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    FAQ/Walkthrough by SBAllen

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 03/08/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Ms. Pacman Maze Madness FAQ/Walkthrough
    v.1.0 by Sailor Bacon <sailor_bacon@hotmail.com>
    9 March 2001
    Warning: Please do not post this FAQ without my permission. Please do not email me asking
    me to send you updates because I've got better things to do with my life. Do NOT use this
    FAQ for any profit making use at all, this is MY work, not yours. If you post this FAQ it
    cannot be altered in any way and cannot be displayed alongside any types of advertisements.
    Ms. Pacman Maze Madness is copyright Namco. This FAQ is copyright Allen "Sailor Bacon" 
    The newest version of this FAQ can always be found at: 
    Revision History
    v.1.0  Um... everything. Haven't finished the Time Trials yet cause I'm lazy. :P
    Table of Contents
    -Time Trial
     -Audio: Mono/Stereo
     -Music volume
     -S/E volume
    -Vibration: Off/On
    -Credits (play the Credits stage)
    This is for you hardcore people out there. It's an emulated version of the arcade 
    Ms. Pacman. There isn't a whole lot I can say about this so just play it for laughs or
    Get your friends together and have a blast!
    First choose your stage. You can have a random stage or choose your own. Here's a list of
    the stages (probably incomplete since I haven't done all the Time Trial stages yet...)
    I may write something about these things someday.
    Deep Im-Pac
    Portal Combat
    Pac to the Future
    Spring in the Air
    Flower Power
    Not so Secret Garden
    Play Outside
    Next select how many games it takes to win. Anywhere from 1 to 99 (o_O?)
    Now select the type of game to play.
    Dot Mania: Get 80 dots to win. Weird power up thingies make you grow and shrink.
    Ghost Tag: You want to be "it", then collect 50 dots to win.
    Da Bomb: Don't be the person with the bomb when the timer runs out or you lose.
    Now pick the character. You can be Baby Pacman, Pacman, Ms Pacman, or the Prof. Enjoy.
    Time Trial
    Time Trial is hard. Really, it is. After you beat a stage you must play it in Time Trial
    mode to get another star. You really just have to play it several times to get the feel of
    the stage before you beat it. Here are a few helpful pointers.
    -Pound on the button as Time Trial begins in order to start the stage faster.
    -Learn where every clock is and be sure to get them all. +10 seconds is incredibly helpful.
    -Don't go out of your way to eat dots and bad guys. A +3 bonus is nice, but it doesn't do
     much good if it takes you 5 seconds to get to the bad guy to eat it.
    -Don't get hit.
    -Know the stage perfectly.
    -Head right and get the useless Pac-Dot Radar. Joy. Talk to the prof and grab the one dot.
     Head to the next room (1/393)
    -The pharoah guys are really dumb and wander about towards you slowly. Try to save the
     super dots and eat both pharoahs with each super dot. After getting them all take the 
     warp in the upper-right part of the room (96/393)
    -The prof explains how to move blocks. Sheesh, we aren't stupid. Push it all the way over
     and hit the reset token to get it out of your way. Stand still and watch Ms. Pacman spin
     around, then head up for the checkpoint. Push the block all the way up for the Cherry then
     head right to nab some life and a 1-up. Now the Prof explains the Popper Pad to you. There
     is a test afterwards so pay attention. Push the block left and hop onto it for the 
     strawberry. Go right and push the block into the hole to pass. Nab all the dots and talk
     to the Prof again and he'll babble something about a key. (120/393)
    -Bounce over to the left and then up for the blue key. Go through the block and as you head
     right take note of the ground that makes you walk slower. Get all the dots then bounce up.
     Head to the left and bounce back down. Grab the 1-up and the peach then bounce down and
     make your way back up again. (167/393)
    -Wait for the door to drop down then sneak by the caterpillar and get all the dots. Be sure
     to grab the pretzel in the upper left corner. Talk to the Prof and if you have 115 dots 
     (uh... you should) then go through the door. (252/393)
    -Learn about switches then implement your knowledge to continue downward. After the Sonic
     jump, push the two blocks to the upper-right corner then bounce to the right and nab the
     apple. Bounce down and get the banana. You may get hit by the caterpillar, but there's a
     heart right after it. Grab all the dots from the top then bounce down to get the ones at
     the bottom. Go through the door on the bottom right. You need 195 to pass... That's the
     end of the stage. (336/393)
    -Don't worry about the fact that you're missing stuff. You'll find out how to get it later.
    -----MUMMY DEAREST------------------------------
    -TNT! Yay!! Er... push the TNT against the wall and back off. Repeat again a few times to
     snag the Cherry. Flip the switch and munch on the dot-y goodness. Warp afterwards. (29/252)
    -Push the block into the hole then walk around the push the TNT to progress downwards. The
     mummies will spin and chase you quickly so be careful. Also watch out for the falling path
     as you cross over it. Also note that there are reset coins for the falling paths as well.
     Eat the dots then push the block into the ground and hop down for a Strawberry. Proceed to
     the checkpoint (96/252). 
    -Watch out for the fire breathing sphinx and proceed to the right. Eat the solitary dot 
     (and the caterpillar) then hop down for the Peach. Use the Magic Carpet to proceed upward.
     Again eat the solitary dot (and the mummy) and nab the 1-up as well. Head up and step on
     the red tile to turn it green. Head left and repeat a few times to see the unreachable
     pretzel. Oh well, such is life. Keep going right and step on the tile. WAIT! Guess what?!
     You can get your pretzel now!!!! Grab it then head right and proceed to the warp. (98/252)
    -Get all the dots and push the block to the right in order to proceed. (169/252)
    -Use the magic carpets to continue onward. You have to time your bounce to land on them.
     Eat the one dot and the mummy then keep going. Munch down the dots and be sure to grab the
     pear as you progress. Use the magic carpet on the right to make your way to a 1-up and 
     the key. Use the key and hop on over to the checkpoint. (220/252)
    -Use the spin dash thing twice to knock down the pillar. Snatch the banana and proceed to
     the checkpoint. Use the TNT to blow up the steel block in the way then push the movable
     block up and into the hole in the floor. Get a new TNT and push it up to blow up the other
     steel block. Step on the top right, then middle right, then left, then bottom right tiles
     to open the door. Touch the tile to make the room spring to life. Get the dots and then
     knock down the pillar. Push the block downwards then use the reset coin to reset it and 
     push it up. Hop over to the other side then push the block into the hole. Push the TNT
     onto the conveyor belt to blow up the steel block then knock the pillar down. Hop over to
     the other side to collect the remaining dots then knock the pillar down and blow up the
     steel box in the way. Head down to finish the stage. (252/252)
    -----TEMPLE OF DOTS-----------------------------
    -Get the first 71 dots then push the push block and position it in the hole in the floor
     next to the metal box. Push the TNT onto the conveyor belt then head to the right side and
     push it to the middle row. Walk around and push it down onto the block by the metal box.
     Hop over to the checkpoint. (71/385)
    -Be careful of the magician and push the TNT right then up to blow up the metal block and
     get to the switch. Use the spinning thing to launch over to the cherry. Get all the dots
     then take the warp at the bottom of the screen and get all the dots here as well. (202/385)
    -Use the magic carpets to get to the center area. Push the block into the hole and hop up
     to get the keys. Warp back to the previous room to nab the strawberry. Warp back again
     and head to the upper-right to continue. Use the magic carpets to proceed then bounce up,
     take out the magician, then push the block into position to throw yourself a few times to
     the next checkpoint. (219/385)
    -Push the block into the hole then bounce over and get the peach. Push the other block past
     the first one to fill in the second hold and get all the goodies. Walk around one more time 
     and open the door with the key. Eat the dots then push the block into position to head down.
     Eat the dots (and the pretzel) then bounce down for the 1-up and red key. Bounce up to use
     the red key to get the purple key. Walk back around and go through the 225 door to the next
     area. (292/385)
    -Move the TNT to get the apple then use the TNT to blow up the skull box and proceed to the
     right. Push the TNT up the conveyor belt to blow up the next skull block. Get yet another
     1-up as you continue along the path. Do the conveyor belt trick again and keep on truckin.
     Watch out for the fire breathing sphinx again as you head right. Get the pear from behind
     the key block as you walk by it. Eat all the extra yummy dots when you get to the dot
     filled room then push the block up and go through the 285 door. (356/385)
    -Step on the left, then right, then bottom, then up tiles to activate the little speed 
     thingie. Knock down the pillar and bounce up to hit the tile to make the remaining dots
     appear and to get the lovely banana. Then head outside. Activate the thing in there and
     get the Max HP up heart beside it. Then finish the stage. (385/385)
    -----CRYSTAL CAVES------------------------------
    -Grab all the dots in the first part. There are several ghosts and they are a bit faster
     than the pharoahs so be careful. Head to the right when you are done. (99/376)
    -Watch out for the rolling rocks as you push the ice block into the hole in the floor. In
     the next room, push the upper left block to the right and then down to hop up to the 1-up.
     and cherry. Push the other block down, then right, then up in order to proceed. Be sure
     to nab the strawberry at the end of the little downward path. Wander about the loop to get
     all the dots then head up. (131/376)
    -Grab the peach as you follow the path. In the dot room, beware of the yeti that shakes the
     room and causes stalactites to fall from the ceiling. Watch the shadows and dodge them as
     you munch the dots. Make sure you get the two keys in the room as you munch. Head back
     down to the circular room. (262/376)
    -Head right and get the pretzel. In the big room, eat all the dots then push the leftmost
     ice block down, right, up, left to fill in the hole. Now push the other block down, right,
     up, then left to make the way to the blue key and the apple and the pear. Head back to the
     circular room. (284/376)
    -Head down and nab the banana for the fruit star. Get the remaining dots in the big room
     for that star then take the bottom right path to the exit.
    -----SLIP SLIDING AWAY--------------------------
    -This is a bonus round. This is really annoying... you want to hold up to go faster and try
     to steer into the dots and the fruit. To get the enemies out of the way, spin your d-pad
     for your "attack". Don't worry about your "place", just concentrate on getting the stuff.
     You can sort of backtrack if you need to. And yes, you have to get every dot to get the
     dot star. Don't blame me, I didn't make the game.
    -----PACFOOTICUS STOMPICUS----------------------
    -Accumulate all the dots at the beginning while dodging the walking blocks of cheese. Go on
     to the right after you get them all. (113/366)
    -In this next area, you have to get the dots (and the cherry) while deviously dodging the
     rolling rocks. Afterwards the Prof explains that ice cools things down. Thanks.. (128/366)
    -Push the two blocks of ice into the lava to proceed. You must push the one ice block into
     the other to make the path to the right side of the screen (and the strawberry). Get all
     the dots and proceed. (211/366)
    -In this room, watch out for the black ice, which makes you keep walking. Be sure to get 
     the peach, 1-up, and heart in this section before moving onward. (225/366)
    -Push the middle block left to fill in the lava and get the dot. Then push the other nearby
     block down then left then down to fill in the hole. You have to be quick to do it. Get the
     dots then go back up. Reset the blocks then push the far right block to the left and then
     down and finally right to fill in the 2nd hole. Eat more dots then take the path to the
     right. (287/366)
    -Gather the dots, being careful to avoid both ghost and rock. Get them all and head right,
     getting more dots and heading to the next checkpoint. (308/366)
    -New enemy.. it's a tiger on a leash. It'll run towards you as far as it can and then sit
     there for several seconds, giving you time to get the dots near it. Eat all the dots and
     head up and to the right. (358/366)
    -Watch out for the rolling rocks in sets of two. Get the remaining dots then hop up for
     the banana, getting both stars. This stage is done. (366/366)
    -----FREEZER BURN-------------------------------
    -Use the lifts to get the 2 dots, the cherry, and the red key. It's pretty basic stuff so
     no explanation here. Go through the red key door. (2/296)
    -Push the right block up then the left block right to make a path to the right area. Step
     on the tile then ride back over after getting your strawberry. To go upward, use the 
     left block and push it right, then push the other block up. Quickly reset the blocks and
     push the other one up again. Get all the dots then proceed to the right. (92/296)
    -Go the the bottom area first and step on the three tiles in the correct order. Then, go
     all the way around the top (eat the three dots) and step on the upper left then upper right
     tiles to clear the path on the right. Take the upper path for the 1-up and the peach, then
     head down and follow the lower path to the checkpoint (95/296)
    -Push the block up then to the right to get to the upper area. Get the stuff then push the
     block two times to the right to nab the pretzel. Push it left to get back across then do
     the same for the bottom part. Make sure you get all the dots over the lava in the bottom
     area. Proceed to the right afterwards for a heart and a checkpoint. (102/296)
    -Push the block up to get the apple. Push the bottom block right, up, left, up, then right
     to fill in the hole. Walk over it and push the other block right, up, then left. Hop onto
     it and snag the 1-up. Push the block down to fill in the final hole and head right. Get
     all the dots in here. There's a final dot right after the checkpoint so get it as well.
    -Use the platforms to get dots. Be sure to get the blue key as you get the dots. Nab them
     all and go through the locked door. (193/296)
    -Push the ice block left to get all the goodies. Then push it up for more goodies. Then
     head right and down. Easy enough. (195/296)
    -Get all the dots. Nuff said. (294/296)
    -Walk around the right and down and around until you can bounce to the upper area. Drop
     down and explode the TNT. Go ahead and maneuver around to recover the TNT and blow up the
     other crate. Now you have access to lots of ice blocks. Step on on of the tiles (order does
     not matter here) Finally, to get up outta here, reset all the blocks again then push two of
     them into the other two and push the two you pushed downwards down the middle path. Well,
     you only need 1 but I did two cause I couldn't remember while I was typing this. Hop up and
     proceed downwards. Activate the pretty x-mas tree thing then finish the stage. (294/296)
    -----PAC PING HARBOR----------------------------
    -Get the 20 pellets while dodging the goofy dragon things. Talk to the prof to learn about
     spinning gates or something. Walk around to get to the checkpoint. (20/354)
    -Head down for the cherry then up to get pellets. At the first spinning thing, go right to
     get the red key. At the upper one, maneuver the TNTs to go to the right. Use the key and
     get to the checkpoint. (38/354)
    -Watch out for the bird and the errant firework thingies on the ground. Push the TNT out of
     the way and then down move the other TNT to get to the reset coin. After resetting you can
     blow up the two blocks to get the strawberry then head down. Be sure to set off the 
     firework at the top right. It's FUN! Head down to the checkpoint. Watch out for the zany
     firework bad guys and proceed to blow up the block at the bottom to continue. Get the
     pellets and proceed to the right. One is hidden under the bell. (60/354)
    -After getting past the first block, use the hopping thing to hop up and push the top TNT
     down to blow up the block. Get the peach then reset the TNT to open the path down. You have
     to do a chain reaction with the top block to get this to work. Hop up if you're feeling
     sassy and push the block into the hole to gain access to a 1-up. Hop to the right for the
     checkpoint. (72/354)
    -There are all kinds of dots to munch on here. By the time you get the key and proceed
     onward through the key door, you should have 155 total. Be certain that you don't miss the
     bounce to the left that allows you to flip a switch and push a block for the Apple and
     other yummy stuff. You should've also grabbed the Pretzel here, sorry I forgot to mention
     that. It was pretty hard to miss though. (155/354)
    -Make your way to the next checkpoint. Self-explanatory. Then in the next room go to the
     bottom and use the TNT to blow up the two skull blocks. Go down for dotty goodness. Be sure
     to get the key and the pear on the right side of the ship. Use the key to access the
     spinning thing. Go up for the key then right for DOTS!!1!1!!!! Get the dots and head to the
     upper right for the checkpoint. (264/354)
    -Make your way around right and up to get to the next keys. There's only one dot amidst the
     key madness, so get it and stuff. Also, nab the banana from the upper part of the ship.
     Finally take your red key back a bit to the red door you thought you'd never be able to
     open. Bounce down for a checkpoint. (265/354)
    -More dots!! Actually, all the rest of the dots are down here. Snag them and finish the
     stage. (354/354)
    -----YEAR OF THE PAC----------------------------
    -Getting the upper dots at the beginning is pretty tricky. Make your way around to the right
     and up Bounce north. Position that TNT block to where you can bounce onto it from below to
     get the dot and 1-up. You can easily bounce to the left for the other dot. Next up, push
     the TNT near the bottom two places to the right to fill in the gap and bounce onto it to 
     get to the cherry. Then, go to the bottom left area and push the bottommost TNT all the way
     to the right, then quickly push the other nearby TNT to bridge the gap. Push the push block
     to below the bouncy thing then bounce down and run like hell over the hopefully still there
     TNT blocks. Grab the heart then drop down to the right to continue. (72/207)
    -Head towards the right for several screens, passing a few unnecessary checkpoints along the
     way. Head up at the fork and blow up the dynamite producing thingie to grab the strawberry
     and the heart. Then head down and to the right for the next checkpoint after the not so
     hard puzzle. In the next area, avoid the dynamite guys and blow up the block in your way
     to head to the right. Point and laugh at the dragon that's stuck behind the block then
     use the TNT at the top to blow up the block by it. Release the dragon and get it to breathe
     on the black stuff at the top to clear the path for you. Get the dot and then eat his ass
     like the ungrateful yellow creature with a bow on your head that you are. (73/207)
    -Push the push block up and then use the TNT to dispose of the skull blocks. Grab the peach
     and the 1-up then head right for a checkpoint and dots to munch. Catch 'em all then go
     right for a checkpoint. (203/207)
    -This part is annoying. You have to get the ghost to walk by the skull blocks so the sparks
     will light the oil stuff on fire. Head north to get dot #204 then bounce to the right.
     This part is tricky. Use the spinny thing to go down and get all the goods there. Jump back
     up then hit the switch in the middle area where the two TNT blocks are. Run to the right
     and get the final dot and the 1-up quickly. Now, hit the switch at the top left to get the
     banana (not that it really matters, heheh). Finally, hit the switch at the right end of
     the hall. Hurry to the second switch from the left and hit it. Go back to the end of the
     hall and you can exit. (207/207)
    -----PIER PRESSURE------------------------------
    -Another bonus round. You move around in a ship and shoot stuff. Pretty easy actually.
     When you kill a boat that drops coins, they are heat seeking so they're hard to miss. Just
     kill everything and dodge stuff... or something.
    -----PAC CRACKLE POP----------------------------
    -Get all the dots at the beginning. For the 1-up and the cherry, do the infamous light the
     oil on fire trick to kill the skull blocks. Head right for the checkpoint. (99/295)
    -Nab the strawberry at the bottom then push the TNT block to blow up the skulls. Bounce up
     and get the key with clever TNT skillz. Now bounce right over the skulls and blow up the 
     block in your way. Go right and use the key to proceed. (99/295)
    -Get all the dots in this area and proceed to the right. (205/295)
    -Get the next set of dots then use the TNT to get to the pretzel. You'll also have to use
     the TNT to move downwards and around to the next checkpoint. (225/295)
    -MUNCH! I order you! Then go up for the key and a lot of those firework dudes. Take the
     lovely key to the right and use it to proceed. (247/295)
    -Go up then bounce down over the pit to set off the TNT. Push the block into the hole then
     bounce up to the next area. Go around the loop then push the TNT block down to get it out
     of your way. Now, hop into the tank and shoot down all those other nasty blocks. Just 
     push in a direction that you are already facing to shoot. Shoot the damn dragon while
     you're at it. Get the apple and head up. (247/295)
    -Hit the top left step first, then the two on the bottom row (left then right), then the
     top right corner, then the one closest to that and finally the last one. Well, order isn't
     important as long as you have them all on when you flip the switch. Proceed to the right
     to continue. (247/295)
    -Get the dots and keep heading to the right for the pear and the blue key and the step to
     lower the walls on the left side. Proceed back over there and go up for more dots and the
     checkpoint. (272/295)
    -Get the remaining dots, the banana, and set off the bigass firework thing then finish up
     the stage. (295/295)
    -----HAUNTED HALLOWEEN--------------------------
    -You'll first meet a new creature on a leash. Eat the first dot and make it feel your wrath.
     Head up and be wary of the lightning floors. Get to the checkpoint. (1/282)
    -The bottom path leads to a red key, the middle to a brownish key and the cherry. Before
     taking the top one, backtrack and use the ugly key to get the banana. Now return and take
     the top path to get to some yummy dots. Nab them all then head down. (131/282)
    -Head left and up for a 1-up and the strawberry. Left and down leads to a key. Go back to
     the right then head down for a checkpoint. Step on the things on the floor to open up the
     bat blocks so you can get the peach and the key and such. Go through the key door for a 
     bounce to a new area. (131/282)
    -Bounce up then left for a key. Eat all the dots then bounce to the two bottom platforms
     for the pretzel and the last dot. Bounce to the middle platform on the left side to make
     your way onward. Get the apple and enjoy the checkpoint. (171/282)
    -Get the remaining dots in this room then head up to the checkpoint. (282/282)
    -Flip all the switches along the top row and then head down and right to get the pear and
     a yellow star. Step on the switch there and haul ass to the left then up to get back to
     the beginning. Grab the banana if you ignored me earlier and then make your way with your
     pretty blue key back to the blue door you passed earlier and exit this stage. (282/282)
    -----SHOCK THERAPY------------------------------
    -Another fun bonus stage!!! This time it's Frogger. Avoid the stuff and get the fruit at
     the top. Fun... The boxes start blowing up as you get further along. This is pretty
     damn annoying...
    -----CREATURE FEATURE---------------------------
    -Push the TNT block up then flip the switch and proceed to the right for a checkpoint.
     Munch the dots and laugh at the dracula guys. Keep going right for another checkpoint
    -Eat all the dots around the circle and go right for the next checkpoint. (28/383)
    -Blow up the path to the top and to the right. Go right first and get to the checkpoint. 
    -Go hogwild blowing up stuff with the TNT. Get the dot and the cherry then go up for yet
     another checkpoint. (58/383)
    -Head up and left after extraneous dot munching. Head down at the fork to end up back at
     the tank thing. Go left and use that tank to get the key and shoot everything else. Down
     leads to the strawberry. Nab it and keep heading left all the way back to the beginning.
     Bounce up to the elevated area and eat dots. Use the key, grab the peach, keep heading up,
     and DANCE at the checkpoint. Yes, put the controller down and dance. (192/383)
    -Okay, pick up the controller and let's proceed. Go along the left wall to get the pretzel
     and the dot then up for the checkpoint. (193/383)
    -Get all the dots in this area and go to the right. (294/383)
    -Up leads to an apple, down to a 1-up. Get 'em both! Go around to the next checkpoint. Now,
     go to the far right path for a key. Then go up the third path from the right for the banana.
     Next over leads to the blue key. Also be sure to push the block down. Now take the final
     path for the yellow key. Go ahead and finish the stage. (294/383)
    -----WATCH YOUR PAC-----------------------------
    -Grab all the quickly supplied dots then go up and right for a heart and 1-up. Go down and
     right to get the cherry. Either way (or both!), go onward to the right for the checkpoint.
    -Getting the strawberry is a bit vexing, since you have to time the push of the TNT from
     the left all the way to the right w/o hitting the electricity. And just because that isn't
     annoying enough, you have to do it again so that you can jump up to the next area. At the
     upper area, be sure to nab the peach then head right for the checkpoint. (84/233)
    -Step on the tile at the top then take the right path back down and to the right. Stare at
     that sexy reflection in the mirror for a bit before going onward. Get the dot on the left
     side to kill off the Count, then use the TNT to get to the tank to blow stuff up. The path
     to the right leads to a heart and a checkpoint. (98/233)
    -Eat all the dots. For the apple and 1-up, push the TNT down and then hop onto it from the
     bouncer on the left of the air conditioner things. Backtrack using the TNT (be careful,
     there are skulls block in the way that you can't see....) to get the pretzel. Go to the
     right after getting the salty treat and get the next checkpoint. (170/233)
    -Get a bunch of dots and go to the right for another checkpoint. (230/233)
    -Bounce up and wander around to get the blue key and the one dot up there. Go through the
     key block and find the next checkpoint. (231/233)
    -Get the 1-up and the heart nearby. Get the one dot and banana and step on all the thingies.
     Proceed to the right. Activate the acorn looking gem then finish the stage. (232/233)
    -The witch takes all your gems! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! She then hops onto a big scary Pacman
     wannabe thing and starts chasing you, eating the path as she goes. Just don't pay her any
     mind and avoid the skull blocks as you maneuver around. She shouldn't be any kind of a
     problem for you. Don't think you're done yet...
    -You have to go from tank to tank and shoot her now. She'll shoot fire at you. Red fire 
     just goes in a straight line. Blue fire hits the ground then goes in a circle to hit
     anything in that same circle as it. Green fire hits the ground and spreads over a few 
     nearby squares. She'll also shoot three reds at a time sometimes. After beating her she'll
     drop the Witch Key for you. Then she tells you she can't get to her crystal ball w/o it.
    -----BEFORE GOING TO THE LAST STAGE-------------
    -Now that you have the Witch Key, go back to any stage where you weren't able to get all of
     the fruits or dots and you will be able to open a Witch Block which will solve that
     problem... (these snippets of info describe what to do in the Witch Blocked area.
    -Cleopactra: Fruits and Dots. Pretty straightforward...
    -Mummy Dearest: Fruits. You can also get another gold heart here. Push the lower of the two
     TNT blocks on the left down one square. Push the other one down against it. Push the one at
     the very bottom of the area to the right and up to complete the bridge. Bounce up onto the
     TNT blocks and make your way over the bridge.
    -Freezer Burn: Fruits and Dots. Really straightforward.
    -Year of the Pac: Fruits. Go right and make your way up to the heart. Blow up the skull
     blocks and get the apple. Blow up the dynamite thingie to the left and claim your pretzel.
     Go back to the right side and reset things to blow up the block and get to the gold heart.
    -Pac Crackle Pop: Fruits. Do the dragon burning trick to get the blue key then go around for
     the peach and all the goodies and the other key. The other key lets you jump back.
    -Creature Feature: Fruits and Dots. The first room has all of the remaining dots in it.
     The next room has the pear. Make sure you get the apple BEFORE going past the pear or you 
     won't have access to it.
    -Watch Your Pac: Fruits and Dots. Get the dot and the pear. Then, push the leftmost TNT into
     the hole and the other TNT down to blow up the block so you can bounce to the right. The
     rest is pretty straightforward.
    -----SAND WITCH---------------------------------
    -Collect the first 55 dots and go down to the checkpoint (55/517)
    -Grab the cherry and make your way to the right for the next checkpoint. Get the next set of
     dots and head through the 110 door for the next checkpoint (111/517)
    -EAT THE DOTS! Then get on the magic carpet before stepping on the tile so you can get the
     dots on the sides. Then get off and step on the tile to change the path of the carpet. Get
     more dots and then step on the next tile to again change the path of the carpet, leading to
     even more dot eating madness and the strawberry. Repeat the process until you get to the
     right and the checkpoint. (171/517)
    -Eat even more dots. You know the drill. (267/517)
    -Flip the levers and use the spinning thingies to throw yourself into blocks and break them
     with your buff Ms Pacman body. Grab the key and receive the fruit of your labor (namely a
     peach). Throw yourself at the block in the bottom right corner to get to the lower area.
     Munch some more then head to the right for the checkpoint. (301/517)
    -Make your way to the right and soon you'll be back to dining again. Climb your way up the
     pyramid. Be sure to hop down onto the bouncer and get the pretzel as you make your way up.
     Warp to the very top and get the blcok into position then drop down a level and climb back
     up again to push it into the hole to get the key. (345/517)
    -In the next area, eat the dot then the shaman. If you want the 1-up, push the TNT onto the
     belt then get it into the middle area. Wait until between 3 and 4 seconds remain then
     push it to the right. The apple is pretty easy to get, and it's easy to kill off the skull
     block in your way. Bounce up and munch some dots then head to the right. (401/517)
    -Eat the remaining dots here and proceed to the right. (517/517)
    -Get the key and the pear then go through the key block. Use the spinners to throw your
     way around and get the banana and stuff. Go right after that and go through the water to
     the exit. (517/517)
    -----BOULDER OVER-------------------------------
    -Eat all the dots at the beginning and use the ice blocks to get the blue key and the cherry.
    -Go down for the strawberry and right for a dot before going up to proceed. At the next
     intersection, up and right lead to dots and down is the way to go. (92/383)
    -Next time, up and right lead to dots and peaches and 1-ups, oh my! Then go down. (112/383)
    -Go down for dots and a key. Then go up for a checkpoint. (114/383)
    -Push the ice block to the left and then up to get a dot and a heart and a pretzel. Then
     use both blocks to proceed past the key block for a red key and dots and stuffies. Use the
     red key in the previous room to head to the right. (117/383)
    -Get the dots as you make your way to the right. Blah. (121/383)
    -Go up to get the apple then make your way down and munch a whole bunch. (173/383)
    -To get the pear, push the top ice block left, then down, then left. Bounce onto it for 
     your prize. Reset the blocks then push the top block to the left, down, then right to fill
     in the gap. Push the other block down, left, up, then right to get over the gap. Use it at
     the top first for the banana then push the other block down to continue onward. (173/383)
    -EAT DOTS!!!!!11!1! Okay, after that push the ice block into the hole and get the key. Use
     the newfound block to fill in the other hole and get outta there. (226/383)
    -Eat all the dots here to make it through the *snickers* 100 dot door. (325/383)
    -Use the TNT to blow up the skull block then maneuver the ice block so you can bounce onto
     it and to the exit. Hopefully you've eaten the remaining dots before doing that...
    -----OUT TO LAUNCH------------------------------
    -Not much to say about the beginning. Get the dots then proceed to the right. (117/566)
    -Bounce up to get extra dots and the cherry. There's a 1-up you can get on the right as
     well. When you've gotten stuff, use the TNT on the left to get to the tank and clear the
     path to the right. (158/566)
    -Bounce up to get the dots and the strawberry. Good eatin. Get all the stuff there then go
     to the right for more dots. Push the block up then bounce up to the upper area for (you
     guessed it) even more dots. Finish up there and go right. (240/566)
    -Eat all the dotties with the dragons then maneuver through the "maze" of TNT blocks and
     such for more dots, the peach, and a checkpoint. (299/566)
    -Munch through all the dots on the way to the right. Grab the pretzel then sit in the tank
     and blow stuff up. Bounce down to the checkpoint. (328/566)
    -Do a large amount of munching, being sure not to miss the apple on the bridge. Go down for
     a checkpoint. (418/566)
    -Bounce to the left for dots and the blue key. Bounce right for a 1-up and the red key. Go
     back to the left again for the yellowish key and the pear. Head back up and use the key to
     go to the right. (435/566)
    -Set off the fireworks then grab the banana and push the block into the hole to proceed.
     Eat the remaining dots and finish this rather easy stage. (566/566)
    -----BATS A WRAP--------------------------------
    -Eat the first grouping of dots and grab the cherry before heading to the checkpoint. 
    -Get the key first, then step on the tile. Go down and use the TNT to blow up the skull
     block then push the push block up to fill the gap. Use the key to open the block then 
     bounce down to get the strawberry. Proceed to the right and the checkpoint. (80/325)
    -Get the blue key and dot on the far left side. Go to the right and use the tank for mass
     destruction. Push the block to the left then bounce up onto it to get to the upper area. 
     Drop down and get the peach then go back around and go to the checkpoint. (114/325)
    -Eat all the dots here then go to the right and procure the pretzel before going to the
     checkpoint. (192/325)
    -Push the block down then go left. Walk around and step on the farthest switch. Now step on
     the other timed one and haul ass over to the TNT. Push it to kill the skull block. Bounce
     up to get to the dot and the apple. Drop down and backtrack, going to the right this time.
     Get the other key then return and use it to bounce to the left. Push the block back up one
     and walk around to push it into place on the right. (193/325)
    -Walk around to the bottom right area. Step on the switch then quickly bounce to the left
     and head up. Flip the switch then go back around. Drop down between the TNT and the push
     block. Push it up then push the TNT block down one space into place. Quickly run and go
     over the TNT block. Bounce up and walk over the push block. Bounce over for the pear and
     then repeat the process again, only going right the second time rather than bouncing to
     where the pear used to be. (193/325)
    -Just a typical dot room. Lalala.... (272/325)
    -The inner sanctum has dots. Get them then bounce down for a key. Bounce up to use that key
     to get another key which leads you proceed to the right. (304/325)
    -Eat the remaining dots, then flip the switch to reverse the flow of the treadmill up top.
     Push the block onto it to fill the first gap. Push the TNT onto the treadmill to fill the
     second gap. Quickly bounce down to gain access to the other push block. Push it into the
     second gap. Reset the TNT and fill the final gap. Be sure to go down for the gold star and
     the banana. Now just fill the gap again and exit this place. (325/325)
    -This is it, the final stretch. The first part is a race against the stupid monster thing
     again. This time there are gargoyles to shoot poison at you. It's still easy though.
    -Okay, step on the tiles then stand behind the tower thingies so that she'll shoot them.
     Get to do to this to all of them. After she shoots all six of them, they'll disappear and
     these powered up things will appear one at a time. Step on the tile behind each of them
     in turn. Yay, you beat the game. I won't spoil the ultra-kickass ending for you.
    -No seriously, you aren't done yet. Muahahahaha! This is just like the second bonus stage
     so it's not that hard.
    Final Words
    I'd like to thank the following:
    -CJayC: Hosting the best website for game information and for hosting all of my FAQs.
    -Namco: For making this fun game.
    -Myself: Typing up this FAQ and walking around saying "wakka wakka" all day.

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