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Reviewed: 07/08/01 | Updated: 07/08/01

If it ain't broke.... Tweak it up a little bit

If it ain't broke.... Tweak it up a little bit!
Well that's what EA did for this years NHL extravaganza: Added new rosters (why would you buy a game with the old rosters, so this one is obvious), fixed the injury bug (in case you haven't played the predecessor: every time one of your players got injured, they'd come back next game, but not anymore), and a few small things.

The thing that stands out when you play a NHL game is the speed at which the game flows, and there's no let down here. It's fast flowing action all the way. One second you'll be on a breakaway attempt, and the next trying to keep the opposition from scoring. The player movement is great, and you can execute One-timers and other hockey slang without much effort. Superb.

The graphics have been improved from last year, but not drastically. Basically this game is the same as last years in the looks department. That said, this is not a bad thing, because last years effort looked and played well. So it's the same again this year.

I have never played any sports game with such excellent commentary, the play-by-play commentary is superb, and the flavour commentary(i.e. the player profiles) is also excellent. The one thing that lets NHL 2001 down in the sound department is the crowd. It's the same every game and the constant Boos and Cheers can get annoying if you're playing a long session.

This game will keep you going for ages. After one 5-Year, 410 Game Career you will want to go back for more. Another thing which will keep you entertained for a long period is the NHL Challenge, you have to perform a certain number of tasks, and when you do you can increase the stats of your created player. You'll still be playing this by the time 2002 comes around.

This game is a tad too easy, even on the hardest level you'll find yourself winning 99% of all games. But to counter this you can give your opponent an advantage which evens out things, so in the end it's tough. But, saying that, after you get used to playing at this level, you wont find it too hard to win, a small bit hard, but not too hard. Next year, make a higher difficulty level, please!

I would recommend this game to any hockey fan that hasn't got the earlier versions of the game, and everyone who doesn't have a hockey game in their collection. This game is excellent, and will keep you amused for long periods. You will find yourself coming back to this game again and again and again. Oh yeah did I say ''and again''?
8.6/10(Rounded up to 9)

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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