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    FAQ/Walkthrough by RFontaine

    Version: 4.2 | Updated: 10/27/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                            WORLD'S SCARIEST POLICE CHASES
    Written by Rémi Fontaine, aka Steve Smith on Gamefaqs message boards.
    October 16 2002
    remifontaine@sympatico.ca  <---This is my email adress.  Every            
                                   contribution or message is welcome.
    Version 4.2
    Copyrights:  Everybody has the permission to post my faq on their site.   
    Don't ask me please.
    Table of contents
    I : Version history
    II : Controls
    III : Cheat codes
    IV : Walkthrough
    V : Commendations
    VI : Commendations walkthrough
    VII : Contributions
    I : Version history
    Version 1.0, January 20 2002 : original version
    Version 1.1, January 21 2002 : I added a small notice that says that 
    everybody can post this faq on their site.
    Version 2.0, February 24 2002 : Added info about how to get commendations 
    in the "Questions" section.  Created section V : "Contributions"
    Version 3.0, April 10 2002 : Created the section "Controls".  Created the 
    section "Commendations".  Removed the section "Questions".  Redone the 
    grammar for the whole faq.  
    Version 4.0, May 15 2002 : Created the section "Commendations 
    walkthrough".  Added a huge walkthrough for getting all the 
    commendations.  Also reformated the whole faq for better viewing purpose.
    Version 4.1, June 30 2002 : Added new info on the Mission 14 walkthrough 
    (tank mission).  Also changed something about the date.
    Version 4.2, October 16 2002 : Completed the list of prizes for each 
    II : Controls
    L2 + R2 : Look behind the car.
    All the other controls are shown in the options.  If you want to know the 
    controls, check in the options.
    Q: What is the use of the hand brake?
    A: J. Gaunt told me that it allows you to turn corners a lot more sharply 
    than normal.
    III : Cheat codes
    All bonuses:
    Press Left, Right, L1, R1, Circle, Square, R2, L2 at the main menu. 
    A sound will confirm correct code entry. All weapons in free patrol mode 
    and all bonus item menu options will be unlocked.  You can access all 
    vehicles and some weird options.  You can use them in patrol mode.  The 
    options are:
    Bomb Van
    News Van
    Pizza Truck
    Silly Speech (the character say silly things like : "Wow, look at all  
                  these polygons!")
    Low Gravity (You can literally fly over buildings with this option.  If 
                 the vehicle fall in an inaccessible area, its game over.)
    Slow-Motion Jumps
    Rear Wheel Steering
    Flower Power Theme (The pedestrian are transformed into hippies, there 
                        are flowers in the landscape, etc...)
    Halloween Theme (The pedestrian are transformed into skeletons, there  
                     are pumpkins, ghost and spider's net in the landscape,  
    Aqua Theme (There are fishes and aquariums in the landscape, etc...)
    Level select:
    Press Down, Up, Left, Right, X, Triangle, Circle, Square at the main menu. 
    A sound will confirm correct code entry.  The 20 missions are unlocked.
    All starting locations in patrol mode: 
    Press Down, Up, L2, L1, X, Triangle, R2, R1 at the main menu. 
    A sound will confirm correct code entry.  These locations are unlocked:
    Industrial Area
    China Town
    Donut Plaza
    Gas Station
    Random (chooses a random location)
    IV : Walkthrough
    Mission 1 walkthrough: Pursuit Course (shooting prohibited)
    Just race two laps without leaving the track in the given time and your 
    Mission 2 walkthrough: Basic Pursuit (shooting prohibited)
    Chase the car until you are next to it.  Ram into the sides of the car 
    until his red bar is full.
    Mission 3 walkthrough: Advanced Pursuit
    Wait for the permission to shoot before firing.  If you shoot before, you 
    fail the mission.  Once you are authorized to shoot, do so until the car 
    crashes.  Make a U-turn and retrieve the evidence before time runs out.
    Mission 4 walkthrough: Expert Pursuit
    Don't touch any cone or you fail the mission.  Drive until the big sign 
    and brake.  Beware to slow down enough for not ramming into the sign.  
    Wait 3 seconds.  Back up a little and turn in the same time.  Move forward 
    and backward until you have made a U-Turn.  Aim each target with the 
    shotgun and drive until the finish lane.
    Mission 5 walkthrough: DUI Dummy (shooting prohibited)
    Quickly make a U-Turn right at the beginning.  Follow the directions until 
    you see the drunk driver.  It is very tempting to pick your gun and shoot 
    but don't do so, because guns are prohibited in this mission.  Ram the 
    drunk driver by the sides or try to move in front of his car.  The drunk 
    driver will ram into your car and damages himself.  Be careful to not get 
    more damage than the drunk driver.
    Mission 6 walkthrough: The Crazed Car Thief (shooting prohibited)
    This level is hard.  In the beginning of the stage, you can follow the 
    arrows for a safe but longer route.  Or you can turn left in the first 
    junction and turn left again through the cones.  This route is faster but 
    more dangerous. 
    Once you chase the suspect, try to always be right behind him but not ram 
    in him.  You can't shoot.  Don't try do make his car crash because you'll 
    crash your own car.  Chase him until his stress bar is full.  It takes 
    Mission 7 walkthrough: Gangbanger Deathmatch
    Drive to the suspect's location and pursue him.  Don't miss the car when 
    you shoot it or else you might run out of ammo.  You can try to ram the 
    car too.  Once the car is stopped, make a U-Turn and retrieve the evidence.
    Mission 8 walkthrough: Bus Driver Gone Bad (shooting prohibited)
    Follow the bus.  Be careful because sometimes the bus suddenly stops and 
    go in reverse.  Use your sirens;  this will make the bus stress bar fill 
    faster.  Chase the bus until it stops.
    Mission 9 walkthrough: Drug Smuggling Scum
    You must follow a suspect car without being spotted.  Follow the car from 
    a safe distance and don't shoot.  Once the suspect car meet the limousine, 
    he will start shooting you.
    Quickly chase him or you fail the mission.  Pick the Shotgun and approach 
    the car.  The Shotgun is useless from a far distance.  Try to approach him 
    from a very short distance and shoot.  You must absolutly destroy him fast 
    if you want enough time to retrieve the evidence.  If it takes too much 
    time, it will be impossible to retrieve the evidence.
    Mission 10 walkthrough: Race Against Death (shooting prohibited)
    First you need to reach the accident scene.  At the very beginning, ignore 
    the shortcut through the building because it takes too much time.  
    Instead, stay on the street.  Follow the directions until you reach the 
    accident scene.  After that, the ambulance will follow you.  If you are 
    too far ahead of the ambulance, brake a little.  Always check if the 
    ambulance is following you.  Follow the directions and you will arrive at 
    the hospital.
    Alternate way (from Gamewinners.com)
    "Do not head towards the flashing dot in the southwest of the city. 
    Instead, look at the city map for the other hospital on the central 
    eastern side of the city. You should make it there with about a minute to 
    Mission 11 walkthrough: Sentence of Fire (shooting prohibited)
    This mission is VERY hard.  The vehicle is tough to handle.  Disarm the 
    bombs from left to right on the map.  For disarming a bomb, the back of 
    your vehicle must face the bomb.  The first two bombs are not really 
    The third bomb is in a park.  There are two blocked passages and you must 
    get around them.  Once you find the third passage, go inside the park and 
    disarm the bomb.  After that, you must jump down to the street.  Try to 
    not ram into the wall because you must not waste a single second.
    The last bomb is extremely difficult.  You must find a way to disarm it 
    very quickly.  A good technique is to slow down when you approach the bomb 
    and pass it from a very close distance, almost to the point of touching 
    it.  Totally brake on the other side of the bomb so the back of the 
    vehicle will be directly in front of the bomb.
    Mission 12 walkthrough: Nosey News Van
    In the first part of the stage, you must escape from the journalist van 
    that is pursuing you.  Don't shoot it, or else you fail the mission.  
    Drive the fastest speed possible and try to go in reverse traffic.  The 
    van will ram into a car sooner or later.  Continue driving until the van 
    is lost.  Now return to the starting point of the stage.
    Now you must arrest a criminal car by shooting at it.  Be sure to not 
    shoot any civilian car.  The best weapons are the Heavy Handgun (better 
    than a normal Hand Gun) and the Machine Gun.  Use them until the criminal 
    is arrested.  Beware, there is a very narrow street full of cars in one 
    place.  While you are there, concentrate on driving without any accident.
    Mission 13 walkthrough: The Stool Pigeon
    You are pursued by two cars and they have firearms.  They will ram you and 
    shoot you.  Follow the exact route indicated by arrows.  Don't try to 
    fight them.  They are faster than your car so they will ram you.  When it 
    happens, try to stay on the road and keep control.  You can try to drive 
    in the reverse traffic;  this way the bad guys will have more chances of 
    having accidents.  Eventually, you'll make it to the end of the stage, 
    with almost no life left.
    Mission 14 walkthrough: Tank Rush
    Drive to the location of the first tank.  Follow the tank and shoot it 
    with your Machine Gun from a safe distance.  If you are too close, the 
    tank will fire at you.  The small amount of damage you do with the Machine 
    Gun help later.
    Once the tank is near the stadium, you receive a message that gives you 
    the permission to use the Rocket Launcher.  Approach the tank from a close 
    distance and quickly shoot it with the Rocket Launcher before it reaches 
    the stadium.  Don't approach too close because you will receive damage 
    from your own rockets.  Also don't miss the tank a single time because you 
    have a very limited supply of rockets.
    Alternate tip : Slam into the tank and unload on it with your Machine Gun 
    and Shotgun while you are very close of it.  The tank can't hit you 
    because you're too close.  This way, you can do more than half the damage 
    to the tank, before using the Rocket Launcher.  There is even a way to 
    totally destroy the tank without using the rocket launcher!  You can trap 
    the tank on a wall and destroy it!  Below there is the tip on how to do it.
    Here is the message of Brad Blank, the guy who told me the trick.  "Just 
    did this not 5 minutes ago it was crazy. Right off the start push the tank 
    the best you can into the light post, then get in front of him, you to 
    close for him to shoot you but you can unload on him, we will try to back 
    up, stay right in front of him, try to push him a bit it will damage but 
    hey, eventually he will bet pinned against the back wall in the coner, 
    just unload with the M-16 and Shotgun, then move on to the second tank. It 
    was nuts."
    Once the tank is destroyed, drive to the flashing red dot.  You will 
    change vehicle.  Instead of a police car, it is an armored vehicle.  Drive 
    to the location of the second tank.  Follow it from a safe distance (to 
    receive less shots) and lock on it.  Shoot until the tank explodes.
    Mission 15 walkthrough: Nothing is Ever Routine
    Chase the suspect.  You'll soon arrive at an embuscade.  There are two 
    cars waiting for their friend.  Make a quick U-Turn and escape.  The two 
    cars are now chasing you and they shoot you.
    If you check the map, you notice that there is a street that seems to be 
    directly leading to your destination.  The green arrow don't tell you to 
    go there.  The reason is simple : there is a insurmountable barricade in 
    this street.  Don't go there and follow the green arrow.  When you arrive 
    at the park, you can try a huge jump.  Drive until you arrive at the red 
    dot and the mission is done.
    Mission 16 walkthrough: Jacked Up Jailbird
    Nothing special in this mission.  You must chase a suspect and arrest 
    him.  Use the Machine Gun.
    Mission 17 walkthrough: Lou Ferris Returns
    Race to the flashing red dot location.  When you arrive, you have very 
    little time to guess where is the bomb before it explodes.  
    There are four possible locations, and you see them as "?" signs on the 
    screen.  The bomb is the rightmost "?" sign, the one directly next to the 
    building.  Approach it and the bomb will be disarmed.
    After that, chase the terrorist and destroy his car by shooting at him 
    with the Heavy Handgun.
    Mission 18 walkthrough: Brazen Bank Bandits
    When the mission starts, don't go forward.  There is a bed of nails in the 
    street whose purpose is to burst tires.  If you drive over it, the mission 
    is failed.
    You must chase the red sport car first.  If you go for the van first, the 
    red sport car will escape and the mission will be failed.  Go north and 
    join the red sport car.  Use the Machine Gun and take him down.
    After that, quickly find the van before time runs out.  Chase the van and 
    arrest it as soon as possible with the Machine Gun.  If you take too much 
    time, you won't be able to retrieve the evidence.  Once the van is 
    arrested, make a U-Turn and retrieve the evidence.  Be careful to not miss 
    the street that leads to the evidence.
    Mission 19 walkthrough: 30 Minutes or Less
    This stage is VERY TOUGH.  In this stage, your car is a pizza delivery car 
    and it is tough to handle.  You must chase the suspect and arrest him.  
    Your only weapon is the Heavy Handgun and you don't even have enough ammo 
    to finish the mission.
    In a certain part of the stage, the suspect will throw a weapon.  This is 
    the evidence.  The location where the suspect throws the weapon seems to 
    be completely random.  If you are very lucky, then he'll wait a long time 
    before throwing it, so you'll have more time to retrieve the evidence 
    after arresting him.  If you are unlucky, the suspect will throw the 
    weapon right in the beginning and you won't have enough time.
    When you have shot all your ammunition, the suspect's red bar should be at 
    least 3/4 red.  After that, you must ram his van.  The suspect's van can 
    sustain a lot of damage.  A good strategy is to attack his back wheels by 
    the sides and try to push his car in the same time.  When you ram the 
    suspect, you take a lot of damage too, so be careful.
    After the suspect is arrested, make a U-Turn and go get the evidence 
    before time runs out.
    Mission 20 walkthrough: Final Showdown
    Find the madman and chase him.  Pick the Machine Gun and shoot him until 
    the limo is arrested.  He will shoots you too, but his damage bar will 
    fill a little faster than yours so you'll win in the end.
    Congratulation, you just beat World Scariest Police Chases!
    V : Commendations
    Commendations are special prizes that you get for being really good in a 
    mission.  Please note that I never got any commendation myself and I am 
    doing this section from various contributions.
    Each mission has different requirements for getting a commendation.  It 
    can be by finishing a level with a very fast time or a very good accuracy 
    or very low property damage (don't hit anything) or something else.  It 
    seems that each commendation unlocks something that can be used in patrol 
    mode.  Note that "Silly Speech" can be used in all modes.
    Mission 1 = Slow Motion Jumps
    Mission 2 = Rear wheel steering
    Mission 3 = Flower Power Theme
    Mission 4 = Shotgun
    Mission 5 = Halloween Theme
    Mission 6 = (unknown)
    Mission 7 = Low gravity 
    Mission 8 = Taxi
    Mission 9 = (unknown)
    Mission 10 = Ambulance
    Mission 11 = Bomb Squad Truck
    Mission 12 = Fox News Van
    Mission 13 = Silly Speech
    Mission 14 = APC LAW Missile Launcher
    Mission 15 = Machine Gun
    Mission 16 = Aqua Theme
    Mission 17 = Rocket Launcher
    Mission 18 = Van
    Mission 19 = Pizza Van
    Mission 20 = Tank
    (Note that there may be errors in that list.  If you see one, please e-
    mail me)
    VI : Commendations walkthrough
    Before beginning, I must say that this entire section was made by 
    WaldoWuzHere on a message board.  I edited out some of the useless text 
    but the remaining text is not changed.
    Mission 1 commendation: Pursuit Course
    "For 1st mission, you've got to complete it quickly. When I got the comm. 
    I think I had 9 secs and change left on the clock. I might be wrong about 
    that, it was awhile ago."
    Mission 2 commendation: Basic Pursuit
    "2nd mission - complete it quickly with no property damage (or VERY 
    Mission 3 commendation: Advanced Pursuit
    "3rd - Same as 2; however, you need to keep your shooting accuracy up (try 
    to keep it over 95%). You also need to take out the car quickly to keep 
    your total time down."
    Mission 4 commendation: Expert Pursuit
    "4th - This one took me a bit to get the hang of, but I have a quick tip 
    for anyone having trouble completing it quickly - a way to save a few 
    seconds. As you approach the space where you have to stop and back up, 
    don't take the guide's advice. Rather KEEP UP your speed as you approach 
    the spot on the far right-hand side. Then, and you may have to practice 
    this a few times to get it just right, at the right moment, both jam on 
    the hand brake and turn a hard left. When you come to a stop, you should 
    be in the white "stopping" box facing back the way you came. Now, when the 
    countdown timer is finished, simply hit the gas and speed down the next 
    path to the targets. Here, you MUST use one and only one shot for each of 
    the targets. You also have to hit them all. Keep going as fast as you can, 
    but not so fast as to miss the targets, and quickly target (up/down on 
    stick) and fire, rinse, repeat.
    This way, you should have saved time - instead of turning around you can 
    skid around to a stop, and you can use the gained time to more carefully 
    target all 5 bullseyes.
    Quick time + all 5 targets + 100% shooting accuracy should give you the 
    comm. on this one."
    Mission 5 commendation: DUI Dummy
    "For the DUI driver mission (5th I think), rather than trying to smash the 
    car to bits (which won't net you the comm. here), pursue it as closely as 
    you can. You don't have to chew on the guy's bumper (time isn't a big 
    problem with this mission), but stay with him until the BLUE meter maxes 
    out. Again, try not to smash into any property/cars or even the DUI 
    driver. If you stay with the car and don't do any (or more than very 
    little) property damage, you should get the comm. The "clue" here to 
    attaining this comm. is that dispatch tells you not to use any weapons and 
    "proceed with caution". So, ramming the guy to a stop in a residential 
    area and smashing up half the neighborhood in the process isn't exactly 
    proceeding with caution. :-P Pursue until he's all blue."
    Mission 6 commendation: The Crazed Car Thief
    "Again, the trick here seems to be similar to that of Mission 5. Max out 
    the BLUE bar and not the red one on the car thief. Pursue him until he 
    gives up, try not to smash into too many things and you should be golden 
    here. Worked for me, twice."
    Mission 7 commendation: Gangbanger Deathmatch
    "From the start, you must move as fast as possible on your way to the 
    hotel. Follow the green arrow route until you are near the hotel (big red 
    dot). Slow down before you make the huge turn to the left to the hotel and 
    look carefully on your left. You'll notice an entryway into the hotel 
    parking lot that brings you in BEHIND the gangbanga's. Take that left 
    entryway quickly, and if you're quick enough, you'll hear the unit one cop 
    say something about how they saved any bloodshed. Control says "Good work" 
    or something like that, and by then you'll be behind the gangbangers in 
    pursuit. Keep shooting them/crashing into 'em until they stop. Go back and 
    get the evidence. Yer done.
    It would appear that you have to reach the hotel and come in through the 
    back entry I described in order to be eligible for the commendation here. 
    Also, you have to reach the hotel through this back entry before you hear 
    the message from the hotel cops about a man being down."
    Mission 8 commendation: Bus Driver Gone Bad
    "Another one I have some advice for is the runaway bus mission (8?). 
    Pursue the bus VERY closely, try crossing the divide of the highway at a 
    point and following alongside the bus to more quickly increase the blue 
    bar. Even try getting ahead of the bus if you dare. The key seems to be to 
    quickly bring the bus to a halt with minimal property damage. If you 
    follow too closely behind the bus, however, and it smashes into a bunch of 
    vehicles, which you then smash into, you'll be doing too much property 
    damage and you probably won't net the comm."
    Mission 9 commendation: Drug Smuggling Scum
    "I managed to earn this commendation with the following end-mission stats:
    Time 4:07
    Distance 2.0 MI
    shots fired 29
    Property Damage $1675
    Accuracy 100%
    For each of my attempts, I simply followed the dealer as usual and then 
    pursued him when he began firing. I began pursuit and first fired the 
    handgun until I was rather close, when I switched to the shotgun. I just 
    held down R1 and kept firing the shotgun while making sure to keep the car 
    targeted. When the car was disabled, I quickly drove back to get the 
    An interesting note is that on one of my attempts, I had a bit over 92% 
    accuracy and NO property damage (as well as a time comparable to the above 
    time) and I received no commendation. So, I'm fairly certain you need a 
    super high accuracy to get this one. Getting 100% accuracy isn't too 
    difficult on this mission, however, since the drug dealer is rather slow-
    moving and there is little traffic between you and the dealer. Just keep 
    firing the shotgun once you close the distance."
    Mission 10 commendation: Race Against Death
    "The mission where you give an escort to the ambulance (11?) is a bit 
    tricky, but you get a hint from the ambulance driver once you arrive on 
    the scene. He says there are TWO hospitals and that you should probably 
    choose the closer one. Well, of course, the helpful green arrow on the 
    screen points the direction to the farther hospital. ;-)
    Open up the map, zoom in and look toward the right side of the screen for 
    the closer hospital (you know, look for the hospital symbol). Now, quickly 
    make your own path to that hospital and ignore the green arrow, but don't 
    lose the ambulance by going too fast. Once you're close to that hospital, 
    you'll hear a little message from the ambulance driver and one of the cops 
    in the car will say something like "Roger, we know the way" or something 
    like that. Pull into the hospital to receive your commendation."
    Mission 11 commendation: Sentence of Fire
    "Got the commendation for this one earlier this evening with the following 
    Time 3:29
    Distance 1.9 MI
    Property Damage $100
    Acc N/A
    It took me three tries. The first time I tanked out before I got to the 
    last bomb. The second time I achieved a similar time (3:30), but had $4200 
    property damage (oops!). The third time, a buddy of mine was watching me 
    drive the truck, and he gave me a pointer which he thought might help my 
    driving. Since driving the truck is sort of like steering a space shuttle 
    (for me, anyway), I really found the tip helpful for quickly and 
    efficiently turning the corners.
    Instead of letting off the accelerator as you come to a turn, try this: 
    Approach a turn. Now, a small distance before the turn begins, keep 
    holding down accelerator with your thumb, tap the hand brake (circle) for 
    a split second (also with your thumb) and then release it as you push the 
    stick almost full way into the turn. You'll notice the truck start 
    skidding uncontrollably. As you start sliding off the street, let go of 
    the stick but not the accelerator. (The more you allow the truck to skid, 
    the slower you'll be moving and the more time you'll be losing. So as soon 
    as the truck is comfortably pointed into the turn, let go of the stick as 
    per above.) The truck will recover and become righted. Continue to steer 
    as is appropriate after the turn. This method seemed to shave a few 
    seconds off my time and allowed me to reach the last bomb with 10.xx+ 
    seconds on the clock instead of my usual 3.xx+ secs. Practice this a bit 
    and you should be making turns quickly and easily, instead of smashing 
    into traffic and scenery as I was.
    I've seen it mentioned here before, and it is good advice: Go after the 
    bombs from far Left to Right on your map. In other words, make a right 
    directly after leaving HQ and first go after the second bomb you see on 
    the radar. To shave a few seconds off your total time at the first bomb, 
    as you approach it use the technique I posted in this thread concerning 
    Mission 4 regarding stopping in the box. Line up the truck directly with 
    the car where the bomb is located, and as you get close (not too close!) 
    push stick full to left and jam down on the hand brake to do a 180 spin. 
    This will put you right near the bomb, with the rear of the truck facing 
    it. After the bomb's disabled, you simply have to hit the gas and 
    backtrack the way you came to reach the second bomb.
    Approach the second bomb and when you get close, simply slow down. Easy 
    'nuff. Accelerate away from the bomb and turn left onto the street past 
    the standing telephones. Follow your map to the third bomb. You will make 
    a left onto another street near to the third bomb location on your radar, 
    and you should notice an area in front of you as you skid out of the turn 
    that is blocked off with cones. Proceed past that and then go around the 
    serpentine turn. Continue right after the S-turn and SLOW DOWN. Look to 
    your right for a small entryway into the park. Keep your speed down to a 
    comfortable handling speed here. Make the sharp left and come up along the 
    left side of the bomb here. Now go forward quickly but as you approach the 
    drop-off, slow down almost to a stop! You'll gently fall off the edge 
    (okay, maybe not too gently) - now hit the gas as you turn left on this 
    street. As control tells you you're running out of time, you should be 
    making another left onto the highway with the scrolling electronic message 
    marquee above it. Stay in the passing lane and keep the accelerator down. 
    The camera will shift and you may get discouraged, but simply stay in the 
    passing lane. Look for the first turn to your left off the highway. Use 
    the method above to sharply and efficiently make the left turn. Then make 
    the last turn toward the final bomb (check radar). Like with the first 
    bomb, line up your truck with the last bomb spot and then when fairly 
    close, smash the hand brake and stick to the left to spin around and 
    disarm the bomb.
    Now, to get the commendation, I'm fairly certain that you need to keep the 
    prop. damage down. The magic number must be somewhere between $100 and 
    $4200, based on my experience (guess that range doesn't really help much). 
    Just be especially careful not to smash any cars, and go VERY slowly and 
    steer full left over that drop-off after the third bomb to avoid smashing 
    Mission 12 commendation: Nosey News Van
    "Got the commendation with following stats:
    T: 3:21
    Distance 2.5 MI
    Shots: 169
    Damage: $5025
    Acc.: 85.7%
    My second successful commendation award for this mission had the following 
    end stats:
    2.1 MI
    Helpful to get this commendation was a tip posted somewhere on this board 
    about how to quickly get rid of that pesky news van. Just stay on the 
    sidewalk near to where the mission starts, accelerate, and the van should 
    strike one of the poles and grind to a halt. Continue on the sidewalk 
    (this is on your right-hand side) straight past the car that shoots out in 
    a turn (the van should be WAY behind you now). Once you're past the car, 
    get off the sidewalk. Make a right turn around the serpentine and continue 
    right onto the tunnel/highway. A few seconds after you turn onto the 
    highway, the van should lose you. Mash the brake and do a 180 to head back 
    to start.
    When pursuing the drug dealer, I used the automatic rifle (machine gun 
    thingie) first. I have a hunch that you need to keep the damage to your 
    car down, so if your stats come close to mine above, and you're still not 
    getting the commendation, try to take less damage the next time."
    Mission 13 commendation: The Stool Pigeon
    "These stats earned me the commendation for Mission 13:
    3:05/ 2.3MI/ 0 / $3375 / n/a
    Note: The car had about 60% health left (just a bit more than midway), and 
    this was the lowest amount of damage I believe I've ever sustained at the 
    end of this mission. Based on what I've seen, I'm thinking you probably 
    need half or more of the car left at the end to be eligible for the 
    I have no tips really that I can offer except to concentrate on steering 
    and evading. I followed the green arrow route because it enables you to 
    cut through the town section (permitting lots of nice turns to lose the 
    yellow-arrowed ramming car). You need to be able to make efficient turns 
    while still maintaining most of your speed. It also helps to not get 
    rammed by the yellow-arrowed car. I recommend the weave method. When he's 
    almost on your tail, weave in whatever direction you don't want to go 
    while you let off the gas, then hit the accelerator and steer in the 
    opposite direction. Then, as you see him fly by, get ready to react to 
    wherever he's going so that you don't fly into him. Brake or accelerate 
    and steer as necessary to avoid him and continue on your way.
    The point at which I chose to enter the busy town area (so as to increase 
    chances of losing the pursuers into other cars/poles, etc.) was just after 
    I encountered the largely curving exit ramp off the bridge. You want to 
    curve left off the exit ramp to follow the green arrow route. Once you've 
    turned, veer right, onto the sidewalk. This is a narrow area, so be extra 
    careful. Now, simply turn at the second right-hand opening you see off the 
    sidewalk. You'll know it's the opening I'm talking about if you see a dark 
    row of hedges (don't crash into it!) just in front of it. If you turn just 
    right at that point, you will go right and the yellow-arrowed car should 
    smash right into the hedge row, getting stuck for a fair amount of time. 
    Another technique which works well in the crowded streets to lose the 
    yellow guy for a while is to just weave from the far right to the far left 
    of the street, back and forth as he approaches. Typically, the yellow guy 
    will smash into a side-of-the-road obstacle while you do this. Just make 
    certain you don't do that first! ;-)
    Once you turn at that opening, simply follow streets that take you toward 
    the right side of the map (east?), closer to your goal. I only took a few 
    turns when the cars were a little too close for comfort. The most trouble 
    I had was making the turns quickly without hitting a pole as I was coming 
    out of them. Shoot for a car health of half or more by the end, and you 
    should net the commendation."
    Mission 14 commendation: Tank Rush
    "Here are the stats for the two missions that both earned me the 
    3:47 / .7 MI / 148 / $0 / 94.5%
    3:41 / .6 MI / 158 / $0 / 89.8%
    Important: For both of these, I finished with medium damage to the police 
    car (a little less than half the bar was red) and with NO damage to the 
    APC (tank). I've experimented a bit, and I've finished with stats better 
    than the above (100% accuracy/no property damage), but with a police 
    cruiser nearly destroyed, a non-damaged APC, and no commendation. 
    Therefore, it's safe to conclude that you must take out the tanks without 
    damaging your vehicles very much. Also, I've noted that if you ever 
    accidentally nick a civilian vehicle and hear the message "Cease Fire! 
    Cease Fire!", save yourself the time and trouble and just restart the 
    mission because you have no hope of getting the comm.
    Okay, quickly reach the first tank by simply following the route mapped 
    out by the infamous green arrow (not to be confused with the Green 
    Lantern). Before you reach the first tank, ready the automatic rifle. 
    Sight the tank, pass it by just a little bit on the right side of the road 
    and then hit the brake and hold left to spin out. Accelerate and turn left 
    to begin pursuit of the tank. Immediately target the tank and hold down R1 
    to fire. As you begin firing, ease the cruiser over toward the right side 
    of the road. You should be able to empty almost 2 clips before the tank 
    begins to turn right. You should be safe from any tank fire. As the tank 
    slips from your sights around the turn, accelerate and come out of the 
    turn on the left side of the tank. Keep firing at the tank when you have a 
    clear shot, but you'll need to stay fairly close to the left side/rear of 
    the tank so that the tank's gunfire sails over your car and so you can 
    shoot the tank at the same time. Keep emptying those clips into the tank, 
    but watch for two left turns. Just take the turns carefully, staying in 
    position. Once you run dry on ammo, quickly switch to the shotgun. Hold 
    down R1 and keep damaging that tank. When you are cleared to use the LAW 
    (rocket launcher), don't use it. Just keep in position and fire shotgun 
    shells into the tank. The tank will then make that last right turn towards 
    the stadium, and you should be dumping the last of the shotgun shells into 
    the tank by this time, bringing it down. I recommend not switching to the 
    LAW because you can't fire it from your following position without 
    obliterating your car. So, you will be forced to slow down, hang back, and 
    make yourself a nice sitting duck for the tank's fire. Since you need to 
    keep your cruiser damage down to get the commendation, stay in position 
    and just use the shotgun instead. It's also easier to aim with the shotgun.
    Once the tank is down, do a fast 180 and head to the APC. This saves a bit 
    of time instead of simply driving ahead to the APC. Zoom in next to, but 
    not into, the APC. Once in the APC, head towards the other tank by 
    following the radar or your map. When you finally catch up to the tank, 
    quickly, before you take any/too much damage, accelerate away from the 
    tank to get yourself fairly far behind it. Do a 180 when you get some 
    distance between yourself and the tank. Now target the tank with your guns 
    and fire a couple of shots. Make sure you're really damaging the tank 
    (watch the red meter) as you slow down a little to get back as far as you 
    can while still being able to do damage. Keep tapping the gas as you hold 
    down R1, and you should take no or very little damage from this encounter 
    since you will be out of range of the tank's fire. Be careful not to shoot 
    a car during all this."
    Mission 15 commendation: Nothing is Ever Routine
    "This result gave me the commendation:
    2:20 / 1.7 MI/ 17/ $100 / 94.1% / almost full health! (about 90% left)
    It does appear then from the above results that it's crucial that you 
    sustain little car damage by the end of the mission. Unfortunately, I 
    don't know how much is exactly considered too much damage. Just try to 
    sustain as little as possible and hope you're within the range.
    Begin the mission by staying fairly close to the red car while carefully 
    filling it with shotgun shells or machine gun bullets at every 
    opportunity. I recommend doing this because there may be an additional 
    requirement for the commendation involving accuracy or shots fired, so do 
    this just in case. As you approach the area where the 2 cars wait in 
    ambush, stop, do a 180 and then back up towards the two cars until the 
    cutscene plays. (I know, I know. Some might consider this cheesy or 
    cheating, but I consider it good tactics if you're trying to net the 
    commendation.) After the scene, immediately hit the gas and drive the 
    green arrow route. As you approach the tunnel, you'll see the two cars 
    closing in on you fast (check your radar or hold L2 and R2 at same time). 
    A fair bit before the two cars close in on your tail, let off the gas and 
    swerve to the left until you almost smash into the side wall/obstacle. 
    Now, without delay, swerve right and hit the gas simultaneously. If 
    executed properly, your two pursuers should fly by your left side as you 
    veer off to the right. They will angle in diagonally in front of you and 
    smash into the tunnel entrace wall on the right hand side. Brake a bit and 
    turn left, then hit the gas to speed right by them. You will probably want 
    to pass them in the far left lane. After a short time past the tunnel 
    you'll see the green arrow point towards a left turn into a grassy area 
    with park benches and bushes (it's part of the park area). Take this 
    shortcut! You should not slow down. You'll ramp into the air and land 
    below. Watch out for poles and other obstacles on the side of the road 
    after you land in the grass below. Immediately make your way towards the 
    right, onto the road. Follow the green arrow the rest of the way to the 
    precinct, and if you keep cool and don't screw up any of the turns that 
    follow, you shouldn't have any more trouble with your pursuers."
    Mission 16 commendation: Jacked Up Jailbird
    "00:49/ 0.5 MI/ 125/ $250/ 91.2%/ Very little damage to my vehicle
    (opens up "Aqua Theme")
    Note: Again, I think this mission's commendation is partly dependent on 
    having very little damage to your vehicle by the mission's end.
    Not much I can say for this one. I just stayed on his tail and kept firing 
    the auto rifle, trying not to smash into much of anything. It was over in 
    49 secs."
    Mission 17 commendation: Lou Ferris Returns
    "My commendation stats:
    5:29 / 3.7 MI / 134 / $3350 / 91.0%
    Additional note: Just slightly more than half the car's health left at the 
    end (Don't know if this would affect getting the comm. for this mission.)
    I just did exactly what you have to do to complete the mission. Get to the 
    bombs, pull in between the two garbage cans with the "?" marks on them on 
    the right side of the road - get slightly closer to the right of the two 
    cans on that side when you pull in between them. Once you find the bomb, 
    back out, turn left onto the road. Now watch the red dot, go back towards 
    the way you came and wait for Ferris to come by you. Begin pursuit and 
    fire the auto rifle at him. His car is damaged rather easily in this 
    mission, so it shouldn't take long to bring him down.
    Something I should note is that the reason my time 5:29 was so high was 
    because I took an alternate route to the bombs. From the start, if you 
    check the map, you'll notice two main routes to the bomb. I took the one 
    not mapped out by the green arrow, because I was just experimenting, but I 
    think it's best to just follow the arrow here as the route is shorter that 
    Mission 18 commendation: Brazen Bank Bandits
    "3:40 / 2.4 MI/ 335/ $5625 / 86.2%
    Note: Police car was damaged completely and the bar was all red by the end 
    of this mission! Your car's damage then doesn't affect this commendation. 
    I was testing my suspicion that I just needed to complete it faster than 
    4:00 (see previous post regarding mission 18), so I wasn't concerned with 
    car damage.
    After watching the instant replay, I noted a few tips to getting your time 
    down. For this mission, don't overly concern yourself with shooting at 
    100% or not banging into things. If it happens, just forget it and keep 
    going. You want to concentrate on speed.
    At the start, do a 180 and proceed a short distance ahead until you see 
    the barracaded entrance to a side street on your right. Plow through the 
    cones and boxes and keep going straight until you reach the end of the 
    street. Meanwhile, you should equip the machine gun. The red sports car is 
    your first target, and you will note it is coming down the highway 
    intersecting with this street. Turn left before he comes down the highway, 
    and park yourself on the left side of the highway. When the sports car is 
    coming close to you (watch radar) begin accelerating so that he will pass 
    you slightly on your right, and you'll be tailing him. Target him and 
    quickly begin firing the machine gun. There will be a time when you can 
    get close enough to swipe him with your car. Do so, as it will do a little 
    damage, thus helping you save some ammo for the van. Keep firing that 
    machine gun at him, making sure that virtually every shot hits, and you 
    should disable him just before he makes that serpentine right turn after 
    the long highway. Head quickly in the direction of the arrow (van) on your 
    radar. Keep the machine gun equipped. When you get a visual on the van, it 
    will most likely be approaching you, so try to smash into it head on at a 
    fast speed to soften it up a little. Regain your composure and then begin 
    pursuit, shooting it with the machine gun when the opportunity presents 
    itself. Keep your speed up, as you must attempt to overtake the van while 
    shooting at it. Once you get a bit next to it, swipe it so that the front 
    of your car ends up smashing the side of the van. This will do a bit of 
    damage and slow him a bit. Watch out for traffic once he passes the park 
    area. Once you run out of machine gun ammo, the van should be nearly fully 
    damaged if you've done the job. Rapidly switch to the handgun and hold R1 
    to bring the van the rest of the way down. By this time, the van should 
    have sped ahead of you through the huge amount of traffic on the narrow 
    expressway ramps. That's why I recommend using the handgun at this point 
    instead of the shotgun. Once the van is down (and this is pretty important 
    to keep your total time down) don't go the long way back to the evidence! 
    Do a 180 in the narrow expressway entrance/exit ramp you're on and head 
    back to the evidence that way. You may make a dent or two in your car 
    while turning around in here, but it is of no consequence in regard to the 
    commendation unless you take yourself out in the process. :-(
    Anyway, that was my strategy. The highest time value at the end of the 
    mission must be somewhere between 3:40 and 4:00 for the commendation 
    (along with reasonable other stats), based on what I've found."
    Mission 19 commendation: 30 Minutes or Less
    "1:45 / 1.1 MI / 35 / $4675 / 100.0%
    Note: I had roughly half health left on the pizza truck at mission's end. 
    (Whether or not this matters, I don't know for certain.)
    You need to damage the culprit enough to stop him, but it's hard to even 
    catch up with him in the blasted pizza truck. Arm the weapon, turn on your 
    siren, and begin pursuit as quickly as you can while hitting as few cars 
    as possible. If you get a clean shot at the truck, take it, but keep your 
    accuracy at 100% because you have a very limited amount of ammo and you 
    shouldn't waste it (plus it helps with getting the commendation). Look for 
    your chance to cut this guy off. Shortly after the pursuit begins, he'll 
    make a left turn. Ahead of you and to the left at this point you'll notice 
    a fountain area with park benches and stuff. Cut diagonally across the 
    fountain area while he goes the long way to the left (and then he makes a 
    right to get where you'll be going). Slow down a bit and drop off the 
    ledge while turning right to stay on the road below. Now immediately turn 
    sharply left to get on the main road. Bring yourself to a stop and wait a 
    bit for him to catch up. As he begins to catch up to you, start 
    accelerating to keep up with him and you should be running near neck and 
    neck with him. Take this opportunity to target and shoot his car. You can 
    also try swiping him if you are running alongside him, but don't lose 
    control of your vehicle. A few intersections down, he'll swing wide to the 
    right side of the road as he readies to turn left. Now's your chance to 
    stop shooting him and smash the front of your vehicle into the side of the 
    van as he tries to complete the left turn. If you time it properly, you 
    should push him ahead (he'll miss the turn) and into the building in front 
    of you, doing some nice damage to the van. Now don't waste any time or 
    he'll get too far in front of you again, and you may never catch him in 
    that pizza truck. Immediately back up a bit and turn left the way he was 
    going to turn before you smashed him. Wait and he should follow you in (or 
    he may already be slightly ahead of you). Again, take the opportunity when 
    you have a clear and certain shot to fire on the van. Watch for another 
    chance at the end of this new road to smash into him as he makes another 
    left hand turn at the end of the road (pillars are on each side of the 
    road) and that should take him out for good. Alternately, you could swerve 
    out in front of him so that the front of the van strikes the side of the 
    pizza truck. This doesn't do as much damage, but it's easier to do and is 
    ideal if he only has a little health left (and if you're out of ammo).
    Well, that's basically what I did to try to get the mission over with as 
    soon as possible and I made certain that every shot I fired connected."
    Mission 20 commendation: Final Showdown
    "Here are the stats that earned me the commendation:
    1:50 / 1.5 MI / 280 / 0 / 96.0% / My car had just a bit under half-way 
    health left over.
    Interestingly enough, I didn't think I was going to get this one on this 
    run-through, because I accidentally clipped the cop car with the machine 
    gun inside the beginning of the tunnel. (There was no "Cease fire!" 
    message when I did it, though.)
    I quickly got to the red dot, and maintained speed around the turn so as 
    to be as close to the limo as possible. Then I fired a rocket into it, as 
    per one of my previous posts, before it made the right around the wall. I 
    then swung into the far left lane, conflicting with traffic, and fired 
    ahead of the limo to hit it yet again. I didn't have quite enough time to 
    comfortably fire off a third, as I was looking to keep up my accuracy as 
    well, so I swung far right, back into the right lane and entered the 
    tunnel. I switched to the machine gun and accidentally (oops!) fired a 
    short burst into the cop car, which immediately spun out of control. I 
    suspect this was partly due to the 2 rockets I fired into the limo, and 
    then the small burst of machine gun fire did the rest. With the cop car 
    out of the way, I noticed I had almost NO damage (yeah!), and so I pursued 
    the limo, dumping clip after clip of machine gun fire into it without 
    having to contend with the other police car. The limo retired a short time 
    after exiting the tunnel, and I was left with a little under 50% car 
    health and a commendation. All damage to the police car was due to limo 
    For some reason, I was skillful enough tonight to avoid hitting anything 
    at all in this mission. Previous to this, I was having exceptional 
    difficulty avoiding the civie cars that would spin out of control as they 
    were shot by the limo guy in the tunnel. This added to my car damage 
    sustained. Tonight I seemed to have no trouble with this."
    VII : Contributions
    Jimi : Info on how to get a commendation.
    John Carriere : The unlocked prizes from the commendations of mission 2, 4 
    and 8.
    WaldoWuzHere : For posting stuff on the Gamefaqs message board that deals 
    with commendations.  So the whole Commendations walkthrough is made by 
    him.  Congratulations.
    J. Gaunt : Small comment on the hand brake.
    Brad Blank : Info on how to easily destroy the tank.
    Laura Franchi : For a rather complete list of prizes for each commendation.

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