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"One Of The Great Hockey Games Ever........."

In this review I am not going to break everything down into different categories all technically as most other are.

What can I say about this game? It is simply an amazing hockey game. The graphics are great for Playstation. Each individual player for each team actually looks a bit like they do in real life, which was a problem on NHL 98'. The players look very smooth and wafty skating down the ice and even better winding up for the slapshot. The close-ups in the game are great for there are no little parts of the body not attached to the body as there was in past NHL games from EA Sports. The body checks look great especially when you look at it from an instant replay form.

Now how about the gameplay? Is it all choppy and un-crafty? The gameplay in this game is absolutely incredible. Of course as always, you can set all the rules and options you feel you would like. You can change penalties to the up-most extreme or set period minutes from 5 to 20 minutes. You can also choose how to end a game. Whether it be Shootout or Sudden Death Overtime. You can go into a Season mode which is my personal favorite. You can play one year of 82 games or up to 5 years continuing on from the last year and keep track of career points and milestones. After every year there are entry drafts and player retirements to make the season seem very realistic. You can also play international tournaments which are great!!!! The only thing that would make this game not absolutely perfect and straight from God, would be the fighting factor. Lots of the NHL players that are fighters sometimes don't get into fights and some wusses do. The fights also are very choppy and way overdone. A great addition to the game however, is the Momentum system.

Now if you're talking about playing this game over and over then this game is #1. Unlike other NHL hockey games for the Playstation or any other system in the world, you can play up to five years. The elite system stores all your career stats and it is always fun to try to achieve different career milestones. Since you always get Awards after the season is done, you can see all the past winners of the awards for each season as you pass them. So for example, if you finished your third season and you won the Hart Trophy the year before at the Awards ceremony it will list the past award winners of the pasty couple of years. It is another thing that makes this game great to play over and over again.

The Music in this game is great but is the downpoint of this game compared to all the other features. IT has some good music from Collective Soul and other bands but it just doesn't quite have that Hockey type sound. You know what I mean? It doesn't have the ''We Will, We Will Rock You!!'' music that is originally played during real regular aseason and playoff NHL games. The celebratin music also could be brushed up a bit. After you score the music will turn to some regular music you would hear from the Radio these days in FM. If you go to an NHL game you know that the music played after a goal is totally different. It's festive and has a different sort of ring to it. Other than that everything in this game is great. The music if matched on a different Hockey game wouldn't sound so bad. in fact, on a scale out of 1-10 I would give it an 8.5 which is pretty good. It just seems worse because it is compared to all the other features of this game which gets 10's.

Overall, if you are asking me whether to buy or rent this game then I definitely tell you to buy it. This game was so good to me, that if it was $100 I still would have bought it because I love it so much!!!! Of course, you can rent it first to see if you like it or have a feel for it, but if you like Hockey you will LOVE this game. The rush after winning the Stanley Cup is great. I could go on and on about this game, but I won't. So go buy it now!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/01/01, Updated 11/01/01

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