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    FAQ/Walkthrough by liquidcross

    Version: 3.6 | Updated: 01/30/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    MEGA MAN X5 for PlayStation FAQ
    by LiquidCross
    cross (at) liquidcross.com
    v3.6 - January 30, 2002
    The latest version of this FAQ can always be found at www.GameFAQs.com.
    As with any FAQ, this document contains SPOILERS. You've been warned!
    What's New?
    v3.6 - Updated information on how Ranking affects boss levels.
    v3.51 - Fixed a few typos.
    v3.5 - Revamped the Parts section.
    v3.0 - Cleaned up a few leftovers.
    v2.9 - Fixed a few organizational errors.
    v2.8 - Been a long time since the last update...but at any rate, there's some
    info added on a possible 4th ending.
    v2.7 - Just a few loose ends tied up, like where the Skiver's name came from.
    v2.6 - Updated Dynamo's weakness, and some more info on how to make Zero go
    v2.5 - The bits and pieces keep rollin' in. A few updates to the Armor section,
    and some grammatical/spelling fixes.
    v2.4 - Finally, the secret behind acquiring those damn Parts is revealed!
    v2.3 - Updates on Heart Tanks and Ultimate Armor.
    v2.2 - Added additional strategy for Shadow Devil, and a bit more info on
    acquiring the Capsule in Grizzly Slash's stage.
    v2.1 - Just some grammatical changes, boss weakness updates, and various bits
    and pieces.
    v2.0 - Good Lord, I updated a lot! I cleaned up some of the entries, added info
    on the American Maverick names, made some spelling corrections, added strategy
    on Magma Dragoon and Sigma Statue Head, added more info on Zero and his special
    moves, and added the location of the EX Tank.
    v1.0 - The FAQ is finally done. Whew!
    What's in this FAQ?
    1. Story
    2. Game Basics
    	a. Controls
    	b. Ranking
    	c. Virus Meter
    	d. Training
    3. Characters
    4. Boss Information
    	a. Names/Suggested Order
    	b. Weakness Chart
    	c. Strategies
    	d. Teleport Pads
    	e. Weapon Descriptions
    5. Upgrades
    	a. Heart Tank/Sub Tank/Capsule Locations
    	b. Armor Descriptions
    	c. Weapon DNA/Parts
    6. Secrets/Unlockables
    	a. Ultimate Armor Codes
    	b. Maverick Zero
    7. Endings
    8. Notes
    9. Contact Info
    10. Credits
    11. Disclaimer
    1. STORY
    In the year 21XX, Mega Man X and the other Maverick Hunters continue to wage
    on Sigma, the Maverick responsible for infecting many others with the Virus
    that turns them evil. With the help of a Reploid Mercenary named Dynamo, Sigma
    has crippled the space colony Eurasia, and sent it on a collision course with
    Earth! By gathering parts for the Enigma beam cannon and a powerful shuttle, X
    and Zero desperately try to save the planet.
    You can play as either X or Zero. The gameplay is fairly simple:
    D-Pad: Move left or right, or up or down ladders; hold Up to grab onto lines,
    and hold Down to crouch
    X: Jump (if you chose X, hold when using Fourth or Ultimate Armor to hover;
    hold when using Falcon Armor to fly)
    Square: Fire X-Buster (hold to charge); use Z-Saber (if you chose Zero)
    Triangle: Fire special weapon (again, hold to charge); fire Z-Buster or use
    special weapon (if you chose Zero)
    Circle (or tap Forward twice): Dash (you can air-dash by pressing Circle or
    tapping Forward twice in midair)
    Start: Weapon Select
    Select: Return to game from Weapon Select
    L1/R1: Cycle through special weapons
    L2: n/a
    R2: Giga Attack
    All these button settings can be changed with the Button Configuration on the
    Weapon Select Screen, as well as settings for auto-charge, rapid fire, and
    vibration. For the purposes of this FAQ, I'll be using the default buttons.
    This game is TIMED! You've got only 16 hours (it's not realtime, unfortunately)
    to save the Earth. After you beat each stage, Alia will tell you how long you
    took, how many enemies you defeated, and how much damage you sustained. All
    these factors go into your overall Ranking, also shown on this screen. Your
    "grade" here will affect the levels of bosses you fight (see "Parts" further
    Virus Meter:
    As you play, you'll see a gauge in the lower left corner of the screen. This is
    your Virus Meter - it shows your level if infection from the Sigma Virus. In
    some stages, a floating purple Sigma head will chase you. If it touches you,
    your infection level will increase. The higher it gets, the more infected you
    become; when it reaches "Infected" status with X, his energy will slowly
    decrease. With Zero, "Infected" status will heal him and make him invincible
    until it wears off. Interesting...
    If you choose "Training" on the start up screen, Alia will help you navigate a
    small stage. At the end, you'll face off against Magma Dragoon from MMX4! Don't
    worry, he's much easier this time around.
    X - Mega Man X. The hero of the story is a powerful robot - the last one built
    by the late Dr. Light. After being recovered by Dr. Cain, X is now a leader of
    the Maverick Hunters - robots dedicated to bringing down 'bots gone berserk.
    ZERO - X's friend, who just happens to be the last creation of Dr. Wily (the
    evil Doc created him as a foil to Dr. Light's Mega Man X project). Although
    originally a Maverick himself, Zero was defeated by Sigma (who was a Maverick
    Hunter at the time - see MMX4 for full details). Zero was reprogrammed by Dr.
    Cain, and now hunts Mavericks alongside X.
    ALIA - The navigator for the Maverick Hunters. She stays in contact with X and
    Zero throughout their travels, and offers hints to get past various obstacles.
    SIGNAS - Signas was chosen as the replacement for the General as leader of the
    Repliforce. He has the most precise CPU of all the Reploids.
    DOUGLAS - The Maverick Hunters' mechanic. As well as working on the Enigma and
    shuttle, Douglas builds Parts for X and Zero.
    LIFESAVER - A doctor who maintains the Maverick Hunters and works on vaccines
    for the Sigma Virus. He's rather suspicious of Zero.
    DYNAMO - A Reploid mercenary who seems to exist for the sole purpose of
    harrassing X and Zero.
    SIGMA - X's archnemesis. No matter how many times X destroys him, Sigma always
    comes back for more. Ever since Mega Man X3, Sigma has been described as a
    that causes Reploids to go Maverick. He'll often pop up in various stages to
    try to infect you - just avoid his floating head!
    INJURED REPLOIDS - You'll see these guys in various stages (they look a bit
    like X, but they're yellow). Rescuing them (just go up to them) will often
    refill your life meter and give you a 1-Up!
    Names/Suggested Order:
    Ya know, the Japanese names for all these guys were great - but the American
    names are just plain strange! But we'll let it slide, because as it turns
    out...they're all parodies of the members of the classic metal band Guns N
    Roses! (I'm a huge GNR fan, and if you don't like it, back off!) See for
    yourself...here's how the new names stack up (this is also the order in which
    you should fight them):
    Japanese Name			American Name		Guns N Roses Member
    Crescent Grizzly		Grizzly Slash		Saul "Slash" Hudson
    Tidal Makkoeen (Whale)		Duff McWhalen		Duff McKagen
    Bolt Kraken			Squid Adler		Steven Adler
    Shining Hotarunicus (Firefly)	Izzy Glow		Izzy Stradlin
    Dark NecroBat			Dark Dizzy		Dizzy Reed
    Spiral Pegacion (Pegasus)	The Skiver		Michael "High as
    							  the Sky" Monroe*
    Burn Dinorex (T-Rex)		Mattrex			Matt Sorum
    Spike Rosered (Rose)		Axle the Red		Axl Rose
    * - Michael didn't actually play in the band...he was a producer.
    Weakness Chart:
    Maverick		Weakness			Weapon Gained (X/Zero)
    Magma Dragoon		X-Buster/Z-Saber		(none)
    Sigma Statue Head	X-Buster/Z-Saber		(none)
    Grizzly Slash		Spike Ball/Twin Dream		C-Shot/C-Sword
    Duff McWhalen		C-Shot/C-Sword			Goo Shaver/F-Splasher
    Squid Adler		Goo Shaver/F-Splasher		Tri-Thunder/E-Blade
    Izzy Glow		Tri-Thunder/E-Blade		F-Laser/C-Flasher
    Dark Dizzy		F-Laser/C-Flasher		Dark Hold
    The Skiver		Dark Hold			Wing Spiral/W-Shredder
    Mattrex			Wing Spiral/W-Shredder		Ground Fire/Quake Blazer
    Axle the Red		Ground Fire/Quake Blazer	Spike Ball/Twin Dream
    Dynamo			Wing Spiral/W-Shredder		(none)
    Shadow Devil		Tri-Thunder/E-Blade		(none)
    Rangda Bangda II
      (green eye)		C-Shot/C-Sword			(none)
      (blue eye)		Ground Fire/Quake Blazer	(none)
      (red eye)		Tri-Thunder/E-Blade		(none)
      (nose)		Goo Shaver/F-Splasher		(none)
    X			C-Flasher			(none)
    Zero			X-Buster			(none)
    Sigma (1st form)	Tri-Thunder/E-Blade		(none)
    Sigma (2nd form)	Spike Ball/Twin Dream		(none)
    NOTE: These strategies are written with X in mind. For Zero, use the special
    move that corresponds to X's special weapon (i.e., C-Shot = C-Sword).
    Magma Dragoon - He was annoying in MMX4...now he's just a mild pest. Crouch or
    jump over his flame attacks, then dash under him when he jumps. The X-Buster
    makes short work of him.
    Sigma Statue Head - Aim for his mouth with the X-Buster when he opens it, and
    crouch to avoid the energy spheres. When you see Sigma charge up, move up to
    the top of the left wall to avoid his beam cannon.
    Grizzly Slash - Since he's so slow, his attacks are fairly easy to dodge. Plus,
    you can use the lower sections of his room to avoid him when he jumps over you.
    When he jumps off the screen, just keep moving to avoid him, since he'll either
    dive at you or burst through the rocks. The X-Buster will get him out of your
    way pretty quickly (or use the Spike Ball).
    Duff McWhalen - Jump over his ice cubes, then knock him with the C-Shot. If he
    dives at you, jump over him and continue your assault. Watch out for the spikes
    on the wall!
    Squid Adler - His electrical attacks can be a pain in the ass to avoid, but
    don't let up with the Goo Shaver shots, and you shouldn't have too much of a
    problem. When he electrifies the floor, just jump from wall to wall while you
    take potshots at him.
    Izzy Glow - He'll teleport around a lot, or fire a large beam across the
    screen. To dodge it, just crouch, or move out of the way if he fires it
    vertically. Occasionally, he'll send out fireflies, or energy spheres that
    he'll recall to himself. Stay high on the walls to avoid the spheres. Nail him
    with the Tri-Thunder whenever he appears.
    Dark Dizzy - Use the F-Laser relentlessly on this guy. When he sends out a
    flurry of bats, a charged X-Buster shot will get them out of your way. He'll
    sometimes send out sonic wave (like the Noise Crush in MM7), but you can either
    crouch or jump off the wall to dodge it. If he activates his Dark Hold, you're
    probably going to take a hit, so be prepared.
    The Skiver - The Dark Hold will actually freeze this boss for a bit, enabling
    you to blast him with your X-Buster til the energy runs out. After that, keep
    jumping to avoid his attacks (he'll try to knock you off the ship), and blast
    Mattrex - Flames everywhere! Luckily, the Wing Spiral thrashes this guy. Jump
    and dash to avoid the flames and his rushing attack, and Spiral him to death
    whenever you get an open shot.
    Axle the Red - He's got plenty of attacks...but they all suck! Equip your
    Ground Fire. Keep an eye on his movements when he duplicates himself - the
    Ground Fire will burn the real Axle. He'll send out a Spike Ball that bounces
    around the screen, but it's easy enough to avoid. Stay far away from him when
    he starts using his Vine Whip, and continue burning him.
    Dynamo - The first time you fight him, avoid his boomerang and slash attacks.
    Hit him with the Wing Spiral. The second time, when he charges up his
    electricity, stand between the bolts on the first strike, get close to him to
    avoid the second, and move away from him to avoid the third. In between all
    this, the Wing Spiral is still the way to go.
    Shadow Devil - Ah, our old friend the Rock Monster from MM1, MM3, MM8, Rockman
    & Forte, and Rockman Power Battle. Sheesh. Same pattern, for the most part. Aim
    for his eye with the Tri-Thunder, then avoid the goop when he melts (thank God
    you can crouch!). After he melts, try staying at the top of the OPPOSITE wall.
    When he melts again (right before he reforms), jump back down and get ready to
    blast him. Do NOT touch the green outline he leaves behind! He'll even turn
    into a Dr. Wily-ish skull tank at one point. This boss takes patience!!!
    Rangda Bangda II - And you thought Rangda Bangda in MMX was bad. This one's
    even more annoying. The green eye tracks you with a rapid fire shot - use the
    C-Shot. The blue eye follows you around quickly - Ground Fire will get rid of
    it. The red eye will fire in two directions and rotate - avoid the blasts, and
    counter with the Tri-Thunder. When the walls close in, STAY OFF THE FLOOR!
    Spikes will pop up, and you'll have to deal with the nose moving horizontally
    and vertically in a small space. Blast it with the Goo Shaver. The Falcon Armor
    is a good choice here, especially since spikes occasionally appear on the
    walls! If you really want to avoid the spikes, try the Gaea Armor...but getting
    through the level will be much more difficult.
    X - This is no joke. If you play as Zero, you fight X. This fight is INSANE. X
    has all his attacks and weapons from MMX4, and then some. Your best bet is to
    keep moving and slap X with the C-Flasher. (If you've got Ultimate Armor Zero,
    you'll have an easier time.)
    Zero - If you chose X, you'll fight Zero. If you've got the Ultimate Armor,
    Nova Strike him to death, otherwise, avoid his energy blasts and Z-Saber
    attacks while pouring it on with your X-Buster. If you allowed Zero to go
    Maverick (see "Maverick Zero" in "Secrets/Unlockables" below), this battle will
    be much more difficult, as well as resulting in a completely different ending.
    Sigma (1st form) - Sigma's a real jerk. No doubt about it. Avoid his electrical
    attacks and slam him with the Tri-Thunder. Jump over him if he rushes you. Once
    he loses about half his energy, he'll let loose with monster energy blasts that
    are VERY hard to avoid. If you've got full Sub Tanks, you should be able to
    defeat him. (The Ultimate Armor's Nova Strike works GREAT here.)
    Sigma (2nd form) - Good news and bad news. Good news - if you've got X's
    Ultimate Armor, you can Nova Strike Sigma into oblivion very quickly. Bad news
    - if you don't have the Ultimate Armor, you're in for a real challenge (use the
    Spike Ball). You can only hit the red sensor on his forehead, and only when
    he's not in wireframe mode. Jump on the walls to blast it, while dodging the
    energy attacks from his fists. He'll use electrical attacks too - run around to
    avoid them! When he's low on power, he'll start tracking you with large purple
    squares - move quickly so they can't lock on. When his claw comes down from the
    ceiling firing electricity, you can hide high on the wall on the side that the
    claw's facing - when it gets close, you'll have just enough space to hide in
    the claw's palm.
    Teleport Pads:
    It's just not a Mega Man game unless you have to fight all the bosses over
    again. And to make things interesting, the bosses all have longer life meters,
    which means you're in for a more heated battle! Here's the order, from left to
    Mattrex - Dark Dizzy - Izzy Glow - Squid Adler - Duff McWhalen - Grizzly Slash
    - Axle the Red - The Skiver
    Weapon Descriptions:
    If X has the Fourth Armor or Ultimate Armor equipped, then he can charge
    special weapons.
    Normal - Little arcing crescents.
    Charged - Energy shield (similar to the charged Rolling Shield in MMX.)
    Zero - C-Sword. Midair spinning attack, plus double-jump ability.
    Goo Shaver:
    Normal - A little chunk of gel which travels along the ground (think Ground
    Hunter from MMX4).
    Charged - Fires a line of ice blocks into the air.
    Zero - F-Splasher. Zero's air-dash can now damage enemies with ice.
    Normal - Three bolts of lightning: up, down, and forward.
    Charged - Random bolts fall from above (like the Lightning Bolt in Rockman &
    Zero - E-Blade. (Up + Square) Essentially the Dragon Punch from Street Fighter
    II, but with electricity.
    Normal - A slow-moving firefly missile that you can control with the D-Pad.
    Charged - Beam cannon!!!
    Zero - C-Flasher. (Triangle or R2) Zero punches the ground and lets loose with
    a vertical spread shot (his Giga Attack from MMX4!).
    Dark Hold:
    Normal - Freezes time until the weapon energy runs out (same thing as the Flash
    Stopper in MM2).
    Charged - same as Normal.
    Zero - same as Normal.
    Wing Spiral:
    Normal - Close range tornado uppercut attack.
    Charged - Same as Normal, but fires out a tornado as well.
    Zero - W-Shredder. (Dash, then Square) Zero attacks with a duplicate.
    Ground Fire:
    Normal - A firebomb that bursts when it hits the floor.
    Charged - Flames burn left and right.
    Zero - Quake Blazer. (In midair, hit Down + Square) Zero slams the enemy with a
    flame punch. The flames also burst when Zero hits the ground!
    Spike Ball:
    Normal - A large spiked ball that returns after a moment (kinda like the Knight
    Chain from MM6).
    Charged - Same as Normal, but the ball bounces around the screen a few times
    and does not return.
    Zero - Twin Dream. A duplicate appears that mimics Zero's attacks (much like
    Soul Body from MMX4).
    Heart Tank/Sub Tank/Capsule Locations:
    NOTE: Heart Tanks will ONLY extend the life of whoever picks them up; they will
    NOT extend the life of both characters.
    Grizzly Slash Stage:
    Heart Tank - You need the Gaea Armor to get it. When you get to the section
    with ladders, you'll see an opening in the ceiling. Go up and to the right. The
    Heart Tank is sitting on the spikes.
    Sub Tank - When the trucks start exploding by themselves, this is sitting right
    on the front of the last one. Grab it quickly!
    Capsule (Falcon Armor Legs) - You'll need to use Zero, and come back to stage
    after beating Grizzly Slash (you need Zero's double-jump ability). After the
    trucks, when you're in the caves, you'll see an opening in the ceiling. Jump up
    there, and Zero will recover the part for X. (NOTE: It's possible to grab this
    if you're using X's Fourth Armor, but it's difficult. You'll need to time it
    just right by jumping off the opposite ledge. You get some plot information if
    you do it with Zero anyway.)
    Duff McWhalen Stage:
    Heart Tank - There's two ways to get this. With X, you need the Gaea Armor.
    When you get a wall of spikes on the left in the sunken ship, go up the wall.
    You'll go through a small passage with some annoying enemies, and then you'll
    find the Heart Tank. (You can also do this with the Falcon Armor, but I don't
    recommend it.) If you're using Zero, when you're on the sunken ship, keep your
    eyes open for a grayish block with cracks in it on the ceiling. Destroy it with
    the E-Blade, then you can air-dash over the spikes to grab the Tank.
    Capsule (Falcon Armor Body) - You'll need to come back here with X after you
    beat Duff McWhalen. When you pass by the capsule (you can't miss it), use the
    Goo Shaver to set off the bomb that destroys the block in your way.
    Squid Adler Stage:
    Heart Tank - You need the Gaea Armor. Towards the end of the stage, you'll see
    a shutter in the ceiling. Activate the switch, and head up. Destroy the "V"
    blocks and grab the Heart Tank.
    Capsule (Falcon Armor Head) - This is HARD. At that beginning of the stage,
    when you're on the Ride Chaser, you'll notice little glowing orbs that you can
    collect. You must collect ALL of them. When you get off the Ride Chaser, you'll
    automatically blast the door open with them.
    Izzy Glow Stage:
    Heart Tank - You need the Gaea Armor or Falcon Armor. Drop down off the
    drawbridge at the beginning of the stage (if you're using the Falcon Armor, be
    mindful of the spikes!). The Heart Tank is on the right.
    EX Tank - You'll pass right under it towards the beginning of the stage. (An
    Injured Reploid is standing right next to it.) Use the Ground Fire to burn away
    the wood panels, then jump up and grab the Tank.
    Capsule (Falcon Armor Arms) - After the spiral staircase section, while you're
    avoiding the defensive systems, you'll see an opening in the ceiling. Jump up
    there and destroy the plasma cannon that's blocking your path (the C-Shot works
    well). Past the door is the capsule.
    Dark Dizzy Stage:
    Heart Tank - You'll find this in the anti-gravity section. If it's blocked by
    the purple boxes, go BACK to flip gravity again. You'll need the Falcon Armor
    or Gaea Armor to get it (Gaea Armor recommended). NOTE: It IS possible to get
    the Tank without the Falcon or Gaea armor - if you time your jumps and
    air-dashes just right. This is EXTREMELY difficult, however.
    Sub Tank - This is right after the floating platform section. Use the Falcon
    Armor or Zero's double-jump to nab it easily. I've also been able to grab it by
    dash-jumping off the floating platform as it comes down (right after you pass
    the spiked block; the Jumper Part helps here), but it's easier to just use
    Capsule (Gaea Armor Head) - This is a REAL pain to get. Right before the
    Maverick's door, you'll see a pit. Drop down. You'll need to maneuver the
    F-Laser through the maze to destroy the door in your way.
    The Skiver Stage:
    Heart Tank - On the second big lift ride, on the second stop, it's right past
    the time bomb.
    Weapon Tank - On the first big lift ride, drop to the bottom before the lift
    gets there. The Weapon Tank is right in the middle of the floor.
    Capsule (Gaea Armor Body) - Before you get on the small angled lift, use the
    Falcon Armor to fly straight up. The capsule awaits on a platform.
    Mattrex Stage:
    Heart Tank - In the lava flow section, drop down and head to the left. Drop
    down again. The Heart Tank and a 1-Up are down here. Be careful - no lava will
    appear when you get the Heart Tank, but it will if you wait on the 1-Up's
    platform. Move quickly!
    Capsule (Gaea Armor Arms) - This is near the end of the level. When you see the
    ropes leading up, you can get to the capsule on a platform on the right. The
    Falcon Armor is useful here, as is Zero's double-jump.
    Axle the Red Stage:
    Heart Tank - Use the Gaea Armor at the beginning of the stage to blast through
    the "V" crates. Blast through a few more and take out the enemies hanging
    around near them. Save the last few crates, however - you'll need to push one
    to the edge of a cliff, then dash-jump off to grab the Heart Tank.
    Capsule (Gaea Armor Legs) - In the second section with ropes, look for an
    opening in the ceiling. Fly up there with the Falcon Armor to get the capsule
    (watch out for the spikes!).
    Ultimate Armor:
    This is found in the third level of Sigma's fortress. You must use regular X or
    Zero to get it. After all the spike pits, you'll come to a regular pit with a
    platform over it. Drop down the right wall of the pit. You'll go through a
    secret entrance to gain the Ultimate Armor. (If you're using X, you'll have to
    kill yourself off and restart the stage to equip it. Zero equips it
    Armor Descriptions:
    NOTE: To use the Falcon Armor or Gaea Armor, you must have ALL FOUR pieces.
    Individual pieces have no effect. If you started the game with Zero, X doesn't
    have his Fourth Armor; if you started with X, Zero doesn't have his Z-Buster.
    X - No air-dash, no special weapon charging, and no Giga Attack. This armor can
    hold 4 Parts (see "Parts" below).
    Zero - He's got his Giga Attack from MMX4, but only if you started the game as
    X. He's also got his air-dash. This armor can hold 4 Parts.
    Fourth Armor - If you start the game with X, you'll get this - the armor from
    MMX4. You can hover (press X in midair), air-dash, charge special weapons, and
    you've got the Plasma Shot for your X-Buster. No Giga Attack here, however.
    This armor can hold 2 Parts.
    Falcon Armor - X can fly! When in midair, press X. You'll have limited flight
    time in 8 directions, plus you can kill most enemies by touching them. Enemy
    shots will knock you down, though, so be careful. Instead of the normal charged
    X-Buster shot, you'll have a more powerful pinpoint shot that can go through
    walls. You have no air-dash, and you cannot charge special weapons with this
    armor (though weapon energy usage is decreased). This armor's Giga Attack sends
    laser beams all over the screen. This armor can hold 2 Parts.
    Gaea Armor - Heavy armor plate. This will let you walk over spikes! Your
    jumping ability is affected, though. You can also push around "V" crates by
    dashing into them, and you've got a fairly powerful X-Buster shot that can
    destroy the "V" crates. Finally, you don't slide down walls anymore when you
    cling to them. You have no air-dash, nor can you even USE special weapons. This
    armor's Giga Attack is a big energy sphere. This armor cannot hold any Parts.
    Ultimate Armor
    X - Time to take out the trash! Just like the Fourth Armor...but you've got a
    Giga Attack here - the Nova Strike from MMX4 (X will air-dash across the
    screen, destroying whatever's in his path), and it's UNLIMITED! Go nuts! This
    armor can hold 2 Parts.
    Zero - Zero takes 50% less damage, plus his Z-Saber can take out the Sigma
    Virus and enemy shots. This armor can hold 4 Parts.
    Weapon DNA/Parts:
    After defeating a Maverick, you receive their weapon DNA. Depending on their
    level, you can upgrade in one of three ways:
    Weapon: This will give you the special weapon.
    Weapon + Life: This will give you the special weapon and slight addition to
    your life bar.
    Weapon + Energy: This will give you the special weapon and a slight addition to
    its energy bar.
    As you go through stages, Douglas can build Parts to add to your armor.
    Different suits of armor can only equip a certain amount of Parts. There are 16
    Parts total. How you get the Parts are dependant on the Boss's levels. A boss
    has to be at least LV 4 to give you Life or Energy, and at least LV 8 to give
    you Energy + or Life +. If you fight the first boss at least level 8, you can
    still get a Part from him. A boss' level are affected by several factors: The
    level of the game, the time passed, the number of bosses previously defeated,
    and the character's ranking.
    Level of the game - At easy level, the boss level remains unchanged.
    Time passed - The Basic boss level changes in such a way. It is 1,3,3,5,5,7
    and so on respectively. So at the 16 hour, the base level is Lv 1, at the 15
    and 14 hour, it is Lv 3, and at the 13 and 12 hour, it is at Lv 5.
    Number of bosses defeated - When you fight a boss, add how many of the eight
    bosses you have previously defeated to the basic boss level.
    Ranking - The higher your ranking, the higher the boss level.
    Rank  	Level+
    B     	0
    A     	0
    SA    	+2
    GA    	+4
    So, if you fight a boss at the 13 hour, using X and at normal level, and you
    have defeated a boss earlier, the boss' level will be at Lv 6. Which is
    Basic level 5 + 1. You can get up to eight parts in the game, and you have to
    waste a lot of hours in order to fight your first boss at a high level.Some
    Parts are for X only (X), and others are only for Zero (Z). Here's a list of
    how to get each Part, and its description:
    Grizzly Slash:
    Weapon + Life: Shock Absorber - 50% less damage from enemy shots.
    Weapon + Energy: Hyper Dash - Faster dash ability.
    Duff McWhalen:
    Weapon + Life: Super Recover - Gain more energy from items.
    Weapon + Energy: W-Energy Saver - Weapons use 50% less energy.
    Squid Adler:
    Weapon + Life: Quick Charge (X) - You'll charge up faster.
    Weapon + Energy: Z-Saber Extend (Z) - More range with the Z-Saber.
    Izzy Glow:
    Weapon + Life: Burst Shot (X) - 5 shots at a time instead of the usual 3.
    Weapon + Energy: Shot Eraser (Z) - Destroy enemy shots.
    Dark Dizzy:
    Weapon + Life: Anti-Virus Guard - 50% less damage from Sigma Virus.
    Weapon + Energy: Virus Buster (X) - You can take out the floating Sigma Virus
    The Skiver:
    Weapon + Life: Jumper - Jump higher.
    Weapon + Energy: Speedster - Move faster.
    Weapon + Life: Speed Shot - Faster shots.
    Weapon + Energy: Buster Plus (X) - More powerful shots.
    Axle the Red:
    Weapon + Life: Ultimate Buster (X) - Charged shots without charging.
    Weapon + Energy: Z-Saber Plus (Z) - More powerful Z-Saber.
    Ultimate Armor Codes:
    To start the game with the Ultimate Armor, enter the following code while a
    character is highlighted on the Player Select screen:
    X: Up twice, Down nine times
    Zero: Down twice, Up nine times
    Maverick Zero:
    Zero CAN go Maverick in this game, and if he does, you can't use him anymore!
    There's two ways to do this: 1) You let the timer run out, and the colony
    crashes into the Earth; and 2) The Enigma and Shuttle missions both fail, and
    the colony crashes in the Earth.
    The mission failures are triggered by how many continues you use as you fight
    your way through stages. The more you use, the less chance of success you have.
    For example, beating the first four Mavericks with NO continues will allow the
    Enigma to destroy the colony immediately, and you can go right to Sigma's
    7. ENDINGS
    There's three different endings to this game:
    1.) Beat the game with X.
    2.) Beat the game with Zero.
    3.) Let Zero go Maverick, and beat the game with X.
    NOTE: There is NO fourth ending! Myself and numerous others have tested and
    tried every rumor. No dice.
    8. NOTES
    - There's slowdown in some sections of Dark Dizzy's stage. This is due to the
    fact that his weapon is time-based.
    - Notice the big Dr. Wily symbol in the background when X fights Zero...this
    can also be seen in the background when you fight Shadow Devil, though it's
    very blurred.
    - The Japanese Maverick names, weapons, and Zero's special moves aren't
    translated in the manual.
    - Part of the intro/title music is a remix of the "Talk with Zero" music from
    - The music for Dr. Light's Capsule is a remix of the music for Dr. Light's
    Capsule in MMX.
    - The music for Duff McWhalen's stage is a remix of Bubble Crab's theme from
    - The music for Shadow Devil is a remix of the battle music in Dr. Wily's
    fortress from MM1.
    - The music for Rangda Bangda II is a remix of the battle music in Sigma's
    Fortress from MMX.
    - When X meets up with Squid Adler, they refer to a battle between X and
    "Octopardo." They're talking about Launch Octopus from MMX, whose Japanese name
    was "Launch Octopauld."
    - When Zero confronts the Skiver, the Colonel (from MMX4) is mentioned.
    - The buildings in the background of Axle the Red's stage are shaped a bit like
    guns; another Guns N Roses reference.
    Know something I don't? Find a hidden secret you're dying to share? Feel free
    to email me at cross@liquidcross.com. Just put "Mega Man X5" in the subject
    line. If you give me valid info, I'll credit you in future versions of this
    FAQ. :)
    10. CREDITS
    - Thanks to Capcom for making such a killer game!
    - Thanks to Cockroach for extra information on Zero.
    - Thanks to Crazy Duck for the truth behind the American Maverick names and
    other Guns N Roses references.
    - Thanks to Paul Varela for additional info on Sigma's weaknesses.
    - Thanks to Eternal Dark for information on Heart Tanks.
    - Thanks to SigmaVirus ("Heh, heh, heh...") and Chen Guojun for explanations on
    how to acquire Parts.
    - Thanks to Manx O'Mega for added info on the Armors.
    - Thanks to DragonBela for more info on allowing Zero to go Maverick.
    - Thanks to Mad Mike Micliz for revealing where the Skiver's name came from.
    Feel free to distribute or post this FAQ, but you MUST reproduce it IN FULL,
    and you must give me credit for it. Reproducing/copying/posting sections of
    this FAQ is strictly prohibited. Mega Man X, Zero, and all associated materials
    are the property of Capcom.

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