"Great... and different. It'll change your views about the world."

It's a new kind of RPG... a break from all the Dragon slaying BS of semi-old world type thing you see stereotypically in most RPGs nowadays. It's not about an ancient mystery... some sort of world domination thing, or a war-related theme, which separates it from the rest of the RPGs out there. It also takes place in the present... which adds greatly to the already eerie mood. It changes your view about the world, showing you madness... and how scary things are... without even being out of the ordinary.

Gameplay 8.5/10 You can change equipment... and weapons and such, but that really doesn't have such a great impact on the outcome of battles. The hundreds of innovative and always fresh personas, which don't leave you feeling like it's just a pallet swap, are beautiful and are very key. To tell you the truth, it's got more customization than a computer! And many parts of the game... are awesome. And the rumors feature is truly unique.

Story 10/10 I enjoyed the theme for the beginning... the psycho killer theme, it was eerie, but not so that it wasn't enjoyable. Actually, many of the little details are what make the bigger picture scary. It's got an amazingly well-written story, a great theme, and well-translated dialogue. All key points in the story here, folks! Its downright scariness... it's more, in my opinion, scary than all those Resident Evil and horror-type games. Well... maybe with the exception of D, Clock Tower and Silent hill. But it'll be one game... that keeps you awake at night.

Graphics 8/10 Nothing TOO special here. The dungeon designs and areas are well-made. The little dialogue boxes are brilliant... but that's the way they should have been. I was maybe a bit disappointed that they look almost too similar the the first installment, but all in all, it's nicely done. It's good for the Playstation, just don't expect Final Fantasy. But they're well done.

Sound 10/10 It sets the mood perfectly. It has that nice tone that sets the mood... sort of twilight zone-ish. Nothing incredible, but it just fits. I especially like the ''Frog Shop'' theme and the ''Velvet room'' theme.

Replayability 7.5/10 Well... you can get quite a large variety of characters... and some times there are alternating dungeon sequences... but it's pretty much the same. And incredibly difficult, so you might not be compelled to play it over and over.

Overall(not an average) 9/10
It delivers a good theme. It plays well... and there are no major things to gripe about. It's incredibly difficult, so don't expect your 'Walk in the Park' Final Fantasy-type adventure. It's tough... and actually requires a bit of thinking when battling. Even the random battles... that seem like there really are too many... are somewhat tough. Expect something good... you'll get just that. Just don't judge it too soon... the first couple of hours or so are very tedious. But when you get into the story... and the gameplay... you'll see that this... is an incredible game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/28/01, Updated 08/28/01

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