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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Reeve

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    ========Mega Man X5 Guide========
    by Reeve
    : http://www.megaman-x.com/
    : reeve@megaman-x.com
     1. Introduction
     2. Boss Weaknesses / Recommended Order
     3. Power-Up Uses and Locations
     4. Armor Descriptions
     5. Power-up Modules 
     6. Statue stage
     7. Chase the Truck! (Grizzly Slash)
     8. Obliterate the Battleship! (Duff McWhalen)
     9. Electric Trap (Squid Adler)
     10. Fortress Lab Infiltration (Izzy Glow)
     11. Escape the Space Trap (Dark Dizzy)
     12. Destroy the Time Bombs! (The Skiver)
     13. Red-Hot World (Mattrex)
     14. Into the Jungle (Axle the Red)
     15. Dynamo Strategy
     16. Zero Virus stage 1
     17. Zero Virus stage 2
     18. Zero Virus stage 3
     19. Final stage
     20. Secrets and Tips 
     21. Legal
    1. Introduction:
    Welcome to the official Mega Man X Online guide for Mega Man X5, the fifth installment in 
    the MMX saga. Refer to the index above for an easy reference guide, and go to 
    http://www.megaman-x.com/guides/ to find HTML versions of this guide, along with guides for 
    all of the other games in the Mega Man X series. Happy gaming. 
    2. Boss Weaknesses / Recommended Order:
    Boss		  Weakness with X	    Weakness with Zero
    ====		  ===============	    ==================
    -Grizzly Slash --- Spike Ball (Red) ------- Twin Dream (Red)
    -Duff McWhalen --- Crescent Shot (Slash) -- Crescent Sword (Slash)
    -Squid Adler ----- Goo Shaver (McWhalen) -- F-Splasher (McWhalen)
    -Izzy Glow ------- Tri-Thunder (Adler) ---- E-Blade (Adler)
    -Dark Dizzy ------ F-Laser (Glow) --------- C-Flasher (Glow)
    -The Skiver ------ Dark Hold (Dizzy) ------ Dark Hold (Dizzy)
    -Mattrex --------- Wing Spiral (Skiver) --- Wing Shredder (Skiver)
    -Axle the Red----- Ground Fire (Mattrex) -- Quake Blazer (Mattrex)
    3. Power-Up Uses and Locations:
    Power-Up          Use              Location
    Light Capsules - armor power-ups - One per stage
    Heart Tanks - more life added to meter - One per stage
    Sub-Tanks - life energy reserve - Found in the stages of: Grizzly Slash, Dark Dizzy
    Weapon Tank - weapon energy reserve - Found in The Skiver's stage.
    EX Tank - more lives per continue - Found in Izzy Glow's stage.
    4. Armor Descriptions:
    X (Blue): X's basic armor. No special powers. Much weaker than all of X's other armors.
    X (Fourth): A reproduction of the armor from X4. If you start the game with X you get it 
    automatically. Otherwise it's impossible to get. Gives you the power to hover, air-dash, and 
    plasma shot, but the Nova Strike and infinite weapon energy capabilities from MMX4 are missing. 
    X (Falcon): New armor. Very light and nimble. Pressing the jump button in the air lets X fly 
    for a short time. The powered shot is a small but powerful laser. No air-dash ability, but 
    makes X generally faster. You can use boss weapons while in it, but can't power them up like 
    you could with the Fourth Armor. Nova Strike replaced with Falcon Strike ability.
    X (Gaea): Also a new armor. It's basically the opposite of Falcon, in that it makes X slower 
    but much more powerful and defensive. It, however, also does not have an air-dash. Clinging to 
    the wall lets you stick there instead of sliding off. X can also walk on spikes without any 
    damage coming to him, and his powered shot is much more powerful than the Nova. Unfortunately, 
    it's impossible to use boss weapons in the armor, and it makes X more sluggish. Nova Strike 
    replaced with the Gaea Strike ability.
    X (Ultimate): This is a hidden armor, both ways you could possibly get it. It includes the same 
    abilities as the Ultimate Armor from X4, in that it's exactly like the Fourth Armor, only 
    allowable to do the Nova Strike infinite times. Of course, in this game the Fourth Armor 
    doesn't allow X to do the Nova Strike at all, but the Ultimate Armor still does allow him to 
    do it infinite times.
    Zero (Red): Zero's basic armor. Like X's blue, it has no real powers that set it apart.
    Zero (Black): Zero takes half the damage he would take otherwise, and the sabre included with 
    the black armor can cut through some enemy projectiles and destroy the Sigma Virus. 
    Note: X gets to choose which armor he takes into battle with him, but Zero's Black armor is a 
    replacement armor. Therefore, you do not get to choose Red or Black at the beginning of each 
    5. Power-up Modules:
    After beating a boss, you'll inevitably get their weapon. In addition, you'll get the option 
    at times of choosing between getting a more life added to your meter, or more energy added to 
    your meter. This choice will affect the Modules you get. Modules are not available in Easy Mode, 
    and are harder to get in Xtreme Mode. Below is a full listing of the Modules, how you get them, 
    and what they do. 
    Grizzly Slash
    + Life: Shock Absorber - 50% damage reduction
    + Energy: Hyper Dash - Enhanced dash 
    Duff McWhalen
    + Life: Super Recover - Items give more energy
    + Energy: W-Energy Saver - Weapons use half energy amount
    Squid Adler
    + Life: Quick Charge (X only) - Faster charge for X-Buster
    + Energy: Z-Saber Extend (Zero only) - More range with the Z-Saber
    Izzy Glow
    + Life: Burst Shot (X only) - 5 shots at a time instead of the usual 3
    + Energy: Shot Eraser (Zero only) - Destroy enemy shots
    Dark Dizzy
    + Life: Anti-Virus Guard - 50% less damage to Virus meter
    + Energy: Virus Buster (X only) - Ability to destroy the Sigma Virus
    The Skiver
    + Life: Jumper - Higher jump
    + Energy: Speedster - Fast movement
    + Life: Speed Shot - Faster shots
    + Energy: Buster Plus (X only) - More powerful shots
    Axle the Red
    + Life: Ultimate Buster (X only) - Charged shots used without any charge needed
    + Energy: Z-Saber Plus (Zero only) - More powerful Z-Saber
    6. Statue stage:
    This is simple enough, especially if you have a basic grasp of X games. There are only two new 
    commands that you might have to know for this level. Make sure you duck by pressing down when 
    the ceiling falls inside the crumbling building, and make sure you grab onto the wire by 
    pressing up when you're near it, so you won't fall down the pit. You can also avoid falling down 
    the pit by Air-dashing or dash-jumping. Make sure that when climbing up the walls at the end of 
    the level, you climb the right wall, then the left, then the right. This will help you avoid 
    getting crushed in them.
    Giant Sigma Head
    Sigma's Head is considerably harder than most opening stage bosses in MMX games, but that's not 
    saying much. No matter who you are, X or Zero, staying to the left wall is the best strategy. 
    Duck when he fires his giant purple beam or the little blue balls, and wait for a good time to 
    strike. If he simply stays, it means he'll fire larger yellow balls. Stand your ground, and 
    climb the left wall just as the yellow balls begin to move. This should help you avoid being hit 
    at all.
    7. Grizzly Slash's stage:
    The military train area isn't too hectic. As X, you'll have to get down on a platform below the 
    front of the train to hit the blue spot and destroy each train head, but as Zero you can slash 
    at it from above if you want. Make sure you duck when the blue spot is firing, or it could knock 
    you off. When a timer is counting down, dash and dash-jump your way off the train before it 
    blows. Before long, you'll find yourself on the ground after a train wreck. From this point, 
    it's only a small distance before you reach the boss. 
    Heart Tank
    After blowing up a few trains, you'll be inside a train car. In the middle there will be a 
    divide that if you climb up, there will be a ceiling full of spikes. Use X's Gaea armor to get 
    to the Heart Tank, which is on the left side. It's also concievable that you could get to it 
    with your Falcon armor, but you'd probably have to sacrifice a life for it.
    At the end of one train will be the Sub-Tank, sitting out in plain view. Just make sure you have 
    enough time to grab it and get off the train before it explodes. It's not hard at all. 
    Falcon Leg Upgrade
    When just entering the cave after the train wreck, you'll see an alchove at the top. Get on the 
    lower wall and dash-jump up to the wall above, or use Zero's double-jump to get into the alchove 
    where the Capsule will be waiting.
    Grizzly Slash Strategy
    Grizzly Slash isn't that tough, and is a good starting point as far as bosses go. Whether or not 
    you have the Spike Ball or Twin Dream, he shouldn't be that hard. Simply attack him. If you get 
    hit a couple of times with his attacks, it's no big deal. Just keep powering up your Buster and 
    shooting or slashing at him. He doesn't use his attack nearly as often as you can optimally use 
    yours. When he burrows underground dash-jump from side to side on the higher ground level, and 
    be prepared for him to appear nearby. When he does, attack him quickly and keep dashing. 
    Continue this strategy until he's gone.
    8. Duff McWhalen's stage:
    This stage is mostly a battle with the huge fish sub, U-555. At first you'll be dueling with 
    just the head. Disarm the missiles by destroying the yellow-orange spots on it's face. These 
    will regrow, but keep destroying them and doing damage afterwards to the face itself, and it 
    will be damaged enough to be unable to grow new parts. Once the mouth laser is produced, either 
    climb a nearby alchove or duck in a ditch, because you'll otherwise get dealt some serious 
    damage. Once you get to a certain point, a life bar will appear. Aim for the mouth to do damage 
    to the fish sub. Next is the battle with the tail, which is basically like the head. Follow the 
    same basic strategies. Then comes the top of the body. Only by fully charging your X-Buster, or 
    swiping your sword downward, can you do damage to the missile launchers here. Keep dodging and 
    destroying them, and get out of the way of the rocks the sub is leading you into. When you get 
    to a certain point, it will occasionally expose its weak spot. Destroy it, like with the head, 
    and the sub will fall for good.
    Heart Tank
    In the large pit with spikes surrounding both sides, the ceiling is open. Use the Gaea armor or 
    the Falcon armor to make your way up there, and then use the armor similarly to navigate through 
    the spikes. You'll eventually find your way to the Heart Tank.
    Falcon Body Upgrade
    After the water drops and you go through the planked area, you'll drop down to an area that has 
    a capsule in plain view with a plank blocking it, and a mine nearby. Use a powered-up Goo Shaver 
    to set off the mine and destroy the plank.
    Duff McWhalen Strategy
    Duff McWhalen is very easy with the Crescent Shot or Crescent Slash weapon, but not so easy if 
    you're using the X-Buster or just slashing with the Z-Saber. Make sure you have the Crescent 
    weapon and just let him have it. Barrage him with the weapon, and duck when he goes across the 
    screen. If you keep firing while he's moving across the screen, you can easily take him down 
    before he even gets the chance to try to push you against the spikes. If he does get that 
    opportunity, though, just dodge the ice blocks quickly and keep pummelling him with your 
    Crescent weapon to delay his attacks.
    9. Squid Adler's stage:
    The first area here is perhaps one of the most frustrating in the game. The Ride Chaser section 
    of the level is pretty hard. Unfortunately, talking about it would do no good. I can't say 
    anything here that would help you get past that part except that all you really need is 
    practice. Also, the end is a pain, but you really simply have to dash twice on the Ride Chaser 
    in a row. The only problem is it's hard to get the timing right. Once again, practice makes 
    perfect. Next comes the switches section. Using X, have his Fourth Armor at the ready. The 
    plasma shot makes this part fairly easy. If you're using Zero, his Crescent spin will reduce 
    headaches. Just destroy the enemies around, and then concentrate on the switches. This will lead 
    directly to the boss.
    Heart Tank
    In the switches area, you'll find a path that you can go left or right. The right path leads to 
    the boss, but if you choose to go left first, and have X with his Gaea armor, you can shoot the 
    switch and work your way into a room with spikes on the ground. Stand on the spikes and power up 
    your Buster. Shooting the V blocks will destroy them. Then shoot the other switch to open the 
    way to the Heart Tank.
    Falcon Head Upgrade
    During the jetbike section, there will be blue balls of light floating around. Collecting all 
    eight will expose an opening once you get off the jetbike, inside of which will be the Capsule. 
    Getting all eight takes a lot of practice, though, so be prepared for some frustration.
    Squid Adler Strategy
    Squid Adler isn't that hard, with or without the Goo Shaver. Make sure you're ready to cling to 
    walls to avoid his attack that covers the entire ground, and fire at him non-stop. His attacks 
    are pretty predictable, so staying in the right areas will save you from most damage. Stay on 
    the wall, but don't stay directly in front of Squid Adler unless you need to fire at him. 
    10. Izzy Glow's stage:
    This stage starts off simple enough. Just blast the enemies like you would anywhere else. To 
    save the yellow hostage in the plank above, use the Ground Fire or Quake Blazer weapon, then 
    navigate through the spikes. The spikes in this level aren't that hard to avoid, but can do some 
    serious damage if you slip up. Proceed with caution. Next you'll find yourself on a staircase. 
    Just blast away the enemies and avoid the Sigma Viruses, and you'll find yourself at a 
    mini-boss. Charge your weapon and aim for the red eye of the black robot. It'll be destroyed, 
    and then you have to avoid the lasers of the other two robots. The black one will be back next 
    time for you to destroy again and again, until the whole mechanism is destroyed. Next you'll 
    find yourself in another straight-forward area with several green wall robots firing off large 
    red balls. These red balls are easy to avoid, but you can destroy them with the Crescent 
    Shot/Slash if you're bored or just feel like it. Keep along this path to find your way to the 
    Heart Tank
    The Heart Tank for this stage is right at the beginning. Equip X with the Gaea armor and fall 
    down in the pit below the bridge that you extended. Veer right and the Heart Tank is right 
    there. You can also fly over the spikes to it using the Falcon armor, but it's harder to do 
    without wasting a life.
    EX Tank
    At the area with the wooden ceiling and the trapped Reploid is also the EX Tank. Use your 
    Ground Fire or Quake Blazer weapon to free the hostage and get the EX Tank.
    Falcon Arm Upgrade
    After you climb a few of the ramps, one of the green wall robots firing red balls will be out of 
    your view, right above you. Jump up to be able to see it and destroy it with the Crescent 
    Shot/Slash to open up the path to the capsule. 
    Izzy Glow Strategy
    Izzy Glow is quick, but not tough. If you're usingthe Tri-Thunder or E-Blade, just stay below 
    him and use when he's above you (in range). If using the X-Buster or Z-Saber, just fire at him 
    whenever you get a chance and dodge his attacks. Be warned if you're using either of those, 
    though; he gets awefully fast near the end of his life, and using these is much more effective 
    to destroy him.
    11. Dark Dizzy's stage:
    The opening of this stage is in outer space, where everything moves pretty slow. No big harm, 
    though. Other than the slow-motion and the occassional bat problem, this part has nothing that 
    differs from any other shoot-the-badguys strategy. Next you'll find yourself indoors, but again 
    there's no huge threat here. The floor will become the ceiling and vice-versa when you go into 
    certain switches, but this is really for your own good rather than a threat. Avoid the spikes, 
    of course. The real fun is if you come here wearing Gaea Armor, and the threat of the spikes is 
    removed, so there's virtually no threat at all. Navigate through the spikes and making sure the 
    blocks don't fall on you, and you'll be at the boss in no time.
    Heart Tank
    The Heart Tank is in plain view, and hard to not see in this level. It's accessible with skill 
    using the Falcon or even the Fourth Armor, but the Gaea Armor makes it easiest. Switch the 
    ground/ceiling so that the Heart Tank is accessible, and then just go to it with the Gaea Armor 
    on. No problem.
    At the end of the outer space part (the first part of the stage), the Sub-Tank will be in plain 
    view. It's high up, so using Zero's double-jump or X's Falcon Armor to reach it is easiest. A 
    well-timed Dash-Jump from the platform you're floating on can reach it, but it's much tougher.
    Gaea Head Upgrade
    Just before you reach the boss, there will be a pit. Drop down into it (careful not to hit the 
    spikes on the left side, stay to your right). There will be a Capsule behind a tangled web of 
    metal. Use the F-Laser and navigate it through the maze to hit the switch that will open the 
    path to the Capsule. This can be tricky and frustrating, but if you run out of energy you can 
    kill yourself on the spikes and get all your weapon energy back, and if you need to continue, 
    the starting point is right in front of the pit. It may take multiple tries.
    Dark Dizzy Strategy
    You need to make sure to cling to the walls a lot with Dark Dizzy. If you're using his weakness, 
    the F-Laser, stay on the ground and fire when necessary. Otherwise, stay near the walls and be 
    ready to dash-jump off of them if he gets ready to freeze time. Other than that, he's not too 
    12. The Skiver's stage:
    Your first job in this level is to disarm the bombs that are counting down, guarded by robots. 
    The last one is the trickiest, but you should be able to get to most of them with no problem. 
    Missing one or two doesn't have any dire consequences, as long as you keep your life above half 
    so the explosion doesn't kill you. There are also several yellow hostages in need of your aid, 
    but they're out in the open and don't require any special strategy. Once out of the bomb-ridden 
    area, you'll be going down an elevator. No real problems should arise here. There will be 
    enemies every once in a while, but a simple blast or sabre slash should take care of them. After 
    this comes an escalator area. Climb onto the escalator and then drop to the right side and cling 
    to the wall until you safely pass under the spikes. Next comes another escalator with several 
    alchoves that have bombs, enemies, and yellow hostages. Rescue the hostages, kill the enemies, 
    and try to destroy the bombs. Next, you'll find yourself at the boss.
    Heart Tank
    At the second elevator area, one of the alchoves with yellow hostages also has a Heart Tank 
    behind a bomb. Whether you destroy the bomb or not, the Heart Tank remains, so it's not hard to 
    Weapon Tank 
    On the elevator ride down (just after the bomb section), drop down below the elevator after 
    it crashes through the first two floors. The Weapon Tank sits on the third collapsable floor, 
    so grab it and get out before the elevator crushes you. 
    Gaea Body Upgrade
    Bring X and equip the Falcon armor. At the escalator area, jump and fly up and to the left as 
    soon as you see the first spikes. This will lead you to a platform with the armor Capsule.
    The Skiver Strategy
    This battle greatly resembles Storm Eagle's from Mega Man X1. All you really need for this 
    battle is the ability to dash-jump and a good weapon by your side. Skiver doesn't seem to have 
    much of a weakness towards anything, the Dark Hold does stop him in his tracks for a few 
    seconds, allowing you to get a few hits in. Other than that, it's just a straight out battle. 
    Dash-jump over him when he charges at you, and dash back and forth when he goes into the air to 
    charge you. Zero is really best for this battle since he can inflict more damage while Skiver is 
    frozen than X can. Keep up that strategy and he should go down.
    13. Mattrex's stage:
    The opening of this stage is simple to get through. Just dash a lot to avoid all the 
    fire-breathing dragon head robots, and kill the enemies as fast as possible. Even if you don't 
    kill them, avoiding them quickly is the best method to get through quickly. Next, you'll be over 
    some rushing lava. Wait for it to stop coming and instantly drop. Then dash and dash-jump as 
    fast as you can to an area that the background is black instead of red. Cling to the wall there 
    and you'll be safe from the next rushing lava. Keep doing this, heading as fast as you can for 
    an area with a black background, until you're out of the rushing lava pit. Next you'll find a 
    large lava pit. There are two paths. You can get into the Riding Armor and go under the lava, or 
    you can stay above it and do battle with a fire dragon. It's up to you. Neither is all that 
    hard. After conquering one of these two obstacles, you'll find the boss.
    Heart Tank
    In the large rushing lava area, wait for the lava to just have stopped coming, drop and rush to 
    the left. Drop down the pit and you'll find a Heart Tank waiting for you, along with a life.
    Gaea Arm Upgrade
    In the large lava pit, get into the Ridden Riding Armor and go into the lava. Make your way 
    through it until the end, and then carefully jump out of the armor and on to dry land. The 
    Capsule is there waiting for you. 
    Mattrex Strategy
    Mattrex is one of the harder bosses in the game, but as long as you have the Wing Spiral or Wing 
    Shredder from Skiver, he's not that hard. Use it, and take advantage of the time that he's 
    floating in the air to cling to the very top of a wall. This will avoid most of his attacks 
    completely. The few that will hit won't take off enough to really kill you before you can kill 
    him. From the wall, air-dash off the wall to go over him and use the weapon again. It's a pretty 
    simple pattern.
    14. Axle the Red's stage:
    This stage is pretty straight-forward. The only areas that might present problems are the two 
    wire areas. One has spikes on the sides, and one has a pit on the bottom. Navigate carefully 
    through these, and destroy enemies as you go along.
    Heart Tank
    Right when you get into the cave, just before you climb the vines that have the spikes on the 
    sides, there are some V blocks. Destroy them with your Gaea armor, and keep going along the path 
    until you find a cliff. At this point, dash into some of the V blocks laying around, and push 
    one of them to the edge of the cliff. Stand on top of the V block and dash-jump from it to the 
    ledge carrying the Heart Tank. 
    Gaea Leg Upgrade
    In the second wire area there will be an alchove at the top with spikes surrounding it. Use X's 
    Falcon armor to fly into the alchove to find the Capsule.
    Axle the Red Strategy
    Axle the Red is easy. Just use the Ground Fire or Quake Blazer and allow him to jump over you, 
    then use it again. By the time you come to this stage you should have the weapon, but if you 
    don't, he's still not all that hard. Just attack him like normal, and avoid his attacks by 
    clinging to the walls. Don't be fooled by his alternate self. Just keep your eye on him and keep 
    15. Dynamo Strategy:
    You'll face Dynamo twice during the game. Once after you've beaten two of the Maverick bosses, 
    and again once you've beaten six of the Mavericks.
    As X
    Dynamo isn't too hard with X. Using the Fourth or Ultimate armor, keep charging your Buster and 
    letting him have it. Jump over his spinning boomerang, and then duck to avoid it coming back (or 
    vice-versa if he does it in that fashion). The second time you face him he'll use an air-slash 
    attack when he jumps over you, and will sometimes pause in mid-air to release blue energy beams. 
    These are both easy to dodge. Simply to not attack him from the air when he jumps over you to 
    avoid the air-slash, and get between the blue energy beams. He's rather simple, really.
    As Zero
    For however easy Dynamo is with X, he's ten times easier with Zero, as long as you have the 
    Crescent Slash.  Keep using it on Dynamo and he'll fall easily. Dodge his attacks in the same 
    way you would with X, but keep slashing. You should be able to take him out quickly.
    16. Zero Virus stage 1:
    The biggest, and practically only real threat in this stage are the lasers. They kill you one 
    hit and irritatingly fill the entire screen sometimes. This is where a very important creedo 
    comes in: There's no shame in using the Dark Hold to stop time. This will make things immensely 
    easier. Pick up the weapon power that's lying around, and try to make sure you have a full 
    Weapons Tank to refill when there isn't any weapon power around. Before long, you'll find 
    yourself at the boss.
    Shadow Devil Strategy
    Shadow Devil can be pretty tough. As X, the Tri-Thunder works, but your X-Buster works better. 
    It's larger anyway. As Zero, good old fashioned sabre swiping works best, and even beats the 
    Shadow Devil faster than X could. The only time he's weak is when his red eye is open. Aim for 
    that eye. Jump and duck to avoid the parts going from one side of the room to the other, and 
    make sure you can always see the parts that haven't yet moved so you can be prepared. It's 
    easiest to avoid his attacks when he forms into the Wily Skull Tank. Just get on the wall and 
    air-dash off of it before it hits, then repeat for the other side. Also, dash under it when it 
    is "jumping" around. This is also the optimum time to attack the red eye when it's exposed, as 
    it will stay that way for longer than usual. Eventually it will get back into the form with the 
    red eye so you can deal more damage. The toughest attack to dodge is when half of it's body is 
    on each side and it fires from both sides. Fast reflexes are the only way to avoid this, and as 
    long as you keep your life fairly full, it shouldn't be a problem. 
    17. Zero Virus stage 2:
    This stage is pretty straight forward, and all you really have to do is destroy enemies as 
    usual. However, the enemies usually have the tactical advantage, and you have to find ways to 
    overcome this. Having Zero infected with the Virus is a great way to restore your life bar, and 
    don't be afraid to use your special weapons. After a lot of enemies and a lot of spikes, you'll 
    find your way to the boss.
    Rangda Bangda Strategy
    Rangda Bangda makes his second appearance in an X game with this, but this is somewhat different 
    from the first time. The trick here is to exploit the weaknesses of the individual face parts of 
    Rangda Bangda. The green eye is weak to the Crescent Shot and Crescent Slash. The red eye is 
    weak to the Tri-Thunder and E-Blade. The blue eye is weak to the Ground Fire and Quake Blazer. 
    And the nose is weak to the Goo Shaver and F-Splasher. If all the eyes are destroyed, the walls 
    will close in and stay that way instead of branching back out like they would otherwise. This 
    makes a greater danger since spikes can appear from the walls as well as the floor. Keep your 
    eyes sharp to avoid the wall spikes, and be ready to slide down or jump up quickly to avoid 
    18. Zero Virus stage 3:
    This stage is pretty short, and the main danger is in the spikes. Air-dashing is a must here. 
    Don't be too afraid to run into enemies on the wire area. It's long, but you should have enough 
    life to withstand the attacks. Before long, you'll find your way to the boss. 
    If you're X, you'll fight Zero. If you're Zero, you'll fight X. As X, just keep near the walls 
    and make sure you charge up your Buster often. Zero's most dangerous attack is one that covers 
    most of the screen, with small gaps between each blue pillar of light. It's hard to dodge, but 
    not impossible. Zero is much harder if he went Maverick earlier in the game. His speed goes up 
    and he becomes trickier, but utilize the same strategies to beat him and don't be afraid to use 
    your Sub-Tanks. X poses a much different danger. He can change his color and use attacks from 
    Mega Man X4. These don't pose too much of a danger. Slash at him like crazy as Zero, using your 
    Crescent Slash often. Zero is much harder than X, but the result is the same. 
    19. Final stage:
    This level is very straight-forward, and shouldn't present any problems. You'll find yourself at 
    eight capsules, repeating battles of the eight bosses you've already faced. The order of them, 
    from left to right, is Mattrex, Dark Dizzy, Izzy Glow, Squid Adler, Duff McWhalen, Grizzly 
    Slash, Axle the Red, and Skiver. Employ the same strategies as before, but conserve your life 
    so you can refill it completely with the two energy capsules nearby. The bosses will be more 
    powerful, but their power is purely in a larger lifebar, so the same strategies you used before 
    will take them down. After this and a few more minor obstacles, you'll find yourself at the 
    boss, which is two-fold.
    Sigma Strategy
    This battle resembles your first battle ever with Sigma if you've played the entire series, 
    except this time he doesn't have a beam sabre. He jumps from wall to wall, but is easy to avoid. 
    Either stay on the wall above him or duck near the corner of the room. Stay on the walls when 
    he's firing off his electric shocks. It's somewhat hard to get a slash or a shot off at him, 
    but take advantage of the opportunities when you can. You need to conserve your life for his 
    second form. Surviving this battle with all of your life in tact is difficult, but definately 
    worth it. Oddly enough, Sigma is weak to Squid Adler's attacks even though he's firing off 
    shocks himself. With X it's pretty easy to hit him, especially since the Tri-Thunder goes up and 
    down. Zero's E-Blade attack is much harder to hit him with, but if you can get the knack for it 
    it's convenient. Otherwise just slash when you get the chance. If he disappears all of a sudden, 
    he'll appear on the right side of the screen. He'll fire a few of three large shots; high, low, 
    and both. He usually does them in this order, but not always, so be nimble at the fingers. When 
    he fires high, duck. When he fires low, get high to the wall clinging, and when he fires on 
    both, air-dash between them if you're on the ground. If you're clinging to the wall, simply 
    slide down and you'll go right between them. Once this form is defeated, you meet the more 
    difficult boss.
    Giant Sigma Body Strategy
    Sigma's second form is tough, and you need to be prepared. His weakness is the Spike Ball for X 
    and Twin Dream for Zero. Both have about the same range, but Zero's weapon is more awkward to 
    use as far as pressing the buttons on the controller goes. Either way, the red spot on the giant 
    face's forehead is the weak spot, and needs to be hit by the Axle's weapon. Climb on the hands 
    and from there make your way onto the wall. You can air-dash from there towards him to use your 
    weapon, or jump from on top of his hands. Staying on the hands is dangerous, though, since it 
    makes it harder to dodge being crushed when the hands move. If you get caught up in any of the 
    hand movements, it takes off quite a bit of life. Sometimes his hands will disappear, meaning 
    he's about to do one of two attacks. One is to fire off four large balls of energy that will 
    move to the bottom of the screen, and then make jerky movements toward you. Cling to the wall 
    and then dash to dodge these. If you're clinging to the right wall, this is a perfect 
    opportunity to use your weapon against him. The second attack is a huge purple cube that will 
    move around the room and take off serious amounts of life. Dash on the floor, climb the wall, 
    air-dash, etc. in a circular pattern. Don't be afraid to use your Sub-tanks, especially at the 
    purple cube. This is the last time you'll need them, especially since Sigma only uses the purple 
    cube when he's getting weak.
    20. Secrets and Tips:
    1. X's Ultimate Armor - While in the character select screen, make sure X is highlighted and 
       press up twice, and down nine times. X will start with his Ultimate Armor, which is exactly 
       like his Fourth Armor except that it lets him use the Nova Strike an unlimited amount of 
    2. Zero's Black Armor - While in the character select screen, make sure Zero is highlighted 
       and press down twice, and up nine times. Zero will start with his Black Armor. This gives 
       him better defensive ability, and a more powerful purple sabre with the ability to despell 
       the Sigma Virus. 
    3. The Ninth Capsule - If you want to acquire the Ultimate Armor and Black Armor without using 
       a code, go to the third Zero Virus stage. As X, you have to enter without your Fourth Armor. 
       At a small platform that's out of place, go down the left wall and slide down it, then jump 
       to the right wall. Sliding down it will open a small alchove with the ninth capsule. As 
       unarmored X he gives you the Ultimate Armor. As Zero he gives you the Black Armor. If you 
       get one, you can die and come back as the other character to acquire both. 
    4. Virus Effects - As X, you should always avoid the Sigma and Zero Viruses, as they can kill 
       him instantly. As Zero, however, these viruses are beneficial. Becoming fully infected will 
       refill Zero's life completely, and make him invincible for a short while. 
    21. Legal:
    This guide must always be shown in full form with credit given to the author, and a link and 
    credit must be given to Mega Man X Online (http://www.megaman-x.com/). All associated 
    characters and games are copyright to Capcom.

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