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"A unique, dark RPG that is breathtaking."

Ahh... Another RPG about saving the world. Nope! Not that a 'save the world' RPG is bad, they are usually epic but it is nice to see a change. But wait, there isn't even a mystical land or a world that is in danger. This game must have no story line then. Wrong! This game is so unique in every aspect, this is the MOST unique RPG in years if not ever.
Graphics: 10/10
The graphics are very fitting for this game. THey are not the cleanest but suit the game so well and I fell in love with the graphics uniqueness. The graphics aren't really about cleaness in this game but about how artistically fine they are. The graphics are still pretty clean however. There are also a few interesting anime scenes. The backgrounds are nice looking and the characters look nice in them even though sometimes they are just stills and other times they are not. The character design is wonderful in this game. Very fitting, clean, and even a tad unique in a sense. Overall, the graphics are wonderful.
Music: 10/10
The music is wonderful and fitting like the graphics. Some of the tunes are extremely fitting even though some of it is alittle bit like elevator-ish. And the grocery store music is laugh out loud funny. The tunes range from creepy to sad to funny. It is really great we get a wide variety of these tunes. The voice acting is cheesy in a good sense. It seems they ment it cheesy but again it is also fitting. Katsuya has the cheesiest voice of all but again these voices are fun to listen to.
Characters: 10/10
I will just explain the characters and all I have to say is they are all great.
Maya Amano: She doesn't talk but from what I hear from her voice in the battles she seems polite but with strong willed and doesnt mind swearing. She works for a teen magazine and is best friends with Ulala. She also believes she has some connections with Tatsuya, also known as ''Deja Vu Boy''.
Tatsuya: Tatsuya pops in and out of the game. He is always there to save the group from danger. He is in a word an mysterious hero. Maya is very interested in him as a person but can't get to know him since every time he appears they get seperated. Throughout the game you will learn more about this wonderful character.
Ulala: Ulala is Maya's upbeat friend. She is hyper and follows Maya everywhere. She however has trouble with men. Out of all the characters she is my least favorite but still a great character.
Katsuya: This fashion addicted police officer is very humorous but also incredibely important. He is trying to uncover the 'Joker Mystery' when he meets up with Maya and joins them. He doesn't get along with Baofu very well but I believe Katsuya is always the right one in his fights with Baofu.
Baofu: Baofu is also one of my favorite characters. He works on sites that spred rumors all around the city. He has a great interest of smoking. He also seems to have connections with the Mafia but as the story unfolds you will learn.
You also meet other character such as the Joker, Jun, etc. Also, later on you get to choose between two other characters. They are both cool characters.
Story: 10/10
Maya is working for a teen magazine when she is ordered to do a report on the wierd murders in Seven Sisters High School. As she enters it all happens. She sees a girl named Ana (I believe that is her name) get suspected for the murders by the principle. Soon after the principle gets murdered by someone named the 'Joker'. They go after this figure and 'Joker' when he is about to kill them. Then it happened, it was the ''Deja Vu Boy'' who saved them. Who was he? Who was the 'Joker'? As time goes on you learn about all the characters back stories and who the 'Joker' and Tatsuya is. The storyline also is awesome because it takes you into the dark side of a clean and nice city. You go into the side where there are black markets, mentally ill psychos (literally), cults, religious symbols, mafia, etc. It is a truly dark game but it puts humor into the serious scenes.
This game is honestly good beyond words. Buy it now to experience a jaw dropping experience.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 09/23/01, Updated 09/23/01

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