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"Not as good as the better games in the series, but still worth your time."

It's interesting how Mega Man X just started as a spin off game from the original series and later made Capcom abandon the original Mega Man series for a very long time. Maybe it became more popular because X could unlike Mega Man climb on walls, get stronger during each game, and the story was also more interesting than Doctor Wily trying to take over the world. Or maybe Capcom just thought that 8 games where enough in the original series and decided to focus more on the series that so far only had 4 games. What ever the reason was, here's Mega Man X5.

This game takes place some time after Mega Man X4, as you might expect Sigma has once again been revived and has figured out a new master plan to destroy Earth. This time he has done some research on Zero to unlock his full power, and hopes to use it to destroy the two most dangerous Maverick Hunters, X and Zero. Sigma attacks X and Zero and intends to lose on purpose, only to be able to spread the Sigma virus, a nasty virus that turns robots into Mavericks. Meanwhile he has also hired a Reploid Mercenary called Dynamo to make the space colony Eurasia collide with Earth. The Maverick Hunter got 16 hours before it crashes into Earth.

But there's hope, the Maverick Hunters got a big canon called the Enigma which got enough power to destroy the whole colony. But in order to make it work they need four parts that some other robots got, and while they unlike in every other Mega Man X game actually are friendly, they have all been infected of the Sigma virus, so X or Zero still have to fight them. If the canon shouldn't work then there's still another shot, that they could send a shuttle to destroy the colony. The shuttle also needs 4 four parts that one robot got, and they have also been infected with the Sigma virus which turned them into Mavericks.

In Mega Man X4 Mega Man X and Zero both had their own story, but in this game you get a chance to select which character you want to play as on every stage. X is just as always the guy that do less damage but got a range of his attacks unlike Zero which cause more damage with his Z-Saber but since he uses a saber, you have to get close to the enemies to do any damage at all. Personally I thought that the game were easier with X but it's more of a personal choice in this game on who you prefer than in X4.

In every Mega Man X, X has always started with his regular armor, but not in this one. Here X starts with the upgraded armor he could find in Mega Man X4, called the Fourth Armor. It's still possible to play as regular X if you want to, but the Fourth Armor got many advantages over it. Just like in every other game there are capsules that you can upgrade your armor, except in this one you have to find all four equipment and then you get a completely new armor with new abilities. I think there are a total of 3 new armors that you can find, but I've only found two, and I prefer the Fourth Armor over both of them.

You can also found 2 E-Tanks, which is all you get in this game just like in X4. There are also supposed to be a heart tank in every stage, but I could only find one on one stage, which means that X5 should be perfect for those who want to be forced to explore as much as possible in every stage, and since the Falcon Armor allows X to fly for a while I guess the hiding heart containers in this game are much more well hidden than in the previous games in the series. You can also get more life when you defeat a boss.

One of the main complaints about this game is that X4 had many animated cut-scenes with voice actors, while this all this game got is a lot of text and pictures. Actually a lot of text isn't enough to describe it, there's almost to much text for being a Mega Man game, which is all about action. Personally I don't mind that, but most people don't want to press the x button for 5 minutes in a Mega Man game, since you can beat the whole game without having to worry about the story. When I just started to play this game I was really uninterested in the plot, but it grew on me.

Another thing that many complains about is your supportive girl Alia, which interrupt you some times during each stage to give you helpful hints. This is nice of her and all, but you really shouldn't have had a hard time to figure out these hints by yourself, and some get really bored when you get interrupt from your game all time when she usually just states the obvious. But sometimes she actually tells you some secrets that at least someone as smart as me wouldn't figure out without thinking for a while.

One really cool thing about this game is that you can affect the story of the game. If you fire the canon before you have all the parts, it will fail and Zero will all of a sudden turn into a Maverick, which means that he's no longer a playable character and is instead an enemy. When this have happened you no longer have to beat the eight robots in order to finish the game, but it's still recommended because you will need the weapons and such things. Doing this also gives you a different ending.

Another interesting thing is that all the bosses are on different levels, and as you might expect they get stronger the further you get into a game. I'm not sure if this means that they are doing more damage if they are on a higher level but their health bar increases, which means that the fight will be longer. In some boss fights, you will run out of ammo for the weapon you are supposed to use on that boss when he's a level 99. Just like in every Mega Man game you fight all the Mavericks one more time, except the second time they will actually be much tougher. Speaking of difficulty the Sigma battle in this game is the hardest in the series so far.

A lot of people consider Mega Man X5 to be the beginning of the fall of the series, but if you ask me it's far from as bad as many says. Sure it might sound a little strange that Capcom decided to name all the Mavericks after Guns N Roses members, and yes perhaps there's to much text. But on the other hand everything that the previous games in the series said would happen in the future happened in this game, and it was originally supposed to be the end of the series. It's not the best in the series, but it would've been a great ending, and it's also hard to say that the game is much worse than the previous games when the game is almost just the same as the previous games. This game is Capcom in a nutshell.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 11/10/08

Game Release: Mega Man X5 (EU, 08/03/01)

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