Review by LilGon

"Great characters,but horrible game"

The case. The manual. The reviews. All signs point to a wonderful game. Unfortunately it's not.


The story starts with a great hook making you wonder what the heck is going on, and continues to grab and hold you throughout. The characters are great. I love the dialogue between them,and their distinct 'persona'lities. My favorite is Katsuya Suou the shy detective. This is the game's strong point (the story NOT Katsuya). The 'Joker' mystery is great. The feel and atmosphere are straight out of a great horror movie.



This should be under story, but it's so interesting I thought it deserved it's own 'spot'. The game is set in 'modern' times (like Earthbound only dirtier). From sky scrapers to gyms it's all there(even night clubs)! My favorites are the numerous shops and diners. While all the dungeon settings are neat, the design is bland. The dungeons all seem to be endless gray (or when they get wild dark blue ) hallways. So I want to ,but can't give this part high marks.



While the backgrounds are horrible the character models are great(even though their legs are stiff). The monsters are mostly run of the mill (except their names,but I'll get to that later). What makes this area have high marks are the great character portraits or the artwork in general. It's dark and moody just like it should be.



This is where the game snowballs and falls into a flaming pit of fire. In a game where the main point is to have lengthy talks with demons you think it would be interesting. It is for the first hour and whenever you get a new character because it allows for new dialogue. Pretty soon you start hearing about the contest between Ulala and Maya one too many times,and you start to yell at the game. This wouldn't be so bad if you didn't have to fight every two,make that a half step. In games like Final Fantasy you get to bash the beast's head in,not give it a manicure!
Next up is the Personas. Lovely little demonic Personas.
Their not demonic because their demons,but because they are stupid. It's lovely when each person has their own little persona,but suddenly you must get 100 different ones AND level them up! You find you need 100'Gahockenockle' cards to get a must needed 'Goosplatz' persona,unfortunately you can't get 'Gahocken-whats it' cards anymore,because you spent them all on the weak 'Pixieflufffluffgooey' because it was cute! As you notice while the names are straight out of mythology,they are pointless. It would be nice if they had readable names that implied when you need them and where you need them. All this makes the game nearly impossible to play. In fact the only reason to finish are great characters. So I say phooey to 'Gahockenknoclespheingle' cards and personas!



The characters,locales,and the stories are great. The gameplay and the dungeons are bad. If you can look past that,it's a great game.


Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 08/28/01, Updated 08/28/01

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