders
    on the mountain, then talk to the statue on the path.  It will disappear.  Go up
    the path and fight Akravator.
    Boss Tip: Akravator
    Your best chance to beat this boss is to get right by it when a spell is cast,
    then hack at the dragon when he stops casting.
                            39: The Ghost of Nemesis
    Required: Dragonbone (Bone Fortress) and The Field Trip (#63)
    Go to the Bone Fortress with a pet/golem and talk to the students.  Then go to
    the entrance of the bone fortress and fight the Deathbringer's Knight.  Then
    go inside.  You will fall into a trap.  Go across the bridge, then to the room
    behind the monsters.  Talk to the skull.  Go in the door he opens.  Talk to the
    knight and go in the room.  You will get your pet/golem back.  Now go to the
    main room.  Step on the two platforms.  From the elevator, go to the 3rd floor.
    Fight Sierra, grab the key, then go to the 2nd floor.  Talk to the knight in
    one of the rooms and get Larc back.  Go up the staircase on the 3rd floor.
    Fight the Deathbringer, then fight Jajara.
    Boss Tip: Deathbringer
    As long as you have a pet or golem to take hits for you, the boss isn't that
    hard.  Use a combination of attacks to bring the Deathbringer death.
    Boss Tip: Jajara
    This boss will collapse parts of the roof at times, so try your hardest to dodge
    that.  Also avoid Jajara's spells.
                            40: The Crimson Dragon
    Required: The Dragon Princess (#37)
    Go down the underworld to Drakonis.  Fight Larc (See below).  The Underworld
    will transform into the Flames.  Enter the Flames.  At floor 2, go to the left.
    Go up to the fourth floor and go inside the big door.  You fall down into a
    Go down the stairway to the left and fight the boss.  Go back up the left
    stairway.  Fall down into the room again, this time go down the stairway to the
    right.  Now fight the boss.  Go to the left again.  Fall down into the room.  Go
    in the left doorway.  Fight the boss, and go through the far right doorway.  It
    will take you to the 4th floor.  Go through that familiar door.  You won't fall
    now.  Go across and fight Drakonis.
    Boss Tip: Larc the Centaur
    This is an easy boss if you learn to dodge its attacks.
    Mini-Boss Tip: Sky Dragon
    Use quick attacks to win this fight.
    Mini-Boss Tip: Land Dragon
    Crouch and dodge, then just use quick attacks.
    Boss Tip: Zenoa
    Move around to dodge attacks, and use quick attacks to hurt the beast.
    Boss Tip: Drakonis
    He frequently travels across the screen.  Crouch during these periods.  Quick
    attacks are good to use against Drakonis.  Carefully dodge his attacks.
    To find Larc, travel down to the Underworld.  Go down the same stairs you went
    down before until you reach the Shrine of Silent Faces.  Leave the shrine
    through the other door.  Look around, and you should see the Shrine of Silent
    Faces again.  Leave through the other door, and you should see some Shadoles.
    Look around for the Shrine once more, then go through the other door one final
                           41: The Fallen Emperor
    Required: Trembling Spoon (Underworld)
    Go to Lumina.  Go to the right dot.  If Pokeihl is there, tell him you'd like
    to visit the underworld.  Otherwise, don't worry.  Go to the tombstone at the
    underworld without an NPC.  Larc will appear.  Take him down to meet his master.
    Go down the stairs and meet Olbohn.  You'll receive the Baptism of the Flames.
    Now look through the doors until you find some stairs going down.  Take these
    stairs down to meet Larc's master, but first you must be tested.
    Boss Tip: Hitodama
    When Hitodama disappears, some faces on the wall start chanting.  If all 4
    move to the lower part of the screen to dodge the deadly trident.  When Hitodama
    reappears, finish him off with techniques.
                            42: The Blessed Elixir
    Required: Tome of Magic (Geo), Torch (Gato Grottos)
    Go to Geo and talk to the bartender.  Go to the barrel room in the dungeon of
    Gato (it's near the exit).  Talk to the nuns twice. Then go to Geo and speak
    with the bartender.  Then go to Lumina and talk to the bartender there.  Get
    the barrel in your soul, then go to the oasis in the Duma Desert.  The barrel
    will fill.  Go back to the barrel room and talk to the nuns.
                             43: Seeing Double
    Required: Domina's Shade Level at 3 (Just put the Mana Tree by Domina, since
    Pee-Wee Birdie (#67) is similar)
    Go to Domina.  You will see yourself take three leaves from a sproutling.  Then
    go talk to the sproutling.  Go to the market from the northern entrance (Just
    take the same exit the other you took from the center of Domina).  Then go talk
    to Teapo.  Go talk to the sproutling again.  Go to the western end of town to
    fight the fake you.
    Boss Tip: Shadow Zero One
    Shadow Zero One has a lot of powerful attacks.  Keep your distance when he
    starts to use an attacks.  Make careful use of your special techniques.  It is
    hard to regain HP in this battle, so crouch whenever possible.  Always stay on
    the move in this battle.
                              44: The Cage of Dreams
    Required: Full Mana Tree in upper-left corner of map, you also must have either
    The Crimson Dragon (#40), Teardrop Crystal (#33), or Heaven's Gate (#17)
    If the event doesn't trigger, place another artifact on the map.
    Note: The size of the tree in the corner of the map is determined by how much
    mana energy there is in the world.  The tree grows when you place artifacts,
    not complete quests.
    Enter your home, then leave to the map.  Enter your home again.  Your
    sproutling will be on the ground and there will be 3 other sproutlings.  Talk
    to everyone, then enter your house and leave.  Talk to the three sproutlings.
    Follow the trail of leaves to your workshop.  Inside you will see Nunuzac and
    another guy arguing.  Listen, talk to them both, then leave.  Say you'll join
    the conversation with Pokeihl.  Then talk to Nunuzac.  Go through the wimpy
                              45: Nicolo's Business Unusual: Part 2
    Required: Nicolo's Business 1 (#1) and The Flame of Hope (#23)
    Go to the shop in Gato and talk to Nicolo.  Go with him to the waterfall. While
    he searches, go to the bird's nest and go back.  Wait for the fairy to appear,
    then talk to her.
                              46: Nicolo's Business Unusual: Part 3
    Required: Nicolo's Business 2 (#45) and Firefly Lamp (Lumina) and Teatime of
    Danger (#12)
    Do not go into your house during this quest or it will be marked as an X.
    Go to Lumina and find Nicolo in one of the shops.  Go to the ruins with him,
    and find the sproutling who activated the psykinesis.  Then you gotta get out
    of the ruins.  Go to the flowerlings that are south of where you just were.
    Move the bottom flowerling over to the right.  Rearrange the flowerlings near
    the north gate.  Go south past the Megalithic Structure to find another set of
    gates.  Go south to find yet another set of flowerlings.  Rearrange them
    (there's only one way to rearrange them) to be able to leave.
                              47: Nicolo's Business Unusual: Part 4
    Required: Nicolo's Business 3 (#47) and Tome of Magic (Geo)
    Find Nicolo in the fruit parlor.  Go see Watts.  Make sure you have some Gator
    Skin (It's OK if you don't).  Keep going in and out of Watts's shop, talking to
    Watts if necessary.  If you don't have Gator Skin when Watts asks for it, Miss
    Yuka at the Domina Inn will give some to you, or you can buy it at the Diggers'
    Hideout lower in the mines.
                               48: Nicolo Calls it Quits
    Required: Nicolo's Business 4 (#47), Tome of Magic (Geo) and Rusty Anchor
    (Polpota Harbor)
    If you lose Nicolo in this quest, you can find him at the Polpota Harbor shore.
    Go to Geo and talk to Kristie and Sotherbee (In the Palace of Arts).  Then go
    to Polpota Harbor and find Nicolo at the *shore by the cliff.*  Take Nicolo to
    Kristie and Sotherbee.  Talk to them both.  Go to the bird's nest in Gato.  Go
    take the medicine to Kristie.  Go back to the bird's nest.  Nicolo will fall.
    Go to Polpota Harbor *shore by the cliff* and get Nicolo again.  Go to the
    Palace of Arts.
    **Note: Go to the cliff at Polpota Harbor.  At the bottom of the cliff, go to
    the right.  This is the Polpota Harbor shore.**
                               49: Li'l Cactus
    Required: Gilbert: School Amour (#58), The Little Sorcerers (#2) it helps to
    have Huntin' Du'Cate (#8)
    done too.  You must have 8 events in Li'l Cactus's Diary.
    Go to your house.  Go upstairs, talk to Li'l Cactus, then go back downstairs.
    Talk to Bud, then Lisa.  Go to the fortune teller in the Domina marketplace.
    Go back to your house, and Li'l Cactus will be gone!  Search his pot, then go
    see Gaeus on the highway (See #3 on how to get to him).  Now go to the Jungle.
    Find where Rosiotti is.  If the pirate penguin's sister isn't back, fight the
    monsters at the Courtyard of Rain, then go to where Rosiotti is.  Talk to
    Selkie (the pirate penguin's sister).  Then go to Geo and talk to Brownie (the
    one at the door to the classroom).  Now go to the SS Buccaneer's lower deck to
    find David.  Then go talk to Pelican (the mail carrier) in Domina.  Now go home
    to find Li'l Cactus on your mailbox.
                               50: Rachel
    Required: Rachel home in her room.  (Requires time.)
    Tip: Traveling on the world map (from one place to another) makes a day pass.
    Go to the upstairs room of Rachel's house to find her and Mark.  Talk to them.
    After that, find Rachel's mother in the marketplace on a day she's in the
    marketplace.  Talk to her.  Then go to the upstairs room again.  Talk to Teapo
    downstairs.  Go to the Geo library on a day when Nunuzac isn't there
    (Salamander Day, for instance.  Go back to Domina into the upstairs room and
    talk to Mark (when he's there) and Rachel.  Find Rachel's mom in the
    marketplace on her day off, then go to the upstairs room again.
                                51: Nordic Field
    Required: Can't Look Back (#25), Treasure Map (#35) and Pirate's Hook (SS
    Note: Sometimes you can't find the spot you must sail to to activate this event.
    If you can't, check the sea chart at http://www.gamefaqs.com.
    Find Ramtieger in the wheelhouse of the SS Buccaneer.  Go west, west, south,
    south, east.  A penguin will rush in.  Tell the captain you'll help.  Now, find
    faries in the snowfield.  Earn your way to level 7 eye level, and save.  Go
    down the lower right path to find 3 faries.  One of them is Ehrlang.  Ehrlang is
    usually the one in the upper-left when you enter.
                                52: Buried Treasure
    Required: Pirate's Hook (SS Buccaneer), You must crush at least 20 crabs on
    Madora Beach.  Then talk to the crab that tells you how many crabs you killed
    without leaving Madora Beach.  If you got at least 20, you should go back to
    the world map instantly.
    Note: Sometimes you can't find the spot you must sail to to activate this event.
    If you can't, check the sea chart at http://www.gamefaqs.com.
    Find Ramtieger in the SS Buccaneer's Wheelhouse.  Go west, north, west.  Help
    the captain.  You'll get 15 Halo Coins.  To the right you'll find 5 dudbears.
    Give a Halo Coin to the middle dudbear.  In the first cave, you'll find many
    dudbears.  One of them will give you a Li'l Bottle in exchange for a Halo Coin.
    Get 2 more Li'l Bottles from it.  Give a Li'l Bottle to the dudbear in the
    lower-right entrance.  He will move.  In the next cave, find the dudbear closest
    to the white circle on the floor.  Give him 2 Li'l Bottles for 2 shells.  Give
    a shell to the dudbear guarding an exit.  Do the same in the next cave.  When
    you find the treasure and Roger walks up, give them a Halo Coin.
                                53: The Path of the Blacksmith
    Required: Watts Drops the Hammer (#61)
    Go in your workshop.  Watts will come out.  He will tell you how to be a
                                54: Enchanted Instruments 101
    Required: Gilbert: School Amour (#58), Reach for the Stars (#36)
    Go in your workshop.  A student will teach you about making instruments.
                                55: Golem Workshop
    Required: Professor Bomb (#60)
    Go in your workshop.  Professor Bomb will give you a handout, then quiz you on
    golem creation.  I won't put the answers here.  It's good to know how to make a
                                56: The Mana Orchards
    Required: Visit Gaeus at the highway at least once (See #3).
    Go to your backyard orchard and fight the monsters.  An ancient tree will
    somehow instantly appear.  After you harvest your first pieces of fruit, the
    quest is complete.
                                57: Monster Corral
    Required: Nicolo's Business (#1) and The Lost Princess (#5)
    Go to the western end of town (by the outskirts).  You will see a beast egg.
    Duelle will help you catch it by giving you 3 pieces of fruit and telling you
    how to catch an egg.
                                58: Gilbert: School Amour
    Required: Faeries' Light (#30) and Tome of Magic (Geo)
    Go to the fruit parlor in Geo.  Gilbert and Kathinjina will be talking.  Talk
    to Gilbert after Kathinjina leaves.  Offer help.  There are 15 students you
    must convince to go back to school.  You just need to answer questions to get
    them back, and you have infinite tries.
    3 students in the fruit parlor
    2 students at the market/mall
    3 students in the instrument shop - One of these students will not return to
    school until you have when you talk to all other 14 students, you won't have
    any options on what to say.
    2 students in cafe/inn
    2 students outside the academy
    1 student in academy hallway
    2 students in school library
                                 59: Gilbert: Resume for Love
    Required: Gilbert: School Amour (#58), A Siren's Song (#26) and Gilbert must be
    taken from the city gate and in basement of the Palace of Arts (Talk to Alex in
    the Geo jewelry shop)
    Go to the Palace of Arts.  Talk to Sotherbee.  Go to the storage room in the
    Palace of Arts and talk to the Gilbert statue.  Go to the Digger's Hideout at
    the Mines (If Mine Your Own Business (#14) is done, take the Dudbear Express).
    Read the book.  Talk to Roger now that he came in.  You'll be back on the map.
    Go back to the Digger's Hideout, read the book and talk to Roger again.  Go
    talk to Gilbert in the dark abandoned room on level 1 of the mine.  Now go to
    the lamp shop in Lumina and talk to Monique.  She'll tell you she wants to go to
    the beach.  Go to the lighthouse on the beach (Use Boink!) and find Monique and
    Elle inside.  Then go back to Gilbert after hearing about the mermaid spell.
    Go back to Gilbert and help Monique with the spell.  Answers to the spell:
    A - earth with life   B - The ancient memories   C - Of Mother Earth fill
    D - The truth that   E - Of energy for all
                                  60: Professor Bomb's Lab
    Required: The Infernal Doll (#19)
    Enter the junkyard and let the flowerling take you to Professor Bomb's Lab.
    Keep talking to Professor Bomb until he tells you about his golem.  Help him
    find the golem by going to the fortune teller in the Domina marketplace and
    getting your fortune told.  Then fight the golem on the lake.
    Boss Tip: Golem
    Move away from the golem between your attacks to dodge its attacks.  Once you
    know his attacks, this boss is a sinch.
                                  61: Watts Drops the Hammer
    Required: Mine Your Own Business (#14)
    Talk to Watts in his shop in the mines.  He has lost his hammer.  Go get his
    hammer in the Digger's Hideout (Take the Dudbear Express!).  Go back up to
                                  62: The Seven Wisdoms
    Required: The Little Sorcerers (#2)
    Talk to Bud twice.  He will tell you about six wisdoms he wants to visit.  The
    Wisdoms are:
    1) Tote (Turtle at Lake Kilma)
    2) Rosiotti (Beast in the Jungle)
    3) Gaeus (See Quest #3)
    4) Olbohn (Keeper of the Underworld)
    5) Pokeihl (Poet in Watts's shop in the Mines, Lumina or at the Mana Tree)
    6) Selva (See Heaven's Gate, #17 or Gato Grottos after you find the other
                                 63: The Field Trip
    Required: Dragonbone (Bone Fortress)
    Go to the Bone Fortress and talk to all three students.  Go to the entrance of
    the Bone Fortress.  Get the spotted silver mushrooms from a female red
    flowering, star sparkles from a male red flowerling, and farie scales from one
    of the blue students.  You must get all three in a row to mix them together.
                                 64: Catchin' Lilipeas
    Required: The Dragon Princess (#37)
    Go to the White Forest and meet Sotherbee, Skippie, and Hamson.  Go find the
    church minister guarding the path to a Lilipea village.  Talk to him.  In the
    forest, talk to Skippie and Hamson to stop them from chasing the Lilipeas they
    were chasing.  There are also two barrels you need to break and get the
    Lilipeas out of.  Now enter the Lilipea village.  Keep talking to everyone, and
    eventually the minister will get close enough to the chief to translate what
    he's saying.  Talk to the chief, and fight the minor monster.
                                 65: Gilbert: Love is Blind
    Required: Faerie's Light (#30), A Siren's Song (#26) and you must NOT have
    completed Gilbert: School Amour (#58)
    Go to the lighthouse at the beach and get Elle to join your party.  Go to
    the Polpota Harbor cafe and talk to Gilbert.  Then go back to the lighthouse
    and find Elle again.  Have her join you again.  Go outside.  Gilbert will take
    Elle to the SS Buccaneer.  At the SS Buccaneer, talk to Gilbert and Elle, then
    talk to the captain.  Go up to see Elle and Gilbert again, and then fight the
    Boss Tip: Orc
    This boss is vulnerable to techniques and magic, so that should be your method
    of attack.  His attacks are fairly easy to dodge, so this boss is simple.
                                66: The Wimpy Thugling
    Required: Duma Desert's Dryad level at 3, The Blessed Elixir (#42), Reach for
    the Stars (#36), Main character's level 40+, Fluorite (#29) must NOT be complete
    Go to the Duma Desert without your pet/golem.  At the fork you should see a
    scene involving a fish.  Offer to help the fish.  Find the boss by following
    the trembling.
    Boss Tip: Kima
    This boss has powerful attacks, but it becomes easy once you use counter.
                                67: Pee-Wee Birdie
    Required: Wisp and Salamander levels at 3
    Go into the Domina Inn.  Miss Yuka will ask for MenosBronze, Bobab Wood, Animal
    Hide, Topple Cotton Flat Seed, Citrisquid, Rotten Meat, and Sulpher.  Some of
    these can be gotten from the person selling minerals in one of the guest rooms.
    Others can be gotten from the Mana Orchard.  The other ones you should have
    picked up somewhere in your travels.
                            Final Event:
                                  Legend of Mana
    Required: Sword of Mana (Tree of Mana)
    Go to the Mana Tree and climb to the Sanctuary of Mana.  Kill all the monsters
    here to fight the last boss...
    Boss Tip: Mana Goddess
    Hiding in the lower-left corner is a good idea.  The following are her powerful
    -Whirlwind centered on her.
    -Ball of lightning flies and whoever hit gets hacked at.
    -Black Sphere erupts in front of her (VERY STRONG)
    -Used when moon is hidden: Beams unleashed from the moon and sky sweep across
    the ground
    -Used when moon is full: She moves rapidly as a beam of light.
    See the ending, and you'll have started your game over with everything the same
    except the lands, place you play, and artifacts.  It's like the New Game + in
    Chrono Trigger.  I had to go through the game 5 times to get all I have here.
    ------2: Encyclopedias
       Here are all of the encyclopedias.
    Each encyclopedia has the stuff I've written and the actual encyclopedia.
    --------A) Characters
    I have copied the text from the game onto the characters now.
                 1. Nicolo
    Is found in: Events #1, #45-48, #13 and in #29.
    He can be an NPC in your party.
    "He believes that he brings happiness to his customers with his transactions,
    but he sometimes plays dirty tricks on them.  Dislikes the Sproutlings and
                 2. Escad
    Is found in: Events #7, #9, #11, #13, #15, and #33.
    Only found in event #33 if he's not dead.
    He can be an NPC in your party.
    "Born into the Liotte family of Holy Knights.  He fights for the cause of
    justice with an overbearing sense of righteousness."
                 3. Daena
    Is found in: Events #7, #9, #11, #33, #13 and #3.
    Only found in event #33 if she's not dead.
    She can be an NPC in your party.
    "A monk soldier who protects Gato's temple.  She grew up with Escad, Matilda,
    and Irwin, but especially adores Matilda like her own sister."
                 4. Larc
    Is found in: Events #37-#41
    He can be an NPC in your party.  After event #40, he can be an NPC in your
    party if you talk to him at the tombstone at the underworld.
    "A beast-warrior who once was a famous hero.  He became Drakonis's dragoon after
    he died."
                 5: Sierra
    Is found in: Events #37-#40
    She can be an NPC in your party.  After event #40, visit her in the White
    Forest to make her an NPC.
    "A beast-warrior who is Vadise's dragoon.  Never compromises, and always hard on
    herself as well as others."
                 6: Pearl
    Is found in: Events #5, #21, #22, #24, #29, #31-#33
    She can be a useless NPC in your party, unless she transforms into Blackpearl
    (Event #33).  After #33, you can get her in your party at the Bejeweled City.
    "Elazul's partner.  She sometimes has a tough time speaking clearly, and is also
    very shy.  Has a tendency to wander off and get lost while thinking."
                 7: Blackpearl
    Is found in: Events #21, #22, #33, #24
    Blackpearl can be an awesome NPC, but can't be used too much.  See "6: Pearl".
    "A Jumi knight who devotes herself to leading the Jumi through the threat of
    extinction.  A very logical and level-headed individual."
                 8: Elazul
    Is found in: Events #5, #21, #22, #24, #29, #31-#33
    He can be an NPC.  You can get him as an NPC in the Bejeweled City after event
    "Pearl's knight, and one of the youngest Jumi.  He speaks and acts in a rough
    manner and thus starts the occasional fight."
                 9: Elle
    Is found in: Events #26, #59, #65
    She can be an NPC.  She is found in the lighthouse after event #26.
    "A siren who refuses to sing as the result of an accident.  Friends with
    Flameshe and Monique."
                 10: Bud
    Is found in: Event #2, in the house afterwards
    He can be an NPC.  He's in the house after event #2, ready to join you in your
    "Lisa's twin brother.  He thinks he is a great sorcerer, though he still has
    much to learn.  He was run out of the Academy of Magic because he was too
    mischievous.  His magic frying-pan was once his mother's."
                  11: Lisa
    Is found in: Event #2, in the house afterwards
    She can be an NPC.  She's in the house after event #2, ready to join you in your
    "A better sorcerer than her twin brother.  She carries around her father's
                  12: Irwin
    Is found in: Events #17, #11, #13 and #3.
    "A half-demon who is a childhood friend of Daena, Escad, and is particularly
    close to Matilda."
    2nd Entry:
    "He took away Matilda's elemental powers when he saw her suffering from her
    This caused Matilda to age much more rapidly then she was supposed too."
                  13: Matilda
    Is found in: Events #7, #11, #13, #33, and #15.
    "Born into a family of priests in Gato, she began to question the life that
    awaited her.  Matilda became attracted to Irwin and his free way of life."
    2nd Entry:
    "A decade ago her powers were taken by Irwin after their temple escape was
    stopped by Escad.  She has aged drastically since then."
                  14: Inspector Boyd
    Is found in: Events #29, #31, #28, and #23.  Sometimes found outside the church
    in Domina.  The Inspector is working as hard as he can to catch Sandra.
    "A little man with a really loud voice that could even reach a nearby land.  He
    might be the most honest and kind-hearted person you'll ever meet."
                  15: Sandra
    Is found in: Events #29, #31, #28, and #23.  Sometimes found in a guest room in
    the Domina inn.
    "The notorious jewel hunter who steals only the most brilliant jewels.  Her
    daring thefts resulted in secret admirers of her work."
                  16: Alex
    Is found in: The jewel shop in Geo.
    "A mild-mannered geologist who also has a shop in Geo.  He only keeps the shop
    for income to fund his research."
                  17: Florina
    Is found in: #29, #33, after #33 is found in the Bejeweled City
    "A Guardian who was the Clarius in the Bejeweled City of Jumi.  The burden of
    healing all the wounded cores of the Jumi has caused her own core to fall
                  18: Flameshe
    Is found in: Birdcage Lighthouse sometimes, and by the flower booth in the
    market of Polpota Harbor.
    "A teenage mermaid who is sometimes a little hard to deal with.  She sneaked out
    of her family one day and went to the beach, where she met and befriended Elle."
                  19: Pelican
    Is found in: Outskirts of Domina
    "The mail carrier who delivers practically everything.  She often makes mistakes
    and is not always on time, but she does not seem to care."
                  20: Li'l Cactus
    Is found in: Your room in your house!
    "A shy little cactus.  He is a cactus of few words, but he happens to be
    thinking about many things."
                  21: Pokeihl
    Is found in: Events #44, #15, usually in Watts's shop
    "The poet of Truth.  He is one of the Seven Wisdoms, and was a hero who was
    called 'the Messenger of the Cosmic Truth.'"
                  22: Tote
    Is found at: Lake Kilma
    "An ancient turtle who is one of the Seven Wisdoms.  He only introduces himself
    as 'Turtle,' and always speaks in a mild manner."
                  23: Olbohn
    Is found in: The Underworld
    "The keeper of the Underworld and one of the Seven Wisdoms.  In the era of the
    Faerie's War, he went to the Underworld to defeat the Faerie's leader."
                  24: Gilbert
    Is found in: #30, #58, #65, #59
    "The poet of love who even sings during regular conversation.  He travels in
    search of love everywhere."
                  25: Watts
    Is found in: his shop in the mines
    "A master blacksmith who becomes so absorbed in working that he often forgets
                  26: Rosiotti
    Is found in: The Jungle
    "One of the Seven Wisdoms, he was once a hero.  Rosiotti now quietly resides in
    the Jungle as the guardian of the creatures there."
                  27: Duelle
    Is found in: Events #12 and #57, also found in his house
    "An onion warrior.  He likes everything straight-forward and hates people like
    Nicolo with a passion."
                  28: Miss Yuka
    Is found in: Domina Inn
    "The owner of Domina's only inn.  She insists that she is a canary, but there
    are rumors that she is really a Chocobo.  Addressing her as 'Miss Yuka' is a
                  29: The Manager
    Is found in: Lumina Tavern
    "The bar manager in the town of Lumina.  He is a gentleman who feels joy in
    communicating with people."
                  30: The Bartender
    Is found in: Geo Fruit Parlor
    "A young man who has a tendency to feel the blues a little too often.  Sharing
    sob stories with the Manager seems to make him feel a bit better."
                  31: Mark
    Is found in: Domina shop and his house
    "The owner of Domina's item shop and also Rachel's father.  He really loves his
    family, but they seem to be a little sick of his overdose of love."
                  32: Jennifer
    Is found in: Domina shop or marketplace
    "Mark's wife, who likes spending time outside his shop.  She says anything that
    crosses her mind."
                  33: Rachel
    Is found in: Domina pub or her house
    "The daughter of Mark and Jennifer.  She hardly talks, and does not become too
    friendly with anyone.  She is sick of her Faerie-like appearance and the room
                  34: Rev. Nouvelle
    Is found in: Domina church and Lilipea village
    "The caretaker of the church on Domina's outskirts.  He is a kind-hearted man
    full of knowledge, from how to catch Rabites to the history of this world."
                  35: Meimei
    Is found in: Domina Marketplace
    "A glamorous fortune teller.  She led a luxurious and exciting life, but now she
    seems to be saving money for her old age."
                  36: Capella
    Is found in: Domina Park or Lumina Bar
    "An itinerant performer.  He was inspired by Pokeihl's verses and decided to go
    on a journey to send his audience a message of some sort."
                  37: Diddle
    Is found in: Domina Park or Lumina Bar
    "Plays music for his performing partner, Capella.  A kind-hearted, sensitive boy
    who speaks very slowly."
                  38: Rubens
    Is found in: Gato Grottos, Underworld and Bejeweled City
    "A man who has given up everything.  He is hiding the fact that he is a Jumi of
                  39: Prof. Bomb
    Is found in: Prof. Bomb's Lab (Junkyard)
    "The leading pioneer of golem development, who toils in a small laboratory in
    the Junkyard.  Also a girl-chaser."
                  40: Roger
    Is found in: Digger's Hideout
    "He met his true fate when he found divinity with his pet dog, Putty, while
    working as a miner with the dudbears.  Since then he has become a man of faith."
                  41: Putty
    Is found in: Event #4, #16
    "Roger's pet dog.  He was made into a religious icon, but is just a dog."
                  42: Count Dovula
    Is found in: Event #12
    "Guardian of the ruins, he is also the leader of the Succubs clan."
                  43: Basket Fish
    Is found in: Event #28
    "One of the nouveau-riche who looks down on everyone, but in reality he is the
    one who is looked down on by everybody else.  He LOOOOOVES Revanshe the dancer."
                  44: Cap'n Tusk
    Is found in: Captain's Cabin of SS Buccaneer, Event #12
    "The dandy captain of the SS Buccaneer.  He leads the Pirate Penguins with his
    gentlemanly sense of philosophy.  Ladies, he is a real catch!"
                  45: Revanshe
    Is found in: Hotel at Polpota Harbor
    "The dancer at Polpota's Seaside Hotel.  She's always dancing, because dancing
    is her passion, her life."
                  46: Selva
    Is found in: #17, Gato Grottos fork at times.
    "One of the Seven Wisdoms.  He always knows what is happening in Fa'Diel, since
    he is always gathering information from the Lilipeas and the birds."
                  47: Teapo
    Is found in: Rachel's House, Event #12
    "A magical life-from with a kind heart.  She thinks she is a jewelry collector,
    but most of them are fakes Nicolo sold to her."
                  48: Belle
    Is found in: Event #44
    "A spirit of dreams who is in charge of managing all creatures' dreams.  A
    little too pushy at times, but she is only doing her job."
                  49: Esmerelda
    Is found at: Academy of Magic, Event #31
    Can be an NPC in your party.
    "A very charming and sometimes childish student at Geo's Academy of Magic.
    There are rumors that she may be Nunuzac's magical monster, or a ghost."
                  50: Magnolia
    Is found at: Academy of Magic, Event #19
    "A doll with a Fire Stone core that Anuella the Witch made a thousand years ago.
    She lives at the Junkyard, without any hope or will."
                  51: Thesenis
    Is found at: Academy of Magic, Event #63
    "A professor at Geo's Academy of Magic who is also a witch of reincarnation.
    She is the most avoided person there, perhaps of her creepy behavior and
                  52: Nunuzac
    Is found at: Academy of Magic, Event #44
    "Back in the day, he was a conjuror who fought in many wars.  Now he is a
    professor at the Academy of Magic, though his body is represented by a magic
    circle since his body was trapped in another dimension."
                  53: Kathinjina
    Is found at: Academy of Magic, Event #36
    "The most popular professor at the Academy of Magic, she has the power to
    explode things by staring at them.  She always looks out with people, and is
    friends with Thesenis."
                  54: Louie
    Is found at: Junkyard
    "The caretaker of the magical creatures of the Junkyard.  He is an old magical
    creature himself, and he understands the anger and sorrow they feel."
                  55: Mephianse
    Is found at: Academy of Magic, Event #36
    "A professor at Geo's Academy of Magic who has a strong passion for magic."
                  56: Skippie
    Is found in: Palace of Arts, Event #8 and #64
    "A shy little man who is a really fast runner.  He sees through everything, and
    is sometimes cunning.  Works at Kristie's place with Hamson."
                  57: Hamson
    Is found in: Palace of Arts, Event #8 and #64
    "A big man who has the muscles, but not the mind for fighting.  Stupidly honest
    and can't seem to see the obvious."
                  58: Mr. Moti
    Is found: All over the world!
    "He is everywhere doing everything."
                  59: Diana
    Is found in: Bejeweled City, Events #31, #32, and #29
    "The leader of the Jumi, and a Jumi of Diamond herself.  She tried to keep the
    Jumi from extinction, but her hard-headed dictatorship caused her to lose
                  60: Crystalle
    Is found in: Event #25
    "The beautiful snow Faerie who guards the Garden of Icicle Flowers."
                  61: Sotherbee
    Is found at: Palace of Arts, Event #8 and #64
    "Madame Kristie's butler.  He does everything perfectly, but inside he is still
    a little child.  His nickname is 'Mr. Fuddy-Duddy.'"
                  62: Kristie
    Is found at: Palace of Arts
    "The owner of Geo's palace, which is also an art gallery.  Deeply loves art,
    money, herself, and everything else."
                  63: Monique
    Is found in: Lumina Lamp Shop, Events #30, #26, and #59
    "A siren who works at Lumina's lamp shop.  She sings to the spirits ad asks them
    to light her lamps in return, then later sells the lamps."
                  64: Students
    Are found in: Event #36, Geo
    "Students at Geo's Academy of Magic.  The color of their robes differ by
                  65: Thoma
    Is found in: Event #26, #28
    "A soldier belonging to the Deathbringer's army.  His mind is being controlled
    by the Deathbringer, and he would do anything for his lord."
                  66: Thona
    Is found in: Event #26, #28
    "One of the Deathbringer's skeletal soldiers.  His body has died, but his soul
    is still controlled by the Deathbringer."
                  67: Sproutlings
    Are found: All over the world!
    "Little creatures that appear out of nowhere and end up living in any town.
    They all share the same mind with each other."
                  68: Gaeus
    Is found at: The Highway
    "A huge face on a mountainside that is also one of the Seven Wisdoms.  He always
    has answers to any question."
                  69: Cancun Bird
    Is found at: Gato, Event #17
    "A huge and mysterious bird that is said to have been living in Gato over the
    past several centuries."
                  70: Flowerlings
    Are found at: Ruins, Bone Fortress
    "When a flower blooms on a Sproutling's head, it becomes a flowerling.  There
    are males and females, but the only difference between the two seems to be
                  71: Lilipeas
    Are found at: White Forest, Jungle
    "Strange, small creatures with tiny bird nests on their heads.  They multiply by
    rolling some mud into Lilipea shapes."
                  72: Pirate Penguins
    Are found at: Event #10, SS Buccaneer
    "Penguins that have the tendency to tell silly jokes a little too often.
    Extremely proud of the fact that they are pirates, though they don't seem to act
    like pirates very often."
                  73: Faeries
    Are found at: Lake Kilma, Jungle
    "Deeply love nature and dislike humans.  But they are still interested in what
    humans are up to."
                  74: Dudbears
    Are found at: Digger's Hideout in the Mines, Lumina, Event #16
    "Diggers who work for Roger's mining business.  Now they are forced to join his
    new religious activities, with the dog as their lord."
                  75: Shadoles
    Are found in: The Underworld
    "Shadows of all living creatures and inhabitants of the Underworld.  They share
    the same consciousness."
                  76: Nuns
    Are found at: Gato
    "Women who are in the process of spiritual training at Gato's temple."
                  77: Wind Callers
    Are found at: Norn Peaks
    "The clan that serves Akravator as his dragoons.  They are open-hearted to those
    who respect their traditions, but no others."
                  78: Trent
    Is found at: Event #56
    "The ancient tree that lives in the backyard at Home.  He swallows seeds to
    produce fruits and vegetables on his branches."
                  79: Boink
    Is found: Lots of places such as The Highway and Mekiv Caverns
    "A strange creature that knows the links between dimensions.  Those who touch it
    will immediately fly to where its tail is."
    --------B) Artifacts and Lands
    This section tells you what the artifacts are, what lands they create, and how
    to get them.  The "Encyclopedia Entry" below shows the entries.
    Artifact       | Land           | Where to get it
    Mailbox        | Home           | You start with it
    Colorblocks    | Domina         | Talk to the sproutling in front of your house
    Wheel          | Luon Highway   | Event #1 (Nicolo's Business Unusual)
    Jade Egg       | Mekiv Caverns  | Event #5 (The Lost Princess), The Lucky Clover
    Stone Eye      | Lake Kilma     | The Lost Princess (#5)
    Flame          | Gato Grottos   | Nicolo's Business Unusual (#1) or The Gorgon's
                                      Eye (#10)
    Medallion      | Jungle         | Nicolo's Business Unusual (#1) or The Gorgon's
                                      Eye (#10), OR The Quiet Sea (#34)
    Firefly Lamp   | Lumina         | The Lost Princess (#5)
    Sand Rose      | Duma Desert    | Huntin' Du'Cate (#8) or Faeries' Light (#30)
    Trembling Spoon| The Underworld | Faeries' Light (#30)
    Ancient Tablet | Midas Ruins    | Huntin' Du'Cate (#8) or The Flame of Hope
    Torch of Coral | Madora Beach   | The Dragon Princess(#37) or The Flame of
                                      Hope(#23), Reach for the Stars (#36)
    Broken Doll    | Junkyard       | Nicolo's Business Unusual: Part 2 (#45) or
                                      Reach for the Stars (#36), The Fallen
                                      Emperor (#41)
    Skull Lantern  | Norn Peaks     | Event #41 (The Fallen Emperor)
    Rusty Anchor   | Polpota Harbor | Summer Lovin'(#27) or Teatime of Danger (#12)
    Moon's Mirror  | Tower of Leires| Summer Lovin'(#27), Mine Your Own Business
                                      (#14), or The Infernal Doll (#19)
    Tome of Magic  | Geo            | Event #19 (The Infernal Doll)
    Dragonbone     | Bone Fortress  | Event #39 (The Guardian of Winds)
    Bottled Spirit | Ulkan Mines    | Drowned Dreams (#28) or Teatime of
                                      Danger (#12)
    Pirate's Hook  | SS Buccaneer   | Drowned Dreams (#28)
    Frozen Heart   | Fieg Snowfields| The Looking-Glass Tower (#21)
    Green Cane     | White Forest   | Event #38 (The Ghost of Nemesis)
    Golden Seed    | Orchard        | Harvest 60 pieces of fruit from Trent
    Brooch of Love | Lucemia        | Event #17 (Heaven's Gate)
    Jumi Staff     | Bejeweled City | Event #33 (Teardrop Crystal)
    -----None----- | The Flames     | See Event #40 (The Crimson Dragon)
    Sword of Mana  | Tree of Mana   | See Event #44 (Cage of Dreams)
    Encyclopedia Entry:
    1. Home
    "Home sweet home!  Your home is comfortably located near a giant tree,
    surrounded by nature.  Many visitors come and go.
    See MAILBOX"
    2. Domina
    "A lively town frequented by traveling merchants and entertainers.  The
    outskirts boast a church with a fabulous view of the countryside.
    3. Luon Highway
    "This highway was once traversed by merchants and entertainers, but the
    highwaymen have stopped all of the traffic.  Some say that one of the Seven
    Wisdoms lives nearby.
    See WHEEL"
    4. Mekiv Caverns
    "This limestone cavern was created by underground currents.  Over the centuries
    it was hollowed out, and pillars were created.  The cavern is made up of many
    See JADE EGG"
    5. Lake Kilma
    "This sizeable lake is surrounded by quiet, forested mountains.  Faeries,
    servants of the lake, are often witnessed there.  Some say that incredible
    treasure lies under the lake.
    See STONE EYE"
    6. Gato Grottoes
    "A town protected by divine winds.  It is always windy on the dangerous
    precipices.  The temple of healing there is dedicated to the Spirits of Air and
    See FLAME"
    7. Jungle
    "Due to thick vegetation, many became lost in this jungle.  Others claim to have
    witnessed Faeries, while some say one of the Wisdoms resides here.
    8. Lumina
    "The town of endless night.  The town is always bathed in the light of the full
    moon, so it never becomes completely dark.  There is a tavern where Dudbears
    9. Duma Desert
    "Only cactus grows in this wasteland.  Great fossils litter the landscape, and
    flowing sands hinder each step.  It could be the ideal site to conduct a
    colossal experiment.
    See SAND ROSE"
    10. The Underworld
    "Souls who have departed their earthly vessels are judged by the King of the
    Underworld.  His vassals, the Shadoles, bring the departed to the Underworld.
    11. Mindas Ruins
    "These ruins are all that is left of a city which prospered around a tower,
    built by mages during the end of the Faerie War.
    12. Madora Beach
    "Come to Madora Beach for the best sun-bathing and finest sand anywhere.
    Explore our many caverns!  While you're here, why not try some crab-hunting.
    13. Junkyard
    "This trash-heap is home to discarded items, mass-produced to fight in a long-
    forgotten war.  Some of the objects still bear a grudge towards humanity, and
    cling to their warrior past.
    14. Norn Peaks
    "Strong winds howl through the treacherous mountain passes.  The foothills are
    home to a settlement of Wind-Callers, and their Guardian Spirit is said to
    reside on the highest peak.
    15. Polpota Harbor
    "A tropical resort, home to soft breezes and sun-kissed surf.  The Seaside Hotel
    provides lodging in the center of the town.
    16. Tower of Leires
    "Looming in the night sky, the Tower of Leires was constructed by magicians
    during the Faerie Wars to increase their supply of Mana.  Nowadays, the tower is
    nothing but a stone testament to the power of its builders.
    17. Geo
    "A castle-town with an academic atmosphere.  Kristie's palace occupies the
    center.  The instructors at the Academy of Magic have a lot of personality.
    18. The Bone Fortress
    "A tiny Flowerling village rests atop a gentle slope.  Towering above them looms
    the Bone Fortress.  It is said that the foliage around the walls holds huge
    amounts of Mana.
    19. Ulkan Mines
    "The Ulkan Mines have been abandoned for ages.  Now, only curious weaponsmiths
    hunt for ore, for a suspicious gang is based here.
    20. SS Buccaneer
    "The good ship of the famed Cap'n Tusk, leader of a band of pirates.  They have
    sailed north, south, east, and west in search of buried treasure.
    21. Fieg Snowfields
    "A frozen land buried in snow.  Some say Faeries' treasure is hidden here, but
    none have ever laid eyes upon it.  There are reports of an abominable snowman
    22. The White Forest
    "A dense forest, home of the White Dragon.  Legend has it that the forest is
    populated by an extremely rare folk.
    23. Orchard
    "A tree with a striking resemblance to the one in your backyard.  Perhaps
    mankind will never understand the connection which all plant life shares.
    24. Lucemia
    "Irwin has resurrected this legendary beast, who came from beyond the stars
    during the ancient wars.  The wingless dragon split the earth asunder and razed
    entire cities, only to swallow a volcano and burn himself up."
    25. Bejeweled City
    "This is the home of the Jumi.  Boulder-size jewels comprise every part of the
    city, and now, even after the fall of the Jumi, it still shines with an
    everlasting glow.
    26. The Flames
    "The castle of Drakonis. He has raised his domain from the depths of the
    Underworld to return to the land of the mortals."
    27. Tree of Mana
    "The ultimate source of all things.  Everything within the Sanctuary exists in
    an eternally invisible immovable, absolute state.
    1. Mailbox
    "A few letters a month can mean a lot to a lonely, far-off home.
    See MAILBOX"
    2. Colorblocks
    "The town changes through the ages according to its citizens.  It doesn't change
    according to bring about a new age.
    See DOMINA"
    3. Wheel
    "Even the longest roads are rutted by hundreds of wagons which traverse them.
    Roads remember their travelers, and wagon wheels are reflections of those
    4. Jade Egg
    "By taking a stone formed through the ages inside the earth and shaping it into
    the source of all things, the earth's creative power was captured inside.
    5. Stone Eye
    "This artifact uses the power of the Master of the Lake to turn to stone those
    who harm the lake.  However, the power does not respond to the will of mankind.
    6. Flame
    "That which illuminated the shrine was but a small flame.  Before long, mankind
    ceased to notice the fire, but its significance continued to grow.
    7. Medallion
    "The beasts who followed a wise man were eaten by an invading beast.  It then
    gained wisdom and became a wise man itself.
    See JUNGLE"
    8. Firefly Lamp
    "One poet wrote that all of history comes from lovers' whispers.  It was a poem
    of lovers talking of love and the future, under the cool light of fireflies in
    the midsummer night sky.
    See LUMINA"
    9. Sand Rose
    "An image of a rose in the Sanctuary of Mana; it never became a true rose.  It
    turned into crystal, its powers trapped inside for all eternity.
    10. Trembling Spoon
    "A silver spoons for scooping up flames to baptize departed souls into the
    Underworld.  Sometimes a soul who resists death become trapped inside; then the
    spoon begins to tremble and must be discarded.
    11. Ancient Tablet
    "Long ago, a civilization very different than our own, unimaginable scientific
    advances were made, and are recorded on this tablet.  However, mankind has lost
    the ability to decipher it.
    12. Torch of Coral
    "The Mermen appear on the shore using a flame from this torch.  It gives off
    light invisible to human eyes, and so they remain hidden.
    13. Broken Doll
    "This doll was a servant of mankind when artifacts were used as instruments of
    14. Skull Lantern
    "Mages, searching for a gem guarded by a dragon, crafted a skull of a fallen
    comrade into a lantern.  It glows of its own accord.
    15. Rusty Anchor
    "Even large anchors are small compared to their ships.  These very anchors are
    what hold the ships firmly to the harbor, not unlike mankind's roll on earth.
    See POLPOTA"
    16. Moon's Mirror
    "The mages of antiquity would pour water onto the mirror and reflect the moon
    and stars to learn of mankind's fate from the heavens.
    17. Tome of Magic
    "In ages past, many tried to explain the works of the gods, spending much time
    making incredible sacrifices.  The secrets they have uncovered are small, but
    hold enough power to destroy a continent.
    See GEO"
    18. Dragonbone
    "Ages ago, bones from dragons were used by alchemists.  The Dragon of Wisdom
    lived the longest and had unbelievable powers.  Their bones were the hardest to
    19. Bottled Spirit
    "Once, a foolish mage tried to seize the powers of a spirit by imprisoning it in
    a bottle.  The mage was immediately slain by the spirit's curse, but the bottle
    containing a powerful spirit remained.
    20. Pirate's Hook
    "When a land-dweller first sets out to sea, he is faced with dangers unknown.
    Even after replacing a lost hand with a hook, pirates continue to challenge
    these dangers everyday.
    21. Frozen Heart
    "Once a gem hardens into a core, it grows swiftly, not unlike the hardness of
    one's heart.  If the core grows large, it may remain despite its owner's death.
    22. Green Cane
    "The cane is capable of drawing power from the earth, converting it to Mana, and
    releasing it into the atmosphere.  It is said that by sticking it into the
    ground, an entire forest shall grow overnight.
    23. Golden Seed
    "Seeds contain everything.  Everything starts from a seed.  Each generation of
    seeds produces another.
    24. Brooch of Love
    "This was given to a mage who promised to acknowledge all and understand all.
    Whoever wears this brooch is charged with overcoming any ordeal through love.
    See LUCEMIA"
    25. Jumi's Staff
    "A staff replete with the power of gems of every color.  The jewels draw in and
    store the waves of various kinds of Mana.  They can then be released.
    26. Sword of Mana
    "This sword has the will to shape its own destiny.  It is said that a disruption
    of air follows this blade, and if you listen closely, you can hear the air
    around it hum.
    --------C) Items and Equipment
    You get these encyclopedias near the beginning of the game.
    Getting these encyclopedias:
    Talk to Jessica (By the fruit-fortune lady) to get the items encyclopedia
    on her day off.
    Talk to Mark (In the chair in Rachel/Teapo/Duelle's house) on his day off
    to get the equipment encyclopedia.
    Encyclopedia Entry:
    1: Metal
    "Primary Material. Metallurgy has been the barometer of a civilization's
    technological level. Different types of metals in Fa'Diel are named after the
    areas where they were mined."
    2: Wood
    "Primary Material. Trees of Fa'Diel distribute the Mana energy as air for the
    creatures in this world. Tools and simple buildings have been made with wood
    since the ancient times."
    3: Stone
    "Primary Material. Stones have been used since the beginning of time as tools,
    decorations, and in architecture."
    4: Hide
    "Primary Material. Armor can be made from softer materials such as hide, but one
    should be aware of the compatibility between the material and the item."
    5: Scales
    "Primary Material. Scales of some monsters and dragons can be used to make armor
    and weapons. The materials used to create such items are reflected in their
    effects and parameters."
    6: Bone
    "Primary Material. The world of Fa'Diel uses bones from the monsters living
    there. When making armor, pay specific attention to the materials' defense
    levels for effective compositions."
    7: Fabric
    "Primary Material. Fabric can be used to strengthen equipment as well as being
    the primary material for armor. Those with mysterious patterns or colorful
    designs may have magical properties."
    8: Aerolite
    "Primary Material. Aerolites are rocks that fall from the sky. They tend to have
    unusual and useful properties when used to make equipment."
    9: Mana Stone
    "Secondary Material. Mana Stones contain high concentration of Mana energy.
    There are Mana Stones of Fire, Earth, Wind, and Water."
    10: Mana Crystal
    "When pure Mana energy becomes crystallized, Mana Crystals are made. Most of
    them glow with the energy, but some that absorb light have been found."
    11: Coins
    "Secondary Material. These coins represent the energy of each elemental spirit.
    Sometimes the spirits give them to mortals they favor."
    12: Seeds
    "Secondary Material. Each seed has a different color, and, like mixing paint,
    one can grow wider varieties of produce by planting two different seeds together
    at the same time."
    13: Produce
    "The produce that grows in the orchards varies by the seed combinations, the day
    of the week they were planted, and by luck. Used to feed pets and to color
    14: Meat
    "Secondary Material. Meat can be acquired by defeating different types of
    monsters, and then it can be used along with produce to catch monster eggs."
    15: Fangs & Claws
    "Secondary Material. The most powerful parts of monsters. Fangs and claws are
    often used to make protective and magical items such as talismans."
    16: Eyes
    "Secondary Material. Some stones look like eyeballs of monsters, and they also
    have magical properties. Eyes are divided into groups by their appearance."
    17: Feathers
    "Secondary Material. Usually the Aerial monsters' feathers are sold on the
    market, but sometimes beautiful Arthropod monsters' wings are considered
    18: Bottles
    "Secondary Material. There are all sorts of liquids in many different bottles.
    Some seem to contain liquids you cannot drink, and others you couldn't even
    guess when they were last opened."
    19: Vials
    "Secondary Material. Even the most unthinkable things could be sealed in these
    vials. There could be whispers, curses, or maybe even some stinky breath."
    20: Urns
    "Secondary Material. No one can guess what these urns contain, or what they are
    for. What could be inside the urns you find in this story?"
    21: Pellets
    "Secondary Material. Little medicine pills made of material you would not
    normally eat. Those that are known to be effective have a higher price tag."
    22: Powders
    "Secondary Material. Some are mere dirt and some are blends of materials with
    creepy effects. Keep out of reach of children."
    23: Pouches
    "Secondary Material. These pouches could contain some really unusual and
    exciting items. On the other hand, the items may be quite normal and plain."
    1: Knife
    "A dagger. It comes in many different styles, and much work goes into crafting
    the handle and blade. Most are designed to be practical. A shield cannot be used
    with a knife. Although it has the shortest reach, the rate of movement is the
    2: Sword
    "A long sword. Most are double-edged and have sharp tips. The sword is
    considered a holy weapon due to the precious metals it is made from. It is
    wielded in one hand, so the rate of movement is average."
    3: Axe
    "Also known as the hand-axe or hatchet, the axe is a single-bladed weapon
    wielded in one hand. Often thought of as primitive, the rate of its movement is
    slower than the sword."
    4: 2H Sword
    "The ultimate in swords requires two hands. Yields epic damage when swung in a
    wide arc. Cannot be used with a shield. It's quite heavy, so the rate of your
    movement is slower."
    5: 2H Axe
    "The two-handed axe is used for embedding a cold piece of steel in your enemies.
    With an axe like this, who needs a shield? Unfortunately, the sheer weight of
    this weapon will slow your movement to a snail's pace."
    6: Hammer
    "Knock some sense into your opponents with this huge two-handed hammer. But
    don't complain about the slowest movement rate and being unable to use a
    7: Spear
    "A great way to keep uglies at a distance. However, in actual combat the spear
    is used in a variety of ways. Of course, a shield is out of the question, and
    the shape of the weapon precludes fast movement."
    8: Staff
    "Long staves such as these have multiple uses, and can hit an enemy both up
    close and far away. Since they require both hands, a shield cannot be used, and
    the rate of movement is slower than when wielding a spear."
    9: Glove
    "Nothing beats pummeling the enemy with these reinforced punching gloves. Of
    course, proper boxing stance precludes the use of a shield. Even though the
    attack range is short, the rate of its movement is very fast."
    10: Flail
    "Incredible power is gained when two or more staves are connected with a chain.
    The rate of its movement is quite good, but it is impossible to use a shield
    while wielding a flail."
    11: Bow
    "With a bow, one can lay waste to enemies from afar, and thwack them when up
    close, as well. Scoring a direct hit, however, requires much practice. A shield
    cannot be equipped with a bow."
    12: Shield
    "The smart sword or axe-wielder will always keep a shield handy. From large,
    bejeweled shields to the familiar frying-pan lid, shields vary greatly in size
    and strength."
    13: Helm
    "Providing ample protection for the head, helms come in all shapes and sizes,
    from great steel helms to upside-down pots. The round shape of the helm helps
    deflect incoming blows."
    14: Hat
    "Unlike helms, hats are often worn for the enchantments contained within, rather
    than for physical defense. They often grace the heads of well-known mages and
    15: Hauberk
    "There is a wide range of hauberk types, from highly-decorated ceremonial
    hauberk to hauberk that is too heavy for practical use."
    16: Robe
    "Oft worn by mages and clergymen, robes are often designed for other purposes
    than mere physical protection, and are decorated with holy symbols or arcane
    17: Gauntlets
    "Gauntlets come in many shapes and sizes, but all of them help protect the arms
    and hands from nasty cuts and bruises."
    18: Ring
    "Even a small ring can help protect the finger. Some are plain, while others are
    works of art, worn by those wise in the ways of magic. Some rings are said to
    hold incredible power."
    19: Boots
    "Heavy footwear for the combat enthusiast, boots give protection to the feet,
    ankles, and shins from common nicks and scratches, where needed most."
    20: Sandals
    "Light footwear for the fashion-conscious warrior, sandals afford less physical
    protection than boots, but they seem to protect best against magic."
    21: Armor
    "Completely protecting the head, torso, arms, and legs, armor gives outstanding
    protection. However, very little additional armor can be worn, because armor
    covers the whole body."
    22: Mantle
    "Mantles are worn over the shoulders, and can be worn over any kind of armor.
    Most protect against magical attacks."
    23: Pendant
    "An accessory that can be worn under all types of armor, pendants are used for
    their protective properties."
    24: Harp
    "Harps are stringed instruments that can be used to perform magic with an
    Elemental Coin. Such coins are gained by negotiating with a Spirit."
    25: Marimba
    "The marimba is a percussion instrument that can be used to play magic with an
    Elemental Coin. The cycles of magic are determined by the type of instrument,
    its main material, and the property of the Elemental Coin used."
    26: Flute
    "The flute is a wind instrument which can be used to play magic by using an
    Elemental Coin. Elemental Coins are important because they help determine the
    type and cycle of magic that will be played."
    27: Drum
    "The drum is a percussion instrument which can be used to play magic with an
    Elemental Coin. During negotiations with a Spirit, it is important to play tunes
    the Spirit enjoys listening to."
    --------D) Monsters
    For information on what the classes are useful for, see Monster Corral -->
    Finding Monsters
    Encyclopedia Entry:
    STR = Strength
    WK = Weakness
    1: Rabite -Beast-
    "STR: Wisp, Dryad
    WK: Shade, Aura
    A round bunny-like monster. Watch out for its biting attacks!"
    2: Molebear -Beast-
    "STR: Aura, Gnome
    WK: Dryad, Salamander
    It attacks with its long, sharp claws, and likes hiding underground."
    3: Teedie -Beast-
    "STR: Jinn, Undine
    WK: Gnome
    Attacks enemies by throwing rocks and feathers."
    4: Howler -Beast-
    "STR: Jinn
    WK: Gnome
    Attacks by jump-kicking with its strong hind legs."
    5: Gray Ox -Beast-
    "STR: Aura, Undine
    WK: Dryad, Jinn
    It attacks enemies by headbutting with its horns or by licking them."
    6: Lullabud -Plant-
    "STR: Wisp, Dryad
    WK: Shade, Aura
    Spews toxic pollen to poison its enemies."
    7: Mushboom -Plant-
    STR: Shade, Dryad
    WK: Wisp, Aura
    A cute mushroom that attacks by kicking, and by throwing its own cap."
    8: Shrieknip -Plant-
    "STR: Dryad, Gnome.
    WK: Aura, Salamander.
    A giant radish that shoots its leaves and seeds like missiles."
    9: Marlboro -Plant-
    STR: Aura, Gnome
    WK: Dryad
    All it can do is punch anything in front of it and exhale really stinky breath."
    10: Wooding -Plant-
    "STR: Wisp, Dryad.
    WK: Shade, Aura.
    A tree that became possessed by evil spirits. Attacks with its arm-like
    11: Stinger Bug -Anthropod-
    "STR: Wisp, Dryad, Jinn
    WK: Shade, Aura, Gnome
    Attacks with its scythe-like forearms, and with its huge needle in back."
    12: Hoppin' Tick -Arthropod-
    "STR: Aura, Salamander
    WK: Dryad, Undine
    It jumps on enemies to suck out blood."
    13: Silkspitter -Arthropod-
    "STR: Dryad
    WK: Aura
    Instead of making a cocoon for itself, it spews out fiber to attack enemies.
    Maybe it doesn't want to grow up."
    14: Sand Scorpion -Arthropod-
    "STR: Dryad, Gnome
    WK: Aura, Salamander
    Watch out for its gigantic pinchers and tail!"
    15: Gloomoth -Arthropod-
    "STR: Salamander, Jinn
    WK: Gnome, Undine
    Sprews poisonous scale-powder on enemies. It can also shoot out lethal eye-
    16: Tonpole -Reptile-
    "STR: Wisp, Undine
    WK: Shade, Jinn
    A cute little tadpole that is trying its best to be a good monster."
    17: Lizardon -Reptile-
    "STR: Undine
    WK: Jinn
    It swallows the enemies by using its tongue, whether it's hungry or not."
    18: Rattler Boa -Reptile-
    "STR: Dryad.
    WK: Aura.
    A rattlesnake that wraps around its enemies to cause great damage."
    19: Basilisk -Reptile-
    "STR: Jinn, Undine
    WK: Gnome
    Its eye beams cause petrifaction in a flash!"
    20: Tyrranos -Reptile-
    "STR: Gnome
    WK: Salamander
    It chomps on any enemies with its huge jaws."
    21: Iffish -Aquatic-
    "STR: Undine
    WK: Jinn
    A colorful spiny fish. Attacks with its water-bubble cannon."
    22: Pincher Crab -Aquatic-
    "STR: Undine
    WK: Jinn
    A grumpy crab. Shoots out its huge pinchers to attack enemies."
    23: Seajack -Aquatic-
    "STR: Undine
    WK: Jinn
    A shark with a gigantic saw-like nose. Watch for its lethal body blow!"
    24: Seadragon -Aquatic-
    "STR: Undine
    WK: Jinn
    A sleepy-looking monster. Attacks with water while floating in the air."
    25: Big Baby -Aquatic-
    "STR: Undine
    WK: Jinn
    An adorable-looking monster with big eyes. Spits out water bubbles."
    26: Needlebeak -Aerial-
    "STR: Wisp, Jinn
    WK: Shade, Gnome
    A ball-like bird which attacks with its sharp beak."
    27: Bloodsucker -Aerial-
    "STR: Shade, Jinn
    WK: Wisp, Gnome
    Attacks with ultrasonic waves. For some strange reason it belongs to the Aerial
    28: Cockatrice -Aerial-
    STR: Dryad, Gnome
    WK: Aura, Salamander
    A chubby, bird- like monster. Its tail is a snake that can bite and petrify
    29: Chocobo -Aerial-
    "STR: Wisp, Jinn
    WK: Shade, Gnome
    Nope, not the same chocobo you know!"
    30: Garuda -Aerial-
    STR: Wisp, Jinn
    WK: Shade, Gnome
    A large, bird-like monster that attacks with its sharp beak and claws."
    31: Shadow Zero -Morph-
    "STR: Shade
    WK: Wisp
    A quick-moving shadow with big attacks."
    32: Slime -Morph-
    "STR: Gnome
    WK: Salamander
    A gooey drop with two eyeballs.
    33: Tezla -Morph-
    "STR: Wisp.
    WK: Shade.
    Generates an electric field to zap anything around it."
    34: Denden -Morph-
    "STR: Dryad
    WK: Aura
    A winged snail that can move faster than its ground-crawling kin."
    35: Moldy Goo -Morph-
    "STR: Aura, Undine
    WK: Dryad, Jinn
    A big lump of mold with dead soldiers' weapons stuck to it."
    36: Skull Beast -Undead-
    "STR: Gnome
    WK: Salamander
    Just a bunch of animal bones with a funny walk."
    37: Zombine -Undead-
    "STR: Gnome, Undine
    WK: Salamander, Jinn
    They happen to be born this way."
    38: Specter -Undead-
    "STR: Gnome, Undine
    WK: Salamander, Jinn
    A monster that attacks enemies by slapping them with its big hands."
    39: Skeleton -Undead-
    "STR: Shade, Dryad, Gnome
    WK: Wisp, Aura, Salamander
    A fancily-clad skeleton knight."
    40: Ape Mummy -Undead-
    "STR: Shade, Gnome
    WK: Wisp, Salamander
    A large mummified ape. It charges towards enemies to attack."
    41: Imp -Demonic-
    "STR: Shade, Jinn
    WK: Wisp, Gnome
    A tiny demon with a tiny spear. It can use some magic, too."
    42: Fierce Face -Demonic-
    "STR: Salamander
    WK: Undine
    A flaming monster-head that floats in the air."
    43: Punkster -Demonic-
    "STR: Shade, Jinn
    WK: Wisp, Gnome
    A fun-loving demon that likes to start cyclones."
    44: Dark Stalker -Demonic-
    "STR: Shade
    WK: Wisp
    A knight of shadow, clad in heavy armor. It summons other monsters."
    45: Chimera Beast -Demonic-
    "STR: Wisp, Undine
    WK: Shade, Jinn
    A huge chimera that petrifies enemies with its eye beams."
    46: Kid Dragon -Dragon-
    "STR: Salamander, Jinn
    WK: Gnome, Undine
    A half-pint dragon that could spit out some fire."
    47: Sky Dragon -Dragon-
    "STR: Jinn
    WK: Gnome
    An aerial dragon with a glide attack."
    48: Land Dragon -Dragon-
    "STR: Aura, Gnome
    WK: Dryad, Salamander
    A dragon with tough skin.  It has a tendency to go berserk."
    49: Eye Spy -Oddity-
    "STR: Wisp, Gnome
    WK: Shade, Salamander
    Attacks with eye beams, and can disappear to hide from enemies."
    50: Spiny Cone -Oddity-
    "STR: Dryad, Jinn
    WK: Aura, Gnome
    A shadowy creature. Shoots out thorns and poisonous air."
    51: Poto -Oddity-
    "STR: Undine.
    WK: Jinn.
    A really sleepy-looking monster that attacks enemies by licking them."
    52: Beholder -Oddity-
    "STR: Aura, Salamander
    WK: Dryad, Undine
    A huge eyeball that floats in the air."
    53: Springball -Oddity-
    "STR: Aura
    WK: Dryad
    Attacks enemies by using its springy neck."
    54: Cursed Doll -Poltergeist-
    "STR: Shade
    WK: Wisp
    A doll that was given a mind. Their existence is meaningful only when they
    55: Polter Box -Poltergeist-
    "STR: Aura, Gnome
    WK: Dryad, Salamander
    It preys upon unwary treasure-hunters with surprise attacks."
    56: Chess Knight -Poltergeist-
    "STR: Shade, Gnome
    WK: Wisp, Salamander
    Its overwhelming wish to fight turned it into a monster."
    57: Dainslaif -Poltergeist-
    "STR: Shade, Aura
    WK: Wisp, Dryad
    A possessed weapon that exists to fight."
    58: Machine Golem -Poltergeist-
    "STR: Aura
    WK: Dryad
    A man-made Golem. It was not supposed to have its own mind."
    59: Chobin Hood -Demi-human-
    "STR: Dryad.
    WK: Aura.
    A master bow-hunter species. They look cute, but they could be pretty mean."
    60: Goblin -Demi-human-
    "STR: Shade, Dryad
    WK: Wisp, Aura
    It firmly believes that evil doing is the true meaning of life."
    61: Tomato Man -Demi-human-
    "STR: Aura, Salamander
    WK: Dryad, Undine
    A clan of black-magic priests. It is said that they never leave their pots."
    62: Sahagin -Demi-human-
    "STR: Undine
    WK: Jinn
    It became a demi-human as it began living ashore."
    63: Succubus -Demi-human-
    "STR: Shade, Jinn
    WK: Wisp, Gnome
    One of the vampire clans. They tend to look down on the other clans."
    64: Narcissos -Demi-human-
    "STR: Aura, Gnome
    WK: Dryad, Salamander
    This clan is obsessed with staying in shape by practicing their own martial
    65: Mad Mallard -Demi-human-
    "STR: Wisp, Salamander
    WK: Shade, Undine
    Loaded with attitude, these ducks pop out egg-bombs."
    66: Axebeak
    "A bird-like creature that lives in the deserts."
    67: Chimera Lord
    "A demonic creature with fierce appearance."
    68: Punkmaster
    "A small creature with an evil mind."
    69: Gremlin
    "A mischievous little demonic creature."
    70: Shadow Zero-One
    "A shadow that loves grabbing people's attention."
    71: Skeletal Soldier
    Soldiers of the Deathbringer's army."
    72: Wind Callers
    "The entire clan serves Akravator as his dragoons."
    73: Count Dovula
    "The leader of the Succubus Clan."
    74: Mantis Ant
    75: Hegs Ant
    76: Du'Inke
    77: Du'Cate
    78: Du'Mere
    79: Gorgon's Eye
    80: Boreal Hound
    81: Gova
    82: Spriggan
    83: Labanne
    84: Tropicallo
    85: Fullmetal Haggar
    86: Orc
    87: Jewel Beast
    88: Jewel Beast II
    89: Jewel Beast III
    90: Jewel Beast IV
    91: Iron Centaur
    92: Larc the Centaur
    93: Zenoa
    94: The Deathbringer
    95: Deathbringer II  (You need a Saga Frontier 2 save for this.  See Tips 'n'
    Tricks --> Fun Stuff)
    96: Kima
    97: Hitodama
    98: Akravator
    99: Jajara
    100: Vadise
    101: Drakonis
    102: Lord of Jewels
    103: Irwin
    104: The Mana Goddess
    105: Note
    "(Example) STR: Wisp, Dryad.
    WK: Shade, Aura.
    The example above shows that the monster becomes stronger (STR) in lands with
    more Wisp and Dryad influence, and weaker (WK) in Shade and Aura lands. This
    does not affect the player's pet monsters."
    --------E) Produce
    My notes:
    Harvest around 40 fruits from Trent to get this book. You can also get this book
    much earlier.  Talk to Rev. Nouvelle (the guy at the church).  Choose to talk
    about the town, then townsmen, then others, then Meimei to get the produce
    Each seed has a color. I have no clue what the colors mean.  You can get some
    seeds from enemies, and others from Trent when you grow seeds.  You can buy some
    seeds at the Bone Fortress after The Field Trip (#63).  It's seems to be easier
    to get rarer fruits and seeds in the Orchard.
    Some Planting Stuff:
    Oblong  + Crooked = Red, Yellow and Orange Families
    Round   + Oblong  = Blue, Yellow and Green Families
    Crooked + Round   = Blue, Red and Purple Families
    Round   + Long    = Green, Purple and Black Families
    Spiky             = All Families
    Round Seed - Blue
    Oblong Seed - Yellow
    Crooked Seed - Red
    Big Seed - Green
    Small Seed - Orange
    Long Seed - Purple
    Flat Seed - White
    Spiny Seed - Rainbow
    Effects of Produce:
    Pwr - Power
    Skl - Skills
    Def - Defense
    Mgc - Magic
    HP - HP
    Spr - Spirit
    Chm - Charm
    Lck - Luck
    Agr - Aggressiveness
    Arr - Arrogant
    Clm - Calm
    Ind - Indecisive
    Sch - Scheming
    Laz - Lazy
    Frd - Friendly
    Lon - Lonely
    How to read this list:
    Name: +Stuff, -Stuff ~ Family
    Applesocks: +Skl, +Chm, +Clm, +Ind ~ Red
    Apricat: +Def, +Clm ~
    Bellgrapes: +Mgc, +Spr, +Sch, -Frd ~ Purple
    Boarmelon: +Pwr, +Skl, +Spr, +Lon, -Chm ~ Green
    Bumpkin: +Pwr, +Spr, +Agr, +Arr, +Sch, +Laz ~ Orange
    Cabbadillo: +Def, +Spr, +Frd, +Lon, -Chm ~ Green
    Cherry Bombs: +HP, +Frd ~ Purple
    Citrisquid: +Mgc, +Sch ~ Yellow
    Conchurnip: +Pwr, +Def, +Agr, +Arr, -Mgc ~ White
    Cornflower: +Mgc, +Chm, +Agr, -Clm ~ Yellow
    Dialaurel: +Pwr, +Lck, +Agr, -Clm ~ Green
    Diceberry: +Pwr, +Agr ~ Red
    Fishy Fruit: +Skl, +Mgc, +Chm, -HP, -Sch ~ Yellow
    Garlicrown: +Chm, -Arr ~ White
    Gold Clover: +Skl, +Lck, +Frd, -Sch ~ Blue
    Heart Mint: +Chm, -Laz ~ Blue
    Honey Onion: +Skl, +HP, +Spr, +Ind, -Pwr ~ Orange
    Lilipods: +Skl, +HP, +Clm, +Ind, +Frd, +Lon, -Mgc ~ Purple
    Loquat-Shoes: +Skl, +Chm, +Sch, +Laz, -HP ~ Orange
    Mangolephant: +Pwr, +HP, +Agr, +Arr ~ White
    Masked Potato: +Def, +HP, +Spr, -Lck, -Frd ~ White
    Mush-In-A-Box: +Lck ~ Black
    Needlettuce: +Def, +Chm, +Clm, -Agr ~ Green
    Orange'opus: +Def, +HP, +Sch, +Laz ~ Orange
    Orcaplant: +Def, +Mgc, +Sch, -Frd ~ Purple
    Peachpuppy: +Pwr, +Skl, +Frd, -Sch ~ Red
    Pear O'Heels: +Pwr, +Def, +Chm, +Arr, -Spr ~ White
    Pine O'Clock: +Pwr, +Skl, +Def, +Mgc, +HP, +Spr, +Chm, +Lck, -Agr, -Clm, -Sch,
    -Frd ~ Blue
    Rhinolupe: +Pwr, +HP, +Spr, -Mgc, -Clm ~ Blue
    Rocket Papaya: +Mgc, +Chm, +Clm, -Agr ~ Orange
    Spade Basil: +Spr, -Lon ~ Blue
    Spiny Carrot: +Mgc, +Spr, +Clm, +Ind, -Skl ~ Orange
    Springanana: +HP, -Ind ~ Yellow
    Squalphin: +Mgc, +Lck, +Frd, +Lon, -Pwr ~ Green
    Sweet Moai: +Def, +Mgc, +Lck, +Laz, -Skl ~ Purple
    Toadstoolshed: +Pwr, +Skl, +Def, +Mgc, +HP, +Spr, +Chm, +Lck ~ Black
    Whalamato: +Mgc, +HP, +Chm, -Def, -Agr ~ Red
    Encyclopedia Entry (Stats & Family not included):
    1: Garlicrown
    "A crown-shaped garlic clove that might make you feel like royalty!"
    2: Cunchurnip
    "A turnip shaped like a conch shell."
    3: Sweet Moai
    "A sweet potato shaped like a Moai.  It's pretty tasty, actually."
    4: Pear O'Heels
    "A pear shaped like a high-heeled shoe."
    5: Mangolephant
    "A mango that even has a pear of tusk-like knobs."
    6: Apricat
    "An apricot with whiskers and ears that make it look like a cat."
    7: Diceberry
    "The ones with seeds placed like actual dice are very rare."
    8: Peach Puppy
    "A peach with a dog-like face, and ear-like flaps."
    9: Applesocks
    "An apple that looks like a Christmas stocking."
    10: Whalamato
    "A whale-shaped tomato with a stem that looks like a water sprout."
    11: Spiny Carrot
    "A carrot with knobs like those on spiny shells."
    12: Loquat-Shoes
    "It has a hole that is big enough to fit a baby's foot."
    13: Bumpkin
    "A pumpkin with a scary face.  There are some with sad faces too."
    14: Honey Onion
    "An onion with honey stuffed inside."
    15: Orange'opus
    "An orange with tentacle-like projections."
    16: Citrisquid
    "A lemon with a sharp top and tentacle-like projections."
    17: Springana
    "A coily banana that is rather hard to eat."
    18: Cornflower
    "Is it a sunflower with corn kernels, or corn that looks like a sunflower?"
    19: Fishy Fruit
    "It has fin-like bumps that make it look like a fish."
    20: Rocket Papaya
    "A papaya with projections like a rocket."
    21: Cabbadillo
    "A cabbage that looks like a friendly armadillo."
    22: Squalphin
    "A squash that is shaped like a dolphin."
    23: Needlettuce
    "A lettuce with leaves shaped like porcupine needles.  It's edible."
    24: Boarmelon
    "A watermelon that has stripes and tusks like a young boar."
    25: Dialaurel
    "An herb that was named "Diamond" after its leaves' shape."
    26: Heart Mint
    "This species of mint grows in heart-shaped leaves."
    27: Spade Basil
    "An herb with a slightly bitter flavor to it."
    28: Pine O'Clock
    "A very functional pineapple that works as an alarm clock."
    29: Gold Clover
    "You will be really lucky if you find one with four leaves!"
    30: Rhinoloupe
    "The skin is very tough and thick."
    31: Lilipods
    "This lily has peas inside it!"
    32: Cherry Bombs
    "Cherries with a clear, glass-like flesh around the seed."
    33: Orcaplant
    "An eggplant that looks like a killer whale."
    34: Masked Potato
    "A potato with colorful designs on it, making it look like a mask."
    35: Bellgrapes
    "The grape is covered with a tough skin.  When shaken it sounds like a bell."
    36: Mush-in-a-Box
    "The inside pops out when touched.  Its taste could be surprising, too."
    37: Toadstoolshed
    "A mushroom shaped like a house.  Those with two chimneys are rare!"
    38: Note telling about the abbreviations.
    --------F) World History
    I hear you can get world history by taking Bud to the Wisdoms.
    Encyclopedia Entry:
    World History:
    1: The Beginning
    "A twinkling consciousness became a star which sparkled in the night and
    banished the darkness. The Mana Goddess acquired consciousness by gazing into
    the light of that sun. She made Fa'Diel, a great land, but so far an empty one."
    2: The Moon Gods
    "The Mana Goddess drew beams of six colors from the sun. They became the six
    moons, each hiding a small deity within. When those gods awoke, they played
    beautiful music and brought fortune to the land of Fa'Diel."
    3: The Names of Stones
    "The six deities became the Moon Gods and demanded that the Mana Goddess name
    them. So the Mana Goddess gave each of them a shining stone, which filled the
    air with music: Stars, follow me! Moons, walk with me! And we shall celebrate
    your names!"
    4: The Moon's Names
    "Tryne, merciful god of water.
    Zea, passionate god of fire.
    Barlen, selfish god of gold.
    Libleyt, hopeful god of wood.
    Morphes, wealthy god of earth.
    Ghazel, whimsical god of wind.
    The Moon Gods rejoiced, and the Mana Goddess returned to her slumber, becoming
    the great Mana Tree. Fa'Diel was left to the whims of the Moon Gods."
    5: The Creation
    "The Moon Gods created land and ocean, trees and flowers, and gave them light
    and the power to determine their fate. The light became the Elemental Spirits,
    riding in the sky. They released bountiful light, and were full of desire to
    serve the Moon Gods' will. The Moon Gods then finally returned to slumber."
    6: Flammies
    "Then, a beautiful yet powerful beast appeared, awakening the Moon Gods. The
    Moon Gods named this beast of strength and beauty Flammy. Whenever one of the
    Moon Gods would fall asleep, another Flammy would appear. Eventually, Flammies
    of all six colors came to populate all the land."
    7: Dark Clouds
    "The Moon Gods tried to outdo each other in creating beauty. Sometimes they
    argued trying follow the Mana Goddess's will and create many beasts. But dark
    clouds came to Fa'Diel, and the Moon Gods created greater beasts, and set them
    loose upon the land. The Flammies often quarreled, and the cycle of creation and
    destruction repeated endlessly."
    8: The Hole
    "The trees withered, and the Elemental Spirits lost their luster. The land dried
    up, and soon thereafter, wars began. As the wars dragged on, the powers of the
    Moon Gods were lost. The land of Fa'Diel was scarred, and pits to other worlds
    opened in the wounds. The Moon Gods peeked into the other world, and came to
    know fear, envy, and desire."
    9: Rebirth
    "Cracks appeared in the Mana Tree. Waves of chaos from other worlds came and
    tried to envelop all of Fa'Diel. Each Moon God chose a Flammy and gave it a
    stone. The Flammies rode into the sky. They were born of the earth to ride in
    the sky and return to the earth. They became a flying river of Mana."
    10: The Thoughts
    "Fa'Diel was filled with the power of Mana. It healed itself and shut away the
    other world. The Flammies returned to the Moon Gods, but could not find them.
    The Moon Gods had lost their memories and became beasts. The six remaining
    Flammies cried in anguish and despair. The waves in the air settled, and created
    many thought forms."
    11: The Revelation
    "The Flammies turned their backs on the Moon Gods and flew into the air. The
    Moon Gods turned into stars, and the Flammies never came back down. New concepts
    came about after the Flammies and the Moon Gods departed, but the Elemental
    Spirits were afraid and prayed to the Mana Tree, who responded with soft
    12: The Prophecy
    "These formless beings will eventually be given form so that they might live.
    They will be given the task of creating this world. The thoughts they think will
    shape the landscape. They will be born into this world in fear and sadness.
    Sometimes their thoughts may hurt this world, but you must help them build it."
    13: Man and Faerie
    "Soon many new beings were born, such as men and Faeries. Man used Mana to power
    his creations. Faeries amplified the power of Mana with song and dance. Then,
    from beyond the heavens, six colored beams of light shown down upon the land.
    Six Flammies gazed upon Fa'Diel, and all life there prospered. A new age had
    14: The Dark One
    "The Flammies of legend never returned from their heavenly climb. Below, many
    similar creatures came into being. For example, dragons reflected the Flammies'
    divinity, become a race of depp introspection. They took it upon themselves to
    protect Fa'Diel from its many foes."
    15: The Fallen
    "Wyrms are rumored to be Flammies who have fallen into another world. Powerful
    mages summoned them into this world. Wyrms possess the incredible powers of the
    Flammies, but they lack their nobility and grandeur. True Flammies are said to
    appear regal and divine, unlike dragons and wyrms, but no man can truthfully
    claim to have seen them."
    16: The Work of Man
    "Humans were destined to reproduce and populate the land, and they developed the
    technology to build. Soon they gained dominance over all physical things. The
    humans who live in this world come in different forms, but they are all humans.
    Some inherit their forms from their parents, while others are shaped through
    their experiences."
    17: The Work of Faerie
    "Faeries have transparent wings, which are not used for flying, and are shed
    during growth. Only young Faeries are visible to humans, and their bodies fade
    as time goes on. Eventually, they become completely invisible to the human eye."
    18: The Mana Tree
    "The Mana Tree sustained the bond between the world of humans and of Faeries.
    Plants exist in both the human and Faerie dimensions. They absorb the Mana of
    Fa'Diel and release it into the atmosphere. Humans use trees for fuel and tools,
    harnessing their power within inanimate objects. Faeries use the Mana released
    by plants to make Fa'Diel a better place."
    19: Sorcerers
    "Although not on par with the Faeries, all humans could once harness the power
    of Mana. The ability to draw on the power of Mana was originally given to all
    humans equally, but many lost that ability by relying on machines, and losing
    touch with the natural world. Later, those with the power to draw Mana were
    called mages."
    20: Anise
    "The Great Witch Anise was the first mage to go down in history. Anis bored a
    hole into the Mana Tree and built her laboratory there. The flow of Mana into
    both human and Faerie worlds was diverted. Anise constructed a jewel called the
    Eye of Flame using the vast amounts of Mana in her laboratory. The Firestone
    brought out the evil of whoever touched it."
    21: Unknown Stones
    "In the Age of Myth, the stones that the Mana Goddess gave to the Moon Gods were
    the most powerful source of magic known. However, some powerful magic users born
    in later ages possessed similar stones. Anise tried to obtain such a stone when
    she created the Eye of Flame, but it was difficult to control, and very
    22: Golden Age Ends
    "Soon, many others learned how to construct their own Eyes of Flame. The waves
    of Mana became chaotic, and shadows clouded the hearts of man. These pulses tore
    rifts within dimensions and sent waves of evil into the hearts of man. No longer
    was all life on the planet descended from the spirits. An age had ended. A world
    had fallen from its original purity."
    23: Uraklius Aeon
    "Evil ruled the land thereafter through men who could control the waves of
    Those of truth cried in anguish, but mages, who rejoiced in obtaining new
    firmly believed that this was the world they wanted. The mages declared the
    beginning of a new thousand-year kingdom and called it the Aeon of Uraklius."
    24: The Holy War
    "Aion, the leader of the Faeries, sent an army to conquer Anise. There, hundreds
    of Anise's mages battled thousands of Faerie warriors. The battle was fought
    overnight, and almost all of the Faeries were slain. The few remaining Faeries
    continued their lives in the land of men."
    25: The Hidden
    "Although the Faeries thought that all humans were enemies, they soon discovered
    that there were those in the land of men who could understand the Faeries. With
    the help of the humans, they were again able to battle Anise and her mages.
    Eventually they rose victorious. Unfortunately, during the fight, the Mana Tree
    burned to the ground."
    26: Eyes of Flame
    "Although it was thought that many Eyes of Flame would be recovered from the
    ashes, only three were found. Aion was banished to the Underworld. He refused to
    be reincarnated, and became the Lord of the Underworld."
    27: The Underworld
    "Aion, leader of the Faeries, created his new servants, the Shadoles. Shadoles
    were born from the thoughts of Aion, and they brought the newly departed to the
    Underworld. From this time on, all departed souls are brought to the Underworld
    to receive the judgement of its Lord."
    28: Seventh Moon
    "Anise was killed by a stone called the "Seventh Moon." Legend has it that the
    Faerie warrior who fought against Anise, a master of the Eye of Flame in her own
    right, bested her using this mysterious object."
    29: A Brief Peace
    "After the Holy War of the Mana Tree, the flow of Mana to the world resumed.
    Before, mages would steal from others, using dangerous magic, but now the land
    produced enough for all. However, the surviving mages could not stand being
    equal to their fellow creatures. They sought magic that could make everything
    their own."
    30: Mages' Tower
    "The mages started building towers at Mana Points all over Fa'Diel in order to
    regain the Eyes of Flame. They took action against the Faeries, who stood in the
    way of their plans. Whenever a tower was built, an army would come to destroy
    Such wars continued for hundreds of years. Soon, all of humanity came to think
    of Faeries as evil beings."
    31: Mountain School
    "Elise, who called herself Anuella, was the daughter of Anise. She had the power
    to bring mundane objects to life. After fleeing her mother's self-righteous
    she settled in the northern mountains and there created a group of dolls who
    would obey her every command. They came to be called magical beings, and her art
    was promulgated by mages who idolized her."
    32: Artificers
    "There were two types of magical beings. One type was imbued with life. Another
    type had hidden powers. The latter were called artifacts. Artifacts had weaker
    magical powers than Eyes of Flame, but were simpler to construct. Creating Eyes
    of Flame was frought with accidents, so making artifacts became the most popular
    kind of magic."
    33: Argot
    "The king of dragons, Argot, destroyed all the mage towers in the land of
    Faeries. Argot opened a hole into the other worlds and called forth many
    monsters. However, records state that he eventually turned to evil, and was
    banished by the Faeries."
    34: Lucemia
    "Argot summoned a wyrm in the shape of a Flammy. He summoned Lucemia, the Wyrm
    of Light, and the greatest of all the wyrms. Legends says that Lucemia leveled
    each and every mage tower, and died trying to swallow an entire volcano."
    35: The Lilipeas
    "The Lilipeas are a small tribe that settled in the northern mountains. People
    said that they were similar to Anuella's dolls. Only Selva, who was tall and
    slim, oft visited Anuella by riding on a bird. Selva often took Anuella's dolls
    36: The Ashes
    "In a charcoal-maker's hut, a little girl awaited her father's return. Her name
    was Magnolia, and her father made a living from hunting and from making
    Selva gave this girl one of Anuella's dolls."
    37: Anise's Fire
    "The doll that was brought into Magnolia's room had red stones as its eyes. They
    were the Eyes of Flame that Anise made, and they burst into flames and burned
    the hut to ashes."
    38: Mage and Ruby
    "Magnolia lost her life in the hut as it burned down, but the doll was saved.
    The doll began to call herself Magnolia, and she stayed with the Lilipeas, until
    one day she left with a mage. The mage wanted to steal the Eyes of Flame in
    Magnolia's eyes, for they contained more Mana energy than the enchanted
    39: Gaeus
    "Anuella saw through the mage's plot. She left the northern mountain, then gave
    life to a rocky hill so the mage's caravan could not progress further. The
    living hill called itself Gaeus, and its knowledge seemed deeper, and more vast
    than Anuella's. Anuella called for Gaeus' help and prepared for war."
    40: The Conductor
    "All the Faeries fought on Anuella's side, using many enchanted instruments. The
    mage's force fell apart against the power of the instruments with infinite Mana
    power. Anuella came to be known as the "player of the Flying Contravass," and as
    "the Conductor" among Faeries."
    41: Mage Halciet
    "Halciet the Mage was the last one who stood against Anuella. He used a stone
    called "the Seventh Moon" and fought against Anuella, but the mages among his
    army began a quarrel over the stone's possession, and Halciet left the force."
    42: Geimaswald
    "The mages made a magic circle with the Eyes of Flame and summoned the Wyrm of
    Thunder, Geimaswald, to attack Anuella. But the Lilipeas lured Geimaswald into a
    cave and killed it. The leader of the Lilipeas was Selva of the Four Winds."
    43: Eastern Wind
    "It became known to the mages that these instruments could be used as weapons.
    The mages took the remaining Eyes of Flame and the instruments acquired in the
    previous battles and fled to the East. There, the mages made instruments with
    more Mana power and dedicated them to their new lord, Lonway."
    44: Emperor Lonway
    "The mages provided Lonway with their magic, and urged him to prepare for battle
    with the Faeries. Lonway's army then progressed to the ancient city of Mindas to
    open the gates to the land of Faeries. Many nations used this as an excuse to
    start their own political battles."
    45: Ricrot IV
    "Ricrot IV was supported by Anuella, and was given an army of wooden horses that
    could fly in the sky to fight against Lonway and his mages. He came to be known
    as the "King of Wooden Horses." Many brave men enlisted in Ricrot's army."
    46: Spiritual War
    "Gato Grottoes were Fa'Diel's power nexus, protected by "the Spirits of the
    Ascetics." Many monks fought as soldiers, and the high priests stopped enemies
    from other dimensions by sending their spirits to battle. Intense battles
    between the dimensions and other worlds took place in Gato."
    47: Rosiotti
    "Rosiotti was a hero who could pierce a warrior's chest with his arrows from
    miles away. It was anticipated that his bravery and skills would change the
    war's outcome. However, he only became Lonway's general because Lonway promised
    him great rewards."
    48: The Chase
    "In the midst of intense battles between Ricrot and Lonway's army, Selva of the
    Four Winds brought his army of Lilipeas and Flowerlings to fight on Ricrot's
    side. Lonway then ordered Rosiotti to kill Selva. No one had ever escaped
    Rosiotti's arrows, and the chase was on."
    49: Selva
    "Selva kept commanding his army, while fleeing Rosiotti's never- ending chase at
    the same time. When Rosiotti finally shot Selva's heart with his arrows, he was
    surrounded by countless Lilipeas. It was then that Rosiotti was told to become a
    Wisdom, to walk the same path with them."
    50: Conjuror Nunuzac
    "Nunuzac was Lonway's best and the most powerful summoner. He summoned Freymold,
    the Wyrm of Fire, as Lonway ordered him when the tide of war began to turn
    against him. Nunuzac kept summoning monsters until Lonway was killed, and he
    himself became trapped in the dimension on the other side of his magic circle."
    51: Warrior Olbohn
    "Another army to join the war was Aion's force of "Creatures of Shadow" from the
    Underworld. These "Creatures of Shadow," or the Shadoles, caught and threw
    living people into the Underworld and trapped them there. Olbohn the swordsman
    went down to the Underworld by himself and defeated Aion."
    52: Freymold
    "Freymold, the Wyrm that was summoned by Nunuzac, flew across Fa'Diel and burned
    Rosiotti's jungle to ashes. Rosiotti raged over this event, and later joined
    Anuella's force."
    53: Knight of Truth
    "Lasdanac was the Holy Knight of Ricrot's army who was taught the "Spell of
    Truth" by the Faeries. With this spell, he defeated Freymold, but it is told
    that he later fell to a Faerie's curse."
    54: The New World
    "After the war came to an end, Ricrot IV built churches and began compiling "The
    Book of Divine Guidance." He also established the Academy of Magic with a
    portrait of the great witch, Anise, inside and summoned her spirit to it.
    Anuella was displeased by this event."
    55: Temple of Healing
    "The temples lost many of their monks and priests as they came under Ricrot's
    rule. All the male priests were taken and sent to the Academy of Magic as magic
    researchers, to lessen resistance from the religious organizations."
    56: Anuella
    "In the years following the war, Ricrot sent soldiers to capture and kill off
    the surviving soldiers of Lonway's army, as well as the Faeries, which he called
    "the Ones with Devilish Powers." Anuella left Ricrot and locked herself into a
    place named 'The Graveyard of Artifacts.'"
    57: Mana Stones
    "The seventh Mana Stone was desired for its Mana power, and it appeared in
    history many times. Jumis were the first ones to be searched for the possession
    of the stone. It is said that an uncountable number of Jumis were hunted down
    and killed for this purpose."
    58: Dirt
    "When Jumis were being hunted during the search for the seventh Mana Stone, they
    died after intentionally lessening the energy flow in their jewel cores. Many
    Jumis died this way to protect the secret of their clan, and mages began to call
    them "lumps of dirt" as a result."
    59: Angels
    "There was a new movement in the land of Faeries, as Zuf'ben became their
    The spiritual waves of the two worlds were becoming magnified, and many expected
    the worlds to become one. Zuf'ben lamented over the humans' corruption, and
    called upon higher beings for help. Angels answered his prayers."
    60: Janna
    "Angels were beings who serve the Goddess, and cannot normally be seen by
    Faeries or humans. Seven angels chose to reincarnate in the land of Faeries, and
    they rode on Janna, a ship with its own consciousness."
    61: Incarnation
    "In order to control the Janna, the angels decided to reincarnate into Faeries
    and humans. The reborn angels would lose their memories, until Janna could
    awaken them."
    62: Malicious Mind
    "Zuf'ben rode Janna and searched both Fa'Diel and the land of Faeries to find
    the seven angels, but humans attacked Janna, afraid of the flying ship. During
    the attack, the minds of those onboard the ship were tainted with evil."
    63: Unawakened Angels
    "The angels transmuted into their human and Faeries forms, but they lost
    awareness of their true nature, because they could not sense Janna's
    Some of the angels even joined the battle to gain control of Janna. Janna turned
    to evil, and villainous people gained demands over her."
    64: Ancient Memories
    "Even though Janna had not awakened them, six of the seven angels regained their
    memories. One cried for a fallen friend, one confronted Janna, one crossed
    swords with a former angel, one heard the guidance of a Wisdom: Six angels'
    memories were restored, but the seventh would never awaken."
    65: Seventh Angel
    "In the dreams of the six angels, a seventh angel appeared. But he did not
    answer the calls of the others. He was neither human nor Faerie, but a Jumi.
    Both humans and Faeries had used the Jumi to strengthen their magic in the war."
    66: Janna's End
    "The angels gave up on retrieving Janna, and chose to fight for the Jumi. With
    help from the Wisdoms, they built a ship to confront Janna, and joined the war.
    The angels defeated the leader of humans and Zuf'ben, who had become an evil
    Faerie, and sealed Janna in the dimensional gap. Then they remained in Fa'Diel."
    67: Divine Guidance
    "As time went by, "the Rule for Peace" which Ricrot started changed to "the
    Peace for Rule." "The Book of Divine Guidance" was used to propagate the
    empire's religious and political thoughts, and many "heretics" were hunted down
    by the empire's army."
    68: Deathbringer
    "Irzoile Enaanshalc was the fifteenth emperor of the Enaanshalc Empire, and he
    was called the Deathbringer. He was a descendant of Ricrot Enaanshalc, a hero in
    the era of the Faerie War, but his oppressive reign caused the empire's fall."
    69: Holy Knight
    "The chivalric code, which Ricrot IV established, produced many legendary heroes
    in a short time period. Julio Liotte was the most accomplished knight in the
    empire's army, and thus he was given the title of "Holy Knight," and became the
    guardian of the empire. The Liotte family passed this title down the line."
    70: The Halloways
    "To commemorate the souls of heroes lost during the war, Ricrot IV established
    shrines to the Mana Goddess, and closed down most of the older temples aside
    from the one in Gato. The Halloway family was a line of priests, but under the
    rule of Ricrot's empire, its influence diminished."
    71: Windcallers
    "The clan of Windcallers could speak to and control the wind. They live quietly
    in a village by the base of Norn's Peak, and kept their watchful eyes on any
    intruders that might disturb their way of life."
    72: Empire's Fall
    "Irzoile Enaanshalc desired immortality, and sent his army to retrieve the
    Dragon Stones which the ancient dragons protected. His attempts failed, and he
    lost his life as a result. But his overwhelming desire for immortality made
    Jajara, the bone dragon, choose him to become his dragoon."
    --------G) Basic Golemology
    Complete Golem Workshop (#65) for the book.
    Encyclopedia Entry:
    Basic Golemology:
    1: Golem's Composition
    "Q: What are the necessary components?
    A: A completed body and logic blocks.
    The body of the golem determines its power level, and the logic blocks provides
    the action patterns of the weapons it equips."
    2: Golem's Body
    "Q: What makes up the golem's body?
    A: At least one weapon or piece of armor.
    A golem's body is made by combining a lifeball with one weapon and up to three
    pieces of armor. Its performance and characteristic parameters reflect those of
    the materials."
    3: Logic Blocks
    "Q: What makes up a logic block?
    A: Two pieces of equipment.
    Choose two pieces of equipment from your list of armor, weapons, or instruments.
    Each block provides certain action pattern for a golem."
    4: Logic Grid
    "Q: What determines the size of the logic grid?
    A: The number of armor pieces used for the golem's body.
    The larger the grid, the more logic blocks it can hold, for a wider variety of
    golem actions."
    5: Golem's Actions
    "Q: What determines a logic block's type?
    A: The combination of its components.
    Try different equipment combinations to create blocks you want for desired
    action patterns of your golem!"
    6: Logic Types
    "Q: What determines a logic block's shape?
    A: The combination of its components.
    All logic blocks have one of 11 shapes, and each block's effectiveness derives
    from the components' parameters."
    7: Attack Types
    "Q: What determines the golem's attack mode?
    A: The type of the weapon used for golem's body.
    Some blocks cannot be assigned to a golem if the block's attack type differs
    from the golem's attack type."
    8: Attack & Defense Level
    "Q: What determines golem attack and defense levels?
    A: The characteristics of the weapons and armor used.
    Golem parameters such as HP, attack and defense, and elemental levels, are
    determined by the components used to make its body. This does not include logic
    grid size and rate of malfunction."
    9: Malfunction Rate
    "Q: How is the malfunction rate determined?
    A: The number of armor pieces used as components.
    The higher the percentage shown on the menu screen, the more frequently golem
    fails to deliver an attack. If one action fails, actions connected by wedge-
    marks also fail to deliver."
    10: Choices of Action
    "Q: How does a golem decide which action to take?
    A: By referring to its action gauge and calculating the distance to the enemy.
    The logic grid has two axes. One is the action gauge, and the other is the
    distance between the golem and the enemy."
    --------H) Techniques
    Here is a list of techniques.  I will not EVER type in the descriptions, because
    they are the most pointless thing EVER!
    Technique/Ability            | Required
    Jump                         | Free
    Defend                       | Free
    Lunge                        | Free
    Retreat                      | Free
    Crouch                       | Free
    Push                         | Free
    Cheer                        | Free
    Spin                         | Free
    Grapple                      | Defend, Push
    Whirl                        | Grapple, Spin
    Bash                         | Whirl, Push
    Somersault                   | Lunge, Jump
    Back-Roll                    | Retreat, Jump
    Back-Flip                    | Back-Roll, High Jump
    Moonsault                    | High Jump, Somersault
    High Jump                    | Crouch, Jump
    Double-Jump                  | Jump, High Jump
    Tackle                       | Lunge, Push
    Counterattack                | Defend
    Counterstrike                | Counterattack
    Taunt                        | Retreat, Cheer
    Evade                        | Lunge, Retreat
    Toss                         | Crouch, Bash
    Defensive Lunge              | Defend, Lunge
    Slide                        | Crouch, Lunge
    Flip-Kick                    | Back-Roll, Back-Flip
    Admonition                   | Lunge
    Rising Eagle                 | Jump
    Vortex of Death              | Spin
    Sonic Wave                   | Back-Roll
    Rising Dragon                | High Jump
    Crescent Moon                | Moonsault
    Eclipse                      | Back-Flip
    Backstab                     | Slide, Double-Jump
    Puppet                       | Retreat, Cheer
    Cobra Fang                   | Push, Retreat
    Ninja Drop                   | Grapple, Evade
    Pouncing Cat                 | Back-Roll, Somersault
    Back Slasher                 | Whirl, Lunge
    Reaping the Mist             | Back-Roll, Back-Flip, Lunge
    Dark Assassins               | Evade, Spin, Crouch
    Dance of Roses               | Defensive Lunge, Evade, High Jump
    Looking Glass                | Whirl, Bash, Taunt
    Aerial Reaver                | Flip-Kick, Spin, Crouch, High Jump
    Phoenix                      | Cheer, Evade, Defensive Lunge, Double-Jump
    lai  Strike                  | Lunge
    Cutting Bamboo               | Jump
    Maelstorm                    | Spin
    Rising Sun                   | Crouch
    Triple Tiger                 | Somersault
    Blade Launcher               | Back-Roll
    Cutting Pine                 | High Jump
    Bird of Prey                 | Moonsault
    Corkscrew                    | Back-Flip
    Cross Strike                 | High Jump, Lunge
    Tiger Claw                   | Somersault, Back-Roll
    Clean Sweep                  | Slide, Retreat
    Dragon's Tail                | Tackle, Back-Flip
    Orbiting Blades              | Spin, Defensive Lunge
    Motion of Truth              | Tackle, Moonsault, Bash
    Smashing Blade               | Push, Whirl, Somersault
    Invisible Death              | Grapple, Lunge, Retreat
    Dynamite X                   | Jump, Crouch, Cheer
    Terminal Velocity            | Whirl, Spin, Back-Flip, Lunge
    Golden Dragon                | Toss, High Jump, Evade, Crouch
    Deep Slice                   | Lunge
    Axe Bomb                     | Jump
    Tornado                      | Spin
    Electronic Yo-yo             | Somersault
    Retribution                  | Back-Roll
    Bird of Prey                 | Moonsault
    Salmon Upstream              | Back-Flip
    Rising Sun                   | Crouch
    Cutting Pine                 | High Jump
    Axe Bomber                   | Evade, Bash
    Black Wings                  | Toss, Retreat
    Boulder Dash                 | Back-Flip, Tackle
    Orbiting Blades              | Spin, Defensive Lunge
    Cross Strike                 | High Jump
    True Strike                  | Whirl, Somersault, Moonsault
    Dynamite X                   | Jump, Cheer, Crouch
    Time Burst                   | Push, Spin, Evade
    2 Handed Sword
    Lunging Arc                  | Lunge
    Rising Crush                 | Crouch
    Spiral Wave                  | Somersault
    Impulse                      | High Jump
    Shield Breaker               | Jump
    Windslasher                  | Spin
    Windwalker                   | Moonsault
    Shish Kebob                  | Back-Roll
    Splashblade                  | Back-Roll, Back-Flip
    Rain of Blood                | Toss, Double-Jump
    Bring it On                  | Retreat, Taunt
    Marble Stream                | Evade, Lunge
    Skullsplitter                | Whirl, Jump
    Beautiful Three              | Tackle, Back-Flip, Lunge
    Quakebringer                 | Cheer, Moonsault
    Triple Offence               | Evade, Somersault, High Jump
    Deep Swing                   | Crouch, Defend, Counterattack, Counterstrike
    Raging Pain                  | Evade, Flip-Kick, Jump, Taunt
    2 Handed Axe
    Sideswipe                    | Lunge
    Rising Claw                  | Jump
    Flying Sawblades             | Spin
    Rolling Throw                | Somersault
    Blurred Axe                  | Back-Flip
    Rising Crush                 | Crouch
    Spiral Wave                  | Somersault
    Impulse                      | High Jump
    Divine Right                 | Push, Back-Roll
    Snowfall                     | Toss, Spin
    Spinning Hawk                | Back-Flip, Flip-Kick
    Tidal Wave                   | Evade, Defensive Lunge
    Splashblade                  | Back-Roll, Back-Flip
    Angelic Lumberjack           | Somersault, Moonsault, Back-Flip
    Buzzsaw of Doom              | Double-Jump, Somersault, Lunge
    Spikestrike                  | Whirl, Spin, Tackle
    Super Slugger                | Lunge
    Big Bang                     | Jump
    Blammo                       | Spin
    Mole-Hunting                 | Somersault
    Ground Zero                  | High Jump
    Rising Crush                 | Crouch
    Windwalker                   | Moonsault
    Retribution                  | Back-Roll
    Blazing Hammer               | Retreat, Tackle
    Double Impact                | Somersault, Moonsault
    Thor's Hammer                | Toss, High Jump
    Skullsplitter                | Whirl, Jump
    Tidal Wave                   | Evade, Defensive Lunge
    Ultra Slugger                | Lunge, Toss, Retreat
    Intervention                 | Spin, Double-Jump, Somersault
    Volcano                      | Cheer, Jump, Crouch
    Pearly Gates                 | Retreat, Toss, Lunge, Spin
    Lancer                       | Lunge
    Mighty Javelin               | Jump
    Twister                      | Spin
    Dragon's Bite                | Somersault
    Furious Copter               | High Jump
    Nebulous Saucer              | Moonsault
    Lancenator                   | Tackle, Crouch
    Cyclone Racer                | Spin, Lunge
    Rewind                       | Back-Roll, Moonsault
    Fool's Play                  | Toss, Evade
    Holy Light                   | High Jump, Somersault
    Triple Supremacy             | Lunge, Crouch, Spin
    Deadly Branding              | Bash, Taunt, Slide
    Chrome Ray                   | Back-Roll, Defensive Lunge, Grapple
    Raging Fury                  | Tackle, Evade, Lunge
    Lo and Behold                | Moonsault, Double-Jump, Spin, Crouch
    Blue Dragon                  | Retreat, Spin, Evade, Defensive Lunge
    Gust                         | Lunge
    Paint it Black               | Jump
    Aftershock                   | Spin
    Golden Pyres                 | Crouch
    Bubbles                      | High Jump
    Blaze                        | Moonsault
    Halo                         | Evade
    Purgatory                    | Tackle, Cheer
    Flower of Gold               | Evade, Retreat
    Fire and Ice                 | Somersault, Back-Flip
    Gales of the Fall            | Spin, Moonsault
    Song of the Spirits          | Spin, Evade, Taunt
    Bloody Knuckles              | Lunge
    Lightning Kick               | Jump
    Whirlwind Kick               | Spin
    Jawbreaker                   | Crouch
    Rolling Slam                 | Somersault
    Flip Thrust                  | Back-Roll
    Moonsault Stomp              | Moonsault
    Giant Swing                  | Grapple, Spin
    Tiger Driver 91              | Grapple, Crouch
    Northern Lights              | Grapple, Jump
    Mental Barrier               | Counterattack, Counterstrike
    Sparkly Feet                 | Toss, Evade, Double-Jump
    Cough Drop                   | Grapple, High Jump, Bash
    Fist of the Norse Star       | Lunge, Evade, Grapple
    Flips of Thunder             | Back-Roll, Back-Flip, Flip-Kick
    Power Combo                  | Grapple, Bash, Retreat, Lunge
    Gravity Drop                 | Crouch, High Jump, Grapple, Toss
    Earthquake                   | Back-Roll, Back-Flip, Moonsault, Crouch
    Dragon Teeth                 | Lunge
    Setting Sun                  | Jump
    Pheonix Wings                | Spin
    Chinsplitter                 | Crouch
    Drunken Monkey               | Somersault
    Twilight                     | High Jump
    Psyclone                     | Moonsault
    Double Dragon                | Moonsault, Evade
    Back Slasher                 | Whirl, Lunge
    Enter the Tiger              | Slide, Retreat
    Avalanche                    | Crouch, Back-Flip
    Puppet                       | Retreat, Cheer
    Challenger                   | Tackle, Taunt, Counterattack
    Demon's Howl                 | Flip-Kick, High Jump, Lunge
    Extreme Conditions           | Evade, Tackle, Double-Jump
    Looking Glass                | Whirl, Bash, Taunt
    Malevolence                  | Crouch, Evade, Jump, High Jump
    White Tiger                  | Defensive Lunge, Grapple, Evade, Spin
    Trueshot                     | Lunge
    Forward Artillery            | Jump
    Spinshot                     | Spin
    Needle Shower                | Back-Roll
    Tri-Shot                     | High Jump
    Trickshot                    | Moonsault
    Hypershot                    | Toss
    Change-Up                    | Retreat
    Backshot                     | Bash
    Flying Swallows              | Tackle
    Rain of Death                | High Jump, Spin
    Sureshot                     | Flip-Kick, Back-Flip
    Carpet Bomber                | Evade, High Jump
    Mastershot                   | Whirl, Back-Flip, Spin
    Wildshot                     | Grapple, Back-Roll, Double Jump
    Main Gun                     | Evade, Retreat, Lunge, Counterattack
    --------I) The Forbidden Tome
    You get this once you beat the game.  If you don't want peace, and you
    want a nightmare, you will enter Nightmare Mode...
    Note: The Forbidden Tome is an encyclopedia in your library.
    Nightmare Mode:
    If you think you can beat any monster without a problem, then this is
    for you!  Nightmare mode raises the level of all monsters by about 20.
    It increases their attack, HP, and defense greatly.
    No Future Mode:
    If you're really good, then answer no to the nightmare question, and no
    to the next question.  This mode is much harder than Nightmare Mode.  Most
    enemies are made lvl. 99 and given high everything.  Each EXP crystal
    from anywhere is worth 54 EXP points!  I got 324 EXP from 2
    ------3: Guide to Blacksmithing
    If you want to be a blacksmith, first you should complete The Path of the
    Blacksmith (#53).
    Note: To get the best out of blacksmithing, you may want to check out some
    other guides.  My guide might miss something.
    --------A: Forging Weapons
    Note: The word inside the [brackets] is what is before the weapon name.
    Example: IshePlatinum Bow would be called IsheBow.
    The number is the attack power of the weapon.
    Forging Weapons Chart:
    Some of this information is probably inaccurate, since I have not tested it all
    myself.  If you find an error, please e-mail me.  Thanks!
    Material:Knife:Sword:Axe:2H Sword:2H Axe:Hammer:Spear:Staff:Glove:Flail:Bow
    Adamantite [Adam]      : 72: 75: 75: 93: 92: 88   : 86  : 54  : 72  : 68  : 66
    AnimalBone [Bone]      : 11: 12: 11: 15: 15: 14   : 14  : 8   : 10  : 9   : 10
    AnimalHide [Hide]      : 6 : 3 : 2 : 4 : 4 : 1    : 4   : 1   : 0   : 0   : 3
    AnkhRock [Ankh]        : 36: 45: 49: 56: 60: 68   : 45  : 37  : 41  : 43  : 31
    BaobobWood [Bao]       : 14: 17: 19: 21: 25: 23   : 18  : 10  : 11  : 12  : 13
    Coral [Coral]          : 14: 16: 16: 20: 20: 21   : 17  : 12  : 13  : 13  : 12
    DiorWood [Dior]        : 35: 42: 48: 53: 62: 57   : 45  : 25  : 29  : 31  : 33
    DragonScale  [Scale]   : 54: 58: 58: 73: 73: 74   : 65  : 44  : 50  : 51  : 46
    EbonyWood [Ebony]      : 17: 21: 24: 26: 31: 28   : 22  : 12  : 14  : 15  : 16
    Emerald [Jewel]        : 1 : 2 : 2 : 2 : 2 : 2    : 2   : 1   : 1   : 1   : 1
    FishScales [Fish]      : 7 : 7 : 7 : 9 : 9 : 9    : 8   : 5   : 6   : 6   : 6
    ForsenaIron [Forse]    : 14: 15: 15: 18: 18: 18   : 16  : 11  : 13  : 13  : 12
    FullMetal [FullMetal]  : 55: 57: 57: 71: 72: 68   : 66  : 40  : 51  : 50  : 49
    GatorSkin [Gator]      : 6 : 5 : 4 : 6 : 6 : 2    : 8   : 1   : 0   : 0   : 6
    GranzSteel [Granz]     : 18: 20: 20: 25: 25: 25   : 22  : 15  : 17  : 17  : 16
    HalleyRock [Aero]      : 29: 30: 29: 37: 37: 35   : 35  : 21  : 29  : 27  : 26
    HollyWood [Holly]      : 10: 12: 14: 15: 18: 17   : 13  : 7   : 8   : 9   : 10
    IshePlatinum [Ishe]    : 37: 40: 40: 50: 50: 50   : 45  : 30  : 35  : 35  : 32
    Ivory [Ivory]          : 23: 24: 24: 30: 30: 28   : 28  : 17  : 20  : 20  : 20
    JacobiniRock [Jacob]   : 21: 22: 22: 28: 27: 26   : 26  : 16  : 21  : 20  : 19
    JuddHemp [Hemp]        : 13: 10: 9 : 12: 12: 3    : 16  : 1   : 0   : 0   : 12
    LapisLazuli [Lapis]    : 1 : 2 : 2 : 2 : 2 : 2    : 2   : 1   : 1   : 1   : 1
    Lizard Scales [Liza]   : 14: 15: 15: 19: 19: 19   : 17  : 11  : 13  : 13  : 12
    LorantSilver [Lora]    : 23: 25: 25: 31: 31: 31   : 28  : 18  : 21  : 21  : 20
    Lorimarlon [Rimar]     : 42: 45: 45: 56: 56: 56   : 50  : 33  : 39  : 39  : 36
    Marble [Marb]          : 12: 12: 13: 15: 16: 14   : 15  : 7   : 11  : 10  : 12
    MenosBronze [Menos]    : 9 : 10: 10: 12: 12: 12   : 11  : 7   : 8   : 8   : 8
    MapleWood [Maple]      : 45: 45: 39: 56: 46: 55   : 51  : 42  : 50  : 48  : 35
    OakWood [Oak]          : 7 : 8 : 9 : 10: 12: 11   : 9   : 5   : 5   : 6   : 6
    Obsidian [Sidia]       : 25: 26: 26: 32: 34: 29   : 30  : 15  : 23  : 22  : 24
    Orihalcon [Halc]       : 34: 35: 34: 43: 43: 41   : 40  : 25  : 30  : 29  : 29
    Pearl [Pearl]          : 1 : 2 : 2 : 2 : 2 : 2    : 2   : 1   : 1   : 1   : 1
    PedanStone [Pedan]     : 30: 47: 54: 59: 66: 85   : 40  : 45  : 46  : 51  : 24
    Shell [Shell]          : 16: 18: 18: 23: 23: 24   : 20  : 14  : 15  : 15  : 13
    Sultan'sSilk [Silk]    : 10: 7 : 6 : 9 : 9 : 2    : 12  : 1   : 0   : 0   : 9
    ToppleCotton [Cot]     : 6 : 5 : 4 : 6 : 6 : 2    : 8   : 1   : 0   : 0   : 6
    TuttleRock [Tuttle]    : 48: 60: 65: 75: 81: 90   : 60  : 49  : 55  : 58  : 42
    VinekRock [Vinek]      : 42: 52: 57: 66: 70: 79   : 52  : 43  : 48  : 50  : 36
    VizelGold [Vizel]      : 32: 35: 35: 43: 43: 43   : 39  : 26  : 30  : 30  : 28
    WendelSilver [Wndl]    : 28: 30: 30: 37: 37: 37   : 33  : 22  : 26  : 26  : 24
    --------B: Tempering & Altering
    This is the biggest section that people have contributed to.  There are tons of
    credits for this section, so check the bottom.
    ---Ultimate Tempering with DiorWood and DragonScales, and a Tempering Trick
    I received this in an e-mail from sarick@hotmail.com (Richard Bavely):
    Two Player Duplicate Trick
    I've been using a trick to make unlimited weapons
    using 2 game saves with different names. The first
    save is set in no future and the second is in
    normal mode. Anyway I first make an item as player
    one saving on a temp slot then I pawn it off at
    the junkyard in the temp slot.
    (Reset and load player two game.)
    Next I have player two buy it. Then I have player two
    save in their primary slot as though they where
    leveling elc. Then I have player two go back and pawn
    the item again. Then player two overwrites  in the
    temp slot.
    (Reset and load original player one)
    Last player one buys the weapon back from the player
    two temp slot and then saves as a normal game.
    At this point player 1 retains all items used to create
    the item since they never really made it. The cool
    thing is player one and two retain the item as though
    they bought it from each other. The only real thing
    lost is a few thousand $$ but nothing compared to the
    $100K+++ it takes to make one.
    Ultimate DiorWood Tempering
    This tempering creates the most powerful weapon using
    DiorWood. An axe created with this method exceeds 999
    attack power however, the game limits weapon power to
    999! This is an extremely expensive yet powerful
    method for tempering wood weapons and armor. This
    formula not only makes 999 attack power axe it also
    gives the weapon +9 statistic bonus across the board!
    This is for DiorWood weapons and armor ONLY!. All other
    materials, Metals, Aerolites, and Scales require
    different tempering to reach 61 total points in essence
    levels. Please don't try this with other materials
    you will be disappointed.
    Look at the check points and save often print it out and
    mark out the lines as you go along  :)
    1 Wisp Silver
    3 Glow Crystal
    1 Wisp Silver
    3 Glow Crystal   Wisp Shad Drya Aura Sala Gnom Jinn Undi
                       6    0    6    0    0    0    0   0
    1 Chaos Crystal
    1 Shade Silver
    3 Glow Crystal
    1 Chaos Crystal
    1 Shade Silver
    3 Glow Crystal   Wisp Shad Drya Aura Sala Gnom Jinn Undi
                       6    6    6    0    0    0    0    0
    1 Chaos Crystal
    3 Sulpher
    1 Dryad Gold     Wisp Shad Drya Aura Sala Gnom Jinn Undi
                       6    6    8    7    0    0    0    0
    1 Chaos Crystal
    1 Aura Silver
    3 Glow Crystal
    1 Chaos Crystal
    1 Aura Silver
    3 Glow Crystal
    1 Chaos Crystal
    3 Mercury
    1 Aura Gold      Wisp Shad Drya Aura Sala Gnom Jinn Undi
                       6    6    8    7    0    0    0   0
    1 Undine Silver
    3 Glow Crystal
    1 Undine Silver
    3 Glow Crystal
    3 Mercury
    1 Undine Gold    Wisp Shad Drya Aura Sala Gnom Jinn Undi
                       6    6    8    7    0    0    0    7
    1 Chaos Crystal
    1 Sala Silver
    3 Glow Crystals
    1 Chaos Crystal
    1 Sala Silver
    3 Glow Crystal   Wisp Shad Drya Aura Sala Gnom Jinn Undi
                       6    6    8    7    5    0    0    7
    4 Mercury
    1 Undine Silver
    1 Undine Gold    Wisp Shad Drya Aura Sala Gnom Jinn Undi
                       6    6    8    7    2    0    0    8
    1 Chaos Crystal
    1 Sala Silver
    3 Glow Crystals
    1 Chaos Crystal
    1 Sala Silver
    3 Glow Crystal
    1 Chaos Crystal
    3 Sulpher
    1 Sala Gold      Wisp Shad Drya Aura Sala Gnom Jinn Undi
                       6    6    8    7    6    0    0    8
    4 Mercury
    1 Undine Silver
    1 Undine Gold    Wisp Shad Drya Aura Sala Gnom Jinn Undi
                       6    6    8    7    3    0    0    9
    1 Chaos Crystal
    1 Sala Silver
    3 Glow Crystals
    1 Chaos Crystal
    1 Sala Silver
    3 Glow Crystal
    1 Chaos Crystal
    3 Sulpher
    1 Sala Gold
    1 Chaos Crystal
    3 Sulpher
    1 Sala Gold      Wisp Shad Drya Aura Sala Gnom Jinn Undi
                       6    6    8    7    7    0    0    9
    4 Mercury
    1 Undine Silver
    1 Undine Gold    Wisp Shad Drya Aura Sala Gnom Jinn Undi
                       6    6    8    7    4    0    0   10
    1 Gnome Silver
    3 Glow Crystal
    1 Gnome Silver
    3 Glow Crystal
    3 Sulpher
    1 Gnome Gold     Wisp Shad Drya Aura Sala Gnom Jinn Undi
                       6    6    8    7    0    7    0   10
    1 Chaos Crystal
    2 Jinn Silver
    2 Mercury
    1 Chaos Crystal
    1 Jinn Silver    Wisp Shad Drya Aura Sala Gnom Jinn Undi
                       6    6    8    7    0    7    5   10
    4 Sulpher
    1 Gnome Silver
    1 Gnome Gold     Wisp Shad Drya Aura Sala Gnom Jinn Undi
                       6    6    8    7    0    8    2   10
    1 Chaos Crystal
    1 Jinn Silver
    3 Glow Crystal
    1 Chaos Crystal
    1 Jinn Silver
    3 Glow Crystal   Wisp Shad Drya Aura Sala Gnom Jinn Undi
                       6    6    8    7    0    8    6   10
    4 Sulpher
    1 Gnome Silver
    1 Gnome Gold     Wisp Shad Drya Aura Sala Gnom Jinn Undi
                       6    6    9    7    0    8    3   10
    1 Chaos Crystal
    1 Jinn Silver
    3 Glow Crystal
    1 Chaos Crystal
    1 Jinn Silver
    3 Glow Crystal   Wisp Shad Drya Aura Sala Gnom Jinn Undi
                       6    6    9    7    0    8    6   10
    4 Sulpher
    1 Gnome Silver
    1 Gnome Gold     Wisp Shad Drya Aura Sala Gnom Jinn Undi
                       6    6    9    7    0    9    3   10
    1 Chaos Crystal
    1 Jinn Silver
    3 Glow Crystal
    1 Chaos Crystal
    1 Jinn Silver
    3 Glow Crystal
    1 Chaos Crystal
    3 Mercury
    1 Jinn Gold      Wisp Shad Drya Aura Sala Gnom Jinn Undi
                       6    6    9    7    0    9    7   10
    1 Chaos Crystal
    1 Sala Silver
    3 Glow Crystal
    1 Chaos Crystal
    1 Sala Silver
    3 Glow Crystal
    1 Chaos Crystal
    3 Sulpher
    1 Sala Gold
    1 Chaos Crystal
    3 Sulpher
    1 Sala Gold      Wisp Shad Drya Aura Sala Gnom Jinn Undi
                       6    6    9    7    7    9    7   10
    61 point total essence weapon!
    Axe 999 Attack Power  | Bow 681+ Attack power
      +9 Stats (tested)   |  +9 Stats (tested)
    2 Pine'clock         | 1 Sun Crystal
    1 Silly Eye          | 1 Moth Wing or Moon Crystal
    3 Lillipods          |10 Spiny Seeds
    10 Spiny Seeds        | 4 Bumpkin
    1 Bumpkin            | 1 Sharp Claw
    2 Ash                |
    1 Sharp Claw         |
    Notice that dryad raises to 6 without a single dryad
    This next tempering method is for dragon Scale weapons
    and armor. It may be possible to use this on other
    materials like metals, aerolites, and fabric however,
    it hasn't been tested. Sadly with this method 1 point
    is lost in dryad. I also found out that attempting to
    temper undine and gnome to level 8 failed 100% of the
    time because of the material rejecting the essence. :(
    !!!!!!!!!! These materials are VERY PICKY !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    3 Glow crystal
    1 Jinn Silver
    3 Glow Crystal
    2 Jinn Silver
    3 Mercury
    1 Jinn Gold      Wisp Shad Drya Aura Sala Gnom Jinn Undi
                       0    0    0    0    0    0    7    0
    1 Chaos Crystal
    2 Undine Silver
    2 Mercury
    1 Chaos Crystal
    1 Undine Silver  Wisp Shad Drya Aura Sala Gnom Jinn Undi
                       0    0    0    0    0    0    7    0
    4 Holy Water    <- Needed to clear rows because mercury!
    4 Mercury
    1 Jinn Silver
    1 Jinn Gold      Wisp Shad Drya Aura Sala Gnom Jinn Undi
                       0    0    0    0    0    0    8    2
    3 Glow Crystal*
    2 Sala Silver*
    2 Glow Crystal*
    1 Sala Silver*
    3 sulpher*
    1 Sala Gold*     Wisp Shad Drya Aura Sala Gnom Jinn Undi
                       0    0    0    0    7    0    8    0
    1 Chaos Crystal*
    2 Gnome Silver*
    2 sulpher*
    1 Chaos Crystal*
    1 Gnome Silver*  Wisp Shad Drya Aura Sala Gnom Jinn Undi
                       0    0    0    0    7    5    8    0
    4 Holy Water*   <- Needed to clear rows because sulpher!
    4 sulpher*
    1 Sala Silver*
    1 Sala Gold*     Wisp Shad Drya Aura Sala Gnom Jinn Undi
                       0    0    0    0    8    2    8    0
    3 Glow Crystal
    2 Wisp Silver
    3 Glow Crystal   Wisp Shad Drya Aura Sala Gnom Jinn Undi
                       6    0    0    0    8    0    8    0
    1 Chaos Crystal
    1 Shade Silver
    3 Glow Crystal
    1 Chaos Crystal
    1 Shade Silver
    3 Glow Crystal   Wisp Shad Drya Aura Sala Gnom Jinn Undi
                       6    6    0    0    8    0    8    0
    1 Chaos Crystal
    1 Gnome Silver
    3 Glow Crystal
    1 Chaos Crystal
    1 Gnome Silver
    3 Glow Crystal
    1 Chaos Crystal
    3 sulpher
    1 Gnome Gold     Wisp Shad Drya Aura Sala Gnom Jinn Undi
                       6    6    0    0    8    7    8    0
    1 Chaos Crystal
    1 Undine Silver
    3 Glow Crystal
    1 Chaos Crystal
    1 Undine Silver
    3 Glow Crystal
    1 Chaos Crystal
    3 Mercury
    1 Undine Gold    Wisp Shad Drya Aura Sala Gnom Jinn Undi
                       6    6    0    0    8    7    8    7
    1 Chaos Crystal
    1 Dryad Silver
    3 Glow Crystal
    1 Chaos Crystal
    1 Dryad Silver
    3 Glow Crystal
    1 Chaos Crystal
    3 sulpher
    1 Dryad Gold     Wisp Shad Drya Aura Sala Gnom Jinn Undi
                       6    6    7    0    8    7    8    7
    1 Chaos Crystal
    1 Aura Silver
    3 Glow Crystal
    1 Chaos Crystal
    1 Aura Silver
    3 Glow Crystal
    1 Chaos Crystal
    3 Mercury
    1 Aura Gold      Wisp Shad Drya Aura Sala Gnom Jinn Undi
                       6    6    7    7    8    7    8    7
                               56 Points
    The stars "*" Represent areas to skip if you don't want
    salamander on your armor. This is incase you want to add
    some cards that will fail if salamander is present.
    These include mirrored world and bed of thorns.
    Results of tempering are updraded from the diorwood
    formula that gets 57 points. This is why tempering above
    level 7 and 8 is so complex. It's something that comes
    in levels. each stage becomes more complex and cost more
    gold and silver coins. Each essence level up on a primary
    essence comes at the cost of a secondary essence. Yes it
    puts an item in a negative lock. To go to then next level
    you'll need to increase the essence it drains even more!
    Note 1 :When tempering with mercury and sulphur you must
    understand the following before you design a tempering
    method. Mercury works only for Undine, Jinn and Aura
    where as sulphur only works for Wisp, Shade, Salamander,
    Gnome, and Dryad. It's important to note this before
    even considering tempering materials.
    Note 2: Essences that effect other essences. I've found
    that Shade and wisp effect dryad and aura. Knowing this
    I tested the effects of having lower essences of dryad
    and aura when I was raising essences to level 10. I came
    out with a shocking secret. The top row of essences has
    a great effect on the bottom row. If an essence like
    wisp is level 6 your dryad will not reach level 10. If
    your dryad and aura aren't as high as they can be the
    bottom row maxes out faster.
    Dragon Scales High Essence Tempering
    This is for DragonScales only, it looks like a lot of steps, but that's because
    there are a lot of single cards. I think less cards are tempered in as compared
    to other super tempering methods. 68 total essence points (tested)! Only silver
    coins used and No draining of other essences involved either. It is very order
    specific though. Dang, the formating of this text is kinda jacked up, but I'm
    sure you'll understand it.
    1 glow
    1 dryad silver
    1 glow
    1 dryad silver
    1 glow
    1 sulpher
    1 dryad silver
    3 glow
    2 sulpher
    1 dryad silver
    3 glow
    2 sulpher
    1 dryad silver Wisp Shade Dryad Aura Sala Gnome Jinn Undine
    3 glow 0 0 9 0 0 0 0 0
    1 aura silver
    1 glow
    1 aura silver
    1 glow
    1 mercury
    1 aura silver
    3 glow
    2 mercury
    1 aura silver
    3 glow
    2 mercury
    1 aura silver Wisp Shade Dryad Aura Sala Gnome Jinn Undine
    3 glow 0 0 9 9 0 0 0 0
    1 shade silver
    1 glow
    1 shade silver
    1 glow
    1 mercury
    1 shade silver
    3 glow
    2 mercury
    1 shade silver
    3 glow
    2 mercury
    1 shade silver Wisp Shade Dryad Aura Sala Gnome Jinn Undine
    3 glow 0 9 9 9 0 0 0 0
    1 wisp silver
    1 glow
    1 wisp silver
    1 glow
    1 supher
    1 wisp silver
    3 glow
    2 sulpher
    1 wisp silver
    3 glow
    2 sulpher
    1 wisp silver Wisp Shade Dryad Aura Sala Gnome Jinn Undine
    3 glow 9 9 9 9 0 0 0 0
    1 undine silver
    1 glow
    1 undine silver
    1 glow
    1 mercury
    1 undine silver
    3 glow
    2 mercury
    1 undine silver
    3 glow
    2 mercury
    1 undine silver Wisp Shade Dryad Aura Sala Gnome Jinn Undine
    3 glow 9 9 9 9 0 0 0 9
    1 gnome silver
    1 glow
    1 gnome silver
    1 glow
    1 sulpher
    1 gnome silver
    3 glow
    2 sulpher
    1 gnome silver
    3 glow
    2 sulpher
    1 gnome silver Wisp Shade Dryad Aura Sala Gnome Jinn Undine
    3 glow 9 9 9 9 0 9 0 9
    1 chaos
    2 salamander silver
    2 glow
    1 chaos
    1 salamander silver
    3 glow
    1 chaos
    1 sulpher
    1 salamander silver Wisp Shade Dryad Aura Sala Gnome Jinn Undine
    3 glow 9 9 9 9 7 9 0 9
    1 chaos
    2 jinn silver
    2 glow
    1 chaos
    1 jinn silver
    3 glow
    1 chaos
    1 mercury
    1 jinn silver Wisp Shade Dryad Aura Sala Gnome Jinn Undine
    3 glow 9 9 9 9 7 9 7 9
    68 essence points, the important thing is the order in which you temper in the
    essences though. I don't know the exact formula, but dior wood can be tempered
    to 62 essence points using a similar scheme (but different), what's important is
    the order, there is also no need for draining of essences for my dior wood
    scheme. The final essences for the dior wood item is such:
    Wisp Shade Dryad Aura Sala Gnome Jinn Undine
    7 7 9 7 7 9 7 9
    That's the same total of essence points as the dior wood scheme in your FAQ, but
    I think mine takes less tempering. Sorry I didn't bother with the exact details
    for the scheme, but it's similar to the one above and I've tested it so I know
    it works.
    Getting an Essence to level 8
    By now everyone knows how to get an essence to level 7
    There are better ways and DiorWood won't get salamander
    to level 8 as far as I can tell. This isn't optimized
    choose your best formula to reach level 7.
    2 Silver Coin
    3 Glow Crystal
    1 Silver Coin
    3 Glow Crystal
    3 Sulpher or mercury (See Note 1)
    1 Silver Coin
    1 Gold Coin
    Level 5 is required for the opposing element to
    achieve level 8. This works most of the time.
    1 Chaos Crystal
    2 Silver Coins
    2 Mercury or Sulphur (depends see note 1)
    1 Chaos Crystal
    1 Silver Coin
    First the primary essence is level 7 and the secondary
    essence is level 5 use the below method to absorb
    secondary essence and raise the primary essence to
    level 8! This requires the essence it absorbs to be
    level 5 and the essence that is dominate over it to be
    level 0!
    Example: if you want Gnome to be level 8. First you'll
    need a material that will allow it to reach level 8.
    Second you'll need Gnome to be level 7. Third you'll
    need Jinn to be level 5, and finally Salamander must be
    level 0 because it's dominate over gnome! For this
    example coins are gnome and sulpher is used.
    4 Mercury or Sulphur (depends see note 1)
    1 Silver Coin
    1 Gold Coin
    Getting an essence to level 9
    Raise the secondary essence to level 6
    1 Chaos Crystal
    1 Silver Coin
    3 Glow Crystal
    1 Chaos Crystal
    1 Silver Coin
    3 Glow Crystal
    This next step only works if you've got the primary
    essence is level 8 and the secondary essence is level
    6 use the below method to absorb secondary essence
    and raise the primary essence to level 9! This
    requires the essence it absorbs to be level 6 and
    the essence that is dominate over it to be level 0!
    Example: if you want Gnome to be level 9. First you'll
    need a material that will allow it to reach level 9.
    Second you'll need Gnome to be level 8. Third you'll
    need Jinn to be level 6, and finally Salamander must be
    level 0 because it's dominate over gnome! For this
    example coins are gnome and sulpher is used.
    4 Mercury or Sulphur (depends see note 1)
    1 Silver Coin
    1 Gold Coin
    Getting an Essence to level 10
    Level 7 is required for the opposing element to
    achieve level 10.
    1 Chaos Crystal
    1 Silver Coin
    3 Glow Crystal
    1 Chaos Crystal
    1 Silver Coin
    3 Glow Crystal
    1 Chaos Crystal
    3 Sulpher or mercury (See Note 1)
    1 Gold Coin
    First the primary essence is level 9 and the secondary
    essence is level 7 use the below method to absorb
    secondary essence and raise the primary essence to
    level 10! This requires the essence it absorbs to be
    level 7 and the essence that is dominate over it to be
    level 0!
    Example: if you want Gnome to be level 10. First you'll
    need a material that will allow it to reach level 10.
    Second you'll need Gnome to be level 9. Third you'll
    need Jinn to be level 7, and finally Salamander must be
    level 0 because it's dominate over gnome! For this
    example coins are gnome and sulpher is used.
    4 Mercury or Sulphur (depends see note 1)
    1 Silver Coin
    1 Gold Coin
    For other formulas you'll need to follow note 1, you'll
    also need to note that I've never been able to achieve
    above level 7 on wisp or shade. Doing so results in one
    essence being wiped completely.
    Getting Wisp or Shade to level 7
    This can cause you problems getting aura or dryad to
    stick I've proven this by massive testing. If wisp
    and shade aren't balances there is a chance that one
    essence will drain forever. I found the if wisp is
    level higher than shade aura will take the drain
    likewise, if shade is higher dryad will take the
    drain EVEN on a DiorWood items. If you attempt to
    fix aura shade will take a hit and still have the
    If your interested I think this is the formula for
    getting wisp or shade to level 7.
    3 Glow Crystal
    2 Silver Coin
    3 Glow Crystal
    2 Sulpher
    1 Silver Coin
    1 Gold Coin
    Credits and special thanks, without these people I
    wouldn't have known about mercury, sulpher, glow
    crystals or chaos crystals.
    David Myers (His Legend of Mana Tempering FAQ)
    Sean Kelson (Kelson Tempering)
    SSJcloud and Phildo (Mercury and sulpher)
    someguy (Getting essence to level 8!)
    Kelson Tempering
    The weaker method of tempering:
    (At once this was the best method, but that was a very long time ago.)
    Although it is called Kelson Tempering, there's a lot of credits involved.  Lots
    Of people have helped me out.
    I think you can use this method for armor, too.
    Here is a method to get an extremely high (Over 440!) power and 6 essence levels
    on all of the elementals!!!  However, this method is "enhanced" by other people
    in the Tempering FAQ on www.gamefaqs.com.
    You can substitute the silver coins with gold ones, but it won't do anything to
    Use DragonScales to create the weapon.  The reason you shouldn't use Adamantite
    is because the Cleric mystic power that you get from Holy Water.  When the first
    cleric goes in, you get more power added if you have a DragonScales weapon.
    3 Glow Crystal
    2 Dryad Silver
    3 Glow Crystal
    2 Wisp Silver
    3 Glow Crystal
    2 Undine Silver
    3 Glow Crystal
    2 Gnome Silver
    3 Glow Crystal
    1 Chaos Crystal
    2 Sala Silver
    2 Glow Crystal
    1 Chaos Crystal
    1 Sala Silver
    3 Glow Crystal
    1 Chaos Crystal
    2 Aura Silver
    2 Glow Crystal
    1 Chaos Crystal
    1 Aura Silver
    3 Glow Crystal
    1 Chaos Crystal
    1 Shade Silver
    3 Glow Crystal
    1 Chaos Crystal
    1 Shade Silver
    3 Glow Crystal
    1 Chaos Crystal
    2 Jinn Silver
    2 Glow Crystal
    1 Chaos Crystal
    1 Jinn Silver
    2 Glow Crystal
    5 Holy Water
    1 Dragon Breath
    1 Giant's Horn
    Now you should have some kind of ultimate sword with max. essence level on all
    elementals!!!  I've heard of Shade not being at 6. . .  Save before you temper
    and try switching Shade and Aura if it doesn't work.
    Getting above 4 essence level
    Let say you want to upgrade your sword to level 4 Dryad:- temper it with 3
    silver coin and 1 gold coin. Now from level 4 to level 6:- simply forge your
    sword with 1.glow crystal, 2.silver Dry, 1.glow crystal, 2.silver Dry and,
    1.glow crystal. You see the point lies in Mystic power Nymph of Dawn. Each time
    you discard and replace the mystic the element coin you temper in goes up one
    Forging a Revive/Forbidden Ring
    You can get the fertility goddess trait by altering a piece of armor with an
    ear of wheat, but it requires level 5 dryad on that weapon.  The same is
    true for Phoenix (on the Revive Ring) but that requires level 5 salamander.
    There are probably others like that.
    About Mystic Power Slots:
    Mystic Power Slots
    While there are three visible slots, there seems to be a fourth "inactive" slot
    where abilities are stored...
    You have a sword with nothing on it...you temper it once with a Dryad Silver,
    and nothing happens.  Your slots now look like this.
    (Dryad)    <------  Inactive slot
    Once you temper it again with another Dryad Silver, the Dryad will come out,
    leaving your slots like this.
    (Dryad)<----Just tempered in
    Temper it again with, say, an Aura Silver, another Dryad will come out, leaving
    your slots like so.
    Let's fill up the slots...
    Temper again with any other coin or item that gives an effect, and the top Dryad
    will be pulled out, leaving the Dryad Essence there.
    (Dryad)----->  Cancels
    When a Mystic Power is cancelled, it is usually taken from the top, though
    sometimes it can be taken from the bottom.  I don't know how this works.  Also,
    when it appears that no change has taken place, your mystic power slots may have
    been "shuffled", so to speak.  This happened to me when tempering my
    Slots were like this:
    Ancient Moon
    After tempering in a Wisp, nothing happened, but my slots looked like this...
    Ancient Moon
    This is also where I found that Mystic Powers could be taken from the
    bottom...after another Wisp Silver, this happened.
    (Ancient Moon)----->
    Mystic Powers List
    Here are some information on tempering/altering from neo987@thevision.net
    (Wandering Mage).
    There is also more info after this from another person.  Unfortunately, I lost
    his/her e-mail address.  If you sent me the TempShee.txt file, please tell me.
    E-mail Wandering Mage if you can add to this.
    Below are effects that I have seen or heard of. I've activated Man of Valour but
    it was unintentional and on a weapon I had used a lot of items on.
    Item                Effect
    ????                Yggdrasil
    ????                Ragnarok
    ????                Metropolis
    ????                Tower
    ????                Spring
    ????                Ruler Of Sky
    ????                Mother Of Gods
    ????                Thunder God
    ????                Ocean God
    ????                Wind God
    ????                Wisdom Goddess
    ????                Blacksmith God
    ????                Fallen Angel
    ????                Witch Of Moon
    ????                Lord Of Flies
    ????                Wings Of Darkness
    ????                God Of Destruction
    ????                Beast Headed God
    ????                Leviathan
    ????                Sage
    ????                Wanderer
    ????                Nymph Of Orchads
    ????                Unicorn
    ????                Horse
    ????                Joker
    ????                Fertility Goddess
    Bumpkin             Clown
    Lilipods            Enticed Nymph
    Honey Onion         Princess [Note 7]
    Garlicrown          King [Note 7]
    [Seed]              Dryad
    Peach Puppy         Wolf [Note 7]
    Springanana         Heavens Scale
    Dragon Blood        God of War [Note 6]
    Dragon Breath       Man of Valour [Note 6]
    Healing Claw        Tower [See Note 1]
    White Feather       Nymph of the Sky [See Note 1]
    Needle              Bed of Thorns [Note 5]
    Needlelettuce       Bed of Thorns [Note 5]
    Moon Crystal        Moon Goddess [Note 4]
    Mirror Piece        Mirrored World [Note 3]
    Flaming Quill       Phoenix [See Note 2]
    Sun Crystal         Sun God [See Note 1]
    Raven Feather       Raven
    Glowing Crystal     Nymph of Dawn
    Chaos Crystal       Ancient Moon
    Ash                 Volcano
    Mercury             Witch
    Sulpher             Sorcerer
    Holy Water          Cleric
    Grave Dirt          Dying Earth
    Firestone           Salamander
    Waterstone          Undine
    Earthstone          Gnome
    Windstone           Jinn
    Moth Wing           Spirit 1
    Ether               Spirit 2
    Loquat Shoes        Spirit 2
    Hairball            Spirit 3
    Ghost's Howl        Sacrificed Nymph
    [Silver, Gold]      [Elemental]
    Little Eye          Pixie 1\
    Sleepy Eye          Pixie 2 \
    Silly Eye           Pixie 3  \
    Dangerous Eye       Pixie 4   \
    Angry Eye           Pixie 5    \
    Blank Eye           Pixie 6     \ Each Pixie has a different combination of
                                       stats that it affects.
    Creepy Eye          Pixie 7      \
    Stinky Breath       Pixie 8      /
    Electricity         Pixie 9     /
    Rust                Pixie 10   /
    Poison Power        Pixie 11  /
    Sleepy Powder       Pixie 12 /
    Knockout Dust       Pixie 13/
    All Elementals give +1 to their essence
    To activate one of the above effects:
    Step 1) Use the favored item.
    Step 2) Use another item that causes something.
    Even if you replace a power with another, the first one's effect will stay in
    place (usually). This is why Pixies are something to avoid as much as possible.
    {Note 1] Wisp at 3+.
    [Note 2] Sala at 3+.
    [Note 3] Must follow 3+ other powers.
    [Note 4] Wisp = Shade at 3+.
    [Note 5] Dryad must be at 3+ with Needle. No req. for Needlelettuce.
    [Note 6] Wisp at 2+, Sala at 2+
    [Note 7] Is it just me, or is it weird that this card has NO PICTURE?!
    Conflicting Elements (this seems kinda weird but is true:
    Wisp       - Shade
    Shade      - Wisp
    Dryad      - Aura
    Aura       - Dryad
    Salamander - Gnome-----\
    Gnome      - Jinn       \ I know, weird combos. But true.
    Jinn       - Undine     /
    Undine     - Salamander/
    Mixing different Elementals can raise or lower stats depending on the mix.
    Multiple copies of an effect can lead to unexpected results.
    Mixing Powers can lead to unexpected results.
    3 Auras give defense against Shade and Aura.
    Mixing a Pixie with Dying Earth gives -5 to all stats. Getting rid of the Dying
    Earth lowers this depending on the effect of the other powers on that piece of
    Mixing Witch and Sorcerer seems to give +3 to magic together instead of +1 each.
    Wooden items seem to activate Dryad after being tempered twice.
    This is what these do alone. Most of these I've only tested on weapons. ARMOR
    Aura: Luck +1
    Gnome: Defense +1
    Undine: Magic +1
    Salamander: Power +1
    Dryad: HP +1
    Wisp: Charm +1
    Jinn: Skill +1
    Shade: Spirit +1
    Phoenix: Power +4
    Nymph of the Sky: Skill +5, All Other Stats +1
    Tower: Charm +1?
    Moon Goddess: Spirit +10, If you have 3 one plunge attack becomes Moonlight.
    Sun God: Charm +10, If you have 3 one plunge attack becomes Sunlight.
    Raven: Spirit +1, Shade essence +1, Charm +3, Magic +3
    Spirit 1: Spirit +1, Charm +1
    Spirit 2: HP +1, Defense +1
    Spirit 3: Luck +1
    Pixie: -1 to 6 stats depending on which Pixie.
    Witch: Magic +1
    Sorcerer: Magic +1
    Dying Earth: All stats -1
           On Weapon: Power up +?
           On Armor: Strike Defense +?, Slash Defense -?
    Ancient Moon: Allows conflicting magic to be on the same piece of equipment at
    the same time without conflict.
    Fertility Goddess: Found on Forbidden Ring. Not sure if it causes the exp.
    high essence levels, or both.
    God Of War: Power +7
    Man of Valour: Power +2, HP +1
    Goddess of Love: Mag. Defense +7
    Wolf: +3 HP, Skill
    Joker: -4 to all stats
    Sacrificed Nymph: Seems to do nothing.
    Nymph of Dawn: Seems to do nothing.
    Volcano: Causes Magma Hammer plunge attack (untested)
    Mirrored World: Only 1 allowed. Seems to do nothing.
    Bed of Thorns: +5? to non magic defenses (untested)
    Heavens Scale: Only 1 allowed. Seems to do nothing.
    King: +1 Power, Aura Essence?
    Clown: Luck +3, Wisp Defense
    I greatly thank the few who have helped me. For those who don't know who I am,
    but have addresses listed below, remember this. At the top of this list is a
    request that you send any info to ME, not the owner of the FAQ you saw this in.
    I, though, have lost my faith in almost everyone on the www.gamefaqs.com message
    boards due to the cold shoulder they gave me. I will give them another chance
    soon, but I doubt their attitude will change.
                            Mystic Powers List (Compressed)
                Contributed by ???  (Lost his/her e-mail address...)
    Here Is an almost complete list of items and their effects read very carefully.
    Item              		Effect
    Spiny Seed         		Yggdrasil
    Pine O'Clock      		Ragnarok
    Dialaurel         	 	Metropolis [low Wisp lvl.]
    Healing Claw       	 	Tower [low Shade lvl.]
    Fishy Fruit        		Spring
    Spade Basil        		Ruler Of Sky
    Heart Mint          		Mother Of Gods [not sure what else is involved yet]
    Electricity         		Thunder God
    Squalphin           		Ocean God
    Orcaplant           		Ocean God
    Diceberry           		Wind God
    Aroma Oil           		Wisdom Goddess
    Ether               		Blacksmith God [Spirit at low mana lvl.]
    Virgin's Sigh       		Goddess Of Love
    Little Eye          		Fallen Angel [Note8]
    Rust                		Witch Of Moon [Note8]
    Sleepy eye          		Witch Of Moon [Note8]
    Blank Eye           		Lord Of Flies [Note8]
    Sleepy Powder       		Lord Of Flies [Note8]
    Stinky Breath       		Wings Of Darkness [Note8]
    Creepy Eye          		Wings Of Darkness [Note8]
    Poison Powder       		God Of Destruction [Note8]
    Angry Eye           		God Of Destruction [Note8]
    Dangerous Eye       		Beast Headed God [Note8]
    Knockout Dust       		Leviathan [Note8]
    Silly Eye           		Leviathan [Note8]
    Messy Scroll        		Sage
    Wad Of Wool         		Wanderer
    Applesocks          		Nymph Of Orchads
    Whalamato           		Unicorn
    ????                		Horse
    ????                		Joker
    Ear of Wheat        		Fertility Goddess
    Bumpkin             		Clown
    Lilipods            		Enticed Nymph
    Honey Onion         		Princess [Note 7]
    Garlicrown          		King [Note 7]
    [Seed]              		Dryad
    Peach Puppy         		Wolf [Note 7]
    Springanana         		Heavens Scale
    Dragon Blood        		God of War [Note 6]
    Dragon Breath       		Man of Valour [Note 6]
    Healing Claw        		Tower [See Note 1]
    White Feather       		Nymph of the Sky [See Note 1]
    Needle              		Bed of Thorns [Note 5][low Sala lvl.]
    Needlelettuce       		Bed of Thorns [Note 5][low Sala lvl.]
    Moon Crystal        		Moon Goddess [Note 4]
    Mirror Piece        		Mirrored World [Note 3]
    Flaming Quill       		Phoenix [See Note 2]
    Sun Crystal         		Sun God [See Note 1]
    Raven Feather       		Raven
    Glowing Crystal     		Nymph of Dawn
    Chaos Crystal       		Ancient Moon
    Ash                 		Volcano
    Mercury             		Witch
    Sulpher             		Sorcerer
    Holy Water          		Cleric
    Grave Dirt          		Dying Earth
    Firestone           		Salamander
    Waterstone          		Undine
    Earthstone          		Gnome
    Windstone           		Jinn
    Moth Wing           		Spirit Dancing Girl
    Ether               		Spirit Old Man
    Loquat Shoes        		Spirit Old Man
    Hairball            		Spirit Dancing Girl
    Conchurnip          		Spirit Young Girl
    Ghost's Howl        		Sacrificed Nymph
    [Silver, Gold]      		[Elemental]
    Little Eye          		Pixie 1\
    Sleepy Eye          		Pixie 2 \
    Silly Eye           		Pixie 3  \
    Dangerous Eye       		Pixie 4   \
    Angry Eye           		Pixie 5    \
    Blank Eye           		Pixie 6     \ Each Pixie has a different
    combination of stats that it affects.
    Creepy Eye          		Pixie 7      \
    Stinky Breath       		Pixie 8      /
    Electricity         		Pixie 9     /
    Rust                		Pixie 10   /
    Poison Power        		Pixie 11  /
    Sleepy Powder       		Pixie 12 /
    Knockout Dust       		Pixie 13/
    All Elementals give +1 to their essence
    To activate one of the above effects:
    Step 1) Use the favored item.
    Step 2) Use another item that causes something.
    Even if you replace a power with another, the first one's effect will stay in
    place (usually). This is why Pixies are something to avoid as much as possible.
    [Note 1] Wisp at 3+.
    [Note 2] Sala at 3+.
    [Note 3] Must follow 3+ other powers.
    [Note 4] Wisp = Shade at 3+.
    [Note 5] Dryad must be at 3+ with Needle. No req. for Needlelettuce.
    [Note 6] Wisp at 2+, Sala at 2+
    [Note 7] Is it just me, or is it weird that this card has NO PICTURE?!
    [Note 8]Ragnarok must be on the Weapon or Armor or you will get a Pixie Card.
    About seeds
    The color of the seeds represent there elemental (Green = Dryad, Red =
    Salamander).  This tells you what seed gives what power.
    Here's some stuff written by sarick@hotmail.com (Richard Bavely):
    If the Right Hand side matches the info on the item it's probably ok to
    save so you won't have to start from the beginning. This version was
    Done to simplify the process of creating a 6 essence in all areas.
    3 Glow Crystal
    2 Dryad Silver
    3 Glow Crystal                                                  Nymph of
    2 Wisp Silver   Wisp  Dryad Undin Gnome Salam Aura Shade Jinn   Nymph of
    3 Glow Crystal    6     6                                       Wisp
    --------------- 1st Save
    2 Undin Silver
    3 Glow Crystal                                                  Nymph of
    2 Gnome Silver  Wisp  Dryad Undin Gnome Salam Aura Shade Jinn   Nymph of
    3 Glow Crystal    6     6     6     6                           Gnome
    --------------- 2nd Save
    1 Chaos Crystal
    2 Salam Silver
    2 Glow Crystal
    1 Chaos Crystal                                                 Nymph of
    1 Salam Silver  Wisp  Dryad Undin Gnome Salam Aura Shade Jinn   Nymph of
    3 Glow Crystal    6     6     6     6     6                     Salam
    --------------- 3rd Save
    1 Chaos Crystal
    2 Aura Silver
    2 Glow Crystal
    1 Chaos Crystal                                                 Nymph of
    1 Aura Silver   Wisp  Dryad Undin Gnome Salam Aura Shade Jinn   Nymph of
    3 Glow Crystal    6     6     6     6     6     6               Aura
    -+-+-+-+-+-+-+- 4th Save
    1 Chaos Crystal
    1 Shade Silver
    3 Glow Crystal
    1 Chaos Crystal                                                 Nymph of
    1 Shade Silver  Wisp  Dryad Undin Gnome Salam Aura Shade Jinn   Nymph of
    3 Glow Crystal    6     6     6     6     6     6    6          Shade
    -+-+-+-+-+-+-+- 5th Save
    1 Chaos Crystal
    2 Jinn Silver
    2 Glow Crystal
    1 Chaos Crystal                                                 Nymph of
    1 Jinn Silver   Wisp  Dryad Undin Gnome Salam Aura Shade Jinn   Jinn
    2 Glow Crystal    6     6     6     6     6     6    6    6     Ancient Moon
    --------------- 6th Save Finished All 8 Areas to level 6!
    This next area is for maxing out stat modifiers. Having items with 10 in all
    stats may not sound feasible but I've found a cool trick that works every
    using fangs to keep raising them.
    1 Moon Crystal
    1 Sun Crystal
    1 Spiny Seed <- Yggdrasil <-- This allows all stats bonuses
    1 Flaming Quill <- Selectable + Possible Cleric or Bed of Thorns
    1 Heart Ment <- Mother of Gods <- This allows all stats be raised next step
    1 Heart Ment <- Use this is area just to activate Mother of Gods
    5 Poison or Vampire Fangs <- Stats Upgrade to 10
    1 Clear Feather <- Attack upgrade without removing "Yggdrasil"
    This Area Is what effects secondary items may have on equipment keep in mind
    some of these require Levels Essence not listed if you used the above method
    to get 6 in all areas this shouldn't be a problem.
    Item Type   Name           Mystic Power           Stats
    Seeds       All Seeds      Dryad Card             Dryad Essence+1
    Seeds       Spiny Seed     Yggdrasil (Special)    ??? Effects all Stats +?
    Eyes        All Eyes       Pixie (various)        negative stats
    Slv. Coins  Spirit Name    Spirit Card            Spirit Essence+1
    Gld. Coins  Spirit Name    Spirit Card            Spirit Essence+2
    Produce     Bellgrapes     -                      Mag+1
    Produce     Diceberry      God of Wind            ???
    Produce     Mangoelephant  -                      Hp+1
    Produce     Loquat Shoes   -                      Skl+1
    Produce     Pear O' Heels  Spirit (Old Man)
    Produce     Squalphin      -                      Undine+1
    Produce     *Citrisquid    -                      +strikes -slashes
    Produce     *Springanana   Heaven's Scale
    Produce     Apricat        -                      Skl+1
    Produce     Applesocks     -                      Skl+2
    Produce     Whalamato      -
    Produce     Watomellon     Unicorn ???            ???
    Produce     Pine O' Clock  +Regenerk ???          *Def sleep
    Produce     Boaramelon     -                      Str+1
    Produce     Rhinoloupe     -                      *Def poison
    Produce     Sweet Moai     -                      Def+1
    Produce     Cornflower     -                      Wsp+1
    Produce     *Needlettuce   Bed of Thorn
    Produce     Cherry Bombs   -
    Produce     Masked Potato  -
    Produce     GarlicCrown    King                   Str+1, Aur+1
    Produce     Honey Onion    Princess               Def+1, Dry+2
    Produce     Peach Puppy    Wolf                   Hp+2, Skl+2
    Produce     Bumpkin        Clown
    Produce     Heart Ment     Mother of Gods         ??? seems to add atk
    Produce     Spade Basil    Ruler of Sky           ???
    Produce     Orcaplant      Ocian God              ???
    Produce     Lil Pods       Enticed Nymph
    Produce     Fishy Fruit    Spring                 Und+2,Def Gno
    Produce     Conchurnip     Spirit (Young Girl)
    Feathers    Moth Wing      Spirit (Dancing Girl)
    Feathers    Raven Feather  Raven
    Feathers    White Feather  Nymph of the Sky       ???
    Feathers    Flaming Quill  Pheonix                ??? Revive?
    Feathers    Clear Feather  -                      +atk
    Fangs&Claws Sharp Fangs    -                      +atk
    Fangs&Claws Poison Fangs   -                      +atk
    Bottles     Ether          Spirit (Old Man)
    Bottles     Holy Water     Cleric                 +atk
    Bottles     Aroma Oil      Goddess of Wisdom
    Vials       Mercury        Witch
    Vials       Stinky Breath  Pixie
    Vials       Ghosts Howl    Sacrificed Nymph
    Vials       Dragons Breath Man of Valour          +atk/str on weapons
    Vails       Dragon Blood   God of War             ???
    Vails       Either         Blacksmith God         ???
    Vails       Virgin's Sigh  Goddess of Love        ???
    Powders     Ash            Volcano
    Powders     Grave Dirt     Dying Earth            -all stats
    Powders     Suplher        Sorcerer
    Powders     Rust           Pixie                   negative stats
    Powders     Knockout Dust  Pixie                   negative stats
    Powders     Sleepy Powder  Pixie                   negative stats
    Powders     Poison Powder  Pixie                   negative stats
    Pouches     Hairball       Spirit (Dancing Girl)
    Pouches     Messy Scroll   Sage                   ???
    Pouches     Mirror Piece   Mirrored World         ??? Doubles effects?
    Urns        Electricity    Thunder God            ???
    Urns        Ear of Wheat   Fertility Goddess      shared xp w/ party
    Mana Crys.  Sun Crystal    Sun God                +Sun attack in plunge
    Mana Crys.  Moon Crystal   Moon Goddess           +Moon attack in quick
    Mana Crys.  Glow Crystal   Nymph of Dawn          Used for essence past 6
    Mana Crys.  Chaos Crystal  Ancient Moon           Allows conflicting essence
    * = Armor Only
    + = Weapon Only
    Items with "-" in their mystic power means they are stat mod items.
    --------C: Forging Armor
    Note: The word inside the [brackets] is what is before the armor name.
    Example: IshePlatinum Shoes would be called IsheShoes.
    The number is the defense.
    Forging Armor Chart:
    Some of this information is probably inaccurate, since I have not tested it all
    myself.  If you find an error, please e-mail me.  Thanks!  However, I have
    confirmed that adamantite is the best material.
    Material: Shield: Helm: Hat: Haubert: Robe: Gauntlet: Ring: Boots:
    Shoes: Armor: Mantle: Pendant
    Adamantite [Adamant]: 24: 19: 8: 42: 22: 20: 16: 19: 7: 77: 20: 23
    AnimalBone [Bone]   : 2 : 2 : 0: 5 : 2 : 1 : 2 : 1 : 0: 11: 1 : 3
    AnimalHide [Hide]   : 8 : 3 : 1: 8 : 3 : 3 : 2 : 3 : 0: 15: 2 : 3
    AnkhRock [Ankh]     : 14: 10: 4: 26: 11: 11: 4 : 11: 4: 48: 9 : 6
    BaobobWood [Bao]    : 7 : 6 : 3: 11: 6 : 4 : 4 : 5 : 2: 23: 5 : 6
    Coral [Coral]       : 7 : 5 : 2: 14: 6 : 6 : 2 : 6 : 1: 25: 4 : 3
    DiorWood [Dior]     : 19: 16: 8: 30: 17: 15: 12: 14: 6: 58: 16: 16
    DragonScales[Dragon]: 26: 21: 8: 46: 20: 20: 9 : 21: 8: 83: 16: 11
    EbonyWood [Ebony]   : 9 : 7 : 3: 14: 7 : 7 : 5 : 5 : 2: 27: 7 : 8
    Emerald [Jewel]     : 3 : 1 : 3: 1 : 6 : 1 : 12: 1 : 3: 3 : 9 : 18
    FishScales [Fish]   : 6 : 1 : 0: 5 : 0 : 1 : 1 : 1 : 0: 9 : 0 : 1
    ForsenaIron [Forse] : 3 : 3 : 0: 8 : 4 : 3 : 3 : 3 : 0: 18: 2 : 5
    FullMetal[FullMetal]: 21: 16: 6: 38: 18: 18: 7 : 17: 6: 68: 14: 10
    GatorSkin [Gator]   : 3 : 6 : 3: 14: 7 : 6 : 4 : 6 : 2: 28: 6 : 6
    GranzSteel [Granz]  : 7 : 5 : 2: 13: 5 : 5 : 5 : 5 : 2: 25: 6 : 7
    HalleyRock [Aero]   : 9 : 6 : 3: 14: 8 : 7 : 8 : 6 : 3: 26: 9 : 12
    HollyWood [Holly]   : 4 : 3 : 1: 7 : 3 : 3 : 3 : 3 : 0: 15: 3 : 4
    IshePlatinum [Ishe] : 17: 13: 6: 28: 13: 14: 10: 13: 6: 50: 13: 15
    Ivory [Ivory]       : 7 : 6 : 2: 13: 6 : 4 : 4 : 5 : 2: 24: 5 : 6
    JacobiniRock [Jacob]: 5 : 3 : 1: 9 : 6 : 4 : 6 : 3 : 1: 19: 5 : 9
    JuddHemp [Hemp]     : 7 : 5 : 2: 11: 5 : 5 : 4 : 5 : 2: 22: 6 : 7
    LapisLazuli [Lapis] : 3 : 1 : 3: 1 : 6 : 1 : 12: 1 : 3: 3 : 9 : 18
    Lizard Scales [Liza]: 2 : 5 : 1: 11: 4 : 5 : 2 : 4 : 1: 20: 4 : 3
    LorantSilver [Lora] : 10: 7 : 2: 16: 9 : 7 : 6 : 7 : 2: 31: 7 : 9
    LorimarIron [Rimar] : 17: 14: 6: 31: 17: 14: 11: 14: 6: 56: 14: 16
    Marble [Marb]       : 2 : 1 : 0: 6 : 2 : 1 : 3 : 2 : 0: 9 : 2 : 5
    MenosBronze [Menos] : 7 : 2 : 0: 5 : 1 : 2 : 2 : 2 : 0: 12: 1 : 3
    MapleWood[Maple]    : 13: 9 : 5: 22: 13: 10: 13: 10: 5: 39: 14: 20
    OakWood [Oak]       : 2 : 2 : 1: 5 : 2 : 1 : 2 : 1 : 0: 10: 2 : 3
    Obsidian [Sidia]    : 7 : 4 : 1: 12: 7 : 5 : 7 : 5 : 2: 22: 7 : 11
    Orihalcon[Orihalcon]: 11: 9 : 3: 20: 11: 9 : 10: 9 : 3: 38: 10: 15
    Pearl [Pearl]       : 3 : 1 : 3: 1 : 6 : 1 : 12: 1 : 3: 3 : 9 : 18
    PedanStone [Pedan]  : 18: 14: 5: 33: 15: 14: 6 : 15: 6: 58: 12: 9
    Shell [Shell]       : 8 : 7 : 2: 15: 6 : 6 : 2 : 6 : 1: 28: 4 : 3
    Sultan'sSilk [Silk] : 3 : 3 : 0: 8 : 4 : 3 : 3 : 3 : 0: 15: 2 : 5
    ToppleCotton [Cot]  : 3 : 1 : 0: 5 : 1 : 1 : 2 : 1 : 0: 9 : 1 : 3
    TuttleRock [Tuttle] : 19: 15: 6: 34: 16: 15: 7 : 13: 7: 60: 13: 9
    VinekRock [Vinek]   : 16: 12: 4: 29: 12: 13: 5 : 13: 4: 50: 9 : 7
    VizelGold [Vizel]   : 17: 11: 6: 23: 13: 11: 8 : 11: 6: 44: 12: 13
    WendelSilver [Wndl] : 10: 8 : 2: 19: 9 : 8 : 7 : 8 : 2: 37: 8 : 11
    ------4: Monster Corral
    See "Produce Encyclopedia" for more information.
    For this section, it helps to have a corral.  Complete Monster Corral
    (#57) to get it!
    --------A: Finding Monsters
    There are two ways to get monsters as your pets.  The first, and most
    common, is through eggs.  However, some monsters you can find at places,
    waiting for someone to join.
    Method A:
    To see what the eggs might hatch, check your monster encyclopedia.  Each type
    i.e. Oddity, Demi-Human) is in the encyclopedia.
    Catch Monsters Without Using Food:
    If you manage to get behind a monster egg without scaring it off and stay that
    way, it'll eventually show either a blank or "..." in the status bubble where
    the arrows and such appear.  Step up then and catch it!  This prevents waste of
    produce and meat that could be fed to pets or just sold for cash.
    See Encyclopedias --> Monsters
    You can find eggs at the following places:
    Mekiv Caverns (After Boinks move) - Oddity Egg
    Norn Peaks (Boss Location) - Arthropod Egg
    Fieg Snowfields (By boss location) - Dragon Egg
    SS Buccaneer (Bottom Deck) - Aquatic Egg
    Lake Kilma (Just Another Place) - Beast Egg
    Gato Grottos - Morph Egg
    Junkyard (Boss area) - Poltergiest Egg
    Ulkan Mines (Mine Your Own Business Boss Location) - Oddity Egg
    Jungle (Boss Location: Du'Cate) - Plant Egg
    Jungle (Boss Location in the Faerie Forest) - Demonic Egg
    White Forest (Boss Location) - Beast Egg
    Bone Fortress (Boss Location) - Undead Egg
    Luon Highway (Boss Location) - Aerial Egg
    Luon Highway (In Caves) - Reptile Egg
    Tower of Leires (Room of Fate) - Poltergeist Egg
    Duma Desert (Fluorite (#29) boss location) - Arthropod Egg
    Method B:
    The following are the places I know of where you can find demi-humans.  The
    stuff after the -hyphen- is the required mana level:
    Norn Peaks (Tomato Man) - Unknown
    Ulkan Mines (Tomato Man) - Salamander Level 3
    Lumina (Goblin) - Shade Level 3 and Dryad Level 3
    Jungle (Chobin Hood) - Dryad Level 3
    Fieg Snowfield (Succubs) - Shade Level 3
    The Wimpy Thugling (#66) (Sahagin) - See Quests --> #66: The Wimpy Thugling
    Lake Kilma (Mad Mallard) - Unknown
    Junkyard (Narcissos) - Gnome Level 3
    --------B: Raising Monsters
    The "Produce Encyclopedia" helps a lot to raise (but sometimes lowers) stats.
    Here are my tips on raising monsters:
    >>> Use the produce encyclopedia to modify stats.
    >>> Have three monsters grazing at one time.
    >>> You can pet a monster to see its main personality.
    >>> If you have a personal favorite monster and don't care for the others, sell
    the monsters you don't need.  If treated well, the monsters can rake in some
    >>> Visit your corral often to feed monsters.
    >>> It is almost necessary to have The Mana Orchards (#56) done to raise
    good monsters.
    >>>About feeding your pet meat:
    		Animal meat	Bug meat
    Total HP	+6
    Power		+1		-1
    skills		+1		+1
    defense		-1
    magic		-1
    spirit				+1
    charm				-1
    d. slashes	+1
    d. thrust
    d. magic			+1
    >>> Gaining pet levels:
    >When you complete The Wisdom of Gaeus (#3), Daena gives you the Forbidden
    >Ring.  If you equip it on a pet or NPC, the pet/NPC will get the same #
    >of EXP crystals as you.  If the pet picks up an EXP crystal, you'll get
    >the experience and so will he.
    That's about it.
    ------5: Instrument Making
    If you want to make instruments, it helps to be able to.  Complete the
    event Instrument Making 101 (#54) to get the instrument creation part in
    your workshops.
    --------A: Getting Elemental Coins
    Here's some tips:
    --> Go to Gato Grottos, Ulkan Mines, or Mekiv Caverns.  Go to where the spirits
    appear.  When 2 of them appear, say no and run toward the closest spirit.  You
    should catch him and get some coins.
    Wherever there are monster eggs, there are also spirits.  What spirit
    appears depends on
    the mana level (lower-left corner of world map) of the area.  For example:
    If an area had Shade level 3, Salamander level 3, and Dryad level 1, there is a
    3 in 7 chance that Shade will appear, 3 in 7 that Salamander will appear, and 1
    in 7 that Dryad will appear.  Try searching for elementals in a place with
    full mana power! (To get that, put the mana tree by it!)
    Strategy (By defz (defz@uswest.net)):
    If you play one instrument, and either the melody or the harmony for all
    attempts, there are four choices that you have (serene, sorrowful, cheerful, and
    mysterious).  2 of these will result in the element being "interested", one
    "does not like" and one "it likes it".  So at the very most all you need is one
    instrument and 4 attempts at playing.  This is really helpful when you're trying
    to collect coins for tempering weapons and much quicker than the previous
    speculation that a melody and harmony line with more than 1 instrument were
    needed for best results.  The tune is indeed random.
    --------B: Elemental Tips: Gold or Silver?
    How to get gold or silver by cwhite@ainet.com (Wandering Mage).
    1) The rate an elemental appears is determined by an area's mana level. If an
    area has no white, Wisp won't
    show up. If it has 3 black, Shade will show up more than the others.
    2) The day also plays an important role in elemental appearance. I'm not sure of
    the exact figure but you could
    say it adds 1 to an area's mana of the elemental assigned to that day. This way
    it is possible to see an elemental in an area with no actual mana of that color.
    3) The rate at which you receive gold depends on what interest an elemental has
    in your song. If it is
    interested, you have about as much a chance of receiving as Fujin from FF VIII
    has speaking a 5 syllable
    word (If you haven't played it yet, the longest word she's spoken is
    AFFERMATIVE), while if it likes the
    song, I'd say you have a 1/9 chance.
    4) The more instruments you use, the better. You have a max of 8 at one time.
    Set 4 to melody and 4 to harmony.
    If you have 1 harp and 3 drums, set 2 drums to one and 1 harp and 1 drum to the
    other. The elementals are
    generally tone deaf :P and don't care if you set 8 drums. It's the shear number
    that counts. If your using 1
    flute on a song it's interested in, your chances of getting a gold are slim to
    none and slim just walked out    the door.
    Note: More instruments only affect how the elemental moves.  The more, the
    closer he walks to you.
    5) Now, this is just from personal experience and seemed to work as I was typing
    this. If you choose the song
    the elemental likes on the first try, you will most likely get a gold. Just
    don't forget to use as many
    instruments as you can. If this is true, then the amount of tries it takes you
    to find the song it likes
    directly affects your chance of getting a gold. Remember, this is from
    experience. I don't know if it's true
    or if my karma was just shining bright that day, but I thought I might as well
    share this.
    --------C: Instrument Power Chart
    The chart below is for the power of an instrument.
    Note: The word inside the [brackets] is what is before the instrument name.
    Example: FishScale Flute would be called FishHarp.
    The Chart:
    Material: Harp w/Gold Coin: Harp w/Silver Coin: Marimba w/Gold Coin : Marimba
    w/Silver Coin :Flute w/Gold Coin : Flute w/Silver Coin: Drum w/Gold Coin: Drum
    w/Silver Coin
    Adamantite [Adamant]: 12:  8: 12:  8: 15: 10:  9: 6
    AnimalBone [Bone]:    24: 16: 19: 13: 25: 17: 18: 12
    AnimalHide [Hide]:     6:  4:  4:  3:  6:  4:  9: 6
    AnkhRock [Ankh]:      31: 21: 27: 18: 36: 24: 21: 14
    BaobobWood [Bao]:     31: 21: 30: 20: 37: 25: 24: 16
    Coral [Coral]:        12:  8: 12:  8: 15: 10:  9: 6
    DiorWood [Dior]:      94: 63: 84: 66:109: 73: 69: 49
    DragonScales [Dragon]:91: 61: 81: 54:105: 70: 66: 44
    EbonyWood [Ebony]:    42: 28: 39: 26: 49: 33: 31: 21
    Emerald [Jewel]:      54: 36: 46: 31: 63: 42: 36: 24
    FishScales [Fish]:     7:  5:  9:  6:  9:  6:  6: 4
    ForsenaIron [Forse]:  19: 13: 19: 13: 24: 16: 12: 8
    FullMetal [FullMetal]:12:  8: 12:  8: 15: 10:  9: 6
    GatorSkin [Gator]:    16: 11: 13:  9: 24: 12: 12: 11
    GranzSteel [Granz]:   30: 20: 28: 19: 36: 24: 19: 13
    HalleyRock [Aero]:    21: 14: 18: 12: 24: 16: 13: 9
    HollyWood [Holly]:    21: 14: 21: 14: 25: 17: 16: 11
    IshePlatinum [Ishe]:  72: 48: 64: 43: 84: 56: 49: 33
    Ivory [Ivory]:        55: 37: 46: 31: 61: 41: 40: 27
    JacobiniRock [Jacob]: 10:  7:  9:  6: 12:  8:  6: 4
    JuddHemp [Hemp]:      15: 10: 13:  9: 18: 12: 22: 15
    LapisLazuli [Lapis]:  54: 36: 46: 31: 63: 42: 36: 24
    Lizard Scales [Liza]: 26: 19: 27: 18: 33: 22: 21: 14
    LorantSilver [Lora]:  40: 27: 37: 25: 48: 32: 27: 18
    LorimarIron [Rimar]:  82: 55: 73: 49: 96: 64: 57: 38
    Marble [Marb]:        22: 15: 19: 13: 27: 18: 12: 8
    MenosBronze [Menos]:   9:  6: 10:  7: 12: 8 :  4: 3
    MapleWood [Maple]:    52: 35: 48: 32: 61: 41: 39: 26
    OakWood [Oak]:        10:  7: 12:  8: 13: 9 :  9: 6
    Orihalcon [Orihalcon]:51: 34: 46: 31: 60: 40: 34: 23
    Pearl [Pearl]:        54: 36: 46: 31: 63: 42: 36: 24
    PedanStone [Pedan]:   75: 50: 42: 28: 75: 50: 42: 28
    Shell [Shell]:        12:  8: 12:  8: 15: 10:  9: 6
    Sultan'sSilk [Silk]:  10:  7:  9:  6: 12: 8 : 15: 10
    ToppleCotton [Cot]:    4:  3:  4:  3:  6: 4 :  7: 5
    TuttleRock [Tuttle]:  52: 35: 45: 30: 60: 40: 36: 24
    VinekRock [Vinek]:    42: 28: 36: 24: 48: 32: 28: 19
    VizelGold [Vizel]:    61: 41: 55: 37: 72: 48: 42: 28
    WendelSilver [Wndl]:  51: 34: 46: 31: 60: 40: 34: 23
    --------D: Magical Powers
    Every step in the creation of the instrument determines the type.
    The following is a list of abilities that you can obtain from coins (these are
    all the abilities I've unlocked):
    Undine Coin:                                   Salamander Coin:
    Splash Blade                                   Flame Shackles
    Watermill                                      Blazing Storm
    Floodwater                                     Supernova
    Aqua Slash                                     Flame Launcher
    Aqua Launcher                                  Burning Needle
    Bubble Shots                                   Fireburst
    Tsunami                                        Firestorm
    Water Nymph                                    Blaze Cannon
    Water Cannon                                   Sparkling Flame
    Bubble Bomb                                    Magma Shower
                                                   Infernal Flame
                                                   Salamander's Spear
    Jinn Coin:                                     Gnome Coin:
    Storm Zone                                     Earth's Fury
    Tornado Blow                                   Terra Hammer
    Wind Viper                                     Granite Shots
    Cyclone Trap                                   Basalt Blast
    Air Slicer                                     Earthquake
    Jinn's Dance                                   Mica Crush
    Cyclone Flower                                 Boulders
    Cyclone Needle
    Cyclone Whip
    Wisp Coins:                                    Shade Coins:
    Celestial Burst                                Evil Smash
    Holy Slash                                     Diabolical Soul
    Twinkle Beam                                   Black Wind
    Blessed Spear                                  Diabolical Impulse
    Celestial Blast                                Black Stinger
    Divine Strike                                  Dark Sphere
    Holy Thunderbolt                               Dark Prison
    Wisp's Blaze                                   Black Shamshir
    Holy Saber                                     Infernal Wave
    Twinkle Ball
    Dryad Coin:                                    Aura Coin:
    Wood Spikes                                    Golden Aurora
    Rose's Thorns                                  Platinum Flicker
    Emerald Lancer                                 Golden Sphere
    Emerald Storm                                  Platinum Arrows
    Strangling Vine                                Platinum Needle
    Emerald Orb                                    Glimmering Slash
    Emerald Vine                                   Platinum Meteor
    Emerald Jail                                   Golden Wheel
    Dryad's Cyclone
    The other part of the magic ability is it's range (lock won't activate unless an
    enemy is in the area, fire will):
    LineLock/LineFire: Fires in a straight line on both sides.
    RandomFire/RandomLock: Attack affects 3 random circles in battle.
    FanFire/FanLock: Attacks in a cone shape.
    SphereLock/SphereFire: Attacks in a circle in front of you.
    DonutLock/DonutFire: Attacks in a circle around you.
    ControlLock/Control Fire: Creates a bubble around you that you can move around.
    ------6: Golems
    This section will be of use only if you have a Golem Workshop (#55).
    --------A. General Creation
    When you create a golem, you use one weapon and 1-3 armor pieces.  Use the
    strongest stuff you have.  The number of armor has the following effects:
    3 pieces: 15% failure chance, 6x6 logic grid
    2 pieces: 25% failure chance, 5x5 logic grid
    1 piece: 35% failure chance, 4x4 logic grid.
    Creation tips:
    --Use three pieces of armor.
    --Keep the weapon type in mind, it determines some attacks.
    --Use the strongest things you have.
    --If you make golems out of items that increase luck, that golem will have lots
    of luck (3 destinydice = 20 luck golem!)
    Creation Strategy (Sent in to me by another person):
    Let's face it, golems are mostly useless, except for their Synchro
    abileteis. But, there are three things golems can do to be of help.
    1. Soak up hits. Make a golem out of 3 good peices of armor.
    2. Drop Candy.
    3. SET PEOPLE ON FIRE! The most damaging attack is anything that will set
    monsters on fire. It will bing ANYTHING, even a Land Dragon, to 1 HP!
    How To Fight:
    The easiest way to kill monsters is to time your attacks so that the monster
    does not have time to strike back. This does NOT mean using a combo. Work on
    your timing and you will be able, someday, to kill a land dragon using an
    animal hide hammer!
    How To Make A 200+ Attack Power Lorimar Iron Hammer With Only 750 Lucre And
    A Giant's Horn:
    Get a hammer. Go to polpota harbor and buy 3 holy water. find a giant's
    horn. Temper them into your hammer. Easy. Quick. Effective. And best of all,
    --------B. Painting
    Here are the paint colors, for those who care about their golem's appearance:
    Apricat: Apricot
    Applesocks: Apple Red
    Bellgrapes: Grape Gray
    Boarmelon: Melon Green
    Bumpkin: Golden Orange
    Cabadillo: Lettuce Green
    Cherry Bombs: Berry Purple
    Citisquid: Sweet Yellow
    Conchurnip: Conch Gray
    Cornflower: Sour Yellow
    Dialaurel: Bitter Green
    Diceberry: Strawberry
    Fishy Fruit: Sour Yellow
    Garlicrown: Crown Silver
    Gold Clover: Grass Gold
    Heart Mint: Mint Green
    Honey Onion: Eliminates all color
    Lilipods: Lily Purple
    Loquat-Shoes: Golden Orange
    Mangolephant: Mango Green
    Masked Potato: Masked Blue
    Mush-in-a-Box: 'Shroom Silver
    Needlettuce: Cabbage Green
    Orange'opus: Sun Orange
    Orcaplant: Orca Blue
    Peach Puppy: Peach Red
    Pear o' Heels: Pear Silver
    Pine o' Clock: Pine o' Green
    Rhinoloupe: Rhino Blue
    Rocket Papaya: Bitter Green
    Spade Basil: Basil Blue
    Spiny Carrot: Sun Orange
    Springana: Sweet Yellow
    Squalpin: Dolphin Green
    Sweet Moai: Moai Gray
    Toadstoolshed: Shack Brown
    Whalamato: Tomato Red
    --------C. Logic Blocks
    What really makes a golem special is its logic blocks.  These determine its
    actions in battle.  Depending on where you place the block on the logic grid,
    the range and gauge is determined.  It's best to make the logic blocks fit the
    whole grid, and not have an empty spot.
    The following are the shapes possible (It helps to draw a "blueprint" of the
    logic grid):
     @          @@      @         @        @          @@         @@@          @@@@
    @@@         @@      @@@     @@@
    @@          @@        @
     @@        @@         @@
    Logic blocks:
    Here is a simple chart for logic blocks.  If you have an instrument shop and a
    blacksmith, this should be no problem.  The better power of the equipment you
    use, the higher power the logic block (like +3 or +1, or nothing which is +0).
    I have gotten a maximum of +9 with a beam shot.
    Logic Block List:
    Note: Parts of this chart may have errors, but most of it is tested and correct.
    First Component| Second Component| Logic Block      | Color
    Hat            | Flute           | Acid Beam        | Red
    Helmet         | Flute           | Acid Beam        | Red
    Hat            | Gauntlet        | Barrier          | Red
    Helmet         | Gauntlet        | Barrier          | Red
    Shield         | Gauntlet        | Barrier          | Red
    Shield         | Hat             | Barrier          | Red
    Shield         | Helmet          | Barrier          | Red
    Flute          | Flute           | Beam Shot        | Red
    Mantle         | Pendant         | Bit Barrier      | Red
    Pendant        | Pendant         | Bit Barrier      | Red
    Ring           | Mantle          | Bit Barrier      | Red
    Robe           | Pendant         | Bit Barrier      | Red
    Robe           | Ring            | Bit Barrier      | Red
    Ring           | Pendant         | Bit Beams        | Red
    Ring           | Ring            | Bit Beams        | Red
    Armor          | Armor           | Bomber Shot      | Red
    Hauberk        | Armor           | Bomber Shot      | Red
    Hauberk        | Hauberk         | Bomber Shot      | Red
    Boots          | Armor           | Bowling Bomb     | Red
    Hauberk        | Boots           | Bowling Bomb     | Red
    Hauberk        | Shoes           | Bowling Bomb     | Red
    Shoes          | Armor           | Bowling Bomb     | Red
    Armor          | Marimba         | Buster Launcher  | Red
    Flail          | Pendant         | Candy Drops      | Red
    Flail          | Ring            | Candy Drops      | Red
    Hammer         | Pendant         | Candy Drops      | Red
    Hammer         | Ring            | Candy Drops      | Red
    Knife          | Glove           | Chain Drill      | Green
    Spear          | Glove           | Chain Drill      | Green
    Staff          | Glove           | Chain Drill      | Green
    Axe            | Spear           | Chain Guillotine | Green
    Axe            | Staff           | Chain Guillotine | Green
    Knife          | Axe             | Chain Guillotine | Green
    Knife          | Sword           | Chain Guillotine | Green
    Sword          | Spear           | Chain Guillotine | Green
    Sword          | Staff           | Chain Guillotine | Green
    Knife          | Knife           | Chain Spear      | Green
    Spear          | Spear           | Chain Spear      | Green
    Spear          | Staff           | Chain Spear      | Green
    Staff          | Staff           | Chain Spear      | Green
    2H Axe         | 2H Axe          | Chainsaw         | Green
    2H Sword       | 2H Axe          | Chainsaw         | Green
    2H Sword       | 2H Sword        | Chainsaw         | Green
    Axe            | 2H Axe          | Chainsaw R       | Green
    Axe            | 2H Sword        | Chainsaw R       | Green
    Sword          | 2H Axe          | Chainsaw R       | Green
    Sword          | 2H Sword        | Chainsaw R       | Green
    2H Axe         | Mantle          | Chainsaw Spin    | Green
    2H Axe         | Robe            | Chainsaw Spin    | Green
    2H Sword       | Mantle          | Chainsaw Spin    | Green
    2H Sword       | Robe            | Chainsaw Spin    | Green
    Marimba        | Flute           | Diffusion Beam   | Red
    Robe           | Drum            | Diffusion Beam   | Red
    Hat            | Drum            | Doppelgangers    | Red
    Bow            | Pendant         | Double Bits      | Red
    Bow            | Ring            | Double Bits      | Red
    Knife          | Harp            | Drill Missiles   | Green
    Spear          | Harp            | Drill Missiles   | Green
    Glove          | Armor           | Dynamite Punch   | Green
    Glove          | Hauberk         | Dynamite Punch   | Green
    Flute          | Drum            | Electric Charge  | Red
    Bow            | Gauntlet        | Electric Net     | Green
    Bow            | Shield          | Electric Net     | Green
    Helmet         | Helmet          | Energy Charge    | Red
    Hat            | Armor           | Fireworks        | Red
    Hat            | Hauberk         | Fireworks        | Red
    Helmet         | Armor           | Fireworks        | Red
    Helmet         | Hauberk         | Fireworks        | Red
    Marimba        | Drum            | Flame Cyclone    | Red
    Marimba        | Marimba         | Flame Launcher   | Red
    Helmet         | Hat             | Float            | Blue
    Axe            | Axe             | Guillotine       | Green
    Sword          | Axe             | Guillotine       | Green
    Sword          | Sword           | Guillotine       | Green
    Hat            | Hat             | Halt             | Blue
    Axe            | Drum            | Hurricane Slash  | Green
    Sword          | Drum            | Hurricane Slash  | Green
    Gauntlet       | Marimba         | Immolation       | Red
    Shield         | Marimba         | Immolation       | Red
    Boots          | Harp            | Jet Dash         | Blue
    Shoes          | Harp            | Jet Dash         | Blue
    Glove          | Glove           | Knuckle Punch    | Green
    Bow            | Drum            | Machinegun       | Green
    Armor          | Flute           | Meteor Shower    | Red
    Harp           | Harp            | Missiles         | Red
    Hat            | Marimba         | Napalm Bomb      | Red
    Helmet         | Marimba         | Napalm Bomb      | Red
    Gauntlet       | Armor           | Nuclear Explosion| Red
    Hauberk        | Gauntlet        | Nuclear Explosion| Red
    Shield         | Armor           | Nuclear Explosion| Red
    Shield         | Hauberk         | Nuclear Explosion| Red
    Harp           | Marimba         | Projectile Shot  | Red
    Drum           | Drum            | Pulse Attack     | Red
    Boots          | Shoes           | Retreat          | Blue
    Hat            | Harp            | Rocket Missile   | Red
    Helmet         | Harp            | Rocket Missile   | Red
    Glove          | Harp            | Rocket Punch     | Green
    Flail          | Flail           | Rubber Hammer    | Green
    Hammer         | Flail           | Rubber Hammer    | Green
    Hammer         | Hammer          | Rubber Hammer    | Green
    Armor          | Drum            | Scatter Bombs    | Red
    Hauberk        | Drum            | Scatter Bombs    | Red
    Bow            | Bow             | Shotgun          | Green
    Flail          | Hat             | Spike-Bomb Hail  | Green
    Flail          | Helmet          | Spike-Bomb Hail  | Green
    Hammer         | Hat             | Spike-Bomb Hail  | Green
    Hammer         | Helmet          | Spike-Bomb Hail  | Green
    Flail          | Mantle          | Spiked Boomerang | Green
    Flail          | Robe            | Spiked Boomerang | Green
    Hammer         | Mantle          | Spiked Boomerang | Green
    Hammer         | Robe            | Spiked Boomerang | Green
    Glove          | Flail           | Spiked Punch     | Green
    Hammer         | Glove           | Spiked Punch     | Green
    Boots          | Mantle          | Spinning Blow    | Blue
    Robe           | Boots           | Spinning Blow    | Blue
    Robe           | Shoes           | Spinning Blow    | Blue
    Shoes          | Mantle          | Spinning Blow    | Blue
    Robe           | Mantle          | Spiny Guard      | Blue
    Robe           | Robe            | Spiny Guard      | Blue
    Bow            | Flute           | Wave Beam        | Red
    ------7: Tips 'n' Tricks
    --------A. General:
    You can change the day by moving on the world map.
    The element in the upper-right corner is the day it is.
    Lay the map carefully.  Put everything that can go on the water on the
    water, or you might run out of land.
    If you hit O and ^ at the same time, you'll do a different trick.  Back-Roll +
    Back - Flip = Flip-Kick.
    A good place to start on the giant map is the lower-left corner.
    To get rid of an NPC, just walk into your house.  Don't do this in quests
    like Daddy's Broom (#18) or The Lost Princess (#5).  If you do, you may
    never see the NPC again.
    Having trouble getting the Mana level of a place up?  Just place the Mana
    Tree by it!
    The further away something is from your home, the more valuable things you
    can buy there, and the tougher it is.  Use this to buy Lorimarlon from Geo (put
    Geo in one corner, home in the opposite corner).  I have also been told that
    you must have many lands on the map before you place Geo on the map.
    To load another character as an NPC, ask Rev. Nouvelle About Using 2P after
    asking him about battle, make sure you don't have an NPC with you.  Go to the
    upper-left house in the Center of Domina and press X.  You now can choose a game
    to load another character from.
    You can get the following people in your group after completing their quests:
    Escad/Daena: Temple of Healing
    Pearl/Elazul: Bejeweled City
    Sierra: White Dragon's Location in White Forest
    Larc: Tombstone at The Underworld
    ***Artifact Placement Strategy:
    If you know there's an elemental-related item in an
    area that you want, place the Mana tree near it and
    three other lands. Those can, of course, have the same
    desired item.
    Example. I want to get a Succubus. Therefore, a Shade
    level of 3 is necessary for Fieg Snowfields. Thus, the
    Mana Tree will increase it if it is placed adjacent to it.
    If, in other areas, I am lacking an elemental's
    presence (I.E, no Dryad readily available), then I
    should plan on putting something that has a good
    chance of having Dryad access either next to the Tree,
    or to my Fieg Snowfields."
    --------B. Fun Stuff:
    You get a crab in your study/library whenever you complete a quest on the
    SS Buccaneer that you have to move the ship to complete (Max. of 4).
    Hold L1 on a location surrounded by 8 other places to play Land Bopper
    (9 locations must be on the screen at once).
    If you complete all of the following quests:
    The Lost Princess (#5), The Flame of Hope (#23), Drowned Dreams (#28), The
    Looking-Glass Tower (#21), The Lucky Clover (#31), Cosmo, Two Pearls,
    Alexandrite, Fluorite, and Teardrop Crystal (#33)
    Go to the bar in Domina on Salamander Day to play a mini-game.  Prizes:
    Points: Item(s)
    I didn't get this info myself.  Someone mailed it to me.
    0-10 zerobees: nothing
    11-20: Little Eye
    21-30: Angry Eye
    31-40: Blank Eye
    41-50: Creepy Eye
    51-60: Wicked Eye
    61-70: Clear Feather, Moth Wing
    71-80: Angel Feather, Raven Feather
    81-90: Flaming Quill, White Feather
    91-100: Firestone, Earthstone
    101-110: Windstone, Waterstone
    111-120: Demon Meat, Odd Meat
    121-130: Magical Meat, Dragon Steak
    131-140: Stinky Breath, Ghost's Howl
    141-150: Dragon Breath, Virgin's Sigh
    151-160: Aroma Oil, Acid
    161-170: Holy Water, Ether
    171-180: Halley Rock
    181-185: Ankh Rock
    186-190: Vinek Rock
    191-200: Spiny Seed
    Deathbringer II: Without Saga Frontier 2 save:
    Simply go to the area where you fought Jajara before you enter The Flames.
    Get Strongest Sword from Saga Frontier 2 (Heishihorin 2HSword, power : 62):
    Recently, I have heard that there is a way to get the sword without a Saga
    Frontier 2 save on your memory card.  If you know exactly how, please e-mail me.
    1. Have a Saga Frontier 2 save on your memory card.
    2. Highlight the save in a Legend of Mana Save screen, and then cancel out
    of the Save.
    3. Go to "The Bone Fortress" and head for the third floor. Go left,
    upper-left, and then to the right. You'll see two skeletons on the bridge.
    When you get close enough to the skeletons, the event will trigger. After
    defeating Deathbringer II, you will receive the strongest sword from Saga
    Frontier 2.
    Get Chocobo as your first pet monster:
    1. Have a Final Fantasy VIII save on you memory card.
    2. Highlight the save in a Legend of Mana Save screen, and then cancel out
    of the Save.
    3. Go to "Domina" and head for the western section of "Domina".
    4. You will find Duelle and a monster egg here. If the interaction occurred
    correctly, Duelle will tell you that the egg is a Bird Egg. Once you catch
    the egg and the egg finally hatches, you will receive a Chocobo as your
    first pet monster.
    Get "FastestWheel" ring item (must finish "catchin' lilipeas" quest first):
    1. Have a Chocobo Racing Save on your memory card.
    2. Highlight the save in a Legend of Mana Save screen, and then cancel out
    of the Save.
    3. Go to "Polpota Harbor." On the "Polpota Harbor" map, Skippie will appear
    and give you a ring item called "FastestWheel."
    Tempering a Mage: (by JokerPrince577@aol.com)
    For those who have been through the game several times, it might be fun to play
    differently.  Here is the equipment for a mage:
    Weapon: Staff
    Cards: Yggsdrasil
    Plunges: Demonicide
    Golden Touch
    Armor: Adamantite Pendant
    Cards: Sacrificed Nymph (Petrification Immunity)
    Spring (Sleep Immunity)
    Bed of Thorns
    Armor: Dragonscale Robe
    Cards: Metropolis (Magic Defense +50%; Confusion Immunity)
    Spring (Flameburst Immunity)
    Bed of Thorns
    Armor: Adamantite Ring
    Cards: Witch of the Moon (Magic +15)
    Witch of the Moon
    Witch of the Moon
    Pet: Basilisk
    -For Effect Plus Petrification. This will help make up for the poor armor.
    -------C. Boss & Enemy Tips:
    Watch their attacks.  Eventually you should be able to dodge them.
    Make full use of your abilities and techniques.
    You can pause during battle to see the enemies' level.
    Here is how to get different types of motions with a power attack.  If you press
    forward, forward, power attack you'll do a thrust.  Back, forward, power attack
    and you'll do a jump attack, and you can press diagonal in the direction you are
    facing and power attack to do the uppercut attack, these are for melee weapons,
    it is different when using the bow, but the same motions work.  These will allow
    better combos when doing normal attacks and you won't [get stuck] for a while
    when using a power attack if you are doing a thrust, uppercut, or jump attack.
    You also have to press them pretty quickly, not wait a few seconds in between...
    My favorite tip: "Gain levels!"
    Getting Candy in battles:
    I know this works for sure with a one handed sword you can make your main
    character throw candy in battle(works well with bed of thorns)
    OK here's how it works make sure you have high jump (equipped others may work
    haven't tried )  do the combo: quick attack , quick attack, quick attack, high
    jump + hard attack (so that you drop sword-first) , quick attack, quick
    attack,quick attack=candy drop
    NOTE: all 7 attacks must connect for this to work
    --------D. Gaining Lucre:
    Go to the Fieg Snowfields and catch as many dragon eggs that you can.  When the
    corral is full, just sell dragon eggs.  If one has 68 HP and 15 attack power, it
    is either a Land or Sky Dragon, and will sell for 5,000 Lucre!  You don't even
    have too leave the Snowfields!
    Play the Shadow Zero game (See Tips 'n' Tricks --> Fun Stuff) and get Dragon
    Steaks.  Sell 'em for 1,000 Lucre a piece!
    Go to the lower decks on the SS Buccaneer.  Fight polter boxes.  They will give
    you sun, moon, and glow crystals.  These will bring in 1,00 Lucre a piece.  (See
    Item List for rare item tips.)
    Fight Spiny Cones to get wind caps.  Alter them by adding four clear feathers
    then sell them for 20,000 lucre!
    --------E. Gaining Levels:
    After you finish The Lost Princess (#5), the Boinks will have moved and
    open a new place in the Mekiv Caverns.  You can get good EXP back there!
    If you have the Bejeweled City, go to the room where you get the diamond.  Keep
    entering and leaving.  The boss there, worth 900 EXP keeps coming back!
    Sometimes you just need experience as an NPC. (This is a very cheap method!)
    Load a high level character game.  Go to the empty house in the center of Domina
    (See Tips 'n' Tricks --> General).  Load in a low level NPC.  Now, set 2-player
    options so the NPC is controlled.  Go fight some tough monsters.  Have the NPC
    coward during battle, then snag the EXP!  I got my brother to level 20 before he
    hadn't even completed his second quest!
    Experienced players who have played through the game once and
    automatically started over have two options.  The high EXP mode (Nightmare
    Mode), or the low EXP mode (Normal Mode).  Or, the extreme EXP mode.....
    (No Future Mode)
    See Encyclopedias --> The Forbidden Tome
    --------F. Leveling up Guide:
    ~ By Martin (lugia249@mail.com)
    Your power weak, you want average stats?  Change your weapon before it's too
    Every weapon in this game give you different point if you gain a level.
    Note : Your maximum power is 99
    Point key and rate (this rate isn't always same exactly):
    1 : Very low  : You get 2 power after 4 level
    2 : Low       : You get 3 power after 4 level
    3 : Average   : You get 4 power after 4 level
    4 : High      : You get 5 power after 4 level
    5 : Very high : You get 6 power after 4 level
    Abilities :
    Pwr - Power
    Skl - Skills
    Def - Defense
    Mgc - Magic
    H P - HP
    Spr - Spirit
    Chm - Charm
    Weapon point chart :
    |Weapon           | Pwr | Skl | Def | Mgc | H P | Spr | Chm |Total|
    |Knife            |  2  |  4  |  2  |  2  |  1  |  3  |  3  | = 17|
    |Sword            |  3  |  3  |  3  |  2  |  2  |  2  |  2  | = 17|
    |Axe              |  3  |  2  |  3  |  2  |  2  |  3  |  1  | = 16|
    |2 Handed Sword   |  4  |  3  |  2  |  2  |  2  |  1  |  2  | = 16|
    |2 Handed Axe     |  4  |  2  |  4  |  2  |  1  |  2  |  1  | = 16|
    |Hammer           |  5  |  2  |  1  |  2  |  2  |  2  |  2  | = 16|
    |Lance            |  2  |  4  |  3  |  2  |  1  |  2  |  3  | = 17|
    |Staff            |  1  |  2  |  2  |  4  |  1  |  2  |  4  | = 16|
    |Glove            |  4  |  2  |  2  |  1  |  3  |  2  |  2  | = 16|
    |Flail            |  2  |  4  |  1  |  2  |  1  |  2  |  4  | = 16|
    |Bow              |  1  |  5  |  2  |  2  |  1  |  2  |  3  | = 16|
    --------G. Catching Monster Eggs:
    Walk up to them slowly.
    Lay as much food as you want (Max of 5), you can pick it up after the
    monster is caught.  Wherever there are monster eggs, elementals (to get
    coins from) are there too.
    Where bosses will be or used to be are good places to find eggs.
    Catch Monsters Without Using Food:
    If you manage to get behind a monster egg without scaring it off and stay that
    way, it'll eventually show either a blank or "..." in the status bubble where
    the arrows and such appear.  Step up then and catch it!  This prevents waste of
    produce and meat that could be fed to pets or just sold for cash.
    --------H. Dudbear Language:
    Dub: "Hi", "Yes"
    Dud: "Bye", "No"
    Duba: "You"
    Duda: "Me"
    Dubba: "Friends"
    Bubu: "Dudbear"
    Gugu: "Other creature"
    Da: "Light", "Stars"
    Ba: "Night"
    Dadda: "Lamp"
    Dubababa: "Many", "Very"
    Du: "Little"
    Baba: "Music"
    Dada: "Please"
    Gak: "Ack!" (Doesn't like it at all)
    Bub?: "What?"
    Dada Dadda: "Please by a lamp."
    --------H. GameShark Codes:
    Credit to Sariel on the GameFAQs message boards for these:
    How this list is laid out:
    gameshark bit numbers - Plunge Attack name: Card/Temper item (if known).
    Description and notes. Slot (if known).
    00-02 - Quick Attack: Not a plunge. Is the same as pressing X button.
    Lists itself like Flash Blade.
    03 - Flash Blade: Method unknown. Fire. Medium damage cut.
    04 - Ice Blade: Method unknown. Earth/water. Medium damage cut.
    05 - Quick Blade: Clown / Bumpkin. Medium damage cut. Raises WP.
    Replaces Uppercut.
    06 - Ripper Blade: Method unknown. Medium damage cut. Lowers
    enemy Defense. Actually affects Charm.
    07 - Cats Claw: Method unknown. Medium damage cut. Raises Skill.
    08 - Lions Claw: Method unknown. Medium damage cut. Confuses.
    09 - Numbing Blade: Method unknown. Medium damage cut. Paralyzing.
    0A - Poison Blade: Beast-headed God / Dangerous eye. Medium
    damage cut. Poison. Replaces Uppercut.
    0B - Sinister Blade: Lord of Flies / Sleepy dust, Blank eye.
    Medium damage cut. Good vs. Demi-humans. Replaces Jump.
    May Dizzy / Stun Demi-humans (very rare).
    0C - Power Attack: Not a plunge. Same as pressing Square.
    0D - Thrust: as normal.
    0E - Uppercut: as normal.
    0F - Jump: as normal.
    10-12 - Quick Attack: Not a plunge. Is the same as pressing X button.
    Lists itself like Flame Tongue.
    13-16 - (Blank): Same as Quick Attack.
    17 - Flame Tongue: God of Destruction / Angry Eye, Poison
    Powder. Medium damage cut, blazing. Replaces Uppercut.
    Sets enemies on fire.
    18 - Icebrand: Method unknown. Medium damage cut. Freezing.
    Turns enemies into snowmen.
    19 - Moonlight: Moon Goddess / Moon Crystal. Medium damage cut,
    good vs. Aquatics. Replaces Jump. Puts Aquatics to sleep.
    1A - Sunlight: Sun God / Sun crystal. Medium damage cut, good
    vs. Undead. Replaces Uppercut. Sets Undead on fire.
    1B - Vampsword: Witch of Moon / Rust, Sleepy Eye. Medium damage
    cut, steals HP. Replaces Uppercut. Restores a fraction
    of the damge you inflict via Uppercuts.
    1C - Power Attack: Not a plunge. Same as pressing Square.
    1D - Thrust: as normal.
    1E - Uppercut: as normal.
    1F - Jump: as normal.
    20-2? - Quick Attack: Not a plunge. Is the same as pressing X button.
    Lists itself like Dragonslayer.
    2?-29 - (Blank). Same as Quick Attack.
    2A - Dragonslayer: God of War / Dragon's blood. Medium damage cut.
    Good vs. Dragons. Replaces Uppercut. Puts Dragons to Sleep.
    2B - Woodchopper: Wanderer / Wad of wool. Medium damage cut.
    Good vs. Plants. Replaces Jump.
    2C - Power Attack: Not a plunge. Same as pressing Square.
    2D - Thrust: as normal.
    2E - Uppercut: as normal.
    2F - Jump: as normal.
    2-H Sword
    30-3? - Quick Attack: Not a plunge. Is the same as pressing X button.
    Lists itself like Chaotic Avenger.
    3?-38 - (Blank): Same as Quick Attack.
    39 - Chaotic Avenger: Fallen Angel / Little Eye.
    Fire/earth/air/water medium damage cut. Replaces Thrust.
    No interesting additions.
    3A - Holy Avenger: Method unknown. (Man of Valour? Cleric?).
    Medium damage cut. Good vs. Undead. No additional effects
    3B - Ragnorak : Ragnorok / Pine o' clock. Large damage cut.
    Raises Strength. Replaces Jump.
    3C - Power Attack: Not a plunge. Same as pressing Square.
    3D - Thrust: as normal.
    3E - Uppercut: as normal.
    3F - Jump: as normal.
    2-H Axe
    40-4? - Quick Attack: Not a plunge. Is the same as pressing X button.
    Lists itself like Treefeller.
    4?-4A - (Blank): Same as Quick Attack.
    4B - Treefeller: Leviathan / Knockout dust, Silly eye. Large damage
    cut. Good vs. Plants. Replaces Jump. Dizzies / stuns Plants.
    4C - Great Axe Attack: Lists as Medium damage piercing attack.
    Seems to do the same as pressing Square.
    4D - Thrust: as normal.
    4E - Uppercut: as normal.
    4F - Jump: as normal.
    50-5? - Quick Attack: Not a plunge. Is the same as pressing X button.
    Lists itself like Mjolnir.
    5?-57 - (Blank): Same as Quick Attack.
    58 - Mjolnir: Thunder God / Electricity. Fire-based large damage
    blunt. Replaces Jump.
    59 - Sledge Hammer: Blacksmith God / Ether. Medium damage blunt.
    Good vs. Poltergeists. Replaces Jump. Stuns/dizzies
    5A - Magma Hammer : Volcano / Ash. Gold/Fire-based medium damage
    blunt. Replaces Jump. Increases Defense when it connects.
    5B - Quake Hammer : Spirit / Ether. Gold/Earth-based medium damage
    blunt. Replaces Jump.
    5C - Power Attack: Lists as Medium damage piercing attack.
    Seems to do the same as pressing Square.
    5D - Thrust: as normal.
    5E - Uppercut: as normal.
    5F - Jump: as normal.
    60-6? - Quick Attack: Not a plunge. Is the same as pressing X button.
    Lists itself like Gungnir.
    6?-68 - (Blank): Same as Quick Attack.
    69 - Gungnir: Ruler of Sky / Spade basil. Large damage pierce.
    Raises Mental. Replaces Thrust.
    6A - Spear Of Light: Man of Valour / Dragon's breath. Light-based
    large damage pierce. Replaces Thrust.
    6B - Trident : Ocean God / Squalfin, Orcaplant. Medium damage
    pierce. Good vs. Aquatics. Replaces Thrust. Bestows
    Confusion on Aquatic enemies.
    6C - Extreme Attack: Lists as Medium damage piercing attack.
    Seems to do the same as pressing Square.
    6D - Thrust: as normal.
    6E - Uppercut: as normal.
    6F - Jump: as normal.
    70-7? - Quick Attack: Not a plunge. Is the same as pressing X button.
    Lists itself like Electrosceptre.
    7?-77 - (Blank): Same as Quick Attack.
    78 - Electrosceptre: Ruler of Sky / Spade basil. Fire-based
    large damage blunt. Replaces Jump.
    79 - Golden Touch: Wings of Darkness / Creepy eye, Blackened Bat?
    Weak damage. Experience becomes money. Replaces Jump.
    Enemy must be killed by a Jump (back-forward motion) for this
    plunge attack to work.
    7A - Demonicide: Cleric / Holy water. Medium damage blunt. Good
    vs. Demons. Replaces Jump. Sets Demons on fire.
    7B - Caduceus: Wind God / Diceberry. Medium damage blunt. Good vs.
    Reptiles. Replaces Thrust. Paralyzes Reptiles.
    7C - Power Attack: Lists as Medium damage piercing attack.
    Seems to do the same as pressing Square.
    7D - Thrust: as normal.
    7E - Uppercut: as normal.
    7F - Jump: as normal.
    80-8? - Quick Attack: Not a plunge. Is the same as pressing X button.
    Lists itself like Flying Fist.
    8?-88 - (Blank): Same as Quick Attack.
    89 - Flying Fist: Method unknown. Medium damage blunt. Good vs.
    Aerials. Blinds Aerials.
    8A - Bullslayer: Method unknown. Medium damage blunt. Good vs.
    Beasts. Paralyzes Beasts.
    8B - Hand Of Midas : King / Garlicrown. Weak damage. Experience
    becomes money. Replaces Uppercut. Enemy must be killed
    by an uppercut (fireball motion) for this plunge attack
    to work.
    8C - Power Attack: Lists as Large damage blunt attack.
    Seems to do the same as pressing Square.
    8D - Thrust: as normal.
    8E - Uppercut: as normal.
    8F - Jump: as normal.
    90-93+ - Quick Attack: Not a plunge. Is the same as pressing X button.
    Lists itself like Electrosceptre.
    9?-98 - (Blank): Same as Quick Attack.
    99 - Game Of Death: Mother of Gods / Heart Mint. Medium damage
    blunt. Raises Skill. Replaces Uppercut.
    9A - Green Princess: Mother of Gods / Heart Mint. Medium damage
    blunt. Raises Defense. Replaces Thrust.
    9B - Red Dream: Mother of Gods / Heart Mint. Medium damage
    blunt. Raises Strength. Replaces Jump.
    9C - Flail-flog: Lists as Medium damage blunt attack.
    Seems to do the same as pressing Square.
    9D - Thrust:
    9E - Uppercut:
    9F - Jump:
    A0-A? - Quick Attack: Not a plunge. Is the same as pressing X button.
    Lists itself like Medusas Arrow.
    A?-A3 - (Blank): Same as Quick Attack.
    A4 - Medusas Arrow: Method unknown. Weak damage pierce. Petrifying.
    Enemy takes damage until it breaks free; it cannot be
    attacked until it does so. Comes standard on Sacred Bow.
    A5 - Flaming Arrow: Method unknown. Medium damage pierce.
    Blazing. Replaces Double Shot. Sets targets on fire.
    Comes standard on Sidewinder.
    A6 - Icicle: Method unknown. Medium damage pierce. Freezing.
    Replaces Double Shot. Turns enemies into popsicles. Comes
    standard on Waveruck.
    A7 - Phoenix Falling: Phoenix? / Flaming Quill? OR Sage / Messy Scroll.
    Medium damage pierce. Good vs. Aerial. Replaces Double Shot.
    Sets birds / aerials on fire.
    A8 - Solar Flare: Sun God / Sun crystal. Light-based large
    damage pierce. Replaces Double Shot.
    A9 - Lunar Shot: Moon Goddess / Moon crystal. Shadow-based large
    damage pierce. Replaces Shot.
    AA - Magical Shot: Method unkown. Large damage pierce. Good vs.
    Demons. Confuses Demons.
    AB - Elven Archer: Spirit 2 / Moth wing. Medium damage pierce.
    Paralyzation. Replaces Shot.
    AC - Power Attack: Lists as Medium damage pierce. Seems to do the
    same as pressing Square.
    AD - Double Shot (double tap): Indirect medium damage pierce. Quickly fires two
    consecutive arrows. These arrows cannot hit the same target.
    AE - Shot (fireball): Indirect medium damage pierce. Paralyzes
    on occasion. Long recovery time after using it. Short
    range and hard to aim. Can hit multiple enemies if they
    are close together.
    AF - Jump (back and forward): Medium damage blunt attack.
    ------8: Item List
    Getting items from monsters easier:
    -Equip 3 DestinyDice (get it from mad mallard monster).  Contrary to popular
    belief, the Draupnir is not as good as DestinyDice.  The Draupnir gives +2 to
    luck while DestinyDice give +4.
    -Bring Polter box pet with you that has maximum luck (keep feeding it pine o'
    clocks until lvl. 33!)
    -If you can't get an item, switch to a harder mode.
    -Find out the elemental strengths and weaknesses of the enemy that you want
    an item from. When you place the land that contains that enemy, increase the
    mana levels of that land so that that creature's weak elementals are low and
    their strong elementals are high.
    --------A: The Items
    This is a list of what items you can get from who.  I don't include chests or
    shopping.  The items are arranged by alpha.  The rarity is from 1-7, 1 being the
    most common and 8 being the rarest.  If you see stuff like 3-7, then that gives
    it the rarity of 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7.
    I get most of this info from the BradyGames strategy guide, as incorrect as it
    may be.  I don't guarantee any of these being 100% accurate.
    Items are in alphabetical order and in the following format:
    Item: Class: Rarity: Monster that drops the item.
    The chart:
    Acid                    :      Bottle: 3-7: Big Baby
    Acid                    :      Bottle: 3-7: Slime
    Adamantite              :     Primary:   7: Chess Knight
    Ancient Robe            :        Robe:   3: Tomato Man
    Ancient Tiara           :      Helmet: 5-6: Succubs
    Angel Feather           :     Feather:   4: Teedie
    Angel Feather           :     Feather: 4-5: Garuda
    Angry Eye               :         Eye:   3: Hoppin' Tick
    Angry Eye               :         Eye:   4: Beholder
    AnimalBone              :        Bone:   2: Gray Ox
    AnimalBone              :        Bone:   2: Howler
    AnimalBone              :        Bone:   2: Skull Beast
    AnimalBone              :        Bone:   2: Skeleton
    AnimalBone              :        Bone:   3: Molebear
    AnimalHide              :        Hide:   2: Teedie
    AnimalHide              :        Hide:   3: Gray Ox
    AnimalHide              :        Hide:   3: Rabite
    AnimalHide              :        Hide:   4: Molebear
    AnimalMeat              :        Meat:   2: Molebear
    AnimalMeat              :        Meat:   2: Rabite
    Ankh Rock               :    Aerolite:   5: Shadow Zero
    Archenon                :         Bow:   4: Chobin Hood
    Aroma Oil               :     Bottles: 4-7: Poto
    Baked Caterpillar       :      Pellet: 4-7: Silkspitter
    BaobabWood              :        Wood:   3: Cursed Doll
    BaobabWood              :        Wood:   3: Wooding
    Big Seed                :        Seed:   1: Lullabud
    Big Seed                :        Seed:   2: Malboro
    Big Seed                :        Seed:   3: Shrieknip
    Bird Meat               :        Meat:   2: Bloodsucker
    Bird Meat               :        Meat:   2: Chocobo
    Bird Meat               :        Meat:   2: Cocatrice
    Bird Meat               :        Meat:   2: Garuda
    Bird Meat               :        Meat:   2: Needlebeak
    Black Elk               :         Axe:   2: Goblin
    Black Robe              :        Robe:   7: Specter
    Blackened Bat           :      Pellet: 4-7: Bloodsucker
    Blank Eye               :         Eye:   2: Poto
    Blank Eye               :         Eye:   5: Beholder
    Blank Eye               :         Eye: 3-7: Lizardon
    Blank Eye               :         Eye: 3-7: Tonpole
    Bloody Mask             :      Helmet:   4: Fierce Face
    Braveblade              :    2H Sword:   3: Dainslaif
    Brisingamen             :     Pendant:   7: Succubs
    Bronze Spear            :       Spear:   2: Sahagin
    Bug Meat                :        Meat:   2: Gloomoth
    Bug Meat                :        Meat:   2: Hoppin' Tick
    Bug Meat                :        Meat:   2: Sand Scorpion
    Bug Meat                :        Meat:   2: Silkspitter
    Bug Meat                :        Meat:   2: Stinger Bug
    Butterfly Wing          :     Feather:   4: Gloomoth
    Captain's Helm          :      Helmet: 5-6: Mad Mallard
    Choco-bite              :     Unknown:   1: Chocobo
    Choco-bite              :     Unknown:   1: Rattler Boa
    Choco-bite              :     Unknown:   1: Shadow Zero
    Choco-bite              :     Unknown: 1-2: Tomato Man
    Chaos Crystal           :Mana Crystal:   5: Polter Box
    Ciermerlion             :        Ring: 5-7: Mushboom
    Clear Feather           :     Feather: 3-7: Stinger Bug
    Coral                   :     Primary: 4-7: Seadragon
    Coral                   :     Primary: 4-7: Seajack
    Coral                   :     Primary: 5-6: Pincher Crab
    Creepy Eye              :         Eye:   6: Beholder
    Crimson Glare           :       Knife:   6: Dainslaif
    Dangerous Eye           :         Eye:   3: Beholder
    Deathstroke             :       Knife:   5: Dainslaif
    Demon Meat              :        Meat:   2: Dark Stalker
    Demon Meat              :        Meat:   2: Fierce Face
    Demon Meat              :        Meat:   2: Imp
    Demon Meat              :        Meat: 2-3: Chimera Beast
    Demon Meat              :        Meat: 2-3: Punkster
    Demon-Wolf Spirit       :     Unknown:   5: Howler
    Destiny Dice            :     Pendant:   3: Mad Mallard
    Devil's Fork            :       Spear:   7: Imp
    Devil's Spear           :       Spear:   7: Sahagin
    Dior Wood               :        Wood:   7: Wooding
    Divine Flail            :       Flail:   7: Springball
    Doombringer             :    2H Sword:   6: Dark Stalker
    Doomhammer              :      Hammer: 4-5: Cursed Doll
    Dragon Blood            :     Bottles:   4: Land Dragon
    Dragon Blood            :     Bottles:   4: Sky Dragon
    Dragon Breath           :       Vials:   3: Land Dragon
    Dragon Breath           :       Vials:   3: Sky Dragon
    Dragon Mail             :     Hauberk:   6: Land Dragon
    Dragon Necklace         :     Pendant:   3: Specter
    Dragon Ring             :        Ring:   6: Sky Dragon
    Dragon Robe             :        Robe:   ?: Kid Dragon
    Dragon Scales           :      Scales:   7: Land Dragon
    Dragon Scales           :      Scales:   7: Sky Dragon
    Dragon Skin             :        Hide:   5: Land Dragon
    Dragon Steak            :        Meat:   2: Land Dragon
    Dragon Steak            :        Meat:   2: Sky Dragon
    Dragonsbane             :       Sword:   4: Dark Stalker
    Dragonsmane             :      Helmet:   ?: Land Dragon
    Durandal                :       Sword:   5: Dark Stalker
    Earthsplitter           :         Axe:   3: Goblin
    Ebony Wood              :        Wood:   4: Wooding
    Electric Essence        :         Urn: 3-7: Tezla
    Elder Bow               :         Bow: 2-3: Chobin Hood
    Excalibur               :    2H Sword:   7: Moldy Goo
    Fiery Stabber           :       Spear:   5: Sahagin
    Fish Meat               :        Meat:   2: Big Baby
    Fish Meat               :        Meat:   2: Iffish
    Fish Meat               :        Meat:   2: Pincher Crab
    Fish Meat               :        Meat:   2: Seadragon
    Fish Meat               :        Meat: 2-3: Seajack
    Fish Scales             :      Scales:   3: Seadragon
    Fish Scales             :      Scales: 3-7: Iffish
    Flaming Quill           :     Feather: 3-7: Chocobo
    Flaming Quill           :     Feather: 3-7: Cocatrice
    Flat Seed               :        Seed: 5-6: Malboro
    Flat Seed               :        Seed: 6-7: Lullabud
    Flat Seed               :        Seed: 6-7: Shrieknip
    Fluffy Hairball         :     Pouches:   6: Rabite
    Flying Dragon Grass     :     Unknown:   5: Sky Dragon
    Fossil                  :        Bone:   7: Tyranno
    FullMetal               :     Primary:   7: Pincher Crab
    Gaeus' Tears            :       Stone:   7: Chimera Bast
    Gator Skin              :        Hide:   3: Tyrannos
    General's Helm          :      Helmet:   7: Mad Mallard
    Giant's Horn            : Fangs/Claws: 4-7: Gray Ox
    Giant's Horn            : Fangs/Claws: 5-6: Chess Knight
    Giant's Horn            : Fangs/Claws: 5-7: Skull Beast
    Giant's Spear           :       Spear:   6: Sahagin
    Gigas Flail             :       Flail:   4: Springball
    Gigas Glove             :       Glove:   3: Narcissos
    Gigas Glove             :       Glove:   7: Molebear
    Goddess Mail            :     Hauberk: 6-7: Polter Box
    Glow Crystal            :Mana Crystal:   4: Polter Box
    Ghost's Howl            :        Vial:   4: Shrieknip
    Grave Dirt              :      Powder:   3: Skull Beast
    Grave Dirt              :      Powder:   3: Zombie
    Grave Dirt              :      Powder:   4: Ape Mummy
    Grave Dirt              :      Powder:   4: Specter
    Grave Dirt              :      Powder:   4: Skeleton
    Halley Rock             :    Aerolite:   4: Shadow Zero
    HealingClaw             : Fangs/Claws:   3: Chess Knight
    Hero's Armor            :       Armor:   7: Sand Scorpion
    Hero's Crown            :      Helmet:   7: Fierce Face
    HollyWood               :        Wood:   2: Cursed Doll
    HollyWood               :        Wood:   2: Wooding
    Holy Glove              :       Glove: 5-6: Narcissos
    Ivory                   :        Bone:   4: Chess Knight
    Jacobini Rock           :    Aerolite:   3: Shadow Zero
    Jade Band               :         Hat:   ?: Kid Dragon
    Jester's Cap            :      Helmet:   6: Fierce Face
    Judd Hemp               :      Fabric:   6: Ape Mummy
    Judge's Gavel           :      Hammer:   6: Cursed Doll
    Juggernaut              :       Flail:   2: Springball
    Langseaxe               :         Axe:   6: Goblin
    Levantine               :       Sword:   3: Dark Stalker
    Levantine               :       Sword: 5-6: Moldy Goo
    Little Eye              :         Eye:   5: Rabite
    Little Eye Throw        :     Unknown:   5: Teedie
    Lizard Meat             :        Meat:   2: Basilisk
    Lizard Meat             :        Meat:   2: Lizardon
    Lizard Meat             :        Meat:   2: Rattler Boa
    Lizard Meat             :        Meat:   2: Tonpole
    Lizard Meat             :        Meat:   2: Tyrannos
    Lizard Scales           :      Scales: 3-7: Basilisk
    Lizard Scales           :      Scales: 3-7: Rattler Boa
    Long Seed               :        Seed:   2: Shrieknip
    Long Seed               :        Seed:   3: Lullabud
    Marble                  :       Stone:   4: Chimera Beast
    Milane Crown            :      Helmet:   5: Fierce Face
    MapleWood               :        Wood:   5: Wooding
    Moon Crystal            :Mana Crystal:   3: Polter Box
    Moonrock Tiara          :         Hat:   2: Succubs
    Moss                    :        Urns:   4: Moldy Goo
    Muramasa Blade          :    2H Sword:   7: Dainslaif
    Needle                  :       Pouch: 3-7: Needlebeak
    Ninja's Charm           :     Pendant:   4: Mad Mallard
    Oak Wood                :        Wood:   1: Wooding
    Oblong Seed             :        Seed:   1: Malboro
    Obsidian                :       Stone:   5: Chimera Beast
    Obsidian                :       Stone:   6: Teedie
    Odd Meat                :        Meat:   1: Beholder
    Odd Meat                :        Meat:   1: Poto
    Odd Meat                :        Meat:   1: Springball
    Odd Meat                :        Meat:   2: Denden
    Odd Meat                :        Meat:   2: Moldy Goo
    Odd Meat                :        Meat:   2: Shadow Zero
    Odd Meat                :        Meat:   2: Slime
    Odd Meat                :        Meat:   2: Tezla
    Odd Meat                :        Meat:   3: Springball
    Odd Meat                :        Meat: 1-2: Spiny Cone
    Odd Meat                :        Meat: 5-6: Springball
    Orihalcon               :       Knife:   4: Dainslaif
    Orihalcon               :       Metal: 4-7: Punkster
    Paralysis Powder        :      Powder:   4: Mushboom
    Paralysis Powder        :      Powder:   5: Gloomoth
    Pedan Stone             :       Stone:   6: Chimera Beast
    Pedan Stone             :       Stone:   7: Teedie
    Pegasus Helm            :      Helmet:   3: Fierce Face
    Pheonix Robe            :        Robe:   7: Garuda
    Poison Fang             : Fangs/Claws:   4: Howler
    Poison Fang             : Fangs/Claws: 5-7: Zombie
    Poison Fang             : Fangs/Claws: 6-7: Howler
    Poison Powder           :      Powder:   2: Mushboom
    Poison Powder           :      Powder:   3: Sand Scorpion
    Poison Powder           :      Powder:   4: Lullabud
    Rabite Ear              :      Mantle:   7: Rabite
    Ragnarok                :       Sword:   7: Dark Stalker
    Raven Feather           :     Feather:   3: Garuda
    Rosary                  :     Unknown:   4: Tomato Man
    Rotten Meat             :        Meat:   2: Ape Mummy
    Rotten Meat             :        Meat:   2: Specter
    Rotten Meat             :        Meat:   2: Zombie
    Round Seed              :        Seed:   1: Bloodsucker
    Round Seed              :        Seed:   1: Cursed Doll
    Round Seed              :        Seed:   1: Imp
    Round Seed              :        Seed:   1: Lizardon
    Round Seed              :        Seed:   1: Rabite
    Round Seed              :        Seed:   1: Slime
    Round Seed              :        Seed:   1: Specter
    Round Seed              :        Seed:   1: Teedie
    Round Seed              :        Seed:   1: Tonpole
    Ruby Band               :    Gauntlet:   6: Garuda
    Rust                    :      Powder:   3: Moldy Goo
    Rust                    :      Powder: 4-7: Hoppin' Tick
    Sacred Bow              :         Bow:   7: Chobin Hood
    Salesman  Glove         :       Glove:   7: Narcissos
    Scissors                : Fangs/Claws:   3: Pincher Crab
    Scissors                : Fangs/Claws:   5: Sand Scorpion
    Sharp Claw              : Fangs/Claws:   3: Howler
    Sharp Claw              : Fangs/Claws:   4: Tyrannos
    Sharp Claw              : Fangs/Claws:   5: Molebear
    Shell                   :     Primary:   4: Pincher Crab
    Shell                   :     Primary:   6: Sand Scorpion
    Shell                   :     Primary: 3-7: Denden
    Sidewinder              :         Bow:   5: Chobin Hood
    Silly Eye               :         Eye:   2: Beholder
    Silly Eye               :         Eye:   3: Poto
    Silly Eye               :         Eye:   4: Malboro
    Silver Crane            :         Axe:   4: Goblin
    Skeleton Mail           :     Hauberk:   7: Skeleton
    Skuldesect              :       Glove:   4: Narcissos
    Skuldesect              :       Glove:   7: Ape Mummy
    Skullhead               :     Unknown:   6: Skeleten
    Sleep Powder            :      Powder:   3: Mushboom
    Sleep Powder            :      Powder: 6-7: Gloomoth
    Sleepy Eye              :         Eye:   3: Gloomoth
    Sleepy Eye              :         Eye:   3: Teedie
    Small Seed              :        Seed:   1: Shrieknip
    Small Seed              :        Seed:   2: Lullabud
    Small Seed              :        Seed:   3: Malboro
    Snake Scales            :      Scales: 5-6: Tyranno
    Snow Deer               :         Axe:   5: Goblin
    Soldier's Helm          :      Helmet:   2: Mad Mallard
    Spiny Seed              :        Seed:   5: Lullabud
    Spiny Seed              :        Seed:   5: Shrieknip
    Spiral Claw             : Fangs/Claws:   2: Narcissos
    Spiral Claw             : Fangs/Claws:   3: Ape Mummy
    Spirit Ribbon           :         Hat:   4: Succubs
    Stargazer               :       Spear:   4: Sahagin
    Stinger                 :     Unknown:   4: Sand Scorpion
    Sultan's Silk           :      Fabric:   3: Silkspittter
    Sun Crystal             :Mana Crystal:   2: Polter Box
    Sweet Revenge           :         Axe:   7: Goblin
    Thor's Hammer           :      Hammer:   7: Cursed Doll
    Throatslitter           :       Knife:   2: Dainslaif
    Ash Wood           :        Wood:   6: Wooding
    True Spear              :       Spear:   3: Sahagin
    True Spear              :       Spear: 3-6: Imp
    Tuttle Rock             :    Aerolite:   7: Shadow Zero
    Waveruck                :         Bow:   6: Chobin Hood
    Wicked Eye              :         Eye:   7: Beholder
    Wind Cap                :         Hat: 3-7: Spiny Cone
    Wishbone                :     Pendant:   3: Skeleton
    Vampire Fang            : Fangs/Claws:   3: Bloodsucker
    Vestment                :     Unknown:   6: Specter
    Vinek Rock              :    Aerolite:   6: Shadow Zero
    Vitium Ribbon           :         Hat:   3: Succubs
    VizelGold               :       Metal:   6: Molebear
    Zombie Claw             : Fangs/Claws:   4: Skull Beast
    Zombie Claw             : Fangs/Claws:   4: Zombie
    Zombie Claw             : Fangs/Claws:   5: Ape Mummy
    Zombie Claw             : Fangs/Claws:   5: Specter
    Zombie Claw             : Fangs/Claws:   5: Skeleton
    --------B. Monsters
    Here is where to find the monsters (by alpha):
    Ape Mummy:
    The Underworld
    Mindas Ruins
    Bejeweled City
    Tower of Leires
    Tree of Mana
    Lake Kilma
    Bejeweled City
    Big Baby:
    Madora Beach
    Mekiv Caverns
    Tower of Leires
    Chess Knight:
    Mindas Ruins
    Tower of Leires
    The Flames
    Chimera Beast:
    The Underworld
    Chobin Hood:
    Luon Highway
    Lake Kilma
    Bejeweled City
    Luon Highway
    Duma Desert
    Madora Beach
    Tree of Mana
    Duma Desert
    Cursed Doll:
    The Underworld
    The Flames
    Tower of Leires
    Bone Fortress
    The Flames
    Dark Stalker:
    The Underworld
    Tower of Leires
    Bejeweled City
    Luon Highway
    The White Forest
    Bejeweled City
    Fierce Face:
    Duma Desert
    The Flames
    Luon Highway
    Tree of Mana
    Bone Fortress
    The Flames
    Mekiv Caverns
    The White Forest
    The Flames
    Gray Ox:
    Gato Grottos
    Lake Kilma
    Hoppin' Tick:
    Ulkan Mines
    Norn Peaks
    Fieg Snowfields
    The Flames
    Madora Beach
    SS Buccaneer
    Luon Highway
    Land Dragon:
    Mekiv Caverns
    The Flames
    Tree of Mana
    Luon Highway
    Mindas Ruins
    Mad Mallard:
    Duma Desert
    Tower of Leires
    The Flames
    Ulkan Mines
    Bejeweled City
    Tree of Mana
    Moldy Goo:
    Gato Grottos
    Duma Desert
    Ulkan Mines
    Mekiv Caverns
    The White Forest
    Norn Peaks
    Ulkan Mines
    Gato Grottos
    Luon Highway
    The White Forest
    Pincher Crab:
    Mekiv Caverns
    Madora Beach
    Polter Box:
    Gato Grottos
    SS Buccaneer
    Mekiv Caverns
    Fieg Snowfields
    Tree of Mana
    Luon Highway
    Fieg Snowfields
    The White Forest
    Rattler Boa:
    Gato Grottos
    Mindas Ruins
    The White Forest
    Mekiv Caverns
    Madora Beach
    SS Buccaneer
    Fieg Snowfields
    Sand Scorpion:
    Duma Desert
    Madora Beach
    Fieg Snowfields
    Madora Beach
    SS Buccaneer
    Shadow Zero:
    Gato Grottos
    The Underworld
    Bejeweled City
    Lake Kilma
    Luon Highway
    The White Forest
    Skull Beast:
    Duma Desert
    Bone Fortres
    Sky Dragon:
    Fieg Snowfields
    The Flames
    Tree of Mana
    Gato Grottos
    Bone Fortress
    Ulkan Mines
    Gato Grottos
    Ulkan Mines
    SS Buccaneer
    Spiny Cone:
    Luon Highway
    Lake Kilma
    Mekiv Caverns
    Gato Grottos
    Ulkan Mines
    Tree of Mana
    Stinger Bug:
    Luon Highway
    Lake Kilma
    The Underworld
    Mindas Ruins
    Tower of Leires
    Bejeweled City
    Lake Kilma
    Madora Beach
    Lake Kilma
    Madora Beach
    Tomato Man:
    Bone Fortress
    Tree of Mana
    Bone Fortress
    Mekiv Caverns
    Lkae Kilma
    Fieg Snowfields
    Tree of Mana
    Gato Grottos
    The White Forest
    Tree of Mana
    Fieg Snowfields
    --------C. Shopping List/Items From Quests
    Shopping varies on where you place your lands.  The farther away a town is from
    home, the better stuff they sell!  (See Tips 'n' Tricks --> General)
    In every town, there is a person selling minerals (usually a student from Geo).
    There is also an item shop at every town.  If you put Geo in the upper-left
    corner of the map, and your home in the lower-right, they'll be selling
    IshePlatinum weapons at Geo!!!
    Since there are so many different combinations for shopping, it's nearly
    impossible to make a list.  Just read the guidelines above.
    You can get many items from quests.  The item is usually determined by how far
    away your home is from the location where you finished the event.  If you place
    The White Forest in one corner of the map and your home in the opposite corner,
    you might get AltenaAlloy from The Dragon Princess (#37).  Here is a chart
    showing how to get AltenaAlloy and buy LorimarIron weapons:
    How to buy Lorimar Iron and be able to get Altena Alloy:
    put your home in one corner, put Geo in the other, then put The White Forest
    (or any other quest you can get Altena Alloy from) in any of the spots
    marked with :::
    Geo :::
    ::: :::
    (Basically, put your home in one corner, Geo in the opposite corner, and the
    White Forest by Geo.)
    ------9: Other Information
    --------A: Contact Information
        My e-mail address is SeanKelson@aol.com. I am unavailable to provide help on
    game-related issues due to the amount of time that has passed since the writing
    of this walkthrough. However, I would appreciate hearing from you with comments
    and requests.
    	If you are interested in including this walkthrough on your site, please
    read the next section.
    --------B: Licensing
    As of April 27, 2009, I have updated all of my walkthroughs to be licensed
    under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License
    (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/). This means you are free to
    redistribute or build upon my work, even for commercial purposes. The only
    thing I ask in return is that you give me credit for the content you use.
    --------C: Credits
    I do give a special thanks to everyone in the credits.  Without them, this
    walkthrough would be nothing.
    Thanks to Squaresoft for making such a great game!
    Thanks to anyone who has written a walkthrough or FAQ, I know how hard it
    Thanks to sternlin@hal-pc.org (100% @nne Lumina) for information on finding
    Arthopod eggs at the Duma Desert.
    Thanks to JsTar599@aol.com for several item locations.
    Thanks to Ah King's Legend of Mana Site.  It helped me get the information
    I needed.  http://go.webring.org/go?ring=xeno_gears;id=18;go
    It's a great site, although lots of stuff is for the Japanese version.
    Thanks To Ronnie Crowder's  (Deathscythe52@hotmail.com)  technique guide.
    It helped my get the techniques I missed.
    Thanks to Aphel Aura (psiaura@singnet.com.sg) for the "Gaining Pet Levels"
    Thanks to Joe Marshall (emeraldvale@hotmail.com) for telling me about No
    Future Mode, among many other people.
    Thanks to Soothsayer (soothsayer85@hotmail.com), and ctjanus (e-mail unknown)
    for their helpful posts on message boards.
    Thanks to kulilin69@juno.com (Robert J Spurling) for help on No Future Mode
    Thanks to kiah (e-mail unknown) for his strategy on tempering.
    Thanks to Martin Wahyudi (lugia249@mail.com) for the leveling up section and
    the item list.
    Thanks to Arthur Wong (aww_pika@hotmail.com) for helping me write some tips for
    some quests and notifying me that Forsenalorn is ForsenaIron.
    Thanks to the walkthroughs on GameFAQs for helping me get some stuff, and
    reminding me of a few things.  They also helped me to get some encyclopedia
    entries I didn't have.
    Thanks to all the strategy guides that helped me put the "final detail" on the
    walkthrough.  I give special thanks to the BradyGames guide.
    Thanks to many e-mails and posts on message boards and the BradyGames strategy
    guide for helping me finish up the item list.
    Thanks to epimetreus@hotmail.com (Kai Moonbourn), SlashRPG@aol.com, and
    Mog200@aol.com for putting Deathbringer II in the encyclopedia.
    Thanks to SlashRPG@aol.com for helping me with the different kinds of attacks in
    Thanks to benghai@krdl.org.sg (Lee Beng Hai) for some golem stuff and instrument
    Thanks to mentl_hed@yahoo.com (Jon D) for confirming the requirements for event
    Thanks to Dxie's Pet Guide for helping me get all of the demi-human mana levels
    I have.  Dxie's Pet Guide can be found at:
    Thanks to Moonlore for expanding greatly on kiah's tempering stuff.  His e-mail
    was not posted on the message boards.
    Thanks to nightguard_x@yahoo.com (The NightGuard) for helping Wandering Mage
    with the Man of Valour mystic power.
    Thanks to llyd_ap_dicter@hotmail.com (Clinton Newcombe) for helping me duplicate
    a Revive/Forbidden Ring.
    Thanks to billybez@hotmail.com (Wilson Mark) for identifying the Ragnarok and
    the Rabite's Ear.
    Thanks to Ironbgd@aol.com for telling me where to find AltenaAlloy.
    Thanks to Mog200@aol.com for giving me several small tips and bug fixes.
    Thanks to Claymor494@aol.com for some items and some Lucre tips.
    Special thanks to cwhite@ainet.com (Wandering Mage) for Elemental Tips and
    Tempering stuff.  Wandering Mage also helped with the Shadow-Zero mini-game.
    Thanks to My3rdScReename85@aol.com for some demi-human locations.
    Thanks to the following for their small, but very helpful contributions:
    Jack Dietz (w8jcd@yahoo.com), The Andreen's (wandreen@swbell.net), Ryan
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    Tom J Kenny (gen.tom@juno.com), Jeff (BigBruin8@aol.com), Wei Chern Chu
    (wchu2@kellychen.com), john yein (KaiRaven@excite.com), SLACHMO6@aol.com,
    Thanks to pongkit@hotmail.com (Pongkit Siriruamsap) for help on creating an all-
    powerful weapon.
    Thanks to thulium@earthlink.net (Eli Davis) for the FullMetal item.
    Thanks to tgcelestino@home.com (tgcelestino) for correcting some stuff.
    Thanks to Senlur's LOM message board post for helping me make an awesome
    Thanks to clayton@magicmagic.com (Acceptable Risk) for telling be that you can
    get Broken Doll from Reach for the Stars.
    Thanks to Ster7837@aol.com for helping Wandering Mage with some mystic powers.
    And thanks to all the e-mails (many, many, many) that helped me fix all of
    the errors in all the versions.
    Thanks to Masterwai for his post on 4+ essence levels.
    Thanks to Gls263@aol.com and Brijd17@aol.com for helping the mystic powers
    Thanks to detowah@juno.com (Dennis H Ingram) for telling me about Bed of Thorns
    mystic power.
    Thanks to che@darkmazda.com (Che Weng) for finishing up the Paint section on
    Thanks to DRB310@aol.com for telling me about golem luck.
    Thanks to C.Conliffe@Liberty-IT.co.uk (Conliffe, Ciaran(LIT) for informing me
    about Elazul leaving on The Lost Princess event.
    Thanks to defz@uswest.net (defz) for telling me that you get the Jade Egg from
    The Lucky Clover event as well.
    Thanks to C4R2002@aol.com for telling me several things.
    Thanks to billybez@hotmail.com (Wilson Mark) for identifying several items.
    Thanks to darkangel504@hotmail.com (Dark Angel) for telling me about several
    Thanks to hld19@hotmail.com (Huy Lam) for telling me about the Salesman Glove
    and Dragonsmane.
    Special thanks to sarick@hotmail.com (Richard Bavely) for some awesome tempering
    Thanks to CoJo 888@aol.com  for some stuff on seeds.
    Thanks to Edward8376@aol.com for telling me that the Orihalcon dropped by
    Dainslaifs is a knife.
    Thanks to enchantr@i-manila.com.ph for helping me with fixing the 2H Sword
    Thanks to Xwolviex3@aol.com for helping me figure out how to use 3 abilities.
    Thanks to ndre_psx@hotmail.com (Andre Wijaya) for more help on the Shade/2H
    Sword problem.
    Thanks to every site that posts my FAQ and to the people that read it.  After
    all, without a site, no one could read it.  If no one read it, then it would be
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    Thanks to cayr@hotmail.com (Cayr Desanea) for testing Sarick's ultimate bow.
    Thanks to Todd Brauns (cayr@hotmail.com) and Michael Martinez
    (archangel_paco@hotmail.com) for giving me a location placement strategy.
    Thanks to firedrake@3rdm.net (Firedrake) for telling me about getting characters
    after you complete their quests.
    Thanks to Pok311@aol.com for telling me about getting candy in battle with a 2H
    Thanks to C.Conliffe@Liberty-IT.co.uk (Conliffe, Ciaran(LIT)) for telling me
    about getting the Broken Doll from The Fallen Emperor, and telling me about the
    Sword of Fate.
    Thanks to nat_mccann@hotmail.com (Nathaniel McCann) for telling me about lots of
    stuff, including a chart on getting AltenaAlloy and a Golem creation strategy.
    Thanks to defz (defz@uswest.net) for telling me lots of stuff.
    Thanks to MikeT1333@aol.com for telling me how to get Ankh Rock from the
    Shadow-Zero mini-game.
    Thanks to nat_mccann@hotmail.com for telling me how to fix the medallion bug.
    Thanks to vincent_ry@yahoo.com for telling me that he got the Saga Frontier 2
    sword without a Saga Frontier 2 save on his memory card.
    Thanks to kelsey.14@osu.edu (Bart Kelsey) for telling me you can get the Torch
    of Coral from the Reach for the Stars (#36) events.
    Thanks to silverstorm@onebox.com for information on getting weapons made of good
    material in Geo.
    Thanks to AsianGrinch (asiangrinch@hotmail.com) for DragonScales tempering info.
    Thanks to electro777@takas.lt (Eectro) for information about Nicolo's Business
    Unusual: Part 3 and Nicolo Calls it Quits.
    Thanks to JMichael1860@aol.com for corrections on my technique section.
    Thanks to JokerPrince577@aol.com for the 'Tempering a Mage' section.
    Thanks to raynos01@hotmail.com (Ty) for information on getting easy lucre.
    Thanks to the following from the GameFAQs message boards (e-mail addresses are
    above, but names on the message board are given here):
    The Sickness, Sarick, Senlur, kiah, Zingo, gilbeymog, Sir Garland, Sariel
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