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    Golem Guide by JumiViolet

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 12/18/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

               The JumiViolet "Golem go make'em!" Guide to building better Golems.
                    All Legend of Mana Stuff is Copyrighted by Squaresoft
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    shape/form without my written consent.  
    If this FAQ or parts of it are ever found on a website without my consent, 
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    If you have my permission, feel free to post pictures and side information, 
    as long as the base information remains unchanged.  
    Big Brother is watching you and I know how he does it, so beware thieves!
    This Updates quote: 
    "Follow your heart to your own dream...follow other's with caution...and never
    let your judgement be crowded" - JumiViolet
    Golem Guide FAQ layout:
    0) Update Log
    I) Basic Golemology
            A) Basic Questions
                    1) What the @#$% is a Golem?
                    2) Why should I choose a Golem over a pet?
                    3) Where can I get quick and easy cash?
                    4) How do I get the Golem lab?
                    5) How do I get the Blacksmithery?
                    6) How do I get the Instrument shop?
            B) What is needed to make Golems:
                    1) Beginner List
                    2) Intermidiate List
                    3) Advanced Hard-Core List
            C) Basic Golem information
                    1) Logic Grid, Malfunction Rates, and HP
                    2) Different Types of Golems
                    3) Colors: Spice up your Golem
                    4) Tempering+Golem=Powerhouse! (Thank you Sarick)
    II) Logic Blocks
            A) Basic Questions
                    1) What is a logic block?
                    2) What do the colors mean?
                    3) Why can't my golem use *this* block?
            B) Logic Block creation
                    1) Materials and Shapes
                    2) Combinations for Attacks
            C) Logic Block General information
                    1) What does the + mean?
                    2) What does each logic block actually do.
                    3) Logic Block Combos
    III) Frequently Asked Questions/Tips and Tricks
            A) Green blocks
                    1) How to tell if your golem can use them
                    2) Where are they best placed
            B) Golem not moving?
                    1) Fact or Fiction?
                    2) Blue blocks
            C) Specialty Golems
                    1) Golem-Archer Types (Golems that hang back in battle)
                    2) Golem-Spear Types (Golems that hold mid-range)
                    3) Golem-Blitzer Types (Golems that fight close range)
                    4) Golem-All around (Golems meant to fight at all ranges)
    IV)Silly Gameshark codes (most are un-golem related)
    V) Credits and other...um...stuff
    0) Update Log:
    Version 1.0 12/18/01 - Lots of new things and the item list is done.  Halleujah
    I) Basic Golemology
    SECTION A: Basic Questions
    1) What the @#$% is a Golem??!!
    A) A golem is an alternative to a pet.  
    He's the third member of your small team.  
    He is not controllable as far as we know
    2) Why should I choose a Golem over a pet?
    A) I began looking into why a Golem rocks over a pet and came up with a lot
    of good reasons.  Both are expensive (Golem for raw mats and Pet for seeds/
    produce), take lots of time, and both are very powerful.  However, Golems
    are more customizable, have steady stats, and take all their time when first
    making.  Also...you don't hafta run back to the lab everytime the golem
    raises a level to feed it cause well...Golem's don't raise levels.
    3) Where can I get quick and easy cash?
    A) Golems are expensive, very expensive, 
    but you can wave most of the cost by retrieving your own materials in battle.  
    DiorWood and DragonScales are the best materials for Golem construction, 
    and can be gotten free from Woodings and Land/Sky Dragons respectively.  
    You will need a PolterBox pet to get those materials.  
    If you're going to Temper your Golem, you'll need 
    Sulpher, Mercury, Glow Crystals, and Chaos Crystals, 
    which can set you back a pretty penny.  
    So, here's how to make some fast and easy cash:
            1) Sell spoils of war
            2) Temper Grave Dirt into a weapon, 
               then sell it when the Dying Earth card appears
            3) Sell produce from Trent
            4) Stick with Niccolo(or however his name is spelled)
    4) How do I get the Golem lab?
    A)First, complete "The Infernal Doll" quest.  
    Next, visit Professor Bomb in the Junkyard.  
    The Flowerling should take you there.  
    Talk to him and complete the quest "Professor Bomb's Lab".  
    Head home and take a turn to the Lab and out comes Professor Bomb, 
    announcing he's finished the Golem labrotory.  
    Answer his questions and you'll get 
    three Golem starter sets and a Logic Block pot.
    5) How do I get the Blacksmithery?
    A) Complete "Mine your own Business", 
    then head back to Ulkan mines and start "Watts drops the hammer".  
    The hammer is in the DudBear main hideout, so head there, 
    grab the hammer and return it to Watts.  
    Head home, and Watts will come out of the lab, 
    announcing his completion of the smithery.  
    Use all the options to stop hammering and 
    you've got yourself a Blacksmithery!
    6) How do I get the Instrument Shop?
    A) Complete "Reaching for the Stars", 
    and the little kid will appear at home.  
    Catch a Wisp for some silver Wisp coins.  
    The rest is just basicly menu selection and stuff.  
    When the kid leaves, you got your Music creator.
    SECTION B: What you need to make Golems
    1)Beginner List
    You need:
            *Golem Laboratory
    You've just gotten interested in Golems and 
    will probably purchase every kind of weapon or such in a store, 
    which is fine for starting out.  
    Some harder to find stuff won't be available, 
    and you'll be short on cash a lot, 
    but you've started on the road to Victory.
    2)Intermidate List
    You need:
            *Golem Laboratory
    You've dabbled in Golem construction and have made a few.  
    You have the basic jist of it and want to expand your horizons.  
    The Blacksmithery allows you to turn raw metals into 
    Golem Construction tools.  
    You have a much broader range of Logic Blocks to use.  
    Your pocket will be empty as well, 
    because you'll be buying lots of materials.
    3) Advanced List
    You need:
            *Golem Laboratory
            @Instrument Shop
            $Polter Box pet
    You wanna be the best of the best!  
    You want a golem that'll rock the world and leave it asking for more.  
    With all barriers gone, 
    you have the potential to 
    make golems of 999 HP and 99 stats across the board.  
    Most of your time will be spent material hunting, 
    or in the blacksmith tempering.  
    You won't have as much time, 
    but you'll have more money because you'll only be buying a few 
    tempering tools every now and then.  
    Your golem will be released like a plague on the world.
    SECTION C: Basic Golem Information
    NOTE: After some testing, 
    you need to select at least ONE piece of equipment to make a golem.  
    No Golems appear out of thin air.
    1) Logic Grid, Malfunction Rates, and HP
    All these values are determined by 
    the type and amount of Armor you use in your golem construction.  
    The better the material, the more HP.  
    Logic Grid size and Malfunction rates are directly effected by 
    how much Armor you use in making your Golem.  
    0 pieces: 4x4 Grid 35% Malfunction Rate
    1 piece: 4x4 Grid 35% Malfunction Rate
    2 pieces: 5x5 Grid 25% Malfunction Rate
    3 pieces: 6x6 Grid 15% Malfunction Rate
    Its Defense stats are related to that of the armor, 
    so you might want to toss in one full armor, one ring, 
    and one well rounded armor for the final piece.
    2) Different Types of Golems:
    Golem type is based on the weapon you give them.  
    Golem types tell you what type of Green Blocks a Golem can use.  
    Here's the equation:
    Weapon used for Golem = Weapon in Logic block (Compatible)
    Weapon used for Golem =/(Not equal) Weapon in Logic Block (Not compatible)
    No Weapon           = Normal Type (can only use Red and Blue blocks)
    Bow                 = Shotgun Type
    Staff, Knife, Spear = Spear Type
    Sword, Axe          = Guillotine Type
    2HSword, 2HAxe      = Chainsaw Type
    Flail, Hammer       = Hammer Type
    Glove               = Kunckles Type
    3) Colors: Spice up your Golem
    You take some of your unused produce and 
    splash your golem with the juice to give it an individual look.
    Fruit         |Color
    BellGrapes    |Grape Gray
    DiceBerry     |Strawberry
    Mangolephant  |Mango Green
    Loquat-Shoes  |Orange Gold
    Pear o'Heels  |Pear Silver
    Squalphin     |Dolphin Green
    Citrisquid    |Sweet Yellow
    Springana     |Sweet Yellow
    Peach Puppy   |Peach Red
    Apricat       |Apricot
    Applesocks    |Apple Red
    Whalamato     |Tomato Red
    Pine o'Clock  |Pine o'Green
    Fishy Fruit   |Sour Yellow
    Boarmelon     |Melon Green
    Rhinoloupe    |Rhino Blue
    Orcaplant     |Orca Blue
    Garlic Crown  |Crown Silver
    Honey Onion   |Default
    Sweet Moai    |Moai Gray
    Spiny Carrot  |Sun Orange
    Conchurnip    |Conch Gray
    Corn Flower   |Sour Yellow
    Cabbadillo    |Lettuce Green
    Needlelettuce |Cabbage Green
    Cherry Bombs  |Berry Purple
    Maked Potato  |Masked Blue
    Lilipod       |Lily Purple
    Rocket Papya  |Bitter Green
    Orange'pus    |Sun Orange
    Bumpkin       |Golden Orange
    Heart Mint    |Mint Green
    Spade Basil   |Basil Blue
    Diaurlel      |Bitter Green
    Gold Clover   |Grass Gold
    Mush-in-a-box |'Shroom Silver
    Toadstool Shed|Shack Brown
    5) Tempering+Golem=PowerHouse!
    You've just finished your first golem, 
    you check his stats, and you go, "what the @#$%??!!  His stats suck!"  
    Well, for better stats, weapon rankings, and status protections, 
    your armor and weapons had to have been tempered first.  
    However, this is not a tempering FAQ.  It's a Golem FAQ.  
    If you want to temper your items first, 
    review the Tempering FAQ or SeanKelson's FAQ.
    Here however is a Super Golem Formula created by Sarick, 
    god bless him, off the GameFAQs message board.
    Updated axe power!
    Make a diorwood 2 handed axe +9 Stats essences +6 or above across the board. 
    With at least 700 attack power. 
    NOTE:is limited to 200 attack power when golem is finshed. 
    1 Wisp Silver
    3 Glow Crystal
    1 Wisp Silver
    3 Glow Crystal 
    1 Dryad Silver
    3 Glow Crystal
    1 Dryad Silver
    3 Glow Crystal
    3 Sulpher
    1 Dryad Gold
    1 Gnome Silver
    3 Glow Crystal
    1 Gnome Silver
    3 Glow Crystal
    3 Sulpher
    1 Gnome Gold
    1 Undine Silver
    3 Glow Crystal
    1 Undine Silver
    3 Glow Crystal
    1 Undine Silver
    1 Glow Crystal
    3 Mercury
    1 Undine Gold
    1 Chaos Crystal
    1 Shade Silver
    3 Glow Crystal
    1 Chaos Crystal
    1 Shade Silver
    3 Glow Crystal 
    1 Chaos Crystal
    1 Aura Silver
    3 Glow Crystal
    1 Chaos Crystal
    1 Aura Silver
    3 Glow Crystal
    1 choas Crystal
    3 Mercury
    1 Aura Gold 
    1 Chaos Crystal
    1 Sala Silver
    3 Glow Crystal
    1 Chaos Crystal
    1 Sala Silver
    3 Glow Crystal
    1 Choas Crystal
    3 Sulpher
    1 Sala Gold
    1 Choas Crystal
    3 Sulpher
    1 Sala Gold
    1 Chaos Crystal
    1 Jinn Silver
    3 Glow Crystal
    1 Chaos Crystal
    1 Jinn Silver
    3 Glow Crystal
    1 Choas Crystal
    3 Mercury
    1 Jinn Gold 
    2 Pine O'clock
    1 Silly Eye
    3 Lillypods
    12 Spiny Seeds
    1 Bumpkin
    2 Ash
    1 Sharp Claw
    Next the adamantium pendant. 
    Has +3 Stats across the board, 
    protects vs status change Sleep, Darkness, Paralysis, and Freeze.
    1 Pine O'Clock
    1 Blackened Bat
    1 Zombie Claw
    1 Sala Silver
    3 Glow Crystal
    1 Sala Silver
    1 Sharp Claw
    1 Wisp Silver
    3 Glow Crystal
    1 Wisp Silver
    3 Glow Crystal 
    1 Dryad Silver
    3 Glow Crystal
    1 Dryad Silver
    3 Glow Crystal
    1 Gnome Silver
    3 Glow Crystal
    1 Gnome Silver
    3 Glow Crystal
    1 Undine Silver
    3 Glow Crystal
    1 Undine Silver
    3 Glow Crystal 
    1 Chaos Crystal
    1 Shade Silver
    3 Glow Crystal
    1 Chaos Crystal
    1 Shade Silver
    3 Glow Crystal 
    1 Chaos Crystal
    1 Aura Silver
    3 Glow Crystal
    1 Chaos Crystal
    1 Aura Silver
    3 Glow Crystal 
    1 Chaos Crystal
    1 Jinn Silver
    3 Glow Crystal
    1 Chaos Crystal
    1 Jinn Silver
    3 Glow Crystal 
    3 Spiny Seeds
    4 Needlettice 
    1 Chaos Crystal
    1 Sala Silver
    3 Needlettuce
    1 Heartment
    Next make the two dragon scale armors. 
    1 Wisp Silver
    3 Glow Crystal
    1 Wisp Silver
    3 Glow Crystal 
    1 Dryad Silver
    3 Glow Crystal
    1 Dryad Silver
    3 Glow Crystal
    1 Gnome Silver
    3 Glow Crystal
    1 Gnome Silver
    3 Glow Crystal
    1 Undine Silver
    3 glow Crystal
    1 Undine Silver
    3 Glow Crystal 
    1 Chaos Crystal
    1 Shade Silver
    3 Glow Crystal
    1 Chaos Crystal
    1 Shade Silver
    3 Glow Crystal 
    1 Chaos Crystal
    1 Aura Silver
    3 Glow Crystal
    1 Chaos Crystal
    1 Aura Silver
    3 Glow Crystal 
    1 Chaos Crystal
    1 Jinn Silver
    3 Glow Crystal
    1 Chaos Crystal
    1 Jinn Silver
    3 Glow Crystal 
    Finish it off like this for armor 1:
    +3 all Stats special powers super melee defence, 
    also protects vs status changes 
    Poison, Confusion, Fireburn and Petrification. 
    1 Stinky Breath
    1 Squalphin
    1 Ear of Wheat
    4 Holy Water
    2 Spiny Seed
    3 Vampire Fangs
    3 Bumpkin
    1 Chaos Crystal
    1 Sala Silver
    3 Needlelettuce
    1 Heart Ment
    Finish it off like this for armor 2: 
    stats +10 special powers protects
     vs ALL essences and 
    the status change freeze has fast HP recovery and revive. 
    1 Chaos Crystal
    1 Sala Silver
    3 Glow Crystal
    1 Chaos Crystal
    1 Sala Silver
    3 Glow Crystal
    1 Choas Crystal
    3 Sulpher
    1 Sala Gold
    1 Sharpened Claw
    1 Flaming Quill
    1 Heart Mint 
    2 Spiny Seed
    12 Vampire Fangs
    Total Stat Bonuses +25!
    Pendent 00/00/00/95 
    Armor 1 98/98/82/06
    Armor 2 29/29/24/01 
    Total Golem - 99/99/99/99
    If all this works you should have a golem with 
    total defence 99 across the board, 
    stats 99 across the board, 999 hp, 
    all status protections, 
    and Resistence to all elemental essences.
    If the armor stat bonuses fail Try these altercations to the formulas. 
    Jumi you won't have to restart the temper process 
    if you have unlimited items just temper over the flawed originals 
    take note and replace the formula with the best solution. 
    Sala Was Taken out of the formula don't worry armor 2 will give 
    salamanders essence defence from armor 2. :) 
    If Pendent fails to give +3 stats across the board 
    try this instead as the last checkpoint for tempering Pendent. 
    3 Spiny Seeds
    4 Vampire Fangs
    4 Needlettice 
    1 Heart Mint
    If Armor 1 fails to give +3 stats across the board 
    try this instead as the last checkpoint for tempering Armor 1. 
    1 Stinky Breath
    1 Squalphin
    1 Ear of Wheat
    4 Holy Water
    3 Spiny Seed
    4 Vampire Fangs
    3 Needlelettuce
    1 Heart Mint
    Ok You only need 20 points to make all the stats 99's 
    Golem bodys have a base of 15 across the board, 
    and +5 for each bonus stat on the items. 
    A single item with +10 and yggdrasil 
    would result in a golem with 65 status across the board. 
    With two items at +10 the golem should 
    have all stats 99 across the board."
    Wow that's a lot!  Thanks alot Sarick! ^_^
    Now...I'm going to add my own Tempering Formula for a Golem.
    Using the best materials you can find (DragonScales if you can wrap your little
    mits around some), follow this forumla:
    Make 2 Armors and 1 Pendant (Adamantine for the pendant if possible)
    Temper into all of them:
    3 Glow Crystals
    3 Dryad Gold
    4 Needlelettuce (Will make 3 bed of Thorns)
    6 Spiny Seeds (Will make 3 Yggdrasil, +10 to all, and saves seeds)
    3 Needlelettuce (Places 2 Bed of Thorns, and leaves one Yggdrasil for +10)
    With all armors tempered like that...the Golem should now have 99 stats for all,
    999 HP, and no status protection.  I'm not sure on doing status protection yet,
    but once I crack it, I'll post a more advanced formula.
    For the Weapon, use general Sean Kelson Tempering (copyrighted by Kelson) and
    kick in either, A) Holy Water for slashing weapons, B) Bumpkins for bashing,
    or C) Ash for Hammers.  I'm not sure the requirements to get Clown, Cleric, or
    Volcano...but Kelson Tempering should be enough.  This'll give your golem a lot
    of power.  Well...have fun!
    II) Logic Blocks
    SECTION A: Basic Questions
    1) What is a logic block?
    A) The attacks and commands of the golem.  
    Basically, it's his brains.
    2) What do the colors mean?
    A) Blue is when the Golem uses a player move, 
    Green are Golem Type specific weapons, 
    and Red are auxiliary or backup blocks that any Golem can use.
    3) Why can't my Golem use *this* block?
    A) Chances are your Golem is not a compatible type.  
    See Section III for Green Block information.
    SECTION B: Logic Block Creation
    I found the pattern for the materials, so this section should be
    finished much quicker than orignially expected.
    KEY FOR SHAPES: If a description like 2x1 is shown, 
    then the box is 2 wide and 1 high.  
    Strange Shapes and keys for them:
    @@  = L1
    @@@ = L2
     @@ = Z
     @  = T
    1)Materials and Shapes
    Materials                |Shapes
    MenosBronze+MenosBronze  |1X1
    MenosBronze+ForsenaIron  |1X2
    MenosBronze+GranzSteel   |lX3
    MenosBronze+LorantSilver |L1
    MenosBronze+WendleSilver |1X5
    MenosBronze+VizelGold    |L2
    MenosBronze+IshePlatinum |L2
    MenosBronze+LorimarIron  |T
    MenosBronze+AltenaAlloy  |Z
    MenosBronze+MaiaLead     |Z
    MenosBronze+Orihalcon    |2X2
    MenosBronze+OakWood      |L2
    MenosBronze+HollyWood    |L2
    MenosBronze+BaobabWood   |T
    MenosBronze+EbonyWood    |Z
    MenosBronze+MapleWood    |Z
    MenosBronze+DiorWood     |2X2
    MenosBronze+AshWood      |1X1
    MenosBronze+FossilWood   |1X2
    MenosBronze+Marble       |1X3
    MenosBronze+Obsidan      |L1
    MenosBronze+PedanStone   |1X5
    MenosBronze+Gaeus'Tears  |L2
    MenosBronze+AnimalHide   |L2
    MenosBronze+GatorSkin    |T
    MenosBronze+CentaurHide  |Z
    MenosBronze+DragonSkin   |Z
    MenosBronze+FishScales   |2X2
    MenosBronze+LizardScales |1X1
    MenosBronze+SnakeScales  |1X2
    MenosBronze+DragonScales |1X3
    MenosBronze+AnimalBone   |L1
    MenosBronze+Ivory        |1X5
    MenosBronze+CursedBone   |L2
    MenosBronze+Fossil       |L2
    MenosBronze+ToppleCotton |T
    MenosBronze+SultansSilk  |Z
    MenosBronze+Juddhemp     |Z
    MenosBronze+AltenaFelt   |2x2
    MenosBronze+JacobiniRock |1X1
    MenosBronze+HalleyRock   |1X2
    MenosBronze+AnkhRock     |1X3
    MenosBronze+VinekRock    |L1
    MenosBronze+TuttleRock   |1X5
    MenosBronze+NemesisRock  |L2
    MenosBronze+BiellaRock   |L2
    MenosBronze+SwifteRock   |T
    MenosBronze+Adamantite   |Z
    MenosBronze+FullMetal    |Z
    MenosBronze+Coral        |2X2
    MenosBronze+TurtleShell  |1X1
    MenosBronze+Shell        |1X2
    MenosBronze+Emerald      |1X3
    MenosBronze+Pearl        |T
    MenosBronze+LapisLazuli  |Z
    ForsenaIron+ForsenaIron  |1X3
    ForsenaIron+GranzSteel   |L1
    ForsenaIron+LorantSilver |1X5
    ForsenaIron+WendleSilver |L2
    ForsenaIron+VizelGold    |L2
    ForsenaIron+IshePlatinum |T
    ForsenaIron+LorimarIron  |Z
    ForsenaIron+AltenaAlloy  |Z
    ForsenaIron+MaiaLead     |2X2
    ForsenaIron+Orihalcon    |1X1
    ForsenaIron+OakWood      |L2
    ForsenaIron+HollyWood    |T
    ForsenaIron+BaobabWood   |Z
    ForsenaIron+EbonyWood    |Z
    ForsenaIron+MapleWood    |2X2
    ForsenaIron+DiorWood     |1X1
    ForsenaIron+AshWood      |1X2
    ForsenaIron+FossilWood   |1X3
    ForsenaIron+Marble       |L1
    ForsenaIron+Obsidan      |1X5
    ForsenaIron+PedanStone   |L2
    ForsenaIron+Gaeus'Tears  |L2
    ForsenaIron+AnimalHide   |T
    ForsenaIron+GatorSkin    |Z
    ForsenaIron+CentaurHide  |Z
    ForsenaIron+DragonSkin   |2X2
    ForsenaIron+FishScales   |1X1
    ForsenaIron+LizardScales |1X2
    ForsenaIron+SnakeScales  |1X3
    ForsenaIron+DragonScales |L1
    ForsenaIron+AnimalBone   |1X5
    ForsenaIron+Ivory        |L2
    ForsenaIron+CursedBone   |L2
    ForsenaIron+Fossil       |T
    ForsenaIron+ToppleCotton |Z
    ForsenaIron+SultansSilk  |Z
    ForsenaIron+Juddhemp     |2X2
    ForsenaIron+AltenaFelt   |1X1
    ForsenaIron+JacobiniRock |1X2
    ForsenaIron+HalleyRock   |1X3
    ForsenaIron+AnkhRock     |L1
    ForsenaIron+VinekRock    |1X5
    ForsenaIron+TuttleRock   |L2
    ForsenaIron+NemesisRock  |L2
    ForsenaIron+BiellaRock   |T
    ForsenaIron+SwifteRock   |Z
    ForsenaIron+Adamantite   |Z
    ForsenaIron+FullMetal    |2X2
    ForsenaIron+Coral        |1X1
    ForsenaIron+TurtleShell  |1X2
    ForsenaIron+Shell        |1X3
    ForsenaIron+Emerald      |L1
    ForsenaIron+Pearl        |Z
    ForsenaIron+LapisLazuli  |Z
    GranzSteel+GranzSteel    |1X5
    GranzSteel+LorantSilver  |L2
    GranzSteel+WendleSilver  |L2
    GranzSteel+VizelGold     |T
    GranzSteel+IshePlatinum  |Z
    GranzSteel+LorimarIron   |Z
    GranzSteel+AltenaAlloy   |2X2
    GranzSteel+MaiaLead      |1X1
    GranzSteel+Orihalcon     |1X2
    GranzSteel+OakWood       |T
    GranzSteel+HollyWood     |Z
    GranzSteel+BaobabWood    |Z
    GranzSteel+EbonyWood     |2X2
    GranzSteel+MapleWood     |1X1
    GranzSteel+DiorWood      |1X2
    GranzSteel+AshWood       |1X3
    GranzSteel+FossilWood    |L1
    GranzSteel+Marble        |1X5
    GranzSteel+Obsidan       |L2
    GranzSteel+PedanStone    |L2
    GranzSteel+Gaeus'Tears   |T
    GranzSteel+AnimalHide    |Z
    GranzSteel+GatorSkin     |Z
    GranzSteel+CentaurHide   |2X2
    GranzSteel+DragonSkin    |1X1
    GranzSteel+FishScales    |1X2
    GranzSteel+LizardScales  |1X3
    GranzSteel+SnakeScales   |L1
    GranzSteel+DragonScales  |1X5
    GranzSteel+AnimalBone    |L2
    GranzSteel+Ivory         |L2
    GranzSteel+CursedBone    |T
    GranzSteel+Fossil        |Z
    GranzSteel+ToppleCotton  |Z
    GranzSteel+SultansSilk   |2X2
    GranzSteel+Juddhemp      |1X1
    GranzSteel+AltenaFelt    |1X2
    GranzSteel+JacobiniRock  |1X3
    GranzSteel+HalleyRock    |L1
    GranzSteel+AnkhRock      |1X5
    GranzSteel+VinekRock     |L2
    GranzSteel+TuttleRock    |L2
    GranzSteel+NemesisRock   |T
    GranzSteel+BiellaRock    |Z
    GranzSteel+SwifteRock    |Z
    GranzSteel+Adamantite    |2X2
    GranzSteel+FullMetal     |1X1
    GranzSteel+Coral         |1X2
    GranzSteel+TurtleShell   |1X3
    GranzSteel+Shell         |L1
    GranzSteel+Emerald       |1X5
    GranzSteel+Pearl         |Z
    GranzSteel+LapisLazuli   |2X2
    LorantSilver+VizelGold   |Z
    LorantSilver+LorimarIron |2X2
    LorantSilver+AltenaAlloy |1X1
    LorantSilver+MaiaLead    |1X2
    LorantSilver+Orihalcon   |1X3
    LorantSilver+OakWood     |Z
    LorantSilver+HollyWood   |Z
    LorantSilver+BaobabWood  |2X2
    LorantSilver+EbonyWood   |1X1
    LorantSilver+MapleWood   |1X2
    LorantSilver+DiorWood    |1X3
    LorantSilver+AshWood     |L1
    LorantSilver+FossilWood  |1X5
    LorantSilver+Marble      |L2
    LorantSilver+Obsidan     |L2
    LorantSilver+PedanStone  |T
    LorantSilver+Gaeus'Tears |Z
    LorantSilver+AnimalHide  |Z
    LorantSilver+GatorSkin   |2X2
    LorantSilver+CentaurHide |1X1
    LorantSilver+DragonSkin  |1X2
    LorantSilver+FishScales  |1X3
    LorantSilver+SnakeScales |1X5
    LorantSilver+AnimalBone  |L2
    LorantSilver+Ivory       |T
    LorantSilver+CursedBone  |Z
    LorantSilver+Fossil      |Z
    LorantSilver+SultansSilk |1X1
    LorantSilver+Juddhemp    |1X2
    LorantSilver+AltenaFelt  |1X3
    LorantSilver+HalleyRock  |1X5
    LorantSilver+AnkhRock    |L2
    LorantSilver+VinekRock   |L2
    LorantSilver+TuttleRock  |T
    LorantSilver+NemesisRock |Z
    LorantSilver+BiellaRock  |Z
    LorantSilver+SwifteRock  |2X2
    LorantSilver+Adamantite  |1X1
    LorantSilver+FullMetal   |1X2
    LorantSilver+Coral       |1X3
    LorantSilver+TurtleShell |L1
    LorantSilver+Shell       |1X5
    LorantSilver+Emerald     |L2
    LorantSilver+Pearl       |2X2
    LorantSilver+LapisLazuli |1X1
    WendleSilver+VizelGold   |Z
    WendleSilver+LorimarIron |1X1
    WendleSilver+AltenaAlloy |1X2
    WendleSilver+MaiaLead    |1X3
    WendleSilver+Orihalcon   |L1
    WendleSilver+OakWood     |Z
    WendleSilver+HollyWood   |2X2
    WendleSilver+BaobabWood  |1X1
    WendleSilver+EbonyWood   |1X2
    WendleSilver+MapleWood   |1X3
    WendleSilver+DiorWood    |L1
    WendleSilver+AshWood     |1X5
    WendleSilver+FossilWood  |L2
    WendleSilver+Marble      |L2
    WendleSilver+Obsidan     |T
    WendleSilver+PedanStone  |Z
    WendleSilver+Gaeus'Tears |Z
    WendleSilver+AnimalHide  |2X2
    WendleSilver+GatorSkin   |1X1
    WendleSilver+CentaurHide |1X2
    WendleSilver+DragonSkin  |1X3
    WendleSilver+FishScales  |L1
    WendleSilver+SnakeScales |L2
    WendleSilver+AnimalBone  |T
    WendleSilver+Ivory       |Z
    WendleSilver+CursedBone  |Z
    WendleSilver+Fossil      |2X2
    WendleSilver+SultansSilk |1X2
    WendleSilver+Juddhemp    |1X3
    WendleSilver+AltenaFelt  |L1
    WendleSilver+HalleyRock  |L2
    WendleSilver+AnkhRock    |L2
    WendleSilver+VinekRock   |T
    WendleSilver+TuttleRock  |Z
    WendleSilver+NemesisRock |Z
    WendleSilver+BiellaRock  |2X2
    WendleSilver+SwifteRock  |1X1
    WendleSilver+Adamantite  |1X2
    WendleSilver+FullMetal   |1X3
    WendleSilver+Coral       |L1
    WendleSilver+TurtleShell |1X5
    WendleSilver+Shell       |L2
    WendleSilver+Emerald     |L2
    WendleSilver+Pearl       |1X1
    WendleSilver+LapisLazuli |1X2
    VizelGold+VizelGold      |2X2
    VizelGold+IshePlatinum   |1X1
    VizelGold+LorimarIron    |1X2
    VizelGold+AltenaAlloy    |1X3
    VizelGold+MaiaLead       |L1
    VizelGold+Orihalcon      |1X5
    VizelGold+OakWood        |2X2
    VizelGold+HollyWood      |1X1
    VizelGold+BaobabWood     |1X2
    VizelGold+EbonyWood      |1X3
    VizelGold+MapleWood      |L1
    VizelGold+DiorWood       |1X5
    VizelGold+AshWood        |L2
    VizelGold+FossilWood     |L2
    VizelGold+Marble         |T
    VizelGold+Obsidan        |Z
    VizelGold+PedanStone     |Z
    VizelGold+Gaeus'Tears    |2X2
    VizelGold+AnimalHide     |1X1
    VizelGold+GatorSkin      |1X2
    VizelGold+CentaurHide    |1X3
    VizelGold+DragonSkin     |L1
    VizelGold+FishScales     |1X5
    VizelGold+LizardScales   |L2
    VizelGold+SnakeScales    |L2
    VizelGold+DragonScales   |T
    VizelGold+AnimalBone     |Z
    VizelGold+Ivory          |Z
    VizelGold+CursedBone     |2X2
    VizelGold+Fossil         |1X1
    VizelGold+ToppleCotton   |1X2
    VizelGold+SultansSilk    |1X3
    VizelGold+Juddhemp       |L1
    VizelGold+AltenaFelt     |1X5
    VizelGold+JacobiniRock   |L2
    VizelGold+HalleyRock     |L2
    VizelGold+AnkhRock       |T
    VizelGold+VinekRock      |Z
    VizelGold+TuttleRock     |Z
    VizelGold+NemesisRock    |2X2
    VizelGold+BiellaRock     |1X1
    VizelGold+SwifteRock     |1X2
    VizelGold+Adamantite     |1X3
    VizelGold+FullMetal      |L1
    VizelGold+Coral          |1X5
    VizelGold+TurtleShell    |L2
    VizelGold+Shell          |L2
    VizelGold+Emerald        |T
    VizelGold+Pearl          |1X2
    VizelGold+LapisLazuli    |1X3
    IshePlatinum+LorimarIron |1X3
    IshePlatinum+AltenaAlloy |L1
    IshePlatinum+MaiaLead    |1X5
    IshePlatinum+Orihalcon   |L2
    IshePlatinum+OakWood     |1X1
    IshePlatinum+HollyWood   |1X2
    IshePlatinum+BaobabWood  |1X3
    IshePlatinum+EbonyWood   |L1
    IshePlatinum+MapleWood   |1X5
    IshePlatinum+DiorWood    |L2
    IshePlatinum+AshWood     |L2
    IshePlatinum+FossilWood  |T
    IshePlatinum+Marble      |Z
    IshePlatinum+Obsidan     |Z
    IshePlatinum+PedanStone  |2X2
    IshePlatinum+Gaeus'Tears |1X1
    IshePlatinum+AnimalHide  |1X2
    IshePlatinum+GatorSkin   |1X3
    IshePlatinum+CentaurHide |L1
    IshePlatinum+DragonSkin  |1X5
    IshePlatinum+FishScales  |L2
    IshePlatinum+SnakeScales |T
    IshePlatinum+AnimalBone  |Z
    IshePlatinum+Ivory       |2X2
    IshePlatinum+CursedBone  |1X1
    IshePlatinum+Fossil      |1X2
    IshePlatinum+SultansSilk |L1
    IshePlatinum+Juddhemp    |1X5
    IshePlatinum+AltenaFelt  |L2
    IshePlatinum+HalleyRock  |T
    IshePlatinum+AnkhRock    |Z
    IshePlatinum+VinekRock   |Z
    IshePlatinum+TuttleRock  |2X2
    IshePlatinum+NemesisRock |1X1
    IshePlatinum+BiellaRock  |1X2
    IshePlatinum+SwifteRock  |1X3
    IshePlatinum+Adamantite  |L1
    IshePlatinum+FullMetal   |1X5
    IshePlatinum+Coral       |L2
    IshePlatinum+TurtleShell |L2
    IshePlatinum+Shell       |T
    IshePlatinum+Emerald     |Z
    IshePlatinum+Pearl       |1X3
    IshePlatinum+LapisLazuli |L1
    LorimarIron+LorimarIron  |L1
    LorimarIron+AltenaAlloy  |1X5
    LorimarIron+MaiaLead     |L2
    LorimarIron+Orihalcon    |L2
    LorimarIron+OakWood      |1X2
    LorimarIron+HollyWood    |1X3
    LorimarIron+BaobabWood   |L1
    LorimarIron+EbonyWood    |1X5
    LorimarIron+MapleWood    |L2
    LorimarIron+DiorWood     |L2
    LorimarIron+AshWood      |T
    LorimarIron+FossilWood   |Z
    LorimarIron+Marble       |Z
    LorimarIron+Obsidan      |2X2
    LorimarIron+PedanStone   |1X1
    LorimarIron+Gaeus'Tears  |1X2
    LorimarIron+AnimalHide   |1X3
    LorimarIron+GatorSkin    |L1
    LorimarIron+CentaurHide  |1X5
    LorimarIron+DragonSkin   |L2
    LorimarIron+FishScales   |L2
    LorimarIron+LizardScales |T
    LorimarIron+SnakeScales  |Z
    LorimarIron+DragonScales |Z
    LorimarIron+AnimalBone   |2X2
    LorimarIron+Ivory        |1X1
    LorimarIron+CursedBone   |1X2
    LorimarIron+Fossil       |1X3
    LorimarIron+ToppleCotton |L1
    LorimarIron+SultansSilk  |1X5
    LorimarIron+Juddhemp     |L2
    LorimarIron+AltenaFelt   |L2
    LorimarIron+JacobiniRock |T
    LorimarIron+HalleyRock   |Z
    LorimarIron+AnkhRock     |Z
    LorimarIron+VinekRock    |2X2
    LorimarIron+TuttleRock   |1X1
    LorimarIron+NemesisRock  |1X2
    LorimarIron+BiellaRock   |1X3
    LorimarIron+SwifteRock   |L1
    LorimarIron+Adamantite   |1X5
    LorimarIron+FullMetal    |L2
    LorimarIron+Coral        |L2
    LorimarIron+TurtleShell  |T
    LorimarIron+Shell        |Z
    LorimarIron+Emerald      |Z
    LorimarIron+Pearl        |L1
    LorimarIron+LapisLazuli  |1X5
    AltenaAlloy+AltenaAlloy  |L2
    AltenaAlloy+MaiaLead     |L2
    AltenaAlloy+Orihalcon    |T
    AltenaAlloy+OakWood      |1X3
    AltenaAlloy+HollyWood    |L1
    AltenaAlloy+BaobabWood   |1X5
    AltenaAlloy+EbonyWood    |L2
    AltenaAlloy+MapleWood    |L2
    AltenaAlloy+DiorWood     |T
    AltenaAlloy+AshWood      |Z
    AltenaAlloy+FossilWood   |Z
    AltenaAlloy+Marble       |2X2
    AltenaAlloy+Obsidan      |1X1
    AltenaAlloy+PedanStone   |1X2
    AltenaAlloy+Gaeus'Tears  |1X3
    AltenaAlloy+AnimalHide   |L1
    AltenaAlloy+GatorSkin    |1X5
    AltenaAlloy+CentaurHide  |L2
    AltenaAlloy+DragonSkin   |L2
    AltenaAlloy+FishScales   |T
    AltenaAlloy+LizardScales |Z
    AltenaAlloy+SnakeScales  |Z
    AltenaAlloy+DragonScales |2X2
    AltenaAlloy+AnimalBone   |1X1
    AltenaAlloy+Ivory        |1X2
    AltenaAlloy+CursedBone   |1X3
    AltenaAlloy+Fossil       |L1
    AltenaAlloy+ToppleCotton |1X5
    AltenaAlloy+SultansSilk  |L2
    AltenaAlloy+Juddhemp     |L2
    AltenaAlloy+AltenaFelt   |T
    AltenaAlloy+JacobiniRock |Z
    AltenaAlloy+HalleyRock   |Z
    AltenaAlloy+AnkhRock     |2X2
    AltenaAlloy+VinekRock    |1X1
    AltenaAlloy+TuttleRock   |1X2
    AltenaAlloy+NemesisRock  |1X3
    AltenaAlloy+BiellaRock   |L1
    AltenaAlloy+SwifteRock   |1X5
    AltenaAlloy+Adamantite   |L2
    AltenaAlloy+FullMetal    |L2
    AltenaAlloy+Coral        |T
    AltenaAlloy+TurtleShell  |Z
    AltenaAlloy+Shell        |Z
    AltenaAlloy+Emerald      |2X2
    AltenaAlloy+Pearl        |1X5
    AltenaAlloy+LapisLazuli  |L2
    MaiaLead+MaiaLead        |T
    MaiaLead+Orihalcon       |Z
    MaiaLead+OakWood         |L1
    MaiaLead+HollyWood       |1X5
    MaiaLead+BaobabWood      |L2
    MaiaLead+EbonyWood       |L2
    MaiaLead+MapleWood       |T
    MaiaLead+DiorWood        |Z
    MaiaLead+AshWood         |Z
    MaiaLead+FossilWood      |2X2
    MaiaLead+Marble          |1X1
    MaiaLead+Obsidan         |1X2
    MaiaLead+PedanStone      |1X3
    MaiaLead+Gaeus'Tears     |L1
    MaiaLead+AnimalHide      |1X5
    MaiaLead+GatorSkin       |L2
    MaiaLead+CentaurHide     |L2
    MaiaLead+DragonSkin      |T
    MaiaLead+FishScales      |Z
    MaiaLead+LizardScales    |Z
    MaiaLead+SnakeScales     |2X2
    MaiaLead+DragonScales    |1X1
    MaiaLead+AnimalBone      |1X2
    MaiaLead+Ivory           |1X3
    MaiaLead+CursedBone      |L1
    MaiaLead+Fossil          |1X5
    MaiaLead+ToppleCotton    |L2
    MaiaLead+SultansSilk     |L2
    MaiaLead+Juddhemp        |T
    MaiaLead+AltenaFelt      |Z
    MaiaLead+JacobiniRock    |Z
    MaiaLead+HalleyRock      |2X2
    MaiaLead+AnkhRock        |1X1
    MaiaLead+VinekRock       |1X2
    MaiaLead+TuttleRock      |1X3
    MaiaLead+NemesisRock     |L1
    MaiaLead+BiellaRock      |1X5
    MaiaLead+SwifteRock      |L2
    MaiaLead+Adamantite      |L2
    MaiaLead+FullMetal       |T
    MaiaLead+Coral           |Z
    MaiaLead+TurtleShell     |Z
    MaiaLead+Shell           |2X2
    MaiaLead+Emerald         |1X1
    MaiaLead+Pearl           |L2
    MaiaLead+LapisLazuli     |L2
    Orihalcon+Orihalcon      |Z
    Orihalcon+OakWood        |1X5
    Orihalcon+HollyWood      |L2
    Orihalcon+BaobabWood     |L2
    Orihalcon+EbonyWood      |T
    Orihalcon+MapleWood      |Z
    Orihalcon+DiorWood       |Z
    Orihalcon+AshWood        |2X2
    Orihalcon+FossilWood     |1X1
    Orihalcon+Marble         |1X2
    Orihalcon+Obsidan        |1X3
    Orihalcon+PedanStone     |L1
    Orihalcon+Gaeus'Tears    |1X5
    Orihalcon+AnimalHide     |L2
    Orihalcon+GatorSkin      |L2
    Orihalcon+CentaurHide    |T
    Orihalcon+DragonSkin     |Z
    Orihalcon+FishScales     |Z
    Orihalcon+LizardScales   |2X2
    Orihalcon+SnakeScales    |1X1
    Orihalcon+DragonScales   |1X2
    Orihalcon+AnimalBone     |1X3
    Orihalcon+Ivory          |L1
    Orihalcon+CursedBone     |1X5
    Orihalcon+Fossil         |L2
    Orihalcon+ToppleCotton   |L2
    Orihalcon+SultansSilk    |T
    Orihalcon+Juddhemp       |Z
    Orihalcon+AltenaFelt     |Z
    Orihalcon+JacobiniRock   |2X2
    Orihalcon+HalleyRock     |1X1
    Orihalcon+AnkhRock       |1X2
    Orihalcon+VinekRock      |1X3
    Orihalcon+TuttleRock     |L1
    Orihalcon+NemesisRock    |1X5
    Orihalcon+BiellaRock     |L2
    Orihalcon+SwifteRock     |L2
    Orihalcon+Adamantite     |T
    Orihalcon+FullMetal      |Z
    Orihalcon+Coral          |Z
    Orihalcon+TurtleShell    |2X2
    Orihalcon+Shell          |1X1
    Orihalcon+Emerald        |1X2
    Orihalcon+Pearl          |L2
    Orihalcon+LapisLazuli    |T
    OakWood+OakWood          |2X2
    OakWood+HollyWood        |1X1
    OakWood+BaobabWood       |1X2
    OakWood+EbonyWood        |1X3
    OakWood+MapleWood        |L1
    OakWood+DiorWood         |1X5
    OakWood+AshWood          |L2
    OakWood+FossilWood       |L2
    OakWood+Marble           |T
    OakWood+Obsidan          |Z
    OakWood+PedanStone       |Z
    OakWood+Gaeus'Tears      |2X2
    OakWood+AnimalHide       |1X1
    OakWood+GatorSkin        |1X2
    OakWood+CentaurHide      |1X3
    OakWood+DragonSkin       |L1
    OakWood+FishScales       |1X5
    OakWood+LizardScales     |L2
    OakWood+SnakeScales      |L2
    OakWood+DragonScales     |T
    OakWood+AnimalBone       |Z
    OakWood+Ivory            |Z
    OakWood+CursedBone       |2X2
    OakWood+Fossil           |1X1
    OakWood+ToppleCotton     |1X2
    OakWood+SultansSilk      |1X3
    OakWood+Juddhemp         |L1
    OakWood+AltenaFelt       |1X5
    OakWood+JacobiniRock     |L2
    OakWood+HalleyRock       |L2
    OakWood+AnkhRock         |T
    OakWood+VinekRock        |Z
    OakWood+TuttleRock       |Z
    OakWood+NemesisRock      |2X2
    OakWood+BiellaRock       |1X1
    OakWood+SwifteRock       |1X2
    OakWood+Adamantite       |1X3
    OakWood+FullMetal        |L1
    OakWood+Coral            |1X5
    OakWood+TurtleShell      |L2
    OakWood+Shell            |L2
    OakWood+Emerald          |T
    OakWood+Pearl            |1X2
    OakWood+LapisLazuli      |1X3
    HollyWood+HollyWood      |1X2
    HollyWood+BaobabWood     |1X3
    HollyWood+EbonyWood      |L1
    HollyWood+MapleWood      |1X5
    HollyWood+DiorWood       |L2
    HollyWood+AshWood        |L2
    HollyWood+FossilWood     |T
    HollyWood+Marble         |Z
    HollyWood+Obsidan        |Z
    HollyWood+PedanStone     |2X2
    HollyWood+Gaeus'Tears    |1X1
    HollyWood+AnimalHide     |1X2
    HollyWood+GatorSkin      |1X3
    HollyWood+CentaurHide    |L1
    HollyWood+DragonSkin     |1X5
    HollyWood+FishScales     |L2
    HollyWood+LizardScales   |L2
    HollyWood+SnakeScales    |T
    HollyWood+DragonScales   |Z
    HollyWood+AnimalBone     |Z
    HollyWood+Ivory          |2X2
    HollyWood+CursedBone     |1X1
    HollyWood+Fossil         |1X2
    HollyWood+ToppleCotton   |1X3
    HollyWood+SultansSilk    |L1
    HollyWood+Juddhemp       |1X5
    HollyWood+AltenaFelt     |L2
    HollyWood+JacobiniRock   |L2
    HollyWood+HalleyRock     |T
    HollyWood+AnkhRock       |Z
    HollyWood+VinekRock      |Z
    HollyWood+TuttleRock     |2X2
    HollyWood+NemesisRock    |1X1
    HollyWood+BiellaRock     |1X2
    HollyWood+SwifteRock     |1X3
    HollyWood+Adamantite     |L1
    HollyWood+FullMetal      |1X5
    HollyWood+Coral          |L2
    HollyWood+TurtleShell    |L2
    HollyWood+Shell          |T
    HollyWood+Emerald        |Z
    HollyWood+Pearl          |1X3
    HollyWood+LapisLazuli    |L1
    BaobabWood+BaobabWood    |L1
    BaobabWood+EbonyWood     |1X5
    BaobabWood+MapleWood     |L2
    BaobabWood+DiorWood      |L2
    BaobabWood+Ash Wood      |T
    BaobabWood+FossilWood    |Z
    BaobabWood+Marble        |Z
    BaobabWood+Obsidan       |2X2
    BaobabWood+PedanStone    |1X1
    BaobabWood+Gaeus'Tears   |1X2
    BaobabWood+AnimalHide    |1X3
    BaobabWood+GatorSkin     |L1
    BaobabWood+CentaurHide   |1X5
    BaobabWood+DragonSkin    |L2
    BaobabWood+FishScales    |L2
    BaobabWood+LizardScales  |T
    BaobabWood+SnakeScales   |Z
    BaobabWood+DragonScales  |Z
    BaobabWood+AnimalBone    |2X2
    BaobabWood+Ivory         |1X1
    BaobabWood+CursedBone    |1X2
    BaobabWood+Fossil        |1X3
    BaobabWood+ToppleCotton  |L1
    BaobabWood+SultansSilk   |1X5
    BaobabWood+Juddhemp      |L2
    BaobabWood+AltenaFelt    |L2
    BaobabWood+JacobiniRock  |T
    BaobabWood+HalleyRock    |Z
    BaobabWood+AnkhRock      |Z
    BaobabWood+VinekRock     |2X2
    BaobabWood+TuttleRock    |1X1
    BaobabWood+NemesisRock   |1X2
    BaobabWood+BiellaRock    |1X3
    BaobabWood+SwifteRock    |L1
    BaobabWood+Adamantite    |1X5
    BaobabWood+FullMetal     |L2
    BaobabWood+Coral         |L2
    BaobabWood+TurtleShell   |T
    BaobabWood+Shell         |Z
    BaobabWood+Emerald       |Z
    BaobabWood+Pearl         |L1
    BaobabWood+LapisLazuli   |1X5
    EbonyWood+EbonyWood      |L2
    EbonyWood+MapleWood      |L2
    EbonyWood+DiorWood       |T
    EbonyWood+AshWood        |Z
    EbonyWood+FossilWood     |Z
    EbonyWood+Marble         |2X2
    EbonyWood+Obsidan        |1X1
    EbonyWood+PedanStone     |1X2
    EbonyWood+Gaeus'Tears    |1X3
    EbonyWood+AnimalHide     |L1
    EbonyWood+GatorSkin      |1X5
    EbonyWood+CentaurHide    |L2
    EbonyWood+DragonSkin     |L2
    EbonyWood+FishScales     |T
    EbonyWood+LizardScales   |Z
    EbonyWood+SnakeScales    |Z
    EbonyWood+DragonScales   |2X2
    EbonyWood+AnimalBone     |1X1
    EbonyWood+Ivory          |1X2
    EbonyWood+CursedBone     |1X3
    EbonyWood+Fossil         |L1
    EbonyWood+ToppleCotton   |1X5
    EbonyWood+SultansSilk    |L2
    EbonyWood+Juddhemp       |L2
    EbonyWood+AltenaFelt     |T
    EbonyWood+JacobiniRock   |Z
    EbonyWood+HalleyRock     |Z
    EbonyWood+AnkhRock       |2X2
    EbonyWood+VinekRock      |1X1
    EbonyWood+TuttleRock     |1X2
    EbonyWood+NemesisRock    |1X3
    EbonyWood+BiellaRock     |L1
    EbonyWood+SwifteRock     |1X5
    EbonyWood+Adamantite     |L2
    EbonyWood+FullMetal      |L2
    EbonyWood+Coral          |T
    EbonyWood+TurtleShell    |Z
    EbonyWood+Shell          |Z
    EbonyWood+Emerald        |2X2
    EbonyWood+Pearl          |1X5
    EbonyWood+LapisLazuli    |L2
    MapleWood+MapleWood      |T
    MapleWood+DiorWood       |Z
    MapleWood+AshWood        |Z
    MapleWood+FossilWood     |2X2
    MapleWood+Marble         |1X1
    MapleWood+Obsidan        |1X2
    MapleWood+PedanStone     |1X3
    MapleWood+Gaeus'Tears    |L1
    MapleWood+AnimalHide     |1X5
    MapleWood+GatorSkin      |L2
    MapleWood+CentaurHide    |L2
    MapleWood+DragonSkin     |T
    MapleWood+FishScales     |Z
    MapleWood+LizardScales   |Z
    MapleWood+SnakeScales    |2X2
    MapleWood+DragonScales   |1X1
    MapleWood+AnimalBone     |1X2
    MapleWood+Ivory          |1X3
    MapleWood+CursedBone     |L1
    MapleWood+Fossil         |1X5
    MapleWood+ToppleCotton   |L2
    MapleWood+SultansSilk    |L2
    MapleWood+Juddhemp       |T
    MapleWood+AltenaFelt     |Z
    MapleWood+JacobiniRock   |Z
    MapleWood+HalleyRock     |2X2
    MapleWood+AnkhRock       |1X1
    MapleWood+VinekRock      |1X2
    MapleWood+TuttleRock     |1X3
    MapleWood+NemesisRock    |L1
    MapleWood+BiellaRock     |1X5
    MapleWood+SwifteRock     |L2
    MapleWood+Adamantite     |L2
    MapleWood+FullMetal      |T
    MapleWood+Coral          |Z
    MapleWood+TurtleShell    |Z
    MapleWood+Shell          |2X2
    MapleWood+Emerald        |1X1
    MapleWood+Pearl          |L2
    MapleWood+LapisLazuli    |L2
    DiorWood+DiorWood        |Z
    DiorWood+AshWood         |2X2
    DiorWood+FossilWood      |1X1
    DiorWood+Marble          |1X2
    DiorWood+Obsidan         |1X3
    DiorWood+PedanStone      |L1
    DiorWood+Gaeus'Tears     |1X5
    DiorWood+AnimalHide      |L2
    DiorWood+GatorSkin       |L2
    DiorWood+CentaurHide     |T
    DiorWood+DragonSkin      |Z
    DiorWood+FishScales      |Z
    DiorWood+LizardScales    |2X2
    DiorWood+SnakeScales     |1X1
    DiorWood+DragonScales    |1X2
    DiorWood+AnimalBone      |1X3
    DiorWood+Ivory           |L1
    DiorWood+CursedBone      |1X5
    DiorWood+Fossil          |L2
    DiorWood+ToppleCotton    |L2
    DiorWood+SultansSilk     |T
    DiorWood+Juddhemp        |Z
    DiorWood+AltenaFelt      |Z
    DiorWood+JacobiniRock    |2X2
    DiorWood+HalleyRock      |1X1
    DiorWood+AnkhRock        |1X2
    DiorWood+VinekRock       |1X3
    DiorWood+TuttleRock      |L1
    DiorWood+NemesisRock     |1X5
    DiorWood+BiellaRock      |L2
    DiorWood+SwifteRock      |L2
    DiorWood+Adamantite      |T
    DiorWood+FullMetal       |Z
    DiorWood+Coral           |Z
    DiorWood+TurtleShell     |2X2
    DiorWood+Shell           |1X1
    DiorWood+Emerald         |1X2
    DiorWood+Pearl           |L2
    DiorWood+LapisLazuli     |T
    AshWood+AshWood          |1X1
    AshWood+FossilWood       |1X2
    AshWood+Marble           |1X3
    AshWood+Obsidan          |L1
    AshWood+PedanStone       |1X5
    AshWood+Gaeus'Tears      |L2
    AshWood+AnimalHide       |L2
    AshWood+GatorSkin        |T
    AshWood+CentaurHide      |Z
    AshWood+DragonSkin       |Z
    AshWood+FishScales       |2X2
    AshWood+LizardScales     |1X1
    AshWood+SnakeScales      |1X2
    AshWood+DragonScales     |1X3
    AshWood+AnimalBone       |L1
    AshWood+Ivory            |1X5
    AshWood+CursedBone       |L2
    AshWood+Fossil           |L2
    AshWood+ToppleCotton     |T
    AshWood+SultansSilk      |Z
    AshWood+Juddhemp         |Z
    AshWood+AltenaFelt       |2X2
    AshWood+JacobiniRock     |1X1
    AshWood+HalleyRock       |1X2
    AshWood+AnkhRock         |1X3
    AshWood+VinekRock        |L1
    AshWood+TuttleRock       |1X5
    AshWood+NemesisRock      |L2
    AshWood+BiellaRock       |L2
    AshWood+SwifteRock       |T
    AshWood+Adamantite       |Z
    AshWood+FullMetal        |Z
    AshWood+Coral            |2X2
    AshWood+TurtleShell      |1X1
    AshWood+Shell            |1X2
    AshWood+Emerald          |1X3
    AshWood+Pearl            |T
    AshWood+LapisLazuli      |Z
    FossilWood+FossilWood    |1X3
    FossilWood+Marble        |L1
    FossilWood+Obsidan       |1X5
    FossilWood+PedanStone    |L2
    FossilWood+Gaeus'Tears   |L2
    FossilWood+AnimalHide    |T
    FossilWood+GatorSkin     |Z
    FossilWood+CentaurHide   |Z
    FossilWood+DragonSkin    |2X2
    FossilWood+FishScales    |1X1
    FossilWood+LizardScales  |1X2
    FossilWood+SnakeScales   |1X3
    FossilWood+DragonScales  |L1
    FossilWood+AnimalBone    |1X5
    FossilWood+Ivory         |L2
    FossilWood+CursedBone    |L2
    FossilWood+Fossil        |T
    FossilWood+ToppleCotton  |Z
    FossilWood+SultansSilk   |Z
    FossilWood+Juddhemp      |2X2
    FossilWood+AltenaFelt    |1X1
    FossilWood+JacobiniRock  |1X2
    FossilWood+HalleyRock    |1X3
    FossilWood+AnkhRock      |L1
    FossilWood+VinekRock     |1X5
    FossilWood+TuttleRock    |L2
    FossilWood+NemesisRock   |L2
    FossilWood+BiellaRock    |T
    FossilWood+SwifteRock    |Z
    FossilWood+Adamantite    |Z
    FossilWood+FullMetal     |2X2
    FossilWood+Coral         |1X1
    FossilWood+TurtleShell   |1X2
    FossilWood+Shell         |1X3
    FossilWood+Emerald       |L1
    FossilWood+Pearl         |Z
    FossilWood+LapisLazuli   |Z
    Marble+Marble            |1X5
    Marble+Obsidan           |L2
    Marble+PedanStone        |L2
    Marble+Gaeus'Tears       |T
    Marble+AnimalHide        |Z
    Marble+GatorSkin         |Z
    Marble+CentaurHide       |2X2
    Marble+DragonSkin        |1X1
    Marble+FishScales        |1X2
    Marble+LizardScales      |1X3
    Marble+SnakeScales       |L1
    Marble+DragonScales      |1X5
    Marble+AnimalBone        |L2
    Marble+Ivory             |L2
    Marble+CursedBone        |T
    Marble+Fossil            |Z
    Marble+ToppleCotton      |Z
    Marble+SultansSilk       |2X2
    Marble+Juddhemp          |1X1
    Marble+AltenaFelt        |1X2
    Marble+JacobiniRock      |1X3
    Marble+HalleyRock        |L1
    Marble+AnkhRock          |1X5
    Marble+VinekRock         |L2
    Marble+TuttleRock        |L2
    Marble+NemesisRock       |T
    Marble+BiellaRock        |Z
    Marble+SwifteRock        |Z
    Marble+Adamantite        |2X2
    Marble+FullMetal         |1X1
    Marble+Coral             |1X2
    Marble+TurtleShell       |1X3
    Marble+Shell             |L1
    Marble+Emerald           |1X5
    Marble+Pearl             |Z
    Marble+LapisLazuli       |2X2
    Obsidan+Obsidan          |L2
    Obsidan+PedanStone       |T
    Obsidan+Gaeus'Tears      |Z
    Obsidan+AnimalHide       |Z
    Obsidan+GatorSkin        |2X2
    Obsidan+CentaurHide      |1X1
    Obsidan+DragonSkin       |1X2
    Obsidan+FishScales       |1X3
    Obsidan+LizardScales     |L1
    Obsidan+SnakeScales      |1X5
    Obsidan+DragonScales     |L2
    Obsidan+AnimalBone       |L2
    Obsidan+Ivory            |T
    Obsidan+CursedBone       |Z
    Obsidan+Fossil           |Z
    Obsidan+ToppleCotton     |2X2
    Obsidan+SultansSilk      |1X1
    Obsidan+Juddhemp         |1X2
    Obsidan+AltenaFelt       |1X3
    Obsidan+JacobiniRock     |L1
    Obsidan+HalleyRock       |1X5
    Obsidan+AnkhRock         |L2
    Obsidan+VinekRock        |L2
    Obsidan+TuttleRock       |T
    Obsidan+NemesisRock      |Z
    Obsidan+BiellaRock       |Z
    Obsidan+SwifteRock       |2X2
    Obsidan+Adamantite       |1X1
    Obsidan+FullMetal        |1X2
    Obsidan+Coral            |1X3
    Obsidan+TurtleShell      |L1
    Obsidan+Shell            |1X5
    Obsidan+Emerald          |L2
    Obsidan+Pearl            |2X2
    Obsidan+LapisLazuli      |1X1
    PedanStone+PedanStone    |Z
    PedanStone+Gaeus'Tears   |Z
    PedanStone+AnimalHide    |2X2
    PedanStone+GatorSkin     |1X1
    PedanStone+CentaurHide   |1X2
    PedanStone+DragonSkin    |1X3
    PedanStone+FishScales    |L1
    PedanStone+LizardScale   |1X5
    PedanStone+SnakeScales   |L2
    PedanStone+DragonScales  |L2
    PedanStone+AnimalBone    |T
    PedanStone+Ivory         |Z
    PedanStone+CursedBone    |Z
    PedanStone+Fossil        |2X2
    PedanStone+ToppleCotton  |1X1
    PedanStone+SultansSilk   |1X2
    PedanStone+Juddhemp      |1X3
    PedanStone+AltenaFelt    |L1
    PedanStone+JacobiniRock  |1X5
    PedanStone+HalleyRock    |L2
    PedanStone+AnkhRock      |L2
    PedanStone+VinekRock     |T
    PedanStone+TuttleRock    |Z
    PedanStone+NemesisRock   |Z
    PedanStone+BiellaRock    |2X2
    PedanStone+SwifteRock    |1X1
    PedanStone+Adamantite    |1X2
    PedanStone+FullMetal     |1X3
    PedanStone+Coral         |L1
    PedanStone+TurtleShell   |1X5
    PedanStone+Shell         |L2
    PedanStone+Emerald       |L2
    PedanStone+Pearl         |1X1
    PedanStone+LapisLazuli   |1X2
    Gaeus'Tears+Gaeus'Tears  |2X2
    Gaeus'Tears+AnimalHide   |1X1
    Gaeus'Tears+GatorSkin    |1X2
    Gaeus'Tears+CentaurHide  |1X3
    Gaeus'Tears+DragonSkin   |L1
    Gaeus'Tears+FishScales   |1X5
    Gaeus'Tears+LizardScale  |L2
    Gaeus'Tears+SnakeScales  |L2
    Gaeus'Tears+DragonScales |T
    Gaeus'Tears+AnimalBone   |Z
    Gaeus'Tears+Ivory        |Z
    Gaeus'Tears+CursedBone   |2X2
    Gaeus'Tears+Fossil       |1X1
    Gaeus'Tears+ToppleCotton |1X2
    Gaeus'Tears+SultansSilk  |1X3
    Gaeus'Tears+Juddhemp     |L1
    Gaeus'Tears+AltenaFelt   |1X5
    Gaeus'Tears+JacobiniRock |L2
    Gaeus'Tears+HalleyRock   |L2
    Gaeus'Tears+AnkhRock     |T
    Gaeus'Tears+VinekRock    |Z
    Gaeus'Tears+TuttleRock   |Z
    Gaeus'Tears+NemesisRock  |2X2
    Gaeus'Tears+BiellaRock   |1X1
    Gaeus'Tears+SwifteRock   |1X2
    Gaeus'Tears+Adamantite   |1X3
    Gaeus'Tears+FullMetal    |L1
    Gaeus'Tears+Coral        |1X5
    Gaeus'Tears+TurtleShell  |L2
    Gaeus'Tears+Shell        |L2
    Gaeus'Tears+Emerald      |T
    Gaeus'Tears+Pearl        |1X2
    Gaeus'Tears+LapisLazuli  |1X3
    AnimalHide+AnimalHide    |1X2
    AnimalHide+GatorSkin     |1X3
    AnimalHide+CentaurHide   |L1
    AnimalHide+DragonSkin    |1X5
    AnimalHide+FishScales    |L2
    AnimalHide+LizardScales  |L2
    AnimalHide+SnakeScales   |T
    AnimalHide+DragonScales  |Z
    AnimalHide+AnimalBone    |Z
    AnimalHide+Ivory         |2X2
    AnimalHide+CursedBone    |1X1
    AnimalHide+Fossil        |1X2
    AnimalHide+ToppleCotton  |1X3
    AnimalHide+SultansSilk   |L1
    AnimalHide+Juddhemp      |1X5
    AnimalHide+AltenaFelt    |L2
    AnimalHide+JacobiniRock  |L2
    AnimalHide+HalleyRock    |T
    AnimalHide+AnkhRock      |Z
    AnimalHide+VinekRock     |Z
    AnimalHide+TuttleRock    |2X2
    AnimalHide+NemesisRock   |1X1
    AnimalHide+BiellaRock    |1X2
    AnimalHide+SwifteRock    |1X3
    AnimalHide+Adamantite    |L1
    AnimalHide+FullMetal     |1X5
    AnimalHide+Coral         |L2
    AnimalHide+TurtleShell   |L2
    AnimalHide+Shell         |T
    AnimalHide+Emerald       |Z
    AnimalHide+Pearl         |1X3
    AnimalHide+LapisLazuli   |L1
    GatorSkin+GatorSkin      |L1
    GatorSkin+CentaurHide    |1X5
    GatorSkin+DragonSkin     |L2
    GatorSkin+FishScales     |L2
    GatorSkin+LizardScales   |T
    GatorSkin+SnakeScales    |Z
    GatorSkin+DragonScales   |Z
    GatorSkin+AnimalBone     |2X2
    GatorSkin+Ivory          |1X1
    GatorSkin+CursedBone     |1X2
    GatorSkin+Fossil         |1X3
    GatorSkin+ToppleCotton   |L1
    GatorSkin+SultansSilk    |1X5
    GatorSkin+Juddhemp       |L2
    GatorSkin+AltenaFelt     |L2
    GatorSkin+JacobiniRock   |T
    GatorSkin+HalleyRock     |Z
    GatorSkin+AnkhRock       |Z
    GatorSkin+VinekRock      |2X2
    GatorSkin+TuttleRock     |1X1
    GatorSkin+NemesisRock    |1X2
    GatorSkin+BiellaRock     |1X3
    GatorSkin+SwifteRock     |L1
    GatorSkin+Adamantite     |1X5
    GatorSkin+FullMetal      |L2
    GatorSkin+Coral          |L2
    GatorSkin+TurtleShell    |T
    GatorSkin+Shell          |Z
    GatorSkin+Emerald        |Z
    GatorSkin+Pearl          |L1
    GatorSkin+LapisLazuli    |1X5
    CentaurHide+CentaurHide  |L2
    CentaurHide+DragonSkin   |L2
    CentaurHide+FishScales   |T
    CentaurHide+LizardScales |Z
    CentaurHide+SnakeScales  |Z
    CentaurHide+DragonScales |2X2
    CentaurHide+AnimalBone   |1X1
    CentaurHide+Ivory        |1X2
    CentaurHide+CursedBone   |1X3
    CentaurHide+Fossil       |L1
    CentaurHide+ToppleCotton |1X5
    CentaurHide+SultansSilk  |L2
    CentaurHide+Juddhemp     |L2
    CentaurHide+AltenaFelt   |T
    CentaurHide+JacobiniRock |Z
    CentaurHide+HalleyRock   |Z
    CentaurHide+AnkhRock     |2X2
    CentaurHide+VinekRock    |1X1
    CentaurHide+TuttleRock   |1X2
    CentaurHide+NemesisRock  |1X3
    CentaurHide+BiellaRock   |L1
    CentaurHide+SwifteRock   |1X5
    CentaurHide+Adamantite   |L2
    CentaurHide+FullMetal    |L2
    CentaurHide+Coral        |T
    CentaurHide+TurtleShell  |Z
    CentaurHide+Shell        |Z
    CentaurHide+Emerald      |2X2
    CentaurHide+Pearl        |1X5
    CentaurHide+LapisLazuli  |L2
    DragonSkin+DragonSkin    |T
    DragonSkin+FishScales    |Z
    DragonSkin+LizardScales  |Z
    DragonSkin+SnakeScales   |2X2
    DragonSkin+DragonScales  |1X1
    DragonSkin+AnimalBone    |1X2
    DragonSkin+Ivory         |1X3
    DragonSkin+CursedBone    |L1
    DragonSkin+Fossil        |1X5
    DragonSkin+ToppleCotton  |L2
    DragonSkin+SultansSilk   |L2
    DragonSkin+Juddhemp      |T
    DragonSkin+AltenaFelt    |Z
    DragonSkin+JacobiniRock  |Z
    DragonSkin+HalleyRock    |2X2
    DragonSkin+AnkhRock      |1X1
    DragonSkin+VinekRock     |1X2
    DragonSkin+TuttleRock    |1X3
    DragonSkin+NemesisRock   |L1
    DragonSkin+BiellaRock    |1X5
    DragonSkin+SwifteRock    |L2
    DragonSkin+Adamantite    |L2
    DragonSkin+FullMetal     |T
    DragonSkin+Coral         |Z
    DragonSkin+TurtleShell   |Z
    DragonSkin+Shell         |2X2
    DragonSkin+Emerald       |1X1
    DragonSkin+Pearl         |L2
    DragonSkin+LapisLazuli   |L2
    FishScales+FishScales    |Z
    FishScales+LizardScales  |2X2
    FishScales+SnakeScales   |1X1
    FishScales+DragonScales  |1X2
    FishScales+AnimalBone    |1X3
    FishScales+Ivory         |L1
    FishScales+CursedBone    |1X5
    FishScales+Fossil        |L2
    FishScales+ToppleCotton  |L2
    FishScales+SultansSilk   |T
    FishScales+Juddhemp      |Z
    FishScales+AltenaFelt    |Z
    FishScales+JacobiniRock  |2X2
    FishScales+HalleyRock    |1X1
    FishScales+AnkhRock      |1X2
    FishScales+VinekRock     |1X3
    FishScales+TuttleRock    |L1
    FishScales+NemesisRock   |1X5
    FishScales+BiellaRock    |L2
    FishScales+SwifteRock    |L2
    FishScales+Adamantite    |T
    FishScales+FullMetal     |Z
    FishScales+Coral         |Z
    FishScales+TurtleShell   |2X2
    FishScales+Shell         |1X1
    FishScales+Emerald       |1X2
    FishScales+Pearl         |L2
    FishScales+LapisLazuli   |T
    LizardScales+SnakeScales |1X2
    LizardScales+AnimalBone  |L1
    LizardScales+Ivory       |1X5
    LizardScales+CursedBone  |L2
    LizardScales+Fossil      |L2
    LizardScales+SultansSilk |Z
    LizardScales+Juddhemp    |Z
    LizardScales+AltenaFelt  |2X2
    LizardScales+HalleyRock  |1X2
    LizardScales+AnkhRock    |1X3
    LizardScales+VinekRock   |L1
    LizardScales+TuttleRock  |1X5
    LizardScales+NemesisRock |L2
    LizardScales+BiellaRock  |L2
    LizardScales+SwifteRock  |T
    LizardScales+Adamantite  |Z
    LizardScales+FullMetal   |Z
    LizardScales+Coral       |2X2
    LizardScales+TurtleShell |1X1
    LizardScales+Shell       |1X2
    LizardScales+Emerald     |1X3
    LizardScales+Pearl       |T
    LizardScales+LapisLazuli |Z
    SnakeScales+SnakeScales  |1X3
    SnakeScales+DragonScales |L1
    SnakeScales+AnimalBone   |1X5
    SnakeScales+Ivory        |L2
    SnakeScales+CursedBone   |L2
    SnakeScales+Fossil       |T
    SnakeScales+ToppleCotton |Z
    SnakeScales+SultansSilk  |Z
    SnakeScales+Juddhemp     |2X2
    SnakeScales+AltenaFelt   |1X1
    SnakeScales+JacobiniRock |1X2
    SnakeScales+HalleyRock   |1X3
    SnakeScales+AnkhRock     |L1
    SnakeScales+VinekRock    |1X5
    SnakeScales+TuttleRock   |L2
    SnakeScales+NemesisRock  |L2
    SnakeScales+BiellaRock   |T
    SnakeScales+SwifteRock   |Z
    SnakeScales+Adamantite   |Z
    SnakeScales+FullMetal    |2X2
    SnakeScales+Coral        |1X1
    SnakeScales+TurtleShell  |1X2
    SnakeScales+Shell        |1X3
    SnakeScales+Emerald      |L1
    SnakeScales+Pearl        |Z
    SnakeScales+LapisLazuli  |Z
    DragonScales+AnimalBone  |L2
    DragonScales+Ivory       |L2
    DragonScales+CursedBone  |T
    DragonScales+Fossil      |Z
    DragonScales+SultansSilk |2X2
    DragonScales+Juddhemp    |1X1
    DragonScales+AltenaFelt  |1X2
    DragonScales+HalleyRock  |L1
    DragonScales+AnkhRock    |1X5
    DragonScales+VinekRock   |L2
    DragonScales+TuttleRock  |L2
    DragonScales+NemesisRock |T
    DragonScales+BiellaRock  |Z
    DragonScales+SwifteRock  |Z
    DragonScales+Adamantite  |2X2
    DragonScales+FullMetal   |1X1
    DragonScales+Coral       |1X2
    DragonScales+TurtleShell |1X3
    DragonScales+Shell       |L1
    DragonScales+Emerald     |1X5
    DragonScales+Pearl       |Z
    DragonScales+LapisLazuli |2X2
    AnimalBone+AnimalBone    |L2
    AnimalBone+Ivory         |T
    AnimalBone+CursedBone    |Z
    AnimalBone+Fossil        |Z
    AnimalBone+ToppleCotton  |2X2
    AnimalBone+SultansSilk   |1X1
    AnimalBone+Juddhemp      |1X2
    AnimalBone+AltenaFelt    |1X3
    AnimalBone+JacobiniRock  |L1
    AnimalBone+HalleyRock    |1X5
    AnimalBone+AnkhRock      |L2
    AnimalBone+VinekRock     |L2
    AnimalBone+TuttleRock    |T
    AnimalBone+NemesisRock   |Z
    AnimalBone+BiellaRock    |Z
    AnimalBone+SwifteRock    |2X2
    AnimalBone+Adamantite    |1X1
    AnimalBone+FullMetal     |1X2
    AnimalBone+Coral         |1X3
    AnimalBone+TurtleShell   |L1
    AnimalBone+Shell         |1X5
    AnimalBone+Emerald       |L2
    AnimalBone+Pearl         |2X2
    AnimalBone+LapisLazuli   |1X1
    Ivory+Ivory              |Z
    Ivory+CursedBone         |Z
    Ivory+Fossil             |2X2
    Ivory+ToppleCotton       |1X1
    Ivory+SultansSilk        |1X2
    Ivory+Juddhemp           |1X3
    Ivory+AltenaFelt         |L1
    Ivory+JacobiniRock       |1X5
    Ivory+HalleyRock         |L2
    Ivory+AnkhRock           |L2
    Ivory+VinekRock          |T
    Ivory+TuttleRock         |Z
    Ivory+NemesisRock        |Z
    Ivory+BiellaRock         |2X2
    Ivory+SwifteRock         |1X1
    Ivory+Adamantite         |1X2
    Ivory+FullMetal          |1X3
    Ivory+Coral              |L1
    Ivory+TurtleShell        |1X5
    Ivory+Shell              |L2
    Ivory+Emerald            |L2
    Ivory+Pearl              |1X1
    Ivory+LapisLazuli        |1X2
    CursedBone+CursedBone    |2X2
    CursedBone+Fossil        |1X1
    CursedBone+ToppleCotton  |1X2
    CursedBone+SultansSilk   |1X3
    CursedBone+Juddhemp      |L1
    CursedBone+AltenaFelt    |1X5
    CursedBone+JacobiniRock  |L2
    CursedBone+HalleyRock    |L2
    CursedBone+AnkhRock      |T
    CursedBone+VinekRock     |Z
    CursedBone+TuttleRock    |Z
    CursedBone+NemesisRock   |2X2
    CursedBone+BiellaRock    |1X1
    CursedBone+SwifteRock    |1X2
    CursedBone+Adamantite    |1X3
    CursedBone+FullMetal     |L1
    CursedBone+Coral         |1X5
    CursedBone+TurtleShell   |L2
    CursedBone+Shell         |L2
    CursedBone+Emerald       |T
    CursedBone+Pearl         |1X2
    CursedBone+LapisLazuli   |1X3
    Fossil+Fossil            |1X2
    Fossil+ToppleCotton      |1X3
    Fossil+SultansSilk       |L1
    Fossil+Juddhemp          |1X5
    Fossil+AltenaFelt        |L2
    Fossil+JacobiniRock      |L2
    Fossil+HalleyRock        |T
    Fossil+AnkhRock          |Z
    Fossil+VinekRock         |Z
    Fossil+TuttleRock        |2X2
    Fossil+NemesisRock       |1X1
    Fossil+BiellaRock        |1X2
    Fossil+SwifteRock        |1X3
    Fossil+Adamantite        |L1
    Fossil+FullMetal         |1X5
    Fossil+Coral             |L2
    Fossil+TurtleShell       |L2
    Fossil+Shell             |T
    Fossil+Emerald           |Z
    Fossil+Pearl             |1X3
    Fossil+LapisLazuli       |L1
    ToppleCotton+SultansSilk |1X5
    ToppleCotton+Juddhemp    |L2
    ToppleCotton+AltenaFelt  |L2
    ToppleCotton+HalleyRock  |Z
    ToppleCotton+AnkhRock    |Z
    ToppleCotton+VinekRock   |2X2
    ToppleCotton+TuttleRock  |1X1
    ToppleCotton+NemesisRock |1X2
    ToppleCotton+BiellaRock  |1X3
    ToppleCotton+SwifteRock  |L1
    ToppleCotton+Adamantite  |1X5
    ToppleCotton+FullMetal   |L2
    ToppleCotton+Coral       |L2
    ToppleCotton+TurtleShell |T
    ToppleCotton+Shell       |Z
    ToppleCotton+Emerald     |Z
    ToppleCotton+Pearl       |L1
    ToppleCotton+LapisLazuli |1X5
    SultansSilk+SultansSilk  |L2
    SultansSilk+Juddhemp     |L2
    SultansSilk+AltenaFelt   |T
    SultansSilk+JacobiniRock |Z
    SultansSilk+HalleyRock   |Z
    SultansSilk+AnkhRock     |2X2
    SultansSilk+VinekRock    |1X1
    SultansSilk+TuttleRock   |1X2
    SultansSilk+NemesisRock  |1X3
    SultansSilk+BiellaRock   |L1
    SultansSilk+SwifteRock   |1X5
    SultansSilk+Adamantite   |L2
    SultansSilk+FullMetal    |L2
    SultansSilk+Coral        |T
    SultansSilk+TurtleShell  |Z
    SultansSilk+Shell        |Z
    SultansSilk+Emerald      |2X2
    SultansSilk+Pearl        |1X5
    SultansSilk+LapisLazuli  |L2
    Juddhemp+Juddhemp        |T
    Juddhemp+AltenaFelt      |Z
    Juddhemp+JacobiniRock    |Z
    Juddhemp+HalleyRock      |2X2
    Juddhemp+AnkhRock        |1X1
    Juddhemp+VinekRock       |1X2
    Juddhemp+TuttleRock      |1X3
    Juddhemp+NemesisRock     |L1
    Juddhemp+BiellaRock      |1X5
    Juddhemp+SwifteRock      |L2
    Juddhemp+Adamantite      |L2
    Juddhemp+FullMetal       |T
    Juddhemp+Coral           |Z
    Juddhemp+TurtleShell     |Z
    Juddhemp+Shell           |2X2
    Juddhemp+Emerald         |1X1
    Juddhemp+Pearl           |L2
    Juddhemp+LapisLazuli     |L2
    AltenaFelt+AltenaFelt    |Z
    AltenaFelt+JacobiniRock  |2X2
    AltenaFelt+HalleyRock    |1X1
    AltenaFelt+AnkhRock      |1X2
    AltenaFelt+VinekRock     |1X3
    AltenaFelt+TuttleRock    |L1
    AltenaFelt+NemesisRock   |1X5
    AltenaFelt+BiellaRock    |L2
    AltenaFelt+SwifteRock    |L2
    AltenaFelt+Adamantite    |T
    AltenaFelt+FullMetal     |Z
    AltenaFelt+Coral         |Z
    AltenaFelt+TurtleShell   |2X2
    AltenaFelt+Shell         |1X1
    AltenaFelt+Emerald       |1X2
    AltenaFelt+Pearl         |L2
    AltenaFelt+LapisLazuli   |T
    JacobiniRock+HalleyRock  |1X2
    JacobiniRock+AnkhRock    |1X3
    JacobiniRock+VinekRock   |L1
    JacobiniRock+TuttleRock  |1X5
    JacobiniRock+NemesisRock |L2
    JacobiniRock+BiellaRock  |L2
    JacobiniRock+SwifteRock  |T
    JacobiniRock+Adamantite  |Z
    JacobiniRock+FullMetal   |Z
    JacobiniRock+Coral       |2X2
    JacobiniRock+TurtleShell |1X1
    JacobiniRock+Shell       |1X2
    JacobiniRock+Emerald     |1X3
    JacobiniRock+Pearl       |T
    JacobiniRock+LapisLazuli |Z
    HalleyRock+HalleyRock    |1X3
    HalleyRock+AnkhRock      |L1
    HalleyRock+VinekRock     |1X5
    HalleyRock+TuttleRock    |L2
    HalleyRock+NemesisRock   |L2
    HalleyRock+BiellaRock    |T
    HalleyRock+SwifteRock    |Z
    HalleyRock+Adamantite    |Z
    HalleyRock+FullMetal     |2X2
    HalleyRock+Coral         |1X1
    HalleyRock+TurtleShell   |1X2
    HalleyRock+Shell         |1X3
    HalleyRock+Emerald       |L1
    HalleyRock+Pearl         |Z
    HalleyRock+LapisLazuli   |Z
    AnkhRock+AnkhRock        |1X5
    AnkhRock+VinekRock       |L2
    AnkhRock+TuttleRock      |L2
    AnkhRock+NemesisRock     |T
    AnkhRock+BiellaRock      |Z
    AnkhRock+SwifteRock      |Z
    AnkhRock+Adamantite      |2X2
    AnkhRock+FullMetal       |1X1
    AnkhRock+Coral           |1X2
    AnkhRock+TurtleShell     |1X3
    AnkhRock+Shell           |L1
    AnkhRock+Emerald         |1X5
    AnkhRock+Pearl           |Z
    AnkhRock+LapisLazuli     |2X2
    VinekRock+VinekRock      |L2
    VinekRock+TuttleRock     |T
    VinekRock+NemesisRock    |Z
    VinekRock+BiellaRock     |Z
    VinekRock+SwifteRock     |2X2
    VinekRock+Adamantite     |1X1
    VinekRock+FullMetal      |1X2
    VinekRock+Coral          |1X3
    VinekRock+TurtleShell    |L1
    VinekRock+Shell          |1X5
    VinekRock+Emerald        |L2
    VinekRock+Pearl          |2X2
    VinekRock+LapisLazuli    |1X1
    TuttleRock+TuttleRock    |2X2
    TuttleRock+NemesisRock   |1X1
    TuttleRock+BiellaRock    |1X2
    TuttleRock+SwifteRock    |1X3
    TuttleRock+Adamantite    |L1
    TuttleRock+FullMetal     |1X5
    TuttleRock+Coral         |L2
    TuttleRock+TurtleShell   |L2
    TuttleRock+Shell         |T
    TuttleRock+Emerald       |Z
    TuttleRock+Pearl         |1X3
    TuttleRock+LapisLazuli   |L1
    NemesisRock+NemesisRock  |1X2
    NemesisRock+BiellaRock   |1X3
    NemesisRock+SwifteRock   |L1
    NemesisRock+Adamantite   |1X5
    NemesisRock+FullMetal    |L2
    NemesisRock+Coral        |L2
    NemesisRock+TurtleShell  |T
    NemesisRock+Shell        |Z
    NemesisRock+Emerald      |Z
    NemesisRock+Pearl        |L1
    NemesisRock+LapisLazuli  |1X5
    BiellaRock+BiellaRock    |L1
    BiellaRock+SwifteRock    |1X5
    BiellaRock+Adamantite    |L2
    BiellaRock+FullMetal     |L2
    BiellaRock+Coral         |T
    BiellaRock+TurtleShell   |Z
    BiellaRock+Shell         |Z
    BiellaRock+Emerald       |2X2
    BiellaRock+Pearl         |1X5
    BiellaRock+LapisLazuli   |L2
    SwifteRock+SwifteRock    |L2
    SwifteRock+Adamantite    |L2
    SwifteRock+FullMetal     |T
    SwifteRock+Coral         |Z
    SwifteRock+TurtleShell   |Z
    SwifteRock+Shell         |2X2
    SwifteRock+Emerald       |1X1
    SwifteRock+Pearl         |L2
    SwifteRock+LapisLazuli   |L2
    Adamantite+Adamantite    |T
    Adamantite+FullMetal     |Z
    Adamantite+Coral         |Z
    Adamantite+TurtleShell   |2X2
    Adamantite+Shell         |1X1
    Adamantite+Emerald       |1X2
    Adamantite+Pearl         |L2
    Adamantite+LapisLazuli   |T
    FullMetal+FullMetal      |Z
    FullMetal+Coral          |2X2
    FullMetal+TurtleShell    |1X1
    FullMetal+Shell          |1X2
    FullMetal+Emerald        |1X3
    FullMetal+Pearl          |T
    FullMetal+LapisLazuli    |Z
    Coral+Coral              |1X1
    Coral+TurtleShell        |1X2
    Coral+Shell              |1X3
    Coral+Emerald            |L1
    Coral+Pearl              |Z
    Coral+LapisLazuli        |Z
    TurtleShell+TurtleShell  |1X3
    TurtleShell+Shell        |L1
    TurtleShell+Emerald      |1X5
    TurtleShell+Pearl        |Z
    TurtleShell+LapisLazuli  |2X2
    Shell+Shell              |1X5
    Shell+Emerald            |L2
    Shell+Pearl              |2X2
    Shell+LapisLazuli        |1X1
    VinekRock+Emerald        |L2
    VinekRock+Pearl          |2X2
    VinekRock+LapisLazuli    |1X1
    Pearl+Pearl              |1X3
    Pearl+LapisLazuli        |L1
    LapisLazuli+LapisLazuli  |1X5
    2) Combinations for Attacks
    Any combination not listed, then that combination yields nothing.  
    Items, Attack, and Color are all self-explanatory, 
    but Range is based on if your robot has 6 logic block areas.  
    1-6 is the rows across the Range side.
    So 1 is when the enemy is close, 3-4 is mid range, and 6 is cross screen.
    For full screen, it'll say "Full"
    Full Screen by the way, means the attack goes across the full width
    of the Screen.  This was confusing at first and is better now. ^_^
    After the Range, you may see a letter in parenthesis.  This is to
    help clarify some of the attacks further.
    (C)- Circle (Like the Musical Instrument) A circle around the golem,
    where the radius is equal to the number in range
    (L)- Line (Like the Musical Instrument) A straight line in both directions
    equal in length to the number in range.
    (M) - Multiple. This attack can hit multiple enemies
    (R) - The direction it comes out in is totally random
    If multiple letters are present, then it has both qualities. Example:
    (CM), fires in a circle and hits mutliple enemies.
    If nothing, then it goes in a straight line in one direction and hits
    one enemy.  Others will be added when needed.
    Items           |Attack           |Color|Range
    Shield+Helm     |Barrier          |Red  |Self/1
    Shield+Hat      |Barrier          |Red  |Self/1
    Shield+Haubrek  |Nuclear Explosion|Red  |1-2(CM)
    Shield+Gauntlet |Barrier          |Red  |Self/1
    Shield+Armor    |Nuclear Explosion|Red  |1-2(CM)
    Shield+Bow      |Electric Net     |Green|1-3
    Shield+Marimba  |Immolation       |Red  |1-3
    Helm+Helm       |Energy Charge    |Red  |Self
    Helm+Hat        |Float            |Blue |Self
    Helm+Haubrek    |Fireworks        |Red  |1-2(CM)
    Helm+Gauntlet   |Barrier          |Red  |Self/1
    Helm+Armor      |Fireworks        |Red  |1-2(CM)
    Helm+Hammer     |Spiked Bomb Hail |Green|1-2(CMR)
    Helm+Flail      |Spiked Bomb Hail |Green|1-2(CMR)
    Helm+Harp       |Rocket Missle    |Red  |1-4(M)
    Helm+Marimba    |Napalm Bomb      |Red  |1-4(LM)
    Helm+Flute      |Acid Beam        |Red  |1-6(M)
    Hat+Hat         |Halt             |Blue |Unknown
    Hat+Haubrek     |Fireworks        |Red  |1-2(CRM)
    Hat+Gauntlet    |Barrier          |Red  |Self/1
    Hat+Armor       |Fireworks        |Red  |1-2(CRM)
    Hat+Hammer      |Spiked Bomb Hail |Green|1-2(CMR)
    Hat+Flail       |Spiked Bomb Hail |Green|1-2(CMR)
    Hat+Harp        |Rocket Missle    |Red  |1-4(M)
    Hat+Marimba     |Napalm Bomb      |Red  |1-4(LM)
    Hat+Flute       |Acid Beam        |Red  |1-6(M)
    Hat+Drum        |Dopplegangers    |Red  |1-3(CRM)
    Haubrek+Haubrek |Bomber Shot      |Red  |3(CR)
    Haubrek+Gauntlet|Nuclear Explosion|Red  |1-2(CM)
    Haubrek+Boots   |Bowling Bomb     |Red  |3
    Haubrek+Shoes   |Bowling Bomb     |Red  |3
    Haubrek+Armor   |Bomber Shot      |Red  |3(CR)
    Haubrek+Glove   |Dynamite Punch   |Green|1
    Haubrek+Drum    |Scatter Bombs    |Red  |2-3(CMR)
    Robe+Robe       |Spiny Guard      |Blue |Self
    Robe+Ring       |Bit Barrier      |Red  |1-3(CM)
    Robe+Boots      |Spinning Blow    |Blue |1(C)
    Robe+Shoes      |Spinning Blow    |Blue |1(C)
    Robe+Mantle     |Spiny Guard      |Blue |Self
    Robe+Pendant    |Bit Barrier      |Red  |1-3(CM)
    Robe+2HSword    |Chainsaw Spin    |Green|1
    Robe+2HAxe      |Chainsaw Spin    |Green|1
    Robe+Hammer     |Spiked Boomerang |Green|1-6(M)
    Robe+Flail      |Spiked Boomerang |Green|1-6(M)
    Robe+Drum       |Diffusion Beam   |Red  |1-4(M)
    Gauntlet+Armor  |Nuclear Explosion|Red  |1-2(CM)
    Gauntlet+Bow    |Electric Net     |Green|1-3
    Gauntlet+Marimba|Immolation       |Red  |1-3
    Ring+Ring       |Bit Beams        |Red  |1-3
    Ring+Mantle     |Bit Barrier      |Red  |1-3(CM)
    Ring+Pendant    |Bit Beams        |Red  |1-3
    Ring+Hammer     |Candy Drops      |Red  |3(R)
    Ring+Flail      |Candy Drops      |Red  |3(R)
    Ring+Bow        |Double Bits      |Red  |1-3(M)
    Boots+Shoes     |Retreat          |Blue |Unknown
    Boots+Armor     |Bowling Bomb     |Red  |3
    Boots+Mantle    |Spinning Blow    |Blue |1(C)
    Boots+Harp      |Jet Dash         |Blue |1-5(M)
    Shoes+Armor     |Bowling Bomb     |Red  |3
    Shoes+Mantle    |Spinning Blow    |Blue |1(C)
    Shoes+Harp      |Jet Dash         |Blue |1-6(M)
    Armor+Armor     |Bombershot       |Red  |3 (R)
    Armor+Glove     |Dynamite Punch   |Green|1
    Armor+Marimba   |Buster Launcher  |Red  |Full(M)
    Armor+Flute     |Meteor Shower    |Red  |3-4(CM)
    Armor+Drum      |Scatter Bombs    |Red  |1-2(CMR)
    Mantle+Mantle   |Spiny Guard      |Blue |Self
    Mantle+Pendant  |Bit Barrier      |Red  |1-3(CM)
    Mantle+2HSword  |Chainsaw Spin    |Green|1
    Mantle+2HAxe    |Chainsaw Spin    |Green|1
    Mantle+Hammer   |Spiked Boomerang |Green|1-6(M)
    Mantle+Flail    |Spiked Boomerang |Green|1-6(M)
    Pendant+Pendant |Bit Beams        |Red  |1-3
    Pendant+Hammer  |Candy Drops      |Red  |3(R)
    Pendant+Flail   |Candy Drops      |Red  |3(R)
    Pendant+Bow     |Double Bits      |Red  |1-3(M)
    Knife+Knife     |Chain Spear      |Green|1-2
    Knife+Sword     |Chain Gulliotine |Green|1-2
    Knife+Axe       |Chain Gulliotine |Green|1-2
    Knife+Glove     |Chain Drill      |Green|1-2
    Knife+Harp      |Drill Missles    |Green|Full(M)
    Sword+Sword     |Gulliotine       |Green|1
    Sword+Axe       |Gulliotine       |Green|1
    Sword+2HSword   |Chainsaw R       |Green|1-4(M)
    Sword+2HAxe     |Chainsaw R       |Green|1-4(M)
    Sword+Spear     |Chain Gulliotine |Green|1-2
    Sword+Staff     |Chain Gulliotine |Green|1-2
    Sword+Drum      |Hurricane Slash  |Green|Full(M)
    Axe+Axe         |Gulliotine       |Green|1
    Axe+2HSword     |Chainsaw R       |Green|1-4(M)
    Axe+2HAxe       |Chainsaw R       |Green|1-4(M)
    Axe+Spear       |Chain Gulliotine |Green|1-2
    Axe+Staff       |Chain Gulliotine |Green|1-2
    Axe+Drum        |Hurricane Slash  |Green|Full(M)
    2HSword+2HSword |Chainsaw         |Green|1
    2HSword+2HAxe   |Chainsaw         |Green|1
    2HAxe+2HAxe     |Chainsaw         |Green|1
    Hammer+Hammer   |Rubber Hammer    |Green|1
    Hammer+Glove    |Spiked Punch     |Green|1
    Hammer+Flail    |Rubber Hammer    |Green|1
    Spear+Spear     |Chain Spear      |Green|1-2
    Spear+Staff     |Chain Spear      |Green|1-2
    Spear+Glove     |Chain Drill      |Green|1-2
    Spear+Harp      |Drill Missles    |Green|Full(M)
    Staff+Staff     |Chain Spear      |Green|1-2
    Staff+Glove     |Chain Drill      |Green|1-2
    Staff+Harp      |Drill Missles    |Green|Full(M)
    Glove+Glove     |Knuckle Punch    |Green|1
    Glove+Flail     |Spiked Punch     |Green|1
    Glove+Harp      |Rocket Punch     |Green|Full(M)
    Flail+Flail     |Rubber Hammer    |Green|1
    Bow+Bow         |Shotgun          |Green|Full
    Bow+Flute       |Wave Beam        |Red  |1-6(M)
    Bow+Drum        |Machine Gun      |Green|Full
    Harp+Harp       |Missles          |Red  |1-6(M)
    Harp+Marimba    |Projectile Shot  |Red  |1-6
    Marimba+Marimba |Flame Launcher   |Red  |2-4(M)
    Marimba+Flute   |Diffusion Beam   |Red  |1-4(M)
    Marimba+Drum    |Flame Cyclone    |Red  |1-2(CM)
    Flute+Flute     |Beam Shot        |Red  |Full(M)
    Flute+Drum      |Electric Charge  |Red  |1-2(CM)
    Drum+Drum       |Pulse Attack     |Red  |1-3(CM)
    SECTION C: Logic Blocks General Information
    1) What does the + mean?
    Often when creating a logic block, a + with a number is seen on the block.
    Now, + increases the power of that paticular block, making it hit harder,
    defend better, or jet dash faster.  +'s aren't necessary, but they help alot.
    2) What does each logic block actually do.
    This is another misleading idea, but I can't think of a better way to say it.
    Here, I will list (once I know of course)what each logic block actually does
    in battle.
    For Example (this is a made up block by the way): 
    BOOM!-Legend Of Mana says "Golem explodes".  
    That's not very helpful on telling what the attack does or what it looks like.  
    I'd put "Your Golem charges up, glows red,
    then an explosion covers half the screen."  
    Much more informative.  
    Barrier           - Golem stands still for a second and 
                        is covered by a shield.  The shield can hit
                        enemies around the golem.
                        It apparently raises his magic defense.
    Nuclear Explosion - Golem charges up and explodes.  Massive damage,
                        but your golem is left with 1% health.
    Immolation        - Golem raises his arm and shoots a small flame.
                        It hits farther away than it looks.  Does little
                        damage but causes Flameburst?(what is that?)more
    Fireworks         - Golem releases fireworks that fall to the ground
                        and explode in beautiful technicolor.
    Rocket Missle     - Golem shoots a big rocket at enemies. The rocket's
                        explosion hits .5 blocks around it.
    Napalm Bomb       - Golem flies into the air and drops a bomb.  The bomb
                        acts like most Flutes with line fire/lock, but
                        it has a set range.  Looks cool though.
    Acid Beam         - Golem fires a purple beam that covers most of
                        the screen.
    Energy Charge     - No one really knows what this does, but it doesn't
                        restore health. Some claim it raises the gauge faster
    Float             - Golem flies into the sky and sits there for a while,
                        avoiding danger.
    Dopplegangers     - Sounds cooler than it is.  Golem releases little
                        golems that damage the opponent by exploding on
    Spinning Blow     - Golem spins, hitting everything directly next to
    Diffusion Beam    - Not a beam.  Golem releases a bunch of purple
                        star projectiles.  Does good damage, but doesn't go
                        very far.
    Bit Beams         - So underrated, now the coolest Golem tool.  Golem
                        charges and launches a bit that shoots a laser, that
                        autotargets, at an enemy.  Very cool
    Double Bits       - Same as Bit beams, but with Two bits for multiple shots.
    Buster Launcher   - Professor Bomb's Golem uses this.  Golem charges
                        then fires a huge beam across the screen. Potent
                        Damage too.
    Meteor Shower     - Golem firest a beam into the air, and a circle around
                        him lands with a bit of a splash damage radius.  Must
                        be placed properly or it will have no effect whatsoever.
    Beam Shot         - Golem fires a thin beam across the screen.
    Pulse Attack      - Golem plays some music and releases huge sound waves.
    Shotgun           - Golem pulls out a pistol and unloads three shots,
                        which are yellow visible lines.
    Machinegun        - Golem pulls out pistol and unloads a full clip.
    Candy Drop        - Golem pops out a piece of candy for you.
    Wave Beam         - Golem charges, then lets loose an flow of electricity
                        at your opponent.  Looks very cool.
    Jet Dash          - Golem charges, then actually dashes through his opponents,
                        for not much damage, but it's better than nothing.
    Projectile Shot   - Golem just fires one missle.
    Missles           - Golem fires a tri-shot of missles, with the typical
                        three way shot format.
    Electric Net      - Golem fires a what appears to be web of electricity. Doesn't
                        hit if enemy is too close.
    Spiny Guard       - A guard and counterattack.  Golem hides in its shell and if
                        attacked, retaliates with a strike
    Benjamin F Larsen <mindwanderer@juno.com>
    And not myself.  I have not tested them, so if one is wrong, tell me.
    Spike-Bomb Hail   - Golem swings a hammer over its head, and
                        several spiked balls fall around the golem, bouncing outward.
                        Misses often but does good damage. The move will be 
                        cancelled if hit while swinging.
    Spiked Boomerang  - Golem swings a hammer over its head, and throws
                        a spiked mace across the screen. 
                        Does not hit enemies on the way back. 
                        The move will be cancelled if hit while swinging.
    Spiked Punch      - Golem swings a hammer over its head, and hits a nearby
                        enemy. The move will be cancelled if hit while swinging.
    Rubber Hammer     - Hits a nearby enemy. Seems to be blocked often.
    Chain Spear       - Just like a spear strike.
    Chain Drill       - Does not count as a Knuckles attack. Much like Chain
    Drill Missiles    - Fires a drill across the screen.
    Knuckle Punch     - Just a punch. 
    Dynamite Punch    - A flurry of punches, but only hits once.
    Rocket Punch      - Throws a fist across the screen.
    Guillotine        - Stabs with a short blade.
    Chain Guillotine  - Stabs with a short blade on a long chain, just 
                        like Chain Spear.
    Hurricane Slash   - Sends a small whirlwind across the screen.
    Chainsaw          - Stabs with a buzzsaw.
    Chainsaw Spin     - Functionally identical to Chainsaw.
    Chainsaw R        - Blade flies out and returns. Does not count as a
                        Guillotine attack.
    Flame Launcher    - Golem spits a horizontal gout of fire,
                        Salamander-based damage. Can cause Flameburst.
    Flame Cyclone     - Golem charges, then spews fire in a pinwheel,
                        Salamander-besed damage. Can cause Flameburst.
    Scatter Bombs     - Golem throws a bunch of small bombs in all
                        directions. Hard to hit with.
    Bit Barrier       - Golem charges, then bits come out of the golem and
                        spin around in a circle.
    Bowling Bomb      - Golem charges, then flies up like in Napalm Bomb, drops
                        a bomb, which rolls a few blocks and explodes.
                        Very small explosion, darn near impossible to hit.
    Electric Charge   - Exactly like what the floating jellyfish does, a
                        small radius of lighting.
    3) Logic Block Combos
    Yes!  It is true!  A golem can form a combo, but there are some 
    limitations.  Let me first explain the concept of comboing.
    When you place logic blocks in the grid, any blocks connected to a block
    above or below it, becomes part of a combo.  If the golem fails with
    the first hit, then the entire combo fails.
    Now, you can't just put any two-six things and expect a combo.  Golem's
    are fickle about what blocks work with others.  So far, I've seen a Golem
    combo Chain Spear into Drill Spear.  I believe that Golem's must start
    with a Green, and can then link to Green, Red, or Blue...depending on
    how far the combo is to go.
    Combo Golem Lowdown:
    I believe the type of Golem has influence on how long a combo can be.
    At least, all the combos can be done with four hits.  Hmm, treat the
    green blocks like the X button, and Red blocks as the Square button.
    Simple Player combos with most weapons go like this:
    Golems of those types go:
    Now, for Golems that were made with larger weapons that do more hits,
    like the Glove.
    Players with the glove can do:
    X,X,X,X,X,Square (I think)
    So the Knuckle Golem can do:
    Now, what about the Blue blocks?  Well, like I said before, these
    blocks represent Player Triangle and Circle buttons.
    A more advanced combo is: (Circle is Dash)
    X,X,X,Circle+Square,X,X,X,Square (Candy pops out)
    A golem is limited to 6 commands total at a time(Rats).So, a similar for
    a golem would be:
    So, to put this in fighting game lingo:
    Green are starters, like Lk from Marvel Vs Capcom 2
    Blue are linkers/launchers, like Ryu's Down+HP
    Red are combo finishers, like Ryu's Hadoken
    Unfortunatly(blasted word), I haven't fully tested the ideas of combos
    yet, but it should be done when the Logic Blocks are finally completed.
    III) Frequently Asked Questions/Tips and Tricks
    SECTION A: Green Blocks
    1) How to Tell if your golem can use them:
    Every golem can use Red and Blue blocks, 
    but why not Green?  
    Green are Golem-Type specific.  
    You already know this, 
    but how do you tell if your golem can use it or not?  
    Simple.  Let's look at a chart:
    No Weapon           = Normal Type
    Bow                 = Shotgun Type
    Staff, Knife, Spear = Spear Type
    Sword, Axe          = Guillotine Type
    2HSword, 2HAxe      = Chainsaw Type
    Flail, Hammer       = Hammer Type
    Glove               = Kunckles Type
    NOTE: Apparently, Chain Drill while being made with a glove, CANNOT be used by
    a Knuckles Golem.  Strange.  Chainsaw R is the same, except it can't be used by
    Guillotine Types.  Chain Guillotine also doesn't work with Spear Type.
    So, if your type is a Chainsaw Type, 
    you can only use Green blocks that had a 2HSword or a 2HAxe 
    as one of the two components.
    2) Where are Green blocks best placed?
    Green blocks tend to range from 1-4 by what I've seen in battle, 
    however most green blocks will be limited to either rows 1-2.
    SECTION B: Golem Not Moving?
    1)Fact or Fiction?
    If your golem just stands there, 
    then that's what he is going to do for the fight.  
    Golems will move on their own, when they see the need to.  
    They normally move up and down in a row, 
    and will sometimes advance forward in battle, 
    however they move very slowly.  
    So, it is FICTION that a Golem can't move without Blue blocks.
    2)Blue Blocks
    Rumored to be "movement" blocks, 
    Blue Blocks actually allow your Golem to execute player techniques.  
    This means the golem won't charge up a laser beam and fire, 
    but may dash into an enemy, spin with needles, or guard against attacks.
    For the Blue blocks that are attacks, it would be like pushing Circle
    then Square.  
    Here's the relation so far:
    Golem Technique|Player Technique
    Jet Dash       |Tackle/Dash (Attack)
    Spinning Blow  |Spin (Attack)
    Spiny Guard    |Counter Attack (Defend/Attack)
    Float          |High Jump
    Halt           |Um...dunno yet. ^_^()
    SECTION C: Specialty Golems
    1) Candy Machine Golem (Suggested by: GameFAQs LOM board members)
    Golem Type - Any
    Armors used - 3 (for best result)
    Logic Blocks - Candy Drops
    Size - 1x1
    Description: It pops out candy 24-7 and at nausea
    Advantages: Makes healing easy
    Disadvantages: Not very useful for fighting
    Overall - 5 (a Pez dispenser...not a golem, but it does have its charms)
    IV)Silly Gameshark codes
    This section is for my searching for new values for certain codes.
    Some turned out hysterically funny, others...well we won't talk about
    Before I forget, these codes were Originally Hacked by KingEdgar0 on the
    CMGSCCC.com messageboard, but I took the time to find the values for each
    sprite set.  Enjoy!
    NOTE: Due to the increasing size, all non-battle will be marked as NB.
    All non-field moving will be marked as NF.
    Either you can move in field and not in battle, or appear in battle
    but can't move in field, you appear as a shadow.
    Play as NPC:
    800435E0 ??82
    00 - Niccolo
    01 - Escad
    02 - Daena
    03 - Larc
    04 - Sierra
    05 - Pearl
    06 - BlackPearl
    07 - Elazul
    08 - Elle
    09 - Bud
    0A - Lisa
    0B - Esmeralda
    68 - Hamsom (NB)
    69 - Skippie (NB)
    6A - Aura (NB)
    6B - Dryad (NB)
    6C - Gnome (NB)
    6D - Jinn (NB)
    6E - Salamander (NB)
    6F - Shade (NB)
    70 - Undine (NB)
    71 - Wisp (NB)
    C9 - Watts (NB)
    CA - Centaur Guardian (NF)
    CF - Cancun Bird (NB and NF)
    D0 - Sproutling (NB)
    F0 - Boss (NF)
    F1 - Boss (NF)
    F2 - Boss (NF)
    F3 - Boss (NF)
    F4 - Boss (NF)
    F5 - Boss (NF)
    F6 - Boss (NF)
    F7 - Boss (NF)
    F8 - Boss (NF)
    F9 - Boss (NF) 
    FA - Resets game
    FB - Resets game
    FC - Resets game
    FD - Resets game
    FE - Resets game
    FF - Resets game
    Play as a Pet:
    800435E0 ??83
    04-Grey Ox
    07-Shrieknip (the floating Vegtable)
    0A-Stinger Bug
    0B-Hopping Tick
    0D-Sand Scorpion
    11-Rattler Boa
    15-Pincher Crab
    18-Big Baby
    1E-Shadow Zero
    22-Moldy Goo
    23-Skull Beast
    27-Ape Mummy
    29-Fierce Face
    2B-Dark Stalker
    2C-Chimera Beast
    2D-Kid Dragon
    2E-Sky Dragon
    2F-Land Dragon
    30-Eye Spy
    31-Spiny Cone
    35-Cursed Doll
    36-Polter Box
    37-Chess Knight
    39-Machine Golem
    3A-Chobin Hood
    3C-Tomato Man
    40-Mad Mallard
    A3-??? Egg
    AB-Demon Egg
    AD-Oddity Egg
    I'd like to thank the following people on the 
    GameFAQs message board for providing information and 
    other helpful little tidbits:
    Crono LV99
    And more to come as soon as I can remember them.  ^_^()
    I also want to thank:
    Benjamin F Larsen <mindwanderer@juno.com>
    For basically filling in the rest of the logic blocks. ^_^()
    I'd like also to thank:
    GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com)= Free gameplay tips, cheats, and strategies 
    straight from people who take gaming seriously...gamers!  
    Thanks for posting my FAQ!
    Squaresoft (www.squaresoft.com)= They make the best RPGs, 
    some of the best Adventure, and are always gonna keep making FF games 
    until we're at number 1,000.  
    Keep up the good work, and we hope to see Seiken Denetsu 5 with 
    four player support on the Dreamcast one day.  
    Multiplayer, four people at once, pet and golem player control, 
    Moogles are back...ahh...that would be heaven.
    Gameshark Code Creator Club (www.cmgsccc.com)= If not for this site, 
    this Golem FAQs production would have taken years.  
    Thanks to KingEdgar on the CMGSCCC message board for giving me 
    the second player controls the pet code, 
    which is also being worked with now.
    If you wish to contact me, here's my information:
    MessageBoards at GameFAQs: JumiViolet
    E-mail: rubykn8260@aol.com
    Address: Like I'm giving it out... ~_~
                                           ªJumiViolet 2000
                             "A violet gem says I am a Jumi...what are you?"
                                      View at your own risk
                 Squaresoft holds all rights and references to everything they created.
                       Sega holds all rights and all refenerces to the Dreamcast.
                         Sarick holds all rights and refrences to his forumla.
                        CMGSCCC holds all rights and refrences to themselves.
                       SeanKelson owns the rights to his name and tempering basis.
                          Anyone else I forgot owns the rights to their stuff.
                  Everything that no one else created is mine...which isn't much. ~_~

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