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"A very unusual and unique RPG. Best story since Xenogears."

Persona 2:Eternal Punishment is a unique role-playing experience in many aspects, Not something you would expect from the maker of Thousand Arms *shudder*. The battle system is unlike anything ever seen in a RPG before (at least to my knowledge). It relies heavily on the summoning of ''Personas'' which you aquire by trading in tarot cards you earn along the way. It has interesting characters, each with unique personalities. The main character is Maya, a journalist.She only talks during battles, and is the ''silent protagonist'' just like Serge if you've played Chrono Cross.The game actually averaged out to 7.5, but i rounded up.

P2EP has a unique battle system. At the beginning of every battle, a menu screen pops up and you enter strategies for each of your team members (This may sound like an FF game so far but just wait).You then pick the commands for your team, and they will do that repeatedly until you intervene and set a new strategy. Over 80 summonable personas exist in the game, each has different spells to offer. You can set up Fusion Spells by castin certain spells in certain orders(kinda like in Breath of Fire games). You gain new tarot cards, which are used to summon personas at a place called the Velvet Room. To go about collecting tarot cards, you cantact demons during battle and combine characters to talk too them. Different demons respond to characters differently. You need to interest them to gain cards.The contact system is one of the most unique aspects of the game. There is also a rumor system, that lets you spread rumors that become reality.


The only games i can honestly say have a better story than this are Xenogears (the best game ever)and umm.....damn! I can't think of anything else. The story starts out pretty fast. There is a curse in Sumaru, a Japanese City. This curse enables rumors to come true. The curse also allows people t call their own cell phone to have the Joker kill anyone that you want. The curse is a result of the actions taken place in Persona 2:Innocent Sin, which has not been released in America. I am guessing that an Innocent Sin took place in P2:IS, and the curse in P2:EP is the ''eternal punishment'' for the ''innocent sin''. There are some deja-vu scenes in P2:EP that you will not understand due to the fact that you haven't played Innocent Sin, but i can promise you it doesn't affect the overall story. Maya, a news reporter takes off with policeman Katsuya Suou, wire tapper Baofu,and best friend and boxer Ulala Serizawa(You later get a 5th character, but noy yet.)to investigate the joker curse, not expecting the strange plot twists that await........


The Graphics in this game are average. The 3-Dimensional backgrounds look nice, but the character sprites are a different story. I don't mind 2-D sprite characters, and I sometimes prefer them over big fancy 3-D characters. The sprites in this game look decent, but they are poorly animated and have blocky movements. The Anime/CG cutscenes are a work of art though. I am a anime fan, so i can tell good anime when I see it. This game comes with the anime trailer for Innocent Sin (japanese dialogue, english subtitles) which is 3 minutes of complete eye candy.


I honestly can't say I'm a big fan of game music, but the techno beats on here had me tappin' my toes on multiple occasions.


I couldn't beat it twice, but some people might want to to try out different persona's. Another reason would be picking a different 5th character than the first time through (you have a choice between Nate and Ellen).


One of the most difficult rpgs I've played. If you know what personas to use against which bosses, it should be a lot easier. Just use Archaeopteryx's(sp?) FAQ and the Boss/Rumor/Demon FAQ (props to whoever made this one, I forgot your name, but it helped me out hella!).

Rent or Buy

I would buy it if you are a die-hard rpg fan like myself, or are in the mood for something different. However, if the only rpgs you have ever experienced are the Final Fantasy series, you probably should give it a rental, because this game veers away from your common Final Fantasy rpg game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 03/24/01, Updated 03/24/01

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