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    FAQ/Walkthrough by AgRaMaToS

    Version: 0.45 | Updated: 11/17/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    This document is ┬ęCopyright 2000 Andreas Constantinou
     Muppet Moster Adventure
      Console: Playstation
      Arthor: AgRaMaToS
      E-mail: Antreasms@hotmail.com
      Version: 0.45
          Started: Tuesday 14 November 2000
          Finished: Wednesday 15 November 2000
          Last Update:
    V0.45 (11/16/2000)
    Added two more stages. Add characters,
    gallery, equipment and hub stuff too. Please
    write me for questions
    Table of contents
    1) Information
    2) Review
    3) Prologue
    4) Gallery
    5) Story
    6) Characters
    7) Hub
    8) Walkthrough
    9) Equipment
    10) Hints and Tips
    11) Questions and answers
    12) Epilogue
    1) Information
    ┬ęCopyright 2000 Andreas Constantinou
    All rights reserved. This document can
    only appear in that page:
    unless you e-mail me and ask
    me friendly to post it to your
    page. If you see it in another
    page or magazine please e-mail
    1) Review
    A new game by JimHensen Interactive.
    It is have nothing to do about Muppet
    Race Mania. That game was suck!!
    Muppet Monster Adventure is really
    - Great gameplay
    - Great story
    - Gallery
    - Great Stages
    The... Muppet graphics
    Good sound
    The gameplay is really great!!!
    Time to play it
    Enough.... For a long time
    3) Prologue
    In this guide i created a full walkthrough of the
    game and all the information of the game:
    - Gallery:
    All the features of the gallery
    - Story
    - Characters
    - Hub:
    All the info on the Hub
    - Equipment
    - Hints and Tips
    Enjoy the game!!!
    4) Gallery
    The gallery works with coins
    Select a coffin:
    Coffin of 0-99 coins:
    0c= Movie= The starting movie
    3c= Picture= A picture of a rat
    6c= Sound Picture= A muppet rat is lauphing
    9c= Picture=A picture of a .... well maybe a
    12c= Arcitect= A woodcutter
    15c= Picture= A picture of miss Pingy
    18c= People= A cartoon of Paul Elliot
    21c= Arcitect= A giant bear
    24c= Sound Picture= Pingy talks
    27c= Picture= A blue bear
    5) Story
    All the muppets have
    visited the castle witch
    it is hunted. Kermit, Pingy
    and other muppets have been
    captured and you have to save
     them with Robin before they became
    6) Characters
    Your character. You must save
    the other muppets with him.
    Hola! He helps you with the game
    okay. He tells you all the bacics
    okay. Understand okay?
    The 1st captured muppet that you must
    to free. It gives you the fly power-up at
    the first stage of the first world.
    The 2nd captured muppet that you must
    to free. It gives you the climb power-up
    at the first stage of the first world.
    The 3rd captured muppet that you must
    to free.It gives you the ? poewr-up at the
    third stage of the first world.
    7) Hub
        CaStLe VoN HoNeYdEw
    Peacock Purgatory
    300 evil energy
       5 muppet tokens
       5 muppet coins
    3 special bonuses:
    Fly bonus
    Climb bonus
    Swim bonus
    Hallways of Doom
    320 evil energy
        5 muppet tokens
        23 muppet coins
    3 special bonuses
    Fly bonus
    Climb bonus
    Chop bonus NEW!!!
       Poker Faces
    350 evil energy
         5 muppet tokens
         31 muppet coins
    3 special bonuses
    Fly bonus
    Climb bonus
    Push bonus NEW!!!
    8) Walkthrough
         CaStLe VoN HoNeYdEw
     Peacock Purgatory:
    Bonus letters:
    B= Near Pepe!
    O= There is a place that a farmer
    is chasing you at the beggining eh?
    N= The middle of the lake
    U= By the fountain
    S= To the place you pressed the 1st
    * When you collect them all in the place
    you pressed the 1st switch a token will
    Power ups:
    1) In the front of the last sunflower
    2) Down the step that Pepe is explaining
    how to break the boxes.
    3) To the road up to the castle
    4) To the road up to the castle
    1) At the lake
    2) At the place you collect the last climb amulet
    (After you climb)
    3) At your road to the top of the castle
    4) At the top of the castle climb and you
    will find it.
    1) To the place witch you jump with the special
    2) To the place you pressed the 1st switch.
    3) On the fountain
    4) In the lake
    Muppet tokens:
    1) Outside the castle
    2) To the place witch you jump with the special
    3) When you collect B-O-N-U-S
    4) Play with Pepe the flower game
    5) Go to the end of the game and play with Pepe
    the race game. Hold R1 while racing to go faster.
    Spesial Hints:
    1) When you jump with the special circle jump again
    with direction the 2nd switch (use fly powerup) and activate
    it. This will open the jailed door.
    2) Go at the higher place (When you climb to the castle) and
    look at the beggining. There is a swich! The 3rd switch. Glide
    to it and press it. The castle door will open. There are three
    lives inside it. COOL!!!
       Hallways of Doom:
    Muppet Tokens
    1) Kill the crap which it is running around the fountain.
    Use R1 to run.
    2) Climb up the library
    3) Play with Pepe the "destroy the armor statues" game.
    4) When you take the chicken shot jump to the moving
    platform and go in the castle at your left. The token is
    on your left.
    5) Collect B-O-N-U-S.
    Power ups:
    All the chop amulets are in the beggining. After you
    collect them, break the door.
    Bonus letters:
    B=After you chop the door, go straight and it is on the
    O=When you go to the fountain take the first turn on your
    right. Destroy the door with the chop bonus and climb up the
    N=After you press the switch witch it is making the floor stairs.
    U=When you take the first chicken fireball, jump to the moving
     platform and chop the door at your right. Climb up the ladder
    and the U is there.
    S=Chop the door nearby the  token and the S is on your left.
    *When you collect all the letters, a token will appear at the place
    which you collect the chicken shot.
    Special Hints:
    1) Try to destroy all the doors (those who have a line on them)
    because they have secrets.
    2) Try to not lose lifes.
            Poker Faces
    Muppet tokens:
    Power ups:
    1) In a platform in the lava at the beggining.
    2) When you start, go straight and then the push amulet
    is in front of you.
    3) Continue to the next door. Jump on to the platform
    in the middle of the lava to get it.
    4) Kill the monster and you found it.
    Bonus letters:
    B= Nearby the 2nd push amulet
    O= Nearby the 4th push amulet
    Special Hints:
    1) Glide to the first switch and press it. The floor will
    became steps.
    9) Equipment
      Robin has a spin attack and a glove for
    Spin attack: It is better of the glove. You can spin
    on your enemies and destroy them easy.
    Glove: Very short shooting distance. I prefer the
    spin attack.
    He has also some special pickups:
    Fire ball chicken:
    You can shoot the chichen and it can goes
    pretty far.
    He has also some special power-ups:
    You can glide in what time you want.
    You can climb in marked spots.
    Swim underwater.
    Chop marked spots.
    Push large objects.
    10) Hints and Tips
    1) The muppet coins you can find them if you play
    again a stage and kill AGAIN the enemies you killed
    before. One enemy=one coin.
    2) Try to pass a new  stage with 100%. That because it
     helpsyou opening new stages without trying again the level.
    11) Questions and answers
     Ok. This is the questions and answers section.
    These questions are real questions. You can
    submit one by email me, put subject " Questions
    for the MonsterAdventure FAQ" and put name, town and
    country. Your question will be 100% posted
    at my next update. If one of my answers is wrong
    or there is another answer email me, put subject
    " Answers for the MonsterAdventure FAQ" and put name,
    city and town. Your answer will be 100% posted.
    <There aren't any questions yet>
    12) Epilogue
    Thanks for reading my FAQ. If you
    have questions e-mail me!!!
    Enjoy the game!!!

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