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    FAQ/Walkthrough by AGriffiths

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    A FAQ / Walkthrough for the PLAYSTATION by Adrian Griffiths
    This is an original work entirely written by me, not to be reproduced
    without my permission
    For anyone who has played this difficult and confusing game, I have
    written this guide to help you through some of the tricky puzzles, of
    which there are many. At time of writing, I have found NO other complete
    guides on the web, so am going ahead and doing my own, because I found
    some aspects of the game REALLY frustrating, and would like to spare
    others from this heartache. However, if I can do it unaided, I reckon
    anyone can.
    Also, this is not a true walkthrough, as many parts of the game can be
    done in any order, so I have made it more of a FAQ guide, with all the
    major troublespots (in my experience, at least) answered. Hope it
    Please note that I don't use many street names or room names, because
    the map was so confusing that I never knew what street I  was in for
    half the time, so I have tried to describe them where possible, or used
    the names if obvious.
    1. Shoot every Nondead at least once.
    A lot of the important items are carried by the zombies, and as they all
    look the same, you should knock every single one down at least once and
    search them. They may hold vital items such as door tags, weapons and
    microcorders, which often contain passwords. If you are worried about
    ammo shortage, try doing a shooting spree just after saving, to see
    which ones you really need to shoot, then reload your game and be more
    choosy the next time.
    2. Don't waste Ammo. This can be avoided in the following ways: Don't
    shoot Nondeads through open doors between separate areas, as the game
    will often not register them as targets, and all your ammo will miss.
    And don't waste any at all on the scuttling creatures (Extrudes), as it
    does not stop them, and you can always dodge their attacks by moving
    constantly. Try kicking them repeatedly ( it won't stop them, but you'll
    find it very therapeutic). You can actually nail them to the floor with
    the nail gun, but even this is temporary and they soon get loose.
    However, the purple ones are poisonous, so if you have something time
    consuming to do (like shooting a nondead) and a purple extrude is
    jabbing your butt, I would nail it pronto, somewhere out of harms way.
    The Piccolo gun is weak, but ammo for this is easily the most plentiful,
    so don't be afraid to be pretty free with this one. In fact, once you
    get into the Necropolis, you will start to find a lot more ammo,
    especially on the Nondeads, and you should find that you have lots to
    play with.
    3. Try things out with each character
    There are some weapons, tools and computers that only work for one
    character, so remember to try all three out in a situation that you are
    stuck on. Also, when examining objects or doors, often only one
    character will say something that gives you a clue about what to do with
    4.Look out for that Magnifying Glass (MG)!!
    This annoying thing is the key to every puzzle, but it's sensitivity to
    where you are standing can be very erratic, especially when several
    options appear clumped together. Make sure you don't miss one by moving
    your character around a "hot spot" constantly, to see if you may have
    missed a separate option.
    5. Look in the vac-tubes even if you don't want to send anything. They
    often have items inside already, and the one outside the showers is
    where Ben Gunn sends your notes, so check it periodically
    6.Run into every corner and every blind wall. The game has a habit of
    not showing you certain areas unless you push the character into an out
    of the way corner. For example, you may not see the lockers in the
    shower room, unless you run over the dead body and go behind the tiled
    partition. I also missed a couple of intersections in the corridors
    because the gap in the wall cannot be seen because of the camera angle.
    7. There are some items that have no sue at all. Interesting feature
    this, maybe it's more realistic, I don't know, but the following items
    have no use at all in the whole game (at least I could not find it).
    Therefore, the following can be stashed permanently forever at your
    earliest opportunity: Lipstick, silver bullet, single contact lens,
    photos (2), alarm clock, tangerine (or you can eat this!), Karne's
    personal note, cigarettes, nicotine patch...There may be more I forgot.
    You will also end up with extra blue, green and red door tags than you
    need, so don't worry you probably have not missed any hidden doors.
    8. You cannot kill the Trimorphs
    At least not at first. Eventually you will find a weapon that will
    finish these things off (the flare gun), but until then, avoid them, and
    think of ways to trap them. Here are the first few:
    A. Kenzo will be the first one to enter this area. Shoot the floating
    man to make him drop down, then finish him off. Kenzo can open the duct
    entrance with the electronic screwdriver, and pull out the babybug, but
    he cannot climb inside. Later when the bulkheads are up, Matlock can
    reach this area and you will need Kenzo to help her, by using the
    Simureal room with the rock.  Note that she cannot enter the duct that
    held the baby bug, as this is deadly. You will need the white tag to
    open the door right beside it, which takes you to Chinese room. Inside
    is another duct entrance, and this is the the one you want. Once this
    duct is opened (with the electronic screwdriver), go to the computer and
    save your game! Position Kenos in the simureal room, with the rock
    showing the duct passage. He talks about how he can raise and lower the
    panels inside the duct. Watch him do it a couple of times so that you
    can see the position of the hatch. Then switch to Mattock and let her
    enter the duct. As soon as Mattock is inside, don't stop moving
    forwards, as a Trimorph starts chasing you! Keep crawling until you
    recognize the part of the duct with the closing panel. At this point
    (with Matlock just past the panel), I tried to switch immediately to
    Kenzo so that he could drop the hatch behind Matlock, but after much
    frantic button pressing, the panel came down by itself, so I don't know
    if I did it, or else the game helps you out here, as long as Kenzo is
    positioned and ready. But once its down, she's safely through. The duct
    takes you to Judith Merrows room, and you won't need to enter it again
    A. You have to lure the Trimorph out of the room and into a trap first
    before you can enter this duct. See below.
    A. You need to get out of the way quicker! First, position Kenzo in the
    Simureal room with the rock (If you have not found the Simureal room
    yet, you are not ready for this bit!). As Matlock, you can enter this
    tunnel, and go up to the last hatch door in safety. When you open the
    last door, a Trimorph will appear and charge at you, but if you start
    facing away from the door, you can press the action button, and
    IMMEDIATELY dash for the previous door. As soon as you see the MG, shut
    the door behind you, and trap the Trimorph. To stop it going back out
    the other way, switch straight to Kenzo, and have him lower the panel
    that Matlock opened by using his rock. By the way, keep Matlock near to
    the hatch, or else the Trimorph may lose interest, or the scent,
    whatever, and wander back into the big chamber, meaning you will have to
    do the dash again. Now you are free to enter the large round chamber via
    the air duct.
    A. Yes you can. If you approach from the corner of the room, the
    Trimorph will pounce on you before you can get through that door.
    Instead, you need to approach the door from between the two central
    benches in the dorm. Save first, then carefully edge towards the door
    from this angle. As soon as you see the MG that says "open door", press
    the action button and make a dash for the door. Its directly in front of
    you, but you only have seconds to do it, so if you miss and have to
    swivel a tiny bit to get through, you will be doomed. Try it a few
    times, and you'll soon be good at it.
    A.  Not again...oh well. For this you will need to have found the Scarab
    and the book on Egyptology. Save first, then get Matlock to open the
    panel with the ordinary screwdriver. (You may have tried this with the
    electronic screwdriver already, but it does not work. I enjoyed Matlocks
    little rant at this point) As soon as the door opens, turn to the Med
    lab and open the door, but DON'T ENTER. This seems to be enough, as the
    Trimorph will now lumber blindly past, leaving you time to dash inside
    the airlock, shutting the door behind you. Inside, you can fit the
    scarab onto the airlock door. Now turn to face the away from it as you
    activate it by using the book (your character will read the Scarabs name
    out). Be ready to dash for the door as soon as you hear the word, as
    this door is about to open. Stand as much in the corner by the door as
    you can, and open it, letting the Trimorph run in, looking for you. You
    must now dash out of the room, leaving it locked  inside. If all is
    well, the airlock will now open and it's bye bye Trimorph.
    You may ask what the point of this is, as the room has nothing of
    interest...welll, if you now re-enter the room, you will discover that
    things are in slight disarray, and a lovely Flare Gun has now appeared
    on the floor. You want this!
    A. Ah, now, you have to kill this one. When you have found the Flare
    gun, give it to Karne, and have him return to this room. He will need
    ammo for it, its in the Kremlin emergency hatch. Save first!! Now slowly
    approach the Trimorph, with the gun ready. You will notice it starts off
    in a "frozen" position, and only comes to life when you get really
    close, so do not waste any ammo on it until you see it move, as it will
    have no effect whatsoever (bit of an annoying design fault this). But as
    soon as it does, one shot will blow it away!! Hooray! Be careful though,
    you will only get a fraction of a second to fire before it pounces on
    you, so don't miss! It could take a few tries, so be patient.
    A. You need the weedkiller spray to kill this one. The weed killer spray
    has a detachable canister that you can send to Matlock. In the chemical
    combining room she can fill it with Hydrochloric acid, and return it to
    you. Once you have this acid spray, approach the Trimorph (not too
    close!!) and use the spray (from the inventory, you cannot equip it as a
    weapon), to get rid if him
    A. No, neither could I. For some reason the Flare gun had no effect on
    this one. But note the large amount of open space here, you will just
    have to run very fast and avoid it. It can be done, in both directions,
    but practise, as you are going to have to get two characters past this
    one. See later point
    Now for some other puzzles explained.
    Q. What is all this information on the computers?
    A. First of all, the Martian Mayhem game is your save system. Use them
    wisely, however each computer will provide 12 saves. Many of the
    computers have different functions, all relating to the area you are in,
    these are self-explanatory. Some information given is password
    protected, I will give you some of these, but I'm sorry I cannot
    remember which function they are all for, as the information gained is
    most often not vital to finishing the game:
    Personal info on the three characters is unlocked by using the digits on
    each characters watch (after they all stop)
    Talking to MOOD (as Kenzo) will result in a password for one of the
    restricted entries, I think it's on the computer behind the doors that
    Matlock exploded. The password is TRIDENT
    Examine the bible from Deita Menz (the hanged woman). She is giving you
    a password, it is WORMWOOD
    Q. Many doors are closed bulkheads, and they are all locked by computer,
    so how can I open them?
    A. These doors can all be opened together by Kenzo, once he has found
    the MOOD Simureal room
    Q. How do I open the tool shed in the Arboretum?
    A. Use the hacksaw on the padlock.
    Q. What are all theses herbs and lichen for?
    A. Send them to Matlock. In the Med lab she can synthesise them into
    health boosts and antidotes. Search the arboretum thoroughly, many of
    the Nondeads in here have them. Don't miss the girl Nondead right at the
    back by the toolshed, she has four.
    Q. What's that dead body in the showers for?
    A. When Matlock finds a handprint activated computer after blowing open
    the locked door with explosives, send the hacksaw to someone (I used
    Kenzo) and have him cut the corpses hand off, which can be sent to
    Matlock, to use on the computer. Mmm, nice!
    Q. What are the sunbeds for?
    A. To recharge your bioscanners. Only Matlock seems to realise
    this...hence my tip that different characters should examine all items.
    Q. What do I do with the ventilation fan in the arboretum back room?
    A. You need the electric scrubbing brush for this (found in the
    showers). Take it into the fan room. Now you have a time limit, as the
    air in this room is not breathable.  Use the computer to stop the fan,
    than walk up close, on the left, and you will be able to walk past it.
    Now clean the grill with the brush, return to the computer and restart
    the fan for fresh clean air. I don't actually know what effect this has
    on the game, as the only time you cannot breathe the bad air is in the
    room with the fan!
    Q. What is the Mars Hopper for? I have a bicycle pump, but I can't pump
    it up!
    A. This is only used when you are in the passageway to the MOOD chamber.
    See below
    Q. I got the yellow tag to open the passageway to the MOOD room, but
    Kenzo won't go in it!
    A. Thats because the wall of this passage is ripped open and the air is
    escaping. You need the respirator mask, the Mars hopper and bicycle pump
    to enter. Once inside, use the mask immediately. Now act fast! Use the
    hopper on the hole and then the pump on the hopper. It will inflate to
    fill the hole...how ingenious!
    Q. How do you get into the Simureal room? I sat in the MOOD chair but
    the door in the virtual house won't open?
    A.  You need to use the silver bell with the stringed instrument by the
    door. The bell is found in a drawer in one of the early computer save
    rooms, and you need the desk drawer key to get it.
    Q. What will MOOD say that is useful to me?
    A. She's a real pain, this MOOD, a lot of her answers are less than
    useless! The main thing is that she will open some vital doors if you
    give her the password "PARK LANE", which Ben Gunn sent you on a note. Do
    this with Kenzo, in fact there is not a lot of use sending the other two
    in, as MOOD does not like them 'cos they are not infomeshers.
    Q. How do I open the box in the games room?
    A. When Kenzo finds the hanging corpse, he will get some notes from the
    body. Examine the notes to discover the paperclip inside, and send this
    to Karne, who can use it to pick the lock. This will get you the
    Q. How do I blow open the damaged door in Matlocks section? It has a
    loose cable...
    A. You need a few items for this. Matlock will find a flask in the
    nearby lab, and you need to use the computer and Chemical machine to
    fill it with Nitro Glycerine. Note that you cannot RUN whilst carrying
    this, so do not pick up the full flask until you are ready to do this
    task. However, if you take the flask to the loose cable, it cannot still
    be used. You will also need the oily rag (I think Karne finds this), so
    once you have that, take the flask to the cable, and attach it with the
    oily rag. Now you have to ignite it, for this you need...the lighter!.
    Once lit, make a mad dash out of there, and the door will now blow open
    Q. What is the welder for?
    A. This is found in the round chamber with the escape pod. Give it to
    Karne, and he can use it to open the locked door by his airlock that
    leads to Ben Bunn
    Q> What can Ben Gunn do for me?
    A. Not a lot. But he wants the pumice stone (found in one of the dorms).
    Give it to him and you will receive the red door tag.
    There's nothing to be gained by talking to him after this, with any of
    the characters, he will only advise you to check the vac tube that he
    sends notes to.
    Q. Whats going on with that Martian singing sculpture?
    A. This is in one of the rooms off Picadilly Circus. Make sure you come
    in here with two Martian rocks and the tuning fork .Use these rocks in
    the rock cutter in this room, and you will have three shaped rocks
    (there is one already done when you get here). You need a fourth rock,
    so use the computer and send the mini robot rover outside to fetch one.
    If you look at the note that has the rock drawing on it, someone has
    written "C6" on it. This is the grid reference to send the rover to.
    When it returns it will have brought a rock!
    Use all four rocks on the sculpture, and then use the tuning fork. The
    rock will now stop "singing" which is good, because that noise causes
    damage to your health!
    Q. Theres a medical room with mutated lab animals blocking the way, how
    do I get past?
    A. Use the laser scalpel on them. By the way, don't touch them
    beforehand, they cause damage to you.
    Q. Whats that fireplace in the Chinese room for?
    A. This is a hologram! You can turn it off with the fireplace remote.
    Once switched off, you will find a door tag inside the fireplace
    Q. How do I open the double doors in the passageway near Matlocks area?
    A. These doors are opened by the computer in Judith Merrows room. The
    computer is voice activated, and only Karne can activate it. Bring him
    here and use the computer, he will automatically say the password. You
    can now unlock the double doors (they lead to the Kremlin)
    Q. How do I open that locked door on Broadway that is past the double
    doors to the Kremlin?
    A. Karne will be able to open this if you give him the laser scalpel,
    but only from one side. It only makes a shortcut, so you can leave this
    if you are prepared to run around a lot.
    Q. Whats the Babybug for?
    A. In the dorm with a Trimorph, you need to use the babybug to fish out
    an object that lies in a hole in the wall behind the Trimorph.
    Make sure Karne sends you the babybug remote and the magnetic checker.
    Stand anywhere in the room. Combine the checker with the babybug, and
    then use the babybug. Then use the remote. You can now guide the little
    critter into the hole where it will attract the item (this being the
    spectrometer) and bring it back to you. Ta-da!
    Q. I did that, but the babybug will not pick up the object!!
    A. Did you open the babybug and put the checker inside? Because that is
    WRONG! Yes, I thought it was the solution, but it ain't, You have to
    select the checker in your inventory and then use it with the babybug to
    combine them. The checker will disappear forever from your inventory,
    and the the babybug will now be magnetized, although it appears exactly
    the same.
    Q. What are the pass codes for the Kremlin hatches?
    A. One is on a note in the drawer in Judith Merrow's room. You will need
    to examine the rug on the floor first to find a drawer key. The other is
    on a microcorder carried by a Nondead in the Kremlin. I'm not telling
    you the numbers, play the game!
    Q. What is the spectrometer for?
    A. Use it with the painting in the Kremlin Room. This will give you a
    light reading of the paintings colours, one of which is a password.
    Q. Wheres the password for the gold door beside the vac-tubes in the
    A. It's down in the Necropolis, in a storage box. This door leads to a
    storeroom stacked with ammo for all your weapons!
    Q. I can't operate the dual switches in the grand room with the
    computers (Kremlin)
    A. Yes, it's true, if you try and use two people to do this then they
    will die, as the switches are too close. But you CAN stay alive with
    another character in the room, standing back near the doors, and this is
    how it's done. Place one character by one of the switches, and arm the
    other with the Pop Gun...do you see where I'm going? There is no
    "hotspot" on the floor that tells you where to stand, but if you take
    aim with the pop gun, and you are correctly positioned (its just a
    little forward, whilst in the view that shows you the double doors),
    there will be a new camera angle showing you both switches and the back
    of your character aiming at one...now, get the first character to flip
    the switch, switch characters IMMEDIATELY and fire the gun! Hopefully
    the game will ensure that you hit the switch (it did for me), and power
    will be restored.
    Q. As Kenzo I found a long walkway with glass walls, but someone is
    shooting me! I can't see who it is, and they kill me.
    A. You have to be at full health before this encounter, because you will
    take a few shots before you can act. Simply run straight into the
    walkway as far as you can, then once Kenzo has reacted to the first
    shots, aim your gun (any one) and take a blind shot straight ahead. With
    luck, you will hit the Nondead with the Dillinger who is responsible and
    he will drop his gun. Then you can finish him off in any way you choose.
    I found that one shot was enough to stop the gunshots, and I tried it
    several times, just make sure you are facing directly down the walkway.
    This Nondead also carries a health boost to make up for the damage he
    caused you.
    Q. I used to be short of guns, but now I am starting to find lots of
    extra ones. What are they for?
    A. Nothing. By the time I found the Dillinger dropped by the armed
    Nondead (see above) I already had three, so I left it. And there are
    several piccolos too. Just leave them once you have one each, they don't
    come with ammo inside.
    Q. There is a transparent ghost Nondead in Airlock 5! What do I do?
    A.  Shoot him with the Psionara (Kenzo only) Don't do it before you need
    to though, because he will eventually get up again. Wait till you have
    been inside Dorm 4 for this. See below
    Q. The door beside Dorm 4 won't open.
    A. No, it is for exit only from inside. You can come through it later
    from inside by using the crank, but that's all. (It is the exit from the
    glass walled walkway)
    Q. Where is the crank?
    A. In the locker back by Airlock 5, which is locked, but you should have
    found a locker key for it in this area. Once inside, open the metal box
    first, the passcode is the digits from Kenzo's watch. Inside is the
    Psionara and ammo. By using the Psionara and loading it, you will free
    up an extra slot, which is handy. The crank is on the floor
    Q. What is the drive belt from the exercise bike for?
    A. Ah, yes, I had this for ages, before I got to use it. After Karne
    kills the Trimorph in the elevator shaft chamber, use the belt to make
    the elevator work. Note that if you step into the elevator, you will
    have gone past the "hotspot" for using it, it is used on the platform
    just outside (another opportunity to get annoyed, there!)
    Q. I'm in the Necropolis, but I can't explore, as my character says it
    is too dark
    A. Use the lenses, and your character will be able to continue as
    normal. There is a pair each, as you will have to bring more than one
    person down here
    Q. I found a crane! It doesn't work...
    A. It needs power. You have to turn on the underground generator, which
    is back by the hut that contained the laptop computer. You can power up
    the generator  with the monkey wrench. And while you're there, you can
    use the dead battery (from the storage box further inside the caverns)
    inside the small box on the generator to recharge it, which will allow
    you to use the laptop. Portable saves are now available! Only Karne will
    know how to charge the battery. You don't need the crane until after you
    have been in the graveyard. If you want you can use it to look inside
    the giant tomb now...
    Q. What do I do with the Artifact?
    A. That last Trimorph that appears invincible to your Flare gun is
    standing right in front of an obelisk, and you need to get behind it! If
    you send one of your characters down to the crane, you can bring a
    second one up close to the Trimorph. Make sure this one has the
    artifact. Keep him just out of sight of the monster, and get ready for
    some fast switching. Now switch to the first character and get him to
    act as live bait, by edging out of the crane cavern, just into the
    Trimorphs direct vision. As soon as it spots him, it starts to approach,
    so switch to character 2 as soon as the monster has taken a couple of
    steps. Character 2 can now nip in behind the Trimorph to the Obelisk
    where there is a "hotspot" which is where you use the artifact. Very
    quicky place it in the niche, and run out of the way. Now quickly change
    back to the other character, and get them out of there. The Trimorph has
    a fairly long run up to this character, so with practice you will be
    able to pull it off. Once the Artifact is in the obelisk, the Trimorph
    will lose its invincibility, so you can now get Karne to shoot it. When
    it's dead, you will be able to take out the charged Chorus artifact.
    Q. Whats the Altar used for?
    A. Bring the charged chorus here, and place it on the altar. then get
    off the circcle immediately, as the altar will now emit a yellow glow
    that causes instant death. You need to do one more thing here...see
    Q. How do I open Dorm 4? The Green Number 4 tag does not work.
    A. You have to use the tag on the glowing altar. Remember to hop on and
    off the altar beteween the yellow glows, or else you'll be history. Once
    the tag has been placed on it, it changes to the Arkham tag. Send this
    to Kenzo, he is the only one who can use this.
    Q. How do I open the lockers in Dorm 4?
    A. The two Pickman notes found earlier give the clues for this. Firstly,
    the living unit door is clour coded, and the Arkham dorm is all in Black
    and white. However there is a painting in the corner which should be
    used to give you the correct code.( The note tells you which colours to
    input, but you need to find out which shade of grey is which colour). I
    did it by guesswork, but try using the spectrometer on the painting, as
    in the Kremlin, you should be able to match up the numerical codes.
    Once the unit is opened, use the numerical code for yellow on the
    locker, and you will get the hourglass and the passcode for Airlock 5.
    Q.What do I do with the hourglass?
    A.First you have to fill it with sand. Go to Airlock 5 and kill the
    ghost with the Psionara (Kenzo only). The door code is found on a note
    in Dorm 4. Through this door is a graveyard, from which another ghost
    will rise. Listen to it's ravings about colours, etc (they are a clue),
    then kill it with the Psionara, and it will drop the sand, which you
    then put in the hourglass. You now need to take the hourglass to Dorm 4
    and use it inside (anywhere). It will turn into the stone heart.
    Q. What does Matlock do in the lab with the equipment and dead body?
    A. Matlock is trying to make you all an antidote. You need a lot of
    items for this. This room contains a centrifuge, a microscope and a
    thermalizer. Use the three syringes from the Med lab, and send one to
    each person. Use the syringes to obtain three blood samples. Send these
    all back to Matlock and place them in the centrifuge, which already has
    one from Ben Gunn inside. You will next need a Trimporph Tissue sample,
    this is obtained by having Karne and his Flare gun shoot the Trimorph in
    the tunnel with hatches, as it will leave a blob on the floor after it
    dies!. Send Matlock to get it, the other two will not pick it up.
    Matlock will need to have the gloves to get it. You then use this in the
    microscope. Next you need to reassemble the corpse. Remember the
    invitation from Ben Gunn in Dorm 4? Go and see him and you will now find
    the kitchen door open, and poor old Ben on the floor in a bloody mess.
    You need to take his head off the plate (eeurghh..) and return with it
    to the lab, together with the stone heart and the sewing needle(found in
    a jar in the Chinese room). Combine all these with the corpse and it
    will come alive long enough to give you a real heart in return!. Now
    Matlock can take this, plus the scalpel and extra syringe all the way
    down to the underground crane. You need to send another character into
    the crane before she arrives, and operate the controls to lower a
    platform  Leave them in it with the door closed, and let Matlock come up
    to the tomb. Put the heart inside the niche, then climb onto the
    platform. Now you can be lowred into the tomb for a nasty discovery. The
    tomb contains the giant monster (Queen Mab). Feeding her the heart has
    removed a giant protective covering, and now Matlock can use the scalpel
    and syringe to steal a bit of milk from her...yikes!
    Rush all the way back to the lab and put the milk in the centrifuge. Use
    the computer to operate all the equipment, and your three blood samples
    have now become antodotes!! hooray, it's nearly time to get off this
    planet. Use one on Matlock, and send the others to the other two...
    Nearly done, now
    Q. Now, can I blow something up with my explosives?
    A. Yes. Send Karne to the huge circular vent that lies near the bottom
    of the lift (past the storage box) . There is a Trimorph here, but it's
    easy to kill with the flare gun. Go to the fissure in the wall. Make
    suer you have done everything else, or Karme will not place the
    explosives. (I had the alarm clock ready for this, but it was not
    used!!). Once set, you have 5 minutes to get the hell off the
    planet...Good Luck!!
    *********!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SPOILER -
    Well, once the explosives are set, you need to make a dash for the
    escape pod. Don't worry about Matlock and Kenzo, they go without your
    help, and will be waiting for you. Use as much ammo as you have left,
    and blast everything in your way. As you leave the vent, there is a shot
    of Queen Mab awakening and arising from the tomb! Don't waste time
    looking for her, it will take nearly the whole 5 minutes to get up to
    the escape pod. Once you get there, Matlock and Kenzo greet you,
    everyone is cured and they all leap into the escape pod, but there is
    one last hitch, hence the game's tag line..only two will leave. You have
    60 seconds to complete one last mini-task, and thats yer lot. Don't
    expect any final battle, because there ain't one! I even re-played the
    end and went back to the tomb to see Queen Mab, but she's not there,
    it's empty. What a cop out!. Still, you've finished, so sit back and
    watch the least satisfying final FMV ever seen, must be all of 30
    seconds long. Not much of a payoff for all that work, eh?
    Thanks for reading my first FAQ!!  If you have any questions, email me
    at adrianatvirgin@yahoo.com, and i will try and help, but can't promise
    anything,as I only played this game through once

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