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    Game Script by MikeWright

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    This guide was made by: MikeWright (Michael Wright)
    Completed on November 9, 2002.
    This is my script to one of the greatest games in all history, called
    Persona 2! This game is a sequel to Persona 2: Innocent Sin (not in the
    USA) and Revelations: Persona.  This took me from September to
    November to type! I made this EP script for those who wanna be spoiled
    (Not Recommended!!) and if anyone has a favorite moment in the game that
    they want to read about. And also because there is a P2: IS
    script on the net, I thought I do a favor and do an EP script!  What
    you'll notice is that I kinda merged Nate and Ellen quotes together in
    certain events (Like when Maya and co. confront Tatsuzou Sudou at the
    heliport of the Nichirinmaru.) So don't think that Nate and Ellen are
    together. It's just what they say when one of them is with you in the
    party. I also made dialouge quotes where the party members also have
    deja vu or when Tatsuya refers to something that happens in Innocent
    Sin. When you see the (enter battle) thingy, that signifies that you'll
    hear the characters speaking before the boss battle begins.  Everything
    should spell correctly and stuff, so there might be a couple of
    mistakes. I tell you! I'm never gonna do a big script of another game
    again!! But like I said, this guide is a chock full of SPOILERS!!!
    The characters and everything having to do with the Persona series
    belong to Atlus. This script guide may not be posted ANYWHERE. It stays
    here at gamefaqs and only at gamefaqs. If you want to print it out, go
    ahead, or save it on your computer or if you just want to post certain
    quotes at boards, go ahead. But don't let me catch this whole thing on
    another website, otherwise, I'll ask someone what to do and the guide
    will be removed from your site. And also, if anyone sees this on another
    website, please contact me at the above address or people that know me
    at the gamefaqs, Kuzunoha, and etc message boards, please post a message
    for me.
    UPDATED (4/5/2003):
    I updated the script. I corrected some spelling errors and I added Chunk's bio at
    Gatten Sushi.  That's really it. Hopefully I won't have to update again.
    This place has a message board and most important : the script to
    Persona 2 Innocent Sin!! Check it out!
    Another cool website. It tells you practically everything about the
    characters of Innocent Sin you ever wanted to know!! Again, check it
    out! The Oracle of Maiya and Allegory of Whatever are sister sites.
    This place has artwork of ALL the characters (well not everyone, but
    close to all) from Innocent Sin and Eternal Punishment.  And they were
    drawn by the very talented artist, Kazuma Kaneko.
    INNOCENT SIN ARTWOK:  http://www.dragonsagadensetsu.com/P2I.html
    ETERNAL PUNISHMENT ARTWORK:  http://www.dragonsagadensetsu.com/P2E.html
    Yoshitsume has images scanned from the Persona World Guidance Book.
    This has my drawings of stars from One Life To Live and General Hospital
    drawn as the Persona characters. Like Antonio and Christian Vega (played
    by Kamar de los Reyes and David Fumero) are Katsuya and Tatsuya. And did
    you know that Antonio is a cop, just like Katsuya and Christian is his
    younger brother and a college student!!? And most of the General
    Hospital stars are the Revelations: Persona characters and so on.
    This place has a message board and other stuff. I'm a regular here.
    Here is a direct link to the message board:
    Hopefully, if your computer has sound, you can listen to certain themes
    from Person 2: Innocent Sin!! I like both Lisa's initial theme and her
    sad theme! Her sad theme is so soothing <3.  You can also listen to
    voice clips of the Persona 1 characters.
    This site is too cool! It has her wonderful drawings and you can also
    read things (e.g the Play diaries in the EP section) to help you both in
    Sin and Punishment!
    Here is the script in a nutshell! Please enjoy! Be warned: SPOILERS!!
    (The opening FMV plays of a golden butterfly flying in the night, and it
    shows Maya standing alone outside at night, then it shows her face up
    close, then it shows  Seven Sisters High School and its hallways. It
    shows the Seventh emblem burning and the blimp rising from the Sky
    Musuem and Araya Shrine. Then it shows the Undersea Ruins collasping and
    Sumaru City taking flight above the earth. Then it flips to Katsuya
    standing on a rooftop (probaly of Konan PD) staring at the moon in the
    night sky, and it shows Baofu in his lair working on his webpage, and
    Tatsuya staring at Araya Shrine. Next it shows a hand punching glass at
    a mirror, and it was Ulala who punched it. It shows Tatsuya Sudou
    sitting in his room at night with the moon in the window. Guido and his
    Joker machines and machines firing on the Nichirinmaru and one of the
    Guardian Dragons. It shows the collective unconsciousness with
    Nyarlathotep's lair and it shows a mummy idol and an old man (Tatsuzou
    Sudou) up close with an evil grin. And finally it shows Maya and Tatsuya
    using thier Personae and it appears they're at Philemon's lair and then
    the title screen shows up.)
    Choose Start
    (An FMV plays of a man in red clothes named Tatsuya Suou. He is sitting
    in a garage sleeping and he recalls a moment ago where he had met Maya
    at a train station not to long ago. Then he starts to have several
    flashbacks from events that happened on the "Other Side" (such as the
    Joker and saying goodbye to Eikichi, Lisa, and Jun and etc.) And it
    shows Maya dying and Tatsuya hears Maya's last words before she died:
    "Please forget about me....Go on without me..." Then Tatsuya wakes up
    and next he is at Araya Shrine, just staring at it. He has an image of
    it burning, and then the image fades away. )
    (Tatsuya is standing at Araya Shrine staring at it in a gaze, then an old woman
    walks up to him).
    OLD WOMAN: You look so depressed...Did you lose something important?
    YOUNG MAN: ......
    OLD WOMAN: I see...You didn't lose anything. You found your...memories.
    OLD WOMAN: Humans are such sinful creatures. This place used to be so
    lively with activity. As time passes, things dear are forgotten.
    OLD WOMAN: Would you be better off forgetting them, or remembering
    them..? You've been enslaved in this dilemma...
    (Tatsuya is just about to exit when he stops.)
    YOUNG MAN: That's right...I remember now...A sin that must not
    exist...How do I atone?
    8 people are standing in two rows when an old man walks in between them.
    MYSTERIOUS OLD MAN: We will now begin the "Ritual of Kotodama".
    MYSTERIOUS OLD MAN: Well then Gozen Proceed.
    (The people clap their hands and bow down to the mummy idol)
    (Maya walks in from the elevator when she's stopped by Yuki)
    YUKI: Good job on the coverage. There's a letter for you, Maya. But
    there's no return address on it...
    *MAYA: Thanks Yukki---!*
    Editor of Kismet Publishing's teen Magazine, Coolest. The game's main
    (Maya opens the letter)
    LETTER: yOu'rE nEXt...JOKER
    MAYA: ........?
    (A cub reporter walks up to Maya)
    CUB REPORTER: Miss Amano, the chief wants to see you. It must be rough,
    always getting the difficult jobs...Even if I work hard, it does no
    good. Dreams and reality are such...(sigh) Maybe I should just quit.
    (Maya gives him a pat and she walk into the chief's office)
    EDITOR-IN-CHIEF MIZUNO: There you are...Amano.
    Coolest's Editor-in-Chief who hates Maya. An experienced woman who goes
    by the book. 30-something and still not married.
    EDITOR-IN-CHIEF MIZUNO: You know why you were called in, right? That
    interview project you turned in..."Dream of the Rumored Student".. was
    crap. It's boring. It has no impact. Who would want to read about a
    green brat?
    *MAYA: Huh?*
    EDITOR-IN-CHIEF MIZUNO: That's a half hearted answer...It doesn't matter
    anyway. I'm having you cover the Joker rumor. The kids are saying that
    the recent series of murders are the work of the Joker.
    EDITOR-IN-CHIEF MIZUNO: Get your ass over to Seven Sisters High and get
    the scoop. I'm taking Mayuzumi off this case, so you'll be on your own.
    EDITOR-IN-CHIEF MIZUNO: Oh, by the way, you can just forget about this
    afternoon...the time off you asked for... If you don't like it, I've got
    plenty of other reporters that would love to take your spot. So what are
    you waiting for?
    (Maya goes back out to the Editorial Room, Yuki and Fujii are waiting
    YUKI: Maya, someone named "Serizawa" called for you while you were in
    that meeting. She said she'd meet you at the reception area.
    Maya's ex-partner & apprentice. She's not really an employee at Kismet,
    but an assistant photographer hired by Fujii.
    YUKI: Wait, you're going to a party, huh? To hell with the
    weekends...Sometimes you just gotta have a good time.
    YUKI: What? You have to work this afternoon!? Give me 5 minutes. I'll
    straighten that bitch out!!
    *MAYA: Let's be positive! It's nothing.*
    YUKI: It's bad enough she split us up. Now you can't take some time off!
    Don't give into her, Maya!
    YUKI: If you're going over to Seventh, let me call up one of my old
    teachers. She'll be able to help you out.
    FUJII: Mizuno can be pretty rough...It's unfortunate that she broke you
    two up, but she's the boss. Good Luck Mackey.
    A freelance photographer. He's also Yuki's highly respected boss. He
    calls Yuki "Yukki" and Maya "Mackey".
    (Talk to every single person in the office, then go towards the door and
    Yuki will say something.)
    YUKI: Maya, Miss Serizawa called. She's at the receptionist's desk."
    (Maya takes the elevator down to the lobby area and sees her friend.)
    ULALA: Ciao, Ma-ya! Hey, if we don't hurry, all the good men will be
    Maya's friend who sells lingerie. A ceramic girl infatuated with
    fortunes. Her bad luck with men has given her a complex.
    ULALA: WHAT!? What do you mean you have to work!? Don't give me
    that...You weren't planning on going anyway, huh?
    ULALA: Oh, I know what it is. You're still thinking about "Deja Vu'
    Boy", huh? Ka---! I told you to forget about him! Besides, how close can
    you be to a boy that you bumped into at the train station? Even if you
    felt you've met him before.
    ULALA: What? You're not kidding about this work thing? I've got an idea!
    Let me come with you! You'll be able to finish your work in half the
    time and we might still make it.
    (Talk to Ulala if you wish.)
    ULALA (with cell phone): See, look! The Wang Long is saying, "Today is
    the day of fateful meetings". We're gonna go to that party!
    (Head out the exit to go to Seven Sisters High School in the Rengedai
    district of Sumaru City.)
    (Maya and Ulala walk in on Ms. Smith being questioned by the police)
    VOICE FROM THE MAIN BRANCH: So Anna Yoshizaka started to behave like a
    delinquent after the hit-and-run by Kaneda?
    MS. SMITH: I didn't say that! Stop putting words in my mouth! Anna is
    not the kind of person who could harm someone!
    YOUNG DETECTIVE: Miss, please calm down. We do not suspect that that
    student of capable of these crimes. No normal person could have done
    something like that...
    OFFICER FROM THE MAIN BRANCH: Sergeant Suou, please...I can do with the
    commentary on the situation...
    OFFICER FROM THE MAIN BRANCH: I guess that will do for now. Thank you
    for your cooperation, Ms. Smith.
    (Officer leaves the room)
    MS. SMITH: You're Tatsuya Suou's brother, right? Has he come back home?
    KATSUYA: No he hasn't. What the hell does he think he's doing?
    Young Detective of the Konan PD. His current rank is sergeant. He has a
    little brother named Tatsuya.
    KATSUYA: I'm sorry that he's worrying you too. Please excuse me, but I
    must be going.
    (Katsuya leaves the room)
    ULALA: Were those guys from the Police Department?
    MS. SMITH: Yes... You work for Kismet right? Yuki told me that you were
    coming down to interview some of our students.
    Teacher of class 3-B. She is very liberal minded & she was hired for her
    policy of freedom.
    ULALA: It won't take long, but...Are you sure it's alright?
    MS. SMITH: I think it's fine, but... Please be careful...Some of the
    students are still a little shaken up after the murders...
    ULALA: You mean... something happened?
    MS. SMITH: The man who ran over a student died, and it's somehow related
    to the bizarre murders...I hope they're wrong...
    (Talk to people)
    ULALA: Speaking of which, you said that Deja Vu Boy goes here, didn't
    you?...Maybe you could meet up with him?
    MS. SMITH: The rumors about the Joker? The Joker is the only thing that
    the students talk about anymore. Supposedly, the Joker is the one who
    kills a person you don't like by calling your own cell phone.  I don't
    know who started it, but it's creepy. It was a lot cuter when they were
    just playing "fortune teller"...
    MR. KASHIHARA: Hello, I'm a fan of Kismet's occult magazine. You know,
    the monthly, "Moo"?
    World History teacher for seniors. Though strange, he is a kind teacher.
    MR. KASHIHARA: I used to write books like UFO discovered Underneath
    City", but now, I like to enjoy them as entertainment.
    ROOM 2-A
    ULALA: (giggle)...Matchmaker party. Matchmaker party <3 I cant wait.
    ROOM 3-B
    SERIOUS GUY:...Anna might look like a punk on the outside, but she's not
    like that at all. If it wasn't for that accident...
    KATSUYA: I see...I got it. Thank you...By  the way, is there a Tatsuya
    here What has been his activity been lately?
    SERIOUS GUY: Eh? Tatsuya?...What did he do this time?
    KATSUYA: "This time"!? Uh well...He hasn't done anything, but...I see...
    ULALA: Hmmm...You can bike here, huh?
    ULALA: Seems like nobody is here. Let's try somewhere else.
    (Maya and Ulala witness the principal yelling at Anna Yoshizaka.)
    PRINCIPAL HARDING: Anna Yoshizaka! What's with that attitude!?
    The new principal from St. Hermelin High. There, he was hated & known as
    "Hardy". Here, he is also hated.
    PRINCIPAL HARDING: It's because of you the police are here! We know you
    did it! You wanted revenge for being hit, huh!?
    ANNA: I didn't do anything...!
    Student of 3-B. She doesn't look it now, but before the accident, she
    was a star track athlete.
    NORIKO: How cruel...My big sis is not a murderer!!!
    She looks up to Anna & is also a track & field athlete.
    PRINCIPAL HARDING: How do we know that? I let you slip because you were
    an all-star, but you're useless if you can't run!!! I'm waiting for you
    to quit school.  You can quit along with your friend Suou!
    (Principal Harding walks away and Maya and Ulala go to where Anna and
    Norkio are standing.)
    ULALA: Hey, you! Aren't you gonna say anything!?
    ANNA: Who...are you...?
    (Maya explains)
    ANNA: From a magazine...? I see...You guys probaly think I killed
    him...Write whatever you want...
    (Anna starts to walk, but she stops.)
    ANNA: I'm...gonna kill him...
    (Anna walks away.)
    ULALA: That was just too cruel.  I'm gonna find that old man and
    complain, Ma-ya!
    (Talk to people.)
    ULALA: I bet he's hiding in the principal's office. I hate those kind of
    people the most! I'm gonna complain.
    NORIKO: That's so cruel...All he did was have his dreams of success come
    true, and what's with this...My big sister's just unlucky in her time of
    (Look at me! Follow me! Don't rely on me! A contradictory statement is
    written. It's annoying just to look at.)
    MAYA OKAMURA: This rock look suspicious, huh? But nothing comes up if
    you search it.
    World history teacher of class 2-C who also has the first name, "Maya".
    I sense that I've met her somewhere..?
    MAYA OKAMURA: Um...Have we met somewhere?...It's just that I felt we
    (A rock duck up during construction. It's made of thermanite, but it
    gives off a magnetic energy. Legend has it evil demons known as
    "Narurato Hotefu" were sealed in this stone by "Hiremon Shounin".)
    (Maya is knocking on the door, and when she comes in, she finds
    Principal Harding dead on the floor.)
    MAYA: .........!!
    (Ulala comes in and when she sees Harding's dead body, she kneels on the
    ULALA: W...what's with...this...? What the...hell!?
    (Katsuya enters)
    KATSUYA: Excuse me sir, I'd like to ask you...
    KATSUYA: Th, this is...!?
    KATSUYA: The note he's holding...That pattern of killing...It's him!!!
    KATSUYA: Are you the first one on-scene? Did you see anyone suspicious!?
    Anything suspicious when you got here? When did you get here?
    ULALA: I...I don't know!!! Stop asking me things all at once!!!
    (Anna comes in.)
    ULALA: Y...You're...You don't think...!
    ANNA: I, It's not me...I didn't do anything...!!!
    (Anna walks out.)
    KATSUYA: You! Wait!!!
    (Katsuya and Maya chase after Anna.)
    ULALA: H, Hey...Ma-ya!? Why are you leaving me--!!
    (As the party goes ahead a demon appears to block them.)
    ULALA: Wha...What's that...? Wha...What the hell's goin' on!?
    SOMEONE'S VOICE: Can't you tell? It's a demon, a demon.
    (Everyone senses a presence and man wearing a paper bag over his head
    walks up to them from behind carrying a sword.)
    KATSUYA: A, demon...? Who the hell are you!? And, what's this feeling...
    BAG MAN: You got the letter, right? It's me...Joker.
    The rumored "mystery man" who kills by request when someone calls
    themself on their cellular phone.
    MAYA: .........!!
    JOKER: I took a request. So I'm here to kill you. That's what the rumors
    ULALA: Wha...!?
    JOKER: Maya Amano...I know you so ve---ry well...What you even did on
    the "Other Side".
    (Another demon appears by the Joker's side.)
    JOKER: Try and call your precious "Persona"! If ya don't, these guys'll
    eat ya!
    (Joker throws out 2 guns on the floor.)
    JOKER: Use these guns. You CAN use one, can't you? BANG-BANG! With both
    KATSUYA: Criminal suspect #501! You're under arrest for illegal firearm
    possession and threatening a peace officer!!!
    (You'll hear the characters speak)
    JOKER: "Persona, Persona!!" Call out your Persona!!
    KATSUYA: What is...this feeling!?
    (Katsuya's Persona is awakened)
    HELIOS: I am Helios..Bearing the ancient sun, I am the one who violates
    the night, I shall become your loyal chariot!!
    (Helios casts an Agi Spell, on the demon, but no effect, the demon than
    attacks Ulala)
    ULALA: Kya-----! I can't take it anymore!!
    (Ulala's Persona is awakened)
    CALLISTO: I am Callisto..The one known as the beautiful of the
    nymphs...One who is weary of romance, I will show you true love.
    (Callisto uses a Magma Spell on the demon, but still no effect, Maya
    then falls to the ground)
    MAYA: .........!?
    (Maya's Persona is awakened)
    MAIA: I am thou...Thou art I..I cometh from the sea of thy heart...I am
    the brilliant mother, Maia...
    (Maia uses an Hama Spell and instanly kills the demon)
    JOKER: Hyaha...! That's it, keep it up!!! But I'm not gonna kill you
    now...I'll have the demons kill you slowly. Remember! You can't run from
    (Joker casts a Megido Spell on Maya and co. and they pass out. Then an
    FMV plays of Maya having visions of many things like Seven Sisters HS,
    Tatsuya, a model airplane, Sumaru City floating, etc. and then ends up
    in Philemon's Lair)
    ULALA: So we're dead...? What the hell was my life all about...?
    (A golden butterfly appears in the center, then turns into a fading
    image of a man.)
    SOMEONE'S VOICE: That is not rue..I..invited...you...
    PHILEMON: My name is Philemon...I....exist between consciousness and
    death...The one...who has granted you...the Personas.
    Ruler over the ego, revealer of truth, and creator of all unconscious
    actions. It seems he has weakened for some reason.
    KATSUYA: #501 said the same thing...I ask this as I am in a dream, "What
    is a "Persona"?
    PHILEMON: Your powers...are hidden deep within your heart...Like a god
    or devil, it is "another self"...Like a god...filled with love...Like a
    demon...merciless...Humans go through life with many faces...Your current
    appearance is just another face. ...And so is your Persona...one of
    KATSUYA: Another you, with physical forms...? What is your purpose in
    giving us these?
    ULALA: Th, They've actually formed a conversation...
    PHILEMON: I...have something,,,to ask of...you...I...underestimated...the...Their...string of misfortune was
    too deep. They...made...tears of blood..."This Side"...Only you...can save...
    KATSUYA: What's wrong? I can't understand you.
    (Philemon briefly shows himself and then turns back in his golden
    butterfly form.)
    PHILEMON: Warning...rumors will become reality......light...within
    hearts...of people...
    KATSUYA: Are you...alright...?
    ULALA: Well, it seems we're all "alive"...
    (Katsuya makes a phone call.)
    KATSUYA: It's Suou.  Get me Captain Shimazu...# 501 was at Seven
    Sisters, the suspect has killed the principal and is at large.
    ULALA: Uh...Ma-ya...you okay...?
    *MAYA: YOU okay, Ulala...?*
    ULALA: Y, Yeah...I'm fine...
    KATSUYA: Backup is on its way. I'll go after that girl, you two
    stay......with me...You're also in danger.
    ULALA: Why her? The suspect is that "bag head"?
    KATSUYA: If it's just like he said, it's a contract killing. I can't
    exclude her possible involvement.
    ULALA: Well, she did say that she would kill him...Is this related to
    the dream? "Rumors become reality" is what he said...The Joker rumor is
    true, then...?
    KATSUYA: "It can't be" is what I'd like to say, but I can't...Not after
    seeing all this. I accept the fact he borrowed our consciousness to give
    us clues. We have to pursue whatever he giives us.
    ULALA: So that's why you were so calm...
    KATSUYA:  Come with me. I can't leave you alone.
    ULALA: I, I'm going too...I'm her friend...I couldn't stand it if you
    left me here.
    KATSUYA: Fine...this is an extreme circumstance. I'll let you have the
    guns he left behind. Use it only to protect yourself.
    ULALA: I, I don't need...this. I DO know how to box, you know.
    (Maya takes the guns and Ms. Smith arrives.)
    MS. SMITH: What's wrong!? I heard a loud commotion...
    KATSUYA: The principal has been murdered. Backup will be here soon, so
    don't worry.  Tell the students to stay in their classrooms.
    (Ms. Smith nods.)
    (Talk to people)
    ULALA: Hmm? The mouth on this poster is wet... ...Oh, well.
    KATSUYA: The key to the clock tower is missing from here. It could be a
    thief...In any case, I should contact lost and found...
    JANITOR: I can't find the key to the clock tower. Where did I put it...?
    SCHOOL NURSE: You always leave it on top of the desk.
    JANITOR: It's not there...Did someone take it?
    (Talk to people)
    ULALA: I though that the Joker was just a rumor...That's...why...I...I
    never thought a rumor would become real.
    MS. SMITH: Anyway, I told them to stay in their classrooms. I hope some
    backup arrives soon...
    KATSUYA: Helios...So that's another "me", they say...Another me,
    oblivious to myself...How Ironic that it has to be a cat.
    MR. KASHIHARA: I can't believe the principal was killed.  Co, Could it
    be the Last Battalion...? N, No, that can't be...
    MR. SOUKA: I got it! A murder in the principal's office! I got it! This
    is serious! So what's wrong? Huh---? The clock tower key is missing from
    the faculty room? Mu---!? I wonder who took it out? Here's a spare
    key! Please use it---!!
    MR. SOUKA: The suspect could still be around-!! That's scary-! Are the
    students safe-!?
    MR. ASOU: I see. The Principal killed? ...I see. ...So the suspect might
    still be in the school? I see.
    KATSUYA: Again, this feeling...The Personas are calling each other...?
    This must be #501!
    (The party looks around.)
    ULALA: Ah, there, over there!
    (Anna and Joker are up on the ledge.)
    JOKER: Lady, you are my partner. I'm here for you.
    ANNA: I don't even know you...I never did the Joker curse...
    JOKER: No need to worry. You'll understand me and the "Other Side". If
    you do, you'll realize that "This Side" is the evil side. I won't hurt
    you, let's go.
    (enter battle)
    KATSUYA: #501, get away from that girl!
    JOKER: Don't get in my way!! You can just play with them!!
    (Joker summons 3 demons to deal with Maya. and co.)
    (after battle)
    (Anna is lying unconscious on the floor.)
    JOKER: Not bad...Oh, Fine, just sleep for a bit.
    (Joker uses his Persona and casts a sleeping spell on Maya and co.)
    KATSUYA: Ugh...!? Shi...
    (The party falls a sleep and the screen goes black.)
    JOKER: Y, You're...!?
    (Sword sounds can be heard.  Only Maya wakes up and Tatsuya has just
    brought Anna down.)
    DEJA VU BOY: He got away...
    A young man acting older. He ran into me. For some strange reason, I
    feel I know him for long ago...
    (Tatsuya tosses the school emblem to Maya.)
    DEJA VU BOY: Go to a detective's office called "Kuzunoha". It's an
    Aoba...Spread a rumor that you'll be safe with that emblem, even from
    DEJA VU BOY: And lastly, do not involve yourself in this.
    (Tatsuya leaves.)
    (The police has arrived and sealed off Harding's office.)
    DETECTIVE TANI: The student profiles aren't reliable. So, it looks like
    another guy has drawn the Old Maid card?
    CAPTAIN SHIMAZU: Those two are the first on-scene? Where's the student
    He is in charge of the bizarre serial murder case division. An elite
    crime investigate administrator.
    KATSUYA: I sent her to the police hospital. The "Old Maid" is after the
    witness. Put some guards on her.
    CAPTAIN SHIMAZU: So I heard you came in contact with #501...report it.
    (Katsuya does so.)
    DETECTIVE TANI: Suou...You rest. You've been working too hard since the
    "Old Maid" appeared. Take your dad to a vacation spot once in a while.
    KATSUYA: Mr. Tani...!!
    CAPTAIN SHIMAZU: Officer Suou, as of today, you are off the team. I
    heard that you were a superior detective. But, it's a shame.
    (As Katsuya walks.)
    CAPTAIN SHIMAZU: "Like father, like son"...Huh...
    (Katsuya walks to where Maya and Ulala are standing.)
    ULALA: That's why I tried to stop you...So, what are you gonna do?
    You're not really going on vacation, are you?
    KATSUYA: Don't be absurd...The only officer to see him was me.  I WILL
    be the one to arrest him.
    ULALA: Well then...How about spreading that "anti-Joker" rumor the Deja
    Vu Boy was talking about?
    KATSUYA: That's absurd...It's not logical.  There are times when rumors
    do come true, but that's only...
    ULALA: Would you stop calling me "absurd"? Can everything that happened
    up to now be explained!?  You rock-heard with sideburns!
    KATSUYA: Sideburns...Fine...Whatever. There's the matter of the boy who
    saved us. Let's hear what that detective has to say.
    (Talk to people)
    ULALA: (sigh) We can't go o the party after all. Well, it can't be
    KATSUYA: That "Old Maid" is not normal, but I'm stuck on what he was
    saying...About the "Other Side", and "This Side"...
    NORIKO: The principal died...? But, I know that my big sis didn't ask
    the Joker to...I just know it...
    MS.SMITH: I was just looking for Katayama...Why do the schools I'm at
    always have these kinds of incidents...?
    RUMORMONGER CHUNKY: Well, I'm a really good salesman, but I've become "freindly"
    with rumors. Now they call me a "Rumormonger".
    A graduate of St. Hermelin...A successful salesman who knows a lot about rumors. His Persona
    seems to have helped his career.
    RUMORMONGER CHUNKY: Rumors can come in handy for sales. So, if you heara good rumor,
    cometell me. I'll tell you one of mine in return.
    KANKICHI: I moved here just recently, but I used to have this shop in Hirasaka. Why'd I move
    you ask? It's the fortune telling! I was told that I'll do dod business if I opened my shop here! I
    had to move here!
    TAMMY: Welcome! We take cases of all kinds, from secret love affairs to
    While going to college, she works as a Devil Summoner.
    KATSUYA: Well, no. I want to ask something...
    (A moment later.)
    CHIEF TODOROKI: I've never taken a request to spread rumors, but someone
    did come in to ask if the Joker rumor was spread.
    He used to be a flunky, but he all of a sudden got smart. Now, he works
    as a Devil Summoner.
    KATSUYA: What kind of person was he?
    (Tammy explains.)
    ULALA: That's the "Deja Vu Boy". Ma-ya says so, too.
    CHIEF TODOROKI: Tell me a little more. I don't know what you're talking
    (Ulala explains)
    CHIEF TODOROKI: I see...very interesting. The bizarre serial murders,
    the rumors of the Joker, the sighting of demons...It all makes sense if
    the rumors are true. I'll accept the request to spread that anti-Joker
    rumor. It's a good chance to see if a rumor can become reality.
    ULALA: You seemed to have accepted that quickly. You're not gonna report
    it to the hospital?
    CHIEF TODOROKI: The world is filled with mystery. We can't be held down
    by "common sense". Well then...A real man goes by his own rules. First,
    ask me to spread the rumor.
    (Talk to people.)
    ULALA: Ask him Ma-ya. You got nothing to lose.
    KATSUYA: Telling us to spread rumors means the boy must believe it
    too...Who is he...?
    TAMMY: Don't ask me for a job, ask the chief.
    CHIEF TODOROKI: Everything has to be settled. That will never change.
    Remember the procedure.
    (After spreading the rumor.)
    CHIEF TODOROKI: Anything else?
    CHIEF TODOROKI: The request is now approved. Check the results yourself.
    If you have any other rumors to spread, get information from the
    rumormongers. They're everywhere.
    TAMMY: That "Deja Vu Boy" seems to be looking for the source of the
    rumors...I know of a good underground page.
    (The party stands by the computer)
    TAMMY: "Baofu", who's a friend of the chief, has a web page with all the
    rumors in this city. He's in a chat room right now.
    BAOFU: Rabbit, you saw the Joker...? They say no one escapes once he's
    after you. How'd you survive?
    BAOFU: -So you're saying I wouldn't believe it? ...Oh, well...I'll know
    when I see you. We'll meet at 2X Slash in Aoba, Rabbit.  Tell the worker
    my handle, and do what they tell you...
    KATSUYA: Sounds suspicious...Should we go?
    2X SLASH
    UNMOTIVATED WAITER: Welcome. Rabbit, yes, I've heard. Use that red
    machine over there.
    (Maya and co. are at the red computer.)
    BAOFU: Rabbit, I see how you survived. I didn't imagine 3 Persona users.
    ULALA: Wai...How'd you know that!?
    (Everyone senses a resonance.)
    KATSUYA: This is...a Persona!?
    (Baofu is shown and he gets off the seat.)
    BAOFU: You people have just became Persona users...You don't know how to
    use your "Chi". It's obvious...
    He is a Tap Buster, and has a webpage that collects all the city's
    rumors. He says he's from Taiwan.
    BAOFU: Follow me...
    (The party sits at a table together.)
    BAOFU: ...I see. Interesting...
    KATSUYA: We said about all we know. Now it's your turn.
    BAOFU: From what I've researched, the Joker rumors are taken from some
    TV show, which then start to spread like wildfire.  But before that, not
    even the "J" in Joker was known to the public. There's just one
    exception...Where do you think it is...? The phone of Tatsuzou Sudou?
    ULALA: Who is Tatsuzou Sudou?
    KATSUYA: The current foreign minister...How would you know you?...A wire
    tap...? That's illegal.
    BAOFU: Don't be so stiff...It's been going around that he's been doing
    some pretty dirty stuff underground. That 10-year unsolved serial arson-
    murder case...It's an infamous rumor between police and investigators
    that it was his son.
    KATSUYA: Is that..true!?
    BAOFU: What...you don't know? Well, either way, about this incident, you
    don't think it was a coincidence, do you?
    ULALA: Then the foreign minister Tatsuzou Sudou has something to do with
    the Joker case!?
    BAOFU: "We" are going to find out about that now. Take me with you. I
    know where Sudou's son lives.  You guys get clues on the Joker. As long
    as I'm by the next target, I will get closer to the truth?...Not a bad
    KATSUYA: What do you plan to do with the truth? Your objective is
    blackmail, huh?
    BAOFU: Hehe...My intentions are honorable, I can assure you I can't let
    evil prevail...
    KATSUYA: ...What should we do? (to Maya) You're being targeted, you
    BAOFU: You understand what I'm talking about. Well then, let me test
    something first...
    (Baofu makes phone call.)
    BAOFU: Yeah, Todoroki? I'm in Parabellum right now.  Spread a rumor that
    they're selling weapons here.
    ULALA: Hey...What are you trying to do?
    BAOFU: I don't believe that rumors come true...So I'm testing it out.
    (A moment later.)
    (The barkeeper appears with a box of weapons.)
    BAOFU: I'm surprised...Hell, it actually worked...
    BARKEEP: We have other weapons lined up. Please feel free to ask for
    (Barkeeper leaves.)
    ULALA: T-Then, does that mean the rumor about the emblem is now true!?
    Then you're alright, Ma-ya!!
    BAOFU: So whatcha gonna do with the emblem? If you keep it, the Joker
    will just stay away. You don't think you'll run into the Deja Vu Brat
    anymore?...Think of why he gave you that...
    (An FMV plays of the party at the table. Maya takes the emblem and burns
    it with a lighter.)
    BAOFU: Sudou's son should be at the sanitarium at Mt. Mifune.
    KATSUYA: I see...Ms. Amano, let's check it out.
    BAOFU: Hold on! There's a place called the Velvet Room around here. It
    has something to do with demons...Considering the situation you're in
    right now, you'll need all the help you can get. Let's go in and
    have a look...
    KATSUYA: What's that? What does that have to do with anything?
    BAOFU: I don't even feel like explaining...Just follow me...
    IGOR: Welcome to the Velvet Room. This is where the different forms of
    people's hearts are called to awaken...By order of our Master Philemon,
    we have been awaiting you.  My name is Igor.
    BELLADONNA: I am Belladonna (music note) I sing for those who challenge
    (music note) The monster known as oneself (music note)
    NAMELESS: I am Nameless...The piano player who opens the closed doors of
    the heart...
    DEMON ARTIST: I am the Demon Artist. I am the artist who draws the gods
    and demons that dwell within people.
    IGOR: We are told to assist the awakening of your new Personas.  I am
    very glad to make your acquaintance...
    (Talk to the party members)
    ULALA: So in other words...you can have all sorts of Personas summoned
    here? That's pretty convenient...Come to think of it, back in high
    school. I learned Persona from you and played it....I wonder
    if it has anything to do with this?
    KATSUYA: Followers of Philemon...? Then that was not  a dream at all...
    ...I dreamt this as a kid....A golden butterfly...masked man...blue
    room...The night I played Persona with Tatsuya...
    BAOFU: So what do you think? Useful, huh? Listen, Personas are just
    tools...Use them according to the situation. Don't ever think that's
    you...I'd never admit that's me...You can only count on yourself in the
    BAOFU: Huh? Do I hate Personas...? Yeah, I hate them...You can't use
    them when you need 'em most...Don't ever rely on them too much.
    BAOFU: Huh? Why am I able to use Personas...? That's what I'd like to
    know...though I might've played that game when I was a kid...
    SHADY SECURITY GUARD: There was an accident up ahead.  There's nothing
    to see here. Move along!
    KATSUYA: Accident? Have you contacted the police?
    SHADY SECURITY GUARD: Not yet, it just happened. Now move along!
    KATSUYA: ...There's nothing we can do do...I understand, thank you.
    (As you walk away.)
    KATSUYA: What do you think?
    BAOFU: This is suspicious. There's another road down at the bottom of
    the hill.  It's longer, but it leads to the back.
    KATSUYA: Alright, let's take that.
    (Two dead Mafia men are lying dead and the walls and glass are damaged.)
    ULALA: Aaaahhhhh! A, another dead person!!
    BAOFU: Don't make such a loud fuss...
    KATSUIYA: They're not ordinary, they are all armed. Kuroboshi...Fired
    off all rounds...Cuts, stab wounds, bruises, internal injuries...They
    tried, but got killed by demons. Guess that about sums it up. They're
    not Japanese.
    BAOFU: It's the Tien Tao Lien...The Tiawanese Mafia.  I recognize one of
    the faces...
    KATSUYA: Your buddies...?
    BAOFU: Say that again, I'll put a hole in your face.
    *MAYA: S, Stop it Baofu...*
    BAOFU: Ch...These guys are dogs of Tatsuzou. He's been on good terms
    with them for 5 years when he
    was the Minister of Justice.
    KATSUYA: ...Wait a second. Why would Tatsuzou and the Mafia attack the
    very sanitarium his own son was in?
    BAOFU: How the hell should I know? We came to find that out.
    (Talk to party members)
    ULALA: I've been so shaken up these days...Why do I have to put up with
    this? Why does a rumor come true...
    KATSUYA: Demons, murderers, and now the Mafia...Is this still Japan
    here? I can't understand it all...
    CORPSE OF TAIWANESE MAFIA: (Such a brutal way to die...)
    BAOFU: With this, I don't know what's coming up...You ready?...This is
    our last chance to turn back.
    (Talk to party members)
    ULALA: Wow<3...Look Ma-ya, a fairy!!! I've never seen one before!!
    Should I take a picture?
    KATSUYA:W...What is this room? It feels the same as Philemon's
    dimension...Is this another world, too...?
    BAOFU: I don't know much about this room. That flying bug is the owner,
    right? Why don't you ask her?
    TRISH: This world give and take...Oh...You're new here, right? I'm
    Trish. I protect this place of recovery. I heal your wounded bodies.
    A stingy fairy who is obsessed with money. She's been banned from the
    Fairy world and can't return until she does good, but ...
    TRISH: Not for free, of course. This world is give and take! You can
    recover from anything depending on your wallet!
    ULALA: Wa...She's charging us? She has a cute face, but what a money-
    grubbing fairy!
    (Talk to party members)
    BAOFU: It seems that Tatsuzou is making enormous contributions to this
    sanitarium. He probably buried them under the mask of charity, but she
    spilled her guts quickly. Well, it can't be helped in this situation.
    ULALA: This nurse and said she saw a mysterious armed group take on some
    demons! Could it be those dead Mafia guys back there?...
    KATSUYA: That nurse seems to be very confused, but considering this
    horrible condition. Everything must be true.
    HIDING NURSE: Y...You're a...hu...man...right? P-P-P...Please save me!!
    Demons...Demons have appeared!!...He did it...He called the demons...The
    patient in Room 303...Tatsuya Sudou summoned the demons! The demons
    attacked my patients and my co-workers...It's no lie!...You saw them
    too, right!? All those corpses!
    KATSUYA: Wait, Miss Amano. "Tatsuya Sudou"...This must be Sudou's room.
    Let's investigate it.
    ROOM 303
    (The party enters the room. It has words and stuff written everywhere on
    the walls.)
    KATSUYA: What...is this...?
    KATSUYA: These pictures on the wall...They're all victims of the serial
    murders...It seems that Sudou's son is the "Old Maid"...
    BAOFU: What's wrong...Amano? You look pale...Something wrong with that
    peom thing...?
    MAYA: .........
    KATSUYA: "Oracle of Maia"...?
    BAOFU: The twinkling star of Pleiades sets time in motion. Dance of
    pleasure, Feast of shadow, Tongue of stranger, Atonement lights above.
    The lion's roar echoes throughout...The 5 skulls shine in Hades...The
    holy cross shines in the Heavens...The moment the starts stop
    rising...The beat of the virgin Maia also ceases...Paradise remains on
    earth...What does all that crap mean...?
    KATSUYA: Heaven's cross...Is it the "Grand Cross" that occurred this
    summer? Is...this...some sort of prophecy?
    ULALA: You mean where all the planets in the solar system align in a
    cross formation...? But nothing happened...?
    (Maya falls down.)
    KATSUYA: What's wrong Miss Amano?
    ULALA: Does your chest hurt again, Ma-ya?
    KATSUYA: Again...?
    ULALA: After running into Deja Vu Boy, she got this mysterious bruise
    that nags her...She doesn't know how she got it...
    (Maya gets up and starts talking.)
    ULALA: Fine...? You sure about that?
    BAOFU: This place ain't normal...This room's vibes can't be trusted.
    Let's move on.
    (Talk to party members.)
    ULALA: W, What's with this big eye...Gross! Nyar...Whatever is written
    on it...I can't read it...
    KATSUYA: He seemed to know you...But what about you does he know...
    BAOFU: I see why Sudou was hiding him...I guess you can't blame him with
    such a crazy son. Like father, like son...
    ROUGH DRAFT OF POEM: (The same contents as the finished one. I don't
    like the feeling of it...)
    PICTURES ON THE WALL: (The pictures of the murder victims...)
    ORACLE OF MAIA: (The twinkling star of Pleiades sets time in motion.
    Dance of pleasure, Feast of shadow, Tongue of stranger, Atonement lights
    above. The lion's roar echoes throughout...The 5 skulls shine in
    Hades...The holy cross shines in the Heavens...The moment the starts
    stop rising...The beat of the virgin Maia also ceases...Paradise remains
    on earth...I've heard this before...My, my bruise is hurting again...)
    KATSUYA: I know you're here, #501...Sudou! Everyone, be careful....
    (There are more dead bodies inside and a demon. Tatsuya Sudou is looking
    in the mirror and Maya and co. come in.)
    TATSUYA SUDOU: You recall the "Other Side" yet?
    (Maya shakes her head no.)
    TATSUYA SUDOU: I see...I feel sorry for that brat.
    KATSUYA: You're...Tatsuya Sudou, aren't you? This serial killing...the
    killings 10 years ago...You did these, didn't you...?
    TATSUYA SUDOU: You mean back then? Ah...How nostalgic. The voices won't
    let me off with just arson. They said they needed a sacrifice. With the
    chest all carved out alive...with the tendons cut so they can't escape.
    BAOFU: You piece of garbage...How the hell did you get that kind of
    power being locked up for 10 years?
    TATSUYA SUDOU: "Kotodama", y'know, Kotodama. Y'know? You say something,
    and it'll happen? The voices tell me anything...That poor excuse for a
    dad did this to me.
    KATSUYA: Kotodama...? The rumors...? You said that your father did this
    to you. Then, why is he after your life?
    (A phone is ringing.)
    TATSUYA SUDOU: Shhhhhh...It's from the guys outside.
    (Baofu takes a look out the window.)
    (There is a black car parked in the lot. Two mafia guys and a man in a
    white unifrom are standing by it.)
    MAN WITH SCAR: ...? He is...
    BAOFU: .........!!
    (Baofu walks out.)
    ULALA: Wai...Where are you going!?
    (Tatsuya Sudou picks up the phone.)
    TATSUYA SUDOU: If you're wondering about your men, I already ripped open
    their guts. I'm free, you got that? "I'm coming for you soon!"...Give
    that message to my f##kin' dad!
    (Tatsuya Sudou hangs up the phone.)
    KATSUYA: What do you hope to accomplish!? To keep on killing!? To get
    revenge on your father!?
    TATSUYA SUDOU: Hyahaha! I used to kill for pleasure, but now I only kill
    because people give me a call...(to Ulala) Right?
    ULALA: .........
    TATSUYA SUDOU: My real purpose is...to right the wrong. "This Side" is
    wrong, and the "Other Side" is right. My f##kin' dad doesn't understand
    that...You understand, don't you?
    (Maya shakes her head no.)
    (enter battle)
    TATSUYA SUDOU: Ch...How long are you gonna keep up this act!? I'll make
    you remember...If this guy doesn't eat you, come to the Sky Museum!!
    (Tatsuya Sudou disappears, leaving the party to deal with the demon.
    Katsuya fires a shot after Sudou.)
    KATSUYA: Wait, Sudou!!
    (after battle)
    (The parking lot is now empty and Baofu is standing there alone. Maya
    and co. come outside.)
    ULALA: There he is!
    ULALA: Hey, you! Why'd you disappear when we needed you!? Because of
    (Baofu smokes a cigarette.)
    KATSUYA: You seem to have a reason...Did you know him?
    BAOFU: .........
    (Katsuya makes a phone call.)
    BAOFU: Knock it off...They'll find out without a report from us.
    Besides, how are you gonna explain this?
    KATSUYA: I am an officer of the law.  I can't just let it go...
    BAOFU: Heh...You can't look the other way, huh...? You're too soft...
    KATSUYA: Let the firemen and police handle this, and let's head to the
    Sky Museum. We can't let Sudou stay on the loose...
    (As you approach Lunar Palace, Maya and Ulala's apartment.)
    ULALA: Ma-ya, you forgot something at home? Hold up, I'll get the door.
    (Talk to party members.)
    KATSUYA: T...This is...the work of a burglar!? Is anything missing? You
    should check immediately. I'll
    begin a search!
    BAOFU: Hmmm...That's a nice stereo. It's a decent addition to this room.
    ULALA: Oh yeah, I didn't tell you, but recently I've started to learn
    the flamenco dance. Wanna see it later?
    I'm really good <3...
    ULALA: Come to think of it, how many years has it been since we began
    rooming together? Really, what a rough life...
    (Talk to Party members.)
    KATSUYA: This is my work place. Everyone here is good, but they're on
    duty right now. Please don't cause any trouble.
    RUMORMONGER BARKEEP: Welcome to Johnny Rogers, the store hoisting the
    pirate flag. I am the proprietor and the cook.
    The barkeeper of Johnny Rogers. He is also familiar with the city's
    rumors. Also, he is called Rumormonger Barkeeper.
    RUMORMONGER BARKEEP: By the way, you a magazine reporter? I'm not blind.
    I can tell. I have a proposal for you...A sailor is just a man on
    land...Standing behind this counter, leaning my ears toward
    rumors has become my only joy. If you share your information with me, my
    joy would be all the more. As thanks, I'll give you my rumors. How
    RUMORMONGER BARKEEP: Some school kids went to the Sky Musuem for a field
    trip. With the opening of it, this city has become lively.
    (Talk to people)
    REIKO: Hello. Welcome to Hiiragi Psychotherapy...I am the counselor,
    Reiko. Nice to meet you.
    MARY: Hello..Welcolme to Hiiragi Psychothera......Huh?
    MARY: Um..You would be a Persona user...And this
    resonance..."Yuki"?...Umm...Do you know Yuki?
    *MAYA: Yes*
    MARY: I knew it! I felt Yuki's presence within your resonance! ...So I
    thought, perhaps...
    MARY: Ah, I'm sorry, speaking all by myself, I'm Mary Sonomura.  Yuki's
    best friend...And! I'm a Persona user like you.
    Yuki's best friend aspiring to be a counselor...She seems "guilty" about
    her past. In high school, she awakened as a Persona user.
    (Maya introduces herself.)
    MARY: Maya...Amano? Miss Amano, yep, got it! Yuki's friends are my
    friends, too. Nice to meet you! I'm here to study counseling, so I'm
    helping Reiko. Now it's my turn to help everyone...So I'll always be
    here...If you're troubled over something, ask me. I'll help you.
    KATSUYA: Ever since we came back from the sanitarium, Ms. Serizawa has
    been acting strangely...What's wrong?
    ULALA: I can't believe...the Joker really exists...He knows...about
    me... ...about what I did...
    BAOFU: So he IS the one behind the Mafia...I've finally found him...I'll
    get him this time...
    (There all school children all over the place.)
    KATSUYA: Damn! What are all these children doing here? We have to get
    them out of here!
    (Maya spots a dark-haired boy in blue clothes. The boy turns around and
    walks over to Maya and co.)
    JUN: Um...I'm Jun Kashihara.
    Senior at Kasugayama High School. I feel that we've met before.
    JUN: Forgive me for asking such a question, but, have we met somewhere
    *MAYA: In front of the station?*
    JUN: Eh...? At...That time!
    JUN: You bumped into a tall guy from Seven Sisters High School, right? I
    knew I saw you somewhere...So that's where...
    JUN: Then, did you give me this letter...? Someone gave me a letter
    asking me to come here to meet a "freind"...I don't know who it can
    ULALA: Hey, that stuff doesn't matter now, hurry up and bail! (to Maya)
    What are YOU doing even listening to him? You're so vulnerable to
    younger men! We don't know where the Voice Man is...
    (The place is suddenly goes ablaze and Tatsuya Sudou's voice comes over
    on the intercom.)
    TATSUYA SUDOU'S VOICE: Hya----hahaha! I set some bombs to start a fire.
    First ones go off in the stairwell, others floors are timed to follow.
    TATSUYA SUDOU'S VOICE: You remember, it's just like the Other Side. If
    ya don't take the kids up here, they become barbecued!!!
    ...Hee....Ihi....Hyaha! Hya-----hahaha---------!!!
    KATSUYA: Ch...! Hurry up and get the kids upstairs!
    KATSUYA: You're Jun, right? Find the teacher in charge and head for the
    (Jun nods)
    KATSUYA: Let's go check all the floors and make sure no one failed to
    (Maya and co. head off.)
    EXHIBIT ROOM (all empty rooms on any floors.):
    KATSUYA: Miss Amano, it doesn't look like anyone is here. Let's go on to
    the next room!
    EXHIBIT ROOM (1) (with kids)
    ULALA: Found them!!!
    *MAYA: Grab your asses and run to the roof!!!*
    KATSUYA: Miss Amano...Grab your "asses"...?
    (Kids run off.)
    EXHIBIT ROOM (with the model plane)
    (Katsuya, Ulala, and Baofu enter, however Maya separates from them and
    walks over to a balcony with a model plane on the bottom. Maya looks
    down and no one is inside the plane.)
    ULALA'S VOICE: Hey Ma-ya, what are you doing!?
    ULALA: Huh!? Did I hear a girl's voice, you ask!? I didn't hear
    anything!!! Hurry up and get over here! It's too hot!
    (Ulala and Baofu head in the door and Maya discusses something with
    EXHIBIT ROOM (2) (with kids)
    ULALA: Here, here...Stop crying like babies and run!
    (Kids run off.)
    EXHIBIT ROOM (3) (with kids)
    KATSUYA: Hello boys and girls. Listen up. Have no fear, your police hero
    is here! Cover your mouths and keep low. Run to the roof, and try not to
    breathe in any smoke. Understand?
    TATSUYA'S SUDOU'S VOICE: Hyaaahahaha! Starting to recall the "Other
    Side"? I know...that this sound, this color, this heat is the way it's
    supposed to be!! I don't care if the Grand Cross has passed!!! I'll
    kill, burn, and destroy everything! The hell with this fake world!!! If
    you still don't understand what I'm saying, I'll make you go through the
    same shit again. From this floor, there'll be demons...Just like the
    "Other Side", remember? Hyaaaahahahahahahahaha!!
    EXHIBIT ROOM (4) (with kids)
    BAOFU: Hey hey, just sitting there crying will get you killed! Hurry up
    and run to the roof. And don't lose sight of your friends.
    KATSUYA: Sudou and...someone else!? But, this feeling...No, it can't
    (The female teacher and the students are witnessing a confrontation
    between Tatsuya Suou, who has his sword drawn and Tatsuya Sudou, who is
    holding Jun hostage.)
    TATSUYA: Let go of Jun...He has nothing to do with this anymore...
    TATSUYA SUDOU: C'mon, remember...I'm not the Joker...You're the worthy
    one! Guide us like you did on the "Other Side"...I won't screw up like
    the "Other Me"...!
    (Tatsuya Sudou gives Jun a pink flower.)
    JUN: A thoroughwort..."Remember that day"...? W...what are you
    saying...? I don't understand...!
    (Maya and co. arrive on the scene.)
    KATSUYA: Wh...Tatsuya...!?
    *MAYA: Deja Vu Boy!?*
    KATSUYA: What...!? Is the Deja Vu Boy you're looking for...
    ULALA: This is a surprise...What's going on!?
    (The party runs up and draws their weapons.)
    TATSUYA SUDOU: Hyaha...At last, you're here, Maya Amano!!! Don't you
    remember this scene...? Hurry up, rememberrrr!!!
    TATSUYA: Stop...! Don't try to remember anything!
    (The place starts shaking)
    TATSUYA SUDOU: Dumbassss! You can't resist your destiny...5, 4, 3...
    TATSUYA: ...!! Jump!!!
    (A hole opens up in the floor and they all jump except Tatsuya who
    falls, and Maya grabs his hand.)
    TATSUYA: Stupid...Let go...!
    (Tatsuya Sudou advances towards Maya and throws Jun onto the floor.)
    TATSUYA SUDOU: Hyaaaahahahaha! The same as the "Other Side" ri---ght?
    Even if you remember now, it's too late...Die, bitch...!
    (Tatsuya Sudou is about to strike Maya.)
    JUN: Noooo!!!
    (Jun pushes Tatsuya Sudou into the hole.)
    TATSUYA SUDOU: UH-OooooooooooooooH!? Wh, WHYYYYYYYYYYYY...!?
    (Maya helps Tatsuya get up.)
    JUN: Unh...unh...unh...
    TATSUYA: Don't worry...It's not your fault...
    KATSUYA: Tatsuya! Where were you!? What is this all about!?
    BAOFU: Deal with it later! We've got bigger problems...
    ULALA: But how do we get out of here!?
    TATSUYA: Follow me...
    BAOFU: Hey, you don't think a model will fly...A rumor!? You're making
    it fly by a rumor, huh!?
    (The party follows Tatsuya and Katsuya goes off to rescue the teacher
    and her students.)
    (An FMV plays of the blimp rising out of the exploding museum.  The
    blimp flies over Sumaru and then it shows the party and Tatsuya at the
    controls of the blimp. They manage to fly safely.)
    KATSUYA: Tatsuya...How did you learn to fly this thing!?
    TATSUYA: I saw it once...
    ULALA: Phew...Anyways, we seem to be safe for now.
    TATSUYA: Not yet...Jun, take the controls.
    JUN: Y, yes, alright...But how did you know my name?
    (The blimp crashes.)
    ULALA: Hey, heyyyy!? What's this all about!!
    (Tatsuya goes ahead and Jun takes control.)
    KATSUYA: Hey, Tatsuya!?
    (Maya and co. follow Tatsuya.)
    (The party confronts Tatsuya Sudou, in which his half of his face is
    TATSUYA SUDOU: Dammit, dammit,...dammitdammitdammitdammitdammit...My
    face...Again, my face-------!! You're saying this is destiny too!! Huh!?
    TATSUYA: No...There is no predestined path one follows...Don't be fooled
    by him!
    TATSUYA SUDOU: Stupid fools...everyone's wrong...You! That bitch! And my
    f##kin' dad!!! You're supposed to correct mistakes!!!
    (enter battle)
    TATSUYA SUDOU: Hyaha...!! It's the Voices, the Voice--s!!
    VoicesVoicesVoicesVoicesVoices!! You can't run from the voices----!!
    TATSUYA: Stay back, everyone...I'll...take care fo him...
    (When you defeat Tatsuya Sudou.)
    TATSUYA SUDOU: Hee...Heehyahyahya...Don't think you've won! The fear has
    been spread...! The Joker...won't die...!!
    (Tatsuya Sudou dies.)
    (after battle)
    (Jun arrives)
    JUN: We have a problem...We're losing altitude fast! We're gonna crash!!
    (Tatsuya uses his Persona strength to open the door outside.)
    KATSUYA: Hey...(Tatsuya kicks Katsuya out)
    TATSUYA: Unless you got a death wish, everyone jump!
    (A moment later, it shows just Maya, Jun, and Tatsuya.)
    JUN: I know it's not much...But please accept this as a token of
    appreciation for saving us...I must give it...to you. I just have this
    TATSUYA: .........I have nothing to give back in return...
    (Tatsuya kicks Jun out.)
    TATSUYA: There is still a chance...Don't listen...Don't look...Then, you
    can return to your normal life...
    TATSUYA: Good...bye...
    (Maya gets kicked out.)
    (An FMV plays of the blimp crashing into the water and it gets broken
    into half.)
    (Maya and co., the teacher and all the children are safe.)
    BAOFU: Now that's something you don't do everyday...
    KATSUYA: ...!? Tatsuya...!? Has anyone seen Tatsuya!?
    BAOFU: Calm down...He's been through a lot more than you...He probably
    avoided us and went ashore somewhere else...
    KATSUYA (to Jun): You...How do you know Tatsuya? He seemed to know
    you...What is this "Other Side"?
    JUN: I don't know...I just feel I know him from long ago...Just a
    feeling he was someone important...
    KATSUYA: I see...
    ULALA: But, the Joker is dead  now, right? It's over...Ahh, I'm so
    relieved...I can finally get on with my miserable life!
    BAOFU: Moron...Nothing is over yet...We still don't know what Tatsuzou
    intends to do.
    KATSUYA: For once, he's actually right...We haven't learned anything
    about the Sudou family, Joker of Tatsuya...
    KATSUYA: It's unfortunate that the suspect is dead...I should let HQ
    (Katsuya makes a phone call.)
    BAOFU: Haven't you learned anything, Suou? You can't depend on the
    KATSUYA: Say that again...
    BAOFU: You're not only hard -headed, but hard of hearing, too? Or, is it
    just that you can't do anything without your badge? Hmph! That's what I
    thought...Do you really think you can catch Tatsuzou by yourself? Good
    KATSUYA: Say what you will Baofu...Just stay out of my way, OR you'll
    find yourself in the slammer with Tatsuzou.
    (Katsuya leaves)
    ULALA: I don't know about you, but I'm quitting while I'm ahead...Ma-ya,
    don't get involved...I don't think
    I could handle it if you got hurt...
    (Ulala leaves)
    BAOFU: Cowards! What are you afraid of!? The truth is all that matters!
    Don't tell me you're quitting, too?
    (Maya shakes her head no.)
    BAOFU: Heh...Good for you...I'm gonna head back to my place to see if I
    can get a bead on Tatsuzou...See if any of your freinds at Kismet know
    anything...I'll swing by and pick you up later.
    (Baofu leaves)
    JUN: Tatsuya Suou...Who are you...?
    (Here are some Innocent Sin references.)
    ROOKIE POLICEMAN: It's strange. I had a dream that the musuem was
    burning. Could it have been...a...prophecy..? N, No, if that was true,
    this police station should be burning too. It, it's probaly nothing.
    RUMORMONGER BARKEEPER: It seems that all the children at the museum were
    safe. That is good, but..Wasn't there an accident like this before?
    OLD WOMAN: Do you know that person? He just wandered here and has been
    like that ever since.
    JUN: Ms. Amano...? Why are you here?
    (Maya explains.)
    JUN: ...Eh?...I...
    JUN: I don't know why I've come here...But I feel I know this
    place...Something here...Something important...
    JUN: I can...remember...What happened here!? Why would I feel so much
    sorrow if nothing had happened!?
    JUN:Araya Shrine...Ara...ya...What happened here...?
    RECEPTIONIST: Ah, Maya! The chief was looking for you...She looked
    plenty mad, too! Then again, she's always like that...
    (Maya says something and then uses the elevator.)
    (Mizuno is shown speaking to a black-haired woman in a black suit.)
    EDITOR-IN-CHIEF MIZUNO: Thanks for taking the time to meet with me...
    (Maya comes in)
    EDITOR-IN-CHIEF MIZUNO: Amano! Where have you been all this time!? Since
    it took you so long to check in, I had to ask Chizuru...
    WANG LONG CHIZURU: Well, it's no problem at all...
    A beautiful Wang Long fortune-teller, also known as "Wang Long Chizuru".
    (Chizuru approaches Maya.)
    WANG LONG CHIZURU: You my dear, have a peculiar aura about you. You must
    let me read your fortune...You...You are feeling that you are not
    yourself? You are worrying about a younger man...Tell me, do you enjoy
    life? Are you glad you came into this world? This world is made to
    punish humans for their sinful pasts. They are put through an endless
    cycle of reincarnation. Where were you before...in your past life?
    Another country? Or maybe...another world...Humans are connected. Not
    only to the past, but to themselves in another world...You will
    change...along with this world...
    EDITOR-IN-CHIEF MIZUNO: Hey Amano, it's not everyday someone gets a
    fortune read by the great Chizuru...
    WANG-LONG CHIZURU: Please excuse me, but I must be going.
    (Chizuru leaves the office.)
    EDITOR-IN-CHIEF MIZUNO: You better have something good to report, Amano!
    I didn't send you out on a field trip!
    EDITOR-IN-CHIEF MIZUNO: Where is that report, Amano? Get to work, you
    (Yuki, Fujii, and a couple of employees are watching TV.)
    TV ANNOUNCER: I see. Wang Long fortune telling sure is amazing.
    (Chizuru comes out of the office walking out and while everyone is
    looking at her. After Chizuru exits, Maya comes out and joins the
    YUKI: Maya...What were you talking about with Wang Long Chizuru?
    FUJII: I was just watching a TV show she was in. She said she will
    reveal who the Joker is...
    TV ANNOUNCER:...So then...Who exactly is the Joker?
    WANG LONG CHIZURU: In Wang Long, the Joker is "Joka", which denotes a
    human possessed by Kegare, a negative energy such as sin or jealousy.
    Joka is a dragon, filled with Kegare. The Guardian Dragons will absorb
    bad luck during this cycle...It is a much powerful negative trend than
    that of "Tenchusatsu" or "Ankensatsu". Kegare calls forth more Kegare,
    causing Joka to perpetuate crime...As people commit crime, the Kegare
    escalates. Cause and effect...Do not be overpowered by jealousy and
    hatred, and do not do the Joker curse!! If you do this, you will be
    possessed by Joka, and thus become a Joker yourself...
    (Everyone is surprised.)
    TV ANNOUNCER: Wow...! So then, the Joker isn't just one particular
    VOICE FROM TAPPING DEVICE: It's me............I see...that
    thing......Don't bother...He's not even worth it...Hm...There are no
    changes in our plans. ..Hm..I leave the rest up to you.
    BAOFU: Tatsuzou...Sudou...Who is he talking to...?
    (Captain Shimazu is talking on the phone and the white uniformed guy
    from the parking lot at the sanitarium is sitting on the couch and the Chief is looking out the
    CAPTAIN SHIMAZU: I understand. Then I shall proceed according to plan.
    CHIEF TOGASHI: .........
    The chief of the Konan Police Dept. and head of Special Investigations.
    (A knock is heard on the door and Katsuya comes in.)
    CAPTAIN SHIMAZU: I've read your report, Suou. I suggest you check-in to
    a hosptial for psychiatric evaluation...
    KATSUYA: Sir! Then what about the blimp!? Something that wasn't supposed
    to fly WAS flying!?
    CAPTAIN SHIMAZU: The matter is under review. The sanitarium fire was a
    gas explosion...No survivors, and there was nothing left of the corpses.
    KATSUYA: What fire...!? What are you talking about? I was just there!
    CAPTAIN SHIMAZU: I'm not in charge of this matter. I don't have time to
    listen to your babbling.
    (Someone knocks on the door and a police officer comes in.)
    POLICE OFFICER: Sir! A message from HQ...There have been several
    homicides...Details are identical to the Joker incidents.
    KATSUYA: That can't be...
    CAPTAIN SHIMAZU: I want those crime scenes picked apart! Well, what are
    you waiting for? Get moving!
    (Police Officer exits.)
    KATSUYA: It's a waste of time to keep investigating! We should be
    tracking down Tatsuzou!
    CHIEF TOGASHI: Sergeant Suou...You are hereby relieved of active duty.
    Keep interfering and I'll have your badge!
    (Katsuya lowers his head and exits.)
    MAN WITH SCAR: He good cop...Unlike you people.
    CPATAIN SHIMAZU: Heh...Like father, like son...Right, Chief...?
    CHIEF TOGASHI: .........
    CAPTAIN SHIMAZU: Here are the phone records of all the people who called
    the Joker. Check every one of them. I can't stand letting Shinjo act so
    MAN WITH SCAR: Serizawa...? This woman too?
    CAPTAIN SHIMAZU: Don't bother. She can be used for something else.
    (The mam with the scar exits.)
    CAPTAIN SHIMAZU: (chuckle)...The more pawns the better. We have them
    right where we want them...BOTH of them.
    (Ulala is shown punching at the punching bag.)
    ULALA: Come on Ulala! Snap out of it! I have nothing to do with
    this...It's not my problem anymore...
    (Ulala goes back to punching, but she stops when a girl walks up to
    discuss something with a guy and girl standing by the computer.)
    GOLD MEMBER (in blue): Did you see that TV show? Wang Long Chizuru was
    GOLD MEMBER (in red): That if you do the Joker curse, you actually
    become a Joker, right? But, do you think it's true?
    TV ANNOUNCER: ...There has been a terrible development! It seems the
    Joker is not just one person...Ah..we have just received news...Earlier
    today, there was a fire caused by a gas explosion at the at the Morimoto
    (Maya is shocked.)
    TV ANNOUNCER: The bodies of workers and patients have been recovered
    from the rubble. There are no survivors...the death toll is...
    MAYA: .........
    (talk to people)
    YUKI: The people who performed the Joker curse become Jokers, too...?
    That's impossible...
    FUJII: They say what goes around comes around...But, it's still hard to
    (Baofu is standing there waiting.)
    BAOFU: What's wrong with you? You look pale...
    (Maya explains what happened.)
    BAOFU: Dammit...he's already done it..The media is full of shit! It's
    Tatsuzou...That bastard torched the sanitarium to destroy the evidence.
    Even on the blimp, he must have had someone watching over his son...That
    bastard has got his hands everywhere. I tapped his home telephone, and
    they were talking about plans to finish someone off. I couldn't tell who
    the "mark" was though.
    BAOFU: So what do we do now?
    *MAYA: Let's meet up with Katsuya...*
    BAOFU: I'm not too hip about it, but there seems to be no other
    way...He's the only way we can get information from the cops. If that
    woman's fortune telling airs, the whole city could be in danger.
    Damn...what a pain...
    (Talk to people)
    RECEPTIONIST: Did you hear, Maya? The rumor about people who use the
    Joker curse become a Joker. I'm glad I didn't do it...Don't you get kind
    of curious though?
    BAOFU: Why do I always start crap with Suou? I'm not starting anything.
    It's just that I get irritated when I see that wussie...That's all...
    ELDERLY OFFICER: Check around the victims again, he said...They should
    just leave it to us...
    YOUNG OFFICER: Again? Do those management officials really think they
    can catch the "Old Maid" like that?
    (They both leave the police station and Katsuya comes out.)
    KATSUYA: Hey...Something bad has happened!
    (Katsuya explains)
    BAOFU: I figured...The fortune telling went on TV and became a rumor,
    causing everyone who used the curse to become a Joker...
    KATSUYA: It pains me to say this, but we can't rely on my colleagues.
    They're only making things worse...
    BAOFU: Hehheh...A little bitter, aren't we...? Just leave this to us...
    KATSUYA: I can't do that...I would rather turn in my badge than just
    turn my head...I'm going with you.
    BAOFU: Do whatever you want...
    (Maya's cell phone rings.)
    ULALA'S VOICE: Ma-ya...hurry...run! Before...I change...!! Hur...rry...
    (Maya explains what happened.)
    BAOFU: What...? Don't tell me...She was using the Joker curse as well!?
    KATSUYA: If that's true, Miss Serizawa is going to become a
    murderer...Who would she curse!?
    (Maya explains something.)
    KATSUYA: Miss Amano, you must know someone who Miss Serizawa did not get
    along with...
    BAOFU: Anything is helpful, try to remember...
    (This shows Maya, Yuki, Tatsuya, Eikichi, and Lisa confronting a man in
    a tan shirt. The man is about to summon his Persona when Ulala comes
    HANDSOME MAN: H-H-H-Honey!? Ah---, I missed you! I haven't forgotten you
    for even a day!
    (The party senses Ulala's resonance.)
    ULALA: Who do you think you are!? I'll show you what happens to someone
    who runs off with my money! Die!
    (Ulala summons her Persona and chases the man out of the gym.)
    BAOFU: Hey...what's wrong?
    (Maya explains.)
    KATSUYA: Huh...? Are you saying you've never met this guy, but you know
    his face?
    BAOFU: What do you mean...?
    KATSUYA: That "deja vu" stuff again...Anyway, let's apprehend that con-
    artist. We can't let Miss Serizawa commit a crime.
    BAOFU: I don't understand, but can you tell by looking at his face,
    right? What do you wanna do, just look around? Wait...Let's drop by
    Hirasaka first. Rumor says the head of an Izakaya bar has services for
    locating people...There may be clues.
    (Talk to party members)
    KATSUYA: More Jokers...And here we can't even handle one...
    BAOFU: Let's go to Hirasaka first. We gotta find that man-searcher.
    (talk to people)
    SHOGO: Our leader always says impossible things. There's no way I would
    fit in a band.
    TAKESHI: Our band's name?...It's "Gas Chamber"...but why do you ask?
    Could it be you're interested in us...?
    KEN: That's why I said instruments would be impossible. Last time I even
    touched a flute was back in Junior High...
    MIYABI HANAKOUJI: (giggle)...Doesn't everyone seem silly? But they're
    always like this. It seems as if gathering here is just so fun.
    A student of Seven Sisters High who is dating Ekichi. Also she is the
    lead editor of the school newspaper.
    EIKICHI: Daaaah!! Noooooooo!!! Completely off-beat!! You guys have
    absolutely no music talent!!
    (turns to Maya)
    EIKICHI: Hmm...Whatcha want baby? You interested in me?
    A 2nd year student who is the leader at Kasugayama High School. I feel
    I've met him before...
    EIKICHI: I'm vocals for Gas Chamber, and Kasugayama High's #1 super-
    cool, handsome guy...That's right! I am!! Michel----!!! From this
    moment, you are a little chick trapped in a cage called "Love"...
    PALE MAN: Y,You! Hey, listen to me! Don't come in here! You've heard the
    rumor of the demons appearing in this area, haven't you!? Dad works at a
    temple called Gouketsuji. He sent me here to gain experience in
    exorcising demons. I don't think the rumor was true...I'll die before I
    gain any experience!!! Especially that Bomb Shelter...It's way too
    dangerous!!! I'm getting out of here! If you don't wanna die, you
    should head back, too. Unless you can fight demons, of course...
    (The screen darkens for a moment and the pale man is gone.)
    (talk to people)
    BAOFU: Hmph, that psycho-boy...Most of his kind don't actually take
    action, but how about this guy?
    KATSUYA: The guy over there is saying some dangerous things. It's people
    like him who bring down the reputation of this school.
    SUGIMOTO: He he he, I'm gonna kill him! I'm gonna get revenge!!! Hya---
    ha ha ha!...
    A popular punk that goes to Kasugayama. He lost to Eikichi in Jr. High
    and became a henchman. He secretly plots his revenge.
    SUGIMOTO: What!? Don't talk to me...!!!
    (talk to people)
    YASUO: Kasu High Festival didn't get into full swing. As usual...
    A typical Kasu High student. He dreams of being in the spotlight as
    Student Body President, but he's not going after that.
    YASUO: (sigh)...If I were President...I'd make it much more flamboyant
    and invite many more people.
    MALE STUDENT: But you haven't even announced yourself as a canditate.
    It's impossible unless you're a candidate...That's foolish.
    YASUO: Don't call me a fool! I'm a genius! I know that!
    RUMORMONGER TOKU: Hmm? What could a young person like you want from a
    homeless man like me?
    RUMORMONGER TOKU: What?...That lady is a "man-searcher"? I know that
    rumor, but it's probaly a lie. I didn't think anyone'd believe her lies.
    A bum who hangs out at Shiraishi. He knows many rumors, and he seems to
    philosophize everything. He's actually quite intelligent.
    RUMORMONGER TOKU: So you came here believing that rumor...Do you like
    rumors too? I'm just listening to society's mumblings. If you know an
    interesting rumor, could you tell it to me? I'll give you one in
    SHIRASHI LADY: All righty, what'll be today, hun?
    SHIRASHI LADY: Huh? Man-searcher? Yeah, that's something from my past.
    But now I just run this pub. So you want to know where a con-artist
    might be...Oh, a bar called "Parabellum" in Aoba is popular with girls
    lately. Maybe he'll be at places like that to fish for girls to swindle?
    (Maya and co. are sitting on the couches, and a man is seen talking to a
    woman at the counter.)
    HANDSOME MAN: About the thing I asked you for earlier...Were you able to
    collect enough?
    YOUNG MAN: Yes...I was able to manage 3 million...I can believe in you,
    HANDSOME MAN: Of course...I can keep my research going. Then I'll be
    vice-president of the academy.
    And you'll be the wife of the vice-president. I love you...
    BAOFU: Vice-president my ass...Who would believe that crock of shit?
    Stupid girl...
    (Maya and the party approaches where the man and woman are sitting.)
    KATSUYA: Mr. Youichi Makimura? You know Miss Ulala Serizawa, right?
    We're asking you to come with us under the suspicion of fraud...
    MAKIMURA: W...What are you talking about...? I don't know any "Ulala".
    You got the wrong guy.
    The con-artist who swindled Ulala of her savings. "Makimura" is the
    alias he used at the time.
    KATSUYA: I see...We have reason to believe a woman who was swindled used
    the Joker curse for revenge. We were sent to protect him...But...If you
    aren't the man we're looking for...
    MAKIMURA: Huh...?
    BAOFU: That's all we need is another dead body...Poor bastard...It's
    probaly too late...
    YOUNG WOMAN: What do you mean by "fraud"...!? Who is this "Ulala"!?...
    MAKIMURA: Eh...Er, well...
    MAKIMURA: Wait, please...!!! Is that Joker curse thing true!?...H, Help
    me! I don't wanna die!!!
    BAOFU: Gotcha...Hey sister, next time learn to be a better judge of
    KATSUYA: Miss Amano, where would Miss Serizawa be?
    (Maya explains)
    KATSUYA: "Gold"...? The fitness club...? Let's hurry!
    MAKIMURA: Hahaha! I'm not surprised...I don't think you know this, but
    Ulala invited me here several times. She said you did all this?
    *MAYA: Yes.*
    MAKIMURA: I don't mind that. In fact, this uncleanlines only sets off
    your beauty...
    MAKIMURA: That fortune teller's voice...I feel that I've heard it
    before...and also that something bad had happened to me...
    KATSUYA: After that, I had my men search the beach, but I couldn't find
    Tatsuya...Where is he hidng...?
    SUMARU GENIE: Those who are lost in the maze of life gather here...The
    way of light in the darkness of future, I am the Sumaru Genie.
    A fortune teller with a low voice. Her fortunes haven't been accurate
    lately. They say her double roams the city at night.
    SUMARU GENIE: Hmmm...This is thy first time here...Then disclose what is
    in thy heart. The crystal and the card shall reveal the light...
    RUMORMONGER CHIKALIN: Good afternoon...I am Seventh's newspaper writer,
    Chika Ueda...Just call me "Chikalin".
    Newspaper writer of Seventh High, known as "The Rumormonger". She is
    sloppy, but gets information quicker than anyone.
    RUMORMONGER CHIKALIN: Getting around is the duty of a reporter! Chikalin
    always gets the scoop! If anybody has some awesome information, please
    let me know. Chikalin will tell you something in return. The sooner the
    better...Let's trade rumors! Whatcha got?
    (There are many people in the lobby. Maya and co. arrive and Katsuya
    speaks to a female staff member.)
    KATSUYA: What seems to be the problem, Miss? Why is everyone in the
    FEMALE STAFF MEMBER: One of the female members locked everyone else, and
    barricaded herself in...
    KATSUYA: It wouldn't happen to be Ulala Serizawa, would it? Is she
    FEMALE STAFF MEMBER: You a policeman...? She seemed to be in a lot of
    pain. We tried to help her, but she didn't want any of it...
    BAOFU: Is there anyway to open the gym from the outside?
    FEMALE STAFF MEMBER: I don't see any of my co-workers who would have a
    spare key. Somebody should be inside...
    KATSUYA: I see...Thanks for your help, Miss.  We'll take it from here.
    GOLD 1F
    BAOFU: Is that Ulala...? She's givin' off some seriously negative
    vibes...This is definitely not good...
    GOLD 2F
    (Maya has an image of a barbell in the air, then the image vanishes.)
    (talk to people)
    MAKIMURA: Is this cop really a guy?...If he's a real guy, he'd
    understand my feelings!!!
    KATSUYA: I tried to investigate his criminal mind but...His is just an
    excuse...Huh? Barbell!? Didn't you mistake it for something else?...
    BAOFU: That missy didn't have the key, right? Let's get outta here.
    FEMALE STAFF MEMBER: Huh? The key to the boxing gym? I don't have it,
    but...Ah!...Mike has it!...Where is he?...Hmmmm, knowing him, he'd
    be...Like in the dressing room!? The ladies' dressing room,
    (talk to party members)
    BAOFU: I don't understand people who pay high prices just to come
    here...Me?  I'm just fine without it.
    KATSUYA: Um...could you take a look in there?  This is the women's
    locker room, so...uh...
    MAKIMURA: There's no here. We should get going.
    (talk to a man hiding behind the lockers)
    SUSPICIOUS MALE STAFFF MEMBER: Wawahh!? I didn't take any panties!
    Really!! Eh?...Looking for the gym key? Ye, Yeah, I got it... I'll lend
    it to you, so keep this a secret. Please.
    (Talk to Katsuya to see something funny!!)
    KATSUYA: You borrowed the key? Oh, thank you. I knew there was a girl
    back there...
    *MAYA: Wrong! It was a panty thief.*
    (Katsuya storms back behind the lockers)
    VOICE OF KATSUYA: This is the police!! What are you doing here!? W,
    what's in your pockets!?
    VOICE OF PANTY THIEF: Ugh! Ow that smarts!
    VOICE OF KATSUYA: You're under arrest, you sick pervert!
    (A moment later)
    KATSUYA: There's no place in society for vargants like that...
    (talk to members)
    KATSUYA: Now, let's find Miss Serizawa.
    KATSUYA: Miss Serizawa, are you alright!?
    ULALA: Gu...Don't...come near me...
    KATSUYA: We've arrested Youichi Makimura. There's no reason to throw
    your life away just for this low-life...
    ULALA: Is...Ma-..-ya..there..?
    *MAYA: U, Ulala?*
    (As Maya goes toward Ulala, Ulala turns around and she's become a
    (enter battle)
    JOKER ULALA: You finally get it?...YOU'RE the one I want to kill, Ma-ya
    <3 Ahahahahahaha!
    (Ulala summons the Joker Persona.)
    KATSUYA: Joker!? It's...growing...!?
    BAOFU: Heh...Well, they say, "Women are demons"....Let's beat some sense
    into you...
    (after battle)
    ULALA: Uh. I, I'm sorry...Maya..I didn't think it...was true...I cursed
    you...when I was drunk...Whatever...I do...I usually fail..?  I've taken
    extracuricular lessons, obtained licenses...But never found a future in
    them. It seems...that Ma-ya had everything...Sorry...I'm...such a fool.
    MAKIMURA: S, She's the evil one!  You guys better finish her off before
    she hurts someone!
    (Katsuya approaches Makimura)
    MAKIMURA: Hey! I'm not the one who tried to kill her best freind! She's
    the one with problems! So officer, do your job and put her away...(to
    Maya) Don't you think she's a cruel person!?
    *MAYA: Shut up! You're wrong about her!*  (This option gets you Maia
    Custom as a mutation.)
    ULALA: Ma-ya...
    BAOFU: Nice try, Makimura...We all know what you want to happen...If
    Serizawa dies, the evidence to put you away goes with her...Do you think
    we're that stupid...?
    KATSUYA: You, son of a....!!
    BAOFU: Hold it Suou... Let me handle this...I wouldn't want you to get
    in trouble.
    (Baofu goes over and punches Makimura hard.)
    MAKIMURA: Oh..My, My face..!?
    MAKIMURA: Y, You're just gonna look the other way?  Y,You're a police
    officer, right!? Do your job!
    ULALA: W...Wait...He's right...
    KATSUYA: Thank Miss Serizawa for that one...If I ever see your face
    again...I'll personally hunt you down!!
    MAKIMURA: O, OKAY, I'll return the money! I won't con anyone anymore! I
    (Makimura runs out)
    KATSUYA: Miss Amano...We should get her to a hospital.
    BAOFU: Hmm..So that's it...A Joker is the same as a Persona..No doctor
    can help her..If you want to yank that demon out of her, I know a
    KATSUYA:  You're talking about the Velvet Room, right? I guess we've got
    no choice..Let's hurry...
    (Igor manages to yank out the Joker Persona from Ulala)
    IGOR: A joker is the heart's shadow...The heart exists only when there
    is light and dark.  You can't just make it disappear.  It retreats to
    the sea of unconciousness for now, but it will rise whenever it can.
    That is up to Miss Serizawa.
    ULALA: Ugh..M, Ma-ya...?
    KATSUYA: You've come around...You can rest easy, Miss Serizawa. But...
    ULALA: The rest is up to me, right? I heard...
    ULALA: I'm really sorry...Ma-ya...I know I can't change what I've done,
    but I promise I'll be here when you need me.  Uh...My grandmother always
    said to repay your debts...
    (Maya does a positive gesture with her hands)
    ULALA: Thank you...Ma-ya...
    (Maya's cell phone rings)
    VOICE OF ANNA: Hello...Miss Amano? It's me Anna Yoshizaka...I got your
    number from a Mayuzumi at Kismet...Noriko suddenly became a Joker...And
    someone kidnapped her...She must have used the Joker curse on
    someone...Everyone who's been kidnapped is being held at a club called
    the Zodiac...I'm going there right now...This is for saving me at the
    clock tower...Bye.
    KATSUYA: So Noriko was the one behind the murders of the principal and
    the hit-and-run suspect...But why would anyone start kidnapping people
    who've used the Joker curse...?
    BAOFU: I'm sure we'll find out when we get down to that club...I've got
    a bad feeling about this...
    (People are dancing all around, then Maya and co. spot Anna)
    ANNA: You made it...Thanks again for saving me at the clock tower...
    ANNA: Eh...? Tatsuya's...? Tatsuya, where is he now?
    ANNA:That's right...Tatsuya and I hung out here a lot...He's really bad,
    but he's so kind...But lately, he's been acting up, and not been
    KATSUYA: What did Tatsuya say before before he disappeared?
    ANNA: "Atone for my sins"...was what he said.  Whatever that means...
    KATSUYA: Sins....
    BAOFU: So where are the people that've been supposedly kidnapped?
    ANNA: In the back...This club was bought by the Tiawanese Mafia.  The
    kidnappers spoke chinese...
    BAOFU: ........I see.....
    ULALA: Then leave Noriko and Tatsuya to us..
    ANNA: Take care of those two.  They're the only people who can cary on a
    conversation with me...
    (Talk to the party)
    KATSUYA: Atone for his sins..? What sins..Tatsuya..?
    BAOFU: They made a place like this their hideout...They're
    underestimating me...
    ULALA: The mob's casino behind a club..I'm curious since I like
    gambling..Want me to read your luck?
    KATSUYA: City by day, city by night, front and back streets...the city
    has many faces...Cities also have..."Personas".
    ULALA: We only knew a small part of the world, huh? We lived here like
    normal...There's a lot of scary things going on over in the dark side...
    BAOFU: The ordinaries don't need to know about punks like these...There
    wouldn't be anything better than never finding out.
    MAFIA MEMBER (in red) : You no can go in..Here no solicting.
    MAFIA MEMBER (in blue): Hurry and leave! Casino be back more!
    MAN'S VOICE: You need password to enter here. You know password?
    (Maya doesn't know the password.)
    MAN'S VOICE: This place, no one enter besides people concerned! If you
    don't want to die, leave!
    BAOFU: You guys wait here...
    (Baofu goes behind the wall.)
    BAOFU'S VOICE: Give the password...Or die. (in Chinese)
    VOICE OF MAFIA MEMBER: Hmph! What makes you think, that I'd give you the
    password. (in Chinese)
    (Baofu beats them hard and rock solid and Maya and co. rush back there.)
    BAOFU: Just be glad I didn't kill ya..The password is "Panther"...
    KATSUYA: Hey! What do you think you're doing!?
    BAOFU: You gonna bust ne then? Then they'll know you're working
    alone...Go ahead if you like, I don't care...
    ULALA: Don't you two ever quit!? WE got the password, right? Let's get
    outta here!
    (Talking to people afterwards)
    BAOFU: The password is "Panther"...
    ULALA: What got into Baofu?  He scares me sometimes...
    KATSUYA: There's more to Baofu's relationship with the Mafia than what
    he's letting on...
    (Maya and co. head back to the Casino Room Door and gets the passsword
    MAN'S VOICE: Come in.
    (People are gambling and etc. Maya and co. enter and the man with a scar
    from Togashi's office at Konan PD is sitting on a chair upstairs.)
    MAN WITH SCAR: ........
    KATSUYA: He's..!?
    BAOFU: .........
    (Baofu goes on ahead.)
    ULALA: He..Wait!?
    (The party follows Baofu upstairs only to be blocked by two Mafia
    MAFIA MEMBER: What? Identify yourself!! (in Chinese)
    MAN WITH SCAR: Let him pass....(in Chinese)
    (Maya and co. confront the man.)
    BAOFU: Long time no see...(in Chinese)
    MAN WITH SCAR: So it WAS you at the sanitarium...
    KATSUYA: Who is he?...
    BAOFU: Yung Pao...a lowlife assassin...
    KATSUYA: Assassin...!? What...Why was a guy like that...at the police
    YUNG PAO: You're in same business as we. If you're gonna arrest me, get
    him first.
    *YUNG PAO*
    Assassin from Tien Tao Lien. He seems to have some connection with
    YUNG PAO: He kill 25 of my men in Taiwan. I only kill one Japanese. It
    BAOFU: Shut your face, Yung Pao! Tell me what you know before you
    die...(smokes a cigarette)What is Tatsuzou planning? Come clean and I'll
    kill you painlessly...
    YUNG PAO: Hahaha! Come now, Baofu...You know I'd never agree to those
    terms...But I'll tell you this. I work with the police and new Japanese
    government. Joker hunting is good for "our" relations.
    KATSUYA: I'm tired of playing your games, Yung Pao!  Where are the
    people who have been abducted?
    YUNG PAO: No one else here beside the kitten we just hunted....If you
    want, I give cat back.
    (Noriko and two mafia men come out from the door.)
    ULALA: No, Noriko...!? Are you okay!?
    YUNG PAO: Drug working...She just calm kitten now.  Before that...a
    tiger. We had trouble capturing her.
    YUNG PAO: You target, too, weren't you little miss...?  It about time
    for milk.
    (enter battle)
    BAOFU: ...!!! Ulala, Maya! Get away from that brat!
    (Noriko summons the Joker Persona.)
    ULALA: Whoa-----!? I-It's getting bigger!
    (after battle)
    (The casino is deserted and Noriko is lying on the floor unconscious.)
    KATSUYA: Is she alright?
    ULALA: Looks like she's just unconscious...Poor thing...
    KATSUYA: Damn, he got away...
    (Baofu slams the table hard.)
    BAOFU: Dammit..!
    KAYSUYA: Baofu...Is what he said true?
    BAOFU: So what if it is...? They're hunted in Taiwan for being impure.
    No matter how many are killed, people should be grateful.  This is out
    of you jurisdiction! You don't have what it takes to handle this! Just
    back off, Suou!
    KATSUYA: You're well versed on inside information regarding the Police
    and Mafia...Who are you...?
    ULALA: What the hell is the matter with you two?  We have to get her to
    the Velvet Room...
    ANNA: Don't worry... You're no longer a Joker...These people saved you.
    NORIKO: (sniff)...I'm sorry...I'm sorry...I'm...I'm...
    ANNA: Are you going to arrest Noriko?
    KATSUYA: Everyone is innocent until proven guilty...We'll keep her under
    protective custody for the time being...
    ANNA: Thank you...
    ULALA: Well, well...It seems that our by-the-books policeman is a softie
    after all...
    BAOFU: Hmph! All that means is that the law can't adjudicate in this
    situation...You've got your hands tied, Suou...
    KATSUYA: There are many who need to be judged before her...Tatsuzou, the
    Mafia, and the traitors within the police...I'll find the cancer...
    (Katsuya's cell phone rings.)
    VOICE OF A MAN: Katsuya Suou, right? I want to offer you information on
    your case...Meet me at Aoba Park...
    KATSUYA: What...!? Who are you?
    VOICE OF A MAN: ...Sneak. Remember that.
    BAOFU: "Sneak", you say...? As in "sneaky", huh? ...Sounds
    suspicious...What do you plan to do?
    KATSUYA: It might be an informant close-by to Tatsuzou...I want to try
    to meet him. Are you alright with that, Miss Amano?
    (Maya nods her head.)
    (Here's an Innocent Sin reference from Ulala at Hiiragi Therapy.)
    ULALA: By the way, Ma-ya, have I met Makimura at GOLD before? I felt I
    have even though that was supposed to be my first time.
    (Maya and co. arrive and wait behind the bushes and a man in a trench
    coat appears and sits on the other side of Maya's party.)
    SNEAK: There's no time...Just listen.  I cannot reveal my identity
    SNEAK: As you know...the Police and Mafia are essentially being
    controlled by Tatsuzou's organization. Not just the police...The media
    and even the giant companies have the roots of the "New World Order"
    spread around them...
    KATSUYA: "New Wolrd Order", you say...? What is their objective...What
    is Tatsuzou planning!?
    SNEAK: Obviously you're skeptical, but I gave you all that I know...
    KATSUYA: If you don't talk, then we'll just bust into the station to
    corner Shimazu and Togashi.
    SNEAK: No...! You alone are not capable of that! They are above the
    law...If you move now, you'll end up like your father...
    KATSUYA: You...know my father!?
    SNEAK: ............They are still taking you lightly..I want you to find
    hard evidence of a conspiracy and exploit Tatsuzou...Not all the police
    and government are in his hands.
    SNEAK: There are people other than you who are investigating the
    organization...Currently, I am the only one who knows this.  Conspire
    with them and trade information...Here are photographs of them.
    (Sneak leaves.)
    KATSUYA: Wait...! I still need to ask..
    (Maya and co. head to the bench where Sneak was sitting a few moments
    ago. Maya picks up two photos of a man and a woman and looks at them.)
    MAYA: .........
    ULALA: Isn't this...voyeurism?
    BAOFU: It's just too fishy...I don't trust him.
    KATSUYA: No...I think we can trust him..That was the voice of a man
    atoning for his sins...
    ULALA: Well, how are we gonna find them with just these pictures...?
    ULALA: Aha! I got it! Just spread a rumor...So, let's go to Kuzunoha!
    ULALA: Like I said, we don't even know their names? We should just lure
    them out with a rumor. I'm so smart!
    KATSUYA: You say...but we don't know what kind of people they are.  It's
    not right to spread rumors about people you don't even know.
    CHIEF TODOROKI: But it has to be interesting to people, or it won't
    become a rumor.  What kind of  rumor are you going to use?
    ULALA: Don't worry, I got it all planned out...A man or woman who has
    key information to this case will appear at Parabellum. So if the two
    actually do show up, we have a picture of them, you know?
    BAOFU: Fool. That'll stand out like crazy...Like Amano said, the media's
    gonna jump all over it...
    ULALA: Hmph! And I suppose you've got a better idea....
    (Baofu shrugs his arms.)
    ULALA: That's what I thought you long-haired freak...So what do you
    think, Ma-ya?
    *MAYA: That would work.*
    BAOFU: How do you plan on going about this...?
    ULALA: Have you been listening to anything I've been saying? Ma-ya, you
    know what to do...
    (Talk to people.)
    TAMMY: Hm? ...I've seen these two before...Or, maybe not...
    BAOFU: Hey...You sure about this? I have a bad feeling about this...
    KATSUYA: (sigh) Miss Serizawa gets pretty hot headed. I doubt we'll be
    able to talk her out of it, so I guess we have to try...
    ULALA: Fine. I'll show you how "Master Ulala" handles the media!
    CHIEF TODOROKI: I'll spread the rumor of the girl and guy separately.
    Think about which one you want to meet.
    (If you want Nate to be your fifth member, choose to spread the rumor
    about the guy. If you want Ellen to be your fifth member, choose to
    spread the rumor about the girl.  Both for 3000 Yen.)
    (Mizuno and the media people are sitting down at tables. Ulala and Baofu
    are sitting at the counter.)
    ULALA: That's the media for you..Just like Ma-ya said..They've got ears
    ULALA: Hey...Don't be a sore loser. You're the one who drew the short
    BAOFU: This isn't my style...Why don't you get Suou to do this...
    ULALA: Your style, huh...? And what exactly is your style?
    ULALA: You know what to do, right?
    BAOFU: Yeah, but...
    ULALA: Anyway, let's talk about life or what to do with it...I thought
    I'd figure it out when I became an adult. But reality is harsh. I just
    got more confused...
    BAOFU: ...Why are you telling me this?
    ULALA: I don't know...It's just that you seem to have a purpose. I was
    just wondering what kind of life you lived...
    (Katsuya and Maya are standing on the sidewalk and people pass by them.)
    KATSUYA: It's getting chilly...You alright?
    KATSUYA: Are those people really going to come...If so, are those two
    gonna get it right?...I'm worried..
    *MAYA: Let's Think Positive <3*
    KATSUYA: .........
    KATSUYA: Ah, well, either way we'll play it by ear...
    (Maya laughs.)
    KATSUYA: What's so funny? I know what you're thinking...I'm the guy who
    worries too much...I've always been like that...
    MAYA: .........
    KATSUYA: Do you get tired of who you are?
    *MAYA: No, I like who I am...*
    KATSUYA: I see...You're a strong person, Ms. Amano. Don't let anyone
    tell you any different...
    MAYA: .........!
    (Depending on who you chose to spread the rumor about, Nate or Ellen
    will show up. Katsuya and Maya walk up to him/her and start to talk.)
    BAOFU: How I chose to live has nothing to do with you...If you want
    sympathy, ask someone else...
    EDITOR-IN-CHIEF MIZUNO: Nnn...Amano...?
    (Mizuno gets up and looks out the window.)
    EDITOR-IN-CHIEF MIZUNO: Where is that good-for-nothing little...? She's
    not going after the scoop!
    BAOFU: Ch...Damn they're quick...There's nothing we can do now...Let's
    get this over with...
    ULALA: Yeah! You think you're so smart! Well mister you've got another
    thing comin'!
    ULALA: Well, you can just keep your damn secrets! You know, the whole
    world doesn't revolve around you!
    BAOFU: Those're some mad acting skills you got...O, Okay, then..
    BAOFU: You're too damned needy! That's why men always run away from you,
    you cross-dressing bitch.
    ULALA: What!? What did you just say!?
    (Ulala punches Baofu.)
    BAOFU: Damn, girl...Watch that shit! Are you still drunk!?
    (They both head to the door.)
    ULALA: I see how it is! I guess you want some more, huh!?
    (Ulala punches Baofu again.)
    BAOFU: N, No..Amano said...
    (Mizuno walks up to them both.)
    EDITOR-IN-CHIEF MIZUNO: Hey!!! Fight somewhere else, will you!? The
    story is getting away!!!
    MEDIA PEOPLE: What!? Where, where!?
    (Ulala and Mizuno slap Baofu repeatedly.)
    BAOFU: Gwa----!?
    (Maya and Katsuya are sitting down with some people and a knock on the
    door is heard.)
    MANLY MAN: Let them in...
    (The guy in a black suit opens the door and Ulala and Baofu come
    KATSUYA: You guys really put on a show...
    ULALA: Hmph!
    BAOFU: Someone should've told her that she was supposed to be
    pretending...Crazy bitch...
    KATSUYA: This is Nate Nanjo, he is renting this room, and his friend,
    Ellen Kirishima. I've told them our story.
    NATE: Nice to meet you...I'm Nate Nanjo.
    Son of the head of some of Japan's biggest companies. A Persona user who
    "awakened" as a result of the Sebec scandal.
    ELLEN: Nice to meet you. My name's Ellen...Ellen Kirishima...
    Like Nate, she was "awakened" by a past incident. She is a big fan of
    the occult. She works as a model, but...
    BAOFU: So why are you guys investigating the New World Order?
    NATE: Do you know a guy named "Guy Shinjo"?
    BAOFU: Just the name...He's Tatsuzou's secretary, but his work history
    and his details come up a blank...He's like a shadow.
    NATE: The truth is that Shinjo...might actually be Guido Kandori. It's a
    rumor circlating around political arenas...
    KATSUYA: Kandori, aka Guido Sardenia, the president of the Sebec Corp.
    Wasn't he responsible for that accident in Lunarvale? Isn't he dead?
    NATE: That's what we thought...Four years ago he planned to destroy the
    world until we stopped him...
    BAOFU: While chasing the shadow of a dead man, you arrived at Tatsuzou,
    huh...? The little girl over there, too?
    ELLEN: I was researching the relationship between the popular Wang Long
    fortunes and the case.  Then I ran into Nate by chance...
    ELLEN: But after listening to your stories, I realized that all the
    incidents are connected.
    ELLEN: It's obvious that the New World Order needs the Jokers for some
    reason. And the Joker craze has some tie-in to Wang Long...I wonder if
    they're using the readings to spread information, rumors...
    NATE: They are creating Jokers and sorting out people's fortune, so the
    curse is used more. Sounds ridiculous, but look at it now...
    ULALA: I see...There's nothing as enviable as another person's good
    fortune...But why...?
    NATE: That's something we should ask the head of the NWO...The kidnapped
    Jokers were supposedly taken to a nearby science laboratory.  Shinjo
    goes in and out of there often...
    ELLEN: I got a hold of Wang Long Chizuru's schedule.  She's filming a TV
    show later on today.
    KATSUYA: We have to split up...
    NATE: It would be greatly appreciated if all of you could help. Ellen
    can handle the fortune teller on her own.
    ELLEN: Leave the TV station to me!
    ELLEN: If someone comes with me to the TV station, Nate can check out
    the lab...
    NATE: Sounds like a plan...Just like old times, huh Ellen?
    (A moment later, the manly man walks up to Maya.)
    MANLY MAN: I am Matsuoka...I must warn you...What Master Nate is doing
    has nothing to with Nanjo. Remember this...
    With a built body and a mean glare, he is Nate's rather "rude"
    bodyguard. He seems to be against Nate's actions.
    MATSUOKA: Of course you will not speak of Master Nate's actions. If you
    do, you'll regret it. Do not forget that...
    (Talk to People in the Room)
    KATSUYA: Normally I wouldn't accept intervention by normal
    civilians...But I guess it's fine for Persona users...
    BAOFU: Hey Amano...What the hell did you tell me to say?...What do you
    mean, cross-dressing!?
    (Maya laughs and explains to Baofu.)
    BAOFU: Y, You...Of course she'd get angry...
    ULALA: Wow, this is gorgeous...So this is the Hotel Pleiades'
    penthouse...Rich people ARE different.
    NATE: That laboratory has tight security. It's impossible to infiltrate
    from the ground. But, there's a way in through the sewers.  Let's go to
    the sewage treatment plant.
    ELLEN: I'm worried about Mr. Kandori, but if fortune telling is used for
    evil, I can't let Wang Long Chizuru get by with it.
    ELLEN: Actually, one of my friends is a celebrity. I'll ask him for a
    tour, so it'll be easy to get into the TV station. Now let's go to Aoba!
    NATE: Rumors becoming real...If that's true...Guido Kandori...are you
    really alive...?
    PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR (left side): I'll monitor stocks and the happenings
    of the political world from here. We didn't know when they'll strike
    PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR (right side): There are many trendy, high-class
    stoves in the Hotel Pleiades...Did you already go? There's another
    entrance across from here in the south wing...Why don't you
    go take a look?
    RUMOR-LOVIN' BARTENDER:Welcome. Would you like to tell me your mood? I
    will make something to match your heart.
    The lady bartender at Ebony, the sky lounge in Hotel Pleiades. Her job
    requires her to be familiar with rumors.
    RUMOR-LOVIN' BARTENDER: What will you have today?
    SALEEM LADEEN: Miss, you are very pretty!...Are you busy?...Do you want
    to come to my room? Do you want to see my collection? I have lots of
    money. Don't worry, I am a shrewd businessman. I won't do anything
    ELLEN: How is Mark doing...? (giggle) Every time I come here, it reminds
    me of the time we did the Persona ritual.
    EDITOR-IN-CHIEF MIZUNO: Amano...You were in front of Parabellum, right?
    *MAYA: No...What are you talking about?*
    EDITOR-IN-CHIEF MIZUNO: You wouldn't be lying, are you?...I'll be upset
    if you're lying, and were out flirting with some guy! Look, a woman is a
    flower when she's bound to her work! Don't shake your petals just
    because of some cute guy! Men are monsters...They approach you with a
    sweet face, but then take you money and stuff! Now get back to work!
    NATE: This sewage treatment plant is solely dedicated to the laboratory,
    but the security is light. A distinctive feature is the maze setting.
    On top of that, at each block, a flood of water comes through at regular
    intervals. There are 2 routes connecting the blocks...if we don't take
    the shorter way, we have a higher chance of getting washed away.  We
    must control the locks forthe 2 paths by the 1st and 2nd Control Rooms
    respectively. Thus, 2 people must stay...
    KATSUYA: You really did your homework..
    NATE: It's OUR technology...My father financially supports Tatsuzou.  We
    sponsored the construction of this treatment plant/lab, no questions
    BAOFU: Sometimes adults don't make sense...Are you cool with that?
    NATE: A world of facades and concessions is a cold one indeed...I just
    walk the path I believe in.
    BAOFU: Perfect...So, who's staying?
    CHRIS : Leave it to me...
    (Chris and Mary show up.)
    A Persona user who fought alongside Nate. Known as "The Legendary Six-
    Pack Leader". He is the step-brother of Kandori.
    MARY: Yoohoo <3 I'm here too.
    NATE: Why are you guys...!?
    MARY: Ellen asked me to..."Help out Nate because he's troubled", she
    CHRIS: Talk later...Get going.
    MARY: If he is still alive...Nate, save him...We may be the only people
    who can understand his pain...
    NATE: All right...I'll try.
    (A moment later.)
    NATE: I leave the releasing of the locks to them...We can contact them
    with that walkie-talkie. When you decide between routes A and B, give
    them a call. But I wasn't able to get the information on which is the
    shortest route. I'm relying on you intuition...
    (Talk to party members)
    ULALA: Another good-looking man?...He looks good, all wild and stuff...I
    want to take him down...I mean out!
    BAOFU: I can't play along with this freinds crap. Let's get going.
    KATSUYA: You have good freinds, Mr. Nanjo..If only Tatsuya was like
    NATE: The red doors is Mary in the 1st room, and the blue door is Chris
    in the 2nd...Call them on the walkie-talkie.  We can't turn back once we
    head in.  Are you ready?
    VOICE OF CHIRS: Oh, it's you...Are you sure you want this side? Call
    Mary for the other side.
    *MAYA: Let me think, over.*
    VOICE OF CHRIS: I see...Give me a call when you've decided...
    VOICE OF MARY: Miss Amano? Are you sure about opening this door? If it's
    the other one, ask Chris, over.
    *MAYA: This side's fine, over.*
    VOICE OF MARY: Roger...<3 I'm opening it, so good luck, over!
    (Trail thought Route A1 and get to the Relay Point in 10 minutes.)
    (Talk to members)
    NATE: But Ellen did something she didn't need to. I didn't contact them
    since they have a close connection with Guido..
    NATE: They understand that, and they are probably enduring their will to
    go...They are the ones that I acknowledge...
    KATSUYA: A friendship that doesn't need words...I envy Mr. Nanjo...
    ULALA: We've known each other for awhile, too. Well, relationships
    shouldn't be judged by a length of time.
    BAOFU: I'm not so sure about that...In the end, humans are alone...
    VOICE OF MARY: What dost thou want?...Just kidding! You want this door?
    *MAYA: Halt on yonder thought. j/k <3*
    VOICE OF MARY: (giggle) I like this city..We seem to get along...Call me
    again when you decide.
    VOICE OF CHIRS: How are you doing...? I'm going to open it?
    *MAYA: Let's go, over!*
    CHRIS: Alright, hold on...Doryaaaaaaa---!!
    VOICE OF CHIRS ( with Maya's "shocked" portrait): Gwa...! It shocked
    me...Not bad.
    (Trail through Route B2 and get to Relay Point 2 in 10 minutes.)
    VOICE OF MARY: This is the last door...Should I open it?
    *MAYA: Wait...*
    VOICE OF MARY: I understand...Call me when you decide.
    VOICE OF CHRIS: Looks like the last door...Wanna open it?
    *MAYA: Yes...Open it.*
    VOICE OF CHRIS: I got it...You know...I have no right to ask this of you
    but...Take care of Nate...He's smart, but short-tempered. Make sure he
    doesn't do anything rash...
    (Trail through Route B3 and get to the Parking Lot in 10 minutes.)
    (There is a security guard in front of the door to the science lab.)
    NATE: That's the lab's security room. That's where the security cameras
    and sensors are monitored. If we don't render that inoperable, I can't
    ensure you our freedom to move.
    (The security guard pulls out a gun.)
    KATSUYA: Hey, they've got guns...Does your company supply the guards
    with firearms?
    NATE: That is absurd...Even my group's scientists aren't allowed entry
    in here. Those aren't our security officers, either.
    BAOFU: Then we don't need to hold back...
    NATE: We shouldn't make any sounds...
    ULALA: Alright, I'll just use my sexy looks and...
    (Ulala goes out in the open, the party gets nervous and Baofu jumps in
    front of her and Baofu fires his coins at the security guard, knocking
    him unconscious.)
    SECURITY GUARD: Huh...!?
    BAOFU: See...I made it easier for you by putting them to sleep.
    ULALA: Whaddya mean by that!?
    KATSUYA: Here we go, Ms. Serizawa. You can use your sexiness next time.
    ULALA: Mmmm...
    (The party heads inside and Maya is the last one to close the door.)
    VOICE OF EIKICHI: Like I said! Don't make me repeat it! I simply got
    lost...Give me a break.
    (The camera pans over to Eikichi being surrounded by two armed security
    YOUNG GUARD: Can't you lie any better than that?!
    SCOWLING GUARD: Forget it...He's probaly a freind of one of the guinea
    pigs. We can't let him go home...Take him to the scientist.
    EIKICHI: Hey, hey, hey! So the rumor that this place is using humans for
    experimentsis true!? Dammit! Release Sugimoto, NOW!!!...If you don't,
    I'm gonna beat your ass!!!
    YOUNG GUARD: What can YOU do to me? Go ahead and try...
    (Boss Battle Music Starts.)
    NATE: Understood.
    (Maya and co. fight the two guards.)
    (After Battle)
    (Nate is busy disabling security)
    ULALA: So you jumped the fence to find your kidnapped friend who was
    using the Joker? But that's pretty hasty...Weren't YOU the target of the
    Joker Curse in the first place?
    EIKICHI: Well I did get into a heap of trouble because of him, but I
    can't just leave him like that. I AM the leader after all...
    NATE: I neutralized security...We should be able to bypass the security
    devices for awhile.
    KATSUYA: Eikichi, leave your friend to us and go home...This is no place
    for kids.
    EIKICHI: Don't kid me! I'm not gonna just pull back! Take me too! If ya
    don't, I'll make a ruckus!?...SOMEBODY----!!!
    (Maya and co. start to get nervous.)
    NATE: Very well...let's take him with us. I can understand his position.
    But in return... Refrain from getting in our way. When we say come back,
    come back.
    EIKICHI: Hellz yeah!
    (Talk to Party Members)
    EIKICHI: I won't get in the way. So lead the way, Boss!
    BAOFU: (sigh) What a load we gotta carry. I'm not responsible for
    anything that happens...
    KATSUYA: Human experiments, huh...Abduction, confinement, mistreatment,
    and homicide...Grave crimes indeed...But then again, we are violating
    the law by intruding on private property...
    NATE: I admire his feelings to save a friend...You should always care
    for a friend.
    ULALA: You're a softy, you know, but this guy's one, too...Alright, let
    the Big Sisters save his dumb friend.
    EIKICHI: Have I been here before...? I don't think so...But that
    nose...It seems very familiar...
    EIKICHI: Why...I feel I've seen her somewhere...I feel as if I've had a
    rough time because of her...
    NATE: So this is...where the kidnapped Jokers are taken...
    EIKICHI: So Sugimoto's in here, somewhere!?
    EIKICHI: Sugimoto!!!...Where are you?...Answer me!!
    (Eikichi, Nate, and Ulala enter a cell a find a demonized man.)
    DEMONIZED MAN: Ah---Uhhhh.....
    ULALA: Uh...!? What..what happened to this person!?
    NATE: I've seen this before...It's a person taken "over" by a Persona, a
    "demonized" human. But...this is...
    (In the other cell.)
    CAPTIVE WOMAN: Ahhhhh...Uhhhhh...
    BAOFU: There's another one over here..On their necks...looks like an
    KATSUYA: Human experiments...How horrific and deplorable...!
    EIKICHI: Sugimoto!!! Sugimoto---!!
    (Eikichi looks in every cell and can't find him.)
    EIKICHI: It's no use...He's not here...!
    NATE: Calm down, young man. We will locate your friend. You escort these
    people here to the trailer in the parking facility.
    KATSUYA: What do you plan to do, Mr. Nanjo?
    NATE: Treat them at our hospital...I figured out...what they do here. I
    can't turn the other way.
    ULALA: Can you bring them back?
    NATE: We won't know  if we don't try...It's still a hundred times better
    than doing nothing...
    EIKICHI: Got it...I leave Sugimoto to you.
    SCIENTIST: I can't stand it anymore...I didn't become a scientist to
    help with experiments like that...
    NATE: An employee...Hey, we came to find out what's going on in this
    laboratory. Can you give us the details?
    SCIENTIST: R...Really? T...then, please take this Lv. 1 Card. With this,
    you can unlock all doors on this floor.
    SCIENTIST: You must see it for yourself...That...isn't something humans
    should do...I've had enough...
    NATE: Understood. Leave the rest to us.
    SCIENTIST: I see...I heard about you from my coworker. I understand the
    situation.  Let me help you. With this Lv. 2 Card, you can enter the lab
    in the back. Take it.
    SCIENTIST: We can only do this much...But, please! Please stop this
    experiment before the number of victims increases.
    NATE: The laboratory...If we can see their data, we can understand what
    they are researching.
    BAOFU: Give me 3 minutes...I'll pull out the treasure.
    (Moments Later)
    KATSUYA: This is...!?
    BAOFU: "Experiments on separating the Joker from its user"..."Theory on
    spinal nerve transplants for two-legged organisms"...
    ULALA: "Separating" the Jokers...? For what reason!?
    NATE: Just one moment...It says the research it's based on exists.
    BAOFU: "Research and theory on artificially creating Persona users"-
    Guido Kandori
    NATE: Guido...! The rumors...were true...!?
    BAOFU: ...We can't read it all now. I'm gonna save the entire thing on
    hard drive. I'm crashing the backup
    ULALA: Hey...What's that big thing over there...?
    (The party takes a look through a window and Nate enters inside the
    (FMV of machines with the name Joker 01 and Joker 02 on it. And in the
    tubes is the kegare. This is identical to one of the movies in the
    Opening FMV.)
    ROOM (with Joker machines)
    VOICE OF MAN: Playing the spy as usual, Nate...?
    (Maya and co. are surrounded by armed security guards on the high
    plattforms. Guido and a guard have taken Eikichi hostage.)
    NATE: Y, You're...Guido!?
    GUIDO: It's cliche, but give back the data...If you want the kid to
    live, that is.
    Once planned to destroy the world. He is a Persona user killed by Nate 4
    years ago...He was known then as "Guido Sardenia"...
    (More guards come in below where Maya and co. are standing at.)
    NATE: Guido...! How is it that you are alive!?
    GUIDO: Kotodama...As you see, they have a great interest in my
    research... They summoned me back from Hades...
    BAOFU: .......
    NATE: Why do you continue your wicked ways...? That time you were...!
    GUIDO: Hmph..."The fate of those who are enchanted by the
    shadows"...I'll leave it at that...I'm not as young as you. I can't
    change my ways now...So...what are you going to do?
    NATE: Fine...I'll give it back..
    BAOFU: Ch...That's why I said no "tag-alongs".
    (Baofu gives up the data.)
    EIKICHI: No, don't do it for the likes of me...!!
    GUIDO: You're still a kid...I'm disappointed. You can't handle a company
    if you lose sight of your goals so easily... (Pulls a gun on Eikichi)
    Let me show you the way to relinquish.
    NATE: Stop it, Guido!!!
    (The door busts open and Tatsuya appears. He pushes Eikichi into the
    door and kills the nearby guard.)
    KATSUYA: Tatsuya!?
    TATSUYA: Get out of here now...!
    (Ulala and Nate run away and shots are fired at the party. Maya,
    Katsuya, and Baofu fire back. Then they manage to escape.)
    GUIDO: Hmph...
    GUIDO: Regardless, neither you, nor they, can escape from fate...Paradox
    TATSUYA: I see...You, too, were enchanted...by him...(Summons Persona)
    Then tell him...That I'll protect...Maya and everyone else...!
    (Guido also summons his Persona.)
    (Eikichi manages to get everyone safely into the truck.)
    EIKICHI: Daaaah!!!...Hurry!!!...Hurry!!! Everyone's already in the car!?
    BAOFU: Hurry up and get your ass in, boy!
    (A monster and two guards come out)
    ULALA: Ugyaaaa! They've caught up!!!
    (Enter Battle)
    DEMONIZED SUGIMOTO: Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!! Ei----kichi-----!!
    EIKICHI: S, Sugimoto!? Is that you...?
    NATE: Forgive me...young lad...
    EIKICHI: S, Stop it-------!
    (After Battle)
    (Sugimoto lies on the ground.)
    EIKICHI: Sugimotoooooo!!!
    EIKICHI: You didn't...you didn't have to kill him! You're all murderers,
    just like them!!!
    ULALA: Look carefully...Nate didn't kill him.
    SUGIMOTO: Gah......
    NATE: "Don't forsake the lesser  for the greater". I learned that some
    time ago...
    KATSUYA: Did Machiavelli say such a thing?...Can you stand?
    NATE: I'm greedy...I take everything that I can get a hold of...
    EIKICHI: I, I'm sorry! I said some horrible things...You are a true man!
    Make me your apprentice!
    BAOFU: Enough with the warm fuzziness...We're gonna beat it outta
    ULALA: Hey wait! What about Tatsuya?...And the stolen data...
    BAOFU: Don't worry...I took the hard drive. I'm not THAT stupid...
    BAOFU: And...Just forget about that guy. He has way more experience than
    you guys, and some guts...Heck, we'd be in his way.
    VOICE OF GUARDS: There they are! Don't let them get away!
    (Nate summons his Persona)
    KATSUYA: Tatsuya...be okay...!
    (Katsuya fires shots.)
    (Later, the parking lot is empty and the truck drives away and the
    guards fire after them.)
    NATE: This is...!?
    (The two private investigators are lying dead in a pool of blood.)
    ELLEN: Nate...
    NATE: Mishima...! Yamai...!!
    MATSUOKA: Stop it...By the time I got back, it was too late...Hurry and
    give me an order to handle it. It will become a nuisance if it doesn't
    get swept under the rug.
    NATE: Wh..why are you the only one still alive!?...You're the traitor,
    aren't you?...
    MATSUOKA:...You're the one who ignored the warning and went off to play
    with fire. If you plan to kill your own men, make it worthwhile.
    NATE:......I apologize. Please...take care of it.
    (Matsuoka leaves.)
    ULALA: Hey...Couldn't this be the work of that "Sneak" guy?
    KATSUYA: Impossible...We were never followed...!
    BAOFU: Not this time...But there were plenty of chances before...We
    can't stay here...Let's go back to my place, we'll be safe there...
    (Baofu is typing on the computer.)
    NEWS: Continuing news in the numerous homicides plaguing Sumaru City..It
    was though to be the work of one suspect, however...The investigation
    department has uncovered that these gruesome serial killings cannot be
    the work of a single suspect...The department has continued
    investigation believing that there is only one suspect, however it has
    been uncertain...
    NATE / KATSUYA / MAYA: .........
    BAOFU: ...I see. Now they've really done it...
    KATSUYA: Have you found something?
    BAOFU: Some of the files still have some sort of protection on
    them...That big thing seems to be called "JSM". I don't know the logic
    behind it, but it's basically a machine that "separates" the Joker from
    the possessed people...The "separated Joker" goes in a tank.  It's known
    as "Kegare" ("Kay-GA-ray"). Kegare consists of things like hatred and
    NATE: "Kegare"...? What are they going to use that for?
    BAOFU: I don't know that far...
    KATSUYA: Wait...these are phone records! The sending-end and the
    receiving-end are the same...? It's a list of Joker calls!
    BAOFU: A "delivery list"...They knew who was going to be the next Joker.
    I can't even make a phone call in peace...
    KATSUYA: He's even got records of 911 reports and police radio
    dispatch...That damn Shimazu!!!
    BAOFU: There's more...Is it a robot? A two-legged tank with human nerve
    transplants... Co-developed by the Defense Agency...
    NATE: And the one who managed the initiative was Guido...
    (Ulala and Ellen enter inside.)
    KATSUYA: Ms. Serizawa...How was it?
    ULALA: Just like Ellen said. Because of Wang Long Chizuru's fortunes,
    the city is in a panic. I actually believed that bitch!
    BAOFU: Let's begin our information exchange...What happened over there,
    ELLEN: Wang Long Chizuru IS connected with the New World Order. She read
    that all of the Guardian Dragons showed signs of "Joka".  Many people
    believe in her readings. It's already spreading, and those not
    using the Joker curse are turning into Joker also...
    KATSUYA: What else?
    ELLEN: She escaped in the end...She said people like us make fortune
    telling necessary, and she was able to collect numerous Kegare...
    NATE: "Kegare" again...
    KATSUYA: Hmmm...It's all so clear now...The fortune teller increased the
    amount of Jokers and the Mafia hunts them down...The captured people get
    "Joker-separated" by Kandori, and the police cover it up...We got to
    find out what Shimazu is up to...
    BAOFU: Hold on...That's not enough to prove the connection between
    Tatsuzou...Going public with this won't solve anything...We gotta get
    more evidence...
    NEWS: ...In other news...In Sumaru city, several seminars were sponsored
    by international celebrities, gathering huge crowds...The seminar is to
    purify those affected as a result of the Joker curse. It recieved a warm
    welcome by the citizens.  At Smile Mall in Hirasaka, Ginji Sasaki, the
    famous producer of the group Muses, met with Wang Long Chizuru...
    BAOFU: Looks like our next place to go is set...Let's go to this seminar
    thing to find out why they're collecting all this kegare.
    LISA: Araya Shrine...A...raya...I wonder why...I've never been here
    LISA: Huh?
    LISA (shocked):.....
    LISA: S-Sorry ya...I thought you looked like someone I know...I was kind
    surprised...Hahaha...I-I'm Lisa Silverman.  Nice to meet you.
    A student at Seven Sisters High School who is a member of the group,
    Muses. A caucasian born and raised in Japan.
    LISA: Eh? You're Ms. Amano?  I've heard about you. You know Ellen,
    right? I was at Sumaru TV at the time and Ellen saved me when that
    incident happened. If you'd like, I can help too. I might not look it,
    but I'm pretty good at Kung Fu! Achooo!!
    (A man in a hat is seen talking to Yuki and Fujii. Maya and co. arrive
    and the man turns around.)
    BRAD: Yo! What took you so long, Ellen?
    A multi-talented entertainer and a St. Hermelin High alum, like Yuki and
    Ellen. He is also a Persona user.
    ELLEN: Hi Brad...How're you doing, Yuki?
    YUKI: I heard about what's happening Maya...I came with Shunsuke to take
    some pictures of Brad, but I'll help too!
    ELLEN: Brad...Have you seen her yet?
    (A black cat walks up towards the party and it watches them.)
    BRAD: Yeah, Wang Long Chizuru is up in the dressing room. And about the
    other thing...It seems that the fortune telling show, which started the
    boom, was a set-up...
    YUKI: That was about the time when a bunch of magazines did articles on
    Wang Long. That's obvious manipulation.
    KATSUYA: The question is wether that woman is in New World Order or not.
    There is the possibility of her just being a pawn.
    (Ulala takes notice of the black cat.)
    ULALA: Hey...That cat...it's been looking this way the entire time...
    KATSUYA: What a cute cat...It's probably a star's pet or something...
    BRAD: Now that you mention it, Wang Long Chizuru had a cat like that...
    (The cat meows and walks away.)
    BAOFU: Forget the stupid cat. Let's go.
    (Talk to people in the room.)
    ULALA: That cat looks suspicious...
    BRAD: I can't go 'cuz I got an interview, but as a friend, best
    regards!...Da ha ha ha ha!
    YUKI: I'll be doing a photo shoot at this guy's dressing room, so ask me
    if there's anything you need, Maya.
    FUJII: The short-haired gal is Ellen Kirishima, huh...Hey Mackey...Can
    you casually ask her if something's bothering her, when you get the
    chance? She has the look of a model, but she is not too popular with the
    camera crew because they say her smile is "stiff"...She seems to smile
    warmly with you guys, so I was wondering if she maybe bothered by
    something else...
    KATSUYA: That whim cats have and the way they check things out is just
    so...Ahh...CHOO...Just thinking about it gives me allergies.
    ELLEN: The dressing room is on the 2nd floor.  Let's head to Wang Long
    Chizuru's dressing room...
    RECEPTIONIST: You're friends of Brad, right?...Please use the elevator
    to go upstairs.
    BAOFU: So, let's go unmask a witch...
    ULALA: Wow, it's Ginji Sasaki and the Muses! Ma-ya, get an autograph! If
    we sell them, we can make some spending money!
    BAOFU: This isn't the one...
    ELLEN: "Muses"...The Greek goddess of music...They're all cute, they
    should ne a hit.
    KATSUYA: She likes Tatsuya and is worried for him...? What a sweet
    girl...But if they were to marry, there would be a big commotion, with
    her being a star...No matter how you look at it...She's a foreign
    girl...Can they communicate well? ...What about engagement presents...?
    I should go check.........
    MAMI: Lisa's worried about Suou, who's been missing...She's depressed.
    She never spoke with him, but has always liked him...
    Lisa's friend who goes by "Asacchi". She also goes to Seventh.
    MIHO: Lisa, cheer up! ...We've finally become idols after having our
    fortunes come true...I'll ask Ms. Chizuru about Suou, okay?
    Lisa's friend who goes by "Mi-po". She also goes to Seventh.
    LISA: Ha...Hu...Ho...
    Part of the high school group, Muses, produced by Sasaki.  I feel like I
    know her too...
    GINJI: What do you girls wants? Even if you are heart-throbbing fans,
    you shouldn't follow me to my dressing room.
    Young producer of the group, Muses. His fortune of success came true...I
    feel I've met him before and detest him...
    ULALA: Oh my god! It's Junko Kurosu! Ma-ya, autograph, autograph! We can
    sell this to old men for a bundle!
    KATSUYA: Hmm...That is the mother of Jun?...I see...He looks like his
    ELLEN: That is the dignity of an actress...Let's leave before we cause
    any trouble.
    BAOFU: Junko...Kurosu...Mature women are nice...They got a sex appeal
    that Ulala doesn't have.
    JUNKO KUROSU: Oh my, this is my dressing room, young lady. If you are
    lost, shall I call someone in to assist you?
    Her real name is "Junko Kashihara". She's a huge star and mother of Jun
    Kashihara. I feel I know her..
    (The dressing room is empty except the black cat from the lobby is
    there. Ellen knocks on the door.)
    VOICE OF ELLEN: Miss Wang Long Chizuru...Excuse us...We would like to
    ask you something.
    (The party comes inside and look around.)
    KATSUYA: She's not here...
    ULALA: Hey, it's that same cat from the lobby...
    (The cat lets out a loud, echoing meow.)
    BLACK CAT: Purrrrrrrr...
    (In a flash of light, everything around is black and gray, except the
    ULALA: W, What the!? What happened!?
    BLACK CAT: Purrrrrrrrrrr.  (The cat vanishes.)
    ELLEN: Wang Long Chizuru...She is definitely an enemy...We've been
    trapped in a Kimon Tonkou formation.
    ULALA: Kimon Tonkou?
    ELLEN: It's an illusion spell that branches from Feng Shui. If you don't
    pass through 8 gates with talismans in order, you can't escape.
    Fantastic! This is my first time too!
    ULALA: Uh..Hel-LO...?
    ELLEN: Looking at the magic's system, the cat was a Shiki! We see in
    black and white because this is the reverse side of reality! Great!
    BAOFU: So what you're trying to say is that we're trapped...Oh happy
    KATSUYA: So if we go through those "8 gates", then we can escape?
    ELLEN: That's right! The numbers 1-8 are written on the Tonkou talismans
    in Ba Gua letters.
    1	2	3	4	5	6	7	8
    (Ba Gua symbols underneath numbers.)
    ELLEN: That's how I read it. Ha! Little did they know that I'm an expert
    on the occult...
    KATSUYA: Miss Kirishima, you have no reflection...
    ELLEN: In ancient sorcery, a mirror projects another world.  I think
    this a spectacle from reality.
    KATSUYA: Then, can we contact Brad and the others on the other side!?
    ELLEN: Has anyone told you that you worry too much?  I'm up for this, if
    you are...
    (Talk to Party Members)
    BAOFU: You gotta be shittin' me...First this, then that...To top it off,
    I'm missing the big game...Let's get
    outta here before something else happens!
    KATSUYA: We were taken for a ride...By a cat of all thing...What should
    we do...(sniffle)...
    ELLEN: First (Ba Gua Symbol)...let's look for the 1st gate. Let's go!
    ULALA: I never knew Ellen was a fan of the occult...You can't tell much
    about people by their looks...
    TALISMAN: (A talisman of Kimon Tonkou is posted. She was planning to
    trap us right from the beginning...)
    ELLEN: The Tonkou talisman's Ba Gua Letter is (Ba Gua Symbol)...Which
    means "1". This is definitely the first gate!
    STUDIO 1
    (The cat is sitting on a table.)
    ELLEN: Hi little kitty...We all know about you and this world. Nice try,
    but we'll get out of here...
    BLACK CAT: I didn't think there was anyone who could figure out the
    spell. We overlooked your existence...
    BLACK CAT: But the true terror of the Kimon Tonkou begins now. Can you
    really escape...? (snicker)
    (The Black Cat vanishes.)
    ULALA: What did it mean by "True Terror"? There's something worse than
    ELLEN: I don't know...? But with me, it's no problem <3
    ELLEN: Next is (Ba Gua symbol)...the second gate. Let's go!
    ELLEN: The Ba Gua Letter is (Ba Gua Symbol)...So, it's "2".  This is
    definitely the second gate! Second gate at Studio 2...How simple.
    (Try to enter, but you're back outside Studio 2.)
    ELLEN: What!? Why...? Why is this wrong!? This Ba Gua Letter is (Ba Gua
    Symbol)...It's "2". Then why isn't this the second gate...? I don't get
    it...We'll have to rely on Brad...Ms. Amano...I'm very sorry, but let's
    look for his dressing room.
    (The scene cuts to Brad, Yuki, and Fujii in the real world at Brad's
    dressing room.)
    BRAD: Hmmm---What kind of pose looks best? Hey, how's this, boss!?
    YUKI: Ah---! This is annoying! Just hurry up and decide!!
    FUJII: Hey Yukki-It's the duty of a cameraman to see which pose looks
    best on a model.
    YUKI: Y, You're right---! You look great...So, let's hurry it up
    BRAD: (sigh) This why--- (Ellen appears in the mirror.) Wha-------------
    -!? E, E, E, Ellen!?
    ELLEN: I'm sorry to bother you in the middle of this...But...I would
    like to ask you for a favor...
    (Ellen explains the situation.)
    YUKI: So you want us to find that talisman here, and tell you the symbol
    written on it!?
    BRAD: It's as good as done, but...I saw a talisman that had (Ba Gua
    Symbol) written on it on the door of Studio 5.
    ELLEN: Really? Then that's the 2nd gate...That's strange...Can you check
    and see what's going on with the other talismans?
    ELLEN: 5 is 2... (Ba Gua Symbol) is (Ba Gua Symbol)...
    KATSUYA: Here, Studio 2's talismans letter is (Ba Gua Symbol) ...In
    other words "5"... And in the real world, Studio 5 is (Ba Gua
    Symbol)...In other words "2"...Studio 2 being wrong means...That the
    real world is correct?
    ELLEN: There could be a secret rule...If we could figure out, there
    wouldn't be a need to involve Brad and the others...
    ULALA: But if reality is correct, then why don't we just have Brad tell
    us each time?
    BAOFU: Damn, that's going to take forever...There has to be a better
    (Talk to your members. Also, talk to the mirror to get hints from Brad
    and Yuki.)
    BRAD: I saw a talisman with (Ba Gua Symbol) (2) written on it at Studio
    5...Off 2 the next gate!
    KATSUYA: Think or come back here again...Would you think about it too,
    Miss Amano?
    ULALA: Ugh...With the numbers and symbols scattered, it's making my body
    all itchy!!
    BAOFU: This is a bunch of bull...Everything is all ass backwards...
    ELLEN: 1	2	3	4	5	6	7	8
    (Bau Gua Symbols underneath the numbers.)
    ELLEN: That's how the order should be...Normally we should just go in
    this order, and be able to escape the Kimon Tonkou formation, but...
    ELLEN: Hmm..No matter how you look at it, it's (Ba Gua Symbol), so it's
    "5". But according to Brad, it's (Ba Gua Symbol)... That makes the
    second gate...
    STUDIO 5
    (Talk to members.)
    ULALA: I don't know...I've never been good at math...
    ELLEN: Hmmm..This seems to be the second gate. But why...? (Ba Gua
    Symbol) (5) is written on there.
    BAOFU: Ch...This is pissing me off...It would be faster if we found that
    damn cat and make him cough it up.
    KATSUYA: I'm opposed to harming the cat. How could you abuse such a cute
    animal!? Well, that Black Cat might be a monster but...
    YUKI: I saw (Ba Gua Symbol) (3) written on a talisman at the door of
    studio 3!...You're going through some try-ing times...
    ELLEN: This Ba Gua Letter is (Ba Gua Symbol) ... It's "3". This must be
    the third gate, but...
    STUDIO 3
    ULALA: Heeere kitty-kitty-kitty-kitty-kitty- If you're not there, please
    say so...
    (camera shots are heard)
    CREEPY MAN: Heheheheh...I finally found you, my beloved Ellen <3
    ELLEN: As if...!?
    BAOFU: Who the f##k are you?
    ELLEN: That's the guy who's been stalking me! I thought I got rid of him
    with my Persona.
    ULALA: Wha, wha, what!? Stalker, you say!?
    STALKER: Is that your way of showing your love? You love me so much it
    hurts. Deheheheh...
    A stalker of Ellen...He has a criminal history, including breaking into
    her house.
    STALKER: I thought that today I'd return the favor, so I brought this <3
    (Stalker takes out a chain saw.)
    (Enter Battle)
    ELLEN: No way! Don't get near me!!
    ULALA: You pathetic weasel!! I'm gonna (beep)ing (beep) your (beep)!!
    Come on!
    STALKER: I lo--ve you-----!!
    (After Battle)
    ELLEN: Serves you right...
    ULALA: That'll teach ya not to mess with us girls!
    BAOFU: But he does have some "cajones", coming all this way...
    KATSUYA: We'll just get him out later. We have to hurry. Let's get
    BRAD: Found it!...(Ba Gua Symbol) (4) is on the door of Studio 7! Call 4
    me again!
    ELLEN: This talisman is (Ba Gua Symbol)...It's "7". This has to be the
    seventh gate, but...
    STUDIO 7
    ULALA: (sigh)...Looks like this one was the right one.
    (Enter Battle)
    KATSUYA: Look out, Miss Kirishima!!!
    (Katsuya pushes Ellen out the way of a falling light)
    ELLEN: Kyaaa!?
    (Stalker comes down the steps.)
    STALKER: Guheeeeeee<3...You're not supposed to dodge it!
    (After Battle)
    BAOFU: This guy has got it bad for you...
    (Katsuya handcuffs the Stalker to a pole.)
    KATSUYA: How persistent...
    KATSUYA: Hopefully, this will hold him until we get out...
    (Ellen falls to the ground.)
    ELLEN: Why...must I have to go through this...?
    ULALA: Cheer up, Ellen...! It's okay now, so let's get out of here
    YUKI: (Ba Gua Symbol) (5) is at Studio 2! Gimmie a "high-five"! Let's
    ELLEN: This is...(Ba Gua Symbol)...It's "2", isn't it...? There's no
    mistake in my knowledge...Why isn't this
    the second gate...?
    STUDIO 2
    (Talk to Party Members)
    ELLEN: Is he not around...? I wonder if it really is okay...
    ULALA: Don't worry Ellen. If he comes out again, I'll pull down his
    pants and hang him upside down.
    KATSUYA: I'm sure he won't be able to do anything in handcuffs even if
    he does wake up.
    BAOFU: What a vulgar girl...She's on the same level as that shit head.
    Oh well, at least it's entertaining...
    BRAD: (Ba Gua Symbol) is at studio 6! This is not a six-sessful day. Da
    ha ha ha ha!
    ELLEN: This is (Ba Gua Symbol)...It's "6". This should be the sixth
    STUDIO 6
    ULALA: It's alright! See, there's nobody there...
    (Stalker comes out from the behind the wall.)
    ULALA: What the hell!? Not him again....
    STALKER: Uhee, uhee, uhee, uheeeeee!
    ELLEN: No...No...no-No-NO!!! I'm fed up!!! Your obsession disturbs me!!!
    STALKER: Even though I love you sooo much...?
    ELLEN: Yes! Yes!! Yes!!!
    STALKER: You like him THAaaaT MUCH!? You think I'm a nuisance!? You're
    no different than MEEEEEEE!!
    (Enter Battle)
    ELLEN: I'm...the same...?
    STALKER: You're no different than me! I'm gonna (beep) your (beep) and
    (beep) it!!!
    ULALA: Shut up! You (beep) (beep)!!! I'm gonna (beep)ing kick your
    scrawny (beep)! You piece of sh(beep)!!
    (After Battle)
    BAOFU: His neck is broken.. It would be impossible for him to move...
    ELLEN: I'm...the same...
    KATSUYA: Ms. Amano...doesn't it seem strange? Though we had no idea
    where to go, why did HE always show up before we did, before us? This
    could be what that cat meant by the terror of the Kimon Tonkou...
    YUKI: (Ba Gua Symbol) (7) is at studio 4! "You fall 7 times, you get up
    ELLEN: Hmmmm...This Ba Gua Letter is (Ba Gua Symbol)... "4", right? Then
    why isn't this the fourth gate...?
    STUDIO 4
    (Katsuya checks things out with his gun.)
    KATSUYA: It's alright...The cat and the maniac aren't here...
    ULALA: Hey, Ellen...Who was that guy that the stalker was talking about?
    If there's anything you're worried about, go ahead and tell me. I'll
    ELLEN: I'm sorry to have worried you...That man must have been referring
    to "him"... A high school classmate...I made a promise with "him"...
    When we achieved our dreams, that we would meet again...
    ULALA: I see... that "him"...
    ELLEN: But, how did that man know about "him"...? It's driving me
    (Talk to members)
    BAOFU: I see...I see, more or less...
    ULALA: How admirable...I will support Ellen in all aspects...Falling in
    love is a woman's life!
    ELLEN: "He" is a comrade I fought together with 4 years ago...I became a
    model just as we promised...
    KATSUYA: The time to strike is the next time that black cat shows
    up...I'm not so thrilled about attacking a cat though...
    BRAD: (Ba Gua Symbol) (8) is at 8! I guess this is the last g-eight!
    How's my gags?...Da ha ha ha ha!
    ELLEN: This Ba Gua Letter is (Ba Gua Symbol)... It's "8". This should be
    the last gate...
    STUDIO 8
    BOY WITH EARRING: Long time...
    ELLEN: What...Why are you here...?
    BOY WITH EARRING: I came to see if you kept your promise or not...
    ULALA: So...this is Ellen's...Such a touching moment...
    ELLEN: O, Of course...! I, I became...
    BAOFU: Hold on girlie...I don't like this...
    KATSUYA: I agree...
    BOY WITH EARRING: You don't believe me?
    ELLEN: Th, that's not true...!
    BOY WITH EARRING: What kind of face is that...It's like a mask. You call
    that a smile?
    ELLEN: Eh...?
    BOY WITH EARRING: There's something bothering you, right? That's why you
    can only make that face. Go ahead and say it...I'll listen.
    ELLEN: .........I...I...
    BOY WITH EARRING: Come on, speak up...Then I'll go ahead and say what
    Ellen wants to know the most. "Your obsession disturbs me". "Don't
    bother me anymore". ...Are you satisfied?
    (Ellen falls to the ground.)
    KATSUYA: There!
    (Katsuya fires a shot and the boy vanishes and the cat pops out.
    BLACK CAT: Raaaaaaaaoooowww!!!
    (Enter Battle)
    BAOFU: That's what I thought...Fool.
    KATSUYA: That stalker and that young boy were projections of Miss
    Kirishima's fears...That about sums it up. Unfortunate for you, science
    has progressed. We have immunity from curses and illusions...You're
    100 years too late.
    BLACK CAT: D, Damn you----------!
    ELLEN: How dare you...how dare you...with his face...! That is
    (After Battle)
    ELLEN: I'm sorry everyone...I caused so much trouble...because of my
    ULALA: There's nothing to worry about. Besides, I can relate to how you
    feel..."Let's Be Postive!" Right, Ma-ya?
    (Maya nods her head.)
    BAOFU: Compared to "you-know-who", who became a Joker herself, that
    ain't nothing...
    ULALA: Why'd you have to bring that up again!? I said I was sorry...
    KATSUYA: I think the spell is breaking down. Let's get out of here.
    (Maya and co. leave)
    (Miho, Mami, Lisa, Ginji, an Announcer, Chizuru, and Junko Kurosu are
    all sitting down.)
    ANNOUNCER: Now, we will ask Wang Long Chizuru to read what will happen
    to the streets being disturbed by the Joker...
    (Chizuru gets up and tries to predict, but then something affects her
    and she kneels down.)
    JUNKO KUROSU: Are you alright...Ms. Chizuru?
    (An assistant director comes up tells them to stop taping for a minute.)
    WANG LONG CHIZURU: So, Shiki has been defeated...
    JUNKO KUROSU: Eh...?
    WANG LONG CHIZURU: Yes...I, I am fine. I just got a little dizzy...Let's
    (The assistant director orders to resume taping again and leaves.)
    WANG LONG CHIZURU: The 12 Dragons used by heaven's lord..."Joka"
    representing the world's defilment, "Fukugi" representing life in the
    world...Tell me the future of this incident!
    WANG LONG CHIZURU: Ohh...This is!? All the guardian dragons are showing
    signs of "Joka"!!! At this rate, more people will be consumed by the
    Joker!!!  It is vital to purify the kegare before it occurs!
    ASSISANT DIRECTOR: A, are you guys just looking around!? G, get out of
    here quick!!! Junko Kurosu is going berserk in Studio One!!!
    ELLEN: Please calm down. So, what happened?
    ASSISANT DIRECTOR: Wang Long Chizuru's telling came true! She said that
    people will become Joker...And all of a sudden, Mrs. Kurosu became a
    KATSUYA: What!? Ms. Amano, let's go!!!
    KATSUYA: Tatsuya!? I can feel Tatsuya's aura...It's coming from Studio
    One! He's...alive!!!
    (You can talk to a girl in a Seventh uniform here)
    YOUKO: I, I don't know anything...! I wasn't jealous of that girl
    Lisa...! I didn't perform any Joker curse!!!
    ELLEN: (Ba Gua Symbol)...The talisman of "1". Wang Long Chizuru is
    inside as well. She's a considerably strong sorceress...Do not
    underestimate her!!!
    STUDIO 1
    (Chizuru is standing behind Junko Kursou.  Junko Kurosu is about to
    attack Lisa, Mami, and Miho when fire halts Junko in her path. Tatsuya
    walks in between and draws his sword towards Chizuru and Junko.)
    LISA: Upperclassman Tatsuya...? Wh, why are you here...?
    WANG LONG CHIZURU: Hmph...So you are the paradox that Master Guido was
    talking about..You impudent child...I will finish you off myself!
    TATSUYA: Stand back, Lisa...
    LISA: Lisa...?
    (Katsuya walks in.)
    KATSUYA: Tatsuya...!?
    (Maya and co. enter and draw their weapons.)
    (Boss Battle Music Starts)
    WANG LONG CHIZURU: Ch...! Junko Kurosu! Kill that boy!
    JOKER JUNKO: Under<3stood<3 Such a cute boy...
    (Chizuru walks to Maya and co.)
    (Enter Battle)
    ULALA: And I believed in your fortune telling! How dare you let me
    WANG LONG CHIZURU: (snicker) Because of people like you, fortune telling
    is needed. Thanks to this, I've collected lots of Kegare...
    (Chizuru points to Katsuya.)
    WANG LONG CHIZURU: You over there! You said curses were outdated...I've
    been hated and driven out by humans like you. "The world needs no such
    powers!"...You cannot accept anyone who is different, you foolish,
    sinful creatures! Look at the way things are now!...Face the fact that
    humans cannot live without oracles to cling to!
    (After Battle)
    (A dummy is lying on the floor)
    ELLEN: Damn...I knew it was too easy...It was just a dummy.
    (Katsuya walks up to Lisa and her freinds. An unconscious Junko is on
    the floor.)
    KATSUYA: Where is Tatsuya...!?
    LISA: He just told me...to take this person to a place called the
    "Velvet Room"...
    LISA: Please! Save Tatsuya!! He was very depressed...PLEASE!
    KATSUYA: Calm down...That is my younger brother. I'll make sure he goes
    to school so...
    BAOFU: It's dangerous to stay here any longer...Let's get out of here.
    (The two private investigators are lying dead in a pool of blood.)
    ELLEN: What happened to them!? Nate! Are you alright!?
    NATE: We were too late...By the time we got back...
    ELLEN: The New World Order will pay for they've done...
    ULALA: Hey...This all started when we talked to that "Sneak" guy?
    KATSUYA: Impossible...We were never followed...!
    BAOFU: Not this time...But there were plenty of chances before...We
    can't stay here...Let's go back to my place, we'll be safe there...
    (Baofu is typing on the computer.)
    NEWS: Continuing news in the numerous homicides plaguing Sumaru City..It
    was though to be the work of one suspect, however...The investigation
    department has uncovered that these gruesome serial killings cannot be
    the work of a single suspect...The department has continued
    investigation believing that there is only one suspect, however it has
    been uncertain...
    NATE / KATSUYA / MAYA: .........
    (Ulala and Ellen enter inside.)
    KATSUYA: Ms. Serizawa...How was it?
    ULALA: Just like Ellen said. Because of Wang Long Chizuru's fortunes,
    the city is in a panic. I actually believed that bitch!
    BAOFU: Let's begin our information exchange.. What happened over at the
    NATE: The man named Shinjo at the lab was in fact Guido Kandori...They
    say they revived him with rumors. Guido has been using the Jokers he's
    been capturing for some human experiments...I saw a huge machine in the
    laboratory which appeared to be part of the experiment...Other than
    that, I got caught, so all I could do was steal the research data...This
    is the disk I downloaded.
    (Nate gives the disk to Baofu.)
    BAOFU: Wow...I'm impressed...Well done, "Sir Nate".
    NATE: ...I wish you would stop calling me that. The one person allowed
    to call me that no longer exists...
    BAOFU: Alright...My bad...This is a lot of information...That machine
    seems to be called "JSM". I don't know the logic  behind it, but it's
    basically a machine that "separates" the people from the Joker in
    them... The "seperated Joker" goes in a tank.  It's known as "Kegare"
    ("Kay-GA-ray"). Kegare consists of things like hatred and fears.
    ELLEN: "Kegare" again...? Wang Long Chizuru talked about how they
    gathered a lot of kegare...What are they going to use that for?
    BAOFU: There's not much here that says anything about what they're doing
    with it...
    KATSUYA: Wait...these are phone records! The sending-end and the
    receiving-end are the same...? It's a list of Joker calls!
    BAOFU: A "delivery list"...They knew who was going to be the next Joker.
    I can't even make a phone call in peace...
    KATSUYA: He's even got records of 911 reports and police radio
    dispatch...That damn Shimazu!!!
    BAOFU: There's more...Is it a robot? A two-legged tank with human nerve
    transplants... Co-developed by the Defense Agency...
    NATE: And the one who managed the initiative was Guido...Why Guido...You
    KATSUYA: Hmmm...It's all so clear now...The fortune teller increased the
    amount of Jokers and the Mafia hunts them down...The captured people get
    "Joker-seperated" by Kandori, and the police cover it up...We got to
    find out what Shimazu is up to...
    BAOFU: Hold on...That's not enough to prove the connection between
    Tatsuzou...Going public with this won't solve anything...We gotta get
    more evidence...
    NEWS: ...In other news...In Sumaru city, several seminars were sponsored
    by international celebrities, gathering huge crowds...The seminar is to
    purify those affected as a result of the Joker curse. It received a warm
    welcome by the people of the city. At Smile Mall in Hirasaka, Ginji
    Sasaki, the famous producer of the group Muses, met with Wang Long
    BAOFU: Looks like our next place to go is set...Let's go to this seminar
    thing to find out why they're collecting all this kegare.
    ULALA: I wonder why...I've felt that that I've seen Tatsuya at GOLD
    before...That can't be...
    ULALA: The "Deja Vu Boy"...I don't believe that it's not just for you,
    but for me as well...
    KATSUYA: I wonder if we caught what you have...Lately, I've had deja vu
    as well. I feel that something happened at Smile Mall.
    LISA: Ms. Amano...I guess deja vu really does happen. I've been having
    it a lot lately. I think I know this place. That shrine and
    everything...It's not my first time seeing them...But why?
    LISA: It's been bugging me...that guy with blue hair seems familiar. I
    feel like picking on him.
    JUN: That over there's...Michel...He goes to the same school as I do.
    Why is he here?..And that blond girl, do I know her...?
    EIKICHI: You..Why are you here? Huh? Me? I just...wandered...sorta...
    EIKCIHI: Hmm...that blond girl has been staring at me passionately...I
    think I have another fan now. ...Or do I know her? I think I might...But
    I can't remember her...
    BAOFU: Suou had a dream where the police station was bombed.  Maybe he
    wants to kill his boss?
    KATSUYA: I had a dream once where many incidents happened one after the
    other. Could it have been a premonition?
    SMILE MALL 4F (Outside the Seminar Hall)
    ULALA: I bet the seminar started already. The door's locked.
    KATSUYA: This building's design is somewhat outdated. If we can find an
    air duct, it's possible for us to check what's happened inside, but...
    The question is where it's located...
    (Maya starts to have a flashback.)
    (This shows Maya inside a restroom with Tatsuya, Eikichi, Lisa, and
    Yuki.  Maya starts to smoke a cigarette and lifts it into the air. Then
    the air duct is shown up close.)
    KATSUYA: Huh? It's in the women's restroom on the 4th floor? How did you
    know that, Miss Amano...? I see, it's another of your deja vu...Hmm..
    (Maya, Ulala, and Ellen (if you're on her route) enter inside and they
    find the air duct.)
    ULALA: I'm going to call the guys in. Take care the vent cover off...
    (Maya does so and Ulala goes to the door.)
    ULALA: Hey guys, you can come in now...We found it...
    KATSUYA: Let's move...I don't want to get caught hanging around in a
    women's restroom...
    (Katsuya jumps into the air duct.)
    (There are many people sitting down and it shows Ginji Sasaki standing
    in front of a golden statue.)
    ULALA: Hey, isn't that Ginji Sasaki...!? I don't see Chizuru around...
    BAOFU: Hey...Watch where you put your hand!
    GINJI: ...Can you people answer why you were born!? Why you are living
    the way you are!?
    GINJI: Lives wandering aimlessly...Though not satisfied, there are no
    efforts made for change. The one thing to do is to begrudge others! That
    is sin! That is Kegare! That's how the Joker consumes people!!
    ULALA: Whew...That guy's lost it...
    GINJI: But your worries are fully understandable...Not knowing what to
    do, not knowing how to live...That's right, not having a dream!! That is
    why we have Wang Long Chizuru! We have Wang Long fortune telling!! It is
    for the common man!!!
    MAYA: .........
    GINJI: Here, I have Mistress Chizuru's statue of a sacred
    dragon...Fukugi. If you believe Mistress Chizuru's words and touch this
    statue, you'll be cleansed...Now, be reborn into innocence!
    (Ginji selects a man, and the man goes up to the statue.)
    NATE: Is it...the same kind of machine in the lab...!?
    ELLEN: Is that...the same machine Nate said he saw...?
    KATSUYA: It absorbs human's sins...That can't be...
    (The man puts his hand in the staue and his Kegare is sucked.)
    REBORN MAN: Ahhh...I feel so bright and happy!! I have now become
    innocent right!?
    (Ginji nods his head.)
    MAYA: .........!?
    ULALA: Ma-ya, they stole your motto!?
    ULALA: So, what are we gonna do? Catch Sasaki, or destroy the
    machine...Either way, with all those people, they are going to get mixed
    up in it!
    *MAYA: Let's start a fire!*
    ULALA: Haven't you had enough fires? Besides, I don't think Suou would
    let you start one in front of him...
    KATSUYA: Actually...I think it's a good idea...
    ULALA: What the hell?...Unbelievable...! You were always yapping
    "justice, justice, justice", but when it's Ma-ya, anything is okay?
    KATSUYA: No...I meant...
    ULALA: Ohhhh...Ahhhh...Now this is a big surprise. With cops like this,
    this country really is finished...I seeeeeee...
    BAOFU: Hey stupid...Look up.
    NATE: A fire alarm, huh...As long as people BELIEVE there is a fire, we
    don't actually need to set one. How about burning some trash at the duct
    too? If we make a little smoke, it should be much more effective
    than just an alarm.
    ELLEN: A fire alarm...All we have to do is cause a panic, and we
    wouldn't even have to burn anything. Though I would kind of like to see
    BAOFU: We can also burn trash or something at the duct. It'll be better
    than just an alarm.
    KATSUYA: Let's split into 2 groups, one sends smoke and charges in,
    while the other sets off the alarm.
    (A moment later.)
    ULALA: Hey Ma-ya...Does everyone think I'm stupid? If you ask me,
    there's something wrong with you guys for being so calm at a time like
    NATE: Your reaction is relatively normal. Everybody is just used to
    these situations...What I don't understand is Ms. Amano...Where does
    your "deja vu" originate from?
    ELLEN: Don't worry. You seem so...natural. I'm envious...I hear women
    are more likable if they're a little air-headed.
    (Maya laughs)
    ULALA: Gee thanks...
    (The alarm goes off, talk to party members.)
    ULALA: Damn, that Baofu pisses me off...He call me an idiot all the
    NATE: Let's go now. The guys are waiting for us.
    ELLEN: Let's go...The guys are waiting.
    (The party enters the empty Seminar Room and confront Ginji Sasaki.)
    GINJI: What are you people!?...Don't blame me if you are consumed
    through such actions! I am trying to rid everyone's Kegare..
    KATSUYA: If it's that easy, no one would struggle. Stop confusing these
    people with your foolish superstitions...
    BAOFU: Exactly...There is much we want to ask you. You best worry about
    you, rather than the machine.
    GINJI: I'm not talking!! This is an outrage! Someone get a lawyer!!!
    BAOFU: Will someone please shut this guy up? Amano, you know what to
    (Maya draws out her guns.)
    GINJI: Wh, what are you doing? S,stop...something terrible will happen!
    (Maya shoots the glass tubes full of Kegare.  The Kegare rises and goes
    into Ginji. He then falls to the floor.)
    GINJI: Gyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
    NATE: It can't be...It has it's own will!?
    ELLEN: Uh...What just happened there? Is he alive...?
    ULALA: Oh, man! Did you see that!? It just went inside that guy's body!
    KATSUYA: Hey, are you alright!?
    (Ginji gets up and he's turned into a Joker.)
    (Enter Battle)
    JOKER GINJI: I warned you that something horrible would happen!
    (Ginji summons the Joker Persona.)
    NATE: I see...Extracted Kegare from the people are themselves, Joker...
    ELLEN: I got it...Kegare equals Joker...
    KATSUYA: A Persona born of sin...No wonder it keeps gaining power...
    BAOFU: So it's on a completely different level than before...Keep your
    guard up!
    (After Battle)
    JOKER GINJI: Ghu...
    (Ginji collapses.)
    BAOFU: Damn...This isn't good...
    KATSUYA: Ended up we couldn't find anything out...Seemed to be under a
    strong mind control...Probably a waste to question subordinates...
    ULALA: But they're doing the same thing all over the place right? What
    are we going to do...
    NATE: Going one at a time gets us nowhere. Before they do anymore
    damage, we should expose the New World Order publicly.
    (Nate dials his cell plone.)
    NATE: Ellen? Give our data regarding the New World Order to Matsuoka. We
    will leak it to a trustworthy pipeline.
    ELLEN: There are too many of them...Before they do anymore damaage, we
    should exposse the New World Order publicly.
    (Ellen dials her cell phone.)
    ELLEN: Nate? I want you to send information about the New World Order
    over the wire...
    (Katsuya's cell phone rings)
    SNEAK"S VOICE: It's me...Sneak
    KATSUYA: ...I want to ask you one thing. A penthouse was attacked...Was
    it you?
    SNEAK:...I guess it would be pretty hard to believe me...very well. Next
    time, I will show myself.  Do as you wish...There is something I must
    say...Wait until after you've heard this. I'll be at the Concert Hall in
    Aoba Park...
    (Katsuya hangs up.)
    BAOFU: Is it him...?
    KATSUYA: Yeah...He wants us to meet him at the Concert Hall in Aoba
    ULALA: Wait a minute! It has to be a trap!!
    KATSUYA: You may be right...But, I have to find out if he's really
    BAOFU: Heh...We'll see. You probably just want to find out about your
    father...I'm not getting involved...
    KATSUYA: Do whatever you want, Baofu...Nobody asked you to come
    along...Ms. Amano...I'll be going now...
    (Katsuya leaves.)
    ULALA: Hey, what did you say that for!? He's one of us...He's our
    BAOFU: Heheh...I never thought of him as a friend...Besides, he only
    irritates me...
    ULALA: Hey! I'm getting tired of your shit, Baofu! Get your ass after
    him, now! Otherwise, you'll be joining our friend on the ground over
    BAOFU: Well, if you put it that way...Ch..Fine...I don't care about him,
    but separating from Maya right now wouldn't be wise...
    LISA: New World Order...I think my producer knew the name...
    JUN: The New World Order...Is the man who attacked us at the Sky Museum
    part of that group too?
    EIKICHI: "Let's be positive!"...Everyone in twon's been saying that
    lately, so it's been on my mind. I feel there used to be someone who
    went around saying something like that...Who was it...?
    ELLEN: (giggle) When we're like this, it seems we're back in time. I
    wonder how Mark is doing...
    (At this point, you can meet a white-haired girl with a sword here. )
    IXQUIC: I am Ixquic, the transmigrated warrior maiden! Demons that
    threaten humans' lives! I, Ixquic, shall whoop your asses!!
    Very spirited girl who thinks she is a reincarnated warrior of some
    IXQUIC: Hey, misses? Have you seen an old lady who runs at 100
    kilometers per hour around here? The kids in the neighborhood said that
    they saw the (100 km/h Hag) at the (The Seedy CD). As a warrior, I can't
    let that slide, can I? That's why I came here, but I couldn't find any
    demons...Um, Misses, can you help me find it?
    IXQUIC:The 100 km/h Hag has something called, High Speed Title. If I
    show that to the kids, they'd be convinced...
    (Spread the rumor, fight the 100 km/h Hag and receive the High Speed
    Title. Show it to Ixquic.)
    IXQUIC: !? The thing that you're holding, isn't that the High Speed
    Title!? Wo---w!!! You actually beat the 100 km/h
    Hag!...Um...Misses...Um..Can you trade that High-Speed Title for my
    treasure? I really need that...
    *MAYA: (Trade)*
    IXQUIC: Really!? Yaaaaaay! Then I'll give you this Incense Set! Thank
    BAOFU: Looks like Suou is just ahead of us...Man, that guy...You can't
    handle being a gumshoe, believing people that easily...
    BAOFU: It's open...
    ULALA: He went inside here...?
    BAOFU: Dammit! One of these days Suou's going to get himself into real
    (Katsuya checks all around the stage and he sees someone by the seats.)
    KATSUYA: Chief Togashi...!?  But why...That can't be!
    CHIEF TOGASHI: I'm sorry Sergeant Suou...I can't ask for you to believe
    me, but...I wasn't informed about the attack. The organization does not
    trust me...If you want to shoot, go ahead. But can you at least
    listen to my story...I want to atone for the sin I've committed...
    (Katsuya puts his gun away. The screen fades out for a moment)
    CHIEF TOGASHI: Here, let me explain...The New World Order is an
    organization that worships a god-like figure called Gozen. You've at
    least heard of Kiyotada Sumaru...That's right...A Shogun Warrior who
    used to rule this land during the civil war. 20 years ago, when Honmaru
    Park was built, they unearthed Kiyotada's mummy. That's when everything
    CHIEF TOGASHI: The top leaders of the organization were responsible for
    the park's construction. Until then, they were just a small local
    company, but now they are big enough to move this country...All because
    of Kiyotada's strong curses. To me it just looks like a mummy...They
    claim to be able to hear voices...They worship the mummy  and plan to
    destroy the entire world outside of Sumaru to create a utopia.
    KATSUYA: That's foolish...What are they trying to accomplish?
    CHIEF TOGASHI: To them, the entire world is a "sin". An innocent world
    is created by one tribe with one universial utopian ideal...The
    eradication of Sin by Punishment...The spreading of Jokers and fortunes
    are solely for that purpose.
    KATSUYA: That is such arrogance...! Sure, man commits sin...even grave
    sins! But shouldn't there be atonement!?  One must atone for one's own
    sins. Being the police, shouldn't we understand that better than
    CHIEF TOGASHI:...The problem is their will and power...You may know that
    fortune telling stems from an ancient curse called "Wang Long"... The
    dragons of Wang Long are underground energy flows called
    leylines...Since ancient times man has prospered by watching or
    sometimes, controlling it...They are going to use the dragon for the
    contrary purpose...The dragons hate Kegare. If amassed in large
    quantities and released, the dragons will band together to kill
    it...Natural disasters, causing the poles of the world to shift, will
    knock the earth off its axis...Destroying the world...
    KATSUYA: Pole shift...? That's impossible...!! That's the purpose of the
    Jokers!? That would destroy the New World Order itself...That is
    CHIEF TOGASHI: They plan to elevate the entire city with an ancient
    spaceship called "Torifune", while watching the process unfold...The
    Torifune is already made real by rumor. Now, no person can stop the
    rumors...! The only way is to defeat Sudou and Gozen...
    CAPTAIN SHIMAZU'S VOICE: Betrayal would be distressing , chief.
    (Captain Shimazu comes out on the stage.)
    CAPTAIN SHIMAZU: Plus this is the second time...First your best
    friend...and now us?
    CPATAIN SHIMAZU: Your father was an excellent officer. 10 years ago, he
    was this close in closing in on Tatsuya Sudou. He never figured a friend
    would betray him. A best friend teaming up with the criminal's father to
    fabricate charges...(chuckle)
    CHIEF TOGASHI: He's right...I betrayed your father...I knew that this
    would happen ever since I heard his son was in the police academy...I
    knew all along...You became a cop to prove your father's innocence...And
    to gain back the family bond which I had destroyed...But at least
    believe this...Your father was a very proud man...He accepted the false
    accusations in order to protect both me and his family...
    CHIEF TOGASHI: Captain! I have already revealed the organization's
    information to a trusted source! A place not infected by Sudou!
    Eventually our existence will be revealed to the public...No more games!
    CAPTAIN SHIMAZU: Ha-Ha-Ha! You foolish old man...That's our intent.
    Kotodama's revelation takes precaution. A story won't become a rumor if
    it is too unrealistic. We need realism and publicity. For that, we must
    make the public aware of our existence, purpose, and power...You have
    advertised us very well.
    CHIEF TOGASHI: You bastard. You think you're an enforcer?
    (Togashi tries to shoot Shimazu, but Shimazu shoots Togashi first.)
    KATSUYA: Chief!!!
    CAPTAIN SHIMAZU: Checkmate...(chuckle)
    BAOFU: For you...
    KATSUYA: Ms. Amano...!?
    (The party surrounds Shimazu and Maya has a gun to his head. Shimazu
    drops his gun.)
    ULALA: Tell us where Tatsuzou is! Ma-ya's got a really itchy trigger-
    finger, so don't mess with her!
    (Suddenly SAT teams come out and have the Concert Hall surrounded)
    (Enter Battle)
    CAPTAIN SHIMAZU: (chuckles)...This is how a game should be...The odds
    are now even. What are you gonna do?
    MAYA: .........
    KATSUYA: .........
    (Katsuya gets on the ground and fires a shot.)
    (After Battle)
    (Shimazu is sitting down in a pool of blood.)
    KATSUYA: I won't...let you die as a public servant...
    (Katsuya handcuffs Shimazu.)
    CAPTAIN SHIMAZU: It was...to create an "innocent" world...I am...not
    (Captain Shimazu dies.)
    KATSUYA: Chief Togashi...!
    CHIEF TOGASHI: Katsuya...forgive me...I was foolish...Please...stop
    KATSUYA: Yes sir...
    CHIEF TOGASHI: Th, their hideout..is...
    (Chief Togashi dies.)
    KATSUYA: Come on, say it Baofu...You were right and I was wrong...I let
    myself fall into their trap...
    BAOFU: Now's not the time...The old man paid his dues...You show respect
    for a "man"...
    BAOFU: Let's get back to my place...We have to figure out Tatsuzou's
    next move...
    CHRIS: I'm pretty much done with my business...I'm gonna get going. Take
    care, you guys. By the way...if you ever need a good knife for your
    kitchen, just call me. I'll be right over.
    ELLEN: It just started going off. What is happening?
    NATE: It just started going off. What's going on? It's pretty annoying.
    BAOFU: I tapped Tatsuzou's phone. Either his home or office...I've
    tapped most phones the bastard should be using. Of course, I can't do
    diddly squat about cell phones and public phones...
    YUNG PAO'S VOICE: ...Shimazu and Togashi are dead. They did it...That
    leaves less work for us.
    TATSUZOU'S VOICE: I see...
    BAOFU: Yung Pao...!
    KATSUYA: That guy must have been spying on us...!
    YUNG PAO'S VOICE: I want to get reward I was promised...You release
    brother yet?
    TATSUZOU'S VOICE: Don't worry. He's already in the country on a tourist
    visa.  He's got money, too...
    YUNG PAO'S VOICE: ...I see. I decide location...Bring money to Konan
    District Abandoned Factory...You come alone...No tricks.
    TATSUZOU'S VOICE: You are very cautious...Very well...The promise was to
    accept all deals...See you then...
    MAYA: .........
    BAOFU: .........This is our chance to nail Tatsuzou's ass...Ha! He'll
    never see us comin'!
    KATSUYA / NATE: .........
    (Baofu starts to leave.)
    ULALA: H, Hey...
    BAOFU: .........
    (Baofu exits.)
    (Talk to members.)
    KATSUYA: Mr. Nanjo...There's something I would like you to check...Check
    NATE: Baofu's...and...? I understand...I will try...
    ELLEN: Pole shift...That thing where the earth's axis will spin 90
    degrees...? If that happens the whole world will rain for days...floods,
    tsunamis, volcanos, and earthquakes...Every kind of disaster...And
    unless they are airborne, most people won't survive...How could they use
    the Wang Long for such a thing...
    ULALA: Ma-ya, he just went alone...! It's too dangerous alone...We've
    got to go after him! The factory is behind our place!
    (When you leave a cut scene will ensue.)
    (This shows the same conference room from way back from the beginning of
    the game. Chizuru, Guido, 4 NWO executives, a guy in a green uniform,
    and the mysterious old man, who is Tatsuzou are shown.)
    OLD MAN WITH A CANE: ...See you then...
    The current Foreign Minister who is also the top executive of the New
    World Order. He is the one behind this plan.
    PALE-FACED MAN: Hard to believe these are the actions of a person
    raising an innocent world...I'm saying, it's quite a task.
    Hostile leader of the 15th Division of the Civil Defense Force and
    director of NWO. He seems to be ill, and looks very pale.
    TATSUZOU: No need for insults. Is it ready...?
    GENERAL SUGAWARA: It is complete. It should be a good test for X-1.
    Excuse me...
    GENERAL SUGWARA: A wolf in sheep's clothing....
    (Sugawara walks off.)
    NEW WROLD ORDER EXECUTIVE (purple suit): The plan is going smoothly as
    of now...The uncertain aspect is the existence of the Paradox.
    NEW WORLD ORDER EXECUTIVE (grey suit): Why is that obstacle left
    alone...And what is the Paradox? Honestly, Gozen's ideas lately are...
    TATSUZOU: Watch your mouth...We are in front of Gozen.
    TATSUZOU:  Gozen's ideas are far beyond our comprehension...We must all
    accomplish our duties.
    (They all walk off except for Guido. Chizuru takes a look at him before
    she walks off.)
    GUIDO: Hmph...? Who is the most sinful...?
    (If you're on Ellen's route, he'll be known as "Man with Sunglasses and
    you'll get this bio.)
    MAN WITH SUNGLASSES: Hmph...? Who is the most sinful...?
    A Persona user that once attempted to destroy the world. He was defeated
    by Nate and Ellen and allegedly died 4 years ago...
    GUIDO: Elders driven by ambition...A human that causes chaos to be
    chaos...Or is it...
    MUMMY CALLED GOZEN: .........
    JUN: The end of the world...Why does...my heart ache...Have we
    lost...something important...
    LISA: A huge ship under the city...no way! Hasn't something like this
    happened before? It really feels like that! But I can't
    remember...Something keeps on flickering in my head. But why can't I
    EIKICHI: Torifune...Torifu? Ne? Tofu? Naaaaaah...
    YUKI: I'm sorry, Maya. I couldn't hide it from Shunsuke...
    FUJII: I heard from Yukki. You're the ones fighting against the New
    World Order. It's still settling in...Should I say this?...Good luck,
    (Maya and co. are eavesdropping Yung Pao and his Mafia Henchmen.)
    BAOFU: .........
    ULALA: Hey...Why do you hate them so much...?
    KATSUYA: .........
    (Suddenly, a robot and Tenchu Soldiers come and wipe out all the Mafia
    Men. Yung Pao escapes into the factory.  Baofu jumps down on the
    opposite side. Then the Tenchu soldiers fire upon the party.)
    ULALA: Huh...!?
    (Maya and co. escape and a gun blast nearly hits Ulala, and she starts
    to shake.)
    ULALA: What the...!? Hey!
    (Ulala jumps down)
    KATSUYA: Let's go after him.
    ULALA: What's going on!? What the hell is going on here!?
    KATSUYA: They knew they were being bugged. That phone call was a trap to
    kill us along with the Mafia.
    ULALA: What!? So then Baofu...Oh crap, we have to tell him!
    KATSUYA: Worry about yourself. I'm sure he knows...
    ULALA: What...? What did you just say?
    (Ulala catches up.)
    ULALA: Ma-ya...It's him! He's right over there. We have to hurry!!!
    PLANT #2
    BAOFU: There's nowhere left to run...Give it up...
    YUNG PAO: Tatsuzou betray me. I be one to kill him...Can't you let me
    BAOFU: Can't do that, buddy...
    YUNG PAO: I see...
    (Baofu and Yung Pao fire their weapons at each other and then are
    exhausted. Baofu walks up slowly and picks up one of Yung Pao's guns and
    aims it at him.)
    YUNG PAO: How many years it been...?
    BAOFU: Five years...It still wasn't enough time to make me forget. See
    ya in hell...
    KATSUYA'S VOICE: Hold it right there, Saga!
    KATSUYA: Former prosecutor of the Sumaru Special Investigation Unit,
    Kaoru Saga...I had Mr. Nanjo check it out for me...
    ULALA: No way...a prosecutor...
    KATSUYA: Five years ago, there was an accident where a couple, a
    prosecutor, and a secretary died while traveling in Taiwan... It wasn't
    a trip, nor was it an accident...The Minister of Justice covered it
    up...I didn't know...So what was it, Baofu? Was this to avenge Miki
    Asai...? Or...
    BAOFU: Shut up, Suou...You don't know anything...
    KATSUYA: You knew your tap was found...You knew this was a trap. You
    made us stall them so you could kill him.
    ULALA: I-is that true...?
    KATSUYA: Is that what you had in mind all along...? To use us...
    (Baofu aims towards the party.)
    BAOFU: So, what are you gonna do about it, Suou!?  Just stay outta my
    KATSUYA: We have to arrest him...I know how you feel, but don't kill
    him. We need him to testify against Tatsuzou...
    ULALA: Stop!!!
    (Baofu fires some shots.)
    (An X-1 appears and the party draws thier weapons.)
    (Enter Battle)
    BAOFU: Everyone just seems to get in my way...Fine...Come on!
    (After Battle)
    (The X-1 dies and when the party turns around. Yung Pao is kneeling down
    in a pool of blood.)
    YUNG PAO: X-1, General Sugawara's pride and joy...Such accuracy...
    YUNG PAO: Tatsuzou must be at sea now...He be releasing Blue Dragon in
    Undersea Ruins...His ship the Nichirinmaru...You see Tatsuzou...Tell
    him...I be waiting for him in Hell...
    (Yung Pao dies)
    BAOFU: Don't worry, he'll be joining you shortly...I'll make sure of
    BAOFU: What were you going to do if I shot...?
    KATSUYA: I know you wouldn't...It's not your style...
    BAOFU: Ha...Maybe...Maybe not...
    ULALA: .........
    NATE: Well, we have no time to lose. Let us pursue Tatsuzou at once. My
    cruiser is docked at the harbor.
    ELLEN: Come on! You heard what the dead guy said...We have to go after
    Tatsuzou...Nate's cruiser is at the harbor...Let's try to get a hold of
    ULALA: Kaoru Saga...public prosecutor...What in the world could've
    happened to him?
    KATSUYA: The Tien Tao Lien Affair...It was suspected there was lots of
    cash going from the Mafia to the Minister of Justice then,
    Tatsuzou...Saga was investigating that, and they tried to kill him in n
    "accident" that ended up killing his partner, Ms. Asai...I would imagine
    that Saga's Persona awakened then and only he was saved...And that might
    be why he hates Personas...
    BAOFU: Miki...the one who killed you is dead...Just wait...there's only
    one more left...
    BAOFU: I wonder what she would say if she saw me now...Hmph...she'd
    bellow at me at how conceited I am. I know she would...
    BAOFU: Something's not right...The tin-plated doll we saw at the
    factory. I feel I've seen a thing like it before...I must be imagining.
    MATSUOKA: According to our sources, the Nichirinmaru is 10km off the
    coast of Sumaru Bay...It's cover is a cruise ship, but the inside has
    been modified greatly.
    MATSUOKA: The Civil Defense Force's troop IS and part of the Sea
    Division are in his pocket...The government has finally realized it, and
    the Public Safety board and the Defense Aency are trying to grasp
    the situation...
    NATE: This is taking too long...
    MATSUOKA: But what you are trying to do ia not fit for the future heir
    to the Nanjo Conglomerate... "Nanjo" has power.  There are may ways to
    sink it.  So, please...
    NATE: That's why I must go. It is important for me right now to actually
    witness that power... It's not something I can just inherit.
    MATSUOKA: ...I understand...Do as you wish.  Ms. Amano...Please look
    after theyoung master.
    (The party gets on the cruiser and head towards the Nichirinmaru while
    Matsuoka watches.)
    MATSUOKA: Alfred...The young master has grown up well.  It's all thanks
    to you andhis friends...
    (He makes a phone call)
    MATSUOKA: It's me. We are anticipating a confrontation. Collect data
    however you can. Erase any traces of the Nanjo name from this incident.
    Nanjo is clean....
    NATE: According to our sources, the Nichirinmaru is 10 km off the coast
    of Sumaru Bay...It looks like a cruise ship, but it seems the inside has
    been modified greatly...
    ELLEN: The informants working for the Nanjo Conglomerate are truly
    thorough...Don't worry about us.
    (Maya starts to say something.)
    ULALA: What!? You're driving!?
    ULALA: I've had enough of you and your driving!  There is no way in
    BAOFU: Quit messin' around and stand back...
    BAOFU: I'm driving and that's that...
    (The party gets on the cruiser and head towards the Nichirinmaru while
    Nate watches.)
    (Chizuru heads up the stairs and speaks to a Tenchu Soldier than
    approaches Guido.)
    GUIDO: How are the "old folks" doing...?
    CHIZURU: They want the seal removed right away.  They're getting a
    little impatient.
    CHIZURU: Master Guy, no Guido. There has been something I wanted to ask
    you...why would someone as great as you be controlled by one such as
    GUIDO: Do you despise him...?  Because you are...a woman.
    CHIZURU: ...You should exterminate the old order and become leader!  You
    must lead us...
    GUIDO: It doesn't matter to me...
    CHIZURU: Your only concern is with them and...that boy of the Paradox...
    CHIZURU: Why are you so obsessed with them!?
    GUIDO: Ha...You underestimate me...
    (An explosion is heard in the backround)
    GUIDO: The paradox.. All the players are in place.....Let's go.
    (An FMV plays of  Guido heading toward the Undersea Ruins in the
    submarine while the party's cruiser heads toward the Nichirinmaru.)
    (Shots are fired near Katsuya and Katsuya takes a shot at the Tenchu
    SOLDIER'S VOICE: Guh...!
    (Shots are fired near Maya and Maya takes a shot at another Tenchu
    SOLDIER'S VOICE: Gya...!
    BAOFU: Looks like your brother is raising some hell...
    KATSUYA: He doesn't look it, but once he's enraged, there's no stopping
    ULALA: What the hell is going on around here!?
    BAOFU: Either way, he's gonna be ahead of us at this rate...Let's get
    (Talking to party members)
    ULALA: That Tatsuya is unbelievable. He came all the way here by
    NATE: An Aegis vessel made to look like a cruise ship...how stupid...No
    sense of money...
    ELLEN: Hmm...It looked like a lovely cruise ship when I saw it from the
    port...But the inside is quite disappointing.
    BAOFU:  You saw a submarine go down before, right? There was another one
    just like it.. I don't know if Tatsuzou's on it, but that's the only way
    to go after him...
    KATSUYA: Tatsuya...What makes you this way? Why won't you tell us what's
    going on...?  Am I that lousy of a brother...?
    SOLDIER'S CORSPE: (Former member of the Defense Force. He has already
    KATSUYA: This looks like a map of the ocean floor...
    BAOFU: Hmmm...Where are the Undersea Ruins?
    KATSUYA: Right around where Ms. Amano is standing.
    BAOFU: No time to waste...Let's move.
    (Talking to members)
    ULALA: Ma-ya, remember that party?  It was on a cruise ship just like
    this...A ship is a ship, but I never thought I would have to go on a
    ship like this...
    NATE: The combination of modern technology and sorcery is where New
    World Order excels. How fanciful for them...
    ELLEN: That mark on the floor...It looks like some sort of symbol used
    in sorcery...It could be an ancient seal...
    KATSUYA: That shrine-like thing...Don't you think there's something
    about it? Who was inside it...?
    BAOFU: Looks like they were plotting something evil here...You just
    KATSUYA: Tatsuya...What does he think he's doing?
    (A helicopter arrives to pick up Tatsuzou)
    TENCHU SOLDIER:  Hurry...!
    TATSUZOU: Right...
    (As the soldiers fire, Tatsuya jumps out and kills the soldiers
    TATSUYA: Tatsuzou! What you believe is wrong! Don't be manipulated by
    TATSUZOU: You fool...This world of sin and no ideals is false.
    Therefore, it must be punished.
    TATSUYA: You're wrong.  I'm the only one who must be punished...
    (Maya and the others arrive, getting their weapons out.)
    KATSUYA / BAOFU: Tatsuzou!!
    TATSUZOU: Such a pity...A great pity.  In today's world, how many people
    are there with your sense of purpose.. Come join me. Together, we can
    create a world without man's original sin.
    BAOFU: Fool! You don't know what you're talking about, old man!
    NATE: How dare you...
    ELLEN: Is he serious...?
    ULALA: Don't be ridiculous! Who's gonna humor an old man's delusions!
    KATSUYA: You're crime is a serious one.  Are you aware of the penalty?
    Punishment by death or life imprisonment!
    TATSUZOU: Is that so...?  How unfortunate.
    (Tatsuzou leaves and the X-1s step up to challenge the party)
    (enter battle)
    KATSUYA: Wait! Tatsuzou!!
    TATSUYA: I'll take one of them...!
    BAOFU: Outta my way-----------!
    (After Battle)
    KATSUYA: Tatsuya...!! Are you hurt!?
    TATSUYA (to Maya): Why did you come...!?
    *MAYA: What do you mean, why...?*
    TATSUYA: Leave me alone! I can do this myself!
    TATSUYA:... ... ... (walks away)
    KATSUYA: Tatsuya...!!
    (Talking to members)
    KATSUYA: I'm sorry, Ms. Amano... He's not really like that... Please
    forgive him...
    ULALA: I've never seen Tatsuya so angry...
    NATE: Seems painful...hard to watch...
    ELLEN: It must be hard for him...I think the only one who can save his
    heart is you, Ms. Amano.
    BAOFU: The kid pushed himself too hard...Tatsuzou escaped, but we can't
    just let those guys heading towards the ruins go...Amano, let's look for
    a way to go after them.
    ULALA: Hey, look over there!! There's still one left!
    (An explosion hits the Nichrinmaru)
    BAOFU: Shit! Tatsuzou's trying to sink the ship!
    TATSUYA'S VOICE: Get on that sub and get out of here!
    KATSUYA: Is that you Tatsuya!?  You only have a learner's permit! You
    can't drive that thing, it's dangerous!
    BAOFU: Idiot! What are you babbling about!... Get your ass over here!!
    KATSUYA: Who are you calling an idiot!?
    (The party gets on the submarine and escape)
    KATSUYA: Looks like we're almost there...
    MAYA: ......!
    BAOFU: So, this must be the Undersea Ruins...
    (Talking to Party Members)
    KATSUYA: No one's here now... Tatsuya must have gone inside...
    X-2: (It seems that Tatsuya isn't in it anymore.)
    BAOFU: He must have done this. What a punk... And to top it off, he's
    smart as well...He's destroyed their only way out. He's got some mad
    ULALA: Say, did these ruins appear because of rumors too...or has it
    been here?. I don't know what's real or not anymore.
    NATE: I can feel it...Guido is here...Young boy...He's a dangerous
    man...Don't get ahead of yourself....
    ELLEN: I remember...this feeling...Mr. Kandori...he's here...
    NATE: I know you're calling me, Guido...Wait for me.  I shall put an end
    to your ambition, once and for all...
    ELLEN: This is...Mr. Kandori...? He is over there...
    (The Tenchu Soldiers fighting and Tatsuya arrives and kills the Tenchu
    Soldiers with his sword, X2s appear and Maya and co. arrive just in
    NATE: Guido...!!
    GUIDO: You're a little late...We just finished breaking the Seal.  This
    is a seal that controls a dragon. There all 11 more of these throughout
    the world.. And they've all been released...
    CHIZURU: Right now, Gozen and Master Tatsuzou are headed towards
    Torifune...You've lost.
    GUIDO: I'd like to tell you to chase them, but I'm just a peon. (boss
    battle music starts) I can't just let you return. Please honor me by
    being my opponents.
    (Enter Battle)
    NATE: Guido...You acknowledged your weakness before. Your act makes me
    sick. I do not want to see you lower yourself...
    GUIDO: To be pitied by you again...Light has its role...Shadows have
    their role...That's just how it is...
    NATE: I see...Well then. I will bring you to your knees again! Young
    lad...I leave the woman to you!
    (The Tenchu Soldiers fighting and Tatsuya arrives and kills the Tenchu
    Soldiers with his sword, X2s appear and Maya and co. arrive just in
    ELLEN: Mr. Kandori...!!
    GUIDO: You're a little late...We just finished breaking the Seal.  This
    is a seal that controls a dragon. There all 11 more of these throughout
    the world..And they've all been released...
    CHIZURU: Dragons, a huge energy flowing underground...Now, by releasing
    the Kegare with the dragon, this world will be obliterated...Right now,
    Gozen and Master Tatsuzou are headed towards Torifune...You've lost.
    GUIDO: I'd like to tell you to chase them, but I'm just a peon. (boss
    battle music starts) I can't just let you return. Please honor me by
    being my opponents.
    (Enter Battle)
    CHIZURU: Master Guido...Allow me.
    GUIDO: I understand...Well then, I'll ask the Paradox to be my opponent.
    CHIZURU: I will get you for what happened last time.
    ELLEN: Such sorrowful eyes...Alright...I understand...I will fight you
    fair and square.
    (After Battle)
    (The place starts shaking)
    GUIDO: Magnificent...But...it is not easy for one embraced by the shadow
    to escape from its grasp...Can you break the chains of fate?
    TATSUYA: That's why I came...I'll never let that sadness happen again...
    GUIDO: Ha...Hurry, leave before it's too late...!  This place won't last
    much longer...
    NATE: Come with us...!
    ELLEN: You must come with us...!
    (Guido fires a shot at the party)
    GUIDO: Don't humiliate me with your sympathy...
    (Maya and co. leave and Nate/Ellen takes one last look at Guido and
    Chizuru and heads off.)
    (Chizuru holds onto Guido's shoulder)
    CHIZURU: You wanted to hear the words...from the boy?
    GUIDO: I regret leading you to this end...
    CHIZURU: No...I was happy just to be with you...
    (The Undersea Ruins start to crumble)
    ULALA: I swear! This is so not cool!!!
    BAOFU: Where is Suou and that kid!?
    KATSUYA:What are you doing!?...The water is rising! Hurry and come with
    TATSUYA: Ugh...!
    (FMV plays of the Undersea Ruins collapsing and Maya and co. manage to
    make it to land with the submarine)
    KATSUYA: ...Wait, Tatsuya!!
    KATSUYA: What exactly are you hiding...Can't you tell us by now...?
    TATSUYA: Please...don't get involved with me...
    BAOFU: Hey..Do you know that your brother is saving money from his
    paycheck for you?
    KATSUYA: Hey..How do you know that!?
    ULALA: He had Nate research you.  He really hates to loose...
    BAOFU: Amano went through a lot, just to see you.. She was even marked
    for death by a Joker because of that idiot there (referring to Ulala).
    ULALA: ........
    BAOFU: Haven't you done enough all by yourself...?
    TATSUYA (to Katsuya): I'm not...your little brother..
    KATSUYA: What the hell do you mean!?...You are my brother!! No matter
    ULALA: Easy there, big guy...
    TATSUYA: If I talk...will you back off...?
    BAOFU: Depends on what you say...right, Amano...
    MAYA: ... ... ...
    TATSUYA: Come with me to the Araya Shrine...
    (The group leaves and heads for the Araya Shrine, but before that here
    are some dialouge referrences to Innocent Sin.)
    NATE: Come to think of it, was there not a fire here in the past?  What
    is this...this feeling of wrongness?
    ELLEN: Ummm...Has this police station been in a fire before? I don't
    know why...I just feel it has...
    ULALA: Hey Ma-ya, has Tatsuya ever been "Wanted"? Sorry.. Something's
    wrong with me...
    TATSUYA: I see...Since Tatsuya Sudou isn't here, this place is
    ULALA: Hey, Ma-ya, have you ever let Tatsuya in your room before now?
    You haven't right?  How is he so familliar with your room...?
    NATE: The young lad is speechless..Was this room just too much for him?
    ELLEN: Tatsuya...He is at a loss for words. Was this room just too much
    for him?
    KATSUYA: What's wrong with Tatsuya?  He hasn't been saying anything.
    Does he feel alright?
    TATSUYA: It's the same in this world...
    TATSUYA: That fortune teller...She was a rumormonger on the Other
    Side...So she's not on This Side.
    SUMARU GENIE: Hmm...? That red-clothed young man...He appeared in a
    dream I had earlier...I feel..this is a meeting of fate.
    TATSUYA: Health foods...Speaking of which, I wonder if Yuki is still
    worrying about it...?
    AKI DUDE: Hey, can I ask you something?...You and that guy in red, do
    you know each other? I feel like I've met him before...
    KATSUYA: Did you tell Miss Sonomura about the Undersea Ruins?...If you
    haven't, do so please.
    NATE: Miss Amano, could you report about Guido to Mary...
    ELLEN: I have to tell Mary about the incident at the Undersea Ruins...
    MARY: Guido was at the Undersea Ruins? So what happened? Did Guido....
    (Maya explains everything)
    MARY: I see...I..can't think he was a bad person...That's why I wanted
    to talk to him again.  Thank you..for telling me.
    REIKO: That boy in red..It should be his first time here...But why do I
    recognize him?...
    TONY: You in the red clothes, you are cool, you are chillin'!  But you
    look kind of pale, what's wrong?
    ULALA: Mmm?...Tatsuya knows that kid?  Maybe he's kind of well-known.
    TATSUYA: I see..Chikalin is a rumormonger even on This Side...
    CHIKALIN: Umm..Is the person in red clothes someone I know...I feel like
    we've met...
    NATE: I heard from Sergeant Suou that he was Ms. Smith's student...Such
    a coincidence...
    ELLEN: I heard from Katsuya that his teacher was Ms. Smith...What a
    TATSUYA: It's not a casino on "This Side"...Well, it's better that way.
    NATE: Suou is feeling extreme longing for this place. What happened here
    ELLEN: For that "cool boy", this place seems to bring back memories for
    him...I wonder if something happened here in the past?
    TATSUYA: ...Th, this is!? Ahh, it's been a while.
    TATSUYA: This place...It's really changed...
    KATSUYA: Impossible...A normal high school student shouldn't have any
    business here!
    KATSUYA: Tatsuya was really surprised when he saw this Gatten Sushi...I
    wonder why?
    TATSUYA: Why is the Gatten Shop here in Rengedai...wasn't it in
    NATE: So...Chris has left.  I wanted to tell him about Guido myself,
    but...I am sure we shall meet him again.
    ELLEN:...It seems Chris has left. I wonder if I'll ever meet him
    KANKICHI: Huh...That boy in red...I think I've seen him before...is it
    just my imagination?
    ELLEN: Strangely, Tatsuya seems familliar. Could I have met him
    TATSUYA: Igor and them should know...About the "Other Side", and...about
    DEMON ARTIST: Oh...so you were able to meet him.  But you haven't
    remembered everything.  I think he wants to keep it that way.
    KATSUYA: What's so special about this place...?
    TATSUYA: .........
    (Maya falls to the ground)
    MAYA: ........!?
    ULALA: Ma-ya, what's wrong?!
    (Maya has another flashback. Araya Shrine is on fire and there is a girl
    (young Maya) trapped inside and Tatsuya is lying on the ground and a
    familliar young man is standing over him laughing.)
    SCHOOLGIRL: Tatsuya! Tatsuya!!
    SCHOOLGIRL: Tatsuya, can you hear me!? Please...answer me! Tatsuya!
    INSANE BOY: Hee..Hee...hya! Hya-----hahahahahahahahaha!!
    SCHOOLGIRL: Tatsuya..run! RUN!!
    (Tatsuya's persona is awakened and it attacks the Insane Boy a.k.a
    Tatsuya Sudou.)
    MAYA: ......!
    KATSUYA: Deja vu again..Ms. Amano?
    TATSUYA: So...you have it too...The memory of the "Other Side"  is
    inside Maya...
    ULALA: Ma-ya, what did you see?
    (Maya explains)
    KATSUYA: That can't be...This shrine hasn't been set on fire. I used to
    bring Tatsuya here when we were little.  No doubt about it.
    (Tatsuya flicks the lighter)
    TATSUYA: In this world, anyway...
    BAOFU: Say what...?
    TATSUYA: I'm going to Mt. Iwato...
    (Tatsuya leaves and the party follows.  You can re-enter Araya and talk
    to your memebers if you wish, also, Jun, Eikichi, and Lisa have now
    mysteriously vanished from there.)
    BAOFU: What's wrong? You look pale.  Deja vu again?
    KATSUYA: Now Mt. Iwato of Araya...What is Tatsuya trying to do?
    NATE: It appears that Suou's purpose is to make you realize...or
    remember something, Ms. Amano. Do you have any ideas?  I am interested,
    since I've gotten involved in this.
    ELLEN: Perhaps Tatsuya wants you to remember something, Ms. Amano? It
    appears to be that way...
    ULALA: Did you hear what that old woman said?  Looks like something
    happened here.
    OLD WOMAN: W-What just happened...?  All of a sudden, there was a black
    swirl that sucked in the kids who were here...
    TATSUYA: If you go to Mt. Iwato of Araya...You will be able to know all
    in exchange for the precious time of the present.
    TATSUYA: This is where your unconscious memories lie...Come, if you
    don't mind your past exposed...
    (Tatsuya goes on ahead, if you wish, talk to your memebers)
    NATE: Iwato...Araya Shrine...Those were from Lunervale, but this is my
    first visit...
    ELLEN: Mt. Iwato of Araya...like in Lunarvale...I've never been in it
    KATSUYA: Ms. Amano...are we trying to find out what we do not need to
    know...? Is that the case...with Tatsuya...?
    BAOFU: Showing people's pasts...You've gotta be kiddin' me...
    ULALA: What should we do, Ma-ya?  I kinda have a feeling...It might be
    better if we don't go...
    (This shows Mary, Nate, and Ellen and  the "Boy With the Earing" from
    the Sumaru TV event when they were young (a.k.a thier improved
    Revelations: Persona looks.)
    ELLEN: Mary, aren't Brad and Mark here yet?
    MARY: Yeah, they're still at Ms. Smith's.  Alana started crying and it's
    all a mess.
    NATE: Don't mind me.  Today's my last day...There just won't be enough
    ELLEN: This school holds so many memories...
    MARY: But you're going away to England...That's so far away...
    NATE: Yeah, we won't be able to meet. But the distance amidst us will
    never change. Right?
    BOY WITH EARING: ...Yeah.
    (A limo arrives and Matsuoka comes out)
    MATSUOKA: I've come to pick you up.
    MARY: Hey, let's make a pact! If our dreams come true, we'll meet again!
    NATE: Hmm...that's a splendid idea...
    NATE: I'll one day be the No. 1 man in the world.  Promise me you'll
    have a great dream too.
    BOY WITH EARING: Yeah...I promise.
    (Nate and Matsuoka leave in the limosuine and drive away)
    (This shows Mary, Ellen and  the "Boy With the Earing" from the Sumaru
    TV event when they were young (a.k.a thier improved Revelations: Persona
    looks. Mary waves and the limosuine drives away.)
    MARY: Nate's gone...
    BOY WITH EARING: Actually, I won't be able to see you guys for awhile...
    MARY: Ehhhh!?
    ELLEN: W, Why!?...
    (Boy With Earring explains to Ellen.)
    ELLEN: I see...
    MARY: ...Y, You know! Did you know, Ellen made it throught the modeling
    audition!? She's one step closer to her dream!! Isn't that great!?
    MARY: Come on, Ellen...
    (Ellen walks up to the Boy With Earring.)
    ELLEN: U, Um...I'll do my best...So you do yours...Next...Next time we
    meet...I'll be a woman you won't even recognize...
    BOY WITH EARING: Then, it's a promise...
    ELLEN: .........
    NATE: That's right...we made that promise...
    NATE: Until now, I don't think I truly understood what it meant to be
    number one...The path that I will take will not be easy.  Even if I know
    it in theory, my emotions... The time I've spent with you didn't
    allow...And so, I may have subconsciously wanted to escape...from
    myself, Nate Nanjo...
    NATE: But, now it's different.  I will do what I think is right.  As
    Nate Nanjo...
    ELLEN: The promise...we made it...
    ELLEN: I-I had been hiding my true feelings...I really didn't want you
    to go...I waited to be by your side...From that time on, I had forgotten
    about my dream of becoming a woman who's true to herself...I was afraid
    of rejection...The reason why I can't come close to my dream and my
    smile is so cold...It's all because of my cowardly heart...
    (Tatsuya flicks his lighter)
    TATSUYA: This is the power of the spring...If you're going to turn
    back...do it now...I won't stop you...
    (Tatsuya goes on ahead.  Talk to your members.)
    NATE: So I might've gone off track...Again, it is you who opened my
    eyes...What a truly great man you
    ELLEN: I feel the clouds in my heart have parted...I will change...so
    that I can keep my promise to him...
    BAOFU: Promises huh...Stupid stuff I didn't need to see...
    ULALA: Best freinds are really great...It's always better to have one
    true freind than ten "fake" ones.
    KATSUYA: Freindship that knows no boundries...It was good to have seen
    (This shows Tatsuya in his Seventh uniform watching Eikichi and Lisa
    EIKICHI: What the hell!  What is up with this school! Why does this have
    to happen to me!?
    LISA: It's your fault for wearing Kasu High's emblem to Seven Sisters
    High School!!
    EIKICHI: What!? It's your fault since you called out the Joker!! Well
    why don't YOU do something about it!!
    LISA: That's it! Now I'm really pissed off! You can't blame me for what
    happened!  I didn't think it was going to turn out like this! What! At
    least I don't get off on pulling down people's pants, Mr. Pervert!!! You
    frickin' Pants Leader...!!! Pants Leader! Pants Leader!
    EIKICHI: You should talk, freak!  You're just a chinese-speaking
    American in Japan! Ha! What the hell are you anyway!? Here let me give
    you a nickname! From now on, I'm going to call you "Ginko"! Ginko!
    Ginko! Ginko! Ginko!...
    GINKO: No! No, no, no, no! Don't you dare call me that stupid nickname!
    (The door opens and Maya and Yuki enter.)
    TATSUYA'S VOICE: We used the Master Joker, who was said to make dreams
    come true, and became targets of revenge by the Joker...While we were
    looking for the Principal who was said to be connected to the
    Joker...Maya appeared before us...We decided to go after Joker
    KATSUYA: What are you talking about...?  Ms. Amano went to the school to
    investigate the "Joker Curse Murders".  The Principal's murder was what
    actually happened in his office...
    TATSUYA: You still don't understand...?  What you saw was a glimpse of
    the "Other Side"...It's a memory of a reality unlike this one...!
    KATSUYA: A different...reality!?
    TATSUYA: I'm from that reality...That's why I'm not the Tatsuya you
    know...! I'm just using my body from This Side...Within is the me from
    the Other Side...!!
    (Tatsuya goes ahead, talk to your party.)
    ULALA: What the heck is going on!? I just don't get it!!
    BAOFU: Heh...you gotta be kidding me...
    NATE: A different reality...Is he from a parrallel dimension!? But, I
    doubt the boy is lying...
    ELLEN: He's from a parallel world...!? Well I don't think he's lying...
    KATSUYA: This is nonsense! This isn't the "Twilight Zone"!
    TATSUYA: There she is...The money-hungry fairy...Even on "This Side"
    she's still the same...
    FLASHBACK: SKY MUSUEM BLIMP (Where you fought Tatsuya Sudou.)
    (This shows Tatsuya, Maya, Yuki, Lisa, and Eikichi battling Tatsuya
    Sudou. Tatsuya Sudou is wearing some sort of dark costume with a red
    scarf around his neck. And his face is burned.)
    TATSUYA SUDOU: Hya---hahahahaha! Damn...It huuuuuurts!! Look what you
    did..to me...again!!
    TATSUYA SUDOU: Bastards! You! All of you!! And my father who kept me
    isolated!! I'm going to kill you all!! Kill you all!!
    (Tatsuya Sudou gets ready to attack.)
    TATSUYA'S VOICE: The Joker used to be the leader of the secret
    organization, Masquerade...Tatsuya Sudou was a key member...They
    collected people's hopes and dreams as energy...planning to fulfill the
    Oracle of Maia, the fall of humanity...We found that out through
    fighting key members of Masquerade...Sudou, Anna Yoshizaka and Ginji
    BAOFU: So then what...? Are you saying that Amano's visions are all
    memories of a different reality...?
    KATSUYA: Are you saying that Ms. Amano and Tatsuya Sudou came from the
    same reality as you!?
    TATSUYA: That's not entirely true...Sudou was truly a person of "This
    Side"...He was told by "him" of the existence of the "Other Side" and
    was only being used...
    ULALA: So what do you mean!? It's not like Ma-ya came from that world
    either, right?  Why does Ma-ya only have the memory of this "Other
    Side"? None of us have it!
    TATSUYA: There are many reasons...I don't think you should know any
    KATSUYA: Idiot...! As if we can back out after all this!
    TATSUYA: If you continue, something bad may happen!
    *MAYA: Tatsuya...I have a right to know.*
    TATSUYA: Fine...A picture is worth a thousand words...
    (Tatsuya goes on ahead. Talk to your members.)
    KATSUYA: "Him"? Who could he be talking about...?
    NATE: So you're saying it's the same as Mary...I want to think it's not
    ELLEN: It's the same as Mary? That can't be...
    ULALA: Okay, so Ma-ya is still Ma-ya, right!?  We've known each other
    since high school!
    BAOFU: The Joker was in another world as well...What exactly happened on
    the "Other Side"...
    (This shows Tatsuya, Maya, Lisa, and Eikichi by Jun's side, who is lying
    on the floor.)
    JUN: I...Have I...been having a nightmare...?
    GINKO: Thank goodness...He's alright...
    EIKICHI: Dammit...Making us worry...
    (Tatsuya flicks the lighter)
    JUN: Tatsuya...You kept it all this time...?
    TATSUYA: Of course...
    JUN (with his watch): It's moving...It was supposed to have
    stopped...Ever since that day...Ahhh...even though I promised...we will
    always protect Maya together...I..I..!
    (Maya hands Jun a flower.)
    MAYA: .......
    JUN: A Nemofila flower...I'm sorry...Maya...I'm sorry...Tatsuya...
    JUN: I...I...uwaaaaaaaaaaaa!!
    (It will show all of thier portraits in Persona version)
    TATSUYA: What...!? The personas are being frightened by something...!?
    (A man appears next to a dead Junko Kurosu and this man looks like Mr.
    Kashihara from Seven Sisters High School.)
    ???: How pathetic...The so-called "leader" of the Masquerade accepts
    pity of his enimies?
    TATSUYA'S VOICE: The Joker...was my former best freind, Jun, who was
    being manipulated by false memories..No..it wasn't only
    Jun...Eikichi...Lisa...Maya...and me...All of us...we were all freinds
    "playing Masquerade"...Seperated by Sudou's arson 10 years ago...Maya
    taught us the importance of dreams. Forever, the five of us all
    together...we all believed that...But Maya had to leave town for family
    reasons...We couldn't bear that, so we locked Maya in the shrine...And
    then Sudou set it aflame...We thought Maya had died, so we were
    scared...And each of us suppressed the memory...Jun remembered that and
    became a Joker. Controlled by "him", he tried to end the world in
    exchange for the ideal evolution.
    ULALA: His story...It's just like what we're going through, don't you
    KATSUYA: Who is that "him" that controlled Jun...?
    TATSUYA: His appearence was that of Jun's father, but inside was
    completely different... Crawling Chaos...Nyarlathotep...He is the being
    that stands opposite to Philemon...The shadow that lurks deep within
    man's heart, toying with destiny...
    TATUSYA: He wants to bring the same chaos to This Side as the Other
    Side. The New World Order is just one of his pawns.
    BAOFU: Hey, what do you mean...causing the same thing to happen?
    TATSUYA:......You'll find out.
    (He goes on ahead. Talk to your members.)
    ULALA: There's a boss behind the New World Order...?  And that guy's in
    each and everyone of us!?
    BAOFU: The ideal-collecting Masquerade, and the Kegare-collecting New
    World Order, huh...Serizawa's right, the situations are similar...
    KATSUYA: The being that stands opposite to Philemon...? The archetype of
    existential destruction...? If such a thing does exist, it is well
    beyond our comprehension...The shadow of mankind...
    NATE: Nyarlathotep...!? It wasn't merely Guido's Persona?
    ELLEN: Nyarlathotep...Crawling Chaos...The Faceless God...He is not just
    a Persona?
    (This shows Tatsuya, Maya, Lisa, Eikichi, and Jun at Nyarlathotep's
    lair, which looks identical to Philemon's Lair.  Philemon and
    Nyarlothotep appear.)
    PHILEMON: Going soft after playing the father?  Crawling
    Chaos...Nyarlathotep.  Now you should understand what I said.
    NAYRLATHOTEP: Ha...It may be true these people can give us good results
    for our research...
    GINKO: What are you saying, Philemon!?
    PHILEMON: We are the orgin of people's hearts...The Collective
    Unconsciousness is just one side of that coin...We've watched the
    affairs of man from here...I direct the strong of will, and he, the
    Crawling Chaos, drags the weak to Hell.  It is all in order to determine
    if people's hearts, which are in conflict, can arise as something
    complete...You all have displayed that possiblity.  If there are more
    humans like you, humans can one day become a perfect existence...
    TATSUYA: Everything...This is all part of your experiment!?
    NYARLATHOTEP: You should show more respect to me. This one can only
    observe.  However...I am different.
    (A woman that looks like Maya Okamura from Seven Sisters High School
    appears and stabs Maya with a spear. Maya then falls to the ground.)
    MAYA: .......?
    TATSUYA: Maya!!
    (Tatsuya and co. rush over to Maya's side and Lisa uses her Persona to
    heal Maya and Okamura teleports to Nyarlathotep's side.)
    EIKICHI: Dammit! Ginko! Use your powers!
    GINKO: I'm trying!! But...but...The blood won't stop!!  Why...Why won't
    my spell work!? Philemon!?
    PHILEMON: Nyarlathotep...You spread the legend of the Sacred Spear, for
    NYARLATHOTEP: Blood poured endlessly from the body of God's son when
    pierced with that spear. It's the legend..or, "rumor" that you humans
    have continued to tell for some 2000 years.  Quuite effective, isn't
    TATSUYA: "Hurry up and forget about me?"...Don't be ridiculous...!!! How
    could I forget...!!?
    TATSUYA: Yeah...I'll grab it...You taught me...I'll grab hold of my
    (Maya dies)
    TATSUYA: ......Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!
    NYARLATHOTEP: Ha ha...Should people be able to realize their dreams?
    Forsaking one of the same name, lost in illusion..This is this woman's
    dream.  I will make the human's dream of destruction come true!!
    TATSUYA: Do you remember now...?
    (Maya falls to the ground)
    MAYA: ...........
    KATSUYA: What happened...after that...?
    TATSUYA: Maya, with the name of Maya Okamura, died...The prophecy
    fullfilled...The whole world destroyed...leaving only Sumaru behind...
    (Everyone is shocked.)
    TATSUYA: In the World of Collective Unconsciousness, where we fought
    him, strong beliefs became reality...By resetting our meeting 10 years
    ago, we created another reality in exchange for the truths and memories
    until then...
    BAOFU: So that's this reality...
    TATSUYA: Maya told us to forget about her...To accept everything and
    move on...But we couldn't stand it...That's why we made this reality, to
    trade for our memories and we escaped here...Hanging on to a faint
    hope..to remember....
    ULALA: .........
    TATSUYA: A hope like that couldn't happen...My freinds that meshed in
    This Side forgot about the Other Side, and each other...But...I...
    BAOFU: So that's why Amano and that Jun kid don't remember about the
    Other Side...
    NATE: No wonder we natives of "This Side" don't have a memory of the
    "Other Side"...
    ELLEN: We don't have a memory of the "Other Side", because we are
    natives of "This Side"...
    TATSUYA: But that could change..."He" said I was "the Paradox"...This
    reality exists on the concept of the resetting of us five...If we all
    regain our memories, the distortion between the two worlds will
    grow...And this world will cease to exist...
    (Everyone is shocked.)
    TATSUYA: I don't want Maya to be involved anymore...I'm sure you
    understand now...Please stay out of this...
    BAOFU: What were we talking about Serizawa?
    ULALA: I don't know. Shouldn't the adults be the ones fooling the kids?
    KATSUYA: No...It's about adults taking responsibility for children's
    TATSUYA (shocked): ............(mad) You tricked me...
    *MAYA: Dummy...! Look at you!*
    (Maya slaps Tatsuya and everyone is surprised.)
    TATSUYA: I-I...
    (Maya slaps Tatsuya again.)
    TATSUYA: I'm sorry...I understand...please don't get mad...
    NATE: Ha...I guess my work is done here...You're surrounded by good
    adults boy...You had better appreciate what they do for you.
    KATSUYA: What are you going to do...?
    NATE: I'm going to walk a path I believe in. I'll do all I can to end
    chaos in the city.
    BAOFU: Heh...If we're both still alive, let's knock one back together...
    (Nate nods his head and the screen goes black. Nate has left the group
    and Tatsuya joins.)
    ELLEN: I guess this is it for my part...Tatsuya...now, it's a fight for
    you and all...Take really good care of Ms. Amano.
    ULALA: What are you going to do, Ellen?
    ELLEN: With Nate, I'll help the people in this city. I will keep my
    promise. For myself.
    ULALA: Your smile looks better! You'll be just fine. Good luck!
    (Ellen nods her head and the screen goes black. Ellen has left the group
    and Tatsuya joins.)
    KATSUYA: We've wasted so much time...We'd better hurry and catch up with
    Tatsuzou, before it's too late.
    BAOFU: Kandori and that woman said that bastard headed for
    Torifune...how can we find it?
    TATSUYA: They created Torifune with a rumor, so if you follow the rumor
    about the underground, you should find it...
    TATSUYA: Maya. Do you remember this is Eikichi's house? Eikichi...he's
    not here...
    ULALA: You must be puzzled Ma-ya.  I mean, you're dead on the Other
    Side..Well...You might not have any feeling of reality though.
    TTSUYA:: A live house...I haven't touched a guitar for awhile.
    (The key to add Tatsuya to the Flamenco Contact.)
    TATSUYA: This is...the first place we met the Joker.  Not the same Joker
    from "This Side". ..I'm talking about my...our friend.
    ULALA: Hmm, I wonder if Satomi Tadashi was popular on the "Other Side"
    too? Hey Ma-ya, let's ask.
    TATSUYA: Satomi Tadashi...? I'm not sure if it was popular, but I did go
    there often.
    TATSUYA: ...Why?...This place is different from the "Other Side"... Too
    BAOFU: So this shop differs on the "Other Side". He doesn't have to be
    that shocked, does he?
    ULALA: So can only Tatsuya know the difference between here and the
    "Other Side"? ...Ah, can you tell too, Ma-ya?
    KATSUYA: I'm sure it's not as if only this shop is different from the
    "Other Side".  Maybe he just hasn't noticed everything else.
    KATSUYA: On the "Other Side" I wasn't able to help...But not here.  As
    the brother of Tatsuya, as protector of Justice, I will aid you!
    MALE STUDENT: Did you watch TV today?...Wang Long fortune telling is
    saying the pole shift is caused by New World Order?...What should we do?
    YASUO: You don't know anything, do you?... First off, it's "Did you
    watch the news on TV today", not "Did you watch TV?" ... The outside
    world has nothing to do with us... Our wolrd consists of just "school".
    Our worth as humans is decided here...
    ULALA: Tatsuya just told me about a good diet food.  He knows someone
    who knows a lot about that stuff!
    KATSUYA: I bet you enjoyed gambling on the "Other Side" too..I don't
    have to ask Tatsuya to tell.
    ULALA: But I wonder...What am I like on the "Other Side"?  Maybe I was a
    KATSUYA: Judging from that, it seems Tatsuya amd I are not on good terms
    over on the "Other Side"
    TATSUYA: I see...Even on This Side she talks like a ninja...I guess it
    can't be helped.
    TATSUYA: That cave was different on the "Other Side" as well...Of
    course...Because there is no Masquerade here...
    KATSUYA: It seems that on the "Other Side", this room is the same...Just
    look at Tatsuya.
    TATSUYA: ...Actually, I never planned to come back here
    BAOFU: I heard from Tatsuya on the "Other Side", that mystic was a
    rumormonger. As I thought, it's slightly different.
    TATSUYA: The rumor was manipulated on the Other Side. Although I was
    helped in many other ways, I bet they wouldn't know me... But are prices
    higher on "This Side"?  That Lucky Cat asked for only 100 on the "Other
    KATSUYA: Tatsuya and those guys must've been using this place on the
    Other Side like us...However, with a difference of 900 Yen.
    BAOFU: Uhhuuuuuh, even on the "Other Side"...This ol' man is suspicious
    too...Could he already be aware about Tatsuya?
    TAMMY: New World Order's goal is an ambitious one.  It was beyodg my
    imagination. Be careful, Ms. Amano.
    (Maya and the group enter inside the train and Maya takes the driver
    ULALA: Maybe they used this subway to transport stuff?  There's food and
    all kinds of stuff.
    BAOFU: Hmph, who're they kidding...They set this thing up and tried to
    make a rumor come true, they must be insane...
    KATSUYA: Um, Ms. Amano, are you sure you can drive? Perhaps I should,
    (Maya shakes her head no and she starts to drive.  While riding......)
    TATSUYA: .......
    BAOFU: .....
    ULALA: Hey Tatsuya I found some drinks, want some?
    (Tatsuya shakes his head no and Ulala sits down.)
    ULALA: Hey, Tatsuya...Something's been bugging me...Why are you the only
    one who recalls the "Other Side"?
    TATSUYA: .....
    BAOFU: Don't have to say what you don't want to...Besides...What I want
    to know is what are WE like on the "Other Side"?  We were there, right?
    TATSUYA: My brother is pretty much the same...Ulala was scammed by a con
    artist...I only know you spread rumors on the net...
    BAOFU: So the "Other Side" is not that different...
    TATSUYA: ..........Is it hard...being an adult?
    BAOFU: Huh?
    TATSUYA: No...never mind...Forget about it...
    BAOFU: What about you?
    TATSUYA: .........
    BAOFU: It's the same...There's nothing good. The pain just keeps
    ULALA: ........
    KATSUYA / MAYA: ..........
    KATSUYA: Hmm...? Ms. Amano, it's a dead end...Please stop.
    (Maya stops the train.)
    BAOFU: Welcome to the "Gates of Hell"...Worry about everything
    later...You're still young...You got lots of time. That is, if you stay
    (Talk to members)
    ULALA: Adults, huh...? What are adults anyway?
    TATSUYA: I guess we have to walk from here...We can't just go back
    easily.  This is our last chance to turn back...
    (If you decide to leave)
    TATSUYA: Maya...are we going back...?
    *MAYA: No, no, it's nothing.*
    BAOFU'S LAIR (after being in the Subway)
    ULALA: I was tricked by him on the "Other Side" after all. Huh...Just
    like Ma-ya's flashback...
    BAOFU: It seems I was collecting rumors over there too.  Not very
    different from here...At one time I was kinda curious about an alternate
    world...But it's actually pretty boring.
    (Maya and co. are underground and they see the Ameno Torifune in the
    (The scene cuts to the Control Room.  Tatsuzou is standing on a
    plattform and his 4 NWO executives and General Sugawara are right behind
    him.  Tenchu Soldiers and Scientists are watching him from below.)
    TATSUZOU: Tenchu soldiers! Finally , the prophecy of Torifune has come
    true! Gozen awaits! All we need to do now is release Joka to cleanse the
    kegare of the world by the hands of the 12 Dragons!!
    (The crowd cheers.)
    TATSUZOU: We ask! What has human history been up 'til now!!  Various
    religions! Tribes! Desires! Values! Was the human history laden with
    these, a history of "sin"!!? The masses blessed with material, lost
    their ideals. They don't examine themselves or even try to atone for
    their sins! We must provide a dream of reconstructing a new future and
    cleanse the rotting world!  This is the "Punishment"!!! And the chosen
    ones will know!!! The future of salvation stands before us!
    (The crowd cheers again and the screen darkens and moves to Sugawara.)
    GENERAL SUGAWARA: You twisted bastard...
    (The screen lightens up again.)
    TATSUZOU: Sugawara...
    TATSUZOU: I leave the Torifune to you.  We will ascend to Utena with
    Gozen.  Prepare the Petit Deva...
    GENERAL SUGAWARA:  Yessir...it shall be done.
    TATSUZOU: Do not worry about your frailty, my freind...Gozen is very
    happy with your work. Your wish for immortality will be granted.
    GENERAL SUGAWARA: Ah...! My loyalty has finally been rewarded...
    TATSUZOU: Your body might change slightly though...
    GENERAL SUGAWARA: What was that?
    (Tatsuzou and his 4 NWO executives leave.)
    BAOFU: Hmmm...Impressive...
    TATSUYA: Well, considering it can fly with a city on top of it, it
    better be...
    ULALA: This is rumored to be a ship of a god or aliens, right...? Don't
    you think they would've set traps or something?
    TATSUYA: This ship, called "Xibalba" on the "Other Side", makes bad
    thoughts real...You shouldn't think of anything bad.
    KATSUYA: How do you know...?
    TATSUYA: People's fear...insecurity...hopes...It borrows the form of
    rumors, it is the incarnation of the unconscious world...
    (Tatsuya flicks his lighter.)
    TATSUYA: I think that's why Philemon said thoughts would become reality
    in the unconscious world...
    ULALA: Then all we gotta do is think pleasant thoughts...Piece of
    TATSUYA: No...This is his domain...Don't think anything...
    (Maya and co. enter and inside, the whole room is hot and the party is
    going crazy.)
    KATSUYA: It, It's no use...! The door won't budge!
    BAOFU: Yow! Hot!...What's going on!? Serizawa! You thought of something
    bad, didn't you!?
    ULALA: Yow! Hot!...It, It's not me!!!
    TATSUYA: ...I'm sorry. It was something that happened
    previously......So...I inadvertently...
    BAOFU / ULALA: Wh, Wha-----t!?
    KATSUYA: It's no use talking about what we thought!  So what happened on
    the "Other Side", Tatsuya!?
    TATSUYA: ...I ran.
    BAOFU / KATSUYA / ULALA: Ahhhh!?
    TATSUYA: "If you concertrate, even an oven is cool!" ...Is what Maya
    (Maya does her positive gesture and she and Tatsuya go ahead.  Ulala
    trips and then catches up to them.)
    KATSUYA: That's unreasonable...
    BAOFU: You gotta be kiddin' me!? Yow! Hot! This is not my idea of fun...
    (Baofu and Katsuya catch up with Maya and the others.)
    BAOFU / KATSUYA: Uoooooh?!? My sunglasses are melting off my face!!!
    (The party enters inside the Torifune.)
    (Dead Tenchu Soldiers are lying on the ground in a pool of blood.)
    KATSUYA: This is the Tenchu Army. It seems that they were caught in a
    ULALA: Is this also the work of that "Nyar-something"!? ...Isn't it
    weird!?...Why does he kill his own men...!
    TATSUYA: It's proof that the New World Order isn't aware of the secret
    of the Torifune..."He" thinks of humans as mere pawns...They probaly
    don't even know of "his" existence.
    (Talk to Members)
    TATSUYA: This ship...him...Neither one anything a human should mess
    BAOFU: I don't care about the Crawling Chaos, but I'm not letting them
    get away...I'm gonna be the one to kill Tatsuzou...
    ULALA: Hey everyone, wait up a sec...Let's walk a little slower...
    BAOFU: Suck it up...If you can't keep up, we're leaving you...
    ULALA: It can't be helped...I don't walk this much even at work. Isn't
    there a place to recover?
    KATSUYA: It HAS been a while we've been underground. If there was a
    Velvet Room, we could rest there...
    TATSUYA: It's there...A Fountain, a Velvet Room...
    ULALA: Really...!?
    KATSUYA: It's awfully suspicious...That Nyarlathotep guy decides wether
    or not to make our thoughts a reality, right? Why does he give things so
    TATSUYA: He's playing with us...
    BAOFU: I don't know what he's up to, but if I can use it, then I will...
    (Baofu and Ulala go in one door while Katsuya goes in one door alone.
    Tatsuya begins to sit down and Maya sits next to him.)
    MAYA: .........
    TATSUYA: .........
    MAYA: .........
    (Tatsuya gets up.)
    TATSUYA: .........
    *MAYA: Th, Thank you for saving me...!*
    TATSUYA: This is...the burden of sin...
    TATSUYA: You...don't have to worry about me...
    (Metal forms of Jun, Eikichi, and Lisa come out from the doors.)
    TATSUYA: Wh...at...!?
    METAL LISA: Why...Why is my only Chinyan (darling) next to Maya!?
    METAL EIKICHI: That's cruel...Tatsu...You don't care about us?
    (Maya and Tatsuya draw thier weapons.)
    TATSUYA: Get back...!!! These are...illusions that my heart called!
    (Tatsuya strikes Jun, but Jun is not affected.)
    TATSUYA: Damn!
    METAL JUN: Tatsuya...Was the promise to protect Maya a lie...?
    TATSUYA: .........
    METAL JUN: It's okay...You don't have to suffer by yourself anymore...
    (The Metal kids disappear along with Tatsuya and Maya panics. Then the
    others come out from the doors.)
    ULALA: Huh...? Where's Tatsuya?
    (Maya explains what happened.)
    KATSUYA: What did you say...!?
    BAOFU: Ch...! We fell for it...Come on! We gotta find him!
    (Talk to party members)
    ULALA: Oh, come on Ma-ya! What were you doing!!!...Wait...I'm the one
    mostly at fault...
    BAOFU: They pulled a dirty trick on us..I like his style...Too bad it
    won't do him any good...
    KATSUYA: Damn...Tatsuya's letting his pride get in the way. He's trying
    to carry the weight of the world
    on his shoulders...!
    KATSUYA: Tatsuya's still alive...We must hurry...
    (The place is Araya Shrine. Tatsuya is tied onto an altar with the Metal
    kids standing over him.)
    METAL EIKICHI: "We went through a lot, but I'm glad we met again..."
    METAL LISA: "Chinyan (darling)...Don't forget about me..."
    METAL JUN: "I won't forget...the sin I commited, you or anyone..."
    Tatsuya...Have you forgotten?
    TATSUYA: How can I...forget...
    METAL LISA: But...you broke an important promise, didn't you...?
    METAL EIKICHI: That's why...you're suffering, right...?
    TATSUYA: I'm sorry...
    METAL JUN: Tatsuya...You can stop suffering...Let us ease you
    (Jun tries to stab Tatsuya, but Tatsuya stops it with his hand.)
    TATSUYA: Jun...I'll accept my punishment...But...not now...
    (Maya and co. jump in and the Boss Battle Theme from Persona 2: Innocent
    Sin plays.)
    KATSUYA: Tatsuya!!
    (Katsuya fires shots but doesn't affect the kids.)
    BAOFU: Ch...Physical attacks don't even scratch 'em!
    TATSUYA: .........!?
    (Enter Battle)
    METAL JUN: It's okay...You can stop suffering...
    TATSUYA: I'll accept my punishment...But...not now...!
    (After Battle)
    (The room is back to normal and Katsuya is tending to Tatsuya's wounds.)
    KATSUYA: I thought I taught you to hold a knife by its handle...
    TATSUYA: I'm sorry...
    KATSUYA: Don't say anything. My brother doesn't lower his head for
    little things like this...
    TATSUYA: No...The me of "This Side", also feels the same way...
    KATSUYA: I see...
    ULALA: How can you two be brothers?
    (Talk to Members)
    TATSUYA: I'm sorry Maya...I troubled you...
    KATSUYA: Tatsuya...What is this?
    TATSUYA: I think it's some sort of teleportation device...it was another
    symbol in the "Other Side"...
    ULALA: It's called..."Petite Deva". It's written here.
    BAOFU: The symbol of Kandori...If we use this, we might be able to get
    back to the city.
    (Maya and co. enter and there are dead soldiers all covered in blood,
    Katsuya checks one soldier's body.)
    KATSUYA: He has a pulse...!!!
    SOLDIER OF THE TENCHU ARMY: S...Save me...I don't...wanna die...
    KATSUYA: ...It's alright...You're not gonna die...What happened...?
    Tell...daughter...grab...your dream...
    MAYA / KATSUYA : .........
    CREEPY VOICE: I......TAAAAIeeee...
    ULALA: W, What...!?
    TATSUYA: .........!?
    (General Sugawara, who is now become a monster appears.)
    WAS SUGAWARA: Aaaarrrgh!!! It hurts!!!
    (A sound is heard and the party turns around to look at the screen.  An
    FMV is shown of Sumaru Castle rising out near Seven Sisters High School.
    The walls of the Torifune surround Sumaru City and it rises up
    into the air.)
    MAYA: .........!!!
    ULALA: You're kidding me...?
    KATSUIYA: What, have they done!?
    BAOFU: Ch...!!!
    (enter battle)
    TATSUYA: Ugh...But, it's not too late...!!
    TATSUYA: Sudou is probaly in that castle...! He still has to do the
    Dragon Ritual...!!! We haven't lost yet...!!!
    (after battle)
    (Maya, Baofu, and Katsuya are firing shots at Sugawara and then Tatsuya
    pushes him off the plattform using his sword.)
    WAS SUGAWARA: Aaaarrrgh!!
    KATSUYA: I don't care if you're immortal or not...You lose...
    (a moment later)
    BAOFU: It's no good, it's not budging an inch...We couldn't land this
    ship even if we wanted to...
    ULALA: What are we gonna do!?...The city's flying...At this rate, the
    dragons will appear, and the earth's axis will rotate!
    KATSUYA: As long as we're alive, we can stop him...Tatsuya is right. We
    haven't lost yet...We're gonna bring this ship down the way we're gonna
    bring down Sudou! Even if he has backup!
    BAOFU: That's fine, but looking at the teleport device he used, we can't
    stand around...A bit late, but we're going back up!!
    BAOFU: Hmmm...It looks like we caught the last ride out of there...
    (Sumaru City is now in the air.  The City Map music is different (it's a
    remix of the previous City Map Music.) and Sumaru Castle is now located
    where Honmaru Park used to be. You can also get rumors from
    2X Slash and Johnny Rogers and bring Clair de Lune to Aoba and Padparcha
    in Konan.)
    TATSUYA: Ch...The Ameno Torifune...Even the shape is the same as the
    SALAM LADEEN: Is it okay for a city to fly? Did the Lord allow it?
    No...I must go. But the land is more
    TATSUYA: Sumaru Castle....it was just a park on the Other Side...As I
    figured, it's different from before.
    SHIRASHI LADY: Something like this happened before. Xibalba...?Ohh...I'm
    getting a funny feeling.
    KEN: Wonder what happened to Michel!? When it is like this, we got to be
    worried! But I bet Ms. Miyabi is even more worried.
    MIYABI: Eikichi is very lucky, isn't he? He has so many great
    companions. I will believe in Eikichi's return and wait here.
    MALE STUDENT: Yasuo!!!...Look at Narumi! It's all messed up!?
    YASUO: Looking from up here, everything looks so small...(sigh)...If I
    just realized sooner, my life might've been different....What...do I
    want to do?
    TATSUYA: It is lucky that at least the temple didn't come out. Even the
    slightest difference from the Other Side is good.
    AKI DUDE: What happened to me?...A while ago, I had a dream this city
    was flying in the air...Could it have been a prophecy?
    STORE OWNER: It's funny, but I'm not surprised that this city's flying.
    Was there something like this before? There wasn't, right?
    IXQUIC: Oh, misses! Big problem, big problem!!! There's a faster demon
    now! Now it's 200 km/h Fogey!! The kids in the neighborhood said they
    saw it at The Seedy CD!!! I must fulfill my duty as the transmigrated
    warrior maiden! Demons that threaten human's lives, I shall whoop your
    (Spread the rumor, fight the 200 km/h Fogey and recieve the Top Speed
    Title. Show it to Ixquic.)
    IXQUIC: What the...!? The thing that you have...Isn't it Top Speed
    Title!? Wow...Misses, you already beat up the 200 km/h Fogey? Are you a
    transmigrated warrior, too? Please! Can you trade that Top-Speed Title
    with my treasure? I REALLY need that! PLEASE!!!
    *MAYA: (Trade)*
    IXQUIC: Really!? Yaaaaaaaay!!! Okay then, here's your Legenbright.
    Thanks, Misses!!!
    IXQUIC: Now that I think about it, I feel I've met you before. I wonder
    if this is also memories from my previous life...
    ULALA: I see...Everyone thinks the events that happened on the "Other
    Side" are dreams or something.
    TATSUYA: There are more people who saw the same spectacle. It's proof
    that the world is starting to
    disappear...At this rate...
    RUMORMONGER BARKKEPER: So this a prophetic dream...I dreamt awhile back
    that the city was floating. The ship below was called the "Xibalba"...
    TATSUYA: Ulala asked me what I was called on the "Other Side"...All I
    did was answer...
    ULALA:Awwwwwwwwwe...Tatsuya was called "Tatsu" over on the "Other Side".
    KATSUYA: "Tatsu", huh...It's not a bad nicknam. Hmm? Then what about me?
    ULALA: Ma-ya! Mary went out on her own! Is she okay?
    REIKO: Mary went outside. She said she couldn't leave the city as it
    is...I hope she's alright...
    TATSUYA:"Everyone has the right to grasp a dream". That is what you said
    on the Other Side, but do I really have the right to grasp one?...
    CORPSE OF A TENCHU SOLDIER: (Looks like he was a member of the Civil
    Defense Force. He's already stopped breathing.)
    BRAD: Da ha ha ha...What happened? You look so surprised. Are you
    surprised by my activity? Da ha ha ha! ...Well, that's the deal, so you
    guys go on to the Sumaru Castle without any worry. I'll show the people
    of the city just how way cool I am.
    MAMI: It seems Lisa hasn't come home yet either. Where could she have
    gone at a time like this...? Even this place would have been in danger
    if it weren't for Mr. Brad Uesugi...Her father must be worried as well.
    MIHO: Did you know? Brad Uesugi is very powerful! He may be a good match
    for Lisa's father. But based on impact, Lisa's dad wins! He's REALLY
    scary when he's mad. He does not say a word! He's like a
    "silent" dad.
    BAOFU: I understand Suou's apprehension...But just worrying about it
    doesn't do us any good. There was once a Sumaru Castle, and now there is
    a Sumaru Castle at the same location...That's all.
    TATSUYA: It's just like Baofu said...The Sumaru Castle wasn't on the
    "Other Side"...But it is on "This Side"...That's all.
    FUJII: Eh, Yukki? Yukki went out to protect everybody...To stop the
    Tenchu Army. I'm going to record
    this real event in its entirety on film. That's the onlt thing I can
    do....That is my cuase.
    EDITOR-IN-CHIEF MIZUNO: Amano!...Get that man out of here! I let him in
    becuase the Editor-in-Chief of Moo magazine insisted. I found out it was
    to get rid of him! There's no time for that!!
    MR. KASHIHARA: Hello there...I checked the legend about this incident,
    and I found out something incredible! I thought I thought I had to let
    the Editor-in-Chief of Moo magazine know about this...It's a little
    long, but would you listen?
    *MAYA: This isn't Moo.*
    MR. KASHIHARA: Oh really?...I'm terribly sorry.
    (A moment later)
    EDITOR-IN-CHIEF MIZUNO: Who was that man...?
    MATSUOKA: With the surfacing of Ameno Torifune, and the show of the
    Tenchu Army, this city's in more chaos than ever...But, don't
    worry...Leave the safety of the people to us.  Master Nate is battling
    the Tenchu Army with his comrades. Master Amano, you have a mission to
    accomplish...Please hurry to Sumaru Castle.
    RUMOR-LOVIN' BARTENDER: Oh welcome! I'm so glad, you are unharmed...Huh,
    me? There was a rumor amongour regulars that Narumi was in danger. You
    wouldn't want anything to happen for real, right?
    Then right when I moved just to be safe....Now this world is really
    going to end? Ah, but at least we're still safe.
    RUMOR-LOVIN' BARTENDER: Do you know the purging of the Tenchu Army? They
    kill those who have Kegare in them...Please watch out!
    STATUE OF JOKA: I am Joka...The one who opens the door to Utena...it is
    suggested to solemly offer
    ancient prayers...
    STATUE OF FUKUGI: I am Fukugi...Prayers of Kotodama, the spirited
    words...You should gather the 7
    Kotodama and offer ancient prayers....
    (talk to party members)
    ULALA: This is the "Big Dipper", right? There's one more in between the
    statues..What's that one?
    BAOFU: There's no door connecting to the back...So those lights lead to
    KATSUYA: Prayers? Seven Kotodama...? Are they saying if we don't figure
    this out, we won't be able to open Utena's door?
    TATSUYA: A black hole...That means trouble...
    (Talk to party members)
    BAOFU: We can't just destroy that thing without giving it some thought
    first...They saved up some pretty nasty things.
    ULALA: How much is in there...? The back is all hazy, so I can't see...
    KATSUYA: The Kegare they got from the people...They're transporting
    TATSUYA: I cannot run away from my sin....so easily...I have to atone
    for my sin by myself...
    PLAINSPHERE LITHOGRAPH: One who knoweth the intention of the 7 Kotodama.
    Thou shalt offer the great paryer.
    PLAINSPHERE LITHOGRAPH: One who realizes the intention of the Seven
    Spirits offer the Henbai of Perseus, and walk the path to the stage. If
    thou completest this, the Hokutoku Gohou shall be unbound, and
    the path to the Stage shall open.
    KATSUYA: I did some research prior to coming here. Perseus is a
    constellation named after the man who slew Medusa in Greek mythology.
    Many people of ancient times believed in the stars, and it's no surprise
    that Perseus was picked. He was a heroic figure. It IS a bit odd for
    them to use a Western name, but people today have strange ideas of
    magic. Another effect of rumors, I guess.
    ULALA: Wow, you're such a hardworking guy. So what's a "henbai"?
    KATSUYA: Henbai is a type of "magical stepping" that originated in
    China. With this, you crush evil stars and invite good luck. Hokutoku is
    a magic where  you draw Ursa Major on the earth to sanctify and protect
    that area...Most likely, it means to walk in a certain pattern, or
    something like that...
    (The Four NWO executives are lying dead becuase Tatsuzou Sudou killed
    them with a sword, the party comes inside and confronts him.)
    KATSUYA: Sudou...!? You bastard...!!!
    BAOFU: You've finally gone mad...Tatsuzou!!!
    TATSUZOU: Mad you say...? This world is what's gone mad!  Tell me what
    is stirring this country!!
    TATSUZOU: Fronts, fatigue, and contradictions...People think only of
    themselves!! And so, punishment will be yours again!! This world is
    decayed..The law, the system, and all humans who live off of it!!!
    KATSUYA: Damn you, Tatsuzou! What right do you have to judge us!?
    BAOFU: That's bullshit...Deceiving people with stupid curses...Your
    deception ends here, old man!
    TATSUZOU: Fools...You don't understand human nature.  Curses and
    fortunes were things you wanted! Look down there! People are still
    curious about fortunes, jinxes, and wish for good luck...You cannot stop
    a heart that involunterily pumps its blood for curses!... Or the pulsing
    power of life it brings!
    TATSUZOU: Arise, Gozen! I have delivered you the Kegare of my sinful
    compratriots! Let people's words become a reality!!!
    (An FMV plays of the dragons being summoned from around the world, and
    they all gather at Sumaru Castle.)
    ULALA / MAYA: Oh my God!
    TATSUZOU: Hahaha!! Hya--hahaha!! Behold!! The Earth Dragon will destroy
    Earth along with Joka!! The axis will shift and people shall die!! I
    have transformed history!! What is life if you can't even bear this!?
    (Tatsuzou starts to shake.)
    TATSUZOU: Gwo..!? GGGGGGG..G, Gozen..Why me too......!?
    (Ttasuzou is transformed into a beast called  the Detested Hunter.)
    (enter battle)
    TATSUYA: Another one...has fallen...
    BAOFU: What a pathetic sight..Tatsuzou...THIS is the result of deceiving
    KATSUYA: Your dirty sins..We shall cleanse them!
    (after battle)
    ULALA: It's no use...The Earth Dragon and Joka aren't disappearing! At
    this rate...
    BAOFU: The source of evil still remains...Tatsuya! Is that dried up
    thing "him"!?
    (The 4 NWO executives disolve into Kegare and go inside the statue.
    Gozen reveals his true form as a big monster. A.K.A Kiyotada Sumaru.)
    (enter battle)
    TATSUYA: I see...You won't come out until I defeat this guy...
    GOZEN: Who are you, to awaken me from my slumber!?
    (After Battle)
    (Gozen lies on the floor.)
    BAOFU: Did we do it...!?
    (Gozen explodes into pink energy.)
    KATSUYA: That can't be...What the hell is that...!?
    (An FMV plays of Sumaru City in chaos. The dragons disappear, the
    Torifune walls twist and crumble, and Sumaru City is being sucked into
    an unknown dimension. A small version of Nyarlathotep's lair is seen.)
    ULALA: Where the hell are we!?
    (Nyarlathotep, who is disguising himself as Tatsuya in his Seventh
    uniforn appears.)
    NYARLATHOTEP: My domain, the Collective Unconsciousness...Welcome.
    KATSUYA / MAYA / BAOFU: Tatsuya...!?
    (Tatsuya strikes Nyarlathotep, but Nyarlathotep grabs the edge of
    Tatsuya's sword.)
    TATSUYA: Oooooooo-----!!!
    (Maya and co. draw thier weapons.)
    NYARLATHOTEP: (snicker)...Easy now...You wouldn't want to hurt this
    pretty face of yours? It suits me, don't you agree?
    TATSUYA: Shut up...!!!
    NYARLATHOTEP: Humans are strange...I came here because you wanted to
    meet me...Now you want me to go? You're contradicting yourself...
    NYARLATHOTEP (as Ulala): By the way...do you know the "three poisons of
    life"?...What I'm referring to is "Anger", "Ignorance", and "Vengeance".
    NYARLATHOTEP (as Baofu): There are countless others, but these are my
    primary sources of power.
    NYARLATHOTEP (as Katsuya): Oh, come now...You disappoint me...It's
    really simple...Even your pathetic brain can comprehend that...
    KATSUYA: Are you trying to say...that you are the "shadow" of us
    NYARLATHOTEP (as Maya): So, you do understand...I am a reflection of
    your true selves...Let's play one last game...
    (Eikichi, Jun, and Lisa appear, but they are chained up in the air and
    Nyarlathotep reverts back to his Tatsuya form.)
    TATSUYA: Jun...Eikichi...Lisa!!!
    NYARLATHOTEP: You remember what I told you, right? If they remember the
    Other Side, then this world will cease to exist.  You of all people
    should understand...Right, Tatsuya? The Paradox?
    TATSUYA: Ch...
    NYARLATHOTEP: If you can show me your powers to suppress shadows in this
    world, I will give back the toys one at a time. But if you cannot...They
    will regain their memories and I will destroy your
    world...We shall start anew. Give it your best shot...Then, show me your
    desperate faces. (snicker)
    (Eikichi, Jun and Lisa disappear and so does Nyarlathotep.)
    (Talk to your party memebers)
    ULALA: Ma-ya...did you feel that...? That giant energy...It was so
    deep...Mixed with a bunch of dark emotions...Can we...defeat that...?
    BAOFU: Damn...I'm turning pale...? Calm down...You're Kaoru
    Saga...There's nothing you can't do...Calm down...
    KATSUYA: Tatsuya...You foguht with that monster all this
    time...No...That ridiculing...that arrogance...That is
    undoubtedly...human itself...
    TATSUYA: I'm sorry...Jun...Eikichi...Lisa...I'll...save you...I WILL...
    (This shows Katauya when he was a student and he's talking to Akanari
    MR. KASHIHARA: Suou, are you sure...? That you wont to give up your
    dream as a...dessert chef...
    HIGH SCHOOL KATSUYA: That's "Partisser".
    MR. KASHIHARA: That's right. So...you sure?...
    HIGH SCHOOLKATSUYA: I've decided on my own...After law school, I'll
    become a police officer.
    MR. KASHIHARA: With your grades, you can go anywhere...It's your father,
    isn't it?
    HIGH SCHOOL KATSUYA: ...You have nothing to do with it. Excuse me.
    (Katsuya exits.)
    (The party draws their weapons and see Shadow Katsuya.)
    SHADOW KATSUYA: Hmph...Regrets are at an extreme, aren't they...
    KATSUYA: Nonsense! I don't regret anything!
    SHADOW KATSUYA: Lying is the start of evil...You really despise your
    father and brother, huh? If not for them, you could've had your way.
    You're probaly tired of playing the good older brother...Your love for
    your family is just a role.
    KATSUYA: That's...not...true...
    BAOFU: What's wrong, Suou!? Stay sharp...!
    SHADOW KATSUYA: Don't play innocent...You're in love with that woman...
    (referring to Maya)
    MAYA / TATSUYA: .........!?
    SHAODW KATSUYA: You're just decieving yourself in front of your brother.
    Fulfill your desires. Why
    protect such a brother any longer?
    (Katsuya aims his gun towards Tatsuya.)
    ULALA: W, Wait, Big Suou!? Get a hold of yourself!!! Ma-ya, stop him!!
    TATSUYA: .........
    *MAYA: I believe in you...*
    KATSUYA: Tatsuya...I'll tell you...What that guy is saying
    is...Partially true, and partially untrue!!!
    (Katsuya fires a shot at Shadow Katsuya.)
    KATSUYA: You made a mistake...You tried to get between us brothers with
    that face!! You're an eyesore...Get lost.
    SHADOW KATSUYA: Hmph...Too bad.
    (Shadow Katsuya vanishes)
    TATSUYA: Brother...I'm...
    KATSUYA: Don't make that face...You're my little brother...
    KATSUYA: I caused everyone trouble...It's okay now.
    (Talk to members)
    ULALA: Now whatcha gonna do, Ma-ya? Younger or older, it's a hard
    BAOFU: That brother complex couldn't kill his own little
    brother...Dammit...Just watching him embarreses
    KATSUYA: Ms. Amano...uh...That was half true and...half...But...You
    know...um...Thank you. It was
    because of you...Take care of Tatsuya.
    TATSUYA: He...can protect Maya...Now...I can rest easily...
    (This shows Maya and Ulala sitting at a table.)
    ULALA: ...So you see, he was thinking he was all hot shit, when in
    fact...Hey, Ma-ya, you listening!?
    ULALA: ...That Deja Vu Boy again?
    (Maya nods)
    ULALA: You're so lucky...Compared to me...Why do I have such bad luck
    with men!? It's always been like that! You were always getting
    attention! Why do I have to be the ugly skank!?  I'm 10 times prettier
    than you...I'm also athletic, fashionable, and a great homemaker. I'm
    even a good dancer to boot! (sigh)...What's wrong with me...So I might
    not have all the curves...I've been working my ass off at a boring
    job...It's probaly that...I'm not satistfied with myself...I don't have
    my place in this world...Seriously, I'm so jealous of you...Uh...Hello!?
    I've been ripping into you for the past 5 minutes and all you can do is
    (Ulala gets up.)
    ULALA: Sometimes, I wonder why I even bother...Well you do work late
    everyday...Let's go home, Ma-ya...Here, grab your purse.
    (Shadow Ulala is shown and the party draws their weapons.)
    SHADOW ULALA: That is so pathetic. Drunkiness, complaining,
    jealousy...Appeal rating: ZERO...You're not qualified to be a woman...No
    one would even look at a woman like you. Looking after that girl is just
    to hide your inferiority complex.
    ULALA: Ugh...You don't have to rub it in...
    SHADOW ULALA: How<3ev<3er<3 Even the fool is starting to realize it in
    her own foolish way, huh? (to Maya) You're her best freind. Wether she
    found herself or not...You tell her instead.
    *MAYA: It's not up to me to answer...*
    ULALA: Thanks, Ma-ya...I was wrong to try and find myself...You have to
    make yourself!  I'm nowhere to be found! It's me who's gonna decide
    what's gonna happen!!!
    SHADOW ULALA: How boring...That puts a damper on my day.
    (Shadow Ulala vanishes.)
    (Talk to members.)
    BAOFU: You don't find yourself, you make yourself...Huh, that's not bad,
    especially from Ulala...
    KATSUYA: Still...What is their objective? Why are they not attacking...?
    Why are they beating around the bush...?
    ULALA: There's only one good thing about all this...I met all of
    you...I'll thank fate for that...
    TATSUYA: Thesa are his old tricks...showing us our shadows...Don't fall
    for it...You'll be swallowed by the shadows...
    BAOFU: Geez, we're here again...Can't he do something different...
    ULALA: But, if we come through here, we can always come back to the
    city, so don't you think we're lucky?
    KATSUYA: This is his doing too, right? It bothers me because it seems
    like he's trying to show off his comfortability.
    TATSUYA: Everything begins here...And ends here...Is that what he wants
    to say...
    (Sumaru City is now in the Collective Unconsciousness and the sky is
    red. The City Map Music seems pretty upsetting and dull IMO. Nothing too
    new, but the Bomb Shelter 8 at Kasu High is now open.)
    KATSUYA: For everyone's sake...We cannot lose, Ms. Amano.
    BAOFU: So after all, Yung Pao and that Tatsuzou were all just
    Nyarlathotep's pawns...He's really just playing around with us.
    ULALA: Hey Ma-ya, do you think I could take this fish home with me? I'm
    not going to eat it! It's going to be a pet!
    KANKICHI: Eikichi? He's not back yet...He'll be fine...He's not one to
    die so easily...How can a true man make sushi if he doesn't believe in
    his own son! Until his return, I'll just make sushi!
    TATSUYA: Eikichi...I will end this no matter what...Just wait for me....
    ULALA: We can't just leave those kids alone! Ma-ya, let's hurry!
    TATSUYA: That is "HIS"...That's Nyarlathotep's way...Be careful, Maya.
    TAMMY: He's still not home even in this situation. Isn't he worried
    about me? Taaaaaad, where did you go!?
    FUJII" I don't really understand what's going on, but you, Mackey,
    Yukki, and your freinds are...walking the path you believe in...Mackey,
    reach for stars.
    EDITOR-IN-CHIEF MIZUNO: Amano...What was my life, that was all about
    work...? The city flies, some wierd incident happens, and no one knows
    what is real...When I thought of what reality is to me...I realized
    I've never experienced any...I was just working without a purpose. I
    wasn't like this before...I had a dream...
    *MAYA: You can recapture your dreams!!!*
    EDITOR-IN-CHIEF MIZUNO: Amano...You're right...! I can't lose out to
    young people. Now go...I don't know the details, but you have something
    you must do, right? Say hello to the man with sunglasses.
    ULALA: Ulala Serizawa, no abnormality found here! Now, let's go!
    TATSUYA: I am prepared for this...Let's go, Maya!
    KATSUYA: I'm fine, Ms. Amano...I'm ready to go!
    BAOFU: Me? I could use some liquor at the moment...But other than that,
    there's no problem.
    ULALA: Nyarlathotep won't get his way! Let's do it, Ma-ya.
    TATSUYA: I will defeat Nyarlathotep!...And I will end this all!
    BAOFU: I have nothing against Nyarlathotep, but he got me involved. He's
    gonna pay for that...
    KATSUYA: Even if I am not with the force now, my heart remains the same
    as before...I WILL bring back peace to the people.
    SALEEM LADEEN: Dragons...They really did exist...There are many
    mysteries on the earth! I might find a new hobby.
    KATSUYA: Miss Serizawa, do you feel it...?
    ULALA: Yeah...Our impostors, right? We have to settle this ourselves...
    TATSUYA: Eikichi!
    SHADOW ULALA: Isn't that nice. He's still asleep.
    KATSUYA: Put him down!
    (enter battle)
    SHADOW ULALA: You ARE a fool.
    SHADOW KATSUYA: Hpmh...If you want him back, you'll have to take him by
    KATSUYA / ULALA: You're on!!
    (after battle)
    TATSUYA: Eikichi...
    KATSUYA: He's not awake. For the time being, we're safe...
    ULALA: But...Are you sure about this Tatsuya? Leaving him without any
    memories of you...He's your freind, right?
    TATSUYA: It's...okay...
    (A golden butterly appears over Eikichi.)
    TATSUYA: Philemon...
    PHILEMON: I will return him to the real world...I am sorry, but taking
    him with you is exactly what he wants...It is hard, but move on...
    (Philemon and Eikichi vanishes.)
    (Talk to members)
    KATSUYA: Ms. Amano...He said anger is the shadow's source of power,
    didn't he...? I'm sorry...But I don't think I can hold myself back...I
    don't care how much I'm despied...But I cannot sit here and watch
    everyone suffer...
    TATSUYA: I WILL protect..."This Side" and...everyone's memories...
    BAOFU: Amano...Our little group here's a bunch of barbarians...You
    better be prepared...
    ULALA: I've...never been so angry for someone esle in all my life...What
    did Tatsuya do to deserve this...?
    (The party is taken to a cemetary. A grave is open in the ground and
    Reverse Odysseus is choking some woman and banging her up to a tree,
    which Baofu reacts to.)
    MIKI: Kaoru...
    An investigator who was Baofu's partner. While investigating "Tien Tao
    Lien", she was killed by Yung Pao in Taiwan.
    BAOFU: Miki...!?
    ULALA: Is that...Miki...?
    REVERSE ODYSSEUS: Kaoru Saga...I am you...What is yours is also mine...
    MIKI: Uh...! Please...
    ULALA: Stop it!!!
    REVERSE ODYSSEUS: Do you feel the abger inside of you? Who is it for?
    I'll give you the answer in this woman's blood.
    BAOFU: Why you...
    (Reverse Odyyseus continues to strangle Miki and bang her up to the tree
    harder than before.)
    MIKI: .........
    BAOFU: You f##kin' bastard!!!!!!
    *MAYA: Don't do it!*
    (Maya stops Baofu)
    BAOFU...Me!!! It's not Tatsuzou, not Yung Pao, or you...!!! The one I
    can't forgive is...me!!!
    (Reverse Odysseus and Miki disappear and then Miki re-appears over the
    open grave.)
    BAOFU: I'm sorry...Miki...That time I was just a hot shot...I wasn't
    able to do anything...I shouldn't have gotten you involved...It was my
    fault that you died that day...It wasn't the Persona, it wasn't the
    law...It was me...It was my fault. I was so damn selfish...
    MIKI: Don't blame yourself...I knew the risk I was taking...You never
    looked back...You always believed you were right...I liked that
    (Miki disappears)
    BAOFU: .........
    KATSUYA / MAYA / TATSUYA: .........
    BAOFU: How pathetic...Everything's out in the open...Now you see...I was
    planning to use you guys from the begining! Somewhere inside, I
    knew...That I couldn't do anything by myself...Heh...I wanted revenge so
    bad...But I couldn't give you my real name...
    ULALA: ....I...I think it's a nice...name...! I...I think it's a cool
    name...! It has a nice ring to it...
    KATSUYA: I was thinking...and now it's clear..."Kaoru Saga" died on duty
    5 years ago...The man in front of me is a different person than the one
    we saw...A bit misguided, perhaps...A "free spirit"..."A loveable
    ULALA: ...Didn't you forget "twisted person"?
    BAOFU: .........Ch...Don't put me in the same shot glass as those
    sentimental wussies...
    BAOFU: And you know what, Suou? You're not cut out to be a police
    officer. Investigations are supposed to be...
    (Talk to Party Members)
    ULALA: Ma-ya...You remember that fortune I told you about in the
    beginning? I think...it's right...
    BAOFU: Well...um..ya know...There's a lot...in life...
    KATSUYA: Geez, what an antisocial Baofu...Ms. Serizawa must have a
    difficult time.
    TATSUYA: I've never met anyone like this guy before...
    (Nyarlathotep is standing in the middle of the room and the party draws
    out their weapons.)
    NYARLATHOTEP: I'm glad you made it here without dying. Of course, it
    would be dull for you to die so easily. Now, Maya Amano...After coming
    here, what are you angry at?
    *MAYA: I'm just...very sad...*
    NYARLATHOTEP: Hmph...How sentimental...What are you so sad about? Now,
    go ahead and shoot. Deep down inside, I know you hate me. Pull the
    trigger, Maya.
    (Maya aims her gun at Nyarlathotep.)
    NYARLATHOTEP: Well then, I'll say the one thing you want to hear the
    least. The young man who holds your heart...He's mine. He's a toy in the
    shape of a human! He'll never be yours! Never!!!
    *MAYA: (Don't Pull The Trigger)*
    NYARLATHOTEP: Hmph...This will be something to watch. How long can you
    keep this up?
    (Nyarlathotep disappears.)
    (Talk to Party Members.)
    TATSUYA: It's alright...That sadness...will end soon...
    KATSUYA: Ms. Amano, stay strong...He is trying to coax the shadows of
    our hearts to gain power...I finally understand.
    BAOFU: That's definitely human...The way he looks down on others, that's
    something only humans can do...Heh...All right...I'll tango with ya. As
    another human...
    ULALA: Going through all this, and you're not supposed to get upset!? I
    ain't no nun or preist! I can't stand it!!!
    BAOFU: Hey, Maya...Guess it's our turn next...
    MAYA: .........
    TATSUYA: Lisa...!
    (Shadow Baofu and Shadow Maya appear.)
    SHADOW MAYA: Are you relieved...little boy? But we can't let you have
    her back quite so easily.
    SHADOW BAOFU: Heh...Such being the case...I'll be sure to teach her a
    lesson, so you can die in peace.
    (enter battle)
    MAYA: .........
    BAOFU: Try picking on someone your own size...How about me?
    SHADOW MAYA: (snicker) You make me laugh..
    SHADOW BAOFU: Yeah, that makes me laugh!!
    (after battle)
    (Lisa is lying on the ground.)
    TATSUYA: .........
    BAOFU: Did you know, Tatsuya...? There are two types of men in this
    world...A "normal" man and...a "real" man. A "real" man knows how to
    ease sadness...You're undoubtly the latter...
    TATSUYA: .........
    (The golden butterlfy appears over Lisa.)
    TATSUYA: Philemon...Please...
    TATSUYA: I know...I will take her back to the real world...
    (Philemon and Lisa disappear.)
    (Talk to party members)
    KATSUYA: .........
    BAOFU: You should be proud...The person protecting you is the world's
    finest...Undoubtly, the real thing...
    ULALA: Is this...the burden of an 18 year-old boy is supposed to carry
    on his shoulders...? It's just too brutal...
    TATSUYA: .........Let's move on. I'm...ready.
    (Nyarlathotep is standing in the middle and the party appears. They draw
    out their weapons.)
    NYARLATHOTEP: Congratulations...You finally made it...The last toy is
    right here...
    (Jun is shown chained in the air.)
    MAYA: .........
    TATSUYA: Give...Jun back...!!!
    NYARLATHOTEP: You're wondering why nothing has happened to you. Well, I
    saved the best for last...We must show your secret to your freinds.
    Right, "Paradox Boy"?...
    (This shows the continuing scene from the final flashback at Mt. Iwato
    after Maya dies.)
    NYARLATHOTEP: Huhahahahaha!!! You have learned something. The reality of
    the world..There are things that you have no control over! I am the
    shadow of all humans. As long as humans have dark hearts, I will live.
    Face the last trial of the Crawling Chaos!!!
    (Nyarlathotep changes into a monster-like creature and disappears along
    with Maya Okamura.)
    PHILEMON: There is a way to change this reality. You must forget about
    that one summer day...Nyarlathotep began weaving the threads of fate
    that day...If we erase that instance, this tragedy would never have
    occured. A new time woven and a world reborn...
    EIKICHI: You can...do that...?
    PHILEMON: Realize this...A human's heart possess the power to change the
    flow of reality. Even without the Xilbalba or the Crystal Skull, your
    strong will and action have the energy to change reality. Even the
    power that created the cosmos you live in is the same as yours..In this
    collective unconsciousness, it is
    JUN: Do you mean start over from the beginning?  In return for
    GINKO: You mean...forget everyone...!? I...I don't want to!!  Isn't
    there another way!?
    PHILEMON: Not in this world, where he has power. The dark hearts of
    people unconsciously doing world destruction is his source of power...In
    order to suppress him, people must change...You will create the new
    JUN: I...won't forget...How can I forget...
    EIKICHI: Hell yeah...I ain't gonna forget...!! If everything was set up
    by him, then let's do it...Let's teach him that things won't go his way
    GINKO: We...WILL...meet again, right...?
    PHILEMON: Then see yourself as who you should be. Your powers should
    mold a new reality.
    (Jun disappears, then Eikichi, and then the dead Maya. Lisa walks up to
    Tatsuya to give him a kiss.)
    GINKO: A kiss...So that I won't forget about my Tatsuya...
    (Lisa disappears.)
    PHILEMON: Well then...We will part for a short time. Are there any final
    words you want to say?
    *TATSUYA: (Hit Him)*
    (Tatsuya punches Philemon and Philemon's mask comes off.  His face is
    the same as Tatsuya's.)
    PHILEMON: I am the one who exists in the boundary between the
    consciousness and the unconsciousness...I am you and you are I...I will
    always be watching from within you...Farewell...
    (Tatsuya disappears.)
    (An FMV plays of the kids saying goodbye to each other)
    EIKICHI: We went through a lot, but I'm glad we met again. Don't forget
    what you promised dude.
    LISA: Tatsuya...Don't forget me...I do love you.
    JUN: You won't forget, or say goodbye. Just thank you.
    TATSUYA: I don't want to forget what happened! How can I forget?   Guys,
    don't go...Don't leave me alone...Please no, please no.  No!....(echoes)
    (Tatsuya disappears. FMV ends there.)
    KATSUYA / MAYA / BAOFU / ULALA: .........!!!
    NYARLATHOTEP: (chuckles) How's that, Tatsuya Suou!? Do you like your
    punishment?  You couldn't ask them to fight with you. That's because the
    sole reason the world is at the brink of destruction
    TATSUYA: .........
    NYARLATHOTEP: You broke your promise with your freinds. The condition to
    stay in this world was to give up your memories from the old world!!!
    But you rejected it, ...At that moment, the boundary
    seperating the 2 worlds vacillated...That was you!!! That's why you
    failed to synchronize with the you of this world...
    MAYA: .........
    NYARLATHOTEP: Push all the pain upon your freinds, and still retain your
    memory...That's an unforgivable sin...A sin must have punishment.
    That's why I gave you the chance to meet her again. I coaxed fate for
    you all to meet again.
    TATSUYA: Ch...
    NYARLATHOTEP: What's wrong?...Are you going to hide in your shell again?
    That face of yours when you met that woman and regained your
    memories...You should have seen it...
    MAYA: .........
    NYARLATHOTEP: Am I detestable? But that is what you humans desired...You
    craved destruction from the depths of your hearts...That is me! The
    shadow does not forgive anyone who goes against fate.
    BAOFU: Ahhh, shut up...You can take this fate of yours and stick it up
    your ass!  Listen up, Tatsuya...Fate is...
    KATSUYA: No different than a prediction too late. If something happens,
    all you have to say is this...
    ULALA: "It was all fate!"
    NYARLATHOTEP: Muhahahaha...!!! Pathetic humans! I'll show you what
    happened to those who said the same thing to me in the past!!!
    (Nyarlathotep transforms into his Moon Howler form.)
    (Enter Battle)
    NYARLATHOTEP: Understand that there is no point in living! Cry, that
    there is no answer! Where there is darkness, there are shadows! I,
    myself, am all of you humans!!
    TATSUYA: I won't turn my back again...On the sin I committed..Nor on
    (After you beat his Moon Howler form, he'll change into his true form,
    which is a "mass of gods with 1000 names and faces at the center of
    space" as his description says.)
    NYARLATHOTEP: Fuhahahahaha! This is! Splendid! You are the first to see
    this form! Die with my highest praise!
    (After Battle)
    NYARLATHOTEP: It...can't be...!? It's not possible...!!! This
    contradiction...I won't accept i--t!!!
    (Philemon appears in the air carrying Jun in his arms.)
    PHILEMON: Crawling Chaos, accept your defeat...
    NYARLATHOTEP: Philemon!!!
    PHILEMON: They represent the potential of mankind. You, the dark side of
    the collective unconsciousness, are linked to all humans. THAT is
    why...They...moved the hearts of the people...
    KATSUYA: All potential is born from chaos...I see...That's right...
    NYARLATHOTEP: Muhahaha...!!! What irony!!! THIS is my FATE...!?
    NYARLATHOTEP: But...remember this...! The masses of idiocy that squim in
    the center of the cosmos are yourselves...!!! As long as I you
    exist...so too shall I...!!!
    BAOFU: You're too damn stubborn...There's no such thing as a human
    without shadows...We'll make you remember that your place is here...Just
    go to Hell and be done with it...
    (Maya shoots at Nyarlathotep and Tatsuya strikes Nyarlathotep.
    Nyarlathotep screams and disappears.)
    ULALA: It's over...
    TATSUYA: No...There's still...one more thing...
    TATSUYA: The fact remains that I'm the Paradox...If I stay here...Then
    "This Side" will be engulfed by the "Other Side"...
    BAOFU / KATSUYA: .........
    ULALA / MAYA: Tatsuya...You're not...
    TATSUYA: I'm going home...
    *MAYA: Tatsuya...Thank you for everything...*
    TATSUYA: I made a promise to Jun...He kept his word...Now it's my
    turn...The only thing left on the Other Side is our city.  We'll rebuild
    a great world...
    KATSUYA: Tatsuya...You...
    (Energy surrounds Tatsuya.)
    BAOFU: Tatsuya...There's one thing I forgot to tell you...There are good
    things even when you become an adult...Just a few...
    TATSUYA: Yeah...I know...
    (Tatsuya splits into two.)
    KATSUYA: Tatsuya...!
    ULALA: Tatsuya...!
    MAYA: .........
    TATSUYA FROM THE OTHER SIDE: We are connected by this ocean. We
    can...meet again...
    (Tatsuya from the Other Side disappears and Tatsuya from This Side falls
    on the floor.)
    The spectre has returned to the deep corners of the subconscious, so too
    has her love, retreated to a world beyond her reach. The city is showing
    signs of recovery...but many will never know the truth of what happened.
    Nonetheless, what Tatsuya left behind will live on in the hearts of the
    people.  At least that's what I want to believe...I want to see his fire
    in their hearts...
    (Maya is sitting at her desk and the cub reporter walks up to her.)
    CUB REPORTER: Miss Amano, the chief is calling you.
    (Maya gets up.)
    CUB REPORTER: Miss Amano...
    CUB REPORTER: I'm gonna keep working here a bit longer...After looking
    at you, I thought I could work harder too...I don't know how to say it,
    but I'll work hard!...This is my fate!
    MAYA: ........
    (Maya walks off.)
    (Baofu is shown standing there.)
    KAORU: Sorry...Miki...Everyone's looking for someone these days...It's
    time for me to move on...I took down the sign...I won't be chasing
    rumors anymore...I'm starting a search agency for missing people...Heh,
    after what just took place, we're doing okay. Well, I'm starting all
    over again...So "he" won't laugh at me...
    (A car honk is heard.)
    KAORU: My partner beckons once again...
    (Ulala appears.)
    ULALA: Kaoru, we should get going. Our client might start complaining...
    KAORU: Yeah, I got it.
    (Baofu/Kaoru walks away.)
    ULALA: Miki...I'll take care of him...so don't worry...
    (A car honk is heard and Ulala walks off.)
    NATE: Indeed..Do they know the meaning of being punctual?
    ELLEN: (snicker)...Don't worry, they'll be here. By the way...I read
    your dissertation on economics. It was brilliant.
    NATE: Hmph...Of course it was.
    NATE: But thanks to him, we can go on with our lives.
    ELLEN: It's...ironic, isn't it...His appearence is the same...but I
    can't believe he doesn't remember anything...
    NATE: The same...with Jun Kashihara and the rest...Imagine not
    remembering being the key to saving this world...
    ELLEN: Hey...Nate...Do you think...he...they...don't actually
    NATE: I'm not sure...But I know that there are two things for
    certain...Praying for the people's sake isn't wrong. And...we have an
    obligation to lead this world properly...This world which he saved.
    ELLEN: You're right...
    (Mary, Brad, Yuki, and Chris come inside.)
    BRAD: Yo! I saw the cover, Ellen! That's great!
    YUKI: Shunsuke praised you about having a great smile. Now Ellen can
    stand on her own!
    MARY: I have an announcement!!! Chris is getting married!!! And she's
    cute, too!! Congratulations!!!
    CHRIS: W, Well, her house collasped, y'know...B, Besides...we already
    decided the name...! If it's a boy, "Takashi"..Good name, huh!?
    NATE: Yeah...It's a good name...
    (The characters start talking until someone comes through the door. This
    person however is not shown. Ellen and Mary go up to greet this person.)
    ELLEN / MARY: Welcome back...
    (Eikichi is standing alone and Jun comes up.)
    JUN: What is the leader doing here...?
    EIKICHI: I don't know...But...I felt that I left behind a very important
    memory here...
    JUN: Me, too...
    LISA: You guys, too...
    (Lisa walks up.)
    LISA: Somehow...I'm very sad...
    EIKICHI: Yeah...
    JUN: I feel a great void in my heart...
    (Tatsuya is there alone and he flicks his lighter. Katsuya walks up to
    KATSUYA: What do you want, calling me here...?
    (Tatsuya lights Katsuya's cigarette and Katsuya starts smoking.)
    KATSUYA: ...That's rare. I think it's gonna start raining.
    TATSUYA FROM THIS SIDE: ...My hand moved on its own.
    KATSUYA: .........
    TATSUYA FROM THIS SIDE: Hey...Bro...Is it hard to become a detective?
    KATSUYA: .........
    TATSUYA FROM THIS SIDE: ...Won't Pops...get upset...?
    KATSUYA: Yeah right...Alright, I'll teach you the ways of a detective...
    TATSUYA FROM THIS SIDE: You started up smoking again...
    KATSUYA: Yeah...With all that's happened... (Katsuay and Tatsuya walk
    off together.)
    KATSUYA: Listen up, a detective is...
    An FMV plays of Sumaru City. It is now surrounded by water (where the
    Torifune walls used to be.) Maya is standing at a crosswalk and a
    familliar golden butterfly is watching her.  As Maya crosses the
    street, she stops when she sees Tatsuya in a helmet on his motorylce.
    The golden butterfly flies away. Maya shakes her head and walks across
    the street while passing in front of Tatsuya. When Maya crosses
    the street, Tatsuya and the other cars drive away. Maya is then shown up
    close smiling with her mouth closed.)
    BLOCKBUSTERS---For having this game for me to rent.
    ME---For having the strength to do this guide.
    to do this guide since there is an Innocent Script out there.
    MOM---For taking me to the celebration of learning (which got me 25$ to buy this
    MY SCHOOL---For hosting the "Celebration of Learning" which I
    participated in a basketball contest and I won a 25$ gift certificate.
    MY DAD---For taking me to the mall and buying this game with my 25$!
    GAMESHARK CD----For speeding me through this game so I can get things
    done quickly.
    ATLUS---For creating an RPG with superb artwork and an exciting csat and
    an intruiging storyline.
    and most important of all:
    "FATE"---For leading me to this game and doing this.

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