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Reviewed: 03/06/01 | Updated: 03/06/01

Persona 2: Eternal Punishment's only punishment is its difficult!

Persona 2 is something to brag about. A game where fantasy and reality collide into a epic game. This game is so complex in so many ways and it is a shame people seem to walk across this game as another RPG cause this is perhaps the most unique RPG ever that is done right.
The graphics fit the game perfectly. The graphics are sprites in a 3D map. The sprites do walk stiffly but personally I kinda think its cool. The CG/Anime cutscenes is really good. The anime characters look clean while the CG is top of the line.
The sound is so cool! Every tune I loved. The tunes also really fit the mood. From the soothing music in the shop that restores characters HP to the humorous and upbeat grocery store song that is just plain wacky. The voice acting is good also even though it is only in scenes before a boss battle.
Now this is the shining part of Persona 2. This is what makes the game so good. The game starts off about a numerous amount of murders in a high school so Maya, the (sadly) silent heroine, must do a report for the magazine she works for. Little does she know that she is the very one that was destined to save the city from a murderer called the Joker. In the game you must learn more about the Joker. After you find out what the Joker is the quest becomes an extremely complex adventure.
Well this game is difficult! REAL difficult. It is one of those RPGs where you will be trying to fight this one boss for hours and you scream in anger finally. The game requires a TON of leveling up. I felt the creators should have made the bosses at leat a little easier cause I found myself leveling for a hour just to get ready for one boss. You will more likely beat the game at lvl 80 or above. So all I did was complain so then why did I give the difficult a 6?! First the game is long which is a good thing for most. The game is a 40+ hour quest that is fun most of the time. Also regular battles are a perfect difficulty. These two things make up the difficulty somewhat.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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