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    Miscellaneous Information FAQ by Loveless

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                             Persona 2: Eternal Punishment
              The Guide to Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Persona
                       but Couldn't Spell Well Enough to Ask v2.0
               by Loveless (see, it's different from the others already!)
                            [Contact info at end of file]
    I. Before We Begin (We?)
      i. Introduction
      ii. Terminology
    II. The Most Frequently Asked Question
    III. Gameplay questions
    IV. Boss Strategies for Slackers
    V. Fool Cards
      i. The Fool's Errand
      ii. Oracles to Cling To
    VI. The Innocent Sin
    VII. Soundtrack info
      i. Soundtrack listing
      ii. Soundtrack Q&A
    VIII. Persona World Guidance
    IX. Miscellaneous Tips
      i. Get Rich Quick
      ii. 99 LUC
      iii. Ultimate Personae spell cards
    X. Persona links
      i. Persona sites in English
      ii. Persona sites in Japanese
    XI. Closing crap
      i. Version history
      ii. Credits
      iii. Contact info
      iv. Copyright info (a.k.a. "Vague Threats")
    I. Before We Begin (We?)
      i. Introduction
    There's a lot of information relating to this game that people know, but it
    isn't written down anywhere, so the only way to find out is to ask. I really
    don't think that's necessary, so I decided to write the stuff down. This is a
    very atypical FAQ, in that it serves more to fill in the cracks between
    Archeopteryx and Hyral's excellent guides, rather then cover the same ground
    that they have so well secured. Except for gameplay questions and boss
    strategies, this guide is aimed towards people who know the basics, as found
    in the two aforementioned guides. "The Innocent Sin" is to clear up all the
    questions about deja vu and to hammer out confusions about the game of the
    same name. Soundtrack lists can be found if you ask, but I think it's better
    to have it written down some place. The same about the Persona fan's Bible,
    Persona World Guidance. And, lastly, a collection of links so you can find
    your way around the (really, really small) English-speaking MegaTenist
    internet community.
    (sigh) I don't like introductions. If you want to see my rapier wit, scroll
    down some. You're not finding any here. Go on! Get!
    There are doors (S)outh, (E)ast and a ladder (D)own.
    There is a lantern here.
    There is a MP5 here.
    ii. Terminology
    This section is for this FAQ, but also so the unaquainted will know what the
    hell people are talking about when they discuss "MegaTen." You experts can
    skip this part.
    MIP: Megami Ibunroku Persona
    Literally means "Goddess Scriptures Persona." Officially titled
    "Revelations: Persona" on this shore ("the first game in the Revelations
    series" is a threat they have yet to carry out), this game suffered a
    horrendous translation, with almost everything renamed, meaning all the months
    of mythological research by Atlus R&D 1 went down the toilet and the demons
    just become random beasts. Also, in the Japanese version there is an entirely
    different second storyline available known as the Snow Queen Quest, which was
    just cut from the US version to make the Christmas rush (and it still did
    pathetically, since they never advertised and they butchered everything from
    names to dialog). For more info on that, see Henry LePierre's FAQ for the
    game. However, the original quality of the game is great enough to shine
    through the terrible localization, and it's still definately worth a play. It
    plays truer to the old MegaTen games then the Persona 2 titles do. If you see
    this, pick it up. It IS worth your time.
    IS: Persona 2 Tsumi/Innocent Sin
    The forgotten chapter in Persona, both literally and figuratively.
    Figuratively because it was never released stateside. Literally because,
    well, Eternal Punishment explains well enough. See Section VI ("The Innocent
    Sin") for more info on the best thing to never hit America. The fact that
    running a search on GameFAQs for Persona 2 turns up five titles is confusing
    to many new players.
    EP: Persona 2 Batsu/Eternal Punishment
    I ASSUME you would know what this is.... The third chapter in the Persona
    series. Doesn't look like there's gonna be another one. Atlus R&D 1 has a
    nasty habit of never going to three. Look at how they bent the rules
    this time.
    It's ironic that Eternal Punishment is what people refer to when they just
    say "Persona 2" since Eternal Punishment was never intended to exist. It
    exists only because the Japanese fans DEMANDED another Persona game.
    Innocent Sin was originally a closed book. I have to say Eternal Punishment
    is the best "tacked on" sequel I've ever seen.
    Megami Tensei
    Literally means "Goddess Ressurrection" (which the first game actually dealt
    with, so it isn't just a catchy name like "Final Fantasy"). Affectionately
    called "MegaTen" for short. This is the game series to which Persona belongs
    to. Only the first two titles (both NES titles) are just "Megami Tensei," all
    titles (from SNES onward) are labeled "Shin Megami Tensei" (meaning "True
    Goddess Ressurection"). Persona does not wear the MegaTen label, but
    considering that it shares the same world as Devil Summoner, it IS a
    MegaTen game. (Yes, I know the first Final Fantasy was supposed to really be a
    "final fantasy" and a sequel was never intended when making the first game.
    Don't e-mail me, you twit.)
    Atlus R&D 1
    The brainy guys at Atlus of Japan responsible for the entire Megami Tensei
    series, from which Atlus makes a well earned profit. They have one title out
    that has nothing to do with Megami Tensei, and that is Maken X for the
    Dreamcast (being remade into Maken Shao for PS2). (They might have made
    others, but I'm stupid.) These guys spend months before beginning work on each
    game, doing research on mythology so they can effectively create the surreal
    but real world of MegaTen (and whatever else they did). Every single aspiring
    game designer says "I want to work for Squaresoft!" Well, if I wanted to
    design games, I'd want to work for these guys. They're the only ones to come
    up with a battle system that I couldn't graft major improvements on to.
    (Like, in Final Fantasy, have you ever done a command that suddenly became a
    really bad idea because of something the enemy just did, but you can do
    nothing to stop it? If you haven't, you're a better man than I, but Persona
    has that one nailed.)
    A fan of Megami Tensei. Yes, this is the official term. No, I don't
    understand either. It's like calling a FF fan a "Final Fantasizer."
    II. The Most Frequently Asked Question
       Q: Is this game worth buying?
       A: Yes.
       [I'm not joking. Right now, that's asked more often than any gameplay
       question. I guess EP is old enough now that nobody needs gameplay help,
       but it's on the bargain shelf, so people come to the GameFAQs P2:EP
       message board to ask if it's worth the cash. Well, seeing how we hang out
       on a P2:EP message board, I doubt anybody is going to say "No." Actually,
       one guy did once, but he was a troll. The question that used to be here was
       about Azhi Dahaka, which is below, but that hasn't been asked for months.
       On a side note, it's taken me a really long time to get to finishing
       this FAQ.]
    III. Gameplay Questions
    Questions are listed by game progress. Questions WILL contain spoilers, so
    don't read past where you need to should you wish to remain pure.
    Q: Why did they leave the debug menu in? It makes the game too easy!
    Q: Why did Maya just shoot up to level 99?
    Q: What's the point of dungeons when you can teleport?
    Q: Why isn't Ulala giving ****?
    A: If you're wondering about any of this, you have the ILLEGAL, PIRATED
       version. Persona fans are particularly sensitive to this kind of thievery,
       since it actively affects them. You may think that "one person doesn't make
       a difference," and with a franchise with Final Fantasy, that may be true,
       but Persona actively fights for sales, so one person DOES make a
       difference. Atlus reported that sales of Persona 2: Eternal Punishment did
       not meet their expectations, which makes the chance of future titles being
       released over here smaller. What would they have said if everybody with a
       pirated version actually bought a legitimate copy? We'll never know. The
       prequel to this game, Persona 2: Innocent Sin, may never see translation,
       specifically BECAUSE of piraters. (Among countless other reasons,
       of course.)
       This isn't a black and white issue, of course. In Singapore, it's nigh
       impossible to find a legitimate copy, since all the stores only carry
       bootlegs. But the excuse "I have to pay for a car and food and I'm just a
       college kid" doesn't go very far, since you COULD have bought it, but chose
       not to. The last thing I'll say is that it's better to support the people
       who made the game than that jerk kid down the street who burns CDs and rips
       you off anyhow. You know, the one who makes ExLax brownies.
    Q: Are there any GameShark codes to stop the clock on the parts with timers?
       (Sky Museum, Sewers, etc.)
    A: No. Get a move on it, lazy ass.
    Q: The demons in the Sky Museum say they saw some kid carrying a flower who
       they think they used to take orders from. What's up with that?
    A: That's a reference to Innocent Sin. See the section of the same name for
       more details.
    Q: Whoops, I didn't fill up the shrine on the trail on Mt. Mifune. Can I still
       get the ancestral personae?
    A: Yes and no. Maihime Amano and Tatsunoshin Suou will still be available,
       provided you do everything else correctly, but you won't be able to get
       Junnosuke Kuroda. While Kuroda is the most useless of the three in combat
       (and most expensive, SP wise), you can't use their special fusion, nor can
       you return Kuroda for the Carma Ring (How can they misspell Karma?! They
       even got it right in the first game!), which you need to get LOVERS Alice,
       who most certainly ISN'T useless in combat (nor very expensive).
       Sorry to say, you can not go back to fill up the shrine. If you missed the
       shrine, sorry. Wait till next round. Chances are you won't have enough FOOL
       cards to summon Kuroda the first time around anyhow.
       MOON Maihime Amano is a poor man's (woman's?) EMPRESS Izanami, with only
       Affectionate Prayer and Dance of Protection to offer (both of which Izanami
       has) and terribly lop sided stats. If you don't want to go chasing Izanami
       down (in the fifth area of the bomb shelter), Maihime can be useful, but
       without Kuroda, Suou isn't worth your time.
       Chasing Izanami sounds like a movie title.
    Q: Who should I take? Nanjou or Eriko?
    A: That's a good question, but there's no simple answer to it. Both
       characters have their pros and cons. Here's the basic rundown.
       Combat: Nanjou's stat distribution follows a similar pattern to Katsuya and
               Baofu, in that he gives more points to STR and VIT. Thusly, he is a
               more physical fighter. Eriko is the only character in the game who
               naturally augments her own TEC. (Maya would, except that you
               distribute her points.) Thus, she is the only real mage-type
               character in the game. Considering that magic is so much more
               effective than physical attacks in this game, I personally consider
               Eriko to be a superior character in this combat. Their starter
               personae are about on par with each other, and neither gain access
               to an ultimate persona in the course of the standard game. Eriko
               could potentially gain access to JUDGEMENT Michael, which only she
               can use, but there's no way you'll be on a high enough level to get
               him when you have Eriko.
       Storyline: Nanjou's story focuses on how the Joker system works and how
                  Kegare is extracted from civilian Jokers. Eriko's focuses more
                  on how fortune telling is aiding the villians, but still does
                  not bother to explain how Wang Long works. Of the two, Nanjou's
                  path gives more understanding of the overall story, so his path
                  is more important story-wise. Also, the flashbacks at Mt. Iwato
                  will be different. Only the first dungeon with Nanjou/Eriko
                  changes, though, so the larger story isn't much impacted by who
                  you take.
       Contact: Eriko's primary contact is modeling and Nanjou's is debating.
                These are both very silly contacts. Eriko, however, has the very
                cool special contact "100 Stories" where she, Ulala and Katsuya or
                Baofu take turns telling a "scary" story. Nanjou's contacts aren't
                terribly useful, though JUDGEMENT demons tend to like him.
                Overall, Eriko's contacts are more useful.
       Dungeons: Nanjou does the Sewers/Science Lab, Eriko does the Sumaru TV
                 station. Salam gives the same reward is given for both maps,
                 though the Science Lab is harder to map as it involves asking
                 demons for information and spreading rumors.
       Rumor demons: There are four rumor demons, and depending on who you take,
                     you can fight two. Eriko fights Reiko Kashima at the TV
                     station, netting an incense card set, and Blue Cape on the
                     Nichirinmaru, getting the "Women Powered" armor, which is
                     excellect for women. Nanjou fights Tsuchinoko, winning an
                     illustrious Item Breeder, and he fights Red Cape on the
                     Nichirinmaru, getting the Soshu Masamune, which owns for
                     Nanjou and Tatsuya both. This catagory goes to Nanjou, since
                     Item Breeders are so bloody rare and useful.
       Bosses: There are bosses in both unique dungeons. Of the two, Eriko's first
               boss is more difficult. Later, in the Undersea ruins, you will
               fight a different boss depending on your route. Of these two,
               Nanjou's is considerably more difficult.
       Other: About two thirds through the game, Mu Continent will change the
              items they sell in exchange for coins. If you take Nanjou, the
              Material card for DEVIL Lucifer will be made available. If you take
              Eriko, the material card for JUDGEMENT Satan will be there instead.
              If you are playing a Restart game and you took the route you did not
              take your first game, both cards will be available. Since I don't
              recommend buying the cards for either the first time through, this
              point is moot. Also, they both have awful voice actors, but I
              personally find Eriko's more tolerable. Nanjou's voice actor doesn't
              even sound like he's TRYING.
       Overall: I prefer Eriko, partly because she's better in combat and contact,
                partly because I just prefer having women in the party to men.
                Thusly, take that only as my preference. Everyone's opinion
                varies. So, uh, flip a coin. Helmet (heads) for Nanjou, Hot Pants
                (tails) for Eriko.
    Q: How do I kill the unbeatable demon in the World of Conviction?
    A: Thank Atlus for not leaving any clues for this one. As a result, this is
       [was] the most frequently asked question in the forums, period. Anyway...
       STRENGTH Azi Dahaka takes no damage and can not be killed by normal means.
       However, summon the persona STAR Faraedone and equip him on anyone, then
       start the battle. You'll get a Persona Talk between Fariedone and Azi
       Dahaka, and both characters will go berserk. At this point Azi Dahaka is
       vulnerable. After this, he becomes a random enemy, but he's not Void: All
       anymore (though you can still access the P-Talk if you want to).
       Your reward for all this nonsense? An elusive Legenbright!
    If you have questions about the EX dungeon, I refer you to Hyral's FAQ on the
    subject. It contains almost all of the information you could want to know.
    IV. Boss Strategies for Slackers
    People are always asking for help with bosses. Compared to most games,
    Persona 2's boss fights CAN be pretty hard. (Compared to most MegaTen games,
    though, P2 is easy. In most MegaTen games, an irate group of pixies will paint
    the wall with your brains, if you aren't careful. It can get really
    humiliating, I know.)
    However, most boss strategies have high standards on what personae you should
    have. (Most game FAQs do this actually.) So I decided to do a guide to
    "scraping by" boss fights. You don't need to be 10 levels higher than the
    boss. You can be 20 or even 30 levels BELOW them and mop the floor with them,
    if you know what to do and how to do it. That's what I aim to show here. True,
    with the right equipment and the right personae, it's difficult to lose, but,
    with the right knowledge and the right mindset, you can't.
    Questions are in order of relevance to the game. Questions WILL contain
    spoilers, so don't read past where you need to or we're going to have to
    suck the Kegare out of you.
    Q: How do I beat [fill in the blank]?
    A: When people are having trouble, one thing people often don't do is cast
       Maka Kaja. This essentially doubles your spell casting power, which makes
       fights much easier. It's almost necessary in some boss battles. In a Fusion
       Spell, the only person it needs to be cast on is the leader (the person who
       says a battle quote) for the effect to work on the fusion. Also note that
       you can cast Maha Maka Kaja by casting Maka Kaja-->Affectionate Prayer,
       which affects everybody. (This is precisely why you should always carry
       Izanami, who has Diamond Dust to boot.)
       For the following boss battles, that's always the first thing you should
       try if you're having a tough time. If it's too early in the game for you to
       get Maka Kaja, then don't worry about it. You should be able to win without
       it in the earlier parts of the game.
       The other spell power booster is Affinity Readings. Having an affinity with
       a character doubles the power of fusion spells they participate in. Using
       this in conjunction with Maka Kaja, you can make your spells four times
       more powerful! For maximum effect, get an affinity with the character with
       the highest TEC. Unfortunately, you can't get Maya on the affinity
       readings, so the character with the highest TEC will probably be Ellen
       or Tatsuya.
       If a boss isn't listed here, using Maka Kaja and Affinities is probably
       enough to sail right though them.
    Q: How do I defend against the Old Maid attack?!
    A: The Old Maid attack does nothing at first, but one of your characters
       (randomly chosen at the time of casting), when his or her turn comes up,
       will cast a spell called "Joker" (no matter WHAT you tell them to do, even
       attack or use an item) which will knock the stuffing out of all your other
       characters (especially if Tatsuya ends up using it at the Sky Museum).
       There is only one way to evade this move and that's to have everyone defend
       for a round. Defending is the ONLY option which won't result in the
       afflicted character casting Joker.
       You can tell who would've cast Joker by checking the battle order. Whoever
       was hit by Old Maid will have changed from Defend to Attack. You can use
       this to keep track of when it's safe to move. Once the person who was hit
       with Old Maid has gone by, you can resume combat. In addition, anyone who
       goes by and wasn't the Old Maid can be assigned a new command.
       Consider yourself dead if Tatsuya accidently Jokers your party at the
       Sky Museum.
    Q: I can't beat Joker Noriko!
    A: Noriko is the first "problem boss." There are a few specific spells you
       should have for this fight. The most important is Wall of Water
       (neutralizes all water attacks), but you'll want at least two personae with
       Agilao to make things faster.
       Wall of Water can be found on CUP Matsuo-Sama and HANGEDMAN Kabanda.
       Matsuo-Sama is a great persona who's worth keeping till past halfway
       through the game, but he's a CUP, meaning you have to mutate him out of
       another persona. Kabanda, on the other hand, has no redeeming value
       EXCEPT Wall of Water, but can be summoned instantly. Matsuo-Sama is a bit
       more work, but is far more powerful and useful than Kabanda.
       It's your call.
       Agilao is here and there. The lowest level persona to have it is STAR
       Kimnara. Look around. Alternatively, you could use Tower Inferno
       (Wind-->Earth-->Fire), if you have some relatively advanced earth
       and wind spells. Or even better, Tower Inferno with Agiloa. Muhaha.
       You also want some good healing spells. You may have MOON Maia Custom by
       now, but probably not. Media will still work if you don't wait too long
       to cast it.
       First thing you should do when the battle starts is cast Wall of Water.
       Now you can use your fire personae without fear. Use Agilao spells to cast
       the Blazing Hell fusion (or use Tower Inferno if you want). Noriko will go
       down no problem, then you just need to pick off the Ryumen.
       I've actually beat her with none of these (except Kimnara), but I was
       really lucky, since she didn't case Maha Aques. If she had, I'd probably
       have been toast (wet toast, at that). So, you can beat her with no
       preparation at all, but you have to be really lucky, so I don't recommend
       banking on it.
    Q: How do I beat Chizuru at Sumaru TV?
    A: Chizuru herself must have like one HP. Just knock her with a physical
       attack first thing, since she does cast some nasty spells if you let her.
       The Shikigamis, on the other hand, can be a real pain. One of each of them
       is affiliated with earth, fire, wind or water. They absorb their own
       element and are weak against their opposite. However, they all look the
       same, so keeping track of them can be difficult.
       The secret to identifying them is through contacting them. They all say
       different things. They all just scream, but they're DIFFERENT screams!
       [Haha...I feel sheepish. I had it all written down, who says what, but I
       have a tendency to lose my game notes as soon as I don't need them anymore.
       I know that Hyral has them in his FAQ, and he has pretty much the same
       strategy I do.] Right at the start, take note of who says what, then mark
       them with their elemental affiliation as you find them out. Focus all your
       attacks on one at a time, and make sure you can cast all four basic
       elemental fusions (Stone Rise, etc.) and these guys shouldn't be too
       much trouble.
       There are a couple other tricks you can use. If you want to get one
       particular demon down first, you can cast a fusion that hits all of them.
       Like, say, if you want to beat the fire demon first, you can cast Tidal
       Wave (Water-->Wind-->Maha Aques). Yes, it will heal the water demon, but
       you haven't HURT it yet! And, in addition, the Earth and Wind demons have
       taken some damage, too! Note that this means you can't use the trick on the
       Earth and Wind demons, since you'd heal one of them, but you can get the
       water demon next using the same trick and hurt them even more, then finish
       them off with Stone Rise and Wind Cutter.
    Q: How do I beat Chizuru at the Undersea Ruins?
    A: I refer you to Sasoriza's Boss FAQ. His strategy works great. Chizuru is
       weak against Physical and Fiend Card puts a character on furious which
       TRIPLES their attack power, so she essentially digs her own grave. For even
       more fun, cast Taru Kaja on a Furied character. That does 6x normal
       physical damage, 18x on a critical. You'll never do more damage in the game
       than that to anyone.
       There was a neat trick I saw on the EP board a while back. When she splits
       into five, use STAR Iris to cast Maha Magna. The one who reflects it back
       at the caster is the real Chizuru. The caster need not worry about being
       hit, because Iris is strong against earth and Maha Magna sucks at this
       point anyways. (Who came up with this trick? I want to know who to give
       credit to.) [It should go without saying that you can use this trick with
       any persona with a Maha spell that won't hurt them if it gets reflected.]
       There's another way to tell the real one. Hit the Retreat command and the
       screen will center in on the real Chizuru and she'll taunt you. Yes, I
       consider that a bug.
       You can use whatever Kaja spell ups attack power and use attack fusions if
       you want. Healing doesn't hurt either, I guess. I didn't find this battle
       very difficult (the same with all enemies weak against Physical), but it
       comes up a lot on the boards, so here it is. [Actually, not anymore. I
       wrote this a long time ago. =P]
    Q: How do I beat Guido Kandori at the Undersea Ruins?
    A: This is the hardest fight in the game. Welcome to hell, kid.
       Guido has some nasty spells, but piling the X-2's on top of that make this
       battle REALLY tough. Another aspect of this battle that makes it hard is
       you can't go back to town for stuff. (Thank goodness you even have a Velvet
       Room.) If you have an affinity with someone, that's good. It'll come in
       The tricks I mentioned in the beginning of the section are ESSENTIAL here.
       You'll want to have two personae with Ziodyne so you can cast a high
       powered Lightning Blast. If you play your cards right (have an affinity
       with a caster and maka kaja the fusion leader) you can get the X-2's down
       with the Lightning Blast in two rounds. (Using this tactic, I did over 2000
       damage to each of the X-2's each round. Didn't do much against Kandori
       though...) If you can do this much, you can win this battle.
       If you get hit with a Murasama Copy, the following will be considerably
       more difficult. So kill the X-2's ASAP.
       Guido himself is one tough customer, meaning he's Strong vs. All. All I can
       say is heal and use your most powerful spells. Sama Recarm is a useful
       spell to have here, since he probably WILL K.O. your party members a few
       times. (Life Incenses are good, too.) If somebody is hit with Murasama
       Copy, have them use items, unless they're good enough to do worthwhile
       physical damage. Good luck.
    Q: How do I beat the Metal Trio at the Ameno Torifune?
    A: Everyone says to use Celestial Veil (neutralizes all earth, wind, fire and
       water attacks) . If you check other FAQs, most every one of them will say
       use Celestial Veil.
       However, I figure Celestial Veil to be too much of a pain in the ass to be
       worth it. It requires four specific personae, one of which is TEMPERENCE
       Suzaku. You get Suzaku's material card just outside the room where you
       fight the trio, then you have to BACKTRACK to the Velvet Room to summon
       Suzaku and then, to top it all off, Wall of Fire is his mutation spell! You
       can't just get it by ranking up, you have to squeeze it out of him!
       The reason people say to use Celestial Veil is because it's the only way to
       have defense vs. more than one element. All of the Wall spells cancel out
       what was there before. They don't stack, they replace. If you really want
       to use Celestial Veil, the personae you need are WORLD Seiryu, TEMPERENCE
       Suzaku, HERMIT Genbu, and HERMIT Byakko. Cast the Wall spells in the order
       of Air, Flame, Earth, Water.
       Too much work, I say. There needs to be a drastic reformation!
       There is only ONE spell you need to be afraid of and that's Terror Fortune.
       Eikichi's Bloody Divorce can be lethal, but Eikichi should be taken out
       before he can do too much damage, since, of the three, he alone has a
       weakness. Meltdown will knock him out before he can cast Bloody Divorce.
       Lisa is a pest at worst. Terror Fortune is deadly because of the status
       problems, but if you're immune to wind, you can't be afflicted by it.
       Therefore, find and bring any persona with Wall of Air to neutralize
       Terror Fortune. Anything else is strictly optional.
       Kill Eikichi ASAP with a Meltdown (with Maka Kaja/Affinities, it should
       only take one or two blows; Apollo comes with the required Maha Agidyne),
       and after that, you're home free, so long as the Wall isn't breached (by
       someone dying or from De Kaja). If it gets breached, then just cast
       it again.
       After this there is only ONE thing that could screw you up and that's Lisa
       charming your party over. That'll bollocks you over. By this point though
       you should have a persona with Refresh Ring (though the earliest is our
       beloved Matsuo-Sama). Keep this persona in reserve, unless it's immune to
       Mind/Nerve magic, because you don't want it where you can't get it. Try to
       have two people with protection against this, or just hope for the best,
       since you'll want at least two. Then have them switch on the persona,
       Refresh Ring a charmed character, switch off, have the next person switch
       on the persona and un-charm someone else, you get the idea. If you end up
       in a really bad sitation, feel free to use the Soma you got from beating
       Tek Tek. You can get more easily. After Eikichi is gone, just hammer on
       Lisa. Jun can't hurt you at all, except by throwing flowers at you.
       But, you see how far Matsuo-Sama can go? He's a level 9 persona, but he's
       useful all the way up through the Ameno Torifune! Don't you wish you'd got
       him instead of stinky ol' Kabanda back with Joker Noriko?
       He does look pretty stupid though...
       So, yeah, Wall of Air. Yup.
    Q: How do I beat Gozen? I don't have Junnosuke Kuroda.
    A: Actually, many argue that THIS is the toughest fight in the game, since
       he's Strong vs. All and has 8000 HP. Just use your best attacks, man. Be
       sure to use Maka Kaja and get affinity with your best spell caster. Also,
       if you summon, rank up, then return EMPORER Indra, then you get 10x Soma
       out of it. Not so tough now, is he?
    Q: Using Somas is cheesy.
    A: Did I invite you? I don't recall inviting you. Are you on the guest list?
    V. Fool Cards
      i. The Fool's Errand
    The basics of Fool cards are well known so I'll make this short. Fool cards
    are one of the trickiest aspects of the game. They let you summon the FOOL
    class personae, which are considerably powerful, exceptionally balanced,
    void mind and nerve magic and can be returned for otherwise unobtainable
    items. They're also the only way to get a Technique Source (which requires
    EIGHT Fool cards to get!!!).
    They are obtained two ways: By mapping certain dungeons for Salam and by
    contacting demons. The former is MUCH easier. It's just what it says. For
    the latter, you must follow the following procedure:
    Contact or be contacted by an enemy. Interest or Anger the enemy with your
    contact/response. Now, they have to ask a question in return. Interest or
    Anger them again. You must repeat this so you Interest and Anger them
    exactly twice (as in Interest, Anger, Interest, Anger). You now have a one
    in 32 chance of being asked a Fool question. Respond to this with the most
    foolish answer (like "I would give my life for immortality") and they'll
    give you one Fool card. If the demons don't give you a question after a
    response or you give an answer that makes them happy or fearful, you've
    blown it. Notably, once you've obtained a Fool card this way, you're twice
    as likely to get the final, fateful question (that's one out of 16).
    Why does the chance increase? I dunno, maybe word gets around that you're
    an idiot.
      ii. Oracles to cling to
    For a game that plays so much on superstition, Persona 2 contains some very
    mysterious systems. The Fool system is the epitome of that. Nobody really
    knows how it is determined whether or not you can get the Fool card. There
    are, however, plenty of theories and lots of speculation as to how to
    increase your chances.
    * Your LUC factor doesn't have anything to do with this, so forget that. Luck,
    however, is of the essence.
    * People have said that the game is more generous about these things once your
    characters are above level 90. This may well be true, but getting to level 80
    is hard enough, let alone level 90.
    * The best place to work for Fool cards is, of course, Kasugayama High School.
    Specifically, hanging around the first couple floors. The demons are so weak
    you don't have to worry about pissing them off, and they mostly behave like
    little kids so their behavior is easy to predict. Well, easier.
    * It's unclear if the order of emotions matter. Interest, Anger, Interest,
    Anger could be just as effective as Anger, Anger, Interest, Interest, or
    it may not be. The most accepted order is the former, so if you're
    particularly supersticious, you can stick to that. [Update: It appears that it
    doesn't matter, but going in the original order most reduces your chance of
    screwing up and out of the Fool question.]
    * Some people theorize you're more likely to get the card if the demon
    contacts you. Again, whether or not this really has any effect is unknown. It
    doesn't look like it does.
    * For a long time, it was thought getting the Silver Dragon fortune from the
    Sumaru Genie increased your chances of getting Fool cards. I thought it was
    just superstition, until somebody reported getting a Fool card with the silver
    dragon active, and getting Anger, Interest, Interest, Interest, Anger, Fool.
    This is the first and only report I've heard of such a thing, but it's
    certainly plausable. If this is the case, then the Silver Dragon fortune
    increases your chances to 3/32 (or 3/16). [If you don't understand it, do the
    math and all will become clear.]
    * I also heard a report with someony saying they got a Fool card from a broken
    conversation, as in it was either interrupted or he accidently evoked
    happiness or fear. Who was this? Can someone clarify? This is how rumors get
    started, folks.
    * If anyone has anything to add to this list, drop me a line.
    VI. The Innocent Sin
    I had planned to write up the events of Innocent Sin, but someone beat me to
    it. I must refer you to Yoshistune's excellent site which has an ongoing
    translation of Persona World Guidance. Among the items currently translated
    are the Innocent Sin Event Digest, which is handy for getting acquianted with
    the events of IS.
    In place of explaining the story, I'll just have Q&A to cover the items
    omitted from the event digest (which there are many, since it's just a story
    outline). Beware, as this section will spoil EVERYTHING.
    Questions are in sequence of relevance, as always.
    Q: I heard you can import IS data to EP in the Japanese version.
    A: Yep. (This was, of course, removed from the English version, since we never
    got Innocent Sin.) Here's what comes over:
    * Tatsuya's name
    * Tatsuya's level/stats
    * Apollo's rank and stats*
    * The Karma/Carma ring if you got it
    * Records of certain events (like what blew up and what didn't)
    * Fusion spell data (though the components are different, they
      tell you the new ones)
    * Money given to the Lucky Cat Statue in Kuzunoha carries over, so you only
      have to give the statue 90000 yen.
    * If you opt not to have Tatsuya join Eikichi's band in IS, he can't join in
      Ulala and Katsuya's flamenco contact combo (unconfirmed).
    (* If you didn't have Apollo in the data, I assume he'll be there but at
    rank 1 with default stats like usual in EP.)
    Q: Who is Hanaji? (The girl that Eikichi's minions kidnapped)
    A: Hanaji is Miyabi's nickname. Miyabi, as you probably know, is Eikichi's
    girlfriend on This Side. Hanaji means "Nosebleed" which, as anyone familar
    with anime knows, is a symbol of sexual arousal. According to her background,
    she always seemed to get them in the girls' locker room. You do the math.
    Persona is just full of this stuff, man.
    Q: Why is being a "champion boxer" a dangerous wish?
    A: Oh, damned if I know.
    Q: The dance club Zodiac is omitted from the Digest. What happened there?
    A: I'm a little foggy on this myself, but this is what I gather. Sugimoto gets
    ahold of Miyabi and holds her captive. Eikichi plays the hero and rushes off
    to the rescue, leaving you with four party members to trek Zodiac with. While
    in EP, you need a password to get in, here you need a mask, so the party
    finds some. When you get there, Eikichi is confronting Sugimoto. You have the
    option to help him or let him handle it (as Yukino recommends). If you let him
    handle it, he'll develop the Rhadamenthys Custom persona later, so let him
    handle it, unless you really want to trash Sugimoto. I don't even know if
    Sugimoto lives or dies. Judging from what happens to Yasuo later, though, I
    think it's a good bet that Sugimoto doesn't make it. [Update: I've heard that
    he doesn't kick the bucket, but this also isn't confirmed. Someone confirm!]
    Q: Who is "the Masked Gang?"
    A: They are refered to in EP as "Masquerade." "Masked Gang" is a more literal
    translation. They ARE in EP, actually, running around the EX dungeon yelling
    "Kamen!" over and over. (Note that they are also refered to as the Kamen-tou,
    which is the literal Japanese, and that's where "Masked Gang" is from.)
    Q: Who is in Masquerade/Kamentou/The Masked Gang?
    A: The lower ranks are pretty much anyone who wants to join. The upper ranks
    are the named elements. Tatsuya Sudou is King Leo, Anna Yoshizaka is
    Lady Scorpio, Ginji Sasaki is Lord Taurus and Junko Kurosu is Queen Aquarius.
    They're all second banana to the Joker, who, as you probably know, is Jun.
    Q: Who the hell is Ryusei Yarou?
    A: He shows up in EP as Chupiler. He seems to be a mascot of Atlus in some
    way, but other than that, I don't know.
    Q: Don't the MUSES sing a song at Aoba park?
    A: Yes, they do. It's one of those syrupy pop songs, though. It's not as good
    as the other song (which you buy as a rumor CD from Giga Macho), which is the
    hilarious Persona Ondo. (You can hear them both on Sumaru Radio [linked to in
    the designated links section] if you're lucky.) In order to get it played in
    game, you have to choose not to trash Ginji too early, and basically let Lisa
    handle him (like Eikichi handles Sugimoto). This is also the requirement for
    Lisa developing the Eros Custom later on, so it's a good idea to let her do it
    anyhow, even if it's fun knocking the crap out of "Kegare Boy" Ginji.
    Q: What's Persona Ondo?
    A: It's a goofy "follow the bouncing ball" kind of song, sung by Tatsuya's
    Japanese voice actor, making it all the funnier. I wish it were easier to get
    ahold of, but you'll have to listen to Archeopteryx's internet radio station
    and hope it comes up in the shuffle, or try to get ahold of the Innocent Sin
    soundtrack. I assume it's a "Secret CD" at Giga Macho like Persona Mambo and
    Persona Rock are in EP.
    Q: Can Aoba's auditorium be saved from the bomb blast?
    A: Nope, nope. No matter what you do, the place is blown sky high.
    Q: Isn't there a choice about GOLD and Smile Hirasaka being destroyed?
    A: Yes, there is, though the digest doesn't mention it. Smile Hirasaka will be
    destroyed early if you try to enter the wrong building first. (The building is
    there in EP, but you can't approach it. You can see it though. It's on the
    southern edge of Hirasaka.) GOLD will be destroyed if you try to enter
    Pachinko Silver before clearing the place out. Both buildings are eventually
    destroyed when you're at the Sky Museum anyway, but they get destroyed early
    if you screw up. [And, yes, that is the ONLY significant of Pachinko Silver in
    either chapter of Persona 2. You don't even get to go in.]
    Q: Where do Ixquic and Makimura fit into this?
    A: Ixquic and Makimura guard SMILE Hirasaka and GOLD respectively.
    Q: Does this mean they die if you screw those quests up?
    A: No, it doesn't. They have more than enough time to get out. If you botch
    SMILE, you'll first meet Ixquic at the Sky Museum, and she'll quit Masquerade
    on Yebisu beach afterwards. Makimura only dies if Ulala catches him, as
    you'd expect, though there's no word of her getting him either way.
    Q: What's with the barbell at GOLD on This Side?
    A: This is a reference to an event at GOLD on the Other Side where Maya is
    almost crushed by a falling barbell. Tatsuya saves her. Nice kid. Obviously,
    if a building is destroyed in IS and you import data where that happened, you
    won't see flashbacks to events that didn't take place for you. This is a part
    of a larger scenario at GOLD in IS where the party is attacked by exercise
    Q: There's no boss at GOLD, is there?
    A: Nope. Tatsuya Sudou posted Makimura there to fight you, but Ulala shows up
    and scares him off (you saw the flashback), so there's minimal resistance.
    Q: Why did Maya hear a girl's voice at the Sky Museum on this side?
    A: This is a reference to Ixquic, who got trapped on a burning airplane at the
    museum on the other side. You have the choice of having Maya or Tatsuya save
    her. (Pick Maya, damn it! She's scared to death of fire, but you have to have
    her do it if you want her to develop the Maia Custom.)
    Q: Who took Jun's place in the Sky Museum during the kiddy round-up? And why
    were they there?
    A: That would be Tamaki-chan and Tadashi-kun from Kuzunoha. Maya Okumura
    thought that Tatsuya and his friends were involved with the Masquerade, and
    reported to Kuzunoha. Tamaki and Todoroki didn't believe it, but thought it
    was a good idea to investigate the Sky Museum anyway. The hostage on the roof
    on the Other Side was not Jun (since he was the Joker at the time) but Ixquic.
    If you fight Ixquic at SMILE, she's your ally and Sudou uses her as a hostage
    since she's a traitor. If you screwed up SMILE, she's your enemy and Sudou
    uses her as a hostage since she's convinient. Either way, she's your
    ally afterwards. She very noticably disappears afterwards, though.
    Does she appear later?
    Q: I thought Maya Okamura was a bad guy. Why is she against Masquerade?
    A: She's not a villain. She's just a sap. She was fooled by Nyarlathotep into
    doing what she does. (In fact, she was fooled by the same image that Nyarlie
    used to fool Jun: Ishanari Kashihara, Jun's father and Okamura's dead lover.
    Just think, if he hadn't committed suicide in the clock tower, Maya Okamura
    would be Jun's step-mom! Creepy!) As a side note: Maya Okamura is SEXY when
    she lets her hair down (AKA when she goes nuts). I don't know why she wears it
    in that stupid bun.
    Q: You've mentioned all the Custom personae except for Vulcan. What about him?
    A: Vulcan is easy. All you need to do is get the other three customs, and
    you'll get all four at Mt. Iwato, assuming you didn't delete the originals.
    You notably receive the customs from Philemon. Unlike in EP, you don't need to
    mutate for them. This means you can have both Vulcan and the Vulcan Custom in
    your stock at the same time.
    Q: Why aren't there custom forms of Callisto, Helios and Odyseus?
    A: Believe me, if I knew, I'd tell you.
    Q: Wasn't the arsonist who burned down Araya shrine Tatsuya Sudou?
    A: Indeed, it was. He thinks Maya is a witch because she managed to break out.
    Q: When did Yukino leave the party?
    A: Yukino left shortly after the arrival of the Last Battalion. Shunsuke Fujii
    (her lover and partner, who hangs out at Kismet on this side) was killed by
    these new villains and Yukino is shocked beyond words. At this point, you have
    the option of leaving her with her to mourn her dead lover or telling her to
    snap out of it And come with you. Leaving her there is a bad idea, as it's
    immediately before The hardest stretch in the game. If you leave her behind,
    you'll have to fight Shadow Yukino and Lady Scorpio, after fighting your way
    there with only four people. After the fight, Anna and Shadow Yukino declare
    their love and commit suicide together, leaving the real Yukino as a shadow
    person. This is bad. If you take her, you don't fight Lady Scorpio, and
    Yukino takes her in under her wing. If you do this, when you get Jun, Yukino
    gives him a persona (or something like that) that will evolve into Cronos
    after the Aquarius Shrine. This means if you leave Yukino behind, you will
    never have access to the Grand Cross fusion. This is why in the screenshot
    where Jun wakes from his nightmare of the Joker, Yukino and Anna are standing
    there. (Strangely, they aren't there when this scene is flashbacked at
    Mt. Iwato on this side, implying it didn't happen.)
    Q: Wait...Hitler?
    A: Yeah. You got a problem with that?
    Q: Where were the shrines?
    A: The shrines, I believe, rose from the rubble of the Aoba auditorium,
    Smile Hirasaka, GOLD, and the Sky Museum. Spooky!
    Q: How do you get Cronos?
    A: There are multiple conditions. First of all, you must save Yukino at
    Mt. Katatsumuri. Second, at the end of the Aquarius Shrine, you'll fight some
    Longinus units. Make sure Jun has Hermes equipped when you do this. After the
    fight, Jun will be able to mutate Hermes into Cronos. Note that this mutation
    is unstable. If you fight Kudan and he hits you with Prophecy, you'll lose the
    modifaction ability and the ability to get it. This means you will be unable
    to ever get it again. Which means no Cronos. I also had a report (from Ian
    Kelley, no less) of Hermes trying to mutate into Hermes, which is wrong. So be
    very careful when handling Hermes.
    Q: How is Masquerade related to the Nazis?
    A: They HATE each other! At the end of each of the shrines, you come upon a
    really tough member of either Masquerade or the Nazis killing members of the
    opposition, before turning their attention on you. Think of it like a gang
    war. They both want control of the shrines so they can control the Xibalba.
    Q: Who are the bosses of the Shrines?
    A: Shadow Tatsuya is in the Leo Shrine. Shadow Eikichi is in the Scorpio
    Shrine. Shadow Lisa is in the Taurus Shrine. In the Aquarius Shrine, you fight
    three Longinus units. For the record, Shadow Maya is fought at Mt. Iwato, not
    in a shrine.
    Q: Why do the Nazis want control of Xibalba?
    A: Why the hell not?! Hitler's looking for a good time. It makes sense when
    you understand who Hitler really is and what his motives are.
    Q: Why would anyone follow Hitler and join the Nazis after what happened in
    World War II?
    A: Well, in all actuality, no one would. As a result, IS's Nazis are very,
    very strange things, with spring loaded feet and heads that turn all the way
    around. So, simply put, they ain't human!
    Q: What happens to Masquerade?
    A: When Joker abandons it and Hitler makes the scene, it kind of falls apart.
    Tatsuya Sudou dies. Ginji Sasaki dies. Junko Kurosu dies. Anna Yoshizaka dies,
    unless you save her, in which case she doesn't. The rest of Masquerade runs
    around utterly confused like the people who were purified of Kegare did on
    this side.
    Q: Do fears manifest in Xibalba like they did on the Torifune?
    A: Yes, though the people that manifest in IS are different. Metal demons in
    the form of Junko Kurosu (Jun's worst fear: his mom) and Kankichi Mishina
    (Eikichi's worst fear: his dad) attack you as "Metal Mommy" and "Metal Daddy."
    On this side, Eikichi, Lisa and Jun manifest for the same reason: Tatsuya's
    scared to death of them on This Side!
    Q: Okay, so Hitler is a form of Nyarlathotep. Why does HE want the Xibalba?
    A: Some people will tell you that it's Nyarlathotep's spaceship. This is true,
    since it's his creation, but it's not why he wants it. After all, why would a
    entity existing beyound the realm of Time and Space want or need a space ship?
    He really wants it because it's part of a carefully scripted out scenario
    written by the Crawling Chaos. The Xibalba is just another tool in his scheme
    to undo reality.
    Q: Who is "The Great Father?"
    A: The Great Father is Nyarlathotep's final form in Innocent Sin and is the
    game's final boss. And he's the creepiest end boss I've ever seen. (Angels are
    overdone. Tenticles are creepy, but, if you keep Hastur around long enough,
    you get used to them. I say bring on the conglomerated bodies!) A hulking
    humanoid mammoth with Eikichi and Tatsuya's fathers for legs, Lisa and Maya's
    fathers for arms and Jun's father for a head, all in skin tight black leather.
    The image you have in your head probably isn't right, but it's probably closer
    than you might expect. (The one thing that all of IS's cast has in common is
    their loss of their fathers. Those that still have them, Eikichi and Lisa, are
    terribly scared of them, and all the others lost them at a critical young age.
    Hence, the ideal form for the source of all human terror.) He's evidently
    really easy to beat though. Just equip everybody with Magic reflecting
    personae and he'll supposedly just kill himself.
    Q: Wait, I thought Maya Okamura killed Maya. It says that Nyarlie does.
    A: She did, but it was under the influence of Nyarlathotep. Actually, Maya
    Okamura goes into cryogenic sleep at one point (and we all know how well THAT
    works), so this is the rumorized version. Like Hitler and Kandori, this
    version is a projection of Nyarlathotep, so it WAS him. But for simplicity's
    sake, it was Okamura. Did you know Kandori doesn't have eyes in EP? It's true!
    It's really god damn creepy!
    VII. Soundtracks
      i. Soundtrack listings
    Megami Ibunroku Persona (Revelations: Persona)
    Disc One                                 Disc Two
    01. Persona (Arranged Version)           01. Snow Queen (Arranged Version)
    02. Deva Yuga (Arranged Version)         02. Satomi Tadashi (Arranged Version)
    03. Song of Everybody's Souls (Arranged) 03. Battle (Arranged Version)
    04. Transitory Butterfly                 04. Snow Queen
    05. Touching Unhappiness                 05. Educational Institution
    06. Rage                                 06. Brown (Brad)
    07. A Girl at the Window                 07. Night Cry of the Forest
    08. Awakening Legend                     08. Ayase (Alana)
    09. Maki (Mary)                          09. Dead Line 
    10. Number One                           10. Satomi Tadashi
    11. Cheerful Shopping District           11. Saeko (Ms. Smith)
    12. Toy & Joy                            12. Majin... Forever
    13. Child Abuse                          13. Erie (Ellen)
    14. AIAI Shopping                        14. ?
    15. Long Distance Mole                   15. Dense Forest
    16. The Quiet Before                     16. Invasion
    17. Dark Shopping District               17. Quiet Notch
    18. Electric Travel Log                  18. Battle
    19. Mark                                 19. Monochrome
    20. Black Kid                            20. Rosa Candida
    21. SEBEC City                           21. Freezing Mind
    22. Remembrance                          22. Devil, Sing!
    23. God Taker                            23. Black Snow
    24. Deva Yuga                            24. Night Queen
    25. Song of Everybody's Souls            25. Snow Story
                                             26. Reminiscences/Departure
    Disc Three (mini disc)
    Just one track, which contains about 13 minutes of sound effects (from the
    Japanese version) set to various game music...
    Megami Ibunroku Persona ~ Be Your True Mind (Revelations: Persona) v2.0
    (Soundtrack listing found at http://www.geocities.com/elhayme/index.htm)
    Disc One - SEBEC (68:48)
    1. Kandori's Theme ~ Silence (2:05)
    2. Philemon Movie ~ SEBEC Chapter (0:53)
    3. Maki's Theme ~ Bright (0:53)
    4. Police Station (2:52)
    5. Mark's Theme (1:03)
    6. Abandoned Factory Underground Passage (2:20)
    7. SEBEC Above Ground (2:51)
    8. SEBEC Underground Research Lab (3:36)
    9. Kandori's Theme ~ Ambition (1:30)
    10. Dimension Road (0:18)
    11. Aki's Theme (1:10)
    12. City 2 Accident (1:56)
    13. Ruins (2:34)
    14. Philemon Movie ~ SEBEC Chapter 2 (1:10)
    15. City 2 (1:47)
    16. Kama Palace (2:04)
    17. Bar Attacked by Harem Queen (1:39)
    18. Kama Palace (3:54)
    19. Shadow ~ Sirius (2:18)
    20. Mai's Theme (1:36)
    21. House (0:52)
    22. Deva-Yuga Appears (0:28)
    23. Kandori's Theme ~ Pathos (2:11)
    24. Beyond Dimension Road ~ View of Deva-Yuga (0:13)
    25. Deva-Yuga (2:51)
    26. Lapse of Distaizer (0:27)
    27. Reiji's Theme (1:46)
    28. Philemon Movie ~ SEBEC Chapter 3 (0:57)
    29. Shabon King of Consciousness (0:15)
    30. Maki's Theme ~ Sad (2:25)
    31. Pandora's Den (Deepmost Area) (2:14)
    32. Encounter with Pandora (1:23)
    33. Pandora's Entry (0:22)
    34. Pandora's Battle (3:11)
    35. Philemon Movie ~ SEBEC Chapter 4 (1:26)
    36. SEBEC Chapter Good Ending (6:10)
    37. SEBEC Chapter Bad Ending 2 (3:08)
    Disc Two - The Snow Queen (61:22)
    1. Sanitation Department (Former Dungeon ~ Saeko-Sensei) (1:52)
    2. Yukino's Theme (2:02)
    3. Frozen School (0:30)
    4. Snow Queen's Theme ~ Main (1:31)
    5. Philemon Movie ~ Ice Queen Chapter 1 (0:58)
    6. Ice Castle (0:20)
    7. Dungeon ~ Ice Castle (2:12)
    8. Door, Frozen Shut (1:15)
    9. Dungeon ~ Former Ice Castle (2:22)
    10. Conversation ~ Generic 1 (0:42)
    11. Toro Confesses to Ayase (1:08)
    12. Snow Queen's Theme ~ Violent (1:59)
    13. Consciousness (1:29)
    14. Infiltrating Hypnos Tower (0:16)
    15. Dungeon ~ Hypnos Tower (3:00)
    16. Common Battle (1:12)
    17. Spring of Restoration (0:38)
    18. Philemon Movie ~ Snow Queen Chapter 2 (0:58)
    19. Dungeon ~ Reverse Dream World (2:04)
    20. Theme of Nemurin's Love (1:55)
    21. Infiltrating Nemesis Tower (0:18)
    22. Dungeon ~ Nemesis Tower (2:41)
    23. Snow Queen's Theme ~ Sad (1:42)
    24. Conversation ~ Generic 2 (0:47)
    25. Infiltrating Devil's Mountain (0:16)
    26. Dungeon ~ Devil's Mountain (2:43)
    27. Time Count Event (Unused) (1:39)
    28. Mystery (1:19)
    29. Infiltrating Thanatos Tower (0:15)
    30. Thanatos Tower (3:08)
    31. Saeko-Sensei's Theme (2:30)
    32. Queen Asura Enters (0:22)
    33. Battle ~ Queen of the Night (3:42)
    34. Snow Queen Chapter Bad Ending 1 (0:28)
    35. Restored School (0:29)
    36. Last Event (2:10)
    37. Snow Queen Chapter Good Ending (5:09)
    38. Snow Queen Chapter Bad Ending 2 (3:21)
    Disc Three - Others (49:15)
    1. Opening (2:21)
    2. Daydream 1 (0:36)
    3. Daydream 2 (0:36)
    4. Name Entry (0:53)
    5. Ellie's Theme (1:36)
    6. School (After School) (1:25)
    7. Nanjou's Theme (0:58)
    8. City 1 Tranquility (0:50)
    9. Joy Street Mall (2:12)
    10. Judgement 1999 (1:12)
    11. Yin&Yan (1:01)
    12. Sun Mall (2:11)
    13. Rosa Candida (1:09)
    14. Satomi Tadashi Pharmacy Song (0:59)
    15. Peace Diner (1:12)
    16. Sennen-Mannen Hall (0:41)
    17. Doctor (1:04)
    18. Hospital (Before the Disaster) (2:22)
    19. Generic BGM-B (1:19)
    20. Awakening (1:25)
    21. Hospital (After Disaster) (2:04)
    22. City 1 Post-Disaster (1:49)
    23. Shrine (Philemon's Voice) (2:53)
    24. Augustus Tree (1:29)
    25. City 1 School Revisited (2:39)
    26. Mid-Boss (2:18)
    27. The Cave Behind the Gym (0:48)
    28. Brown's Theme (1:31)
    29. Tesso (1:56)
    30. Ayase's Theme (0:57)
    31. Velvet Room (2:06)
    32. Velvet Room ~ Coalescence (0:41)
    33. SEBEC Chapter Bad Ending 1 (0:42)
    34. Maki's Theme ~ Loneliness (1:20)
    Special Disc - Tsumi Preview (9:46)
    1. Maya's Theme 2:24
    2. Zodiac 2:28
    3. Foolish Boss 1:31
    4. Satomi Tadashi Pharmacy Song - Ore Version (Rengedai) 1:25
    5. Satomi Tadashi Pharmacy Song - Jazz Version (Aoba) 1:58
    Innocent Sin
    Disc 1                                 Disc 2
    01. Opening                            01. Main Theme A
    02. Tension                            02. Battle Theme  
    03. Seven Sisters High School          03. Velvet Room
    04. Vehicle Operation                  04. GOLD
    05. Hero Theme (Tatsuya's Theme)       05. In Laquetti (In Rakesh?)
    06. Time Castle                        06. Event Scene B
    07. Silverman Mansion                  07. Araya Shrine
    08. Comical Line                       08. Iwato Mountain
    09. Boss Theme                         09. Festival Accompaniment
    10. Philemon's Theme                   10. Satomi Tadashi Pharmacy (Kounan)
    11. Premonition                        11. Jolly Roger
    12. Kurosu (Jun's) theme               12. London House
    13. Eikichi's Theme                    13. Hiiragi Psychotherapy
    14. Sumaru City Map                    14. Bikini Line
    15. Ramen Shiraishi                    15. Toa Defense
    16. Kazunoha Detective Office          16. Tony's Shop
    17. Satomi Tadashi Pharmacy (Hirasaka) 17. Lunar Palace Kounan
    18. Tominaga Chiropractic              18. Mt. Katatsumuri [Mifune]
    19. Bad Trouble                        19. Knights of the Holy Spear
    20. Seven Sisters High School B        20. Yukino's Theme (Sad)
    21. Ginko's Theme                      21. Karacol
    22. Maya's Theme                       22. Shadow
    23. Main Theme B                       23. Persona-Sama
    24. Yukino's Theme                     24. Maya's Theme (Sad)
    25. Gatten Sushi                       25. Joker's Theme
    26. Peace Diner                        26. Sumaru City Map (Xibalba)
    27. Sumaru Gypsy                       27. Leo Shrine
    28. Satomi Tadashi Pharmacy (Yumesaki  28. Rosa Candida (Rengedai store)
    29. Zodiac                             29. kaori
    30. Event Scene A                      30. Satomi Tadashi Pharmacy (Rengedai)
    31. Kasuagayama High School            31. Honmaru Park
    32. Bomb Shelter                       32. Public Facility
    33. Tranquility                        33. Scorpio Shrine
    34. Crazy Party                        34. Reminiscence (Beloved)
    35. Casino (Mu Continent)              35. Taurus Shrine
    36. Mu Continent                       36. Le Cleir-de-lune
    37. Giga Macho [Seedy CD]              37. Aquarius Shrine
    38. Ryusei Yarou's SOUND MAX           38. anima mundi
    39. CD Shop (Giga Macho)               39. Milky Way
    40. Aoba Park                          40. Abandoned Factory
    41. Concert Hall                       41. Danger
    42. Ginko's Theme (Sad)                42. Xibalba
    43. Kamentou [Masquerade]              43. Kashihara
    44. Time Count                         44. Final Boss Battle
    45. W.SLASH                            45. Maya's Death
    46. Rosa Candida (Aoba Store)          46. Ending Movie
    47. Satomi Tadashi Pharmacy (Aoba)     47. Battle Contacts
    48. etheria                            48. Eikichi's Theme
    49. Smile Hirasaka                     49. Last Battalion
    50. Foolish Boss                       50. JOKER
    51. Hero's Entry                       51. Persona Ondo
    52. Trish's Fountain
    53. Reminiscence (Painful)
    Eternal Punishment
    Disc 1                                 Disc 2
    01. Opening                            01. Battle Theme
    02. Maya (Theme 2)                     02. BGM III
    03. Seven Sister's High School         03. Padparacha
    04. Map I                              04. Sumaru TV
    05. Parabellum II                      05. Mu Continent
    06. Time Castle                        06. Etheria
    07. Mt. Katatsumuri [Mt. Mifune]       07. Smile Hirasaka [Smile Mall]
    08. Morimoto Hospital [Sanitarium]     08. Baofu
    09. Enigma                             09. Abandoned Factory
    10. Boss Battle                        10. Satomi Tadashi (Yumesaki store)
    11. Sumaru Genie                       11. Jolly Roger
    12. Affinity Readings (Snow Queen)     12. Nichirinmaru
    13. Time Count                         13. Illusions
    14. Everyday                           14. Undersea Ruins
    15. Akachouchin Shiraishi              15. Reminiscence (Beloved)
    16. Satomi Tadashi (Hirasaka Store)    16. Underground Subway Tunnel
    17. Parabellum                         17. Toa Defense
    18. Club Zodiac                        18. Nekomata Rumor Office
    19. Peace Diner                        19. Ameno Torifune
    20. Tony's Shop (Mysterious Item Shop) 20. Map II
    21. Aoba Park                          21. Sumaru Castle
    22. Penthouse                          22. Big Trouble
    23. Le Cleir de Lune                   23. Map III
    24. Ebony                              24. Monado Mandala
    25. Sewers                             25. Reminiscence (Sorrowful)
    26. Science Laboratory                 26. EX Dungeon Boss
    27. Bikini Line                        27. others mix 1
    28. Tominaga Chiropractic              28. others mix 2
    29. BGM I                              29. others mix 3
    30. Reverse Sumaru TV                  30. others mix 4
    31. BGM II                             31. Persona Mambo
    32. Hiiragi Psychotherapy              32. Persona Rock
    33. kaori
    34. Giga Macho [Seedy CD]
    35. Kasugayama High School
    36. Velvet Room Nanashi [Nameless] Arrange
      ii. Soundtrack Q&A
    Q: If I have to buy one soundtrack, which should I get?
    A: The general concensus is that Innocent Sin has the best music in the
    series. Most of Eternal Punishment's best music is lifted directly from
    Innocent Sin, so it's not on the EP soundtrack. The best original music in EP
    is Club Zodiac and the first city map music (though even that's inferior to
    IS's). Also, much of EP's music is new versions of Innocent Sin's music, and,
    in most cases, the new versions just aren't as good.
    Q: Why are there two listings for MIP?
    A: There were two releases for MIP's soundtrack. The first one only has three
    discs, the last of which shouldn't even count. The later has four discs, the
    last of which can be counted as a single. The latter is more complete, longer,
    etc. and is the much better buy. The names on the later soundtrack are
    translated directly, so I didn't shave them off to stick them side by side
    like the others. And the times are there because it was with the information
    source, when the other soundtrack listings weren't.
    Q: The second MIP soundtrack has FOUR discs?!
    A: It does. The fourth disc is only included in a later re-release of the
    soundtrack. It contains five tracks from the (then) up coming game Persona 2:
    Innocent Sin. If you have the IS soundtrack, however, you won't be missing
    anything. It's worth noting, however, that Maya's theme and Zodiac are about
    twice as long as what you'll hear on the normal soundtrack.
    Q: What's "Nemurin?"
    A: If I had to guess, I'd say cup noodles, but I'm probably WAY off.
    Q: Why is EP's music so...not as good?
    A: They were taking a much more adult approach to the entire game. While this
    makes for things like smoother battle systems and stuff (okay, it doesn't), it
    doesn't make up for Innocent Sin's atmosphere (even if it is "juvenile").
    Q: What the bloody hell is EP's "others mix"?
    A: That's what it says on the box! I didn't make that title up! It's says on
    the box in English "others mix." In any case, it's mostly IS music pieced
    together into a something like a medley, except without the use of segues.
    Yeah, you're better off with the IS soundtrack for those, if you can get it.
    Q: I've heard the music from the Penthouse before somewhere. Why is it
    so familiar?
    A: You probably heard it on the Other Side and are experiencing deja vu.
    Actually, the truth is that it's a version of Nanjo's theme in the
    first Persona.
    Q: Who sings in the vocal songs on the sound tracks?
    A: Well, JOKER was sung by Hiroko Konishi, who is NOT Lisa's voice actress.
    Persona Mambo is sun by Norkio Kaneko (Ulala's voice actress), Persona Onda is
    Takehito Koyasu (Tatsuya's voice actor), and I don't know who sings Persona
    Rock. It's apparent not Eikichi with Gas Chamber. So who the hell is it?!
    Q: Who are the Japanese voice actors?
    A: They are as follows...
    Maya Amano: Akiko Yajima
    Yuka Ayase [Alana]: Machiko Toyoshima
    Baofu: Jouji Nakata
    Principal Hanya [Harding]: Takashi Nagasako
    Hero [MIP]: Akira Ishida
    Akari Hoshi (Ixquic): Hikari Tachibana
    Masao "Mark" Inaba: Yuuji Ueda
    Takahisa Kandori [Guido]: Juurouta Kosugi
    Reiji Kido [Chris]: Kazuya Nakai
    Eriko Kirishima [Ellen] [MIP]: Yukana Nogami
    Eriko Kirishima [Ellen] [P2EP]: Junko Omi
    Jun Kurosu: Shigeru Shibuya
    Junko Kurosu: Mika Doi
    Yuknio Mayazumi [Yuki]: Tomoe Hanba
    Eikichi Mishina: Kousuke Toriumi
    Kei Nanjou [Nate]: Toshiyuki Morikawa
    Ginji Sasaki: Syo Hayami
    Ulala/Urara Serizawa: Noriko Kaneko
    Lisa Silverman: Hiroko Konishi
    Maki Sonomura [Mary]: Houko Kuwashima
    Tatsuya Sudou: Ryusei Nakao
    Katsuya Suou: Hiroshi Takata
    Tatsuya Suou: Takehito Koyasu
    Saeko Takami [Ms. Smith]: Yuko Sumitomo
    Hidehiko "BROWN" Uesugi [Brad]: Ryoutarou Okiayu
    Anna Yoshizaka: Kumiko Watanabe
    (thanks to enigmaopoeia, whose name I can spell, for the information)
    Q: Who are the American voice actors?
    A: I have NO clue. Watch the credits, you won't see a single VA credit
    (except maybe for the agency they used to find actors). Alas, voice acting
    work isn't very fruitful in this country, with most actors being forced to
    either stick to children's programming or doing advertising (shudder). I'd
    like to know who did Baofu's voice though, since he was pretty good...
    (Isn't it strange that they could find someone like him at the same agency as
    where they dug up the twits they got to do Eikichi and Jun's US voices!?)
    Q: Wait, Ms. Smith speaks? When the hell does she speak?
    A: Only in the Snow Queen Quest of the first Persona, so there's no American
    counterpart. Likewise, Kandori only really speaks on the MIP drama disc.
    (Thanks again to enigmaopoeia for the said info.)
    Q: What's the deal with MIP's voice acting?
    A: In the US version, they only had three voice actors. Two male, one female.
    Kinda shows doesn't it? But, wait! One of the male actors did Philemon
    exclusively! This means they had one male voice actor do all of the male party
    member voices and one female voice actor to do all of the female party member
    voices. They also left the monster voices intact, which is why you'll see
    demons shouting "Garu" when hitting you with wind spells and the like.
    The actors actually did a decent job, considering what they were given. We
    never REALLY get to hear them speak. They only talk in battle clips, so we
    don't get the real flavor. I have to say I'd MUCH prefer the people who did
    "Nate" and "Ellen's" voices in MIP over EP. Am I the only one amused by Nate
    going "Hee hee hee!" when uses his rifle?
    Q: Where's the ending music for IS and EP? Neither soundtrack has the credit
    roll music on them.
    A: The staff roll songs were not included on IS and EP's soundtracks since
    they're on the artist's albums as well, and having them on the soundtrack
    would cut into their album sales, in all probability. However, it's a dark,
    little secret that you can rip them off the CD with no trouble at all. (HA!
    Not so secret anymore!) They're in the 8th section of the voice clip .XA file
    (don't have the name for it, but there's only one). PSMPlay can turn .XAs into
    .WAVs and you can convert those to MP3s with ease. Also included in that file
    are all the voice clips (except stuff like grunting or "PERSONA" or other
    action voice clips) as well as Persona Mambo and Persona Rock, as if you'd
    want to rip those. In the bizarre event you're seeking out who wrote these
    songs, IS's ending music was done by hitomi (yeah, lower case) and EP's was by
    Elishia La'Verne. hitomi also contributed various tracks to IS such as the
    city map music.
    NOTE: In a previous version, I claimed Elishia La'Verne didn't contribute any
    songs to the EP soundtrack other than "Change your Way." This is untrue. She
    also contributed the first two city map themes (the normal one and the Ameno
    Torifune one, but not the Monado Mandala one) and Aoba park. Nobody alerted me
    to this, so thanks to myself for pointing this out, ya ingrates.
    (This should've been easy enough to figure out, since the first city map music
    in EP is nothing more than a light techno verison of Change Your Way. So double
    thanks to me. Phhhht.)
    Q: Okay, so where's PSMPlay?
    A: Have you heard about this wonderful invention called the search engine?
    Q: Are there arranged soundtracks?
    A: There are, but only for IS and EP. Innocent Sin's is entitled "Errors of
    their Youth" (and has Drama tracks, I think, along with a much better version
    of "Persona Mambo") and Eternal Punishment's is called "Punitive Dance."
    The latter two I've heard (on Archeopteryx's internet radio station [see links
    section]) are really good. Punitive Dance, in particular just astounds me.
    It's sort of clubby dance music, the both of them, but even if you don't like
    this stuff (like me), you will still LOVE these things if you like P2's music.
    Unfortunately, Punitive Dance is INCREDIBLY rare, due to very poor
    distribution. It took Archeopteryx several straight months of searching before
    he finally located a copy on Yahoo! Japan's auctions (which he then won for
    1600 yen; no kidding, that's like fifteen and a half dollars).
    Q: What's a "drama track?"
    A: Drama tracks for anime and video games are very popular in Japan. A drama
    track is where they call in all the voice actors and have them act out various
    episodes, which may or may not exist in the timeline of the original story.
    Drama track CDs exist for MIP and IS. Innocent Sin actually only has two
    albums out: the original sound track and "Errors of Their Youth" which has
    remixes of all six main characters' themes, along with an improved Persona
    Mambo (which I guess you could consider Ulala's theme).
    For more information on what's out there, visit Dean's Page at:
    Q: I found an Innocent Sin sound track for 10 dollars. What's that smell?
    A: Either something died in here or you're holding a record by SonMay or Ever
    Anime. These companies are BOOTLEGGERS. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM. Atlus receives
    not a cent put into these dastardly companies. In addition, the CDs are more
    easily damaged, the packaging is garbage, and it only makes the situation
    worse for everybody. Again, put the mouse down and nobody gets hurt.
    Remember that you're getting ripped off as bad as Atlus is when you do this.
    It costs a nickel to make a CD, see? You could charge a dollar and get your
    burn money back 20 fold. Considering there are no production costs and the
    equipment is paid for, the only money they need to make up for is the money
    spent on the original legitimate soundtrack. They could charge a dime, make a
    200% profit and get their money back in no time. But no, they charge 10
    dollars and up, and then middle men stick on another five for themselves. You
    can see where this is going. You're dealing with disgusting people when you
    step into the realm of bootlegging. Just don't do it.
    Q: So, why don't they take these jerks to court?
    A: They can't. They're centered in Taiwan, which allows piracy. And thusly,
    it's rampant. In order to fight this piracy, it'd have to be a class action
    suit against the Taiwanese court system and government. Atlus, themselves, of
    course, don't have those kinds of resources. And the reward doesn't seem to
    outweigh the cost, so...
    Q: Okay, where can I find the REAL soundtracks?
    A: eBay is not the place to look, since, if it doesn't state otherwise,
    it's probably a bootleg. There are better places to look, anyway.
    http://www.animenation.com/ is where I ordered mine. I got my EP soundtrack
    fairly quickly, but then it took FOREVER for my IS soundtrack to arrive and
    the MIP soundtrack is STILL on backorder. They're kind of slow, that means.
    I don't have a lot of resources for this. If somebody could supply me with
    info on other places to buy LEGIT soundtracks, I'd be grateful. Just
    remember: If a deal looks too good to be true, it probably is.
    Q: Which CDs are out of print?
    A: Soundtracks tend to not stay in print very long, so most of them. The first
    MIP soundtrack went out of print rather quickly, so it's probably hard to
    find. The second one is out of print, too, now, but I think it'd be easier to
    find. It's the better one anyway. Innocent Sin's soundtrack is, strangely
    enough, NOT out of print (as of this writing), but "Errors of their Youth" is
    and the OST is probably soon to follow. Eternal Punishment's soundtrack is not
    out of print as it's still rather recent, and I don't think Punitive Dance is,
    either, but if you can get yourself a copy of Punitive Dance, then you're a
    better man than I. And I'd be shocked as all hell if I heard the drama CDs
    were still in print.
    Now, note that this does NOT mean they're unavailable. You can order them, but
    the company has to look for them, so it'll take a while. It's really weird.
    Evidently there are crates full of out of print CDs in warehouses or
    something, I dunno. In any case, never fear, the CDs can be found. It just
    takes time. In some cases a lot of it.
    I ordered all three games' soundtracks at once. EP's came rather quickly,
    since it's easily available. There was a long wait before I got IS, as I
    suppose it's only limited run now. And then, only recently did I get MIP's
    soundtrack. The last case was clearly a "sitting in the warehouse" incident.
    Now "Errors of Their Youth" is on backorder. Hooboy. Oh well, I can wait.
    Q: Hey! These Innocent Sin tracks are shorter than they are in the game!
    A: Yeah, sorry. Word from Archeopteryx is they shaved tracks left and right to
    fit it onto two CDs. Mu Continent, his example, lost about a minute of music.
    Eternal Punishment does not have this problem, since so little new music was
    added that they could afford the space to extend the tracks. IS really
    should've had three CDs...
    Q: What songs are played in the Velvet Room?
    A: In MIP, there was obviously only one song. Innocent Sin and Eternal
    Punishment both have the original Velvet Room theme, Satie's "Gymnopedie," and
    a remix of the Hotel Goumaden theme from Soul Hackers. In addition, IS has
    Debussy's "Cleir de Lune" and EP has Beethoven's "Pathetique Sonata." Only the
    primary Velvet Room themes are available on soundtracks. Goumaden's theme can
    be found on the Soul Hackers soundtrack and the other three pieces are
    classical pieces, which I'm sure someone as resourceful as yourself can find
    without my assistence.
    VIII. Persona World Guidance
    Q: What is Persona World Guidance?
    A: Persona World Guidance (PWG) is a book put out by CB's Project in the World
    Guidance series, which does books on various series with such a glut of
    information, there won't be anything else to know after you read it. Even if
    you can't read Japanese, the pictures sure are purty, and it's always nice to
    have around.
    Q: Is it missing anything?
    A: The only thing I can think of is that Tadashi is completely AWOL. Also,
    there's a list of Persona users from each game, and that list is highly
    Q: Is it worth my money?
    A: Oh, god, yes.
    Q: How can I get it?
    A: There are two ways to go about doing it. The easier way is to go to
    Amazon.com's Japanese website. It's not on their English one. I have the link
    here: http://www.amazon.co.jp/exec/obidos/ASIN/4797314982/249-2380609-8456305
    If you want to read that stuff and don't know Japanese, use AltaVista's
    BabelFish translator at http://world.altavista.com/ but be warned that you
    can't use it to order, since it can't operate through secure servers.
    Ordering is kind of tricky, since you need an account to order. This means you
    have to make one, in spite of being completely illiterate. What I recommend
    doing is opening another window and bring up Amazon's english website, and
    create a dummy account there while making a real one at Amazon Japan. The
    steps are almost identical. There are some differences, but they aren't hard
    to solve. You don't have to complete the dummy account at Amazon US. You're
    just using it as a walkthrough.
    Do note that Amazon sends crap e-mail to you, no matter what site you order
    from, but they send it in that site's language (of course). As a result, I get
    spam in Japanese. How weird is that?
    The other way is to special order it from http://www.fujisan.com/ which isn't
    as easy as ordering from Amazon for shy people, but saves some money in
    shipping. The ISBN is 4-7973-1498-2 and costs 2400 yen. If you need other
    info, it's easy enough to find from the supplied Amazon link.
    Q: This book is in Japanese. I don't know Japanese. Curse you!
    A: Yoshistune is working on a translation project. I highly recommend it.
    It's at: http://j.students.umkc.edu/jpr4c7/
    Q: It doesn't say anything about Ulala giving **** in here. What gives?
    A: Read between the lines.
    IX. Miscellaneous Tips
      i. Get Rich Quick!
    There are two established ways to make easy money in Eternal Punishment.
    Method 1: The Slots (Turbo method)
    This one is pretty simple. You'll want to have spread the rumor "Slots pay
    out" when activating the casino, but it still works even if you didn't. It's
    just a bit slower. This method requires a turbo Playstation controller, and
    you'll want 99 LUC (see next subsection).
    Basically, what you do is set the controller to Auto-Triangle (or, if there
    is no auto, just find a way to hold down Turbo-Triangle with a clip board or
    something). Then you turn the TV off and go to sleep/school/work. When you
    come back eight hours later, you should be loaded.
    The reason is simple enough: The slots are more than a little loose. Note
    that slot machine number 2 is generally considered the best machine to play,
    though I don't know if there really is a difference. Still, it doesn't kill
    you to play number 2.
    (Other games, like Blackjack, might be more fun to play, but the whole point
    of this method is that it requires no actual effort on the part of the player.
    You could play Blackjack, put the controller on Turbo and set all players to
    Auto, but I don't recommend that, as the couple times I've accidently had
    characters on Auto, Katsuya stayed on a 12.)
    Method 2: Indra abuse (Non-Turbo method)
    This method hinges on the fact that EMPEROR Indra gives 10 Somas when you
    return him to the Velvet Room at Rank 8. It's ultimately a streamlined Indra
    harvesting with maximized efficiency.
    You will need:
    * A lot of Free Tarot (Talk to FORTUNE Fenrir, he's an easy source)
    * A 12500 yen investment
    * Sychronization Gear (Not required, but handy)
    First off, you need to buy a Dia card from the Time Count. They're cheap and
    effective for their purpose. Next, summon EMPEROR Indra, with the Dia card
    attached. Equip him on someone with good compatability (Baofu, Tatsuya or
    Nanjou), and give him the Synchronization Gear.
    Head to Kasugayama High School and run around the entrance until you're
    attacked. Here, set battle to Continuous and Simple, then have everyone defend
    except Indra's host, who should cast Dia. Let the battle run until Indra is
    Rank 8.
    Return Indra to the Velvet Room for 10 Somas. These can be sold for 400000 yen
    total, a 387500 yen profit. Buy some more Dia cards and repeat. If you run out
    of Free Tarot, get some from Fenrir. (You should have him contracted with the
    purpose of getting ALL Incense anyhow.) If you max out your Fortune cards,
    create some junk FORTUNE personae and delete them. Repeat as often
    as you like.
    This is actually quite a bit faster than the Slot method, but it requires some
    actual effort. Still 400000 yen in under five minutes isn't bad. Use this to
    rack up the money to just BUY Lucifer and Satan's material cards.
    It's worth noting that EMPEROR Vishnu also gives you 10 Somas, but I don't
    think he's really worth the effort in harvesting.
      ii. 99 LUC
    Here's an easy way to give Maya a final result of 99 LUC early on in the game.
    (This method is only really useful for gambling, as it requires a specific
    You will need:
    * A base LUC on Maya of no less than 35
    * Rank 8 LOVERS Pixie (99 LUC)
    * The Yellow Dragon fortune (Maya's Base LUC*2)
    * Miracle Object (+15 LUC)
    Equip Maya with Pixie and the Miracle Object with the Yellow Dragon Fortune in
    effect, and this will give her a sum of 99 LUC. As she requires Pixie, this
    isn't a good set up for combat, as Maya doesn't get along well with the LOVERS
    The equation is ((2*30)+99)/2)+15=99.5 (rounded down to 99). The Yellow Dragon
    doubles the Base LUC of 30, and Maya's LUC is averaged with Pixie's LUC of 99.
    On top of all this, the Miracle Object adds 15 LUC on top of all of that.
    Note that using Trish's Ice Cream (I believe Northern Vanilla), you can lower
    the base LUC requirement to 20 LUC. However, this Ice Cream is expensive, and
    the only way to get access to the required flavor is to spread the rumor that
    Trish has "reformed" and get the "bad" result where she raises all her prices.
    You can also use the All Around Earring (+15 ALL) in place of the Miracle
    Object, but I severely doubt you're going to have one handy at the point in
    the game when this trick is useful.
      iii. Ultimate Personae spell cards
    The Ultimate Personae (hereafter refered to as "The Greek Set") aren't all
    they're cracked up to be, but with wise spell card use, their lives can be
    greatly extended. The goal is to net as many powerful fusion spells as
    possible without requiring anyone to change Personae. I'm not going to list
    out the character orders used to cast these spells, but all fusions listed
    are possible in some order, and they aren't that hard to figure out..
    There are basically two ways of going about this, but they're almost
    identical. One method is offensive and the other is defensive. Both assume
    the personae are Rank 8 and have gained their mutation spells.
    Defensive setup
    Artemis (Maya): Blessing Card (Mediarahan)
    Asteria (Ulala): Ice Card (Bufudyne)
    Hyperion (Katsuya): Lightning Card (Ziodyne)
    Prometheus (Baofu): Hurricane Card (Maha Garudyne)
    Apollo (Tatsuya): N/A
    This set up nets you all possible "special" fusions, giving you Tower Inferno,
    Meltdown, Nuclear Blast, Nuclear Crush, Ice Blast, Ice Crush, Lightning Blast,
    Lightning Crush, Maelstrom, and, of course, Dragon Cross. (Of these, only
    Meltdown, Nuclear Blast, Nuclear Crush and Dragon Cross are inherent
    in the set up.)
    Offensive setup
    Artemis (Maya): Torrent Card (Maha Aquadyne)
    Asteria (Ulala): Ice Card (Bufudyne)
    Hyperion (Katsuya): Lightning Card (Ziodyne)
    Prometheus (Baofu): Hurricane Card (Maha Garudyne)
    Apollo (Tatsuya): N/A
    All that has changed is the card on Artemis. What this does is give you the
    fusions listed above, and also gives you Stone Rise, Wind Cutter, Hydro-Boost,
    and Giga Cyclone, all at the cost of Mediarahan. Whether or not this is a
    worthy sacrifice is up to you to decide (though keep in mind that Artemis
    still has Diarahan). (I actually haven't tried this one, so it's theoretical.
    More fusions may be opened, but I don't think there are, and the ones that
    might probably won't be very useful. I'm merely stating what I KNOW would
    be true.)
    These spell assignments have made me very happy. You can kill anything that
    isn't Strong/Void/Reflect vs. Magic in a single blow. (I use Nuclear Crush on
    everything, unless it's strong against Nuclear/Ice/Lightning. In that
    situation, I pull out Maelstrom. Nothing defends against all of that without
    being strong to magic in general.) Naturally, demons strong or worse to magic
    are still a problem, as they always have been.
    The only problem with these is that Baofu and Prometheus have fairly low TEC
    ratings, so Lightning Crush (which Baofu would lead) doesn't do nearly as much
    as Ice Crush and Nuclear Crush. Prometheus supports Baofu's LUC, and Baofu is
    notorious for stealing mutations from the other characters in the set up, so
    the TEC could be rectified with enough mutations, but it's an issue.
    Words of warning before making changes to these setups. I worked on these for
    about an hour when I first designed this layout (this was back when the game
    was relatively young), considering all possibilities, and almost any change
    will render some rare fusions impossible. (The exception is Artemis, but
    you'll generally only want one of those two cards on her.)
    Note that it's impossible to put a spell card on Apollo without hacking, even
    if you import data from Innocent Sin. You couldn't put spell cards on the IS
    Ultimates at all, since they weren't really summoned. They were just given to
    you. If you COULD add a card to Apollo, I would definately give him the
    Mediarahan spell. Katsuya and Baofu aren't fast enough to handle the urgent
    situations that call for the use of Mediarahan. Giving it to Asteria disrupts
    Ice Crush, and giving it to Artemis is fine, except that you'd want to use
    Maha Aquadyne to round out you fusions, and you can't give Maha Aquadyne to
    Apollo, because he's Fire-affinity. Hoo. This is the sort of thinking you have
    to do when planning these things out.
    X. Persona on the Web
    Persona isn't as well known as it deserves to be, but websites are out there.
    Here's a list compiled by people on the GameFAQs message board a while back
    that every one thought fell into oblivion. Forunately, I saved it to my
    desktop, heh.
    Actually, there's a MASSIVE number of Japanese sites, as Persona is part of
    MegaTen, but most of us can't read that stuff. =P
    [Update: This list is pretty outdated. More current listings will be available
    at kuzunoha.net.]
      i. Persona Websites in English
    Kuzunoha Detective Agency
    This being my FAQ, I'll take the liberty of putting my site first. I hope for
    my site to eventually (hopefully) capture the eclectic and eccentric world of
    Megami Tensei and try to unify the thinly spread English-speaking MegaTenist
    population. Here's hoping! (toast) Plus, we have a picture of Tadashi as he
    appears in Innocent Sin (which appears neither in EP nor in Persona World
    Guidance), so visit if you want to see Tadashi! Curse you!
    Also note that we'll hopefully have a better updated links list than what's in
    this FAQ. Many of these links may be dead, so don't blame me. This could be a
    very old file by the time you read it.
    But, as far as information, artwork, etc. goes, you'll probably be better off
    in the mean time visiting any of these other fine websites...
    Utopie's Game
    A site every Persona fan should visit, even if it is on GeoCities.
    Great info, great art, Great Scott! (no longer updated, sadly. =P)
    yoshi's lair
    Yeah, so the guy isn't a professional website designer, so what? Home to the
    Persona World Guidance Project, which aims to translate the Holy Bible of
    Persona. He's making good progress so far, and I can't recommend this enough.
    Also has a guide to Shin Megami Tensei If... (in the most rudementary stages,
    though, as in not even to the game yet). YOU VISIT I STAY HERE AND KEEP WATCH.
    Home of the Summoners Network BBS, which seems to be at an all-time low in
    usage right now. Most message board action nowadays is on the GameFAQs
    Eternal Punishment message board.
    enigmaopoeia's website. (She is a denizen of the GameFAQs EP board and wrote
    the insanely comprehensive Affinities guide.) And the site is cute, too!
    Just a Rumor
    I like this site. Great source for Tarot and Carl Jung theory for those who
    have no idea what those things are. It also has a very significant collection
    of fan works worth looking through. Persona doesn't have many fanfic writers,
    but the ones it has are pretty damned good. Quality over quantity, they say.
    Innocent Soul~ Punishing Fate
    Now THIS is a cool site. Lovely, lovely fan art for both chapters of Persona 2.
    It's on GeoCities, unfortunately, so you'll have to brave some annoying
    pop-ups, but it's worth the effort.
    :: Dean's Page ::
    Beware the  stick people. Has an index of all MegaTen games, books and CDs
    ever released, complete with ISDN codes, when available (so you can special
    order them). Find out EXACTLY how much your missing. Excellent site for use as
    reference material.
    A webring for English Persona/Megaten sites. Not much there you
    won't find listed here already, though.
    Asylum Garden
    Nice website with some great artwork, some relating to Persona, some to
    Megaten, and some to, uh, the "not MegaTen" catagory. You know, that stuff that
    isn't MegaTen at all. I'd never heard of it either. Did someone go spreading a
    rumor or something?
    Pieces of a Dream...
    Has storyline info on the first and third games, which a seasoned Persona
    player doesn't need. However, it also has some translations of the MIP
    manga...but there are no pictures! Noo!
    MegaTen Haven
    If you can't find it anywhere else, you can always ask us here. We're really
    nice unless you're a pirate. We don't like pirates. Except the kind that goes
    around and steals lupins. (Don't play stupid! I happen to know that this is
    the lupin express!)
    (Everyone who used to be at the GameFAQs EP message board is here now. Rah.)
      ii. Persona Websites in Japanese
    [Note: I don't have too much experience with these, but you can have a look.
    It might be worth your while.]
    It's a piece of crap, really. But, for translating Japanes websites into
    English, it's pretty much the best you can do. Note that it translates
    "Persona" into "Pell Soviet" and "Megami Tensei" is refered to by
    "Goddess Rebirth." (The latter is acceptable. The former is stupid.)
    Amikai AmiText converter
    Considerably better than BabelFish, but only converts text, rather than entire
    webpages. (This means that for Asian language pages, you're going to need the
    character set, then copy and paste it into the translator. Fortunately, they
    have Japanese fonts provided.) Note that the first is the main website,
    whereas the second is the direct URL for the conversion device. Evidently they
    have better services, but you have to pay for them.
    Gamers' Terminal
    Not Persona/Megaten specific, but 400+ links to Persona sites alone should
    give you a clue.
    Persona Perfect Works
    Sumaru Walker
    I haven't explored either of these but Hyral said they were really useful.
    So they probably are.
    XI. Closing crap
      i. Version history
        09/11/02 v2.1 - 95.3kb
        - Such a stupid thing. The IRC channel had the wrong server address.
          (It's darkmyst.org, not darkmyst.com.)
        - Date on v2.0 update was wrong.
        - That's it.
        09/11/02 v2.0 - 95.3kb
        - Was going to be v1.1, but since this is more likely than not going to
          be the final version, I'll just make it v2.0. Looking back, some of
          these jokes are pretty...bitter.
        - Many corrections all throughout the FAQ
        - Updated most everything, with some major additions and clarifications
          to the Innocent Sin section and plenty of stuff added to the Sountrack
          section as well.
        - Miscellaneous Tips added
        - Many new links added
        - Web page info added, e-mail updated. Old e-mail still works, but I'll
          get stuff to the new address faster.
        - And...try to forget...everything...
        11/04/01 v1.0 - 62kb
        - First released version. Has pretty much everything in it that I wanted
          to put in, but I'll certainly update it to fill in what few blanks I
          have (or if anyone has anything to add).
        Fall '01 v0.0
        - A lot of what's here was written quite a while ago, but I shelved the
          FAQ, thinking I wouldn't finish it. Later came back and finished it.
          Luckily, this stuff never goes bad.
      ii. Credits
        I'd like to give thanks to the following people...
        [Warning! Old bitter jokes ahead!]
        Charles Darwin: Since everybody else thanks God, I figured Darwin would
           be a refreshing change.
        Everybody in the World except Me: Since everybody else thanks themselves
           for writing their crappy guides, I'm thanking everybody in the world
           except myself for writing this crappy one.
        Archeopteryx: For having the best reference guide on the internet, and
           being an endless source of fascinating information about MegaTen
           and Persona.
        Hyral: For his great guide and general helpfulness at the message boards,
           as well as contributing many links for v1.1
        Yoshitsune (aka Megaten Yoshi): For the Persona World Guidance Project,
           which saved me the work of writing up the events of IS myself. (That
           daunting task was one reason I shelved this FAQ in the first place.)
        enigmaopoeia: For taking care of affinities so I don't have to, and the
           information on Japanese voice actors. (Ha! I can spell your name!)
        Kawaii Mikage/Tamaki Uchida (the girl with two names): For shedding much
           light on cloudy areas on Innocent Sin and the events that transpired
        The MegaTen Haven message board: For mostly everything.
        The Persona 2 Innocent Sin Soundtrack: For inspiring me to get off my ass
           and finish this damned thing.
        Atlus: For wasting 300+ hours of my life on the single most beautiful game
           I've ever had the good fortune to play: Wacky Races.
        Marlo: [enter sappy sentimental talking about girlfriend stuff]
      iii. Contact info
        Screen Name: Loveless
        E-mail address: loveless at kuzunoha dot net
        Web page: http://www.kuzunoha.net/
        Stomping grounds: MegaTen Haven at kuzunoha.net and
                          channel #kda on irc.darkmyst.org
      iv. Copyright info (aka "Vague Threats")
        This FAQ is only to be displayed at the following websites.
          GameFAQs: http://www.gamefaqs.com/
          Kuzunoha Detective Agency: http://www.kuzunoha.net/      
        If you wish to display it on your website, drop me a line. I'm really easy
        going, and I'll almost certainly grant you permission, so c'mon. This FAQ
        may not be distributed in any altered form, nor may it be sold or traded
        for profit or any such act for any reason. This document is solely
        intended to be used as a free source of information for personal use. I'm
        not asking a lot here. Just respect my work.
        Of course, if you're the type to do such a thing as steal, I doubt this
        will stop you, but I do what I can, y'know? But this is copyrighted, cause
        I said so. I need a freakin' FBI warning or something.
    This is the end of the file. Stop reading
    There's nothing like a joke after the credits or anything.
    No more jokes.
    Okay, go on ahead and scroll down to see. I dare you.

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