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"Solid RPG experience with few flaws and huge fun factor."

Good title. There are alot of in depth reviews for this title. I'm hear to bring you something more straight forward and simple, for a casual gamer that may be interested in this niche title/series.

Do you know of/like Shin Megami Tensei stuff? If you do, it's probably how you found this title. This is our english version sequel to something that damn near started it all. Persona.

Graphics - 9/10 If you like anime, this will be your cup of tea from the start. Anime portraits, and mini-sprites. Exellent detail on the heroes and demons/villians. Great level art. Inspired attack animations, though some are nothing new (for the most part, actually).

Sound - 9/10 Battle sounds are more than up to par. Characters talk in battle, and you will hear several different hero voice clips. Demons and villians have only one or two. The music is exellent, and I couldn't make it any better if I tried. It reflects the mode of each section to a T, and the map music is also wonderful for any anime or megaten fan.

Gameplay - 9/10 I wanted to give a ten, honestly. But to be fair to casual RPG fans, or those new to the megaten series, I'll have to go with a 9, due to one thing. This game, IS MASSIVE. Most find that a good, if not great thing, but some may be turned off by it. There are several great combination attacks and demons to fuse to your human protaganists. You fuse with them for stats and main "magic" attacks. There are affinity levels for everyone. You also have some regular weapon attacks, standard item usage fare, and ultra attacks for big damage. It's an RPG all the way, and a damn fine one at that. You wander the 3D maps searching for whatever person or object the story sends you after, and enter random battles. Here you can speak to demons in a fairly deep speech system, or battle them to death. You can speak to earn tarot cards, info on an area, items, or money (or just plain to avoid a deadly battle), or you can fight, fight, fight, to build up the demons you are currently fused with, as well as the human characters you obtain. Again, mostly standard RPG fair, with a new and fun twist. The speech is exellent, and a high point of the game. Some of it's funny, sad, or scary. Collecting tarot cards to gain items, powers, and new demons to fuse with is addictive to a stat crunching, monster collecting RPG fan, but pretty bad to anyone not looking to get immersed. After you traverse said sections, you either progress the plot, or fight a boss in order to progress the plot. You visit stores in malls from time to time to beef up your items and weaponry. You can also learn of and spread rumors, to make things happen in towns and other such places. Saying the local bar, for instance, sells weapons for cheap, will net you new stuff for fairly cheap in the long run. That's a very watered down, simple example, but it will get any casual player interested and gets the point across.

Story - 10 Any good RPG needs a good plotline and good characters. This one is AWESOME in those respects. If you're a first time fan and never played Persona, or any Megaten titles, you may want to consider the plotline an 8 or even a 7. But I just couldn't list that. I can't spoil the intricate plotline, but know that it's deep, touches on several issue about dual personalities, reality, and our state of being, and that there are cool anime-like conflicts with demons. Cool characters abound, on both the side of the good and the evil, and there are demons everywhere in modern Japan. Local high schoolers have discovered gossip and rumors are coming true somehow. Something supernatural is definately occuring, and it looks to be on the hellish side of the spectrum. There are characters here with a very deep past and connection to the Japanese version of Persona 2. And so much, much more. It takes a few hours to really pick up, but if you stay involved, you'll soon find it's hard to put down!

Is this interesting to you? Then BUY THIS TITLE. Now. Go on! It's a bit pricy (sometimes up to sixty bucks and rising by the day), but it's worth it if you're into this kind of thing like I am. If all of this sounded kind of out there to you, then how did you find this game anyway? Just kidding. Do yourself a favor and try a backup copy of this somewhere and/or talk to message board folks or look up net reviews like this one to learn more. You may find yourself pleasantly suprised. Especially, once again, if you're a fan of any era of anime.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/06/07

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