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    FAQ/Move List by Jesus2099

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                 old FAQ released 1998-02-29 (ver. 1.1) by jesus2099 / shamo korpo
               this is 2012-02-03 (ver. 1.1b), converted to ISO-8859-1 and unboxed
        this faq/movelist was done with ’95 european version of TEKKEN (SCES-00005)
    -   --  --- ----------------------------------------------------------------+-
                               TEKKEN  (PSX)  move list                           
    -   --  --- ----------------------------------------------------------------+-
    welcome to the TEKKEN tournament, the world’s most brutal and prestigious
    martial arts contest. sponsored by the MISHIMA corporation, the name you can
    trust in financial management. the eight pugilists remaining come from all
    over the world. at stake is the largest cash prize ever offered in a
    professional fighting competition. stay tuned to discover who will finaly be
    chowned the wold’s top fighter.
    -   --  --- ---------------------------------------------------- CONTENT ---+-
    COMMON MOVES (#02)
    FIGHTERS (#03-01) KAZUYA
             (#03-02) PAUL
             (#03-03) LAW
             (#03-04) NINA
             (#03-05) JACK
             (#03-06) KING
             (#03-07) YOSHIMITSU
             (#03-08) MICHELLE
             (#03-09) LEE
             (#03-10) KUMA
             (#03-11) WANG
             (#03-12) ANNA
             (#03-13) P)JACK
             (#03-14) ARMOR KING
             (#03-15) GANRYU
             (#03-16) KUNIMITSU
             (#03-17) HEIHACHI
    HINTS (#04)
    THANKS (#05)
    LAST WORDS (#06)
    -   --  --- ----------------------------------------- INTRODUCTION (#01) ---+-
    U           up button
    D           down button
    B           back button
    F           front button
    UB          up back
    UF          up front
    DB          down back
    DF          down front
    D?          down front, down.back or down
    LK          left kick button
    RK          right kick button
    LP          left punch button
    RP          right punch button
    X+Y         X and Y  buttons at the same time
    X.Y         rapidly tap X and Y buttons
    5xB         tap five times back button
    ?xRP..      tap right punch until desired effect reaches its end :)
    3x(RP+LK).. tap right punch and left kick three times
    ?x(RP.LK).. tap right punch, left kick, right punch, left kick, right ..
    [X]         hold X button
    OP          opponent
    FI          fighter
    PS. .. when i say rapidly tap, it means that you don’t have to wait
    the fighter .. for instance, KAZUYA’s combo 1 .. LP.RP.RP
    rapidly tap it, don’t tap LP, then when he’s done it, RP, then RP ..
    just do LP.RP.RP, and KAZUYA will perform his combo on his own ..
    PPS. "+" has the priority on ".". for instance, F.D.DF+RK.RK
    do F, then D, then both DF and RK and, eventually, do RK
    PPPS. combos do work. ok, they’re pretty hard to perform but learn them by
    heart and you’ll see .. it works !! :))
    but the thing you have to know is that :
    for instance with MICHELLE’s combo : ("my method" combo)
      RP.3xLP.3xRP.5xLK.4xRK.?xLP..   i put 5 times LK and 4 times RK
      in reality, it’s 3 times and 2 .. but at a rythm of around 7 buttons per
      second, it works .. i made such a thing because i didn’t find the
      proper rythm for the "official" moves .. (exact combo)
    what i’ve done seems to be a good method (i really hope) .. my friends
    reached out to perform the combos by this way .. =]
    -   --  --- ----------------------------------------- COMMON MOVES (#02) ---+-
    large step backward           2xB
    large step forward            2xF
    close range special attacks   LP+LK or RP+RK
    attack floored OP             U+RP
    run                           3xF
    special left punch            DF+LP
    special right punch           DF+RP
    special left kick             DF+LK
    special right kick            DF+RK
    when OP is floored
      pounce hit                    U+RP
      hop pounce                    U+RP     quickly tap it
    while running
      diving attack                 LP+RP
      slide kick                    RK       some don’t have it
    stand up after being knocked down
      simply get up                 ?xU..
      roll backward                 ?xB..
      roll forward                  ?xF..
      punch attack                  ?x(F+LP+RP)..
      kick attack                   ?x(B+LP+RP)..
    for every fighters there are special moves when you push a button while
    (s)he’s rising from crouched position ..
    -   --  --- ----------------------------------- FIGHTERS (#03-01) KAZUYA ---+-
    an arrogant loner, KAZUYA, is the eldest son of HEIHACHI MISHIMA,
    distinguished head of the tournament sponsors, the MISHIMA corporation.
    his appearance in the tournament is just part of a long term battle of
    wills with his father.
    roundhouse kick               U?+RK
    left sneak attack             F.D.DF+LK
    right sneak attack            F.D.DF+RK
    double right sneak attack     F.D.DF+RK.RK while [DF]
    roundhouse kick + sneak attck UF+RK.RK
    double fast uppercuts         DF+LP.RP
    hard pounce                   UF+RP+RK
    leaping kick                  3xF.LK
    back punch                    F+RP
    fierce kick                   F+RK
    left leg fierce kick          F.F+LK
    double fierce kick            RK.RK      while rising from a crouched pos.|
    uppercut                      F.D.DF+RP
    rising uppercut               F.D.DF+LP
    headbutt                      F.F+LP+RP
    left right                    LP.RP
    double punch                  2xLP
    punch + back punch            2xRP
    left right back               LP.2xRP
    left left RIGHT ! >;]~        2xLP.RP
    exact kombo                   F.F+RP.LP.2xRP.LK.2xRK.LP.RP.LP
    my method kombo               F.F+RP.LP.2xRP.LK.3xRK.3xLP.2xRP.?xLP..
                                  both while [F]
    -   --  --- ------------------------------------- FIGHTERS (#03-02) PAUL ---+-
    an aggressive and hot blooded american, PAUL lives by his wits working
    as a bodyguard and street fighter. he previously fought KAZUYA to a draw
    and has entered the tournament to settle the score.
    false fall                    2xF.RK
    BIG punch                     D+LP
    BIG punch + another           D+LP.F+RP
    BIG punch when OP is floored  D+RP
    sneak attack                  D+RK
    sneak attack + big punch >;]  D+RK.RP
    leaping kick                  U?+?K        -+ pretty useless
    leaping kick twice            U?+LK.RK     -+ pretty useless
    leaping kick                  2xF.LK       -+ much easier to perform
    leaping kick twice            2xF.LK.RK    -+ much easier to perform
    leaping kick three times      2xF.LK.2xRK
    leaping kick twice and sneak. 2xF.LK.RK.D+RK
    enormous punch :))            D.DF.F.RP
    elbow attack                  [D].F.RP or [D].DF.F.RP if you want ;)
    japanese planchette ;))       [B+LP+LK] means hold it while he’s doing it
    power throw                   F.F+LP+RP
    left right                    LP.RP
    right, kick                   RP.LK
    right low kick                RP.D+LK
    left right kick >;]           LP.RP.LK
    exact kombo                   LP.RP.LK.RP.LP.RP.LP.RK.RP.LP
    my method kombo               LP.RP.LK.RP.2xLP.3xRP.LP.4xRK.?xRP.?xLP
    -   --  --- -------------------------------------- FIGHTERS (#03-03) LAW ---+-
    LAW is a master of the martial arts who dreams of opening his own
    fighting school. he has travelled to the tournament to earn fame
    and fortune.
    ridiculous kick               [D].U?+RK
    fast ridiculous kick          [D].U?+RK rapidly
    right kick, fast .. kick      RK.U+LK
    more ridiculous kick          [D].U?+LK+RK
    leaping kick                  3xF.LK
    left right                    LP.RP you can continue..
    two right punches             2xRP
    five left punches             5xLP
    five left punches + 2 right   5xLP.?xRP..
    three right punches           3xRP while [F]
    five left three right         5xLP.3xRP while [F]
    three left kicks              3xLK
    sneak attack                  D+LK
    sneak + three left kicks      D+LK.?xLK..
    variant sneak + lks ..        D+LK.2xLK.?x(F+LK)..
    right left right kick         RK.LP.RK
    knee shot                     F.F+LK+RK
    unblockable ridiculous punch  DB+LP+RP  (U.U to abort)
    exact kombo                   DF+LP.2xRP.LP.3xLK.RK.LK.RK
    my method kombo               DF+LP.2xRP.2xLP.6xLK.2xRK.2xLK.?xRK..
    -   --  --- ------------------------------------- FIGHTERS (#03-04) NINA ---+-
    a trained assassin, NINA is fast and deadly. rumours abound that it is
    not just the spirit of competition that brings her to the tournament;
    but who would take a contract out on HEIHACHI MISHIMA and why ?
    right, kick                   RP.RK
    right, kick ..                RP.LK
    right, low kick ..            RP.D+LK
    left, right, kick             LP.RP.RK
    left, right, low kick ..      LP.RP.D+LK
    right left                    RP.LP
    left right                    LP.RP
    left right  ..                LP.RP.LP.?xRP..
    kick, front punch             DF+LK.RP
    kick, dble front punch        DF+LK.RP.LP
    kick, back, right             DF+LK.LP.RP
    kick, front punch, front kick DF+LK.RP.LK
    kick, front punch, low kick   DF+LK.RP.D+LK
    kick, front punch, roundhouse DF+LK.RP.RK
    kick, back hand               DF+LK.LP
    kick, roudhouse               DF+LK.RK
    triple kick                   DF+LK.2xLK
    triple kick + back hand       DF+LK.2xLK.LP
    triple kick + roundhouse      DF+LK.2xLK.RK
    three hits                    LP.RP.LK
    drop                          F.F+RK
    leaping kick                  3xF.LK
    three flying kicks            UF+RK.LK.RK
    hadoooken                     2xF.LP+RP
    long throw                    LP+LK while [F]
    brake this arm ! (0)          D.DF.F.LP+RP works better if [D] at first
                     (1.1)        LK.RK.LK.LP+RP
                     (1.2)        LP.LK.RP.LP
                     (1.2.1)      LK.LP.RK.LP+RP.LP+RP
                     (1.2.2)      RP.LP.LK.RK.LP+RP
    what’s possible ? .. well :   (0)--+-(1.1)  +-(1.2.1)
      FUN isn’t it ? :)~          do (1.x) manip during (0) anim
                                  do (1.2.x) manip during (1.2) anim
    elbow shot                    DF.DF+LP
    unblockable ridiculous hit    DB+LP+RP  (U.U to abort)
    exact kombo                   LP.RP.LP.RP.2xLK.RP.LP.2xRP
    my method kombo               LP.RP.LP.RP.3xLK.2xRP.2xLP.3xRP.2xRK
    -   --  --- ------------------------------------- FIGHTERS (#03-05) JACK ---+-
    this military cyborg was originaly developed as a shock weapon. JACKS
    HANDLERS sent him to the tournament to get rid of KAZUYA when they got
    wind of his plans for a world coup d’état. nothing but a robot could
    boast his violent attacks and stupendous power.
    megaton blast                 B.DB.D.DF+RP
    heavy punch                   F.F+LP+RP
    low heavy punch               DF+LP+RP
    three hits                    ?xLP..
    low three hits                ?xLP.. while [D]
    five low hits                 4xLP.2xRP.2xLP.2xRP while [D]
    right punch left elbow        RP.LP
    hard pounce                   UF+LK+RK
    if it missed, do immediatly   LP.RP.2xLP.2xRP
    ultra ridiculous three hits   DB+LP.2xLP
    three rotary punches          [D].F+LP.RP.?xLP..
    hammer                        [D].B+LP+RP
    double hammer                 [D].B+LP+RP.LP+RP
    triple uppercut               DF+LP.RP.LP  while crouch
    back breaker                  D.DB.B+RP
    sit down                      D+LK+RK
    sit down                      LP+RP  while stun
    heavy rotary punch (start)    B.DB.D.DF.F
                       (increase) continue making 360° in the same direction
                                  (counter clockwise when facing right)
                       (HIT)      press LP when you wanna stop it and hit..
                                  if you wait till five, you’ll kill OP..
    exact kombo                   D+RP.3xLP.RP.LP.RP.LP.2x(LP+RP)
    my method kombo               D+RP.4xLP.3xRP.2xLP.2xRP.2xLP.?x(LP+RP)..
    -   --  --- ------------------------------------- FIGHTERS (#03-06) KING ---+-
    a kind young man who turns into an extremely powerful wrestler once he
    dons his special mask. if he wins the tournament he intends to spend the
    prize money on founding an orphenage.
    triple side kick              DF+RK.RK.RK  while crouched
    leap                          F.F+LP+RP
    leaping kick                  F.F+LK+RK
    spinning leaping kick         3xF.LK+RK
    leaping punch                 UF+LP+RP
    kind of uppercut              F.F+RP or [D].F+RP
    uppercut to ground            F.F.RP
    front kick                    F.F+RK
    hard pounce                   U?+RP+RK
    second hard pounce (knees)    UF+LK+RK
    suplex with arm katch         D.DF.F+LP
    big swing :)) do it !         F.B.DB.D.DF.F+LP
    leg catch                     DF+LK+RK
    mini supplex ? hem strange..  DB.DB+LP+RP
    right left                    RP.LP
    three punches                 LP.RP.LP
    triple sneak                  3xRK while [DF]
    exact kombo                   LP.RP.2xLP.RP.4xRK.LP.LK
    my method kombo               LP.RP.2xLP.3xRP.7xRK.2xLP.?xLK..
    -   --  --- ------------------------------- FIGHTERS (#03-07) YOSHIMITSU ---+-
    an automaton in the form of a ninja swordmaster. nobody knows where
    YOSHIMITSU comes from or why he has entered the tournament. he has been
    linked with a notorious world syndicate of thieves however..
    spinning sword                B+LP.LP.. max 5 times
    spinnig leg                   DB+LK.LK.. max 5 times
    both                          B+LP.LP..DB+LK.LK.. total max 5 times
    leaping kick                  F.F+LK+RK
    leaping kick plus second leap F.F+LK+RK.LP+RP
    back hand                     F+RP
    knee bash                     F.F+RK
    kick faint                    LK.RK
    three kicks                   3xRK
    hard pounce                   UF+LK+RK
    slice                         DB+LP
    piercing                      B.B+LP
    exact kombo                   LP.RP.LP.4xRK.3xLP
    my method kombo               LP.RP.LP.7xRK.?xLP..
    -   --  --- --------------------------------- FIGHTERS (#03-08) MICHELLE ---+-
    the mother of this warrior was a native american, the father was a hong
    kong man murdered by HEIHACHI’s people. MICHELLE is in the tournament
    for revenge.
    heavy double punch            F.F+LP+RP
    leaping kick                  3xF.LK
    big kick                      RK while rising from crouched pos
    uppercut                      RP while rising from crouched pos
    uppercut + two hits           RP while [..] .?xLP..
    low kick                      D+RK from neutral pos..  -+ you can do the
    double low kick               D+RK.RK while [D]        -+ same with RK
    low kick high kick            D+RK.RK                  -+ at the begining
    low kick uppercut             D+RK.LP                  -+ for 1 more hit !
    sweep                         DF+RK  while crouched
    sweep leaping kick            DF+RK.LK  while crouched
    three punches                 3xLP
    five punches                  RP.3xLP.RP
    special right punch + throw   DF+RP.LP   (DF+RP must hit)
    go behind OP                  RP.[B]
    go behind + supplex           RP.[B].LP+RP
    hard pounce                   UF+LK+RK
    exact kombo                   RP.2xLP.RP.3xLK.2xRK.LP
    my method kombo               RP.3xLP.3xRP.5xLK.4xRK.?xLP..
    -   --  --- -------------------------------------- FIGHTERS (#03-09) LEE ---+-
    KAZUYA’s boss .. LAW’s moves +
    back flip flop moup           3xB
    low kick, rk lk               D+RK.RK.LK
    multikicks >:]~~              2xLK  while rising from a crouched pos...
                                  then (while he’s doing these two kicks)
                                  ?xLK..  while [D]
                                  when you feel that he’s going to kick
                                  automaticaly, just coutinue ?xLK..
                                  you don’t need to [D] anymore
    multikicks variations         while multikicks (so while ?xLK..)
      upper attack                [U]
      front attack                [F]
      down attack                 [D]
    -   --  --- ------------------------------------- FIGHTERS (#03-10) KUMA ---+-
    PAUL’s boss .. JACK’s moves
    -   --  --- ------------------------------------- FIGHTERS (#03-11) WANG ---+-
    LAW’s boss .. MICHELLE’s moves +
    fierce punch                  F+RP
    maxi fierce punch :)          DF+LP+RP
    -   --  --- ------------------------------------- FIGHTERS (#03-12) ANNA ---+-
    nina’s boss .. nina moves +
    ridiculous kick               [D].U?+RK
    fast ridiculous kick          [D].U?+RK rapidly
    baf                           [D].F+LP
    baf                           [D].F+RP
    bafff                         DF+RP  while crouched
    baf baf baaafff               B+LP.?xLP..
    -   --  --- ----------------------------------- FIGHTERS (#03-13) P.JACK ---+-
    JACK’s boss .. JACK’s moves +
    BIG punch                     D+LP
    BIG punch + another           D+LP.F+RP
    funny uppercut                B.DB.D.DF+LP
    -   --  --- ------------------------------- FIGHTERS (#03-14) ARMOR KING ---+-
    KING’s boss .. KING’s moves +
    pile diver                    2xD.D+LP+RP  while supplex (RP+RK)
    uppercut                      F.D.DF+RP
    rising uppercut               F.D.DF+LP
    -   --  --- ----------------------------------- FIGHTERS (#03-15) GANRYU ---+-
    YOSHIMITSU’s boss .. JACK’s moves +
    NINA’s throw                  B+RP+RK
    quite fun punch               D+RP
    double fun punch              D+RP.RP
    HONDA’s mega lame dance :)    F+LP.RP.?x(LP.RP)..  can be started w/ RP
    big step for human kind :))   D+RK
    rising baff                   DF+RP
    -   --  --- -------------------------------- FIGHTERS (#03-16) KUNIMITSU ---+-
    MICHELLE’s boss .. YOSHIMITSU’s moves
    -   --  --- --------------------------------- FIGHTERS (#03-17) HEIHACHI ---+-
    boss .. KAZUYA’s moves +
    side steps                    3xB
    PAUL’s BIG punch              D+LP
    PAUL’s BIG punch + another    D+LP.F+RP
    PAUL’s enormous punch         D.DF.F.RP
    large uppercut                F.F+RP
    leaping middle kick           F.D.DF+LK
    leaping low kick              F.D.DF+LK  while [DF]
    triple sweep                  F.D.DF+RK.3xRK  while [DF]
    triple sweep + vertical       F.D.DF+RK.3xRK  while [DF] .RK
    juggle combo                  F.F+RP .. DF+LP.RP .. D.DF.F+RP .. U+RP
    -   --  --- ------------------------------------------------ HINTS (#04) ---+-
    to continue GALAGA press select instead of start
    if perfect in GALAGA, you obtain the 8 sub bosses
    if perfect at the 8 levels of GALAGA then you got PLATINAMAN KAZUYA ..
    to have the two ships, make a short time perfect or with the 2nd control :|
    hold up, L1, TRIANGLE and CROSS while power up
    but if you do so, no other cheats will work ..
    you can have the second ship without cheating by making  a perfect in less
    than 18.5 seconds..
    if you reach the perfect with one credit and no cheat, select KAZUYA
    with the start button in order to play the new fighter..
    to choose the "colour" of your fighter, press either any punch button or
    any kick button ..
    -   --  --- ----------------------------------------------- THANKS (#05) ---+-
    SLYCER for his TEKKEN faq 2.2
    DAMIAN GICK for his playtip #2
    LEFTFIELD, D.BOWIE and FOREIGNER for the music while writing this faq
    NAMCO for this powerfull game
    and last but not least my cat, TOMY, for random walk on my 2nd pad :)
    -   --  --- ------------------------------------------- LAST WORDS (#06) ---+-
    well, i think the faq is now pretty cool :)
    since i’ve played TEKKEN only for 2 weeks now there may be some
    future versions .. i’m open to any of your suggestions ..
    making faq is far more exciting than i thought, so i may do other
    game’s faq .. surely KILLER INSTINCT, and well, only games i like .. :)
    well, enough nonsense for now .. now print this and play ! =]~          PARIS,
    thanks for reading, and i hope it’s useful for you.                1998-02-29,

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