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                    Seiken Densetsu -- The Holy Sword Legend
                                    Volume 4
                       LL                      MM         MM
                      LL             OO       MMMM      MMM
                      LL           OOOOOO     MM MM   MM MM
                     LL          OOOO OOOO   MM   MMMM  MM
                     LL         OOO    OOO   MM    M    MM
                    LL       L  OOOO OOOO   MM         MM
                    LLLLLLLLLL   OOOOOO     MM         MM
                    LLLLLLLLL      OO       MM         MM
                                Legend  of  Mana                       v 1.0
    North America release Information and Encyclopedias
    Compiled and written by Vulpes Mundi (c) 2000
    Email:   vulpesmundi@hotmail.com           Website:   http://etl.fly.to/
    VCL Art Archives:   http://velar.ctrl-c.liu.se/vcl/Artists/Vulpes-Mundi/
    ___/ Table of Contents     \____________________________________________
     --- SECTION I   - FAQ Information
    A.   Revision History
    B.   About this FAQ
     --- SECTION II  - LoM Information
    C.   Flow of Time
    D.   Heads-Up Display
    E.   Controller Notes
    F.   Quests/Cactus Diaries
    G.   Dudbear Language
    H.   SS Buccaneer Sea Chart
     --- SECTION III - Encyclopedias
    I.   Characters
    J.   Lands
    K.   Artifacts
    L.   Items
    M.   Equipment
    N.   Monsters
    O.   Produce
    P.   World History
    Q.   Basic Golemology
    R.   Techniques
    S.   Forbidden Tome
     --- SECTION IV  - End of an Era
    T.   Closure
    ____________________________________________/ I.    FAQ Information \___
    ___/ A.   Revision History \____________________________________________
    1.   FAQ VERSIONS AND EDITS - newest to oldest
    date completed    version
    July 20, 2000  -  1.0
         Added a sea chart and repaired any errata or missing information.
    All the necessary information for the FAQ is now complete.  Yay!
    July 07, 2000  -  0.9a
         Just a simple update adding notice for all the sites allowed to
    post this FAQ.  There's no new information in the FAQ itself.
    June 23, 2000  -  0.9
         Second release.  Added the Forbidden Tome and every section is
    complete except for the Quests/Cactus Diaries and the Monsters
    Encyclopedia.  Just missing two quests and two monsters.  D'oh!
    June 18, 2000  -  0.8
         First official release.  The majority of the information is
    available, but it's not quite complete.  It will be soon, though, when I
    get around to finishing the game.  =^,^=
    June 13, 2000  -  0.1
         Officially began working on the FAQ.  This is going to be fun.
         Given the time and the drive to do so, I wish to expound upon the
    information already available.  For example, I'd like to add item drops
    to the monster encyclopedia, as well as which monsters appear in what
    lands, and effectiveness descriptions to each of the abilities and
    special techniques.  Time will tell if and when that happens, though.
    ___/ B.   About this FAQ   \____________________________________________
    1.   THE GYST OF IT
         If you're looking for a walkthrough that'll give you a free ride
    through an interesting and occasionally challenging game, well then
    you've come to the wrong place.  This FAQ is merely a compilation of
    information about Legend of Mana (a hefty chunk read directly from the
    TV screen and typed up onto the computer) intended for quick reference.
    There's a LOT of information and it took a LOT of time to put it all
    together, being as I've taken it upon myself to do this all by myself.
    Granted this isn't my first FAQ (I did a Killer Instinct FAQ back in
    '95-'96 and a Castlevania: Symphony of the Night FAQ in '98, neither of
    which are at GameFAQs, VGStrategies, or ClassicGaming), but it IS the
    most I've ever worked on a single one.  Let's just say my fingers are
    REALLY tired after all this typing.  Whew.  Anyway, I think I've
    yammered on long enough.  I hope you find this FAQ useful.  I wish you
    well in your endeavors.  =^,^=
         This document was compiled (typed up) in its entirety by the
    author, Vulpes Mundi.  Hours of painstaking work was done to not only
    type this document, but also to complete the entire game inside and out
    so to collect the information herein.  As the author, Vulpes Mundi holds
    all rights and priviledges to this document.  As the viewer, you have
    the right to view this document for your own personal use granted you do
    NOT alter it, take credit for it, give it to other people (please send
    them to GameFAQs, VGStrategies, ClassicGaming, and/or Vulpes Mundi's
    website instead), send it in to any publications, or attempt to
    financially gain from it.  Also note that this FAQ should appear ONLY on
    GameFAQs, VGStrategies, ClassicGaming, and the author's personal
    website.  *insert Robocop*  "Thank you for your cooperation."
         This FAQ is intended for the purpose of reference.  There is
    information included within that could possibly spoil contents of the
    game, including story, for those that have not already completed it and
    wish to do so.  In viewing this FAQ you comply with this and agree not
    to hold the author, GameFAQs, VGStrategies, ClassicGaming responsible
    for any spoilers viewed in using this document.
    ____________________________________________/ II.   LoM Information \___
    ___/ C.   Flow of Time     \____________________________________________
    Legend of Mana has days of the week, not unlike the real world.
    However, it differs in that there are only six days instead of seven.
    Using my best judgment, I think the days of the week flow in order shown
    below.  Why do I believe this is correct?  Well if you look on the Land
    screen you'll notice that Undine and Dryad are at opposite ends of the
    mana scale.  Granted the days of the week don't follow the order of the
    mana scale, not to mention that Shade and Wisp are not days of the week
    at all, it still seems to make some amount of sense.  You're welcome to
    argue it if you like - only the creators of the game could really
    solidify what day begins and what day ends the week.
    Week progression = Undine, Salamander, Aura, Gnome, Jinn, Dryad
    ___/ D.   Heads-Up Display \____________________________________________
    During battle sequences a display will appear at the top of the screen
    to represent the status of each character currently in your party.  It's
    fairly simple to understand, but I figured I'd go over it anyway just
    for the heck of it.  Following is a basic ASCII representation.
          _____                       _____
         |     |  <>   80%           |     |SYNC   HP%
         |     |/========--/         |PHOTO|/ HP METER /
         |_____/===---/              |_____ST METER
    PHOTO    = A tiny portrait to represent the character
    SYNC     = When electricity flows, characters are synchronized
    HP%      = Shows what percentage of maximum HP the character has left
    HP METER = Displays remaining HP in a colorful meter
    ST METER = Displays the energy charge for Special Techniques and magic
    Of special note is the HP Meter, which uses colors to represent how much
    HP there is.  Following is a color scale.
         Red      =   1 - 100          Blue     = 501 - 600
         Yellow   = 101 - 200          Green    = 601 - 700
         Green    = 201 - 300          Blue     = 701 - 800
         Blue     = 301 - 400          Green    = 801 - 900
         Green    = 401 - 500          Blue     = 901 - 999
    Enemies can have more than 999 HP, but the meters follow the same color
    pattern.  As an estimate, the bosses have the same HP measurements
    multiplied by 5.  So if a boss has half a green meter over yellow, it's
    likely to have approximately 1250 HP left.
    ___/ E.   Controller Notes \____________________________________________
    1.   QUICK ATTACKS - default to the EKS button
         Quick Attacks are basic, fast attacks that only do minor damage.
    However, depending upon which weapon type your character is equipped
    with, you can perform a few Quick Attacks (between 3 and 5 attacks - see
    section K. EQUIPMENT for more details) in succession for a basic combo.
    Be careful though, because should you tap the Quick Attack button more
    times than the weapon can combo you'll fatigue your character and be
    frozen for about two seconds.  You can also perform one Power Attack
    anywhere within the combo chain if you choose, as well as either adding
    Plunge Attacks after the Power Attack or any time in the combo chain.
    2.   POWER ATTACKS - default to the SQUARE button
         Much more powerful than Quick Attacks, but one Power Attack will
    cause fatigue, freezing your character for about two seconds.  There is
    a way to avoid fatigue, though.  If you perform a Plunge Attack
    immediately following a Power Attack, there's a good chance your
    character will not be fatigued.  One exception to this is the Bow Plunge
    Attack SHOT.  Your character will still fatigue even if you use this
    move (unless you do another Plunge Attack afterwards).  Experiment to
    see what works.
    3.   PLUNGE ATTACKS - default to the SQUARE button
         Each weapon in Legend of Mana has three special attacks referred to
    as Plunge Attacks.  These are fairly powerful attacks that will knock
    away an opponent that is struck.  Anybody who's played a fighting game
    within the last decade will instantly be familiar with how to
    effectively use these moves.  But for those who haven't, I'll be as
    specific and helpful as possible.  All of the weapons use the same
    controller functions for their Plunge Attacks, though not every weapon
    has the same Plunge Attacks.  This is especially noted with the Bows vs.
    most melee weapons.  Following is a summary of how to do each of the
    Plunge Attacks.  Please note that the following descriptions assume your
    character is facing to the right.  Simply reverse the directions
    horizontally if your character is facing to the left.
    a.   Tap the direction you wish to
    attack twice, holding the second press,                   ->  ->>  Power
    and press the Power Attack button.
    b.   Press Down and then circle the controller             .  ->>
    to the direction you wish to attack, holding             |  \      Power
    it, then press the Power Attack button.                  v
    c.   Rock the controller from the opposite
    direction to the direction you wish to attack,            <-  ->>  Power
    holding it, and press the Power Attack button.
         For the most part, combos consist of mere chained button presses.
    However, it is possible to add Abilities and Plunge Attacks into the
    combo at almost any point, the majority of which will avoid fatiguing
    your character.  Following is an example of a combo that can be
    performed with any weapon.  Let's assume the character has a Sword
    equipped.  This would perform three Quick Attacks, one Power Attack, and
    one Plunge Attack, ending the combo with no fatigue.  This combo would
    be described: slice, stab, slice, power-slice, lunging-thrust.
    eg.  Quick  Quick  Quick  Power  ->  ->>  Power
    Remember that the majority of melee weapons will basically be the same,
    though they'll vary in how many Quick Attacks they can perform.  Be sure
    to experiment with each weapon and see what works for you.
    Also, if you can perform an extended combo (add an ability to the combo
    and keep it running with more Quick Attacks), you might be rewarded with
    a free candy to revive HP.  Though random, it generally takes anywhere
    from three to twelve hits to be rewarded.
    ___/ F.   Quests/Cactus D. \____________________________________________
    1.   NIC'S BUSINESS - Rid the highway of bandits!
         My master beat banditos with a creature called Niccolo.  Niccolo
    was scared of the banditos, but I'm scared to know what Niccolo is.
    What could he possibly be?
    2.   TINY SORCERERS - Stop the rampant pumpkins!
         Today I heard a story about two little sorcerers trying to become
    the kings of this world.  But pumpkins?  They used pumpkins?  I hope
    they're still yummy.
    3.   GAEUS'S WISDOM - Go with Daena to meet Gaeus!
         A big face on a mountain?  It's hard to believe, but my master saw
    it, so I guess it's true.  It knows and doesn't know lots of things.
    What an amazing world.
    4.   WHERE'S PUTTY? - Rescue Putty from the Penguins!
         Today I heard about a scary macho man trying to find his doggie.  I
    like doggies' pointy noses and their wagging tails.  Doggies are so much
    cuter than macho men.
    5.   THE LOST PRINCESS - To the cave in search of Pearl!
         Fighting a monkey in the caverns and saving a girl!  Wow, that
    sounds like something out of a movie.  But the girl was really shy and
    turned red, and I guess that was too much for my master.
    6.   DIDDLE'S LETTER - To where did Pelican take Diddle?
         A pelican kidnapped a little boy?!  And it threw the boy away
    somewhere?  That's just not right.  What are the people at the child
    protection agency doing?
    7.   TWO TORCHES - The case of Matilda in Gato...
         A cat-eared woman and a long-haired man had a fight, and a grandma
    was kidnapped.  And then the two found the grandma.  I think this kind
    of story is getting old.
    8.   HUNTIN' DU'CATE - Hunt for Du'Cate in the jungle!
         Today my master saw a really big tree-hanging monkey and a really
    BIG red animal with really BIG attitude.  Why can't they be like me?
    9.   MURMURING FOREST - Foil the Faeries' scheme!
         Today's adventure was in the Jungle where lots of Faeries live.
    The long-haired man was there again.  Is it just me, or is there trouble
    brewing?  I think I'm psychic.
    10.  GORGON'S EYE - War between Faeries and Penguins.
         Lots of penguins fell into the lake and their cap'n was thrown in
    there by a turtle after being changed into stone!  Penguins can swim,
    but stone can't!  Was the cap'n okay?  What a scary, scary story.
    11.  SEEKING FAERIES - Find Daena and tell Matilda!
         Today's story was about a woman who disappeared when she went to
    the lake to look for a demon.  I say she should've been catching fish
    instead of any demons.
    12.  TEATIME - Rescue Teapo from the ruins!
         It sounds like today's adventure was about opening and closing the
    Flowerlings' gates.  And today's monster kept sucking out my master's
    blood.  Stop bothering my master!
    13.  STAR-CROSSED - To the ruins to meet Irwin!
         Escad and Daena are always fighting.  Why do people keep fighting
    each other?  I wish for world peace.
    14.  MINING BUSINESS - Take Watts back to his shop.
         The birdman says Watts doesn't have any heroic stories to tell.  I
    wish someone will come up with a story about ME.  He moves like
    lightning!  He kicks monster butt!  I think I like that.
    15.  DREAM TELLER - Ask Pokiehl about Escad's past.
         My master went to a place that might have been a dream.  What does
    that mean?  Maybe I can sneak in there when nobody is watching.
    16.  DIDDLE KIDNAPPED - Rescue Diddle from the forest!
         A little boy named Diddle was kidnapped.  Diddle had a friend named
    Capella who found him.  Wish I could be somebody's help.  No, seriously.
    17.  HEAVEN'S GATE - To Lucemia to vanquish Irwin!
         A big big big big snake snake snake!  My master walked inside a
    snake and went up to its head to fight a demon.  Do you think I believe
    that kind of story?
    18.  DADDY'S BROOM - Find Lisa's special broom!
         I threw away an old broom, and that made Bud and Lisa mad.  They
    went and got it back, and fixed where it was broken.  I guess everything
    is just hunky-dory now.
    19.  INFERNAL DOLL - The dolls' hatred towards man.
         The junk at the Junkyard really wasn't junk!  They were the
    leftovers of the artifacts used in wars long long ago.  Wow...  That
    makes me like them a little.  Only a little bit.
    20.  DIDDLE HAD IT! - Diddle's had enough of his job.
         What's the difference between people who like doing the same thing
    everyday and the ones who don't?  I like being a cactus everyday, but
    maybe I'm not supposed to.  Did I get that right?
    21.  GLASS TOWER - Get to know Pearl at the tower.
         A girl went up a tower to see her past, or something like that.
    I'm losing track of what's going on, and getting a little bit tired of
    keeping my diary lately.
    22.  TWO PEARLS - Search for Pearl in the tower!
         Pearl disappeared, and then Elazul found her.  But Blackpearl was
    there too and wouldn't give Pearl back to Elazul.  We need more love in
    this world.
    23.  FLAME OF HOPE - Solve the unsolvable in Gato!
         Popo bug is reeaaally long, with lots and lots of knobs, and it's
    easy to break one Popo bug to make two Popo bugs.  Who gets hurt when a
    Popo bug is in someone's tummy?  The Popo bug?
    24.  COSMO - Search for the kidnapped Pearl!
         Pearl disappeared again, so Elazul went and looked for her again.
    Sandra and Lord Jewels and lots of people were in today's story.  It
    made me sleepy.
    25.  CAN'T LOOK BACK - Learn of Mephianse's past...
         I remember the part about a sorcerer named Mephianse, but I don't
    remember anything else, because I sort of fell asleep.  I hope my master
    didn't see me sleeping.
    26.  A SIREN'S SONG - The Siren was persecuted.
         A birdgirl was trapped in a birdcage, and a fishgirl guarded the
    birdcage for the birdgirl.  I want a friend who guards my cactus pot.
    27.  SUMMER LOVIN' - David and Valerie's Endless Summer.
         Clobbering crabs at the beach!  That sounds like fun, but I feel
    bad for the crabs.  Surprise lesson of the day: penguins can fall in
    28.  DROWNED DREAMS - Ghosts in Polpota Harbor!?
         I hear that Basket Fish is a weirdo and has attitude problems.  He
    should try harder, if he wants to become human.  I think I'll try harder
    29.  FLOURITE - Into Florina's nightmare!
         Today it was about going to a desert and seeing desert people, or
    something like that.  It was a bit difficult for me to understand.
    Desert troopers?  Hurricane fighters?
    30.  FAERIES' LIGHT - Help Monique sell some lamps.
         Learned Dudbear words to sell lamps to Dudbears!  Just what is
    master up to?  But it's neat that master comes by to tell me funny
    stories like that.
    31.  LUCKY CLOVER - Adventure in Geo with Esmeralda!
         Another friend in my master's life.  She was a pile of dirt?  Did I
    get that right?  I didn't know what to say to that, so I couldn't look
    straight into my master's eyes.  Sorry.
    32.  ALEXANDRITE - Escort Pearl to Diana of Geo!
         Hey, what does a Jumi say when he sees his people after a long
    time?  "Jumis me?"  Get it?  "Ju-miss me?"  Wait, what's the matter?
    You can't take the "pun"ishment?
    33.  TEARDROP STONE - To the Jumi's Bejeweled City!
         I guess there is a place called the Bejeweled City in this world,
    but that name sounds flakey.  I think my master was making up this
    34.  QUIET SEA - The Buccaneer's sails fell slack.
         A penguin reeled-in a bottled ghost, and all the penguins on the
    ship ended up collapsing!  That is really scary!  But I wonder how the
    ghost fit inside a bottle?
    35.  TREASURE MAP - A treasure map in Mekiv Caverns?
         Today my master joined a fight between the penguins and the
    Dudbears.  Why?  I don't understand humans at all.
    36.  REACH FOR THE STARS - Stop Mephianse's desert rampage!
         A sorcerer did a little old magic in the desert.  I was watching
    it, too, and it was really cool!  I guess the ancient people thought
    better things back then.
    37.  DRAGON PRINCESS - Now for the third dragon!
         Larc is working for his Boss because he wants to get out of there.
    But I think he is enjoying it.  I've got to see him to learn the truth.
    38.  WIND GUARDIAN - Slay a dragon in the mountains!
         So my master fought lots of birds today.  I wonder if it hurts to
    be poked around by their beaks?
    39.  BONE DRAGON - Hunt the second dragon!
         Was it fun going up and down in the fort made of bones?  Or was it
    scary?  I wouldn't know, because I'm only a cactus in a pot.
    40.  CRIMSON DRAGON - On to Drakonis with Sierra!
         The Underworld went upside down and a burning castle came out.  And
    there was a big dragon that master had to fight.  Cuz my master came
    back, I guess the dragon is no more, right?
    41.  FALLEN EMPEROR - To the depths of the Underworld!
         A dog-faced dragoon came out and took my master downstairs when
    master touched a tombstone.  How am I supposed to picture this?  It's
    really tough.
    42.  BLESSED ELIXIR - Draw water from the oasis.
         The barrel in my master's soul had a blast at the desert.  Ah, the
    desert!  Home of my soul, desert!  The hot, scorching sun and the dry,
    dry air.  I need to go there.
    43.  SEEING DOUBLE - A supernatural sighting in Domina.
         A tiny weirdo did all sorts of bad things today, and now a lot of
    people got scratches on their hearts.  Little scratches on people's
    hearts will be gone if they pat them from behind, but the humans don't
    know that.
    44.  CAGE OF DREAMS - The Sproutling outside is gone!
         Grandpa sorcerer hid a Sproutling in his dream!  Wow, that grandpa
    can really do amazing things.  I wonder if I can do that?
    45.  NIC'S BUSINESS 2 - To the waterfall to pick Greenballs!
         Greenballs look like locusts without their wings.  They don't look
    that yummy to me.  I'd rather have fish for dinner.
    46.  NIC'S BUSINESS 3 - Flowerlings in the ruins?
         Niccolo tried to catch the psychokinetic Flowerling to make himself
    filthy rich, but it got away.  I wish I was psychic, because I would use
    that power to write my diaries.
    47.  NIC'S BUSINESS 4 - Showing Watt's how to make a sale.
         Watt's tried to make a new wallet just like his old one, but I
    think he made a mistake somewhere.  Maybe it's the width, or maybe it's
    the crooked edge.
    48.  FINAL BUSINESS? - Show Kristie the ultimate deal!
         Niccolo lost his memories and then got them back.  My master didn't
    tell me where and how they found the lost memories, so I guess it's top
    secret.  I will keep my mouth shut.
    49.  LI'L CACTUS - Li'l Cactus off to cure Bud?
         Finally I got to go on an adventure on my own.  Greenballs, Tako
    bugs, I will never forget your smiles.  I feel like I saved the world
    today.  Just feeling like that is enough for me.
    50.  RACHEL - Rachel ran away from home!
         Rachel went to the witch of reincarnation and was turned into a
    blue jiggly.  I wonder what kind of life the green wiggly was having,
    but am I the only one thinking about this?
    51.  NORDIC FIELD - From the ship to the snow...
         Faeries can be and can't be seen by people.  I guess seeing a
    Faerie is just like dreaming.  Wait, do I actually see a dream?  Or is
    it something that really happens?
    52.  BURIED TREASURE - From the ship to the beach...
         Today my master bribed the Dudbears to get some treasure.  Oh, so
    that's how the treasure-hunters get what they want.  I see.
    53.  BLACKSMITHING - Learn how to hammer from Watts.
         There's a new room in the backyard workshop.  It's to make weapons
    and armors for my master to be able to whack some more little monsters.
    That's not nice.  We should all be friends.
    54.  INSTRUMENTS 101 - Help a student make instruments.
         Now my master can make more instruments in the backyard workshop.
    Wow, master is really learning how to pick on those monsters!
    55.  GOLEM WORKSHOP - Take over Prof. Bomb's research.
         I can put some stuff together and make my own Golem!  My master
    should add that to the resume for future job-hunting.
    56.  MANA ORCHARDS - Weeds are all over your home.
         Mr. Grandpa tree is so big and scary, it makes me want to hide by
    his roots.  His roots look like the best place to hide.
    57.  MONSTER CORRAL - Find a fledgling in Domina.
         Now my master can bring back eggs of other animals to raise them as
    pets!  I can't pet them because I'm all spikey, but humans will be okay
    because they aren't spikey like me.
    58.  SCHOOL AMOUR - Back to school for kids of Geo.
         They all didn't want to go back, but when my master talked to them
    they decided to go back.  What did master say to them?  It must be magic.
    59.  RESUME FOR LOVE - Can anyone re-fleshify Gilbert?
         Gilbert got to travel to a lot of places because he was a stone
    statue and was sold to those many places.  Hey, I think he saved a lot
    on travel expenses.
    60.  PROF. BOMB - Search for Prof. Bomb's golem.
         There was a big chase to catch a pile of junk that ran away from a
    professor.  How could a pile of junk run away on its own?  I don't think
    I get it.  Master, you need a rest.
    61.  WATTS'S HAMMER - Search for Watts's lost hammer!
         Watts lost his hammer, but my master found it for him.  Doesn't it
    feel good to do good things?  It would be nice if master could read me a
    story once in a while.  Please?
    62.  SEVEN WISDOMS - Help Bud meet the six Wisdoms.
         The little boy got to find six of the Seven Wisdoms.  There are
    only six Wisdoms?  Did they pick that name because it sounds good?
    Maybe they can't do math.
    63.  THE FIELD TRIP - Find reagents at the fortress.
         Picking up stuff from the ground, mixing them and making 'em go
    boom!  Isn't that a little bit childish?  Didn't your mommy tell you not
    to do things like that?
    64.  CATCHIN' LILIPEAS - In search of the Lilipeas.
         I wonder how the Lilipeas sing songs about peas?  Peas!  Peas!  I'm
    a teeny-beany pea!  Peas!  Peas!  I'm an itsy-bitsy pea!  This could be
    a never-ending song.
    65.  LOVE IS BLIND - Elle and Gilbert run away.
         My master went to the sea and tried sinking a ship by singing.  The
    ship didn't sink, but if they really believed that the ship would sink
    that way, I'd need to make them see a doctor.
    66.  WIMPY THUGLING - Defeat Kima!
         Another friend in my master's life.  Found Kima and fought it and
    beat it.  More fights and victories for my master to tell me about.
    67.  PEE-WEE BIRDIE - Save Pee-Wee, Miss Yuka's pet.
         What kind of bird is Yuka?  There are too many things and people
    not involved in my life out there.  That doesn't sound like a good thing
    at all.  It's okay with me, but is everybody okay with it?
    ---  LEGEND OF MANA - The Mana Tree is rotten with evil.
         (The final quest)
    ___/ G.   Dudbear Language \____________________________________________
    1.   DUB      = YES, a greeting, acknowledgment, appreciation
    2.   DUD      = NO, a farewell
    3.   DUBA     = YOU
    4.   DUDA     = ME
    5.   DUBBA    = FRIENDS
    6.   BUBU     = DUDBEARS
    7.   GUGU     = any species other than Dudbears
    8.   DA       = LIGHT, STARS
    9.   BA       = NIGHT
    10.  DADDA    = LAMP
    12.  DU       = LITTLE, FEW
    13.  BABA     = MUSIC
    14.  DADA     = PLEASE, THANKS
    15.  GAK      = shows displeasure or hatred
    16.  BUB?     = shows uncertainty
    17.  NOTE
         All caps is a specific, or similarly defined, word.  Lower case is
    for reference to an unspecific word (ie. a greeting could be hello, hi,
    hey, yo, etc.).
    ___/ H.   Sea Chart        \____________________________________________
        1   2   3   4   5
       ---N--O--R--T--H---      @ = Starting point
    A | @ |   |   |   |   |
      W---+---+---+---+---E     X = Monster location
    B |   |   | 1 |   | X |
      E---+---+---+---+---A     1 = Quest: Quiet Sea
    C | X |   |   |   | 3 |
      S---+---+---+---+---S     2 = Quest: Treasure Map
    D |   | 2 |   |   | X |
      T---+---+---+---+---T     3 = Quest: Nordic Field
    E |   | X |   | 4 |   |
       ---S--O--U--T--H---      4 = Quest: Buried Treasure
    RAMTIEGER QUOTES: Ain't it great?  (insert location quote)
    A-1: Crab legs are great, too!
    A-2: Ain't it...oh, I said that already.
    A-3: The sea knows everything, okay?
    A-4: The sea makes your dreams come true!
    A-5: I wonder how far the sea goes?
    B-1: The sea lets you eat all you want!
    B-2: I can keep going on like this!
    B-3: It's makin' me feel all philosophical about life!
    B-4: All creatures were born here!!
    B-5: Woka'woka tastes as good as caviar!
    C-1: Ding ding ding!  Di-di-di-ding!
    C-2: Helloooo there, miss mermaid!
    C-3: Ancient history's under there!
    C-4: Fresh fish just jumpin' around!
    C-5: Of course it's great!
    D-1: Tezzle-Mozzles and Kasspans!
    D-2: Even the salty sea air smells good!
    D-3: There's so much freedom!
    D-4: Seagulls be a-flyin'!
    D-5: The wind gives you a good feeling!
    E-1: The rockin' won't make me seasick!
    E-2: Sea serpents and sea urchins...
    E-3: You've fallen in love before, right?
    E-4: The sea makes you forget bad things!
    E-5: I have some really good memories here!
    NOTE: Don't forget that you can loop the map.  For instance, if you go
    north from A-3, you'll reappear at location E-3.  Also note that the
    quest `Buried Treasure` is only available after crushing at least 20
    crabs at Madora Beach.
    ____________________________________________/ III.  Encyclopedias   \___
    ___/ I.   Characters       \____________________________________________
    1.   NICCOLO - Glove
         He believes that he brings happiness to his customers with his
    transactions, but he sometimes plays dirty tricks on them.  Dislikes
    the Sproutlings and the Flowerlings.
    2.   ESCAD - 2-Handed Sword
         Born into the Liotte family of Holy Knights.  He fights for the
    cause of justice with an overbearing sense of righteousness.
    3.   DAENA - Flail
         A monk-soldier who protects Gato's temple.  She grew up with Escad,
    Matilda, and Irwin, but especially adores Matilda like her own sister.
    4.   LARC - Axe
         A beast-warrior who once was a famous hero.  He became Drakonis's
    dragoon after he died.
    5.   SIERRA - Knife
         A beast-warrior who is Vadise's dragoon.  Never compromises, and
    always hard on herself as well as on others.
    6.   PEARL - none (she's a target, defend her!)
         Elazul's partner.  She sometimes has a tough time speaking clearly,
    and is also very shy.  Has a tendency to wander off and get lost while
    7.   LADY BLACKPEARL - Hammer
         A Jumi knight who devotes herself to leading the Jumi through the
    threat of extinction.  A very logical and level-headed individual.
    8.   ELAZUL - Sword
         Pearl's knight, and one of the youngest Jumi.  He speaks and acts
    in a rough manner and thus starts the occasional fight.
    9.   ELLE - none (she is strictly a spellcaster)
         A siren who refuses to sing as a result of an accident.  Friends
    with Flameshe and Monique.
    10.  BUD - Frying Pan (equal to 2-Handed Sword)
         Lisa's twin brother.  He thinks that he is a great sorcerer, though
    he still has much to learn.  He was run out of the Academy of Magic
    because he was too mischievous.  His magic frying-pan was once his
    11.  LISA - Broom (equal to Staff)
         A better sorcerer than her twin brother.  She carries around her
    father's broomstick.
    12.  IRWIN
         A half-demon who is a childhood friend of Daena, Escad, and is
    particularly close to Matilda.
    13.  MATILDA
         Born into a family of priests in Gato, she began to question the
    life that awaited her.  Matilda became attracted to Irwin and his free
    way of life.
         A little man with a really loud voice that could even reach a
    nearby "land."  He might be the most honest and kind-hearted man you
    will ever meet.
    15.  SANDRA
         The notorious jewel hunter who steals only the most brilliant
    jewels.  Her daring thefts resulted in secret admirers of her work.
    16.  ALEX
         A mild-mannered geologist who also has a shop in Geo.  He only
    keeps the shop for income to fund his research.
    17.  FLORINA
         A Guardian who was the Clarius in the Bejeweled City of Jumi.  The
    burden of healing all the wounded cores of the Jumi has caused her own
    core to fall apart.
    18.  FLAMESHE
         A teenage mermaid who is sometimes a little hard to deal with.  She
    sneaked out of her family one day and went to the beach, where she met
    and befriended Elle.
    19.  PELICAN
         The mail carrier who delivers practically everything.  She often
    makes mistakes, and is not always on time, but she does not seem to
    20.  LI'L CACTUS
         A shy little cactus.  He is a cactus of few words, but he happens
    to be thinking about many things.
    21.  POKIEHL
         The poet of Truth.  He is one of the Seven Wisdoms, and was a hero
    who was called "the Messenger of the Cosmic Truth."
    22.  TOTE
         An ancient turtle who is one of the Seven Wisdoms.  He only
    introduces himself as "Turtle," and always speaks in a mild manner.
    23.  OLBOHN
         The keeper of the Underworld and one of the Seven Wisdoms.  In the
    era of the Faeries' War, he went to the Underworld to defeat the
    Faeries' leader.
    24.  GILBERT
         The poet of love who even sings during regular conversation.  He
    travels in search of love everywhere.
    25.  WATTS
         A master blacksmith who becomes so absorbed when working that he
    often forgets things.
    26.  ROSIOTTI
         One of the Seven Wisdoms, he was once a hero.  Rosiotti now quietly
    resides in the Jungle as the guardian of the creatures there.
    27.  DUELLE
         An onion warrior.  He likes everything straight-forward, and hates
    people like Niccolo with a passion.
    28.  MISS YUKA
         The owner of Domina's only inn.  She insists that she is a canary,
    but there are rumors that she is really a Chocobo.  Addressing her as
    "Miss Yuka" is a must.
    29.  THE MANAGER
         The bar manager in the town of Lumina.  He is a gentleman who feels
    joy in communicating with people.
    30.  BARTENDER
         A young man who has a tendency to feel the blues a bit too often.
    Sharing sob stories with the Manager seems to make him feel a bit
    31.  MARK
         The owner of Domina's item shop and also Rachel's father.  He
    really loves his family, but they seem to be a little sick of his
    overdose of love.
    32.  JENNIFER
         Mark's wife, who likes spending time outside his shop.  She says
    anything that crosses her mind.
    33.  RACHEL
         The daughter of Mark and Jennifer.  She hardly talks, and does not
    become too friendly with anyone.  She is sick of her Faerie-like
    appearance and the room decor.
    34.  REV. NOUVELLE
         The caretaker of the church on Domina's outskirts.  He is a kind-
    earted man who is full of knowledge, from how to catch Rabites to the
    history of this world.
    35.  MEIMEI
         A glamorous fortune teller.  She led a luxurious and exciting life,
    but now she seems to be saving money for her old age.
    36.  CAPELLA
         An itinerant performer.  He was inspired by Pokiehl's verses and
    decided to go on a journey to send his audiences a message of some sort.
    37.  DIDDLE
         Plays music for his performing partner, Capella.  A kind-hearted,
    sensitive boy who speaks very slowly.
    38.  RUBENS
         A man who has given up everything.  He is hiding the fact that he
    is the Jumi of Ruby.
    39.  PROF. BOMB
         The leading pioneer of Golem development, who toils in a small
    laboratory in the Junkyard.  Also a woman-chaser.
    40.  ROGER
         He met his true fate when he found divinity within his pet dog,
    Putty, while working as a miner with Dudbears.  Since then he has become
    a man of faith.
    41.  PUTTY
         Roger's pet dog.  He was made into a religious icon, but he is just
    a dog.
         Guardian of the ruins, he is also the leader of the Succubus clan.
    43.  BASKET FISH
         One of the nouveau-riche who looks down on everyone, but in reality
    he is the one who is looked down upon by everyone else.  He LOOOOOVES
    Revanshe the dancer.
    44.  CAP'N TUSK
         The dandy captain of the SS Buccaneer.  He leads the Pirate
    Penguins with his gentlemanly seaman philosophy.  Ladies, he is a real
    45.  REVANSHE
         The dancer at Polpota's Seaside Hotel.  She's always dancing,
    because dancing is her passion, her life.
    46.  SELVA
         One of the Seven Wisdoms.  He always knows what is happening in
    Fa'Diel, since he is always gathering information from the Lilipeas and
    47.  TEAPO
         A magical life-form with a kind heart.  She thinks she is a jewelry
    collector, but most of them are glass fakes that Niccolo sold to her.
    48.  BELLE
         A spirit of dreams who is in charge of managing all creatures'
    dreams.  A little too pushy at times, but she is only doing her job.
    49.  ESMERALDA - none (she's a target, defend her!)
         A very charming and sometimes childish student at Geo's Academy of
    Magic.  There are rumors that she may be Nunuzac's magical monster, or a
    50.  MAGNOLIA
         A doll with a Fire Stone core which Anuella the Witch made a
    thousand years ago.  She lives at the Junkyard, without any hope or
    51.  THESENIS
         A professor at Geo's Academy of Magic who is also a witch of
    reincarnation.  She is the most avoided person there, perhaps because
    of her creepy behavior and appearance.
    52.  NUNUZAC
         Back in the day, he was a conjuror who fought in many wars.  Now
    he is a professor at the Academy of Magic, though his body is
    represented by a magic circle since his body was trapped in another
    53.  KATHINJA
         The most popular professor at the Academy of Magic, she has the
    power to explode things by staring at them.  She always looks out for
    people, and is friends with Thesenis.
    54.  LOUIE
         The caretaker of the magical creatures at the Junkyard.  He is an
    old magical creature himself, and he understands the anger and the
    sorrow they feel.
    55.  MEPHIANSE
         A professor at Geo's Academy of Magic who has a strong passion for
    56.  SKIPPIE
         A sly little man who is a really fast runner.  He sees through
    everything, and is sometimes cunning.  Works at Kristie's palace with
    57.  HAMSON
         A big man who has the muscles, but not the mind for fighting.
    Stupidly honest and can't seem to see the obvious.
    58.  MR. MOTI
         He is everywhere doing everything.
    59.  DIANA
         The leader of the Jumi, and a Jumi of Diamond herself.  She tried
    to keep the Jumi from extinction, but her hard-headed dictatorship
    caused her to lose support.
    60.  CRYSTALLE
         The beautiful snow Faerie who guards the Garden of Icicle Flowers.
    61.  SOTHERBEE
         Madame Kristie's butler.  He does everything perfectly, but inside
    he is still a little child.  His nickname is "Mr. Fuddy-duddy."
    62.  KRISTIE
         The owner of Geo's palace, which is also an art gallery.  Deeply
    loves art, money, herself, and everything else.
    63.  MONIQUE
         A siren who works at Lumina's lamp shop.  She sings to the spirits
    and asks them to light the lamps in return, then later sells the lamps.
    64.  STUDENTS
         Students at Geo's Academy of Magic.  The color of their robes
    differ by class.
    65.  THOMA
         A soldier belonging to the Deathbringer's army.  His mind is being
    controlled by the Deathbringer, and he would do anything for his lord.
    66.  THONA
         One of Deathbringer's skeletal soldiers.  His body has died, but
    his soul is still controlled by the Deathbringer.
         Little creatures that seem to appear out of nowhere and end up
    living in any town.  They all share the same mind with each other.
    68.  GAEUS
         A huge face on a mountainside that is also one of the Seven
    Wisdoms.  He always has answers to any questions.
    69.  CANCUN BIRD
         A huge and mysterious bird that is said to have been living in Gato
    over the past several centuries.
         When a flower blooms on a Sproutling's head, it becomes a
    Flowerling.  There are males and females, but the only difference
    between the two seems to be appearance.
    71.  LILIPEAS
         Small, strange creatures with tiny bird nests on their heads.  They
    multiply by rolling some mud in to Lilipea shapes.
         Penguins that have the tendency to tell silly jokes a little too
    often.  Extremely proud of the fact that they are pirates, though they
    don't seem to act like pirates that often.
    73.  FAERIES
         Deeply love nature and dislike humans.  But they are still
    interested in what humans are up to.
    74.  DUDBEARS
         Diggers who work for Roger's mining business.  Now they are forced
    to join his new religious activities, with a dog as their lord.
    75.  SHADOLES
         Shadows of all living creatures and inhabitants of the Underworld.
    They share the same consciousness.
    76.  NUNS
         Women who are in the process of spiritual training at Gato's
         The clan that serves Akravator as his dragoons.  They are open-
    hearted to those who respect their traditions, but reject all others.
    78.  TRENT
         The ancient tree that lives in the backyard at Home.  He swallows
    seeds to produce fruits and vegetables on his branches.
    79.  BOINK
         A strange creature that knows the links between dimensions.  Those
    who touch it will immediately fly to where its tail is.
    ___/ J.   Lands            \____________________________________________
    1.   HOME - see Artifacts MAILBOX
         Home sweet home!  Your home is comfortably located near a great
    tree, surrounded by nature.  Many visitors come and go.
    2.   DOMINA - see Artifacts COLORBLOCKS
         A lively town frequented by traveling merchants and entertainers.
    The outskirts boast a church with a fabulous view of the countryside.
    3.   LUON HIGHWAY - see Artifacts WHEEL
         This highway was once traversed by merchants and entertainers, but
    the highwaymen have stopped all traffic.  Some say that one of the Seven
    Wisdoms lives nearby.
    4.   MEKIV CAVERNS - see Artifacts JADE EGG
         This limestone cavern was created by underground currents.  Over
    the centuries it was hollowed out, and pillars were created.  The cavern
    is made up of many levels.
    5.   LAKE KILMA - see Artifacts STONE EYE
         This sizeable lake is surrounded by quiet, forested mountains.
    Faeries, servants of the lake, are often witnessed there.  Some say that
    incredible treasure lies under the lake.
    6.   GATO GROTTOES - see Artifacts FLAME
         A town protected by divine winds.  It is always windy on the
    dangerous precipices.  The temple of healing there is dedicated to the
    Spirits of Air and Fire.
    7.   JUNGLE - see Artifacts MEDALLION
         Due to the thick vegetation, many become lost in this jungle.
    Others claim to have witnessed Faeries, while some say one of the
    Wisdoms resides here.
    8.   LUMINA - see Artifacts FIREFLY LAMP
         The town of endless night.  The town is always bathed in the light
    of the full moon, so it never becomes completely dark.  There is a
    tavern where Dudbears frolic.
    9.   DUMA DESERT - see Artifacts SAND ROSE
         Only cactus grows in this wasteland.  Great fossils litter the
    landscape, and flowing sands hinder each step.  It could be the ideal
    site to conduct a colossal experiment.
         Souls who have departed their earthly vessels are judged by the
    King of the Underworld.  His vassals, the Shadoles, bring the departed
    to the Underworld.
    11.  MINDAS RUINS - see Artifacts ANCIENT TABLET
         These ruins are all that is left of a city which prospered around a
    tower, built by mages during the end of the Faerie War.
    12.  MADORA BEACH - see Artifacts TORCH OF CORAL
         Come to Madora Beach for the best sun-bathing and finest sand
    anywhere.  Explore our many caverns!  While you're here, why not try
    some crab-hunting?
    13.  JUNKYARD - see Artifacts BROKEN DOLL
         This trash-heap is home to discarded items, mass-produced to fight
    in long-forgotten war.  Some of the objects still bear a grudge towards
    humanity, and cling to their warrior past.
    14.  NORN PEAKS - see Artifacts SKULL LANTERN
         Strong winds howl through the treacherous mountain passes.  The
    foothills are home to a settlement of Wind-Callers, and their Guardian
    Spirit is said to reside on the highest peak.
    15.  POLPOTA HARBOR - see Artifacts RUSTY ANCHOR
         A tropical resort, home to soft breezes and sun-kissed surf.  The
    Seaside Hotel provides lodging in the center of town.
    16.  TOWER OF LEIRES - see Artifacts MOON'S MIRROR
         Looming in the night sky, the Tower of Leires was constructed by
    magicians during the Faerie Wars to increase their supply of Mana.
    Nowadays, the tower is nothing but a stone testament to the power of its
    17.  GEO - see Artifacts TOME OF MAGIC
         A castle-town with an acedemic atmosphere.  Kristie's palace
    occupies the center.  The instructors at the Academy of Magic have a lot
    of personality.
    18.  BONE FORTRESS - see Artifacts DRAGONBONE
         A tiny Flowerling village rests atop a gentle slope.  Towering above
    them looms the Bone Fortress.  It is said that the foliage around the
    walls holds huge amounts of Mana.
    19.  ULKAN MINES - see Artifacts BOTTLED SPIRIT
         The Ulkan Mines have been abandoned for ages.  Now, only curious
    weaponsmiths hunt for ore, for a suspicious gang is based here.
    20.  SS BUCCANEER - see Artifacts PIRATE'S HOOK
         The good ship of the famed Cap'n Tusk, leader of a band of pirates.
    They have sailed north, south, east, and west in search of buried
    21.  FIEG SNOWFIELDS - see Artifacts FROZEN HEART
         A frozen land buried in snow.  Some say Faeries' treasure is hidden
    here, but none have laid eyes upon it.  There are reports of abominable
    snowmen here.
    22.  THE WHITE FOREST - see Artifacts GREEN CANE
         A dense forest, home of the White Dragon.  Legend has it that the
    forest is populated by an extremely rare folk.
    23.  ORCHARD - see Artifacts GOLDEN SEED
         A tree with a striking resemblance to the one in your backyard.
    Perhaps mankind will never understand the connection which all plant
    life shares.
    24.  LUCEMIA - see Artifacts BROOCH OF LOVE
         Irwin has resurrected this legendary beast, who came from beyond
    the stars during the ancient wars.  The wingless dragon split the earth
    asunder and razed entire cities, only to swallow a volcano and burn
    himself up.
    25.  BEJEWELED CITY - see Artifacts JUMI's STAFF
         This is the home of the Jumi.  Boulder-sized jewels comprise every
    part of the city, and now, even after the fall of the Jumi, it still
    shines with an everlasting glow.
    26.  THE FLAMES
         The castle of Drakonis.  He has raised his domain from the depths
    of the Underworld to return to the land of mortals.
    27.  TREE OF MANA - see Artifacts SWORD OF MANA
         The ultimate source of all things.  Everything within the Sanctuary
    exists in an eternally immovable, absolute state.
    ___/ K.   Artifacts        \____________________________________________
    1.   MAILBOX - see Lands HOME
         A few letters a month can mean a lot to a lonely, far-off home.
    2.   COLORBLOCKS - see Lands DOMINA
         The town changes through the ages according to its citizens.  It
    doesn't change to accommodate a new age.  It changes to bring about a
    new age.
    3.   WHEEL - see Lands LUON HIGHWAY
         Even the longest roads are rutted by the hundreds of wagons which
    traverse them.  Roads remember their travelers, and wagon wheels are
    reflections of those memories.
    4.   JADE EGG - see Lands MEKIV CAVERNS
         By taking a stone formed through the ages inside the earth and
    shaping it into the source of all things, the earth's creative power was
    captured inside.
    5.   STONE EYE - see Lands LAKE KILMA
         This artifact uses the power of the Master of the Lake to turn to
    stone those who harm the lake.  However, the power does not respond to
    the will of mankind.
    6.   FLAME - see Lands GATO GROTTOES
         That which illuminated the shrine was but a small flame.  Before
    long, mankind ceased to notice the fire, but its significance continued
    to grow.
    7.   MEDALLION - see Lands JUNGLE
         The beasts who followed a wise man were eaten by an invading beast.
    It then gained wisdom and became a wise man itself.
    8.   FIREFLY LAMP - see Lands LUMINA
         One poet wrote that all of history comes from lovers' whispers.  It
    was a poem of lovers talking of love and the future, under the cool
    light of fireflies in the midsummer night sky.
    9.   SAND ROSE - see Lands DUMA DESERT
         An image of a rose in the Sanctuary of Mana; it never became a true
    rose.  It turned into crystal, its powers trapped inside for all
         A silver spoon for scooping up flames to baptize departed souls
    into the underworld.  Sometimes a soul who resists death becomes trapped
    inside; then the spoon begins to tremble and must be discarded.
         Long ago, in a civilization very different from our own,
    unimaginable scientific advances were made, and are recorded on this
    tablet.  However, mankind has lost the ability to decipher it.
         The Mermen appear on the shore using a flame from this torch.  It
    gives off light invisible to human eyes, and so they remain hidden.
    13.  BROKEN DOLL - see Lands JUNKYARD
         This doll was a servant of mankind when artifacts were used as
    instruments of war.
    14.  SKULL LANTERN - see Lands NORN PEAKS
         Mages, searching for a gem guarded by a dragon, crafted a skull of
    a fallen comrade into a lantern.  It glows of its own accord.
         Even large anchors are small compared to their ships.  These very
    anchors are what hold the ships firmly to the harbor, not unlike
    mankind's role on earth.
    16.  MOON'S MIRROR - see Lands TOWER OF LEIRES
         The mages of antiquity would pout water onto the mirror and reflect
    the moon and stars to learn of mankind's fate from the heavens.
    17.  TOME OF MAGIC - see Lands GEO
         In ages past, many tried to explain the works of the gods, spending
    much time and making incredible sacrifices.  The secrets they have
    uncovered are small, but hold enough power to destroy a continent.
         Ages ago, bones from dragons were used by alchemists.  The Dragons
    of Wisdom lived the longest and had unbelievable powers.  Their bones
    were the hardest to find.
         Once, a foolish mage tried to seize the powers of a spirit by
    imprisoning it in a bottle.  The mage was immediately slain by the
    spirit's curse, but the bottle containing a powerful spirit remained.
    20.  PIRATE'S HOOK - see Lands SS BUCCANEER
         When a land-dweller first sets out to sea, he is faced with dangers
    unknown.  Even after replacing a lost hand with a hook, pirates continue
    to challenge these dangers everyday.
         Once a gem hardens into a core, it grows swiftly, not unlike the
    hardness in one's heart.  If the core grows large, it may remain despite
    its owner's death.
    22.  GREEN CANE - see Lands THE WHITE FOREST
         This cane is capable of drawing power from the earth, converting it
    to Mana, and releasing it into the atmosphere.  It is said that by
    sticking it into the ground, and entire forest shall grow overnight.
    23.  GOLDEN SEED - see Lands ORCHARD
         Seeds contain everything.  Everything starts from a seed.  Each
    generation of seeds produces another.
    24.  BROOCH OF LOVE - see Lands LUCEMIA
         This was given to a mage who promised to acknowledge all and
    understand all.  Whoever wears this brooch is charged with overcoming
    any ordeal through love.
    25.  JUMI'S STAFF - see Lands BEJEWELED CITY
         A staff replete with the power of gems of every color.  The jewels
    draw in and store the waves of various kinds of Mana.  They can then be
    26.  SWORD OF MANA - see Lands TREE OF MANA
         This sword has the will to shape its own destiny.  It is said that
    a disruption of air follows this blade, and if you listen closely, you
    can hear the air around it hum.
    ___/ L.   Items            \____________________________________________
    1.   METAL - Primary Material
         Metallurgy has been the barometer of a civilization's technology
    level.  Different types of metals in Fa'Diel are named after the areas
    where they were mined.
    2.   WOOD - Primary Material
         Trees of Fa'Diel distribute the Mana energy as air for the
    creatures in this world.  Tools and simple buildings have been made with
    wood since the ancient times.
    3.   STONE - Primary Material
         Stones have been used since the beginning of time as tools,
    decorations, and in architecture.
    4.   HIDE - Primary Material
         Armor can be made from softer materials such as hide, but one
    should be aware of the compatibility between the material and the item.
    5.   SCALES - Primary Material
         Scales of some monsters and dragons can be used to make armor and
    weapons.  The materials used to create such items are reflected in their
    effects and parameters.
    6.   BONE - Primary Material
         The world of Fa'Diel uses bones from the monsters living there.
    When making armor, pay specific attention to the materials' defense
    levels for effective compositions.
    7.   FABRIC - Primary Material
         Fabric can be used to strengthen equipment as well as being the
    primary material for armor.  Those with mysterious patterns or colorful
    designs may have magical properties.
    8.   AEROLITE - Primary Material
         Aerolites are rocks that fall from the sky.  They tend to have
    unusual and useful properties when used to make equipment.
    9.   MANA STONE - Secondary Material
         Mana Stones contain a high concentration of Mana energy.  There are
    Mana Stones of Fire, Earth, Wind, and Water.
    10.  MANA CRYSTAL - Secondary Material
         When pure Mana energy becomes crystallized, Mana Crystals are made.
    Most of them glow with the energy, but some that absorb light have been
    11.  COINS - Secondary Material
         These coins represent the energy of each elemental spirit.
    Sometimes the spirits give them to mortals they favor.
    12.  SEEDS - Secondary Material
         Each seed has a different color, and, like mixing paint, one can
    grow wider varieties of produce by planting two different seeds together
    at the same time.
    13.  PRODUCE - Secondary Material
         The produce that grows in the orchards varies by the seed
    combinations, the day of the week they were planted, and by luck.  Used
    to feed pets and to color Golems.
    14.  MEAT - Secondary Material
         Meat can be acquired by defeating different types of monsters, and
    then it can be used along with produce to catch monster eggs.
    15.  FANGS & CLAWS - Secondary Material
         The most powerful parts of monsters.  Fangs and claws are often
    used to make protective and magical items such as talismans.
    16.  EYES - Secondary Material
         Some stones look like eyeballs of monsters, and they also have
    magical properties.  Eyes are divided into groups by their appearance.
    17.  FEATHERS - Secondary Material
         Usually the Aerial monsters' feathers are sold on the market, but
    sometimes beautiful Arthropod monsters' wings are considered useful.
    18.  BOTTLES - Secondary Material
         There are all sorts of liquids in many different bottles.  Some
    seem to contain liquids you cannot drink, and others you couldn't even
    guess when they were last opened.
    19.  VIALS - Secondary Material
         Even the most unthinkable things could be sealed in these vials.
    There could be whispers, curses, or maybe even some stinky breath.
    20.  URNS - Secondary Material
         No one can guess what these urns contain, or what they are for.
    What could be inside the urns you find in this story?
    21.  PELLETS - Secondary Material
         Little medicine pills made of material you would not normally eat.
    Those that are known to be effective have a higher price tag.
    22.  POWDERS - Secondary Material
         Some are mere dirt and some are blends of materials with creepy
    effects.  Keep out of the reach of children.
    23.  POUCHES - Secondary Material
         These pouches could contain some really unusual and exciting items.
    On the other hand, the items may be quite normal and plain.
    ___/ M.   Equipment        \____________________________________________
    1.   KNIFE - 3 Quick Attacks
         A dagger.  It comes in many different styles, and much work goes
    into crafting the handle and blade.  Most are designed to be practical.
    A shield cannot be used with a knife.  Although it has the shortest
    reach, the rate of movement is the fastest.
    2.   SWORD - 3 Quick Attacks
         A long sword.  Most are double-edged and have sharp tips.  The
    sword is considered a holy weapon due to the precious metals it is made
    from.  Is is weilded in one hand, so the rate of movement is average.
    3.   AXE - 3 Quick Attacks
         Also known as the hand-axe or hatchet, the axe is a single-bladed
    weapon wielded in one hand.  Often thought of as primitive, the rate of
    its movement is slower than the sword.
    4.   2-HANDED SWORD - 3 Quick Attacks
         The ultimate in swords requires two hands.  Yields epic damage when
    swung in a wide arc.  Cannot be used with a shield.  It's quite heavy,
    so the rate of your movement is slower.
    5.   2-HANDED AXE - 3 Quick Attacks
         The two-handed axe is used for embedding a cold piece of steel in
    you enemies.  With an axe like this, who needs a shield?  Unfortunately,
    the sheer weight of this weapon will slow your movement to a snail's
    6.   HAMMER - 3 Quick Attacks
         Knock some sense into your opponents with this huge two-handed
    hammer.  But don't complain about the slowest movement rate and being
    unable to use a shield.
    7.   SPEAR - 4 Quick Attacks
         A great way to keep uglies at a distance.  However, in actual
    combat the spear is used in a variety of ways.  Of course, a shield is
    out of the question, and the shape of the weapon precludes fast
    8.   STAFF - 4 Quick Attacks
         Long staves such as these have multiple uses, and can hit an enemy
    both up close and far away.  Since they require both hands, a shield
    cannot be used, and the rate of movement is slower than when wielding a
    9.   GLOVE - 5 Quick Attacks
         Nothing beats pummeling the enemy with these reinforced punching
    gloves.  Of course, proper boxing stance precludes the use of a shield.
    Even though the attack range is short, the rate of its movement is very
    10.  FLAIL - 5 Quick Attacks
         Incredible power is gained when two or more staves are connected
    with a chain.  The rate of its movement is quite good, but it is
    impossible to use a shield while wielding a flail.
    11.  BOW - 3 Quick Attacks
         With a bow, one can lay waste to enemies from afar, and thwack them
    when up close, as well.  Scoring a direct hit, however, requires much
    practice.  A shield cannot be equipped with a bow.
    12.  SHIELD
         The smart sword or axe-wielder will always keep a shield handy.
    From large, bejeweled shields to the familiar frying-pan lid, shields
    vary greatly in size and strength.
    13.  HELM
         Providing ample protection for the head, helms come in all shapes
    and sizes, from great steel helms to upside-down pots.  The round shape
    of the helm helps deflect incoming blows.
    14.  HAT
         Unlike helms, hats are often worn for the enchantments contained
    within, rather than for physical defense.  They often grace the heads of
    well-known mages and priests.
    15.  HAUBERK
         There is a wide range of hauberk types, from highly-decorated
    ceremonial hauberk to hauberk that is too heavy for practical use.
    16.  ROBE
         Oft worn by mages and clergymen, robes are often designed for other
    purposes than mere physical protection, and are decorated with holy
    symbols or arcane patterns.
    17.  GAUNTLETS
         Guantlets come in many shapes and sizes, but all of them help
    protect the arms and hands from nasty cuts and bruises.
    18.  RING
         Even a small ring can help protect the finger.  Some are plain,
    while others are works of art, worn by those wise in the ways of magic.
    Some rings are said to hold incredible power.
    19.  BOOTS
         Heavy footwear for the combat enthusiast, boots give protection to
    the feet, ankles, and shins from common nicks and scratches, where
    needed most.
    20.  SANDALS
         Light footwear for the fashion-conscious warrior, sandals afford
    less physical protection than boots, but they do seem to protect best
    against magic.
    21.  ARMOR
         Completely protecting the head, torso, arms, and legs, armor gives
    outstanding protection.  However, very little additional armor can be
    worn, because armor covers the whole body.
    22.  MANTLE
         Mantles are worn over the shoulders, and can be worn over any kind
    of armor.  Most protect against magical attacks.
    23.  PENDANT
         An accessory that can be worn under all types of armor, pendants
    are used for their protective properties.
    24.  HARP
         Harps are stringed instruments that can be used to perform magic
    with an Elemental Coin.  Such coins are gained by negotiating with a
    25.  MARIMBA
         The marimba is a percussion instrument that can be used to play
    magic with an Elemental Coin.  The cycles of magic are determined by the
    type of instrument, its main material, and the property of the Elemental
    Coin used.
    26.  FLUTE
         The flute is a wind instrument which can be used to play magic by
    using an Elemental Coin.  Elemental Coins are important because they
    help determine the type and cycle of magic that will be played.
    27.  DRUM
         The drum is a percussion instrument which can be used to play magic
    with an Elemental Coin.  During negotiations with a Spirit, it is
    important to play tunes that the Spirit enjoys listening to.
    ___/ N.   Monsters         \____________________________________________
    1.   RABITE - Beast
         A round bunny-like monster.  Watch out for its biting attacks!
    STRONG: Wisp, Dryad
    WEAKEN: Shade, Aura
    2.   MOLEBEAR - Beast
         It attacks with its long, sharp claws, and likes hiding
    STRONG: Aura, Gnome
    WEAKEN: Dryad, Salamander
    3.   TEEDIE - Beast
         Attacks enemies by throwing rocks and feathers.
    STRONG: Jinn, Undine
    WEAKEN: Gnome
    4.   HOWLER - Beast
         Attacks by jump-kicking with its strong hindlegs.
    STRONG: Jinn
    WEAKEN: Gnome
    5.   GRAY OX - Beast
         It attacks enemies by headbutting with its horns or by licking
    STRONG: Aura, Undine
    WEAKEN: Dryad, Jinn
    6.   LULLABUD - Plant
         Spews toxic pollen to poison its enemies.
    STRONG: Wisp, Dryad
    WEAKEN: Shade, Aura
    7.   MUSHBOOM - Plant
         A cute mushroom that attacks by kicking, and by thowing its own
    STRONG: Shade, Dryad
    WEAKEN: Wisp, Aura
    8.   SHRIEKNIP - Plant
         A giant radish that shoots its leaves and seeds like missiles.
    STRONG: Dryad, Gnome
    WEAKEN: Aura, Salamander
    9.   MALBORO - Plant
         All it can do is punch anything in front of it and exhale really
    stinky breath.
    STRONG: Aura, Gnome
    WEAKEN: Dryad
    10.  WOODING - Plant
         A tree that became possessed by evil spirits.  Attacks with its
    arm-like branches.
    STRONG: Wisp, Dryad
    WEAKEN: Shade, Aura
    11.  STINGER BUG - Arthropod
         Attacks with its scythe-like forearms, and with its huge needle in
    STRONG: Wisp, Dryad, Jinn
    WEAKEN: Shade, Aura, Gnome
    12.  HOPPIN' TICK - Arthropod
         It jumps on enemies to suck out blood.
    STRONG: Aura, Salamander
    WEAKEN: Dryad, Undine
    13.  SILKSPITTER - Arthropod
         Instead of making a cocoon for itself, it spews out fiber to attack
    enemies.  Maybe it doesn't want to grow up.
    STRONG: Dryad
    WEAKEN: Aura
    14.  SAND SCORPION - Arthropod
         Watch out for its gigantic pinchers and tail!
    STRONG: Dryad, Gnome
    WEAKEN: Aura, Salamander
    15.  GLOOMOTH - Arthropod
         Spews poisonous scale-powder on enemies.  It can also shoot out
    lethal eye-beams.
    STRONG: Salamander, Jinn
    WEAKEN: Gnome, Undine
    16.  TONPOLE - Reptile
         A cute little tadpole that is trying its best to be a good monster.
    STRONG: Wisp, Undine
    WEAKEN: Shade, Jinn
    17.  LIZARDON - Reptile
         It swallows the enemies by using its tongue, whether it's hungry or
    STRONG: Undine
    WEAKEN: Jinn
    18.  RATTLER BOA - Reptile
         A rattlesnake that wraps around its enemies to cause great damage.
    STRONG: Dryad
    WEAKEN: Aura
    19.  BASILISK - Reptile
         Its eye beams cause petrification in a flash!
    STRONG: Jinn, Undine
    WEAKEN: Gnome
    20.  TYRRANOS - Reptile
         It chomps on any enemies with its huge jaws.
    STRONG: Gnome
    WEAKEN: Salamander
    21.  IFFISH - Aquatic
         A colorful spiny fish.  Attacks with its water-bubble cannon.
    STRONG: Undine
    WEAKEN: Jinn
    22.  PINCHER CRAB - Aquatic
         A grumpy crab.  Shoots out its huge pinchers to attack enemies.
    STRONG: Undine
    WEAKEN: Jinn
    23.  SEAJACK - Aquatic
         A shark with a gigantic saw-like nose.  Watch for its lethal body
    STRONG: Undine
    WEAKEN: Jinn
    24.  SEADRAGON - Aquatic
         A sleepy-looking monster.  Attacks with water while floating in the
    STRONG: Undine
    WEAKEN: Jinn
    25.  BIG BABY - Aquatic
         An adorable-looking monster with big eyes.  Spits out water
    STRONG: Undine
    WEAKEN: Jinn
    26.  NEEDLEBEAK - Aerial
         A ball-like bird which attacks with its sharp beak.
    STRONG: Wisp, Jinn
    WEAKEN: Shade, Gnome
    27.  BLOODSUCKER - Aerial
         Attacks with ultrasonic waves.  For some strange reason it belongs
    to the Aerial group.
    STRONG: Shade, Jinn
    WEAKEN: Wisp, Gnome
    28.  COCKATRICE - Aerial
         A chubby, bird-like monster.  Its tail is a snake that can bite and
    petrify enemies.
    STRONG: Dryad, Gnome
    WEAKEN: Aura, Salamander
    29.  CHOCOBO - Aerial
         Nope, not the same Chocobo you know!
    STRONG: Wisp, Jinn
    WEAKEN: Shade, Gnome
    30.  GARUDA - Aerial
         A large, bird-like monster that attacks with its sharp beak and
    STRONG: Wisp, Jinn
    WEAKEN: Shade, Gnome
    31.  SHADOW ZERO - Morph
         A quick-moving shadow with big attacks.
    STRONG: Shade
    WEAKEN: Wisp
    32.  SLIME - Morph
         A gooey drop with two eyeballs.
    STRONG: Gnome
    WEAKEN: Salamander
    33.  TEZLA - Morph
         Generates an electric field to zap anything around it.
    STRONG: Wisp
    WEAKEN: Shade
    34.  DENDEN - Morph
         A winged snail that can move faster than its ground-crawling kin.
    STRONG: Dryad
    WEAKEN: Aura
    35.  MOLDY GOO - Morph
         A big lump of mold with dead soldiers' weapons stuck to it.
    STRONG: Aura, Undine
    WEAKEN: Dryad, Jinn
    36.  SKULL BEAST - Undead
         Just a bunch of animal bones with a funny walk
    STRONG: Gnome
    WEAKEN: Salamander
    37.  ZOMBINE - Undead
         They happen to be born this way.
    STRONG: Gnome, Undine
    WEAKEN: Salamander, Jinn
    38.  SPECTER - Undead
         A monster that attacks enemies by slapping them with its big hands.
    STRONG: Gnome, Undine
    WEAKEN: Salamander, Jinn
    39.  SKELETON - Undead
         A fancily-clad skeleton knight.
    STRONG: Shade, Dryad, Gnome
    WEAKEN: Wisp, Aura, Salamander
    40.  APE MUMMY - Undead
         A large mummified ape.  It charges towards enemies to attack.
    STRONG: Shade, Gnome
    WEAKEN: Wisp, Salamander
    41.  IMP - Demonic
         A tiny demon with a tiny spear.  It can use some magic, too.
    STRONG: Shade, Jinn
    WEAKEN: Wisp, Gnome
    42.  FIERCE FACE - Demonic
         A flaming monster-head that floats in the air.
    STRONG: Salamander
    WEAKEN: Undine
    43.  PUNKSTER - Demonic
         A fun-loving demon that likes to start cyclones.
    STRONG: Shade, Jinn
    WEAKEN: Wisp, Gnome
    44.  DARK STALKER - Demonic
         A knight of shadow, clad in heavy armor.  It summons other
    STRONG: Shade
    WEAKEN: Wisp
    45.  CHIMERA BEAST - Demonic
         A huge chimera that petrifies enemies with its eyebeams.
    STRONG: Wisp, Undine
    WEAKEN: Shade, Jinn
    46.  KID DRAGON - Dragon
         A half-pint dragon that could spit out some fire.
    STRONG: Salamander, Jinn
    WEAKEN: Gnome, Undine
    47.  SKY DRAGON - Dragon
         An aerial dragon with a glide attack.
    STRONG: Jinn
    WEAKEN: Gnome
    48.  LAND DRAGON - Dragon
         A dragon with tough skin.  It has a tendency to go berserk.
    STRONG: Aura, Gnome
    WEAKEN: Dryad, Salamander
    49.  EYE SPY - Oddity
         Attacks with eyebeams, and can disappear to hide from enemies.
    STRONG: Wisp, Gnome
    WEAKEN: Shade, Salamander
    50.  SPINY CONE - Oddity
         A shadowy creature.  Shoots out thorns and poisonous air.
    STRONG: Dryad, Jinn
    WEAKEN: Aura, Gnome
    51.  POTO - Oddity
         A really sleepy-looking monster that attacks enemies by licking
    STRONG: Undine
    WEAKEN: Jinn
    52.  BEHOLDER - Oddity
         A huge eyeball that floats in the air.
    STRONG: Aura, Salamander
    WEAKEN: Dryad, Undine
    53.  SPRINGBALL - Oddity
         Attacks enemies by using its springy neck.
    STRONG: Aura
    WEAKEN: Dryad
    54.  CURSED DOLL - Poltergeist
         A doll that was given a mind.  Their existence is meaningful only
    when they fight.
    STRONG: Shade
    WEAKEN: Wisp
    55.  POLTER BOX - Poltergeist
         It preys upon unaware treasure-hunters with surprise attacks.
    STRONG: Aura, Gnome
    WEAKEN: Dryad, Salamander
    56.  CHESS KNIGHT - Poltergeist
         Its overwhelming wish to fight turned it into a monster
    STRONG: Shade, Gnome
    WEAKEN: Wisp, Salamander
    57.  DAINSLAIF - Poltergeist
         A possessed weapon that exists to fight.
    STRONG: Shade, Aura
    WEAKEN: Wisp, Dryad
    58.  MACHINE GOLEM - Poltergeist
         A man-made Golem.  It was not supposed to have its own mind.
    STRONG: Aura
    WEAKEN: Dryad
    59.  CHOBIN HOOD - Demi-human
         A master bow-hunter species.  They look cute, but they could be
    pretty mean.
    STRONG: Dryad
    WEAKEN: Aura
    60.  GOBLIN - Demi-human
         It firmly believes that evil doing is the true meaning of life
    STRONG: Shade, Dryad
    WEAKEN: Wisp, Aura
    61.  TOMATO MAN - Demi-human
         A clan of black-magic priests.  It is said that they never leave
    their pots.
    STRONG: Aura, Salamander
    WEAKEN: Dryad, Undine
    62.  SAHAGIN - Demi-human
         It became a demi-human as it began living ashore.
    STRONG: Undine
    WEAKEN: Jinn
    63.  SUCCUBUS - Demi-human
         One of the vampire clans.  They tend to look down on the other
    STRONG: Shade, Jinn
    WEAKEN: Wisp, Gnome
    64.  NARCISSOS - Demi-human
         This clan is obsessed with staying in shape by practicing their own
    martial arts.
    STRONG: Aura, Gnome
    WEAKEN: Dryad, Salamander
    65.  MAD MALLARD - Demi-human
         Loaded with attitude, these ducks pop out egg-bombs.
    STRONG: Wisp, Salamander
    WEAKEN: Shade, Undine
    66.  AXEBEAK
         A bird-like creature that lives in the deserts.
         A demonic creature with a fierce appearance.
         A small creature with an evil mind.
    69.  GREMLIN
         A mischievous little demonic creature.
         A shadow that loves grabbing people's attention.
         Soldiers of the Deathbringer's army.
         The entire clan serves Akravator as his dragoons.
         The leader of the Succubus clan.
    74.  MANTIS ANT
         Boss creature.
    75.  HEGS ANT
         Boss creature.
    76.  DU'INKE
         Boss creature.
    77.  DU'CATE
         Boss creature.
    78.  DU'MERE
         Boss creature.
    79.  GORGON'S EYE
         Boss creature.
         Boss creature.
    81.  GOVA
         Boss creature.
    82.  SPRIGGAN
         Boss creature.
    83.  LABANNE
         Boss creature.
         Boss creature.
         Boss creature.
    86.  ORC
         Boss creature.
    87.  JEWEL BEAST
         Boss creature.
         Boss creature.
         Boss creature.
         Boss creature.
         Boss creature.
         Boss creature.
    93.  ZENOA
         Boss creature.
         Boss creature.
         Boss creature.
    96.  KIMA
         Boss creature.
    97.  HITODAMA
         Boss creature.
    98.  AKRAVATOR
         Boss creature.
    99.  JAJARA
         Boss creature.
    100. VADISE
         Boss creature.
    101. DRAKONIS
         Boss creature.
    102. LORD OF JEWELS 999
         Boss creature.
    103. IRWIN
         Boss creature.
         Just wait and see...
    105. NOTE
         Following is a basic key for monsters (excludes pets):
    STRONG = lists which Mana Spirit influence will strengthen the monster
    WEAKEN = lists which Mana Spirit influence will weaken the monster
         STRONG: Wisp, Dryad
         WEAKEN: Shade, Aura
    The example above shows that the monster becomes stronger in lands with
    more Wisp and Dryad influence, and weaker in Shade and Aura lands.
    ___/ O.   Produce          \____________________________________________
    1.   GARLICROWN - White family
         A crown-shaped garlic clove that might make you feel like royalty!
    Positive effects: CHM
    Negative effects: ARR
    2.   CONCHURNIP - White family
         A turnip shaped like a conch shell.
    Positive effects: PWR, DEF, AGR, ARR
    Negative effects: MGC
    3.   SWEET MOAI - Purple family
         A sweet potato shaped like a Moai.  It's pretty tasty, actually.
    Positive effects: DEF, MGC, LCK, LAZ
    Negative effects: SKL
    4.   PEAR O'HEELS - White family
         A pear shaped like a high-heeled shoe.
    Positive effects: PWR, DEF, CHM, ARR
    Negative effects: SPR
    5.   MANGOLEPHANT - White family
         A mango that even has a pair of tusk-like knobs.
    Positive effects: PWR, HP, AGR, ARR
    Negative effects: none
    6.   APRICAT - Red family
         An apricot with whiskers and ears that makes it look like a cat.
    Positive effects: DEF, CLM
    Negative effects: none
    7.   DICEBERRY - Red family
         The ones with seeds placed like an actual dice are very rare.
    Positive effects: PWR, AGR
    Negative effects: none
    8.   PEACH PUPPY - Red family
         A peach with a dog-like face, and ear-like flaps.
    Positive effects: PWR, SKL, FRD
    Negative effects: SCH
    9.   APPLESOCKS - Red family
         An apple that looks like a Christmas stocking.
    Positive effects: SKL, CHM, CLM, IND
    Negative effects: none
    10.  WHALAMATO - Red family
         A whale-shaped tomato with a stem that looks like a water spout.
    Positive effects: MGC, HP, CHM
    Negative effects: DEF, AGR
    11.  SPINY CARROT - Orange family
         A carrot with knobs like those on spiny shells.
    Positive effects: MGC, SPR, CLM, IND
    Negative effects: SKL
    12.  LOQUAT-SHOES - Orange family
         It has a hole that is big enough to fit a baby's foot.
    Positive effects: SKL, CHM, SCH, LAZ
    Negative effects: HP
    13.  BUMPKIN - Orange family
         A pumpkin with a scary face.  There are some with sad faces, too.
    Positive effects: PWR, SPR, AGR, ARR, SCH, LAZ
    Negative effects: none
    14.  HONEY ONION - Orange family
         An onion with honey stuffed inside.
    Positive effects: SKL, HP, SPR, IND
    Negative effects: PWR
    15.  ORANGE'OPUS - Orange family
         An orange with tentacle-like projections.
    Positive effects: DEF, HP, SCH, LAZ
    Negative effects: none
    16.  CITRISQUID - Yellow family
         A lemon with a sharp top and tentacle-like projections.
    Positive effects: MGC, SCH
    Negative effects: none
    17.  SPRINGANANA - Yellow family
         A coily banana that is rather hard to eat.
    Positive effects: HP
    Negative effects: IND
    18.  CORNFLOWER - Yellow family
         Is it a sunflower with corn kernels, or corn that looks like a
    Positive effects: MGC, CHM, AGR
    Negative effects: CLM
    19.  FISHY FRUIT - Yellow family
         It has fin-like bumps that make it look like a fish.
    Positive effects: SKL, MGC, CLM
    Negative effects: HP, SCH
    20.  ROCKET PAPAYA - Orange family
         A papaya with projections like a rocket.
    Positive effects: MGC, CHM, CLM
    Negative effects: AGR
    21.  CABBADILLO - Green family
         A cabbage that looks like a friendly armadillo.
    Positive effects: DEF, SPR, FRD, LON
    Negative effects: CHM
    22.  SQUALPHIN - Green family
         A squash that is shaped like a dolphin.
    Positive effects: MGC, LCK, FRD, LON
    Negative effects: PWR
    23.  NEEDLETTUCE - Green family
         A lettuce with leaves shaped like porcupine needles.  It's edible.
    Positive effects: DEF, CHM, CLM
    Negative effects: AGR
    24.  BOARMELON - Green family
         A watermelon that has stripes and tusks like a young boar.
    Positive effects: PWR, SKL, SPR, LON
    Negative effects: CHM
    25.  DIALAUREL - Green family
         An herb that was named "Diamond" after its leaves' shape.
    Positive effects: PWR, LCK, AGR
    Negative effects: CLM
    26.  HEART MINT - Blue family
         This species of mint grows heart-shaped leaves.
    Positive effects: CHM
    Negative effects: LAZ
    27.  SPADE BASIL - Blue family
         An herb with a slightly bitter flavor to it.
    Positive effects: SPR
    Negative effects: LON
    28.  PINE O'CLOCK - Blue family
         A very functional pineapple that works as an alarm clock.
    Positive effects: PWR, SKL, DEF, MGC, HP, SPR, CHM, LCK
    Negative effects: AGR, CLM, SCH, FRD
    29.  GOLD CLOVER - Blue family
         You will be really lucky if you find one with four leaves!
    Positive effects: SKL, LCK, FRD
    Negative effects: SCH
    30.  RHINOLOUPE - Blue family
         The skin is very tough and thick.
    Positive effects: PWR, HP, SPR
    Negative effects: MGC, CLM
    31.  LILIPODS - Purple family
         This lily has peas inside it!
    Positive effects: SKL, HP, CLM, IND, FRD, LON
    Negative effects: MGC
    32.  CHERRY BOMBS - Purple family
         Cherries with clear, glass-like flesh around the seed.
    Positive effects: HP, FRD
    Negative effects: none
    33.  ORCAPLANT - Purple family
         An eggplant that looks like a killer whale.
    Positive effects: DEF, MGC, SCH
    Negative effects: FRD
    34.  MASKED POTATO - White family
         A potato with colorful designs on it, making it look like a mask.
    Positive effects: DEF, HP, SPR
    Negative effects: LCK, FRD
    35.  BELLGRAPES - Purple family
         The grape is covered with a tough skin.  When shaken, it sounds
    like a bell.
    Positive effects: MGC, SPR, SCH
    Negative effects: FRD
    36.  MUSH-IN-A-BOX - Black family
         The insides pop out when touched.  Its taste could be surprising,
    Positive effects: LCK
    Negative effects: none
    37.  TOADSTOOLSHED - Black family
         A mushroom shaped like a house.  Those with two chimneys are rare!
    Positive effects: PWR, SKL, DEF, MGC, HP, SPR, CHM, LCK
    Negative effects: none
    38.  NOTE
         Following is a basic key for produce effects:
    POSITIVE EFFECTS = Increases Abilities or Personality Traits
    NEGATIVE EFFECTS = Decreases Abilities or Personality Traits
    ABILITIES                              PERSONALITY TRAITS
         PWR = Power                            AGR = Aggressive
         SKL = Skill                            ARR = Arrogant
         DEF = Defense                          CLM = Calm
         MGC = Magic                            IND = Indecisive
         HP  = HP (constitution)                SCH = Scheming
         SPR = Spirit                           LAZ = Lazy
         CHM = Charm                            FRD = Friendly
         LCK = Luck                             LON = Lonely
    ___/ P.   World History    \____________________________________________
         A twinkling consciousness became a star which sparkled in the night
    and banished the darkness.  The Mana Goddess aquired consciousness by
    gazing into the light of that sun.  She made Fa'Diel, a great land, but
    so far an empty one.
    2.   THE MOON GODS
         The Mana Goddess drew beams of six colors from the sun.  They
    became the six moons, each hiding a small diety within.  When those gods
    awoke, they played beautiful music and brought fortune to the land of
         The six dieties became the Moon Gods and demanded that the Mana
    Goddess name them.  So the Mana Goddess gave each of them a shining
    stone, which filled the air with music: "Stars, follow me!  Moons, walk
    with me!  And we shall celebrate your names!"
         Tryne, merciful god of water.  Zea, passionate god of fire.
    Barlen, selfish god of gold.  Libleyt, hopeful god of wood.  Morphes,
    wealthy god of earth.  Ghazel, whimsical god of wind.  The Moon Gods
    rejoiced, and the Mana Goddess returned to her slumber, becoming the
    great Mana Tree.  Fa'Diel was left to the whims of the Moon Gods.
         The Moon Gods created land and ocean, trees and flowers, and gave
    them light and the power to determine their fate.  The light became the
    Elemental Spirits, riding in the sky.  They released bountiful light,
    and were full of desire to serve the Moon Gods' will.  The Moon Gods
    then finally returned to slumber.
    6.   FLAMMIES
         Then, a beautiful yet powerful beast appeared, awakening the Moon
    Gods.  The Moon Gods named this beast of strength and beauty Flammy.
    Whenever one of the Moon Gods would fall asleep, another Flammy would
    appear.  Eventually, Flammies of all six colors came to populate all the
    7.   DARK CLOUDS
         The Moon Gods tried to outdo each other in creating beauty.
    Sometimes they argued trying to follow the Mana Goddess's will and
    create many beasts.  But dark clouds came to Fa'Diel, and the Moon Gods
    created greater beasts, and set them loose upon the land.  The Flammies
    often quarrelled, and the cycle of creation and destruction repeated
    8.   THE HOLE
         The trees withered, and the Elemental Spirits lost their luster.
    The land dried up, and soon thereafter, wars began.  As the wars dragged
    on, the powers of the Moon Gods were lost.  The land of Fa'Diel was
    scarred, and pits to other worlds opened in the wounds.  The Moon Gods
    peeked into the other worlds, and came to know fear, envy, and desire.
    9.   REBIRTH
         Cracks appeared in the Mana Tree.  Waves of chaos from other worlds
    came and tried to envelop all of Fa'Diel.  Each Moon God chose a Flammy
    and gave it a stone.  The Flammies rode into the sky.  They were born of
    the earth to ride in the sky and return to the earth.  They became a
    flying river of Mana.
         Fa'Diel was filled with the power of Mana.  It healed itself and
    shut away the other worlds.  The Flammies returned to the Moon Gods, but
    could not find them.  The Moon Gods had lost their memories and became
    beasts.  The six remaining Flammies cried in anguish and despair.  The
    waves in the air settled, and created many thought forms.
         The Flammies turned their backs on the Moon Gods and flew into the
    air.  The Moon Gods turned into stars, and the Flammies never came back
    down.  New concepts came about after the Flammies and the Moon Gods
    departed, but the Elemental Spirits were afraid and prayed to the Mana
    Tree, who responded with soft pulses.
         These formless beings will eventually be given form so that they
    might live.  They will be given the task of creating this world.  The
    thoughts they think will shape the landscape.  They will be born into
    this world in fear and sadness.  Sometimes their thoughts may hurt this
    world, but you must help them build it.
         Soon many new beings were born, such as men and Faeries.  Man used
    Mana to power his creations.  Faeries amplified the power of Mana with
    song and dance.  Then, from beyond the heavens, six colored beams of
    light shone down upon the land.  Six Flammies gazed upon Fa'Diel, and
    all life there prospered.  A new age had begun.
    14.  THE DARK ONE
         The Flammies of legend never returned from their heavenly climb.
    Below, many similar creatures came into being.  For example, dragons
    reflected the Flammies' divinity, becoming a race of deep introspection.
    They took it upon themselves to protect Fa'Diel from its many foes.
    15.  THE FALLEN
         Wyrms are rumored to be Flammies who have fallen into another
    world.  Powerful mages summoned them into this world.  Wyrms possess the
    incredible powers of the Flammies, but they lack their nobility and
    grandeur.  True Flammies are said to appear regal and divine, unlike
    dragons and wyrms, but no man can truthfully claim to have seen them.
    16.  THE WORK OF MAN
         Humans were destined to reproduce and populate the land, and they
    developed the technology to build.  Soon they gained dominance over all
    physical things.  The humans who live in this world come in different
    forms, but they are all humans.  Some inherit their forms from their
    parents, while others are shaped through their experiences.
         Faeries have transparent wings, which are not used for flying, and
    are shed during growth.  Only young Faeries are visible to humans, and
    their bodies fade as time goes on.  Eventually, they become completely
    invisible to the human eye.
    18.  THE MANA TREE
         The Mana Tree sustained the bond between the world of humans and of
    Faeries.  Plants exist in both the human and Faerie dimensions.  They
    absorb the Mana of Fa'Diel and release it into the atmosphere.  Humans
    use trees for fuel and tools, harnessing their power within inanimate
    objects.  Faeries use the Mana released by plants to make Fa'Diel a
    better place.
    19.  SORCERERS
         Although not on par with the Faeries, all human could once harness
    the power of Mana.  The ability to draw on the power of Mana was
    originally given to all humans equally, but many lost that ability by
    relying on machines, and losing touch with the natural world.  Later,
    those with the power to draw Mana were called mages.
    20.  ANISE
         The Great Witch Anise was the first mage to go down in history.
    Anise bored a hole into the Mana Tree and built her laboratory there.
    The flow of Mana into both human and Faerie worlds was diverted.  Anise
    constructed a jewel called the Eye of Flame using the vast amounts of
    Mana in her laboratory.  The Firestone brought out the evil in whoever
    it touched.
         In the Age of Myth, the stones that the Mana Goddess gave to the
    Moon Gods were the most powerful source of magic known.  However, some
    powerful magic users born in later ages possessed similar stones.  Anise
    tried to obtain such a stone when she created the Eye of Flame, but it
    was difficult to control, and very dangerous.
         Soon, many others learned how to construct their own Eyes of Flame.
    The waves of Mana became chaotic, and shadows clouded the hearts of man.
    These pulses tore rifts within the dimensions and sent waves of evil
    into the hearts of man.  No longer was all life on the planet descended
    from the spirits.  An age had ended.  A world had fallen from its
    original purity.
         Evil ruled the land thereafter through men who could control the
    waves of chaos.  Those of truth cried in anguish, but mages, who
    rejoiced in obtaining new powers, firmly believed that this was the
    world they wanted.  The mages declared the beginning of a new thousand
    year kingdom and called it the Aeon of Uraklius.
    24.  THE HOLY WAR
         Aion, the leader of the Faeries, sent an army to conquer Anise.
    There, hundreds of Anise's mages battled thousands of Faerie warriors.
    The battle was fought overnight, and almost all of the Faeries were
    slain.  The few remaining Faeries continued their lives in the land of
    25.  THE HIDDEN
        Although the Faeries thought that all humans were enemies, they soon
    discovered that there were those in the land of men who could understand
    the Faeries.  With the help of the humans, they were again able to
    battle Anise and her mages.  Eventually they rose victorious.
    Unfortunately, during the fight, the Mana Tree burned to the ground. 
    26.  EYES OF FLAME
         Although it was thought that many Eyes of Flame would be recovered
    from the ashes, only three were found.  Aion was banished to the
    Underworld.  He refused to be reincarnated, and became the Lord of the
         Aion, leader of the Faeries, created his new servants, the
    Shadoles.  Shadoles were born from the thoughts of Aion, and they
    brought the newly departed to the Underworld.  From this time on, all
    departed souls are brought to the Underworld to receive the judgment of
    its Lord.
         Anise was killed by a stone called the "Seventh Moon."  Legend has
    it that the Faerie warrior who fought against Anise, a master of the Eye
    of Flame in her own right, bested her using this mysterious object.
    29.  A BRIEF PEACE
         After the Holy War of the Mana Tree, the flow of Mana to the world
    resumed.  Before, mages would steal from others, using dangerous magic,
    but now the land produced enough for all.  However, the surviving mages
    could not stand being equal to their fellow creatures.  They sought
    magic that could make everything their own.
    30.  MAGES' TOWER
         The mages started building towers at Mana Points all over Fa'Diel
    in order to regain the Eyes of Flame.  They took action against the
    Faeries, who stood in the way of their plans.  Whenever a tower was
    built, an army would come to destroy it.  Such wars continued for
    hundreds of years.  Soon, all of humanity came to think of Faeries as
    evil beings.
         Elise, who called herself Anuella, was the daughter of Anise.  She
    had the power to bring mundane objects to life.  After fleeing her
    mother's self-righteous rule, she settled in the northern mountains and
    there created a group of dolls who would obey her every command.  They
    came to be called magical beings, and her art was promulgated by mages
    who idolized her.
         There were two types of magical beings.  One type was imbued with
    life.  Another type had hidden powers.  The latter were called
    artifacts.  Artifacts had weaker magical powers than Eyes of Flame, but
    were simpler to construct.  Creating Eyes of Flame was frought with
    accidents, so making artifacts became the most popular kind of magic.
    33.  ARGOT
         The king of dragons, Argot, destroyed all the mage towers in the
    land of Faeries.  Argot opened a hole into the other worlds and called
    forth many monsters.  However, records state that he eventually turned
    to evil, and was banished by the Faeries.
    34.  LUCEMIA
         Argot summoned a wyrm in the shape of a Flammy.  He summoned
    Lucemia, the Wyrm of Light, and the greatest of all the wyrms.  Legend
    says that Lucemia leveled each and every mage tower, and died trying to
    swallow an entire volcano.
         The Lilipeas are a small tribe that settled in the northern
    mountains.  People said that they were similar to Anuella's dolls.  Only
    Selva, who was tall and slim, oft visited Anuella by riding on a bird.
    Selva often took Anuella's dolls outside.
    36.  THE ASHES
         In a charcoal-maker's hut, a little girl awaited her father's
    return.  Her name was Magnolia, and her father made a living from
    hunting and from making charcoal.  Selva gave this girl one of Anuella's
    37.  ANISE'S FIRE
         The doll that was brought into Magnolia's room had red stones as
    its eyes.  They were Eyes of Flame that Anise made, and they burst into
    flames and burned the hut to ashes.
    38.  MAGE AND RUBY
         Magnolia lost her life in the hut as it burned down, but the doll
    was saved.  The doll began to call herself Magnolia, and she stayed with
    the Lilipeas, until one day she left with a mage.  The mage wanted to
    steal the Eyes of Flame in Magnolia's eyes, for they contained more Mana
    energy than the enchanted instruments.
    39.  GAEUS
         Anuella saw through the mage's plot.  She left the northern
    mountain, then gave life to a rocky hill so the mage's caravan could not
    progress further.  The living hill called itself Gaeus, and its
    knowledge seemed deeper, and more vast than Anuella's.  Anuella called
    for Gaeus' help and prepared for war.
         All the Faeries fought on Anuella's side, using many enchanted
    instruments.  The mage's force fell apart against the power of the
    instruments with infinite Mana power.  Anuella came to be known as the
    "Player of the Flying Contrabass," and as "the Conductor" among Faeries.
         Halciet the Mage was the last one who stood against Anuella.  He
    used a stone called "the Seventh Moon" and fought against Anuella, but
    the mages among his army began a quarrel over the stone's possession,
    and Halciet left the force.
         The mages made a magic circle with the Eyes of Flame and summoned
    the Wyrm of Thunder, Geimaswald, to attack Anuella.  But the Lilipeas
    lured Geimaswald into a cave and killed it.  The leader of the Lilipeas
    was Selva of the Four Winds.
         It became known to the mages that these instruments could be used
    as weapons.  The mages took the remaining Eyes of Flame and the
    instruments aquired in the previous battles and fled to the east.
    There, the mages made instruments with more Mana power and dedicated
    them to their new lord, Lonway.
         The mages provided Lonway with their magic, and urged him to
    prepare for battle with the Faeries.  Lonway's army then progressed to
    the ancient city of Mindas to open the gates to the land of Faeries.
    Many nations used this as an excuse to start their own political
    45.  RICROT IV
         Ricrot IV was supported by Anuella, and was given an army of wooden
    horses that could fly in the sky to fight against Lonway and his mages.
    He came to be known as the "King of Wooden Horses."  Many brave men
    enlisted in Ricrot's army.
         Gato Grottoes were Fa'Diel's power nexus, protected by "the Spirits
    of the Ascetics."  Many monks fought as soldiers, and the high priests
    stopped enemies from other dimensions by sending their spirits to
    battle.  Intense battles between the dimensions and other worlds took
    place in Gato.
    47.  ROSIOTTI
         Rosiotti was a hero who could pierce a warrior's chest with his
    arrows from miles away.  It was anticipated that his bravery and skills
    would change the war's outcome.  However, he only became Lonway's
    general because Lonway promised him great rewards.
    48.  THE CHASE
         In the midst of intense battles between Ricrot and Lonway's army,
    Selva of the Four Winds brought his army of Lilipeas and Flowerlings to
    fight on Ricrot's side.  Lonway then ordered Rosiotti to kill Selva.  No
    one had ever escaped Rosiotti's arrows, and the chase was on.
    49.  SELVA
         Selva kept commanding his army, while fleeing Rosiotti's never-
    ending chase at the same time.  When Rosiotti finally shot Selva's heart
    with his arrows, he was surrounded by countless Lilipeas.  It was then
    that Rosiotti was told to become a Wisdom, to walk the same path with
         Nunuzac was Lonway's best and the most powerful summoner.  He
    summoned Freymold, the Wyrm of Fire, as Lonway ordered him when the tide
    of war began to turn against him.  Nunuzac kept summoning monsters until
    Lonway was killed, and he himself became trapped in the dimension on the
    other side of his magic circle.
         Another army to join the war was Aion's force of "Creatures of
    Shadow" from the Underworld.  These "Creatures of Shadow," or the
    Shadoles, caught and threw living people into the Underworld and trapped
    them there.  Olbohn the Swordsman went down to the Underworld by himself
    and defeated Aion.
    52.  FREYMOLD
         Freymold, the Wyrm that was summoned by Nunuzac, flew across
    Fa'Diel and burned Rosiotti's jungle to ashes.  Rosiotti raged over this
    event, and later joined Anuella's force.
         Lasdanac was the Holy Knight of Ricrot's army who was taught the
    "Spell of Truth" by the Faeries.  With this spell, he defeated Freymold,
    but it is told that he later fell to a Faerie's curse.
    54.  THE NEW WORLD
         After the war came to an end, Ricrot IV built churches and began
    compiling "the Book of Divine Guidance."  He also established the
    Academy of Magic with a portrait of the great witch, Anise, inside and
    summoned her spirit to it.  Anuella was displeased by this event.
         The temples lost many of their monks and priests as they came under
    Ricrot's rule.  All the male priests were taken and sent to the Academy
    of Magic as magic researchers, to lessen resitance from the religious
    56.  ANUELLA
         In the years following the war, Ricrot sent soldiers to capture and
    kill off the surviving soldiers of Lonway's army, as well as the
    Faeries, which he called "the Ones with Devilish Powers."  Anuella left
    Ricrot and locked herself into a place named "the Graveyard of
    57.  MANA STONES
         The seventh Mana Stone was desired for its Mana power, and it
    appeared in history many times.  Jumis were the first ones to be
    searched for the possession of the stone.  It is said that an
    uncountable number of Jumis were hunted down and killed for this
    58.  DIRT
         When Jumis were being hunted during the search for the seventh Mana
    Stone, they died after intentionally lessening the energy flow in their
    jewel cores.  Many Jumis died this way to protect the secret of their
    clan, and mages began to call them "lumps of dirt" as a result.
    59.  ANGELS
         There was a new movement in the land of Faeries, as Zuf'ben became
    their new leader.  The spiritual waves of the two worlds were becoming
    magnified, and many expected the worlds to become one.  Zuf'ben lamented
    over the humans' corruption, and called upon higher beings for help.
    Angels answered his prayers.
    60.  JANNA
         Angels were beings who serve the Goddess, and cannot normally be
    seen by Faeries or humans.  Seven angels chose to reincarnate in the
    land of Faeries, and they rode on Janna, a ship with its own
         In order to control the Janna, the angels decided to reincarnate
    into Faeries and humans.  The reborn angels would lose their memories,
    until Janna could awaken them.
         Zuf'ben rode Janna and searched both Fa'Diel and the land of
    Faeries to find the seven angels, but humans attacked Janna, afraid of
    the flying ship.  During the attack, the minds of those onboard the ship
    were tainted with evil.
         The angels transmuted into their human and Faeries forms, but they
    lost awareness of their true nature, because they could not sense
    Janna's benevolence.  Some of the angels even joined the battle to gain
    control of Janna.  Janna turned to evil, and villainous people gained
    demands over her.
         Even though Janna had not awakened them, six of the seven angels
    regained their memories.  One cried for a fallen friend, one confronted
    Janna, one crossed swords with a former angel, one heard the guidance of
    a Wisdom: "Six angels' memories were restored, but the seventh would
    never awaken."
         In the dreams of the six angels, a seventh angel appeared.  But he
    did not answer the calls of the others.  He was neither human nor
    Faerie, but a Jumi.  Both humans and Faeries had used the Jumi to
    strengthen their magic in the war.
    66.  JANNA'S END
         The angels gave up on retrieving Janna, and chose to fight for the
    Jumi.  With help from the Wisdoms, they built a ship to confront Janna,
    and joined the war.  The angels defeated the leader of the humans and
    Zuf'ben, who had become an evil Faerie, and sealed Janna in the
    dimensional gap.  Then they remained in Fa'Diel.
         As time went by, "the Rules for Peace" which Ricrot started changed
    to "the Peace for Rule."  "The Book of Divine Guidance" was used to
    propagate the empire's religious and political thoughts, and many
    "heretics" were hunted down by the empire's army.
         Irzoile Enaanshalc was the fifteenth emperor of the Enaanshalc
    Empire, and he was called the Deathbringer.  He was a descendant of
    Ricrot Enaanshalc, a hero in the era of the Faerie War, but his
    oppressive reign caused the empire's fall.
    69.  HOLY KNIGHT
         The chivalric code, which Ricrot IV established, produced many
    legendary heroes in a short time period.  Julio Liotte was the most
    accomplished knight in the empire's army, and thus he was given the
    title of "Holy Knight," and became the guardian of the empire.  The
    Liotte family passed this title down the line.
         To commemorate the souls of heroes lost during the war, Ricrot IV
    established shrines to the Mana Goddess, and closed down most of the
    older temples aside from the one in Gato.  The Halloway family was a
    line of priests, but under the rule of Ricrot's empire, its influence
         The clan of Windcallers could speak to and control the wind.  They
    live quietly in a village by the base of Norn's Peak, and kept their
    watchful eyes on any intruders that might disturb their way of life.
    72.  EMPIRE'S FALL
         Irzoile Enaanshalc desired immortality, and sent his army to
    retrieve the Dragon Stones which the ancient dragons protected.  His
    attempts failed, and he lost his life as a result.  But his overwhelming
    desire for immortality made Jajara, the bone dragon, choose him to
    become his dragoon.
    ___/ Q.   Basic Golemology \____________________________________________
         Q: What are the necessary components?
         A: A completed body and logic blocks.
         The body of the golem determines its power level, and the logic
    blocks provides the action patters of the weapons it equips.
    2.   GOLEM'S BODY
         Q: What makes up the golem's body?
         A: At least one weapon or piece of armor.
         A golem's body is made by combining a lifeball with one weapon and
    up to three pieces of armor.  Its performance and characteristic
    parameters reflect those of the materials.
         Q: What makes up a logic block?
         A: Two pieces of equipment.
         Choose two pieces of equipment from your list of armor, weapons, or
    instruments.  Each block provides a certain action pattern for a golem.
    4.   LOGIC GRID
         Q: What determines the size of the logic grid?
         A: The number of armor pieces used for the golem's body.
         The larger the grid, the more logic blocks it can hold, for a wider
    variety of golem actions.
         Q: What determines a logic block's type?
         A: The combination of its components.
         Try different equipment combinations to create blocks you want for
    desired action patterns of your golem!
    6.   LOGIC TYPES
         Q: What determines a logic block's shape?
         A: The combination of its components.
         All logic blocks have one of eleven shapes, and each block's
    effectiveness derives from the components' parameters.
         Q: What determines the golem's attack mode?
         A: The type of the weapon used for the golem's body.
         Some blocks cannot be assigned to a golem if the block's attack
    type differs from the golem's attack type.
         Q: What determines golem attack and defense levels?
         A: The characteristics of the weapons and armor used.
         Golem parameters such as HP, attack and defense, and elemental
    levels, are determined by the components used to make its body.  This
    does not include logic grid size and rate of malfunction.
         Q: How is the malfunction rate determined?
         A: The number of armor pieces used as components.
         The higher the percentage shown on the menu screen, the more
    frequently golem fails to deliver an attack.  If one action fails,
    actions connected by wedge-marks also fail to deliver.
         Q: How does a golem decide which action to take?
         A: By referring to its action gauge and calculating the distance to
    the enemy.
         The logic grid has two axes.  One is the action gauge, and the
    other is the distance between the golem and the enemy.
    ___/ R.   Techniques       \____________________________________________
    1.   JUMP - ability (default)
         Might as well jump.
    2.   DEFEND - ability (default)
         But remember that the best defense is a good offense.
    3.   LUNGE - ability (default)
         A quick step forward.
    4.   RETREAT - ability (default)
         A quick step backward.
    5.   CROUCH - ability (default)
         Increases regeneration of Hit Points, but while crouching defense
    rating is zero.
    6.   PUSH - ability (default)
         Stuns target.
    7.   CHEER - ability (default)
         No real use, but increases the power move gauge slightly.
    8.   SPIN - ability (default)
         Stuns opponents.  Attacking while spinning turns the ability into a
    spin attack.
    9.   GRAPPLE - ability
         Grabs an opponent, then use attack to throw.
    Required abilities: Defend, Push
    10.  WHIRL - ability
         Turns opponents to expose their back.
    Required abilities: Grapple, Spin
    11.  BASH - ability
         Runs the opponent to the edge of the screen.
    Required abilities: Whirl, Push
    12.  SOMERSAULT - ability
         Executes a forward flip while dodging attacks.
    Required abilities: Lunge, Jump
    13.  BACK-ROLL - ability
         Executes a back-roll while dodging an enemy's attack.  Hit the
    Power Attack button to add an attack.
    Required abilities: Retreat, Jump
    14.  BACK-FLIP - ability
         Cannot be hit until starting the descent.  Pressing the Power
    Attack button adds an attack.
    Required abilities: High Jump, Back-roll
    15.  MOONSAULT - ability
         Invulnerable until starting the descent.
    Required abilities: High Jump, Somersault
    16.  HIGH JUMP - ability
         Soars high above opponents.
    Required abilities: Crouch, Jump
    17.  DOUBLE-JUMP - ability
         Jumps again in the middle of a jump.
    Required abilities: High Jump, Jump
    18.  TACKLE - ability
         Knocks opponents back.
    Required abilities: Lunge, Push
    19.  COUNTERATTACK - ability
         Counters an enemy's move with an attack for double the damage of a
    Quick Attack.
    Required abilities: Defend
    20.  COUNTERSTRIKE - ability
         Counters an enemy's move with an attack for quadruple the damage of
    a Power Attack.
    Required abilities: Counterattack
    21.  TAUNT - ability
         Gets an opponent's attention.
    Required abilities: Retreat, Cheer
    22.  EVADE - ability
         Evasive action.
    Required abilities: Lunge, Retreat
    23.  TOSS - ability
         Juggles the opponent.
    Required abilities: Crouch, Bash
    24.  DEFENSIVE LUNGE - ability
         Lunges forward while blocking.
    Required abilities: Defend, Lunge
    25.  SLIDE - ability
         Knocks an opponent down.
    Required abilities: Crouch, Lunge
    26.  FLIP-KICK - ability
         A sudden attack while doing a flip.
    Required abilities: Back-roll, Back-flip
    27.  ADMONITION - Knife technique
         Close in quickly with an opponent, executing a quick slice.
    Required abilities: Lunge
    28.  RISING EAGLE - Knife technique
         A jump into the air, followed by a sudden knife-throw.
    Required abilities: Jump
    29.  VORTEX OF DEATH - Knife technique
         Cut up opponents in a death-bringing spin.
    Required abilities: Spin
    30.  VAPOR BLADE - Knife technique
         A quick roll into the enemy, followed by a devastating double
    Required abilities: Somersault
    31.  SONIC WAVE - Knife technique
         A tremendous sonic wave, released after two impressive flip-kicks.
    Required abilities: Back-roll
    32.  RISING DRAGON - Knife technique
         A jump into the air, followed by a hail of daggers.
    Required abilities: High Jump
    33.  CRESCENT MOON - Knife technique
         A leap into the air in a grand arc, followed by multiple slashes.
    Required abilities: Moonsault
    34.  ECLIPSE - Knife technique
         A back-flip followed by a stab into the space-time continuum.
    Damages any creatures nearby.
    Required abilities: Back-flip
    35.  BACKSTAB - Knife technique
         A leap into the opponent's blind spot, creating an opening for the
    Required abilities: Slide, Double-jump
    36.  PUPPET - Knife technique (also Flail)
         A retreat leaving a dummy, which fight in your place.
    Required abilities: Retreat, Cheer
    37.  COBRA FANG - Knife technique
         A short push and quick retreat, ending with a dagger throw.
    Required abilities: Push, Retreat
    38.  NINJA DROP - Knife technique
         A decoy hides the location of the true attacker, who drops in a
    crescendo of force.
    Required abilities: Grapple, Evade
    39.  POUNCING CAT - Knife technique
         A vertical swing sets up the perfect finishing blow.
    Required abilities: Back-roll, Somersault
    40.  BACK SLASHER - Knife technique (also Flail)
         The first strike knocks the enemy back and exposes its blind side,
    the next deals a crippling blow.
    Required abilities: Whirl, Lunge
    41.  REAPING THE MIST - Knife technique
         This amazing technique consists of acrobatics which lead into a
    lunging attack straight through any opposition.
    Required abilities: Back-roll, Back-flip, Lunge
    42.  DARK ASSASSINS - Knife technique
         A sinister attack that summons dark assassins to clear the area of
    Required abilities: Evade, Spin, Crouch
    43.  DANCE OF ROSES - Knife technique
         A rising slice with the power of a thousand thorns.
    Required abilities: Defensive Lunge, Evade, High Jump
    44.  LOOKING GLASS - Knife technique (also Flail)
         Traps an enemy in a dimensional mirror.  The enemy suffers great
    damage once the mirror is broken.
    Required abilities: Whirl, Bash, Taunt
    45.  AERIAL REAVER - Knife technique
         A secret technique of throwing enemies up into the air and carving
    into them as they fall.
    Required abilities: Flip-kick, Spin, Crouch, High Jump
    46.  PHOENIX - Knife technique
         A fantastic array of pyrotechnics that crescendos into an immortal
    force, reducing opponents to ashes.
    Required abilities: Cheer, Evade, Double-Jump, Defensive Lunge
    47.  IAI STRIKE - Sword technique
         A sudden lunge, followed by a slice through the enemy.
    Required abilities: Lunge
    48.  CUTTING BAMBOO - Sword technique
         A vertical jump with a downward slash.
    Required abilities: Jump
    49.  MAELSTROM - Sword technique
         A more powerful version of Spin.
    Required abilities: Spin
    50.  RISING SUN - Sword technique (also Axe)
         A series of two anti-aerial slashes from a crouching position.
    Required abilities: Crouch
    51.  TRIPLE TIGER - Sword technique
         A rolling slash, a rolling jab, and a rolling upward cut.
    Required abilities: Somersault
    52.  BLADE LAUNCHER - Sword technique
         Uses the force of a back-roll to launch opponents into the air.
    Required abilities: Back-roll
    53.  CUTTING PINE - Sword technique (also Axe)
         A more powerful version of Cutting Bamboo.
    Required abilities: High Jump
    54.  BIRD OF PREY - Sword technique
         A high moonsault followed by multiple devastating strikes.
    Required abilities: Moonsault
    55.  CORKSCREW - Sword technique
         A back-flip while swinging the sword.
    Required abilities: Back-flip
    56.  CROSS STRIKE - Sword technique (also Axe)
         A vertical strike from the air, followed by a horizontal strike on
    the ground.
    Required abilities: High Jump, Lunge
    57.  TIGER CLAW - Sword technique
         A slashing combination from above and below.
    Required abilities: Somersault, Back-roll
    58.  CLEAN SWEEP - Sword technique
         A low slide knocks the opponent off balance.  The finishing strike
    Required abilities: Slide, Retreat
    59.  DRAGON'S TAIL - Sword technique
         An attack so swift that the enemy doesn't know it's dead, until...
    Required abilities: Tackle, Back-flip
    60.  ORBITING BLADES - Sword technique (also Axe)
         A lunge into the enemy with multiple blades whirling above.
    Required abilities: Spin, Defensive Lunge
    61.  MOTION OF TRUTH - Sword technique
         A triple attack consisting of a quick jab, a rising strike, and an
    earth-shattering spinning strike.
    Required abilities: Tackle, Bash, Moonsault
    62.  SMASHING BLADE - Sword technique
         A push to knock the enemy off-balance.  It uses a slash, and a grab
    to turn the enemy away.  The final blow connects from behind.
    Required abilities: Push, Whirl, Somersault
    63.  INVISIBLE DEATH - Sword technique
         A whirlwind of attacks so fast that the swordsman seems invisible.
    Required abilities: Grapple, Lunge, Retreat
    64.  DYNAMITE X - Sword technique (also Axe)
         Cuts an X into the enemy.  Causes an explosion when the X is
    Required abilities: Jump, Crouch, Cheer
    65.  TERMINAL VELOCITY - Sword technique
         Uses centrifugal force to release a blow of mythic proportions.
    Required abilities: Whirl, Back-flip, Spin, Lunge
    66.  GOLDEN DRAGON - Sword technique
         Buries the enemy by summoning the incredible powers of the Golden
    Required abilities: Toss, Evade, Crouch, Jump
    67.  DEEP SLICE - Axe technique
         A lunging horizontal swing cuts deep into the enemy and exposes its
    Required abilities: Lunge
    68.  AXE BOMB - Axe technique
         A leap into the air, followed by a devastating axe throw.
    Required abilities: Jump
    69.  TORNADO - Axe technique
         A spin while holding the axe horizontally.
    Required abilities: Spin
    70.  ELECTRIC YO-YO - Axe technique
         Uses the axe like a yo-yo.
    Required abilities: Somersault
    71.  RETRIBUTION - Axe technique (also Hammer)
         Once the axe is thrown skywards, a huge axe falls from the clouds.
    Required abilities: Back-roll
    72.  BIRD OF PREY - Axe technique
         Releases multiple axes during a moonsault.
    Required abilities: Moonsault
    73.  SALMON UPSTREAM - Axe technique
         A vertical jump while swinging the axe.
    Required abilities: Back-flip
    74.  RISING SUN - Axe technique (also Sword)
         A low strike stuns the opponent, followed by a rising slash.
    Required abilities: Crouch
    75.  CUTTING PINE - Axe technique (also Sword)
         A more powerful version of Cutting Bamboo
    Required abilities: High Jump
    76.  AXE BOMBER - Axe technique
         A push followed by an immense axe swing.
    Required abilities: Evade, Bash
    77.  BLACK WINGS - Axe technique
         Sends multiple homing axes into an enemy knocked into the air.
    Required abilities: Toss, Retreat
    78.  BOULDER DASH - Axe technique
         A build-up of energy is spent crashing into enemies.
    Required abilities: Back-flip, Tackle
    79.  ORBITING BLADES - Axe technique (also Sword)
         A lunge into the enemy with multiple blades whirling above.
    Required abilities: Spin, Defensive Lunge
    80.  CROSS STRIKE - Axe technique (also Sword)
         A vertical strike from the air, followed by a horizontal strike on
    the ground.
    Required abilities: High Jump, Lunge
    81.  TRUE STRIKE - Axe technique
         A push, a roll, and a preliminary strike that knocks the enemy off-
    balance.  A flip-attack is the grand finale.
    Required abilities: Whirl, Somersault, Moonsault
    82.  DYNAMITE X - Axe technique (also Sword)
         Cuts an X into the enemy.  Causes an explosion when the X is
    Required abilities: Jump, Crouch, Cheer
    83.  TIME BURST - Axe technique
         Spins multiple axes and stops time.  Suddenly, the enemy has
    changed position and has been chopped by the axes.
    Required abilities: Push, Spin, Evade
    84.  KARMA - Axe technique
         A berserker attack against all enemies in sight.
    Required abilities: Cheer, High Jump, Evade, Counterstrike
    85.  LUNGING ARC - 2-Handed Sword technique
         A sudden lunge into the enemy, followed by a series of heavy
    Required abilities: Lunge
    86.  RISING CRUSH - 2-Handed Sword technique (also 2-Handed Axe, Hammer)
         A rising cut into the opponent's throat.
    Required abilities: Crouch
    87.  SPIRAL WAVE - 2-Handed Sword technique (also 2-Handed Axe)
         A spinning move that releases a wave of unbelievable force.
    Required abilities: Somersault
    88.  SHISH KEBOB - 2-Handed Sword technique
         A flip-kick to knock the enemy into the air is followed by a
    powerful stab.
    Required abilities: Back-roll
    89.  IMPULSE - 2-Handed Sword technique (also 2-Handed Axe)
         A leap into the air is followed by a thundering stab into the earth
    that devastates all caught in the blast radius.
    Required abilities: High Jump
    90.  SHIELD BREAKER - 2-Handed Sword technique
         A leap into the air and a crushing blow down into the enemy.
    Required abilities: Jump
    91.  WINDSLASHER - 2-Handed Sword technique
         A spin which releases shockwaves in every direction.
    Required abilities: Spin
    92.  WINDWALKER - 2-Handed Sword technique (also Hammer)
         A fantastic move consisting of tremendous sword slashes and
    acrobatics galore.
    Required abilities: Moonsault
    93.  SPLASHBLADE - 2-Handed Sword technique (also 2-Handed Axe)
         A slash.  A jump.  A spin.  A kill...
    Required abilities: Back-roll, Back-flip
    94.  RAIN OF BLOOD - 2-Handed Sword technique
         A deep cut into a foe flung skyward.
    Required abilities: Toss, Double-jump
    95.  BRING IT ON - 2-Handed Sword technique
         A taunt from a distance and an attack, once the enemy gives chase.
    Required abilities: Retreat, Taunt
    96.  MARBLE STREAM - 2-Handed Sword technique
         An incredible move in which numerous images appear and then strike
    Required abilities: Evade, Lunge
    97.  SKULLSPLITTER - 2-Handed Sword technique (also Hammer)
         A powerful jumping attack to the back of an enemy's head.
    Required abilities: Whirl, Jump
    98.  BEAUTIFUL THREE - 2-Handed Sword technique
         A series of strikes with the coldness of snow, the brilliance of
    the moon, and the perfection of blossoms.
    Required abilities: Tackle, Back-flip, Lunge
    99.  QUAKEBRINGER - 2-Handed Sword technique
         A great leap, followed by a fantastic stab into the earth.
    Required abilities: Cheer, Moonsault, Crouch
    100. TRIPLE OFFENSE - 2-Handed Sword technique
         A technique which strikes high, middle, and low simultaneously.
    Required abilities: Evade, Somersault, High Jump.
    101. DEEP SWING - 2-Handed Sword technique
         A simple, but ultimately deadly, attack.
    Required abilities: Crouch, Defend, Counterattack, Counterstrike
    102. RAGING PAIN - 2-Handed Sword technique
         A devastating combination of unimaginable terror.
    Required abilities: Evade, Flip-kick, Jump, Taunt
    103. SIDESWIPE - 2-Handed Axe technique
         A single horizontal strike.
    Required abilities: Lunge
    104. RISING CLAW - 2-Handed Axe technique
         A rising swing and jump.
    Required abilities: Jump
    105. FLYING SAWBLADES - 2-Handed Axe technique
         A spin which releases axes in six directions.
    Required abilities: Spin
    106. ROLLING THROW - 2-Handed Axe technique
         A somersault followed by a powerful throw.
    Required abilities: Somersault
    107. BLURRED AXE - 2-Handed Axe technique
         A move with a back-flip so fast that the image of the axe becomes
    Required abilities: Back-flip
    108. RISING CRUSH - 2-Handed Axe technique (also 2-Handed Sword, Hammer)
         A rising cut into the opponent's throat.
    Required abilities: Crouch
    109. SPIRAL WAVE - 2-Handed Axe technique (also 2-Handed Sword)
         A spinning move that releases a wave of unbelievable force.
    Required abilities: Somersault
    110. IMPULSE - 2-Handed Axe technique (also 2-Handed Sword)
         A leap into the air is followed by a thundering stab into the earth
    that devastates all caught in the blast radius.
    Required abilities: High Jump
    111. DIVINE RIGHT - 2-Handed Axe technique
         A shove which pushes the enemy right into the arc of the falling
    Required abilities: Push, Back-roll
    112. SNOWFALL - 2-Handed Axe technique
         A move which tosses the enemy up into the air to be shredded upon a
    spinning axe.
    Required abilities: Toss, Spin
    113. SPINNING HAWK - 2-Handed Axe technique
         A spectacular feat in which the axe is thrown spinning into the
    air, and an enemy is catapulted into it.
    Required abilities: Back-flip, Flip-kick
    114. TIDAL WAVE - 2-Handed Axe technique (also Hammer)
         A overwhelming display of force, in which beams of raw power
    emanate in a wide arc.
    Required abilities: Evade, Defensive Lunge
    115. SPLASHBLADE - 2-Handed Axe technique (also 2-Handed Sword)
         A slash.  A jump.  A spin.  A kill...
    Required abilities: Back-roll, Back-flip
    116. ANGELIC LUMBERJACK - 2-Handed Axe technique
         Three acrobatic stunts to increase the power of the final mighty
    Required abilities: Somersault, Moonsault, Back-flip
    117. BUZZSAW OF DOOM - 2-Handed Axe technique
         A light leap to the rear, followed by an uncanny rolling aerial
    Required abilities: Double-jump, Somersault, Lunge
    118. SPIKESTRIKE - 2-Handed Axe technique
         A sweep of the opponent's legs, followed by an aerial slice from
    Required abilities: Whirl, Slide, Moonsault
    119. SPARKLING RAMPAGE - 2-Handed Axe technique
         This fantastic move utilizes Faerie magic to smite foes.
    Required abilities: Retreat, High Jump, Spin, Tackle
    120. SUPER SLUGGER - Hammer technique
         A huge horizontal swing for scoring home runs.
    Required abilities: Lunge
    121. BIG BANG - Hammer technique
         Death from above.
    Required abilities: Jump
    122. BLAMMO - Hammer technique
         An explosion that results from a powerful spin.
    Required abilities: Spin
    123. MOLE-HUNTING - Hammer technique
         A slam into the ground that opens the earth in a straight line.
    Required abilities: Somersault
    124. GROUND ZERO - Hammer technique
         A mid-air hammer-throw which engulfs all in its explosion.
    Required abilities: High Jump
    125. RISING CRUSH - Hammer technique (also 2-Handed Sword, 2-Handed Axe)
         A rising strike into the opponent's throat.
    Required abilities: Crouch
    126. WINDWALKER - Hammer technique (also 2-Handed Sword)
         A fantastic move consisting of tremendous hammer strikes and
    acrobatics galore.
    Required abilities: Moonsault
    127. RETRIBUTION - Hammer technique (also Axe)
         Once the hammer is thrown skywards, a huge hammer falls from the
    Required abilities: Back-roll
    128. BLAZING HAMMER - Hammer technique
         A technique in which built-up power is unleashed in a powerful
    Required abilities: Retreat, Tackle
    129. DOUBLE IMPACT - Hammer technique
         A strike so powerful that the enemy feels the pain twice.
    Required abilities: Somersault, Moonsault
    130. THOR'S HAMMER - Hammer technique
         A move in which the opponent is tossed up into the air, only to be
    tragically struck down.
    Required abilities: Toss, High Jump
    131. SKULLSPLITTER - Hammer technique (also 2-Handed Sword)
         A powerful jumping attack to the back of an enemy's head.
    Required abilities: Whirl, Jump
    132. TIDAL WAVE - Hammer technique (also 2-Handed Axe)
         An overwhelming display of force, in which beams of raw power
    emanate in a wide arc.
    Required abilities: Evade, Defensive Lunge
    133. ULTRA SLUGGER - Hammer technique
         A huge horizontal swing for scoring out-of-the-park home runs.
    Required abilities: Toss, Retreat, Lunge
    134. INTERVENTION - Hammer technique
         An incredible leap into the heavens to call forth a divine hammer,
    of course.
    Required abilities: Double-jump, Spin, Somersault
    135. VOLCANO - Hammer technique
         The enemy, once tossed to an impressive height, is greeted by the
    force of one mean hammer.
    Required abilities: Crouch, Cheer, Jump
    136. PEARLY GATES - Hammer technique
         A truly jaw-dropping move in which the enemy is hit all the way to
    the gates of heaven and back.
    Required abilities: Toss, Retreat, Lunge, Spin
    137. LANCER - Spear technique
         A lunging strike from afar.
    Required abilities: Lunge
    138. MIGHTY JAVELIN - Spear technique
         A mid-air javelin throw.
    Required abilities: Jump
    139. TWISTER - Spear technique
         A spin so fast that it causes a tornado which carries enemies away.
    Required abilities: Spin
    140. DRAGON'S BITE - Spear technique
         A spear-throwing technique which strikes all in a straight line.
    Required abilities: Somersault
    141. FURIOUS COPTER - Spear technique
         A jump while spinning the spear at great speeds that blasts all
    beneath in a terrific backwash.
    Required abilities: High Jump
    142. NEBULOUS SAUCER - Spear technique
         An incredulous spear throw at the height of a moonsault's arc.
    Required abilities: Moonsault
    143. LANCENATOR - Spear technique
         A slam with the shoulder into the opponent followed by a
    devastating impalement.
    Required abilities: Tackle, Crouch
    144. CYCLONE RACER - Spear technique
         A quick lunge while spinning the spear overhead, thwacking all
    Required abilities: Spin, Lunge
    145. REWIND - Spear technique
         A technique in which the spear is spun in place and then called
    back after its owner executes a flashy moonsault.
    Required abilities: Back-roll, Moonsault
    146. FOOL'S PLAY - Spear technique
         A technique so fast that the enemy is thrown up into the air, only
    to be juggled about like a ball.
    Required abilities: Toss, Evade
    147. HOLY LIGHT - Spear technique
         A terrific leap into the air, followed by a shower of divine light
    that smites foes below.
    Required abilities: High Jump, Somersault
    148. TRIPLE SUPREMACY - Spear technique
         A powerful thrust, a launch into the air, and a finishing blow.
    Required abilities: Lunge, Crouch, Spin
    149. DEADLY BRANDING - Spear technique
         A crafty maneuver involving knocking the enemy right into the path
    of flying spears.
    Required abilities: Bash, Taunt, Slide
    150. CHROME RAY - Spear technique
         A complex technique which requires much planning to execute
    Required abilities: Back-roll, Defensive Lunge, Grapple
    151. RAGING FURY - Spear technique
         A furious rage which follows a dramatic lunge into the enemy.
    Required abilities: Tackle, Evade, Lunge
    152. LO AND BEHOLD - Spear technique
         An attack combination in which an unfortunate soul is the recipient
    of indescribable pain.
    Required abilities: Crouch, Moonsault, Double-jump, Spin
    153. BLUE DRAGON - Spear technique
         An earth-rendering display of power, not unlike that of a blue
    Required abilities: Evade, Retreat, Spin, Defensive Lunge
    154. GUST - Staff technique
         A lunge with a spinning staff.
    Required abilities: Lunge
    155. PAINT IT BLACK - Staff technique
         A move which brings forth a tiny black hole when the thrown staff
    makes impact with the ground.
    Required abilities: Jump
    156. AFTERSHOCK - Staff technique
         A helicopter trip to dizzying heights, and a crashing return to
    Required abilities: Spin
    157. GOLDEN PYRES - Staff technique
         Conjures up a ring of might golden columns.
    Required abilities: Crouch
    158. BUBBLES - Staff technique
         A flying bubble launcher.
    Required abilities: High Jump
    159. BLAZE - Staff technique
         A fiery leap.
    Required abilities: Moonsault
    160. HALO - Staff technique
         A technique which forms a ring of protection around the user.
    Required abilities: Evade
    161. PURGATORY - Staff technique
         A forceful bash covers enemies in a blanket of darkness and
    finishes them off in an explosion of light.
    Required abilities: Tackle, Cheer
    162. FLOWER OF GOLD - Staff technique
         A move in which a golden flower blooms, one whose pollen brings
    death to all who smell its fragrance.
    Required abilities: Evade, Retreat
    163. FIRE AND ICE - Staff technique
         A vertical strike with the powers of heat and cold together.
    Required abilities: Somersault, Back-flip
    164. GALES OF THE FALL - Staff technique
         A double offensive consisting of a twirling tornado attack that
    deviously positions the enemy to plummet onto some really sharp rocks.
    Required abilities: Spin, Moonsault
    165. SONG OF THE SPIRITS - Staff technique
         A move which calls forth all of the Elemental Spirits to sing in
    Required abilities: Spin, Evade, Taunt
    166. BLOODY KNUCKLES - Glove technique
         A straight right to the opponent's face.
    Required abilities: Lunge
    167. LIGHTNING KICK - Glove technique
         A jumping kick as fast as lightning.
    Required abilities: Jump
    168. WHIRLWIND KICK - Glove technique
         A wild spinning kick.
    Required abilities: Spin
    169. JAWBREAKER - Glove technique
         A spectacular double-uppercut combo.
    Required abilities: Crouch
    170. ROLLING SLAM - Glove technique
         A flying slam into opponents.
    Required abilities: Somersault
    171. FLIP THRUST - Glove technique
         A kick facing away from the opponent.
    Required abilities: Back-roll
    172. MOONSAULT STOMP - Glove technique
         A stomp on the enemy's head with a graceful moonsault.
    Required abilities: Moonsault
    173. GIANT SWING - Glove technique
         Throw the opponent by grabbing its ankles and swinging wildly.
    Required abilities: Grapple, Spin
    174. TIGER DRIVER 91 - Glove technique
         The enemy is lifted high, and thrown straight into the ground.
    Required abilities: Grapple, Crouch
    175. NORTHERN LIGHTS - Glove technique
         A crushing head-first drive into the earth.
    Required abilities: Grapple, Jump
    176. MENTAL BARRIER - Glove technique
         An metaphysical manifestation of the will of the practitioner which
    gives protection from all attacks, and knocks away all attackers.
    Required abilities: Counterattack, Counterstrike
    177. SPARKLY FEET - Glove technique
         A groovy mid-air kick combo.
    Required abilities: Toss, Evade, Double-jump
    178. COUGH DROP - Glove technique
         A vicious grab to the throat followed by a skullcrushing drop.
    Parental discretion advised.
    Required abilities: Grapple, High-jump, Bash
    179. FIST OF THE NORSE STAR - Glove technique
         A whirlwind of death and devastation.
    Required abilities: Lunge, Grapple, Evade
    180. FLIPS OF THUNDER - Glove technique
         A triple flipping assault, complete with flashy lightning effects.
    Required abilities: Back-roll, Back-flip, Flip-kick
    181. POWER COMBO - Glove technique
         A suplex followed by a clothesline.  Too bad there's no scorpion-
    Required abilities: Grapple, Bash, Retreat, Lunge
    182. GRAVITY DROP - Glove technique
         The enemy is tossed with extreme prejudice, and then slammed head-
    first into the ground.
    Required abilities: Toss, Crouch, High-jump, Grapple
    183. EARTHQUAKE - Glove technique
         The legendary technique causes the earth itself to tremor, dealing
    lethal damage to enemies.
    Required abilities: Back-roll, Back-flip, Moonsault, Crouch
    184. DRAGON TEETH - Flail technique
         A quick dash with flail swinging.
    Required abilities: Lunge
    185. SETTING SUN - Flail technique
         A strike that knocks the enemy into the air, and a flying thwack to
    knock it out.
    Required abilities: Jump
    186. PHOENIX WINGS - Flail technique
         A spinning attack with the flail.
    Required abilities: Spin
    187. CHINSPLITTER - Flail technique
         An uppercut which launches the enemy skywards.
    Required abilities: Crouch
    188. DRUNKEN MONKEY - Flail technique
         Multiple somersaults followed by a furious attack.
    Required abilities: Somersault
    189. TWILIGHT - Flail technique
         A more powerful version of Setting Sun in which the enemy is
    launched into the air and struck repeatedly.
    Required abilities: High Jump
    190. PSYCLONE - Flail technique
         An impressive moonsault, followed by a series of furious curcular
    Required abilities: Moonsault
    191. DOUBLE DRAGON - Flail technique
         An attack from both sides with double the power.
    Required abilities: Moonsault, Evade
    192. BACK SLASHER - Flail technique (also Knife)
         The first strike knocks the enemy back and exposes its blind side,
    the next deals a crippling blow.
    Required abilities: Whirl, Lunge
    193. ENTER THE TIGER - Flail technique
         A sweep of the enemy's legs, followed up by a visious flailing.
    Required abilities: Slide, Retreat
    194. AVALANCHE - Flail technique
         An uppercut which knocks the enemy backwards, and a flying back-
    flip which really applies the hurt.
    Required abilities: Crouch, Back-flip
    195. PUPPET - Flail technique (also Knife)
         A retreat leaving a dummy, which fights in your place.
    Required abilities: Retreat, Cheer
    196. CHALLENGER - Flail technique
         A taunt, and an explosive counterattack.
    Required abilities: Tackle, Taunt, Counterattack
    197. DEMON'S HOWL - Flail technique
         A fantastic maneuver in which an opponent is knocked into the air,
    smacked back to the ground, and finished off in a strike of great furor.
    Required abilities: Flip-kick, High Jump, Lunge
    198. EXTREME CONDITIONS - Flail technique
         An attack from the front and the rear, topped off with fire and
    Required abilities: Evade, Tackle, Double-jump
    199. LOOKING GLASS - Flail technique (also Knife)
         Traps an enemy into a dimensional mirror.  The enemy is dealt great
    damage once the mirror is broken.
    200. MALEVOLENCE - Flail technique
         An accumulation of incredible fighting spirit that immediately
    smites all enemies.
    Required abilities: Crouch, Evade, Jump, High Jump
    201. WHITE TIGER - Flail technique
         A move that releases the power of the legendary white tiger, whose
    wrath none can survive.
    Required abilities: Defensive Lunge, Grapple, Evade, Spin
    202. TRUESHOT - Bow technique
         A lunging arrow shot so powerful that it penetrates just about
    Required abilities: Lunge
    203. FORWARD ARTILLERY - Bow technique
         An arrow launched in mid-air which damages all in its blast-radius.
    Required abilities: Jump
    204. SPINSHOT - Bow technique
         An attack that fires arrows in all directions.
    Required abilities: Spin
    205. NEEDLE SHOWER - Bow technique
         A shot fired vertically during a backwards roll, which sends a rain
    of arrows over enemies.
    Required abilities: Back-roll
    206. TRI-SHOT - Bow technique
         A triplet of arrows shot during a high jump, which hit all in a
    straight line.
    Required abilities: High Jump
    207. TRICKSHOT - Bow technique
         Homing arrows are released into the sky, which inflict great
    Required abilities: Moonsault
    208. HYPERSHOT - Bow technique
         An opponent is thrown into the air, and pincusioned with a
    multitude of arrows.
    Required abilities: Toss
    209. CHANGE-UP - Bow technique
         A shot that flies through the air in slow-motion, inflicting damage
    over a large area.
    Required abilities: Retreat
    210. BACKSHOT - Bow technique
         A shot in the enemy's back, after throwing it a great distance.
    Required abilities: Bash
    211. FLYING SWALLOWS - Bow technique
         A two-shot attack while flying about in the air.
    Required abilities: Tackle, Double-jump
    212. RAIN OF DEATH - Bow technique
         A jumping attack which sends arrows all over the screen.
    Required abilities: High Jump, Spin
    213. SURESHOT - Bow technique
         A kick to knock the opponent into the air, and a shot which never
    misses its target.
    Required abilities: Flip-kick, Back-flip
    214. CARPET BOMBER - Bow technique
         A multitude of explosions dropped from above.
    Required abilities: Evade, High Jump
    215. MASTERSHOT - Bow technique
         Fires an infinite number of arrows that home-in on the target.
    Required abilities: Whirl, Back-flip, Spin
    216. WILDSHOT - Bow technique
         A devistating volley of arrows fired upon a prone opponent.
    Required abilities: Grapple, Back-roll, Double-jump
    217. MAIN GUN - Bow technique
         Releases inner energy built-up prior to an ultimate counterattack.
    Required abilities: Evade, Retreat, Lunge, Counterattack
    ---  A GIFT FOR YOU - Niccolo's unique technique
         Niccolo retreats and hides as he tosses what looks like a treasure
    chest into the center of the battlefield.  After a few seconds the chest
    explodes and heavily damages all nearby enemies.
    ---  LIFESTEALER - Escad's unique technique
         A circular shadow grows out from under Escad's feet, stretching
    across the ground.  At it's limit, Escad will go into a swinging flurry,
    slicing any opposition standing within the shadow's radius for heavy
    ---  'ROUND THE WORLD - Daena's unique technique
         With a powerful dash Daena charges through any enemies in her path
    like a steaming locomotive for heavy damage.  She disappears off the
    edge of the screen and then reappears on the other side shortly after.
    ---  GROUND BREAKER - Larc's unique technique
         Disappearing with a blink of an eye.  Energy suddenly geisers from
    the ground away horizontally from where he stood and blasts any
    opponents in its path for heavy damage.
    ---  AIR STRIKE - Sierra's unique technique
         With a hop into the air Sierra disappears.  With repeated fury she
    slashes down from the sky to the ground away horizontally thrice from
    where she vanished, striking enemies in her path for heavy damage.
    ---  SOULREAVER - Lady Blackpearl's unique technique
         Slamming her hammer into the ground with a tremendous fury, energy
    rushes across the ground in multiple patterns, searing any who stand in
    the way for heavy damage.
    ---  LASER BLADE - Elazul's unique technique
         Reaching for a greater strength from deep within his core, Elazul
    releases a powerful beam of energy that strikes all enemies in his line
    of sight for heavy damage.
    ___/ S.   Forbidden Tome   \____________________________________________
         Yes = Normal Mode
         No  = see 2.
         Yes = Nightmare Mode
         No  = see 3.
         No  = No Future Mode
         ... = no change
    Simply put, these are the game's difficulty settings and are only
    available after completing it and restarting from the defeated save
    data.  Descriptions follow.
    a.   NORMAL MODE
         This is the default setting.  Most players find there isn't much of
    a challenge with this setting.  Battles, including bosses, are
    relatively easy.  This mode is for people who don't really like battles
    and play more for substance and/or speed.
         This is the HARD difficulty setting.  Battles will be drawn out
    quite a bit more as the monsters have all been pumped-up a decent
    amount.  Each monster, including bosses, will be approximately twenty to
    forty levels higher than they previously were, complete with increased
    stats and Hit Points.  Definately for people who like to fight.
         Not for the faint of heart.  This mode pits the player against
    extreme battle situations.  All monsters, including bosses, will be
    maxed-out at level ninety-nine (though spirit incompatability may reduce
    this a bit), complete with increased stats and Hit Points.  And you
    thought Nightmare Mode was hard.  You ain't seen nothing until you've
    been up against Rabites from hell.  *grins*
    ____________________________________________/ VI.   End of an Era   \___
    ___/ T.   Closure          \____________________________________________
    I'm a big Seiken Densetsu fan. I've loved the series since back before I
    knew its real name, when it began as `Final Fantasy Adventure` on the
    Gameboy.  And I would have to say that `Secret of Mana` (SD2) is
    probably the most played game I own.  To me it never gets old.  So I
    figured I'd thank the Square staff for once again putting together a
    great game.  Granted I wish this game had better multi-player support
    (like SD2 & SD3) and that SD3 would have made it world-wide, I can at
    least hope Square will give us an SD Anthology.  Please?  PLEASE?!
    *ahem*  Anyway, I'll wrap this up here, considering there's really
    nothing else to say.  I thank you for viewing this far and hope that
    this FAQ will prove to be useful for you.  So without further ado, I
    wish you well in your endeavors.  Take care.  =^,^=
                                                       (c) 2000 Vulpes Mundi
     Seiken Densetsu 4 - Legend of Mana is copyright 1999, 2000 SQUARESOFT.

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