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    Kazuya/Heihachi by Slikatel

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                             KAZUYA/HEIHACHI MISHIMA
                                 MINI FAQ Ver 1.0
                                   By Slikatel
    This faq may be distributed freely as long as it remains in its unaltered
    form.  Please do not alter or publish it without prior permission from
    myself.  If you have any combos, strategies or other special moves for the
    above characters that is not mentioned in this faq, and would like to add
    them to it please e-mail them to me.  I will add them in a newer version
    and give you the proper credit for them.  For any additions, questions, or
    corrections please e-mail me at slikatel@metro.net     Enjoy!
    This faq is a complete strategy guide for Kazuya Mishima and Heihachi Mishima
    for the Sony Playstation version of Tekken.  It includes all of the regular
    and special moves as well as a full compilation of combos and overall
    strategy for both of these characters.  The first part of the faq is a
    standard move and combo sheet suitable for printing.  The second part of the
    faq will be a complete breakdown of;  [special moves and their best uses,
    a description on completing the combos listed in the faq, and an in depth
    look at each part of gameplay using Kazuya and Mishima(grabs, getting up,
    moves while running, when to use certain combos, etc...).  Please e-mail any
    corrections immediately so that they can be corrected.
         Note that to play as Heihachi Mishima you must first beat the game
         without losing a round.  To play as Devil Kazuya you must first beat
         all 8 stages in Galaga using one continue or less and without using the
         dual ship code.  To pick Devil Kazuya, highlight Kazuya on the arcade
         character select screen and hit start instead of the punch or kick
         buttons.  You cannot use Devil Kazuya in the 2-player mode.  Devil
         Kazuya is only a pallete swap of regular Kazuya and has no other
         special moves.
    Joystick movement key:
    all movements are done by tapping the direction listed unless otherwise noted
    +-press simultaneous
    UF-diagonal up+forward
    UB-diagonal up+back
    DF-diagonal down+forward
    DB-diagonal down+back
    RP-right punch
    LP-left punch
    RK-right kick
    LK-left kick
    Hold-hold while performing button sequence
    B,B-hop back
    /-means or
    Moves while running:(stuns- means temporarily stunned if blocked)
    F,F,F: Running tackle if no buttons are used
    LK:  Jumping side kick(stuns if blocked)
    RK:  Sliding leg trip(must run at least 3 steps before initiating)
    LP+RP:  Running dive(stuns if blocked,  must run at least 3 steps before initia
    Moves while getting up:
    U-stand up
    F-roll forward
    B-roll back
    F+LP+RP-forward roll and diving tackle(stuns if blocked)
    B,F+LP+RP-roll backwards then forwards and diving tackle(stuns if blocked)
    B+LK+RK-kick up
    *LK-roundhouse kick
    *RK-forward kick
    *D+LK-crouching low sweep
    *D+RK-crouching mid sweep
    *Note:  All moves can be done after rolling forward or backward as well.
    Standard moves:(juggle: knocks opponent into the air)
    RP-right jab
    LP-left jab
    LK-high kick
    RK-roundhouse kick
    DF+LP-left uppercut
    DF+RP-right uppercut(juggle)
    DF+LK-mid kick
    DF+RK-forward kick
    D,N+LP-quick left uppercut
    D,N+RP-quick right uppercut
    D,N+LK-roundhouse kick
    D,N+RK-high forward kick
    D(hold)+LK-low sweep
    D(hold)+RK-mid sweep
    D(hold)+LP-low left jab
    D(hold)+RP-low right jab
    UB/U/UF+LK-low jumping roundhouse
    UB/U/UF(hold)+LK-high jumping roundhouse
    UB,U,UF(hold)+RK-jumping kick
    UB/U/UF+RP-low pounce
    UB/U/UF(hold)+RP-high pounce
    Special moves:
    LP+LK:  Arm Hold, Double Head Kick
    RP+RK:  Hip Toss
    F,F+LP+RP:  Headbutt
    LP,RP:  Double Jab
    RP,RP:  Jab, Turnaround Backhand
    LP,RP,RP:  Triple Jab, Turnaround Backhand Combo
    LP,LP,RP:  Double Jab, Power Punch Combo
    F+RP:  Turnaround Backhand
    UF+RK,RK:  Hopping Roundhouse Kick, Sweep Combo
    F,D,DF:  Quick Forward Duck
    F,D,DF+RP:  Power Uppercut
    F,D,DF+LP:  Jumping Uppercut
    F,D,DF+RK:  Power Roundhouse Sweep
    F,D,DF(hold)+RK,RK:  Double Power Roundhouse Sweep
    D,N+RK,RK:  Double Axe Kick
    F,D,DF,N+RK,RK:  Double Axe Kick
    DF+LP,RP:  Twin Pistons
    F+RK:  Axe Kick
    F,F+LK:  Power Axe Kick
    UF+RK,LK:  Scissor Flip Kick
    UF(hold)+RP+RK:  Hop Back Hard Pounce
    HEIHACHI:(note:Heihachi can do all of Kazuya's moves but his double kick and
    hip toss grabs.  The rest of these moves are for Heihachi only).
    LP+LK:  Noogie, Neck Breaker
    RP+RK:  Jumping Body Slam
    UF+LK:  Flying Side Kick(stuns if blocked)
    UF+LK,RK:  Double Helicoptor Combo(LK must connect for RK to come out)
    F,F+RP:  Rushing Uppercut
    D+LP:  Tile Splitter
    D+LP, F+RP:  Tile Splitter,  Power Punch Combo
    D,DF,F+RP:  Power Punch
    F,D,DF+LK:  Hopping Power Mid Kick
    F,D,DF+LK(hold):  Hopping Power Sweep
    F,D,DF(hold)+RK,RK,RK,N+RK,RK:  Triple Roundhouse Sweep,  Double Axe Kick Combo
    (can do Double axe kick after first, second or third sweep)
    B,B,B:  Sidestep
    10 Hit Strings:
    F,F+RP,LP,RP,RP,LK,RK,RK,LP,RP,LP:(Works for Kazuya and Heihachi).
    (Note:  * means Heihachi only.  Also,  these are all juggle combos and I consid
    er a combo to have to be at least 3 hits.  There are endless amounts of combos
    ending in standard moves, but except for a few special combos,  all of mine end
    in special moves for maximum damage.  Feel free to throw in a forward kick for
    an axe kick,  or a jab for a power punch if you want,  but I have narrowed the
    combos down to the most effective ones.  You can add 1 hit to each combo by do
    ing a ground hit at the end, but since they aren't guaranteed hits I didn't cou
    nt them in my combos.)  /  means either/or
    F,D,DF+RP---LP/DF+LP---F+RK:  Power Uppercut,  left jab/left uppercut, Axe Kick
    F,D,DF+RP---LP/DF+LP---F,D,DF+RP:  Power Uppercut, left jab/left uppercut,  Pow
    er Uppercut
    F,D,DF+RP---LP/DF+LP---F,D,DF+RK:  Power Uppercut, left jab/left uppercut, Powe
    r Roundhouse Sweep
    DF+LP,RP---F+RK:  Twin Pistons,  Axe Kick
    DF+LP,RP---F,D,DF+RK:  Twin Pistons,  Power Roundhouse Kick
    F,D,DF+RP---F,D,DF,N+RK,RK:  Power Uppercut,  Double Axe Kick
    *F,F+RP---F,D,DF+RK,RK:  Rushing Uppercut, Double Axe Kick
    *F,F+RP/F,D,DF+RP---LP/DF+LP---D,DF,F+RP:  Rushing Uppercut/Power Uppercut,  le
    ft jab/left uppercut,  Power Punch
    F,D,DF+RP---DF+LP,RP---F,D,DF+RP:  Power Uppercut,  Twin Pistons,  Power Upperc
    F,D,DF+RP---DF+LP,RP---F,D,DF+RK:  Power Uppercut, Twin Pistons, Power Roundhou
    se Sweep
    DF+LP,RP---LP/DF+LP---F+RK:  Twin Pistons, left jab/left uppercut, Axe Kick
    DF+LP,RP---LP/DF+LP---F,D,DF+RP:  Twin Pistons, left jab/left uppercut, Power U
    DF+LP,RP---LP/DF+LP---F,D,DF+RK:  Twin Pistons, left jab/left uppercut, Power R
    oundhouse Sweep
    DF+LP,RP---LP/DF+LP---F,F+LK:  Twin Pistons, left jab/left uppercut, Power Axe
    DF+LP,RP---F,D,DF+RK,RK:  Twin Pistons, Double Axe Kick
    *F,F+RP/F,D,DF+RP---DF+LP,RP---D,DF,F+RP:  Rushing Uppercut/Power Uppercut, Twi
    n Pistons, Power Punch
    *F,F+RP/F,D,DF+RP---DF+LP,RP---F,F+RP:  Rushing Uppercut/Power Uppercut,  Twin
    Pistons, Rushing Uppercut
    *F,F+RP/F,D,DF+RP---LP/DF+LP---D+LP,F+RP:  Rushing Uppercut/Power Uppercut, lef
    t jab/left uppercut, Tile Splitter, Power Punch Combo
    *F,F+RP?F,D,DF+RP---LP/DF+LP---F,D,DF+RK,N+RK:  Rushing Uppercut/Power Uppercut
    , left jab/left uppercut, Power Roundhouse Sweep,  Axe Kick Combo
    DF+LP,RP---DF+LP,RP---F,D,DF+RP:  Twin Pistons, Twin Pistons, Power Uppercut
    DF+LP,RP---DF+LP,RP---F,D,DF+RK:  Twin Pistons, Twin Pistons, Power Roundhouse
    *DF+LP,RP---DF+LP,RP---D,DF,F+RP:  Twin Pistons, Twin Pistons, Power Punch
    *DF+LP,RP---DF+LP,RP---F,F+RP:  Twin Pistons, Twin Pistons, Rushing Uppercut
    *DF+LP,RP---LP/DF+LP---F,D,DF+RK,N+RK,RK:  Twin Pistons, left jab/left uppercut
    ,  Power Roundhouse Sweep, Double Axe Kick Combo
    *DF+LP,RP---LP/DF+LP---D+LP,F+RP:  Twin Pistons, left jab/left uppercut, Tile S
    plitter, Power Punch Combo
    DF+LP,RP---DF+LP,RP---F,F,LP,RP:  Twin Pistons, Twin Pistons, run, left jab, ri
    ght jab
    DF+LP,RP---DF+LP,RP---F,F,LP,LP,RP:  Twin Pistons, Twin Pistons, run, Double Ja
    b Power Punch Combo(note: The second jab won't hit)
    5-7Hitter:  Kazuya Only
    DF+LP,RP---F,F+RP,LP,RP,RP,LK,RK,RK:  Twin Pistons,  the first 7 hits of your 1
    0 hit string(this hits randomely between 5 and 7 times depending on your timing
    DF+LP,RP---DF+LP,RP---F,F+RP,LP,RP,RP,LK,RK,RK:  Twin Pistons, Twin Pistons, fi
    rst seven hits of 10 hit string(guaranteed 7 hits).
         This strategy guide is meant for anyone wanting to learn to play as
         Kazuya or Heihachi, or anyone who can already play them, but would like
         some fresh insight and some documented combos.  It may be able to help
         you hone your skills a little more and maybe explain a few things
         you didn't already know.  Even though this guide is exclusively for
         Kazuya and Heihachi most of the basic play mechanics(running, getting
         up, grabbing, defending, etc...) can be applied to most of the other
         characters.  I earge every newcomer to Tekken to read this guide even
         if they have no interest in Kazuya or Heihachi.
         The first thing you must learn before you can really excel at Tekken is
         that you must throw all of your MK and SFII gameplay out the window.
         Anyone who plays the VF series will feel more at home, but Tekken still
         introduces some unique gameplay that must be learned to completely feel
         comfortable with it.  First of all there are no fireballs or long
         distance attacks in this game.  The only projectiles used are your
         hands and feet, and the only long distance attacks are from you running
         from across the screen.  This presents a problem for MK or SFII type
         gameplay graduates.  In those type games most combos are started from a
         jump kick(some MK3 combos start at the ground) and most of your counters
         are from people jumping in at you.  In Tekken all combos start from the
         ground and most counters appear from ground fighting.  You can counter
         a jumping opponent, but you will find that you won't be jumping very
         often in Tekken.  The only real time you will be jumping is for a
         pouncing attack on a fallen opponent, or to escape a running opponent.
         You may occasionally jump to the other side of your opponent or maybe
         do a surprise jump kick, but the point I'm trying to convey is that
         almost all of your fighting will occur at the ground level.  There are
         some hopping moves in the game, but you only come about a foot off the
         ground and I don't really consider that jumping.
         The main problem in adjusting to Tekken is learning how to fight in
         close quarters on the ground.  No more fighting from across the screen.
         I think this is what scares most of the SF and MK junkies from this
         game.  The fact that they must fight their opponent face to face scares
         them off.  In my opinion it takes more skill to excel in a game where
         you fight next to your opponent.  It definitely takes faster reaction
         time and better hand eye coordination than most other fighting games.
         I'm not trying to flame other fighting games(I love playing MK3, SF,
         and others of the same type) its only that I'm trying to show Tekken's
         strength over conventional fighting games.  In the next few short
         sections I'll discuss the basics of the Tekken play mechanics.
         The most important part of any fighting game is obviously the blocking
         system.  Tekken uses the tried and true SF blocking system.  Simply
         hold back to block high, and hold down-back to block low.  If you
         played SF or other fighting game using this type of blocking you should
         feel right at home.  No unnecessary block button taking more attention
         from your punch and kick buttons.  There is a new addition of move in
         Tekken called and unblockable move which implies the obvious.  You
         can't block it even if you are blocking.  Kazuya and Heihachi are
         without these moves, I suspect that the programmers felt they were
         strong enough without them.
         Countering in Tekken takes place after blocking your opponents moves or
         combos.  Standard move and special move collisions are very
         unpredictable so I recommend blocking an opponents move instead of
         trying to counter with one of your own.  There is only a few times that
         I recommend trying to counter, but I'll explain them later on.
    Standard moves:
         Each character has most of the same type of standard moves; jabs, high
         and low kicks, uppercuts, etc...  Some characters have a little
         different variation of these moves but since this faq is for Kazuya and
         Heihachi I'll focus on theirs.  First of all you have three levels of
         attacking in Tekken, high, middle and low attacks.  You can block high
         and mid attacks by blocking while standing, but a low attack will get
         under your block.  When blocking low you can't be hit by a low attack,
         but you can be hit by a mid attack.  You will also be ducking a high
         attack when blocking low.  The mid attacks take care of players who
         like to duck the whole time so you can't hit them.  Most mid attacks
         are performed by tapping DF with your buttons.  Each button should have
         its own mid attack used for different circumstances.  The only other
         type of attack is a ground hit.  Some regular moves like sweeps will
         hit an opponent on the ground, but most ground hits are done by a
         pounce attack and some special moves.
    Pouncing attacks:
         Tekken shares VF's ground attack system.  Some people dislike this
         system but no matter what is said against it, it is more realistic.
         Along with sweeps, characters have other moves designed to hit a fallen
         opponent.  There are pounce attacks and hard pounce attacks for each
         character.  Most regular pounce attacks are used by hitting UP+RP, but
         the hard pounces are varied.  Hard pounces take longer to hit so they
         are more risky as your opponent will have more time to get up.  There
         are some special moves that take more damage than a standard pounce
         does, and they also hit faster.  I will discuss Kazuya's and Heihachi's
         pounce attacks later on.
    Getting up:
         When you are hit by some attacks or combos you will be knocked to the
         ground.  While on the ground your are susceptible to a wide range of
         ground attacks, however you are also given a barrage of moves to use
         while getting up.  Some are just standard moves done while standing up,
         while others are rolling and diving type moves that will knock down
         your opponent when hit.
         The first thing you must learn about being knocked down is that you
         cannot get up immediately.  You will be knocked down for about 1.5 to
         2 seconds the first time.  If you are knocked down immediately after or
         while getting up you can hop up immediately upon hitting the ground the
         second time.  You must learn the timing if you want to be effective
         while getting up.  I've just explained that you will be unresponsive
         immediately after falling for the first time, so hitting buttons right
         away is futile.  Learn the exact timing and you will have a much better
         chance of getting out of a pounce, or countering your opponent as he
         begins to pounce.
         Running in Tekken is an essential feature to learn.  Not only do running
         attacks take a good amount of damage, but learning to run can aid you
         in long juggle combos or chasing a fleeing opponent. You must be at
         least a few steps away to initiate a run.  Some moves require a few
         steps in your run before they will work.  I suspect this is for picking
         up sufficient speed to initiate the moves.  Running is also good for
         attacking an opponent who is getting up far away.
    Unblockable Moves:
         This section obviously speaks for itself.  There are unblockable moves
         in Tekken, unfortunately Kazuya and Heihachi don't have any.  I guess
         they really don't need any with their combos and powerful special moves.
         The weakness of unblockable moves is the time it takes to do them.
         They are very slow so you will have time to get away or hit the
         opponent before they can initiate it, but beware, if one hits you it
         will take half damage or more.  Some of them can also be canceled after
         they are started so be prepared to punish them for trying.
    10-Hit Strings:
         These are a series of moves in a pre-designated order that hit your
         opponents in a various heights.  They aren't true combos because they
         can be blocked at certain points in the string.  They also hit at
         different heights so even if you block the first few hits it is
         possible to still be hit by the rest of the string.  The best thing to
         do is to know all of the 10-hits so you can be prepared to block when
         and where you need to.  If you do happen to hit with all 10 of the hits
         they can take major damage, but broken up into parts they really don't
         take that much.
    Stun Moves:
         These are moves that stun your opponent when blocked, but if unblocked
         act as a regular move.  The only stuns that Kazuya and Heihachi have
         are the standard running jump kick and forward dive.  You must know
         what the other characters stun moves are to be effective at avoiding or
         countering them.  Some are very annoying and hard to get out of, so it
         is sometimes best to let them hit you to avoid any worse punishment
         like a grab that can't be avoided.
    Special Moves
         This section is an explanation of the best uses for each of Kazuya's and
         Heihachi's special moves.
      Double and triple jab combos:  Good to end a long juggle combo and also
      good for counter-attacking after blocking an opponents hit or combo.
      Quick forward duck:  Not a move that will connect but is invaluable to
      Kazuya and Heihachi.  Once initiated you can do any of the F,D,DF+? moves
      with the press of a button.  You also have about 1 to 1.5 seconds before
      you have to hit your button.  You can do it and choose to delay it or
      initiate your move right away to throw your opponent off guard.  You can
      also throw an opponent at any point in the move.  This gives you a lot of
      leeway when doing this move.  You can also do nothing and surprise your
      opponent with any number of moves once the duck is complete.
        Power uppercut:  Great for starting and ending juggle combos.  Very
        powerful move that is also fast enough to use as a counter-attack.
       Jumping uppercut:  Extremely powerful move that will hit an opponent
       blocking low.  It's drawback is it's slow initiation time, but if it
      Power roundhouse sweep combo:  Very useful move that hits an unblocking
      opponent twice and takes them to the ground.  It hits low and is so fast
      that it is almost impossible to block in time if the opponent isn't
      blocking low already.  It is also a good combo ender, but will only hit
      once, so only use one sweep instead of two.
        Axe Kick:  Easy ender for short combos and does good damage.  It's a
        little slow, but will hit a ducking opponent hard!
    Power Axe Kick:  Harder to connect in combos but great for counter-attacking.
    It also will hit a ducking opponent and take major damage.
    Double Axe Kick:  Very powerful and extremely useful move.  Hits twice when
    up close and also hits twice in properly timed juggle combo.  Great for
    counter-attacking an opponents moves while ducking or for punishing an
    opponent who misses their grab.
      Twin pistons:  Great for starting and extending long juggle combos.  First
      hit is on the ground so adds a free hit to juggle combos.   Hits ducking
      opponents as well which makes it even more deadly.
       Scissor flip kick:  Great attack for opponents on the ground.  Fast and
       good distance for fallen opponent, but will not hit if directly next to
       fallen opponent when initiated.
    *Flying side kick, helicopter kick combo:  Good for big characters who are
    blocking high.  First hit will stun and second will connect.
    *Rushing uppercut:  Good combo starter and ender, but more difficult to
    connect than power uppercut.  Its advantage is its range and ability to
    sneak under opponents high attack.  Also takes huge amounts of damage.
       *Tile Splitter:  Great for donking ducking opponents on the head.  When
       used with power punch combo it takes good damage and can be used as a
       combo ender.  If Tile splitter hits a ducking opponent, then power punch
       combo will always connect.
      *Power punch:  Excellent combo ender and good for counter-attacking a
      blocked or missed move.  Takes good damage and is great for surprising a
      running opponent.
         *Hopping power mid kick:  Not good for combos, but fast and good
         distance will throw ducking opponents off guard.
      *Hopping power sweep:  Also not good for combos but fast and good distance
      for standing opponents.  Will hit a fallen opponent from far away
      (especially when using the forward duck momentum first) and takes decent
    *Triple power sweep, double axe kick combo:  Excellent move for nailing a
    standing opponent.  If you use 2 sweeps into a double axe kick they will
    usually all hit.  Also good for ending shorter combos.  If opponent blocks
    first hit make sure you do all three sweeps and the axe kick because the
    double axe kick will hit if they are still ducking after the third sweep.
       *Sidestep:  Great for dodging a running opponent.  Also great for changing
       planes and throwing your opponent off guard.
    Any moves not specifically listed are not necessarily worthless, they just
    have no immediate use.  They are still good for mixing up your attacks to
    keep your opponent guessing.
       This is a brief section on the timing of the combos listed in this faq.
       Timing is the ultimate factor in pulling any of these combos off.  It is
       extremely difficult to explain on paper the timing to do most of these
       combos so I will only offer a brief explanation on some of them.  I will
       basically break down the essentials of juggling and the different parts
       of a juggle combo.  If there are still some that cannot get a combo to
       work, just e-mail me and I will give you the exact instruction on any of
       the combos.  I simply don't have the time to explain every combo in this
       faq, but I assure you that these combos will work.  Every combo in this
       faq is guaranteed to work because I sat at home many nights figuring them
       out.  They were not pulled out of Gamepro or other magazine or faq so
       they are absolutely, positively, guaranteed to work with proper timing.
       To my knowledge this is the first combo faq of its kind.  If there is
       another one out there I would love to read it and compare it to my own.
       If anyone knows of another please e-mail it to me.  I have broken the
       combos into three stages which are explained below.  They are the combo
       starter(first hit), the jugglers(second set of hit(s)), and the finisher
       or enders(last hits).
         The first ingredient in any juggle combo is the first hit.  The first
         hit must knock the opponent into the air to be able to start the
         juggling.  Kazuya and Heihachi have several juggle hits which are
         explained in further detail in the above section.
         The next important part of the juggle combo is the second hit(s), or
         the actual juggling part of the combo.  You want to get the opponent
         high enough in the air to be able to connect with your combo finisher.
         The twin pistons and your left jab or left uppercut are the most
         effective juggler moves.  The jab is best for short, fast combos while
         the left uppercut is great for longer combos because it hits the
         opponent higher in the air than the jab does.  They can be interchanged,
         but sometimes it is easier to use the uppercut.  The Twin pistons are the
         most effective juggle moves for the longer combos.  The problem is that
         the timing is more difficult for this move.  If you go to early the
         second uppercut won't hit, and if you go to late they won't hit your
         opponent high enough.  However is they are timed correctly, your opponent
         will be launched high into the air by the second uppercut and you will
         know you did it correctly.
         Obviously the best part of any combo is the finisher.  This is what makes
         combos fun because the special moves look awesome at the end of a long
         combo.  They also take gobs of damage so the longer combos can drain a
         good portion of your opponents energy.  The only thing that I can really
         say about the timing on the combo enders is that there is no real room
         for mistakes, so do the finisher as early as possible.  The only combos
         that I wouldn't do too early are the sweep enders.  If you go to early
         you will miss them, but finding the exact timing is up to you.  The only
         combo I feel I need to explain is the ones that end in the Double axe
         kick.  If you try and do the move like the manual says and duck and try
         to come up doing the axe kick, it will not work.  Your opponent will
         already be on the ground by the time you actually stand up.  You must
         learn to do the Double axe kick like the dragon punch motion.  It takes
         some practice but once you get it to work your character won't even have
         duck to do it.     You can also do the Double axe kick after the quick for
    ward duck so it
         can hit at a good distance as well.
    Specific Kazuya Tactics
         This is the last section in the faq and highlights some Kazuya's tactics
         I have devised to be the most effective.  At the end I will also list
         some specific tactics for Heihachi that will not work with Kazuya.
         Remember that all of Kazuya's tactics will work for Heihachi, unless
         otherwise noted.(note that some of the basic strategies will work for
         other characters)
         Kazuya's and Heihachi's main strength is their powerful moves.  Their
         moves take a considerable amount of damage by themselves, let alone in
         combos.  Their combos are also very long and powerful, but take more
         skill to pull off than most of the other characters.  They are not
         extremely fast characters but are fast enough to counter-attack a lot
         of the other characters.  They have the ability to capitalize on their
         opponents mistakes better than other characters as well.  One combo
         from Kazuya can take 3/4 of your damage, while Heihachi can basically
         kill you with his longer ones.  Their main weakness is a lack of stun
         moves or even an unblockable one.  This further strengthens my claim
         that they are so strong already that they don't need any,  although I
         admit that I wouldn't mind seeing them have some (they have them in
         Tekken 2).
         Running:  You will usually be running if you are far away from your
         opponent either from knocking them far away or being knocked far away
         yourself.  Sometimes your opponent will try and get away and it is also
         a great time to run.  As you are running decide what move you will do
         based on your opponents stance.  If he is standing, then trip him up
         with the sliding tackle, or stun him with the flying side kick or diving
         tackle.  If you stun him you can usually get a grab off as they are
         recoiling from the stun.  If they are ducking then do the side kick or
         the diving tackle to knock them down.  You can also just tackle them,
         but I find that useful when running as they are getting up.  If timed
         correctly they will get up in time to be tackled to the ground again.
         You can also stop before you get to them and surprise them with a
         special move of your choice.
         Getting up:  There are many ways to get up, but using the right one at
         the right time is what's important.  Remember, the first time you get
         knocked down you are stuck for about 1.5 to 2 seconds so if your
         opponent doesn't mess up, you will most likely be hit.  This is just
         part of the game, so don't get frustrated.  However, learning the exact
         timing can be beneficial if they slip up and don't get to you in time.
         If they pounce on you late, do the backwards roll and forward dive
         while getting up.  If you time it correctly they should miss you and be
         hit by your dive.  You can also use the forward dive effectively if
         they are close to you but aren't doing anything.  The forward roll and
         dive has good range so even if they are a ways from you it can still
         hit.  Even if they block it they will be stunned and then you can grab
         them as you come out of your roll.  Only do the kick up if your opponent
         is directly next to you and trying to do a move.  If you do it and they
         block it, you are wide open for a counter-attack.  I generally only use
         the standard moves while getting up to throw my opponents off guard.
         Also remember that if you get knocked back down while trying to get up
         you can instantly pop back up as soon as you hit the ground.  You should
         also realize that you don't have to get up right away so you can play
         dead an extra second or two and entice your opponent to step into a trap.
         The most important thing to remember is that timing is everything while
         getting up.
         Grabbing:  Grabs are a very important part of Tekken gameplay.  I do not
         consider them cheap because all you have to do to not be grabbed is duck.
         The best time to grab is if you duck out of your opponents grab and do
         a counter grab.  You can also grab as a counter-attack or just run up
         and grab someone off guard.  Since grabs are fairly easy to get out of,
         there is a nasty punishment for missing one.  There is about a second
         of time where your opponent can't block after missing a grab and there
         are a few ways best suited for dealing with them.  First is to simply
         counter them with a grab of your own.  This is the easiest way, but
         there are others that are better.  Since you are already ducking, you
         can stand up and do an easy Double Axe Kick.  This always hits twice
         after a missed grab and takes major damage.  Another thing to do is any
         of your jab combos or your 10-hit string.  The jab combos are guaranteed
         to hit, while the first 4 or 5 of your 10-hit will connect.  If you get
         lucky maybe they won't be able to block the rest of the 10 hit and you
         take half of their damage as proper punishment.  Just remember to duck
         if you suspect a grab coming and punish them when they miss.  Be
         careful though, if they think you might duck, they might just
         counter-attack you with a mid hit.
         10-Hit string:  I've already mentioned one way to start a 10-hit string,
         but there are also others.  One way is to counter-attack after blocking
         an opponents attack.  It may not connect right away but they will be
         forced to block and they might miss a block later on in the string.
         One of my favorite things to do is end my 10-hit at the first blocking
         point and surprise them with a grab or other special moves.  By the
         time they realize that your not completing your 10-hit you should be
         able to hit them with something.
         Combos:  The most important part in doing combos is to know when to
         start them.  The best time depends on your situation.  If you are
         fighting a duck crazy opponent then do the twin pistons to knock them
         in the air and start a combo.  You can also use your Power Uppercut,
         but doing the pistons are more reliable in tight situations.  The Power
         Uppercut is fast and is good for counter-attacking a blocked hit.  It
         doesn't always hit, but there will be times when it does.
         Most importantly, use the air combo most appropriate to the situation.
         Sometimes a move will knock your opponent farther out than normal and a
         short combo is required, especially if you barely connect your juggle
         move by being too far away.
         Pouncing/Ground hits:  Kazuya has more than one type of ground hit that
         will work other than the standard pounce.  In fact I don't recommend
         even using it.  He has his Scissor flip kick, and his hop back hard
         pounce that does more damage.  The distance you are from your opponent
         while they're on the ground determines what one to use.  If they are a
         good distance from you, then you can run and do the sliding tackle, but
         if they are closer you have more options.  If they are directly next to
         you then neither Scissor flip kick or the hop back pounce will work.
         Either you have to step back and then do them, or be safe and sweep them
         with LK.  If you throw someone with a Hip toss, then they will land
         right next to you and you will have to adjust your distance to hit them
         with a ground hit.  This is probably the only time I would recommend
         doing your small pounce move.  If you throw them with the Arm hold,
         double kick to the head grab, it will set them the perfect distance to
         hit them with either the Hop back pounce or Scissor flip kick.  The
         good thing about the hop back pounce is that if it hits you hop back
         away from danger, but if you miss you're stuck where you land.  Kazuya's
         Power roundhouse sweep will also hit on the ground, but usually only
         when their head is pointing at you.  The main thing to remember about
         ground hits is that you must do them immediately after they hit the
         ground.  If you hesitate and can't decide which one to do then you give
         your opponent the chance to recover in time.
         Heihachi Strategy:  Take all of the above tactics and add in all of
         Heihachi's extras and   basically what you get are some bonus moves
         that are easy to implement in Kazuya's already strong lineup of moves.
         The main difference is that you have more of a variety of punishing
         tools in your pool of moves.  His power punch is by far the best extra.
         It is extremely powerful and has good range and recovery time.  His
         triple roundhouse sweep, axe kick combo is also a powerful addition, as
         is his hopping power sweep and mid kick.  The hopping power sweep is
         extremely useful for getting a ground hit from far away.  Just use your
         quick forward duck to its extent and then do the hopping sweep and you
         can cover an amazingly long distance.  It can actually make you kill
         your opponent with one combo.  Just use it at the end of Heihachi's 5
         and 6 hit combos and it will usually kill them.  In fact use it at the
         end of all of your combos because it is very powerful.  The only time
         that I don't recommend it is when you are close to your ground opponent.
         It is more effective at longer distances.  Use his other pounces up
         Overall Strategy:  Note that there is no right or wrong way to play as
         Kazuya or Heihachi. Everyone has there own style of fighting with each
         character, giving that character his or her own uniqueness.  I have
         only listed some ground rules and already proven effective tactics,
         so you may find your own way to implement them into your own arsenal of
         tactics.  I have a few last things that I will recommend for anyone
         wanting to become proficient with Kazuya or Heihachi, or any other
         character in Tekken for that matter.
    Always change up your special moves and combos:  The worst thing you can do
    is create a predictable pattern.  It may work for awhile, but eventually
    someone will catch on and your game is ruined.  You must always be
    unpredictable and keep your opponent guessing.  Whether that means running
    up and grabbing your opponent out of nowhere, or doing a Jumping Uppercut
    for no reason is up to you.  You may get hit once in awhile for doing it,
    but you'd be amazed at how often an off the wall move will throw your
    opponent off.  Keep your attacks varied!
    Learn all of the characters moves:  This is probably the most important
    factor in the game.  Everyone knows that without a good defense you won't
    last very long in a fight.  You must know where all of your opponents hits
    will connect, or you'll never be able to counter-attack.  Play the computer
    with no time limit and just practice blocking their attacks for awhile.  If
    you do this for each character you should have a better idea of how to best
    block their moves.
    Learn every move in your arsenal:  This sounds very obvious, but there is a
    lot of people who do not use all of their characters moves for various
    reasons.  Most moves have a reason to be in the game so if you don't use
    them your missing out.  Your opponent may also realize this and work it
    into his advantage.
    Practice,Practice,Practice!:  Don't expect to be a Kazuya or Heihachi
    master in 3 days.  They are probably the toughest characters to learn
    because of the difficulty of their moves.  If you have never played a
    fighting game with a dragon punch type motion then it will be even harder
    for you.  Just don't give up, it will eventually be like riding a bike, it
    just takes awhile.
    If you have never played as Kazuya, I suggest learning him before Heihachi.
    Since Heihachi is basically a suped-up version of Kazuya you must learn the
    basics first.  If you only learn Heihachi you will take his extra moves for
    granted and you will not be able to be downward compatible with Kazuya as
    easy.  If you learn the basics with Kazuya first, then you can take all of
    Heihachi's extra moves as a bonus and easily implement them into your style
    of fighting.
         I hope you can get some good use out of this faq.  I wrote the strategy
         guide mostly off the top of my head so I will probably add some things
         as time progresses.  There is only so much I can think of at once.
         None of the combos or strategy came from magazines or books or other
         faqs so if you see some of them somewhere else then it is coincidence.
         Gamepro has a small strategy and combo guide, but if you read it you'll
         realize that it was pretty lame.  The combos sucked, and there was only
         one for Kazuya and none for any of the bosses.  EGM also has a strategy
         guide for Tekken but it is also lame in my opinion.  It does list the
         moves, but the strategy and character ratings are way off.  They were
         giving Kazuya 6 and 7's.  All of my combos and strategies came from my
         own experience from playing Tekken.  If you have any questions or
         comments about this faq please e-mail me at slikatel@metro.net.  If you
         have anything to add to this faq please send it and I will insert it
         and give you full credit.  By the way, thanks for checking out this faq!

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