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    FAQ/Walkthrough by q_cept

    Version: 0.03 | Updated: 03/12/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Persona 2
    Eternal Punishment
    Table Of Contents :
    A. Disclaimer
    B. Revision History
    C. How To Play
    D. Walkthrough
    E. Contact
    F. Character List
    G. Persona List
    H. Monster List
    I. Miscellanous
    J. Credits
    NOTE : This faq is more than complete. Anyone who wishes to help me 
           are welcomed, and I will give them credits. Please don't send        
           me any junk, because I will try to test it first before put it   
           here. Any 'bad-purposed' e-mail will be deleted without being 
           read first. 
    A. D I S C L A I M E R
    This faq is copyrighted to q_cept and created for personal uses 
    only. Any rip off from this work is totally illegal and unforgivable. 
    This include the magazine, game guide, etc that for commercial 
    If you want to put this faq to your own homepage, please let me know. 
    I will surely grant you a permission as long as it is not a 
    commercial homepage. Surely, you don't want anyone rip off your hard 
    work for their special profit, right ?
    You may find this faq along at this site : 
    If you find this faq not in this site, or in the any magazine or 
    commercial-purpose-things, please let me know.
    B. Revision History
    Version 0.01
    -> First FAQ written, not too much to say though.
    Version 0.02
    -> Expand the walkthrough, monster list and also character list.
    -> Added Rumor in the Miscellanous.
    Version 0.03
     -> Expand the walkthrough, monster list, character list, and rumor.
     -> PS : Sorry guys, for this very late update, because my PS is 
             broken, and it took times for me to get money to repair it.
    C. How To Play
    Ok, let's learn the basic of the game first. Like people says, once you 
    know the basic, the rest will be easy.
    I. Controller :
    -> In city/dungeon/town :
       D-pad button       : control movement of your character.
       X button           : decide/talk/checking stuff'
       O button           : run/cancel.
       Square button      : access option menu.
       Triangle button    : access map menu.
       L1,R1 button       : rotate the camera angle.
       L2,R2 button       : rotate the camera angle.
       Start button	    : -
       Select button      : ?
    -> Battle :
       D-pad button       : choose the monster, choose the option.
       X button           : decide 
       O button           : cancel
       Square button      : -
       Triangle button    : -
       L1,R1 button       : -
       L2,R2 button       : -
       Start button       : -
       Select button      : -
    -> Option menu :
       D-pad button       : choose the sub-option menu.
       X button           : decide/use item/choose persona.
       O button           : cancel
       Square button      : (in the data menu) : access equipment menu.
       Triangle button    : (in the item menu) : change key/normal item.
                            (in the data menu) : access persona menu.
                            (in the analysis menu) : access status, etc. 
       L1,R1 button       : change between character/persona/monsters.
       Start button       : -
       Select button      : -
    II. Option menu :
    Spell     : access your magic that your persona already have. Use L1/R1
                Button to change between persona.
    Item      : access your item. You can use or either see the effects of 
                item. With the triangle button you can change your option
                between key item or normal item menu. (Note : See item list
                for details of items).
    Data      : access your character status. You can see their exp, the
                rank of Persona, etc. You can also change the equipment
                after pressing the square button, or change the persona
                after pressing the triangle button.
    Card      : you can access your card you already have and view it. It
                contains your tarot, persona, material, spell, and incense. 
    Analysis  : nothing you can do here, except viewing the monster status
                or you persona status. But, viewing the monster status will
                give you an idea how to defeat it and more (You'll see).
    Configure : this is the option where you can change the color and all 
                other setting in game. You know, like the other 
                Configuration menu.
    Load      : Load your previous data.
    Save      : Save your game, you can do it anywhere as long as you can 
                access your menu.
    III. Battle Menu :
    Battle    : fighting against monsters and the last man stands win.
    Strategy  : configure your strategy in the battle. 
                Person : configure your strategy/character. Either 
                         attack, using Persona, defend, use item.
                Fussion Spells : configure your fussion spells. You can 
                                 Make it auto, wait, or N/A. 
                                 Auto : automatic cast when requirement 
                                 Wait : ask you first when requirement 
                                 N/A  : don't cast although requirement       
    Contact   : make your contact with the monsters. 
    Analyze   : see the monster status.   
    Flee      : flee from battle. Seems like 75% chance of success.
    D. Walkthrough
    Well, here comes the longest part of all section. Let's get to the
    point. This is all far from complete. So please don't give me any 
    critical e-mail first.
    NOTE : I will not tell you when you need to do level up or not. Just   
           do it with your own suggestion.
    Starts with FMV, then you can see a young man standing in the temple.
    Enjoy the talk and than the scene change to a mysterious conference 
    Room, where some people talking about neat stuff of summoning 
    (suspicious huh?).
    The scene changed to the office and soon we will meet our main 
    character, Maya. Let's go on and enjoy the conversation right now. 
    Nothing is important, I guess. But I will soon add it if something is 
    important. After you, regain control of your character, go outside the 
    Mizuno's Office. And you'll encounter Yuki. After you back regain 
    control of your character. Go talk again to Yuki near the elevator. She 
    will mad that Maya can't get her time off. Talk to Fujii, person next 
    to Yuki. And after that, make sure you talk to everyone in the office. 
    After talking with all of them, go to elevator, and Yuki will inform 
    you that your friend, Ulala Serizawa, is waiting in the receptionist.
    Get to elevator and you will come to Receptionist. Enjoy talking and you 
    will be assisted by Ulala in your research. After you regain 
    control, go to the exit door, NOT the elevator. And you will now be 
    taken to the first dungeon.
    7 Sister HS
    Well, once you enter. You automatically be taken to Faculty Room. See 
    the conversation, as you'll learn more about the incident. After you 
    regain control, be sure to talk to every teacher. After that exit the 
    Here is a map of 7 Sister HS from the Floor 1 to the Floor 4.
    History : S : stairs, L : locked.
    Floor 1
    Janitor Room                                           Bike Rack
     __________                                            __________
    !          !                                          !          !
    !          !                                          !          !
    !          !                                          !          !
    !          !                                          !          !
    !          !                                          !          !
    !          !                                          !          !
    !          !                                          !          !
    !          !__________________________________________!          !
    !                                                                !
    !                                                                !
    !                                                                !
    !                                                                !
       S       1A(L)     1B(L)  Exit         1C(L)     1D(L)    S
    Floor 2
     Faculty Room                                            
     __________                                            __________
    !          !                                          !          !
    !          !                                          !          !
    !          !                                          !          !
    !          !                                          !          !
    !          !                                          !          !
    !          !                                          !          !
    !          !                                          !          !
    !          !__________________________________________!          !
    !                                                                !
    !                                                                !
    !                                                                !
    !                                                                !
       S      2A       2B(L)                2C(L)      2D(L)     S
    Floor 3 
     Principal Office
      _________                                            __________
    !          !                                          !          !
    !          !                                          !          !
    !          !                                          !          !
    !          !                                          !          !
    !          !                                          !          !
    !          !                                          !          !
    !          !          S                               !          !
    !          !__________________________________________!          !
    !                                                                !
    !                                                                !
    !                                                                !
    !                                                                !
       S      3A(L)    3B                    3C(L)       3D(L)     S
    Floor 4
    !           !
     Clock Towe!r          !
               !           !
               !           !
        ????                          !
    !                                             !
    !                      !
    !                                             !
        After exiting the room, you are know in the hallway at the Floor 2.  
    Make sure to grab 'Awaken' near the stairs, and now down to Floor 1.  
    You can talk to students if you want to. In the Floor 1, go to  
    Courtyard and you'll see an event happened. After regain control, you  
    can either talk to people (there's another Maya here) or directly go to  
    Principal Office in the Floor 3. In floor 3, there's money (1200).
        Once you enter, you'll realize the principal has been murdered  
    sadistically. Katsuya will enter and soon you will encounter with Joker 
    (the rumor is true!!!, if you listen to the story). And then, your own 
    Persona will be draw out, and soon you'll come to magic land meet with 
    Philemon who asked your help. You'll be back to your world, and then 
    Katsuya will call the office for back-up and Ms. Saeko will show up. 
    After you regain control of Maya, be ready for fun !!! Explore the 
    school which now infested with demon. 
        Your first encounter will be Slimer, which will teach you about 
    Contact (See Contact section for detail). After that, you will 
    encounter random battle with demon in the school. 
        Your objectives now is to go to Faculty Room and find the teacher 
    who held the Clock Tower Key. Answer yes to help him and he will hand 
    over the Clock Tower Key to you.
        Now, go all the way to the Floor 4. Once you near the ladder up to 
    Floor 4, the strange feeling will come up, which means Joker is near. 
    Enter the Clock Tower using your Clock Tower Key, and you will see the 
    scene. (Notice that Katsuya called Joker with #501). Now, be ready for 
    the boss battle.
    Boss Battle.
    Enemy    : Empusas, 2 Apep
    Reward   : 100 Exp, (5000) 
    Strategy : It's easy, just keep attacking and using your fussion spells
               everytime possible. Healing when necessary and you'll win 
               eventually. (Note : If you're level higher than Lv.5, you'll
               find it easy, but if you're lower, than be prepared for
               though battle.)
    After the battle, your characters will be asleep because the spell from 
    the Joker. Now, here comes the rescue, the deja-vu boy, and will tell 
    Maya go spread rumor in the MS Amano. And then he leave. The scene will 
    change to the hall in front of Principal Office, when Kazuya talk to 
    the other police officer. Now, you'll see that Kazuya are off the team, 
    but it doesn't make him let the Joker loose. He decided to go with you.
    Now, just walk to the stairs or to the black scene behind Ms. Saeko to 
    reach the city map. 
    Area : Rengedai
    You'll now walk in the city map. The green dot represents you, while 
    the blue dot represents other people. Now, let's explore this area 
    first. You'll find the temple in the north and shopping mall (Lotus 
    Plaza) in the southeastern part. Nothing too much to do though. But 
    you'll find a rumormonger in the Sushi Gatten at Lotus Plaza. Exit this 
    map, by walking until the end of street and choose Amano area.
    Area : Aoba
    Let's check the city. Right in the north is shopping mall (Aoba Dr.). 
    In the center is Kismet Pub (the office where Maya work). At the west 
    is Aoba Park.
    Go straight to Aoba Dr. and enter Kuzuncha, you'll know get into 
    conversation. After regain control of Maya, talk to Chief Todoraki, and 
    choose spread rumor, then choose 'power that emblem holds', then 'It 
    repels Joker'. After finished, enjoy the conversation again, then get 
    ready to go to 2x Slash to meet Baofu. 2X Slash is located at Aoba Dr.,
    the option next to Kuzuncha.
    Enjoy the conversation, and at the pub, enjoy the FMV too. Now, after 
    that, any pub will sell weapon! Upgrade your equipment now. You'll also 
    get the new character, Baofu. :). Once you back to city map, Baofu will 
    mention about Velvet Room. Go there, it is the last option in the Aoba 
    Dr. Inside, you'll find the follower of Philemon : Igor, Belladonna, 
    Nameless, and finally Demon Artist. Here, if you want to draw a card 
    and have a Free Tarot Card, talk to Demon Artist. If you want to summon, 
    talk to Igor.
    You can talk to rumormonger in the Sushi Gatten at Rengedai to find 
    the new rumor. Back to Kuzuncha and spread it. Now, Time Castle 
    (shop in the Lotus Plaza) will sell spell Cards. Good isn't it?
    If you talk again to him after spreading the first rumor, he will tell 
    \he second one, Time Castle duplicates Spell Cards. Spread it. Go to 2X
    Slash and enter the computer, look at rumor board, then you'll see the 
    rumor. Spread it again. You'll now can buy a new armor.
    After you done re-equip yourself, go to Mt. Mifune, by exiting Aoba, 
    and then choose Mt. Mifune. Be sure to bring some new Persona, and see
    them in action.
    Mt. Mifune
    I bring Surya, Harpie, Pixie, Robin Goodfellow, and also Poltergeist 
    here. Don't know if it's the best choice.
    Talk to Shady Security Guard only to find out you can't keep going. So 
    it means you need to take a turn around. There's a small pathway under 
    the guard, take it and you will enter the 2nd dungeon.
                                       Rear Entrance
                                   !                  !
                                   !                  !
                                   !                  !   
                                   !        3 Medicine!
                                   !        Offering B!ox
                                   !                  !
                                   !          Obsidian!
                                   !                  !
                                   !                  !   
                                   !                  !
                                   !                  !
                                   !                  !
                      !                  !                  !
                      !                  !                  !
                      !                  !  Aqua Spell Card !  
                      !   1 STR Card     !  2 Lovely Bags   !
                      !__________________!  3 Snuff Souls   !
                      !                  !                  !
                      !                  !__________________!
                      !                  !
                      !                  !
                      !                  !
                      !  3 Antidote      !
           !                 !
           !                 !
           !                 !
           !                 !
           !                 !
           !                 !
    Here is just easy actually. You just need to rely on your map (triangle
    button), so you can just pass it. But, you also want to gain some level 
    first right. Here is the good thing, you can turn in town and recover 
    anytime you want, of course, you need to drive all your way back to the 
    main entrance of the dungeon. I will include just simple map, the real 
    one is too big and I don't think I can draw it accurately (you'll see 
    The clue here is just to go to ascending slope. IF you go to descending 
    slope, you'll be back to the entrance. There is only one condition to go 
    to descending slope, if you want to get an item (). (not considering if 
    you want to get to town and heal).
    There is an offering box, deep inside the secret path, that you may 
    hard to notice. That's why I told you to rely on map. You can donate up 
    to (10000) here, rumor said it needed to summon a new Persona.
    Once you can reach, the rear entrance of Sanitarium, you have just 
    passed the Mt. Mifune. 
     Floor 1
        __________                                       _______________
       !          !                                     !               ! S
       !          !                                     !_____          !
       !          !                                          !          !
       !          !                                          !          !
       !          !                                          !          !
       !          !                                          !          !
       !          !                                          !          !
     __!          !__________________________________________!          !
    !                                                                   !
    !  3 Antidote                                                       !
    !________________________           ________________________________!
                             !         !
    Floor 2
                                                        !               ! S
                                                        !_____          !
                                                             !          !
                                                             !          !
                                                             !          !
                                                             !          !
                                                             !          !
     ________________________________________________________!          !
    !                         (5000)                                    !
    !  S                                                                !
    !_________________________           _______________________________!
                     206     !         !
    Floor 3
    !                                        !
    !_______                                 !
            !        ______________          !
            !       !              !         !
            !       !              !         !
            !       !              !         !
            !       !              !         !
            !       !              !         !
         ___!       !______________!         !____
        !                                         !
        !                                         !
        !___        _______________           ____!
            !      !               !         !
            !      !               !         !
            !      !               !         !
            !      !               !         !
            !Agi   !               !         !
     _______!Incense_______________!         !
    !                                        !
    !                                        !
    Floor 4
                               !         !
                               !         !
                               !         !
                               !         !_________
                               !                   ! S
                               !                   !
                               !          _________!
                               !         !
                               !         !
                               !         !
                               !         !
                               !         !
                               ! Mythrill!
    !                                         !
    !                                         !_________
    !                                                   !  
    !                                                   !
    !_____________________________________              !
              Director Office             !             !
                                          !             !
    Once you go in, you'll find two body killed by demon. Then Kazuya and 
    Baofu will have some argument, and Maya will be given the option (I 
    choose the second). And after you back to regain control, go in, and 
    you'll be in the long corridor inside. The first room is Velvet Room, 
    the second is Healing Shrine, with Trish inside. Go all the way to the 
    At the second floor, go to the room 206, which is the only room opened, 
    and you can find a nurse. Talk to her, and now go to the third floor. 
    You will find many of the path locked, so you may need to turn a couple 
    of time. Don't forget to take the items here. And also at the fourth 
    floor, by using the stair next to the stair you up first. After 
    finished, go all the way to room 303, where Tatsuya's room is. Here, 
    you will find a conspiracy written by Tatsuya. After you back regain 
    control of your character, go to the fourth floor by using another 
    stair. Now, go to the Director Office. You will find Tatsuya here, and 
    then a conversation will follow. Baofu will then leave your party, 
    meaning there is up to 3 of you for defeating the next boss. Prepare 
    for the boss battle.
    Boss Battle.
    Enemy    : Hellhound
    Level    : 13
    Reward   : Exp. 500, (4500)
    Strategy : The best way to defeat it by using water spell. Because, its
               weakness is water. Don't bother using fire spell, it only       
               heal the beast. It sure is though, because it can poison and 
               the fire magic itself will deal a lot of damage. Anyway, 
               just heal and attack. Surely, you will defeat it.
    After defeating it, you will then go outside the sanatorium to meet 
    Baofu. Seems like Baofu recognized somebody. Anyway, now your target 
    is Sky Museum to stop Tatsuya.
    Area : Rengedai
    You can find a rumor by talking to rumormonger here. But nothing too 
    much to do though.
    Area : Konan
    Let's check the city first. There are Pollice Department, Lunar 
    Palace, Ebisu Beach, Seaside Mall, Sky Museum, and Factory. Of 
    course, our target is Sky Museum, right? But, let's explore the city 
    first, because there's some neat stuff there.
    Here you can do some stuff. Firstable, you may go to Pollice 
    Department and spend (10000) to get an item/Hihi-Irokane from Panta, 
    the big doll there. And suppose you have enough money, maybe you can 
    go to Aoba and spend (100000) there at Fortune Cat at Kuzuncha to 
    meet Demon Rumormonger. You can get some rumor from her too :).
    You may want to peek Maya's residence, it is in Lunar Pallace, what a 
    mess there. And at Seaside Mall, there's a rumormonger in Johny 
    Rogers (the bartender itself). And at Sumaru Genie, you can get your 
    fortune telled, though it's not too accurate. Perhaps it's time to 
    stock your item and new Persona. After that's all finished, let's 
    head to Sky Musseum.
    Here, I'm not going to give you a map. Since perhaps it's pretty 
    confusing to consume (and make too :P). So I will try my best to 
    explain it using words. All that I used here with the North sign 
    oriented up.
            W            E
    Once enter, you will meet with the student named Jun Kahihara, you 
    may need to pick an answer. Both will be fine I guess. After that 
    short conversation, you will find that Tatsuya already set bomb and 
    there are children need to rescue !!!!! Now, your task is to help the 
    children first floor by floor. By the way, you will be given time 
    limit too (30 menits) and it will round down whether you enter the 
    map menu or option menu. So, it's pretty though huh?
    Now, you will be in the 1F. Just make your way to the stairway, 
    there's nothing you can do here.
    Go to the right (your right, not Maya), and collect item/3 Medicine, 
    there are two exhibition room here, but it's empty. Now, make your 
    way all the way to the left and then down. Collect the item/2 Ball of 
    Returning along the way. Enter the first exhibition room and you will 
    find the children here. You will be prompted to choose your order 
    (the polite one or not). If you choose the second, Katsuya will be 
    asking about your language. Now, go to right, until you find an 
    unlocked door. Enter it and you will now in the exhibition hall 2F. 
    Maya will hear a girl's voice here, but anyway, you will now enter 
    the other side of 2F. 
    Now just walk to stairway.
    Now, head to the right first, and go down in the first intersection. 
    You will find Exhibition Room crowded by the 2nd group of children. 
    After that, back to intersection, continue right, now, if you go down 
    you will find item/2 Gala-Gala Drinks, and if you up and then left, 
    you will find item/Damascus Steel. Now, back to the main hall, go up, 
    and then left. Eventually you will find intersection, go down. Don't 
    bother about item box here, since it's trap. Continue go down, and 
    then you will find the third group in another Exhibition Room. If you 
    continue right and then up, you will find item/Bead of Protection. 
    Anyway, you will now free to enter the 4F.
    Here, there will be demons like Tatsuya said. Now, go the right, and 
    pick item/Incense of Life. Now go down, then left. Pick item/2 
    Chewing Souls in the way. After that, you continue left till end, 
    then down. The first Exhibition Room will be the 4th group children. 
    Continue down, right, up, and then right again. Near elevator, there 
    will be a sense back. And Katsuya will be wondering. Now, head down. 
    And take the stairs.
    Enter the Rooftop, since it's the only way. Now, you will find scene 
    while Jun being captive by Tatsuya and Deja Vu Boy (another Tatsuya) 
    is confronted him. Follow the conversation and watch what is 
    happening. Don't worry about anything. Enjoy another FMV. :) Now, you 
    will be in the flying Sky Museum. Get ready for the boss fight.
    Boss Fight
    Enemy   : Tatsuya Sudou, 2 Minotaur, 2 =Shax
    Level   : Shax          : Lv. 13 (?)
              Minotaur      : Lv. 13
              Tatsuya Sudou : Lv. 20
    Reward  : Exp. 1208, (10480)
    Strategy : This is a tough battle. Firstable you must get rid of Shax 
               first, since they can heal. And then try to get rid of 
               Minotaur, they can get you a headache. Now, the last is 
               Sudou, don't attack him with Fire !!!, otherwise he will 
               be healed. You will win now and then.
    After Sudou's defeat, watch another conversation. Watch too when 
    Tatsuya kick Katsuya butt to the air. Now everyone will be pushed to 
    middle-air by Tatsuya, leaving only himself behind. Watch again FMV 
    when the Sky Museum crashed. And now you will find your party and 
    another in the beach. After conversation, one by one will leave and 
    the next destination is as mentioned by Baofu, The Kismet Pb.
    Area : Konan
    You may want to hear rumor from Rumormonger Barkeeper here. Besides 
    that, there's nothing else to do actually. 
    Area : Rengedai : Kismet Pb
    At Rengedai, you may need to spread the rumor first. After all 
    finished, go to Kismet Pb. Inside you will be prompted to enter the 
    Director's Office. After the short talk with Chizuru, go out from the 
    office. Now, you will see the TV Show that revealed something, 
    doesn't want to spoil your fun :P. The scene will change then to 
    Baofu's Lair and then to Konan Police Department. Watch the 
    conversation, then the scene will move to Ulala. Now, back to Maya. 
    After you regain control, go to Konan Police Dept. Listen carefully 
    to the conversation. Ulala will know likely to become another Jocker.
    Now you must go to Hirasaka
    Area : Hirasaka
    Let's check the area first. There are Smile Mall, Samura Prison, 
    Kasugayama HS, Kameya Alley. You may go to Samura Prison and have a 
    little chit-chat here. Now go to Kameya Alley and enter Shiraishi 
    Pub. Talk to bartender here, and you will be given a clue to go to 
    Parrabaleum. There's a rumormonger here too. You can get a rumor from 
    Area : Aoba : Parabellum
    Here, in Parabellum, you'll meet the guy that swindled Ulala. After a 
    short talk you will be prompted to go to 'Gold' Fitness Club.
    Area : Yumezaki
    Let's check the area. There area Central Avenue, Gold, Mu Continent, 
    Seedy CD, Zodiac Club. In Central Ave, there's rumormonger. You can 
    get rumor from her. Spread it. Once your business here is done, go to 
    Once enter, you will know that Ulala has been locked herself inside. 
    And no one can get to her. So, it's your job to find a way to her. 
    Go to the left and up, to find the Women's Locker. There is item/1 
    Cleansalts here. Now to Men's Locker and pick mtl/1 Rainbow Gleams. 
    Nothing much. Except you may want to go to Equipment Room and saw a 
    barbel disappearing. Equipment Room is the northernmost part.
    Make your ways to norhtern part. In the women's locker there trt/ 5 
    Free Tarots. Women's locker located near the Dancing Studio. Go to 
    Women's Staff Room. There are man here, and from him, you'll get a 
    Boxing Key. Now head back to 1F.
    Use the Gym Key in the Boxing Room, you'll now enter the room. Enjoy 
    the conversation and get ready for the boss fight.
    Boss Fight
    Enemy    : JOKER Ulala
    Level    : 20
    Reward   : Exp 2000, (8000)
    Strategy : Just attack and heal, you are gonna beat her.
    Well, enjoy the conversation. When you are prompted by the choice, 
    choose the second one. Now just sit and watch for a while. After all, 
    you will now prompted to go to Zodiac Club.
    Zodiac Club
    Once you enter, just go through the door to really enter the Zodiac 
    Club. You will be prompted to talk with Anna and finding her friend 
    who held captive there. Talk to the girl near the exit to get the 
    rumor, and spread it right away. Since it's needed if you want to get 
    cool stuff (yes, cool stuff for this time). Anyway, once you 
    prepared, go enter the door in front of Anna's table.
    Note : Since there's almost more than one stair for each floor, I 
    will mark it as Sx-y, when x means floor, and y is the stair number 
    to get you understand more easily. And starting from the 2F, I will 
    not draw an entire map, but instead from each stair led to. To make 
    it more simple.
                              _______           ________
                             !  S1-2 !         !  S1-3  !
                             !       !         !        !
             _______         !       !_________!        !
            !  S1-1 !        !                          !
            !       !        !       ___________________!
            !       !________!      !
            !                       !
            !                       !
            !        ________       !                ___________
            !       !        !      !               !           !
            !       !        !      !_______________!           !
            !_______!        !                                  !
                             !                       ___________!
                             !____________          !
                                          !         !
                                          !         !
                    ______________________!         !__________
                   !                                           !
                   !                                           !
                   !      _____________________________________!
                   !     !
                   !     !
                   !     !
                   !     ! Zodiac Club
                   !     !
     !   S1-1 !
     !        !
     !        !
     !        !
     !        !__
     !           !                                    ______
     !         __!blocked                            !      !
     !        !                                     Spell/Fei Card
     !        !                                      !      !
     !        !                                      !      !
     !        !______________________________        !      !
     !                                       !       !      !
     !                                       !       !      !
     !         ________         _______      !       !      !
     !        !        !       !       !     !       !      !
     !        !        !       !       !     !_______!      !
    Item/2 Lucky Bags  !       !       !                    !
     !________!        !_______!       !____________________!
                                          S2-3        S2-4
     !   S1-2 !
     !        !
     !        !
     !        !
     !        !            ______
     !        !           !      !
     !        !___________!      !
     !                item/Anti Magic Bead
     !         ___________       !
     !        !           !      !
     !        !           !______!
    _!        !
    Lead to blocked path S1-1
     ________            _________                ________
    !Spell/Media Card   !  S1-3   !              !   S2-1 !
    !        !__________!         !______________!        !
    !                                                     !
    !______________________    _________    _______    ___!
                           !  !         !  !       !  !
                           !  !         !  !       !  !
                           !  !         !  !       !  !
                     ______!  !_________!  !_______!  !
                    !                                 !
                    !            ____________    _____!
                    !           !            !  !
                    !_____S2-2__!      ______!  !______
                                      !                !
                                      !    ________    !
                                      !   !        !   !
                                      !   !        !   !
                                      !   !        !   !
                                  ____!   !___  ___!   !____
                                 !            !!            !
                                 !            !!    Gun/S&W Magma
                                 !     !
                                 !     !_________________________
                                 !                           S2-1!
                                 !      _______________      ____!
                                 !_____!               !    !
                      ________        ________         !    !
                     !        !      !        !        !    !
            Item/Battle Master!      !        !        !    !
                     !__    __!      !__    __!  Staff Room !
                        !  !            !  !    (Accessible)!
                        !  !____________!  !           !    !
                        !                  !           !    !
                        !______     _______!           !    !Staff Room
                               !   !                   !    ! (Locked)
                               !   !                   !    !
            ___________________!   !___________________!    !
           !                                                !
           !                                                !
           !    _______________________         ____________!
           !   !                       !       !
           !   !                       !       !
           !   !                       !       !
           !   !                       !       !
       ____!   !____                   !_______!
      !             !
      !             !
       !        !
       !        ! 
       !        !
       !        !
       !        !________________________
       !                                 ! 
       !                                 !
       !         _________________       !
       !        !                 !      !
       !        !                 !      !
       !        !                 !      !
       !        !                 !      !
       !________!                 !_S2-3_!
                 __Secret Casino_
                !                !
                !                !
                !                !
                !_____      _____!
                      !    !
                      !    !
                      !    !
      ________________!    !_________________
     !                                       ! 
     !                                       !
     !                                       !
    Anyway, plan your way carefully, and make sure you grab the items 
    here, they sure good, especially the gun for me. After you reach the 
    3F which contained Secret Casino, go into it and say password. 
    Anything will be fine, but the password is 'Panther'. You can get 
    this by going into Staff Room after you were asked the password for 
    the first time. Baofu will get it for you.
    After you manage to prompt password right, get inside and watch the 
    chit chat. Get ready for another bos "JOKER" fight
    Boss Fight
    Enemy    : JOKER Noriko, 2 Ryuman
    Level    : Ryuman       : Lv. 20
               JOKER Noriko : Lv. 26
    Reward   : 2500 Exp., (6000) (if I'm not mistaken, since I'm in the 
               protection of White Dragon which is inc. exp and dec gold)
    Strategy : Basically, you may want to use Fire Combos, since JOKER 
               Norike here is very weak against it, don't bother using 
               water spell, very little effect.
    Now, let's get enjoying the conversation. Since it's kind of short, 
    you will find that you need to go to Aoba Park.
    Area : AOBA : Aoba Park
    You will enter in the South Area, your goal is to get to Central Area 
    and then enter the Rest Area there. You will find that you need to 
    find a person who has information about Sudou. Anyway, after you exit 
    the Aoba Park, head to Kuzuncha. Hear you will get another chit-chat, 
    and you will be prompted a choice. If you choose the second, you'll 
    get money from Ulala :). Anyway, spread the rumor, choose wisely, 
    since it only once that you can spread. This is also will affect 
    about your next Character (either Nate or Ellen).
    Area : Narumi
    After you spread the rumor, you must go to Parabellum first. And 
    then, enjoy the conversation and you can pick the answers while 
    talking with Katsuya. Anyway, depend by man/woman that you spread, if 
    man there will Nate appeared, while woman will be Ellen.
    After that, you will be brought to Hotel in Narumi. After the brief 
    conversation with both Nate and Ellen, now this is where the path 
    splitted. I will enlist Nate path first, since that's what I play 
    right now.
                                NATE's PATH
    If you choose Nate to be your party member, you will be prompted to 
    go to Laboratory in Narumi. However, you can't go straight from the 
    front door. You must sneak from the sewer and fight your way to Lab. 
    Area : Narumi
    Go to mall, it's located behind Hotel. Go to the bar here, and talk 
    to barkeeper. She is one of the rumormonger. Pick the rumor she has, 
    and then spread it. You now can buy new weapon, forge weapon, and 
    also making map :).
    Once your business here is over, go all your way to sewer, and you 
    will be prompted to conver sation. Mary and Chris will now come and 
    help you. After you receive walkie talkie, you must pick the path 
    which is 'shorter'. But in my opinion, all your path will lead you to 
    the exit. Just only matters of time and items.
    To pick the path, go to the door which colour is green or red. In 
    front of the door, Maya will contacting Chris (if in front of green 
    door) or Ellen (in front of red door). Pick wisely, since one you 
    enter, you will not be going back. And there's also time limit, which 
    you don't have to worry about it very much. The time is indicating 
    how long the next water stream come. If you don't reach the exit in 
    10 minutes, you will be back to entrance and must going all the way 
    to the exit anymore. I will not include the map right now, I just 
    enlist the item in each path. The clue to get past is simple, just 
    going until deadend, that's time to find a bridge. Do it over and 
    over, and you may want to check the map for possibly area consisting 
    After finishing the area, you will find yourself in the Shelter, pick 
    again the path, until you reach Parking Lot, that's all.
    Mary Path
    Area A1 : 1 item/Seducing Good
              1 item/Devil's 
              1 item/Seed of Escape
    Area A2 : none
    Area A3 : 1 wpn/Plasma Swd.
                               ELLEN's PATH
    E. Contact
    Here comes the trickiest part from Persona. Contact the monster. While 
    your exploration in the Persona world, you will encounter many 
    demon, and interestingly, you can make contact with them, and if you 
    lucky, you'll get either Contract or Tarot Card. You'll learn the basic 
    of Contact from the first Slime you encountered in the 7 Sister 
    HS. He will tell you how to contact the demon and also the aura which 
    show up their emotion. And lastly, about the demon personality, which 
    is determined which kind of contact needed to get the best result.
    Here is the list of aura of the demon :
    RED   0-----------? anger, once reached 3 times, the demon will either
                         attack you or leave you or break the contract if 
                         you have one.
    GREEN 0-----------? joy, once reached 3 times, the demon will make a 
                         contract with you if you don't have one, or give 
                         you an option of item, money or info from him if 
                         you already have a contract.
    YELLOW + '!' 0----? interest, once reached 3 times, the demon will  
                         give you a Tarot card and also a bonus if you               
                         have contract.
    BLUE 0------------? fear, once reached 3 times, the demon will run 
                         away from you. 
    Note : it is possible to have aura in the monster more than one from 
           above. For example, green with '!' mark means joy and 
           BEWARE : You may get nothing when this happened.
    About personality, you may find that demons have 8 basic personality
    and their personality can be a mix between those 8. The personalities 
    are : wise                 aggressive
          foolish              timid
          cheerfull            tempered
          gloomy               arrogant
    Every personality has their own way to get a best result when you 
    contact, sometimes, you need a particular character in your party 
    before you can contact with the demon. 
    If you manage to get contract with monsters, you will soon realize 
    that the monster will have some circle under their feet. If you later 
    encounter the monster again, and if you make them joy again, you'll 
    be given item or money or info based on your choice. Also if, you 
    make them interest, you can get double of tarot cards and an 
    addition, Free Tarot Cards. The maximum number your contracts is 3. So, 
    if you want to make another contract, you must first have to 
    break the old one first.
    Well, you can see the best way to contact a demon from my demon list 
    F. Character List
    Here I will list every character/item/anything that the games give 
    the description of it.
    Maya Amano
      Editor of Kismet Publishing's teen Magazine, Coolest. The game's 
      main character.
    Editor-in-Chief Mizuno
      Coolest's Editor-in-Chief who hates Maya. An experienced woman who
      goes by the book. 30-something and still not married.
    Yuki Mayuzumi
      Maya's ex-partner & apprentice. She's not really an employee at 
      Kismet, but an assistant photographer hired by Fujii.
    Shunsuke Fujii
      A free-lance photographer. He's also Yuki's highly respected boss.
      He calls Yuji "Yukki" & Maya "Mackey".
    Ulala Serizawa
      Maya's friend who sells lingerie. A ceramic girl infatuated with
      fortunes. Her bad luck with men has given her a complex.
    Katusya Suou
      Young Detective of the Kunoun PD. His current rank is Sergeant. He
      has a little brother named Tatsuya.
    Saeko Smith
      Teacher of class 3-B. She is very liberal-minded & she was hired 
      for her policy of freedom.
    Akinara Kashihara
      World History teacher for seniors. Though strange, he is a kind 
    Principal Hardings
      The new principal from St. Hermelin High. There, he was hated & 
      known as "Hardy". Here, he is also hated.
    Anna Yoshizaka
      Student of 3-B. She doesn't look it now, but before the accident, 
      she was a star track athlete.
    Norika Katayama
      She looks up to Anna & is also a track &field athlete.
    Maya Okamura
      World history teacher of class 2-C who also has the first name, 
      "Maya". I sense that I've met her somewhere_?
    Narurato Stone
      A rock duck up during construction. It's made of thermanite, but it 
      gives off a magnetic energy. Legend ha it evil demons known as 
      "Narurato Hotefu" were sealed in this stone by "Hiremon Shounin".
    The Statue Praising the Almighty Hardings
      Look at me! Follow me! Don't rely on me! _A contradictory statement
      is written. It's annoying just to look at.
      The rumored "mistery man" who kills by request when someone calls 
      themself on their cellular phone.
      Ruler over the ego, revealer of truth, and creator of all 
      unconscious actions. It seems he has weakened for some reason_.
    Deja Vu Boy
      A young man acting older. He ran into me. For some strange reason, 
      I feel I know him for long ago...
    Captain Shimazu
      He is in charge of the bizarre serial murder case division. An 
      elite crime investigate administrator.
    Kenta Yokouchi
      A graduate of St. Hermelin_ A successful salesman who knows a lot 
      about rumors. His persona seems to have helped his career.
      While going to college, she works as a Devil Summoner.
    Chief Todoroki
      He used to be a flunky, but he all of a sudden got smart. Now, he 
      works as a Devil Summoner.
      Demon friend of the Devil Summoner Tammy. Likes pranks and has 
      weakness for money. She knows much rumors among demons.
      He is a Tap Buster, and has a webpage that collects all the city's
      rumors. He says he's from Taiwan.
      A stingy fairy who is obsessed with money. She's been banned from  
      the Fairy world and can't return until she does good, but ...
    Rumormonger Barkeeper
      The barkeeper of Johny Kegers. He is also familiar with the city's 
      rumors. Also, he is called Rumormonger Barkeeper.
    Sumaru Genie
      A fortune teller with a low voice. Her fortune haven't been  
      accurate lately. They say her double roams the city at night.
    Jun Kahihara
      Senior at Kasugayama High School. I feel that we've met before.
    Chizuru Ishigami
      A beautiful Wang-Long fortune-teller, also known as "Wang-Long 
    Chief Togashi 
      The chief of the Konan Police Dept. and head of Special 
    Ekichi Mishina
      A 2nd year student who is the leader at Kasugayama High School. 
      I feel I've met him before...
    Miyabi Hanakouji
      A student of Seven Sisters High who is dating Ekichi. Also she is 
      the lead editor of the school newspaper.
    Rumormonger Toku
      A bum who hangs out at Shiraishi. He knows many rumors, and he 
      seems to philosophize everything. He's actually quite intelligent.
    Youichi Makimura
      The con-artist who swindled Ulala of her savings. "Makimura" is the 
      alias he used at the time.
    Chika Ueda
      Newspaper writer of Seventh High, known as "The Rumormonger". She  
      is sloppy, but gets information quicker than anyone.
    Yasuo Inoue
      A typical Kasu High student. He dreams of being in the spotlight as 
      Student Body President, but he's not going after that.
    Hiroki Sugimoto
      A popular punk that goes to Kasugayama. He lost to Eikichi in Jr. 
      High and became a henchman. He secretly plots his revenge.
    Yung Pao
      Assassin from Tien Tao Lien. He seems to have some connection with 
    Nate Nanjo
      Son of the head of some of Japan's biggest companies. A Persona 
      user who "awakened" as a result of the Sebec scandal.
    Ellen Kirishima
      Like Nate, she was "awakened" by a past incident.She is a big fan 
      of the occult. She works as a model, but_
      With a built body and a mean glare, he is Nate's rather "rude" 
      bodyguard_ He seems to be against Nate's actions_
    Rumor-Lovin' Bartender
      The lady bartender at Ebony, the sky lounge in Hotel Pleiades_Her 
      job requires her to be familiar with rumors.
    Chris Kido
      A Persona user who fought alongside Nate. Known as "The Legendary 
      Six-Pack Leader". He is the step-brother of Kandori.
    Mary Sonomura
      The key figure in the Sebec incident. A Persona user who, like the 
      others, has a connection with Kandori.
    More to come...
    G. Persona List
    I will enlist all the Persona that is availabe in Eternal Punishment. 
    However, the secret Persona or the special Persona will be listed 
    Tarot/Lv.   Persona Name        Card needed    Item/Cards
      Lv. 34    Agripa                    136
      Lv. 16    Tengu                      64
      Lv. 34    Sif                       102
      Lv. 27    Tensen Nyan                81
      Lv. 36    Seioubo                   108
      Lv. 26    Nemesis                    78
      Lv. 15    Arian Hod                  45
      Lv. 37    Baal                      111
      Lv. 28    Marduk                     84
      Lv.  9    Airgetham                  27
      Lv. 39    Yama                      117
      Lv. 23    Umayado No Ouji            69
      Lv. 14    Genjo                      42
      Lv. 42    Vivian                    168
      Lv. 26    Jack O' Lantern           104
      Lv. 18    Jack Frost                 72
      Lv. 11    Robin Goodfellow           44
      Lv.  2    Pixie                       8
      Lv. 35    Seiten Taisei             140
      Lv. 27    Taranis                   108
      Lv. 15    Minotaur                   60      Item/Warlord's Manual
      Lv. 43    Taksaka                   172
      Lv. 29    Kerepres                  116
      Lv. 21    Otohime                    84
      Lv. 12    Ryume                      48      Inc/Str Card
      Lv. 33    Byakko                    132
      Lv. 28    Grinbulsti                112
      Lv. 22    Tenhou Gensui              88
      Lv. 14    Nehomata                   56
      Lv. 51    Cerberus                  204 
      Lv. 44    Gundari Myouou            132
      Lv. 25    Mars                       75
      Lv. 41    Barbatos                  164
      Lv. 24    Kabanda                    96
      Lv. 17    Shax                       68
      Lv. 44    Ankou                     176
      Lv. 22    Hell                       88
      Lv. 37    Stuparideth               148
      Lv. 19    Feral                      76
      Lv.  5    Harpie                     20
      Lv. 39    Surt                      156
      Lv.  2    Poltergeist                 8
      Lv. 36    Loki                      144
      Lv. 24    Kanaloa                    96
      Lv. 38    Heinir                    152
      Lv. 30    Kenren Taishou            120
      Lv. 23    Grandhurva                 92
      Lv. 12    Kimnara                    48
      Lv. 47    Succubus                  188
      Lv. 20    Pariker                    80      Item/Obsidian
      Lv. 33    Heimdall                   99
      Lv. 21    Krick Kakmo                63      Spell/Anti-Force Card
      Lv. 13    Surya                      39
      Lv. 33    Melschsedec               128
      Lv. 17    Phaly                      68
      Lv. 46    Hunabku                   184
      Lv. 31    Demeter                   124
    More About Persona
    Right now, I'm experiment with the persona that can be summoned in
    the Velvet Room. The first thing comes in mind is that looks like 
    every Persona has different compatibility among the characters. I 
    realize it when I see the SP needed to summon Person differ each 
    person, and also some persona can not be used by spesific character. 
    I hope anybody can help me with this.
    Lv. 18 STAR Iris
    You need to get mtr/Rainbow Gleam which is in the GOLD Fitness Centre, 
    and you need 72 Star Card to summon it. 
    Note : you will get a spell/Magnus Card.
    LV. 31 MOON Maia Custom
    Firstable, after you defeat JOKER Ulala, you will be prompted the 
    choice, choose the second one. And after that, once your character 
    reach level 26, start using your Maia Persona until it got 
    Modification Ability. You may need to go to Velvet Room to mutate it.
    Lv. 47 DEATH Charon
    You need to get mtr/ and 188 Death Card to summon it.
    Mutation Persona List
    To get your Persona mutate, you must first use it in the battle using 
    Fusion Spell untill it comes 'Mutation Ability Acquired'. After that,
    back to Velvet Room and new option will become available.
    Here is the list of Persona that I got :
      Lv.  2 - Lv. 12 : CUP Lv. 12 Matsuo-Sama
                        This Persona can give you spell/De Kaja Cards if 
                        you return it at level 8
      Lv. 13 - Lv. 16 : ROD Lv. 16 Hotei
                        This Persona will give you inc/All Free Cards if
                        you return it at level 8
      Lv. 17 - Lv. 20 : PENTACLE Lv. 20 Fukurokuju
                        This Persona will give you item/Lucky Source.
      Lv. 21 - Lv. 24 : SWORD Lv. 24 Kanshou
      Lv. 25 - Lv. 28 : ROD Lv. 28 Nankyoku Ryoujin
    Now, I've decided to add this room in the Persona List? Why, because 
    there's somebody out there who didn't realize all the function of 
    this room. And that made me think to put it here.
    Velvet Room is the room that magically connected throughout the game, so 
    you will find it in the dungeon and mall. There are 4 people here:
    Igor, Demon Artist, Belladona, and Nameless. The first two I will 
    discuss now.
    Igor is the servant of Philemon, who is sent to support Maya and 
    friends in their journey. He can summon new Persona for you and  also 
    swap/return it. 
    You can summon with using the Tarrot Card like I mentioned before, so  
    you must collect enough Tarrot Card in order to summon new Persona. 
    About swap/return, you can store a Persona here, and you can return 
    it back to Tarrot Card if you wish. Warning : The first Persona (like 
    Maia), can't be summoned again once it returned to Tarrot Card).
    Demon Artist
    You may want to talk to him if you need some new Tarrot Card. He can 
    make a new Tarrot Card if you have a Free Tarrot Card with you.
    Well, that's the main idea of the Velvet Room, folks. You may need to 
    experience it a little before you can get used to with it.
    H. Monster List
    This is the list of the monster with the way to contact them.
    Monster's Name       Lv.     HP.      How to Contact
    Slime                 1       8       Joy      : Maya + Katsuya
                                          Interest : Ulala
    Ghost                 1       9       Joy      : Maya + Katsuya
                                          Interest : Ulala
    Poltergeist           2      12       Joy      : Katsuya + Maya
                                          Interest : Ulala
    Pixie                 2      13       Joy      : Katsuya + Ulala
                                          Interest : Katsuya + Maya
                                                     + Ulala
    Guzfan                3      20       Joy      : Katsuya + Ulala,
                                          Interest : Katsuya + Maya 
                                                     + Ulala
    Nightmare             3      24       Joy      : ?
                                          Interest : Katsuya + Maya
    Ratatosk              4      24       Joy      : Katsuya + Maya
                                          Interest : Ulala
    Zombie Schoolgirl     5      28       Joy      : ?
                                          Interest : ?
    Harpie                5      40       Joy      : Katsuya + Maya + 
                                          Interest : Katsuya 	
    Blob                  5      40       Joy      : Maya + Katsuya 
                                          Interest : Maya
    Puck                  6      48       Joy      : Maya + Ulala
                                          Interest : Baofu
    Phantom               6      48       Joy      : Katsuya + Maya
                                          Interest : Katsuya, Ulala
    Zombie Kamikaze       7      56       Joy      : ?
                                          Interest : ?
    Empusas               7      56       Joy      : Katsuya + Maya + 
                                          Interest : Katsuya
    Ogre                  8      64       Joy      : Maya + Katsuya
                                          Interest : Maya
    Agathion              8      58       Joy      : Ulala
                                          Interest : Maya + Katsuya
    Apep                  9      74       Joy      : Katsuya + Maya + 
                                          Interest : Baofu
    Erynis               10      72       Joy      : Ulala + Baofu
                                          Interest : Katsuya
    Nisroc               10      73       Joy      :
    		                          Interest : Baofu
    Coctatrice           11      81       Joy      : Maya + Katsuya
                                          Interest : Maya
    Robin Goodfellow     11               Joy      : Maya + Katsuya
    	                                Interest : Maya
    Kimnara              12      96 	  Joy      : Maya + Katsuya
    		                          Interest : Maya
    Ixtab                13   		  Joy      :
                                 		  Interest : Katsuya
    Orchre Jelly         13      84       Joy      : Maya + Katsuya
                                          Interest : Baofu 
    Angel                14     112	  Joy      : 
    		                          Interest : Baofu + Katsuya
    Nekomata             14               Joy      :
    		                          Interest :
    Minotaur             15     120       Joy      : Maya + Katsuya
                                          Interest : Maya
    Wraith               16     128       Joy	     : Maya + Katsuya
                                          Interest : 
    Tengu		                          Joy	     : Katsuya + Maya
                                          Interest : Katsuya
    Shax                 17	              Joy      : 
                                          Interest : Katsuya, Baofu
    Jack Frost           18     144       Joy      : Maya + Ulala + 
                                          Interest : Katsuya
    Faust                                 Joy      : 
                                          Interest : Katsuya
    MORE TO COME . . .
    I. Miscellanous
    In this section, I will try to put some neat stuff that might come to 
    handy during the game. 
    January  : Yellow Dragon              July      : Dragon of Light
    February : Blue Dragon                August    : Red Dragon
    March    : White Dragon               September : Black Dragon
    April    : Scarlet Dragon             October   : Silver Dragon
    May      : Gold Dragon                November  : Moon Dragon
    June     : Navy Blue Dragon           December  : Purple Dragon
    Yellow Dragon protects balance, Blue Dragon prefers reform, White
    Dragon rules emotion, Scarlet Dragon leads battle, Gold Dragon 
    protects the world, Navy Blue Dragon gives rises to liberation, 
    Dragon of Light values moral, Red Dragon rules passion, Black Dragon 
    grants wisdom, Silver Dragon protects moderation, Moon Dragon creates 
    mysticism, Purple Dragon honors justice. 
    There's also Joka, The Death Dragon, but I have no clue right now 
    about him, except he usually show up in the Wang Lon Fortune.  
    Blue Dragon doesn't match the Yellow Dragon and Dragon of Light.
    Hei, this is another that I found during the games. Remember Subaru 
    Genie, in the Konan Area, the fortune teller that usually missed. After 
    you spread the rumor about her using Wang Long, you can go visit her 
    again. Now, if you ask "Read Fortune" to her, you must pay (3000), and 
    she will now read your fortune using Wang-Long. This is very useful, 
    since it can help you level up faster, win the sweeptakes, etc. Anyway, 
    I will list the effect that I found from her.
    Yellow Dragon     : you're lucky. Try enter sweeptakes :) 
    Blue Dragon       :
    White Dragon      : double experience, half money.
    Scarlet Dragon    :
    Gold Dragon       :
    Navy Blue Dragon  :
    Dragon of Light   :
    Red Dragon        :
    Black Dragon      :
    Silver Dragon     :
    Moon Dragon       :
    Purple Dragon     :
    I will try to list as many rumor I've got
    NOTE : To find a rumor, talk to a rumormonger and choose hear a 
           rumor. You may find a rumor, then bring it to Kuzuncha, spread 
           it. The rumor will become true. :) 
    Behind the Zodiacs... :
    ... is like intricate maze
    Source : girl in Club Zodiacs
    An invidual at Parabellum :
    That individual is allegedly a man.
    Source : Ulala
    That individual is allegedly a woman.
    Source : Ulala
    Power that emblem holds :
    It repels Joker. 
    Source : Deja Vu Boy
    New services available at Time Castle :
    Duplicates Spell Cards
    Source : Rumormonger Chunky
    Time Castle sells Mysterious Item :
    Sells Spell Cards.
    Source : Rumormonger Chunky 
    KAORI's New Services :
    Started aromatherapy
    Source : Demon Rumormonger Nekomata
    Parabellum's Shady Business :
    Sells real weapon.
    Source : Baofu
    Etheria's New Challenge :
    Started a new course
    Source : Demon Rumormonger Nekomata
    Rosa Candyda's Shady Business :
    Sells real armor.
    Source : Posted by : This is true, too!
    Sumaru Genie changed services :
    Started Wang Long fortune telling
    Source : Rumormonger Barkeeper
    Shiraishi's true occupation :
    She was a search agent
    Source : Rumormonger Toku
    Toa Armory Shady Business :
    Sells special weapons
    Source : Rumormonger Toku
    Tony works for Mafia as a smuggler? :
    Sells special accessories
    Source : Rumormonger Chikalin
    Mu Continent was a casino :
    Can win big on blackjack
    Souce : Rumormonger Chikalin
    A map-collecting billionaire?
    He is looking for rare maps
    Source : Rumor-lovin' Bartender
    Clair De Lune's shady business : 
    Sells strange weapons
    Source : Rumor-lovin' Bartender
    Padparacha's shady service :
    Develops weapons and armor
    Source : Rumor-lovin' Bartender
    Trish's New Service :
    Started selling ice cream.
    Source : Demon Rumormonger Nekomata
    Fantasy World's prizes :
    Win real armor 
    Source : Rumormonger Toku
    Win accessories
    Source : Rumormonger Chikalin
    Miracle Magazine's prizes : 
    Wint spell cards!
    Source : Rumormonger Chikalin 
    Battle Masters Prizes :
    Win real weapon!
    Source : Rumormonger Chunky
    Now, I will add the menu about sweeptakes. This is like a quiz held
    by a magazine and give you something if you win. There are 3 
    magazines there which you can buy from the item shop. You can hold up
    to 99 magazines each. 
    To enter the quiz, you must first find and spread the rumor about it, 
    like Battle Master's Sweeptakes. After it spreaded, talk to Tammy, 
    the secretary of the detective. He will help you enter the 
    sweeptakes. You can entry once/magazines until you get the response. 
    So, if you haven't gotten your response, you can't be entry another 
    one. After it go to dungeon and explore it for about 15 - 30 minutes. 
    After that, go to your office (Kismet Pub). There will be a guy in 
    the elevator who ,when you talked to him, will tell you that there's 
    a package for you and being put in your desk. Go search the package, 
    if you win, you will get item, if you not, well, try again. I already  
    won 2 fist weapon for Ulala, and both are cool!!!!!!!!!!!
    (thanks to Kazuki 1313 who told me how to enter the sweeptakes, I 
    really appreciate it)
    This is work!!!!!!!!!!!! Want to make a better chance to win? Here's 
    how : first go to Subaru Genie's in the Konan District after you 
    spread the rumor : Subaru Genie changed services. Just ask her to 
    read your fortune. Once she said about Yellow Dragon and talked you 
    being lucky, go enter the sweeptakes. There is a high probability you 
    can win the prizes :). O yeah, make sure you entry 99 magazines (gee, I 
    know it's expensive, cost (49500), but it's worth if you win).
    Search Case
    You can get option after you spread the rumor about Shiraishi's True 
    Occupation, however I don't find the use of it until now. Anyway, I 
    will try to list it here.
    Ryoichi Honda	Fee : 1000
    Will you look for my brother? He is a quiet businessman. Someone told 
    me he was at a shop_
    Osamitsu Tanaka	Fee : 1000
    I want you to find my old high shool classmate. The last I'd heard 
    was that he'd became a jounalist_
    Takuya Murata	Fee : 1000
    Please find my brother! I can't believe he fell in love at first 
    sight with a widow!
    Gonzo Satsuma	Fee : 1000
    Can you look for my no-good husbad? He must be gambling somewhere_
    Yuuta Ikenaka	Fee : 2000
    I need you to find my son. He is so shy. He can't do anything on his 
    own. Where could he be_?
    Mu Continent
    There is a casino in the Yumezaki Area, which you can gamble. There 
    are 3 games here : Poker, Bingo, and Slot Machines. The coin cost you  
    (100) each. If you collect the coin big enough, you can trade it  
    with prizes, which one of them will make you able to summon a new 
    I will not to say much about it, since I don't really get into it. 
    I'm not playing this much.
    Well, this is a kind of interesting. Your objectives is to put the 
    same picture in a row. If you manage, you will get coin, however, 
    this is one of the most profittable games in cassino. Because, you 
    only need a few of coins
    Your objective here is to make a row, horizontal or vertical or 
    diagonal according to the number. If you win you will win (100) x the 
    number beside of the last number of the row you successfully made. 
    Also there is also a bonus game, where you must guess what colour 
    will be picked. Be careful to enter the bonus game here!!! Since if 
    you lost, you will lost all the coins you win in last games.
    I know my explanation is sounds confusing, but try it on your own. If 
    I already set a better explanation, I will write it down in the 
    J. Credits
    Atlus, for creating and translating this game. 
    My friend, who helped me a lot.
    chronoeclipse@hotmail.com, for helping me with the secret Persona.
    fbpgama@yahoo.com.br , for helping me along the FAQ.
    shinriver@hotmail.com , for helping me with the rumor. 

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