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    Magic FAQ by pnguyen

    Version: 0.2 | Updated: 07/27/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Magics Faq
    by. pnguyen
    Version 0.2
    Date start: 7/19/2000
    Contact:    pnguyen@mailcity.com or
    System:     Playstation
    Country:    North American
    This game is a copyright of Squaresoft 1999/
    2000.This faqs is written on my basic  
    opinion that has nothing to do with 
    Squaresoft or it's games.
    Version 0.1 (7/19/2000)
    ~officially start this faqs
    Version 0.2 (7/21/2000)
    ~add Geo Town to "Buy Magics" section
     add more 'Silver Coins' magic instrument
     add more magics to "Instruments" section 
     add 'Coins Location' file to "Elemental
      Coin" section
    Version 0.3 (7/27/2000)
    ~add tons of elemental instrument that you
     can create by using Gold Coins
    ~correct the magics that you can buy at 
     town (thanks to GoldEB64@aol.com)
    ======== ^
    CONTENT  | 
    ======== ^
      A: Aura
      B: Dryad
      C: Gnome
      D: Jinn
      E: Salamander
      F: Shade
      G: Undine
      H: Wisp
      A: Drum
      B: Flute
      C: Harp
      D: Marimba
    3:Elemental Coins
      A: Gold
      B: Silver
      C: Coins Location
    4:Buy Magics
      A: Domina
      B: Lumina
      C: Polpota Harbor
      D: Geo
      A: Other Faqs by Pnguyen
      B: Thanks To
    ========== ^ 
    1: Magics  |
    ========== ^
    Each spell in the game has a specific range
    with either "fire" or "lock". Each range 
    tell where a specific magic is hits. When a
    spell button (L1,L2,R1,R2) is held down, a 
    blue or green sphere appear on the screen.
    It will continues to charge up as long as
    the button is held down. If any enemy is
    close or next to it, the spell will strike
    them. Here are all of the spell range:
    ~Circle: form a circle around the caster.
    ~Control: a large sphere is open and can be
              control with the D-pad
    ~Donut: four line will appear in a cross
              shape around the caster.
    ~Fan: a triangle shape appear in front of 
          the caster
    ~Line: form a straight line on both side of
           the caster 
    ~Random: strike at a random point of the 
    ~Sphere: form a circular in front of the 
    NOTE: If you hold it longer, the range will 
    be larger. Exm: If you keep on holding in a
    "line" range spell, the line range will 
    longer than normal.
    (FIRE)- just hits whatever enemies are 
            standing in the area of the impact 
            while the firing button is release.
    (LOCK)- freeze enemy movement and hits 
            whatever enemies were standing in 
            the targeting area when the firing
            button is release.
       1A: Aura |
    SPELLS                    RANGE
    ------                    -----
    Aura's Leister            Control Fire
    Aureate Strike            Line Fire
    Glimmering Slash          Line Lock
    Golden Aurora             Sphere Lock
    Golden Hurrican           Donut Fire
    Golden Prison             Donut Lock
    Golden Shiver             Circle Lock
    Golden Sphere             Sphere Fire
    Golden Wheel              Circle Fire
    Platinum Arrows           Fan Lock
    Platinum Flicker          Fan Fire
    Platinum Meteor           Control Lock
    Platinum Needle           Random Fire
    Platinum Spear            Random Lock
       1B: Dryad |
    SPELLS                    RANGE
    ------                    -----
    Dryad's Cyclone           Control Fire
    Emerald Flare             Fan Lock
    Emerald Jail              Random Lock
    Emerald Lancer            Control Lock
    Emerald Orb               Donut Fire
    Emerald Storm             Fan Fire
    Emerald Vine              Randome Fire
    Rose's Thorns             Line Lock
    Rosencavalier             Sphere Lock
    Rosenvine Trap            Sphere Fire
    Strangling Vine           Line Fire
    Wood Shots                Circle Fire
    Wood Slicer               Circle Lock
    Wood Spikes               Donut Lock
       1C: Gnome |
    SPELLS                    RANGE
    ------                    -----
    Basalt Blast              Fan Lock
    Boulders                  Circle Lock
    Earthquake                Line Lock
    Earth's Fury              Sphere Lock
    Earth Shaker              Line Fire
    Gnome's Spikes            Control Fire
    Granite's Spikes          Control Fire
    Jasper Jolt               Random Fire
    Marble Lancer             Control Lock
    Mica Crush                Circle Fire
    Minefield                 Donut Fire
    Plate o' Rocks            Donut Lock
    Rock Towers               Random Lock
    Terra Hammer              Sphere Fire
       1D: Jinn |
    SPELLS                    RANGE
    ------                    -----
    Air Slicer                Donut Lock
    Cyclone Flower            Circle Lock
    Cyclone Needle            Fan Fire
    Cyclone Spear             Fan Lock
    Cyclone Trap              Random Fire
    Cyclone Whip              Random Lock
    Jinn's Dance              Control Fire
    Storm Zone                Sphere Lock
    Tornado Blow              Line Fire
    Wind Blast                Donut Fire
    Wind Viper                Line Lock
       1E: Salamander | 
    SPELLS                    RANGE
    ------                    -----
    Blaze Cannon              Fan Lock
    Blazing  Fangs            Random Lock
    Blazing Storm             Control Lock
    Burning Needle            Line Lock
    Fireball                  Circle Fire
    Fireburst                 Circle Lock
    Firestorm                 Donut Fire
    Flame Launcher            Fan Fire
    Flame Shackles            Sphere Lock 
    Infernal Flame            Line Fire
    Magma Shower              Random Fire
    Salamander's Spear        Control Fire
    Sparking Flame            Donut Fire
    Supernova                 Sphere Fire
       1F: Shade |
    SPELLS                    RANGE
    ------                    -----
    Black Mist                Random Fire
    Black Shamshir            Random Lock
    Black Stinger             Fan Lock
    Black Wind                Fan Fire
    Dark Force                Line Lock
    Dark Nemesis              Sphere Lock
    Dark Shamshir             Random Lock
    Diabolical Impulse        Line Fire
    Infernal Wave             Circle Fire
    Shade's Scythe            Control Fire
       1G: Undine |
    SPELLS                    RANGE
    ------                    -----
    Aqua Launcher             Random Fire
    Aqua Slash                Fan Fire
    Aqueous Spark             Line lock
    Bubble Bomb               Circle lock
    Bubble Shots              Circle Fire
    Tsunami                   Sphere Fire
    Watermill                 Line Fire
    Water Cannon              Fan lock
    Water Nymph               Donut Fire
       1H: Wisp |
    SPELLS                    RANGE
    ------                    -----
    Blessed Spear             Random Fire
    Celestial Blast           Random Lock
    Celestial Burst           Sphere Fire
    Celestial Flame           Line Fire
    Celestial Storm           Donut Fire
    Divine Strike             Line Lock
    Holy Flare                Sphere Lock
    Holy Saber                Fan Lock
    Holy Slash                Fan Fire
    Holy Thunderbolt          Control Lock  
    Twinkle Ball              Circle Fire
    Twinkle Beam              Donut Lock
    Twinkle Star              Circle lock
    Wisp's Blaze              Control Fire
    2: Instruments |
    Each spell are set to a specific instrument.
    Each magic (Wisp, Undine, etc.) that combine
    with an instrument creat a spell. Different 
    instrument creat difference spells. You can
    buy instruments at town or creat them by
    using the Gold or Silver coins. 
       2A: Drum |
    INSTRUMENTS        SPELLS            CAST
    -----------        ------            ----
    Bone Drum          Golden Shiver     Aura
    Dark Drum          Black Wind        Shade
    Earth Drum         Mica Crush        Gnome
    Flame Drum         Magma Shower      Salam
    Forse Drum         Blazing Fangs     Salam
    Gust Drum          Cyclone Needle    Jinn
    Hide Drum          Bubble Shots      Undin
    Menos Drum         Cyclone Needle    Jinn
    Shine Drum         Twinkle Ball      Wisp
    Wood Drum          Emerald Jail      Dryad
       2B: Flute |
    INSTRUMENTS        SPELLS            CAST
    -----------        ------            ----
    Flame Flute        Burning Needle    Salam
    Flow Flute         Watermill         Undin
    Golden Flute       Glimmering Slash  Aura
    Gust Flute         Cyclone Flower    Jinn
    Liza Flute         Cyclone Flower    Jinn
    Menos Flute        Celestical Flame  Wisp
    Shine Flute        Celestial Flame   Wisp
    Wood Flute         Strangline Vine   Dryad
       2C: Harp |
    INSTRUMENTS        SPELLS            CAST
    -----------        ------            ----
    Dark Harp          Black Wind        Shade
    Earth Harp         Earth's Fury      Gnome
    Flame Harp         Infernal Flame    Salam
    Flow Harp          Tsunami           Undine
    Golden Harp        Golden Sphere     Aura
    Ivory              Tornado Cross     Jinn
    Jaco Harp          Aqua Launcher     Undine
    Jaco Harp          Infernal Flame    Salam
    Shine Harp         Divine Strike     Aura
       2D: Marimba |
    INSTRUMENTS        SPELLS            CAST
    -----------        ------            ----
    Dark Marimba       Black Shamshir    Shade
    Earth Marimba      Jasper Jolt       Gnome
    Flow Marimba       Water Nymph       Undine
    Golden Marimba     Platinum Flicker  Aura
    Gust Marimba       Wind Blast        Jinn
    Granz Marimba      Magma Shower      Salam
    Ishe Marimba       Magma Shower      Salam
    Lora Marimba       Floodwater        Undine
    Wood Marimba       Emerald Vine      Dryad
    3: Elemental Coins |
    When you creat an instrument at the back of
    your house, you can add either the gold or 
    silver coin to an instrument to make it into
    a spell instruments. Ofcourse, gold coin 
    will do more damaging than silver.
       3A: Gold |
    ITEM           INSTR.  CAST  SPELL
    ----           ------  ----  -----
    Baobab Wood    Drum    Drya  Emerald Vine
    Baobab Wood    Harp    Drya  Emerlad Orb
    Baobad Wood    Marim   Drya  Wood Spikes
    Coral          Drum    Aura  Golden Wheel
    Coral          Flute   Aura  Golden Sphere
    Coral          Harp    Aura  Golden Sphere
    Coral          Marim   Aura  Platinum Flick
    Fish Scale     Harp    Gnom  Terra Hammer
    ForsenalIron   Harp    Aura  Golden Aurora
    ForsenalIron   Harp    Drya  Strangling Vine
    ForsenalIron   Marim   Drya  Wood Spikes
    ForsenalIron   Drum    Sala  Blazing Fangs
    ForsenalIron   Flute   Shad  Black Wind
    ForsenalIron   Harp    Shad  Black Stinger
    ForsenalIron   Marim   Shad  Dark Prison
    Granz Steel    Drum    Drya  Emerald Orb
    Granz Steel    Harp    Drya  Emerald Storm
    Granz Steel    Flute   Drya  Dryad's Cyclone
    Granz Steel    Marim   Drya  Emerald Orb
    Ishe Platinum  Drum    Drya  Emerald Orb
    Ishe Platinum  Flute   Drya  Dryad Cyclone
    Ishe Platinum  Harp    Drya  Emerald Storm
    Lizard Scale   Flute   Aura  Aureat Strike
    Lizard Scale   Harp    Aura  Golden Sphere
    Lizard Scale   Marim   Aura  Platinum Flick
    Lorant Silver  Flute   Drya  Dryad Cyclone 
    Lorant Silver  Harp    Drya  Emerald Storm
    Menos Bronze   Flute   Aura  Golden Sphere
    Menos Bronze   Harp    Aura  Golden Aurora
    Menos Bronze   Marim   Aura  Golden Sphere
    Menos Bronze   Harp    Drya  Emerald Jail
    Menos Bronze   Marim   Drya  Wood Spike
    Menos Bronze   Flute   Shad  Black Wind
    Menos Bronze   Harp    Shad  Black Stinger
    Oak Wood       Drum    Drya  Emerald Vine
    Oak Wood       Harp    Drya  Emerald Orb
    Oak Wood       Marim   Drya  Wood Spike
    Shell          Flute   Aura  Golden Sphere
    Shell          Harp    Aura  Golden Sphere
    Shell          Marim   Aura  Platinum Flick
    Vizel Gold     Harp    Aura  Golden Aurora
    Vizel Gold     Flute   Shad  Black Wind
    Vizel Gold     Harp    Shad  Black Stinger
    Vizel Gold     Marim   Shad  Dark Prison
    Wendel Silver  Harp    Aura  Golden Aurora
    Wendel Silver  Harp    Drya  Emerald Jail
    Wendel Silver  Marim   Drya  Wood Spikes
    Wendel Silver  Flute   Shad  Black Wind
    Wendel Silver  Harp    Shad  Black Stinger
    Wendel Silver  Marim   Shad  Dark Prison 
       3B: Silver |
    ITEM           INSTR.  CAST  SPELL
    ----           ------  ----  -----
    Animal Bone    Drum    Aura  Golden Shiver
    Animal Hide    Drum    Undi  Bubble Shot
    Granz Steel    Marim   Sala  Magma Shower
    Ishe Platinum  Marim   Sala  Magma Shower
    Ivory          Harp    Jinn  Tornado Cross
    Jacobini Rock  Harp    Sala  Infernal Flame
    Jacobini Rock  Harp    Undi  Aqua Launcher
    Lizard Scale   Flute   Jinn  Cyclone Flower
    Lorant Silver  Marim   Undi  Floodwater
    Menos Bronze   Drum    Jinn  Cyclone Needle
    Menos Bronze   Flute   Wisp  Celestial Flame
    < More to Come >
       3C: Coins Location |
    LOCATION                  PATH
    --------                  ----
    Bone Fotress              Throne of Corpses
    Domina                    Western End
    Fieg Snowfield            Queen Altena's Fld
    Jungle                    Western Section
    Jungle                    Prankmaster Room
    Luon Highway              Giga Rex Cavern
    Luon Highway              Lorant Tableland
    Mandora Beach             Eastend Beach
    Mandora Beach             Fullmatal Haggar
    SS Buccaneers             ????????????
    Ulkine Mines              Labanne Cavern
    White Forest              ????????????
    4: Buy Magics |
    Some magics can be bought at town. Sometime
    the old town that you have already visit
    will have some new magics that the new town 
    have. But the new town will have other new
    magics that the old town wouldn't have.
    NOTE: You may find that the magics that I 
    have list in each town might be differ from
    your. Because the farther the town that is
    from your house, the stronger it is. And
    ofcourse the closer the town to your house,
    the weaker it is. But overall, I have list
    all the magics that you can buy from town.
       4A: Domina |
    INSTRUMENT          SPELL            COST
    ----------          -----            ----
    Flow Harp           Tsunami           550
    Gust Marimba        Wind Blast        550
    Flame Flute         Burning Needle    550
    Earth Drum          Mica Crush        550
       4B: Lumina |
    INSTRUMENT          SPELL            COST
    ----------          -----            ----
    Golden Harp         Golden Sphere     550
    Wood Marimba        Emerald Vine      550
    Shine Flute         Celestial Flame   550
    Dark Drum           Black Wind        550
       4C: Polpota Harbor |
    INSTRUMENT          SPELL            COST
    ----------          -----            ---- 
    Earth Harp          Earth's Fury      700
    Dark Harp           Black Wind        700
    Flow Marimba        Water Nymph       700
    Golden Marimba      Platinum Flicker  700
    Gust Flute          Cyclone Flower    700
    Wood Flute          Strangling Vine   700
    Flame Drum          Magma Shower      550
    Shine Drum          Twinkle Ball      550
       4D: Geo |
    INSTRUMENT          SPELL            COST
    ----------          -----            ----
    Flame Harp          Infernal Flame    800
    Shine Harp          Divine Strike     800
    Earth Marimba       Jasper Jolt       800
    Dark Marimba        Black Shamshir    800
    Flow Flute          Watermill         800
    Golden Flute        Glimmering Slash  550
    Wood Drum           Emerald Jail      550
    5: Others |
    Something about me!
       5A: Other Faqs by Pnguyen |
    If you like my faqs or the way I write them,
    you can check out some of my other work. I 
    only do Squaresoft's RPG games. I am a true 
    Squaresoft diehard fan. This faqs and the 
    other below are only on gamefaqs.com. If 
    someone out there that see my faqs on 
    other website, please contact me and I will
    give you credit for it. If I've dedide to 
    post this on any other site, I will let you 
    --> Vagrant Story Magic Faqs
    --> Help Dtjaaaamjs@yahoo.com on his faqs of
        Saga Frontier 2 Combos Faqs.
       5B: Thanks To |
    Thanks to the following people:
    ~gamefaqs.com for posting this faqs
    ~Squaresoft for creating this great 
    ~my eyes, for helping me to see and 
     enjoying my life
    ~thanks to GoldEB64@aol.com for correcting
     me on buying the specific magics from a
    Thanks for reading this faqs. 
    Squaresoft 1999/2000.

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